Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 1, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1946
Page 4
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HOPE STAR HOPE. ARKANSAS fr[d"ay, February 1, Blondie '{F(copKiE,coMe SACK By Chick Young P^'NOWl _.. (. TO OPEN AND CLQSS ( THAT DOOR GENTLY V_ FIFTY TIMES— 7 UNDERSTAND? 7- FIFTV TIMES-V-^ GENTLY! GIT COIN; DRIVER/ / MOPE, ANDTt BET YOU DIDN'T CA 'THAT LICENSE IT WAS COVERE V.'ITH A BAG. WHAT HAPPENED? ARE YOU HURT, SIR? iut I couldn't • budge him, so I slammed the door on his arm. OKAY sou MAY GO, NOW V TEACH YOU TO STOP ( SLAMMING DOORS DO YOU LIKE THAT, CHUM ? IF YOU WANTA LOOK PER THAT PHANTOM KIDNAPER TO PIN TH' MURDER ON, OKAY, EASY,,,I7A GONNA CHECK ON TH 1 NO GOOD ELEMINT IN THI£ TOWN! Mf.'. POPKIN HEARD _ AT HORSEFW SiDINS THAT MAY MEREST VOL)! WHEN I TOOK MAJOR TUCKER TO TH' TRAIN- PEOPLE TOLD MS ABOUT HEARW A CAR SPEEDIN' AWFUL FAST FROM THIS DIRECTION AFORE DAYLIGHT THIS MORNIN 1 / IF IT WUZ TH 1 KILLER HE'S HUNDERDS OF MILE5 PROW HERE BV NOW J I DROVe HERE OVER THAT SAME ROAD HOURS LATER, BUT DIDN'T STOP THIS SIDE OP SMOOrciTY OR 1'0'VE HEARD ABOUT IT EARLIER.' Sidq Glances By Galbraith M o i» K s T >i A 1 i> K \ s Trademark Ki-niiKrol U. S. P»!tllt Office ££» «fia. HB« THAT'S >j PGHT E --. IT'S NOT SO A FEW CAVE (5ATS I FUNNY —DRIPPING WATER/ --- WHY AMD YOUK ^BBaw-^ PlCJN'T 5CKEAM5, Kf (SKUB-5TAKE FOLLOW A\Et K'SHT. TMS S<TA(?EP STIFF...HE'LL SWEAP IT'S THE SPIR;;T OF THAT A\A5TOPCN, WHEN HE HEAKS r"T\^ ABOUT IT/ J ,l\ t HOWA60UT STRAN&E NOISgS ' IT WAS POLISH, A\y FOLLOWING THESE CAVES... WAS LOST UNTIL YOU FOUNP A\E POuNP CE BACKED MASTODON... THAT WAS WORTH HEARD A TMIM(5 . EXCEPT... COPR. 194S BY nc« SERViu^. in., r M, SEC. U. S. PAT. OFf. '^ ' 9-| "I thought that if-we couldn 'tfind an apartment it'd be just the thing for cold nights in the park. " "You pick up with the strangest people — that young man is with the QPA, and you know very 'well your father is landlord!" Funny Business By Hershberger Freckles and HSs Fiiends By Blosser ; I'^^L^EXT^ TELL THOSE KIDS SO ARE WE. FRECKLES/ TO STOP THAT NOJSE/ WE'RE TR'/ING TO SLEEP/ CUT OUT TH/ST HQLURIN6/ I'M A PUVSICIST, EiROMSON'S AM V IM TWIC. iMCTAHrc ARCHAEOLOGIST ANJP VOU'RE \ I'M JUST WMA- J & ;- T SAY. BOOM, ASIDE FROM " " PASCAL. *-••-*'- f i v_ t-u-wvv »vn^ EXPLORE THE LOST —; :r_ -— ~'—~ r ^* f •** THAT JUG-HEAP ATLAMTI9, IT'S MOT 6OIM6 WON'T GROW "1 see Joe's wife is shopping again toclayl" Thimble Theater I SUSPOSE KNOW SON IS MARRIEP /I'LL BREAK UP / THAT WEPDINJ6, VIF iYs THE LAST S THINS ON (EARTH^ 11 coj YES, HE IS TO . SETTLE PQWN Gf4AT2 C'MON OUT TO THE WOODSHED, SON !! CAN I SEE YOU A MINUTE, MR. PAPPV?? NO!! MO-&VC i 6fv Out Our Way By J, R, Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople OAKY/ / I'M NOT AFRAID ^ WWT,BOY5/ LET'S MOT HAVE 1 ** I CHALLENGE'jf AkfD I "' HIS PAGGER, A BRAWL— FIGHT IT OUT , OUT- HE'S j) ELAIKIE/ STAMP CENTLEMEW/ LORP BOWEHEAD, I'LL TEACH YOU TO MAKE LOVE TO MY WHY, THAT DIB.TV ,' LOOK, PROFESSOR/ GNe : us TIGHT SHOES, COLD ,TOB BATHS AND MAYBE IT'S A SCHEME OF HIS WIFE AMD THIS FRIEND TO GIT HIM TO WASH UP AT TH' SHOP' I'LL BET HE'S HOME FIVE MINUTES HIS WHOLE FAMILV OF SIX HAVE TO TA.K^ A BATH ,*4' CLEAKJ HOUSE.' GOT A /ASIDE, AND I'LL- . SO'M'SO,' LOOK WHY DOM'T YOU CHALLENGE "%/ AT HIM PICKIM 1 CR.EWE /=* VAST OF BV LINKING THE TWELFTH 1 FLQOB.S OF ALL GOTHAM, SKY- . SCRAPERS? SIR OAKY TO A DUEL/V UP A GUY IK) HIS CAR. THAT HE HAE.DLY ANP PASSED ME BY- A OLD, OLD FRIEND. -THE <SOT OUR. TO A8OOT 3C-BS/ SOT ME TOO/ I'LL. CUT HIS KITE: RED f?TD£R JUST ,^VXDE A E NEXT 1O f\t C' DiGGu-VS ARE FORTUNE ^^i > 1 DO^'T HA\>t SPLIT WITH AKVT\.' DO ABOUT IT POCHiii-i.' A'. rf i N V3.^E'v •' r.; OUT5MARTEO 1DD. — HH5LOST 15 POUNDS ^^* &iA **^^ ' February 1, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED • All w , A , „ ~' ln ° ftlco Dny Before Publication On. ,1" 2c w "" '" AdVanCe * Not Take " Over the ph °"<* fhro« llmei . 317 f *,„,.>' < . mum ,? e *'" llmoj . . . Sc word, minimum 7Sc / 2 c wora. minimum SOc Ono month . 18c word, minimum $!t.70 -TUP ar ° f ° r Continuous Insertions Only — L 2 YOU TELL THE QUAKER YOU SELL" For Sale 3000 HANKS f.HASS TfAY SOc f': 1 ' b . a ' c - "oeliverctl in 100 balo lots. W. H. Bui-ki', Hope, Rt 3 _____________ ...... _ __ _ ____ 0-lm ONR ALMS CHALMETtS~MODEL K UiliM-pillnr. FJnyd Portei-field _____________ _ ____ 12-lf HMO HOLI.Y iMyinsoN^ivioTOiF- c.vc'le .Good tires, good condition. See Lloyd LcveroU, i07"> ---- ^ILJL 11 Ho|1Ci Ark - 2 ''- f >t 1930 FpRu"cOUPE,~"c, lor, fnir lirp.s. Mny be seen in nilcrnonn at the Feeders Supply __ L "j ____ ___ ____ 24-fil PRE-WA ii "BICYCLE "j N ~ KX'CKL. cli-'iit condition. Zenith radio Jones Muytas Sales fc Service' Phone 200. 304 East Second si ____ __ 20-Gt 1044 O. M. C. ONE AND ONE- hnlf ton truck. Good tires, yood condition. Phone iian-W. Re«inald Beardon.^l£ South Grady. 28-31 TVVO YOUNG""JERS"EY~~COWS" Two gallons daily now. Also other good grade beef stock. McCormick Deerin;; Cultivator, other farm tools. S:im J. llartsfield Prescott Route 5. Phone Harris _Sto^re, 807-F-22. ;)({.;{, APARTMENT SIZE COOKTfoVE 100 Fryers. C. f,. Roberts. 30fi _JVorll^ I-'pi-guson. Phone 242. 28-:il CI I EAP, TWO~II^ON~i3Ensr~i' pair springs, 1 dresser, 1 oak side board. A. A. Rogers. Old ^Fertilizer Plant. 28-31 GARDEN TRACTOR AND EQuTF- ment. See Alfred Haynes, old Broadway court. Highway'D? oast of Hope. Phone 344. 2fl-fit Real Esfatc for Sale NICE FIVE Ro"6M"TlC^USE~AT Emmet. Price $1GOO. Close in. Sam Crabb, Box 40, Emmet. 29-01 FIVE ROOM HOUSE, TWO LOTS, good condition on Adar street, two blocks off old 07 hiway back of Alex Put-lie's property. Can give clear title. A. T. Taylor. 20-61 NICE FIVE ROOM BUNGALOW and garage, located at 1020 West Seventh modern in every respect. Also new living room suite, rocker, breakfast room suite, gas healer and cook stove, two bedroom suites, complete with ma- trcss and springs. If interested j;ec Floyd Polerficld. 20-Gt NICE SIX ROOM HOUSETOCAT- ed al South Walunt. See Floyd Porlerfield. 26-G GOOD SEVEN HOOM~ HOUSlToN North Walnut. Close in 84,000. 120 ACRES, 0 MILES OUT. BLACK and .mixed land. Nice 7 room house. 3 room tenant house. A real bargain. $4,700. See Riley Low alien. 28-3't FINE COUNTRY Ho"ME~~ON"liT- Khway. Electric line and other modern conveniences good barns, and out houses 150 acres land well fenced, and watered by wells and springs. C. B. Tyler. 28-31 ONK STUDIO COUCH, ONE HFO one dresser, three small lable.s, one stove. All pro-wu--. First floor, ICnst Apts. Foster Ave A j'l- nn-,'it ONK AND ONK-JIAI'.FTON"iJbrJ- Re truck. Same as new. See Jim I'lVlllltner. two miles west of r.mmct. 30-31 19-10 PON'FAC" South Elm. SEDAN. FOUR . good tires. SEE C. B. TYLER FOR REAL ES- tatc nt prices thai you cnn afford to pay. Office at 119 Cotton Row. 28-31 NOW BLACK LAND AT SANDY land prices. Why buv poor land See C. B. Tyler for land at pleasing prices. 28-31 PASTURE LAND WEI,I7~WATEn~- ecl at $0.00 per acre. See C. B. Tyler. 28-:il 4 ROOM MODERN COTTAGE AT reasonable price. C. B. Tyler ____ ' 28-St TWO 80 ACRES TRACTS AT~THE price of one. On Stale highway Three houses barns, all for .^750 Page Five Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. For Rent GROCERY AND SERVICE STA- tion with residence. Stock and fixtures below inventory See or call A. M. Rcttig. Prescott, _«1;>F-21. 30 -3t FRONT BEDROOM NEXT~TO AD~ joining bath. Mrs. George Sandefur, Phone 122-W. 320 North Washington. 1.31 Lost or Strayed BROWN JERSEY COW, LEFT horn stripped. Reward for information or return. Forrest Sau- nclors, Emmet, Rt. 1. 28-31 FEMALE BOSTON BULL TER- rier, age 7 months, good markings. Answers to name "Pud- gie." was not wearing collar when last seen. Reward, Barry .Spraggins, 1020 East 3rd St Phone G33-J. i-3t Wanted to Buy I WANT TO BUY A 1940-41 OR'42 model Ford or Chevrolet. Buck Williams. 10G South Walnut Street Phone OfiO. 17-u WE BUY FIELD ~AND TABLE peas. Monts Seed Store. 31-12 SELL NOW GET QUICK ACTION on the sale of that Lot House, Building, or Farm—by calling Phone 53-M VINCENT FOSTER Realtor _ ___ OUR MOTTO. ALWAYS A~~REA- sonablc price, a Square deal, and _a good title. C. B. Tyler. 28-31 45 ACRES. ONE-HALF RULES south of Washington. 30 acres in cultivation. 25 acres in pulpwood and saw stock. 5 room house, pas available. Only $1000. See Joe Lively, 805 West 3rd Street, Hope. _______ 30-3 t NICE B ROOM HOME~00 BY 140 foot lot on South Elm St. Immediate possesion. Phone 741-R Buck Williams. i-iu Notice SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for better furniture and belter bargains. Phone 476. 14-lm INCOME TAX SERVICE. IF YOU have income tax troubles. I will be glad to help you. Do it now, avoid the rush in the last days. Charges reasonable. J. W. Strickland. 24-7w Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court Fenturlng • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue «Fish • Sandwiches »Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe City Limits & Highway 67 West WE BUY, SELL OR TRADE household furniture. Anything of value. Your sell won't be too small, and they don't get too large. See us at 2M East Third St. City Furniture Co. Phone 873 28-lm Lost FEMALE SETTER, LEMON EAR~ed, white body. Small lemon ticked spots On body. Weighs about 40 pounds. Three years old. Liberal reward. Lost Sunday, January 17r.h near Patmos. 'Finder please notify C. E. Allen, Cain- den or Hufui Martin, Patmos. 30-31 Help Wanted DESIRABLE TERRITORIES open in Arkansas for men and women who can take orders for gorgeous dresses and costume jewelry at low factory prices, write Sheba Ann Frocks, Post Office Box 8G2, Fort Smith, Arkansas. ;ii.(3t B ULOVA WATCH~AT E MM "JET High School. Return watch no questions asked. Reward. Mrs. K. E. _ Little.^ 31-3t A LADY WHO CAN~KEEP HOUSE lor mo wilh husband, house completely furnished. J. A. Sullivan jl(M North Main. i-tf Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR- setiere, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and women's surgical supports. Mrs Ruth Dozier, 318 North Elm St Hope, Ark. Phone 144-J. 28-lm Wanted to Buy The terrible clanger of the mutinies in Europe, in Honolulu, the Philippines and Japnn and even close py Washington was thai the gicot -American army should become an enemy of the American government and carry out the destruction undertaken by the Nazis, the Japanese and the American Communists. The grievances of the soldiers, lo complex for complete understanding by civilians, arc due in large part to honest human llm- itiitipns and to commitments in our foreign policy. The number of men in all the services was equal in si/.c lo the Belgian nation and about one quarter of the population of France. This enormous nation within our nation was organized and irnpro- viucd quickly and largely by incx- rerieiH-ed men. I', operated under laws unfamiliar and oppressive to 'lie millions who were so recently free civilians. Any human mass of si.:ch size inevitably has its politicians, incompetents, grafters and Kwine. These defects of magnitude built in haste were inevitable in '.he army and navy. The American soldier who thinks he is aggrieved has a right to take his complaint to the command! general and eventually lo the White House. But he is a mutineer when he acts in concert with one. or more others to present demands to his superiors. He then becomes a menace lo.his government; lo his family at .home and to his own liberties. An-.army nut of..control and flouting military law is even more dangerous than the picket mobs of the C.I.O. because its members wear uniforms which Ihe people have trustingly regarded as the apparel of their friends and protectors, nol their enemies. There is no force 'hat can be called upon to protect the government of a nation from its own army in mutiny. The a i my. itself, is 1hc ultimate force. When it rebels against the generals the War Dfpartmenl and Congress it rebels against I he government of the United States. In thai tragic case, loyal regiments might be called on lo fight them with the same weapons lhat they lately used against Ihe external enemies but that would be civil war and disaster. Revolution would sweep Ihe United Stales and up-slarl adventurers, including both Communists and Fascists, would gather about them bands of armed looters lo pi-ey on the country which so re- Iccnlly they preserved from terror ; and pillage al the hands of [two of the greatest fighting ma: chines in history. Government by ; elected authority would vanish be. fore the guns and clubs of former .American soldiers. The American soldier in practical effect undoubtedly did lose much of his right as an individual, to carry his gripes to the highest authorily. It is no consolation to him to say lhal Ihis had to be in so great a force because units were shifting from place to place and continent lo continent and commanding officers were here today and gone tomorrow. There was precedent for this denial, however, in Ihe calm arrogance of Ihe Unil- ocl Slates Supreme Court these days in refusing, without a word of explanation, to hear appeals of citizens who believe they have been refused juslicc. And there has been notorious example in the White House and the Roosevelt . cabinet and family circle for the most luxurious extravagance, exploitation of position for personal benefil and the flagrant self-indulgence that complaining soldiers have atribut- ud to the "big brass." Do air force colonels fly to football games while soldiers and their wives and children crawl across the country on sooly trains? If so, didn't Henry Morgenthau ear-mark a coast guard ship for his personal own during the worst shortages and use enlisted and commissioned men, paid by the taxpayers, to commute between Washington and his dulchess county estate? Is it a wonder lhal a young major, having fought a combat war, selects a pleasant chateau and hires a dozen servants in inflated currency, when a president ,nol content with the White House and his own baronial mansion, prepares for himself a secret retreat MI (ho cumberlands for his precious seclusion and repose? If a colonel wastes the priceless months of enlisted soldiers at odd and fruitless lasks is lhal a worse offense than Ihe assignment of 300 men and a full compIcMTieiH of, officers lo patrol Ihe woods and roads and gul- leys of Hyde Park, for more than two years? The mutinies — and they were real minutes — seem to have sub- sidied and the complaints and criticisms and the actual injustices should pay off in permanent re- iornis. It remains to be seen .whether President Roosevelt really spoke for the American people in making commitments which would keep a million, more or less American men abroad as soldier police for years to come. If the people won't supply Ihe men Ihe SMU Opens 2-Game Series WilHogs Fnyelleville, Fob 1 —(/P)—Southern Methodist University, aHUinst which Arkansas has compiled its best Southwest Conference basketball record over the years, will open ;i two-game series with .the title seeking Ha/orbacks here lo- nifihl. rtiluinsns has played SMU <I4 times and has won 36 of the scraps. And the Mustangs haven't been able to win in seven outings this season. But Coach Gone Lambert of the Raxorbacks is expecting anything but n pair of setups when his quintet faces the scoring antics of Bryan Lloyd, ace pony guard. Lambert plans to start the same five cagcrs who swept two names from Texas and split with Baylor This means the Porkers will be feeding the ball to their gargantuan center, George Kok, who boasts the best scoring average in the conference The Arkansas squad is in its best condition of the season Probable lineups': SMU Rollins F Walker F Teal Arkansas Schumchyh .... McGaha Ernest Lloyd G Kok Wheeler .... Flynt WANTED TO RENT OR BUY A farm. See Noel Warren, Hope Feed Co. 1.34 Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. NOTICE Now is the time to sell that old washer WE BUY - SELL AND TRADE Let us appraise your old machine and place your order for a New Maytag Complete Repairs and Paint Jobs on Washers and Bicycles. Prompt & Expert Service Visit Our New Store JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Phone 209 304 East 2nd Confesses to Slaying Her Sister-in-law Rogers, Jan. 31—(/T)—Prosecuting attorney Jeff Duly said today thai Mrs. Maggie Serewa. one of three persons facing first degree murder charges in the death of her stepsister, 13-year-old Charlotte Finlcy of near Berryville, had confessed lo the slaying. An uuiuijsy showed that the girl had died of strangulation. Duty said Mrs. Serewa, 10, told Deputy Prosecutor Hosea Leathers and other authorities at Berryville lhal she had kicked, beaten and strangled Charlotc at their home the night ot Dec. 20. She said, 'trie prosecutor reported, that she and her mother then had carried the girl's body into the field where it was found the next day. Trial of all three persons charged has been set for the next lerm of Carroll county circuit court al Berryville, beginning Feb. 18. Mrs. Serewa and Mrs. Finley are held at Berryville, while Frank Finley is at the Stale Hospital in Little Hock to undergo an examination ordered by Circuit. Judge Ted Coxey. ( , Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Baltimore — Jimmy McAllister, 120, Baltimore, outpointed Georgic 'Hansford, 131, Los Angeles, 10.' Philadelphia — Clep Shans, 137, Los Angeles, outpointed Willie Cheatuni. 130 1-2, Pniladelphia, 8. Minneapolis — Ray Spurlock, 1G2 1-2, Kansas Cilv, outpointed Cliff Beckett, 154, Sudbury, Ont., 8. By United Press Orange, N. J.—Chuck Taylor, 14!5 1-4. Pittsburgh, outpointed Freddie Archer, 145 1-4, Newark, N. J., (8). NewPort, Va.—Hub Parker, 1G5, Newport, outpointed Roger Bission, 105, Quebec City, (8). Burlington, Vl. — Roger Burke, 147, Windsor, Ont., outpointed Buster Beaupre, 147, Burlington. <8). Fall River, Mass.—Lucio Limn, 142, Long Island City, N. Y., out- pointed Oscar St. Pierre, 143, Fall River, (lOt. Porland, Me — Eden Germane, 133, Portland, outpointed Billy Marcus, 134, Hartford, Conn, (8) Bangor, Me—Leo Methot, 13G, Montreal, outpointed Blond Tiger, 132, Lowell, Mass, (8) Wilkes - Barre, Pa — Charlie Senna ppauf, 138, Wilkes-Barre, stopped Juan Laufalle, 144, Argentina, (4) Chicago—Nate Bolden, 178 1-2, Chicago, outpointed Odcll Riley, 183 3-4, Detroit, (10) EDITOR'S DREAM Brewslcr, Min., Jan. 28 - -(/P)— Clinton Wilcox, publisher of Ihe Weekly Brewsler Tribune, was ill for several days. When he read the latest issue of the Tribuen, he found a full page acl, paid for by Brewstcr residents, with this message: "Get well quick, Mr. Editor!" Q HOMELESS Mai.vsvillu, Kas., Jan. 29--I/TV- The housing shortage plays no favorites. Maryvillc's No. 2 fire truck is being "evicted" because the owner of the building wants to convert the property. program must be repudiated. Then, if another war comes, this generation, like the last one, will be blamed by propagandists for selfish default of a duty to preserve the peace, as though it were a demonstrable fact that peace could be maintained by the suppression of millions. For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Speciolizc in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service (14 E. Third St. Hope, Ark This Curious World By William Ferguson ^S^i^^^'?' :: ;^ffiTrr^ifT 1 ~'/ i T""ij^^ ,— -*- •... INTO THE VERY CENTER OF THE •SEPTEMBER IS>4-«4- I COL. FLOYD WOOD, LIEUT. FRANK. RECORD AND MA J. HARRY WEXLER FLEW A DOUSLAS HAVOC PLANE,< F?R THE PURPOSE OF MAKING ) SCIENTIFIC NOTES ON THE TURBU- , LENCE IMSIDE THE STORM... AND RETURNED SAFELY WITH VALUABLE INFORMATION. m '••.•: •.•' ..'V/.V&--V . CLOCK CAN BE FAST ON THE WALL WHEN IT-IS SLOW,"Sffyj MRS. ROV BAIRD, QUITS EATIN6 IN COLD WEATHER, Af',D MAV REMAIN ALMOST MOTIONLESS POP. MONTHS. ., T. M. RtO. U. S. PAT. OFF. CARNIVAL Anti-Strike Bill Wins First Round By CLAIR JOHNON Washington, Jan. 31 — (IP)— The fouse cleared the way today for onsideralion of broad legislation o curb industrial strife. On a roll call vote, the members ecided to begin debate at once on he bill by Rep. Case (R-SD) to ontrol strikes. The vote was 258 o 114. The measure is a substitute for act-finding legislation asked by ^resident Truman. It is backed by powerful coalition of Republicans and southern Democrats. Debate on the legislation started mmediately but a final vote is ot expected until at least Satur- lay and probably not until next .veek. It is estimated that in three gen- .rations 80 per cent of the total population will be direct descend- ints of those now living on farms n the United States. Bv Dick Turner COPR. 1946 DY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. 0IT. "Ah, I say, Mrs. Miirgason, there are certain exceptions to my order that you arrive on time or else!" ext eight days when it plays six big games. ANY COMPLAINTS Nebraska City, Nebr.. Jan. 30 — </Pl — Raymond Bossunfi. Nebraska- city night policeman, heard that several .youths were circulating a petition asking his removal from office. Bossung found the youths, whom he recently had picked up on traffic charges and they had the petition. The policeman signed it. Thoughts Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath: and behold every one that is pround, and abase him.—Job 40:11. : •. They are proud in humility, proud in that they are not proud.— Burton. Richard Muckerman, the St .ouis -Browns' boss, recently was nade a director of the Missouri; •Cansas and Texas railroad—which itill leaves him a few miles short if the talked^—about move to Los Angeles Harry Segno r,Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. LET ME REPAIR Your Clocks, Toasters, Hot Plates, and All Electrical Appliances LILE'S FIX-iT SHOP 933 SERVICE STATION Phone 933 or 869-R Tailor Made SEAT COVERS Direct-from Factory Orders filled within 10 days ROBERT R. RIDER Phone 435-J SPORTS ROUNDUP •BT Book S. FiDertw. Jr.- New York, Fob .1 — (ff>)— When a committee from the College Baseball Coaches' Association meets a major league group Sunday to consider "premature" signing of college players, it might be a good idea for tnem to offer a concrete plan. . . From what Commissioner Happy Chandler said about signing high school players before that was ruled out recently, we figure his stand will be thai its okay for clubs to grab college boys at any time. . . As long as a boy or his parents sign a contract and there is no evidence or misrepresentation, the commissioner can't do; anything but approve the contract, Chandler explained. . .' And he wants belter evidence than somebody's word that there was misrepresentation. . . .Contracts apparently^ mean a lot to Happy. Five For The Books i When spherienl Steve Owen of' the Football Gianls heard that Tulane U. was staging n $5,000,000 endowment fund campaign, he handed Publieotor Horace Renegar a check for five bucks. . . Renegar reminded him that the campaign is for additional general education endowment. . . . •'That's all right, Horace," Steve replied. "I'm all for seeing students educated, too." Gerry Karvcr, who'll return to Penn Slate in time for tho cross country season next fall, ran against Fiance's Mart-ell Hansenne as a G I in Europe but didn'l finish. From what lie saw from far astern, Karver doesn't figure Han- sevne can beat Less MacMitchell indoors . . . .Buddy Young, the Fleet City fleetioot, is due to make his final appearance of the football season along with a flock of other service stars in a charity Pame at Sacramento, Calif, Sunday . . . Arkansas, the Southwest Conference basketball favorite, can win or lose the title in the For Sale 1939 Ton and One-Half DODGE TRUCK In A-l mechanical condition. Priced to sell. 2 CAR RADIOS WRECKING ONE 1936 PLYMOUTH also ONE A-MODEL COBB'S Wrecking Yard Phone 57 Highway 67, West Hope, Ark. PRESCRIPTIONS OUR LABEL IS YOUR GUARANTEE Have your prescriptions filled here with confidence. You can be assured that only the purest and finest quality ingredients are used — that every prescription is compounded accurately by a registered pharmacist. We've WARD & SON The Leading Got It Phone 62 Druggist Finley Word Frank Wprd CALL US FOR YOUR WIRING and REPAIR TROUBLES Phone 231-R HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO. Delton Houston COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply DR, H.T. SHULL VETERINARIAN' In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 149Q-J THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkaniai Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co, 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliance* FLOOR MATS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main SHEET METAL WORK of all kinds See IRA HAUBURTON, Jr. at the Haliburton Sheet Metal Works CALL US FOR Guaranteed Sewing Machine Repairs. Used Machine Parts & Supplies. We buy, sell, exchange and handle only genuine Singer parts. We will make an Electric out of your treadel for $22.50. Phone 361-R. C. W. YANCEY, Singer Disk CIS West Division For PHOTOGRAPHS in your home ' Phone 493 COLLIN BAILEY SPRAY PAINTING KEMTONING done the SPRAY WAY LUM RATELIFF Phone 180-W 518 W. Dlv. Hope, Ark. COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE /t Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Phone 7« Alterations Pressed While You Walt SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen lhat will Revolutionize Writing. Guaranteed to write 2 years without' refilling. Doug PITV Car! Bacon V*l I I Jones- ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Hope • Red! Estate -If you are in the rriarket to buy or sell Farm land or City Property, call or •"see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building Sec Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hhtched right from selected {locks. Hardy, fast, growers. Low price. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts ARE YOU? Getting the most effective property insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost? Ask Us About It Today HOUSTON V INSURANCE AGENCY Howard A. Houston Chas. A. Malqne Phone . . . .61 Magazines You can now get the latest issue of your favorite Magazine at GENTRY PRINTING CO. (Commercial Printers) Phone 241 Hope, Ark. LOANS To Farmers and Stockmen, TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS AND CATTLE See E. M. McWilliams SEED STORE Representative for NASHVILLE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION

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