Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 29, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1946
Page 4
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Q Page ?our HOPE STAR, MOPt ARKANSAS Ttiesttoy, January 29, 194<5 Co. By Chick Young YOU CAN GIVE V THANK YOU, MR . JIMMY JERCE WAS A RACE TRACK YT--I FEEL FAINT. IF YOU'LL rtE MY STEAK. I ) FLINf. I THINK I EXCUSE ME, I'LL BE BACK IN A BOOKIE. EVER MAKE ANY BETS WITH ON'T THINK THE / JUST SAW HIE LADY ADY'S GOING TO \ LEAVE BY A SIDE HIM? KNOW ANYBODY WHO MADE A LOT OF BETS WITH HIM?...SAY. AMI TALKING MYSELF EN I A BOV I GOT A NICKEL OJ AND THAT HAD TO LAST MB ALL- WEEK didn't know was that we were being" watched that very minute, but not by the police. POF? DID VOU KNOW ITS JUST YOUF? BOTTOM LIP THAT MOVES WHEN VOU TALK X • >- I'M MADE OF CAN t ) ( MONEY* DO YOU / SMELLING SALTS VANT HERS. TAKE tjjut I had a hunch I'd have a long wait. Something had scared her stiff YOU'KNOW SHERIFF (juice,/ 1 HOW DO T r see... A!R. BLEEKE... AND THIS 15 I YOU DO, I WHAT DO CAPTAIN EASY ! -gj^ SUM * 1 YOU MEN WANT*. HELLO, MR. BLEsXE J V WHY " OH, JUST PROVE IN TOWN,. HELLO, VALK! SORRY I WAS. PELAVcD \ WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? e^S^^SBSSSSJlt— / -„-* THEY'RE A LONELY OLD COUPLE, SHERIFF! I SHOULD COME HERS OFTENER...MEANT ARRIVE VESTERDAViB MR.VALK. HA5 BEEN SORTER LIKE A SECOND SON TOTH' BLEEKES SINCt JEROME PIED ABOUT THEIR ONLY VISITOR ! Side Glances By Gaibrcrith £$$* ^^ 2;&"'v...xY> .- a s-w fttHVICE, IN*;, T. M, RIO U. 5 PAT. Of THIS EXPLAINS THESE <TOLP CAVES... ANP THOSE AUSTOPON B I'M FREEZING- THAT HUNK OP PACHYDERM PiTCSASLV SUPPED IHTO THIS GLACIAL PACK. ...THAT THING...OH IT'S HORRIBLE •-"Vr 17 --KS ' • 5 'if /© ( • 'h J -'at! V "There's a man at the door and he wants to ic> If we have any old gold, silver or money." "Harvey says he'd i;o south in a minule S-'or the rest of the winter, but he doesn't want to give the janitor the, ~ " last laugh I" Funny Business By Hershberger Freckles and His Friends By Blosser Mir SILK, PROP- WASH / JUMP AMD I ARE GONNA POUR. ON THE COAL/ TMEY CAME HEEE TO HAVE DADDY HELP THEM THEIR HOMEWORK . WHY, vou EXTRAVAGANT ) —, r~vCAC5i _/o— s- *^^<r.^,^ SUBE! BI& ONE'S, "SLATlTUPE 3!? NORTH, BUT IT COULP HAVE BEEN PRV \THE ICE AGE "AND LAMP AT ONE 1 AS FOE IT BEIM& TIME--IM FACT, THEEE's / MAM'S CULTURAL SAW 3UILD1N&S ON THE BOTTOM OF THE ATLANTI TOO, WITH FISHES UONSITUPE 35 WEST SWIMMIM' I.M AM' / MM"! THAT VVOUUP OUTA TH' POOR5 TlMPICATE PONNELLV "I see Jones has painted himself into a corner again!" tL 104C' i)" V* SFRV'nF. INr__T. M. REG. II. S. Thimble Theater 'pOPEVeYTHAT'S WILL<1 WHAT IT'S MY WISHBONE I-WALKED UNDE2 THE •VISMBONE FIRST ~^ -° THE UNDER IT WILL< MARRy ME TOM S/MS & 'if I-'.', l.a.f I „, N!, Out Our Way By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople -BUT AREW'Tyi'M WOT^K WE 0=-—-^SURE/MEETC HAI' EVEN1M&... WOULD YOU Jf <S-GOSH CARE \f-^ ELAIKIE/ I GOT /SURE I'D CARE KILLED,! I-EP-HATEr f OAKY.? )\ FUKIERAL5// l^o; IF LORD BONEHEAD/AW,THAT ALONEXME AT THE FOUNTAIN jjllj |!;jji.. : E/XSV MOwl, MP-.30R .' l/AH-UM .' ER.VMHV, VE6/ WflRST ib'llTl! LOOV< ^ M^-— M EGAD/; I CRAMeTOIL.' M Tlis\e , . ii! iiiili; l| VOU'RB /\ HUlv\F>,Ki ^ 60M6TH1I^G BIG AMD %\ TunfiF /OH, i-STHAT IT? I ^ I THOUGHT THAT WA<i S THE NEW SPRIMG I STYLE FOR BOYS/ 1 HADDA GIT SOME STUFF OUTA TH' LITTLE ATTIC OVER TH' GARAGE LIKE. T'NEVER GOT OUT-- I GOT STUCK IKS THAI TRAPDOOR.' SHOULD FIWD M NOW//! AT MIME TONIGHT/ WITH YOU, HE'D/GOULDUT KILL ME/ «jSKILLA HE'S AWFUL 4 WHERE \2\NORDS AR.E M.V OMERALLS?^^- \ ROLLED FORA. 30K-—- f-l BRING ME I ROM, STEEL, h OUT FULL OV ; -me OLO \-,\ fcNETS, AND I'LL BUILD Y SiNd 3^0_ vrv , *,:^v^r V - \ ATR^WS/XTLfti^TIC BRIDGE. )HE CUT ( AMD MAKE A, VXftisJD- A HIS JEALOUS/ ^01 •• vou uove IT , 8ABV LOCOMOTIME jtteETH / "•- PAGSES .DTE&T/ WHV MOTHERS <3ET Crf?AV Tuesday, January 29, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Five CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication • All Want Ads Cash In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Ono time . . . 2e word, minimum 30c Six limes . . . 5c word, minimum 75c Threo limes . . 3l/ 2 e word, minimum SOe One month . IBc word, minimum $i.70 Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sale 3000 BALES GRASS HAY. nOc per bale. Uoolivercd in 100 bale lots. W. H. Burke, Hope, Rt. 3. 8-lm ONE ALLIS CHALMERS MODEL K Caterpillar. Floyd Porterfield. 12-lf COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNI- slnnHs incluaing Tappan range. Apply 122 West Avc. C. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coniplon. 23-01 1040 HOLLY DAVIDSON MOTOR- cycle . Good tires, good condition. (."See Lloyd Levcrctt, l()7 K a Shaver St. Hope, ArU. 2<l-Sl 1930 FORD COUPE, GOOD MO- tor, fair tire?. May be seen in afternoon at the Feeders Supply 24-01 COMPLETELY FURNISHED. Quick possession. !i room frame po; . Pr home. Prewar construction on 75 by 105 ft. lot. Large garage, three blocks from high school. Newely decorated inside. Electric G ft. refrigerator. Shown by appointment only. Call W. Foster, Rcaltor-53-M. 20-31 PRE-WAR BICYCLE IN EXCEL- dent condition. Zenith radio. Real Estate for Sale NICK FIVE ROOM HOUSE AT Emmet. Price $1600. Close in. Sam Crabb, Box 46, ISnimel. 29-61 FIVE ROOM HOUSE, TWO LOTS, good condition on Adar street, two blocks off old 67 hiway back of Alex Purtle's property. Can give clear title. A. T. Taylor. 29-61 NICE FIVE ROOM BUNGALOW and garage, loeaterl al 1020 West Seventh modern in every respect. Also new living room suite, rocker, breakfast room suite, gas heater and cook stove, two bedroom suites, "complete with ma- tress and springs. If interested Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. Doubleheader Tonight at Hope Hi Gym There will be a dnublehender in basketball tonight (Tuesday) at Mope High School gymnasium. At 0:,'ip o'clock'the Hope High School girls will play the Mope Independents; and at 7:30 o'clock the Hope Bobcats will play DeQucen High School, in a non-conference game. SPORTS ROUNDUP •IT Huoh S. FaUertw. Jr.- sec Floyd Poterfield. 2G-6t NICE SIX ROOM HOUSE LOCAT- ed nt South Walunt. See Floyd Porterfield. 20-6 About one year ago, Collier's magazine published a very laudatory biography of Abraham N Spanel, the piesidonl of the International l.alox Corporation, of Do' ver, Del. entitled "story of a wonder man." Mr. Spanel was represented as an uncommonly patriotic citizen, an extremely efficient and resourceful manufacturer and a man who so heartily appreciated the wonderful opportunities which a Russian immigrant had enjoyed in the United States that he gladly re- fundc-d to the government of the United States a large sum of money derived from his manufacture of pneumatic bouyanl lifesaving devices for the army air 1 ccs - 'vented five American marine fliers For several years, Mr. Spatiol I today from contacting a tri-partite has been publishing a running I •rn.sc-f i ''r 1 tp'im i n the Chihfeng scries of politicaj essays and argu- area of Jehol province. uu oeeu sent on a New York, Jan. 29 — W)— Take' it from a Richmond, Va., sports writer, who was conversing with Herman HicUman last December when young Charlie Gabriel phoned, that the story about the Uempled "theft" of Gabriel from alawba College is slightly exag- eraled . . .The way Larry Leonrd tells it, Gabriel did most of talking while Hickman ex- Chinese With Jap Rifles Halt Marines By REYNOLDS PACKARD Pciping, Jan. 10—(Delayed) — GOOD SEVEN ROOM HOUSE ON North Walnut. Close in $4,000. 120 ACRES, G MILES OUT. BLACK and mixed land. Nice 7 room house. 3 room tenant house. A real bargain. $4,700. See Rilcy Lewallen. 28-31 FINE COUNTRY HOME ON Highway. Electric line and other modern conveniences good barns, and out houses 150 acres land well fenced, and watered by wells and springs. C. 13. Tyler. Jones Maytag Sales & Service. Phone 20!). 304 East Second st. 26-Gt 19-14 G. M. C. ONE AND ONK- half ton truck. Good tires, good . condition. Phone 520-W. Reginald ' SEE C. B. TYLER FOR REAL ES- Bearden. 416 South Grady. 28-311 talc at prices that you can afford • I to pay. Office at 119 Cotton Row. TWO YOUNG JERSEY COWS.! 28-31 Two gallons daily now. Also other good grade beef slock. McCormick Deering Cultivator, other farm tools. Sam J. Hartsficld, Prescott Route 5. Phone Harris Store, 807-F-22. 28-",i APARTMENT SIZE COOK S^'OVE, 100 Fryers. C. L. Roberts. 30(1 North Ferguson. Phone 242. 28-31 CHEAP, TWO IRON BEDS. 1 pair springs, 1 dresser, 1 oak side board. A. A. Rogers. Old Fertilizer Plant. 28-31 GARDEN TRACTOR AND EQUIP- mcnl. See Alfred llaynes, old Broadway court. Highway 67 cast of Hope. Phone 344. 20-Gt Lost oV Strayed BROWN JERSEY COW. LEFT horn stripped. Reward for information or return. Forrest. Saunders, Emmet, Rt. 1. 28-31 Services Offered NOW BLACK LAND AT SANDY land prices. Why buy poor land. Sec C. B. Tyler for land al pleas- nients, tlie whole amounting lo New Deal and left-wing propagan-1 liaison mission by Peace Commis- da with the representation thatision headquarters to deliver dis- mg prices. 2(i-3t PASTURE LAND WELL WATER- ecl at $0.00 per acre. Sec C. B. Tyler. 28-;U 4 ROOM MODERN COTTAGE AT reasonable price. C. B. Tyler. 20-31 TWCM30 ACRES TRACTS AT THE price of one. On Slate highway I such presentation constituted a public service. The advertisements are sponsored by his International Latex Corporation and mention no commercial product The records of Ihe War Department in Washington contain a large file dealing wilh the negotiations between International Latex, the Smaller War Plants Corporation 1.1:0 the army Brigadier General Albert Browning who served as director of purchases for the army service forces does not share the opinion of Spanel and his company expressed in .the Collier's story General Browning formerly was an executive of Montgomery Ward and Company in Chicago and he served the government early in the war UK deputy director of purchases in the Office of Production Management. He recently accepted an appointment offered by Henry Wallace, the secretary of commerce, lo serve in a new position, lhal of director of the Office of Domestic Commerce. On April G, 19-M, Spanel sent a telegram to Maury Maverick, chairman of the board of Smaller War Plants Corporation, boasting of his film's performance in the ^induction of n.OOO lil'e-iats on sub-contract from the S.W.P.C. and pointing witli pride to the act that his company had made a reduction m, , , ,,p ~ 111.^ <~i> 11. i;ti 11 v j ILI k.1 I ] l, [III. u .1 l. Uli l, l lui l Three houses barns, all for ,v.:7fi!), in lhc price allowed. Tnis telegram C. b. fyler. 28-31 v/ris forwarded tu the office of the undcr-secrctury of war. On April 1!), General Browning wriji c a memorandum or the undcrsccrclary outlining his version of the history of (he Iransac- Feb. 25, OUR MOTTO. ALWAYS A REA- sonablc price, a Square deal, and a good title. C. B. Tyler. 28-31 Nofice REGISTERED SPENCER COR- scliere, individually designed ecu-sots, brassieres, men and women's surgical supports. Mrs. Ruth Dox.ier, 318 North Elm St. Hope, Ark. Phone 1,4'1-J. 28-1 in FRYERS FOR SALE You can get fine, fat fryers at Rook & Wilson Poultry & Rabbit Farm, one mile north of Hope. M. J. WILSON, Mgr. Phone 774 Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »Fish • Sandwiches »Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe Olty Limits & Highway 67 West SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for hotter furniture and belter bargains. Phone 476. 14-lm lion. He reported that on 1943, the materiel command of the army air forces received a com inunication f;-om Smaller War INCOME TAX SERVICE. IF YOU have income tax troubles. I will be glad lo help you. Do it now. avoid Ihe rush in Iho lasl days. Charges reasonable. J. W. Slrick- j Plants certifying International La- land. 24-7w I'E BUY, SELL OR TRADE household furniture. Anything of value. Your sell won't be too small, and they don'l gel too large. See us at 226 East Third St. City Furniture Co. Phone 873. 28-1m Wonted to Buy I WANT TO BUY A 1940-41 OR'42 model Ford or Chevrolet. Buck Williams, 106 South Walnut Street Phone 600. 17-tf Wanted to Rent COUPLE WANTS FURNISHED A- parlmont, no children. Will give rciert'iiues. Phone G13. 21 For Rent FOUR ROOM HOUSE, ONE ROOM reserved. Three miles out on highway 67. Phone 209. 26-31 Hope Builders Supply Co, Whal happens to the the antlers which buck deer annually shed has long been a subject for debate among sportsmen. Some are cat en by mice, rabbits and poreu pines for their mineral content Others disintegrate and are ab sorbed into the ground. For Paint Lumber Glass Lime Cement Plywood Roofing Nails Wall Paper Insulatipn Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware For Sale 1939 Ton and One-Half DODGE TRUCK In A-l condition. mechanical Priced to sell. 2 CAR RADIOS WRECKING ONE 1936 PLYMOUTH also ONE A-MODEL COBB'S Wrecking Yard Phone 57 Highway 67, West Hope, Ark. .ex as ;i bidder on 5,000 rafts at $12f> each. This certification was lot accepted but International and 20 other firms were invited to submit bids. Fifteen bids were received and when they were opened on March fi, Ihc bid of Spnnel's company was found lo be $101 and Ihe highest of them all. "The oilier M companies, includ- ng five small ones,.had bids rang- ng from $6326 t.o $79, with only two bids higher than $72.18," General Browning wrote. "The five headquartc matches and supplies to the team. Deluding 10 Americans, which had seen sent lo the area to arrange for ending civil war hostilities. The plane, a C-47 transport piloted bv Lt. William S. Barber of Washington, D. C., was the first to reach Chihfeng since Soviet forces withdrew Jan. 23. I was the only American correspondent aboard. The plane arrived over Chihfeng at 11 a, m. and buzzed the town several times lo inform officials oi :iur arrival before he landed at the airicld seven miles away. After waiting an hour and a hall for a representative of the team to come to the field, Barber dispatched two crew members anc me toward Chihfeng on borrowec mules. We had jogged about two miles when a horseman slopped us anc ordered us to return to the plane He was backed up by a band o! Chinese Communist infantrymei randishing Japanese rilles. We tried to explain — using a hrase book and bad Chinese — hal we had proper permission to ;o to the plane where other crew nombcrs were guarding il 1'rorr cores of coolies who had sprung ip from nowhere. Barber Iried to obtain permission or us to go lo Chihfeng but tn< Communists refused and even sen away the three mules. The horseman , who apparently vas an officer, agreed to dispalci n note by mule courier but mean vhile he ordered us not lo he plane. As far as we could make out w were not supposed to take off with out permission. But when nothin lad happened by 3:30 p.m., Barbe made a sudden dash down th cobblestone runway and we roare off toward Peiping, reaching, ther at nightfall. small firms mentioned $72.18 or less." all bid Proceeding, General Browning reported to the under-secretary thai Wallace O. Heinze, the director of operations of small wni plants, on March 9, 1943, telephoned lo Wright Field at Dayton O., where procurement of such material was being handled, insisting that International Latex re ceivc a contract for 5,000 rafts. "Materiel command lold Mr Heinze lhal a $30 per unil premium (40 per cent) over other small con ceins was too high," Genera Browning wrote. "Mr. Heinze ther requested this office to intercede and over-rule the decision of ma leriel command." Proceeding with his review, Browning said that cost estimates of international and two othei small rubber companies were ob lained for comparison. The olhprs lained that he had hubby Kirkland, the promised Calawtaa oach, that he wouldn't call on the id . . . Later Herman said that abriel's uncle had first ap- roached him to inquire about Vest Point . . . Sellout note: About 800 of the cheaper tickets for the otrc Dame-N. Y. U. basketball ame at the Garden a week from aturday go on sale today. The est already are gone . . . Concrete locks are being used to erect a once around the Red Sox training eld at Sarasota. Fla. Does lot mean they're going to try Rudy ork in the outfield'.' Bored of Education Mike Jacobs' publicity staff is aking the boxing writers and as- orlod members of the fight mob ut lo Seton Hall College today to vatch Red Cochrane train No doubt il will b'e an education for some of the boys, but the proofs are cautioned to keep a tighl grip on their sheepskins or some of the mob will be claiming college degrees. One-Minute Sports Page Denison, Tex., which bills itself as "home of the $50,000,000 Dcni- son dam," boasts a footballer of approximately the same value in 18-year-old Charlie Jackson, a T.C.U. fresh. ... In high school Jackson played at center, guard, halfback, quarterback and fullback on three different teams —McKin- ncy, Denison and a VFW all-star team . . . Although Bernie Mayer of N. Y. U. beal 51 feel five times in the shot put at Wesl Point Saturday and Army's Tex Coullcr did it four times, they won't get a chance lo have it out again until the intercoliegiatcs unless the New York A. C. nuts on an event for Inch- benefit Feb. 16. Flavor Saver (New Item: George Sauer ne\\ Kansas football coach) To make the K. U. staff com plete They took the Sauer wilh the sweet. Mrs. Luce May Run for Senate Seat Washington, Jan. 28 — (fP)— Close friends of Rep. Clare Boothe Luce (R-Cpnn) said today she may seek election to the Senate this year. Senator Hart (R-Conn) has announced that he will retire. Those persons, who asked not to be nainfid, told a reporter Mrs. Luce will not initiate the race but "will respond to any invitation which may develop." They added that some of her friends in Connecticut already are Case Splits State Court Little Rock, Jan. 28 —(JPI— The Aransas Supreme Court split 4- o-3 today on an opinion involving eservation of mineral rights by 'endors of deeds in which the dissenters declared the ruling "con- ravenes in a dangerous way, sound public policy" The effect of the decision was to iphold a Miller chancery decree awarding Regina Krouse Weil and others one half of the mineral •ighls on 40 acres of Miller county oil lands against the caims of Carter Oil Co, Standard Oil Company of Louisiana and Standard Oil Company of: Indiana and invalidating the Carter lease on the property on grounds Mrs Weil and the others inherited the rights as heirs of Leo Krouse, Texarkana lumberman, who died in 1926 Krouse was president of the now dissolved Four States Lumber Company which sold the land to Nick Harvey Harvey refused lo accept the property with the mineral right reservation. Testimony showed another deed was tendered but it also contained the reservation Harvey, who testified he did not know the reservation was in the second deed, subsequently disposed of the property Carter Oil Company and its codefendants in the suit contended that the property was. purhcased on the opinion of an attorney who found that the -reservation was void on grounds the Supreme Court had held in 1917 no such reservations could be made. The court in a subsequent opinion nullified its 1917 holding but not until after Harvey had disposed of, the disputed prop- 2 Jailed in Pair of Shootings Osceola, Jan. 28 — (UP) —Mrs Golda Smith Bishop and Alex Mur phy were held in jail here today ii connection with two separate fata shootings at Keiser, Ark., Satur Hogcm Wins Phoenix Open From Keiser Medal Winner Hurt, Puts Off Marriage Little ;rtock, Jan. 28 — f/P) — Nathan Gordon, Congressional vledal of Honor winner, today planned to "talk over" with his iancoe, Miss Mary Croom of Dardanelle, possibility of postponing heir wedding, which had been >cheduled for Thursday. Gordon, who came through the var unscathed, suffered severe facial cuts in a traffic accident near „ .__ --- — here Saturday night. He disclosed iPnoenix lille. the first of tho Pro- he approaching marriage at a Lit- essional Golfers Association 1940 - - .. . . vinler tour, the 37-year-old Hogan. vent around in 35-33 for three- nder-par 68. The 30-year-old Kcis- r produced a 34-36—70. Hogan now is first in money won n the tour with $4,675. Byron Nelon of Toledo. Ohio, leading money viliner last year, and winner of hree tourneys this year before he eft the tour, is second with $4,250. By EDDIE LEE Phoenix, Ariz., Jan. 29 — W)—William Benjamin Hogan was en- route to Tucson, Ariz., today with the Phoenix open golf crown and $1,500 first prize money. The little shotmaker from -Her- shcy. Pa., made his putter behave yesterday and that, combined with his driving ability forced Jierman Keiser of Akron, Ohio, to be'con- tent with the $1,030 second,-prize. Both are enfered in the $7,500*Tuc son open starting Friday. '" In an 18-hole playoff for, the day. Mrs. Bishop was held in th death of her husband, Jack Bishop 38, who was shot to death in th couple's restaurant. Witnesses told police Bishp: knocked down his wife who saic "Sweetheart, this is the last Urn you'll ever knock me down." She reportedly left the cafe, re turned with a gun, wounded an unidentified bystander and shot her husband in the stomach. He died 40 minutes later. Murphy was arrested in connection with the slaying of his brother- in-law, Wade Page, who was killed in his home near Keiser. Sheriff's deputies said they had not been able to learn details of the shooting. le Rock hospital, adding "I think ve ought to postpone it until my "ace heals." A Morrilton lawyer and member of the Workmen's Compensation Commission, Gordon won the Congressional Medal for rescuing Americans from the sea in the face of Jap shore batteries while he was a navy flier. Basketball Results By The Associated Press Ellis Island Coast Guard 44: Floyd Bennett Naval Air Station 42. South Kentucky 54: Georgia Tech 26. Kentucky State College 52; Philander Smith 26. Midwest Ohio Slate 47; Northwestern 41. Purdue 59; Wisconsin 46. Iowa 63; Minnesota 61 (overtime). Great Lakes 64; Toledo U 44. Concordia 43; Washington University (St. Louis) 41. Wichita University 49; Hutchinson, Kas., Naval Air Station 45. Camp Alterbury 51; Millikin 43. Fort Sheridan 50; Camp Campbell 44. Southwest Chihuahua City (Mexico) Dura dos 70; Fort Bliss (Tex.) AAA 66. Arizona State College 54; Univ oi Ariz, 53 (overtime.) Far West Colorado A and M 43; Utah State Aggies 36. Oregon State 50; Washington State 48. Pacific College 59; Bremerton Navy 44. hose through the windows to extinguish an apartment house blaze. at work in her behalf. Mrs. Luce presently is in the erty. Associate Legal Notice Justice Frank South recovering from influenza. Asked about the reports, an office aide said "you can speculate." First elected to the House in 1942 and reelected in 1944, Mrs. Luce has been a requent critic of administration foreign policy. If she decides to run, she will be one of at least two women seeking Senate seats in 1946. Mrs. Polly Rose Balfe of Jacksonville, Fla., already has announced as a candi- Smith wrote the prevailing opinion Associate Justice R. W. Robins wrote the dissenting opinion in which Associate Justice J. S. Holt and Minor Milwee concurred "The decision of the majority in this case is a far-reaching one," Justice Robins declared "For the first time in the history of the state, the Arkansas Supreme Court is today saying that sn investor, who, in buying land, im- plicity relies on an unequivocal declaration by this court that such a conveyance as he is obtaining will vest in the- purchase good title o the property he is paying for mist lose his invesliment if, years fterwards, this court decides to verrule the decision on which the ivestor properly, and necessarily, elied. "One effect of the rule being an- lounced today is that henceforth LEGAL NOTICE Pursuant to Section 18 of Act 297 of 1945, notice is hereby given that the last will and testament of Mary Middlebrooks of Hope, Arkansas, was probated in common form by the Probate Court of Hempstead County on the 16th day of January, 1946. An appeal from such probate can be affected only by filing a petition, stating the grounds of such appeal, i with this court within six (6) months from the date of this notice. Witness my hand and seal this 16th day of January, 1946. Leo Ray Clerk of Probate Court By Arthur C. Anderson D. C. (SEAL) Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 5 1--.--- - ••- -•••••" ajiuuu.y mis amiouncuu as a cancu- were Master lire and Rubber ldate lo succeed Senator Andrews Company and Anderson Rubber Company. All three had fewer than Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions • 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMQS, ARK. (D-Fla.), who will not seek re-election. Mrs. Balfe has been a Democratic national eommitteewoman. The last woman lo serve in the Senate was Mrs. Hatlie Caraway of Arkansas, who was defealcd in 1944 by Senator Fulbright (D-Ark.) o Warmer Weather for Arkansas; Cold Wave in Northeast By United Press You can take off your red flannels today, but it's not time yet to put them away in mothballs. The weatherman predicted general warming throughout the upper half of the nation today, with leniperalures in the mid-forties over most of the midwest and north central slates. The mercury will keep rising today and tomorrow, he said, but will fall again lo some extent by the middle of ihe week. Coldest spot in Ihe nalion during Ihe nighl was the New England region, feeling Ihe tail end oi a cold wave that chilled the rest of the country Friday and Saturday. Con cord, N. H., registered a low of 14 below zero. Pembina and Grand Forks, N.D.. both reported readings of nine below — practically balmy for that part of the country. Residents in the Southern Atlaiv tic and Gulf Stales suffered will unseasonably cool temperatures. 1' was 19 above at midnight in Vicks burg, Miss., and 20 at Birmingham Ala., as compared with atempera , lure of 28 degrees in Chicago. A his government job on Sept. 1, 1943, | rapid rise was predicted for today Jiid became general manager of!however, lie International Lulex Corpora-' 500 employees each. The Anderson firm had only 14 employees and produced 1,000 raffs at $72 per unit, the same net price as that of International Latex Corporation, the memorandum informed the undersecretary. In the cost estimates, Inlcrnalional's price was $101, Anderson's was $G9.4!i and that of Master Tire and Rubber Company $63.26. Included in the costs were manufacturing overhead and administrative overhead. Spanol's manufacturing o v e r head was staled as $34.1H. Anderson's was $(i.S5. Master Tire and Rubber Company's was $9.88. Spanel's ad. ministralive overhead, $4.74, also far exceeded lhal of Ihe two other small companies. Anderson's was $3.30 and Master's only $1.57. No profit ostirrvite was given in Spanel's table. Anderson's profit was estimated at $2.03 and Master's at $6.33. General Browning's report said hal after the army refused to nake the contract, direct, with In- ernal at $101, as Heinze had in- isled, the S. W. P. C. look a prime •onluict for 5,000 rafts at $85 and ubconlracted the lol to Inlerna- ional at $85. Spanel's final, ad- usled price was $72 and, with the exception of Anderson's price, vhich was 'identical, was still Uie lighesl of six orders, while Maser's final adjusted price was only ¥05.65. General Browning also informed he uiidcr-secretary thai after ioinze had exerted this pressure .o get business for Spanel's com- .xmj at a price which ihe army jon.sidered lo be excessive, he quit Several members of Congress have made inquiries into the war production operations of Spanel's company and one of them says Heinze's salary jumped from $8,000 with the government to $36,000 with Spanel. These figures may be inaccurate but Heinzo, himself, when I telephoned him for information refused to answer any questions and would not even say whether he had ever worked for the government. He said I would have to ask his attorneys, a Chicago firm. Thus, through him, it has been impossible to verify a report that he went to Washington NOTICE TO CREDITpRS OF GRANT OF LETTERS TESTAMENTARY Letters testamentary on the estate of Hugh Winburn Timber lake, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the 16th day of Jan uary, 1946, by the probate court o Hempstead County, Arkansas. All persons having claims agains said estate are required to exhibi them, properly authenticated foi allowance, to the undersigned as executrix of said estate, before th end of six (6) months from th lawyer who examines titles to date of the granting of the letter: Arkansas lands must not only know hat Ihis courl has herlofore held as to the meaning and operation of a given form of deed, but he mist also know what this court vill say about this same kind of loed in the future "In my humble opinion, this rule s not good law, and it contravenes, in a dangerous way, sound Jublic policy. Stabilily of contracts s a prime essential to our economy To destroy this sliibilily is lo nvile shaos" of execulrixship upon said estate and if such claims be not so pre sented, they will be forever barred Mrs. Luclie Timberlake Executrix of the Estate of Hugh Winburn Timberlake, deceased, an. 22, 29, Feb. 5, 12 Saturday Holiday Dropped 2 Weeks by Revenue Dept. Little Rock, Jan. 28 (Special)— Saturdays off will be canceled the 'list two weeks of March by Ihe internal Revenue Bureau, Collec- or Horace E. Thompson said today. The bureau offices will remain open all clay March 2 and 9 as a convenience to persons filing income lax returns. Taxpayers in the offices al 5 p. in. on those days may remain until they have completed their returns. LESSON Los Angeles, Jan. 29 — (/!>)—• man returned lo his car—parked in fronl of a fire plug—and found a trafic citation pointing out Ihe off< cnse. He also found hos car windows broken. Firemen had lo run their .'rum Hollywood where he is said ti iave been some sort of manage for Errol Flynn and other motion picture actors. I believe I will be able to clear this up, one way or another in a few days. 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