The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1949
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH IT, 1949 • —__ [•HI NATION TODAY ^ruman and Democratic Party ppear to Be Lost Leaders in love to Push Cause of Liberals WASHINGTON, March 16. «>»—President Truman and his Demo- 'k Party are beginning to look like lost eaders. \'ls happened In Congress in the past few days while Mr. Truman > vacationing in Morldn: 1. Ills civil rights program for Negroes was aboul hopelessly wrecked. 1. His nomination of his personal friend. Mon C. Wallgren, as clmlr- i«n of the National Security Resources Board, was shoved aside. 3. His rent control program was shot full of holes. It might have been the same .., ' were here, for In both House and - .....v itt**., L\JI ,u VULII fiuuse niia o,,rt,,i.i(,,,.,,_ n * *nate his lieutenants lost control ! » en "™ ca " s J to 6 on the Senate What will happen to the rest of ™' n ,!" lttee wn '<:h Is considering the nomination What will happen to the rest of he program Mr. Truman promised he voters last fall? It's anybody's uess. What's wrong? Nothing mys- erious. The members of the Democratic /arty have a majority In Congress. Tils would seem to give them con- rol. It would, If they thought the ame or stuck together. They don't. Two Kinds of Democrats Roughly, there are two kinds of democrats: the Trumanltes who Mlow the president; atld the Son- :hern Democrats who BO their own *ay and vote against the other Democrats any time they please. When they rto this, they tenm JP with the Republicans who are !n a minority. This combination ives the Republicans and Southern Democrats a majority and puts the Jrumanltes in a minority. That's 'hat has been happening. Here are the figures: In the Senate—51 Democrats. 42 ^publicans. Total Senators: 95. But at least 20 of the Democrats re southerners. When the 20 switch >ver to the Republicans, that leaves !< Trumanltes against 02 opponents. In the House—263 Democrats, 171 Republicans, and one American La- Mr party member. At least 100 of che Democrats are Southerners, tviien .they join the Republicans, ihat's 271 against 163 Trumanltes. This is why the rejoicing of tht Trumanites over last full's democratic victory was pretty hollow. It fas a victory on paper—and only K) long as the Southerners piny •long with the Trumanltes. Civil Rights Issue Blamed On the civil rights program, the Southern Democrats- parted company with the Trumanltes and set »ut to wreck It with a filibuster. Caught in this meat-chopper, the frumanites In the Senate looked pitiful. That Is not an exaggeration. The Democrats outnumber the repayment money. Wallgren nomination. The Senate must approve before he can have the NSED job. But the committee vote yesterday to push aside Wallgren's nomination was 7 to 6. What happened? Senator Byrd of Virginia, Southern Democrat, threw his vote In with Hie six Republicans against Wall- the rent control gren. In the House bill favored by Mr. Trtimnn BLYTHEVILLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS r . P . Q . ra P |e 9 ic VetXHouse Looted Officer Killed t S ! S ] As He Walks In on Robbery Manuel Leonardo. pulled out or shape like taffy, nl- may patch II up a bit. It can't become law without Senate approval. Vbmu ruefully sur veys the vadla-phonoBmph winch wns one ot the lew Items lell by though the Democrat's" have" a' big j u ' icvos wh ° lo °'«l hls I""'" 1 when lie was away at. Providence n j majority in the House. The Senate | T1 « '>°usc was built lor l.wm.mlo by townspeople of thai nrra i-iie """ " '° otcni CIUTic<l o(f ncilr| y ov «'5 thing portable Including a television set radio, vacuum cleaner, lamps, d.aiws, Jewelry and even a piggy bank with ten dollars In it.—(Al> Wircphoto). What does it all mean? Only this- Any time the Republicans and Southern Democrats want to wreck the Truman program, they can do It by teaming up. Tin's makes the Democratic Party, as a party, look sick. It sure does. Supreme Court to Get DeWitt School Case LITTLE ROCK, March n~-M>>— Attorney General Ike Murry will be reoiiPslMt to petition the Arkansas Supremo Court for a rchearlliK in the DeWitt School District Case involving Amendment no. 40 In that case the high 'court held thnt under the amendment adopted last November school districts can not hold special elections.. The Arkansas board of education at fLs tnce(i!i(? Monday decided to seek a rehearing In the case. Commissioner A. B. Bonds said this morning he was requesting the attorney general to Imndle the matter. Because of the Supreme Court decesion the board of education Monday declined to consider the applications of 53 school dlstrirts for loans which would require special elections to vote the necessary Grandparents Adopt Own Daughter's Bahy LONDON. Morcll 17—(/!>-A baby girl became her mother's sister In the ej'es of the law yesterday. Chancery Court authorized a couple's adoption of nn illpgHimUc child horn recently to their daughter. Proceeding were conducted in private und no names were dls- clased. RELIEF AT LAST ForYour COUGH Crconmhion relieves promptly became il Rile! risht lo ibe scat of llie umihlt in help loosen antf wcpel g«rm laden phlegm and aid nnturc lo sootlic ami !) raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucmit membranes.Tell yourdru.cpsi to sell you j bottle ot Crcoimi'lsinn with ilie iin^erslanding'you musl like ilif way it quickly allayj the cough or ymi art to have your money Ijactc CREOMULSION forCoughs.ChestColds.Bronchitis Read Courier News Want Ads. ST. LOUIS, March l«-(m_City Deteotlvt William J. O'Brien was shot to death yesterday when he walked In on the holdup of a loan shop. The two proprietors of th firm- were wounded. The two holdup men, both Negroes, escaped In R 1039 sednn with an undetermined amount of money The pnwn shop owners. Louis Goldstein, 81, who wns shot hi the right thigh, and his brother-in-law Ifo E. Yaffe. 40, wounded In the right (high nnd hnnd, wore taken to Oily Hospital. Yiiffc said the Nc K rocs came to the, shop counter and drew pistols nnd that one rammed n revolver in his ribs when Ynlto wn s slow getting his wallet out. "At thnt point, Detective O'Drlcn walked in," Ynffe M |d. "Ho started to scuffle with one roblwr, nnd did not have his revolver out. The robber shot him nnd he sagged to tho floor. Holli robbeis turned and started firing nt Goldstein and mo. 1 O'Brien. 08, Imd gone to the mnvn shop on n routine visit, nud wu» milked" °' " >C holclup ""'" lu - Thfi empolyes of a furniture slur ndjotiilng the pawn .shop snld th two Negroes, about '21 to 2H flc.i eastward In car bearing nn Illinois licenses of seven digits, the first four bclclvcd to be 1-301. GET A MUFFLER TO AVOID DANGEROUS EXHAUST FUMES AND TO MAKE YOUR ENGINE RUN BETTER AND QUIETER! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. "»th & Walnut I'hone 4153 THE NEW f\J THE NEW j rti/motttn- Now th«r«'* m«r« dif- ference than •ver In lew-priced <ars—and the «'«"t Mew Plymouth makes the difference! Naw Btautf Th ere's beauty i n eve ry sweeping new low line of li—and throughout its brilliant new Interior. And this is beauty that's built on advanced engineering ... to give you a great new' automobile that handjes easier, rides smoother, performs better—the greatest In » long line ot Plymouths! New Vision The greatly Increased glass area is exactly where you need it —in the windshield and rear window. And the new design of the hood nnd the entire body gives the driver a clear, undistortcd view of the road — in all directions—day or night— rain or shine! Blind spots are practically eliminated. Hew feature t You Just turn the Ignition key and the engine starts I Iv'o buttons to push, no choke to pull. Yon save on oil and get longer engine life with new oil control piston rings and the brand-new chrome compression ring. These are Just two of the great new features in the great New Plymouth. Mew Comfort Talk about room for comfort —the New Plymouth l\as itl Those fnmou« chair-height seals are now even wider, and deeper from front to back. Long legs cnn stretch out and hats stay put. Diagonally mounted renr shock, absorbers reduce cldcswny. You can drive this cur Jor tiours and stiu feel fresh. New Safety Safety has always been first with Plymouth —snd this new car Is safer than everl It has a lower center of gravity. It hugs the road better. A completely new body construction makes It R sturdier automobile. Body and frame are 23% more rigid. You drive with a «reat new sense of security. Hew Convenient* Because of less overhang, the New Plymouth Is easy to park, easy lo put in the garage. Fenders now into the body but they're separate and detachable—and It doesn't cost a fortune to repair them! Windows lift and lower easier. Doors open wide—you gel in and out of this car with easel Hew Performance There's brillianc new power In the engine. This comes from a newly designed cylinder head, a higher compression ratio nnd a new Intake manifold. When you step on It, you'll Instantly feel this new surge of power. Here's the best performer of all the great performing FlymouUisI Grcafeir New Value The only wny to discover all of tlie great new things In the great New Plymouth is to see it —to sit In it — to drive it. Do this and you'll be convinced that — feature for feature — dollar for dollar—here's the greatest value of all! Compare it to any car at any price. Bee It NOW I Lelt-Honded Check Books For Southpaw Customers Printed by National Bank FHAMINOIMM, MUM,, March IT —<"')--The Frauilnghnm Nntloiml Brink Is making It cnslor for their left-hamlcd depositors to spend money. An official of the bank nnld left- handed chock books nro now nvnll- able to Its suiuhpuw customers The book opens Just tho reverse of the stnndiird types. Nero, German War Dog, Dies of an Infection DES MOINES, Mnrch 17--WJ.-Nero, a war dog that wus denied mcdlcul benefits by lha Veterans Adiulutstnidou, ( s dcnil. Nero, n 8 year old Qcrmnu shepherd, served with the Omiiitu mmy In World Win- n until he wns cnp- tured by tho Aincirlcniis In lluly in (lie lust ilnys o( tho wiir. liolrnliird tlic dog .served with llio Americans' nud received »n honorable dl«- clinrRo. Jw Clold. of Ames, In., who owned the dog. had asked Ihc \'A to help pay t|| U veterinarian bills In. (rnXmiMtt of Nero. Tho doB dh><l from nn Infection. MOVED TO NEW LOCATION 112 No. First Street • Behind Lemons furniture Stoiv Blan Heath Co. Same Phone — 828 BURPEE'S Super Giant ZINNIA SEEDS MO PUUCNAtl NKItSMT TaV* Hia Work Out d lawn Core! A. ntiinty, trn-ntrmHat, tmtrgm Mod. Eicollont for r<jcn»U<mal «TSA«. E»c4 pound Is euoiih to KW 126 «iwu« of now lawn, or n-M«i 360 moat* f*M old Uwn. : Rent Our LAWNETTE SPREADER V1GORO Slbs 50c E*ny to oporato — economical to run I Ifas'Ilugor-Up olntou «nd tlirottlo control* on haudlo. Ej\ay-to•tart IlrlRK" and Slrntton H.r. motor. I'liiiolnro- proof rubber tiros. Is-lnch cnttlng rod Li ndjnnlnblo from ' to 2'/,.lucli cut. A eomplou plant food. UM ft on th» ganten, tavn— i arotiDd BbrubbflTT and tn«c Uso It for ncoil, fortlllinr etc. Quicker, c.-islor. ovonly. Supremo Qualify GARDEN HOSE radically dofics wo.irl UmrtM* «un and wo.ittior. Withstands ''lull w.-Uor pravmro. Ma do wIUi two-braid Itaynn Cord. Covered with tough, lioaiHIfnl groon Nnojircnc. Klckel-plalcd "JFuU- 1 low" couplliiG.1. • IT ON (ASV Bucen TERMS CHANGE OVER TO £osy-Opcrafrn0 • LAWN MOWER Buns smoother, quieter. Precision-made with ball-bearing i cntting reel. 10-incli disc Bomi-pnomnatlc vires. .: WHITE SIDEWAIL TIRES YouTl b« amazed tt tte knr • Easy to oso long-Handled cost of swuk n«w white sidcwall ttres — and go for UM aev took gin your c»r too. E?wi if roar One hara many (rife* In them — trad, today and you'll get fun auovue* for th« nnns«d raihaga. gr»»» tlora * .Undlns position. i5 Inchon long. 207 W. Main St. 0. 0. HARDOY Blytheville

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