Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 25, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1946
Page 5
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r -r,-,*s -&". W i 0 Page Four *, foopt ARKANSAS . Blondie r4U^ By Chick Young ?3.. 0s i r 2 took the elevator to the seventh floor. Ifhe door opened and there was the blond. She had been expecting somebody, but not me. VERY IN- TfcftESJING. Friday, January 25, She tried to dose the door, but myfgot was in it. I r-s JUST VAU RIGHT, BUT LISTEN. WHAT DO \ YOU GOf A PHONE CALL DU THINK A LITTLE WHILE AGO, YOU'RE < AND WHEN YOU DOING?ItT ANSWERED,THE PARTY ME CLOSE (r v , HUNG UP. WANT THE DOOR/Z^JO^HW^THE V» ! "It is nice to have Margie's friends gather here so 1 know " what she's up to-—if I can avoid a nervous breakdown!" '"The electrician said he'd._ come .at 10 A. M. next Tucsdav." Tunny Business By Hershberger il^^^^^^&^W^f^^^m I \ , ^^** • ^*^ * j *• * w .o'ttJ'V'+f o, C< 9--^'. •*> •:>• v.r-"•''•' "•:;:••••? :'•<•'. &m-:. '•« \ "\ " ^- * fr '* •* C" -T' ° » < **^2 F~^~£''' v~ Freckles arsd H5s Friends /THANKS, By Blosser WHAT DO x owe ) Dow'r TAKE- YOU? ANYTHING- . ADVANTAGE 1HAVE IS YOURS/J OF HIM. v j^ FRECKLES — y HE'S YOUNG-, ff^-^ ^ YOU KNOW/ I I'LL TAKH THAT ONE, THAT ONE AND THAT ONE / f HMMM.' MAYBE YOU'RE NOT AS YOUNG AS MOM THINKS/ always wears an »»lra one so his head doesn't get cold^vhen he tips his hat!" Popeye COPR. 19W BY NE» SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. Thimble Theater OVL WANTS A\ WISHBONE.''/ Out Our Way By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople SAY/? ~L PSHU /\s LOOPY AS A ROLLER. "OASTSR..' -~ WHAT J,S YOU ANA I "DOINGS AMO MISTOOK US EV:PECTIM& A VISIT VvFoR.TKE 3AMES BOYS YOUR WHUT KIWD OF PEOPLE ' MHABITED THIS DIFFICULTY E TELLIW I'M 5O 31TTER.V MY ^!*sZVl^*,>'«;M^ : &*-^;t^'\H*~''i<te*^^^' : ' / GOOD \ , | EVENING. \ \ MY NAME I \ IS FLINTT/ ST/iffi « knocked at Apartment 703 and did some fast thinking. TELL ME V YEP, HE WAS THE ONLY CHILD.' ABOUT THE \ IT NEABLY KILT HIS MA AN 1 PA... J£LEeKES,SUH.'\ THEV HAVEN'T A\IX£D WITH NO- f.UTHER SAVS BODY MUCH SINCE TH 1 ACCIDENT.' JEROME WAS KILLED IN A CAR WRECK OFP AT SCHOOL; BUT TH' BLEEKES ALLER5 WERE KINDA DISTANT--AN'PRETTY WELL FIXED, OR L'STER BE... FOLKS'SAY TH OLE LADY'S A INVALID-HASN'T SOT OUTA TH 1 HOUSE IN YEARS.' HERE'S THEIR PLACE-BIGGEST IN TH 1 COUNTV, I GUeSS! TWO PEOPLE MUST RATTLE AROUN IN A HOUSE LIKE THAT ! I'LL GET THE SATE, SHERIFF- SAY f SOMEONE ELSP IS TURNING IN. TOO ! THIS TIME HE AINT ABLE TO WANPER OFF... HE'S <30T TO STAY HERE/6RUB-5TAXE WILL 'EM IF IT AIN'T TOO LATE/ TOOK FELLER-.-SArS HE'S LO0KIN FOB SCORCHV AND THE GAl,..- TRIED TO GO TO THE CAVES, BUT HE'S WEAK FROM TH-V WHEN HIS AIRYPLAME MOUNTAIN- HAVE YOU SEEN MY CIGARS? TOY SUBMARINES WHAT'S TH!\ AAATTEB, CAN'T YOU SEE A\E? WAITRESS! SERVICE! MAND9O//E?? DYA \I WANT fHINK I WANTA GO BACK-- AN 1 / ALL, GC;\'G I WO FAST .' A THAT WAO YCUR . D5A ' I GW'T DO MV WORK ) 11 i -1-1 11 j~* . ^ WHAT DID YOU SAY BUT K NOBOOr KWOW5/ WOW'T BUT WHAT'S A WHAT AR'E YOU DOIUff.MEKLIMf 1HATLITTL£ DANGER / BEW TH'< GREATEST KIWG OU EARTH/ EA^rP/.BY CRACKY WHEW I CRACK FH' ATOM/ u HA\=: i RESmi>,KED.'J To SKIP r<E H HE'S GOT A CrtANT.E TO GST Friday;\Janiiary 25, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS S5IFI • —•>•"» «j« in wince xjny Before • AM Want Ads Cash In Advance . Not Ta^O^ the Phone tfc. C,Y. tf sisss a risi : - r ^±±: & -TUP ™™^ arG £ ° r Conllnuous Insertions Only . T^JMOKEjrou TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL- Estate for Sale SIX ROOM MOUSE AND 4 LOTS at BUI! N. Hervey. John Price. •......:___ _ _ 21-01 an ACHKS, ":i Mn J i?7s""E~AsrTNicE a Hoom house, built in cabinets ahrt light:;. Running water younf .01 chard, hdfi pasture, plenty of ",•'"'» ''"""i. Immediate Possession, $:«, r )0. 20 ACRES, !i MILES OUT 29 HIGH- vvay, 2. nice f> room homes, Lights 17 acre,s in cultivation, 2 acres in limber. Almost immediate possession, $3,. r )00. 20 ACRES, II ROOM HOUSE, lights and good burn, (i miles out on Highway 2!). $1,250. MANY OTHER FARMS 40 to 1000 acres, See Riley Lcwallen. 2U-31 For Sale 3000 BALES GRASS" HAY 50c per bale. Ucelivered in 100 bale lots. W. II. Burke, Hope, Rt 3 9-1m ONE ALLIS CHALMERslwODEL K Caterpilliu-. Floyd Portcrficld __ 12-tf TWO WHEEL HOuYE~TMlTo7f 38 feet long, .$2.)0. Two miles West on -old Highway G7. Leslie Terry. • '. 2 ]-6l 27'FOOT HOUSE TRAILOR, GOOD condition, four good tires. Apply Mac's Camp. Highway 67 — S - t .L._._____J, 22 - fil ONE SMALL .CASH REGISTER, two store scales. .Phone 142-W 25-31 omni.,1., Uft&H, store scale's..PI- *i'r;,., ,«',:':'><. t-- , COMPLETE HpUSEIl'6'LD FURNI- shings including Tappan range Apply 122 Weal Ave. C. Mr. and _Mrs.^rhr.mas Comptou. 23-!ii )!MO HOLLY DAVIDSON MOTOR- cyelc . Good tires, good condi'i- lon. See Lloyd Lcveretl, 107'i __Shover St. Hope. Ark. 24-St 10:«i FORD COUP E. 00CM") tor, fair thvs. May be seen in afternoon at the Feeders S'lnnl.y _^°- 24-Gt Lost Female Help Wanted EX p E R i ENCED" COLOUT: D"COO k". »1U.(I() per week, Apply in person. <ilu South Hervcy. 2:i-,'ll MAID FOR GENERALiToUSK- work. No cooking, Apply 4Hi kast Second St. Carol Joy A- partmenls. 24-31 Notice SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for better furniture and better _bargains. Phone 470. 14-lm INCOME TAX SERVICE. IF YOU have income lax troubles. I will be glad lo help you. Do it now avoid the rush in the lasl days. Charges reasonable. J. W. Slri'ck- _'"""• 24-7w Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR- setiore, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and women's surgical supports. Mrs Ruth Dossier, 318 North Elm St Hope, Ark. Phone 144-.I. 28-1m AVON PRODUCTS FOR SALE BY Representative. Mrs. Sam Bells Phone 1060-J. 21-61 Die in Planned Suicide Pact in California By ED WERKMAN Long Beach, Calif., Jan. 24 — (UP)— Two high school s weft- hearts, heart-broken over parental objections to their marriage, car| ried out a carefully planned suicide i pact, and died clasped in each arms, it was disclosed to- Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. ! -1. SUNDAY, DOWNTOWN. GLASSES in pink plastic frames. Please return to Jessie Clarice Brown 24-31 Wanted fro Buy 'J he bodies of the 'teen- je love r s, Aubrey Wiiviie Matthews, 17, and bobby-soxer Shirley Johnson, 15, were found late yesterday in Matthews' 1 WANT TO BUY A 1940-41 OR'42 ™)"d cl F ord or Chevrolet. Buck Williams, 106 South Walnut Street Phono GGO. 17 t f CALL US FOR YOUR WIRING and REPAIR TROUBLES Phone 231-R HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO. Deiton Houston Loe's Tourist Cafe—Court • Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue , «Flsh • Sandwiches-, , ;«f.Spft Drinks Open G a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. ,1. Lob City Limits & Highway 67 West crystals. .._rs in the girls purse indicated the lovelorn pair had planned the act for some time, met after .scnool, ate, went to a show, .and nen sal down to die in their lasl embrace. Friends told officers that they were heartbroken over Ihe objections of their parents to their marriage after a six months' romance. Ihe girl's mother is dead. Her father, John Johnson, a machanic, objected lo the two marrying bo- cause- of their youth. Wayne's mother, Mrs. Anna Matthews, also had told her son she thought they were too young. Three, letters written by Shirley to Wayne told of plans to see a show Tuesday night before they took the "crystals" that would end I their lives. Thc letters were found ' in her purse. "wiuu snow do you want to see on the last night?" read the first letter. Hey, how much money do we have'.' Do we have enough lo eat at the Rancho? I hope so because I'm hungry and broke as usual." The letter indicated last-minute Hesitancy and suggested the bov rnism have been dreading brincinc the vial of poison. In each of the three letters, Shir- Icy chided Wayne for probably j sleeping while she was writing B.obby, a 13-year-old sister of nt J'.'i 10 ' sa , id thc Uvo woro :U lhl = Matthews home Tuesday at 9'30 P P ', m " , a " d . ate , a ca » of pineapples. They left in the car, peniaps to go lo tne show, Ihen returned sometime during the lilght to take the poison. An autopsy was scheduled to determine the nature of Ihe lelahl dose. .Living on opposite sides of Ihe °! '"u; Shirley was a student at Woodrow Wilson high school, attended John Dewey Whealever Ihe outcome of thc Pearl Haibor case, and it is so dar:Iy confused by politics that ck'i r judgment will be impossible for many years, Ihe brutal cynicism of the kangaroo court held by JUKI ice Owen Roberts of the Supreme Court, to accommodate President Roosevelt, will be established beyond doubt This irregular body arbitrarily condemned Admiral Kirnmol and Cencial Shorl after an inquiry in which limy were given false and dishonest assurances that they were not on trial Denied counsel, forbidden to present witnesses or crc.'i.s-examine their accusers, denied even a statement of charges against them, they nevertheless were found guilty of dereliction of duly and. for .four years, lived ur.der a cloud and in a stale of h'jiiiiliatiun During Ibis lime they were for- bii'clcn lo speak publicly in their Defense and were denied formal trails on specific charges. Had the broken silence they could have been tried for thai'and dismissed from the service with forfeiture of their pensions as additional punish- menl and without ayy discussion of their guill or innocence in the Pearl Harbor disaster The tacts developed by the be- laled investigations show that, if these men were remiss al all, they were inuchless negligent than some superiors in Washington who nevertheless continued to serve in the war and accumulated rank and honors. They show, further, that the Roberts Commission was just an artificial device, hurriedly assembled, not to capture thc trusl- ere il should vanish i nine confusion of war, bul lo select victims for a sacrifice and slricl public al- Icnlion from the failure of others President Roosevcll's directive lo Ihe Roberts Commission pointedly excluded himself, Cordell Hull •UK! Frank Knox from the scope of Ihe inquiry by restricting its in- crest to failures of men in the iiir.iy and navy • Trial a justice of the Supreme I Court should accept the- mission liiiii'ir restraints so obviously intended to place beyond question ] tl:e conduct of responsible civilians : which plainly was subject to question was deeply disquieting. That this justice and a group of gener- ~'s and admirals should then flout both Bobcats to PlayMalvern atSTonight The Mope Bobcats, handicapped by illness, will seek their first conference win tonight (Fridayl against Mulvern. The game w'ill be played in the Hope hgili school gymnasium and starts at ii o'clock. The game scheduled for the 13 team has been cancelled, The girls tram \yill meet a Hope independent team in a game starting . at 7 o'clock. Admission will be If) and 25 cents. Senator Wants UNO Members to See Test Washington, Jan 24 —(/P)— The .navy today took the wraps off ils plans to" test the atom bomb against scapower and Senator Mc- llviahon (D-Coniu said he thought ! United Nations Security Council I members ought to witness the historic experiment McMahon, chairman of Senate atomic energy committee which received details of the navy's plans, also lokl reporters thc lest might cost more than $100,000 — dcgending upon which way it is counted An armada of 97 fighting ships, ranging from landing ships to giant carriers and batllowagons, will be used as guinea pigs in the test which may revolutionize sea warfare. The operations will begin in May off the mid-Pacific Marshall Islands. Asked about the probable cost, McMahon told reporters: "I don't think it is possible to estimate thai a'l Ibis lime. What value are you going lo pul on Ihe largel ships, for instance? If you look their original cost, then possible the figure of $100.000.000 thai has been mentioned somewhere might not be enough: But I don't think it could be figured that way." McMahon said the atomic corn- millce certainly would be represented at the tesl, although lie didn'l know whether all 11 members would attend. Ho also said he favors permilting foreign observers lo be present too, and will consult with the Stale Department on the question. "I think Ihe entire security council ought to witness thc le'sl." he added. : W. H. P. Hope Builders Supply Co, For Paint Lumber Glass Lime Cement Plywood Roofing Nails Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware Electrifying! More than b(j per cent ot tho population of Ihe Netherlands uses electricity fur light and power there are 50 power plants in operation in that country BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Plic/ne 259 Hope. Ark. •ordid nianifcstiation of Iho nioral- ty which was introduced in the ?old clause case and reached its post defiant expression in the deliberate swindle of Elliotl Roosevelt's creditors solely by his fa- hers arrangemcnl Obviously Ibis case will never be pushed to a conclusion. If Gen- oral George Marshall was guilty of neglect, bad judgment or derelic- ion his great service as chief of slaff, his admirable-character and -atriolism and his further sacrifice and performance in China, when he would have retired lo a rest well-earned, will preclude his trial on charges Roosevelt and Knox are gone and so historians will pass varying judgments on them, influenced and . I'onCusod bv the political bias of the data. Even Japan will receive ] the benefit of the proven fact that, I in the Atlantic, American warships were shooting al Ihe Germans without a declaration of war and the revelation thai Mr Roosevell contemplated the capture of the Azores, by a surprise atlack, from Portugal which never did enter the , war I II appears thai the reasons for 'Ihe abandonment of this plan were not legal or moral but political and (that the original intention was to | strike a peaceful world-neighbor .without warning, even as the Japs jdid al Pearl Harbor j Already Kimmel and Shorl have .been vindicated by service inquiries. This was a negative way of averting courls martial which might have absolved them on the facts but might have established the failure of others. Good faith has been lacking throughout, politics and spite have been strongly mfluonlial in all the proceedings and the reputation of the higher ranks of thc services for scrupulous honor, at whatever sacrifice, has suffered, a loss not only to the sei vices but to the nation as a whole It is not discounting 3,000 dead at Pearl Harbor. Ihe loss of a flecl and the immeasurable further human losses thai were suffered in redressing this first blow to say that the conduct of the president and the Roberts Commission was more grievous lo Ihe United Stales For here, by order of Ihe president, himself, acting in hi;-, own, personal interest through servile men of high position, two citizens were condemned and disgraced without oven a pretense of justice 01 lawful procedure and in'viola- tion of thu right of trial which we grant every prostitute and pickpocket SPRAY PAINTING • KEMTONING done the SPRAY WAY LUM RATELIFF Phone 180-W 518 W. DIv. Hope, Ark. Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions • 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. Approximately 50,000 Bequeathed to Hendrix College Conway. Jan 24 — (/¥)— Approximately $50,000 was bequeathed to Hendrix College in the will of Dr Benjamin H Hawkins, Mcna physician who died Jan 13, Dr Mall L Ellis, president of the college announced today Dr Ellis said he had no information regarding the bequest other than details of the will announced al Mena lee of Ihe delails of Ihe ^uuuum tryout. He said the "Nagasaki Type ' bomb will be used but did not elaborate. The second atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki in Japan lasl summer has been described as far more powerful than the first, which blew Hiroshima to bits. Senator Edwin C. Johnson (D-Colo) asked whether "any form of life, such as goats or guinea pigs," would be used in the experiments. " f "That question now is under debate," Blandy said. "We hope to gel all Ihe date needed — such as temperature and radioactivity— Ihrough Hie use of instruments." Blandy said his task force will be divided inlo several groups including one for newsmen and observers. .Motion picture cameras which will record the scene will be re- irwtely controlled by radio, he suit]. . Blandy said thai one of the tests 'nyolying a surface explosion might kick up waves 100 feet high Observation ships, ho assured the commillee, will be al a safe distance. The laboratory selected for the experiment is the anchorage of Bikmki atoll, one of the northernmost of Ihe Marshall islands wrested from tho Japanese two years ago. Blandy also suoplicd this other data on Ihe operalion, Known by thc codeword of "crossroads: VAlxTPIcice Insurance Teams By ROBERT GEIGER Washington, Jan. 24 — WB—Thp government calls ils warborn insurance "one of Ihe greatest bargains in the world." Yel only one out of five servicemen keeps his P °i', Cy A" force aflor discharge. Ihe Veterans Administration, believing the percentage too low announced today it will place "insurance learns" in discharge centers to collect premiums and encourage veterans to keep their policies. . Ninety-five per cent of all serv- iSv erne . n ,,, bol '8 |11 - policies during W9Hd War I.. The government received 18,3vd,OQO apnlicalions for $134.000,000,000 world of insurance. Ihe total of applications exceeds the number in service because Poge five k This Curious World By William Ferguson IS SO LAR&E THAT ABOUT 32S LIKE OUR OWN COULD BE STRUN6 AROUND ITS EG.UA70&., LIKH A ST)?ING OF BEADS. ON THE BORDER OF WASHINGTON AND OREGON, IS EQUIPPED WITH FI^H I-ADPEKS, TO DETOUR. THE SALMON ONE MILE AROUND THE DAM, 50 THEY C&N GO UPSTREAM TO SPAWN. THE ONLYWAYT06ETAHEAD is TO USE THE ONE YOU HAVE/'-&y^ (3EOR6E DIFFENDERFER, JOPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE, INI „ T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. CARNSVAL By Dick Turner C«PR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT.'OFF. "And wil' Ih* clothing shortage, I fought we might sew q discharge emblem on here when I get outa stir next week!" SPORTS •Br Hunk S. FoUerton, Jr.' New York, Jan 25 — (iP)— Frit- no body gets hurt zie Zivic has been advertising in ^^, n i, Q e 1,1,0 T.or, T-I Pittsburgh papers for "ambitious young men who are willing to learn the art of prize fighting" No doubt he prefers guys with strong thumbs Fritz's real idea is to run a boxing school for youngsters six to 12 years old and wo hope he's smart enough to make sure that For PHOTOGRAPHS in your home Phone 493 COLUN BAIUEY Harry Segnor, $r. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J . Ofiicials said the peak figure for insurance actually in force probably was reached in September, 1945, when it stood at about SITI 000,000,000. They estimated this" 'nay have dropped to around S'lfl 00.000,000 today. u ' UL '''a $jii, This still makes (he government >.v tar Ihe largest insurance "company in the world and its business almost equals, in some categories, the total of all private American companies combined "The percentage of people keeping their policies after World War II is about double that of World War I," Harold M. Breining, assistant veterans administrator in charge of insurance, said in an interview. "We are opening this campaign to sell Ihe policy at the lime of discharge because we believe il is a good investment. There will bo a Veterans' Administration representative or team in mosl separation centers to explain Ihe advantages of retaining Ihe insurance in civilian life and In collccl premiums in advance." Thc soldier will be approached at a psychological moment, when ho had discharge pay in his pocket. Breining says the Life Insurance Association of the United Slates and the American Life Convention representing about all life insurance companies, approve the government program. 'Private insurance firms learned, in World War I, that the govern- ment program made the mass of servicemen conscious of the value of life insurance," says Breining. "Before thc first war there was in force $25,000,000,000 of private insurance policies. "Then the government sold $39,000,000,000 worth of government insurance. "Despile this, private sales jumped to $40,000,000,000 after the war, in 1921, and reached $155,000,000,000 in 1939." Servicemen have complained because the government policy does nol provide a "lump sum" payment; thc beneficiary receives payment over n period of years. The Veterans Administration wants this provision modified. Age is another reason many veterans advance for not keeping the insurance in force. "The average age is between 24 and 2o years al discharge and [many men say they are loo young to need insurance," Breining said. The government deducts sufficient premium from a soldier's pay, when discharged, to keep the policy in force until the first of the following month. The soldier then has 81 days lo pay another premium and keep the policy. From then on he can make monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments. For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone .... 413 Night Phone. . . 1015-J We specialize in ... • Motor Rewinding • Repair all makes of Appliances • General Wiring Contractors BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark . Veteran coaches iTke Leo Houck, who has been working for years to soften the attitude of parents toward exer cise with padded gloves, will tell you that nothing will wreck a boxing program quicker than a mismatch that causes some youngster to get beaten up or poor training that results in an injury. Yanks Backto Farm System With 14 Clubs By JACK HAND New York, Jan. 25 — (IP)— After !our years of comparative inactiv- ty, the New York Yankees are .going back into the farming business on a I4-club scale with nine scouts to ferret out future DiMag- jios, Gordons and Puffings. The farm system that had dwindled to five clubs during the war las been reorganized on a two- livision basis, spreading into new .erritory at Beaumont in the Texas [.cague and Quincy in the Throe- Eye among others. Piesident Larry MacPhail said -he eastern clubs, under Eugene J. Martin, would operate independently of the western unit under the supervision of Frank Lane. In other words there will be no player- swapping in the middle of a hot jennant race between, say, Newark in the International " League and Kansas City of the American Association, the top western club. I Martin will make headquarters at Newark and will direct the oper-' Hions of Newark, Binghamlon in the Eastern, Augusta In the South Atlantic, Norfolk in the Piedmont, Sunbury, Pa., in the Interstate, 'Vmsterdam, N. Y., in the Canadian-American, Wellsville, N. Y., in -he Pony and Easton, Md., in the Eastern Shore. The western division, with main offices at Kansas City, will include Kansas City, Beaumont, Quincy, Twin Falls, Idaho, in the Pioneer, Joplin, Mo., in the Western Assacialion and Fond DuLac, Wis., in the Wisconsin Statp. Western scouts will be Tom •reenwade, formerly one of Branch Rickey's St. Louis and Brooklyn "bird dogs"; Dutch Lorbeer, ex-Detroit Tigers operative; Joe McDermott, veteran player, official and scout in the St. Louis Cardinals' system; Bill Essick and Joe Devine. Greenwade, Lorbeer and McDermott are new additions. Greenwade will concentrate on the Missouri valley, Lorbeer in the Southwest and McDermott in the North- vyest. Essick and Devine will continue to keep an eagle eye on th Pacific Coast regions. o Aluminum paint is used as a protective medium on balloon fabrics because it excludes heat and light. Hogan, Ferrier Favorites in Phoenix Open Phoenix, Ariz., Jan. 25 — fttP) — Ben Hogan, and Jim Ferriar were the favorites today as a field of professionals and amateurs teed off in the $7,500 Phoenix open. ' Hogan, of Hershey, Pa., and Fdf- rier, of Chicago, tied ill preliminary IB-hole tours of the 'Phoeriljc Country Club route yesterdayUwith G7's, four under par, while Leland Gibson of Kansas City turned in a 08. , j Herman Baron, White Plains, N. Y., showed a 69, only part of the story. He blazed through th'e out-nine in 32, but blow un on the back route with 37 after threaten- in" to crack the course reco'fd. Hogan teamed with Amateur, N. B. McGinnis of Phoenix in the ' best-ball play yesterday to score a combined G4 and a tie with profes-, sional Willie Goggins of While Plains and Amateur Ted Hobgood of Los Angeles. * Toney Peniia, Day ton,"'O.,"" who; won the recent Richmond ' bpen,. had a bad day and tore up his; card, as did Craig Wood, Mamaroneck,.N. Y., duration open cham-' pion. .... Mario Gonzales, Brazilian chanV- 3ion who has had consistent low* scores in practice rounds, rested" yesterday from a" back injury. ' Defending Champion Byron Nel-I son, who won last year with a 274,, has withdrawn, .as has Sammy Snead. , . starred in the "Finger Bowl" tough football game at Calcutta, India. . . . . The American Bowling Congress is trying to collect information on all-war veteran pin leagues . . . The Long Island U. basket- bailors have been invited to visit Cuba in March, following Cornell's proposed visit. Rusy Alibi' Harry Rabenhorst, Louisiana State U. basketball coach, tells this one on one of his freshman players . . . When the Tigers visited Tuscaloosa to play Alabama, the youngster turned up missing from his hotel room on a rainy evening . . . Just 25 minutes before-the team was to leave for the gym, the tired, soaked,-youngster appeared to answer Rabenhorst's query "Where you been?" . . . "Coach," the kid explained, "I was looldng all over for that needle Harry Gilmer has been threading for the past two years and I got caught in the rain." . . . Rabenhorst forgave him on the grounds that its just as hard to find a needle in the capstone as in a haystack. Bottom Drawer Ice skating is the only sport that has a patron saint, according to Art Goodfellow's new ice skating guide . . . Historian Ernie Lanigan's baseball records don't show any majou league player, pnst or present, whose last name begins with "X". But there are plenty who could be represented by "X — the unknown quantity." Easy As Pie Fred White, who has scored as many as 41 points in one game for the University of New Hampshire's basketball team, says that he trains on his wife's lemon meringue pie . . . Does that put him in the upper crust? Shorts And Shells Howard Millard, the Docatur, 111., sports editor, will double as boss of the Dectuar club in the reveive Three-Eye League next summer. That givs him both first and second guess . . . Muhlenberg college, which has been rising in the sports world since it turned out a couple of top-flight basketball teams, has collected more than half the money needed to build an 8,000 capacity gym, patterned after the Michigan State field house ... Although Big Ten rules kept Indiana out of the New Year's football bowls, two former 1. U. athletes, Lew Saban and Billy Hillenbrand, NOTICE Now is the time to sell that old washer WE BUY - SELL AND TRADE "~ Let us appraise your old machine and place your order for a New Maytag Complete Repairs and Paint Jobs on Washers and Bicycles. Prompt & Expert Service Visit Our New Store JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Phone 209 304 East COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Aafp 'Supply DR. H. T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in TexarKana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J THEO I,ONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkoniai Motor Repairs—Light Fixture* Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 j Appliance Repairs—Appliances ' FLOOR MATS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main SHEET METAL WORK of all kinds See IRA HALIBURTON, Jr. at the Haliburton Sheet Metal Works CALL US FOR Guaranteed Sewing Machine Re- E airs. Used Machine Parts & upplies. We buy, sell, exchange and handle only genuine Singer parts. We will make an Electric out of your treadel for S22.50. Phone 361-R. C. W. YANCEY. Singer Dlst. 615 West Division COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane C9.. Phone 370 Hope, >r& Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP *• East 2nd St. Phone 7* Alterations Prested While You Walt SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing. Guaranteed- to write 2, years without refilling.' Doug Bacon V^ I Jones -, ELECTRIC CO.< Phone 784 Hope : ,.• Reo 1 Estate; If you are in the'market- ' to buy or sell Farm land or City Propertyrc^lfoF " see ' '•" ' •' '..", '," '• "' Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, AfJk: , . • ~i -Wf Arkansas Bank Building See Us For BABY CHICKS \ You'll like oui quali , ity chicks, hatched • right from selected' {locks. Hardy, fast, growers. Low price. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and Ua. Sts '. Phpne 25- ARE YOU? Getting the most effective property insurance coverqgi at the lowest possible cost? Ask Us About It Today HOUSTON INSURANCE AGENCY- Howard A. Houston Chas. A. Malone Phone .... 61 Magazines You can now get the latest issue of your favorite Magazine at GENTRY PRINTING CO. (Commercial Printers) Phone 241 Hope, Ark. LOANS To Farmers and Stockmen. TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS ANP CATTU See " 1, E. M. McWHIiaim seep STORE ; -> Representative for NASHVIULE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION

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