Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 25, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, January 25, 1946
Page 3
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P i. Page f W9 HOPE STAR, HO PI, ARKANSAS Franco Knows His Goal and Believes He is Headed on Right Road for Spain's Good Hope Star • - is the columns on second of two Generalissimo * - ,,-LO F.ancu oy DeWitt MacKcnzie. to whom the chief of the Spanish state has just £Ken an interview.* By DeVVITT MacKENZIE AP World Traveler Madnd. Jan. 25 — There are several conclusions which I have reached regarding Chief of State Franco, both from general observations and from my unusual interview with him at the Pardo palace, and they are these: Ht- (-ntjws the goal for which he is headed. Hd beleives that he is on in i»-,.,t road fur tne good of Spam t Indeed I've heard it said that he feels he was predestined to Irad the nation.) He is a man of gnirut convictions from which it is- difficult to move him. New t-'-ose are points which we ni'vist understand in order to arrive at" a correct appraisal of El Caudillo's actions. Of course, the United States and. other countries have t «r exec ntiun to many of the policies he was pursued. There \T&s ute Potsaam deelarauoii "ttftJlt decreed that the Franco regime rendered Spain unsuitable to participate in the United Nations organization. And I nad the temerity to tell him during out interview:' "The people of the United States have-, fought a great war against Nazism and Fascism. Thousands oi our boys have died for this catTse:Rightly -or wrongly the Star of Hope 1099; Pre« 1«)7, Consolidated January IB, 1929 Published pvtvy weekdov afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. (C. E. Palmer and Ale.x. H. Washburn) ct the Star building 212-214 S-xith Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER President ALEX. H. WASHBURN Editor and Publisher Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under thp Acr of March 3, 1397. (API—Moans Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable in Advance): By city currier per week 15c Hcnipstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, 53.50 per year; else• hero $6.50 Mcrnbcr of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dis- ulchc-i cteciited to it or not otherwise reditecl in this paper and also tne local iewi published herein. Hope Bobcats 1946 Basketball Team Pictured With New Coaches , Joniiory National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies. Inc.; Memphis Tenn. itcrick Buiiomg, Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg • New Orleans, 722 Union St. government cease taking care of »..-*<, ;« «#p« * « n c was in effect an ally of Germany taly,.., and. finds it hard to for"' As I reported in yesterday's col- 'timn,the generalissimo declared ategVmcally that he neither subscribed to nor supported Nazi and Fascist policies or political' views. Well, .naturally, that leaves a lot unanswered, but I have a strong feeling that he is very desirous of the United States and Britain. How that desire shall be treated isn't my pigeon but that of Washington and London. I'm merely try- and Great Britain, and even those moments of the war when the passions and errors of others could have made those relations suffer,. Spain sought to avoid those dangers with its serenity and good faith. "You will understand that the situation of Spain was not easy. It had to defend its independence, which was threatened by the needs of the belligerent, and conserce at time and friendship of all nations. "Because of our civilizing work in America, and the numerous bonds which unite us. Spain con- ^^ ... V'l '—•—•—••»*, vx.^x.11, -.until* TTUI1CI3, Will Walker, Douglas Mullins. Jack Wells, Johnny Branncm, Dennis Chesshire ing to do an objective job of report-1sidcrs itself a spiritual part of the ing -and interpretation in the nope j American continent and feels at- that it may be useful. The very ' fact that many governments object to the Franco regime makes it im- T*.f*V5111 vn tVtaf Vttf itini..«r. :«*. i._ Tjeratiye that his Kn"6w!i~ab"r6ad. viewpoint be traction and admiration for the great accomplishments of North America, aspiring to a greater interchange in all respects. In view of this, as many Spaniards as possible are putting themselves into contact with the North American people and whenever North Amer— , ---------- „....„ - icans visit us there is mutual the impression prevailed abroad understanding and esteem ' There is small doubt, as I see it, that Spain is orienting its policy toward the United States and England. I told Generalissimo Franco S °w- 3nd ^ sked J or ' " With E »g'and we have had a • - ? IS reply ' while! century and a half of peace and " ( ' aUt - OUi terms which | good relations, and the inter- indi /' ect chan P s ° f all. kinds between our " t8 . th-t • - . t , to confirm peoples are . traditional. that .-idea. This is the way he out --n,-' »u J ^ : Be-iore the he Spanish na- vil war of 193639^ nor after it did the Spanish j How To Relieve Bronchitis ' » -iore te war we esteemd Radar signal that reached the moon is the same kind of radar that pierced clouds of the earth and it can do the same things with clouds that now hide planets from telescopes. Tnese are clouds in the atmosphere of some planets. Radar whether used on earth or sent to the moon, travels exactly like light. The radar waves re- tlect from the moon and other ob- leets the same as light does. There " ily small differences between and light, but these differences are very important for -the purpose of getting new information about the mysteries of the nearby part of the universe. The planet Venus for example, is the earth's nearest neighbor, ex- ~"^nJ^ the moon. Venus is about 000,000 miles away, the moon rket Report 0. • _ . POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Jan. 25 — (/Pi— Live poultry, firm except on small chickens |wnich were quoted easier; receipts 13 trucks, no cars: fob prices; old roosters, 19; other prices unchanged. Buttei. firm: receipts t!4,989; market unchanged. Eggs, receipts 11.090; unsettled; U. S. extra 1 2 unchanged; U. S. extras 3 4, 34 to 36; standards 33: current receipts 33: dirties 31 1-2: checks 31. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., Jan. 25 , t t tn nnn *^ ' k "^ n L\I\JH ..KI.U.I.II ^,t\j^tvvtiji.i^, ill UcOl. £*1 about 1-40,000 away. Mars, the next '— f/TV- Hogs, 3.000; active- bar- nearest planet, is as a rule more i rows ' ..... than 40,000,000 miles distant Of. I all the plantes, Venus is most like the earth. Her size is nearly the ' Woman Shoots Rsval, Stabs Daughter Washington, Jan. 25 — ' T JP> — had reached the top. Offerings of both the September and December deliveries were in fair volum at the maximum prices. May rye also had renewed mod-| Mrs - Sarah K. Ellis, 35-year-old crate support most of the time after ; government worker, is scheduled j clian agent of ""splendid reputation," prepared his deienscs today 'igamsi a charge that ho murdered a dark arid demure Chero- Investigating Death of Okla. Indian Girl- Tahlequah, Okla., Jan. 25 —M 1 )— "•••ice .T. Lowory. a 40-vcnr-old In- early downturn. Most of the day ' lo lc " !1 municipal court today why it was yuoted at fractions to more -:he_ suddenly wont amok in a fit than day's close. cents above vester- Oats trading tapered off considerably. of frustrated love, shot her rival and stabbed the rival's 14-year-old daughter with an icepick. She also may be asked to ex- Wheat closed unchanged to l-8!P Iain where she collected a suit- cent higher than yesterday's finish i case ai'scnal which she took to her May $1.80 1-2; corn unchanged at ! victims' apartment, including a 32- kee girl employed as his secretary Lowery, accused in the Wednesday night shooting of Juanita Butler, 27 ; , engaged W. W. Miller and Wesley Miller, a Tahlequah father- und-son law firm, to represent him ' meancl he f reatest temperature such ?s might possibly . But Venus is one of mysteries among the ats unchanged Calibre revolver, at a preliminary hearing February . . ibly 140 Ibs 14.00-50: medium and good the MOO-1 10 Ibs 13.25-75: sows 14.05; - c ' 13.75-14.05. lie, N..u; calves. o-—-^~ v 4,ijon_-i it- a iimuii^ ine plantes, because her surface is al- .. „. .„„-„. , MU , lwu ways Hidden by clouds through I loads good and choice steers 1700 wmcn a telescope might see the j on shipper accounts; others meet- 400; two surface of this planet. The radar of the future that may solve the mystery of Venus will Creomulslon - -- --- — •- -- — .._! !.!_ *. Vll- sider them (peace and comprehen- sioni still more necessary. North i power-- -•••-••*-«»^>_ijr 1J IU | C IJU WCl ~ the signal that was sent to moon. The difference will be . . America, Great Britain and Spain ! llke tnat between one match and are peoples who live on the shore ' tne most powerful searchlight nf *h~ „ -------- r^__ .,._, ' the same sea. For that reason as distances shorten because of the progress of speed, we are by nature called to understand one an- ?h he c' The , wil }. an dgood iaith of - - . and expel ^den phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed oronchial mucous membranes. TeU your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the un- derstandmgr you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have-your money back. •* CREOMULSION for Couahs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Ford to Continued from Page One determine the composition and atmospheric characteristics of these celestial bodies. By HpWARD W. BLAKESLEE Associated Press Science Editor New York, Jan. 25 — (#>>— The Announcing The Opening of My Shop at 933 Service Station Division and Walnyt Streets Bring me Yogr Repairs on Clocks, Radios, all Electrical Appliances. Day Phone LE'S FIX-IT SHOP 869-R Hope, Ark. Night Phone lhe moon mystery so tnat radar signals might possibly help to solve. These are the enormous craters all over the moon's — - — . k* Mii >JVV^, face. What made ing irregular bidding; odd lots heifers ana mixed yearlings about steady; medium to good 12.0014.50; cows dull ;few canners and cutters 7.00-9.00; common and medium boef cows 9.25-11.75; good cows up to 13.00; good beef bulls i-i.uu; mecnuni ouils 11.50-12.00^ ton futures declined "here" vealers .steady with choice a't toplu-'Hor long realizing -ind at 17.90; medium and good 13.00- sellir - "' ' '' 16.50. Mo corn sa es Oats: no 1 extra heavy. 84 plus n r* i• o ti f •>->"! fi !-• 1.-11»-» one cent markup. Barley, nominal: Malting, 1.24- shecl. a pair of rubber gloves, newspaper clippings about recent miiit'.ers, two detective magazines .- B , .._-,- lwo , packages of waterproofed 1.39 1-2; feed, 1.15-1.23 1-4. sandwich containers and a map of Field seed per hundredweight Washington. nominal: Timothy, 5.25-5.50; red! R V S - E!lis was charged with as- clover, 31.50; sweet clover, 1075-i sault to commit murder yesterday alsike, 28.50; alfalfa, common', |after sne sn °t Mrs. Naomi Harris. not known with certainty. They an- pearto be either extinct volcanos or the scars left by the impact of huge meteors. The surface of the moon 1S a light-weight material JiKe pumice and the visible soil of the moon resembles a desert of the American southwest. Military authorities say that the r.. r,nn : salable supplies in- them is elude around 200 fresh receipts; cr . n __ , . , FBnals notdovers, mostly lambs a'.ing good or below: market not established; early sales limited to very few wooled lambs at 14.00. GRAIN AND ROVISION Chicago. Jan. 25 —(/P)— All deliveries of wheat were at the gov- ernmont-imposed ceiling price of nn.fi • traveling outside the eai tn s atmosphere, much as a rocket that would be shot from Europe against the United States If hl'Vhi S °.' th P. same r adar should .ihi e to p J ck , L| P tne »°w invi- fhrnm/h a '' ge dal ' k m <*<>°™ flying tmough space not far away from the earth: Meteors are never visible unless they strike the earth's atmosphere. Out in this same nearby space there are occasional larger masses of matter ranging in fi f /°. m Governor's Island to the_ British Islands. These • as close to the earth nni th i - dlstanc e to the moon, out there has not been a good way of looking for the smaller of these thaf ob J ects - Radar might do h£ 0t H?* ^ S8 » is si g"«ls to . -. euide!$1.80 1-2 a bushel at times today " nn.-.-..-^^-!..^., i, ...... — i -------- r as now possibre with radar. Nnth t, raar. Nothing known to astronomers however, shows whether any answer can be expected. Previous Contact Claimed Los Angeles, Jan. 25 —(/Pi— w E Osborne, former Australian army newsmen last night scientists made wlth Ul ° moon * years Australian Now Under New Management FLOUR & FEED CO. Located at 106 S. Walnut I have purchased the Williams Flour and Feed Store and take this opportunity to cordially invite my friends, former customers and New Customers to Visit Me. We Carry a Complete Line of FANCY & STAPU GROCERIES QUALITY MEATS FEED OF ALL KINDS Featuring SHAWNEE'S BEST FLOUR Mitchell "Mickey 7 'Williams Phone 660 "Working with Dr. J. H. Pidding- 11. a Kmtmt ict :« 4U~ i- , . & ton, a scientist in the radio--hysif?s laboratory at the University of Sidney we contacted the moon sev- said Novem- who is ssjon houses became -iood buyers of the distanct con- Li acts. It was the first time this season that the December delivery Two Men Held Continued from Page One Wednesday of Raymond Morris 40-year-old Mena alderman and drugstore operator, the burglariza- 'ion of a service station, the abduction of three persons between Mena and Fort Smith Wednesday night, and the theft of several automobiles. Prosecuting Attorney Floyd Barham of Fort Smith said last night he also would file robbery and kidnapping charges against the pair today. Sebastian County Sheriff Ben Garen said last night that he had .-iignocl confessions .rrom both Chitwood and Minor and that Chitwood had admitted firing the shots thai killed Morris. Chitwood, on parole from the state penitentiary where he was sentenced in 1940 lo 21 years for kidnaping and robbery at Fort Smith, was hunted throughout yesterday in one of the most intensive manhunts ever held in this section. He crossed lhe river from Fort Smith to Van Buren with the 40-man posse, led by Garen, hot 33.50-36.50; red top, 11.00-11.50. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New ^Orleans, Jan. 25 —(/P)—Cot' ' today ... _^ t '•• . • —r-- o ><iiv« rl)2Q^JG ellmg. Closing prices were steady .«JLU ,10 cents a bale lower. Men high 25.18 — low 25.07 — close 25.1 OB May high 25.1 7— low 25.00 — close 41, wife of the man who she claims fathered her child. The daughter, Freda McDade, was stabbed during and ensuing scuffje. A nurse at casualty hospital here isaid bgth Mrs. Harris " ' 'Mickey 7 Williams Buys Local Grocery * Mitchell "Mickey" Williams of Hope, recently discharged from the armed services, has purchased l u ~ Williams Flour nnd Feed Compiu located al 100 South Wnlnut. AlQ types of groceries, meats, flour anil feeds will be carried. •' f Williams served Hire-? nnd a half years with the army, of which twenty months were overseas in the European theater. Little Rock, Ja.In. 2"> —(/I 1 ) —The bulk of inquiries being received at the rate of 40 a day by the gen- tfy division of the Arkansas resources and development commission involve lour minerals — clay, lead, zinc and limestone, in that order — ({eulogist Hal B. Foxliall said today. Foxhall asserted that n surprising number of inquiries were coming across his desk about deposits of b'-lck clay in the state, indica\- ing that Arkansas may be a majol* pi.iducer of that ty,.e of building material in the immediate future. The inquiries come largely from established firhis with known reputations or from individuals who report sound financial resources, Foxhall said, Data has been furnished to 100 established producing firms in recent weeks on those four minerals, he declared. Peace Justice R. W. Walker. t Ine county attorney said hW? found five bullet holes in Lowery automobile, one through each side. two through the top. Miss Butler w"« s)-"> once 1'vnii h the chest. Dr. John C. Hupp7 of the Indian hospital here, said that the bullet Wiii^-n killed Miss Uutler entered her dies from the left side and ranger through it to the right. County Attorney Teehe said investigation showed the girl was righthanded. Sheriff William Thome said that Lowery told him his companion took a pistol from the glove coni^' Robert Butler, the secretary's father and a former employe of the Indian department, arrived from Muskogce'to complete funeral arrangements for the 1939 graduate of Has.rell Institute. I County Attorney Houston B Tee- o., sai u bolh L °wery and ' Miss Butler had "splendid" reputations in this community. Lowery who has a wife and children, was transferred last March from Ctyckasha He was free .today\ under bond .following hijs plea of partmenl and shot herself as they drove along n road near here. Lowery and Miss Butler had been to Sallisaw on agency business and were returning here by 'way of Stilwell. Miss Butler. 27. was a graduate of Haskcll Institute at Law.-encc, Kas,, and was described by fellow workers as being a capable clerk and having unusual common sense." She weighed about 95 pounds and was about five feet an two inches tall. Lottery, who was transferred to this district last year from Chickasha, was described by agency officials as being an energetic, efficient agent. Jly high 25.06 — low 24.98 — close ^5,00-01 Oct high 24.53 — low 24.48 — close «iT.O l"5i Dec high 24.52 — low 24.43 — close 24.49 Booneviile, Jan. 25 — (ff>>— A first degree murder charge has been tiled in Logan countv circuit court nn^t,»-\^t On,.I- lir.-ii: ._ _. — n . . — .- and her daughter were "doing very well." . ....B ...^ v ^ u ui lhe daughter may be permitted to lnnoc ent at an appearance before return home today. Mrs. Ellis was released on $2,500 bond pending i her arraignment. ' Mrs. Ellis told police she took her suitcase of weapons to the Harris • Harris apartmenl" Ihinking lo frighten Mrs. Harris into giving up her husband, Lt. Cmdr. John R. Harris, 45. She said Harris "ought to be my husband" because, she claimed, he falhered her 21- months-old son. Harris rushed from his ship at New \ork City to his wife's bed- to be tried term of court. —o The "call" of the tree toad is generally onnsdiered as a prophesy of ram, There is some truth in this, because warm, moist air, which usually proceeds rain, releases the mail toad's mating urge, so he "sings." agamst Perk Williams, 50-year-old i ? lde immediately. He denied that ia.-mer of near Booneviile, in the 2.?-. ever nacl be en in love with Mrs. f.l ay . ln 8 of his wife, Mrs. Inez Gill Williams, 38, Wednesday ni?ht. Williams is charged wilh the fatal beating of his wife at their .'lorne in the Antioeh community R C . ,. )„ %,„ ,...-„, the A ,.j _,,. :: ----her S child Instead of becoming frightened i ™ s gln °? the suitcase arsen- i ™ - ' Han ' is with Mrs. -n- o',- . Kllis. Police said Mrs. Ellis opened her suitcase, drew out the revolver a » d . .shot Mrs. Harris and then her daughter in the back doing secret research work for the D" his • ti '? U ' walkecj int ° the Van American government here c | Buren jail and surrendered. "Using experimental high-powered radar equipment, we riiroi-ioH H equipment, we directed it "^"dtilmost immediate- ied pulses which were checked and re-checked. The timo 1 VS2 ' 4 scconds - I woSd ,, not divulge the frequency but u was an extremely short micro-wave. The point "hat amazed us all was that we were i get ' hrou Sh the atmos- .layers because it was be- it couldn't be done." Osborne has experimented with electronics and radar for manv . Chitwood, according to Garen also admitted a hold-up at Fort Smith last week and the theft of an automobile which he said he and Minor, his accomplice in that crime also, had taken lo Muskogee, Okla. Town Line Votes to Go Bock in Union By MARGARET D. WYNN Town Line, N. Y., Jan. 25 —(UP) —The last Confederate stronghold was back in the union todav after ! 85 years of allegiance to the Soutn's once-hopeful scheme for a :'ate national pxistpnre : separate national existence. Town Line's eligible voters final- Mother Gets Continued from Page One posed Pvt. Langston —had aided him in moving a calf from an auction sale to his barn. Ethridge said he gave the man a dollar to obtain a room in Conway Wednes»>Lore said ,, WH , nti ^r^r^^ v i o \A^ Ihul lhe man befriended by blacksmith shop where the seces- saine one who ; sion movement started, port last week- toy voting time yesterday the ie was not convinced i citizenry had partaken of a "Tru- Mnmv. V.iVi H' n S ston - , . i'«an lunch" of barbecued veal and anElcs on Tfhn Decking va-i coffee, and listened to persuasive duties on me theory that | phi uses from members of the ™%\ ^\ ew ..h« n .^ on WHT™" Lin ° Reconstruction Com- Fox Motion picture, "Col. Effingham's Raid," stressing national unity also preceded the vote. A uniformed band from nearby Lancaster High school strove for! neutrality in a concert which in- clued "Swanec River" and "The! Battle Hynin of the Republic." < The voting over, the ballot box was handed to Romero and Miss Stewart who occupied a hayrack which had been draped with red, white and blue bunting to serve as a speaker's stand. A stiff breeze ruffled the white slips of paper as I the actor counted them into Miss Stewart's outstretched hands. "An overwhelming victory for the North" was then announced. The band switched from "Dixie" to "The Star Spangled Banner." The Confederate flag which had llown above the blacksmith shop since early morning ' was lowered and replaced by the victor's banner, and Town Line had officially ended the civil war. of the neck with one of the ice picks. Mrs Ellis said she had known both Hams and his .wife in Mem- P™ several years ago and that she later introduced them here. She said Harris had nrbmised to ma -TV her but. instead had married her friend last Dec. 8. Their son, she claimed, was in a SINUS, CATARRH SUFFERERS^ *OR MISERY DUE TO NASAl CONGESTION Supply Riuhed Hei-e-^Sulfcrcra ndplce Hcllel nt last from the torture of sinus trouble, catarrh, nnd hay fever due to nasal ••onircstionin Bl . C n today in -rcporta of suet-™ with a formula which 1ms tlia power In reduce n»Eal conzestlpn. Men and women A-hu Buffered with RBonizIng iiiiiua lier.d' iches, cloBged nostrlla, ringing earache, mwking nnd aneeslnit misery now tell of Je f e i, rnelle ? after ""'"« "• KLOHONOU cu*ts J3.00, but conaldnriiiB results experienced by users, thja it not exj.enalvo and ! VnSr?v,^, only ° fw Pennies per dose. kLORONOL (c-iution, uao only as directed) is sold with strict moneyback guarantee by J. P. COX DRUG STORE Mail Orders Filled | nursing home. She had been working at Agriculture Department under the name of "Mrs. Harris." She claimed that Harris had given her a $100 monthly allowance until the time of his marriage. ly "went Yankee" yesterday by a ' vole of 90 to 23, ahd the Stars and end mah, h . slon . h? vt- °,i- Under - the d elt,.!rniltee, a message urging them to son that he was the marine veter- return to the union from New fork's Oov. Thomas E. Dewey, and the entreaties of movie stars] loth Cesar Romero and Martha Stew- By the first year of the century there were more than two hundred presses at work in Venice. art. A premiere of the 20th Century- An Unusual Opportunity To buy top radio performance now. We have been able to get a limited number of brand new U. S. Army 8-Tube Super- heterodyne sets built by the Majestic people. These sets are in a neat pebble-grain metal cabinet and have three wave bands —American, Police, and Foreign—with plenty of power to bring in the distant Foreign stations with lots of volume. Come by and inspect this radio today— —we believe you will want one. Hamm Tire & Appliance Co. Phone 21 ?15 §. Walnut OUR LABEL IS YQUR GUARANTEE Have your, prescriptions filled here with confidence. You can be assured tl|at only the purest and finest quality ingredients are used — that every prescription is compounded accurately by a registered pharmacist. We've Got It WARD & SON Phone 62 Finley Word The Leading Druggist Frank Wqrd Your Cor by Greasing Lubricating Keep your car in smooth running condition by letting us service it. Weatherproof Your Car Hove the Motor and Chassis STEAM - CLEANED Yoy can be sure we will Check everything when we service your car WYLIE MOTOR CO. Arch 3rd & Walnut Chprles Hope, Ark, Friday, January 25, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ersona Phone 708 Between 9 n. m. and 4 p. m. .V Social Calendar Friday, Jnminry ::'), The I'Ykl.i.y M.i.-.ie Club will meet Friday eveiiiii", ,-i 7: "(I a! (he home uf Airs. C. r McNeil. Mr:--. Fin toy \\uril will le.-iil tbr- slml.y. Moiul.iy. January PH .^Tlie Womeii'.s Auxiliary of the first J're.'.byterian church 'will meet Monday afli rnoon at the church lit 2:,')0 for their lir.--t in a series of studies on "l-'ori'i:!n Mission:;." A full atleiulaiice is iin-ecl. Friday, January 25. Friday, rebru.iry 1 "Cluireli Family iNii'.lil" will be obsei veil at the t-n.,1 I're.sb.ylerian church oa Friday e\'e::iiu; al li o'clock. A pot luck supper'will be served and a full attendance is ur»cd. The ::l;idy will be "Africa." A special (ilfi'ini;; will be taken ;| t this iin-e-'iiiig for missioiu'.r.y work. High School P. T. A. Met Thursday Afternoon. The Junior Senior lli/h M-huol i'. 'I'. A. met Thursday afternoon at the l!i:;li .School for it;; regular monthly niceliii-:. Tin- president, Mrs. I'. .!. ;!.>!!. op;-lied the meell iiHi wilh pray.-,-. During th.e business .-;es;.io:. iiii.- presitlei): aptioin- led. l>.lr.-. !•'. C. ('.'row Mrs. i-;. W. ('opelaiiil ani-l ~Ur;. J. S. CJibsoii. •'r. as the !h::i-,i;'',i:r'; co-viniitlee Mrs. K. \V. (\,i.ei;,n.l i>i esenlc-ii "' e , - 1 '" '--•• ••••••'•:•: ve:v r..'.-ul and :'il'ipp-.,: The p,^, iri,. u i s nie-- sa^e \\;..; re;:'i i.-y Vir. \;'hilte:i. Miss M:ny Pro'-.' ,j.-e;. eiitn,] tin- program and inii-.-Kiiii.-eil Mr .Jmi lOnibree who spoixe uii "Comiiiiinity Youth Hi'creatiou." f" Hi-.- loom i-nuni of nu,tiiers tin i award was given to Miss Drokc's i '•"''in. The next meeting will bo iheld .lointly wilh the others P.T.A.'s , d I hi. 1 city on February IS at which lime they will celebrate. "Founders Day" with a silver ten. Coming and Going Miss Marion Mouser arrived Huirsday ,,ij;ht to spend the sem- islcr holidays with relatives and mends. Miss Mouser ia a student "I llendrix College, Conway. , Mr. and Mrs. Willard E. Jones j nave returned from a visit wilh j Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Walker and |'laughters. Judith Ami and Carol Man in Little Hock. 'B'O Halliburton, Jr. New Assistant Scoufr Master for TVoup 62 Troop No. 02 of the Hope Ilov Srouls mot Thursday eveiiini'. fo'r ihoir regular mecliny. Scout Master, Civile Coffee introduced lhe j new assistant Scout Master. Ira I Halliburton. Jr. i During the business session I Scout KlliiiKton was presented his ! o-rtilKMto as an Kn»le Seoul, the I hiL'lir-M i-an 1 : i.-, seoutiiiK. The pre- i sentation was made by Field K.x- I i culive. Arvil Ilickmaii. | A very impressive program on j s'.'uut work and skills was present- I eel bv the troop. Guests at the ! meeting were members of lhe j Men's Bible Class of the First ! Methodist church. i Al the conclusion of the meeting j the Men's class served delightful | refreshments of ice cream nnd cake I lo the boys. ' DOUGH AND DOUGHNUTS i Ciaylord. Minn.. Jan. 2fi •—(A'i— jTcllcrs in the Citizens State banks. | kept from dispensing dollars from ! their cages when a .fire threatened jthe bank, provided a welcome sub- isUtute during the blaze. I They sel up tcmporarv "cages" '.'n lhe street and dispensed doughnuts and coffee to the fire fightrs The Doctor Says: By WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN; M.D. Written for NEA Service Alcohol is classed with genrr- nl iineslheicK, such ;i:; nitrous oxide, elhylt-ne, e.vc.-lupropiine and i penlollial sodium, in its effect on j the body. All Ihose drugs produce depression of the brain similar | () I natural sleep which can lead to I complete nnconscioikaiess. i When alcoholic beverage:; are ! taken inlo the stomach, absorplion | of the alcohol into llie blood stream starts immediately and continues until practically all is absorbed Food in the stomach hold the alcohol back so that it is absorbed more slowly. Alcohol taken in dilute .solution i mixed drink." i sorbed more slowly than in iKht" drinks. The effect greatly with DOROTHY DIX Pago Three u s is ab- "slra- of the •i c ;y NEED YOUR HELP GIVE OiAAES 1 - BIG Holmes 'House of Feai HITS Gangsters of Frontie "fi 'JccJttucolai F Wilrj Horse Phantom - ft Moyot's Husband 5-^^ alcohol varies '., \\itn i IK- sixo o[ tho person, the amount of the drink and the degree of su.-ceplibility M<><;t of tin- ill effect K which follow <>x- cessiw use of aliyhr.! develop from stibfitituting alcohol for food ACCIDENTS MORE LIKELY As with other riiiC'sthotics al- icohol depres.m s or dull:- the brain which affects judg.iu'.'ii. attention reilcxion, memory. observation', mental restraint, and self-control. As the last two disappear, self- confidence and self-appreciation are exaggerated and changiiiK moods of happiness and dcurc .sion may givo w.v.- to :,f!;xr- or coma. Motor power.; are al.su affected I he ability to perform ;,cis requiring skill and percisio.-i is hwt often leading to accidents, f'peci- ally when driving a car or attempting to cross a street or hi»hwav PNEUMONIA 13 DANGER The time required for ;>.lcohol lo ailed on individual also varie« greatly. Usually an alcoholic beverage takon in an empty slnmacl- w;ll produce beuiuniim efforls almost immediately. The height o.' I the reaction will occur in a if hour' persist for an hour or t\vo and then gradually wear off. Soon after itiKes'.ion. alcohol causes the blood vessels of the skin to dilate and Ihis produce': a feeling of warmth. It exposure- lo cold follows, marked chil'lin- I results from evcos.sivc heal lo«v' | Pneumonia is more ap: to uevel'oVi 'It the alcoholic in exposed to the IJneumococcus. How much alcohol is m-ce;--Kar\ to cause drunkonness'.' It is difficult to .say. Tc,, p ur ^,,,1 ,,; patients with a .•••mall amount of alcohol in their blood sliow signs ot drunkenness. Lar;.:er anio'ints taken by other ir.di\-id;ials nviv show dillerent effects Uear Dorothy Dix: Would yo ; pleaso give me your opinion of a j husband who carries Ins first j wife's picture in his wallet and keeps showing it to people? It makes me feel very embarrassed ai;d uneasy. Can it, be that he j still loves her? I have asked him ; lo remove it, but he lias not done i so. A Worried Wife j Answer: My opinion of a man who Ktill stays married to the (lady in the cemetery when he hii!- |a perfectly good living wife at jhoine is that he is jus! plain dumb. j He is certainly lacking in even i elementary knowledge of the psy- I chulogy of women if lie doesn I • know that a .second wife can be I more jealous of a first wife than ! she would be of any gluihour gill | in the world. i Corpse, Hard Competition ; For .she would know that slv. iluirt a whole basket of t.-icks ilia, cor.ld use in compel ing wit' living rival. She could" beau .. her;;eli. She could be a better cook than Number One was. She could be a more: interestini; companion. Hut there wouldn't be a single thing she could do to olf- .sel the hold a corpse had on her husband and the charms lie attributed lo her. ! H is a strange thing that so ' Y i;-ny men who never r^ardnr: tliL-ir \\ivc-, as paragons while they I were living, iu.ti who v.-or? forever batting their bad management anc 1 their sloppy housekeeping and their thousand and one other fcm- linine faults, glorify them as soon as they are dead. And when the> marry again, as they almost invariably do. they set 'the deceased lady ii]) as a model for the present incumbent of their affections lo follow. Why they do this, goodness only knows. For it would seem that the stupidest man in the world would have enough gumption to know liiat there is no woman, alive or dead, that a wife wouldn't rather be like than her husband's first wife, and that she doesn't lonp to hear Number One's praises sung, or have the house plastered with her pictures, and tlu>.t <-:hc '..would rathiM- rut a bans sandwich i m her hands than to use the- first j wife's solid silver. j Hut llvi-f.' you arc. and one of | the penalties that ,-i woman risk.-. j who inarrier- a good, housebrokcu j widower is the likelihood ol hav- i nig to play sei.ond iiddle lo Nuin: ber One. And the iiony of the j situation is that generally the hii;;- j band is bettor satisfied with his second wife than lie was wilh hit. ! first. j Hear Dorothy Dix: I have been ! married a year now and I have ; Hotk-n to the; point where I fee! I that something must be done j about correcting the way my lius- i band behaves in public, and 1 | don't know what to do. Whenever we go r.ut to any parly or even ' vi.s'Un;; friends. I am cmbarras'-er! iatitl humiliated by the wav he nets. ! He invariably puts his arm around' It-very jjirl lie greets and gives her |a huu and a sc.iui.-exe. Or if he sit:: j iic-ar a woman, he puts his am, i around the chair so that he is prae- | tit-ally orn brae ing hc-i. j I can i-ee (he woman look shock- led and disguslod at his conduct. jinil evidently lie thinks he is mak- i ii'-H himself very popular. I hesi- | tale to speak lo him about it bei cause he will think 1 am jealous wnich heaven knows I am not ] ashamed. What eaii 1 Cobb, Too just am do? do? Answe manners sutler President of . |, : : ; , ; v( . t . .lior ni th e v. rs r.,udii> I!- Hi at the •.;i";;ini;';i- van 'is Sprin;.; Hill sci-h.r -!-i| eel Bryan Butler. ;i n-u.- junior class ;i:.(] 30:1 i..; Butler, as pivsido::! lo- .January meotinu jl' ;h •tion ;il ilic :-chool. Brn s v' foiirlh of the Butler fiimiiv to servo as youth lender of his •)-)) dub as his l hrpc hrolhor!:. llerliivi. Wni-- ren and Gordon, nil v.-itii i-.rmc-u service i-onnecliosi.s, have served as club olficors hi p;!.n yi.-;;i-i-:. The club has f)8 niei'.iboi-.s and |-iH.-els each fuiirlh Thursciav iv.urn- iiiM "I 10:311 at the st-linol". Otiier nfficcr.s of the Spring IIU! Se:iiu'- club arc: Mis.s Dc.;rcc M M-. vi;-:'prosidi'iil: Miss I.-an<:!l Mcl.Hnvell secretary and E. \V. T-'iiw.-ll. .Ir rc l porter. Oliver L. Adams and Miss Cora Lee We.sibrouk. e::lei!!--i()ii service iiHL'iit.s, directed the oi'pani/aturi of the -I-H club. GOOD NEIGHE3OK-1 POLICY Pucatcllo. Idaho. Jan. :;."i • - -u"l'i — Love speaks a universal lais'-uiaye. Ralph Rodrimie/. ol Mu-liiiju. Mexico, and Thclniii Gordon ol Po- catcllci went tu :-.ppl.v fur a i:-,ar- atie license. Clerks said apparcnllv the bride- to-be speaks no Spanish and Rucl- rif.;uez no English. But they didn't miiul — tl:ev had an inter]ireter v.'Mh llieni. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Tliird & Main Streets S. A. Whitlow. Pastor Sunday School—<J:30 a.m. Morning Worship—1(1:50 a m Ser mon by the Pastor. Baptist Trainiim Union—(i: 15 p m Kvcniny Worship—7:30 p.m. Sermon by Pastor. Fellowship Hour. Wednesday— f.'M p.m. Choir Rehearsal. Wednesday— H:.')() p.m. The public is cordially invited to worshi]) at all services at First Bap'1-H Church. s ut; . Correcting a husband's is about as dangerous as paying with dynamite, but nov- eilheless 1 think you should risk it because it puts him in suc-ii a rcpuliiivc altitude. It makes him look like an amorous adolescent who fancies himself as a ladv- kilii'r and who thinks that every woman lie meets is dyinr; for him lo^ make passes at her. The only thins you can do is .lust lo tell him perfectly frankly that women hate to be puhlic'v mauled by men, and even the mos' ardent potters like to do Hici- petting in private and to choo^i the petlur. It will make him fur- lously anjjry. but perhaps it will .slop him from caressing everv female who crosses his path. ck:y acl- CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th and Grncly Streets Waymon D. Miller, Minister Bible Classes—9:-15 a.m. Morning Worship—10:45 a.m. Voting People's Meeting— 8-15 p.m. . ... ,-. Kvcning Worship —7:00 p.m Mid-week Service. Wedncsdav— 7:UO p.m. OUR LADY OF HOPE CHURO' (Catholic) Rev. Amos H. Enderlin Sunday Mass—10:30 n m Weekday Mass—7:30 a. m. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Pinu at Second Robert B. Moore, Pastor Sunday, January 27th, HM(i Church School—-!):-}. 1 ) a.m. Morning Worship—10:50 a.m Special Music "My shepherd" (Mrs. Tom Purvis, Soloist i , Sermon bv the Pastor Youth Fellowship—0:30 p.m. Kvening Worship—7:30 p.m. Sermon by the Pastor Choir Practice, Wednesday Jan. 30. llHfi—7:30 p.m. UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST South Elm St. Doyle M. Ingram, Pastor Sunday School—10 a.m Preaching—11 a.m. B. T. C.—0:30 p. m. Evangelistic Service—7:31) p.m. Ladies Auxiliary each Men —- p. m. I'ri'yer Service and Soni; pr ice each Wednesday—7:30 "p.m The Unify Church is having largest altcndisiicc in the his- cif the church. You are always • come lo come worship wilh" us HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE North Main nnd Avenue D H. Paul Holclridge, Pastor \Ve are anxious that you come and worship with us Sunday \\eatnor conditions and sickness kept many of you away hist Stin- d-iy. and we trust you will be : .'HiK- 10 be in your place this last I Sunday in January. The pastor will I bnn;: a Missionary mossase on bun-aay morning and a pastoral mes sust- in the evening. Snnd::y School—0:30 a m M.-.irnin" Worship—10:,"i!i Voiing People's Scrivces—6'GD p. m. Mvcnin;: Servire—7:00 p m Our mid-week rervice is one of prayer and Bible Study. Kvcryone is urseo to enya^o in an extensive daily iJibir- rea.dins during the year. By io!lowin H the outlined plan, each rrarier will liave finished the entire Bible at the end of the year. Wednesday: Pn.yer and Bible Study—7:-40 p.m. A special M'-n's Prayer M.-etin" is called for Fr'day eveninu'. All the men ef the (-(.m-nui'ity who desire in eoine lo;.',pthpr for a S'vi- :;on of prayer are" invi'ed. The prav er .service will begin al 7:liO. Be sure to .-.Itpnd Sur.clay Schoo! and Churc'i al the church' of you: choice somewhere Sunday. 'You are welcome at the Tabernacle. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Thos. Brewster, Minister Sunday School—(I:-!-) a.m. R. p Bowen. Supt. Classes for all a:;c groups. Mornini', Service—10:55, Sermon by the Pastnr. and emphasis on the week of the Prayer and Self De.-i- MAY RUN MEATPACKING INDUSTRY FOR U. S.—If the cjuvei nmciit MKui over trie meatpacking industry, it may be run by Gnyle G. Armstrong ? U. S. Department of Agriculture official. He is supposed to take ever the nation's meat packinghouses at Chicago on Saturday. (NEA Telephoto) Victor H. Co!.b and I,, B. Tooley. have formed a new radio firm in Hope, known a= Cobb-Toolcy Radio Cr.inpfiny. located :•! 21-1 SoiiUi \Vn]- nut street, formerly known as the Hope Kaciio Centr--. Mr. Cobb ha.; just returned to civilian life after -4-1 months of service as Radio Officer in the U. S. Army Signal Corps. Prior to entering the service lie was owner of Cobb'i:, Radio Cerviee. located at Crow-Eurlinsamr. 1 Co. Before opening the Hope Hadio Center last fall. Mr. Tnoley had spoiU four years at civilian "Radio Kni'inee'- aiK' inntructor with the U. S. Army Ordnance Dept. Both hoi-.5 Federal llatlio lir.-enses a; d together offer the public 22 years of experience in radio service and repair. Imton Sr. 79, Dses in Arizona George W. Hinton, Sr.. 79. died at his home in Phoeni:: on Wednesday. Ho was a former resident of Hope and Hcmpstead county, to Phoenix about 20 having moved years ago. Mr. Hinton widow, five d Parker. Mrs. Campbell and is survived by his ughters; Mrs. C. V. Watson. Mrs. Day Mrs. Floy Cannon 3 Families of the Fairview neighborhood south o.f Spring Hill will meet a! the Fairvicw church \Ved- •!(>sd;iy allornoon. January 'M. at i:.'iij n'chjck to consider the organ- zati'iii of the interested inmiiics i:i a pr.uln-y pjocl.'ction and market- In •; group. W. S. Polhird. ijuultry specialist of the Arkansas Extension 'Service v.-ii.'i hoadciuartr.'rf: in Little Rock and Paul McClonth of Texarkana -,'.i!l a.-.sift-t local county accnt v.-itli liu- program. All families of the- community are '.ii-L/j-.l to '.a::c |?a:-l in !.''e ir.r-ot-. "p Counlv A.uort Arlams considfis that -•• .yroui) producing poullrv ;;nd e.^gs may produce and rnarkol. a duality voli.MTin at an advantage to all concerned. . all of Phoenix and Mrs. J. A. Davis of this ciiy. Tv.'o sons: Luther Hinton and Gcor;:c W. Hinton. Jr.. of Phoeivx. 11 "grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Funeral services and burial will be at 2:30 Saturday afternoon in Phoenix. We, the Women By RUTH fvilLLETT Staff Writer to a playback of the recordings? Surely it will be a jolt for many a woman to discover how her first lilting "Hello" changes to a flal "Oh . . hello" when hdr telephone caller turns out to be not the preisdcnt of the woman's club, but just a husband. I ought to be quite simple to cure teen-agers of their "he said," "I said" giggle, giggle conversations if they had to listen to a half hour of such dribble repealed. And could Mrs. Jones, who can talk- for 20 minutes on the state of her health ns of this morning, bear to have to listen to the report herself? MIGHT CURB GOSSIP Fear of having their malicious hints and predictions saved for posterity would certainly make the telephone gossips more cautious. And many a woman might be shocked to learn just how many minutes a day she actually spends in pointless telephone visiting. If we can stand to hear ourselves as others hear us — which is sure to be as disillusioning ah experience as seeing ourselves as others see us — telephone recorders in the home would probably do a lot to improve the telephone manners of our time, which unquestionably could stand some improvement. o '• — John Paul Jones, famous U. S. naval officer, was color-blind. LET ME REPAIR Your Clocks, Toasters, Hot Plates, and All Electrical Appliances LiLE'S FIX-IT SHOP Phone 933 or 869-R FRYF.RS FOR SALE You can get fine, fat fryers at Rook & Wilson Poultry & Rabbit Farm, one mile north of Hope. M. J. WILSON, Mgr. Phone 774 i If the gadget that records tele- phono conversations does go into mass production so that anyone who wants one can have it — and such a thins is even now under dis- ! cussion — tne qiu;!:'ty of telephone I conversation and telephone man- ! ncrs should undergo much marl;- i cd improvement. Else how will' we ever be able to stand listening Tailor Made SEAT COVERS Direct from Factory Orders filled within 10 days ROBERT R. RIDER Phone 435-J Printing was elone first upon skins | and fabrics, and later upon linen. | papyrus, parchment and, hand-made papers. ial for Foreig'n Mission, also announcements of new members recently received. Vesper Service—5 p.m., message by the Pastor. Young People Meeting—G:15 p.m. Church Family night, Friday nights, at (i p.m., with supper served in the Educational Building for all members and friends of the Church and Sunday School, after supper groups will be assembled according to age and Foreign Missions will be studied. Y'ou are cordially invited to worship wilh us. EMMET METHODIST C. D. Moux, Pastor The pastor will preach | Ann at 11 a.m. Sunday, ] Holly Grove at 9:30 a. 'm, I 7 p. m. The Christmas ! for the Children's Home M,H ut : j completed and subscriptions to the ! Arkansas Methodist will be taken. ' Rev. Meux. is attending the School of Evangelism at I,i:tt.-- nock this week. The school opens 'at 9 a.m. Tuesday and close.-, . i, day. al Dc- and at and at offering will be !inexpensive Gifts Can Be So Very Welcome — - stationery priced under $1, We have many boxes of for little;-people's- budgets-!;Select .your' -.greeting .-G'd'rcds* too. . '. We carry a complete line of gifts. All prices. •Even the little ones enjoy selecting gifts here • for those they love, at prices they'can afford!_.'..„'''','" They too, know gifts of distinction. . . . .. ' —.... Y'S : S:HOP ; Phone 252 ^^ XXlll When hi- \\'as sure '.here was no other iraffii- 1'ike started back down the Valley road lo UaienianY. hcnise. It was cool ,-,:Hl dark now \'.'illl a sickle iimoii thai :'a\'e little lijjht. As lu- walked. he '-vo:uieivd about Fay. What had happened to her'.' This could be a trap. He could have been o\ c.v-su.-ci-p; iblc to those jirci'ii eyes -,-,-iili tn-.-i.- faintly troubled look and UK,; shining auburn hair. But he had to find out. lie stopped and hi a i-i^an-ite. He Ihouijlil I'.e heard Mimi-one b. •hind him. Up the roail tn.-r,- uas a rustling in lh-.- biiMlie.-.-. It v.;..:i'l lhe wind. There wasn't a breath ol air stirriiiH. Some animal, he thiili;;lil. Hi- lislei i.-d, hut Ui-- an: mal in- wiialever it va.-, re:i,a:neii ciuii't. lie started i.n li.r.vn lin- i,i,^l ayain. He weiit niio ill- -.-,-t,, ids Ir. the curve in lhe ivad a.ui !n".ian In feel his way. li v, a ,<.: iia'-k ,..it was last n. 1 ;-.!!! or! :ioi MI \'.'i ! He was approaeliin.L; tl.e IIOUM- from the oilier side. lie sa\v the hou.-i-. iir ,--a\\ \'A" urn with the i ed and lihu- il-iv. - ers. He saw tin- porch -.•.'in i ;-> Kiiger Bland had IHI:I-.|;. cli ->>.•(! tlie doo:- l;eliiiid in: i K. lit a ei,i;ai-i::i,.- a:ui v, ,:\^,-> off in tiie rain And In- -a-y liyht. Tin- nucnenl I'iiM- ,s i\',- n. went uul. So iii!ie;-.ly ili.ii )i • w nut quit-.- sine il li.nl :.o: l.n .>n retleel ion A nmnun! la'n r .1 e passed on the Y.iiley lioad ^(H toward The Saddled i'cl . 'I'm.- I,M Vim siionld have." RIarcia Clay .. . , ., j haze u\ei- lhe b.irre:: lion; d | Balenian':- nuiiLiakiw. | Pike wenl through i!n- v, i:o.| : n,hind the house, lie eu:i!d .-.'•.• ;h; back \\ indo'A's :-;lr.:i. ^.m,, vacant. He crossed the lawn ami p.c-ii.i Hie back steps. The. ni, •;',-.: creak. The first \viinlow hu li-n.-tl wa.- lockcd. The second -,y;;:i iip.-n. Wide. Jiift the \-.-ay 1'iU- !u,d k-Jl He pulled himself up, gut his leg over the sill, and he was in tin.- Kitchen. He stood and listened 1 . ..n.-n- "lhe clock. He heard it licking --Father detained her." Mania slowly, methodically, inexorably, i said. "\V!,v didn'l von go away"" bill that was all. j She spoke almost plaintive!'." i I here was a peculiar odor in the j "Now I'll have to Kill you," she I house. I hp smell of death. [said. j Pike went through the little I "Pin't ',,.11 reali/e thai won't | hallway and stared into the dark 'do any uooil '" living room. He could see a little. I "Yes."' She was a ghost-likr I His ryes were accustomed lo the shadow in Hie darkness. ' ••Killin- darkness. But he was going lo ' never di.es any L--IHM. linl a ilrinvii- havc to light matches again. ; ing man w.il ahvavs take one more . instinctively, Pike looked ove: : stroke—even v. hen lie knows hi:Mo the leather divan where Bali- 'ease is hop.-lc^s" man had lain last night. lie eon! I "What al-oui Ma-y Bnlk-i"" .dnuisl see him now. Actually , ".She'.-, there." IU.,rcja gestured lh.it uneven outline against tin-, \\iiii her pi.j-.nl u w a rd tin- divan symmetric contour ol the divan. "She had a nice clean death. AIU-> i mi do! i I suppose they. hawii't we lelt lu-r aunt's, 1 told her Me laken him away yet, Pike though: i were to meet you at Bateman's. , JI' 1 «'''iit closer. He leaned When we got here 1 made her a >'.own. He look out his matt-he:-, cup of Ira" ruppeil his hand over the packcl. Tl.r girl iiite"eil - 11 "' I" "ne. Me raised the match "Do 'y,,n lir. tea. Mr. Calvin"" .-liml.\. llien blew it out. j .she a.;|- : ed It uas nut Balenian. Lying the: • "Vo-: :I'.MM i\larv H:;:lrr'.-; under i • in die divan was liug'er Hlaiul ' i|-,r divan'.'" I"'i!;o said. '-'li'elrhed out full length, just like "yhi-'s i 1 . i:." M.ircia s.ii,.t. "It lla'.eman .only not quite so peace 'open.- lik; a hope chest. Siu's I'M! looking. Because Tuiger Bland br, n the, r t|i-it.- a' •-..-''ill..'. 1 think il l.ad a hole in Ins Ion-head. had be.iiin \; :,i I o'.. !,airman'.il was time to rail in lhe police, nerxvs." Mot 1'archer, but someone nn;.t "Then to .-,,:,Ibe i.i> ne:-\-js vo:; U-i.-led by lhe influenrr of ,loh:, ' mad. n-m a r'.p ol tra " Clay. The Stale Pnlice. The> i "No." Alairia .-hooU' h"r head . tt.uld step m now. and Pike could ' "He drani: bo'.i!-.-d .-prill.- wali-r. .lei! them who he was and what IK- j put lhe p:l's in th.it Hie dav be- kne\Y. lor he had a body now Nni fore \v : ,t •.-' i!.i.\ when I foui>'d I,.-. !\la:\ 1-Jiiller's, but one jus! ..: knew" • : '"'" - "Kin. •..- v, hat ' I'ikr \\i-iil o\ i r to the telephone. Alaic'n InoUi-d al him "" l' ul I''--'- hand on the hrad-.-.rt ' --Yi,>''.Y,' nn-if, rule" t;!-e said, and someone said: ' "AreVl M.:I'.'" ".Put that 'phiine duun." "N,v Tm ;,ui There was a sk-p in-hind bin. "Yes. you air. Yen |.;,rw all Ik- lual been su busy Miiellin... aloin/. llia't Id kili.-d K::I;II:> ('!;". death that Ihi.- I'ragrann- h M| Yon ioiti i'alhrr M,ii kin-i\ i!i • .-raped him. He luriu-d around Mold nu.'." 'She stood oxer by the dork. Shrj "Hid iie'. 1 " I'li.e s.iid. —.d " lla.shlighl in one hand anJi "1 halctl hri." she : aid r.'i'nly. she snone it ,m him and the:: on ; "And 1 killed her. And lather 'he ijislol m her other hand. A ! hushed it up. lie's so influ---!li:il " IMV.O! winch she pointed quite ' Pike gauged the dist:,r.-e b- (Located Next to Hope Star) We_are pleased to announce the forming of the firm of Cobb-l^ooley Radio Co., Hempstead county's Onfy Complete Radio Service, owned and operated by Victor H. Cobb, former owner of Cobb's Radio Service and L. B. Tooley, former owner of Hope Radio Center. '"" Victor H. Cobb 12 Years Radio Technical Experience. Nine Years Radio Service in Hope * Three Years Radio Officer in U. S. Army Signal Corps •— Offering -— Complete Electronic Service A Sincere Desire to Assist Our Custc-sviers Unsurpassed Technical Skill Large Stocks of Quality Merchandise at LatesV and /Vu.'s! Complete Testing Equipsvtent in Southern Arkansas L. B. Tooley 10 Years Radio Technical Experience Six Years Radio Service Four Years as Civilian Radio Engineer and Instructor with U. S. Army Signal Corps and Ordnance j-lraiidy al Pike's slomaeh. ! "v.-i' didn't t.-,Ue m- ad\ ty.(.'en them. If he could only keep -.'-" I I'.er talking, li'u Uc. L'uiicludei-i) Fair Prices Guaranteed Service WE CORDIALLY INVITE ALL OUR FRIENDS TO VISIT US AT OUR NEW STORE Victor H. Cobb L. B. Tooley Authorized Dealsrr> ILSON RADIOS 214 S. Walnut Phone 98 ^g!^A:^'^

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