The Call-Leader from Elwood, Indiana on February 13, 1919 · Page 8
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The Call-Leader from Elwood, Indiana · Page 8

Elwood, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1919
Page 8
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'-J-W-'f --ip-" --t-,0r' ( ... .. . 7 y PAGE EIGHT THE EL WOOD CALL LEADER THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 43, 1910, RED BLOODED PEOPLE LIVE THE LONGEST SELLERS FAVORS OF Follow the Crowds to Wiley's A PARK BUILDING 1 GOVERNOR OWA SPEAKER , v Htd Moodpd people retain their youth nd vleor unill lute In lift btcause fed blood ages slowly. child with Impure blood seems ol'l, """While an old limn with pure red .JronUed Hood seems young. Impure Mood closs th system with waste matters,, rapidly acting body, mind and spirit. " Pure blood Is red blood, rich In Iron and Phosphates with power to rid itself v-jf waste mattet and alile to carry life- " giving oxysen to, every cell and nerve. Jt makes both youns and old bright, - happy, .keen, and interested In life. This i the blood you need, every day of your life, the rich" Ted blood made by pure Jood, frh air, restful n!wp and "Phos-phated Iron th red blood and nerve ' builder". s. phosphatcd Iron enriches your blood anil nerves, putting them in -ahape for work. Improves your color, increases your appetite and gives you strength, visor and power to enjoy both work iiind pleasure, makes you feel like doing things once more. Thosphnicd Iron r, prescribed by lending doctors for all who are worn out, run down, nervcus, weak and thin blooded people In all walks of life, they have learned to depend on it for honest results. Special Notice To Insure physicians and their pulicmtH receiving the genuine T'hosphated Iron, we have put in capsule only, so do not allow dealers !o substitute pills or tablets, insist on the genuine, In capsules only. and Leading Druggists' everywhere. BertE. Sneed & Co., Druggists, Slik Quilt Given Away. (Continued from Page l.) road switch. Had this beautiful monux nieiit been placed in a public park its worth and beauty would be more appreciated. '- -. ' " Favors Park Building. A professor from the university ot Wisconsin,' in his lecture before the Chamber of Commerce last year, told us we should lay our park plans on a basis of five hundred years or more. The park board as I understand is working on plans carefully prepared by an expert, who admires improvements of a permnment nature. There. fore it would be no risk to select the Callaway park as the proper sight for a memorial that would have the proper surroundings live hundred years from now. Patriotic Address Before House of Representatives by Distin ished Visitor. . ANTI-GERMAN BILL REPORTID (International itewn Service) Indianapolis, Feb. 13. Governor Harting of Iowa, ?ave a patriotic address before the house of representatives of the Indiana legislature this morning. i The senate anti-German bill was reported back from the committee with a recommendation for its passage. The Goodrich highway commis- "Elwood and community has few gold stars, but our war record is wonderful. A suitable memorial might be built that would give shelter, one that ,vouid be the dominant attraction ot sion bill, with revenue v clauses our beautiful park place therein the eliminated, was reintroduced Mis. Charles Lamm, who has been conducting the award, on a handsome slik quilt announces that Mrs. Frank Griffith, residing on North Anderson street, held No. 153, the winning number. Our want ads bring big results. old stars" a complete, list of our soldiers engraved on a bronze or mar ble iilab. together with a complete record of El wood's war deeds. "I am confident that our final dec! sion will be correct whatever it may be if if meets with the approval of the memorial committee, it will have my hearty support, "Yours Truly, "WILFRED SELLERS. 'Ferbruary 10, 1919." "Good-bye France!" : An affectionate farewell from our returning heroes. "The Navy Will Bring Them Back" -a timely reminder of the part our sea forces have played. Both sung by the Peerless Quartet on one Victor double- faced Record, 18514. Billy Murray In 2 Little ."gems'! A couple of laughs on one Victor Record: "The Worst is Yet to Come" J'Can You Tame Wild Wimmen ; V " Victor double-faced Record, 1S51S ' Helf etz displays his wizard powers X A veritable marvel of perfection is his interpretation of Paganini's ...... s "Moto Perpetuo" ) VictroU Red Seal Record, 74581 . Come in and let us play for you these New Victor Records for February Ivan C. Dunlap & Co. For SaleiTo Feeders Corn Barley Corn Germ Meal Jlominy Feed T?iral Ho Feed R. K. D. Hog Meal Tankage I.irjseed Meal Straw Oats Bran ?.JMdljngs Palm Oil Mida Corn Meal and A Complete Line of Horse, Cattle and Poultry Feeds Hay, ' : Fpolar Beajr Flour r. EAST MAIN STREET (By Ray O. Wiker) Indianapolis, Feb. 13. Senators and representatives took up their work In the state legislature again today, after short sessions yesterday. Both houses met yesterday morning, but Lincoln memorial services were held in the afternoon, and llo legisla ticc work accomplished. From present indications the last half of the present session of the legislature will ! a strenuous ono. Many bills have been Introduced in the houso and senate, but very few of finally disposed of. A great many bills have been In conference for several weeks and there is no doubt that a number of measures will never be reported back to the house and senate from commit tee. One of the most important meas ures which has been in committee for some time, is the Southard constittu tional amendment, which would per mit cities to adopt the commission or city manager form of government Several northern Indiana cities are interested in the bill, and -it is ex pected they will be heard from con cerning action on the measure. Elections, primaries and registra tions have attracted the most atten tion from the solona.' Numerous po- itical measures have been introduced in both houses of the legislature, de signed to abolish registration, change methods of registration, proposing changes in the primary elections and changing the primary election date. A new primary . law, with "home rule' features is being prepared now for early introduction. Much work will have to be accom plished by ihe legislature if the man) bills are to be disposed of, including several republican platform measures. unlf stlif y are to be "railroaded" dur ing 1he closing days of the . legisla ture. - THE HOG MARKET . . ... Received and posted daily by Wilson . Brothers Cigar Store, South Anderson Street. Indianapolis, rep. 13. Hogs, re ceipts 7,000, $18, $18.25, top $18.50. Cattle, receipts 1,000, steady. Calves $17 to $17.75. Buffalo Six cars, $18 fo $18.2F. Chicago 30,000 holdovers, Kfi.000 fresh hogs. Men's Banquet Monday Evening. The annual men's banquet of the East Main street Christian church, will be held next Monday evening. It is an occasion of 'much interest, and is always attended by many men ol the church and their guests. Thi year there will be good speakers from out of the city and a musical program and a supper provided by god cooks. Clerk Will Hold Another Meeting. The meeting of the clerks of the City at the council chamber last even ing for the purpose of reognanizing a local was not as well attended as expected, on account of counter attractions. The national president of the organization was here and made a talk. 'Another-meeting of the clerks i announced to be held next Mon day evening. Baptist Missionary Program. The public is cordially invited to attend the open Missionary meeting to be held in the Baptist church parlor his evening at 7:30. There -will be an interesting program as ' follows: Song1, congregation;' scriptJireVreading'; prayer;' soloj Miss Hester; reading, Mrs, Lowell Cxrthran; reading, Mr Cullipher; piano solo, Miss Hester, reading. Mrs Field; solo, Rev. Odell; song; rongregation ; benediction. Get jYour Share of These Bargains CLEAMNCE SALE OF WOMEN'S VEAR Offering Sensational Reductions. The prices we offer indicate the way we go about it to effect. a quick clearance. 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