Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 24, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1946
Page 5
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I t- ( V-rf *• 1 f •,) t, -. v>. | VV« 4. .£>, rt&Jti •> S* 1 -~- f*, •vw.u.f..' ^ ^-,1^ h>frV> ^ j t .»' Pegs Pou? Blondic JJOJLL-l.t- A K/ H 0 P E. A R K A N S A S By Chicle Young Thursday, January 24,1946 THE CITY PROVIDES A SHELTER FCR STf?AV THE STATE, HAS AN INSTITUTION HOMELESS CHILDREN EITHER THAT CAT GOES, GO' Side Glances By Galbraith U • M YOU SAY A STRANGkR A BIG GUY, FOLLOWED v „„„ , , vx ..,» ME IN HERE THIS MORN-) WHY SHOUID > ING AND ASKED YOU ,>TEU A STRANGfK ^9,1^-!? £ID If SOMETHING < YOU TELL HIM? S J THAT IS NOT HIS BUSINESS/MR. FLIN17 ID' It ooN'ViS^I ?°° d ° !d T ?, y ' There was a ' 8 ««* Out * ^e-apartment hotel 'where JRN-VVVHY SHOUD f guyf yoLI ^"HJ" 5 *' J duckcd * he bl °nd lived that Libby and tha? ) r^TEU A STRANGfR ™L a . nci S rabbed a cab - trailed from Ihe racetrack KEEP "IHIS, DRIVER, \ AMD STICK AROUND S N. ABOUT I'j MINUTES. ( RIGHl i? I'M wor rirtww f.v V *~ a* tv&jQ* u. Thursday, January 9,4, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Five MODEST MAIDENS ' ••••'<' •' i '• a "••• %$®3&L£ *MPPW*pwi« ^ COgJ-w.1945 3Y NCA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. *r w^ffi^Sw^S^iP ^^i&^a&Ji^^ I? I'M NOr DOWN « EN, DON'T WAIT. CLASSIFIED ; Ads Must Bo In Office Day fl^ore Publication • All Want Ads Cash In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Ono «lmo . . . ae word, minimum Me Six tlmti . . . Se word, minimum >Se thr«o tlmoi . . 3i/ a e word, minimum 50o Ono month . l«e word, minimum $1.70 Rates are for Continuous Irisertioris Only "THE MORJ2 YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" Fair Enough By Wcstbfook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King features Syndicate. ALSO THOUGHT JEROME/ WE HAVE NO EVIDENCE ?«?<£!$«* SS'f!?^ / THAT JULKIE EVER HEARD THIS GRAVE- BUT HAL / OF SOPPS HOLLOW., BUT WAS RIGHT ABOUT THAT/ A MAN'S SEEN MURDERED ^~- ^' AN 1 IW GONNA FIND OUT L WHO DONE IT ! COOO'. FIND HIM V HAVE IT VOUR WAY, SON, AND I THINK YOU'U I BUT FIRST W=U SEE IF FIND JULKIE.TOO.' /Qie MAN BLEEKE K' " HOW JEROME'S BODY C0U1.PA PeeN MIS5IN' FROM HIS orchard, hojj ba.rn room, sioh, $3250. I don t see how your new diet course is going to help . little bashful " }x>u, Ueorge, if you're going to stuff j-ourself with every- 'thing in. the shop, that, isn't fa-ttening!" Funny business '.. 'U have'to pardon Eddies Mother he Is a By Hershberger Fre ^® s and His Fpiends By BIpsser ffiw: COME YOU &OYS_AR E PlC K ETIN& ' Mv H uuSE ? / ITS A "He'smaking sure he'll hold his.own at the table!" LON. STORY, MR. WAYMAN/ YOU'RE <3|ViM& FRECKSO.MUCH 1 HOMEWORK,:; HE. NEVER. HAS COTES HE USED.TOTip-TOE- INI AT NI6HT SO MOM AW POP, WOULDN'T KNOW. HOW LATE HE WAS GETTING~, HOME/ HAVEN'T LAID UP A CENT/ Thimble Theater [ I COM'T CAKEV ABOUT ME, BUT I HATES Tp,S=E ME SWEETIE THROWIKJ' HSR- SELF AWAY popeyE POESWT KNOW I'M MARRVING HIM" HAVE Ybu SEEN ANV DUCKS ^AROUND HERE-?? I-24 Out Our Way MV'BUDby'S "OM COOK.'5 POLICE. SlE. By J, R, Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople \ / I POM'T CARE WHAT "YOU A' Jf <30T-- YOU GET OUT OF .LPIM- / I HERE/ MOW CAM YOU EX- \) - : . _ . THEU WPECT TO KEEP TH'DIGNITY " OUICK-WE'RE 601M')/ OF A CORPORAL DO1NO TO\VM' IT'S S\ SCULLEEV WOEK? DOM'T •IFOSTUMT f V EVEN LET ME SEE vou IV """" S PICK. LJP A CIGARET EUTT-; HAVE IT COME' l ' GTAKiD STILL.' IP VOOMOvjE^ff GREAT CAESAR, \^j%Z%> BSFOG-e THE: SHeRlFF *£f A8ELARD.' BRtfcU ^<2-£ X LL BLAST YOU V/ THE HYPNOTIC --- x-v SPELL/—-THAT'S VOL) BPiNjK. RO8BER.S l-f /vW OLD PL^PMPJNYT WILL. SPeAXVtoUft jy> GUM—HiS RMGEB/ SCARE L & P R5sTRU ™ E ^< ' S ^ eM aUMS . 4 H»M IP X W i v ^J/jfe- - WM^; .^ , , .THIt.|!<<> HE'S A BANKER. - /V\lp TKEV'R& BANDITS; THAT SCAR, ANY- y'D K HIM ! STAY fur 1VISES/...IIL TELL W—THfe'M TWO ARE .IN- IN THE .TAVES UP CW TH3 CUFF...THHy'RS WR; TTOU5LE..I? THEV i L03T...X WAS SOW... W£tVAJTM IP ANYTHING!? f I KNOW 'N0VV-:- i ; WITH A HUNK"OFMOONWIN ANP C£A$HEP A\V PLANE... GOT ME OUT... YOU HAPPENED TO THOSE TOO --WU5T (5ET THEM ...LOST . .- ME TrIE OWES, 1VE<SOT ID FIND THEA\...I . CEUIA--iOMIN(5, — ...WHERE- AKE THEX? )^i--~ -.« rf«s4~~ "~~ < : BOY,yOu'R£ A SIGHT V ANJO -5AY, no/ «30 RASSBDY— \ THAT 9 AS I AND MY STAR9, ) R£W£MB£K , THEY'RE ]/ YOUS HAIR RED,' J\ WAS 8LAC< SXeSO, YEH.' ) --THSV . __. WAIT, I'LL SHOW / AIN'T MINE-- I YCU ABOUT _ "£M F2OM AN- YOUVE GOT 'SM 8ACK I v OTHER GUY/ j V20O, OO 'V\\\<b SOVAtSCPiNl VOO CVOStO •bO WORK 0' MOUTHS HAH- GOOP/ WOW YOU CAN'T GO OW EWDAWGERIUG THISCX\5TLE,/1WD EVERYOWE IM IT/ 'IlL MAKE HIM I ! STOP fOTH GREATEST KIW5 -, YOU// \ TH VVORLP HAS SEEK// WE FOli^O OUT SAWED-'!JUST C^uSra INTEREST \/<5 IT JReoiJEstqte for Sqlc six np^^6uslFA~Nrr"'rLOTs at 602 N. Hervey. John Price. 'HO. ACRES, 3 MILES EAST, NICE 5 Haom house, built in cabinets and lights. TUuuiing water, young pasture, plenty of Immediate Posses- 20 ACRES, ,•) MILES OUT 20 HIGH- way, 2 nice 5 room homes, Lights 17 ncfes in cultivation, 2 acres in timber. Almost immediate possession, $3,500. j>0 ACRES, 3 ROOM HOUSE, * lights and goad barn. G miles out on Highway 29. $1,250. MANY OTHER FARMS 40 to 1000 acres, Sec Riley Lewallen. 23-31 For Sole 30QO BALES GRASS HAY. 50c per bale. Doellvei-od in 100 bale lots. W. H. Burke, Hope, Rt. 3. 9-lm ONE ALLIS CHALMERS MODEL K ''Caterpillar. Floyd Porterfield. " 12-tf DIAMOND RING, % CARAT. FINE stone, beautiful setting. At sacrifice. 212 McRae street. 22-3t 1040 CHEVROLET, SPECIAL DE luxe sedan, four good tiros, extra good condition. Sec Jo Johnson Jr., Columbus. Call Columbus operator. 18-Bt Female Help Wanted WHITE GIRL OR WOMAN FOR housekeeping ,and • cooking. Experience preferred. Excellent salary, plus board and room with private bath P. O. Box 2454, Dallas 1, Texas. 1.8-ftt EXPERIENCED COLORED COOK. $10.00 per week, Apply in person. 210 South Hervey. MAID FOR GENERAL HOUSE- work. No cooking, Apply 418 East Second St. Carol 'Joy A- piirtmenls. 24-31 Notice CATTLEMEN GET RID. OF THE Cattle Grub in your cows back. Monls Seed Store. 10-Zw SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for better furniture and bcltci bargains. Phone 470. 14-lin INCOME 'Ax SERVICE. IF YOU have. income tax troubles. 1 wil" he-glad',I'd., help you. Do it now, avoid the rush in the last days, Charges reasonable. J. W. Strick land. 24-7.W Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR sctiere, individually designoc corsets, "brausieres, men and wo men's surgical supports! Mrs Ruth Dozicr, 318 North Elm St Hope, Ark. Phone 144-J. 28-lrr ONE NEW PORTABLE SPRAY Paint Gun, Zenith radio, Jones 1 Maytag Snles and Service. Phone 209. 304 East 2nd St. 18-Gt ONE 2«. I3AIN WAGON IN GOOD condition. See J. L. Beckham. • Hope, Route 1. 21-31 TWO WHEEL HOUSE TRAILOR, 18 feet long, $200. Two miles West on old Highway G7. Leslie Terry. ' 21-Gt SIX REGISTERED LITTLE BONE Poland China pigs. SIS each. Jim Martin at George Ann Peach .Orchard. Prescoll. Rt. 4. 22-3t 27 FOOT HOUSE TRAILOR, GOOD condition, four good tires. Ap' ply Mac's Camp. Highway 67 : west. 22-61 100 CHICK AUTOMATIC GAS brooder. J.' O. Luck, Phone 31- W-12. 22-3t ONE WHEEL TRAILOR WITH EX- Ira tire, double hitch. Phone 22-31 COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNI <• • shings including Tappa.n range *" Apply 122 West Ave. C. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coinpton. 23-0 PRODUCTS FOR SALE B\ Representative. Mrs. Sam Betls Phone 1060-J. 2i-(i Wonted to Buy As an Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Celt f more than fifty years ex- cricncc, I should like to call al- enlion to some injustices that have jeen put upon us by persons, whose /ery purpose has been to abate in- uslice to others. During the war, for example, an _rgania/Uon calling itself the Writers-War .Board, and a very self-important lot of hacks I thought they vere, ran a propaganda against he use of Anglo-Saxon names exclusively for the icroines of joint was fiction heroes stories. and The well-taken, because, Barnhill is Speaker in Pine Bluff This Curious World By William Ferguson WANT TO BUY A 1940-41 OR'42 model Ford or Chevrolet. Buck Williams, 10G South Walnut Street Phone 660. 17-tf For Rent FRONT BEDROOM FURNISHED to working couple. 100 West Ave. G. 22-31 UNFURNISHED ROOMS. PRI- vate bath. Kitchen North Hervey. sink. 421 22-31 Basketball Results By The Associated Press East Princeton 51; Army 48. Pittsburgh 43; Geneva 41. Villanova 53; Kings Point Academy 49. nfter all, the Telephone books con- ain millions of Latin, Slav, Gernan and Jewish names, suitable 'or imaginary characters arbitrari- y endowed wilh strong virtures, fine principles .and lofty sanctions. Bui, on lurthcr thought, it has occurred to me that if we are always the heroes and heroines, we tire also always the murders and swindlers, conspirators, dead- oeats, rakes, trollops and man- grinding magnates of brutal capitalism. Agreeing that we are not demon- slrably finer than any other element, which is a handsome concession, because our record is distinctly superior to most others, I insist that we have no monopoly of evil traits und conduct as the, pattern of fiction suggests. Yet we arc-'forever taking the blame for all kinds of dirty work, as though the'files of the F. B. I., the .courts and the precinct police stations were absolutely barren of names identified wilh other groups or stiaing of our population. Incidentally. I dislike Ihe suspect that use of the word "group," a common practice with M'" s - Eleanor Roosevelt in her splendid little lessons in grammar and literary composition, because it tends to segregate people in groups in their thinking and their psychology. Except as such propaganda has affected me, I am not conscious of membership in any group and have worked and associated all my life wilh men and women bearing all kinds of names. In the lasl twenty years or so, many men and women bearing Jewish names have become renowned as liberals, by virtue of fine thinking and constant campaigning for human rights, although some others have gone far beyond liberalism, becoming impatient of dissenting opinion and devoted to absolutism. But the Anglo-Saxons gave the western world the Magria Charta and the British common law, the basis of our own law, and the people who abolished slavery in the United Stales were almost exclusively Anglo-Saxons and Cells. I anticipate your saying that Anglo- Saxons, on the other hand, established such slavery and fought lo preserve it and yield the point Pine Bluff, -Tan. 23 —m—"War" was declared by University of Arkansas boosters here last night on oul-of-slate talent sicouls who have carried off many of the stale's outstanding athletes in past years. Speaking at a banquet honoring Razorbock Coach John Barnhill, Jay Dickey, a member of the university board of trustees, told a ga- Ihering of 200 that gridnaping in Arkansas must be stopped if the Porkers were to produce winning football teams. Ba.rnhill also addressed the group and conferred with several southeast Arkansas high school athletes. He was to meet with other athletes at Little Rock today. The Arkansas mentor indicated that the university's coaching school and prep all-star game, discontinued alter 1942, might be resumed at Little Rock this year i enough of Ihe slate's high school coaches were interesled. Questions and Answers Q — Do ' birds have family quar- rein? A — Pigeons and doves do, bred in. cages which are too small. Less than 24 cubic feet of cage space ' produces squabbling. Q,— How long have cafeterias been In exsistence? A— Since ' 1885. The first was the New York Cily Exchange Buffet—for men only, and they ale standing up. Q — What was the salary of congressmen in Washington's time? 1789, $6 a day while in Here are change since: BACK I .THE DAYS CHARLES OF FISHING .STREAMS IN U.S. NATIONAL FOREST5. IN WINTER,' WHAT BECOMES OF: ' Rev. Speaker at Tabernacle Rev. Chas. O. Hirschy, missionary to Alaska has pilot license and was among the first missionaries to take up flying. He was the first minister of Fairbanks, Alaska, to secure his license. Distances be- l^veen points are great and travel conditions are difficult in,' parts, of Alaska during certain, seasons. !A special-missionary service is being conducted at the Gospel Tab ernacle tonight,, Thursday. ReVi Hirschy,» : who is accompanied by Hev. J. W.' Hardwick, of Monticello, Ark., will speak and show still pic^ tiires of his travels and experiences in Alaska. He will show pictures til many of the animals and some of the world's largest vegetables which grew in Alaska. His missionary message will be very educational to everyone interested in An airport and aircraft equipment company sent a letter to the Antelope island Chamber of Commerce offering to equip the island's proposed airport. The company advised it had/ learned through a survey by the U. S. Department of Commerce that "your ci'ty is mentioned as one contemplating construction o£ an airport," and "we are in a position to render a most unusual proposition." Antelope island is in the middle of the Great Salt Lake and inhabited by two persons and 300 buffaloes. A— In session. 1016, $1500 a year; 1817, $8 per diem for sessions; 1885, $3000 per year; 1865, $5000 per year; 1907, $7500 per year; 1925, $10,000 per year. Q—Do the Chinese and Japanese observe New Year's Day on Jan. 1? A—Yes. These peoples have religious and political celebrations similar to our Now Year's at other limes, loo. Q—How far do flying fish glide in the air? A—Usually a bit farther than 100 feel, but 300-foot slides hnve been recorded. So They Say BETTER LATE Portland, Ore., Jan. 24 — UP) —A couple of worn and smudged '.raffle tickels carried through Pacific warfare turned up in municipal court today. Judge John B. Seabrook suspended a $20 fine on a 1943 speeding ticket brought in by Sgt. Dale Robinson, recently relurned from Luzon. And the judge mailed back ex-sailor James A. Henning Buhl, Ida., a $3 check sent ANSWER: Most .bats • hibernate in '. caves, frogs -in • rnuU, and tnoles,,i;o deeper - unde : rgr<3J4n(l» " "••'.' -. . GARNSVAL By Dick.Turner Academy 27. HOLLY DAVIDSON MOTOR cycle . Good tires, good condition. See Lloyd Lcvorett, 107H Shovcr St. Hope, Ark. 2'1-fit 1936 FORD COUPE, GOOD MO-. fair tires. May be scon in nftcrnoon at the Feeders Suoulv Co. 24-6t Lost SUNDAY, DOWNTOWN, GLASSES in pink plastic frames. Please return lo Jessie Clarice Brown. 48. Fort Hancock...^!),...' Fort - Slocum Valley Forge General Hospital 53; Aberdeen (Md) Bombers 4ti.. Muhlenberg 50; Pennsylvania.,47. , . —.--— -- r—.*-r-K •;— «—,-•• Yale 50; U- S. Coast "Guard I bu ' return lo the fa,ct lhat we.de-. —i or, • .-••- cided that slavery was, wrong and corrected d.ur error and atoned for it in great suffering. These are reasons why I say our record is distinctly superior to others. Does anybody want to match? Suppose it were agreed that the ficlioneers mix up their delivery and admit the Lalons, Slavs and so forth to membership in Ihe cult of heroes, would it then be agreed, Cancer has contniued to increase but this is largely a reflection of the againg; of bur population and the intensified efforts to discover .cases of this disease.. The outlook for the cancer patient today is better than ever before. —Dr. Loius I. Durblin, life insurance company executive. "Within the confines o£ each particular nation, as much as in the whole family of peoptles, state totalitarianism is incompatible wilh ,a liate''and/'healthy democracy ... II'contstiiutes ' a continual, menace of. South Navy 04; Fordham 22:' Bainbrldge Navy 52; Camp Lee Washington (Va) 44 (overlime). Johns- Hopkins 57; College. 34. Midwest Michigan Slalc 40;, U of Petrolt 38, ' ; Far West Fort Wurren 38; Buckley Field 36 (overtime). Stanford. 39; San Mateo Merchant Marines 36. Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring — • Steaks * Fried Chicken ». Barbecue *Fish • Sandvylches »Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 328 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Lod City Limits & Highway 67 Weft Fights last Night By The Associated ress Akron — Pat Comiskcy, 208, Paterson, N. J., outpointed Johnny White, 208, New York, 10. Cincinnati —Floyd Gibson, 174, Cincinnati, oulpoinled' Tommy Charles, 174. Terre Haule, Ind., «, also, lhat a due equally vicious proportion characters Hope Builders Supply Co: Paint Lumber Glass Lime Cement Plywood Roofing Nails For - Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware •SEE'US FOR THE REYNOLDS P?N The miracle Pen lhat will Revolutionize Writing. Guaranteed to write 2 ye.urs without refilling/ Doug /*ITV Cqrl Bacon V*i I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 794 iclentiliqd with all the other strains that make up the citizenship tf the United States Knowing what I do know about our physhology, I tell you the authors and the pub- Ushers would be damned with enormous clamor as fomenters of hatred, guilty of a deliberate attempt to sel neighbor against neighbor and flood the gutters with the gore of innocents, but doesn't this eviqe a bigoti-y against the Anglo-Saxon and don't we, by our indifference to current and past practice in fiction, prove our patience and a rather superior generosity? There have been, of late, in New York, two stage plays in which Negroes come off with all the honors of character and virtue and the svhites, Anglo-Saxons, too, are portrayed as a vicious lot, on total score. I dislike the theme of miscegenation but can't quarrel with the premises, realizing that such things, could be. But, neither in all my reading nor all the plays I have seen lias any Negro been represented as a low-down, thieving, BUTANi SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Heating Hope. Ark. Plumblrta Rhone 259 criminal no-good, al- nm sure all reasonable generally though I MMI- _ Negroes would agree lhat lherc"are such. White Anglo-Saxons of much character, however, are a stock type. To our discredit the so-called Aryan German belongs lo our SPRAY PAINTINQ K^MTONING done the SPRAY WAY LUM RATELIFF Phone 180-w 318 W. Dix. Hope, Ark. Iribe. Thin is our shame, although it can be snid lhal Ihe resl of Ihe Anglo-Saxon world pitched in to deslroy Ihe monster. But, in Russia, when Kcrensky and the decent liberal Russians had deposed Ihe czar and were trying lo creale a truly liberal regime, taking all Ihe risk, Lenin and Trotsky emerged from safe refuge to thewart him, destroyed the intelligent good Russians in ghastly massacres and famines and established a dictatorship which, today, practices slavery with millions o* captives, except in detail, the record there matches that of Adolf Hitler and you will search the record of all Wonted! TELEPHONE POLES -Pope Eius XII. We are firmly convinced .that Wall Street' is" in thVsadai'e dictating national wage policy. —Henry Mayer, counsel, Western Electric Employees Association. Our public school equipped with capable', teachers and compulsory attendance; laws could do much to: correct delinquency among all races. —Gb.v. R, Gregg Cherry of North Carolina. If I have to choose between Bo- gai't (Arne.rican film slar) and bacon, I am afraid that the decision must, for the time being, be in favor of bacon. —Robert John Graham Boolhby, members of British Parliament. _ , o Washington By JACK STINNETT Washington — S.en. Robert M. La Follette, Jr., chairman of Ihe Joinl Committee on reorganization of Congress, anticipated President Truman's blast at the Congressional committees when nearly two years ago he said: "The fixing of primary leuislative responsibility for each of the broad phases of governmental policy and Ihe definite assignment of such responsibilily lo a given committee, would provide more • clearly defined channels pf -coritacl a^id. co- opera,tion between''the legislative and executive branches of the federal government. "Standing committees of Coiigres should be so organized that each will have a definite sphere of gov- ernmenl policy for which it must assume continuing responsibility. If that could be accomplished Congress will have gone a lonn way in reasserting its policy-making function under the constitution." Sen. La Follelte and Rep. A. S. "Mike" Monroney have introduced bills which w.oulcl cut the 81 com- millees of Congress down to 26 — 13 in each chamber. On each side of the hill, these would b.c agriculture; apropriations; rules; finance and monetary affairs; labor and public welfare; claims; interior, natural resources and publio work; Dislrict of Columbia; executive de- parlmenl expenditures; armed forces; foreign relations; interstate commerce; and judiciary. There is 9110 reason these measures are going to get a same com- millee run around that President Truman complained about. If the t been livln' wit' Hi' ^aw^ ;||QiftV H ?migljt -when, yousc sec these ' bautls!" acquainting themselves with climatic conditions, peoples, animals, fish, mining • and church work in this valuable possession of the United States. Rev. and Mrs. Hirschy and son went to Fairbanks in 1939. Upon their arrival they begin to conduct services in Iheir home,- and later moved, in February of 19,41 to the Odd Fellows Hall.' They' remained in this hall, conducting services regularly until they wore'able lo erect n building for worship. .They were able to conduct their first services in their new church on Christmas Eve of 1943. The church Was built of logs secured from Ihe fir forests some 20 miles from Fairbanks. At the present .time Rev. and Mrs. I Hirschy are also conducting ser- I vices at Bellies and Wiseman two qearby cities. They use. the plane as a means of transportation. Their, congregation; is made up of three races, Indians, Eskimos and whites, the whiles being largely Scandinavian. • Other congregations of people also worship in Fairbanks, and Rev. Hirsohy is. the president of the local Ministerial Association. • • Be sure to see and hear Rev. Hirschy tonight at the Tabernacle Rev. Hardwick. soloist, will sing und direct the music for. the service. 0 : — Flashes of Life NYLONS TO THE BRAVE Marlboro, Mass., Jan. 24 — (fl*>\ — Three mice gave several men a break in a nylon hosiery line yesterday. When the rodents scaped from'a box,being unloaded from a truck, the women scampered —and the men, made of braver stuff, just moved up to the head of the queue. OBLIGING •' ; ' Portland, Ore., Jan. 24. —..<#) .— Rent Director E. B. McCutchan handed a tenant .a check lor $490 a landlord had overcharged her. She blinked in surprise for a moment :-4 'the'rt asked* one ,questipn. Did'the check, include,ra $1 deposit oh .a,key ? . .. - i'.'i-i .' It was McCutchanjs turn. He blinked; sdid he would:\w,ork on that, too. ;- . • . ' V • SOMETHING NEW, St. Louis',' Jan. 24; -fW)— Gentry Politic,i who 'runs a. funeral home, found himself in the >rolo of stork helper — and delivered. While heading for a St. Louis hospital 'wilh her in his 'ambulance, Mrs. Russell Jokerst of Sainte Genevieve gave birth to . a baby boy. •, ' ;•' Politic completed the ; delivery, wrapped the infant in blankets, and drove on to the hospital. WRONG NUMBER Sail Lake City, Jan, 24— (A 1 ) — square a 1942 ticket. to of to On "CERTAIN DAYS" of the month? Do female functional monthly disturbances make you feel restless, nervous, perhaps cranky and. a bit blue—at such times? Then try famous Lydla E. PmK- ., ham's Vegetable Compound to re's lleve such symptoms/ Plnkham'3 j Compound DOES MORE than relieve ." such monthly cramps, headache, J backache. It also relieves accom- l panylng weak, tired, nervous feelings—of thic nature. 1 Taken throughout the month — this great medicine helps build up resistance against such distress. Also a flno stomachic tonic I I i LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt*. the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP ., Eatt 2nd St. Phone 7« < Alteration* Pressed While You Walt iNew York, Jan. '•••• r'^Hf-;' Wonder if Larry MacPhajl,-'.w}w never, has been accused -at.. 'OVerJooking publicity values, isn't m'lSB.vng'a.bet by taking the Yankee "names' lo Banania. . . The guys who. write baseball appear quite content .to. settle down, in St. Pete and 1 wait for the stars to -return before writing about .them. . Branch Rickey;- already what the other 492,000. with? 'will play *• Real Estate If you are. in the market to buy or sell Farm land or City.Property, call or see : ; . „ , Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building . Dodgers * ^« ---- „ ----- ,.- ,-, lord B'la., where -would-be managers will get a lot of training along with the ex-Gl's. .... -. Chick Mcehan, who surveyed the', field, is willing to bet that the Los.Ange. les Rams draw more f.QO.t.ball. customers next fall than, any other club except the Giants and thai they'll do belter than New York's first five games.. 'spring. . The Milwaukee Journal s Billy Sixty, with the aid of Ihe Milwaukee proprietors' association, is running a similar tournament to send a veterans' team to Buffalo. . How about a few more? Cleaning -the Cuff Prexy Ray Dumont, who expects to sign up 500,000 boys at his annual national baseball Congress registration day, May 30, is asking {lie owners of 8,000 co-operating sports goods stores lo donate an autographed baseball to the first re.' gistranl in each slore. . .Wonder COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply this in vain for name. a single Anglo- Bui this might lead to recimi- nalions a^ul must be slopped. I only wanted to point oul lhal we do have a very good, record, all things considered, and only a fair share and not a monopoly, of the villains of the human race. Sir Isaac Newton discovered thai the color, of any subslaiice is due to the light which falls upon it. Oh'u Is Going In for Night Harness racing in, a. big way next summer with a 12-night meeting opening at Wapakonela May 30, followed by 18 nights at Marion. . . leading South Kingstown, R. I., high inlo a schoolboy baskelball Iripleheadcr at the Boston Garden todqy is Bruce Blount, who has scored 1270 points in four seasons. College scouts aren't interested because South Kingstown is virtually the backyard of R. I. Stale College. . All you can say about the recent "election" for the baseball hall of fame is the Cooperstown hasn't a chance. CALL US FOR YOUR WIRING and REPAIR TROUBLES Phone 231-R HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO. Delton Houston DR. H.T.SHULL -VETERINARIAN, ; In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J See Us Fot BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selected , (locks. Hardy, fast- growers. Low price. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts Phone. £5 THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkanioi legislation should be committee chairmen passed, 45 and all the All Dimensions • 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK, QF PHOTOGRAPHS. in your home Phone 493 COU1N BAILEY Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J committee members who have seniority will be kicked clown- stairs immediately. Since every member of the House and Senate is entitled to serve on at least one committee and 86 members (including the special committees) are chairmen, there is very little likelihood that they will vote themselves out oi' these importa.nt committee jobs — actual or potential. An example of how committee members and chairmen feel about legislation which might take them out ol circulation is the present conflict over unified national defense. The House and Senate Naval Affairs Committees are definitely opposed to it, mostly, some eVitics h§..ve said, because tl\ey i'eav they no longer will have their committee jobs or seniority. President Truman's contention that "a handful of men" can block legislation is nothing new. Gen, George Washington had his trou bles with Congress. So did Lincoln WUs.on and, F. D. R. But few Chief Executives had a belter opportuni ly to toss the ball to the voters than that of Harry Truman. o Kauri is a resin secured from New Zealand. At Your Service Dick McGeorge, Bowling editor of the Toledo Blade, recently conducted a tournament to select two teams of service men who will be >cnt. all expenses paid, to the A. B. 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