The Call-Leader from Elwood, Indiana on October 10, 1930 · Page 7
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The Call-Leader from Elwood, Indiana · Page 7

Elwood, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 7
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o o o o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 3 0 o o o o o o o o c o o o o o 0 o , o o o o o o o o o 0 o o 9 THE ELWOOD CALL LCACE& FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1S3J. rxaz Btvzn ARM SIGNALS PERSONAL SAFETY OF PEDESTRIAN AND MOTORIST BOTH INVOLVED Motor Club Urge Care Not Only To Give the Proper Legal Signals But Give These Sijnals With Such Precision That The Other Fellow Will Have Confidence In Them! C S S ; By Cotrtur ( th Hoicr Stat Auto-Bohil AueeiatloB. ftUit4 with tfcr AmerieM Automobilt Association A great many drivers make no attempt te give arm sign). Many who do give them, do so in , cueh a vague, uncertain ami incorrect manner as to cause most al! drivers to have but little confidence in the driver doing what the signal would indicate. Experience showa that frequently he ,does moat an? thing else than what the arm signal indicated! Occasionally what to be an arm signal is no signal at all the driver's arm or the passenger's arm was put out unthourht-edly and such acts are wrong and inconsiderate. It's just an empty or bone-headed thing to do! The illustration accompanying ,'thi article shows the three arm si crnals that are legal and recognized the land over. It goes a step further and shows how, by the use of the finger pointing straight .to the left or the right you can make the driver following yo-j really believe you mean what rour arm signal indicates, snd that you will act accordingly. In putting vour trm out of Mir car to tivt a signal put it c 11 the way out, otherwise you cannot give the, signal properly. If it is to be done at all, do it well. Give yourself that much protoction and thereby also set a good example. Notice that the ilHstrction to slow down or stop is given fr.i the horizontal down. If It is given above the horizontal it is easily confused with the signal for t. right turn. Te back out or head out from the euro, use the same signal as for the left 'urn. The law pro vidos for this. It is a legal signal. Notice Some drivers seem to have the idea thai if the right hand of the driver is held up in the car, presumably to be s.'en through the rear glues by tl. driver in the car behind, that sach sigual is a legal signal. The law makes no mention of any such ignal, and therefore should not lie depended upon, even tho in some emergencies) it may be el fective. ' The Coroners' reports sho that more than 'even hunJre (700) persons are being kill"' nd over twelve thoo.nd (12,000 injured ach year in autumn1' accidents in Indiana alone. There fore, in driving a car with bat brakes, or otherwise hard to control, or driving a car improperly, or failing to give arm signals, r we not in fairness obliged to admit that in s doing, we ar "potential murderers." In addition to our ' widespread accident prevention work in tht schools, and through the newspap ers, and in the errcjion of schoor warning and othe- warning sitfiis and the promotion of safety legislation the lloosier State Automobile Association nas undertaken the task of trying to bring about td agreement upon and tinnlly the adoption of uniform '.lullic regu-ntiona in Indiana mics and owns as fa? as r-t ti-rble. In this work ..he Indiana Municipal lague k.nd the Indiana Association of Police Chiefs have joined hands with the Automobile Asso-iation. In this cHorl we nre all .vorking in hearty accord with th' merican AutomobiU Association ' ind the Hoover Safety Cod?. In he niean'im the inolnnhg. piudio - ured t't become certain nH !vn observe the iranicv of iriv-C b-aal arm siirmils r.rnrer!v. SUIE AUDITORS FINISH 1NSPECT1DK HERE TODAY Two auditors from the slate board of accouuts today are completing the.ii annual inspection of financial rotords of all public offices in Klwood. V. A. Marsh of Indianapolis and V. A. Petty of Frankfort, the two and rWVVrWrfWWWWWWWWWW TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY FOR SALE Reconditionel heat ers, ranges and cook stoves. Several of the well known makes that will give you as good service as new ones. Convenient credit terms. Jones Perkins Rhode's Co. 10-lm iters, today were working on the bootu in Hie otl'ice of School Superintendent V. F. Smith and expected to coMiplete tlioir inspection some time tliiJ aluV noon. From here the auditors' will so to Anderson where tht-y will o oxer the books in th comity offices, having ai ready studied the fcniks of oilier ptib lie officers in that city. last .Monday., The tut; which searchers believe was respollsihlo for Holv-i rtseii lieeomiiiK lost, lifted partially this afternoon. Searchers predicted he would be found soon or would return without assistance, as he was familiar Willi Hits section and is an experienced woodsman. POSSE SEEKS HUNTER. FOK SALK Fries. S1-, and 4 lbs. 1312 So. K St. 1013 FOR SALK- Nice solid Flat Dutch cabbage, $1.00 per hundred. Hub ert Watkins, Fhoiie 211 J-'. :!rd house UK 3 north of Red Corner. FOR KKNT Nice rooms at the Shadeland hotel by day or week H.15 So. A. lot;! FOK SAI.K Sweet cider at IYikiiis A-ille. Charles Keiinis. 10t3 FOl'NIV-Near Peiinsy'. vaina railroad station, Oct. tith or 7th. Girl's rain coat. Inquire ticket office. 1(113 WANTKD To ride to Alexandria with someone noins there or to the Remy factory. Call li;no So. Q St. 10t:l FOR KKNT Modern house close in. Impure at 1014 South K St., or call 'J 11. KM3 Yellow Pine, Idaho, Oct. 9. A new searching party was sent out this afternoon in an effort ta find R. It. Robertson, deer hunter from Itoise. who has been lost .ill the thickW forested mountains here siuee FACcS BLACKMAIL CHAf.GE. Uilayelie, Ind.. Oct. St. Trial of William O. Owens. 1!, of Claikshill on a charge of attempted blackmail was set for Oct. '20 af his arraign meiit today in Tippecanoe circuit court. The rliarv.e was died yesterday ty Prosecutor II M Uobertson. Judt Homer W. lleiuioKar appointed Char les A. West, county attorney, to defend the youth, who was held under H.ooO bond. The youth is accused ot having written threatening letters do-manding laree sums of money fniru the J. A. Ilalfe Sons crocery firm. CRASH INJURIES FATAL. Terre Haute. Ind., Oct. 9. Martin Kaelber, 31. a truck driver, died in a Hospital today or injuries, sustained on the National road past ot hero last night. While he was making repairs under his truck, the car driven .by James Anderson of Shel-bnrn. crashed into it. knocking it off the jack Kaelber had placed under it. Kaelber suffered a fractured skull when the truck dropped. - - . - . TT5 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCQOOOOOOOOOOQO s ted ail ' . i USB Raffi Bill . MAI.K IIKI.P WANTKD Two unemployed men experienced In cutting down trees and willing to work for reasonable wages. Address Call Leader, llox F. 1012 FOR SAI.K- ltreHkl'asI plate dahlias now in full bloom. Don't envy your neighbor next year, grow them yourself. Come select, your bulbs now. Visitors Invited. 1115 No. J St. iota New this season, and already enjoying unprecedented but well deserved popularity. Beautiful appearance, with walnut colored tile finish inset with bottled green tile. Duo heat controls permit quick warming of the floor or general circulation. Quadrilator controls four-way circulation. These features are absolutely new in a Circulator and overcome the only fault which has been found with the circulating type of heater. Circulators produce even heat over the entire house such as is usually expectedonly of a furnace. Other Good Circulators We have other good Circulators in sizes and prices to meet every requirement. Some are priced as low as the old-fashioned hot blast heater. Kitchen heaters are the most convenient and satisfactory form of supplementary heating arrangement that has yet been devised. Our kitchen heaters are wonderful values at very moderate prices. . i Used Stoves We have Used Heaters, Ranges, Cook Stoves, Laundry Stoves, of many reliable makes, carefully reconditioned to give you splendid service. IfMeHamtNoiYet Supplied your stoVe needs this season please caU and let us help you make your selection while our stock is complete. to oneserEunsEiEiodes Co. "Creators of Distinctive Homes" O 0 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 0 o 0 o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 G o o o 0 o o 0 o Q FOR KKNT 5 room bouse, lights, gas and water. Will be vacant Nov 1st. 1523 So. I. Inquire 214 So. 25! h. Ora lsenhour. 10(3 THE Klwood Coffoe Shoppo will serve fried chicken dinner Saturduy eveiv liijt at J 445 So. A St. 35c. 1012 FOR SALK Cabbage tor kraut mak liiR. 12U WoBt Main St. Chas. Fntil- stick. IOCS FOR SALK Largo size heating stove In good condition. Inquire 51!) So. 21st St. 10(3 FOR KKNT--Modern sleeping rooms. Also a new Keadyglo healer for lie. 1801 No. II. 10(3 FOR UKNT-- Five room house, semi- modern. 401 West Main. Inquire at 415 Main. 1013 FOR SALE 2 light weight comforts, one girls' winter coat size 15. Rea sonable. Call at 1G1G So. F. of an evening. 1013 FOR ItKNT-5 room house, electric lights, 2 car garage, water In house at 2127 So. II St. Desirable family. $13. Muncil leisure. Call Aroma, Allaiila R. R. 1. Kit.'! WANTKD To buy a moderately prie. ed 5 room house, G or 7 blocks from eenier of town. Address H. M. Cull Leader. 10(3 LKT (he people know what .-you can do more successfully than other doctors, and do it so ur patients are pleased, 1s Dr. Tobias motto. 1013 FOR SALK Apples, turnips, cabbage, releryq, carrots and other vege tables at the Shell (las Filling station S. and S. R. St by I). H. Hag- erty. lot 3 FOR SALE If you want pep and speed ,buy our gas. H gives satisfaction In any car, and is priced the lowest, 17.3c. Kerosene 12c, truck price 50 gal. and over lOVic. Oil 15c and 20c. 100 per cent Penn sylvania oil 25c. Hroonis 45c. Accessories . of all kinds. , Ilatteries charged 50c and 75c. Rentals 15c per day. All kinds of battery work or top Hnd body work done to your advantage. Motors made new at Mccarty's, 1145 No. And. St. 10t3 FOR SALE Qas that gives satls-, faction in any car at 17.3c. , Kerosene 12c, oil 15c, and 20c. 100 percent Pennsylvania oil 25c. Accessories of all kinds. Hand made brooms, candy', chewing gum, pop, cigars, ci-garetles and tobocco. In appreciation of our ever-growing trade and in order to introduce our Nu-Way Cleanor to more people, we are going to give away some Geese for Thanksgiving Day. v One -can . of Cleaner , at 35c entftled you'to'a free ticket on a f goso, ; Get yojtir cleaner :now and win a "goose free. McTJartjr & Ha-ney, So. "A St. lot3 pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo WANTED I fix pumps, clean wells - and cisterns, repair stoves, patch and put bottoms in, bake them bake. Repair ad paint roots and gutters. Just call Phone 533W. 10t3 EhffSCtPoinifcG the Way to EEaeco Worn with Success on Every Job! Sheeplined Coats With Heavy Moleskin Outers Every man who works or plays out of doors should have one of these. They're very practical and can withstand rough usage. What's more . . . they're very warm. Made of strong moleskin with fine sheep pelt lining and beaverized collar. Just as illustrated. 5.90 V ' V r-ii -sr Sheep-Lined Moleskin Coat for Boys Size 4-8 Sizes 10-18 39Q $490 Blanket Lined Jackets Pay Day lleavv vci"iil, full cut $1.98 Let us help you make more profit, on your corn. You ciitt luiy tin best gloves at tlie lowest price from us. 2 THUMB, Light wt. 89c l'ef Do. 2 THUMB, 10. Oz. $1.49 lVr Doz. 2 THUMB, 12 Ot. l'tr,i heavy and loop; imp. i $1 .69 Per HI... Canvas Back i Work Gloves i T rather Fatm id Fins B&A i pair tiki ttalhim Cotton Union Suits Sixes to 52 dps Heavy weight (16 lb.) cotton union suits warm, sturdy underwear 't 'Air1 Outstanding! Value Sheep-lined Ctorduroy Gats Fine for ill outdoor w ir. I-on Ij. tit it Ijcavcri.t d colhirc; sc icrii il jiciiv .i" in-1 "-. Iciiblr Wasted; full Mt- Cu ull and nx'iny. Hark blue cor duroj, borselndc bead viutkcU i-jr.jWA. ii hll Rubber-soled VJovli i Eplendid value for the money ' A sturdy, well-made work hoe, f double-fanned, first quality leather, rubber sole and heel . . lor only ! $1.79 Horsehldo ) Vectc i for Men Boyi1 Sizei $6.9 Genuine front quarter black howhide. Strongly ititched teams; roomy lceve and arm-bo! r. Good-fitting 30-inch letiKtb , lir" tlcfrei doys' Part W&ol 9 Extra hfavy weight part wool (union suits. Long slcevei, ankl tional com'fort and long weafi . Extra Heavy Weight TJ 1 Itfyi" m V 00 09 0 0 U kyikuv (tho '-'-w ' yr iNWfg, '. 3. . IPenacnesr (g. D E P A n T U E u t o t-o'r 'V i i WHERE THRIFT SETS THE FASHION 214Z16 Soath Anderson Street, Elwood, Indiana 'y-

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