The Call-Leader from Elwood, Indiana on September 14, 1917 · Page 6
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The Call-Leader from Elwood, Indiana · Page 6

Elwood, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1917
Page 6
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1 r A- Y V - A A , PAGE SIX THE ELWOOD CALL LEADER FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1917. ' L vei ue nouna racitagc Used for Century. r Caution Avold Substitutes I d MALTED Win ask for and vjc. i if the onmmAL IJJP Ma ide from clean, rich milk with the ex tract of select malted grain, malted in our own Malt Houses under sanitary conditions. Infanta and children thrive on it. Agrees with the weakest stomach of the invalid or the aged. Needs no cooking nor addition of milk. Nourishes and sustains more than tea, coffee, etc. Should be kept at home or when traveling. A nutritious food-drink may be prepared in a moment. A glassful hot before retiring induces refreshing sleep. Also in lunch tablet form for business men. Substitute Cost .YOU Sam Price Take a Package Homo 4w yliUMcmenta At the Grand. The large audience which was present at the Grand theatre last night, was given a real treat. The attraction, "Mother O'Mlne," proved to be one of the most beautiful pictures ever presented In this city. No tne with a soul, or mother love, could witness this screen portrayal of iiome life without being a better man. Not only w.-.s the story a beautiful one, but every character was an artist.. "Mother O'- Mine," will be given again tonight. You should not miss seeing It. You owe it to yourself to witness it. Pants. i Little Mary McAllister proclaimed by many critics the screen's . most ALHAMBRA TONITE TONITE Mr. Earl Williams Presented IK. .' The Great Play of James Oliver Curwood. winsome child star, Is now being featured In "Pants," a five part comedy-drama produced by Essanay. Tiny Miss McAllister has been with the Essanay company ever since she was three years old, However, it was not until last spring that she won appreciative recognition. This was In "Little Shoes," one of Henry B. Walthall's productions. She then was put into the all-star cast of "On Trial," the picturijiatlon of the Cohan & Harris stae. hit and, as little Doris Strickland, portrayed that tensely emotional rolev with a realism that was almost past understanding. Her splendid success brought demands from all over the country for more of her work, and, in answer Essanay featured her in "Do Children Count?" a series of twelve short pictures, which has enjoyed wide popularity. Her current production, "Pants," Is her latest work and, accdrding to critics, her best. Pants will be shown at the Alhambra Saturday. KHLOFF'S CHIEF FORCI GIVES OUT , (Continued from page 1) We Do As We - Advertise ure had collapsed" completely and that his headquarters had surrendered. The minister added that soon the whole administration and organization of he Russian army would be modified. ' He . declares that the government had acted in full agreement with the revolutionary democracy which had thus triumphed, but that the victory ought not to lessen the vigilance of the government because new at tempts at a counter revolution were' possible through the criminal activity of General Kaledlnes, chief of thv cossacka. ' The diplomatic representatives ot the allied powers have issued a statement denying allegations made by some of the newspapers that they took steps either to support General Kornlloff's action or to hinder his suppression, which the statement adds is contrary to the role of the allien with respect to Russian internal affairs. Colonel Vershovsky, former com mander of the Moscow military dis trict, has been appointed acting min ister of war. General Teplovest has been named commander of the military district of Petrograd, and M. Paltchlnski, former assistant minister of trade, has been given the post of military governor general ot Petrograd. Admiral D. N. Verdervski, former commander in chief of the Baltic fleet, has been appointed minister of ma rine. Ladie's Suits $15to$40 Alen's Suits $15to$30 Tie Son! Master Admission Adults 10c Children 5c Saturday Tomorrow LITTLE MARY McALISTER IS "Pants" XTRA XTRA KATZENJAMER KIDS "Trie Yellow Terror." . "The Little Terror," to be present ed to Violet Mersereau and a clever supporting company in Bluebird pro-toplays at the Grand theatre on Saturday depicts he life of a little girl born and reared in circus life, who becomes a .famous equestrienne and is then, by a rare trick of fate, assimilated into high society as the heiress of her millionaire grandfather. Here she becomes an object of matrimonial interest to a foppish fortune-hunter who only impresses' the girl as an object upon which she may practice a num ber of pranks.', In . the end, when her sweetheart from the circus stirs himself to new enterprise and becomes prosperous in more commercial pursuits, the girl marries her heart's choice, and all ends happilyi SELLING JOBS Alleged Some Trustees Got Pay For, Hiring Teachers. Touched the Heartstrings. The Bluebird picture "Mother O' Mine," at the Grand last night was witnessed by large audiences and proved one of the greatest heart-in terest photoplays ever shown here. The picture is one that will never be forgotten by those who ?ee it and should be witnessed by capacity audiences tonight. The entire cast is unusually strong and the story is one that will appeal to everyone. Purchased Property. William A. Noland, purchased through the Clyde agency a splendid piece of property on South Anderson street. Otis Newby also purcahsed through the same agency the property ) adjoining his home. Evidence of alleged conditions in the township schools of Indiana, under which a system has grown up whereby some trustees compel teachers to pay them money in order to obtain employment came to light yesterday when the state board of accounts certified a number of reports to Governor Goodrich's office for transmission to the atforney-general. In one Arthur Miller, trustee of Heth Township, Harrison county from January 1, 1900 to December 31, 1914, i3 charged with having compelled Stella Beanblossom, a teacher, to pay him $100 for a school to teach; Carrie Haya, $85, and Beulah Moyars Winders, $25. Affidavits fro meach of these teachers and others, in support of the charges of the examiners, are contained in the report. A similar report in the case of Richard Cunningham trustee of Washington Township, Harrison county, also was filed. Thomas J. McDowell, clerk of the civil city of Bluffton, In 1914, is charged in another report with having paid the superintendent of the water works $100 excess salary. Dr. C .H. Mead, secretary, of the board of health, of Blufftonri915, is accused of having received $100.26 excess salary. C. W. Clark, the superintendent of the water works, at Bluffton, in 1916, Is charged wlti the $100 ercesa salary. W ' w Mm I , $1.00 a Week Overcoats Raincoats Men's Hats Boys' Suits 37 Stores Coats Dresses Millinery Waists CAMEOS -From time to time I have been sited about Cmeo brooches and stick, or tie pin. I have secured nine smill broocho and five tie pinx, all beauties, anil of extra fine quality. The cameos in the tie rini would be very suitable for rinKs. Sec them at Dunlap'a Jewelry Store. Prices' J - V. .. 1 . I. ... U I ....... art? jar umw tuc irni wvimi. i run ui ' wait too louff, for they won't last but a xhort t'me. K. Bouillet. 14tS Your Smart Fall Clothes Are Ready; Men and Women Get Fall Clothes now it's easy the Mcnter Way the square deal way. The most stylish clothes in the land are here at prices that, match the lowest we give credit cheerfully and willingly that's our business. You are welcome. Cash or easy terms, ou,r prices are ihe same. OUR TERMS Chi any purchase of $15 or less, $1.00 first payment gets the clothes, then pay as you Avear $1 a week. Liberal terms on larger purchases. 03 O z1 CO M E I m T (Sri CO w o w w Open Saturdays Until 10 p. m. " 217 South Anderson St. Open Mondays Until 8 p. ra. uuiuaaii.i jfu Mb f1 SAME FOR MEN AND OFFICERS. House Provides Equal War Insurance . In Amendment. Washington, Sept. 14. The same compensation for dependents of officers or enlisted men in death and disability cases was provided in an amendment to the soldiers and- sailors' insurance bill adopted by the house over the protest of the committee in charge of the measure. The bill also was amended to increase compensation for all dependent by amount 15 per. cent. The new rates by the month as adopted are: V idow, $35; one child, $45; two children, $52.50, and an additional for each child up to four. One motherless child, $20; two $35; three, $45, and additional for each child up to five. A widowed mother would receive $30 a month and no family allowance would exceed $75 a month. AGED VETERN I! John Brock Found Unconscious Neighbors. By ANNUAL FIRE J fa. ' Jul(S - v ii, -ft t Special Bluebird Feature Rupert I wcA ief h 4 zir: !ulv& ' M T1 Julian Ruth Clifford IN- ''Mother Time 1:45 to 3:15 6:45 to 11:00 :.; ;;.a- A Wonderful Picture With a Wonderful Story. If I were hanged on the highest hill, , '. " Mother 0' Mine I know whose prayer, wouldl follow metill,- v A ) Mother O' Mine m--.- If I were drowned in the deepest sea, v Mother O' Mine '" . I know whose tears would come down to me, Mother 0' Mine If I were damned at body and soul. I know whose prayers would make me whole, 1 Mother 0' Mine; Mother 0' Mine. Milte'l'Sc 1 CEiildr&n 10c John Brock, age 76, widely known in Elwood, died yesterday at 4:40 p. m. at his home near Frankton of a cause that has not been definitely determined, but it was thought to have been paralysis. The funeral will be held Sunday at 10 a. m., with burial in Mt. Pisgah cemetery, near Alexandria. Rev, Wagner of the Christian church at Frankton, conducting the service. Mr. Brock returned home about noon Monday after visiting his niece, Mrs. Boldly Siler, near Alexandria, and was seen digging potatoes Mon day afternoon. He was not seen until Wednesday afternoon, when neighbors becoming alarmed investigated. His horse was found hitched in the front yard4 Mr. Brock was lying on tne floor in his house. He was unconscious. Dr. Peck, of Frankton, was called, but Mr. Brock never regained consciousness. His widow, who was visiting a daughter, Mrs. Lora Deaton, In Anderson, was called Wednesday afternoon. ', Mr. Brock was a member of Company A, Seventh Regiment Indiana Volunteer "Cavalry, and was a member of the Major May Post of Ander son. He enlisted at the beginning ofi the civil war and served until June. 10, 1865. Ho was a resident of Frank- ton and vicinity for the past 50 years. He is survived by his widow, one daughter, Mrs. Deaton, of Anderson, two sons, Elmer Brock, of Hager3- town, and William Brock.; one brother, George Brock of Frankton; seven step-children, one of these, Mrs. J. R. VanBrlggle of this city, and fourteen step-grandchildren. Major May Post G. A. R. of Ander son, will be in charge pf the funeral i and soldiers will be pall-beajers. INSPECTION (Continued irom page 1) that the people generally realize the importance just now of Beeing that their flues at their homes are in first' class condition. Within a few weeks at the longest it will be' necessary to start the stoves for the winter and it will then be too late to make any re- pairs which are necessary. There ar hundreds of flues In Elwood which are really dangerous and if not attended to now, they are almost certain to cause a conflagration in time. A lit tle time and money spent now m.iv save your home from destruction la ter on. It will take but a few minutes to inspect your flue and this is some thing that should be done at once and then if repairs are needed, these should not be neglected longer. Mr. Barber says that conditions generally are fifty per cent better than' thoy were two years ago, but there is still a great deal of room for improvement. When you are in want or anything that applies to our Job Printing, Try us and see. ,'Suffraga Favored In Senate, v , Washington, Sept.14.T-A favorable report ,on the Susan B. Anthony suffrage amendment to the constitution vas ordered "by the senate suffrage committee. It will not be pressed to a vote this session, the committee decided. - i Ju ' Place Loss at 250,000. Vienna (via London), Sept. 14. Te Italian . losses in the eleventh Isonzo battle," says an official state ment by the Austrian office, "have reached almost 250,000, including 20,-000 prisoner." A Vaudeville Theatre ALL WEEK Change of Program Daily. Grace Hutchison Champion Blues Singer and Her Big sisical Review 5 10 PEOPLE 10 C With Such Vaudeville Features' V As EquiHa & EquiEla The Mysterious Danbars Matinee Daily. ,2 Night Shows W'f AA v v AC.A,; ;a a i.

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