Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 22, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1946
Page 5
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_ Pour IJLL^*Ji MOPE, ARKANSAS 6E ANYBODY f. AT XQ.V.S/ i ..' Side G FOR ME TO TAKE A NAP! By Chick Young PAGWOOQ WILL VOU COME OUT AND FIX THE KITCHEN) SINK FOR ME ? IT'S AMAZING' HOW MANY PEOPLE i THERE CAN BE ! IN AN EMPTY HOUSE! SMART DICK, AIN'T YOU? WCLlT\ KE-EP YOUR NOStOUT O? BUSINESS THAT DON'T CONCERN YOI'." / ^THAT'S ALL I'M SAYIN'. s-''^~ and Hold the Cuy 2 kicked him in the KS-ThcUwao Bad. shins and triad to break away, but he socked me. ••»--^ 'i:«. • TW ;ui 3iv '"'trjYiii By Galbraith P ^ ft "^ 't : Mv^ '5$*5^ ^ - : ll| V^....-.\*:&&TJ MAIDENS TroJ«m«rk RccisletiJ V. 5. Patent O.Ticc s -•,. ,^ ,-. :fc x ^x* i V u s) ^ : :-^-p«-;' -1 ; •><£-:\ r^Stf* \\-7 >=^??-S'.' ? ; ^;^^'/^*J/^ < sS^^ r . .-•• -•• -s i/h<.\ 4s> .\;.- ; i.^-^a..-^-- ~vsy==-^.-- %V ^v . TOPS. U46 3Y N;A SESVJCE. fee. T. M. RES, u. s. PAT. OFF. '•2Z 'feh.: P^~-N pKu / / **" te«-('y_ /x ''••'" ;;a^ ,—y\\c. ?Jl»iW ^ lilv mj& ^ &&/ FOLD'S DON'T -. AROUND OPENIN 6RAVS.S.... HE'LL HAFTA ANSWER Tuesday, January 2?, 1946 Uwas going calling on a blond. But first I needed some treatment.' S?hen I came to, he was gone. I gid the phone and dialed a number. Whin a womanVvoicG answered, I hung "••--.rrr'LiBBY SAID RIGHT WHS* . ' ~, SHE SAID HE WAS A/ '\ liRUlSER. fW TtfcTH \ , S ARE STILL RATTLING.) t- -. :i-,i V WONDER WHAT HE j -VJU-iH v^r'^-T. HAD AGAINfeT.^ r vXWT^^^wt .v ; Y .V4V .•! v {-vi^ • '• \ f ^y^ i>feS BUT. SHERIFF! HAL HAD TH 1 SEA'. HAS BEEN SPOKEN Alt. RIGHT? NOW WE'LL SEE A GOOD RHASON FOR OPENING THIS GRAVE LAST NIGHT... NOW HE'S DISAPPEARED } IF WE'RE / 10 TRACE HIW, WE'VE OOf TO KNOW WHAT /> „, HE FOUND ! / J- A EM 1(5 THE LID 15 OPE MED THEY i-, ..-• r i _ 11 n^ I n t- UIL/ i^> w r c: >* w ty IRC/ ! U STARE HORRIFIED INTO TK& CASKET! ] l^^EEEZuii AP Ngwjfeefvr* "My goodiiess,lFre r ddy,-Jire:'vm still getting rehabilitated?' "What if your mother did spank you for the same thing? What did she know about _chil<^ psychology inJ910?" Funny S^feess ' : ' .. • By Hershberger Freckles g " d His Friends^By-Blosse? • ~~ "" 'A ^ "" : "^w ' ^fiissjo ^; * SS": ^(^•^^^fesS-S:^^' _. T _/, I HAD .A DATE WITH , FRECKLES TO V v«.- seeA-nocKe/'r5^ GAME,AMD ]/) .YOU KEPT , HIM |N AFTER.-'J SCHOOL/ ' / I'M SO£RV IF -MY i PROFESSIONAL LIFE " J „. , COM FLICTS WITH YOUft '• C( 'SOCIAL PR06SAM, JUNE ' BUT A TEACHER HAS HIS •H^Pur)3N-, r^ ^- :--i V~t3aal ; L®; !'©" €> ©r m$ "3> ;N^ fci >l^a. ~ && © LOOK '! THERE'S A PICKET WALKING UP AND DOWN-/N FRONT" OF THE HOUSE / ^ w li a_saies:iiG5i slip:; his foot inside the door;''you;jusf puii thp_slnng tluU uiitiesjlic Jjowj"^ ~^' ^~~ Poptye . , '"'• COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. U. REQ. U. G. PAT OFF , BUT WE WOM'T ,SE ABLE TO GET THE' PARTS TO.P1X VOUI2 CsLIA'5/ SHE PID GO THIS IVAV...-SHE MUST HA\-i» LEFT eieUB-JJTASE tr^^^ ,i/ I'ML.5UEE WE'RE)RIGHTO.'£OM"E>I GiTTlMS.CLOSE '/THING H->,5 ic CC?-LOOI'N ) ACTIVATED AT TH= J IT/ A 3iT Or SC<£!-\ / f 0;AL- TWIST i ,\ G S-CULO GIVE MA3= 6i'in| mi J I'V King F. ttutft < ThinnbSe Theater , : ><-4^' THE ""'Xf 5EAHA6 EALLV C3NT KNOW.! PIDN TO V/ay /iwFACr—HM/TV-> C30IN6 TO MARRY. s, THE PUMBEST S ( MAN ON EARTH." V n —i • •*•*!«•*«•• By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople ^^AiLir-,?. vsssEL-jicycr-Ri-ATioiTh '" "' ~ OP .\VJ3~ 3= WE'U. SEE IN A MOMENT WHEN !'V= ^ OOP/ BUILT UP TH5 I^VAGE TO TRANSMISSION VOLUME/ /TOO LATE.' YOU <5OT v / TO kETCH HIM RIGHT ] 6 IM THE ACT, BO'S, ) f V HE'LL KMOW WHUT < ' \ HE'S BEIM' WALLOPED /*^*\iK i-. ~£ ,-4.1 ^ • -^ C:- - : ^"^ ; ^T%^ -" y. ';, •.;; - :r ^. •I- ., X,SaLso-S;- • -'Kzr* •» _^. r: . ^ WHY MOTHERS'<5eT'" .. . VMiSHTO 8ORROVJ fc5O?-~-VJELL,3L wiWT weee I^TWE LOBBV TILL X -STEP TO THE _. AMD peeu j;\ WVPNiOTic POWERS IT OFF.' — A^e \^ > AMftZE . _. VOU 6U12.E THAT'S \ / AM OLD SAMAt^T \> GOT AN KlMD OF M.V 6T«TUC.E/yOF SHERIFF'S /v - - - — -^ POSSE LOOK HIS EVE/ REf\LLV TJOES HE'S A NVT LIU.E c VOONiG ILL SHOW MERLIk WHO'S KIHG VU. "ip iiE"c DOKW'T ) AGREE TO Q'JIT HIS" ATOMICEXFf.RIUaiTS I'LL REALLY LAV r HIM OUT/.rrr-7'~; ^v /"O EU5EHAS,' BUT, THEY GJEW BACK RAGGED- LiKS T THEY? Tunuilny, Joniiory 2?., 1944 SSIFIED H 0 P E S7- A R, HO P E, A-RKA.WS'A.S -jinjiO -U:^ "pffig! i^iriL.^ 6 ! s . ^Hn-.,.As. vJl . A. *« A- o. !h i,r«=^.*£r *-?-S , H . Ptan . °-""• • ',vS:s±!;::js: &•&.-.-,sass:^ Rnteg aro for Continuous InscrUoris-Qnly "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" Throo tlnujj J^eol Estate for Sale SUBURBAN IIOMEi 'ALL 'Mol). orn convenleiitfos, fruit trees, large barn, ehickenhousc, smoke- hmiso iiiu! well house. 10 acres. . Aitvnclivoly prlcetU Owner Icav- «iK.own. Phone 26^.1-3. 17-Ot 0 oM~~J3nTcKr~Tw6 : LOTS well located, close to shopplnt? center. C. B. Tyler, 110 Cotton 21 -31 ___ ^ 4 ROOM PRACTICALLY" NKW modern colUijjc, nicely carpeted and other floor coverings till go with the building. 1308 Wost Ave. 13. Must be seen to be appreciaU 3 ' Tylcr - 21 -3t flO ACRES ON GRAVELED STATK highway. Three houses and .a barn all for $2750.00 on S1COO cash balance and $200 per year C. B.Tylor. 2i. 3l HO _ ACRES, "SMALL" SHACK~ON • higliway, subject to offer. See _g^ B. Tyler. ____ ^ _ 2 l-3t 160 ACRES HALF iLACKTi-FALF dirt land, well improved, near paved highway 67. Reasonable price on long easy terms to pay _C-_B- Tyler. __ 2). 3 t FOR LAND AT $G~PER~'ACR^" see C. B. Tyler. ,2]-3t SIX ROOM HOUSE AND 4 LOTS at 002 N. Hervey. John Price. 21-6t Wanted SMALL FARM, MUST HAVE house, hove own equipment; V, C. Cook, Hope, Route- 4. IG-Ot Notice CATTLEMEN GET RID OF THE Cattle Grub in your cows back Monts Seed Store. 10-2w SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for bolter furniture and better bargains. Phono 470. 14-lin Wanted to Rent FIVE OR SIX ROOM UNFURN- ishcd house to rent. Mrs. Claiulo McConnell. phono 98C-J. 16-61 For Rent FRONT BEDROOM FURNISHED to working couple. 100 West Ave G - 22-3t UNFURNISHED ROOMS. PRI- vnle bnth; Kitchen sink. 421 North Hervey. 22-31 IsS FW Et£ cTRic" liN C TV MOTORS Y4 - Vz - */4 - & 1. H, P. Also a StdcK of Used Motors — LIGHT FIXTURES — — APPLIANCE REPAIRS — — MOTOR REWINDING — General Wiring Contractors Doug f^S'TW Carl Bacon \wf I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Hope Loe's Tourist Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »Flsh • Sandwiches "Soft Drinks Open C a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated, by Mr. and Mrs, P. J. I^QQ City Limits & Highway (37 West Hope Builders Supply Co. Paint Lumber Glass Lime Cement Plywood Roofing Nails — For Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware Female Help Wanted WHITE, GIRL OR WOMAN FOR when, whore and how, put them ori housekeeping and cooking. Ex- p ,? p v" '"' P" oric tllcm lo tne sn °P- uerlpnc-f. nfnfnvi'nri. i7-iT««i],.^i -.we hnve scores of renorlors with perlcnce preferred. en snlni-y, plus board and room with — ' " ~ O; Box 2454, 18'(H private brith P 1, Texas; For Sole 300J BALES GRASS HAY. fiOc per bale. Doelivored in 100 bale lots. W: H. Burke, Hope, Rt. 3. 9-lm ONE ALLIS CHALMERS MODEL K Caterpillar. Floyd Porterfield. _ 12-lf DIAMOND RING, % CARAT. pTNE sloi-», beautiful selling. Al sacrifice. 212 McRae -street. 22-31 1940 CHEVROLET, SPECIAL DE- luxo sedan, four good tires, extra good condition. Jr., Columbus, operator. • Soe Jo Johnson, Call Columbus 18-Gt ONE NEW PORTABLE SPRAY Paint Gun, Zenith radio, Jones Maytag Sales and Service. Phono 200. 304 East 2nd St. 18-Gt 1934 FORD, CHEAP. SEE J F Reed, 404 South Greening street 19-31 ONE 2% BAIN. WAGON IN GOOD ; condition. See J. L. Bcckham. Hope, Route 1. 21-3t TWO WHEEL HOUSE TRAILOR, 18 feet long, $200. Two miles West on old Highway 07. Leslie Terry. 21 . Bt SIX REGISTERED LITTLE BONE Poland China pigs. $15 each. Jim Martin at George Ann Peach Orchard. Prescott. Ri 4 ^-'« 27 FOOT HOUSE TRAILOR, GOOD condition, four goo:! tires. Apply Mac's Camp. Highway 07 west. 22-01 100 CHICK AUTOMATIC GAS brooder. J. O. Luck, Phone 31- w -!2. _ 22-31 ONE WHEEL TRAILOR , l =n «, lro ' double hi tch. 950-W. Phone 22-31 Services Offered men s surgical supports. Mrs Ruth Dozter, 318 North Elm Hope, Ark, Phone 144-J. FOR PAINTING AND- PAPER Hanging. Phone 507-R. W. Wilson. Fair Enough By Westbrook Peglcr Copyright, 1940 By King Features Syndicate. Washington, Jan, 21— The job of a newspaper reporter Is to get the fri'its, including the who, what, when, where and how, put them on paper or phone them to the shop. \Ve have scores of reporters with the American army In far places of tne world but we have had no detailed information from them con- corning the conduct of "brass-hats" who, in general terms, are alleged to have surrounded themselves with luxury at the expense of their commands and to the neglect of the enlisted soldiers and the destruction of morale and discipline. On the other hand, there have been vague reports of such selfishness, naming no names. For example: "One young officer assured me that his gold-braided commander was living in- a sumptuous home, staffed by 32 Filipino houseboys." This dispatch from Manila carried the credit-line of the A. P. Inasmuch as soldier publications can not be allowed to discuss the personal affairs of commanding ofr fleers, the civilian correspondent working for a private employer has a duty to get such information for publication whore it will do the most good, He might risk removal from his assignment by order of the officer thus exposed but more likely the cause would be carried to the War Department and the officer, himself, would, be relieved and punished. It is no difficult feat of reporting to call on the "gold-braided" commander and ask him how many houseboys he is using and, :cor verification, to make a personal check among the help. But merely to relay such gossip to. the United Stales on the word of a junior officer who might have been repeating gossip and might have had a personal grudge is just bad 'newspaper work and smacks more of the night club school of journalism than of the conventional city room. Incidentally, the term "gold-braided" here is an example of the one-word smear description introduced by the jerked - English weeklies which have their hates and house- pets, the former commonly described as "pot-bellied" or "bettle- browed" and the latter as "forthright" or "snuarc-shooting." There is a suggestion here that the officer under discussion wears gold braid merely to please his personal vanity when the fact is that by regulation he is required to wear it. Again: "Another young officer Page Five REGISTERED SPENCER COR- A , ... , setiero, individually designed Again: Another young officer , corsets, brassieres, men and wo- c ° 1T1 P la!11 ed of a lieutenant-colonel men's surgical supports. Mrs ) ' "? saidl managed to wangle T> i . t 1-4 T-\ • 11 * n -mi .. .' 1 \\7fl 111*1 \t €1 i O 1-lrt »-« n« ,-,.» 4l-_ _1^J Truman Asks Huge Sum For Fish, Wildlife Washington, Jon. 21 — (/P)— An incrcnse of $2jOOOj(JOO in federal aid toward wild life restoration "i recommended by President Truman in submitting to Congress today a $12,508,27!5 budget lor the fish and wildlife service, In its $7,639,325 appropriation for 194G ,the service had 1 $! 1 ono i OOO lor this purpose. The remainder of the increase, Mr. Truman said, would permit the recommlssioning of vessels returned from the military service, expansion of enforcement activities in the Alaskan fisheries, extension of the control of predatory animals and injurious rodents, the maintenance of new wildlife refuge areas, and river basin studies in connection with contemplated irrigation and flood control dams. JTor buildings and facilities, the service is asking $472,500; This would provide for fishery stations ati White Salmon, Wash., Corning, Ark., Meridian, Miss., Bellsville, Md;, and in Alaska. — o Arkansas Vet to Get $6,600 in War Bonds Little Rock, Jan. 21 —(/P)— Governor Laney today received thirty three $200 Victory bonds to hold in trust for Delmos P; Pangle, Yellville, Ark., navy discharge who lost both his legs under a train at the Vincennes, 111., railway station several weeks ago. The bonds represented funds raised in a popular subscription by the people of the Vincennos community who became interested in Pangle's case. Pangle, a navy petty officn. had been discharged at Great Lakes, 111., and was enroute to, Yellvillo. He got off the train at Vincennes to obtain lunch. When the train started, lie sought to board it and fell under the wheels. The bonds will be placed in a lock box in some bank for, Pangles' use after he completes his hospitalization, Laney said. Howard W. Greenlee, publisher of the Vincennes Sun-Commercial, who forwarded the bonds, said Pangle was now at Indianapolis, Ind,, and, soon would be moved to a Chicago hospital, where; he would be confined for a year. ,''•• -_, , „.., . u) *• i*.>u»£^ ^,u n_* VYLlllgHJ two private homes on the claim 'Si -•'•— |*» • » M tv. Jiuiuva uii 11 m (JlclJlIl 2841 m that hc nacl to llav c space 'to en- 0 •*;" tertain distinguished visitors.' •AVON'PRODUCTS. FOR SALE BY I premium " Representative. Mrs., Sum Belts Tjltm*« i nan • T • .. - !7* "His distinguished visitors have N. consisted of Rod Cross nnd U. S. O. 17-Gt girls,' the young officer said, This — in a city where housing is at a high Phone 1060-J, 21-Gt Wanted to. Buy In a very short time any reporter who was willing to make the cttort could have nailed down the facts as to this rumor. The best way, usually, is to go to the' man concerned. If hc is guilty he probably will bluster or threaten. Then you have him. You just make notes of what hc is saying and toll him that of course you are going to quote him verbatim. Ask him who . ,.f. „„,,, ,^ — V ri— n ' s distinguished guests were, and Three navy men and eight civilian chock nim °n that. Ask him wheth- ' I WANT TO BUY A '1940-41 OR'42 «]?del Ford or Chevrolet. Buck Williams, 106 South Walnut Street Phone 060. if^f AR'KANSANS ARRIVE ' Philadelphia, Jan, 22 — (/?)— , ^ ...«.,i M t * U \_ J {, « | L LlViilClll repatriates arrived today from Con- ° stanta, Rumania, aboard tho liberty ship Jose Marti. it is not true that his guests been mainly lied Cross and .-<=> tj auj|j jusc iviarn. "• J - O. girls. Describe his houses Included in the group, which loft a . nd llis stale of living, state his Europe Nov. 20 was Chief Yeoman c! "''es, identify his unit of corn- Raymond Wingfield of El Dorado lrmnd a »d, for contrast, describe Ark., who served on naval missions lho condition in which his men are in Russia. living and the nature of their duties, resent the facts to his superior, quote him, too, and" report [iis action, if any. That is the obligation of a free press. Still again: "Another officer, in pf AfM'-pTi-T. nnvy ' said men in his «»'t I LAIN! II'F were scandalized when an impatient captain sent an 80-foot launch on a tour of the harbor in search of the ship which was doing his 1 nundry. Legal Notice IN THE HEMPSTKAD H. M. VS. ELLA WOOD, ET AL WARNING „, The Defendants, Lcvi Erie and Mrs. Levi Erie ,his wife Leie Erie and Mrs.; Leie Erie, his wife; the Unknown Heirs of W. T. Wood deceased; and the Unknown Heirs of Jake Erie, are hereby warned to appear in this Court within thirty days hereafter and answer the complaint of H. M. Stephens, Plaintiff herein. WITNESS my hand and seal as Clerk of this Court on this 14th duy of January, 194G. •(SEAL) C - E ' Jan. 15, 22, 29, Feb. 5 la BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 269 Hope, Ark. SPRAY PAINTING KEMTONING .done the SPRAY WAY LUM RATELIFF Phone 180-W 518 W. Div. Hope, Ark. TELEPHONE PATMOS,ARK, Nazi Rommel Took Poison Reports Show Nuernberg, Jan. 21 . —(UP) — Filed. Marshal Erwin Rommel, Germany's desert fox," drank pois on as an alternative to trial for poltting.. against' Adolf Hitler's lite, documents in Allied hands vdis- ilosed today. Hitler personally ordered Field Marshal Wilhelm Keite,! to arrest Pommel for complicity in the July 20, 1944, bomb plot ng'ainst Hitler. Keitel, a defendant in the war -rimes trial, sent two generals to make llm arrest after Hitler decided Rommel must commit suicide or face trial by the Nazis's dreaded "people's court" as a bomb plotter, the documents said. Hitler was "extremely reluctant" to order Rommel's death, and tie told .associates, including former Reichsmarshal Herman jeering, that .Rommel had died of 'bleeding in the brain" as result of skull injuries suffered during an Allied strafing, the document: state. Rommel was still convalescent from the wounds when he was arrested on Oct. 15, 1944. Rommel was given 10 minutes to say farewell to his wife and son. The documents said Rommel drank poison from a small vial while he was seated in the back seat of an automobile between Nazi generals Bergdorff and Meisel. . " 'It cost the taxpayers better nan a hundred bucks just so that bird could wear a clean shirt,' said the young officer," Without the captain's name and verfication of the incident this again is sheer gossip, no more excusable because it comes from the other side of the world than it would be if it had been turned in by a cily-side reporter in which case the author would have been sent back to got the details, that are drilled into every cub as pri, niary essentials. These reports may be true but they may be false. As presented they do no good but, on the coi> trary, tend to bring all- officer's into contempt and to destroy discipline and confidence at home in the men commanding American civilian soldiers and sailors overseas, including thousands of conscientious, able patriots. The civilian correspondent who should get himself kicked out for giving names and verified facts without such nasty little esoape- words as "allegedly," "purportedly and "presumedly" would be upheld all the way from his home onice to Washington and, if the situation were really as bad as all that, would bring about spectacular reforms and become the perennial guest of the American Legion at all future conventions with t suite to himself and a case of bour bon, free. For ; -*fj ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone .... 413 Night Phone . . . 1Q15-J. We specialize in ... • Motor Rewinding • Repair all makes of Appliances • General Wiring Contractors BERWICK'S Electric Service J14 E. Third 8t. Hope, Ark Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE Pursuant to Section 18. of Act 207 of 1945, notice is hereby'' giveiv tljat the last will and testament of Hugh Winburn Timberlake, of Hope Arkansas, Route Three, was probated in common form by the Probate Court of Hempsteacl County on the 16th day of January, 1946 An appeal from such probate can be affected only by filing a petition, stating the grounds of such appeal, with this court within six (0.) months from the date o£ this notice. Witness my hand and seal this 16th day of January, 1946. Leo Ray Clerk of Probate Court. By Arthur C. Anderson D. C. (SEAL) Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 5 LEGAU NOTICE Pursuant to Section 18 of Act 297 of 1945, notice is hereby given that the last will and testament of Mary Middlebrooks of Hope, Arkansas, was probated in common form by the Probate Court of Hempstead County on the 16th day of January, ' This Curious World By William Ferguson Of? PLYING OVER EN6LAND. , BY HUMAN. EYE5,. YET" AN R.A £ ,<^ T f TIOM-K_BPT_THBM IN.THE P,ELO KNEW WAS NAMED FOR. .'"^••^"tS AAA<SNjOC«j - A FRENCH BOTANIST". ' 1-22 T. M. Rca U. S. PAT. OFF. ANSWER: Maine. r/dldj Indians weap"v/ar palntT CARNSVAL By Dick Turner 1X4 BY tit* SIRVICE. INC. T. H. »tO.' V. t. CAT. Off' "Some of the seryanls are gctlina a little.liard of hearing!) "Bf look S. FoUcrtoa Jr.- An appeal from such probate can be affected only by filing a petition, stating the grounds of such appeal, with this court within six (6) months from the dale of this notice. Witness my hand ami seal this 16th day of January, 1946. Leo Ray • • • Clerk of Probate Court ;. 0 _P.y Arthur C. Anderson D. C. r (SEAL) Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 5 New York, Jan., 22 —(/P)— That crowd of 19,749 that turned: out for the Rangers - Blackhawks game Sunday wasn't an all-time hockey record, though it may have been a high mark for National League games Jersey Jones recalls that more than a dozen years ago the Rangers and the Atlantic City Sea Gulls played a charity exhibition in Atlantic City with admission by donations of food and clothing. . . "The announced figure was between 22,000 and.-23iOOO;" says Jer- •sey,' "and at- le£(st : t^ree; 9^ |ou.r thousan'd people got in wjth,out?;be> ing counted." . . Wally: Butts';(Georgia's round man, has received about a do?.en coaching offers from other colleges since his loam put on that swell shpw against Tulsa in the Oil Bowl.-'.Indications that Wally will stay at''Athens- (with a better salary) are seen in the fact that he turned down Oklahoma's offer of about double his present wages. Kind Hearts and Willing Hands Dept, The fight mob is really in there slugging for Pete Montesi, former fighter and manager who lost an arm and leg in the war. . . When Pete makes his debut as a Danbury, Conn., promoter Friday, Lew JenJkins will box; Ruby Goldstein will referee; Rocky Granziano will be a guest referee; Sam Taub, the broadcaster, will grace the affair with his presence and Pete will use a ring donated by Mike Jacobs. (jg.) . . . Slight case ot confusion developed in the U. of Maine publicity dept. recently when they too! a flock of basketball pictures anc then discovered the Cagei-s had "absent mindedly" posed with soc cer balls instead of basketballs Anybody know Maine's baskclbal record? Boskefrbali Results By The Associated Press East Loyola (Baltimore) 48; George town 41. ! i Valley Forge General Hospita 51; Camp Bradford (Va) Seabeo 40. South Kentucky'08; Georgia Tech 43 Auburn 40;.Georgia 37. Midwest Washington University (St Louis) 48' Wichita University, 35 Iowa 58; University of Chicagi 32. : Northwestern 44; Great LaUes 42 Culver-Stockton 44; Willian Jewell 2G. Ohio Stale 48; Purdue 38. Indiana 4; Michigan 43. Rockhurst 3; Maryville (Mo. 34. Far West Farragut Naval Center 5(3; Gon zaga 23. The pansy has been developet from the violet within the pas 300 years. Warren Amling of Pana, 111., better known as Ohio State's no. 1 football lineman and basketball guard, plans to race his two-year- old pacer, Easter Boy, next summer. Amling also owns a mare, ,Nevetla, which is in foal to spud Hnnover. NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF GRANT OF LETTERS TESTAMENTARY Letters testamentary on the estate of Hugh Winburn Timber- luke, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the 10th duy of January, 194(3, by the probate court of Hempsteud County, Arkansas. All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit them, properly authenticated for allowance, to the undersigned us executrix of said estate, before the end of six (0) months from the date of the granting oi the letters of executrixship upon said estate, and if such claims be not so presented, they will be forever barred. Mrs. Ludie Timberlake Executrix of the Estate oi' Hugh Winburn Timberlake, deceased. Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 5, 12 Cleaning the Cuff Lt. (jg) Earl Brown, football and basketball coach at the Merchant Marine Academy, is due to shed his uniform in March and hopes to return to college coaching, where a head coach gets more pay than a For PHOTOGRAPHS in your home Phone 493 COLUN BAILEY Harry Sea 119r, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J Did you say they're here? Yes... the NEW MAYTAG S3 TonyPehhd Wiiineriii Golf Open By HAL WOOD Richmond, Calif, Jon 21 — (UP) Goll'dom's ' winter "tourists" caded toward Phoenix, Ariz., to- ay with a familiar name occupy- ig an unfamiliar spot at the top ; f the list of sholmakers. Toney Penna, Dayton, O., cap- ured the $10,000 Richmond war ond tournament yesterday with a 3 last round to card a 280 total our under par. Until yesterday Toney hadn't ;on a major tournament since 938 when he was low man in the Cahsas City open. The 39-year-old Italian came up o the 18th and final hole needing . birdie four to win A par Jive vould have dropped him into a our way tie for the title and ne- essitated- a play-off. Toney was 75' yards short of the ^reen. on his second shot. Then, with a gallery of 3,000 crowding round him, ho laid a beautiful ight-irpn shot to within six ileet of he piii. One more stroke put ito the cup. Penna's iirst prize was $2,000 in far. bonds. « A f e fl R FH I Will Develop Ark. Valley Washington, Jan. 21'.—WP) —"We ihall continue our rjlans for the de- 'elopment of the "Missouri Valley, he Arkansas Valley, .and the Cen- ral Valley of California," President Truman told Congress today; In his message'to Congress, the chief executive staged that the rivers of America offer a great opportunity in the management of national wealth. • "By a wife use of federal funds most of which will be repaid into .he treasury, the scourge of floods and drought can be cu'rbed, water can be brought to arid lands, na vigation can be extended, anc cheap power can be brought alike .0 the farms and to the industries of our lands," he stated. The president said that "wise management" of the nation's na Lional resources will add immense ly to the national wealth, and point ed out: "We need to take as soon as possible, an inventory, of the lands, the minerals and the fores of the nation." The public power program, hi stated, "must continue to be made effective by building the necessary generating and transmission iacili ties to furnish the, maximum o firm power ncedpds.at'.the .wholesale markets, which ar,e often distant from the dam sites." -• : - Hope Goes to Texarkana for Game Tonight The Hope High basketball team will go to Texnrkana on January !2 to play the Texarkana Razor' Jacks. There will be two games with the A teams participating in >ne and the 13 teams in the other; Joth games.will be played at night n the Texarkana High School gymnasium. The Bobcats will play Malverri j the Hope High School gymnasium at 7 p. m. on January 25, o Japan's War : Plants Placed ,' Under Guard ; By MURLIN SPENCER Tokyo, Jan. 21 —(fl 3 )— War plants vhich equipped Japan's losing bid or conquest were seized and ilaccd under guard today by Genral MacArthur, who indicated many of the factories would, go to Allied nations as reparations. The Allied command took over 94 Japanese aircraft plants, army and navy arsenals and war aboratories. Among these were 2G5 aircraft and parts plants- listed by he Allied Reparations Commission as "first priority material" for re- -noval to- other nations. MacArthur ordered cancellation of any previous permits to the designated installations for conversion to peacetime production, unless ';he^ installations wore "immediate- y and absolutely essential to the fcivil economy." f Commanders given custody of the installations were told to coli- sider the "probability that these plants will be taken as reparatipns and consequently should not be allowed to acquire importance in the Japanese economy." t The directive disclosed that in some instances the Japanese had removed machinery from plant's and the equipment valued at mil T lions of dollars had been allowed to deteriorate. The Japanese goveriir ment was ordered to cease removals immediately and place guards around the buildings. o narksville. Jan. 22 —(/P)— The Johnson county quorum court yesterday declined to make an appropriation for the two added primaries ordered by a 1945 legislative act. State Jdycee Meet to Be Held in Little Rock in Feb. ' Little Rock, Jan. 21">4(;p)-~ The board of directors of; the state Junior Chamber of Commerce will meet at the Hotel ;Maribn February 10 to map a "concrete program" for. combatting adverse publicity for Arkansas, President Harrell Dunn of Pine Bluff has announced. Plans will be made for the annual convention in Pine Bluff, April 2628. • .!-*••• Little Rock, Jan. 22'—WP)— Additional training for instructors and additional facilities are needed before Arkansas can meet desires of War Veterans for training under federal grants, education commist sionor Ralph B. Jones said following his return from a national conference on. veterans education at Cleveland,'O; COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply DR. Hi T: SHULI; VETERINARIAN,'! In practice in Te>tprkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or'l490-J. THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkansas Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd 8V PHONE, 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances FLOOR MATS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main Complete Repairs and Paint Jobs on Washers and Bicycles. Prompt & Expert Service Visit Our Hew Store JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Phone 209 304 SHEET METAL WORK of all kinds See IRA HALIBURTON, Jr. at the Haliburton Sheet Metal Works CALL US FOR Guaranteed Sewing Machine Repairs. Used Machine Parts & Supplies. We buy, sell, exchange and handle only genuine Singer parts. We will make an Electric out of your treadol for $22.50. Phone 3G1-R. C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dlst. 615 West Division Hats Cleaned: and Rebuilt the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP Ea»t 2nd Sti Phone -7« Alterations Pressed While You Walt • Real Estate If you are in the market- to buy or sell Farm landi or City Property, call or; see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatc'hed right from selected flocks. Hardy, fast. grQweis, Low price. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts ARE YOU? Getting the most effective property insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost? Ask Us About It Today HOUSTON INSURANCE AGENCY Howard A. Hpuston Chas. A. Malone Phone . ,, , 61 Magazines You can now get the latest issue of your favorite Magazine at GENTRY PRINTING CO. (Commercial Printers) Phone 241 Hope, Ark. LOANS To Farmers ond Stockmen. TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS AND CATTLE See E. M. McWilliams SEED STORE Representative for NASHVILLE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION f r -—i.

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