Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 18, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1946
Page 5
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• ^_ Friday, January 1) ":g_PJ STAR, HJ)j> E. ARKANSAS By Chick Young r YOU DON'T MIND EATING V I'M V SOM E OTH Eft PL AC E, DO rou. 7 WAY *• LIBBY? IWANTTOSEE ,/AMnAD WHERE THAT BABE GOES.)/ OF YOU. , .-.'•• M tfs GO/ foNowed tier into town -and saw her enter GUESS WE CAN I-AT NOW..S HMM... LOOK AT THE HEAOli an apartment hotel. GROWL ISSUING STATEMENTS THIS ONE ALWAYS MEANS TH/ HE'S STUMPED/ '^J^PP^^II -™ToH Y;*l'/ ^JtrrH ...BUT DON'T BREATHE A WORD I'VE T .TILL THEN-AND VOU'LL H&AR, A St 6OIK6 TO CREATE A Side Glances By Galbraith --i •*'•<? I;*"- '•' -- > ^-sis- • \ vou'RE AN OLD foo',, \>. « OEUB-STAKE... THEM KIDS v ••= POUND ^7 IN tHS STUFF, IT. BUNKIE? VSUM... NO SIGN o? A BREAK... PLENTY THICK... 5POT WHEPE SCOKCHV ANO CEUIA.--\VH- 15 IN WHAT'S AVAStTlN' THAT SL/ZHIN^.-.UKH scORinv'5 A ifc 1 , UPA50VE? rA\"'RE6RSTTlN' I TOLP ..SCOeC CS:TH''(3AL A50UT' TH' -NOISES FS3\\ THESs BOTH WENT IN... NOW TO A\E TO RNP '£Ms-Z^ H^SL - /• ! '>3?tvfiW ^^.m*****' £&$mfl THIS WATER IS COLD/ Mt> -., COPR. 194* SV HE* SZRVICS. IKC. T. M. RK. U. S. PAT tx ."Maybe noznethirig fnnjtistic would work—that girl who « ^^ nded him lhe other night'had some friends in, and he ,„, " "' :':' dozed off watching them Jitterbug!" """ "By the way, can you cook?" 4sssojg Ag -spuauj Funny Business By Hershberger SlUDEMTS/FRBCKLES ; WAS ASKcD TO WRITE A SCO-WOED COMPO- ; .' 'BUMMSTcAD, HE WROTe FIFTY WORDS, AND MADE i TEW CARBON COPIES / /"LISTEM , vc-j COPE', IP YOU' "\ , 'OH.VES,'AND ( DOM'T TUCN TM/VT KADlO V THE-Y'THOUGHT WE WERE THE RADIO! •. DOVVM/I'LL COME UP TWEKE I >AND SMACK YUM.' ^OID V S —AND i!M GOINJG- To BE SELFISH! I-M GOING "RD ASK HIM ~ ^ STAY AFTER. SCHOOL SO L CAN ENJOY' HlAA ALL BY MYSELF' "Hs's a clock watcherl" Thimble Theater MV GCR5.M U I 6'LIEVE BELLSIS POPS /- I HEARP B£LLS .OKAY / SPCINKLE I 5OAAE MOKE \ 'FOR;-'145' MONTH! VtJU ALONE TO IN THE CRYSTAL rj7Ji^w\ &?^^ ^t^r^Rpa W.--I- -.-!/.. ««•", 1«» U» "f\ 3EBVICJ, INC. T. M..RIO. U. s. P«T. W.'B Out Our Way By J.R.Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople rvWj-juMpw HMPH/ HE'S LIKELY TO HAW l rtoW l HAW/>- / /WU ER-HELLO, f OAKY, I WANT VOU TO ELAIUE/ VMEET LORD BOWEHEAD/ DISCOVER HIS WECK OUTHE EXECUTIOWEf^S YOU GET /601EHE/AOTH LOOK AT ME . , COMSCIEhJCE U WAS !NJ A SHOP / N , WE'VE GOTTA STOP A BRF3ATH Or \ ANSWERS \ AS BIG AS A FRESH AIR-- \ WHEW THERE'S \ COVERED COVM TH DOC SEZ J NO QUESTION)-- ) P2AMCH.ER HE'D J I SHOULDM'T /S HE'S BEEW J SAY STAY IN J A NAME ^ HAVE ALWAYfrl LIKE THAT/?] BEEN KIAM8> BOUEHB4P/ _ PRESIDENT OF *& -^ HAVE VAULTS ^THt 1 S J MCTION5I\L\ •\NiwcAsn.') -«~VMO\N.' i IV\OST TeLLERS ARE. , A BUY A HfW BALER. , ui^vj tw. i Ht £ R £^cf »^^S?^,^,^k">I. £ TO MAKE GREAT- DISCOVERY/ OUT A SMOKE OR HE D OF SAID EVERYBODY IN I 15 GOWWA GO POOF/ jp / / *-^?\ IN. V ;-JOTHir-j'.' I //\&& |" V • ^- <S '/ M>&\ X - TT~> >--«ii • r-^* "—-*—i-,^*i •• -^, r ,—- w-w .. i u* i v | w>^ «-j x-^"» V-^/ 3r**«^tJl-LJ ra r^ « FULL OP »ioo BILLS/ Ji THIS LOOSE- \? EASV TO *. JS —T^T ^M^? T ^ r ^- ; r(P^HRAApWV.'A80RBO\^*IO-^ O / 8ETTEF2- IT \j\m^ c • 1JH& PROPESSOR .„. SCOOPED UP £1*%™ Fjitlay, January 18. 1946 SS/F/ED , In Ad,.™. . „„ ,..„.„ Over ,„„ 33= K S 5 eo1 Estate for Sale •in ACHES, ONE-HALF MILE south of Washington, 2/3 in eulti- va ton, remainder in full growth pulpwoocl arid some sow stock, uno rive room house in repairable condition. Priced very reasonable. Joe Lively, 805 West Third _ -.'.°.-l _ 12 -0t SUBURBAN HOME, ALL~MC)Dern conveniences, fniil trees, large bnrn, ehickenhouso, smokehouse and well house. 15 acres Attractively priced. Owner leav- ^IIIR town. Phone 20-J-3. 17-ei GOOD UNIMlMVoVED^FAmvUNG Innd. $0.00 per acre, 100 acre .tract 'M acres cultivatablo, balance in small timber and nas- _ture. C. 13. Tyler. ]7.;j t D w E LI JNG" "'CORNER SOUTH I-Tervoy and Second Street. See ^Ca^vin E. Cassidy. ]8-3t SIX ROOM HOUSED ?Ta~\VEST 13th Street. See Calvin E, Cassidy. . 18-31 SIX ROOM HOUSE, 210 WEST~i"3th Street. See Calvin E. Cassidy. 18-31 45 ACRES, TWO >IOUSKs7~nAHN~ good orchard, weir watered, gas' water and lights. Near enu of Fniifh Main Street. Sec Calvin _E. Cassidy. 18-st (10 ACRES LAND, TWO HOUSES^ barn anrt outhouses in Rosston Ark. Bargain. See Calvin E. Cassidy. 8-31 Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR- setiore, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men nnd wo- moll s surgical supports. Mrs. lUith Dpzior, 318 North Elm St Hope, Ark. Phone 144-J. 28-lm FOR PAINTING AND PAPER Hanging. Phone f>(;7-R. W. N Wilson. 17-3t Wanted to Buy Female Help Wanted WHITir GIRL OR WOMAN FOR housekeeping and cooking. Ex- prrionco preferred. Excellent salary, plus board and room with ivivnto b.-th P. O. Box 24. r )4, Dallas 1. Texas. ]8-Gt For Sa8e 3000 BALES GRASS HAY. 50c per bale. Declivercd in 100 bale lots. W. II. Burke, Hope, Rt. 3 9-lm ONE ALLIS CHALMERS MODEL K Caterpillar. Floyd Porterficld. i2-0t OLDSMOBILE 4-DOOR~slT- dan, excellent condition, good rubber, heater, radio, roadlanips scatcovcrs. Phone 512. ' 14-31 1930 FORD CONVERTIBLE, GOOD condition, four new tires. J R Lambert, Roi'le 1, Emmet. 15-61 DIAMOND RING, V, CARAT. FINE stone, beautiful setting. At sacrifice. 212 McRae street. 15-Gt FLORENCE OIL RANGE, GOOD condition, bargain for cash. Mrs. Josephine Mayton, 808 West 4th Street. 10-31 TWO GOOD MILCH COWS, SEE Herbert Lewis, Rope, Route 1, west of Anthony mill. lG-3t TWO BED ROOM SUITES, ICE box, Gas cook stove. 414 West Division street. Phone 959-M. 17-31 MHO CHEVROLET, SPECIAL DE- luxc sedan, four good tires, extra «ood condition. See Jo Johnson, Jr., Columbus. Call Columbus operator. ia.()t Notice CATTLEMEN GET RID OF THE Cattle Grub in your cows back. Monts Reed Store. 10-2w SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for better furniture and better bargains. Phone 47G. 31-lm Found BLACK AND WHITE SETTER bird doi( about fi years old. Knot on lot's, sick'. Owner please contact H. S. Wafer, Route 4. Hope on highway G7 west at Wafer's Crossing. 10.31 WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- turo, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone 873 : 20-1 m WE 'PAY BEST PRICES FOR used furniture. Hale and Bearden 001 West 3rd. St. Phone _J 093V 14-0t GOOD USED 2 3/4 INCH FARM wagon. Low wood wheels with wide tires. Ross R. Gillespie 15'0t I WANT TO BUY A 1940-41 OR'42 ™(lel Ford or Chevrolet. Buck WUhams, 100 South Walnut Street Phone OGO. i. Wanted to Rent FIVE OR SIX ROOM , UNFURN- ished house to rent. Mrs. Claude McConnell, phone 088-J. Ifi.gt 0 P E STAR, HO P E, A R KANSAS Fa! ir Enough By Wcstbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946. By King Features Syndicate, Lost BLACK MULE, WEIGHT ABOUT J100 pounds, Notify Martin Tim- inons, Hope, Route 4. 17.31. BOND YELLOW""GOL'F'"WRIST wntcli Reward for return to Mrs DnJo Rogers. Phone 238-J. 18-3t Wanted SMALL FARM, MUST HAVE house, have own equipment. V. C. Cook, Hope, Route 4. Hi-Bt Basketball Results By The Associated Press East Tufts 74; Fargo Nnvnl Barracks 56'. Wake Forest 46; George Washington 3R. Holy Cross 70; Boston College 30 South Ranclolph-Macon GO; Bridgewater 49. Alabama 39; Tulanc 28. Camp Peary 74; Bainbridge 70. Louisiana College 55; Mississippi College 44. Midwest Loyola University-(Chicago) 75- Illinois Tech 73 (two overtimes). Penn 43; Dubuque University 41. Ball State:34; Depauw 32. Loras 01; Camp Grant 42. ;Southwest • . ' " Baylor 58; Southern Methodist 38. ; Texas College of Mines 45- Hnrdin and Simmons 33. Ariona State (Flagstaff) 54; New Mexico 44. •Far West Camp Mirnmnr Marines 55; Santa Barbara .Marines 37. .Kcarns Overseas Replacement Depot 52; William Field (Ariz) 37. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Fall River, Mass. —Buddy Farroll, 155, Newark, N. J., outpoint- ed Jimmy Mills, 156, New York, £°?] lei ! tor ' N ' Y ' ~ Sal Bnrtolo, 0, Boston, outpointed Vince Dell 'Orto, 134 1-2, Philadelphia, 10 (Non-title). Norfolk, V.i. - Tony Zalo. 162 n'u 1 , Ga ,7r' I U, d - kTnr ockcd out Tony Gillo, 1C5, New Haven, 5. (Non- title). Hope Byilders Supply Co. For Point Lumber Glass Lime Cement Plywood Roofing Nails Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware By United Press Orange, N. J. — Freddie Archer, 140, Newark, outpointed Joey 1'oralta, 141 1-4, Tamnqua, Pal, Newport, Vt. — Leo Methot, 120 Montreal drew with Kid Lcbrun 129, Shcrbrooke, Quo. (ID Chicago — Odell Reiley, ISO Dc^ )1 '^ l P° inted clQ yt°'i Worlds, 197, Chicago, (10). o Our election will'be held in a democratic atmosphere that should enable all Mexicians to be completely tree to choose and decide —P/csident Avila Camacho of Mexico. Magazines You can now get the latest issue of your favorite Magazine at GENTRY PRINTING CO. (Commercial Printers) Phone 241 Hope, Ark. Washington, Jan. 17 — The question linn ben raised, and inuch too late of "freedom of the press" for finny publications in .which the buck private lins been encourageci to believe that he lias a right to talk back to his superiors. By whal theory it ever wns decided thai such .papers had any legitimate place in disciplined militurj? forces We never have been told, the reason for this reticence being that such impudence cannot be reconciled with our military system and our laws governing the conduct of both officers and enlisted or drafted men. The old, original stars and stripes was an experiment that tinned out well, thanks to the nappy coincidence of some young and mischievous men who displayed an opportune knack for ampoonine themselves, their bosses nnd war in a genial and patriotic way. When this war came along, however, the Communists and lhe pinks first promoted a great expansion of such journalism and then contrived to plant themselves in the publications, as data in army intelligence has positively noted. Failing (hat, they got jobs in press relations and various headquarters and the Communists were diligent to be good soldiers in the sense of not courting charges. Their purpose was to sit out the war without b f>ng killed or hurt rind to acquire an the information and influence •hoy could for use in the future, the present time is of that future. An this doubtless will be developed in some phase of impending investigations and scandals. It was a nasty conspiracy and cycnical almost beyond belief. However, the dangers presented py army journalism, under privilege, arc worse than most of us, and that term includes high staff officers, have realized. Under "freedom of the press " this journalism has a right to cm- ploy the most vicious oi the gul- tersmpe gossips as "correspondents and 'columnists," with a iignt to express their opinions and publish the filthiest and most disruptive rumors about all superiors irom corporals to the secretary of war. Under such franchise, these Ihn ?'" • Tr " Ot Ollly P^ectcd in their violations of the commonest mihtary laws but protected, as won, m their non-combat editorial assignments. For, the more offensively they violate the regulations and iho articlels of war by holdinl their superiors and the whole command up to ridicule and contempt the more angrily their supporters may protest that any rebuke, such as a demotion or a transfer to dangerous duties, was arranged by the offended "brass-hats" as a moans of silencing criticism. It is a new application of the old fa- In Hvif- ySten ? l , hat pl£lllt managers in civilian industry encountered nvni£ g i°'<! hc ^ artyr method which invoked the Wagner act to prevent an employer from firing a saboteur and disrupter on the ground that he was being perse" cuted for "union activity " P Any slacker, turned G-I journalist might cry that the captain or the genera was sending him to his ff on ( li Kr-\,.,,..„_ i • ^ 11. -n*o TO was tolling the Unless this so-called "G-I iour- ' ls , ab olished, the principle have been established, to the "•reparable, dnmngo of the army and the nation, that any man, even a colonel with a grudge aga nst • f nH 1 ;' ° 1 ' " Se , concl »aulenan" has ni-n«" ,° S(? U " der "freedom of the pi ess to inspire vicious comments against that person in print nnd that the "writer" of the item under journalistic privilege may refuse to reveal his- source Brfb- ery and corruption are thus invited. Any private, saluting pu nc - get away with it. in an army, respect for rank i* required nnd it cannot bo compromised by an appeal to "jouina- lisny which leaves the subordinate lice to ridicule and lie about his superiors with no fear of punish mc-nt or responsibility for s a dor Such papers, of course, are im mime to civil suits for damages™, Our civil, conventional, daily Jwtori'hv" 1 ,. 1 - 00 b ? cn erievo'usly ,Y. lectecl by this poison tVnd the evil - ~ --"""" '-•' ii!P™«™™ Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions — 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMQS, ARK, There is no room for freedom of he press or journalistic privilege nnri n Am . erican armocl services and all such papers should -bo suppressed permanently P If "brass-hats" have abused heir power to persecute the ranks then the great and honored corps oi correspondents for the civilian press would seem to have been a most criminally remiss in the™ reporting of the truth. Why have iH hey (old us about these impositions and why haven't they men- loned the names of the bud colonels and generals and given us tunes and places? * -a BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SWVER Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court • Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue fFlsh t Sandwiches *Soft Drinks Open C a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loo City Limits & Highway 67 West ;.The' Nation's FiVsf Family^ President and Mrs.' Harry S. Truman and their daughter, Margnr.et,' •aro - shown; above, in their latest -family .portrait, posed',, in jthe ~~ " ' ' ~~ Sumner WeSIes' Son Weds 'Ma;j; Bcnjamiii Welle?, son of former Undersecretary of State Suiritver \Ve!!cs, slips \voddins band on finger of his bride,.Cynthia Aitlcen, in marriage ceremony in Westminster, London. She is thb former v.'ifo of Max Aitken, son of Lord Beaverbrook. ndted , ' .' • British publisher. Pants Are Shingies, No Doubt "'~' r * A Kansas City, Kans., clothier couldn't provide suits for discharged servicemen,- but he managed to give- them a laugh Henry Holmes, Ship Filter, 3/c. and Pvt Robert W Marshall look over a display of single and double-breasted "barrel-drape 1 , 1 jackets, advertised to "fit. ;snv fiiyrvl n-inn " "fit. any man' New York, Jan. 18 —i.-'l 1 ;— Bill 3ickey says he'd like to slay in >asebiill but not us a playei 1 . Well, here's a nice job at Yale thai lied loli'e just abandoned . . . Trainer lanliio Seanion .says he has till oi oe Louis' training cguipivient locUed u|) in his liou:;e and can t'ct it out in tun minutes. . . .If Andy Gi.istai.son takes the Pill toot- ball coaching job, as U na^ been rumored, a lot of rivals may slurt catching up with Army in about two or three years — and will they rub at in. Sports Before Your £yes Doc Blanchard tribut£''No. 000..: Tommy Timlin, the referee, says there's only one back he ever saw who can compare with Doc. "That's Jim Thorpe and I never worked imh.nrf M™ " | ^ .Barney Heam behind him.' of Jamestown, N. Y.. nosed out Bill Kovalak of Hornell by a margin of .DOS for the Pony League batting championship. That title involved almost as many zeroes as tin; next Louis-Conn scrap . . . . Aver.v Brundage likely will be named president of the International Olympic Committee in September following lhe resignation of J. Siegfried Estrom of Sweden . . . Or.c story i:; that the thoroughbred racing associations have set aside $1.000,000 as a starter for the new division of protection . . . Which shows you how much protection racing must need. Two New Oreleans groups are interested in entering a club in the new All America Football Con- IWonce. Both arc willing to play mid-week games rather than buck John Barnhil! inCamdersfor Booster Camden, Ark.—Coach John Barnhill, of the University of Arkansas, Will attend a barbecue and Booster Club rally at .Municipal Auditorium in Camden Monday night, January 21, at 7:30 o'clock. Football lettermen from several South Arkansas schools will be guests of the Ouach- itsi Booster Club. Coaches and school officials hove also been invited. More than 300 are expected. Committees under the direction of President John Roy Bradley, of the Booster Club, are at work. Finance and membership committee is headed by Paul May. Boosters will be admitted to barbecue, and membership cards will include a ticket to this event and also place the members on the pre- tcrrcd list for tickets to the Arkansas game in Little Hock next fall. Teams and coaches at Hope, Magnolia, Smackover, El Dorado Prescott, Fordyce Gurdon and Camden have been invited to this feed and Arkansas Booster Club Rally. • Coach Earnhill will bring some of his assistants with him to Camden. Poge Five Questions and Answers Q—How long has it been since the federal budget was balanced? A—17 years. £j—How many flags have represented soveregnily in Texas? A—Six; Spanish, French, Mexican, Republic of Texas, U. S., Confederacy. Q—What weapon for starving out the Japs did we withhold from use? A—Fungus sport, which would have destroyed their food supply. It could have been used it the Japs restored to biological war- iare, or held out in the hills of Japan after an invasion. Q—How do gulls open clams? A—They drop them on rocks from a height. Q—What is the potential annual world rubber production? A—3,000,000 tons, more than twice present peacetime needs. Bobcats Play Cainden, Hers, Friday Night The Hope Bobcats will meet Cnm- den Friday night, in a basketball game at the Hope high school beginning at 8 o'clock. This is the first home conference game for the Bobcats. In the opening .conference game, Hope was defeated by El Dorado. The Hope B team, will meet the Washington A team in Hope, beginning at 7 o'clock tonight. o — «. Social Situations .THE SITUATION: .You are invited to an open house between he hours of 4 to 6 and arrive at '. By 5 the house is crowded with [uests. Arnulto Arias, above, former president of Panama, was arrested after the quick and bloody riipprossion of an armsd revolt against the government of President Enrique A. Jiminoz. China's Car-dinar WRONG WAY: Stay until <j—' ir even later, if there are still ;iiests around at 6. RIGHT WAY: Leave at', 5. If jucsts who arrive early leave after in hour, there is more room for he latecomers. '. So They Say If Hawaii typifies miltiary law as administered by the Army, then somebody should let the Army know that it is not the government of the United States, and that the ConstisuUon of the United States still prevails. —Sen. Pat McCarran of Nevada. The turning ' point in our psychological war with Japan did not come until we established air bases within > range ; 'of the home islands. From that period it no longer was possible for the Jap militarists to deceive their people. —Brig.-Gen. Bonner Fellers,-'member of General MacArthur's staff. ' . Let Russia close its own .concentration camps is Seberia before it stands .beiore the world as the friend of the underprivileged —Rep. M. A. Feighan of Ohio: Peoples of the world will learn from the Neurnberg trial the absolute arid ineveitable necessity of fininshing once and for all with the offshoots and accomuliccs of Hitler. •Leo Volinsky, Russian commentator. Barbs By Hal Cochran We're smartest at fifty, says a professor. That's not giving the .adies much of a chance, is' it? Snappers are put on purses so that women will have something to do at the movies. A report says civilians have been eating meat in excess of the amount allocated to them. Are you one of the little pigs that went to market? A Kentucky boy of ten has been smoking since ho was six. He night to got a watch, or something, f he'll quit when he's twenty-one! Too much time is wasted on people who are too hard to please. he college and school teams When De Benneville Bell — Bert o you — made his first public an- poarance in Philadelphia after being handede the $20,000 job as n-o lootball commissioner, he told he fans: "Inflation is here, boys vhcn they pay me that kind of dough." COMPLETE RADIP SERVICE Bob Elmoro A'jJo Supply Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way, HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Phone 78 Alterations Pree»ed While You Walt SPRAY PAINTING KEMTONING done the SPRAY WAY LUM RATELIFF Phone 180-W 518 W. Div. Hope, Ark. as IFirst to represent China in the College of Cardinals will bs Msgr. Thomas Tien, above, Titular Bishop of Ruspe and Apostolic Vicar of Tsingtap. lie •was among 32 new Cardinals recently by Pope^Pius. HOtM'EST DON Anchoiage, Alaska,.Jan. ^8 —(/P)— Pilot Don Dorothy of Sacramento, California presented a ' check' for $1,000 at a local bank, then counted the money and nearly Sainted. The clerk had piven him more than $7,000. The .pilot counted out his $1,000 and returned the rest suggesting the clerk check the count. •'•-•. "Shucks," said the clerk, "any body who would', bring it back wouldn't hold any out." SHEET METAL WORK of all kinds See ; IRA HALIBURTON, Jr. at the Haliburton Sheet Metal Works CALL US FOR Guaranteed Sewing Machine Repairs. Used. Machine Parts & Supplies. We buy, sell, exchange and handle only genuine Singer parts. We will make an Electric out ot your treadel lor $22.50 Phone 361-R. C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dist. • 615 West Division For PHOTOGRAPHS in your home Phone 493 COLL5N BA5LEY lea if you are in the market to buy or sell Farm land or City Property, call or see CaSvsn E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building j Did you cay ) fhey'ire here? Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures /i Hope Appliance Co. 214 EaSt 3rd St. ^ PHONE 613 ' F Appliance Repairs—Appliance* THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkansas ! DR. H.T. SHULL , VETERINARIAN , In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALli Phone 140 or 1490-J FLOOR MATS FOR ALL CARS ' Bob Elmorc Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selected j (locks. Hardy, fast- growers. Low pnc«. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts LOANS To Farmers and Stockmen. TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS AND CATTLE See E. M. McWilliams SEED STORE ' ' Representative for NASHVILLE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION ARE YOU? Gel ting the most- effective property insurance coverage' at the lowest possible cost? Ask Us About It Today HOUSTON INSURANCE AGENCY Howard A. Houston Chas. A, Malone , Phone .... 61 fe Yes...the X\' NEW I 1 > -«4 MAYTAGS! '©- r '" * IJ T i i 1. .-.•••• \* ^ j " \ t,-,' • Handsome new moJcls. '.'. exclusive MAY« TAG features Important "Post-War" improvements ~,",', new efficiency, quality, luggcdaess, Visit Our New Store JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Phone 209 304 East 2nd For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone .... 413 Night Phone ... 1015-J We specialize in ... • Motor Rewinding • Repair all makes of Appliances ' • General Wiring : Contractors BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark ; MOTORS 1/4 - 1/2 - 3 4 - & 1 H, f, Also a StocK of Used Motors — LIGHT FIXTURES 4-' — APPLIANCE REPAIRS— — MOTOR REWINDING — General Wiring Contractors Doug ^|TY ^^' Bacon V^l I I Jones Phone 784 Hope f, i.

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