Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 17, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 17, 1946
Page 4
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a i wo Bioetdio ° E H'OPE. ARKANSAS By Chick Young ,•- ; v>'/-' : "V>: » v -'V / fc \ 'li!!!ni!!i^j^pA-y^v ^'^-^—^4 I. t-t:*£%P* f~* WELL. / I DIDN'T Side GKinces By Galbraith ( THROW HIM DOWNUS';^ \•%•!$ S ON PURPOSE $*y & ^cwM i; JS*KS***= sSi f( DID YOU C-.ET A GOOD LOOK AT TlliT\*'S y DLOISD NUMBER 1 WAS STARING AT ? C t*M (\ DiSM'T MISS A DETAIL/ AFTER ALL I'M AWOWAII. -—;/- '<pV " *&''- ^',m0 #•: *•*<•>•• ,A," ; » <: - - >}»•«> % L'VT- V..- t-oi 1 *. "•«• *i "E* SERVICE-, INC. r. M. use, u. c. rtr. OFF. .'/( *' /7 ' MODEST MAIDENS TraJtnurk Rfcislorr.l U. S. Pnlcnt Office , U=3 "According to the bills I get she dresses like a duchsss, &ut every iinie I- look at her she reminds me of a rum.. - mage sa!«! 11 Funny Business * ,,..,,,.,'J/ 'Well, everybody brings home souvcnirsb By Hershberger Freck!es awd M ^ Friends By BSosser T>: I HEAP. MK.-WAYMAM WEAH, AMD THIS ASKED YOU ID WRITF MORNING- I'M A 6OO-WORD COMPO /OROOUN& FROM Ol Trfc EVILS OF r*/ SCHOOLING / BRUTE FORCE-/ ) HARDLY ANY SHUf- "~ '— -y~< EVE LAST EVE / • X ,rvrt/ DID \ Nope---I'M VOU \ BEHIND Tf-lfT FINISH GRIND.' EUT THE: MR-WAYMAM 500 I HAS A SENSE WORDS { OP HUMOR, I ' HE'LL GET A BIS-LAUGH/ f \S3sfe (v-~i w mf • v- 6 % H a H"^?i *~ *• " ' • '"• •• • •—-w"——--.—.•.-P.—.... ^*-...——.,.......... .,, .... - """"^A MEANIN& WHAT? J I OMLY WROTE FIFTY* WORDS, BUT i MAD? }.\ It's a cold job for Hei>ry, but it's the only way we can' ...scare, Juruo;-, into, staying inside „ wsiile. he's cot. the , ——C^TEN CARBON copies / * ^'^ s COPn. 1045 or MO SERVICE. INC. T. M. DEC. U. t. PAT. Orf. U 1-17 ThimbSe Theafrer HGOJS FGKUSff MO&J5) FOCUS J! HOCUS POXUS \) RJCUiS c&'TWE —• — ^ •$L^ . *»*,".! T^-TCTl nf<. , Hiul*'^ HOPES ITl AIN'T AS fiOOFV AS THE PRE5INK SHALL ) ~ HEAR ' MONTH SOUN'S MORE LII<E CLAUS ... Out Our Way By J. R, Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople j THIS C5 7H 1 BATH MAT FROM V VOUR. FEET ER TH' BATH V-. TOVA 8V TUB VJ/XV, DEA 3QST TO ME -**- VJRY MOT I MFW 85 3^27 ALL RUSWT, ABLB TO {gg> M/^30R i X BORROW /\ *&/ WAS GOiNiG 6MNiER FROM M TO MP.K& HIM. •me LN? IF il A V/\L)LT PULL OF CURR-EhiCV 6OV GO VJ& 4 COULD FOR. SOfAE L'ijT VOU'Re THE "DOCTOR/ IS SHOULD \ BE VERV • Thursday, .Jonuacy 17, Si? I SAW HSR. LEAVING 7SK VIC ^ESi^^';7, c :vi IT HF'O LIKj! rf/ «UT f I^IB^I^ME EVEII LESO.^f 5PEAKIMG V 1? OFFICE AT HEADQUARTERS,/ WORKING ME HAD HER IN TOR QUESTIONING IN THE JIMMY JERCE MURDER ON THAT CASE, AREN'T YOU? HAD A HUNCH/ Am.n HEAD. BIB! HE'S BURIED IN POffER'S FIELD PLENTY, I \/ BUT THE ^ . IN NEW VORK... NO- IF MV tHEORVIjJ CORRECT HOPE.gACY.' / ONLV DEATH ... NO CORPSE 15 BURIED HERE, AND WEVER WAS ! .. . . , THE UNIDENTIFIED MONTH Of \ STOOffE.'VOU THE CRIME? X DON'T MEAN THIS \5 HIS GRAVE - !| w.'&\mst& '& PUFF. — HOPE I AlNT TOO LATE/ THEAV THEV WHAT'S" IN fHFU SLACK STAVES... vmA< -*v_. $Mte,.^ •l<i.l*l > l ! ^ C^ 1 .-•--• Ftt<£*yFSF TV- .j/ ,.i • . m «T.'_" / PLEASE HELP ME ON WITH MY SWEATER — HENRY? c,- tf •/-•o \ S°*V i -ft %&£&&& RO3ABLY TO TUG UOST ATLAWTlS, '-• •••• STARsTyToOK,YOU SC/EAJTIFIC FOOL, f°C/ OOP'S / THERE AEE THIN&S IN THIS Mr ) I A tilCLJ-- \ I klr-\n i p^ •»-. i«^- ..«.. . ..... . \,n~,-*T-:~, *\ lnc "-r- «KE lf1INl=^> IN IMIi> I /^ . ^°Z ^PISM"^ WORLP THAT MEM LIKE YOU / / ONE ° F 7HE M MoS/^i^^t i NEVER UNPERSTANP ~^/ (& PROVIPENCE) HOW COULD HE YV ni? COMCIOPO i~c^ ^^ ljr>s.i ^XiTiis. ,\'r- <\ I ^ EVC!I * UMUCK'S \M HOW COULD HE V OR CONS.'PEE... LIVE THROUGH I ^—, THAT? j 1 (" !S(«,VA«6.'Rlie6 1 Lt'=.! ( Q '-'-- \I LOOKED - Tr(E YOU/ MERLIN W20MHIS LOHG JOUEMEV; OAKY HAS E4LLEN ASLEEP I?/THE GEEAT HALL OF KMS 5/ilD NUU WERE BACK, 4WD AM I BOWEHE4D/- YOU/I JUCT^ I asw^Si^-, X^!J° \T ^ BtfVv BUT ns SAFER. RICH OK> y 5 *^ HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS A., w A e In ° ffice Day Bcforo All Want Ad. Ca.h In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phono rasas a •„<; Real F.state for Sale ACHES' "oNK-ffALP MILE south of Washington, 2/3 In culli- valion, remainder in full growth pulnwood and some saw slodk l)ne five room house in repairable condition. Priced very reason- j;hie. ,loo Lively, 803 West Third _^ r _cel. ]2 . 01 Kit! ACl(ir.S " ON TnGHWAY7~0 ' -room house, three tenant houses, barn, (JO acres in pasture, springs. Considerable timber, passenger bus, .school bus, daily mail, electricity available all for 10.50 acre _\Vhy pay more? C. B. Tyler. 15-31 BLACK LAND" AT $-i5~l^R~Ac:RE clo.-ic to paved highway, and well improved. This Irncl has 100 acres. HO acres black, SO acres dirt. All Rood level farming land __ C lJ 5 j_ T 5' 1 °''-_ 15-31 ONK -1 HOOM HOUSE, ONE 3 room hoiAse, .1 lots, nice poultry yiird, well mealed close in all for the small price of S1800 Terms arranged. C. B. Tyler 15-31 \VK ARE FULLY QUALni'TiFD "r?Y Jong years of experience, lo buy and sell every type Real Estate. .Rendering you a satisfactory service. C. B. Tyler, Licensed by Arkansas Heal Estate Commission, is.-u SUBURBAN HOME, A~LL~MOn- crn conveniences, fruit trees, large barn, chickenhousc, smokehouse and well house. 15 acres. Attractively priced. Owner leaving town. Phone 20-J-3. 17-01 GOOD UNIMPROVED FARMING land. $0.00 per acre, 100 acre tract 24 acres cultivatablc, balance in small timber and pasture. C. U. Tyler. 17-3t For Sole 3000 BALES GRASS HAY. 50c per bale. Declivered in 100 bale lots. W. II. Burke, Hope, Rt. 3 9-1 in NO. 1 CLEAN LESPEDEZA HAY. L. H. Morrow, 8 miles south of . Hope on Lewisville road. 10-Ct GOOD JOHNSON GRASS HAY See J. B. Rowe, phone 9-F-3. Hope, Ark., on DeAnn road. 11-Gt ONE ALLIS CHALMERS MODEL K Caterpillar. Floyd Porterficld. 12-Gt 1933 OLDSMOBILE 4-DOOR~~SE~- dan, excellent condition, good rubber, healer, radio, roadlamps sealcovcrs. Phone 512. 14-31 193(i FORD CONVERTIBLE, GOOD condition, four new tires. J. R Lambert, Route I, Emmet. 15-01 DIAMOND RING, >/ 2 CARAT. FINE stone, beautiful setting. At sacrifice. 212 MeRae street. 15-Gt BF.LMONT BATTERY RADia See Mrs. B. M. Hazzard at Rephan's or call 991-J after 0 p.m. ]g.3i ZENITH HEARING AID, USED one month. Price $30. Also oil stove for heating. 810 South Elm Street. . 15-3t NICE DINING ROOM SUITE. SEE at 204 East Division. 15-31 FLORENCE OIL RANGE, GOOD condition, bargain for cash. Mrs. Josephine Mayton, 808 West 4th Street. J0-3t TWO GOOD MILCH COWS, SEE Herbert Lewis, Rope, Route 1, west of Anthony mill, 10-31 TWO BED ROOM~~SUlTEsT'ici box, Gas cook slovo. 414 West Division street. Phone 959-M. 17-31 Notice CATTLEMEN GET RID OF THE Cattle Grub in your cows back. Monts Seed Store. I0-2w SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for belter furniture bargains. Phone 476. and beltar 31-lm Hope Builders Supply Co. For Paint Lumber Glass Lirne Cement Plywood Roofing Nails Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR, seliere, individually designed coi-uols, brassieres, men nnd women's surgical supports. Mrs Ruth Dossier, 318 North Elm St. Phone 144-J. 28-lm PAPER W. N. 17-31 FOR PAINTING ..Ing. Phone Wilson. AND f)67-R. Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, qne piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone f 7 ^ 20-1m WE PAY BEST PRlCES~F6u used furniture. Hale nnd Benr- DQ1 Wesl 3rd - St. Phono 14-Gt GOOD USED 2 3/4 INCH FAI^M wtigon. Low wood wheels with wide tires. Ross R. Gillcspic ;_ Iti-Gl I WANT TO BUY A 1910-4l"o~RM2 ,TJP? cl Ford °r Chevrolet. Buck Williams. 100 South Walnut Street Phone GOO. n.tf Wanted to Rent FIVE OR SIX ROOM UNFURff- ished house to rent. Mrs. Clnu.'le McConnell, phone 988-J. IG-Ol Lost BLACK MULE, WEIGHT ABOUT 1100 pounds, Notify Martin Timmons, Ifopc, Route 4. 17-31 Wonted SMALL FARM, MUST HAVE house, have own equipment V C. Cook, Hope-, Route 4. IG-Gt FOP Rent TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS private entrance, adults onlv. Call between (I Wesl Ave. a.m. E. and noon ..... g.if,. By Westbrook Pcgler Copyright, 1946 By Kino Features Syndicate. Washington, Jnn. 17—Sum Carp, of Brich'.eporl. Conn., (he brother- in-law of Viiisehoslav Molotov, who was (!iiKM({(;d to spend either S100,- 000,000 or S2(lO,rmO,000 or Russian money in the United Stales on a commiM.lon of two per cent or five per cent was his elusive self when he was (.•tilled before 'the now Dies committee in Ihe fall. This was a return engagement, so to speak, Sam having played a brief season before (he old Dies com- mitiee in 1(130 when it was disclosed lhal, titter many years, he wont buck to Russia to visit his sister, Molotov's wife, and to "make a dollar," reluming here with $100,000 in currency and vasl order;; for American material including a battleship which, had it been constructed. would have grown to 00,1)00 Ions. Al some limes he describes himself as a pmchasing agent for the Soviet government. At others, when his conduct might be examined in relation to the law rec|uir- agents of foreign governments to register with ihe State Department, as he did not. Carp insists lhal he was not an agent but was working "for myself." The now committee in Ihe more recent inquiry especially in- tereslcd in SMITI'S relation, if any, to Ihe Bridgeport Herald, a weekly paper devoted with ',-qual vohe- mence to personal scandal and the more leftish objectives of the C. 1.0.-Communist Political Action Commitiee in the Coneclicul dustrinl area between Bridgeport and Stamford. The publisher of the paper, Leigh Dancnberg, was one of the fesv publishers the American press who had the rather special privilege of touring certain interesting areas abroad during the war others being excluded from such travel on the ostensible ground mat Ihcy were ably represented by their employee eorresDondenls. Uanenberg and another New Deal publisher, who travelled in the guise el n Red Cross man, were exceptions. Although his paper is not a daily but a weekly and is not a newspaper in the journalistic undcrsUinding of Ihe term but a left wing piopagandu organ with consideiablc power of intimidation NICELY FURNISHED BED- room wilh garage. Phone 129. 15-31 GROCERY STORE COMPLETE and fixlures. One 30 by 30 garage building. Also one house trailor. Living quarters in back of store building four tourist cabins. All can be leased reasonable. See E. O. And or D. W. Lands at Peach Court, 3 miles south of Prescott on G7 highway. 1.1-31 H.UI evcr opponents by a technique i.>-,,i •emim and , he was allowed to make a war jour- ley 10 areas embracing Russian nterosts. After President Roosevelt died •vnd before Ihe shooting stopped acknowledged against the ' y 46 Crop Goal Increased by Million Acres Washington, Jan. 1C •—(/?)— Wilh dernand.s for food holding al peak levels, "Secrelary of Agriculture Anderson today approved increases totaling nearly a million acres in 1940 crop goals. The new and final goal calls for 2DG,001,000 acres planted to various cultivated croos. This compares with an earlier tentative figure of 295,087,300 acres and with 286,f!31,900 acres planted lasl year. Crops for which the final goal recommends increases include rice, dry beans, sugar beels flaxseed and feed grains. The revisions approved by Anderson take into account recommendations marie by stale and local farm officials and farm organizations. '•Farmers," the secretary said, "have pointed the way toward a full, balanced production. They are ready to do their part in using the great productive capacity of America to achieve the high standard of living of which we are capable." Anderson also received recommendations to increase suggested national goals for peanuts for edible purposes, potaloes and burley tobacco. He turned Ihcse down, however, on the grounds lhal they appeared to exceed prospective demands. Some slight revisions were made in the final goal for livestock and livestock products. Anderson said the final goal is as high as a tight livestock leed supply situation warrants. The spring pig crop goal was set at 51,651,000 head compared wilh Anderson's earlier proposal of M.OpO.OOO head. Final goals for chickens and eggs are close lo roiginal national recommendations which called for 15 per cent fewer eggs and 17 per cent fewer chickens. BUREAUCRACY Salt Lake Cily, Jan. 17 — (,V)— An unemployed laborer applied di- reclly lo President Truman for a job. The application was referred in turn, from the White House to the Department of Labor, 1o ihe western regional U. S. Employment Service, to the Utah USES and finally lo Ihe Sail Lake Cily USES office three blocks from the job seeker's home. «lr Trurnan tacitly nal this verboton Bobcats Meet "S ! i. Coach Dildy announced, Ilia Hope 1 Bobcats will meet (.he Cam- clcn learn in a basketball Ktimo Friday night. Jiinuni-y ](i, sl;irlui(j ' nl, 8 o'clock the Hiijli school. This is a conference giiim.', and l.ho first confci encc ^ame lo be played in Hope this season. The Hopi! B Icam will meet the Washington A loam, Friday night 7 o'clock. By JACK HAND New York, Jan. Ifi — M 1 )— Base- hall players are coming out of the service faster than they were being inducted u year ago when the future of the game hung by a thread. More than 180 former GIs have returned lo their National League clubs since the close of the ISMo season. Heading the 1 list arc such well- known sUirs as Terry Moore, Max Lanier, aiid Harry Walker, of the St. Louis Cardinals, Johnny Mb.e and Hal Schumacher of the New York Giants, Johnny Vandcrmecr and Ray Mueller of the Cincinnati Reds, Ron Northcy of the Phillies, Bama Rowcll and Johnny McCarthy of the Boston Braves. Elbie Fletcher of Pittsburgh and Pete Reiser, Pee Wee Reese and Billy Herman of Brooklyn. A survey of current National League rosters by Charles Segar, newly-appointed league v publicist, showed the names of 3,')G players who had been in service. Some returned during the 1845 season but a .'majority of them donned civvies since the World Series. Not all of the demobilized vets are in the Terry Moore-Johnny Mizc headline class but several o'f them probably will mean more to their clubs than the more hii;hlv publicized older stars. The Giants welcomed back Pitcher Mike Budnici: who has excited grave notices from all the scouts in Horace Stoneham's '!2nd Street office. Brooklyn has a rookie phenom in Joe Hatten, mound recently Page Five CARNXVAL By Dick Turner Dick lui' corn. 1916 BY NCA scRvice, me. T. M. uno. u. s. PAT. OFF. 1-17 "Why ain't you one of them 'men of distinction,' wilh your picUiro in a booze ad?" •ET Hogh S. FaUtcton. Jr.* Now York, Jan. 17 —(&)— Charley Trippi, the Georgia halfback who apparently perfected the art of dodging ladders by avoiding pro- fessiunal scouts, plans to attend summer school and earn as many credits ns possible toward his cle- •4ix'o in business education before iie decides whether to return to college next fall. . .his latest pro- football offer is $15,000 and he's a K'ood enough baseball player to have a Hock of big league scouts on his trail. . . Today's Guest Star Lyn C. Doyle. Philadelphia evening bulletin: "One of the most soothing forms of self deception is catch Vinnie Smith is a sure-fire ! the half hour glow that comes .of No. 1 man of the future. , discharged from the navy, and Branch li-ickcy believes ex'-GI Los Burge has the makings of a "great hitler." Ralph Kincr, out of the navy air force, will offer stiff competition for the Pittsburgh outfielders and Each club has ils quota of prospects lo give the wartime major leaguers a battle and. even before have been handed out right and .. ----- ^v>_.. 11 i- ( u i i 10 L LUC others had been an net of personal spue by his predecessor Tor he lift- — a"-- •• " ^"»m. »m.i. ^v^u uuiun; od the rule nnd several of the tnc competition starts, releases others travelled lo the war ' ' • • Incidentally, 11 1O discrepancies jetwean $100,000,000 and .^00,000,JOO nnd between two per cent nnd .ive per cent are Mr Cnrp's own Ho is so vague on dcloils, although <i highly successful business man and a sharp trader, that, actually :ie was unable to tell the commit. $100.000,000 just how commissioned to its interest in the Herald which of Ices much he spend. And at some time his commission was to bo two per cent and at others five. So his own gain , g nnn hfIVC b ° e: " 1 as . ] '»lc as $2.- .OOO or as much as ¥10,000,000 AH this time Russia had an estab- ished trading avency going here, the Amtorp, so the thought that he received life appointment because ne was well-connected by family ties naturally occurred to the ex- o miners. PuivsuniR Bridgeport course, has been sympathetic with the- mob action of the machinists' union m Stamford, lately, the committee asked Mr. Caip point blank 1 any oi. his Russian money had been applied to the interest of the paper. This he denied with vehemence, adding that when his chil- clron were young he wouldn't even allow it in his house because it was 'nothing but low stories " He wouldn't go so Tar/ as to say eilh- er, that the paper followed the Communist line, although no said he was in no position to judge because he wasn't interested in Communism and didn't read that sort of ining. However, Danenberg, he left. Within National the last League month over HO players were shunted back to the minors or given their unconditional releases. Most of them were wartime "fil- ins' 'but the list also included Cliff Melton of the Giants, Steve -Mes- nor of the Rods, Al Rubeling and Xavier Rescigno of the Pirates and Debs Garrns of the Cardinals. By JACK O'BRIAN New York— Broadway tendered Joe E Lewis, the nation's lop cafe comic, a highly unusual collective compliment the other morning when Joe played his last show at' the Copacabiuiii, winding up longest run—18 weeks— of major cafe personality at that glil- lering cellar saloon Usually Broadwayitcs turn up o. sympathet - Ihore was some questioning, also concerning one Morris Fin- Kulslone, possibly an erroneous reference to Lawrence Finkolstone also of Bridgeport, who had beeii associated with Danenberg. The commitiee discovered that Carp " ' a 8o, borrowed $15,'- the any in '{real swarms at the opening night of a new cafe floor'show, just ns the people of the theater turn up at the first night of now legitimate shows But by the lime a cafe entertainer comes to the end of an engagement. ..four or six week duration nnd frequently less, no one apparently seems to caic. But Ihe other morning, when Joe E. Lewis came out on the Copa'r, floor prepared to do a fast laugh show and get c.ut, he discovered the place packed to the walls with his frienda and admirers, all of whom stood nnd sang "For He's a ° U '"' nnn uuu - . , ironi iMiikelstone, which i ep , au i' " lul> Jn 193(i ' about lho time i,' that he Russia, was with doing business big money at ' for his command, paid Finkelst'onc $1 000 ' Pinkelstone , attorney. He insisted, how- in fi- Wonted! TELEPHQHE POLES All Dimensions —• 16 to 70 Feet Cosh Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. as a lawyei being an tutor ever, that if the" Hcraicfwas ,„ „- nancial I roubles that yenr he knew nothing about them, had no knowledge that anybody had put up $100 - nOU to finance this organ of the rxow Deal and discussed nothing oi the kind with Finkelstone ^Previous testimony uf Carp and DkJ you soy they're Yes...»ho MiW MAVTAGS! Handsome new models i.. exclusive MAY» TAG features Important "Post-War" Improvements i IJ new efficiency, quality, ruggedncss. Visit Our New Sroro JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Phone 209 304 East 2nd being all set with the front end of the daily double." Guessing Game Us pure speeulation nt this stage of Ihe basketball season, but you can look ior some fancy maneuvering for attractions, when the time comes to name the teams for the N.C.A.A. and New York invitational lournamcnts. . .such teams at Arkansas, Kentucky, Wyoming and Oklahoma Aggies already have made a big impression on Garden fans and may be in lino for the NCAA tourney, too. . .Holy Cross may also be in the middle of a bidding contesl and Noire Dame, possibly Ihe best of all, may be left out. Sportspourri The Pacific Coast League plans lo produce ils own baseball movie lo offset major league "propaganda" now lhal Ihe coast circuit wants to be a major in its own right. . . couple of correspondents point out that Ihe 62,000 prep foolball crow al Cleveland isn't a record. Chicago's Kelly bowl games regularly draw around 100,000 cuslornors and ntlraclcd-104,000 for Bill de Corrs- vont's final school game. gue li f/ s Troubles By SID FEDER New York, Jan. 16 —(/P)— The National Football League's club- owners reached for ihe aspirin bottle and went lo tho mat wilh their schedule-making headache again today in the hope of firing one final shot at Ihe young All- Arnerica conference. They've already moved their championship Cleveland rams to Los Angeles to buck the All-America in one of the "key" pro gridiron cities. They've switched their commissioner from mild Elmer Layden to rough-and-ready Bert Bell for Iheir all-out war wilh the new rival loop. And yesterday they and three other associated leagues warned all "contract jumping" players that the punishment for bolting to the All-America would be banishment from pro ball for five years. Now, with a two-week wail) in front of them before the Los Angeles coliseum commission decides whether tho Hams can use tho 10,000-seat stadium for their five homo games next season, the Moguls only have to make up a powerful gril^-drawing schedule before winding ur> ihe longest annual meeting in their history. This schedule making has been the big bugaboo of the week. Meeting the All-America head-on in New York. Chicago and Los Angeles — where both loops have clubs — the National Leaguers realise they're going to have to present the Elronjrest attractions Sunday afler Sunday. U. S, Employment Service an Sicrf© P?aces 141,005 Little Rock, Jan. 1C — (fi>) — Nonagricultural job placements made bv the 20 U. S. Employment Service offices in Arkansas during 1945 totaled 141,00. r ), the USES' annual activities report disclosed today. The placement record 'or last year represented an increase of 32,500 placements over the 1R44 total. D. O. .Hushing, state USES director, said. Placements in 1945 included Ihcse for 18.GG2 veterans, of whom So They Say The American people desire to obtain in some form whatevet 1 >ases (in (he Pacific) that seem iccessary to their security. But they haye no desire to acquire new territory for imperialistic purposes. * —Clark M. Eichelberger, director, American Association for the United Nations. The small events of everv'd'"' living have taught modern man that there are million capable of heroism and sacrifice. —Rev. Ralph S. Meadbwcroft/ New York City. • — _____ i' A great mistake was made in fixing prices at the consumer- level. From this condition, created by the government, rose the greatest system of black markets the* world ever saw. , —Rep. Thomas A. Jenkins of Ohio* American films which portray the gangster as a hero 'are rrot good for our children. . .We haVe many robberies and leagues -form- which are in Ameri- ed by our youngsters patterned after gangs, can films. — Miss Kaisu-Mirjami Rydberg,' member of Finnish Parliament. ! were handicapped. This fig- v.'as more than twice as laree the number of war veterans ced in 1944. The report showed that USES offices in Arkansas made 215.557 referrals to jobs and conducted 3,722 counseling interviews with vulcr- nns. Leather Lyr.ic (Headline: Zivic straight bout) loses seventh Shed a tear for Fritzie Zivic, Whose boxing has of late Roused in hometown fans no civic Pride — he'll soon lose eight. At fighting Fritz is out of luck But he still knows how to make a buck. ieorgeMiken *3> By TED MEIER New York, Jan. 10 — f/P)— Running wild for 51 points in his last two games -against Western Kentucky and Murray (Ky) Teachers, big George Mikan of DePaul's Blue Demons has regained the lead in the national collegiate individual high scoring race, an Associated Press tabulation snowed today Mikan's splurge gave him 288 Jolly Good Fellow Present were and gol. ;\ Jump velly thro such diverse points to oust Marshall's Bill Hall who took over first place with 243 points a week ago. Hall connected for 38 points in two games since then, but slipped to second at 281. Although ahead by only seven points in total points Mikan has averaged 22.15 points for 13 games, compared to Hall's 15. Gl for 18 contests. The DcPaul star has rimmed 110 field goals and 08 free throws to Hall's 132 doubledeckers and 17 charity tosses. pcr- others related that ho lincl paid $57,000, altogether, (o Scott Fen-is and Preston McGoodwin. deserving Democrat;; of the New Deal, for "public relations" and ••contacts" in Washington while he was trying lo gel Ihe super-battleship for Russia under the impression that he could buy a battleship us casually us he might buy a tomato. In that session, McGodwin was described as a publicity man for the Democratic National Committee, whose chief, for years was Charles Michelson. In the recent session there was a confused reference to Mr. Michelson, himself, at the mere mention of whose name the Democrats on the new Dies committee stalled speaking loudly in gullyh, geochoe. double-talk and pU'-Laiin with the result that no understandable impression was left as to the extenl of Ihe acquainance be-wcon Mr. Mololov's wife's brotlvr and the sage nnd elder statesman their party's publicity office. Notwithstanding repeated exam- matrons, Carp managed to conceal the exact facts of to very concerning the amount he received in Russia and precisely what he spent it for with particular reference to the committee's first interest, he fina ancing of , Communist propaganda in papers professing loyalty lo the American government and its conslitulion. Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court • Featuring —.^_ • Steaks • Fried Chicken * Barbecue a Fish • Sandwiches »Soft Drinks Open G a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe City Limits & Highway 07 West LOST? Tacoma, Wash., Jan. 17 — (I?}— Police reported that a holdup suspect led police to where he said he dropped $850 in currency when arrested. The money, wrapped in a torn pic.'trc of newspaper, had lain unnoticed by hundreds of passersby on a busy street for 15 hours. sonalitins as Orson Welles, Gertrude Nicsen, Mae Murray, Tools Shor, Berl Lahr, Bert Wheeler, Martha Rayo, Lew Parker, Mitzi Green, Charlie Butlerworlh, Belly Hulton, Eddie Foy, assorted Broadway columnists, agenls, and night club owners who had come to look enviously on the exit of a comedian who really brings in Ihe customers. Joe was paid a record salary— $72,000 for the: IS weeks. There isn't a major night club owner on the Bifi Street who wouldn't pay him more, for Joe brings in cafe clients, the way Sinatra attracts Ihe swoon set. He'll be off J lo Florida for appearances in Miami, then lo Chicago, thence to the eoasl and back to Ihe Copa nexl fall. Al an increase in salary, too. Meanwhile Joe will hang around Broadway for a week and squire his best gal, Screen Starlel Martha Stewart, lo all Ihe places he couldn't get to while performing three limes a night at "the Copa. "I didn't gel much chance to hold hanils for the last four months," .Joe explains. The belling is ubout :>0-50 that Joe and Martha have been married for some time, although neither will admit it. When I asked Joe point blank if they were married. Joe, in typical good humor, replied: "Don't be vulgar." Science note: Newest wrinkle the theater gang is discussing is an amplifying system by which singers and actors in Broadway shows can be heard easily even in such large theaters r.s the Broadway, tho Century and ihe Columbus Circle...small radio sending sels, they say, wil| do the trick...Ihe whole woiks will fit into a singer or performer's costume....with microphones fitted into a necktie, brooch or whatnot....A receiving set back- t'lage would pick up the voices, which would be mixed and given the proper listening level and sent out through Ihe house Probe of TrippSe Murder Es Top Secret by Army Frankfurt, Germany, Jan. 16 • — — Rumors circulated today that: an arrest had been made in the torch murder of three U. S. military government officers at Passau, but In'gh American army officers refused to comment, instead, the secrecy surrounding the 10-day old ease was intensified. One ' officer unofficially volunteered the .statement that hs believed the might be an "inlra-nnny scandal." A report said an American officer was under Army investigators wrapped the entire case in such secrecy that so far not even the names and hometowns of the victims have been announced officially. However, they have been unofficially identified as Maj. Evorett S. Cofran of Washington, D. C., Capt. Adrian I. Wesselcr of New Rochelle, N. Y., and Lt. Stanley Rosewater of Omaha, Neb. suspicion. who have SHIRT DRINK Bcloit, Wis., Jan. 17 — Sam Meisler couldn't buy one, so he advertised to swap a pint of whisky for a white dress shirt. He gol the shirt, with offers lo spare. Forty-two is now the nvoras'c age of World W-ar I veterans. a^MMiJUMU^ mBKmvMiqiTffaaiBwa COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Harry Segrcar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J Hots Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Phone 76 Alterations Pressed While You Walt • TRANSFER « HAUL ANYTHING ANYWHERE Quick Dependable Service Phone 933 B. P.McLAIN and Answers Q—Now that atomic fission has been accomplished, are nlom- splilling cyclotrons still being built? A—Yes. The U. of. California is building a $1,450,000 cyclotron to weigh 4000 tons, three times the size of the largest so far. Q—What, caused the- . recent mine disaster at Pincvillc, Ky.? A—An explosion of natural gas, experts believe. A four-day Christman work stoppage, ' they reason, allowed the usual 1 per cent lo 2 per cent methane gas content o.C.air in the mine to rise to !i per ccr.l or more, Ihe danger point. Q—How long does a motor bus last? A—Usually ten years or longer. Q—What calendar do the Russians and Cracks use? - A—The Julian, which places Jan. 1 on our Jan. 14. Other peoples use the Gr-cgorian, or reformed Julian, calendar. Q—What will U. S. population be in 1950? A—ASbout 14 r >,onO,000, the Census Bureau estimates. It is now more Uir.n 140,000,000, and a jump in birlh rate in expected this year. o A Missouri woman gol a di- dorco because her husband threw an ax at her. Women are mighty nice—but not fickle! BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing o Heating Phone S59 Hone, Ark. SHEET METAL WORK of all kinds See IRA HALIBURTON, Jr. Haliburton at the Sheet Metal Works CALL US FOR Guaranteed Sewing Machine Repairs. Uicd Machine Parts & Supplies. We buy, sell, exchange and handle only genuine Singer parts. We will make an Electric cull of your treadel far $22.50 Phone 381-1!. C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dlst. 615 West Division For PHOTOGRAPHS in your home Phone 493 COLL6N BAILEY SPRAY PAINTING KEMTONING done the SPRAY WAY LUM RATELIFF Phone 180-W 518 W. Dlv. Hope, Ark. istate if you are in the market to buy or sell Farm land or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cossidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3cd SU PHONE 613 - ; Appliance Repairs—Appliance* THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J • Hope, Arkcmsai DR. H. T. SHULL VETERINARIAN ' In practice in Texarkan'a TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J , FLOOR MATS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmorc Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll'like our quality chicks, Katchs'd right, from selected .flocks. Hardy, fait- growers. Low price.. FEEDER? SUPPLY CO.* 4th and La. Ste r- s Phone -25 LOANS To Farmers' and Stockmen. TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS AND CATTLE See E. M. McWiUiams SEED STORE Representative fop NASHVILLE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION ARE YOU? Getting the most-effective'- property insurance coverage' at the lowest possible cost?; Ask Us About It Today HOUSTON INSURANCE AGENCY Howard^A.v Houston Chaa. A. Malone . 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