Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 16, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1946
Page 5
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Three times BELMONT See Mrs. Rcphan's p.m. Sil&vS^ HOPE, STAR, ARKANSAS By Chick Young 2 don't know how long I stood ' rubbering at the blond. Anyway...|_ HERE 1 AM. MR.raiNT.\ DID YOU GET LOST, OR ) WERE YOU ADMIRING / " -SCENEftY ?) OH. SURE... ^J'RQYAl SPUR HAD A LITTLC ERRAND,XwAS VOU» ,, v .. LIOBY. MERE'S YOUR MONEY. AND THE LAST have i Sounded like a dope. . was remembering where I'd seen jr the f blond C before. C UM-- SCALES.'^ I HAVEN'T WEIGHED MYSELF FOR MONTHS GREAT SCOTT.' 228 POUNDS/ I'VE GO ON, A DIET/ WIE'Kfc HRE1TY SURE NO PLASTIC SURGEON CAPABLE OF HELPING- JULKIG VF.RY MUCH EVER WORKED EASY.' YET, IN SPITE , HUGE REWARD MEBSE PAPER, RADIO HE DIED HO, LUTH5RJ A FEW YEARS AUVE, I THINK- AND LIVINO ,TOO! NOW.LUTHSR. SHOW MB GRAVE OF JEROME BLBEKE J WHAT ABOUT UTUEC-IKI KIDNAPED, AND NHWSREEL DESCRIPTIONS EVGRV WHERE. HE WAS NEVER SEEN A ..... FROMTH' HATER, ANOTHER GASH ON /RANSOM NOTE, HIS FACe(/IDENTIFIED AS GENUINE-, WAS RECEIVED FROM Side Glances By Galbraith MODEST MAIDENS Trademark r.ffisOrcil U. S. Patent Office y ft.. G£Ltf 'S PO/fCf V« "V KID..SHE'S HP ME...I H2K TO STAV OL'TSiDP / THIS WAV, .--1 HEAR HEf? BUT I CANT SEE HER, SHE'S TAKEN ANOTHER AGE ...SHE'S .—PUFF/ I T^LP HER.. TOLD 'a.\\ BJTM, ~o OUT...SO THL'-iN' WHAT THEY'LL. PUN INTO IN TH£\\ AVE-3 I JC'T TO PUFF..-HELP 'G,',\/ »ELIA; PUSHING-. c3i'p CEOS-STAKE: ASIDS..:KAS FOLLOWED scoecHv IN TO INVESTIGATE THE STRANGE CAVE mrHBffc YEP- 'EM ALL WHOLE HENRY/y There have been quite a few strikes here and there, but these have not ye I spread lo the schools in spite of the heavy homework!" Freckles and His Friends By BSosser ^•^sv&& 5! « E CAN'T HAVE [FRECKLES, In TUAr^'L/r 1 WAMT YOU 50HAT ^To COME TO A=( CLASS WITH A ARE I J 500-WORD COMPOSITION OM THE EVILS VOO'CE GONNA TAKE A BATH,\F IT TAKES ME ALL C'MOM, BBHE, GET THE NICE SOME! »-->«8S".- rygS^X' HE'S GOT 'VOU, ^ " .'THERE'S / NOT A CHASGE ^ A6AINST OSCAR / THAT A SMART / LAWYER CAN'T &OT IT ALL FIGURED OUT, HAVEN'T ) AHL R.U?HT VOU , BOOM ? BY GADFRV. /SO I'VE 6OT THE ARTIST WHO PESI6WED JUSTICE WEAC/MG- A BLWD- FOLP PIPN'T MISS. 1 WAY you DO, YES.' BUT I'LL SEE NODE FAT MECK STRETCHEPVeT.' f w, BUT TILL EM, LET'S SEE •IAT CAM-BE )NE TO SET , _JP OUT OF A BAD JAM! , BUT FIRST TELL AM OCTOPUS (-->; C-GT TO DO WITH ALL THIS? A BRAIN-13 IT AMY CRIME TO USE ITT t 8Y »tA ;»vict. INC. T. M. Rta u. s. PAT. • """Wonderful salesmen! When he didn't have the right sise lie sold the shirt right off .fallback!" Pop&ye Thimble Theater WHAT ELSE ..IS PIZZLE OUST?? , WHY CANT) ^ CUE CHALK BE r PIZZLE ' GOODY) BALL ,VcV<=> TE.VV 'HA Of? PIZZLE PUS7 FOR SOUMP/> / CCMIN8 ( U^ SIR ^T^^r^r ___ * r DECOMPOSED MATTER/ DOYOU UNDERSTAND Our Our Way IT MEANS IVE MADE /._..THE FIRST STEP IKJ <• YEH - CRACKIWGTHE4TOM/ By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople <3OOD GOSH — LOOK IT THAT BED/ HE SLEPT IM IT ALL. NJ&HT AM' IT ""* AIN'T EVEN WRIMKLED.' MINE LOOKS LIKE A HOTEL WASH PILED UP WHEM I ROLL OUT/ OH, THAT'S VOUR BODY GETTIM' SOME MUCH t MEEDED EXERCISE—J YOU WON'T LET IT IM * : TH' PAVTIME, so IT HAS TO GfT IT WHILE VOU'RE _ ., Aeei-p>eo/ SORRY „ o HEAR HOUR. HYPNOTIC UI'LL PIJT ECHNIQO& \c, RLSSTV - >7EVE OK H\IW I \Vft^Tet> ^OU TO M FOR. 2\ AMD WE'LL, \AKE HER THlWVC X'M MY HOCLJS-POCLJS MISSED ON'i THE? • -. X'D j TO FIGHT MY VMA.Y AMD WHEW I 5HOT SOME 0' MY MAGIC THROUGH IT, WHADDA YA S'POSE ' OLJ'D UlKB tO BRUSH ->P S/OUR. POWERS Of- TUB BOYS/ MWPtt f* n '. K BOSTER POT IT OVER -^Ci^TiSIS^I 1 A umn LET 100 Hi,\JE AS SORT OF WILL KEEP ItCftEREST FROtt AMT5OD1 E15ET/ NldHT S\WE^CTS "am tut m MA ii«v«:i « r M t it. u .. MT H CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication « All Want Ada Cash In Advance . ' Not Taken Over the Phone Ono time . . . J C word, minimum 30e il/ * u.,,.,1 ~i i i;~ S1 * " mes • . . Se wofd, minimum 75c 3l/ 2 c word, minimum S0« One month . IBe word, minimum $1.70 Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" Real Estate for Sale 45 ACHES. ONE-HALF MILE Roul.li of Washington, 2/3 in cultivation, remainder in full growth pulpwoocl and some snw stock. Ono iivo room house In repairable condition. Priced very reasonable. Joe Lively, 805 West Third __ 12 - Gl 1(13 ACHES ON HIGHWAY," ~"6 room house, three tenant houses, burn, 00 acres in posture, springs. Considerable timber, passenger bus, school bus, daily mail, electricity available all for 10.50 acre __Why pay more? C. B. Tyler. 15-31 BLACK LAND AT $45 PER~ACRE close to paved highway, and well improved. This tract ban 1GO acres, l!0 .acres black, 80 acres tllrt. All good level farming land 15 " 3t ONE 4 ROOM HOUSE, ONE 3 room houstf, ,1 lots, nice poultry yard, well located close in all for the small price of S1800. Terms arranged. C. B. Tyler. __ __ ___ __ 15-31 WE ARE FULLY QUALIFIED BY Jong years of experience, to buy and sell every typn Rcnl Estate. Rendering you a satisfactory scr- vici-. C. B. Tyler, Licensed by Arkansas Heal Estate Commission. . 15-31 For Sale 3000 BALES GRASS HA/. 50c per bale. Deelivered in 100 bale lots. W. H. Burke, Hope, Rt. 3. 9-1m I CLEAN LESPEDEZA HAY. R. Morrow, 3 miles south of on Lcwisville road. 10-61 GOOD JOHNSON GRASS HAY, See J. B. Rowc, phone 3-F-3. Hope, Ark., on DeAnn road. 11-Gt ONE ALLIS CHALMERS MODEL K Caterpillar. Floyd Porterfickl. •Jl!-Gt Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR- setiore, individually designed corsets,- brassieres, men and women's surgical supports. Mrs. Ruth Dozier, 318 North Elm St. Hope, Ark. Phone 144-J. 28-lm Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. What hayc you? Phone 873. 20-1 m WE PAY BEST used furniture, den, 901 West 1093. PRICES FOR Hale and Beur- 3rd. St. Phone 14-Gt AR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Five By Wcsfbrook Pogler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. GOOD USED 2 3/4 INCH FARM wagon. Low wood wheels with wide tires. Ross R. . Gillcopic. 15-Ct Wanted to Rent FIVE OR SIX ROOM UNFURN- '. ished house to rent. Mrs. Claude McConnoll, phone 988-J. 16-01 Notice CATTLEMEN Cattle Grub Monts Seed GET RID OF THE in your cows back. Store. 10-2w 1939 OLDSMOBILE 4-DOOR SE- cliin, excellent condition, good rubber, heater, radio, roadlamps scaleoverK. Phone 512. 14-31 1930 FORD CONVERTIBLE. GOOD condition, four new tires. J. R. Lambert, Route 1, Emmet. 15-61 DIAMOND RING Mi stone, beautiful setting. At sacrifice. 212 McRac slrcel. 15-Bl BATTERY RADIO. B. M. Hazzard at or call 991-J after 6 15-31 ZENITH HEARING AID, USED one month. Price $30. Also oil stove for hcatiiiK. 810 South Elm Street. 15-31 NICE DINING ROOM SUITE. SEE at 204 East Division., 15-3t FLORENCE OIL RANGE, GOOD condition, bargain for cash. Mrs. Josephine Mayton, BOB West 4th Street. 16-3t TWO GOOD MILCH COWS, SEE Herbert Lewis, Rope, Route 1, west of Anthony mill. 16-31 Wanted SMALL FARM, MUST HAVE house, have own equipment. V. C. Cook, Hope, Route 4. 16-6t For Rent TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, private entrance, adults only. Call between !i a.m. mid noon. 815 West Avc. E. 15-31 SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for better furniture and better bargains. Phone 476. 31-lm Ducks Leave State Due to High Water Little Rock, Jan. 15 —M 1 )— An unprecedented migration 01' ducks fro m Arkansas' world-famed Grand Praririe hunting grounds h;is occurred within the last throe days, the State Game and Fish Commission reported today. The hundreds of thousands of :!ucks which annually winter in ihe Arkansas rice belt virtually lave disappeared since last Thursday night, (he commission said. 'District Game Supervisor Joe Felton and Robert P. Campbell, commission wild life technician reported that a survey of the Arkansas-While and Cache river bottoms in Southeastern Arkansas disclosed a complete absence of wild water fowl. ' Commission technicians said the ducks obviously had migrated to Louisiana and the Texas coastal marshes. The migration came in the midst of one of the best hunting seasons . in , the Grand Prairie district in several years. Hunting conditions have be;en ideal from both game and ,weather standpoints. , ..-.;•• The only cxplanpt'orngame officials had was that .extreme rainfall in the last few weeks have d'-owned the usual feeding grounds of the ducks. The rice fields in 'i "isf A'-Kan.sas are a" in a .flooded condition with only L he tops 01 me rice shocks showing above water, commission officials said. Nati. League Football Draft Kept Secret New York, Jan. 15 — Old Charlie Hardwood ban been replaced as governor of. the Virgin Islands, ap- paicntl.v without oven the courtesy of a kick in the pantH to help him downstairs because Charles Hoss, Pieaident Truman's press secretary, in anonuncing ihe nomination of Judge William Henry Haslie said he didn't know whether Judge Harwood had sent in his resignation. They could have been more civil, for old Charlie ha;; been a loyal party plug for many years but they probably were sore at him because he outsmarted President Roosevelt in hanging onto his stock in Elliott Roosevelt's radio network when the boss tried to buy it in for two cents on the dollar and thus nick him for a donation of $24,50 lo his son's alimony. They could be further miffed, too, by a suspicion thai Charlie blew the whistle aCtcr Mr. Big passed to his honored grave at Hyde Park although I can assure them that he didn't initite the expose and looked as though someone had conked him with a nickel ball-bat when I walked in and asked him to tell all. Tho old judge wasn't ;Eor telling anything, perhaps because he still Jell loyal lo Roosevcll, al- thou;-' I can't see how he could have, C.T so much double-crossing, but more likely because he still had some wanly flickering hope that Mr. Truman would be a j'ood follow and put him on some federal bench here in the continental United Slates where ho might spend a few years and retire on his money with honor.; As matters stand, the old timer has the satisfaction of having sniffed the plot when Roosevelt was out gathering up his boy's debts for penny-money and fast- talking the creditors "out of their collalcial for the alimony fund. Moreover, he still has the value of his fSfi.OOO in the Texas Stale Nel- work. Those arc his assels, credits By Dick Turner Gets Sullivan . Trophy By MURRAY ROSE New York, .Ian. 10 —(/?)— Felix (Doc) Blanchard, Army's great fullback and two-time All-America who has been showered with virtually every conceivable trophy for gridiron prowefcs, today became the first football player to hold amateur sport's highest honor—the .lames E. Sullivan award. Voted annually to the amateur athlete who has done the most ui advance tho cause of sportsmanship during the'year, the 20-year old grid ace ; iroin Blshopvillo, S. C., walked oCi with 184!J pri/e with a total of.923 points in the poll conducted by the national A:'A. U. For tho second Blraight '• Mime, Alan Ford, Yale's crack swimmer finished second. Joe Plata, Chicago's nine-time winner of the rational handball crown, was third with 330 points and he was followed by Bill Smith, Hawaiian swimmer, 253: Jim Kaf- forty, the Now Yoik A. C.'s indoor mile run champion, 230; Bill Bangert. Misouri track and iootb:ill star, 20U; Dr. M. A. Korthrup, San Francisco wrestler, 1HO; Hazel Walker. Little Rock. Ark. basket- bailer, 145; and Dr. Oris L. fArly) Erwin, New Orleans hurdler, i).'!. The Sullivan trophy is the 22nd award bestowed on the husky Blanchard since the start of school last fall. o mtin hind" is !mmme ; r)t ;, Chungking, Jan. If)',—- ! (UP) —"The Chinese Communists h'aVe accepted in principle a nationalist program [or reorganization of the government under the leadership of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek and the Kuominlang, the Central News NICELY FURNISHED BED- room with garage. Phone 129. 15-3t GROCERY STORE COMPLETE and fixtures. One 30 by 30 garage building. Also one house trailer. Living quarters in back of store building four tourist cabins. All can be leased reasonable. See E. O. And or D. W. Lands at Poach Court. 3 miles south of Prescott on 07 highway. lf>-3t Ealisfaclk in the situation. Against these he must balance his years of misery and humiliation as governor of thu islands under Harold Ickes, wlio treated him as a clerk and heckled him about his travel chits and time off the job to play bridge with hi;: friends in New York r.nd Washington and the frustration of his ambition. Roosevelt did give him a short trick as district judge in Panama but, that was supposed to be only an interim thing and again, when" he took the job in the understood temporary. I was handout of John Virgin Islands, it was that this loo, was just looking over the the testimony in the COPR. 194C DY MEA =c.,(ICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFr. agency said today. Central indicated a settlement of the years-old political split between the Nationalists and Communists was imminent as a result o£ the leftists' decision. The agency said the other minority parlies represented at. the unity meeting in Chungking ,-.ilso had ncccr.led the 'Nationalist nro- posals, although technical details of the reorganizaiton still were being worked out. The main features of the program were that the Kuominlan'g would retain its status <is China's leading political party, with Chiang as president occupying £'' position about midway between that of the United States president and the British king. o- LoisHs-Comi Ut P{H V, i. «k,i Elmer Srr.ilrh Named Athletic LHrecfror , iici A & M in — (UPl -.. Moo Loi'i'j-liilly Kc\v Yc:-h. Promote-! 1 i''5-i today ih;il -,. 1 ,-work!';; h<.-;,v. will be IvH Wednesday nk,:i!., Jim,: H). Jpcol;:; rn £,-;'•;• the :ii.no'jnc^ : after ;;evu ;U c^r f.-.rc- nce< vi< Col. Jilciwr.vd 1 ; . .!•'. K-Mj.on, . man o£ 1'iio K •.:•,-.' York "Slate Er.f/;jn poi;;l<;-d cut. that il the carfit'tt. desire o. Cov. T!i turn bout take n,r,<:n in Ii.v.7 Mar;no!ia, Jan. 10 ~i7P)— Elmer G. Smith, lormer coach at Centenary College, Shreveporl has been ;ip;join)cci athletic director at l.la.g.'.r/in A. and M. college. a former toolb'ilJ star at college. Con\vay, js a na- Cosa, Perry county. lie coEclird at Helena High school snoilly after fi -adualion at Hendrix rsir! tutored at Ceincnary college i Li I three years before entering the hair- jnavy in H>42. ' • Alh- jllendrb: live of "And if it ain't lender, ; Mrs. Siuilli, briny il buck and " we'll &ivc it another Irealmen'U" Little Keck, Jan :r,— f. nor Lajic-y io'la; 1 j'liirtV'.ii' convicts ii'ho i 1 .; 1 .'. 1 . c'o:ri;;i: pcrolo boaro, pleteii 0:1 )-r=i sonlencs lor countv o»i a ;.; Odd! Sr.ndc'. .. .... April <}. 1!K-:-! a one- .v.-'.'i: "rorn Ouachita county - crccny K,,;,«„ j?v» a t tl.uj lu'K on, ,T;jr.. 2. r; d.ei.-oi'a'cd incluy :'nr s concU'c of censorsh -3; Bach S. Fnltarton. Jr.- Washington By SID FEDER New York, Jan. National Foolball 15 — (/PI— League's The club Hope Byilders Supply Co. Paint Lumber •Glass Lime Cement Plywood Roofing Nails — For Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware owners completed n secret draft of 300 players early today with a "sleeper" back irom the midwest and the great Doc Blanchard of Army heading the list—and turned to completion of their troublesome 1046 schedule in the 'same lockcd- door silence. Determined that no information of any importance would leak out lo help the rival All-America Conference in the no-holds-barred pro I gridiron war, the magnates rc- ivcalcd only the names of half a dozen backs from the 300 drallues, among them Blanchard, the mighty All-America Army fullback who was first choice of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Surprisingly enough Blanchard was not the number one selection in the draft not only because it is likely he will remain at West Point where he still has two more years to play, but also because Jim Con- zelinan, returning coach of the Chi- rago Cardinals, who )>ad :n''si v>ict< in the seven .and one half hour session last night and early today, wanted the "bjeepeiv' He wouldn't reveal the identity of this player believing Ihe announcement might send All-America owners scurrying to sign him up. It was learned however that the player is an extra special •wingback from a section describes as "near midwest" and his selection by Conzelman as number one choice surprised even some of the assembled magnates. —o Oyster shells in colonial clays were used widely as blast furnace flux. Hartford ancl David Baird loans to Elliott the other day, and was reminded that, as :"ar as' I ever was able to learn, the boys didn't include AilWOOD'S STATE MENT. At the time that they released the big heap of photostats Ihurc was so much reading to be,, .- . •;,-•.-clone in a rush that I didn't notice I lavorr Iurnc1d t . h S lr this omission and neither did two !,?„„ V,.?. of tho .Republican congressmen of the Ways and Means Committee who turned in a report holding that there certainly was a gyp in the transaction. One' of them then called up the treasury to ask how come and the fellow in charge said he \vas going out of town for about ten days but would attend to it when he got. back. My i'riend said nothing doing on ihe ten clays and to get it over there right now but I guess they must have stood him clown because I wrote him a couple of times and yet we still don't know what they asked old Charlie or what his answers were. I was particularly inquisitive whether they asked him whether Roosevelt sent Harry Hopkins after the collateral when Charlie refused to give it up to Jesse Jones and whether they touched on the rcossi- bilil.y that he might have expected sonic reward. They asked the others that. Sonic 1 other testimony that was mysteriously missing from my batch was the early statements o'f Sid Richardson and Charles Roas- or, the Texas oil men, and pals of Elliott, and two other owners of this ncasurc have noted that these statements are absent from theirs too. In the testimony of these witnesses that was given out they refer lo (heir earlier statements and one of them speaks of something that happened after their return from "the island." There is no key to this but it might have been a rei'crcnce to the lime that Roosevelt went ashore in the Gulf of Mexico, off Texas, as the t;uest of some oil people, all friends of Elliot and Jesse, .just before some hot oil cases were settled comfortably. I am mil trying to read meanings into something .1 haven't read at all but I would like lo read il and can't understand why ihe Treasury released part of the stuff, "Dice-lively, and didn't let us have it all, if so. Weil, anyway, old Charlie Harwood was one that Mr. Big played for a sap and couldn't take, although, when Charlie resisted he put forth a special effort. And, to- By JACK STINNETT Washington—With all Ihe impa- lient rush of the boys to get out of uniform, nearly half a million men backs on eiyil- -,., on the -.dotted line for specified tours of cluty/'ln the armed forces; The last available official figures for the : .Army showed that 334,123 had enlisted since the Voluntary Recruitment Act was signed by the President Oct. G. Navy Secretary Forrcstal reoorted that !!0,- Gfi3 men had enlisted or transferred to the regular Navy since surrender of Japan. In the last week before thai dale, the Navy had added G.082 regulars. Although there are mi official igurcs for the balance of the year ind the brass hats here arc being very cagey about making any osti- iiates, they do say that the program is continuing to meet oxpcc- ations. Breaking down the official army igures throws some light on thi's stampede. For example, (i!) per ;ont of the new regulars are draf- ees who have signed to slay in :"or 'rom one lo three year?: 11 per cent are original volunteers, and :!0 per cent nre old regulars, presumably on their way to those new liberal retirement payments. Some Army officials expect Jan. .iary to be a banner month in cn- .istment and transfer of men who lold non-com ratings. After Jan. 31, the Army will (under the law) discontinue its assurance thai present or former ratings will be maintained. This Hew York, Jan. 1G (IP)— Although the National Federation of Slate High School Athletic Associations recently proposed extending school baseball, golf and tennis schedules through the summer, where was little, if anything, said about: where the dough would come from. . . most schools have to strain their budgets lo pay coaches during the regular season (some get only their teaching salaries) and there's no provision lor pay in two more months. . .looks like a project for baseball's promotion committee — no matter who runs it — and the (to!f r.nd tennis associations to provide adequate coaching for the kids. Shorts and Shells Construction notes: Pittsburgh has had Ihp dough on hand for' a new municipal auditorium for a do/on years Bat Barney McGinley still is hoping the new mayor is enough of a sports fan to get things moving. . .and although they may face some competition from a new "bowl" at Baton Rouge, La., ihe Sugar Bowl folks aren't .even talk- 'ng about lidding'the 20,000 seats they could use because of the high cost of building. Gr,ve:-- V/o <:>:- Y.'rtO COTil- ono year M unici-, i:/ charge, i•'••'--'''! en :• .'it.-n'cnc'C Hi'and 4 Are ROW Killed Tree Marked Tree, Jan. 15 — (UP)— One; N?.xi prisoner of. war 1 was Uiilecl n:id '.'A others injured, none seriously, ynp'orday when the side hoard of a moving truck collapsed near here . Tho POVV's were en route from Harked Tree to Lcpanto, Ark., to vvori: on a plantation. l-'iafi f'chmkli. ;;o. was injured uiiully. Ten oilier prisoners' re- Quick One Sam Corenswct, traveling tub V/ashinp Price wa Ti-.urnan meritorio the office \var. The resident for rrierii. on White' Sou to c rncr Associated Pr live, is going ti take v.i3 hi:; ouiios dent of the T7ic''on diicers Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hops AppSicnce Co. 214 East 3rd St. PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances thumper i'or the Sugar Bowl, tells this one about the governor of Oklahoma's visit to bowl heaclcjuar- ters in New Orleans. . ." "gentlemen," said the gov., "I'm a man of few words. I want tickets.". . . "we're men of few words, too, | ^ ' governor," the officials replied. 'We j "'' haven't go 'cany." Ohio G': Missouri :ouri Echuol Wanted! EJad! you say they're here? TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions < 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMQS, ARK, 't Yes...ih<9 MEW MAYTTAGS" • Handsome new models.!. exclusive MAY. 'JAG features •Important "Post-War" improvements, '. new effiucncy, quality, rujjgedness. Visit Our New Store JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVECE Phone 209 304 East 2nd' brought assurance a headache already and the ha complaint thai the "now regular Army" is proving to bo an army of srr- gcants, with not nearly enoush privates for the Ihrce-stripprs to bellow at. After the first of February, with selective service at least two and a half more months lo run, this situation will bo rein ecliod. War ancl Navy department, officials will have no part in predicting whether thciy will reach their June 30 goals in the present intensive re cruilment campaign. Roughly two of the eight months of the ' cam paign have produced about one day, Mr. Harwood still has his $25, 000, loaned to Elliot or his com pany, through Elliott's uncle. Hal Roosevelt, in a rush-act on tin representation that it was a won doiiul investment opportunitj \.Mcn tlie fact was that they JICL-C! eel the cash to meet the 'curren payroll. I have often wondered just \vha Chailic did have in mind. :inv\vay. Ho didn't get rich making t'oolisl investments and here he was jiin ing for that job on thu bench ana Hall gives him l ho rush and he flips $25.000 to the president's soi on unbankablo security withoui even taking tho tiouble to make sure whether it. was a Joan or ar investment ami without a word 01 paper. What is yuur guess'.' Loe's Tourist Cafe-CoUrt Featuring • Steaks » Fried Chicken » Barbecue «Fish t Sandwiches »Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe City Limits & Highway 67 West Cleaning the Cuff Tonight's N.Y.U. — Cornell Case Tussle marks Jake Cann's 400i.h game as N.Y.U. coach. . . Lieut. John Zeczycki, former Marquetie U;, tackle, recently sent' his alma mammy $852,000 to pay his alumni dues. It was in Chinese Central Reserve bank dollars. . .Jay Simon of the Topeka, Kans., State Journal claims that Tulsa U. should have picked Ned Day as successor to ] Henry Frnka as grid coach. "Who | could be better for a team • that has been 'bowling' ior ihe past tiye years?" Jay asks. . '. •.; Southwest Slaie :J7. Oklahoma A m-.d University •'•!. Michigan ili-iic 43 Texas Chris'dr.n THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkansas OR. M.T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Texarkana TsXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J OlJo Southern FLOOR MATS FOR ALL CARS Bob Eimore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main .-c-rsity 61; 1.1 4ii. Abi- lerio rrovi Ciirisli;- Pay West ' Coiorac'-j' G!; Mnniana State 43 South Dr.'koia State -12; Au«us- tana (Sioux Fiiih-i ?f>. St.-Mury'.s l-rcFli;;h'i Gl; Fleet ! City GO. ' . i'Uv > • ' > .. : . ourth of the objectivc^>-:I:ne«ArrTiy' oeds 1,600,000 regulars by? ' that ate, the Navy 500,000 and 'the' MaV ines, 100,000. - v :".•"!>•• 'M It is assumed that most:of the no-war regulars, the old '-timers, .ave already re-enlisted. On the ithcr hand, the military discharges re just reaching their peak and it s assumed that even those who in- end to re-enlist will take ndvan- age of that 20-daj' civilian period llqwed without loss of grade or a ting. One positive indication that the mys who re-enlist aren't fooling is hat more than 75 per cent of them lavo signed up :for three years, al- liougii enlistments are accepted or as short a period as one year. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Buffalo, N. Y. — Willie Pep, 129 -4, Hartford, Conn., knocked out Johnny Virgo, 134 3-4, Rochester, ". Y., (2). (non-title). Boston — Al (Red) Priest, 155, CuiYibridgc. Mass., outpointed Frit-de Zivic, 151 1-2, Pittsburgh (10). Salem, Mass. — Lew Jenkins, 39 1-2, Sweetwater, Texas, knocked out Jerry Zullo, 140, Chel- oa, Mass., (2). . ' By United Press New York, (Park Arena) — Joe Dqlan, 128, Spokane, Wash., out- lointed Benny May, 125, Montreal, (8). Now York (Broadway Arena) — f..ei)i>y (Boom-Boom) Mancini, 148, Yqtingslown, "O., outpointed Torpedo Reed, 143, Los Angeles, :J8). Elizabeth, N. .,!.' — Allie &olz, t33 3-4, Newark,] outpointed Victor Flores, 130, Mexico City, '.(8). .;.., Jersey (JityV,'N.''J: —'£)on Amoroso, 130, Jersey' City, outpointed Georgic Cooper, 129 3-4, New York, (10). . ; '. .-;•.',• " "! ' • O Basketball Resists By The Associated Press East Loyola College (Baltimore) !)3; Johns Hopkins University 50. LOUR Island University 02; Fort Dix 43. j... ,ifc South Mississippi College 39; Louisiana Tech 38. Wake Forest 3G; William and (Mary 34. Midwest Washburn University 42; Pittsburgh (Kas.) State Teachers 3. Went worth Military Academy 47; liiliTcolhe, Mo., Business College 34. Wayne (Neb}-,) Teachers 53; Jap Schoolboy jNone ' of the carefree qualities |ofjtho'*American schoolboy are 'present ^ in the * royal scholar ': ho\vn ^ above — Crown ,. Prince 'lAlabito.'heir to'Jap throne. . In i'this exclusive picture, posed es-; Ip'eciallyj for .Torn Shafer, WEA1 |S e r v i c e-Acme ^Newi-piclui'eS 1 Pph'oj.ographer," 1 '* the^* prince &Js fsh'dwh on his way,home, from ' COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382 J Hots Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. ' HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Phone 78 Alterations Pressed While You Walt BENDIX AUTOMATIC HOME LAUNDRY See it now and place your order. WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 103 S. Elm Phone 901 • TRANSFER o HAUL ANYTHING ANYWHERE Quick Dependable Service Phone 933 B. P.McLAIN ELECT nlC ' RL-.I- RIGERATOR See the Ixjpul y ,00^10 .and' place your ordtav/sarly-.-i 103. S. Elm' Phone 901 _ANE SYSTEMS PiymbJng Pixfuiras PIuKJ^ing Repairs HARRY W. SMiVER Plumbint) Phone 2r.9 Healing l-'ope, Ark. See Us FOP BABY CHECKS You'll liko^ur qual-' ity chicks, hatched right {rom selected '.f loc:c3 - Hardy, fast- growers. Low price. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. KAD59 B/ A. fi. B. \Vc Have Vv'AL'XKR Ar? 103 S. Elm PACK T!u:-ni EJAMCS Phone ifcc) CO. C01 e FOR . . . JO3 ? PERSONAL GENTRY P !-lope, Ark. cv ATIONERY j'vSG CO. Front St. To Farmers and Stockmen. . TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS AND CATTLE Sec E. M. McWHKams SEED STORE Representative fop NASHVILLE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION HAI.3?»JRTOM, Hr4liburtc.il Metnl V.'orits Guarani. pair = CAL.L V/c For IPHOTGGRAr'HS in your home Phone 493 COLS ARE ! Getting the most- effective j property insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost? Ask Us Aboui' h Today HOUSTON INSURANCE AGENCY Howard A. Houston dins. A. Malone Phone .... 61 SPRAY PAINTING KEMTONING done the SPRAY WAY LUM RATELIFF Phone 180-W 618 W. Dlv. Hope, Ark. if you are in lite market to buy or sill Fann land or City Properly, call or see Ccth'hi E. Cassidy Phone 489 ^opc. Ark. Arkansas Bank Building fi\ V Day Phone . . Night Phone. . 413 1015-J We specialize in ... * Motor Rewinding « Repair all makes of Appliances o General Wiring Contractors BARWSCK'S Elccfrric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark ELECTRIC MOTORS \4 - \'2 • '¥* - & 1 H. P. Also a Gtocx of Used Motors — LIGHT FIXTURES — — APPLIANCE REPAIRS — — MOTOR REWINDING —. General Wiring Contractors Doug f c *\**T\f Car ' Bacon \ata a n Jones ELECTRIC CO, Phone 784 Hope I 1 !! ii! r, • 'i }} a !i 4 1; J ~ M "ill m 5i f I . s 5 V {

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