Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1903 · Page 12
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1903
Page 12
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FRIDAY TILE PITTSB UHa POST, OCTOBER 2, 1903. Opening Championship Game Proves Easy for Nationals. . . . PIRATES WALLOP THE BEANEATERS. Deacon Phillippe Has American League Champions : at His Mercy, and They Fall Midst Wild Enthusiasm on Part of Visiting Rooters. FINAL SCORE 7 TO 3 EASY ALL THE WAY. By John H. Gruber. BOSTOX. Oct 1. The Pittsburg champions were victorious to-day In the first of a series of nine games with the Boston Americans for the world's championship. There is gloom tn old Boston town , to-night, and the gloom is intensified by the knowledge that, Pittsburg has a f lister team In every respect. Tho work ; put up by the National league champions , aimply made the - Boston (men look like counterfeit money. This is no gush, but the downright truth, and it is this that ' makes the gloom mo thick here. Local .funs cannot see how their team is going to win a game, let alone the series. A crowd of 16,242 people were in the park. They began gathering long before the hour set for the game to begin. The stands were Jammed and a rope was stretched a few feet from the fence, and between this rope and. ihe fence the people "Were tightly wedged. The top of the tence was lined with spectators who sat dangling their feet in Imminent peril of tumbling upon the mass below. Tin horns and other noise-producing instrument were seen in the crowd, but there was no call for them. Poor Boston was bumbled outplayed at every point. - Dreyfuss Is Enthusiastic. In the gfant stand sat the delegation of Pittsburg rooters, among whom was Preutdent Pulliam. of the National league, who had all he could do to refrain from Joining in the lusty shouts and rigorous hat swingings indulged in by men who at home are the staidest of the etaid. Once the president did get to his feet and raise his bat. After the game he declared it was one of the proudest moments in his baseball life, James J. Corbett, the ex -champion pugilist, was among the Pittsburg crowd, but did not take sides. There was not an American league official present. Probably Ban Johnson had an inkling of the downfall of his champions and remalnea av.ay to avoid a pain in the region of the hsart. When Pittsburgs went upon Ihe field fcr practice a mighty shout went up, it evidently being taken as an indication that the contest would sooa begin. The Pliatea had the peopie applauding continually by their fast and snappy play. A shout mightier than the other went up when the Bostons took the fiid for practice. At once the difference In the teams was noticeable. It was marked by the crowd, for Boston has probably the most Impartial baseball pt-ople in the country. : Beaneaters Lack Snap and Vim. The Bostons lack the snap and vim displayed by the three-time National League champions. A roar swept across the field when the Kong sounded for the game to begin. The umpires, O'Day and Connolly, and the two captains Clarke and Collins, met at the plate and held a confab, watched by by the great crowd In deep silence. Connolly unexpectedly arrived in Boston ims morning. He stated that he had not been officially notified by the American League club of hi3 selection. He had read of It in the newspapers and had come on. Connolly ould tio nothing until his terms, which he sent to President Killilea, of the. Boston club, who lives la Milwaukee, had been accepted. He umpired behind the bat to-day. while O'lJay took tne bases. To-morrow O'Day will tie behind the bat and Connolly on the When the quartet of celebrities parted at the home plate the crowd yelled, and when "Cy" Young walked to the pitcht-r's position It fairly screamed. It crowed a little more when Beaumont and Clarke were rather rapidly disposed f. TntH, how. ever, was Us last yell. Tne Pirates tt-jian to bift the ball in all directions, scoring four runs and winning the game then and the re. Phillippe the Whole Cheese. The chief cause fit Boetnn's downfall was the work of Deacon Phi.llppe on the rubber. The deacon was ail inert, anil . had everything a champion pitchar siiouhl h.-vve. Only six hits were niu.de off his de- ' livery, two going into the crowd and counting as three-baggers and two uthers biing nl the si-ra'.chy order. One was a Texas leeguer into left iifeU, and the other a hard jjrive to Bransheid. The deacon rtruek out 10 batsmen, something he dM not accomplish In the NaUoi.al League. . The American League champions were eTieolutely powerless before Phillippe. Of the first seven men who faced .m he struck out five, fanning the emire Side in ' the second .Inning. Not a man went to ' b ise on balls before the steady firing of tha deacon. Hi? grand performance was cheered by the spectators and vociferously applauded by the FUusBurg: delegation, which soon was the only iive thing in the stands. , . ' Phillippe was given splendid support. Behind the bat Krtdle Jt help nevr did better work. The outdeld did the bu.k ut the work, and did it to perfection. Clark.' made a sensational catch m the fourth oi a long liner by Collins, and Bwtumonl made two catches, one near the ropes an.l the other back of second base, which opened the eyes of the Boston tana. The Inileid did not have much to do but were ready for all emergencies. Couldn't Reach First Base. For three innings only one Boston man reached first base and he never got one Inch farther, in the fourth the Boston feople woke up for an instant. Alter wo men were out Freeman fired a hot ball at Bransfie'.d which Kitty was un- able to handle. Parent then hit to Leach, who threw the ball past Branntiid. Freeman got to third and Parent to second. Now the local fans began to root, but It was no good, as Lachance rolled . the ball to Phillippe and was thrown out at first. In the next two innings not a Bean-enter reached first base. In the seventh Freeman caught one of the Deacon's curves and sent the ball against the right field fence for three bases. Nobody being out, the spectators saw a chance of at least sidestepping a whitewash and began to yell. Parent followed with a hit along left field foul line Into the crowd. It went for three bases and Freeman scored. Laohance sent a high fly to Clarke and Parent came home. . Ferris was hit by a pitched ball but never left first ibase, as Criger and "Voung 6 truck out. It -was one, two, three in the eighth, but la the ninth the local fans had another Chance to yell a litt".e. Freeman knocked aa easy one to Wagner, who fumbled. Crowd Took on Life. At this the crowd straightened up and looked, expectantly. Parent dropped the ball Into left field for a single, sending Freeman to second. Lachance sent a fly to Clarke. Freeman got to third, but Parent was held at first. Ferris dropped the ball In center field for a single, scoring Freeman. O'Brien, Boston"s utilitv man, was sent to 'bat for Criger. He struck out. Then big Char.ey Karrell, Mgger than ever, went to bat for Young. He. pushed the ball to Phillippe and was thrown out, ending the game. The Pittsburg champions found old Cy loung's benders to their liking and had little trouble in getting hits, onoe the ball was sent rollinpr. Beaumont, the first man up for Pittsburg, went out to Stahl. and Clarke went out on a foul fly to Criger. This made- things look Just a little blue for the Pittsburg rooters. Leach woke them up by sending the bail Into the crowd In right field for three bases. Wagner smashed the ball past Collins for a single, sending Leach home with the first run. , Rooter Cut Loom. Th -Plttabursr rooters cut loose vigorously And renewed the applause whan PITTS BURG VICTORY. av we looked On Boston town: Beans ?ot cooked nice ana crown - Wagner stole second. BransneM hit to Parent, who fumbled. Kitty was safe at first and Wagner perched at third. Without loss of time Bransfield stole second. Cr'ger threw the ball over Parent's head. Wagner came home and Bransfleid reached third base. Ritchey was given his base on balls and promptly stole second. The Pittsburg rooters were on lhsir feet on and oft at these stages, but when hring hit to left for a single, scoring Bransiuld and Ritchey. there was be'S'.am. Everv mother's son of them was on his feet yelling like mad and sailing his hat in franctio delight. There were Johnny Newell. Charley Black. Ai Pratt, Carnegie Orris and the rest of them, including Barney Dreyfuss. forgetting the dig-nitv that becomes old axe, Indulging in I the wildest kind of antics, while all ! around them was dense siience. Phelps reached first base on a missed tnira strike, but Phillippe struck out, retiring the Fide. Every Pirate had taken a turn at bat. Some More Scoring. In the third Inning, after Wagner went out to Collins, Bransfield hit to right fir a three-baser and scored on -a single by gebring. In the fourth Beaumont reached first on a fumble by Parent, went to second on a single by Ciarke, and came home on a singie by Leaih. The seventh and last run was made in the seventh, when Sebrtag hit t deep center for a home run. Searing's work at the oat m cne of the beet features cf ihe grvat comes,. Jim made ail three of his hits count. Hi first br'-ucht -hi two runs, his second brought In ne and hits last scored hlmwif. L?a h wa a heady msm at tat alsj. Five timf he faced the pitcher, and four fimns he sit saffiy. Among his hits were two tfcree-baeers. It Is Manager Clarke's Intention tn pitch Leevci to-norrow. If the Pirates win. Bill Kerned v will be given a chance against trie feostons on Saturday. If f-m-r row's game is lost, then Pbiitppe will a?ain be put on the rubber on Saturday. Score: I V mm .P1TTSBCRO.- AB. 11. r.iiv at. in S I f-larit. If... iA-xc'n.Zb. 5 I Warr.ir, s S 1 Jjransr.eM, lb 6 I lilUhey, 2b 1 Hebrins', rf. i 1 PhHr. e - " I'hiliippo,.p... 0 Tta! 40 7 "iKisTON. Alt. ItT Dougherty, it , 4 0 Collin, 3b 4 0 Siah!, tn...,. 4 9 FrR)an. rf 4 Z 5-arent, ss ........... 4 I l.ftcrtt.nee. Ib............. 4 0 F-rri. 2b J 8 'riper, c 3 9 Yo'.mK. p..... S 0 "'l;rin 1 0 "FarrelJ , 1 8 Totals 3-" S 3. 0 2 4 1 1 Q t I 0 12 S 4 9 1 1 1 1 19 0 1 3 A. K. 1 '. 3 P. 0 0 4 0 4 1 I e o t !7 H 4 'Batted for 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 13 Batted for Crisr in ninth. Younir In ninth. Pittsburg 4 0 11 Boston 0 0 (i 0 Earned runs B-iBton 2. Plttsb ur- THrre- Vane hits Frf mtn, Parent. Imj field. Home run Kebrlng. stolen Urans----tails 5. by r.fr, rjrarjsfleid, Ritchey. Firiit Phlllipjie 50. Prpm-.I ball Tr Umpires O'Day and Connolly roe 1 :SA. FANS CROWD Trjf' STREETS. Championship Ball Game Was the One Topic of Interest With Bulletins at Every Turn. Thnurh thp team whs far sway in Boston, yesterday was one of the r-ftteBt dayu for baseball enthusiasm which Pittsburg ha ever known. The intense interest shown on all hands In the outcome of the first grame in the series for the world's championship was in the same rank aS that over the reKults of presidential elections find international yacht races. Loyal'ty to the Pittsburg' chumplons of the National league seemed to offer the one touch of common interest to make nil classes of citizens akin, nl the benknr dI4 not hesitate to ask tf the. street gamin as to the record of the bulletin, which his fail-inic eyes could not read. Women, too, took on unusual Interest In the event, and on the street cars . and in the shotmlnif departments of the Ms stores the strength of the Pirates seemed for the Instant to rival the Interest In the, latest walking suit or style of hat. The commonness of the query, "What's the latest score?" soon Informed the few absent minded ones not interested that there was something- doing. From the tim that the Pittsburgs led until the finish the "I told you so" rarket was worked in restaurant snd on street, and offered the universal topic for chaff. Bulletins were on every hand in srreeter quantity than for any daylight event of the past, and stores, saloor.s and private o.Tlces scored each inning with the crowd. The betting odds rapidly shifted before the game to even money, and even odds on Pittsburg. After the score was In Boston supporters showed no Ccslre to bet. . 4 v , "Skeets" Mart'n Is Suspended. LONDON, Oct. 1. W. H. "Rkeets") Martin the American Jockey, has been suspended from rldir.g from October 2 to October 8 for attempting to anticipate the start in the rate for the Hopeful stakes at the Newmarket meeting yesterday. Sporting Notes. A. M. B wins. The team was an All-American. Wiliam Schod has left the St. Boniface bowling team and will roll with the Standards. There are letters at this office for Thomas McNamara, James Mason, William Johnston and football player signing himself "Halfback." The Hilldale A. C. baseball team will appear on the Rockfords" grounds Suaday, and if a game Is refused will claim the championship. At the New Market first October meeting to-day Sceptre won th Jockey Club stakes (of 10,000 sovereigns), for 3 and 4-year-olds, one mils and three-quarters. Rock Sand was second, and Cappa, White finished third. Jr jf:'"l i Tlr OUTCLA SSES CLARKE SAYS "GAME WAS EASY." Expects Harder Times to Come, Though Collins Points to Decision of Contest After Two Men Were Out. SPECIAL TO THE PITTSBURG! POST. BOSTON, Mass., Oct. 1. F. C. Clarke, manager of the Pittsburg club, after the game to-day said: ' "We had a batting streak and the game was rather easy In consequence. Every member of tha team dM splendid service, but much of the credit belongs to Phillippe. The steady man had a delivery that was most difficult to solve, and I was not surprised that Boston's base hits were few. The spectators were loyal to their home team, but they were eminently fair, and the applause they gave us was gratifying. Boston has a first-class team, and will not be so .asy tn the remaining games." Jimmy Colins, manager of the Boston team, said: "I do not want to make any excuses. Pittsburg won to-day because it played the better ball. Fhilllpps pitched in masterly style and It was iut strange that we did not da much batting. The game was decided in the ifrst inning, and It was only th fortune of baseball that Pittsburg's four runs were scored after two men were out Our boys will give a better account of themselves In the other games. 1 expect to see Cy Young get sweet revenge and am still confident that we will win the series." ' KiSKIMlNETAS IS STRONG. Amherst Coach Is Stirring Enthusiasm at Saltsburg Good Schedule Is Announced. Special to The Pittsburg Post. SALTSBURG. Oct. 1. The Kiskiminetas fotbail team met last k nd elected F. M taughey, of Pittsburg, captain. Caughey played half on last year's eleven, f which inly three are back. The other two exe Irons, v, bo played rusxd. and Gordon, who pluyod end. The vacant positions are to be filled by some very promising mated i. which U being ioveloped by Coach Park, a Itst year's Am-berrt star. He h etlrrvd t:p great enthusiasm ami promise the strongest team in the history of the school. Th teem i eicttil W vr-lia pounds. A men ir the new n.en who axe f.rrwur.t for line ritkne ace the f.ni.irtn; McKeivey. i arnarsl, B. A. Cvrbel. J- H 4. utb?. 1- H. orbet, H, JorifS. iwvtee, I.yttie. lurican and HeldriCk- Those fcehtrid the line are natr, l.'riUiS. A Cunn-tnfeai, i.umr end Tti'wr, A good scheiiu e has been rrne4. A f"W ia.w re 'ft t the cb ot the 3wi J tf those teims ciaimiric cbanitientrup b-atters. The wheduie Is follows: X-tciwr S, lfclivar . fia!ttH:r!r-Cctabcr in. J.mnitown High school t S!t- burif. October !T. University M.-hiwl t CJeveinrsd. Oetotwr 24. Eaiit Uberty at Wi!kir.tir Ociober Si, N- iiaven Ii:h echoed t .-ta it - bvrg. Si veff, her . Sha.1y!4 t PKUtmrf. Novetaber 14. Pltieburs Hi.i cchoul t P.tte-tmr Other home ree will be srrer durtr. the seasca. TIE GAME 'AT HOMESTEAD. Rochester and Local Teams Each Scored Four Runs Called on Account of Darkness. The H. I A. r. eo.J R,jrhee r.en ea.rf) p!ayel a ! (W at Httwl W rr prh $otn1ay eftrs-ifm, which fl.! en enant of Uvtm at the rnnH f th ninth ha4 r.lri rtke-oat to fcie rit't. -t 'ii-mn. for hlieer. hl vt i:tht bit were ff"ir' ?ff '' w!)in arrn eff t'rft Th sn wee tiwt et M'fr ! ! A Sv Inio rmfr, la the tsiotft Orove f.t k ! r 1 Cr'! en Osrvey s hit. rry c.,r t M U" iiur. The myrni mmo wl'l t e.t Uk hetor Stariy, e.sd the third m Mutrei drsaai rjest wek. Hrre ""it . lIXcC" R B P. A B fv;)cn. R. n pTa r :.mun'n. $ t i hen. re 6 t irtnne' r, a 2 t "i rrey'u, i 9 ' 'yrf?, re t Tate. i.,.,,.S I ;?' ve. )t 1 iiarnhaii, r 1 4'earn, p.. I 4 111 Mii!in. t .. 1 1 Uaw, Jill u -.. y. 19 111 8 M'.;ir, I ! 1 urrvt. 1,1 1 6 "iirvty, r . I J S ? M ; fy. . , , 1 3 1 M p.-Vi r i J $ freeman, p 1 J 9 Tistai. t ft 4 Total ... T t S3 n. i-"a c ... ..;",T.." i a i t' i;hfstr , o t s t S- 4 Tbrcf-huw hue K4my rt..iOD, Tae Te- HMeMKIoskey. M-.tieaney. H i t lt-h4 bill J.irilMiy. garrtn bite r.Smtn4er'R. Ttnr-fryeon, Ciurtf1, Milr. IrHihi :iaye Mi'.ea Lirhlacr to Wae.v; Crfe to Mc.u.iy ; lMmumi.vn to i vafn.n t.. Tfrreyeott Ulrwk tvt- iiy -ftryon . i y VMtnn 4. ?teiw. i cBlift 0.1E Ct It-man I t 'mtire Parry an! I.i.t. W. &. J. HAS A HARD PRACTICE. College Team Lines Up Against Husky Scrub Eleven. fpecial to Tr e pmabvre, Ptt ASKlNOTTN", I-.. CHI, V The VT, J. tbnll tMn ha 4 aiw.thf-r ba-1 rnl.- to-day n r-jjsr3tinri fjr the irame with Marietta Saturday. The worn wae f the harfirat eri.i eftr nerly e'rv down plr were laid mit The concbea f.-Ir4 an tinuauslly atrng scrub tt-am n the fiebl. Volanteera f'rr the errub ha.e en ca.lld for from n"m the aio4rnta ant tb laretit nutntver ttt Sarere In uniform that has teen eetn on the fle!4 tKli year. Thera H at Hi a darth of heavy rnairriat t Rt-n4 with, but every efTnrt Is being ma4 Hi develop a fee'., sacrvsalye bunch of f:eyer The rsit1ce fh iay bow coTiit rf not the Muty work which thsractertsed the pis ring early In the semton. but har t, straight f "t-buil from the time the layer on the fiel-i u-ui! they are diamlare,! f-:,r the day. The 'varelty fr.r-'i rlieate,"iy on the etron acniba Vu-lay and ran the en-ie atmiwl et will. On the defviaive the back fiei-1 t iw!n up wonderfully etrnnK and ewn when the rub piayer pot thrissgh the line. brtu?it down the runner before he could tain n Inch further. The cnarhee are more ncourad than they have been at a:y time this aon. Racing Closes Pulaski Fair. NEW CASTXK, Pa . Oct. t -The Pulaski fair eloaed td-day with a juanet of eliciting rac a the j-rlnf Ir al frature. Results: Harneea race. f-r farm hnraea. puiae $J5. best two in three heat .eona K, b. a , cf Sharon, firet; Alice Alrnont, a m. 'Fran Cover, Pu!kl. second: J-nn!e Hl(rh Stepfier, b. ro. (H. F. Simpeon, Pula-kl), third. Time. i:TA, Z-.m. Free for all racet rurae beet two tn three neat Ie! phi. b. m (M. McDavItt, Helle-vue), first: Captain Church, h. g. (Fred Burn. Marietta. Oft ), second; f'!a It Cecil, blk. g 'Kred .Tamleon, Indiana), third. Time. 2:31. 2:24.i, i-.W-i. Free for all trot, puree beet three In five heats Blanche K (owned bv Gardner), first; Gfiorere rnlth. b. g. Georre Drew h. Sharon), eecond; Jim Flnton 3. 1 Todd, T!ea-vrr. third; Succeea. gr. m. J, ft Rea. Pitta-burg), fourth. Time, 2::, t:20. t i ll. 2:24 trot puree 1300, best two In thre heats Wood Old. blk. m. (Dan King, Kant Liverpool), flret; l.ln. h. g. (Charles Rlepf. Wampum), eecond; Wllkee. b. g. (Peter Herman, Younirstown). third; Welehrtd, ch. m (Ed Kearn, Pittsburg), fourth. Time. :S5, J;29V. CAPTAINS OF THE FRED CLARKE, Who piloted tUe Pirates to victory In first game for be Tvrll championship. t ife kJ.'& 'Si . & k s, I Ia?' . sr - 4l i J W r '-s y r, $b? ill I ' I BOSTON. FOOTBALL NOTES. For Foster club games address Manager, care Foster clug, 113 Fortieth streor. Iron City opens the season I o-morrow with the Monongaheia Indians on the latter' ground. Three A'e meet the Prtmoee eleven Saturday. JT. Sill Bleynev, old W. & S. and Three A flayer, wUl nrfrt. Dwyer A. C. want game for Saturday. Address P. M. Dwyer. 1 Butler etreet. Bell telephone Fisk. The Library A. C. wants a home game with 6i to ?!-riund teams for to-morrow. Address W. Close, &5 May Sower eure 't. JtrU.jeviUe wintg another change to tr,rt the Sterlinie. r Crrte). BriJiteviile rleima Herltng wo lnt tur!ay becau Ohe' arm sate fcut t a mucai time. UriJcevti: offere to play Cnrnerie co featuraay, eacn club ! t (. iJV V the fceme cistcr. . in I . . ! with the eeoiiin of Kwal amia'r titch in uien place, twt will rseke a ide tt of - ur Aalrae C f. Mayer, rt-anaser. Tt Tiirera. ef Ai!th-y, elalmintf the W pnj4 itismfiieratiii, rt We:m pennyial. wi.'i play tii Hruehtoa Titi day in n f ifth anJ Htmlilm r er 4 gt t f it Hruhun an Tow tre-t. tn teem i; ra-et at 1 at Fifth ai.,1 Mukrt A ha been arrC(4 with me ts'.f.;n of w .i-binahurK Harry flrtney t euehit(i the lem Piar wi i j.ra ' - i nn? as i ri a. , Mri WtiUam N. Itbbemi, iiu AHv-Sbenj-- ntarkn, Allesheoy, "e NATIONALSArTEvFCTORiOUS. Chicago League Team Shyts Out Americans by a Score f 11 to 0. Uprri&i t The F-jttabjrf INwt. CHiCA;, C-t. The Nttiifsa! wan with e t. 'i'r -e NaT ft 1i r.A v. ' AilM J- ! ! A 5 Rc,e m.t 9 'feVfy!, ! e i . I M'v"thy. I i 1 i 'tt-K. 1. . 1 Jrtti. r .. . i ! i !r aer. e.. 1 9 -anan. i irji, f ... 5 t far bt.i, a.. .ia-li. !.... -:lef, J.. c e airtr. p. 8 I 5 ti t c t t Kiir e. t r- v rf I ajrn t . Vl!i, .. Tt! IS M ST J Ti-tat iS .vat.ria.e 1 S 1 1 IS A rrn .... .. i - Tw-te h:t rh..' T'-be bt?-Kvert. .ie ?t n t a..a- K ', a la tan lafie lyTetreit at..! Jt' iiru-ta nyt rly Tl..f . ty Jiahfty I Hf r.r te..e- a V fnr 7 i'.:: ht i t- t-t i , P;aheTtr I t"r-.;iree J.-hr-.it t JuJ f h ' ! t-'- s. T; i t. BRiDGEVlLLE WINS WITH EASZL West Nevrton Team Is Defeated by Score of 11 to 4. H KT ,vt;T'i i . -ft t 7t-a ean at tVt rt. fi l!v..n .. an. M S"in wse a wa,.---r f-.-r lift .rei:it. Nwfc.p ejHw4 t'' hft f an ! t.i a. I fvT UiJ-,a?vea iHh er, f,-i fcan at tin.., frask tnut t4 f-.v- " A i'.r.e nt in 4-i r tt.ter I?. i - in J-a nut et ll i. ha -. I ister.Sr,., . I Crti. iii p.y at tsri.SretiUe vti t a! J- t 1 t J t 0 14 10 1! W eat ,tli Philiideiphla Turns Tables. St-U! i" T!i Pt!!'rg Pitt. PUItADCCPHIA. frt. t -The Qvkr Ka ttnr.aia tutn4 the tat lee nd bt the Atij-Ictlce tn-dy, Bsre: atm f. n p, a k ! puTUXI iTlFp a t Harta). pic-h'ttg. m.l tvi, i.,, t'Th.ntiaa, m. --ee,n. J. , Wuiv wn. 19 trry, 1 ., . . 9 fti.'ltvia. .... 0 . k -.isi-e, 1 9 '.' Si : itt. a 9 0 K.th. c 8 B Mtu-htiL P -' a 2 t 0 i 1 1 A I a ) 1 I 4 1 P1H, 1 Sry'tntM. x ,M'.rt.hy, t H rpflw, e Ii-wim. -. Hcniey, p. C ft i'lAjuia 0 0 6 ,( t T 10 ) Totale .....4 4 11 Total ftat?d far Mit-hell In the riln'h Athletic . , 1 2 0 3 0 0 0 fr- PriUtetphiv S 9 0 0 - Karr-eJ ran Athltl- Tuo-iMi h:t-l"..w-er, M. Cross. Three-base bit Hart sell. Ba-rihee .lie I avle. Powers ci.-in ba-Thomas. I-eft on a"B A thief ire phiia-tJelpftia, Struck out If art tel. Seyei4. row-er. Jli-ti!ty !, harry. Mitchell, T!-.m 3. !epn Flret be nn erroraAthletb 1 Klrat ha n tiaila Pi krln- S, f. ( rce. ThorriBs l. Wolverton- I. Hulewlt t)avl. lt by pltchesi kail Titus. Wild pitch-Mnrhi. Paaeed b;i Itoth. Time l:4i. Umpire timith Connellsvillo Beats Scottdale. Srcial to The Pittsburg Pit. 'ON X Kl .1.3 VI I.LB. Pa . Oct. 1 The C nellavlile Athletics and the hoottdaie ia!li tram ckiwd the aeaaon here this terrmr,n liy plying a same S tn 4 in favor of Ctmne. ,m ilie The pfTK-eels of the sttrne, &h were t(ir?)i over to lwrenee Frsricls, the t'imnellevtne shortstop, who ha1 hla lg broken In the !ut game. E.ttcr!e For Connellsvilie, Her, Francis and King; Bcottdale, gtuner, Rueh and Palmer. Exhibition League Games. At Wllllamapnrt New York National... 019S1OOO6 11 1 Wtl!ianisrrt 1 0 8 f 1 0 1 0 d 0 S 14 I Batterien Orrinln and Warner; Brevier and IVmnvan. Umpire -Harklns. At Harrlaburg Boston 1 0 0 0 0 1 010 11 0 Harrlnbur 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0-! S 1 Batterle." Willis and Dexter; Barthold and Agnew, t'mplre Rlnn. OPPOSING TEAMS. JAMES COLLINS. p-4 nr -1 'ii & 'Ill 'WAit.' 7 U IT 1 ' it Whose Anierlcnn lensur rhani-plons ire-tit dona before Pltta burgr's grreat bull team. '"V.:. vhjM Day of Record Breaking on Various Race Tracks. . . HERMIS BREAKS TRACK RECORD. CONCEDING 11 TO 40 POUNDS WEIGHT TAKES HANDICAP AT MORRIS PARK. EASILY LEADS RIVER PIRATE. Mollle Bront Wins Hunter Handicap for Three-Year-Olds From the Favorite Stolen Moments. THREE FIRST CHOICES SCORE. NEW YORK, Oct. J.-The feature of the racing at Morris Park to-day was the good performance of Hermls, who picked up 134 pounds and conceding from 31 to 40 pounds to the other starters, easily won the handicap at 1 mile and a furlong from River Pirate. He also broke the track record for the distance by 14 seconds, his time bflr.g 1:B24. The jiurtif-r .handicap at X lEiie, for 3-year-old times, was won bv the second choice, .MoUio Brant, with the favorite. Mf.ien Moments, second. Three favorites won. Summaries: r lrtt race, seilm. Ust 7 furlongs of the Withers mile Monograph, m (Crostn-waiti. 2 to 1 and 4 to s. won; King Dove, (V, J.'jsher), 3 to I and 3 to X, second; lHi-ltsl. uiohnes), to l and S to , third Time, i .r.i. Eva Russell. Xr-kC Our Nuggrt. McH'iihams. iiweet Alice, llo's -Mite and Moderator also ran. Se:or;J raw, the Corinthian steeple cha handicap, altout Z1-, milt-Self I'ro-i action. 1'j d'u), 1 to i aiid Out, won; Hay s.c-ret. 147 iTayi"r. e to J. and even, ' nd . I'han.plon, lis, (Hayesl, 7 to I and 1 to 2, t.-.ird. Tirs 4 . Only three i hird race, the Kct pse course M-?nad-:;.im, llij tKuUert, 4 to I and even. cu, t.rtr-ut;s, lio (',uil;rajii. 2 So 1 and S to si). (;otui; Itiverdale.. lis) iH'ckfj, 7 to 1 nd to 2. third. Time, l.UV I'sta-s-.-nien, Iteveslle, Fort Haiti. 1'pmpaao, i.")' t.l Arthur &. rui. K.-i.rth ra -e. ttt Hunter handicap, the ''.! : nie MoUla Xrant, ll tdm), 1 : i i . 1 even, wt.n; r?t;-ti Moment a, 11 ';r.r,r,i, 3 t- I art.1 3 t, S. secund. Ada Nay. IS "O N-Sii. ", J er,d to i. th;rd. VliRf, l.X- H'arr,psr:g tiround. tilrdie. t;vi.i-.a. &d Adi-- ;o fan, K-.fiii rare the VVl:t;.-r mSle St. Jade. IS Urtin. io to t and 4 to l. won; l.:;.i. iii od fr,. to I and t to t. sc-. f..i, ijuy Lar li tra . 2 to X and . f. K thit-i. Tln-., ! .ii V Ms da I. Thaon. Tiii'sn t i, N'in, (;. j .;a. Qeen Kilti-: - .(. l-rtii.. "i. en i r. s tsht and Nuit ; : it .- i fte n ,J fct It ?,ta rw. hatidlcap. I mile and I fur--f . v.r the Viitafrt ei- He trail 54 i ;-..; t), II t. 5? ard 1 to i. won; iilver tt'.f. i il.veS. & to I .:! 1 to 5. ec-- i ., (' , i . lai ( ! liColir. if), :i ti I at.d 4 tf 1. inird. T;me. I lit i nil -j. rtn-.rt H sc al rati. I.;;;-;', f.jr t s-isi-rrn - rlrt ra'e, aell-i-;. ti ird':e, IS rn.lea. over ! btirdl'-a i.arjiind." i-. . t atrsfecanaa. lr-.jE-' wan M-iathlana i-ru '."-1, l-t-.d !'r!.r-. i'af. i. r s. Jil: '.!s-f. The fi'ril. ;.; .,-. i. sUt. Sit, Cr tt.arart. Iliac i -'... H Hi -" ti t race. hard.'--?. !-ysr ci 1. J-'.. !:if i-;r e - 1 1 ;-, . "U; M?."' r, i : i . i. Arfin ; !a. Hi. M"it'.l'. ier. I t'i. Hi, l're-i.u tst.n. '-.,..r ti. ".-. lt. Irsrs imerKer,-y. It.-n r ?r.Sr.e. t-i: tvJ T-'-rrtev. Top '; i: ' : V", ( !'!;; ft. n. I r i r--e ManhaUan l,andep, K:'"Sf . .. T !.) (.if", lOV ii,. - ! -t r. ; ; -r is,, 2; . Mi. ?.r o--r . s.,-. I., t Ca-tif W'i;. Tr-i me. irn: , ! 1'.. lUff Kina. lnvlw-i.14, l4.': c,.u:ul. !. SaSvte".a, K. Jan- a rth r.-e the r!iar.a, W!thr nil ,.... t; Kir Vsor hie. Knar. . , . DAN PATCH'SJjREAT EFFORT. Paces In 2:0t i-4 at Oakley Under Ad-verte Condition -Pan Michael Beate King Direct, -N-ctv aTl 'Vt. J -There " aoww ft rarm at'taK park to-A,. TJ JL ..." : ;.i j - e.e h t;y t.-.o-eettt fr-m . , ;.e'r.a Mi-ha.l Kinf M'-- Mtr.ner. TTiS race . ... i .. M an t the a.r: . , i. ' f 1 t-r i- -r i.a3t?'.l i f tte fl'il Ihe r-;,.n to-' t.e' s ; tr.t la two heats, lie a the fhf in t(e i,v'i . iK Fortune upatt U ra4cmat.ma ' " ' fr,-t lie tx.a It Sr. iw.j he at a. bW the monev It !---i ihr" hrJ bt tu tle-ite .. - r-e. ahlfh was V.CU t.v the fa--rte. nw .i;!ar.. Ritrr -tie ha-t drwH t!.e nr.t htat . . a ti k Vt T'-rr. e garen. l,o i iit. ti urivett .jr Myron M-nry aaatnat 'hi. f-t' re. ,.rJ ( 1 rmt he railed t,. t-.at H "He '! trie cjuarfi-r in !.. r;f in !, the three-arter In i 3 and e,-.tntH-ted the ntiis in ai.. fnder the a I-v.tte tra.-k txT-'titi-na the irfrmar.c a .rtemii-l one. lunoarlaaf 'ilie I'u. e. i & pcra J In 11; pwrae SI.W T- Mt.a! rh h . t-v Itjreal-For- aima (HM ....... 1 t King 1 ir--t. blk b. lUeertt 1 ltai-lt;o, fcr. a. tWatker)..... ranttne, t. rn. U msi .rim Kyl. h. iVi!..nl 8 Mr U'lidin. b m. i)uiljni tin tlrect, br h. K.'aranthan) Kina-mora.. t. h l'earpe , Time J:0i't. 4 r'. t'.lfl. 3 f!H. i pee t tn Si: puree H0. Fannie Itlllard, b. m by Hal tdllard- Klien M. Ifnow)..., Terrace tjueen, hr. m. (fleere). t Nervolo. b h. (Hn.lannl .. S Itilev it, . hlk. h. (Krvnn) 4 t 1 1 4 VI m i-ld Ptrattrm. b. h (M'-Oiitre). Itotimer, t a. tA K. Mfl w,nni3) ... 6 i 5 ,. die. Time lUSTk. . J 13 trot tj In S); puree tt.000. r.ity FTtvine. ch. h., by (Inardeman- Alcfilyte iliiiilejni 1 The Quest or. b K- (Ueern) 2 Norrle, b. . (Shank! I TopKV, tl. 111. 1 J MMl. 'Hi .............. S CtcK-ent, ir- Curry 4 l.vl!e K., b. ro. Hil... Kent. ch. . rtrlahtm-UI).... P-.IK. B- r (Merntielfii 7 Walter Smith, lilk. , tValentlne). ....... ..11 S l'ramer. br. h. (I.Buahilni ..! 1 Newton, lr. ff. lAnderaoti) t At Time I.12H. I:il'4. To beat liia rKiril of 1:S8H, psclng, Pin J'nlth, br. h., by Joe Pati-lien (Myron M--Hetiryi. loet. Time by quarters S'l1, half, three-quarters, l:3i!lt; mllo, 2:01V 2 20 trot ii in S); purse ft. (KM. Ttie Parson, blk. g., by Ijovd-Onward (Cnlbyl 1 1 Miaa l-e. Hex. b f. (W. Marvin) 2 (lament, blk. h (Chandler) I 6 Ballajst, b. . (Tlarrett) t HermuJa Maid, lr. m, (.McCarthy) 4 4 Allan V., b. g. U. McMahoa) f Tonga tQeera) , dis. 4 New Track Record at St Louts. T. IX)riH. Oct. 1 Mttle Scout, at S to 1, won to-day's feature race at Delnmr at a mile and an elirhth for s-year-ol.ia and up in 1:54. This low-era by a quarter of a eeconil the track record, made by Taby Toaa last year. X.lttle Scout laid nicely In lawt poaltlon for a mile, whilo the strugullngr held was atrainiiiR every nerve. At the elehth pole a hard drive began, with the three first horees almost even, Little Scout aradually a-ainlr.r. and before the wire was reached hla sllarht lead of a nose was lncrciieeii by a neck. Tatty Tosa wa a neck in fn.rit of Dan McKenna. Track fast. Summitries : First race, 6',i furlonBS Pei-rrdlck. J2 (Tteuuchamp), 11 to 5, won; Weird, (J. rravlor). ft to 1, second: Military, l'K) (Foley). 4 to 1. third. Time 1:21. Second race, 5' furUniK" Ira J.. 110 (R Smith), 7 to 2. won; Judge Denton, 106 (Birken- Baby troubled with Eczema, or other disfiguring itching disease of the skin? I Doan's Ointment will cure. Cannot harm the most delicate I ekin. I-.vm. .'. H4 News. r I f h rar-v. marea. J-jKar ana P., ir'-res f vj:fter mi. l.rta, l-. rtrX Armil;'' 115. T"' ae.iirit. 3--r-"j5" .,.,? -A -fr- niilf Na-n'or. nnn-" H.!.-wk. Kinnlktnn.t. K-'Wv" K-.e. 1. S'"'' i. ui.r. Wi;d I'trafe. i..ra :.t Kr!W. KH'i tulr.., . i'.-.e 'ktMf, M. 202 , SIXTH STREET. Finest Oualify Anybody can have wood cuts made showing the fine points of a Suit or Topcoat and, oh, my, what a difference! Our Clothing is cut, made and trimmed by the best journeymen tailors in our own shops on tne premises. vouic in, icavc yuui mcdbuic iui d, ajuu, x ujjv-ud.., m pair of Trousers, Raincoat or Fancy Vest, and if we do not fit j you perfectly, give you the latest styles and best workmanship, ana save you irom oo to uu Any y charge you one penny for the experience. 1,000 TA!L0R-?ADE SUITS and TOPCOATS Worth $12, $15 Any lYiisfi. Suit, PALACE Mi SIXTH STREE Corner Pcnn Ave. ( ta 1. WeavJs Prrrr, U3 tJ- I TawV. 4 to i. tfc'.r i T!m I . I Gir t ra 1 rr-.:.r--Sind i 'O. -AuaUnJ, 1 t a S'ifMl, 1" (Prir.ai, I to L rvrtj" W U .aia, fc ttiaauthjucpi, li U X. thitil TIitw i, ... r-.!H r S tnlira--t.Ht! Sccmt, U3 iSMutiii. t t 1. "ti. Tr,r 1 oas, 1 itVai-.. . i i i, sTiil. U Kl ii. 110 tBlrk- ri.n(i,i tit 1. th.M. lim-l H'. -ittX r. (sr,-r;jt-Braiiia. 134 Sh-tj.. I. woo. i. "uiism O.ri. M IM. J'nu-. t... w i. r,.,l I U. 1't tO- Aus- tir.i, S ta I. third THn I Math rt. 1 ri.j'ns anJ TO -ar-'.a Fr Uwr. ? (Wa5ia.i i t !. . .Ntia Hafr.t. i a I. ar..l: area Ftmaa. tlr'er-kiii. ta V. hif-l, Hri-t i . '.- ir:- at Wltwr: r !rt rawa. fsr!..t ai-:-t-a J-rtarKt soil upaarl-AlW ar.t 5.ir, t'athmna Kn-a. !B.firuSa. ; , .Ti 1 . I ) .'l. J-? i : r r4 r. :.r, K l; ;. 1 r at . y . i ,, Tal.r.avritts, n , ruvw iia. j-r. Cacdla, r; 5 ?t . tbv funn-htuan, I- K.-.it. aiii. J-yrar-ol-Ia a, M--4.'! inrih. . War-- , ; lar rt, 14 !1 Mirvan. i; W li lrlll, IV. Tkir 1 i, t iri(-ti, a;uar.ca. I - t rt Var i-u. Artu, ; :.. ll ti tmrrtt l a i-a'l. .?.. '". r.s ..ur:, H-uaLNtti- ff-.M.. K ine-i r-... l". ,i. l ,n 'it aj- . ilw-r-3(-, l iw-.,..'. ais-t us- H-r.t;aa. J,-- Utra-t,s ta. H,. Ada . it-, Al.U!, r.tsh r I fjn.jr.sa. iiSns, J-yd-ar-ou'a at..t uv - as-.-. ''. ". ftry. Im , l'rr.ai), it;. M. -lufth. Ht frini. j:tir. "A.Sn.raJ.. Ofimli. Aul, Kevensa '"I'h'ivf, f.i-1o-r, -Si!n. -rr-olB r tir- M- -i. ; Ji iia.r.era. o. l-a if j Mrfr, i"l; Ja l-'i. t'tionai. I.;. Wcti Tr..Jty, laJ. Aliyar. i-V NEW AlRICAfT" RECORD. McCee, a Three-Year-Old, Cover. Five and a Half Furlongs at Harlem in 1:05 15. rUK'AiJi V ! 1 -S1(H. a J-vwir-fH -" r-j- in'- krsftt-hr5ifr!. t a ow Araarn-i an r"'.-r-4 itt a (.uruiar trark tuT five aaj uiiK i a.f furK; s in th atev.ii4 r-a.-r at Jlar-l.ru ti-4F li wvtrM lh routa in lil-j, '.ttiir f'iir i,rh vt a avm.t "ft I be W Mnia i.,i l a arc ntrf ui turn f t1. tasnriiis from I"i lutmi. unsicil-l, t,y tv atvl a haif iriaj!'. J ". t.. rh.A thlr. iithr cloudy atid airni, tr.. a fr.t- i-' iii!tr,iir : i uat ui. ui kn-rn Ftrsrin, Kl (1. Wn..i,a, 11 l,i L. w.ri Mia Moist". M iNlfoil, i. lu i. anind , I'uiMtar.nuit, r ir1 ligiitl'l'l. t 1. thinl. T1iu. t.u Tmi T. Sui t'l,ttiaii, t ! fniith. Ir.ah tw, Iloca, Trtnltrr, n-..i-t, i:r.K.kHt iicii, lir-aUt-liii ar I La. if nf Mi!our!i also ran. hart, lid . r-.irl mg McU-. 1"6 (Bu-ch tm an I. " rn. won; it !. 14 (rreili, ti J.j aniiml; Jt tSoaa IT. iW ' thl-ti. ' Tim.. 1 r'i'.ial Wreath, Eva i mi, line art Ha-raMn also ran. Ttm i iai?. t-a i i Ira. ITsirie Ptots staJtea liavliaiul, ill. Ititiii!'). to J. wm: tmt l-i.-. si J-Vrrflt), t 4to , a..fonl; Jlargla, j,.; n i;a-trr. t 5. tlilr-i Time. :H s-a. tif,-, 'l.miilr ar.i Harry Nw alaa ran. K. unit tn- 1 ml la sud TO yards, l-'otta-wai .mlo I aniili sr Aw k. f tVV. Holiblnsi, 3 t.. 1, ur. lnrubator, 3 tFarrtflil, I lc 1, at-iinl KinR!'! M it. Hunntr). 11 to I. third. Tsui-, 1 44 I-i. The lHrt. Ollfain and liras al.-o raa. FUth I ace, t Tnlle r"-l. 1"2 (Pollok), 13 t,i HI rn; Jvrr-TitH li tWila-m). i to 2, kv-,md; Mti- II. t"8 tKnapM, -i to 1, third. Tin.,., l.4i S-S. Jtm Hal. tv Iabor, tlive All i.aily Knt, J'ro.lisal Kjn, Martou Lynch, Kinft nt. nin-watr and Marco also ran. Sixth races 1 mil Hard of Avon, 7 Wtl-am 1 to S won; lmtrh Carter, 7 IS. I'htl-Hi.) 4 10 1. 8ii!ti Kabunta, Hi i'crrarllt. 6 V. 1. third Tltn, l:4!2-5. Ale, Lady Matchless, i"lyln. Oirl and Christian A alo rcti. H.trlem t tries fur to-morrow: KirMl rai, furloiiKK Mary lvti, Zepho. Mirrv K'liTht, Siananrti, !: King" IkVIo, lt; Ilattifi Walka-r, t'annrl. Florvstan. Lacy Crawford. IHKinna. S.cimJ rorp, handifap stpltha. hort ,.,n,r?,..V1!,!-n Link. 1W! fVylon, 15U; Falella. 142 Mr. Ho-. IV; I.lmrllRht, 13; llasmar, KirKt I'aM, 13n; Lx-mon Lnnd, Lnura K, Sno-drill, ltm atara, 16; John E. Uwetia, Ailne Ai.bott, 17. Thlid raoe. 1 mile Hragn. 107; Toah. Stuyve. Talpa. l'"4; Thnn, I'm; Wartrnlrht, 9S; Tarn U'SliantT, Tunas, Ird MrlbournP 95. Kuurth rare. 6 furhmcs tol Smith. 101; Tol-tiH- tillvrr spinner, Fly Lady, S; Ollstt.n, 4; pofh---, Mary Hilt. 93. Fifth raca-. 5 furlon-fs Clifton Fo,rp. 113; Tolodo Hold Siiin. J. 1. Mayberry. lul; le-tormlnatii n. US; Fox Iak, T; Toaalon, Tapl-oln. 1UI1 Welters. 04. Kltth rnoa-, 1 nitle and VH yards Flpuron, Alfic-d C 113: rrlnw Bin, Curate. Captain H&mm. 112'. Itrd Ciiff, 1WK; Florence H, Merao, K'2; Qlen Rice, 11 : BROOKLYN HANDICAP'S STAKE. Will Be $20,000, a. Will Also the Suburban Next Season. NEW YORK, Oct. 1. Pecretray Rehberfer, of the Brooklyn Jockey club, to-day announced that the value of the stake of the Brooklyn handicap for 19'H would be 20.(Kj0 a-uaranteed. Instead of lli,0X) added, aa formerly. hwretary Fellowes, of the Coney Island Jockey oltih. also announced the following chnnare In value of stakes for 11M4: The Suburban, to lie 10.000 guaranteed in-stend of $10, WW added; the Advance, to be $15.(00 Ktinrantwd, formerly $S.iHi added; June handicaps. $7. lino. Instead of ",4.50ft added; each purt of the Double Event to be $10.01), Instead of $".,000 iruarantced : all stakes for 3-year-olds and upwards at diptancea of one mile or over, formerly Sl.oiO to $2,W addtd to each, to be $S,'XH) added to each; ail stakes for 2-year-olds, which were $l.iC0 added to each, to be $2,fii0 added to each. Favorites Win at Highland Park. DETROIT, Oct, 1. A heavy rain Just before the first race made the track sloppy at Highland park this afternoon, but the bettors were In good form and a majority of the betting choices won. The closest finish of the afternoon came in the first race, a dash of fix furhmtr. which Fritzbrlller wn by a short head from Tllcht and True, after leading ail the way. The summaries First race. 6 furlonKS Frltibriller. 5 to 2. won; Riprbt and True. T to 6, second; Show man, k to 2, ttura. -lima, a:u THE PALACE in the newspapers, but and $16 Worth Topcoat or Raincoat Price. CLOTHING Feoond rac. H furlon Tencesseean. 4 to J, vt,:; Kern. to i. second; Vanity, I to t. thirl. Time, 1:M. Third rat-, il-li rr.lies Fatrbury. f to , Charley Thoniiaain. 7 to 10. second; Flora, VVtlioijgfcb-. 6 to L ttitrd. Tlma, 1-at- Ft-urtn race, 1 mil Dr. Gumsey. 4 to I wi; Am k. 4 to J, aaacond; BediaaJ, I M 1, third Tinee, l:41ia. Fifth race, ( furion Pride of Surrey, f to 1. on. Joiin, to L aecocd; Maxetta. li to L third. Tiina, 1:1TH- Mxth rate. 1 mlia Lady Mistake. $ to S, won; Kaey Trade. to 1. second; Wundarllch, lt to I, tnirii. J. ime, Results at Toronto. TOROVTO. Cmt, Oct. L Followtnc ara ths resu;t cf the ra.-ea here to-day: Kirai race. f urler, Dr. fctuckey. T to 18, fjret. Roa-ani-o, 7 t 2. aeeonJ; Mary L, t to L tn;r-l. llict, 1:1. NKf.nil race. & furlonaa JudKe. S to B. won: Inaa; htn us, X to L awcood; scotch Pluma, i to 1, third. Time. 1 01. Third race. 1 milea Bentckart, 3 to 1 won: San.t-vj. a to tt, trnl Time, IJU. Only two atartera. Fourth raca. 9 furlonaw Merry Erifland. eveau won; Athel. 1 to t. second; Sailor Knot, S t i. third Time. I:li4. Fifth race. IS ndiea Moral, even, won: 1'aiwv. I to L eeoond; fengaurat, even, third. Tim 1 M;h ra, I t-is miles X'-mKtn. i to l, won: Catthne. even, second; fehandon&eld to it ttiirs Time, l.iJi,. S vnt h race. I i-1 mllaa Choate. S to X, won; J:i ;cr. 4 to L second; Fueco, i to L ihtrd. Titce. Ii3V. REAL UP-TO DATE ROOTING. Pickering Shows Boston Fans What a Pittsburg Firm Can Do to Help Boost the Champions. FOSTON. Mas.. Oct. 1. Boston baseball fans have this year ben treated to urr.ethir.x new la the way ot rooting. They have heard anJ read much about the rsa.1 rootlnfr of Pittsburg people, but they never expected a Pittsburg firm ou!J send a small army of men to nrtj the rival town and root to a man for the Pirates. Yet that Is Just what Picker ings did here. Nearly every Pittsburg roster was supplied with a Pickering megaphone. i;os:on never saw such root- ins; or heard worse noise. LOCAL SWIMMER IS SECOND. Guy M. Daltey, of Pittsburg, Loses 70-Yard Free for All Event at Chicago. CHICAGO. Oct. 1 Ths second day tf the aquHtlu sports held In Lincoln park In connection with the centennial celebration was devoted entirely to amateur contests. F. V. .-tone, of Miami college, acted aa clerk of the ci.urae. The principal events wera as follows: Free f- all Bwlinmlr.K. To yarda Gordon. New York, first; O. laliey, Pittsburg, second-Time, :42 1-5. Junior elt-pla sculls. 1 mile W. Cox. Chi-cko, rirtt; J. K. Hinder, Chicago, second-Time, 3:25. IH.ubl- woll, 1 mile Won by Attelson and Hsy, ChlcaKO. Time, S:09 4-3. Free fur all swimminjr, relay race, 100-yard lai.ss. four men to team New York team, first: Cliicaso Athletic association, second. Time not given. Free fur all single sculls J. Corbett, Chl-ca (To. fi rt ; J. F. Binder, Chicago, second. Time. 3:21. RECORD AUTOMOBILE TRIP. Twenty Horse Power Car Covers 1,177 Miles, Chicago to New York, in 76 Hours. SEW YORK. Oct. 1. Bert Holeomb and Henry Sn,jall finished a recurfi-breaklr.gr automobile trip from Chicago to New York today, the machine makina- the trip In W hours. The automobile, a 24-horse power machine, had been delayed several aoura on account of losing the road last night. The car covered 1,177 milfls. an average of IS1 miles per hour. It waa driven by relays of chauffers. 4 National Red Legs Beat Americans. CINCINNATI. Oct. 1. The Nationals, of Cincinnati, and the Americans, of St. Louts, played hare to-day. Burkett's wild throw trying to catch Seymour going- to third, after Holan's hit. scored Fohl and let in the wln-nltijt run for the Clncinnatis. St. Louie could tlo nothlnir with Hahn's delivery up to tha reventh inning, and the hit everythig- put over the plate. Ever was hit in the leg by Peits's liner In the eiKhth Inning and had to retire. Attendance, W2. Cincinnati 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 t I T 10 2 St. Louis 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 S 0 U S Patteries Stovers, Morgan and Sugden; Halm and Feits. Cincinnati Releases Phillips. Special to The P!tt?bur Post. CINClN-NATI. Oct. 1. Hlg Bill Phillips, who won more games than he lost this year as a Red. was to-day unconditionally released by President Herrmann. Thla action was taken at the request of the veteran twtrler. who aays ha desires to become, a minor league, magnate. Jacob Beckley, known as "Old Kaitle Eye," to-day signed a contract to play first base here again next year, and Mr. Herrmann announced that he had drafted Catcher Phil O'Neill, who made such a good record this year as a receiver for the Grand Rapids club of the Central leasu?. The report that O'Neill had promised to loin the St, Louis Cardinals ia not true. e Newark, Winners. Special to The Plttshurg Post. NEWARK, O., Oct. 1. To-day's races drew a big crowd. 2:1S trot, purse 300. six heats, unfinished: five horaea started Stockton (Caldwell! took two firsts, four seconds: Thornby (Kelly), after taking three fifths, came in second, and then won two heats. Tim? 2:21. 2:29 pace, purse tSW, fire heats Baby Burns (Hroveel. nrt: Lucky Jtm (Turblshi, second Jolly- Bird (Edwards), third. Time 2:234. ' ; J-year-old trot Almenetta (Kent), first; Dark T. 43) U2 202 SIXTH SRTEET. LOlVGSt Price. put on the garments, - uuicui., wc wui nut 750 SILK-LINED HIGHLY-TAILORED SUITS and TOPCOATS $20, $25 and $30 PARLORS, SIXTH STREET, Hoxt to Drug Store. ABSOLUTE SECURITY. Genuine Carter's Little Liver Pills. Must Bear Signature of See Fae-Slmile Wrapper Below. Try aaall aad mm Masy . t tak aa sag FOR READ ACRE, roi DIZZINESS. FOR BIUQUSRESS. FOR T0 1!D LIVER. FOR C0KSTIPAT10X. FOR SALLOW SUR. FOR TMECOMPLEIICR jarrawavm aigawnm x. ri 1 Purely TegetaMe.'Sa, iz w CURE SICK HEADACHE. Even a Blind Man can see a bargain like this Our own importation " Black English Thibet, made tip just as you want it and perfectly tailored . $25 A SUIT. A very special price for this week only Regular value Is $15. Orders at the bargain price must be in by Saturday. JOSEPH FELDMAN, Tailor, 203 Smithfield St EVERY SPORTSMAN v Should visit our establishment now, and ym be posted on the new good brought out for the nuntine season- - Select Your Hbw Can while the stocks ara complete PAHKBU, BEJIISUTOS, SMITH, ITHACS.lULTUlOaMVHACCSB, BAKKK, FOKKHASO otiaera LOADED SHELLS Oniv high-class g-oods no inferior Bakes. Special rates to clubs and in quantity. W rite for bottom price. V. rite for potto pii" joHnsTorrs 529 SmlthfieM St THE MERCANTILE AGENCY. Corner Pena Avenue, and Nlntb Street. PITTSBURG. PA. Furnish information aa to tbe standing of business men throughout the United States and Canada. Reference, book la-sued cjuarterly. The beat facilities for collection of past due dbta throughout North America. WESTiNGHOUSE BUILDING. ESTABLISHED I Ml. . O. DTJN CO ...PToprtetors A. B. WIQLEX mu.......aanar CARTER'S KITTLE flflVER AKMtTI I.S. r 1

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