Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1946
Page 4
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fe^^))irt»jr*»9«a^««»wwiBf»'B' II « 5u ' p ill'- ' Twe'fcdoy, January, 15, f' 1 HOW WHtW: DID ''i V i ;.(•>:'Hi A.'<" Oil. I E,\\I3l. R/ ^Silbp^y' ; '' ] ' : ' l <- : ^- r ^^ Differ- ^,4$i^** Mm. lit ^ s^i$f!% OPE- ARKAMS A S By Chick Young COME ON,ROYAL SPOR/^ I'LL CASH x COME ON/..OH, VIC, /YOUR TICKET A ,. ... _____ ..... ... „ THANKS, ' ANYBODY NAMED ROYAL ?\ THANK THE HORSE. WE BOUGHT THIS HORSE l HAD TWO BUCKS > Q[ THEY WHIP THEM - WAIT RIGHT/ HOW DO THEY MAK£ MOUSE THAT JUST MADE HIM STOP ALTOGETHER MAMA WITH A LITTLE STICK AND I SAY, ' - HIS SIRE WAS ROYAL ARMOR ' • • \ GO PASTES?, \^* MAMA? N- -.' t-^- 1 i -v? ,. $$ ?*;/ ^ u _ ^:,trvf|^y ~ " .u'tfew*. vifC^*' \;^-tKiM'i^ '^i:^> , 1 WU2 JUST /VcT. VOU THINK r-!K\/ [fXACTLY .' A KID, BUT I \ CMS UtfZR HI? CAW f|0w, IUTH2R. REMEMBi-y .<•!£:• £--WI£ r <77 AIMV I WANT YOU lV.rF>'B0C>, STWifccRST.M'O'iCUiV TO SH'PW ME BUT SOMETHING WENT RIGHT -' MD IN ESCAPING, JULKIE'S P\CE WftS CASHED OPEN FROM STOOGE WAS FOREHEAD Tt5 CHIN! NO ONf GOT \£VER IDENTIFIED!! A GOOD WOK AT THE MAN WHO BUT BsrORfi HS L HSLPEP HIM (SET AWW! DlSD, t;E NA.'A&D ) •;TRAP LAID \ WRONG! COPS SHOT ONE OF ; HE STOOGES, BUT JULKI? GOT Side Glances By Galbraith MODEST Trademark Rt-gisteml U. S. Pnlcnt Office scr- T/UK,N . ABOUT IT /.AND VYf'.fWr l FERAC-r?. 1 W "I pifej! 1,7! iWllte ;; M-Hi i w<IW*- . ' •«- > -' r '. i^L'v'L) ''-•'S'-.^A'. '•' I '"^,-'\ .-IW SlKl HEA13-5TRON3- ONE, ro^cnv INTO ACK CAVE-J... 3TAKH >"^OT TO ARE l'V\ COniNG-..-\\AIT P ME---WHERE'6 U3HT...X CANT WE CAN'T GO OUT CHILDREN - IT'S RAINING/ BRUSH BROTHER'S HAIR- HENRY- WE'RE GOING OUT/ r— u HM.b.i.K, '{.a I'-'f CCPR. 1!>»5 BY KCA SEEVICE. INC. T. M. SEC. U. S. PAT. OFF; 'She looks English like her"father, but she »« t have a bit of an aca Freckles and HJs Friends By Blosser "Bv the ivav. 1 haven'! Iicard much about that bis raise /7,-vcn'f />/7-w s, 7,;+ r '»."• uocsn i nave a bit of an accent. lately 1 —you said you \verc going to lell the boss olT just ;•; r.s .scon as salaries were _unfrozenj_" ,, t . 7 ^, -w> /;£—tv/y ^feiir ifr^Y* I / ft_t * \l .1 1> . --*• • By Hershberger ^-^ ?•£ ^rr '"^ >.'^/x^5'-l •;>,'.".. '"'y'^'-^^MV, WELU.L APR5ECIATE TME HOUSE-WARMING ' PERKY— BUT JUST HOW WARM DID YOU « INTEND TO MAKE irf D£6RE£ OP R5SPON- PCJR OOP'S PRSD;CAMENT-- Mi.(?0=ff 1 CX, NO 1 fiff<5~, VS TIME-MACHIN50 BY K# OWN ;,e starjco to lay the cemeiU from the wrong end!" 1 !. (S (•;• ' 'i't'^lJl'tS (I • .-•"t i ( i'*7/'/ v V/ ^•m^^^n^m $$•$&..•"•••'< :-^|teh|tffe| Thimble Theater iiIi-;l;^ : ^MLi!l AHOV, OSCAR PIZ2LE /it's -JUST CHA.LK, S VTHEV VVOM'T\ ' GET DI2ZLE DUST / AK'P <? ? k'NOW THE I / rioiiDy, i WEED PIFFERENCE / j -IP^J&K Wm m -/iW T!-!>.T'J VVl-IEM T WADR MY I MADE A S/UTHETIC GOBLET THAT'S COMPLETELY " POISOM-PKOOF/- YOU DOU'T VVXSIJT TO A GOBLET OUT Or IT TO KEEP Klk'G Af^THUI? FROM POI50WED, Out Our Way By J.R.Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople GOT YOU-YOU MB4KJ VOU DOW'T WAMT THIS UKJICORN'S NOW S THE TIME, \VHILE WE'RE OUT WEST.' GET OVER IMTO THE SEAT.' SpR^c^l mMWK£V/ * R6MCH ' PUBLIC E^iE^AV CAM MOO HYPNOTIZE • 1 \TEAlvV-M- LITTLE BOV BLOEf yATROOBue PACKS j RESULTS/ ^ •+ i «^.v-'*-^i^i_\_ ji-xj , Y f ALL SIZES/ f BO TOP THIrtK rV>RK. AEGGS IS SALW HIS 6OLD CLAI^A^DTRYIKl 10 GET TO INVEST UNLESS WE CATCH 1H CULPRIT RED-HANDED-' Oti THE FRACTIONS THEM, PROFESSOR.* &OR.M THIRTY YEARS'TOO SOOM / Jomiory, 1 S HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SSIFfED A,, u, A In ° ftlce Doy Beforc Publication All Want Ad 8 Cash In Advaneft . Not Taken Over the Phone Rates nrc for Continuous Insertions Only THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" Jleol Estate for Sale WK HAVE BUY~KR~S"~FOR~CITY property in tiny condition. See us Ior loans on your houi;e, lot or automobile. Hownr.il A. Houston, Chns. A. Mnlonc. Corner _J"'l nnd Ha/el, Phone (II. 9-Ot ALL OR ANY PAR~T"~6FlGO~ACRE Tnrm lying northeast of Columbus on Columbus-Nashville roud Two houses. I wo barns, black Innd nnd dirt land, lerrnccd, fine stock pond, plenty or meadow, pasture and woodland. Pick your tract. BLOCK , r > IN CITY OF WASHING- ton. 40 ACHKS PINE TIMBER LAND, 1SE SE Section 27, Township 14. range 24. 1000 BALES OF GOOD JOHNSON Krass hay ul Columbus barn. CASH OR TERMS. SEE VINCENT W. Foster, 403 West Division St., Phone 53-M, Hope, Arkansas. ^^ 10-31 40 ACRES, GOOD SANDY L/VND, two nnd one-half miles out. New 4 room house, gas, lights, nnd water. $3250. Sec Rilcy Lewnllen. •' n-st WE HAVE SERVED PROPERTY owncrn in this territory for more than fifteen years. We fee! that our experience and knowledge of the Heal Estate business can be a distinct advantage to you in either buying or selling. We solicit your patronage. C. B. Tyler, Licensed by Arkansas Real Estate Commission. Office—119 Colton Row. 11-31 ion ACRES, G ROOM HOUSE, ft tenant houses, on highway, bus line, daily mail. Reduced price for quick sale. C. B. Tyler. 11-31 HOOM HOUSE, CLOSE IN ON old Highway 67 West. 11-31 G ROOM BRICK, TWO CORNER luts, close in. C. B. Tyler. 11-31 WHAT WE OFFER YOU IS SE- Icctcd Real Estate at correct market values, representing their true worth, .and are sold on a basis of full value received >-. for every dollar invested. C. B. Tyler, 119 Cotton Row, 028-W. Phone 11-31 For Sale TWO WHEEL TRA1LOR, STEEL body, priced reasonably. Inquire at 304 East 2nd St. Jones Mav- tHg Sales and Service. 8-Ot 3000 BALES GRASJT HAvT " iioc per bale. Dcclivercd in 100 bale lots. W. H. Burke, Hope, HI. 3 B-lm NO. I CLEAN LESPEDEZA HAY. L. H. Morrow, 3 miles .south of Hope on Lewisville road. 10-dt E FLAT BUEs'cTnSR SAXC)- phone, one Mellophone, 500 chick starting and finishing battery. See Carl Brtiner or call 843. 10-31 3 ROOM HOUSE WITIl" I3ATH; lot nnd a half, garden and chicken house. Owner leaving town. Earnest M. Glehorn, 910 West Ave. B. 10-31 THREE GOOD USED TREADEL machines. C. W. Yancey, Singer Distributor, 010 West Division, Phone 301-R. 11-31 GOOD -JOM.NSON GRASS ~HAY~, See J. B. Rowe, phone H-F-3 Hope, Arlf., on DeAnn road. 11-01 Notice IDEAL FURNITURE STORE will be opened for business In the same location on South Wai- IHII Street, Wednesday, ,1-anuary 3rd. Phone 47G. 31-1m INCOME TAX TIME, FARMERS are required to file estimate or final report by January 15lh: See me nl. my office, Hope. Services reasonable. J. W. Strickland. 28-3w CATTLEMEN GET RID OF THE Cattle Grub in your cows back. Monts Seed Store. 10-2w SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for better furniture and better bargains. Phone 470. ,'il-lm For Saiie or Rent TUP: OLD P1NSON PLACE, 10 miles out on HopC'Columbus highway. Mrs. F. R. Smcltzer, Rt. 1. Box 80-D. Spring Hill, La. !)-Gt Wonted to Rent TWO OR THREE UNFURNISHED rooms or hou.se. Call B31-J. !)-Gt By Westbrook Pcgler Copyright, 1940 By King Features Syndicate. Poge Fivo CARNSVAL By Dick Turne? For Rent 'IWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, pn'vjilu untranco, ;icUills only. Call between 'A a.m. and noon, Bl!> POWER TOOLS, WOOD AND ME- lal, shop equipment, hand tools. SOS North Elm Street. 1 l-3t ONE ALLIS CHALMERS-MODEL K Caterpillar. Floyd Porlcrfleld. 12-Gl 1!)39 OLDSMOBILE 4-DOOR SE- dan, excellent condition, good rubber, heater, radio, roadlamps scatcovers. Phone 512. 14-31 19HC FORD CONVERTIBLE, GOOTJ condition, four new tires. J. R. Lambert, Route 1, Emmet. 15-Gt DIAMOND RING, '/j CARAT. FINE .stone, beautiful setting. At sacrifice. 212 McRae street. 15-Gt West Ave. E. lfi-81 NICELY FURNISHED BED- rcom with garage. Phone 120. 35-31 GROCERY STORE COMPLETE and fixtures. One 30 by 30 garage building. Also one house trailer. Living quarters in back of store building four tourist cabin:;. All can be leased reasonable. See E. O. And or 13. W. Lands at Peach Court, 3 miles south of Prt-scott on 07 highway. 15-31 Basketboll Results By the Associated Press East Valley Forge General Hospital fifi; Villanova 42 Bainridgc NTC SI; Scton Hall Frosh 30 South AshCoid Army I-Iospilnl 55; Beck- BELMONT BATTERY RADIO Sec Mrs. B. M. Hazzavd at Rephan's or call 991-J after G p.m. 1,1-31 ZE NITH HEARING AID, USED one month. Price $30. Also oil stove for heating. 810 South Elm Street. 15-Ht NICE DINING ROOM SUITE. SEE at 2CM East Division. .15-31 ICO ACRES, ONE HAI.F BLACK land, balance heavy dirt land, 4 room house, '2 tenant houses, necessary out houses. Near paved highway (i7—east. $45.00 per acre, one fourth cash. C. B. Tyler. 11-31 SIX ROOM BRICK HOUSE, FOUR acres land, two miles southeast on Highway. See Riley Lewallen. 12-31 43 ACRES, ONE-HALF MILE south of Washington, 2/3 in cultivation, remainder in full growth pulpwood and some saw stock. One five room house in repairable condition. Priced very reasonable. Joe Lively, 805 West Third Street. 12-Gt ACRES ON HIGHWAY, G room house, three tenant houses, barn, GO acres in pasture, springs. Considerable timber, passenger bus, school bus, daily mail, electricity available all for 10.50 acre. Why pay more'.' C. B. Tyler. 15-31 BLACK LAND AT $45 PER ACRE close to paved highway, and well improved. This tract has 1GO acres, ISO acres black, 80 acres dirt. All good level farming land. C. B. Tyler. 15-31 ONE 4 ROOM HOUSE, ONE 3 room house, 3 lots, nice poultry yard, well located close in all for the small price of $1800. Terms arranged, C. B. Tyler. 19-31 WE ARE FULLY QUALIFIED BY long years of experience, to buy and sell every type Real Estate. Rendering you a satisfactory service. C. B. Tyler, Licensed by Arkansas Real Estale Commission. lfi-3t Help Wanted COOK. THREE MEALS A DAY. Apply Mrs. T. E. Urrey, 315 West Division. 12-31 For Trade 1941 TWO-DOOR CHEVROLET 3E- dan, 37,000 miles. Will trade for good halfrton pickup truck in good condition. Sec R. E. Olwell, Shover Springs Store. 12-Gt Lost BLACK AND WHITE SETTER, six years old, answers to name "Dan". Reward for return to Charles Bryan. Phone 1080. 11-31 BLACK- AND WHITE FEMALE pointer bird dog. Has scar en left side. Answers to name "Ruby". Liberal reward for return to Harrel Hutson, 120 South Hervey, Hope. 12-Mt Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR- seliere, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and women's surgical supports. - Mrs. Ruth -Dossier, 318 North Elm St. . Hope, Ark. Phone 14-1-J. aS-lm Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- lure, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone 873. 20- 1m Hop e Builders Supply Co. Paint Lumber Glass Lime For - Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Cement Fencing Plywood Windows Roofing Builders' Nails Hardware WE PAY BEST PRICES FOR used furniture. Hale and Bear- clen, 901 West 3rd, St. Phone 1093. _ H JGOOD USED 2 3/4 INCH FARM 1 Wagon. Low wood wheels with wide tires. Ross R. Gillespie. 15-Ut Wanted 3, 4 OR 5 ROOM HOUSE, UN- furnished. Call W. L. Ponder at 1000. $10.00 reward. 10-3t Loe 7 s Tourist Cafe-Court • Featuring . • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »Fish • Sandwiches tSoft Drinks Open 0 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. I^oo City Limits & Highway 67 West Wanted! lev College 20 l.ouishinn State University Alabama 2'j 48; Do Paul (ir,; Murray (Ky) State Mississippi 50; Millsaps College Midwest Illinois 45; Nortlnvestern 38 Loyola ("Chicago) lava I Armory 41 Iowa Prcflight 52; 09; Chicago Washington University (St Louis i 4t . Iowa State 57; Nebraska 39. Minnesota 71; University of Chicago 44. Mayo General Hospital 49; Kr.ox College 88. Notre Dame 51; St. Louis University 48. Pittsburgh, Kas., Teachers G3; St. Benedict's 28. Far West Lowry Field G2; Fort Logan 44 Fights Last° Night By The Associated Press Baltimore — Lee Oma, 195, Detroit outpointed Jimmy Bell, 3-4, Washington, (10) 1116 Pittsburgh — Rav Robinson, 148 New York, stopped Dave Clark 152, Cincinnati (2) By United Press New York—(St Nicholas Arena) —Cleo Shans, 139 1-2, Los Angeles, knocked out Pat Folcy, .131 1-2. Worcester, Mass, (4) Boston — Buddy Hayes, 124 1-2 Boston, outpointed Jackie Harris 125 1-2, Maiden, Mass, (12) Holyoko, Mass — Kid Chicken, 101, Pittsburgh, outpointed Ellis Stewart, 100, Philadelphia, (10) Providence, El — Pete Virgin, 130 1-2, Schencctady N Y outnointcd Jerry Darby, 131 \-2 Jamaica, N Y, (10) Chicago — Benny McCombs, 1C9, I 1 lint, Mich, knocked out Collins New York, Jan. 15 — Here goes an egg into the electric fan — What I say about that soldiers' protest 'parade In .'Manila recently is that the: commanding.officer or the responsible oilicor should have sent M P's to grab the ring-leaders and should have causdd them to be tried by court-martial on a charge of . mutiny..' They, should have been" convicted arid r.cnlcnccd to prison and dishonorable discharge. :For failing to do, so, he, himself should be tried. The grievances of the soldiers, who seem to be rotting In inactivity overseas, must be great because, otherwise the wonderful American army which licked two of the mightiest military powers in all history would not have gone to pieces so quickly. At present, apparently, il couldn't lick its weight in Blackshirts and the pr weight in Blackshirts and the pros- sect of the new draftees is very dreary for, as they go in, they nect coming out whose discipline las become slack and who paint a disheartening picture of life in uniform. Some veterans have been held overtime unnecessarily but, on the whole, the job of shipping these mormons forces home cannot have been so very badly done. To start .hem back the entire process first lad to be reversed and the supply and shipping sys.tems revised. Meanwhile il was necessary to maintain a smaller traffic of now men in the other direction for relief ind no other nation,'could have wrought so many: men 39 iarback in comparable {.im'c ' Mutiny in air'army' is a corruption that mus.t',bc met and beaten with courage f and force and there have been many mutinies in the American army since the : days of victory in Europe and Japan, Regiments have sent petitions 't'tf 'newspapers, columnists and radio blatherskites which, in some cases, have been treated with a, great show of sympathy with intent to curry favor with a new public of civilian veterans. One sergeant in the Pacific was quite proud of his daring defiance of military., law when he started a campaign to intimidate senators and congressmen by promoting manifestoes, signed bv hundreds or even thousands of his comrades, threatening; to beat them at the polls unless sh£pS'were sent immediately to take ' them horns '' If these men can get away with such a serious offense under-'military law and'in time of war, \yhat will be their atlituclc toward ! law and authority when they come lome? Will they emulate the mobs ji uniform which roamed thr.pugh Germany after the first world'war and storm city halls and state cap- ilols pressing demands lor one thing and another? If so, a Mussolini or a Hitler may spring up from among them and the whole nation, themselves included, would pay the penalty : ' Already, at home, . we are be r .Sinning to see the service uniforms on picket lines and in mass demonstrations which lack only tbp sure", skilled touch of the Communist manipulator to turn them into riots and instructions. The precedents of the " * " over COPR. 1546 DY NBA SERVICE, )Nt. T. M. REO. U. 8. PAT. OFF!-' Girls Tec? IT? Loies io Columbus "AIJ I said was, 'how, about a.bicycle built for two 1 ?'!" Ey -HARR!3 J/,C!<SON Oxford, Mi:-K., ,T;i;i. ! j — f/p) Stc-kin/! tin- !-fifij:<> i.-,i- Ahibiim bowl PUCCOMSC:-', too University of j Missisr-ipi)i !a;;f r.';-,|.t dip,K"J 'in(o Frank Thornn.-;' b;!'. ni cjd.-.f.-nos and came out with two of Ins osi;i!;t- nnls to tiMi'J" iho ]?cb-.-[ HxAi.u,!! nclivit'cn it) ]R !.';. O1.7 iViiss' C;|-.;;ni.-r-l.!or A.B. Butts annouiu_-(.'ci the Ht'i.icl::' /icv/ 'ic.-id coach \vould I).;; Kr.rolc). "Rod" Drew. ;;iiic.-' j!)3l the boss of the Alab.-inr.i onti:;. D; c-w in 'j"us!7.nloof;p. said the Tidt'.-i ixir.-kl:; ;'.! iutor. "t'ilcien "HHppy" C.-.rnfjbfll. would fill o r.inrJlui' bf. rlh c-;i J;is Mi:;sissiriDi staff. Cutt:: l.nrt ,v.-i; f ! D-cv; would have a "co;r,r,i;M; i •>• ."j-oo hand" in naming In;: ass ;:•;'.." n;?. The i;r;w ]?.otr,'t iii';i!i'-,r nai ho .hont :i to 'irive l;i:- Ih-c (he tutelar;') of ,''/>, n-,v V:ii !>-'-,< -.-•i"i used to co-ich the lino at. I'le Uni- I vursity ol Noi tli C;i'.(ii;:n Ijct'orc ho cpicrc-rl inn nsiv". D-,-c\v v,-iil take ovoi- lor.-nally nn Fob. 1. ' The now nppoin!.oo, who r;nid ho had a ihrao-ycar co^U-act f salary ' Dot ;i!'!noi.urj'.:!l t . ;. | .ic-c':M-Js Ji;'i'rv Mehi-4?. v.'hci i-C';i;'!!('-,! i:i Deccmbp'r ft or ;i;r;o yo;.;vs i^i.). il, ( . (jr-bc-1^ nd after a 10-15 i-C'nr.on durinf vhich his eri:I:;toi-s lo:;t four and vfin four. Kor three v.-ar vo;i]-s— JS42 t'i 4.1 — Drew r.ervt:! (he navv ,-,••• lieutenam cymnuiiuloi-. doin« uty as director ol the ilsol roc- cation center 0:1 :-.!:iipan. The Hopo gJi-ls basketball team mot Columbus in a hard match Jtiiiiiiiry 11 at 7 ]).rn. in the Hope Bi-mnariiuin. The Hope team lost by or.o point, after playing two 'nrcon'ti'uto periods ovorlime to piny r;ff tho tie:! Bcoru. Tnc final Kcc.rc '.van J3 to M. ITi»h ])oip.t scorer for Hope was Troy Hamrnons and Martha A. KIliMi for CoitimbUB. The frame was called by Pud Rumors and ho also <::il!t.><! Uie Boys' game which fol- u.nvod. The- Hope K loam boys lost, to Columbus boy:; by a score of 21 to 13. High point scorer for Hope was Jack Ray and Biil Gilbert for Columbus. WAR DOG!> TO RETURN Yokohama. Jan. H — Iff')— The 2f)<h and ^th Infantry Scout War Dog Platoons will ix." shipped to the Unite:! :-/a(.r>o about Jan. 25, I-Jit/hth Army headquarters an- t'oimced 1'-;day. The 25th Platoon ::aw action ,-,t Hcuuainvillc .In the oloniuns with the Marine Raiders nd Krd Marino .Division. Ca- currency antedated the in- •oduclion of coins in Britain. •Bf Dnrfj 1Fnlkrttt, Jr.- w Ne\v York, Jan. 15 —. (fP) —An (inpublicizcd event that 'took place in St. Louis last week occurred when the Association of College Baseball Coaches awarded honorary memberships to Bill Coughlin of Lafayette (posthumously), Billy Disch, Texas; Lew Carr, Syracuse; Bill Carke, Princeton; Bill Hcid, Colgate; Dr Walter Cariss, Penn: and Jud Hyamcs, western Michigan .. . Sam Cordovano tells his pals that he spent $51,000 to frot 17 players under contract for his Buffalo All-America Conference (••"itball club . . . Luke (Chi. Bears) Johnson's comment on such salary rouorts was: "When I first started with the Bears they paid me $100 a game and George Halas said I wasn't worth it.' ' Blown, Kili, Chicago, (11 Lcwislon, Me —- Armand Mi- chaufl, 142, Lisbon, Me, knocked out Al Wooslcr, 140, Frankfort, Me. (31 Troy, NY- Ham Wiloby, 120 l-A Hartford, Conn, knocKua out J°o_ 1'ambc, 125, Buffalo, (3) Legal Notice IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT H. M. STEPHENS .... PLAINTIFF ELLA WOOD, ET AL DEFENDANTS WARNING ORDER The Defendants, Lev! Eric and Mrs. Lovi Erie ,his wife Leie Erie and Mrs.; Leie Erie, his wife; the Unknown Heirs of W. T. Wood, deceased; and the Unknown Heirs of Jake Erie, are hereby warned, to appear in this Court within thirty days hereafter and answer the complaint of H. M. Stephens, Plaintiff herein. WITNESS my hand and seal as Clerk of this Court on this 14th clay of January, liMG. C. E. Weaver, Clerk (SEAL) Jan. IS, 22, 20, Feb. 5 ;J Did you say **) they're here? TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMQS, ARK, Yes...the NEW MAYTAGSS ,«. Jiiuvi w v, \,i\jna , J. nt; jJi ut, tUUl ll,a the CIO riots which raged il- four states in the organizing ... -.-ganizing days and the new mob scenes in the current strikes have been accepted whereas they should be unthinkable and they are an ominous indication of our complacent in- urement to a growing contempt for government, the only force that can protect us all from one another Probably, from the standpoint, of One-Minute Spprts Page Looks like rough going for Jake Lamotta with Mike Jacobs talking about sending him against middleweight chamn Tony Zale and "or light heavy champ Gus .Leshevich and Jimmy Johnston broadcasting a challenge on behalf of Archie Moore Johnston modestly . says Archie will guarantee to kayo Jake or give all his purse to the infantile paralysis fund Freddie Flcjg, who succeed Frank Lane as supervisor of the Cincinnati Reds' 'arms wants the baseball world to ;now his name is pronounced "Flag"— like the one the Reds didn't win recently." Alibis To Burn Eli Whitney, the bowling pub ilcist, offers this one of the year's alibi championship Con Constance of Seattle explained: "Trying for a spare in the tenth frame, my arm brushed my pocket on the backswing, igniting a packet oi matches. In the scramble dropped the ball too soon, missed the spare, a 200 game, a GOO scries and we missed the game by one pin" Dots All; : Br'other The Sugar Bowl expects to pu1 on its full sports program next win ter, including basketball, track meet, tennis tournament boxing and rowing and 'sailing regatta? There'll be-a football game, -o course .. . Honey Russell, \yho ought to know a good^team whei he,sees one, picks Holy Cross as the "class" of New England.bas kctball if not the entire cast. "They really knocked the stuffing out o'f Bowling Green," ;he explains. Answers Q — Is Iho human brain scnsi- ive to touch? A— wo. ii tjn oven bo cut while he palieni is coi'^cious. Headache pains conit.K not from "the jra;n but from me.'nbivne around. t and from iho brain's blood vcs- Q—Are r.l! public lends under control of the federal covcrr- ment? A—No. Texas and a fow of th";;in;il 1.", s'mivs C (i:iL:-.vi ihoir o \ V n public lands. debt Q— Is our r.ntinnal poctoci 1o rise iv.rliier this A— S22.0ri3.li:i(i.0t)0 iurlhor, Q—What do secing-cye clogr A—Around 51.no. Q—About hmv many norinl pho togrnp'na arc taken to prepare' loi an invasion Ir.r.diiH*? A—30,000 v.-cro "ial:on for lorno, 20,000 for Ap.-io. • •. . day to^ inci-cr.se- i\s capital stoc!- ti'cm J;i'i rhn>T\s o 1 - no n^r vyliit stock to 1,000 shares of no pa value stock. /to/ Talk Washington, Jan 15—While gress has not seen fit 19 establish "authorities" for the White, Arkansas and Missouri rivers similar to TVA, the federal government has moved along with a power generation and distribution nlan touching Arkansas, OklahomaT Texas, Louisiana, southeast Kansas and southern Missouri ,- -_ Congress shortly will'be asked by national morale, it was a mistake the Southwestern Power Adminis- to rush the troops through the ports as they came home without any or with hardly any triumphal parades Not until we examine the :racts do we realize that these men, enlisted or called up in the iinest lime of their youth, quietly van- nation of the Department of the Interior to appropriate funds for initiation of the distribution program in the next 'fiscal year Priv- -•'ie utilitv interests have foreseen this development and for many months have been undertaking to ished into the unknown, quickly convince the public that a dam's and, on^ the -whole, heartily .adapted flood control efficiency is adverse- ij uuucied wnen the water must be utilized for producing power one .flisfac- Ihemselvos to a hard life under rigid discipline, secretly disappeared overseas and, xinally, returning home, went straight :?rom the ships to the camps where they wore mustered out, 0:10 by Few of them ever had tho sutis.__ tion, traditional with conquering armies, of parading down great avenues, between cheering banks of their fellow cilixens, with garlands on their guns. Their return to civil life was almost furtive and, having returned, they find their country rattled by strikes and riots fomented by men who promised not to strike during the war but struck ten thousand times even over such disgracefully petty issues as the color of the sweet eyewash peddled from the hokey- pokey cart in the tank foundry Men in uniform but without discipline or respect for law are much more dangerous than the same men in mufti and we probably have erred again in not providing decent civilian clothing for discharged men and forbidding the wearing of the uniform after discharge. In Europe the American soldier was blamed for crimes he did not commit because American uniforms were issude to clothe the naked without first b e i n'.g dyed Now, at home, we see many- inon in American uniforms who ostentatiously make a point of presenting a slack appearance, all to the discredit of the services We had one bitter experience in the bonus march on Washington in Herbert Hoover's time. True, not many of the men were in uniform but they were identified in the public mind, thanks in part to bad newspaper work in Washihgton, as wretched, hungry heroes of the First World War. Too late it was Handsome new models." ', '. exclusive MAYTAG features Important "Post-Wat" improvements < i i new efficiency, quality, tuggcdness. Visit Our New Store JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Phone 209 304 East 2nd Projects Involved Reservoir projects in Arkansas which will eventually be integrated into the' over-all power suppjy "main giKd,." if the SPA has its way, include Blakely Mountain on the Onachita river the Narrows project on the Little Missouri; Nor- .OI-K, mill Shoals and Table Rock in the White river basinj'and Nim- rold on the Fourche La Fave river Construction • on such projects was interrupted by the war, and narrowly escaped further delay when iiinds for renewed work were eliminated from the -deficiency appropriation bill by the House Appropriations Committee An amendment adopted by the House restored the projects, and the United States Engineers arc preparing to invite, contractors' bids Government advocates of the integrated hydro-electric system say that the integration will be carried fuithcr, to include existing utility lines and generating facilities Net result, they aver, "is certain to bring about the balance between industry and -agriculture which will make the region permanently prosperous" Most power companies, though, do not relish the outlook. They protest that the government actually is encroaching on their markets Congress has '"directed that flood control shall be the primary and governing purpose ior construction of the reservoir projects. But. as installation of power facilities progresses, the following consumers will be eligible to use the power: (1) Government facilities which require power; (2) municipalities that own their own elec- established that this challenge toitric systems; (3) rural electric co- tie government and the stability of operatives; (4) industries; (5) pri- the nation, itself, was organized by w,ujiy owned utilities orate Drying Company Little i' Hock, ; Jan. 14—M 1 )—Three Berryville, men incorporated today as the Harrison egg drying company of.Harnson, listing 250 shares of $100 par value stock. Incorporators are F. A. Teague, C. T. Blanchard and J. E. Simpson. Ozark supply company nled incorporation articles with the secretary of state to do a general lumber business at Fayettoville. It listed 250 shares of $100 par value Stock. Mod Cashion, A. L. Cushion, and Med Cashion, Jr., ail ot Fayetteville, are incorporalors. KCMC, Inc., Texa.rkana radio enterprise, amended its charter 1o- form of taxes which government installations escape. BMiMHlHIMnnaillllHIII|i I 'Ml COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St Phone 78 Alterations Pressed While You Walt BEN DIX AUTOMATIC HOME LAUNDRY See it now and place your order. WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm Phone 901 Commur.is front called the "workmen's ex-service league," und that hundreds of the rioters were Communists with no service records whatever. Many oj them real veterans were not iieedy, at all. Nevertheless the mob attacked ihe police and Mr Hoover to this day has been vaguely blamed for some sort of massacre when the fact is that not a single veteran was even injured nor a shot iired after he called on General MacArthur to clear the streets. Ohio has 3U electric furnaces capable of makin of steel a year. 1,728,8GO tons Many insects may cat their males, yet starve themselves for their children. Hugh Chst in Arkansas Thn Southwestern Power Administration has found that in Arkansas the main transmission system lor moving power I'runi the reservoir projects already authorized will total 2,002 miles and cost $11,85.600. Additional substations' costs arc placed at $5,040,000 .A rate of live mills per kilowatt-hour will bring in sufficient revenue to pay the costs, including amortization of capital investment allocated by the government to ihe power- producing facilities of flood control projects, according to the SPA. Private utility operators insist such an estimate calls ior analysis, and for consideration of the fact that a large part of their income goes to the government in the • TRANSFER o HAUL ANYTHING ANYWHERE Quick Dependable Service Phone 933 B. P.McLAIN ELECTRIC REFniGEO See tho Ijorutty of ID-IO a'Hd plncq your order early WALKER APPLIANCE-CO. 108 S. Elm Phone.90.1 Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures 5GHCG Co. 814 East 3rd SU PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances THE® LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkansas DR.K.T.SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Tcxarkana TEXAS CSTY i-?ALL Pl-.ci-.c 140 cr 1490-J FLOOR MATS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main BUTANE SYSTEMS llcpnirs HARRY V-/, SHIiVER Plumbing e Heating Pl<c/ne 2 r >'l Hope, Ark. See Us Foi BABY CHICKS: You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selected flocks. Hardy, fast- gio-.veis. Low price. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. £ts Phone 25 A, & B. PACK We Have Them WALKSR APFL5AWCE CO. 103 S. Elm Phone 901 To Farmers and Stockmen. TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS AND CATTLE See E. M. McWiEliams CEED STORE Representative for NASHVILLE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION • FOP. . . . J03 PRSNTiNG PERSONAL STATIONERY Ceo GENTRY PR:N7!£v$G CO. Hope, Ark. Front St. SHEi-T MI1TAI. V/ORK cf all kinds IRA HALS BURTON, Jr. nt tilt! Haliliurton Sheet • Metal Works pairs. T. I.';.- ?-OR ; j'.'lnohii-.e Re- hinc r;!ri_; ii: il! and II:UK!!C IJiirt.-;. \Vi' \\i oui of v"iM' . Plume :•;.•,!-!>:. C. W. VANCTY. Singer Dist. For PHOTOGRAPHS in your home Phone 493 COLLIN BAILEY Getting the most effective property insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost? Ask Us About It Today HOUSTON INSURANCE AGENCY Howard A. Houston Chas. A. Malone Phono .... 61 Day Phone .... 413 Night Phone. . . 1015-J We specialize in ... » Motor Rewinding • Repair all makes of Appliances * General Wiring Contractors BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark SPRAY PAINTING KEMTONING done the SPRAY WAY LUM RATELIFF Phpne 180-W 518 W. Dlv. Hope, Ark. I f you arc in the market to buy or r/'ll F orro land or City l-'rc.psrty, call or sec E. Ccissttly Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Sank Building ELECTRIC MOTORS Y4 - '/2 - */4 - & 1 H. P. Also a btocic of Used Motors — LIGHT FIXTURES — — APPLIANCE REPAIRS — — MOTOR REWINDING — General Wiring Contractors Doug f*l"f*\f Carl Bacon ^rffi I H Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Hope m

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