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Nashville, Tennessee
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UlUUl -7 "11 WM. AMEEO.V I'ublisbcrs. TUESDAY, MAY 3't, lf5. Jiwts B. Qri.tar.ofthe XaHonal Banner, is our sole Advertising Agent fur Cin-r'scstl.

W. T. Estos A are our tola Advertising Agents for Baltimore, Md. Old Tsf.ers for sale at tbie Office. The largest in the citr.

OraJos Office. We are execti description of plain fend fancy Job Trint-I ing in neatest stylo, and at the lowest j. noes, at this effir. For sale at this oiie. one Hand Wagcn, nearly new, which will be sold cheap.

For sa tt this t.iEce, one good Tobacco Bcrew. Will be sold cheap for cash. Falls asd Jamr4 colored boy, was charged before tho Ive-cordor with stealing from eight hundred to a thousand cigars, and five sots of billiard balls from Mr. Knapp, who keeps a billiard saloon at Ko. 47 Church street, the whole of the value of three hundred dollars.

Jfichol was employed on the place. On Saturday morning the proprietor found the roam swept out and locked; he discorertl the loss of his properly on entering. The boy was sweeping an ad joining ball, and on him was found a lew cigars, which he acknowledged he took from a box. The negro was held in two huudred and 6fty dollars for trial. The rrourietor slated that only he and the Be ing f1 to the door, but as he had only occupied the place for a.

few days, probably some other person had a key also and had thus obtained entrance and com mitted the robbery. Cot 11 css tr. Col. H. D.

Muster, cf Cincinnati, who is well know this city, his cilice being oa Cedar street, above Cherry, is one of tho resident's private Secretaries, and he has bceu appointed a llrevet Urigadicr General. 15th Pa. UayaI.bx This regiment, well known in', Nashville, was with 6tonenian's Brigade, occupied in the search lor the President in peticoats. It was at Hunts-vilie on Saturday, and will be here in a day or two, when it will be mustered ont. This regiment has done good service, i'f gentlemanly and gallant officers and brave men deserve well of their country.

SCHOOL BOOKS, Slates and Pencils. Novels end Books, liU Paper and Envelopes, is AND INKM OF" --vur-i By Telegraph NIGHT Celebration at Vashlngton. Ta fit'" C'ts of Dan Catello's, which i open in Nashville, on Wednes-ilv, st I o'eloek, p. is spoken of in the li terms by the Press in towns snd cities tl.ey have lately visited. The Memphis P.u'letin spes of the Crest Show as follows- "T'sn Castt-llo hr.

been performing incur city for the pastlwodae to the unl-oiiuJeJ satisfaction of our people. On occssion of the first exhibition, on Thursday evening last, a crowd of in'Te ihiin two thousand persona were present, and i.i.rt thfil time, the interest has Lsen una'atcd. The secret of this wonder ful is explained by the fact that Ctsteilo it an exceedingly ahrewd buniness tusn. An excellent "fhowinan Limselt he knows how to seler-t the best performers, and has the liberality to pay the best wages to bis people. The consequence is that his ere ladlts and gentlemen in the true aunse of terra, and another is that a discriminating public appreciate and reward his el! rts to rid the circus of every thing Hint would offend the taste of the inost

Where everything is done well we il not with to discriminate, but this candor compels us to pay: That as a w.tand humorist I 'an Custeilo is without an equal, U3 a vaultor Cooke is unsurpassed, as a dashing, graceful e'Untri-enne 'lie Carlotta Ielierg is unenualled, and as a fearless, intrepid bare-back rider run leMott it a worthy rival the renowned Uobinsou. Taken a (together the Csstello "nhow" is the beet in the country. STTAi-ixd Fion a Stobk. On Saturday evening a couple of gentlemen who were pausing the store of H. F.

Myers, So. Cedar street, saw a man enter, take some thing from near the door inside, come out with it, go up an alley way and hide it. They informed Mr. Myers, and the man was arrested. lie had stolen a coat worth twenty-Cve dollars, and was intoxicated, If is name was Itobert Carter.

He stated that he bad been in the city four or five days; came to find omploynient, and was no thief, lie was si nt to prison for trial before the criminal court. roou Ko. 1, CoxmsciiL Hotel Is be coming quite a popnlar resort for invalids, seeking relief from the many ills incident to mankind, diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat, Lungs, Heart, Stomach, Liver, blood, and many other obstinate diseases I to which flesh is heir to seem to yield like in agio undor the skill of Dr. Aborn. W.

Coi.mcb. Wo are indebted to Collier for the Atlantic Monthly for June, tho illustrated Weeklios, and tho New York, Cincinnati and Louisville dailies. No Daivia. Leaving vehicles unattended in the ssreet is a practice full of danger; for thus leaving his hack without a driver, P. K.

Hollins had to pay five dollars to the city Treasury yesterday. Mihhu ii. Capt. Thomas C. Williams, A.

I). C. Staff, Maj. Gen. Koueseau, was married yesterday morning to Miss Cynthia Sanders, daughter of Mrs.

A. V. Brown. ii. 2-1.

1'ivis Has received all the late New York, Cincinnati and Louisville ilai lies, the illustrated Weeklies, Our Young Folks' Monthly, and other valuable period icals. 1'iitrn ai rt-Rxm'Ki roK Fall The I'niUd Elatei Marshal will sell this morning at the lute residence of Dr. Paul F. live, roroer of Vine and Church street, all tho lurniture in the house and a splendid piano. 'J his is a coi-fiscstinn sale and will be pen mi.

lory. Cio and buy. Li tin- A spiritless looking ninn ii kim Michael before tho yeitcrday, charged, wtih living in and with disorderly conduct. It appeared that he was living without being married to her, with an Irishwoman. mours are not happy for they frequently quarrel aiol bi light.

Ou Paiurdny inelii tboir belligerency attracted the attention f'i the poll, who found the loving eoiiple iii tbe loll exhibition of cat and dog life, (ii.w i pinyiug dog and had cooped up Ins ftpiteb'l puss in the corner. lie was in blackguard lingluh, she showing her eU in the of a pair iron tongs, which rbe held ready to str.ka with, tiow, on being questioned, iuf.rined the curt that he bad often tried tn get away freiu tbe woman once sweetness sud honey cow vincgur and vixon, but bn would not be got away from. She follows him in His streets, she hovers about him a hen in company, she haunts him when at his business that of a butcher mid has Iven forced, on two or three occasions, to close Ins meat storo and leave, ou account of her visits aud misconduct. the devil holds his victims in his net! Little thought Oow, whon he indulged in a little pleasant Wiekedness, how it would becnirio a scorpion to laah him through the world. Tho rosult of his interview with the Kenrder did not decrease tho amount of hilt puumhment; he was fined fitly dollars for tbe and City in oro for lewd living.

TaoMsg. The Louisville Journal says Oen. Th onus arrived in that city on Hun.lsy A Ulegram anys he is ordered to report at Washington, to bo placed command of the Department of irgmia, while Tennessee, together with AUbsma, Mississippi, nj Louisisna, are to be under tn-noral tihermsn's command, Ins headquarters to be at Cincinnati. Hi viN.i Pus.

A of lino green peas are tu the Recorder's court room. They were soi on Saturday from a man ho had bought them in market to shin to t'hsltaiiii'a. liesides losing his peas he as Cued ten dollars. I.aihshis. Mr.

X. P. Corbitt compli-inouted us yesterday with a sample of radishes the produce of Ins garden. Tho sc wi-ro s.iwu just lour wetks ago, and the raJithes are now perfect. They are of tho red vsriety, heet shaped, aud are aboui iwo iuebes iu diaiiietcr laterally.

The ul is sohd, crisp aud quite palatable. Cot. Pakkhi rst's Officii. At this oilice yesterday, fourteen citizens and seventy-five paroled Confederate soldiers took the oath. Among them were the following officers: 1st Lieut.

Win. H. Spillman, Vlh Tenn. ca Bourbon county, 2d Lieut. John Branaugh, 2d Kentucky, Christian county, Captain Kobert V.Wright, Shane's Tcnu.

DeKalk county, 1st Lieut. Oberby Milford, tth Ky. St. Nicholas county, 3d Ired O. Pudy, Ky.

Jelferson county, 2d Lieut. Samuel Brooks, tah Ky. cav, Bullet county 21 Lieut. John W. Spillman, tth Kentucky cavalry, Bourbon county, Captain John H.

Koberts, 1st Ky. Shelby county, 1st Lieut. Jno II Wall, lulh Ky cav. Union co Ky; 2nd Lt bat Ky, Union co Ky; 1st Lt BOrville Yager, tth Ky cav, Mercer co Ky; 2nd Liout Moston, hth Ky cav, Ohio co Ky; 1st Lt Waller Overton; 1st Lt II Tenn inft, Davidson co Tenn; Lt-Col Geo Pease, 21 Tenn, Fa yette co Ky; Capt Isaac Baker, Clinton co Mo; 2d Lt Atcillmau, Bourbon co Ky; Ctpt Levorett Hutchison, 2d L'ngineera Davidson ooTeun: 2d Lt Wui Overall, 12th Tenn cav, Iiutherford co Tenn; Capt A P. Pryor, Mb Ky cav, Daviess co Ky: Adj Ilines, 11th Ky bat, Warren co Ky; 1st Lt John A mold, 3rd Ky Capt.

F. U. 1). Maffitt, fah Ky. mounted iufautry, Harding county, 1st Lieut.

Ueo. W. Walter, Jofferaon county. Lieut. W.

Jacoborillith, 1st Kentucky cavalry, "Idhain, Maj. Theodore L. Burnett, Spencer county, Ky Capt M. McCormick, Bin Kentucky cavalry, Nicholas county, 2d Lieut. Andrew White, Vth Kentucky cavalry, Morrison county, fot Lieut.

John i. Masoie, 1 Kentucky cavalry, Christian county, 1st Lieut. Charles Y. Wilson, 2d Ken tucky, Barren county, 2d Lieut. Ia D.

Nunu, 2d Kentucky, Crittenden county, Capt. Samuel Oray, Woodford county, 21 Lieut. John S. Hincklo, Olden county, 21 Lieut. Treston LinJsay, Hancock county, 1st Lieut.

Wm. If. McKsy, Daviess county, Ky. Net TnsATRg At this Theatre Miss Jones is performing for the third week, but fje desire to see her increases with her stay. Sho has taken a firm bold on the dramatic public of Nashville, and her representations are received with bursts of admiration.

To-nieht tbe drama of Last Lynne will be repeated Miss Jones' success iu the two former rep resentationa was very great in accordance with an earnest desire she re produces this evening. Champ Fraui'aon. This man bas been noted as a vindictive and mere. less guer rilla; he was yesterday brought to this city a prisoner. Col.

Elsckburn some dsys ago sett him an order from Gen. Thomas to surrender, with his men. A rar.ey took between Ferguson, his men, and Col, with whom was Capt. Walker, The men surrendered, but Ferguson de. clined to do so, uoless on such conditions as bad been jrranted to the officers of the infederate army.

He was willing to take the oath. Such terms would not be granted to a man stained and steeped in crime, as Ferguson Col. Blackburn afterwards sent a party after him, to his residence, a cottage on Caifkillor's creek, twelv6 nines north of Sparta, Tenn. He was found to be in the stable. The men got between li stable and the house, cutting him off from his weapons, which were in the house, and he was readily taken.

He bore his capture with coolness, but his wife showed much vindictiveness, and nsed all an excited wo man a angry eloquence upon tbe men. Ferguson's only child a good-looking, well-mannered, well educated girl of four teen, was wild with griof. He acknowl edged to Col. Blackburn that he knew of thirty-three persons, white and black, horn he had himself killed. The neigh bnrhood of Sparta is now cloar of guer riilas.

The celebrated Machenheuuor VViu at the SU Nicholas. Lhein 21 Jin. in petticoats is a frequent tln'ina for fun to artists, poets, cud jokers generally. When the see no comes for the hero of the tragedy to show oil Ins sublimates, he is found in cavalry boots and crinoline, Holing" a water bucket! tin tea liauib'e have on hand prints and daguerreotypes displaying this remarkab pnaiage iu the life and adveutures of the t'hntiau President." BiTTra. Mr.

Lindaey, who Was accident ally slo frein bis owu pistol on Fridav, wss belter yeMerday. The ball in saei Hie heart, but the surgeons hate not been able to extract it. He is still in extreme danger. Ice ichu cream and etrawbernes at the 8t. iaa.

21 Cos Ti N'KL. This house has received foil Lies of lato New York, Csj einnsli, Chi csfosud Louisville pajiers Leslie's Ulus Irs ud, and the May number of the beaut: fully goiton up Catholic World. This mag-a is deservedly complimented by thi prpss Hsrper's Magaime for June, one its very best numbers the Atlantic Maga--ie lor June, filled with delicious reading Harper's Weekly, the New York Leview, the Paul Pry Songster, the Long Spy, atcL cen novelletle, and a host of other good andetjoyable things just arrived. Louis viiie papers of Monday have been re ce.ved. Sundav Srli.inu.

Dr. Burkhsrd was fined by tho Hecordar, yesterday, for keoping his place of busiuess open on Sunday; also John Fugassy for selling on Sunday, and Cowen was charged with having his store open on Sunday. Mr. Cowan said had a new clerk just arrived from Cincinnati; in that city thoso Israelites who close ou Saturday are allowed to keep open on Sunday, as they have an undoubted right to do, under the constitutional rights of a itizen of the Unite! States. Not know- ing that the exerciso of that right is denied those of his faith in Nashville, the clerk as the sure had been closed on the Saturday Sabbath opened on Sunday morning.

Under these circumstances the ase was dismissed on tho payment of costs. Drivixo Those who rido or drive through our streset should be aware that not only intentional wrong doing, but such as comes from negligence are punishable; Cue Kecorder, yesterday, lined Henry Rradshaw, for careless driving. Diligence and vigilenee must be used by those who irivo through our crowded streets. Fio-Nic To-morrow. The Tic-Nic that was to have taken place recently at Hen- IcigonT Ve, and was postponed ujn account cf dama to the railroad, will take place uioirow, May 31st.

The train will leave the Louisville Depot at o'clock precisely, all who wish to have a day of rural pleasure, will do well to be at the Depot in time. The gentlemanly managers have made ex tensive preparations for the day, and "we say, and say it boldly," that nothing will occur, to mar the harmony of the delight-fu' festivities. We expect to sea an assemblage ol ladies whoso charming beauty cannot be or equaled in this or any other local itv. Office, Boom, or Iioorns, suitable for an office, wanted by a rhysician. Address Box P.

O. uiavol Abraham Lincoln "Is not dead but liveth" in the beautiful Picture just received, and for sale, at 0. Oisss, I'nion street. Also: A. Johnson, Uov.

Brownlow, W. II. Seward, and other celebrities. inavoii et. Ladles' Autiion.

Ty Crunk, (Hancock A on Wednes. lay morning, Msv 31, at 10 o'clock. No. 0 Public Square, a line selection ot new goods, -insisting of Cne.ise kouclta, muslins, eilks, Naiusooks ginghams, prints, domestics, Irish lmcus, towels, napkins, table clolhs, oarasols, etc. Come one and all, as this wll be the best opportunity to jret Cne dress goods, this season, at low prices.

taction Sale or Dry lioods. Boot and hliocs, FV I1RO. M1II1.DS 1 CO. Wewill sell, this, Tuesdav mornirc. Mar "it, commencing at 10 Dry ioodsot all kinds, cue Calf Boots, 8h.

e', 'laU, Xot ons, Varieties, Ac, Ac, orders to close consignnioni. (iko. SaiKi.os i may 30-It. 25 said 27 College Street. Best Cincinnati Lager Boer, very ccs 1, si the St.

Nicholas. It Whisii axu Watkr. Whisky without slitt, and water without license, both lead tr iuble; thirty people were yesterday by the for taking their u'ky without stint, and two (r three fcf iheir water without lultif. Th a a atrong one, thirty pa cf wbil-kJ to Iue Nirl am aud straw bernea at the St. 21 r0TooRANI TVfi 1 Ootograph.

of Federal and The largest co lection in the west, for sal i reta.1. Tvemember the place, UM lfcc Cumberland, Ji Cedar street, CoB. mercial Hotel. Ssi.inio Oit Ci.osisu Oct." The im neuso Sutler StiVk, consisting of Tobacco, Liquorsol all kinds, auued truiu. lxi and Mioes, Usts, (jenls l-uruisnics toods and Notions, is beinf sold out ai taU-ru cost, at A.

A AI. Laudshurg, corner I'ubhc tiquare aud Market street, to cnange heir traue. These must be siid. to make rs'in for oihers. Sailers will hnd ''leir advantage to call.

Corner Square and AT ket strreu UI jt Very rnunney 1 Tho card photographs of the Confederacy in Petticoats, photographed by Hail, aud for tale at Hall Co's Gallery, corner Jodar street and Public Square. lw Extra Jrier A jiece. inducements offered at Cameron rn on all roods aold by the want anmethinc handsome? If do you ran find it in silk basque at Cameron, Crier price! to suit. Thi Oi.u Thkatbk. The fact that this is tbe last week at which the opera company who have delayed an engagement in Louisville can possibly remain in Nash ville, and none should lose the rare oppor tunity of hearing the opera, rendered in the most pleasing stylo by practiced per formers.

To-night tho delicious music of tho "Bohemian Girl" will delight ail who attend the Old Theatre. There is a great desire to hoar Norma, will tho company gratify it Axother Maliuxant. At dark last night a paroled rebel soldior on Cherry street, between Deaderick and Church, indulged in harsh and threatening language towards 1 Yankees. An eQbrt was made to ar rest him, whon resisted, and received from the guard a severe wound ou the fore head inflicted by a bayonet. He ran thro' the alleys into Deaderick street, where he was taken al put iu custody.

His name was J. B. Kyan. Ou being examined at the Provost Marshal's was found he had re ceived wounds in the btomach and side. It was thought the wounds would probably prove fatal.

Still Axothkh Maliuna.nt. D. II. Smilh, a paroled rebel prisoner, was arrested by the guards last night for using disloyal lac- guage. Elver and Steamboat Xcirs.

ALU1YALS. Win. S. Butler, St. Louis.

The river is lulling, with seven feet on Ilarpeth Shoais. The weather yesterday was li no and Buainoss nt the landing was very dull; Boyd A Poubies were shipping some irou and cotton on the Curtis. The same firm received a telegram from tiie Carrie. It did not arrive as usual. having gone to Johnsocville.

Tho Butler is tho boat for 8U Louis to- lay, leaving at 10 o'clock this morning. Boyd A Peebles agents. The W. V. Curtis will start for Pittsburg this evening at i o'clock.

The Louisv.llo Journal of yesterday re ports the Ohio rising. Tho l.uina I Ioyd aud Palestine left lor Nashville. The Nor- mau was advertised to atari for Nuahvii'o 1 ict night. Tbe TIarniora arrived from Niishville ou Saturday. Tbe body of apt.

James M. Swift the late clerk of the ill fated sfoamer P.urd Levi has beeu recovered, and was bur.ed at New Albany on Saturday In: t. It will be remembered that we gave an account a few days ago of the explosion of tho boilers, and entire destruction of tho above steamer. The Burd Levi was a regular packet between Louisville aud this port until within the last few weeks. Capt.

John W. Koberts escaped without injury hut lew lives were lost as there wore only some 15 or 20 passengers on board. The neat and favorito boat Kate robin- son at the lauding 8nd will leave lor Cincinnati at 4 o'clock this evening. Ma-lin A Son agents. The same firm is also agent for tho Butler.

Geld, Steel and Quill PlVWi PORTFOLIOS INK STANDS; EBONY RUBBER 1 I'llOToi-K ti y5 Uridine 10 Picture- Jr only 70 sent by mail, post fmid. 7, All otherfioods eipiaJlf 3 A low, at 'i fl. SINGLETONS News Dc CHECKF.RilEN; DICK A XI CUM; (iitimiAd AND BACKGAJIMON Trial cf of (ieatra! Lee. at San Frsnclsc o. r.irtJniake in CalifDnila.

Business liciris; ti'iiiery, Hrsuiiied at Alabama. rn or the Trill. Conspiracy TLo followlcg ciaifes of s-cejited from the benefits cf this on 1st. All who are or Lavo lica ffe tende 1 civil or diploma'ic or otherwise domestic or foreign agents of tbe pretended Confederate Pistes. 11.

All who Kf- jJ.cial etstions under the United states aid the rt and a 1 whi shuU have bepc m.iitary cr tsvi 1 eliicert o.r suid preses led Confederate j-v. ernrn-rit ab the raic of Ooicnel in ihe or Lii utecspt in the Navy. 3d. All wfa. left aests iu the Congress ol 1 1 linite 1 Elites to aid the rei-ellion.

4lh. All who or tendered their in tl.e my and navy of lha I'uiled to evade thcr in r. the rebellion. ith. who sans bjon engaged snv w.iy treatiug o-rwi.

th.m prisoLeri 01 ler.oiis f.nin.i in Stjt-s service as oilier, s. teamen, in ot ier cip 1 li. 1 tu. Ai! who absent from ih- I' ailed pose of aiding Ihe rehelhon. S.h, mil.tarv or b.

3 I. 'en or s-e Ihe ur- I 1 flic Ms Xu )'ul- vTf TTj i jjj 111) in jnh 1 A.RICHARD JONES' DISPENSARY! 1 I 'ivmiH i-item I I If-, "i 1 ei; 1 FOR PRIVATE DISEASES. Po kel sad RULERS; Tooth Brushes, Razors and Straps, Shaving Soap and Cups; LOOKING GLASSES, PIOTURES.AND MAPS. IN FACT EVERYTHING IN THE jijrM, anxl fanfjj Motion t. Tin A Mar 29 The Sunday aiirt- Fcr Louisiille and Cincinnati.

rASSEStiKR as 'HE fl'LEMtlli he-miT Kate 1 cli nann Mo Will leave a hNiv. sua all lulermetiiale iKirW. on Tl'Ki A .101 li int ai o'eloek. p.m. For freilil or nvply on or to J.

W. MAI. I.N A SON, A'iil-i, It 47 Soulh MsrUei rireet. For Cslro and Saint Loais. VIE PAbr-ENiiEK W'M.

ItlTTTl.It. W'Oiiil-i Mie-ter. Pomrov t'lerk. II ene rhivi anil Dorts on mstaiit, at 1" a.m. for Ireilitor cainee applv on Lonr.l or to J.

W. SlALlN A SON. Aeenta. mTto-lt 47 North WiuUet St. For Cairo and St.

Louis. rpHK PAENER -teenier wm, f- -s W00.1- t'omer-v t'lerk. lesve uv Riiove ortM. Tl K-liO 111-1 at nVloek, am. or ptvi-aeenppiT en or l.uYi' a'PKKHI KS.

AcenM. wny." C'or. llmatl itnd For Louisville, incinnati and Pittsburg, HIE KINK TAENi.ER Steum- r. 7 I--. 1, hi.

u.e Trfiv, fin Sk. ti Riel xrt Rl A o'eloek p.m. Kor ire.1,1 or R.piv en 1 or tn io I' A VKKbl.K-,, AifentK. irtS 'Jt tr. hnad and hront ata NEW ARRANQEBIENT.

"I'ooplc's Iin," Beinf eu Louisville Cincinnati "Pie Mapn.fleent Nt. ISii holrt- MEEEIN. Msier. NL Charlea WAITS, Va-ter, WILL leaie at li from ti ot Kourtli iret, lxnesfiiie. W1LX leave 'rem lh lojr wharf-Kmt al t.

fiot of hroartway. Cm. Thel ne th Eneresa Tru hacL. Ker or on or on tlie hn-lRi, at Ml noiir. JAM i.OH, A M.

T. C. niavl 3m. Resuiir Nishvilla and St Lou! Semi- Weekly PACKET LINE. uiake ea.y tro, tiwen ilo and Rlnt U.m, during iLer f-yf aru ari.l 1JK1LL1ANT.

Oi'L Hec Kowarii, Wdl le ewry Saiarday at lo o'eloek, A. Mi MEl'HAM, Cant. Eutj G. MeCbtua, Will leT Tery Turiay al lu o'clock, 4. at.

Tfca abo bi-su core. spd and eorrjort. aod Uia tratLuvjt public may rauj oa BOID FK1BLK8, AjtMK mil in voraw wim roai 4 rroat a JUBOTOla.Tan 4 0 tr h- IT 2: Pi Mi -v'. 11 3 FOR SPECIAL DISEASES riRATEFUL VI lia. COLEMAN nwtieeiIlT informi the e.tisen arrt (hat he mar Mil len-ry, 0-4 NOUTli'CHlUKKY Krri fc: ET, liere 1 liiin wiih the me 2eal, a.iaidu.ty, wrei'y and aiiention to their minfort eessfully him an a Phy-ician in Uis siKa-wl d-prunent of professtnnal la.

COLEMAN aradnateil a. Ihe University of at rluladelohia, in tSin-e thiit he has gifeo his enure aod un Iiti led attention to his All lironie ul Acute 1 ihwikw. Herofnla. Sninal Afleetioui, Graf Hy.lroele. (lonernitAl and Aecuien'al Phymosn.

mncturee, i vf the Kidneya, Bladder, and I'roitrata lilxnd, M-rvunal Affections, Erunuonsol tea ace, tmp Jtcii, and all diBeanos ot the sain, meet wiia no reunce 10 ms roiueuisB. PRIVATE OR VENEREAL DISEASES Of all forms and staces speedily cured and oSeetn-Oiy eradicated from Ihe syalem. Keeot cat cured ia a few days. it wouid appear Bedlfw8 here to add the imiortance of cii p'na the eril its bo but, a hint ti the wise may sulhcieni, not on.j to lst tbeuueives front miKery hut lo ehield their offor.njt trom snanie and ruin. How often it the cae we see pentlemen drench thTneies wth fclTArtisnd lwwtmma.

Af er mu-h loss tn Docket and healtn they are finxli-fon-ed to 10 Rome lo be curo.L for alone can these diseases be cured properly and eBeofiie'lT wlwn the bsb.ts sn 1 are known 10 tbe doeUirwho i-escnoei. Otherwise it ih a leap in tie dark to expeit a pemiai.tnt ru e. Lt. a cmce is weu and persona amicuxi wiu iiieno aii cati ir.e Hond For a Circular Iont tllice lJox C03. Peroeas at a distance can sddr him by letter, devmtnne the most prominent bat in al dibcuit caoes, a personal exRm.Dki on w.U be OPINIONH OK TXIIJ rITL2i3.

One of the moat euocefsful phTiCir' in is Vr. Coleman, ho-e otSr is 05 ChT street, iJrwierick and Ce.Ur. The of aw sun-ess 1 1'ivi, iwiiiiifi b.J bxj- rience, and the prucucsl good sense wiiu'M oi.h'.ii 10 a ci 1 is lae benefit of his patient. And, withal, be is an mtI 't am of the ax)ve we room,... 'I he Local of the Prs' endorses ml of tne sbOTe K.ta ita c'asica! romark tit Lr.

Colpman "is al Rht," and will do to tie ie. An, 5 tl CAN'T BE BEAT. I ficliooi s. holarsof tieirl all denominations 1 l. 1 iin'i a pmaie mis unrmiig, musLr aud banners.

They passed in review of tie lVeoidont, who niad them a speech. 'i'V W.i.k, y.y ihe Commercial's mv: The of Davis be-ioro th," failed States Circuit Court will coiiiiner-iie Si so jn a the conspiracy case is disiioced of. Satrui.iu has handed in his written teiti-uaony, the surrender of John-ftou, to the Commute on the conduct of War. Inforrnat. on from Riohmond announces the arrest of Gen.

Lee. Ths Toat's peeiaJ aaysseveral hundred prisoners a'e to be discharged immediately, under an order is6Uod for the release of Military pmouers. It is reported that tho elections in Vir, iasl week, resuitod generally in the ilefea'. ol I nion ticket. Soiiie of tlioOhio regimontdin Sherman's army were mustered out to-day.

Only small part of troops will be dis banded at present. faA.N iAS i), Mav 21. A great 2 mile race, between anj Ladi, came oil yesterday 1011,0:1 Ocean House course, A furious wiuJ wits blowing at the time, raising ciouds of sand. The Crst heut th hordes kept close together, score to score, making a dead heat; time, 3:45. orlolic woa tho 2d and 3d heats; time.

a and "ijl 'J. le tter would havo been made had it noi been for high wind. A heavy shoclc of earthquake was felt in this city, and throughout Southern California, this mo-iiing. No damage done, though many houses were rudeiy shaken. Nkw Voiiiv, May 2h.

The Herald's Mont gomery, Alabama, correspondent says busi ness is boing there, ami g.ud order prevails. The number of rations issued iaily, to white people, is "100, and to col ored iiiuii. Many of the white peoplo re ceiving rations are of Iho most respectable families. Cenoru'i driers r.d hii comnnnd had reached where he Was informed of an with joitnat-n, aiid learned al the PHtnc the asassinntion of the lie to Euialia, where better subsistence. After there lour days he learned of the re, uii at on of the armistice, and ri- led atoc -o to MoMgi.nn'iy.

The lroui-fioci inn coudtrv were the 1, el by Acade: States who he oel tho Who 1:1 it at Aii I 1 I'' it the rs vh lei! i el of the 1: I ihe 1'ider- cderste Stfites tl anxious ior tiover-iircen; niiit-y is fr. much inci-n- lifil-i who li re' 1', tieknowledgi-j beicg id wiiiiug i-i try the old 1 in nil. 1 siuvcry. The retiming renel rich and leading and lor 1 them into the.r ii'uiiiics to 1 LOtiK AT THE REDUCTION IN PRICES, AT SAM. HYMAN'3 Corner of Square Nice Cloth Coats, Superior Cloth Coats, Black Cassimero Pants, Tweed Cassimero, Vests, in all styles, Blue Jeans Pants, -Linen Dusters, Slid Market Street.

from $15 to $20. from $25 to $35 from $3 to $12. from $4 to $6. from $3 to $5. at $4:50.

at $3,00. THIS Stock has just been received, and will be sold at twenty-live per cent, cheaper than any tttock ia the city. At this ostfirilmhment can be found. MIKE TOWEUS, J. W.

JUDKI WM. KAIFOKD, a whola team, and they will be pleased to eeo their friends and acquaintances, and take pleasure iu Heleoting good Clothing, and clling them at low figures. So bear in nuna M.ijor i eri re iiiiinllir! Cit'tou r. ed n.Ui prop own wiry, he fr.roly, iii.d bt by tho gallttttry. re! M-r.

S'l Vim Stou-e th, lilcnkr'a under rapod to I'a i li.eV lo fin i scr.boit ihe have beeu pres V. expedition, consisting of men, had made a circuit L'lViio', Ueii'ii Lftnd iurr, Cain-I i p'on-es, and deatrov- Ihey bu it Lll their intr themselves to liorses L.i mis mcly entertained wiiom theytronte with great Govern men West Xiifii1. Act y. the Ia.1 rs oi Mjjs hi inspire States. Kith.

Ai their homes wiihin the plates and I e.l lines into the so-ch" O. for the purpose of ai th? rebel: -on. Uin. All persons who have lio -n ersed tin- of the commerce the United States upon t'ai hih sc-s. And all made raids into the United Status from Canada or er.aj, .1 iu destroying the commerce of the United ftaVs ontheikkes aad rivers that separate tiie British provinces from the United States.

12th, all persons who at the time, when they seek to obtain the hereof by the oath and recisiu proscribed, ate in military, naval, or civil confinement or custody, or under bound of military or naval authorities or agents of the United States as pris oners cf war or persons detained for otiences of any kind, eith er be fore or after tho conviction; but all persons who have voluntarily participated in said rebellion and tho estimated value of whose ta.vnble property. Pr. A. Iin-hard Jones has reduced prices to suit the times, and warrants satisfaction in ail esses. Bee general advertisement, and cail at his oilice, Ho.

2i leadriek street lirst tloor, up stairs. muy 17-tf. To Strangers and Citizens. do not profess to be the onlv Phvsi cian in the city, who may bo found at his ouico st a.i n.jurs, day or night; nor do wo, in ordering our services to the invalid, desire to recommend ourself in preference to other equally well established and experienced physicians nor do we protend to be infallible, or the only man capable of curing the various diseases men tioned in our general advertisement. We do not claim the possession of an? vonder- ful scrret remcdtct, or extraordinary ocrtr- Ott Ircaimnt or va.aativci as ail setis.ble men must know, that success ia the prac- ot medicine, uoos not depend so much upon the discovery of rr or tins tr.jiU.t of treat'nent, as uimn tho skillful use those tigencies neoe.

surv to a perfect cure anil tti.s can Oe acquired only by experience and patient application. We respectfully refer the public to our genercl advertisement, in another ot the paper. Uaica nuurs Iroiu 1 iu the moruiue at nitthL L. Ii. (Joi M.

1. 4 North t'herr Nnshville, Toon. i 1 I1 11 1 7 I- i i I 1 ii: ii i ui rO- 23 DEADSSICH STH3ST. JUVArK IHSKASKS NOsMefnaiw It- (VH urJ jKir. m-r ui koJ xi M-1! Old Course of Treatment Phvsierans are eon-lAatiT aar.Te.

iwtuenu retnniisj wroBdarv synuitonw. It. Jon i coerJ mcHia ut trniiioi a.smw whi, i ririer t'in im. ns un.lreonf, toroul mresiHi on. hit o-o foua-l much more -tkiiMit Uum snv li.

wi.u ni el rtntitils wltn Keeeu.Ur? rpiui. min HVmi.f.m I IT. Jonm' c.inri, re tse srn in ail ctmif the same ft)r tm wia- aii.t.ea wvuju ivi uu. u.miu, ana 11 is ui course 10 ti 11. ho atret to cur a cm spee-iiir isj, u.

MEDICINES FURNISHED all eaaaa, which saw tn the the itrcant prices of metic nws or prtwer ptioiw, whi. i mayca-, mm mm limn tlie whole 01 hnenrt. hwt.ln ru but the prolan it" expnour, tn for Ide ai lirui t.r. Theoiriee'i so arTrmrmt Uia aoaa a. Toil SH tij.ineH n.l it rictly Inwt.

'lo rnv patrons 1 1w't 10 thst 1 liv trii enole.l to eure the of DR. A. KING, rhvie an. in iny Mien I mv rw' erta. VX.

KINU is per! enermi Siirgeon in ilm t'n tl itea, li-wmu nmuis ihis (wiiiar brawii tn fl-tie, suie l-o it I in i.i.j 111,11 ihe 0 WM II. r-owM-n Ih proten-ion. 1K is the on-v rwren 111 th ount-v. vlu, ihmnAl nn.Yatvn, Ih. iim a my emeu, n.i won ti etiww no one mom mUi eo lounJ.

eh Hi Irin w.ll thm 1 tr ,.1 if, or miv i'stieuu Riid strsiiKep ia vii nn x3 encs7 dispensary, phoo! be tn rr-l to i n-milwr of wlit'-h re emi'if iiis ot It. n-s'-. A r-ia ll hr louu i liter th Tho and bo-a Linen in the S-Hil Crier wbioh ihvy -A. i 1 Co 1 I 1 1 Ih Hi' If I tn 111 Iijip-s l's; fhe hi.n lr i j-r. I'-rn 0 t' Ih i-f el ut tin; loWfit lSrnnJrot h- t- :t.t.

1 11; lUuiatiu i 111:1 1 or I tn DH. A. HICHARD JONES, 1 lone-, Hell tr I- NO. '1 f. ().

'iv hui.r I n. 61 s.S cr Tr 1 l-inle Hi I oi- 1 vh .1 0 are to i -1. k. will V. sin in I'lir-ialoe-.

lw eiy ka- Wll f-ll ti ie I I 11: 111 tl.e.r ill r. li at 1.1 UT 1 1. tl tt .11 I 10 11 dun it :1 Ht .1 i I 1 I-i'Ih t.e ol I lay 1.1. To dny the oouu-1 tt Led to have Henry I. Tliy wirhcit to eke had ecn attcetieu fuhse.jueutly, while ti-ath (iceertion, es-'el sr rviee, aud wi em a tor Oeu.

J. E. to tuionr there Van SitLeke tallies i.i. ip ot' ti.8 2d Virginia i ii Looth was aiieed to und the assassination of Jlr. Lineoin d.T.'i.rfed.

tien. Wnllaee, a iueiuber of the court, said the ppplication made, which wm in writing, contained bitter asperftoits on a witness iu his ah- 'iiiuinutory in its ciarac-re liti to the parties 1 eileuiive to the court to rd. r. Canipheil dis- ou the part of the seuce, mid -t ter, and wm concerned, ami be iilseed 101 1 claimed any intuiili cotiuael to re 1 ol'ji'el wn.i impeai wilne-i. Tl.e t'ou-t mnj Corner Slarket S(rfft and Sqnarf.


CAMPBELL SPIRE, (SUCCESSORS TuII. CAMPBELL.) Importers of and Wholes alo and Rotail DEALERS IN OT ASS rfe Weens vi Silver. Plated and Britannia Ware, Castors, Forks. Spoons, Table Cutlery, Tea Trays, LAMPS and COAL OIL Assorted Crates for Country Trade, ALWAYS ON HAND AT 2Jo. 7 Public Square.

Pricss Reduced on all Imported Goods iitha sane Proportion as tho decline in Gold. All Fore-en iVyvli, which corrpnte a laree propwiKO of cur t.s--ici, ne import thm-t fmrn th Poiisnrs, sad all Amer.can msout'iteture, oroer ircrn; v. ea'd 10 corr.pew,th any market ia the le tala, coir Jin th j.rt-reicein suds- ifHti memhers ol the have toea th H. CaaipSrd for we. il-erel.

re, 'r ounivi tliM ire are tnorouctdy equnou-d witi Ue crockery ssd are prewired tc aui)ij tbe wants ol the puh-ic Pirtkalar itlectioa paid i) Packing and SaJppicg. CAMPBELL SPIRE, PnT- ID 'IH fiKlUCMCAM. 11 court. The only his tujtimouy as a V'lU-J -t to put the paper "ii ro'. but wus willing as wus I to ntlicr day ly the couuse! I.

riii'- shoul'l call witnesses iiiij'eHt-: tt-stiumny. M. Aiken I tUfjr ha.l Uen. J.ihn-31111, Into ri'iit i urniy, anil iiiciiiIk rs of his Pj pri'Vo no such meetini; as Van 8 ten' rcprcsenied t'k place in the eainpo! iho 2 1 Va. at which Kjuth, it to bo present, having lor its obicct ti.e awssihutum of President ceo.

11. Vi were examine i by the defenco, to ini' neli thoso who tcaliQcd uiamst lr. Knil. rornnunt ton ty the Vri- r'o; I'tnttd ti'tttuf Amtr 1. 11 The President of the United SUili-s, on the Mh day Pec.

1 m13, and on tho 'lay ot Murch, did, with the object ol fippressiug the e.xistini; rebellion, nil persons to lay down their arms mi return their loyality, and to feature tin irKiiurity of the Cnilid States, iioio prociiu.iatioES oi'eriui; imlifs-ty and 11 t-i persons who had dir-ctly or by .1 engaged in Miid rebeli.on; fi.d, wiit-rem many persons wh.i bud so 1 in tlu' reiieJlioU liavo since 1.1c issuseca ol sai-l pr.v-Umations, fulled or 11 1 tr 1 to ta.e the beuetu 1 and, whereas Tunny per-s ins live be-'i; i iy of ail to araursty nr. I sr-l-n by reason 'I or ir or by i.caii-u iu stol retellioa and Continue i h--r. 1 ti." ni the tbe it 01 said L'-w apply l'-r mi L3 I to the ei. i thi't ti.e author. ir th-- i tne Lnite-i 6tto.

-l. r. 1, end that I i -in, be rest-r. i. ii, i-' of tbe 1 j.

det-iare that I hero-. who iti tais root. ted. aiu- 1 piri'U, with the restoration tu fluvos, wh-re loyi! 111 I pn Wl'( il. oio- ill.

I 'it. Ill Il'l .11, lo ll i.i.'y'y II. lr. i ll', of ten 1, heiiri-t iii j. tnt un I ill Meip I I iht.l.U:- ix i'-ioiii.

1 ol ni.l er-, i 11111 'i ne ooti rum lo t. 'ie, p. ti. Ii.l re i.n in ine Mi.M.-n "pe, Uii.o Im.iiw DH. V'ELLOGS Pink Cerate F11K THE EXTEUMlN'ATloX OF fc'H'y rrFii I.H-, fti'l cM.T no-! Ar 'ii' ia C-iiup lu 1' r- lit 'Jf-itr, imirin.r! 1:1 H'rJ, AD all orn Diseases of the Skin.

1 bt.y.'i II TER BOX. CFRTE TAH i- tK FT TflK Knew It w. Vs m'Ts Tt'iT vy tvii in wt pft i e- trnm it- trnl if iv-1 r-J n-i no i 1 wrjo i will tor a tsmjie izk knpiivK, I In i.w of Cr tie (. EUATti a'tiiiHt TurioUH troiihlei to lji fl fif u.n it on hn rioihtn, I. rnt of ttornim, ui-l Urn ti.

-of ine ricin t-cirniTHUil nr. 1 f.r tr. rra it hut l-ttl troii'Ht, with th th- OrHt, to of the pro ure tn oririTifti rwj of It. Vi.of, lui iKn, tt.e for ir.aniifiwtoriDfct ferfttrt, it tiv rwo miwie ky oii.o! iuvd-tor inu' hAtu proourd the Sole Agency of the United States, And tH -lepot f'r Ihe maul: farm ol tne nrt.clfl a lit, lie, po ah to Near tiie Army of the Cumberland, ArH A' a Itpt Wfc.iQ.nn for ti.e arrnmmo- ds'ion of hip Arniyof the PotouiHi, yn to tha CnrUr i0 rrh tt ery nchl An thefcrt in lr: ld.J The Soldier's Friend, we will er teor to ne it wnya ia rc. (toiili-'r.

'S'hf I 'ink 7oratr is for mi! all Ur.i? ikn.i is Army lym tr ProiirfUjri. S-ii! ty rec p' of 1. All or.ter" hr Wail honi s.l to T. Ffcmfwor A Co hihtkhn. r-t lvMrvw A Ci Hoi SM.

Tonn ot rl It Scott, Davison ox S'l. to tt A a 4 FT iiitci r-i fii. it .1 a. Js, tjjgs soKrtimsiit or tut Tr Officers' Vino Drcas znd TJISTIITQKM -I CLOTH. AND KLAN.NKL BU 'I SKI SOiSiilN, KCliiV, BEAVKS, (XKDUKOT ASP FLA NN SL l'A i 1 ASD BivVViiU JACKS1S, oWOUDS, SASHliS AND BKl'Tiv YIS2 WtKlh OVEI-SHIKTS.

LLN2N AND MS KIND irNCIwSUIUTS A DKAW iv AND HATS AND SULiiG'i Hi VaLIS, I'oiLL'11 AVJ GU)Vii UAliM'LaiS, Hc.fU AVISOS Huntsvill'j, Ah. Qvtr.vr Sixth rnd LzS: 13 PtbJia ScLsrs, tittYMllo. Ttrn. Jaly tf CjSsEIEHOr os AND SEE AS GOOD A Wanted. Yf 'OW wtdw Ifcif f.r KVnfT-kT, I firt i Mr ti'- of ol a ot- U't ni or hf in K' r'u- Wv i It thort fr HP AN.M fA I A J't.

i Kv. M1 nt a.y ri tn tu information Wanted il in- I IM i 1 i 1. I Ken re -r i- i in il' oa i 1 io I SALE or CONDEMNED Government Horserj I i. 1. 1, A 1 en.

i- In 1 K.I-AT. i. I- H. I ti I I i W-M. At.

ire Sl-l'-J, by u'-i-rit t- or CJCf I'l aii ex.ei'l I i'. un er: '9 lea nr. o. ii.a ti'-ates, pro-rtr f.

li have eia II Uke und etb, he pi eserf siioE aria r.i ei.'it'"!, ti i e3, ti.a; ev, I'iunT te shul! I i nj, I il ile'n bI.ctfvr;h ii of te Stales, the- h'j all ltws have Uiec rr.aile tje existing rebel lionwitii tie eruancipation tbe ilaves, so roe CoJ. 0' Oi -Til in tLe 1, tbat I w.i 1 tie Cost.ia. ai'. i, and ClIou of tbe i 1 i ia Wio I'snl s-jjijurt i whicli Uavidson County Bonds.

1 f-r l.r-jf Proclamation. Wwrtr r.ri'HH in tr i fu-i i rrv -n r-, I en of I. f. r.t-r. r-i r.

ow, ir, oi i iHja. t-r-5 i- 1 1 A. i 7 .1 Ir. 4 oifiiT ri.y r-- to OF DRY GOODS STOC 4 They do not Offer their Goods at Cost! iii M4KKKT, in th Houtiitira Mihu. AN'i LAKi'tKK.

AND or MATi KK i A'l Ttrxni now, Kti i inn fuwifiihr I i it-xt i rt un i'-'i' profit a pfn? lo fen i lOW i-4 'lltlf (It I-" i. "LIVE AM) LET LIVE," IS CAWECOV, GlUEIt 4 tU.S IIOTTU, sn 1 tbsir flu I il proflln Is to bur aadsr iU KF.Kl'3 OS HAND AS KXCELLENT HVW.T? AXI) E.T Oi' CurUiiiiH, Oil-Clotlm, Vt.f b-iujrht of first, now, sn I 1 i A CLOAK P.00M tte.J op, hra a sfdsth, B.i anlS I U'odI, Snitch and AniTicai Shwk, Lroche i uii.l Ki Hi I I I i siiuwls, ara for sr'c CALZSRON, GKIEH CD'S, P. AI-sM-' F'i P. r'-if'T. ii .1 n.

out a j- nr ra-et. ti. jr ml f.4 1, IU1 I i.rl tn r-, ut aticl hi ue. tri- cf I tj Tr.e A FLrrt urv, i( I' a. Kent, V.V.I I IS.J n-i rloiia-T7 (., t'W Ijr.ot Vry Ujo.

iur u-l out i.cii, Jtr IB riir. tu nujir-i s. VZRsr, st. 1 rv I- 1 I I 1 h. I I i I l'ri-I I I i I 1 Di 1 I II Rr- Jil if i iy i Il'l II UK, in' -J i v-.

I 7 I' I. ii, 1. i n.e 1 I h-- in li, MI-tNY, I lit wi i l- -o-t-n, Oi i I -r iti. i. ri-Hf e.

no 1 I iiiui l.Kii. i itrtm -al1 ny of i wnft un-ro li-- it a i ler.tift. alci. in. 1 im r.

a rir.iu nl. NOTICE. ALL Pitfw hwtn.j turn 6UI cm tt.uuikI lit x. SUiOT rnrl Hu a. .1 do 1 i u.

rsata to ra.i T. It ay, lo Ctifr IU. i. Cao lprlm. 0CF7.J lilUJlll MMi, Carpenter and Buiklt-r, WcLemcr LL Church arj HAViVi km- Mr r.w'li 1 i i.r BQ't I' I Portable Houses, Writ-, PiulM COTTAG i4 iw rm or rniKwl a jt.

For Sale. Ms 1.1, e. I tt 'i. l'i: .1 innune oq Jt lemta 'i I ami i 4 4 if etl 1 it I 1 i 1.

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