Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 15, 1946
Page 2
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msssssssssm. Peg* Pour HOPE S AS Turbulent Spain at Crucial Moment in Her History, Says DeWitt Mackenzie BV D9W1TT MacKENZIE : At* World Travftfer Madrid. Jan IS — This is a cru- fii'l moment in the frequently turbulent history of Spain, for the signs, are that the question of restoration of the monarchy is coining to a.'head Now, that's no light matter, since the country Is sharply divided politically, as the world, learned Jrom the' bloody civB \va» of 193039. Things are qtilet haw, land have been tor a cqnsiderable time, but so hns Vesuvius This offers an ample explanation for [U\e mystery which surrounds the reported negotiations between Don-Juan, pretender to the throne, and Genenralissimo Franco . Ex- tre'HYe caution is necessary. As I pointed out yesterday, a fresh indication that the monarch- JEts'^and Franco are maneuvering into position for a decision lies in the official admission that Don Juan and his wife are to meet her /irirents for a visit to neutral Portuguese soil. This could bs just a tamuV affair, but the consensus here'is that Don Juan's :Tather-in-law, Don Carlos, is to act as an intermediary between the pretender and the generalissimo . It stands out like a sore thumb •that ''the Spanish government should .confirm this to -the foreign gross "representatives in Madrid. This idea is strengthened by the fact that the Spanish ambassador to Lisbon. Mcholas Franco, the aeneralissirrjo's brother, also confirmed Don Juan's visit at a press confe&aice in the Portuguese capital last Saturday, as became Icncwn .today in Spain when news- r-pners \ reporjtetl the statement. . This is the first time the subject has.Jse.sa mentioned in the Spanish press. . For my part — and I have no authoritative inspiration for the observation — it struck me as being highly significant that the question 6f this visit should be dealt with Officially at the moment when America, Britain and France are fo meet at the request of France •to riiscus^ Allied relations with Spain. Talk, of Don Juan's return to the tnrone might ease the posi- V"n of the Spanish government, 'frhich .hasnMt <been'happy in its as- *"riaiions u'ith Washington, Lon- Hon and Pai-is for a long time. 1 The 3o'-year-old pretender .several times during World War II ursed the restoration 6i the monarchy and the joining of Spain with the Allies Foreign Minister Alberto Martin Artajo is reported unof- ficiaily-'.toJtave.'been negotiating between Don Juan and Franco. jJ' Well-informed quarters in Ma drfd believe Don Juan takes the in that ; he already is king by M of succession. However, he :>•»•• would-not return without a Gil. He advocates a constitutional indnarchy with a free press. *'4 ere il ' s interesting, .to note that t on Juan did come back to Spaio ; btinr; the civil v/ar': in : M93G and Join Franco's forces. Who ; ; pretendi fet- did this on the a'd>ice-bf his: ite father, -ex-King 'Alrqnso, arid! ithoili- .tfhp fTisTtpra1l"c<5ir»lfci' l <B -trnrniJT-i Hope Star Stor o« Hop* 189V; Press 1737, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. (C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Washburn) at the Star bulidina 212-214 South Walnut Stracr, Hope, Ark. C. C. PALMER President ALEX. H. WASHBURN Editor and Publisher Churchill Queils Rumors He'll Resign Now York, Jan. 1.")—(Ul"M—Winon Churchill. Britain's wartime .•line minister, was en route to rid;i io,- a vacation today nfter i'Mi lumens that he would re- s:i«r-. !h;- loadorship of the Conserv- nt-ve jiarly. Chuu-hill and hi:; wife arrived lit'vo !i-Kt ni.'jht aboard the liner i.,'u.-c.r, f;!i;-,atet'.i for a nine weeks vacation. "f. h;>-.'e : ! io intention whatever of cr.ishui to lead the Conservative !-i-.riy until I am satisfied that they c;.!i i-oi 1 fieir way clear ahead and ivakt a better arraagemcnt, which I c-iii nestty trust they may be able- to do," the former war lender saicl i:i ;i slaiomt'iii broadcast ovor a woi•!•.] \\-lcli' l:ookup. AiiL.od in the uniform of the P-oy-ij Y<",cht Siiuach'on and smok- int; the inevitable cigar. Churchill stepped oil thn Cup.arcl liner to i'ace one of iho i:ir;!e-st batteries of prep.--, j-nrlio c,nel -.lowsrecl photog- :;: nr.rl reporters ever as. , ,d to meet a visiting digni- Mombor of The Associated Prc«: Th» ! i :l!: :'',, 3!c> . "'If/^ 1 '. 0 ' 1 thc , h ' C|lU\stions Associated Press U exclusively entitled to ! • ovi: ,', 1 >' u ^' M n\!'HitE-s belore going the use for rcpublication of all news dis-j l ° ll patches credited to it or not otherwise b credited in this paper and also tno local Entared as second class matter at Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under Act of March 3, 1897. the ! the! (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier per week 15c ! Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; else-|Lra where S6.50. se-r to news published herein. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas 'Dallies. Inc.; Memphis Term., iterick Building; Chicog6, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grond Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal B dg ; New Orleans, 722 Union St, rait;/. acidic jcct." \Vi-. station a Train uir the south, iior.cd 0:1 reports thai he accent ire pest of secretary I ot the United Nations Orion, ho paid he had "never seel my r.iincl to such a sub- n EM With Rskcd to comment on the UP. of the Socialist i;ovcrn- ihal unseated him as pro- he brought laughter from his |qii'j;tioneis by commenting dryly: "I re-vor critick-.c the government o'.' my country abroad. I very rarely l-.:r.ve off criticizing it il. home." C'hmvhi!] said .no lavorcd a ;ioinl inciuiry committee I'aiostine. , Adm Nimitz's party were admit- ic-an' t;'f.''oou!in«l°thi^?Rh Cr fnn SU ef S - tca to the auditorium. | fo: ts -..f both r.alions." he snid Many of the lawmaKers saicl j i-r,, a !, 0 spckc out in fnvci . f u frankly in advance they didn t ---^-!-- - -- - - Kimmel Continued from Page Oae nocted to a large adjoining room where a group of army and navy enlisted man sat. Only members i Anglc-AnierFca'n of Congress, newspapermen, ar.djfi.ii- members of Gen. Eisenhower's and i -•] iyjfVicut {&e Wge. V^H: Juan's intgi il?S!Sl 37dn m&m , r e country TOf : tne -prince's " j own safety, and-said he would call the [Vval heir when the right mament rived.. Is this' the "right moment?' Only tfte generalissimo knows. that .It Si reported he has feared 'that a Restoration of the monarchy might jn-oduce H ^Wttfcpl.-upheaval, v — * but the re- Bjhethei' "He now' feels that Stirne is ripe for a change" ilpains to be seen. '' > v Before the war, there were sfbout 25,000 privately owned air- plfnes -ji the United States. ,. A four by six-inch; telephoto picture can be transmitted in about two minutes. i-Mothet's Friend massaging prepa- 'jption helps bring ease and comfort. <•-< "to' expectant mothers, M OTHER'S PBIEND, an exquisitely prepared emollient, is vsalul in all • conditions where a bland, mild anodyne Toaaense medium In skin lubrication Is desired.' One condition. In which women, for more than 70 years have used It Is ma application lor massaging the body during pregnancy... It helps keep the skin soft and pliable.,. thus avoiding .unnecessary discomfort due to drynesa and tightness. It refreshes and tones tha ;i)dn. An Ideal massage appl Ication for the uurab. tingling or burning sensations of the ekin... for the tired back: muscles $r cramp-lCso palm In the legs. Quickly absorbed. Delightful • to l use. Highly braised by -users, msnyf doctor a and •nurses. Millions of bottles Eolrt. Just ask nny druggie* for Mother's Friend—the emollient and lubricant. Do try It. pect the answers to mollify vlie GIs and civilians — all voters in the 1946 congressional election — who have been deluging Capitol Hill with wires, cables and letters since the recent demobilisation slowdown . Chairman Rankin (D-Miss) of the House veterans committee declared that he doubted whether "a suitable explanation of ihis moss can be made." His pessimism was echoed by other legislators. A likely outcome of the Eiscn- howcr-Nimitz appearance. Rankir. told reporters, might be additional strength for his drive to Jorce congressional action on demobilization legislation The Mississippian is author of a bill to require the. armed services to discharge any man with two o; 1 LI. b.. Britain .-.r-.d Canrfcla keeping tiic iocret oj the atom bomb "until t'ic-.'c- have been arrangements iy.ncio tor the control of such a dread agency." Chiircniil'o arrival here marks his ninth visit to the U. S. and the nr:;t time he has been in this covin- t.-y :;::v.-c- the d<;:U.h of President Koo;xvcU. v,-ith whom he held several conferences during the war years. A;!ktd wlint flic turning point o' t K- v:r.r v»-aj. MO responded without i-<:Ktitatic:i: "Pearl Harbor. Up lo t.ii'.i. all was doubtful; after that, r.cihin;; cuuld prevent the victory cf he ^real Allies." \Vher: nyked if he was satisfied if Ifft'.oi \vas dead he responded: "I i.'ill say t '.at i'ie is dead." .He, iient , o,, visit. Pres- i Hyde llem t40 e.Hp\-Ki'v .,>..,*„ - n1 : more years of service/ with a wife 1 p.^i-k tirOn bife r ^'- •'- -r- Ff or children, with a dependenl par- chi"ehill ha^ l " " cnt, or who desires xo resume cdu- Uwc '-cn^du'cd cati.on interrupted by war duty ., . c ,'., T,.TlV". iiJThVj.bill is'lymied iri s '!jhoiHoiia4 i ^' F u lt^ M • ' ' •military committee, but ^A- -'41$ i Hqus-eijrncmbeiJs sign a paiuijijIJ! ^e- titionijB quick-'House vof^jTp^JMItJc -in order. -, There are an -'pMtartialcct -i L. ,"» _i "_tj _i '!-.;.- -i -(»;.. TO > . t : . : i: 150 M ) vith I'tlie • After today's aVmy ^chiel iol' State naVal' opcr-tftibh"sr%anT«ri predicted, "there will be manv more signatures" Whether there will be enough to put it -over the top dependS'on how pleased or unhappy the legislators are when they leave the session There was a hint, too, from some military. .committee members that they would- iorce committee action on the bill at a meeting tomorrow if .the demobilization exolaii»<io.i doesn't meet expectations. That would expedite House consideration of the measure. The army, which military committee spokesmen said arranged today's meeting, was reported to be confident. Eisenhower could gation of demobilization. Both he and Nimitz were expected to speak "off the cuff," without prepared statements, and to answer any questions propounded by Congressmen. •Regardless ot what the HOUPO docs, a senate military sub-committee has arranged to hear civilian War Department officials Wednesday " and General isenhower Thursday in its investigation of ddemobilization. Chairman Edwin C. Johnson (D- Colo) of that .inquiry group last night blamed the demobili.-'.ation c n" hU -tiv mini P,- ™l rt hi will" n nnH m- » ' I Prcsid j-.n adfi.-ess 3 Aboaicl tho pr.cen' Elizabeth with the Churchill j V/ore- some 12,000 Canadian yctcraus. returning L'rom service- oversoa-s. , . Thr. vovage \Vas-. .said to be -ih'e la:-:I I'M: Quean Elizabeth will make as a troopship. •Dy. ,-dACK;' 3TIMETT; . •\Vash1r.eton —•-In ten-formal mcs- sages, Pi-2.sident Truman explicily la:d his- 2(l-odcl point legislative pro- Si em squarely in the laps of the 7.0th..Go'ngrsss -. : . . About 00 p^r cent of the domestic • rrogram -still \vas ' there after four r-eaeetima months ol the first Continued from Pa.no One probably. I did not re pea! or modi- ly the advice previously given me by Iho N-.u-y Department ih:it !iei inovG ai-ahuj Pei-.rl llnrbor v.-;is imminent oi' planned by .Ir.pan. The phvaso 'wnr wnmiut;' I'-iinn-.t. be- made a catch-all i'or all i!u^ Truman to Ask Extension of Price Control Tnfl<jiln_y, Jcmmry, 1_5, 1946- UAW Offered". to Take Ford Wage Increase; ifcp "" Tucidoy, January, 15, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Three Social and Personal Phone 768 Between t •. m. tni» « •. m. - i A :-•: ! tie!:! would from none to '.12 da radio trace of the ricrs. u- rn, cnr- MARCH OF DIMES OPENED AT DIME BOX, TEXAS—Mildred Koitrcek. 15-year-old cripple proudly holds n cake bearing a photo of the late Frsnklln Roosevelt and adorned with 0. G.' flags. Miss Kourcek preccr.tad the cal;s to Basil O'Conner, President of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis,'during fie opening of the nation-wide March cf Dimes campaign \vhich received its kickoff from Dime Box, TCXKS. Dim? Box was chosen: for the kickoff because of its ur.usual nsnio and also due to its citizens being 100 per cent members cf the March cf Dimes carrip;aign. (NEA Photo) Host" "^ The ii'.formalioii ho continued lo ;ccl from various sources up through December 'j all -ooinlod al ;i Japanese strike in Houihensl Asia, Kimmc-1 sail!. He added that cvon the informa- lirn on Deeomhnr 3 thai .lapa-.ioso consuls had been ordered lo destroy most of their code:; moai'i lo him thai the Japanese, wore vakini! piocnutions i:i ciise tho United Statds and Britain declared war because of .liiimncse attacks in Southeast Asia. lie also contended it was not unusual that radio calls of Japanese carriers were not Identified after December 1. During Ihe .six months preceding Pearl Harbor, ne s-iicl .•]•}„.,..,;,.,. T i.:.. that 12 times in periods fanning j,, ni) ' ) ,^'"-;<; M^ Tola' (;! ill tor Overtoil . an interview I Kimmel recalled Ihat Stark had i •••). will t;i:i written him Oct. 17 saying ihat ' lontion. Ar-;r "personally I do not be.-lioyo the Japanese are going io snil into vis and the message I sent you merely I stated the possibility." "This letter made il clear to me that when Admiral Stark stated certain Japanese action io bo 'pos- 'tied ioim siblc.' he ine-anl thai it was not'added: probable," Kimn-.ci :;aid. j "j do think Congrons has got to It was one thing, lie said, to warn : nindiiy the overall powers in the a commander of "the probable out- i act, cither by i.-akhig categorical break of war in theaters thousands : exceptions to ore-vent the ivnposi- i of miles away" and "it is quite an-| tio.i t,-i cuutrols where continued j c-t'ier thing to warn commanders atioeiliiig price:) w-r.iiel stifle pi-ociuc- a pailicular base of an attack io J tin.-), e.r by o,---•••-'--- • be expected in their own locali.y." j wlijHi _ c?:lini_ Kinimel said it was his convic- j Ot ii.e- iv.i/ tion that if he had known by No-, tb:is. lie said h._> iluv.iglii the litter vcmber 2i! everything known by | p.'oi'cra'oic-. ;-'^nator Tiifl CK-Ohio) the Navy Departmei.t in Wr.shhij;- \ ^ backim; a Bv FRANCIS J KELLY Detroit, Jan. l"i — <UP) •— The \V -v-li i'--'ion ^J-'i'i '•! i"i1--Word !CIO Unile-il Aulo Workers offered 'iV''"to tho' rc'i-i'.nvi-.iiiv,' -foil- Modny lo nccopt :i 17.S per cent ulav Ihat Pi (-sielcnt frurnan i wage increase trom the 1-orcl Mo; :•' full yr-ir'-i o-Lleiivieni of j tor Company in setlleinent ol their. li.lVol. Thi'.t' w.iuld carry Ihe:3d per cent demand. .I'm- ::tl lil-l" i-nel 'inU re- ; '''ho new figure was the one rcc-1 -,:U'IH- '-'e-!iii-iii'ni. j ; si'Malors is ! onimondoel by_ a ihree-niiin govern- Mr" Trtimnn'will" iiel' ^•'•'•' re--'"t.-nt lact-fin'.liii;! lio:ird for 17"i,000 , possiliiv in jiiueliried :onn' |Klriki:i|! Gene-ral Motors employes. hi-; li'ivid;- chat lo 110 people He-pi osentatives ol the strikers Ji.nuai-v :i tin- p.v.Md- it -Icclared 1 have- ae-coplod tho government pro- thn; price'a-uJ r'ont fonlrols' -Aill < M»nal, but iho company has reject,-. have- -.o in- 'ii.-.iiiliiinfil ".'or -iiMiyicd it. tu tJiM.-." H(> -iclde-d thiil ' nil-hard T. T.conard. union r'" Is ,le- U;\v:; ronev.rd \ve.-ll in ; gotialor with Ford, said he would o <:!' it:; <":>;irrtioii date. ; ii'.troduot- ine aci-fmili.if! i-cpnri •ator \villi Wliito Mouse con-j i"to today's wage talk with the a'il a .uill \-oar'.; cxle-nsion I company. Me declined corn men I on b-? asked, jiorsihly in Mr. I reports thai a new I'oi-d-'UAW con- Ti-iii'ian'.-; :-iale eif the iinion nies- I tracl was nearly completed. sr,>-.:o whioli i:; to be .exl ;.iext | The l!A\V slriki? strategy com- ••I'lii'.lor :i:;;.'.od th.il ' mitlLO w;'.:i to inoet Ihis morning, by :iame. Ipiesurnably to discuss wllhdraw- ;ip:ncnt, Sena-I in.3 3.500 union members from i-ninmuitcel in work on GM parts in lool and die Social Calendar 1 NOTICE Thr Oglesby P.l'.A. Executive oart.\ will meet at the city hall \f<?*Sl the Ueiok Review. There svill 'no regular meeting of the |.A. in January and all mem- of the Executive Board are •'keel to meet at the city hull fol- 1 Swing Ihe Review as important llisiness will come before this tend this meeting. The Regular meeting of the Hope Iris Garden club has been post The Lilac Garden Club will meet at 3 o'clock Wednesday aflernooi at Ihc home of Mrs. Lloyd Suttoi on South Main street with Mrs Graydon Anthony as associate hos less. Guest speaker will be hgt Ray Kent. All members are urgec to attend. Thursday, January 17 There will be an Annual Paris meeting of St. Marks Episcup: church at 7:30 Thursday poned until Tuesday, AH members please change. January 22. evenin note Ihis at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I- ran K. Johnson. An election of lh Vestry and delegates to the annui it th is ur .a i plants. The union executive board :"ull year's ex- was to resume a routine session , may h.-ivo lOlthis afternoon. bo retained lony;or tha.i il:al —two I Union attorneys, mennwliile, or three- years -— until sup])ly I prepared their arguments for a calcht-s up wilh eli'in.-'.nd." | public hr;irin« on e-h;'i'!'es 'hnl Senate;' McCollar. (D-Ark) said i General Motors has iaileel lo bar- lie ivas "not isiiallofably opposed" ' ™ ; 'ii! in geeicl ii'ith with Ine U;vW tei continuing tlu- controls in modi-i The Detroit office of the National lor anolh.er year, but ho ecif.viiig -ihc> s mit;l.t uo r.ujii;eKied items on plnccd." modifica- INFLATIONARY FORCES arc boincj sot in motion which, unless curbed, will prove dis. astrous (o all economic groups. Uncontrolled inflation must be avoided at all costs. Agriculture knows from bitter experience the disastrous consequences ol inflation of prices, wages, ar.d profits, and tho inevitable deflation that follows. The American Farm Bureau. Federation demands that any plan lo control inflation must be equitably applied lo industrial prices, farm commodity pricec, and wagos. Tho larger the Farm Bu- mau membership, the stronger its voice will be in support of a slable national economy, JOINT-HE FARM BUREAU Gaskin rr.-fo. 7vIcKen don. , at the Proper ,-oulcl on Lnn-ihan,- Levin St., ! s O£ session. On the home front the ad- minstration took a booting rarely Cfiuallec! in a similar per'ocl in •\vhich the White House and the (-orisioss v.-n:e of Ihe same oarty. The question now is what will !i)40 and the second session of the; s;.'.mo ConRr&ssi bring iion-i the tour corners and political V v -'eshington, here are lagislative predic- ior the new year: Atomic controls . Although laoelecl "nuh," don't look for any immediate action hero. The problem is loo bU and too complex. C.i\ The Gf Bill of Rights. Some wrinliies still i;> be ironed out, lor ivinsUy now a matter of proper ad- mini.su-iilion. Watch lor a veterans Col. Hyer at Bad Nauheim, and saw the youngster's picture. She wrote a Hollywood agent and told him by all means to run like mad to the Pasadena Playhouse and take a look at the girl before he was bent lo it by his talent-seeking compatriots . _, ,, , The agent followed tho advice Gathered | in swift order and the result: oi official!Martha Hyer reported to RKO- Hadio January '! to begin a long term contract. The long arm of Hollywood icar-.hes even to Bad v^ii ° g" o *ai Chinese Still slowdown on "hysterical" t-enorals 'bonus. and termed the flood of GI complaints "fully- justified." "The pentagon generals suddenly realized • there were only -l.OOO.GOf) men left in their drafted army and their own fat jobs would dissolve," Johnson declared in a radio speech Rep. Pittengcr (R-Minn) put inlo the congressional record a statement thai Congress is "slill in the dark" regarding "any intelligent, .......... . ..... ,,-.., „. picture of the army and navy" pro- scientific educni'o.-i grams. He introduced legislation ...... to put the office of army inspector general under control of Congress. The inspector general, who investigates all phases of army admin- (3' Compulsory Military Training and Selective; Service — some act'.->:i rr.ust be taken on the latter by K-.id-:,tay. but it may be allowed to lapse al Ihat time if enlistments hold up. There's almost uei ti.nv ,o DC one of the big fights of the congressional year on uni-, versal t.-:tininH, possibly with a i screen tested, eompjomise permitting substitution "" cortj.in types of vocational and or Fries Com nils:. Much de- pr-n:l;; on the economic- breezes ntar the July 1 diadline. Best SUCKS i:> By WALTER LOGAN Chungking, Jan. M —(UP) — The all-parly consultative council, working toward unity r.nd democratization of China, remained optimistic today de-spile charges that both Nationalists and Communists had violated the order for ending civil war. While charges, denials and countercharges were made concerning troop activities, a-council .subcommittee produced the' agenda i'or the PCC to p&vc Ihe, hwiy Ipv a con- S'.ilulional 'govcrri{$"e;itJ. : .The c'iyh'war \yiac ; ''sc,hpdulod 'lo halt officially lasC midi)ighl but Communist sources-' charged Gen. Tu Li-Ming had- ordered 'his :ia- lipnal troops to. continue; fighting .today and tomorrow. '. GOP. Chou-IUn-Lai, Communist 'member on Gen., George C. Mar- pc ace-committee which all propelled eo expected bi g _ S cales IS'T^ 0 TrSfos^^iTh^faSaS ' Nauheim, and, for Martha, that wasn't bad. . . Goering, Hess, Kesselring en al probably won t do nearly so well. "Marinka," which didn't do very well as a Broadway show, certainly did wonderfully for Luba Malina, who lias started a highly-paid Hollywood career bocause of "the slick notices sne received i.i that near-turkey . . her screen debyt will be in "The Strange Adventure of Sinbad," with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Maureen O'Hara. ..'.June Desrini;, of the hit musical "Are You Wilh If also is being . . by Warner:;. . . . There are three separate record albums being released, by Victor Columbia and Decca, of the -10- shVlV's' year-old musical "The Bed Mill," ' •" • istration, now reports to Ihe secretary of war. HOW ABOUT A (SAIL?) Portland, Ore, Jan 15 — </P) — Vice .Admiral Daniel K Barbey, ' back from directing the Korean oc- : cupation, went shopping :Cor' "civies" Like GIs, he found store shelves ' bare of what he could wear I So the admiral's wearing a suit; borrowed from a relative; a shirt i whipped together by a rhi»f--->' ."j-i-ss wuuld tailor from "some of iny old bed- i l'.\-'i.-=lri' thm-Bome ™ZS£' w lilte Wc^K^'^F*'''™™ \^>< the «overnmenl member: icci i'.iTiicl continuing blasts at | More than 4.COO fans formed _ ,, r , j record-busting line extending /or .l-i'l! Employment. Dead now. |blocks st Radio City Music Hall the chancii ;,f revival, but slight joiner day. The Bimi-Bergma'n health Be"-'"- "•' -------— •• •- • -° Ch-.ing telephoned Chou asserting a ithat lighting must be stopped by last midnight Chou was uuporlcd satisfied with the answer. A nation military council spokes- ) Surplus Property It's, a mud- bat it appears now that Con- ather with violating the terms in jive ureas in Shantung and Honan provinces. The spokesman said that imme- . sheets" To Our Friends arid Customers... We ore happy to announce the addition of Mrs. Mcnea Swafford and Miss Clara Fern Osborn to our staff of Beauticians. W« regret that- we have been unable to accept all appointments requested recently, due to the shortage- oi operators. UT ^1 SfRYE YOU — FOR APPOINTMENTS Phone 252 MISS HENRY'S SHOP Social Security. Some broad-! such an unprecedented rnob stands- a pretty good chance I The line stretched cast along 50th street to Rockefeller Plaza, north to olst street, west to The Avenue .of the Americans tor Sixth AVenuc-idialcly "after the cease-fire order investigate than to the dichardsi where police cut ! was issue;! Jan. 10, the council sent .„ , , t'' c c '' ov - d °K to permit automo- ] out orders for ceasing hostilities . f , wages Look for a j bile Iratfic to HO through. . . . | by last midnight. He pointed out '' m:Ulon to 05 | Across the street the line doubled! that Gen. Chou also needed three back along 51st street to Fifth , days because of difficulty in gel- Avenue and turned north almost 'tiiv; Ihe order to remote areas, to 52nd street I Ivleaiiwhile, the three commis- Experts estimated the wait ' ' Minimum boo.it, but not all the : ci!r.tj an hour. (101 iJriUicatio!! of Ihc armed '-'orcc;; .Unification has the inside but the- opposition is strong i lo prevent any immediate ; track, ; er.iiiig! ! action i 11.1) T;i::c.s .Some.- revision i'or ! 18-17, but li-ost likely in the so- i called luxury tax division — not ion income taxes ] (12) Anti-Strike Law . Depends | almost entirely 0:1 the lS4ti strike !wa_ve and which \vay the public .'irc on the desk Judge Advocate of any individual or group bringing up the rear of this line would be a few minutes more than th'-ee hours, or almost as long as it uikes for a complete changeover of the capacity of the Music Hall, the largest film house i;i ihe world. And il was cold. who will direct the carry- of truce terms arrived by By JACK O'i-1. i Nr-.v Vojk—A PJI e-f Ce-i J. C. Ilyci. (•;' IT.- l.'ilh Army in Germany dur- ;,: 4 th': w.-'i- ci-imir.al trials, .'ed to U:.- h,;:,:iif..'i by KKO Radio Pic-!to a neighbor t'--io colonels daughler. I department. The excited FIREMEN'S WORRIES Salt Lake City, J-m. 13 — (>'[')— A we man's telephoned report of a "roaring inferno" brought firemen with all equipment of the Salt Luke county fire department to find Iho "inferno" had been quenched with a pail of water Mrs. J. Raymond Spencer, dis- ccvcring a fire in !ier attic, culled to summon die fire K!),i I,o.f;an, UK- famed Scottish -iSer who hns devoted all her vie in iht- last couple of years :,ii!,-ing for the troops overseas, the talent scout. While cnter- ii!i:iy i:i Germany, Ella visited neighbor -o— did New York City has more phones than in all South America, Central America and the West Indies combined. sioriers plant in Peiping yesterday «iid set I s - a3c up executive quarters. The commission includes Walter Robertson, U. S. charge d'affaires in China, Gen. Yen. Chicn-Ying, Communist chief of slat')', and Gen. Cheng Kai-Ming of the Nationalist army. The five-man PCC subcommittee completed work on the agenda Sunday. It dc-idcd the council would study government organization, an administrative program, military problem sand a national assembly io draft a constitution. It recommended that the PCC express only general views and leave actual details to be worked out by subcommittees in closed meetings. The assembly issue was believed the moEl controversial facing the council. The Communists and the tele- Democratic League want new delegates elected. The government, ton. he would not have sent riers lo Wake and to Midway liver planes. ] justify "I would have gone to se:i with | decm:- Ihc fleet and eneleavorcd to ke;-p i'. j mid-si: in an intercepting position al sea," [ he said. ' Even early in the morning of December 7. he said, thai if he had received the "significant information" the INi'.vy Department had, he would have moved all 1'fi'nt forces out of Pearl Harbor n'rd pul Ihe i or.mindcr on a "general ouar- lers" battle-readiness alert "It is my conviction i'nal .".c'ior. by the Navy Department ;>t anyone of these significant clatos r.i Cmnishiny me ihe information >nni the intercepted messages wcuhi have- altered the event-:, ot .De.-ern- bcr 7, 1941," he testified. On the important question o' why he; didn't have scouting pl-ines searching the ocean around Pear! .Harbor, Kimmel told the comrnii- tee that he had been instructed to j;et Ihe fieel ready for war ar.d couldn't afford lo wear out his planes and crews on a partial reconnaissance. He had only J.n flyablc planes available on Oahu. spare parts cr spare crews time of the atlack, lu? said, reconnaissance, he claimed, have required a pool of 200 planes for orolr-'clcel nnerplion'i. Kimmel said that the "wnr wip-p- ing" message had told him -io get ready to carry out war piau -.-u. Under that, he said, he had to keep his planes in readiness to onn-v oul raids on the Japanese-held Marshall -islands. He was not without reconnaissance however, he maintained, citing carrier-based patrols and search planes operating 'Trom (Midway, Wnke ar.d Jolinson i j-I lands. i He disclosed thai in the week i preceding the attack, paired planes i fiom Oahu had scouted a sector ; north and northwest of Oahu i'or i 400 miles on Monday, Tlesday, i Wednesday and Thursday. Thr- '• Japanese came in xre'in the :-';orlh on Sunday. i Kimmel said ho kept the baUle- i ships in Pearl Harbor i:-cc-.iusc ii i would have been "a dangerous course" to send his battleship:; io '. sea without the; air cover provided 1 by cariiors. By keeping the i>-it-! lleships in the harbor, he sni-1 ho ! gave thorn protection from land < p.nti-aircraft guns 'iliey would .have ! lacked al sea. j After he got tho "war warning" j message, Kimmel saiel he inslriici- ed Iho fleet to depth bomb all J'or- ei;*n submarines they encountered in their operating areas. Ho had been instructed previously, he said, not to bomb submarines except within the three mile limil cf American territory. Kimmel told of several unverfiod reports after Nov. 2B of the presence of Ja;.iaiK\-:<' Kii!im:u-,nc-i;. Then came tho report from tha destroyer Ward on the morning 01' Doc. 7 that il had depth-charged a submarine near Uio harbor. He gol Ihe information of the Ward's report about 7::iT a. -,<i., Kimmel said, adding that efforts already had been started to confirm the .reported contact. Kimmel told the committee thai he never was iiilorrned of Ihe -decision other witnesses have said was made in August, 1941, to discontinue sending army and :iiivy lield commanders Ihe full information obtained by intercepting .Japanese messages .In July. Kimmel said he hael received the vcrbmim tcxl of at least seven messaj;c's. "I had asked tor all viUil information. I had been assured that I would have it ] appeared lo be receiving It My current estimate ot the situation was formed on ihis basis. "Yet, in fact, the most vital ; a- from the iiitovceiite.-d Japanese messages was not sent to me. This .failure not only deprived me of essential facts. It misled mo." Kimmel said he was not supplied with any information on a mes- intercepted Oct. 0 .showing that Tokyo had divided Pearl Harbor into five sub-areas and was seeking details about iho berthing of ships of 'die i'ieet .in those areas. Witnesses have said that, hindsight indicates ihis information was needed lo prepare a bomb plot of Pearl Harbor. Kimrnf! maintained this was si"- nificant, An- "no other harbor or base in American territory was e'i- vided into sub area;; by Japan." "No one had a great-ir rifchl dian I lo know," he asserted, "that Japan had carved up Pearl Harbor into sub-areas and was soeMn; 1 ;uid receiving reports as io the pre-cisc berthings in that harbor of iho ships of the Heel," Kimmel declared. He recalled that he was told car- 1 which OP A would havi-> plan under to come lie- corif;ressini;al to:n;niltecs and control.-: .for every ilevn it likely to be r.aarce after Arkansas Veterans J-o 'U. S, Hue in San Francisco :"rom jniia today: j Ross. Porres! A,, S-Sfit., 1520 Will i .•>!.. Arkfidolphia. : r.-isii, John rt.. Cpl.. Avkadelo'nia, | \Vo:r,aci;. Hubert L.. Cpl., .Roule : i, Dormott. ; Gt-aco, j"'crr.y M.. Pfe., Route 5, Kl Dorado. Hoachinrr Newport News on Terry. Jnliii T., Jr.. Sgt., Victory today: Springs. Clatis L.. Sgl.. El Do- Hugh Due in Nc\v York Cor!y Mor.day: ,I;-fL-son, Thomas Springs. N., SKU 'Cam- iiic William Pfc., - Hot ii" in New York i'rom t:if Sii;-. Jose on an Okinawa indefinil Charier, P.., Col., 121 reaching Seattle on the Lavaca Sunday: IVcrguscn, Alvein, S.»t.. Mngnolin. Pan.-li. Ai'ori. Pfc.. .Pordyee. ;-Iu!so:i, Ralph J., Pfc., Helen?. Mt-n.-inicl, Marvin L.,' T-4, 1200 lllli Si., Camde.'n. er.;-li-.n- in the year that no attack on Pearl Harbor appeared "immi- noiii cr planned Tor in the ilore- "C'. clainly," Kimmel said, "I \va:: inlillcd to k-iow .vhen infor- ir.au.-.i :ii iho Navy Department ionipl.-!ic:ly .-.ilU-rcd the information i.iK) ;-.c!\-ice previously given lo II-.' suinrr.eel ,i|> ihc Inlorcepled Japani-se dipler.naiic dispatches as ::'no\viim that after November 29, "a J,.:nar.c\-:e iihin of action nuto- r.ii'.licaily went ii-.lo effect; ihat i'ie- plan wiis of such. importance that it iiivc.lv.-'d the fate of the em- pir:;; anel that Japan urgentlv \vaMod tin- UiiiU'd Stiites to bo- I'cve tlirji 'le^otiaiions were continuing aftor the deadline dale to pre- vt-nt suspicion t'nc plan." as to the nature of Helps 'cuSlil up £.efii:ist who;: Mien Hirucwt month-' Also a great stomachic tonic! If fumrilc functional periodic disturb- luicus cnuso you io sulfur from c:amps, hoiuinchu, backucne, lucl IILT- vov.s, jitter-/, cninky—at such times- try famous Lytlla K. PinUliam's V(|!ctt bio Con\iiouiKl to relievo sucli Eymiitoinu. -, Hnkhnm'3 Compoxnirt DOKS MOHE than irltuve nucli ii:on.;lity pain. It svlsci rc-licvoii lu.-c-onipanylng tired, nervous, cru:il;y I'cellnan—of such nuture. • Taken thruout the month—-this prriit. medicine holps build up resta- Uincc ni;:iinst such monthly distress. V/e iiruo you to give Pinkhnm's Cci.'iipouml u fi-.lr and honest trial. Also u line' stomachic tonic! I.YDJA E. PINKHAM'S S T OUNO Labor Relations Iloprd sel .Ion. .'.f! us the dale for the hearing on Ihc complaint of unfair labor pvac.- tice:;. The union charges thai the corporation's alleged refusal (o bargain has nrolonged the strike, now in ils SGlh day. TIMR SAVER Hastings, Nebr, Jan 13 — (/?)— Woman siting in her parked automobile, looking disconsolately at the parking meter on the 'curb, hailed a police officer "I've got :!() minutei; left on Hint 'iioler." she told the policeman "Do I have to sit here until jt s up?" The- cop decided, quickly, she could drive away, without violating any traffic law Monday, January 14 Circle No. » of the Women's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet at the home of Mrs. C. C. Lewis instead of the church as was formerly announced. All members please note the cliaiVge. The Business Women's circle will meet at the home of Mrs. Carter Johnson at 7:70 Monday night. The Mary Lester Class of Ihe First Methodist church, with Miss Beryl Henry teacher will meet at 7-.-15 at the home of Mrs. h. .1. McCabc on South Main strccl for their regular monthly business and social meeting. Tuesday, January 15 The Eu/clian Sunday School class of the First Baptist church will meet Tuesday evening at 7 o clock at the Educational building for Us regular monthly business social" meeting. Supper will served by group No. 1. The Doctor Says: By DR. WILLIAM- A. O'BRIEN Vaccines have l.i-eii widely used ,v vi-ars with the hope ol prc- (Tiling colds. Studies conducted at ic University of Miiinesula by ' nielil. M. U" i»"l associates idicalc that vaccines aie not ol alue in such prevention. The itle; liil they were ol value eume Iron idividu'al cx|-,iM-im-oes rather thai roni group studies in which con rols wore used. Ordiniiry mild vaceincs are tic -eloped from mixtures of In norms most commonly found he nose and" throat of person Since lh and be The Oglesby P.T.A. Mrs. Joe Jackson of Harrison. Jan. 15 — I/PI— Trial of Alfred Elkins of Brighton, Mo , charged with involuntary ni.in- slau.i;hler for ihc fatal shooting November 3 of Game Warden Jake B. rUehcsin, SO, was to begin today in circuit court here. Elkins was in a hunting party when Richesin was killed by a stray bullel. will present Washington, Arkansas in a book review of "River Road" by Frances Parkinson Ke.Vfs at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. TicUets arc being sold by the students of Oglcsby school. Wednesday, January 16 The Gardenia Garden club will meet at 2:30 Wednesday .afternoon at the home of Mrs. Frank Rider South Main street with Mrs. convcnlion will"" be held meeting. A full attendance cd. Thursday, January 24 The Junior Senior High School P.T.A. will meet nl 8:30 I luirs- day aflcrnoon at the High School. A full attendance is urged. W.S.C.S. First Methodist Church Met Monday Afternoon The W S.C.S. of the First Methodist church met al the church on Monday afternoon for its reguiai monthly meeting. The meeting was opened with "For The Beauty of the Earth" with Mrs. H. W. Kd- wards al the piano. Mrs. K. l- Broach, president, conducted a short business mccling. Mrs. Leon Bundy made an appeal for the Victory Clothing Drive. Mrs. Hob Jones and Mrs. H O. Kyle,;-mac c announcements for the Cluui-h Maga/ine. Mrs. T. II. Billii made the Ircasurcr's report John Arnold selected ;i now ediction for the Auxiliary was adopted. Mrs. C. D. Lester presented the oroiiram and ' presented • Dwlghl Blake who gave Ihc dcvo tional on Prayer. Mrs. „ Luck sang "Face To KILO. She was accompanied by Mis. C. u DOROTHY DIX Holding Your Man A problem thai keeps many girls tossing is why they cannot hoW Some of them a7lhaMhc7have no difficulty In ttracling men, but they cannot uep them. They are one-dale Warys The lads lake them out met-, 'but they never play a re- urn engagement Myriads of others girls want thers who thinks that ler's beaux cam'.! to stead of Sally, or il every young mun as her S (.'(.' .she if lu dau her treats were lo uiow why the boys they have gone bout with ever since their school on on K. Cooper as associate hostess. ::. marks fho sprit v/here (rslfcr heorinff may bo found. Come infor-freeaydiomstric tesS and 'consultation. No charge. HEARING SERVICE CENTER THURSDAY, JANUARY 2 to 8 P. M. 17 MAX W. FRIEND Certified Sonotone Consultant The Brookwood P.T.A. will mec lit I) o'clock Wednesday afternoo. al the school. A full attendance .auderbach" at the piano. Mis Beryl Henry was guest spe.ikx inl spoke on "Our Prospec s fo Peace." The mcetinn was close with the benediction^ ^_ Indictment Against Negro is Delayed The Jet I B. Graves Sunday School class'of the First Methodist church wil hold its regular monthly business and social meeting at the church Wednesday evening at 7:30 Members arc asked to bring old nvi"av.ines. and discarded Cnrist- tn'a'n cards. New and prospective memgcrs are cordially invited to al- A policy that gives you "all risk" protection for your personal effects and household furnishings inside and outside your home. Stop in or phone. Roy Anderson INSURANCE • Phono 810 Hope v Ark. 210 South Main You Brt quantity too In MornUni-, Trok-um J.-1IV. A tncMlr.li.0 chest •Imisl". Aids hoaliiig - sootlilns ilre&lnit W " 1 ""', r ., 1 " 1 "~ cuts. IIUhMtquslity. BIG JAR COSTS Memphis, Tenn. Jan -Ally. Gen. Will Gerber iiiK from colds. common cold is due lo a lilterabl virus ,tlu- uerms included in '.h vaccine are not responsible to the infection. Therefore it is iv surprising that those- vaccine have proved disappointing. As the virus of the eomuu colei promotes the growth of oth uerms in the respiratory passage it was hoped thai a vaccine, made from these Hqrm" iniyht re'Ju'.-e the number of complications. Hut again the investifiiilors were disappointed in their results Ihc same- number of complications were observed i" the vaccinated nalienls and Ihe controls. GROUP TESTS MADE The university students were divided into lour groups of from 301) to 400 each and only those who usually had four or more colds per year were selected. Group A was I'iven injections of the cold vac- ine- Group 1! v.'^ given injec- ons; Gioup C v.as given oral vac- ine which they took throughout u- winter according to instruction; Jroup n was given capsules with he same general appearance, but hey only contained milk sugar, •ione of the .students knew what hey were given and none of the ihvsicians who saw them with their colds knew wital they had recciv- Sludcnls reported to the Student Health Service whenever a cold developed and a record was kept of eaeli cold which lasted more than M hours. Studies continued over three years. RESULTS ABOUT THE SAME Group A students who received injections of vaccines reported that in Ihe previous year they had averaged 4.7 colds, but during the year they were taking vaccine they iive'ragod only :M colds, which is a reduction ol fiTi per cent, and ap parenlly an excell'j:it result. Control Group B who receivoc water injections liac! an avera of 4.9 eoliN the previou:; year and I 1 1) colds during tin- experiment, jor a ivduction ol (il per cent. 1 proving thai injection of vaccine .. M1P , did nol prevent cold.-;. ,i — ui , Oi . ;|] vac( . n ;;,:io,i agamsl colds in order to avoid about with ever days, and who have been as failh- •iil as old dog Tray, suddenly de sert them. They say they are still come her, U young and pretty and good dancers and carry the same line of charms they have always had, and they can't understand why Tom, Dick or Harry, who has been going steady with them for so long should fade out of the picture without rhyme or reason Well, of course, no explanatioi of Ihc fickleness of. man that wil hold waler has ever been devised Women with men arc purely matter of taste, and the one that allured him one day bores him : lo tears the next, and why this is Ihus he docsn'l know himself. GIRL'S OWN FAULT Generally speaking, the trouble with the one-date girl is easily diagnosed. It is herself, or her mother. Men have ever a roving eye and a girl who is a conspicuous good-looker has no difficulty in cacthing it, but to keep it centered a kidnapper wno luiet leal her diirlinK from lo sec wlr.' when a lad say good night, it is goodbye forcvei Munv re-iisons may be advance is to 'why the "steady" become steady. The chief one is tha I subjects him to the monoton of domesticity without any of it compensations, lie gels fed up on Sally and craves a change, so he forsakes her for some Social Situations You are a woman at a and you leave to for yourself. THE SITUATION: man silling beside a buffet supper, get something *«• j -, ,, WRONG WAV: Assume that, if he wmoan wants something, t will cither mention it or get it BRIGHT WAY: Say, "May I bring you something?" So They Soy We have political democracy, so we must have democracy »r industry to make workers feel that they are part of management, and that they have a voice '» <" h " f ' = going on. In what's —Eric A. Johnson, president, S. Chamber of Commerce. U. and girl Mrs. bcn- which her lakes something more than ., pretty face. It takes intelligence and a glib tongue and an instinctive know- how to do it, and, unfortunately, beauty and brains do not oflen Ho together. One evening of trying to talk to a dull girl, or a giggler, or a chatterbox is a-plenty for a man, especially if he belongs lo the great silent type who expects a woman to keep the conversation going. And if Mama is one who has a new bag of tricks. Another reason is that the gu I friend becomes too possessive. The boy may never have thought of sucli a thing as bring in love with her or of rmirryin" her, but she acts as' if she owned body and soul. She- expects him to lake her wherever she goes, am to let her diet ale to him about everything he does, and she raises ructions if he speaks lo anolhoi irl. All of which is bound to ge on his nerves. Still another reason why girl often find themselves forsaken jccausc they made themselves luxury that their boy friend couldn't afford. They were to good at gold-digging. They too many birthdays. They had have too many wrist watches an orchids and too much caviar, b Barbs By HAL COCHRAN Never lend them is one of the first lessons in book keeping. If you don't think America is the land of the free, look up the imber of divorces granted last' ar. Price control on manhole covers ,s been lifted. Now, docs some- jdy know where we can rent a anholeV Canadians Commute Nazi Generals Death Sentence Bad Zwischenahn, Germany, Jan. H-M'r-Canadian Third Division headquarters announced today that the death sentence pronounced Dec. 28 on Nazi Maj. Gen. Kurt Meyer, convicted of responsibility for the killing of Canadian prisoners of war, had been commuted to Ihe Soviet Union. But we win not j ifc imprisonment, forget that the Golden Age has A ^'tcmerit said that the review- not arrived and that swords can- ing aut horily "considers Meyers not be beaten into ploughshares, decree of responsibility not such as I —Nikolai Tokhonov, Russian lo * warran t the extreme penalty. The new year will mark the first step in the new prosperity of Bui we will not writer. A Texas boy confessed he •led o burn a schoolhouse. The trange part is that the baseball eason has not begun. i hac t Ihe lads dropped them for sweetie who would think the movies an a hot dog a treat. - . And. most of all, girls dnv away potential husbands by ben loo eager to marry. The boy is o Ihc anxious seal, not sure of him self He doesn't, want to be down, but the girl is so airaid of the mo- tiec America's people are fully conscious of their destiny and their transcendent responsibility in the world of tomorrow. —Adlai E. Stevenson, acting U. b. delegate to UNO. All of us know that isolation is impossible nosv. Everybody must carry the whole heart. We must —Rev. Samuel New York City. world on his think globally. M. Shoemaker, In lust a few months lazy pco- le can call it spring fever. Thoughts I am the good shepherd, and This year we decide whether sell the end of his youth. . Now if somebody can just women on the idea thai there is nothing shameful about gray hairs, a thickening waistline, fine wrinkles, the adult world will | me , be -a happier place. .the people of the earth will live in peace, prosperity and harmony, or 'must take the other course which will lead to utter destruction. . . There is no middle course. —Gen. George C. Marshall, new U. S. ambassador to China. —. o The "Rose of Jericho" is not a rose at all. It Is tumbleweed. know my sheep, and am known of mine. As the Father knoweth even so know I the Father, and I lay down my life for the VeVeTe J en'soTd~on the idea that s heep.—John 10:14-15. aging is a shameful process and one 'that can be of which is true. What we need now Repatriated Japs Seeking to Set Up Homes in Japan Yokohama, Jan. 14 — (M— More repatriated Japanese arc seeking to set up homes in Japan after returning 4,011 strong from the united Stales aboard the transport General Grant. Nisei and native Japanese alike went through the drab Japanese- operated separation center at Ura- ga, south of Yokosuka. Once of ship all responsibility for their welfare passed to the Japanese government They are men and women who, while living in the united Stales, voluntarily expressed a preference for Japan. Each spring the Coast Guard blazes the trail through Great Lakes ice fields to open the way for waterborne commercci USE Ji^tl. £.> J. W w » — avoided—neither lose him she tries to him lo Ihe altar, and that scares him SQ.lhal._hc- scrams. •••• ""(Bell Syndicate, "inc.1 taught 'that outward is to be signs of age hurry | arek perfectly normal and natural „,". '.. . 11 . ._ «-.«V-ii«rf in CJPI nothing get Hot Lead is Reported in AMGSlayings gallon headquarters al Frankfurt laid no arrest of U S military personnel had been made, but indicated that one or more was likely found soon The three officers were dead in the embers ol their dwell ing at Passau a week ago. Ihe charred bodies bore signs ol hav -in" been mauled or hacked before they IVl V 1 I I I J» I * «•'« .-, 1 t f 1 'l " V^ltll \<l\_vii.i'.<^'i- ' • ;-* —Ally. Gen. Will C.erber tod, , , w . js pl . opo; , e(1 j,, ,,,. f i rr tu llV oid aid he had delayed sucking an in- , th( , tn)1 , b lc.son,o injeelions. Group ictment against I' red • nu: . : '° n v, ' , C students who received oral vac- car-old N^gro charged w, dou- ^ c ,,.,. ,-eyortcd i.ppraxi- were touched by lire Frankfurt, Jan 14 - (UP) - u Gen Lucia,, K Truscott sources said today CO mmander of the ihird Army i 1 " hn< vhose territory tilled. board which was likely to cause fin American —presum- High military ------- -Ihal invcsligalors had found a not, lead" in Ihc killing of three U S military government officers at officer — within a lew i ble murder 'and rape, for another vcck. Gcrbcr postponed . scheduled appearance he-lore nc ^^S f ?q ° .£ ^^r^^i^^ ( fillv by the Negro youth. Mi*. Goss was critically injured criminally assaulted. Gcrbcr said he hoped mately 70 i^'r cont reduciion in colds." Group I) students who received the milk sunar capsules also i (-ported th.- same reduction. Tlic nvei'a.L-.e numbi-r of days lost per persoii (roni seiuml \\':is exactly the same in both groups. Coutt Docket .. the sent a special to assist in the men wer investigalio work on th to learn UUI fttin-t .!»*- *.---i- —- » v more details of the case from Mrs taking the case beloiu Goss before %o1icelaid''$ackson- confessed the described as one ot the crime, • Last Times Tuesday • 'VALLEY OF DECISION' GARSON • • PECK • Latest News • //I BEGINS WEDNESDAY * —' VICTOR HERBERT'S Naughty Marietta" — Starring •—• Jcanette Nelson ^ Frank MCDONALD ° EDDY " MORGAN • Latest News • • Little Stranger City Docket Albert Smiih. drunken driving forfeito'el S2i).00 cash bond. Bill YocuiTi, drunken driving, for- 1'eiteel $:!fi.(>0 cash bond. Call Hunter, speeding, .forfeited 825.00 cash bond. Marjorie Lan^-lon. disturbing j peace.' torfe.-i1i.-d StO.QO cash bond. I Cecil IJavis, distill bnu; peace, ! forfeited S10.dll cash bond. I Willie I-. Pahnore. disturbing i peace, foi foiled SID.(HI cash bond. | The following forfeited a $10.00 i cash bond on a charge of drunken! nC ,)o-;-.io Allon. Ciradv Heed. .Tames ; C. Springs, W. O. Cruin. Arsene I1 God\vin. li Gceu-go I'almore, disturbing poaeo. dismissed on moton City l Ally. assau arrest c ably an days The victims of the Hatchet and fire slaying at Passau were identi- ied as Maj Everett S. ; . Cofran, Washington, D. C.; Capt Adrian L Wessler, New Rochelle, N. and LI. Stanley Rosewaler, Omaia, Neb. Wessler was dislricl military governor of the Passau area and Rosewaler was his depuly The case look a startling turn with the hint thai an American might be arrested. Heretofore, the investigation had revolved around the theory that Nazi werewolves had killed the men as CISC Immediately after the slayinfe security police rc-emphasizcd^ standing local order thai soldici carry firearms when town at night. walking wiiuu bad men combine, the good must associate, else they will - When 666 , fall one by one, an unpilied sac rifice in a contemptible struggle. •Burke COLD PREPARATIONS Liquid Tablets, Salve, Nose Dropi Caution use only as directed mid 'that they are epr.ess.ed about. E'RE TO* BLAME When men come to look on aldness as an attribute of mas- ulinity and women regaid the of age in their faces as proof have lived and learned a few lings, there will be less of the idiculous struggle to keep young hat makes for so much unnappi- ] ess and fruslralion. ' We have, ourselves, made lie olump, graying matron and Ihe raiding middle-aged man objects o f ridicule. And lo what purpose -since those figures are what -nosl men and women become in time? Only to scare ourselves into a vain attempt to hang on to youth—when it is bound to be losing battle. DANCE There will be a Dance at the LEGION HUT IN PRESCOTT on Wednesday Night, January 16th HARLEM SWING BAND and FLOOR SHOW Admission . Couple $2.10 an act ot vengeance Intelligence and criminal investi- State Joe >f).00 LAST TIME TUESDAY. 'THOSE ENDEARING YOUNG CHARMS" new SsiwaWEDNESDAy Docket Dennis, sp cash bond. Glen Burns, possessing unlaxo itoxicaling liquor, forfeited $SO.U tsh bond. J. W. Nelson, drunkenness, L-diiig. forfeitc pie Shelby county hi f guilty, fined $10.00. Clarence Palmore, unlawful park- ig, plea of guilty, fined $50.00. Hugh S. Part-oil, speeding, for- cited $5.00 cash bond. Peda Withcrspooh, drunkenness, orfeiled $10.00 cash bond. Glen Burns, speeding, forfeited 5.00 cash bond. Zack Powers, wife and child abandonment, dismissed on motion 3 ros. Ally, upon payment of cost. Waller Burton, giving an overdraft, dismissed on motion Pros. Ally, upon payment of cost. j, J. Honeycull, embezzlement, dismissed on motion Pros. Ally. Clarence Palmore, unlawful parking, dismissed by court. J T. Hughes, assault and battery dismissed on motion Pros Ally', upon payment of cost. Civil Docket T D. Anderson vs. S. ^. o<\i wick action in replevin for pos session of a washing machine iudgmcnt for Barwick for and Anderson to have possessioi of machine at Defendant's cost. More American Vets Are Scheduled to Arrive Home Today By The Aosociated Press More than 4.FH!0 American serv- ' icemen are scheduled to arrive today at two east coast ports aboard six ships, while al .tour Pacific coast points al least 12.605 arc due I lo arrive on I-sli vessels. Docking al New Yorlt are iive IransiSorls with nearly 4,000 men, while one ship, with 598 men, is scheduled al Newport News va. West coast arrivals include: Francisco, eight vessels, with 840- San Die-no, 2G ships with least 2.612 Los Angeles, one ship ] with 15, and Portland, Ore., vessel with 1,1 :iB. San I one We, the Women By RUTH MILLETT A New York doctor who h: nadc a study of common baldness recently told members of the Nc York Academy of Sciences th baldness is an attribute ol ma culinity. , . • , Thai ought lo make a lot o. men, watching (heir hairlines recede, tcel belter about the mcvit- | LONG WEARING MEN'S and BOYS' ~ Men's Work Shoes With a reputation Peters-Diamond Brand, Red Wing and Wolverine. A style to fit your need. $2.95 to $6.95 Men's i Carpenter Overalls White drill Sizes 32 to 42 S3.63 that somebody sting out of the pbi.-H ol baldness nothing much s.idaei is a woman seeing tra-edy in her ttr*i Si"»>' hairs— than a man regarding his oncom-J j- baldness as the beginning 01 i - is high took some u' common i-o For there is —unless il Boys' Overalls In Olive, Herringbone drill Sizes 2 to 12 JOHN Lionel Mosher however, wants to convene the assembly with delegates already named, pointing out it would be impossible to hold new elections now. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE For HEALTH OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING RULES: e Fight Colds with Vitamins » See your Doctor v/hen yog are ill. » See us whe?i you want Prescript-ions filled 9 Sec us for all your Drug needs. We've Got It 'The Prescription Store" &SON Phone 62 The Leading Druggist A NIGHT OF UNHOLY TERROR! CAN von TAKE IT? Comedy "Hit and Miss' XIV The e-ar di-ovc off. Pike stood there. The September air was cool, but he-- was perspiring a little. Thi- N -i fh.i' IIH ss. he thought. His 'haiielU-.-dv.o! with Fay Ill- dor's lipstick on it And all foi nothin.H.'All lu- had denie was to confuse hiniM.-!!. He wiilkid al.ui.-. t'n.- main street ,. as t a ti'iiroiuii called The h ijow and he- .saw her Shi- came lowarel linn with auburn h:-ir shinin!- 1 , in , . wii-; vcM-lnn ;i green smirk- n suit and she looked fresh and elv. Slu- Klai'.'jcd ui) suddenly 1 'saw him. •Mi-Hi,." he said- • Copyright, 1945, NEA Service, Inc. the body. It had lipstick on hei sun. •Tvi- :-;i,t M.:,:! Shi- looked street. ••I'm li.sli-nin "Not here." and siei-red he Rainbow, lie wail. She looked frowned. He held ojK'ii and they I'uuMl cornel' with .-call al each place. ••Col'fi-c'.'" '-"i' Shi- i-hnok her "1 .siippi'se M' nail-man." he- s Thiil did ii ! her. ho said, tell you." clown the ." :-illl- Jilld. He look her back toward arm The very firm about up iit him and K- diior for her a tiiblo in the pod pupi-r dollies Llbllltt in to .-ad M '. jhiiii this nii,:-n: niii'lil have hi i ••I'll Kike tl-.al ill I hen.- v.ilh hi cd .-.-n tinhl that tl v cri v.'h'te. "An- you sure 1 '.'" In- .-aid. "They found ,:-n:ii«. They think il hi i n nun dor." I'fi-e. after all." ud. In In thul Ic mi' ii lifl |dl;| me- L found icar ' '"What else?" "I don'l know whether 1 ought to lull you Ihis." He paused. "The handkerchief was mine." The waitress arrived with the coffee. Fay picked up her coffee sipped it black, and sel Ihc cup back on Ihc saucer. "And Ihe lipstick was mine, bh He b nodded. She looked a trifle pale and very thoughtful. She '"''•What else is there thai yen don'l know whether you ought te tell me." . , "1 think your uncle knows u, he said. "What?" she asked. "Thai Ihe handkerchief is mine. He told her the whole story. H bo"an with Bateinan's call an 1 ended with ' John Clay's word about how easy it would be to tin the owner of the handkerchief. "Uncle or no uncle," he saic "vou may as well know the truth. "He paused. She shrugged. "All right," she said and si smiled. But Pike said grimly: ••I've read page after page on John Clay —enough to iill a thick volume. He did everything in tin- war but trade with Ihe enemy. He was too smart for thai. Bui he remained a fascisl al heart and Iho defeat of Germany and Japan has not changed him. , "This lillie conference, whien someone in Congress wants to investigate, was closed lo the press It was in executive session for tin full time. But something leaked out. "Kirsl these men bought a newspaper. Second, they made plans to agitato for re-establishing German heavy industry on the ! grounds that it is good business. 1 And finally they discussed pro- i moling u war with Russia. : "Naturally, they were very i cugcv a b o'u t it." Pike went on "They look all of the advan- ta-os of democratic freedom which o undemociiUK- know how to kc. And they were very cnctul stay within the law. It is. ob-. •- lunv they must be 10 o. :-> ase I'or wei-k ol a break._ A our uiie-.k-'s hvough to t!'•<.'i urination on J nought they ouj; Pike- stopped. 1-: vilh ;i pi-culKir .-l'. yes. She war vail. Then he: "Have you ors'.'" ••] wouldi'.'l "Then all e.il "if 1 kne-v.' true, and if 1 knew--" She in ark- a ^ i'r with her ha:.d, picked up her lia:i "You must have "Believe; me. ? laid :> lumil ' -n n ha l Uncle J.jni^ iiv mind ua < !1 will-.- - other, ii'-'j' nave missed a .' An blc?" Shi- head. in Cppod^l-Vu-'thcv are very power- n! vcr'i• wealih'y. anel very ruth- S \\orked on the .' 'ui,\;i finally lhe> nil l-~ ii secretary iifficc—• finally in Huit she had tin Clay which -hi lo know." iv Tudor, UM-SS in . d and he let raid: dc.tcc.lod any Boys' Khaki Pants Color: Sun-tan Sizes 6 to 16 Work Pants Good weight Herringbone tyvjll. Color: Suntan. Sizes 29 to. 42 $2.95 Men's Undershirts Heavy ribbed, long sleeves. cr- she said. __ l-,-,'. ir, ne\v to you." ll that, if it wcl ' c Undo John knew . mile iiesture ,o-.)i-d it, and 1U- said: inspected—" - Calvin.' She ; : ni. "I know no an get. Bui MI M) uiki-n up v--ih.it 1 nnis'. i.-l Mire e kind oi Boys' Corduroy Pants Heavy weight, well made Tan only. Size 2 to 8 $2.95 Boys' Work Shoes Made by Peters All Leather Drawers Long Legs to match above shi rt Men's Shorts White and colors. Size 28 to 42 49c and ] D S2.95 bets." u ' ou- shook her Sho stiirl'-.l i-.' tui-ut-i'l L;-i-k. "'1 • j're and o-'.aivl. Mr. Calvin." ••What?" ••This loo'.;.-' Ill-; bettor e.i.-l !i".i.'. Ik- watel-'-il 1 ' 1 and Ho '" ll ' '' K ft'W lliullll'lll:- : : ! a newsi-iaper. A liked her vi-ry wore time:; \ l .''j' if someone look shoulders and s (,'Tu Be walk out. then ink:; I'or I hi: cof- s'.ic said. •And Men's Athletic Shirts 35c Men's T- Shirts Long Sleeves, Heavy Ribbed Natural color. came b. You'd lu- .street iv. In a out with TALBOT'S mui'li but there ,, he thought that her Jirmly by the ,,,,,,'K lu-r a nil — Continued) 'We Outfit the Family'

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