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The Nashville Daily Union from Nashville, Tennessee • Page 4

The Nashville Daily Union from Nashville, Tennessee • Page 4

Nashville, Tennessee
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I i i li if 3 5 4-d. Ci ce jfr la ju i "VJT CV--Z Co if hem. TIIUESDAY MOESIYO, TLB 2r, 1SC1. rmnnclpation la fl-try lard. LETTEBFaOM POaTiliSTr.H GS.NEEAL FLA in.

lb. 12, 1SG1. C. 0. jFaSon, i Deab Sib 1 with refrret, socie ejEiptcms of division cor.

tLe Lmia counceff lbs qaegticn cf corontnsstion. If, those f-p-pot-ed to crape nfslion mean only that it Ehould cot hi made by (be State, or that it fhoull not be a cctdition precedent t) tmancijjation, this proves no tcasrm for division t.rwr23 for all now agree to rntiicipatioa, immediate and unconditional, Ia tny view, crnaccipalica wis eab tar.tiallj evented to by the people cf tbe Sitf, when, in 18C1, they Toted to adhere to the Union; arid Corpre6S, by tbe rcKolulian of March, 18G2, which was drawn and rc com mended by the lYesident, nnde-rfcejk and promised to indemnity the Slate the loss thereby sustained when emancipation ehoald be formally adopted. ltyf ry baa now, ia fact, ceased to exist, acd it enly remains to recognize thii faci by ordinance to entitle tLe State to the indemuity pledged by Congress. It may be (aid tLat this claim, though btted cn tho Esme failh ti the will be rtfcisitd. I fear, indeed, from indicalicss wLich I regret to ob-ee-rre, that it ruar End opposition even among cnieclvcs.

Uat it will be time enough for ihe friends of emancipation to divide oa that question when it arises, and there ehooid cerfaily be no contro versy among thcu about it at thii stage of ttie Voara truly, 1.L Elaie. A New Way of MpreMlng t'Aatcmpt TLere niu.t bate bfen a remarkable change of opinion ia Bradford coasty, Pennsylvania, within a few years. Not long ago, when the Back of I'oUstown issued ita five-dollar notes, James Buchanan was so- popular there that his por'rait was engraved upon cne corner of the bill, and nobody thought of defacing it ii the remarkable style that Las prevailed since the bpgimicg of the war. A bLker who is a curiosity-tanter, has ehown us a bunclo of thirty-eight of these fcfe-dcllar notes, ia twenty cf which the word is written across Buchanan's forehead in others tbe latter is branded on one the following irords appear ''Givehim bis deserts" on anotlier is written, "Ye oud devil, and tiill another tears this inscription: 'Falsetto fcii couary and bis God, bat true to the democratic party." tSme ingenious individuals, at loos torxprtfis their contempt in word resort to the symbols; one Las drawn a copperhead snake, wriggling ia the mouth of Buchanan, another decorates the Lead with cap and bells, and a third encloses tbe reck wilbin a noose hich is attached to a gibbet. These curious methods of indicatipg contempt are not of a very high order, but they show bow Mr.

Bncbanan is now regarded ia that part of Pennsylvania in which be was once so great a favorite. 1 T. Evening rod. Aruieoelozlc-l Opinion of Gencr- al Flct In a recent lecture in Maine, Fowler, the phrenologist, related the following phrenological remincscence of Little Mac:" The father cf George McCIe'laa and himself were "old cronies," as he expressed i'; he often came into bis office to listen to his examinations, and when, once on a the lad George was Lome from West Point, tbe father brought his two sons to have tLt-ir characters phrenc logically desctntcd upon. iSayg Mr.

Fowler, 'I remembtr all the circumstances as if it were but yeH'erdaj, and I remember tbe train of rcss-iiiin tht then parsed through my mind. Sever," with gieat emphasis, ''never, in all my Jife, Lad I fjund such an inordinate development of the organ of 'caution' as in tho Lead of George. B. LIoGlellan. I also found the prapeKing combative-ness, and deslructiveness small, and I thought to myself whit is the srnsa er reason of sendingsajh a natural coward to West Bnt then I rt asoned that there would probably never bs anv war to call far military and West Point might as well educate the cowards as any other institution 11a said that his life had only proved Lis etrly convictions, and referring to the great r.evea days' battle re'ated that a personal family friend was then in Richmond, arid the plan of the battle waj well known.

Lee said, "I know fMcClellan for a nstnral coward, and if I draw every available man from Richmond, and burl our whole force npon Lis right wing, be will not dare to move lie did so, and proved that te truly did know bis adversary fjr though McClcllan could have swung Lis left wing over Richmond, Le only sent forward a corporal guarl to recDnnoilre, and the golden opportunity was passed General McCMlan shcuM immediately proceed ij write a report on Fowler. Llldren's Arms and A distinguished physician, who died ome years 6ince in Taris, declared: "I lieve that during the 20 years that I Lave practiced my profossioa in this city, children Lave been carried to the cemeteries, a sacrifice to the absurd custom of exposing their arms naked." Oi this the editor of the Philadelphia Medical and Surgical Reporter "Put the bulb of a thermometer in a baby's m-uth, the mercury rises to 1)0 degrees. Now carry the tame to it little hand; if the arm be tare and tbe evening cool, the mercury will rise to DO degrees. Of conrse all th9 blood that flows through these arms must fall from 20 to 40 degrees te merature of the LearC Need I say, when these currents of blood How back into the chest, the child's vitality must bs more or less compromised 'i And need I add that we ccht tot to be Surprised at ill frequent recurring atTec'ionsot the tongue, throat or etomaca I Lave seen more than one child with habitual cough and hoarseness, choking with mucus, entirely and permanently relieved by simply keeping the Lands and arms warm. Every observing and progressive physician Las daily opportunities of witnessing the same cure." A Novel tUpUer.

An intereiting chap-er in tie history of these troublous times mi-ht be writ-tea oa the strange meaoing given to wurds and sentences in the ciphers used by the stock-jobbers ia New Terk and their agents here to notify each other of important aCccting the geld and lock market For instance: a young maa wanted to tell a Wall street broker yesterday that the Cocmiltee on Ways fcd ileans would authorize Secretary Lhasa to put several muiions of dollars tolrket- te inn-W cated Lis knowledge to Li. eIapIcyerf ia tfa lowing dispatch JS diet Sclavs crf; tuZ pawled to End out the aaaloVr hZ-th. death of a mn's wife a EId sale by Mr. Cuan but the stock iuh. btrs uaderitand it Another eatleman conveyed a siraihar piece of news over the wires tLroorh the following dispatch "Jy thifr iltam neifast Juv.t" 'I it wxil bese'a that diikcrent caubtB, Lka ntolis produce tbe death of a wife ad the nurriace of a' sister served the vcrj sama purpose, and eera to Lave been equalij felicitous eventiio the lifecf two different persons.

Wash. Cor. C'in. Com. Tho hirKumnu jra Bend 874 ItodSea Interred by 1st liio SUarp-kliootern.

Chattakocqa, Fcbruiiy 15. Sorre two weeks "go Captain Barbar, of the 1st Battalion Ohio proceeded, with Lis command, to the field of Chick-amauija, for th parpose cf giving interment to tbe remains of our soldiers who fell in that contest, and who wete left nnburied by tbe enemy. His command encamped, upon the field, and entered upon tbeit humane work. Mr. spent cf the United States Sanitary Commission, or assistant, was present, examined the bodies, and made memo-raada from which it is believed, many of the bodies will bs recognized.

Captain Earbar completed the work on Saturday, and arrived yetterday. From tiai I letra that tbe nnmber of inter menti made by his command in the two weeks are as follows Cotnmi.4i9ficJ orderly twrg'nl. Iuly Sent'-anta Pnrns. Teul Rsle'F 6 10 14 "0 sio G'and toUl 8T4 The Captaia. believes that Le Las buried all the victims of the battle of Chickaraaisra who were left to rot above the toil.

Ills statements cf the appearance cf the bodies go to confirm former reports of the barbarism of the enemy. But it is unnecessary to repeat them here. Captain is of the grateful thanks of the friends of the fallen for the energy Le has displayed ia the work just cempleted Corrtfon-deid of Ciiicinmti Commercial. A Tarie correspondent of the Chicago Times, says that there is ia that city at this time a very lovf ly, very charming young lady, who is dca'ined by an extraordinary fate to go through the world without being married. She is a dark beauty, with magnificent eyes, a glowing cheek, a lively expression, a graceful figure in fact, altogether endowed with every attraction, even to that of having in Ler own right $500,000, and being an only daughter with the prospect of inheriting millions.

This fair lady is cow about twenty-six years old, and has engaged to be married twelve times. Ech time the seemingly fortunate lover his died within a few weeks of the time appointed for the nuptial ceremony. Yet no suspicion of dagger or bowl can be cast npon the fair one; a dark, mysterious fatality Las carried them away. Several died of typhiod fever; one was killed in a duel one was thrown from a horse; two were drowned; two wer.e killed by railroad accidents, and one hung himself! The lady has survived all these shocks. Thirteen may bo for Ler the fortunate, and not the fatal cumber; Who will try It seems that while Dane Cooper was in prison at Columbia, a sympathizer dedred to get Lim released.

The Sentinel says The patriotic citizen who offered to give $50 000 bonds for the "freedom of the city" to Dane. Cooper, is hereby notified that the authorities would deem it more becoming Lis loyalty, Loneaty and humanity (if he be troubled with such follies) if be would visit the or ph in 3 and widows left helpless and disconsolate through the agency of said Cooper, and dispense part of Lis charity among them, lie and Lis gang of rebel worshippers and sympathizers will haw to do it. We are growing sick and weary of the hol-low-Leartedness of these conspirators wLo are growing fat, rich and impertinent on the leniency of the Government are secretly and covertly laboring to destroy. Oat npon such ingrates and hypocrites. HOW THE VaNDEBEILT WAS OcTWITTED.

A private letter from the Cape of Good Hope, published in the Liverpool Post says Ve are a little excited with intelligence from Penang that the Confederate SUUa steamer Alabama is cruising about there. She took two Yankees in tho Straits of San da, and was pursued by the Vanderbilt. When night came on the Alabama was about twenty miles ahead, and tinder cover of darkness she unshipped her funnel, put out her fires, and set sail. The ship was then put about, and stood in the direction of where they Lad last seen the Vanderbilt. At daybreak she was within a mile of the Vanderbilt, who bore down and inquired if they had seen a largo steamer standing to the northward.

Captain Semmes re plied, "Yes; she was going ahead, fall speed, and must be 100 miles away by this." The Vanderbilt immediately put on all steam, and went on a wild goose chase, while Semmes quietly shipped his funnel and bore away ia an cppoaite di rection. It was reported last night that the Alabama was outside of Amherst. OilStbuck at Albios. Michigan. An oil spring has suddenly started up in Albion, Michigan.

It flows with great rapidity, ana is estimated at forty bar rels a day. The Detroit Tribune hurrahs over the discovery in this style: This State can now boast of a new source of wealth, as probably others will sink oil wells in the vicinity. She has not only Ler im mense pineries, limitless copper, iron lead, silver and coal mines; rich and al most unparalelled salines, extensive beds of gypsum, but also deposits of petrole nra, which probably only need develop cient to rival in extent and richness the oil wells of other States." Tbe House, yesterday, on motion of Air. i arnswortn, of Illinois, passed unan iniously a resolution of thanks to the re-enliating veterans. No more juatand timely act has been done this session.

The country unites-with its representatives ia expressions of profound gratitude to its The resolutions direct the Secretary of War to cause them to be read to each of tbe re-enlist- irg regiments. Not a dared te tote against thom. JVr. T. Iribune, Feb.

18. The Alabama Amay 'where tho Alabama is said to have been at last advices blockaded oy the Wyoming, is a seaport on tbe eastern coast of China, ia iamaie 21 33 north, longitude 113 04 east, nearly opposite tne centre of the Island of xormosa, and about two hundred and seventy miles from Macao, ia an east-northerly direc tion. The main ship channel of the harbor is fire-eigbts of a mile wide. There are two other channels, each three-eighths of a mile wide, making aa extent cf two and a half miles to be guarded by the Wyoming if she blockades the port. General Gantt greatly shocked the, nerves cf the copperhead leaders of Pennsylvania in Lis late speech at iiar-rieburgh.

Daring the delivery ot Lis speech Le told the audience that when Le was bronght north as a prisoner of war, prominent Democrats'' of Pennsylvania as3ared Lim that if the rebels held out they would be successful, for the Democrats" would arrest the war by defeating the coascriptioD, Ac Gen. Gantt added, with great emphasis, I can give you the names if what I pay is disputed." Gen. Garfield aptly illustrates, by tta following quotation from aa Ecgluh nursery rhyme, the policy of those ex-tra-Lleached and super-superior patriots who propose to put down the rebellion with conciliatory mesmerism: ItTuT TOM 1 will Hen ibini And coia.uo. to Quart crmaster'B iJt'imrtment. Lieut.

Co. J. Is. 1K1NALPSON, fnlor nd Suprvl. tag yunrtornmsler, noil etikf yimrtermJit.jr of Doi-cU, l)vprttSBt vl tU ejatul)riucd.

C'tUca lua Clii-iry utrv-t, JAMSjK. REsUW.CtilBf Assistant Ohio 105 Chs.rrj-ntret. Cpt. S. WINDOW, A.

Q. M.t Dislmnlns; ml eHlaer lu cbrj of Mror kuil Fuoi Stesrtwri. Ottioa eJiiMTT-strwt. Cpi. t'-lAS.

U. IBV1S. A. (i. lu cUrge cf blablen, Public Aulmali, Meus of Tra-je-jxirUtiou, Lumber, Work-iiujis, Ao.

OUioe li Cherrj-itt Car J. C.CKA.HE, A.Q. in ot Baitroad Tranf.jortat,iou. lk.iKit. Cait.J.i'.

ri'EB3, A. charge cfForuKe, and toCapt.l. 3. Wionlow, A. Q.

ii. OuiceM Cborry erefll, Capt. J. NOH'lt'X, A. Q.

In charge of Depot Tnifcuportatioa. 8i Chorry-atraet. Cajt. C. T.

WIN ti, A. la charge of Horse Medl clnM, Bard wars, kni MuiOkUaueotts (J. H. 105 Carry -street. Cipt.

T. J. e'OX, A Q. In cbarga of tatlontry, Q. M.

Btank, Oothiug, lamp and Carrtoon tuuirvs. Oios 17 M.nrket eereet. Cat. A. U.

TfCKrii, A. Bwlptln' ana WEhnrsin eiartnuatitir, u. o. jnuiiry roadii. O'aica CaarcU-slmts at Chattanooga Kail Di- 1.

T. I.OVf, A. A. Q. 3L, Tct QHartermaBter in chsirgsol rest iransporiauuu, uuiun, i nnrturfl eximmutation of Oa bar iartirs andfnol, trlntmg, Issnea to deUobniOuU dart.

rHAKUSa. RUiiAR, A. IncbarReot 1 i.fl. .1 lr mm. m.


Circtilar No. 1. Tv wi th Orders from the President of the United States, th fol Infrini" rpcruitin? stations have been es tablished for Colored Troops ia the De partment of the LuEiberiana: Nashville, Tennessee, Murfreeshoro Oallatin, Wartrace, Clarksville, Sholbyville, It II Columbia, Stevenson, Alabama. Chftttanooga, Tenn. Bridgeport, Alabama.

Pikeville, Tenn. Fort Doneldaon, Tenn. McMinnville, Tens. Pulaski, Tenn. Lvnnville.

claims brailcirod owners cf slaves who may be enlisted, wiil be laid before the Board appointed oy tne rresiaoai, and consisting of THo r.orel will bold its sessions at ST.a'nvma. Tenn. Eolls and recrnitin lists will be furnished the Board for pub lie information, and cn demand exhib Jferl to mv neraoa claiming that his or er alive has been enlisted. Claims nvast be presented within ten days after the filing of the said rolls. Kn rUirnfl" will be received or enter tained from any person who ia or has 1 1 been engaged rt-Demon against tna fio-ffprnBient of the United States, or who in any way Las given aid, or stall uive aid or comfort to tne enemies oi ie Ammrnt and all claimants shall iiie wi their claims an oath of allegiance to th ctr.vnTivrr.e-at of the United States.

The master-in? officer will famish offi cial copies of all muster-in rolls, for the information ana guidance or tne auove Board. Anv citizen of Tennessee who eha offer Lis or hor slave for enlistment into tho military service, shall, if euch slave be accaptcd, receive from the recruitin-j ofiicer a certincaie tatreoi, witn a ce sr-rintive lint of uch slave, and bocom entitled to compensation for the service cr labor cf Siia eiavo, cot exceoamg tne snmof three hundred couars, npon nunj with the above Board a valid deed manumisBion and reieaso, and niacin eatisfaefor-v nroof of title and anr slave so enlisting shall be forever thereafter free. All enlistments will be made in accord ance with the provisions of General Or aer iNo. current series uar uepart ment By order of the Secretary of War. Gsobgk L.

Steabss, Maior and A. A. G. U. Com'r Org'n U.

S. Colored Troops Cotisity Trustee. CBCSK as a candidate for Ihe olll of Ounty Tnis i 1 1. lor aviucon uouuij at mcvugum jh.iw ion. lul tii P.

W. MAXETf us an.ii.i r.fflw fit eiimiity Trustee lor UJr- iJtion County, al tlio nsmng fllarcn eiecuou. We arcauthor'z'd to announce dipt. JOHV WILL. iis a candidate fir TRUSTVE of Davidson Conn at the cr.auin( Varcb election.

eD I' tst nnn'inir T. H. McBKfDE County at tlie eusuin Marca election. Jan vai ta Criminal Coint Clerk. We are anthoriiod to announce JOHN H.

ITAI.L aa a canlid tw; fjr Criminal Cuurt Clorlc of IHiTlilsnn CnnnL at tha ennlne March elctlon. rcu .1 We are autheriitl to anaounre W. L. HORX as a candidate lr tbo office of Criminal Court Clrk at ihniilr? Marrh election. Jan tne wk ahr AirriioitiZEii to annous W.

SMITH aacandidateforthoffloeof IRlMlNAl OlUUT CLEHK of Davidson County, at tbe Election In March next. jiuao tu- For eIieriiT. V. In T.t A. A.CARTT3.

of the 6th Tenn, Cavatry, aa a felon randidate for t-btTiu or iMriosoa eonniy, ei ia uwimo u.tu l.l tak" plcre next aiarcn. TO AKKOPNLB B. P. TOUT at raudidate for FhTiif cf lTidon tnniT. Elation, Kirst Satnnlay in sfarch next.

tan 19. V- k. Intnnnin JAS. M. H1NTON.

as a candidate for reflection lo the olEce of Sheriff of lari.taon County, at tne ensuing iiarcn eioctton. laclo- tn.iMM4 im nflma of WM TT mrV libli'Jl IB'" l. v. WTIOS as a candidate for the otiice of Sheriff at the itarch election. jan For Constable.

We are antharixsl to announce JOHN' E. NEW. BIAS a candidate for r-elcti to the ottlce of City ejonstahic. In the first Nashville District, at the ensuing March election. eo id We are authorized to announce JOHV D.

GOW KR a candidate' for re--loctin to the otiice of City Couslable, In the Firs Nashville District, at the ensuing March election. cu i To the voters of Bedford County. I would most recpectfully announce myself a can ilidate fi.r of Bedford county, at tbe ensuing ei-jrion, and aa an liDoondiiioLal man, I solicit the mUragea of tbe voters. Jan. 2S td.

Q. N. JENKINS. l.ltctionBedford County. ARS ATTHORIZEfl TO ANN0UKC5 JOSEPH H.

TflOMKSOS as a candidate for re-election to the oiilce of tVranty Court Were of Bedford County tloction, First ttaturday In March next. Jan 14 KJpction Williamson County. W2 ABK ATTHORI7KD TO ANNOCNCK THK name of LTCUhftCS McCAlX, rnaidate for reelection aa Tax Collector for Williamson County. Firt'on flrat SatonlaT In Uren. 1n 21 trt Straw Wanted.

Crnn P'wt QrjtBTFRMAimrR, Xafhville, February IS, 13C4. AETIXS harine good cl-an STRAW to ble f'T Hospiuu purposes, vi)l be paid CASH tor the delivery of the same, at 1MB JjHS F. ISOM, Cart snd A. A. Q.

and Tost vjuartermasier, ilebl lin fiashvi.lejTam. TaltStTKT OlPlBTlHTrT, OSce of theOomptroliarof the Currency, WaCBOiToa, December 11, WEXSKAS, Br SATIdFACTOKT EVIDENCE presented to the undersigned, hu been ma le to appear that tbe First National Bvik of Nashville, in the Ceunty of lavidaon and State of Tennessee, ba been duly organized unuvr, aca ao-eoriiitig to, the reqeiremenu of the aot of eJongress, entitled An act to provi.le a national currency, secured by a pie-ice of Cm tod States storks, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof, approved February 25, lOtv'J, and has complied with all the provision! ef said act required to be complied with before oomm-scicg the busmecj of Ban ling Now, therefore, Hroa KcCnuvH, Comptroller ef the CnrTesey, do herhy eertii that the ea-J First National Back of Naehviiie, Coouty oi Davin and State of Tenno, ts author ael to eomnenoe the bmiaes of auder the act aforesaid. Id testimony wLicivt, Witueea my haci aod seal of fli-e, lua leTolh day ot 1SC3. li. KoCLLUXH, Comptroller of the Currency.

Stato of Tennessee, DAVIDSOX COCMY-w. George W. Eojd, 1'iaiu US, In a suitty oiigiual I ancinnBi Dtlwr. 'H. uthSaie, J.

I'. Ji.hB M. Brown, Defendant, ot said eouoty. I th raee, the plaintiff, Curft W. Bi-yd, CIel aa 1 aiiidavit and obuiaed aa a.

technical if'et Johm 31. Brown for one hsndrcd and twenty-are do Lars, debt, ie by arc: not, ana oa motiuti of aiiitlif. and it Bpreartug to tne satisfaction ot tbe Juatice, that H. bewi, ta a aon-rrsi ledt ct the jeunee-e It is oruered that (' made ta th NahrtUe n.on lor lour aucrfTtt we.ks. ite said 6f-ndant to apar bvfore Joauceoatha Utb day iUrcb, l4.

and P'evi, ansrr i uuur iu wi the cause Ui be iet down hearu parl4 on that day. at. bC'UiwuiT, VIM. I V4U. febmary S3, 1884.

Pra, ke t- PHONOGRAPHY. I-i I 1" 1ST BOOKKEEPING J. W. DOLQEAU, Autior of the "Seleses cf PenmaiuMp." Persons from 6 to SO years can leirn this tystemi In a ti'W lad: are taught to write In a ceut, and manner, and gocllemen in a bold, rapid, business stylo. 'laj-ersons acuaiuted with Ita merits, hU System of writlnr needj no other recommendation, but thore with it, Mr.

I). refers to the following remarks and Instead of Pen-maaship merely as an iy.utalion Art, an experience oi 23 years has enabled him to reduce It to the ttrtamtf of a seunee, so that beiDir Raided by inovledgt. Instead of randrtm practice, pupils from to vears can in a short tune lutrn to write with EA6K, LGtiANCk and UAPUiITY. Ho aceiirate Is hia system, and to uniform In its succesB, that after wimeseliig ita cflecu on several hundred pupii3 in Kanhvilm, the lamented AlTnd Humeobserveg; had a fair opportunity of examining yecr of Penmanship, and having seen the wonderful and rapid Improvement of your pupil In my school, I consider it bet (ust to say. that I believe ii to be sot only t'ie best rjsim, but the only one doer-ring name for by strict attention to the- ruiea fri v-en, cay peraon may in a short tune, acquire a free, rapid, and elegtnt hand.

I should ba puueed to ace It universally adopted." This ciprewioa was concurred in by Maj. Cen. K. P. GaincsrU.

S. Army; His Kxoullenny, Jam- C. Jones, Gov, of Tennoeeea. Rt. Bcv.

J. IJ. Otey, liiBlmp of Tennessee. P.t. P.

Sfilee, Dbhop of NafchvilK Rev. I'll illip Llndiiity, D. D. Tres. of Nashville Cnl.

vtrsity. Key. J. T. EJrar, and many other cKizona, ot whom, Andrew Jack3oa says ''Et iEs; reqneeted ty Meran.

Dolbear to state Ihe gtHTiuiun in society of the frenticsicc, sizacrs to the within, I do so with rr.acb pleaaie, being acquainted with most of them tltey are highly respectable, and gentlemen of education and of hih sUn.ling in so-cietr. (iiv. at the liermit-Mre this Zn day of ejetobor, 1S13. ANDREW JAVKSuS From the JU. Rv, FUhop Ctey.

tAiLCMHia, Nov. 20, 1S13. 11b. J. W.

Do lb bar I have been much in tcrertcd and pleased in examining your eysteia ol PecojanM'rip. Your method of teaching seems to me to be both skilful and faithful, and the improvement of yoor pnpts is sn-TriBiEg ana rapid beyond anything I have evor witnessed. I shall fael happy It testimony to your merit shall lead others to avail themselves ol your instruction in one of the most beautiful and useful arts and am very respeetfnily, etc. JAd. H.

OTEY. Front tkt Horn. Judge N. Gram, PreM-Ient of the Law School, at Lebanon, and ho waa for 20 years on the Supreme Bench of Ton-noteoe "Mr. Dolbear haa spent many years In teaching and perfcctlog hia system of Instruction, and is by far superior to any teacher of penmanship I have ever seen.

You wit perceive at once that he is a man of fine intelligence, lie gives no instruction without a retuon: and hia reasoning is so just and clear thai ycu at once perceive the principle he seek to impart and that being fixed in the mind, the pupil, acting npon it, soon learns to write with ease and rapidity, aa well as with elegance. I commend ilr. Dolbear to your kind attention, and trust it will be conEiiitent with your vicwg and feelings to forward hia objects. Any service you may render him will be worthily bestowed and will oblige mo Very resjeetfully, your friend, Lbbanc5.Te.xs., Oct. 20, N.

GEKN. The f.illowlng very last rsmarks of the Hod. Thos. H. Bouton, U.

S. benator, are worthy the attentive of parents and all youcg persons who bars any hope of success In the business of life. Crrr, Jnne 28, 1543. Sir Considering a good han-lwrH'ng to be not only an accomplishment, but a meana of success to every man engaged in bniness, I greatly applaud your meritorious exertions to Improve the chircgraphy of the age. A gentleman or a lady either who writes badly never writes wiihnqly and couseqneutiy often fail to write when they shxuld; and when they do write, it is done at the last moment, with haste and impatience, and censequcntly with faults of all klndj, often Committing and injuring tth tho writer and tbe can? which be advocates.

Wishing you every success In your laudable undertakings, I remain yours, I respectfully, THUS. EL BKNTON. Allow me to introduce to you my friend, J. W. Dol.

bear, who sits your city for the purpose of teach- leg I'ermanehip ar.a Phonography. His reputation as a sncccssfol teacher Is fo well and so vridely estao- lighed that I will say nolhiu on that score. I only (iobire to present him as a gentleman from whose so ciety I have derived much pleasure and prout, and cne whom yoa have tha intelligence to appreciate. anythirg you may do to further hia designs will be grateruliy acknowiocgea ty your inena, JOHN G. IDQAB fiOOf oter BmUVt Drvf Store, Cor, ClturcX and Vim Sireet.

H0UHS, 9 to 11, a. p. and to 9 at night. Vni be furnished free of chaxfe to soldiers la or oul of the Hospitals, if their bottles or inkstan-ia art at the above hours. are taught one- third less than citizens.

P'HOA'OGll A PHY Is bo simple and that ita principles can all be learned in a frw hours, ana a small amount of priio-t'ce will enable one to use it for the daily purposes ol ale. None but thOfc who a l.r quaint .4 wHh CMS form any i loo of ite great brevity aud simplicity, or ot tue oas? waitn it can do lea men. liat what is Phonograph yT It ia a system of short hand writing, which cn be written ten tiiaps as tiiM as the coumoB writ read as oaeily, and learned with far lees tronble. it is ud not only ty Beporters, but ty hundreds ol thousands in this conutry and in England, for private writing, lor composition, lor taniDX testimouy, in courts, for sermons, for corrmioKdence, for took-koe--g, etc by Ladies, by Studonta, by Clerks, oy clergymen, ny uiwyera, ana is rapiuiy eom-inz into general no. As a labor saving invention.

Its Ytlne can scarcer? be estimated, and it requires bnt little tune to barn to use for tho ilAiIy purposes of lifu. But the ob jection is made that others cannot read ill Weli then lot them spend a few Bours to learn It, lor where i the juatico in requiring the active and inMllgect to soend in doing what tney might do in one, merely to save tuo muuieni a rew tiours euort In a thing thii would bo neaful to thom for liler The tirua was he.n rut few perrons ccr.ld write their nut the progress of tho Bore de mands a more rapid method of writiug, and whil. the active and iute.ligent rsr and will have the advautiigea of Phonography, the indolent must submit to the disadvantage caused by thoir own Indo lence. The ease with which It can be brought Into profit- anu uatiy use is snown oy the following cert 0 cau-s. It Is only those who are ignorant of it who ever speak agauut it.

Nasbtilu, 11k. J. W. Douab: he few lessons I took from yoa some time since la riionegrapcy, bave euauied me to save more than two-thirds ol tbe labor in preparing my sermons, and I have no docbt it will soon unable me to save three-fourths of it. I have never spent time more prcutably than in its attainment, audi leol perfectly free in recommending it to Clergymen; generally, as a niens oy wmca a vast amount oi time mav be savori and that too with far ices euort than ia generally Bnp-poied.

It principles are few and simplo, of easy atuiuiiueu, auu suitvu it buo imi expreuion oi every word lu the language, either for present use or per manent recoro. jours respecuuny J. 8. HAYS, Pastor Of the 24 Presbyterian Church, Kashville, Tenn. NA.HT1LL1, Aug-Uat 1.

lt3. In about six months from the time I beran the study of 1 honograpny, with less than one-third ol id lime devoted to its attain meet, i was emnloved aa Reporter for the United States Beard of Claims. Toe teaching of Mr. J. w.

IHUbear. of Nash. vllle, and the study and practice or tbe concise, com preheosive, and Jadiulouely arranged phonographic nooks ct ben ritinan, oi Cincinnati, nave tons easily enabled me to make Thonograpby practically neeful. Its principles are quickly mastered, and I know of nothing that young persons can learn with equal pros Beet of immediate and profitable employment. Toe (secretary ct ar una oraerea, July old.

lwa. in -General Order No. St8, pbenoirraphio reporters employed unuer tne antoorny ol tne w.b aovtioB ol the act of Congreaa, approved March 8, 186a, will ha allowed cot exceeding U-n dollars per day," eto. This will of course grea.ll increase the demand for Re porters, yescut k. itoti's.

ASBTTU B. August ltSCS. In January lart sir. J. w.

ioiiear rave, fnm at charge, a course of lessons In Phonography and Writing to myseif and many other wounded soldiers to II tn Tn.l V. t. 1 1 VCI iguiuiii uuuni wfr? tuuB Cliavteo to pleasant and profitable Ones. We value hithlv our knowledge of Phonography, and those who have Wit the iionpitai correspond in It with those who have not. W.

Dervin, of Company lfth W.8. who retcme-J home disabled for life Irom his wounds, writes that he is teaching Phonoirrsnhr. and finds it so profitable that he would sot lake Ibr what be teamed from 2lr. 1). 1 thick both soldier! and oCioe would find the learning cf it a profitable employment tor weir leisure time in camp or hospital, without detriment to other daties.

w.w. stiArsa, Clerk Eoepital No. 20 If Pbonne-rachT were taurht to everv soldier la the army, Hr. D. beiwrve moat of them would value it aa highly as the pay they receive from the Govern ment, without in tne least mierrenng with their do ties aa soldiers.

Hon. Tnoai aa E. Bnrros said tn Congress '-Had this art been known forty years would bave saved me twenty years of hard labor." If Fnonograph? Is thus vainaDle in savins so larre aa. amount of a lifetime, should not every chiid have lie vast advantages, especially a ben tfaey eaa be bad at so small an expense of time acd money! If it would have saved twenty years of hard labor to tbe life of cne man, should years of hard labor be brought epos ethers for the waat al a.aiaaaiagof each easy attain went' avoA 70B RENT A Frame Bouse suitable for a small Store. For particulars app'y at tbe otiice of the -i wiuctH i 1 1 i.

utriwcea Church and Broad, to M. BEMEXT, Agt. VTrAVTEt) by the Nb vllle Wrod Company, uuu loro ot f.Khl JL--a. axtorw and ataoie Wood, cat or In the tree, within twenty miles of asQTin, delivered oa eiThor bank of the Camber- land, or la ea-ry haul 'ag distance, lor which a liberal price will pe pad. Inquire at the oSlce, College Kt, wtawacaaii iiki sroaa, or LK.VEsT U.

BiltlXT, Ag-t. 1TTA by the Naehvill VTiod Company, 600 Wood CborT-TS, to whom liberal waes will be paid, subsistence furnished, and prvtectlun papers gives. App to tii.t-I M. B'MKNT. Ag't, ii College st, katlveea Ujerch aad tfroaut.

iaaSltf 50 SACKS COFFEE, Jut Received by F. HOG AN- Corner UarLet aad CLorch-atreet. In. tt E. niKCESE E.

FEEELIA1T, PBAOTIOAL PTIOIANS, 23 Union Street, Spheroidal Spectacles, grsalmt help vented. fjr the human sight ever la- Ale 0, Bcperior field and Marine GLASS 3H, rr CLASSX3, aifai fuUliseefOpticil -'SJ emd MaAauUiflaX Instruments. put in old Frames Artificial Eyes IsrtscL KaaavlUe, June 0, IS53 tf. Marshal's Sale. The United Stat: rtmu 1 trunk containing spool cotton, ladies hoe and other dry goods; I truck containing medicines; 10 boxes of books; 1 box contain ing uozen ootl or bitters; 1 box of boots and Shoes; 1 box cf fcleaehed doinest'c; 1 box and 4 trunks entniniug men's and woman's clothing; 2 boxes of cubieached domestic; 1 keg of wine; 1 box i.nsey cloth; i Doxes coutaluios gas nztnres and drajitry banning; I box coutaimug haw; audi 1 ln-gjhead crockery and glassware.

No. 34, Pistrict Court of the United States lor the Middle Diatrit of Tennessee. In obedience toaa ordrt.f raid t'ouit. made in this ciuse, on the Mh fluy of November, lbi3, I will sell at the store ho'ise formerly occupied by A.J. Dun can on the 31 day of M.treh, l'j4, at public auction, i the bijliet bidder, 1-r cash in hand, the aiivve fraid sile to commence at 10 Clock oa tho morning of that d-y.

Feb 20t V. 3. Marshal for' said histrict. Marshal's Diftrlct Court of the United Plates for the Middle District of Tenaessee. The I ted States terrneH boxos of dry gond.i and 1 pair trucks, marked A.

Levy, Louisville, Ky." Information No. 10. TN obedience to an order of said Court, made No. l. vcmber 10, 1G3, in snid cause, 1 will, on the 1st day of Mirch, 18.J4.

at 10 o'clock A.M., at the storehouse formerly occupied by A. J. Duncan sell the above goods at public auctiou, for cash in hand, to tne ntgeest Didder. E. R.

GLASCOCK, Feb 7 20t U. S. Marshal Mid. Dust. Tean.

Marshal's Sale. The United States remit 1 box of book3; 2 boxes cos-taming 13 bundles and 56 hacks of spun; 2 holts and 1 remnant of domestic; 9 bolts and remnants of coarsa woolen cloth, and 3 bolts and 6 remnants or cotton domestic. TNF0KMATI0 No. 23, District Court of the United Mates lor the Middle IJislrict of Tcnnes-fe. In obedience to an order of said (Vurt, madocn the 9th day of Novembt-r, 1SG3, on the 5th day cf March, tne store -bouse formerly occupied by A.J.

I'cncan I will sell the said property, for cash in band, to the highest bidder. E. R. GLASCOCK, Feb 7 20t U. a Marshal for said District Harshars Sale.

The United States vertu 1 box contaiuing coats and vesis; 1 box containing cotton aud woolea cloth, and 1 box containing tobacco. "I NFORMATION No. 29, District Court of the United JL Mates for tue iliJ District ot lenness -e. In obediance to an ord of said Court, made oh the 9th day of November, lii3, I will sell at the storehouse, formerly occupied by A. J.

Duncan on the 7th day of March, 1804, (said sale to commence at 10 o'clock of said l.iy), at public auction, to tha highest bidder, for cash in hand, the said property. K. R. GIJt-SCOCK, Feb 7 20t U. 8.

tlarstial for a--id Pigtrict. Sale. The TJnit' States xmrtue 1 box containing jewelry and "I F.iIA'n0N No. Zb, DMrict Court of the United States for the Middlj Dixtrict of Tennessee. Is obedience to au order of said Court made on the 5)th day of November, 1S63, in this cause, I will sell at the sure house lormeriy occupied by A.

J. Dun can on the 'irtU day of February, 1864 at pub- Le ant-lion, to the hihout bidder fur cash in hand, th-) above property. Said sale to coamencf at 10 o'clock on tha moruiug of that day. R. GLASCOCK, Fen 6 COt U.

Marsfial said In.trict. Marshal's Sale. The United States termt 1 locking-glass; 2 picture frames; "i wiudow shades; 1 mulerpane; 3 sheet; 6 parlor chairs; 1 rocking chair; 1 shovel; 1 pair toiigM; 1 poker; 60 voluuiae ol large bedstead; 2 mattresses; 30 jard-i of carpeting; 1 piano; oureau ana glass, and waau-staua. "I NFORMATION No. 38, District Court of the United J- Mat nr the Middle District of Tenueee.

In obedience to an order of Said Court made in this cause, on tha 9ta day of Novemb-r, 1S81, I wiil sell at the store-noase formerly occupied br J. Duncan 4 on the 2 An dny of rebriiarv. 1354. at public auction, to the bighedt Lldder, for cash in band, the above desbnbed proiwrty. Sul" to commence at 10 o'clock on the moruiug ot that day.

E. B. GLASCOCK, rcb6 20t U. 3. Marshal for said District.

Marshal's ale. The United States ttrsta 2 kegs of brandy and 1 keg oi TNFORUATIOV No. 25, District Court of the United A- Stat-s the Id-ile District of feuneMsee In obedience to an of said Court made in a id Cause, on the 9ih day of November, 13, on the 2'tb day ol February, ls-ii, at the store house formerly occupied by A. J.

Imuran 1 will sell the said property, for canh in hand, to tbe higheit bidder. Fob 8 20t U. S. Marshal for said District. Marshal's Sale.

The United States 9enu 11 boxes containing goods. wares and muize, of which 3 boxes contain shoe; 3 sb'-rta; 1 bouts aud shoes; 1 hatu; 1 kuap- S'icws anu donn siic and other ar- tick-s. TKFORMATION No. District Conrt cf the Unl- eu states for the iliddie District ol Tennessee. in obedience to an order of siid Court, made on tbe 9tb day of November, I will sell the said pro- porty, for ca-ih in band, to the highest bidder, al the store-houe formerly ot enpied by A.

J. Duncan A on the 9th day ol March, lio4. haid saie to commence at 10 o'clock on the morning or said day. K. it, ULAijCetCK, Feb 7 20t U.

3. Marshal fjr said District. Marshal's Sale. The United Str.tos wmu 7 barrels of whisky. TXFORMATION No.

30, District Court of the United for the Middle District of Tennessee- In obediuut to an ordor of sa'd Court, roade on the 9th diy of November, lo3, I will sell at the sloie-houso formerly by A. J. Duncan A on tbe2th day of fchruarv, 1844, at pubiic auc tion, to in Delimit Diu.lor lor cash in band, the above projierty. Said sale to commence at 10 o'clock oa th morning of Said day. K.

GLAH fXTK, Feb 6 2flt ti. S. Bf ar.hal for aald District Proposals I1 or the purcriane of DEAD mz to the TJiiiteel States. Cmxr QraBTKRu astcb's Oif-icb,) Kaahvd.e,'lean., Jauuary 'ii, 1S64. rKut-osALS win be received al this tlllice till M-mday, February 29.

1S64. at 12 O'CincB for the purchase of all IIOHSKi and MC1.K3 that may die or be killed at this Deooi ithlo the next twelve months sacceodlus the datu oi tue outraci. The bodice of the animals will be delivered daily. at any point withla the limit of this city that may be agreed upon, to be conveyed from thence by the contractor to a suiuc'ent distance from the LmiU of tha city, as was prevent thtlr becoming nnisene the citlz-'ns thereof. Bi-luers will state th am- unt to be paid ner aoi- mal, and will civ their full uame and ixxt office aaareea.

1'ayn ent reqoired at the end of each month an oath of mest accompany each proposition. conos in ice sura oi on tuouuid dollars, sicnsd by th contractor and two guarantee, will re quired of the successful bidder upon signing th con- iraci. Propoaals must be plainly marked. Proposals for lead Hones and Mules," and be addressed to the undersigned. Hy order of m-r -Col.


IBVI5, UpL and A. Q. H. Jan 29 aot ALF. McSAT.

DA't IlL LAPSLZT; Sharing Uair-Dre ssia b'alocu. THE nsdenrlrned beg leav to Inform th cltizes of Kaehvilie, au4 th puDno geuerailT. that they hare refitted th-- Senanee House ShaTins Saloon And are bow prepared to wait oa all who will riva them a cat). hav a -to lu connectioa with oai Shaving Salooa A FINE BATH ROOM, And ar prepare! to firniah BATH 31thr WAS JX or CXiLD, at short notire. solicit a l.txral share, cr ptiTJio patron r.

A-'ciAY JLAPSLZT. T. B. bar Just received a barrel of Eav Bam. for th benefit of oar easterners.

It. L. d-o i2 3ta Colored LIGHT ARTILLERY. Capt Joiah V. Ilcigs 18 RtCBUrnXQ itt CXJK'AST S.Cotorad Art.llary.

C.lVe at be. FIlfcJT U. B-jchaoaa's old lu I'ost Uince. Intelligent Hen "Wanted, For tos-oojiniirt iooed Oil 0. aa 2 tf LANDED J31IOTHEII, Dcalora in HATS, CAPS, va.Mu ai.

i 1 1 i Li Va -If KJ ii) Ho. 41 College-street, Have just received a large assort ment of HATS, CAPS aenticni3n'2 im a I. 1 tT A A A Boots and Sles, LatHi's Hate, A i Carpet Bu'js, or 'lav, LAT! or AXiXi QTJAILiITIES Xaruh34-Iy Gold DoDot. Btrt, NAUV1LLK, TESJI, TUFSS Puns are warranted UcarroU fine, and perfect in every reKpeut. 111 aw a a 5 -i i No.

1 a No. Urge Medium, 150 'it 5 6D 2 61 No 4, 8 3 50 4 2 No. Union, 2 50 4 00 4 6a No. 6, F.xtra size 0) 4 fO Ko. 8, Uammoth 3 50 SW The above sent by ciail or othorwiao, oa the receipt of price and return postage.

Address, K. L. TaV.COX, Tost OlUce Dox il. Persons orJoring will please stale the Bze aud style delrd whether hard or soil, Cue or coarse, and if the pen should fcil to please, or prove defec tive, wiil have th privilege of exchanging it. a deduction of fifteen percent allowed on ordors of J-o or ever, and 526 on taose cf jltrJ.

Rondonalitv Pen 10 carats fine, not Included In the above, with platoJ casts from 1 6J epwaria. Liberal to the ira Bov25tf E- L. TARSOX. DK. KING'S 4 4- pPiiVATii mm, the tret.ticectofpriv-tad:r?aic for SO years, Catu-rs bJintolf, having attsadod to a practice for so years, and cured eo mady thonsauda, bo la enab'cd to cere i ot a rlvtta nature, no matter how bad tbey in? fron Injadiclniu treat, tratit, or from Jaeileot of tholr own.

Dr. Klig'4 Dfarpaasary is No. ii Iteaderi- s'-re-rt, bewasa ryaad tte fcqtiare, secoa-l stcr heccr.t direaMs cf a pflva'e nat'ire. tfororrhaea curtd wi.hocttsuiocrs niedicinss or Interf'-reLoe with ijtriotcres of oiJ or recent c'rt a few tinvs, ty an cvrstn ah'xa catjoa co Where a stricture eitart? ozzcr: te rooj Perhaps ao disease cin'cii c-rna r.lzzWt unitr-Balnea the cOBStitation so mach. eyphlils, with all the vl--vet th iV'n, out of negtaot ot bid trout ce eSacttt'.

Cured In a few dcys eamimil Wta shsh. Partlci given to this dleaee, and all tns conasqTicH xrtw to? out of It, brought on ii many cues by tha de. tractive habits of inconalrf wato youths, and ri 't-lve lnd-iifsce of the a collect of will Bnf.otBaias the rcptisr.oj the sub ect unit for b'i-its or souWty, cacau. p-a lure old ai a. te Jaborlog with any d'Tlcil a the Wo-iib Bay rit avarsd ol laimediaa rersors reatuiet atroad, ty wntiag and staling their oa-, with a fa direct to i)t.

A. Kli, Bo. 15 DeJeru.k vr.eU wiU hen Use nedv.lnaa foci to their addrcw. t'n hcurt 4 ta ti-a nf: sVA 9 la lbs I ra Awlr, ESTAULISHED 17 Co. VHT, L0EILLAI2D, Snuff acd Tobacco Maaafactarer 13 and IS C3AMEEES ST, (Foraierly 42 Chatham Street, Gew York,) BiTOT.

Uatx-iv, DemlgToe, Fine lirtppoe, Pure Virginia, Coarse Kappse, Aachltochni, American Gentlemen, (Jupsahagea, YELLOW EXUFF. Scotch, Horey Dew Scotch, Fr-h Hooey DeW Scvtch, Frnah bectch. blh Toast (V-olch, Irish gh Teaat, or Loudroot, SKJ-AmnioB is caujro nni labqb iiDaoTioa ia raicis or Fins tjcT Cus-vmo am Sxobdki To. basoub, waiea will rotntoor a 2iti tuoa Qcat- ITT. TOBACCO.

SMOKINO Fix. CUT CiiITr7Ii. BM03UK3. Loci, A. cr I'm'c, S.Jago, fO.

1, UWKisD, Cr hwlXM, rparii.G, Sc. fcweet ot.vl Ctoooco, Ct.ei-ter, Noa.1tiu!xfl,-Ila F.tiCavct.d3h, Turkish. A er'-'r- 4 i 1 1 sent on ap pllf.tir 'ioTl3 ly. Universal Success of JJit. ilClxllili.

BOTANIC PHYSICIAN, In the Treatment of Diseases, is crowning lata with success in other States, as it is in Tennessee and Nashville. Vy hooka will show tnat for tbe put Or months my practke has increased a handred per cent over the last year, cntil it ia not to le surpassed by any la the State. With my general practice la the City, I treat the following Chronic Cases ith aalieaction Bhearaatum, Affect iocs of th Langs, D-JMnses of th Throat, BweUed Jointa, St.ff Limbs, Pleurisy, Pains, Ulcers, Cnrr, Gravel, l)A- ases of the Heart and Liver, InCimatlou of the Stomach, Neuralgia, King's Ivil or gcrofula, DW-aess, Diaea of the Eyes, Debilitated jzteaia, Dyspepsia or Dtdlgatioa, and Onsumptioo together with ail Private Diseaaee, and Liseair a of the Urinary Organs. 1ST To tho Ladies. A3 Affer.tions of the Vomh with sncceM.

Tboee Harried Ledie who bar been aa anfortueal ta mLicarry or prove anortioa.can carrkd to their feu ticse if found fregoant, by givicf a cail. fcST" Sterility. ToutC IIrr e-1 whose misfortune It hat beea not to neg forth In due naaoa, reioeciter Cod said you shmid niailif iy ai.d j-h. If this Is your desire, you caa cotsalt either by tetter or pertou. uoy over tLirty-ar.

years or see see4 malts applxatioa. AU cotsuasaicatioa by letter or peraoa ttric'Jy confidential. "iright Emissions Cured Tors MiA, atop before job further go. Of ail diseases subject to Man, ther 1 no disease so hard lo cur aa -ht EmiAaiotit, and phyaictana ar scarce that un-lntaod trea'inf It aid to yoa I can say that I bar cured docnt ia this city, as well aa ta LtUr-ut States, who have epe it dol ar after doilar, and ar so well eared ty see. I aia daily reosirtsf letters and scrdlrf medicine to ail puts of the eountry.

Ia a word, ail that ar Jested ia any way, end win (iv cse a call, I will five f'a- all of lHa dL'caaes la tha adterusatnsa Th bnst of rafrac4 ilvn In this city. All letter dtrectel to DR. McGILL, Be. Caloo street, KaihtiUe, Tna )aa X. will mtt mrM proxpt stUttloa, IlEaMt'iL-t Bti'Ai- or C.

Nov. Uii, ard ofBdrgcocB for atioa of r. li-canta fr cornqtiMionB at piug-xiiii acd Auie'iil t-a'g-TDS cf Uu t-d States Uiiored Trops, ts ia sea ta axhrlile. Ail api lioatioci mu--t be tnT endorsed, arrompi-Mtd t-pilm miais, to tue Preei lrntcf the Doori, Halt Ws. (nrxu, Hospital No.

wt.o will noti'WMih sppicatt abeo lo aipear for i.unlr.ati'ia. iiy ordir of U70RT.ZL. rTKAHN, A. A. Cmm'mwtOfT Org U.

Ciored Tro" W. UTtfflf, Surg. U. S. Vol's and frm't Bdard.

It. R- Tatlob, Surgeon U. 3 VoU. K. J.

uiiiUitgoBi, 4 til Tennessee Inntry, Sec'y of Board. Jaelt-if Dsrj, Tt3 D. bamtary t'cnnission, TTATIC OPF.N'FDSTCEr A.T N.V5HTILLZ, MU3- 11 freeaboro, ly rx-n wtr thiy bar a ccrzl 01 He rrvins aro rs; a-; 6 ll tpoa the At-ut In charge tt.ic 1. vavulti, aa it may ni-t rvi) It wiil faciiitnte th: distribution of tfcea Stores, if rtjUing order will tta to th cumber of sick thur ueoesitu. THE lias bon rvmcve-! frora the Nihvi'le tnl llaiimad iepot Wth FUMSfa' iiu TKL, wl erfl diseha'eed aiui farloiisihed Soldier wiil Cnl 1 i)Rj, l.odaliD'f.

and lui neej-d an.lcce is re to their aa chariro. lino. il oi'nce of lli miasn-n at No. 8 Cherry street, hasttl'le, and at iimlnjes-L-oro and ChatU. oo-'ga.

oa. A. X. Saaliarr T.7L AVTSSL'D, niitHVi-fir-O F03 SPECIAL DISEASES. GSATXFUI, FOB 7EZ PATR05 A 31 te has received, respectfully lnforca acd soldiers that hs has removed hit I ta whe-e the nny always Bad the same assMmtr, swrecy, and auei.Vn Uteir tunes, which bai so'succeKUfuily gnlthed hl-n at a 1 tva! in hit Sfectal Oeartaeo of proitsclunel practice.

All Cironlc anj Acn: DUtaiei, Scrofula, riytfroclle, ai tlfnUtl V2irmotli VirlctTiTtt, of ttxm aai Proatriie uitr. ACTcclIoiia and Dl.eas of tia Sln, tte.f meet with no ren'siance from tls nise-lleei of all forays au-1 stagi roodily care and esadioated fratnth tystesu itoceut cases tared la few dsya- Dr- 'J'a offce ia well and pertoc" these dieeeae caa have the atrirtest prlvtcy Persy cs tt a diataace caa address him ty letwr, ii tha Lioat promir.eut symptoms, but la ai' perrraal erxiuat'oa Ence. Kr, Iioxri fror-s 3 fa tfea Krciae till in tli vati-r. CITY SHOESTOEE, Ho. 3 Simmons' Block, Opposite SI.

OotjJ Hotel, Have jest opened a splendid as-8ortmcnt of BOOTS AND SHOES, From tho at MostOaiabrated Piiiladalphia Mannfacturere, comprising every variety 01 Ladies; Misses and Children't DOTS' aad YOUTHS ECOTS, SHOES aud CUTESSj Of tho best onality, and work mado exclusively for retailing- SAML. GOLLaDAY, Agent. a 13 tf. EOBACK'S BITTERS QRIEMlAfJKiJ AJUC GOOD, BUT RORACK'S ARE BETTER. STOaMACII RITTRRS.

Ton thousand bottlee sold In on m-m'h. Tha moel popular stomach bitter now In 8e. ROBACK'S BITTERS. Good for all drcjimrnt of tho Ptomach, Pfilou- ae-w, uver oimpia yi, and fenera! EOBACK'S BITTERS. EOBACK'S BITTERS.

Debililated Lad and fien'ary prvus will Bud la t-tcia aa ezcuent tonic. ROBACK'S BITTERS. A winejlasiful before rush mal wlU remove and ail liver diaeaws. ROBACK'S BITTERS. They are tbaa Pi lj, and othr a.anerwuo coaopounaa.

ROBACK'S BITTERS. xaey caa be ut en without rerard to diet. they hate no equal. ROBACK'S BITTERS. They ar prpare-i ty an old sod skilful physician, from e.l tours vg remeU e.

ROBACK'S BITTERS. Wharevcr known they lav boie a standard family BtreTtjUiCBitifC rtnuly. ROBACK'S BITTERS. Try oa bottle, and you will always tae thea ul reixicin0'l ttiera tooU-cr. ROBACK'S BITTERS.

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