Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 14, 1946
Page 3
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.- i, , (, , AiM!rfV*B^^WttX^^ P E STAR, HftPE. ARKANSAS By Chick Young So I £6t h<?ld of Libby Lan$ v anc;l 'H talked her into go'ngto the races j. elways start the morning ROYAL C LAUNDUIES, PRINTING out with a flower for' the ROYAL WH0 HAD A DATE " tft,-". •> igfejjfeit H •'iV'I'tiffiIj !T •""n> WITH JIMMY "J6RCE THE buttonhole. When I was in COMPANIES. GARAGtS.. / 1 DIDN'T KNOW w ^>/ t'flrt NQT. MV BRAIN ( YOU WERE A RACING. I GOT COgVVEBS FRO VFAH, MR. FLINT. ,\ DISUSE, i THOUS x ^ v •""" MIGHT SHAK NIGHT HE VMS MURDERED. A DENTIST, A MOTORMAN, the Marines I got tired of NO OTHER NAME TO. (SO OH. ECSTASY! Lite smell of Japs. GOO .S ON...JUST ROYAL. TONY. SO/vlETHIIJG /AR.-FLlNT. S.ON MY MIND. I.C-FT.lOVV'Ml A BEAUTIFUL ~~i DAY, HO? M . »»,.., \ LOS AK&ELPS? ' f®!H4-«'-v. feJ HANKS i^l mmmK^. ANOTHER THING...T TCK, HOW'D HE TRAVEL \ THIS THIS FAR FMWV [ DISCOURAS| NEW YORK, WITHOUT L ' ' BEINS SEEN LUTHER, VOU KNOW V IIO-5'R? BESIDES, T \ EVERVONE W THIS \ NOBODY'S MOVED IIVEHRRS \COUNTV.evSRHEAR. TO SOPPS HOLLER UNDETECTED OF ANYONE tlKE THAT / IN TH' LAST 20 ALL THAT L ABOUND HeRE? /\. VEARS! . TI/AE! BUT,HAL! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE ! HE'D GENTLEMEN" V BE RECOGNIZED AFTER ALL THAT PUBLICITY ASOUT HIS HEIGHT AND THS HIJ&I; SCAR ACROSS HIS By Galbraith Side Glances KIDNAPER OF EVA SAESO, HAS BEEN LIVING HERE SINCE SIX DAYS AFTER TH!: RANSOM 16 YEARS AGO; MODEST MAIDENS Trademark'TlPSisteml U. S. Taunt Office AURORA CiTV-.-NC/ i SUM, NOT A'SCN 0? THAT .U CO.'.\iX3 WITH .-.i-I OVJ'T SHE ...\VHeRs THS 1.05V V».L!.SV OF S.WOKES— STEXNGE TCOPICAL REolON IX THE ALASKAN MOUMTAlNS... SCOPJCHV AND CEMA AKC SHOWN A NUMBER OF CAVES FieOM WHICH ISSUE "UNGACTHLV fiOiSS ACCCRPINS TO C-2US- STAKE.THS VAL LEV'S HERMIT-INHABITANT...', SPURNING WARNING-, ENTERS TO INVESTIGATE r- CSLIA'5 PLANE INTO IT... ON, I'M ST'.^L .SLEUTHING-/ A b '.^mMv-*< R.'lS« BY HE* SERVICE. IMC. T. M.'REG..O. S. PAT. OFF n',your gums, Shortyn?" Frckles qnd His Friends By BEpsser Funny Busiinpss By nursh bergs r HEY ..PERKY— \ JUME.I WOMDEE. ir-THtr CUr IN IJ SMALLER. NATIOM5 WILL EvyeR. GET A WOfJD IN EDGEWISE? INTEREST'DEIN& SHOWN): BY HER. OThlEte. ELIGIBLE . WHAT HE '-DIDN'T ' SEE DIDN'T BOTHER. '"' yms,'33*/r- ^:/4US^^vZ) — '" PERSOMALLY, I Peet. ,-;•'• LJMLE5S,.QF: 'COURSE ,17-lEy . ALONG -r -AN D NO O.NE' '•' EVER 1 ONCE, OSCAR,VOU'VE//'TAKE IT EASY E TOO FAR.'/ MOW // Cnr> TUG Mne'i ANP AS FOR/) / BUT LOOkT AT A SHOT IM V ALL RIGHT, MISTBJ? FAR;/ MOW VOU'RE GOI.V3 TO A A JAIL WITH SAKS ON N_ THE DOC.' THE MOST VOU CAN PIN ON ME 15 ILLESAL THAT OF -MV /SOT THEE6 MACHIWE / 6 fJQ PART vou, x KNOW TH's HOLE IM NOTHINe, ASOUT) MW WAT n ANY SHOOTIH& 5OM6BODV PUT IT THE PARK, / 5MAKT Cf.UV, LET AMD AJO I SEE VOU BEAT WITNESSES: V A /VUKPER r -, PHOOEV'/ 7X RAP? /^ H And J59>v, radio audience, you will hear a humdinger of a quLs program 1" " Pop&ye SI MEA SERVICE. IMC. T. If. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF^/ I "* THWARTED IM AM ATTEMPT TO BUILD A TIME- MACHINE Cr HIS OWN, OSCAR BOOM SLIPPEP THRO'JoH A POLICE MET AMP RETURNEPTH6 EQUIPMENT STOLEN FROM P!?. WO LABORATORY'. • -' Thimble Theate? PIPJA, EXPSCK . SSAMAS, CAN V3U SEE CUK BE KIN TELL VA 'AT MUCH •^mj I ; _j,r-~ '*^m& .copy. IIKJ: BY lift jSjuvieE. KC. T. M. ace, v. t. PAT, art. ;.jja?f.;• ; ;.: Out Our Way By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople A rW MINUTES LAKR... LOOK/ I'Vc GOT )( BOTHER A UKIICORW5 MR.WERLIW/;-L TIME YE WERE " ''' CUT OUT THAT \J VEAH.I'VE KOTICED ALL FUKINV STUFF.' f THIS SLY EAZ7.SERR.YIM YOU WASM'T SO SMART WHEM VpUK-TOMaUES IM' OUT FOR t-ASt WISH MOW I'D OF LE VOLJ FINISH TH' WAR OM OW- MEAL; UNICORUSHORM! OAKY, I'VE JUST WADE THE GREATEST DISCOVERY TH\T'$ ALL TK»6 WARD •BUT MR.WERLWI5 ALWAYS UP WITH THE BIRDS/ HERE/ n 1 ERE: j PROFESSOR/ -r«r,o vi eeT HIM.TP TELL.VOO .ZAPPO \-\ ABOUT VOHS^'lAe HVP- WPT121EO A f?O$BER. IISiTP CUMSlMS A TEi-EpHOhife ROLE TO ANO Trie vou K.NOW • THERE'S MO MORE ELK OR. PEER. MEAT-- To THOS& ' OP UWICORkl'S HORU ., THE MORMIMG//1 ASLEEP/ START A RUMPUS.' OFKBJ5 •ARTHUR'S CASTLE... TAKE tHB P -Dip/ n[f WHV MOTHERS GET ' LAMGU(\G£| Social and P< H0>8 STAR, HpPB, ARKANSAS crtona I Social Calendar notice I ,ho e Tno no .regular moclin K of P. T. A. in January and bors o iowf, ' °.i mc fJ :i ' the cil y hit)) Jow iij; tho Review as imuorlnnl Ujmnoss will come befor^ 0 ' mis the all mom(ho Kxecutive Bo ,rd a"o ' Z r> f ' , m , cctin « of »he Hope i, Careen club has been post- n 'm ""' 1 Tuc pdny. January 22. " m ' C>aSC nol ° lhis 'Mondny, January 14 • Ciicle No. .", of tho Women's Auxiliary of ihe First Pre.sbyter all church u-M| meet at the home of ,T,,,.' i • L , wis " 1 - slc « f J of the A ils wns for T>erIy •announced AH members please note the .fl'o Business Women's circle will meet at the home of Mrs Johllson - nl 7:7 ° Monday Mavy Lester Class of the •First Methodist church, with Miss 7 ^7' ! iem ' y 1tc; '<-' llt1 '- will meet at 7:45 at the Inimo nt Mrs. E. J McCabe on South Main street for their regular monthly business and social meeting. Tuesday, January 15 , Th . e Euj.ciian Sunday School class Of the First Baptist church will meet lucsday evening at 7 o'clock ut the Educational building for •Its _ regular monthly business und .-iocinl meeting. Supper will be served by group No. 1. The American Legion Auxiliary will -meet Tuesday afternoon at -.:.«) at the home of Mrs. Theo :Bonc'.s with Mrs. Clyde Coffee and Mrs. lorn Middlcbrooks as associate hostesses. All members are urged to attend this meeting. M T0fiIc ? b J', P-T-A. will present Mrs. Joe Jackson of Washington Arkansas in a book review of ""River Road" by Frances Parkinson Keyes at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. tickets are being sold by the students of Oglcsby school. Wednesday, January 1G The Gardenia Garden club will meet at 2: an Wednesday .afternoon at the home of Mrs. Frank Rider on boiith Main street with Mrs a. lv Cooper as associate hostess. Wednesday, January 16 • The Biookwood P.T.A. will meet a , o clock Wednesday afternoon at the school. A full attendance .') flic Lilac Garden Club \vill meet , ., °r lock w e rin RBdpv artp-noon at the home of Mrs.- Lloyd Sutton on South Main street with Mrs uraydon Anthony as associate hostess. Guest speaker will be Sgt. Ray is.cnl. All members are urged to attend. The Jet I B. Graves Sunday School • class or the First MethodlsTfturch Wil hold its regular monthly business and social -meeting at the church Wednesday evening at 7:30 To Relieve Misery Rub on Tested Decision" e with * GREER GREGORY PECK 'Those « with * ROBERT LARAINE YOUNG DAY Members iu-o acked to bring old magazines and discorded Christman cards. New and prospective morngers are cordially invited to al- tcnd tills meeting. i-ou Nell Cox Celebrates Birthday ii 0l ?,,,r ri & ly aflt ' r »oon. January 11, little Miss Lou Nell Cox was hpnoree at a mast delightful party given in tho KlndorgartcMi Room, 1)01 Last Second islrc.et, by Mrs Coyer Cox and Mrs. 'Martin l j oolc. The occasion was in celebration of Lou Nell's .sixth birth- pay. The young guests enjoyed an hour of supervised play, led by Martin Poole. Jr. and Nanolu; Williams, after which (ha children wore given cunning red caps, topped with snow men, and served cokes. Color note of white and red emphasized the table decora!ioji.s and the center table held a large birthday cake, lopped with six lighted, tnpcrs; red streamers attached to a snowman, markin;.; the place of the honorcc. Favors Cor the girls were "Margaret O'Brien cut-out dolls and the boys were each prcsenld with a "Blow- A.'Plane." Ice cream ar.d ca.'se were served the following by Mrs Bob Ellen, 'Mrs. Harry Whitworih Mrs. Frank Kirk, Mrs. Tom Kinsor, Mrs. Dewey Bolls and Mrs. Jim Cole: ' Shelby Jean Rilty, Webb Lasc- tcr III, Jimmy Hayncs, Frank Kirk, Jr.. Toni Thompson, Brcnda Hamm, Don Ellen, Kitty Caroi Jones, Judy Franks, Jimrny and Sue Bolls, Jimmie Jonen. Jr.. Anr.e Cole, Dick Broach, Larry Martin. Mary Lou Parks, Rufus Jr. and Jeny Herndon. Ginger Cannon. Brcnda Kay DeLony, Chas. William Wylie. Jan Robison, Caroline.' Cox, Orville Brannbn, Palsy Roberts, David Max Hcndrix,' Tommy Lou Baber, Shiela Foster. Joe- Beth Rcttig, Jerry Joh'-.son. Sonii: Sommerville, David and Janet 'Me- Kcnzie, Al, Ginane and John Robert Graves, Susan Davis, Mary Lewis, Roberta Howard, Lyinan and David Armystrong, Jimmie and Hal Branch, Tommic Griffin and John Allen McGill. At the conclusion, the little honoree was showered with birthdav gifts. menl of Friday Music Club Met Friday Evening Mrs. H. A. Spraggins was hostess tp the members of the Friday Music Club at her home on F,ast Third street Friday evening The president, Mrs. Spraggins introduced Miss Beryl Henry who lead the study on "Chopin". Those presenting the program were: Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, Miss Marv Louise Keith and Mrs. D R. Pickard. Rose Garden Club Met Friday Afternoon The Rose Garden club met Friday afternoon at the homo of Mrs John S. Gibson. Jr. on Grady st with Mrs. A. J. Neighbours and Mrs. Jim Embree as associate hostesses. The meelinR was opened by Mrs. W. M. Canlley. with n prayer. The president, Mrs. Thomas Brewster. conducted a short business session. ,Mrs. J. L. Rodeers presented the program on "The Unforaiv- assisted by Mrs. Ernest O'Neal able Sins of Gardeners". She waa and Mrs. Aline Johnson. Mrs Johnson gave "What Gardeners Learn Too Late." Mrs, J. O. Milam placer; first in the contsel in arranging berries in baskets. The hostesses served delightful refreshments lo 19 members. Coming and Going Y3/C Paul IT. Jones and Mrs Jones and little son, Ronnie arrived Sunday for a visil with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Waller E Jones and other relatives and friends. The Doctor , Says: By DR. WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN Written for NEA Service JCxpei ionco in the trentme'nl of r.eveic biniis ciurin/v Ihe wnr h:is resulted in important scientific ad- VIIMCCS. When portions or the skin me destroyed, body loinporatiire leiuilalicn nnd protection from hiiiinful bacterlii nnd poisons arc- upsel. Shoe!< iind toxcmln rcr.nlt Irom dcali-iiitlim of the skin and unclerlymj! tir.sue as well as from Jiilcrleience with skin i'unclion. In audit,on::, the (severely burned patient facea (lie possibility of deformities Irom scar contrnc.-tures. in-fit aid for the severely but nt c" may include relief of re- Kpitatury obstruction and Ireat- othcT iiijurioH. Burned ;ire covered with sterile or tho patient it; placed sterile uhoets. Attend-' . -id patients are masked to avoid secondary infection!'. Morphine is; given to relieve pain and treatment ol (hock with plamsa, glucose nnd lluid is started Burns are judged as lo depth— III-M.. second and third decree— and extent, but in practice' it is ciifJicult to aislinjwirh betwcor second r.nc! third decree burns. To estimate oxienl in adults, the lower extremities make up 30 per cent of tie body surface, the trunk -•8 per cent, a/id the head G per cent. Special formulae for dcter- IIUM;; involved areas in children have boon devised. MAY REQUIRE OXYGEN . Swelling about the throat may intcricro with breathing and result m a;, insufficient oxygen supply lor the . tissues. Lack of oxygen carrying power may also develop Irom loss oi' blood in the burn, or patients may suffer from caibon monoxide poisoning Oxy- BOII :s administered bv mask, in a tub:.' down the throat, or in a lent:. Whe'i the blood is well supplied v.;iih oxygen, this also helps the patient resist infection. . Patient's room rhould be kept Gelvvecm 70 and an degrees Fahr- rcnheil. 1C the patient is conscious his comfort should be the guide lor the proper room lermioraUire CAN PREVENT DEFORMITIES The burned v.ufaces arc acntly cleansed, and sterile vaseline gauze strips are applied one-layer thick over the entire area. These oressing.3 are covered with packs ol gauze and cotton, held in place o.v claclie bandars which are evenly applied. Side splints of lolded newspapers may be in- eluded in tho dressings. If an rm or leg is burned, the part is elevated to promote drainage. Ski IT grafting is done at tho earliest opportunity and as dressings are not changed until 10 days or two weeks after being applied, ^railing is usually started then if necossaiy. Contracturos and dc- lonnitics renull from excessive sea,- formation, but they can b« pi evented by early skin grafting and avoidance of infection. KawanisCJub to Observe 31 Anniversary Members of the Kiwnnis Club of Hope will observe the Hist anniversary of Khvanis International during tho week of January 20 to 20 with a program based on the service organization's 1040 admin- istraUve theme, "Build for Peace —Unity—Opportunity." Clifford Franks, president of the club, said today that'plans for the unnivoisory meeting, to be held at noon Tuesday, January 22, at the- Barlow Hotel, had been virtually completed. An outstanding feature of the anniversary celebration will be the reading ol a message from Hamilton Holt, Macon, Ga., prominent southern 'industrialist and president-of Kiwnnis International. Founded in Detroit immediately proviou.'i to the beginning of World War 1, Kiwanis International now embraces 153,000 business and professional leadert; in more than 2,300 communities throughout the United Stales and Canada. Its contributions toward the conduct ol' World War II were considered outstanding by the government, especially in the fields of wnr bond sales, scrap collections, blood donations, and aid to servicemen and women. A number of citations 'were awarded to tho organization by various departments of government. Kiwanis International already has thrown its weight behind the industrial reconversion program and is preparing to launch a broad forum program for the purpose of developing public discussion on vita! national issues. Franks said that plans for the anniversary mooting were being I directed by a committee consisting of Dr. Jim McKenzie, Ed Thrash and Cliff Stewart. igh School Russell Lewallen. Director of the Velerans Training Program nt Hope High School, announced today that all veterans enrolled with Hope High School in the cooperative on-the-job Training Program will meet Thursday night, 'Jan. 17 at 7:15 p.m. in Room 115 at tho High School. Veterans who have received certificates of eligibility are asked to onng tncm 1o this meeting. Trade classes will meet in se- perate groups at a later date. All veterans and businessmen who are interested in this program i a re ru-ged to attend. Page Three Miss Rosa Harrie and littlo Misi Betty CQX \yill arrive Monday from San Antonio. Texas whore r hey have been the guests nt Mrq Jessie Travis and other relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Buck Powers had ns weekend guests Mr. and Mrs Ervin Powers of Bebe and Mr and Mrs. Frank Hazzard and son of Little Rock. Hospital Notes Friends of Mrs. Monroe SCOR- yins of Texarkana will be pleased to learn thai she is reported as doing nicely at Jnscohine hospital. Mrs. Scogpins will be remembered as the former Miss Mary 0>in- non daughter of Dr. and Mrs G. E. Cannon. disap- a little Thoughts I have heard the murmurings of the children of Israel; speak untn them, saying. At even ye shall eat flnsh, and in' the morning ye shall be filled with bread; and ye shall know that I arn the Lord your God.—Exodus 16:12. YOU NEED MORE THAN FIVE FINGERS to relieve dry-sculp itching. You iiccj tho rcul hdp of Morulino lluir Tunic. Huidaniituruloils; heljju to remove JfinJrulT flukes MOROUNE HAIR TONIC To Our Friends and Customers,,, We are happy to announce the addition of Mrs. AAonca Swafforcl and Miss Clarq Fern Qsborn to our staff of Beauticians. We regret that we have been unable to accept all appointments requested recently, dye to the shortage of operators. i.ET US SERVE YOU «r- F0R APPOINTMENTS Phone 252 MISS HENRY'S SHOP XIII Roger Bland was looking at Pike very intently nov.>. His b.,iek eyes were very bright and his teeth were in sight again 'I suppose it has occurred to that you did it," "Did what?" ' "Batcman," Bland waved a bio . ,2; " ll - c clicl »' t commit suicide " 'That had occurred to me " . 'it you went out there last night, after Eatcman called it migi'.t take a little explaining." Mite was beginning to get it Bland was fishing. He wondered jusi how much Pike knew and he was worried. "All these little things would nave to be accounted for," Blard said. "Your visit to the library your talk with Batcman, the fact taat you arrived here quite unexpectedly, much to the consternation of one John Clay—although I suspact the lovely Miss Tudor is bearing up quite well." "Amazing," Pike said. "What?" Bland asked. "Really," Pike said, "you're way beneatn your station here—a mail y.'ilii your inexhaustible fund of ;n,oim::lion about other people's business." l "There's nothing very remarkable about il," Bland said. fi,"}:j" TJ -! lis c , om } cclu d with the first.'" Pike asked. Eland's eyebrows rose; a little battery ol wrinkles appeared on his shiny brow. "Yesterday you spoke of a murder," Pike said. "Oh." The wrinkles pt-arcd. "Possibly, 1 was hasty in using the word murder" J hat s what it is, of course, but the police will have to prove il "Lot's get this straight," Pike said. "Yesterday you told mo that you thought there had been a murder up here and that, if you and 1 pooled our information we might iind out who did it." "That: was yesterday,'' Bland said. "What now?" "Now," Bland enough information "You kr.ow who Batcman'.'" "Who, why, and smiled. "Everylhin,. "Would you mind telling me?" Pike asked. "For a price." Pike got up. Roger Bland gazed up at him impassively. He said: "Just remember, Mr. Calvin that it will bo a little embarrassing to account for your whereabouts beUvccn ]0:30 and 11-30 last night." ;T11 refer them to you," Pike said. Bland smiled. 'And when they ask where you wcie," Pike went on, "just refer them to inc." Bland .stopped smiling. Pike HI t out for the village. As he o p p r o a c h e d the cleared ... .ice where Bale-man's bungalow sat, lie could sec quite! clearly the urn wilh the red and blue flowers. And lie could «ee Ihe thick woods to the light where he had stood and watched Bland make his exit from Ihe house. Then he saw two cars at the door— a big black sedan with a chauijciir in livery at the wheel and a s.mnll green coupe. As Pike paused, two men carno out on the porch. One of them spuke. His Hal voice carried on the clear morning air. "Investigate thoroughly. I want to know exactly what happened." "Yes, Mr. Clay." Was John Clay telling the police what he wanted? Or had he hired a "private eye"? Pike went on. He heard a car behind him. II slowed down and stopped abreast of him. Pike heard the window roll down. John SQJCI; said, "I have by myself." knocked over how." Bland Pike got in. John Clay rested gloved hands on a cane. His slale- a ' Yes," Pike said. ."Shocking." John Clay louched ^-^'n,^ 111 ?"? «"S*r. y '«"s nol ,.T i • '', what ha PPenod." isii L it? " <hn? 1 ' 0 - Ho J vas Poisoned. But there is some doubt as to whether the poison were self-administered " reason to Not (hut I know of.' ' Jnhn Clay tapped Hie head of his cane thoughtfully. "Lot's of littTc things that would seem to point o foul play. Burnt matches Fy ig about, for example" ||Matches?" "Yes. Bateman didn't smnko you know. And carpets all "ami pled with muddy footprints " . 'Bateman called on me' at tlm inn ast night," Pike saw? wanted''" d °"'" 1 ~^ w what he "No." ;;You didn't see him afterward?" injls all I know," Pike siirl "You can drop me here " Clay °"d ™"~\ d telUn e. you." John withholding "perlin'e^ &£ Pike looked at John ri-iv'c lower lip. HO would lik - - Clay> H in '•••-' went ° n . tho S' ParlitJon to e diivery scat wilh the hoad of ne handkerchief," John Clay "Won't you have lo do -i lint,. more than lhat?" Pike sa°d ihen, John Clay said, "we'll have a go at proving that the (To Be Continued) Residents Coil Rcsidcnls living on highway 07 nV'T 1 huve asked the SI ar li n 0 ?. n. t0 ,i 1h , e all «; n «°n or huntcr« bot. ialely actio " would iql Situations ITU ^ TION: You ask a e price oi' .an article and DOROTHY D1X Faithless War Wives I am a serviceman's wife, faced with a terrible problem. I was mnrried when I was only 10 and now at the nfio of 21 I have three small children. I enjoy going out to dancfcs [ind night clubs, and since I have no one lo stay with my children, I have left them alone ill night. I just go to the tavern nl the corner, never slay verv long, but one of my neighbors thiC'Glens lo tell the police "about f have met a sailor who wants mu to divorce my husband and riiirry hnn. What shall I do? I don I love my husband any morn and I simply can't stand lo go on polling in Ihe house. I love nice things and f am sure the sailor means to do right by me. Shall I .stick H out until my husband comes homo and 1 can discuss it with him > Or should I pul my child!'T> 'A a u home and look for a job? Or should I sue for divorce and marry ihe sailor? ulvorce AMQwnn A BEWILDERED ANSWER: Among the casualties 01 Inc war are the poor, weak young wives whose lives have been as much shattered by conditions fh r T ^ 0! ? ies would havc been if they hacl been hit by shrapnel 1 hey are mental and moral crip- plcs for whom there is no surgery again CVCr make them whol e nf A ?hJ; her ri arc 1° ma "y thousands fotii x', ° th 5 writer of this lettei who, in times of nearo an°d ld , h ?h e bC01 ? g °° d »t«e P wfvcs and mothers, devoted to their fumihcs and doing their duly by thu-rn Bui ihe war came along M ri £° k their , hus ^"d from them and they were lonesome and bored and young and pretty, and they thal i^ < u their husbands locked their babies in their houses and went out to have fun -and sometimes the house burned down and the helpless little cren ure perished in the fire, or Jui ° r . \vht. couldn't take punishment, and Vocf-ory Clothing Collection Drive Now on, Lefr's Give ' Guy E. Basye, Hempstoad countv k,o ai r m n" ,- for the Victory C loll n§ .Collection, urges evervone to brmg m their old clothing, (heir love of plcanure was stronger than any sense o£ duty. We need not blame Ihem loo much, but we can urge the mothers who lire not going to take care of their children themselves lo pul Ihem in some place where Ihcy will be at least, physically safe and have the care their philandering mothers will not give them. And we can remind the unfaithful wives that the belrayer is generally belrnyed, and lhat the woman who believes thai some chance-met sailor is going to marry her when shu gets a divorce and take care of her children, and "do right by her," as the phrase goes is simply doing a lot of wishful Ihinking. Dear Dorothy Dix: I am an unwed mother with a child three years old whom I support. Soon she will go to school and I don't want her lo suffer the humiliation of being twilled by Ihe olher children for having no father. My sister and her husband love my little girl and would like to adopt her and I am Ihinking of letting them do so for the sake of her having a good homfc and two parents, but I hesitate because I love her more than anything else in the world and some day I'may want her back. What shall I do? .„„,„,_ MISERABLE MOTHER ANSWER: It is a tragic choice you have to make, but it is one ;n which you alone must make the decision, and whichever vou dp it will tear your heart " to pieces. The argument in favor of adoption is that it does more than anything else to save the child from the stigma of illegitimacy, for the cn;ld takes on the name and stalus of ils foster parents But, on the other hand, the mother who makes the supreme sacrifice oi. giving her child for adoption misFes all of the joy of motherhood. Don't do it;, unless you know that you are heroic enough not to repent your deed. Especially in your case be very sure that you wont be jealous of your sister when you hear your baby calling her Mother. fa (Bell Syndicate, Inc.) An intensified drive will be^in next week. Look through your clo- fn*th a -l* v et ° Ut a " the old clolh - 'iia Liitu you can not use. Give to The Koal for Hempstead county this drive is one garment. Surely ..e can all give one garment. Do it Send your clothing to the schools if you have a child in school. The Hope Fire Department will pickup the clothing at the schools 'if you do not have a child in school, take your -used clothing to the Fire Station on East Second street where they will be packed for ship- The schools of the county have been designated as stations to receive the clothing in the rural district. Those who live outside of Hope are asked to take their clothing to the nearest school where they will be collected, according to Elmer Brown and Oliver Adams, .co-chairmen for the rural districts. o —January 31 fro Enlist Enlisted Reserve.Corps men mov now request enlistment in Regular Army on or before 31 January, 1946 m the highest grade held at time of discharge. Contact y° ur Army Recruiting Office at City Hall Building, Hope Arkansas any Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at least 4 days arior to January 31 so that enlistment can be accomplished in suf- iicient time lo beat the deadline —o — Barbs By HAL COCHRAN- ™--"—-. And now comes a noticeable increase in the sighs of the income L * 1X ( Metal hooks are coming back for ladies' dresses. The oyes have never been off of them: We all know that butler left the ralion list— but WHO knows where it wont? Folks who aren't fired with ambilion these days are likely to be when the boss finds out, Regardless of how fast you drive in a new car it's hard to iecp up with the payments. .hink it is far more than the ar- 'iclo is worth. WRONG WAY: Say, "Thai's ri- diciilous!" RIGHT WAY: Realize the clerk las nolhing to do with the prices of merchandise and say nothing noro than "Thai is more Ihan f want to pay." Questions and Answers Q—What is unique about the University of Iceland? A—-It was financed by a national lottery. Tuition from start to imish is $2 in the 34-year-old institution. Q—How much has World War A j r ? 1 ? ed cost °f the Veterans' Administration?, A—Final figures have not yet been arrived at, but within the next five years VA will spend as much as was spent ' for similar purposes during all the preceding 150 years. Omar Ketchum, VFW w gls ,f l ^ e dT i r A c i ° r ' estimates World War II VA costs may ultimately total $50,000,000,000.' Q-^-What is the nearest star to A-T-Proxima Centauri, 4'/> li«ht years away. . _." Q—Who is Premier of. Greece'' A—Themislocles Sophoulis. Q—Is Austria asking for any additional territory? A—She wants to get back the German-speaking South Tyrol given .to Italy after World War I.' We, the Women By RUTH MILLETT NEA Staff Writer The Victory Clothing Collection this month aims at collecting from the American people for use by the suffering victims of war in Europe unina and Ine Philippines 100.0UO 000 garments—plus shoes and bedding. Why don't we make it a family project this year—instead of leaving il all to Mama? Let Dad go through his closet —or the third of the closet that is called his "half"—and decide what things he can get along without Let even the smallest children help look through their clothes for dresses, overalls, sweaters coats and • shoes that are outgrown. . M-ake sorting the clothing thai is stored away in the basement 01 attic a family affair, not forgetting that if it has been storec away a year or more, it might as well be given away without am reservations, except for the ques- lion "Is it warm and still wear- ' Creomulslpn relieves promptly because it goes right to the seal of the Trouble to help loosen arid expel eerra laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, in- named bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you B bottlo of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it Quickly allays the cough or you arc Jo have your money back." for Couuhs, Chest Cplds, Bronchitis DO YOU NEED CASH? We will lopij you ney on your Car, Furnifure, Livestock, etc., or if your car needs refinancing see Tom McUrty ot the Hope Auto Company, 220 West Second street in Hope, Arkansas. Representative forVefwah$jn Hope, Jan. 23 Mr. David M. Cooper, Contact Hepiescntative of the* Veterans Administration Regional Office, Little Rock. Arkansas, who is at present stationed at Texarkana, Arkansas, will be at the U.S.E.S. Office, Hope, Arkansas, on January 23, 1046, at f) a.m. ' , This Contact Representative will be in a position to assist .the veterans or their dependents .in ,filing claims for benefits a'dministercd by the Veterans Administration, and give them information concerning their entitlements under the law and regulations governing activities of the Veterans Administration. Mother Loses in Effort to Get Her Son Little Rock, Jan. 14 — (/P) A mother's efforts to regain the custody of her seven-year-old son were denied by the Arkansas Supreme Court today on the grounds that she had "stood by far ,too long" to permit the ties of attachment of the child's grandparents Yto "be cast aside at this late- date." ' The ruling reversed a Union (El Dorado) chancery decree awarding the lad, Billy James 'Graves, to his mother, Mrs. Ola Graves French of Warren.- '• Mrs. French and the child's'fa- ther, Bob, were divorced May 7, 1942. She remarried, the Supreme Court said, "about'13 days later " In .June 19.42 the child's father obtained legal custody of'the-child and committed it .to .the care of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L" Graves of El Dorado. . • ' The -father \vas inducted into the army and killed in -action June 1, 19.44. . • Last February Mrs. French filed suit to obtain the-.child's; custody ap.d the lower '.court, holding that circumstances had changed through the father's death, ordered the boy returned to its mother. "Was x x x the death of the lather a sufficient change in conditions to warrant ihe decree trans- lerring the child's care and custody to the mother?" ,the opinion by Associate Justice J. S. Holt said. "We do not think so.,x x x The trandparents, still have their same -iome and have continued to care for this child by 'giving him educational and religious opportunities as before that "decree. The same love and affection for the child with three additional years of cultivation x x x continues.'x x x /'So here, the mother was the first to part with' this child's cus- lodyx x x 'x. "Appellee (Mrs. French) 'has stood by far too long and permitted the ties of love, affection and at- No Progress Is Made Meat Chicago. Jan. 14 — (/P)~ Edgar L. Warren, U. S. Conciliation Service l.irecior. reports no progress Jn alks with union , and company •epresentatives in the meat indus- ry_ dispute, which threatens to ?rupt Wednesday into a slrijce of •535,000 AFL .and CIO worker:;, "While there is no dii'Sct 'Drop- csE .to report." ho said last night, X X -XI am hopeful that a Settlement will be reached." Warren held a series of separate onferences Sunday with John E. Wilson, general superintendent of swift and Co.. and officers of the CIO United Packinghouse Workers ind the AFL meat cutters and butcher workmen unions. The CIO demands' .an immediate increase of 17 1-2 cents hourly ."or its 200,000 workers, and Ihe 'AFL. jnions ask a similar adjustment. The packers have offered 7 1-2 ents'. Warren said conferences would ae held with other packing .arms oday while direct negotiations be- .ween shift and the" unic.is confute, Washington, .Jan. ''14 —C/P)— The Supreme court took no action today on Japanese .General Yamashita's request for intervention' in military trial procedings " which sentenced him to death. New York became a city of 2,000,000 telephone in 1945. tachment.pf these grandparents :"or this child to become too'-strong tp oe cast aside, at this late dale. Therefore, he decree will be reversed and the cause "remanded with dirctions to the trial court to award the custody of the child to appellants, its grandparents, with the right of the mother to visit'it at all proper times." able?" HOW ABOUT A CONTEST? There might .even be a .contest m every family, to '.see which member can collect the largest Pile of clothing. That might make it a little easier for ones ••inclined to hoard things because "I might want it some day" or because "It's still perfectly good," to part with everything that isn't a necessary part of their working wardrobes. Not only would American fanit ihes collect more garments this way, but every member of the iamily would share in the, warm feeling of satisfaction that comes from doing something real arid constructive to help suffering people. This second clothing collection for the destitute people of 'other lands shouldn't be jijst .Mama's project. She can direct it— but every member of the family should have a part in the giving. NURSE LOSES FAT SAFELY AYDS WAY Get slimmer without exercise Eat starches, potatoes, cravy, just cut.dpwn. AYDS'Vitamin Candy Reducing Plan is safe, sensible, easier. No exercise. No drugs. No laxatives. Nurse vrjiGnqcqf more than 100 persons loains 14 to IS MJS. Bvpruac iii a Jew weeks In cltmail lestcwith Ayds^IMuu conducted by medical doclora. WBjtBhie'? yJJWs .Great Medicine Helps Build Up •' * Resistance Against Such Distress! •Do female functjonalvjnorithly disturbances make you-feol so restliss ' nervous, toed, 'dragged-^ out', per- naps a bit blue—at such times? Then try famous Lydia'E. Pirik- ham s Vegetable Compound fo relieve such symptoms! Pinkham's Compound DOES-*ion¥"fhan relieve such monthly cramps,.-headache, backache. It also relieves a'ccom- panying weak, tired, nervous jfeel- ln ss—of such nature. It has a soothing effect on one of woman's most important organs. , * Thousands Of Women Refped '' -^ Taken thruout the month—Pink-', Ham s Compound helps build up resistance against such distress; It's also a great stomachic tonic. I .Thousands upon thousands of girls and women have reported re-' markable benefits after ta-king ^V Fmkhain's Compound. We " » urge that you, too, should give this great medicine a fair and honest trial I fi VEGETABLE COMPOUND Delicious AYDS before each meal dulls (lie np- petilc. i et you gel vitamins, minerals, essential nulricnts, in Ayds. -Siurt the'AYUS Vilamiu Cindy way lo lose wcichl now. 30 day supply of Ayds, ¥2.25. MONEY BACK on l|ic very (irst box if you don't gut results. l j l)oi>e 5)6-617. John P Cox Drug Co. For PHOTOGRAPHS in your home ' Phone 493 COLL1N BAILEY ANNOUNCEMENT: We are happy to qnnoynce the opening of-our New and Used Furniture Store located at 9oi WESTTHSRP STREET ~ And invite our friends to visit us here. HALE & BEARDE NEW ANP USEO FURNITURE Phone 1093 Hope, Ai-h Proper precautions may prevent a cold from getting started — and use of the right remedy may brinq relief. We hove a full stpck of — Cough Props — Cough Syrups Cold Tablets««* Throat Gcigles Nose Sprays — Nose Drops Crescsnt Drug Store Phone $00 Frank Douglas,, Prop. 225 S. Mom

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