The Hawaiian Gazette from Honolulu, Hawaii on May 2, 1905 · Page 7
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The Hawaiian Gazette from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 7

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1905
Page 7
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K CASTLB & COOKE CO., La HONOLULU. Commission Merchants JfACTOKS. AGENTS FOR Ike Eira Plantation Companr. The Walolua Agricultural Co., Ltd. Ska Kohala Cugar Company. he Walrnea Sugar Mill Companr. be Fulton Iron, Works. St. Louis, Mo. The Standard Oil Company. The Gtoree F. Blake Eteam Pumps. 'Weston's Centrifugals. The New England Mutual Life Company, of Boston. The Aetna Insurance Co., of Hartford, Conn. The Alliance Assurance Company, of London. INSURANCE. Tiieo. H. Davies & Co, (Limited.) t UNTS FOR FIRE, LIFE AMI MARINE INSURANCE, lorta Assurance 'Compaaj, OF LONDON. FOB FIRE AND , LIFE. Established 1S1. Accumulated Funds .... 1.975.000. British "d Foreign Marine Ins. Cc Or LIVERPOOL, FOR MARINE. Capital 1,000,00 Reduction of Rates. tmmsdiate Payment of Claim. E0. H. DAVIES ft GO, LT AGENTa Castle & Cooke, LIMITED. LIFE and FIRE INSURANCE AGENTS. . . i AGENTS FOR l England Muiual Lile losuronce G( OF BOSTON, JEtna Life Insurance Company OF HARTFORD. The Famous Tourist Route of tho World. In,'. Connection With the Canadian Australian Steamship Lino Tickets are Issued To All Points in the United States and Canada, via Victoria and Vancouver. Mountian Resorts: Banff, Glacier, Mount Stephens and Fraser Canon. Empress Line of Steamers from Vancouver Tickets to All Points in Japan, China, India and Around tho World. For Tickets and rod nl information Appi.t o TBEO.H. DAVIES & CO., Ltd. Agents Canadian-Australian B. B. Lino Canadian Pacific Railway. CHA8. BREWER & CO'S NEW YORK LINE Bark Nuuanu Balling from New York to Honolulu on or about March 1st. FREIGHT TAKEN AT LOWEST RATES. For freight rates apply to CHAS. BREWER &CO., 27 KUby St, Boston, or C. BREWER & CO., LTD., Honolulu. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. Entered for Record April 27, 1&05. Tee Young Hon to Lum Chun....BS Kaplolanl Est Ltd et al to WC AchI PR William C Achl and by Tr .to Allen & Robinson Ltd . D Oahu College by Trs to John Kid-well Rel Richard II Trent Tr to Mrs Emily Bemrose AM T Ah Kong to J A M Johnson Co Ltd ,.... CM Entered for record April 28, 1905. Antone Sylva et all to Jas N K . D James Olds by afft of mtgee to Trs of Est of S C Allen. -. FA E H Lewis to "Von Hamm-Young Co Ltd CM Kaauana (w) to San Wo In L Kaauaha (w) to Lau Young Kwat et al L Manuel Farias and wf to Amelia da Costa M J Alfred Ma goon and wf to Fred Iloiiia D Recorded April SO, 1003. Jitmci L Aknna and wf to Cecil Brown Tr. M; por np 2 R P 621 kul 1153, Nuuanu valley. Honolulu, Onhu. 400. 11 267, p 314. Dnted April 1!, 1903. Maria L Sea and hub (G C) to Win 11 Castle Tr, M, premises, Lnhnlnn, Mnul. Insurance policy. "1500. B 2f7, p 317. Dated April 17, 1903. Knhooploplo (w) by Gdn to Win R D, 1-2 Int In Br 3443, Nuuanu valley, Honolulu, Oahu. J1G00. B 20, p 130. Dated April 7, 1905. Recorded April 21, 1903. Ella P Sheldon to William J Sheldon, D; 1-10 ncr land, Harbottle lane, Honolulu, Oahu. 31 and bal on mtrr 3710. B 270, p 132. Dated April 20, 1905. G Schumann and wf to Amelia Qulnn, D; lots 6 and 8 blk 2, tract, Honolulu, Oahu. 32250. B 270, p 134. Dated April 7, 1905. Amelia Qulnn and hsb (J C) to G Schuman, M; lots 6 and 8 blk 2, tract, Honolulu, Oahu. 31400. B 2G7, p 320. Dated April 7 1905. ( Kamalilal (k) to Manoel Vlelra Jr et at, D; por R P 2367, Wallua, N Hllo, Hawaii. 3150. B 270, p 136. Datsd Feb 21, 1905. Eric Gay by gdn to Lulsa Paaluhl and hsb, Rel; apr 1 R P 6S7 kul 11S8, King St, Honolulu, Oahu. 3700. B 196. p 235. Dated April 20, 1905. M W Tschudl to F Wllburton end wf, Rel; pes land, Honokua, S Konn, Hawaii. 3100. B 237, p 47. Dated Apr 5, 1903. F Wllburton and wf to M W D; pes land, Honokua. S Kona, Hawaii. 32 mtg 3400. B 270, p 137. Dated Nov 19, 1904. II Akona and vf to W Vredenburg, D; Int In kul 3832, Kowallula, S Hawaii. 3150. B 270, p 138. Dated Mar 9, 1904. Wllmot Vredenburg and wf to D; Int In kul 3832, S Kohala, Hawaii. 1200. B 270, p 139. Dated Mar 9, 1904. Recorded April 22, 1903. Nalawalclua (w) to Ll Knualll, Dj Int in est of Nallmu (w) dec. 360. B 266, p 430. Dated May 8, 1899. David Dayton to George Trimble, D; Int in R P 7071 and kul 3791 Ualapue, and etc, Molokal; 2-3 Int In R P 6793 kul 4683, Manowal, Molokal. 315. B 266, p 431. Dated Feb ,9, 1903. Kawehl and wf to M v Tschudl, D; R P 3533 kul 11151 bldgs, etc, Panaewa, Lahalna, Maul. 3233. B 266, p 432. Dated April 21, 1905. Cecil Brown and wf to J G Rothwell, D; 11230 sq ft land, College St, Honolulu," Oahu. $3300. B 266, p 434. Dated Feb 7, 1903. Florence E Dove and hsb (C V E) to Cecil Brown Tr, M; 2 pes land, valley, Honolulu, Oahu. $2000. B 267, p 323. Dated April 22. 1905. Sarepta A Gullck to J N Taggard, D; PC land Knllhl, Honolulu, Oahu. 31. B 266, p 435. Dated Mar 28, 1903. W K Azblll to James N Taggard, Rel; int In por gr 2922, Kallhl, Honolulu, Oahu. 3700. B 232, p 415. Dated April 1, 1903. Walter C Weedon nnd wf to Belle Johnson et nl, M; Int in lot 4 Gullck tract, Honolulu, Oahu. $200. B 267, p 327. Dated Mar 14, 1903. H ALL SORTS. Blood oranges ore sometimes artificially produced by Injecting a few dropNs of claret through a small aperture in the rind. The lock step has been abolished at oing bing prison, and now the prison ers are marched about In their com' panics In double file. A Japanese Christian minister, writ Ing of the divorces In Japan durng a recent year, says there were 358,38a marriages and 116,775 divorces. The Danish West Indies have issued a new stamp, of a new desien. and dif fering only slightly from the regular Issue of Denmark. The color is green. A large .department store in New York has what is termed an "Automobile onnex," where vehicles are shown, and an Otto gas engine belted to o dynamo serves to charge vehicles which may be brought to the annex for that purpose. The winter and early spring are usually considered the best months to visit Sicily, but a German author declares thnt Taormina and Aetna are really at their best In May, June and July. A plague of toads has descended on seeral places In the vicinity of New York' but Hawthorne aim Paterson, N. J., are the most afllicted, or say the most about it. A lawyer who wheels between his home and office In the two places respectively says that he kills thousands of them every morning. The council is considering what best can be done to mitigate the evil. A collection of postal cards is easier to make than one of stamp, for One Is that postal cards date back 30 years, while stamps were issued as early as 1640. Another .reason is that there is generally but one kind of postal card in each issue, whereas there is hardly ever less than ten stamps in a series. Then again, there have been very few changes in postal cards as compared with stamps. The Idea that moss grows thickest on the north or east side of trees seems to have been disproved. A French botanist, Leon Bedel, now concludes that mosses prefer the parts of" the tree that retain most moisture, being thus more abundant on rough or cracked parts, on the upper part of a branch or Inclined trunk, on knots or bosses, at the fork of branches and at the base of the trunk. Take War Kama. Tho Russian peasants are beginning to name their children after the oft-mentioned towns In the seat of war. The name Arthur was very rare up to the present year; now It is all the rage. One I child was Daputed Vladivostok, another Retvlzan, and so on. HAWAIIAN GAZETTE, TUESDAY, MAY a, 1903. -SEMI-WEEKLY, COMMERCIAL BY DANIEL LOOAN. Sugar declined nt New York n slindo over one tenth of a xent in tho week, to 4.(115 cents. Tlint there is nny further decline itiMcnd of tho expected recovery toward tlip five-cent mnrlc li disappointing, hut our sugar met ore Mcadfnt in tho opinion tlint tlio downward trend cannot much longer con tinilc. They attribute the prcent condition, not only to Kuropoau speculation, but to the heavy stocking-up nt New York early year and contracting In advance for Cubnn deliveries. The simultaneous arrival of eighteen cargoes there wai alono n strong brncer to tlio Independence of the refiners. It is figured upon tho statistical position, however, that depressed prices can only bo temporary, ifesldes tlio large shortage this year the estimates for next year aro anything but indicative of a material change in tho situation beforo 1007. Cuba will npt yield n very great increase, and Lieut estimates European beet for an excess of but 12 per cent. Thus fnr tho ratio of world's sugar consumption shows but slight diminution from tho cause of higher prices. Though tho record of Honolulu Stock nnd Bond Exchango sales for tho woek Is small, it Is noteworthy that prices nro well maintained ns compared with any '"previous time this year. A goodly dividend list was posted yesterday. THE WEEK'S TRANSACTIONS. Following is a summary of tho Exchange's daily lists for the week: ($20), 5 nt $9, GO at $9.23, 25, 75 at $9; Ewn ($20), 200, 320, 35, 5 at $30) Ookala ($20), 25, 17 at $7.50; I.-I. S. N. Co. ($100), 10 at $140; Olaa ($20), 73 at $4,875, 25 at $5; Waialua $100), 100 at $GS.50; 'Mutual Telcphono Co. ($10), 100 nt $9; Pioneer ($100), 5 nt $155; Hawaiian Sugar ($20), 10 nt $33.25; Hawaiian Agricultural ($100), 30 at $95; O. It. & L. Co. ($100), 28 at $77; O. It. & L. Co. 0 per cent bonds, $1000 nt 104, $4000 at 104.25. Dividends (April 29) C. Brewer & Co., 2 per cent; Ewn, 1 per cent; Honomu, 2 per cent; Wninmnalo, 2 per cent; Hawaiian Eloctrie, 1 per cent; l.-I. S. N. Co., 1 per cent; Kaliuku, 1 per cent; Wniluku, 3 per cent; (May 1) Haiku, 1 per cent; Pain, 1 per cent; Pioneer, 1 per cent; Honokaa, 1-2 per cent; Onomca (S. I, April 5), 1 1-2 per cent; II. C. & S. Co. (S. P., April 5), G5cs Olowalu, 1 per cent. ' REAL ESTATE, ETC. Nothing important from the auctioneers is to bo reported. At Morgan's yesterday nn offer of $4500 for L. B. Kerr's residence, property in Bcrctnnia street, opposito tho Rapid Transit power house, was refused. Under a second mortgago by Hannah K. Lowe, property in Makiki street nnd lands nt were sold for $400, subject to a first mortgago debt of $2000. Tho Chris. J. Holt mortgago Balo wos postponed one week. Land Commissioner Pratt sold a remnant of government land, 159 square feet, on tho east sido of Richards, between Queen nnd Hnleknuila streets, to August Droier, owner, of adjoining lnnd, for tho upset prico of" $318. Fisher, Abies Co. will sell tho Strnteinoycr placo in Piikoi street, by order of U. S. Judgo Dolo in bankruptcy proceedings, on Saturday, May 27. Mrs. Campbell-Parker is building n seaside rcsldcnco on tho premises Bho lately bought, through tho agency of R. C. A. Peterson, at Pearl City Peninsula. Other rocent purchasers at tho samo placo aro said to contemplate, oarly building. All of tho twonty Pnlolo homestead lots opened to right of leases by Commissioner Pratt on Monday wero promptly taken, though r. few of tho applicants have been found to bo disqualified under tho law. A deed is on record from Geo. W. Palm and wife to L. L. McCandless of Lillha street property for $3150; nlso n deed from Cecil Brown to J. G. Rothwell of 11,250 square feet of land in College street for $3500. Kaimuki lots aro subjects of record at good prices. Considerable bulldftg operations nro under way at Collego Hills. House, lots bordering tho oxtension of Hotel street hnvo displayed much building activity sinco tho street has boon graded. Tho von Hamm-Young Co. is building a garago in Alakca street for its trade. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. Alexander Young, proprietor of tho mammoth building and hotel bearing his name, has acquired tho controlling interest in tho Monna Hotel at Wnikiki nnd will operate it with somo dogreo of relation to tho Young Hotel. It has been reported that tho bondholders of tho Royal Hawaiian Hotel Co., whoso trusteo recently bought In tho property under foreclosure, will orgnnbo a company with $200,000 capital to opcrato the establishment. At midnight of Wednesday tho regular session of tho Legislature of 1905 adjourned, having tho record number of 103 now laws to its credit. Somo difficult problems wero hnndled and a fair proportion solvod, and many financial measures wero passed though some failed in tho cruciblo of tho nssemblod wisdom. An net to establish a form of county government is to ho immediately brought to a judicial test of its validity, at tho instanco of tho Honolulu Civic rcderation. Secretary A. L. C. Atkinson has gone to Now York with tho purpose of having tho bonded indebtedness outstanding from tho Republic-of Hawaii rofunded. When tho United Stntcs annexed tho Mnnds it assumed $4,000,000 of the Republic's debt, but this loft a remnant of about $800,000 to bo redeemed by tho Territory. As this old debt benrs six por cent interest, whilo tho Territory has floated two loans nt 4 1-2 and 4 1-4, respectively, tho bonds fetching a small premium at that, it has been doomed wise by tlio administration to essay this refunding scheme. Tho amount of tho now issue contemplated is $700,000. Ono of tho most grateful measures tho Lcgislaturo enacted, so far as Honolulu is concerned, was to placo tho matter of tho speed of tho Rapid Transit cars in tho discretion of tho Governor, advised by tho Superintendent of Public Works, ns tho schedules and trnnsfor connections had been badly disarranged through proceedings instituted by tho Attorney General to enforco tho speed provisions of tho company's franchise to tho strict letter. E. II. Edwards, who has made a bucccss of vanilla bean culturo in Kona, Hawaii, leaves this week for tho mainland to mnko contrncts for supplies of that nrticlo to tho trade. Prom his oxporienco ho believes thcro is no country in tho world hotter adapted to the raising of tho vanilla bean than Hawaii. Thuslanother now industry is born. By shipments of tho week a largo quantity of sugar has gono out of tho heavily-taxed storngo capacity of tho port and vessels hnvo arrived which will keep tho pilo moving. The Pacific Mail steamer Manchuria from San Francisco for tho Orient, nnd the O. & O. steamer Coptic from tho Orient for San Prancisco, tho Oceanic steamer Alameda henco for San Francisco and tho Matson steamer Enterprise for San Trancisco vin Hilo constituto tho movements of ocean liners for tho week. Tliero also arrived tho Commercial Pacific Cablo Co.'s repair ship Restorer from tho Oriental stations. Tho Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association has conceded nn incrcaso of wages to Japanese plantation laborers, as an inducement to check tho migration of those pcoplo to tho mainland. ' LATEST BY CABLE. si (ASSOCIATED PBES3 OABLEQEAUS.) PARIS, April 30. -King Edward has arrived for a three days' visit. The occasion is regarded as affording an opportunity for an assertive demonstration of Anglo-French relations, PARIS, May r. President Loubet and King Edward have exchanged visits. o GLENWOOD, Colo, May 1. President Roosevelt attended divine service here on Sunday. The congregation consisted of the families of ranchmen and cowboys. SALT LAKE CITY, May 1. Captain Raibourn of the Twenty-ninth Infantry twice shot Lieutenant Point and then committed suicide. Liquor was the cause. 0 'CHICAGO, May 1. The Laborites have made an appeal to the President and the Governor not to send troops for the suppression of the riotous strikers. CUTCURA REMEDIES 1 H el SET Consisting of CUTIGURA SOAP, to cleanse tlie skin, CUTICURA Ointment, to heal the skin, and CUTICURA RESOLVENT, to cool the blood, is often sufficient to cure the most torturing, disfiguring skin, scalp, and blood humours, rashes, itchings,.and irritations, with loss of hair, when the best physicians, and all other remedies fail. Millions of Women Use Cuticura Soap Exr lutlrolr (or presorting, purlfvlng, and beautify Ing the (kin, for cleansing tho scalp of crusts, scales, nod dandruff, and tho (topping of fulling liulr, for softening, whitening, and toothing rod, rough, and sore hands, lu iho form o( baths for annoying Irritations, and dialings, or too freo or offensive perspiration, In tho form of washes for uh'crallvo weaknesses, nnd for many sananre anUseptlo purposes which readily suggest themselves to women, ami especially mothers, and for all tlio purposes of tho toilet, batl uml nursery. No amouut 0 f persuasion can tnduco thoso w ho hare unco used It to uso any other, especially for presorting and purtfjlug tho skin, scalp, and hair of Infants and children. Cuticuua delicate emollient properties derived fromCUTli'UttA, tho grjatskln euro, nlth tlio pures', of cleansing Ingredients and tho most refreshing of How er odours. No other mtdliatii soap over compounded la to ho compared with It for preserving, purlf ring, aim beautifying tho ekln, scalp, hair, and hands. No other foreign or domestic toilet smn, howevcr.cxpenslvo. Is to ho compared with It for alttho purpose of the toilet, hath nnd nursery. Thus It combines In Onk 8oI' nt Onk Prick, the plln and completion snap, the nr'T toilet nnd PkKT hnliv soap In tio world. Sold through, out the 'world. " All almut the Pf.n," poBt freo of Depot: II. Tow Mt A Co., Srdnrr, K.H. W. So. African Depot, I.IMUN Lm, Capo Town. 1'OTTMt Duuu ami CllkM. Dour., Solo l'rops., Doston, U. 8, A. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE. ORIOINAU AND ONLY OENUINB. QRIOIHAL AHH Each Uottlo of Coughs, H fries of dull Bronchitis, Hi S3NJH Diarrhoea, KgORODWfl benrs on tho Government ssteuuSsM DR. J. Numerous OKLT OINUIHH Sold In Bottles. Soin Manufacturers, j T- Davenport ALEX. YOUNG ACQUIRES MOANA HOTEL CONTROL (From Sundays Advertiser) Alexander Young has acquired a controlling interest in the Moana Hotel, Waikiki, which makes him the supreme head of two of the three first-class hotels of Honolulu. tf Mr. Young was questioned last night regarding an article in aft evening paper, which represented that he was acuiring the honda of the Moana Hotel Co., "with a view to ultimately taking the hotel property itself." The introductory sentence read thus: "Rumor has it that Alexander Young is making an effort to gain control of the Moana Hotel, to conduct it in connection with the Alexander. Young Hotel." 1 -. Answering the Advertiser's inquiry, after excusing himself a minute to read the article referred to, Mr. Young said: ' "Yes, the article is partly correct. I have acquired a majority; of the Moana bonds and will control the manement of the hotel, "An endeavor will be made to place the hotel business in this town upon a satisfactory footing, without cinching the public. "We shall try to get back a good dollar for whatever is put into the business. "The Mdana will not be run exactly in conjunction with the Young," said Mr. Young in reply to a question. "There will be some mutual relations of management between the two, to serve the interests and good pleasure of the guests. Some may desire a change from town to the beach and contrariwise, in which cases arrangements to suit them can be made with greater facility than if Uhe two establishments had separate interests. "Yes, this deal will release! my private residence at the beach" from use as an annex of the Alexander Young Hotel, I will either rent it or sell it, as I do not need it any more." Lately the property of the Moana Hotel Co. was sold under foreclosure at the suit of the bondholders, the Hawaiian Trust Co., as trustee, bidding it in at a figure far below the bonded debt. W. C. Peacock, the largest bondholder, has since been operating the Moana with A. Hertsche as manager. Following a long period o depression in the hotel business, and just when th)e foreclosure proceedings were coming to a head, the Moana began to share with the other city hotels a brisk revival of custom from the incoming of a somewhat steady stream of tourist travel. Lately the Moana has been, seemingly, prosperous. A SAFE SPECULATION, If you have an attack of rheumatism and Chamberlain's Pain Halm gets you back to work In a few days, will' It not pay for Itself several times over? There Is no need of suffering from rheumatism for a month or six weeks Incurring the expense of a large doctor's bill, when a few applications of this liniment, costing but a small amount, will cure you.. For sale by all j Dealers and Druggists.' Benson, Smith t & Co., Ltd., agents for Hawaii. 1 this well-known Remedy for Colds, Asthma, Neuralgia, Toothache, Spasms, etc, Stomp tho name of tho Iuventor COLLIS BROWNE. Testimonials from Eminent Physicians no company each bottlo. 11&. 29, 46, by all Ctiemlsts. Limited. London. Pahala Mill wilt start grinding again as soon as thero Is sudlclcnt water to flume cane. The old mill Is being dis mantled, and will be destroyed with, dynamite. t There wete but two criminal coses oat tha calendar of Judge Matthewman'a court, which convened at ICallua on, Wednesday, and tho trial of theso should not have taken long, as Indictment had failed In both. j j v . j uLi'.MLl Zik V

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