Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 11, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1946
Page 4
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MOPE STAR, HOP ARKANSAS Friday, January 1!, t iit was dark when JudcjgGarfissy By Chick Young "/AND NOW TO EARN IT. ALL\ / I LIAVC in r\r^ ic i r\r ATE A ( AND JIMMY JERCEWAS8 WHAT IF JUDGE 'GARRISSY left. In my hand was 1,000 bucks TO DO IS LOCATE A /\ED ROYAL THAT JIMMY HAD A DATE WITH LAST NIGHT. MURDERED. BEFORE OR //AS LYING ? MAYBE THERE he'd given me as a retainer. AFTER HE SAWROYAL? V DON'T KNOW. WHO IS ROYAI. THAT SPELLS ^NOTHING ™ NOT A WORD ABOUT WHAT*! I'D CHARGE HIM...JUST PEELED OFF A GRAND AND ASKED IF THAT WOULD DO TO START/ « WOULD IT DO/ J I'D CALL A tt« THOUSAND **5 SMACKERS PRETTY COARSE MONEY/ WHAT'S HIS FIRST NAME ? AND KNEW THAT SOMEBODY,'MR, 1 WHAT DOES K-R-X-M-Z SPELL? DON'T KNOW. HAD SEEN THEM TOGETHER HOW TO SPELL; THATti OKAV, LUTHER." CUT C3MT SVL : R TRY ANYTHING LIKE THAT A6AIN" H; THERE'S WV C(\ll COWING THRU! /... SO I'M LEAVING/ HERE WITH VOL'P, MISSING FIUE5 IN THE M MORNINS, GENERAL.. ,3V Y£ N"K- WHY, HAL f WHAT ARE YOU DOINS IMT GHOST TOWN ? THIS IS CAPTAjN EASY* YOU'VE BESN REAPING "" "" ABOUT HIM FOR-- EPi3T, MAJOS M Side Glances By Galbraith MJTY SALON ft' RH P/nn*9 ••'Ww W< a LOUD?..-IT <TAN'T BE CAVE-BATS... CBUIA WE CAN'T CO WITHOUT A LOOK—WE AUy NEVER <3ET BACK irl THIS SAID HEARP STRANS2 NOSM ...WHAT PIP TH5V fCUMP LIKE? BLE55 THEY VW.5 LOUP— I POM'T STAV WHEN I HEAS? :sciSE-:nv, DON'T <20 FUKI rE CAVtii... ;L£TS6BY OUT OP HEKE/~ RI3HT A3 RAIN, KSVEJf GO N2 '&V\ AN' I'M STILL \- IN THCRS/ /'fe3 •--il?fsi»°N-. ; &II1P*A)'' |l'iil_-i-i»-~ ' - - • iBafigfi&Sr- - - I HOPE THIS PENCIL kl MIL BE USEFUL WHEN YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK MY BOY/ THIS IS UNCLE BEN-I'M COMING OVER WITH A GIFT FOR YOU-HENRY/ 7 wanted awmdWown,'iiol.a gale! COPR. 104« SY NEA SERVICE. MX. T. t.!. REO. U. S. P*T. OF:-. "George has been overweight for year.-., bui; he glories in it and keeps saying'he could admire sonic curves in me!" Freckles and Mliis Fnerads By Biosser runny Business ViTAH, DOGFACE, MOW COME I'M NOT VJEKE OFFICIALLY k |M OM ir ? 1 ONLY WELCOMING- YOUE, \ HAPPCM TO BE DREAM QUEEN AMD JUNE'S HSRL PAPA TO. STEADY/ i GIVE V MY WORD; (OKAY- HEKE HE MAV I EUN DOWN' T' TIAE CAMOV DMCA DOMALD? AS A SCOUT I WAVE-N'T? OKAY, THEM IT'S A B3T! tfpwg ; BET VUH TVVO CEMT5 HE DOSSM'T !MAKE IT! i+T ^ V PHOOlc, YOU'VE ..\SEEM THIS V ^ BEFORE 1 FROM MOW ON YOUR. MONOPOLY YOU'LL MAVE ON THE .OF MARKET/ > IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE T" ME A/KY vo'JsE HERE; JIJST KEEP THEM DUKES UP, OR I'LL LET CAVLI&HT THROUGH YOU VVHBK3 IT'LL DO TH' MOST eC-OP.'- _,) ITS OSCAR BOOM,' I l~ I HAD TO COME BACK, BECAUSE OF OOP.' HE'S IM A TERRIBLE JAM- WE'VE 6OT TO C:ET KIM OUT.' ALL BI&HT. 1 FOR HEAVEM'5 POP, VOL) / CSCAP, WHAT 15 THIS CAM PUT UP) JAM? WHAT HAVE YOLK GUN A YOU POME WITH MOW,' / \- ALLEV OOP? tfHMfi "That ne^y prisoner's a iinu believer in adverlisimjl'! v tnpn i«ii. av fjr>. r.FKvicr. inc. T. M Ef.c. u. S. PAT..OFP, . Theater / HOW MUCH f TROUBLE DID you SEE IN 7HE CRYSTAL 22 /FdPEYE IS / RI6MT, IM A V\ NO ^7 FORTUNE I THAMU. VA, TCAR I NOW I FEELS ^—f BETTER HKO VOPv'OS Ov V^'i-sa ?&?& &&^ Out Our Way Our Boarding House With Major Hoople I THJNK. THAT HE \/ WELL IT WOULD WEAR-5- THEM TiMTGD \ BE HARD TO PROVE ~ SO TH' BOSS EVEN VET--ALL CAM'1 TELL V-.'HEM / THEY COULP ACCUSE HE'S TAKIN' A NJAP-- U HIM Of IT'S HARP TO ) \ HIS- PAK1TS PER TELL, AlfO'T IT? r^.V.. A CI-IAlR..' J~- W03D,MP«nm.' M WELL, PROFESSOR, ]/MRS. HOOPLK '. YOU'LL. \.\\i.r- !^l M VoO viOKfT KPsVe / I'VE: 8&BN5 "DVlMG OLD LAB AASOCI/ATG, \1'{O REF\O KV MlMD \\ TO IWtt=.T VOLb PROF, ZAPPO/-— k) -~~1 SPE(^VL\T A TOP-FLIGHT |f PLPMNi,\MITHOU-; 3C1EK\TIST J H£ % £ ALSO\\ A.KVPMOTiST, CLAIR.- J't^-X SOPPOS& AMD MlMD / / THIS IS READER, E'A, ^~S ( VIS.VT UNICOEW'S 0ig\K WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING/ ARE -VOU \ ; • (I'LL KNOW WKE.WT5EE TOUR JblNUATIfoy ^j- ' i . f SET-UP; YOU'RE RUOEA _j»^5 ' TUKT LlrCiETOO, IK) Real Estate for Sale HAVE BU YJ";KS' FOR CIT\ sty in ,,,, y condition Seo us oans on your house, lot ol in,, lon ?S bllc - "owurd A. Huns 3i ' in I 1 "?; A ,' Mi ' loilt '- Cornci --_ ... IIax «l. Phone 01. <j-(5 ALL OH ANY PARf'oiTiGU ATM n " ly A"? ""'"'east of Cotum" on Cdlumbun-Nashville road lv;o houses, two barns, black land and dirt land, terraced, fine slocl: pond, plenty of meadow pasture and woodland. Pick youi BLOCK S IN CITY Ion. OF WASHING- PINK TIMT3ER T,AND action 27, Townsliip 14, 1BOO BALES OF GOOD JOHNSON firass h;iy at Columbus barn. CASH OR TERMS. SKK VINCP'NT W. Foster. 403 West Division "si., Phone S3-M, Hope, Arkansas ..._ 30-3t -10 ACRES, GOOD SANiDY~LAND two and one-half miles out. New •t room house, gas, lights, nncl water. $3250. See Rilcy Lew-alien . 11-31 VVF, HAVE SERVED PROPERTY owners in this territory /or more than fifteen years. We feel that our experience and knowledge of the Real Estate business can be n distinct advantage to you in {Miner buying or selling. We so- hcit your patronage. C. B. Tyler. License:! by Arkansas Real Estate Commission. Office—119 Cotton ROW. ]].0| 160 ACRES, G ROOM HOUSED 3 tenant houses, on highway ' bus line, daily mail. Reduced' price lor quick sale. C. B. Tyler ll-'!t ROOM HOUSE, CLOSE" old Highway (!7 West. IN ON 11-31 G ROOM BRICK. "TWO CORNER _Jols. close in. C. B. Tyler. 11-31 WHAT WE OFFEn~TO~tTrs"sE~- lecled Real Estate at covr?cl market values. represenllnK their true worth, and arc r.old on a basis of full value receiver; for every dollar invaslod. C. B Tyler. 119 Cotton Row. Phone 828-W. 1.3. 160 ACRES, ONE HAM? BLACK land, balance heavy dirt land, 4 room house, 2 tenant houses, necessary out houses. Near paved highway 07—east. $4.1.00 per acre, one fourth cash. C B Tyler. n-3l Y* - Y2 - ELECTRIC MOTORS - & 1 H. P. Also a StocK of Used Motors — LIGHT FIXTURES — — APPLIANCE REPAIRS — — MOTOR REWINDING — General Wiring Contractors Doug ^I"B™\^ Carl Bacon V«*i B I Jones ELECTRBC CO. Phone 784 Hope Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »Fish • Sandwiches »8oft Drinks Opon C a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. I.oe City Limits & Highway 67 West For ELECTRIC Day Phone .... 413 Night Phone. . . I015-J We specialize in ... • Motor Rewinding • Repair all makes of Appliances • General Wiring Contractors BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark For Safe 1041 CHEVROLET, n?" a nn £ Ul ' cs ' _ 1'fupc. ArU. GOOD CONDID - noyylon. ,)-7|. - tl-iy, January hold nrticlea oil stove. Mrs.-W. Pntmos, Ark. 7th oil pinno and Simmons, — __ 5 ' 0t 1942 MODE!, FORU W TON Truck, 158" wheel base, dual Axle, reinforced frame-, !i2. r ;-.r20 rear. 750x20 front tires. OPA ceiling price. Can be neon at any time parked in front of Ritclv'e t.roccr Co. or call 177, Hope, Ark. 5-01. TWO WHEEL r rRAILoir~ST"KKL body, priced roa.'itiriably. Jnciuirc at 304 East 2nd St. ,1,'nea Mav_ t.i{? Sales and Service. K-I;t 3000 HALES ~GRA5is" liAY.""" fide per bale. Deelivcred in 100 baio lots. W. II. Uurke, lion-, 1U. \\. ___ ______ 1037 CMRYS1..KH IU)VAl, tires. $100 under ceii;n,'{ 1035-W or see Harold GOOD . Phone Stanley. , __________ __ 9-iit NO. I CLEAN 'LES]"'irDEZ~ L. It. Morrow, 3 rnilcs Goulh Hope on Lcwisvillo road, in-nt E FLAT BUESCHia "SAXO"- phonc, one Mellophonc. 5(10 r-hick sturling and finishing bailery. Seu Carl Brunei- or call (543. 10-:3l of By Wostbroak Pogler Copyrlfjht, 194G By King Fcstures Syndicate. ROOM lot and a half, garden and chicken house. Owner leavhv; lo"/n Karnosl. M. Glohorn, Sib WeVt A .^°^_5 • ______ _ i o-f; t THREE GOOD l^ED~TREADEL machines. C. W. Yancey, Sinp.ei- Distributor, 015 West Division Phone 301-R. j].'j( GOOD JOHNSON GRASS HAY". See J. B. Rowc, phone U-F-3 Hope, Ark., on DeAnn road. 11-(it POWER TOOLS? WOOD "AND" ME-" lal. shop rfiuipmc.it. hand tools 505 North Elm Street. ]]-:<( OP THE OLD PINSON PLACE 10 milos out on Hope-Columbus highway. Mrs. F. R. Smolii-.ar, Rt. I. Cox 8G-D. Sprint; Hill, Ln Wanted fro Rent TWO OR THREE UNFURNISHED rooms or house. Call GJ1-.I. 9-(H 3, -1 OR 5 ROOM HOUSE UN- furnished. Call W. I,. Poi'dor -\\ 1000. $1U.OO reward. lO-'H LosS- BLACK AND WHJTE SETTER, six year;; old, answers iu nanu.- "Dan". Reward for return to Charles Bryan. Phone 103(1. 11-31 Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR- setiere, indivitlnnll,- designed corsets, brassieres, men and women's sui-Ric-al supports. Mr-, Ruin Dox.ier, 318 North Elm St. Hope, Ark. Phono M4-J. 211-lm Wonf-ed io Buy VK BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone 87;i - 20-1 m Notice :DEAL FURNITURE STO'RE will bo opened for business in the same location on South Walnut. Street, Wednesday, January 3rd. Phone 476. 31-1 iii NCOME TAX* TIME,"FARMETJS arc required 1o file estimate or final report by January ifith Rome at my office, Hope. Services reasonable. J. W. Strickland 2n-:;\v CATTLEMEN Cattle Grub Monts Seed GET RID OF in your cows Store. THE back. COMPLETE RADSO SERVICE Bob Efmcre Auto Supply New York, Jnn. 11 — The issue in the dcmonslralion .strike of both A. F. of L. and C. I, O. unions in Stamford, Conn, was law or anarchy. During a slrllro of eight weeks, machinists demanded a closed shop and pickets illegally blockaded Die doors to the Yale and Tinvne factory. Governor Raymond M. Baldwin then sent a detail of citizens on lawful errands to enter the plant Charles E. Moore, Ihe slate police to clear Iho way for mayor, with p'enly of police at, his command, had refused to ern- ply them i'ur ihia purpose although tln-y could have preserved the peace against disorders committed and threatened by the union. The union executives, including aoine from other cities, had power !o pi event disorder by itisli-.'.ctinf! their pickets to obey Ihe laws against rioting, assault and disorderly conduct. Those are offenses clearly defined by laws which almost all citizens willingly obey at nil (imes. This, the union execu- ves refuted to do and the mayor placed himself on Iho side of rc- uollion against tioverrnncnl. No labor issue was involved here Ihe Inbor isnucs had receded into the distance and were matters for negotiation. The question of mob aciion was not: negotiable. Tii.-) issue now was solely whether the mayor would obey his oath and maintain order and protect the cfial rights of those who wanted to ntcr the plant. These citizens v.-c-re threatened with injury or death by a blockade of organized l!ui;!r. A number of Communists had been busy in the background. .joint: oi the workers, after eight payless cay-day:: and a bleak holiday season, were sick of the strike and wanted their jobs back. These lacoh-ss figures in the strife were rcquned. however, to report on lime and stand watches on the pieiau linos. They were on warning tnat if they refused to picket they might be expelled for "un- unionliku conduct." And, if they m's'Kled on their right to go to their .lobs, they might be slugged with iron bars or uteel chains or clubs and paral.yy.cd or killed. J'ii'.ts normally law-abiding wcnkors were compelled to become a iiolous force and potential killer; uy orders of an irresponsible ati inorily claiming to represent then as voluntary members bin with UK admission that if they wercn' coerced by the company thej might net remain, or become members. Tlit mayor repeatedly had said tnat the company was trying to compel him to use the police to break the skulls of the rioters Ii actual fact, his duty was to use tnc police to prevent the rioters Irom breaking the skulls of law abiding citizens and this he refuse" to do. The men who wanted lo enter the plant were threatenini no person. The threats came only Jrom the picket lino. It was to pro tect the citizens in their persons and their rights thai Governo, Baldwin, helat'-dl", sent slrile «o lice lo Stamford, supersedin Mayor Moore's local police to clear a path and keep order. The .state police arrested a few pickets Cider was restored. The law WB .made clear. And the mass dcmon- Islralion was called as a protest against the law. This was arranged oy tnc executive power of 'the union bosses; and c-ntimiclalion was present in tho action of many who joined the rally. Small merci.anls of Stamford, not interested in the issues, but wan a slake in the maintenance ot peace, worn given their first real experience- of the brown shirl or Ku Klux terror . They were asked to display placard:; in their windows .\vmpalhixing with the riotous force. H Uic-y refused they would be DiacK-hsted and union members woulu b:; foi bidden to trade \vith hem, under threat of punishment lor 'un-tmionlike conduct." If they complied they were inviting similar disorders at their own doors later and condoning organized thuggery as a method of adjusting disputes. This was only one of many such episodes of the same lime, at Kcarny, N. J., there was no pretense that the nickeling of the electrical workers was intended lo be peaceful. Tho pickets went lo Ihe lines armed with clubs, of uniform size. Sedentary, elderly, citizens y,no tiled to go to their desks, un- UL-I- no suspicion of wanting lo lake over Uio abandoned jobs of the rioters, were knocked to the pavement and beaten up. There is no legal right to riot, even for pickets. The right to picket is a ngnt only to address the pub- He by Kpeech or publication such as pamphlet or placard. Under the Roosevelt government, however' me nnioncers were encouraged to iciToii/.e neighborhoods and cities Local officials, such as Mayor n iV? 1 ' 0 ' 1 .V 1 ' Stamfoi ' ( l. illegally per- milteu them to do so Slrictiy speaking, even strike iojikers have a rieht to go u. -ill 1 .*;' '-„. X M Cate< ? jobs ayor Moi.re's oath OPE, ARKANSAS Waco, Tex., Jan. 11 —(/P)— Tiile- favorcd Arkansas encounters jic-r- haps its toughest obstacle in the Southwest Conference basketball race here lonighl when the Razorbacks open :\ two-game series with the Baylor Bears. Tho Bears, loop dnrkhorsos despite the fact that two freshmen are in their starting lineup, have the best pro-title race record in Hie conserence will tun victories mid one defeat. They wore beaten cn!v by powerful Oklahoma A. and M.' While tonight's game will be the first conference start, for Baylor. the Razorbacks already have a pair of circuit triumphs sacked away and currently are leading the chase along with Rice. Arkansas launched its drive last week by dumping Texas, |j5-<17 and 90-(i.'i. Baylor is expected to concentrate its defense on gangling George Kok, Arkansas center and leading conference scorer ""Hh •"" points in two lilts. In addition lo Kok, however, the Porkers offer serious offensive threats in men- two stellar guards, Bill Flvnt and Melvin McGaha. Forwards Frank Schumchyk and Ken Kearns also have adjusted their eyes on ihe basket in recent outings. Mark Below. Frankio Edwards and Bill Hailcy, war veterans and former Bear letlermcn. Crom ,-. solid foundation fur the Baylor team, into winch considerable punch has been injected by Fresii- rnen Jackie Robinson and Bill Johnson, both of whom wore all- Texas high school stars last season. The two teams will tangle in th? series finale tomorrow night. Capacity crowds are anticipated lor bolii encounters. Probable lineups: Arkansas CARNIVAL Page Five Dick Turner Kearns.. Schumchyk Kck Flynt McGaha "G G'" -o- Baylor Belew ....Edwards ....Johnson ....Robinnor. .. .'...Ilniloy /Mrs. colmson uizGame "Well, 5 o'clock! Now go home and. find-out what the UUle v/oniun ha^bccn having to put up with'all .day I" This Curious World luson Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J fflSBB 32253 . requires him lo p:otecl even them. The riglit to bliike is only a light to quit work. is not n right to prevenl someone else liom dping thai work osl city oidinances forbid all poisons to block or obstruct aw iU!vni, P ri ol '- wlly n PP roa ch to any place of business with intent to intertere with the free- passage of no ^ son c (bm!1 - cl i 111 lawful busi- nest, fne Slamlord ordinance so provides and so the mass demon- stralion in Stamford was a protest organized against law and government and in favor of rioting assault and anarchy *" <m m non C ? n f ann ° rs ^day have OOO.onp tracvors, a 40 per cent gam EUICC 1040 Sae Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from celecled foots. Hardy, fast- growers. Low price. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts Fighfs Last Night By The Associated Prer.s Schcnectady, N. Y. —Marty Set- vo, 142 1-2, Schc-nectady. ouluoinf- ed Stanley (Baby; Simms, " 1-19 Washington, 10. Orange, N. J. — John Thomas, 113, I't. Lauciorclalc, Fla., outpoint- ed Billy Grant, 173 1-2, Orange. 10 Miami, Fla. — Maurice "Lefty'' Lachance, 132 1-2. Lisbon, Me., and Norman "Hi-Ho" Silver, 132 1-2 New York, drew, 10. By United Press , > Mr - ~ Bobby English, , Fall River,' Mass., decis'ioned Leo Mucucci, 129, Portland, Me., i.)?"L lington ' VL ~ Harry Hurst, l.«, Montreal, stopped Johnny Mel- toiij 144, New York, (1). i J'' all rf River ' Mess - —Lucky Lima, 140, HarlCord. Conn.. dccjsioned Pay Doylc.42, Fall Kiver, TlOj r.» ' is U . ie gcogrnnhical center of the nation's steel in- The first regular night airmail seivice was jnaugtirated in 1024. _— Legal Notice NOTICE inir" " 0 ^ Snturdiiy. January 12 19'IC, at 2:00 o'clock P. M at mv Co'u mvin Washington, He'mp,!'a i M & _ Ark: »is:>s, (loeatod n<-ai- the old Couvt,-iou.se building I will TOOAY MAY HAVE BEEN A SHELL CRAS YESTERDAY/ WHEN IN NEED OF MORE ROOAN, THE OLD SHELL SPLITS OPEN, THE CRAB GRAWLSOUT, AND, UNTIL THE NEW SUIT HARDENS, THE CREATURE IS KNOWN A? A -- DESTROYED ENOU6H TIMBER IN THE UNITED 5TATE5 PftOM \3O3 TO I03S TO BUILD .SXX* MO "WHEN A HORSE REARS UP, THE REAR IS DOWH"S3t/f BRUCE BARTLEIN, NEXT! Topsy-turvy house building. -By Hsjilj S, FaUsrtoa, Jf. ®- (One) 1 Pony, which wa;; o? ,!!." p by lr '° on roccembnr ^0, i!H5, clay bank color, weioht about 700 pounds, fl-tx m.i'ne and tail, blaze face, split in right ear. In the meantime, if tho ovFnei said animal makes claim fc>r s-iid animal and pays me nil expense have been out for feed, etc the pony will be delivered lo tho OWIVM-- otherwise, said pony will be sold nl the time and place above named to the highest bidder at said sale- R. W. JEANKS Jnn 0, 9, 10, 11 WARNING ORDER No. 2iri2 In the Circuit Court of Hempstead County, Arlc. Otho A. Cook, as Commissioner oil Revenuos The Stntc of Arkansas PlainliH vs. Jewell Dye Dofenclnnl The Defendant, Jewell Dye is warned to appear in this 'cont within thirty days and answer the complaint of tha Plaintiff, Oilio A. Cook, as Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas. Witness my hand and the seal of <;aid court this 19 day of December 1945, C. E. WEAVER, Clerk By Omera Evans, D C O. T. Ward, Att'y. for Plaintiff John^P. Vcsey, Att'y. Ad Litem f Slit Al_j) Dec. 21, 23, Jan. •], 11 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to Section 1 of Act 297 of 1045, notice is herehy given that -.otters of Adrninisli\-Uum to the 'ollowina parties on the following estate: Effie B. Vesoy, Administratrix of the Estate of Robert H. Vfs-.-y do- ceased. Letters issued September JO, 1945. Mrs. Carrie II. Chick, Adminis- .ratnx of the Estate of Acklie I.: o Green, deceased, Letters issued October 2nd, 194'5. Hamilton L. Hanegan, Adminis- rator of the Estate of Ambrose F rianegan, deceased, Letters issued November 22, 1045. P. C. Stephens, Administrator of he Estate oi' W. T. Wood, duceasi-c! -.otters issued November ?2nU I'M"' llattie Price Mann, Aclminis!••;,!- 'ix of the Estate of W. II. Mann ic-'ccased, Lottery issued Novomlnv th, 1945. All persons having claims iv^ain>! said estates are therefore notified o exhibit the same tu the under- igned, properly anthcnticaiod. vithin six months from the dale he Letters were issued or tlu'.v shall be precluded from any bencfi; n said estates. Leo Ray, Probate Clerk of Hempstead County. Arkansas. By Arthur C. Anderson, D. C. Dec. 28, Jan 4-11 New York, Jan. 11 —(,p) —Publicity !•; (lie only weapon the All- America football conference has to carry on a "wai " wiih the National Jj'ooiball League until it actually starts jilayin."; I'ames, accordiijg t'o proxy Elmer Layden of the NFL Ihe Admiralty . . .you have plenty of proof for. ago. '.'* that .statement in the fact the gird Yankeos ?i..;neil Frr.nkie Sinkwich Dec. Oih and didn't anoiir.ee it until the day the older leaguo opened its aiiiii'.l iijcjciin;;. . . next, announcement yju can expect is that the Ynnkees have signed John Kimbroufih, \\w i'ormer Texas Aetii>! Hue biLitor . Tiie Chicago Cardinals ou'ered him a ?1,OI)0 a game contract and he turned it down because he had agreed to 20 with the Mew York club. Les MacMilchcIl averaRes-40 miles a \vcek on the N.Y.U. board track while getting in shape for the winter foot-racing season. Tliat's some different from jogging a scant mile in 100 degree heat as Les did on islands not so long Ln^sl Pride "Guess Marty Marion, Bill Voi- selle and Doc Blanchard have done mine t,> put their native state '. V.C.) on the map than Rand- lUeiv ;;!!./ and Stcreiary of State Jimmy Byrne's,'' writes scoop lati- mer, ihe .sage of Greenville, S. C., and ycooeroo j'aneli -to nil Fields Wairen Giles, the Cincinnati Kods boss, figures he has heard at least i'ive or six times from each of his bail players in service. n addition he has kepi tabs on their play by coinmu'ijCMting with major Joaiiin'rs en the same learns . . .It look i;o days Ui cut down Hie Amonci'ii k-anue Wtn-ld Scries film u-oni :;:: (H)il f,.-vl to 2,S(iO. . .another vveek ur.d Lc-w yonseca might have ed all liaiiunal le: FLOOR MATS FOR ALL CARS Bob Eimore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main SHEET METAL WORK of all kinds See IRA HAUSURTGN, Jr. nt the Hnliburton Sheet Metal Works SPRAY PAINTING KEMTONING do'io the SPRAY WAY LUM RATEI.IFF Phone 130-W 518 W. Div. Hope, Ark. Sports Pourri Harrison Colson of Wichita Falls, Texas, says the finals of the Texas high school football championship at the Cotton Bowl drew 46,OtK) spectators, a southern record, and wants to know the northern record .for schoolboy games. . .biggest crowd we recall was approximately 02,000 at Cleveland last fall. . . Tom Greenwade, who left the Brooklyn Dodgers to join the Yankees scouting staff, is a close friend of another prominent Missourian, President Truman . .Joe Dimaggio is a director of a West Coast sardine company, but he probably can't teach Larry MacPhail anything about packing 'em in. Thoughts lo him that is afflicted pity should be shewed from his friend —Job C:H. Pity speaks to grief more sweetly than a band of instruments.— Barry Cornwall. Did you say they're heire? NHW MAYTA@S3 •®- f W 1\ Handsome new modi-Is... exclusire MAYTAG features A- Important "Post-War" improvements i J J new efficiency, quality, ruggedncss. Visit Our New Store JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Phone 209 304 East 2nd By PATRICIA CLARY Hollywood, Jan. 10 •—(UP)— Li Col. _ Gregory (Pappy) BoyiriHlon. Marine jiir see, and Mrs. Lucv Malcolmson. New York socialite who claimed he jilted her, conducted a cross-country quiz game today. Mrs. MalcolrrtEon, at Reno, Nev., wanted to know why she was jilted. Boyington, in Hollywood, asked her to explain whrl happened to .$18,000 he said he gave Boyington was married in Las Vegas. Nev. 24 hours aftei—Mn; Malcolmson charged—he Irft her virtually wailing at the altar .and .old here she wns mistaken about .heir marriage plans. P;ippy ^-year-old Congressional Medal oi Honor winner, 'usscd his new bride repeatedly ibr photo- I Brapnors as he explained why he didn't marry Mrs. Malcolmson but did marry Mrs. Frances Baker, .'2, pretty Los Angeles real estate broker. "It was just one of those things " Boyington said. "I became more and more in love as lime v.'o..-l. on." Ihe newly weds had met two months ago at a friend's home "Any romance I carried on with Mrs. Malcolmson was by mail which you've already seen " he said, referring to letters and telegrams tho comely New Yorker had made public. H was just "overseas nerves" that prompted him to write them in the first place, he said. Then Boyington asked the 318,000 question. When he left for overseas, the nier said, he made Mrs. Malcolmson legal guardian of his three children, Gre«oiy, Jr., 10,'Sue, 8, and Gloria, 0. now living with his parents in Brewsler, Wash. ly 518,000 in tho .iorm of" allotmenfs" and pay for their keep. His attorney, Arthur Miller, will lake le-al steps to get an account- lr %, chc lr >onay, Boyington said. The only other way ho could get an accounting, he claimed, was io marry Mrs. Malcolmson. He charged that she had said as much, '-'•ornotin^ him to five her an engagement ring worth !>.5.000 which c udii-nt to. b2.KHI "because it looked like a bargain." Boyington added that he had received a letter from Mrs. Malcolmson recently calling him names quite unlike "Appleduck" and indicating that anything that ever was between them "was no longer." '.'Appleduck,'.' Mrs. Malcolmson said, was how Boyington signed a telegram to her. "I honestly believe that Papnv ! y l 0 ^ 53 , me '" Mrs - Malcolmsoh protested tearfully in Reno "But he s married now. I don't want anything more to do with him " Boyington wearing his Medal of Honor and Navy Cross, said he and his bride would start a cross-country lecture tour Jan. 17 A >-egular ineligible for discharge', Bovinn'-fn will return to Marine duty' at lie end of a three-month leave. r ,' ri . 10 flier equalled Capt.' Eddie Kickenbacker's World War I record of 26 enemy planes .shot down before he was downed himself He turned up in a Japanese prison rqp—, alter he was given up .for oo/ington divorces his' first wile Hope Goes to 2 Game Series Hope Bobcats will ?cave this 3f* lornrmn, for El Dor.-Jtro, where thby will play a two game; scries. This i.-< tlie first conference garno for Hope. Ten conference games are scheduled. The Bobcats, won their first 1940 basketball game Tuesday night. Januarv . 3, from Prescott by a score of 07 to 28. . Here r.re the remaining games to be played by the Bobcats: January 11— K\ Dorado there. January 15—Open January IB—Camden, here. January 22—Texarkann, there. : January 2:i—Malvern, here. January 23—Open. February 1—Hot Springs, there. February 5—Arkrrielphia, here ' February B—Arkaclelphia, there. February 52—Texarkrna, here. February in—Proscott,- there: February 19—Hoi Springs, here. February Vi— Malvern, there. Februnry 2fi—Camdon. there. On'March .7. 8, and 9, there will be a slate tournament for senior boys, lint it hns not been announced' where it will be held. Barbs Bv HAL COCHRAN Ninety divorce decrees wore granted in T?cno in one dny. The , old seasonable spirit of "ring out ithc old." Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St. PHONE 013 Appliance Repairs—Appliances THEO LONG For PBumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkansas RADIO BATTERSES A. & B. PACK We Have Them WALKER APPLIANCE CO 100 S. Elm Phone 90'l « FOR . . . JOB PRINTING PERSONAL STATIONERY See GENTRY PRINTING CO. Hope, Ark. Front St. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt ! the factory way. I HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Rhone 76 Alterations Pressed While You Walt BENDBX AUTOMATIC HOME LAUNDRY See it now and place your order. WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 10U S. Elm Phone 901 To Farmers and Stockmen. TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS AND CATTLE See E. M. McWillioms SEED STORE Representative for NASHVILLE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Arjr> r "' r '-'tly most, "of tt"» : .pconlp who won't stop at anylhihg are driving autos. 'i An emoty coal, bin these 'days is enough to put a lump in 'your throat. . ••--. f The government is*' -offering for sale ?(5,027.157 cans of salted- pesmif"—Ihe majority•'• of which nrobpbly \v-ii 1 be prtihcKfK;' hv the E'uy in the seat next to you at the movie. bin Seattle. Wash., in "1941.'Mrs Bovir-fton.dnughter of the laic Mr nnd Mrs. Henry -Reiman .of Snn Francisco, vas divorced in 1932 from Russell Baker of San Francisco. ••-•••• ' KELVI-NATOR ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR See the beauty of 1946 and place your order early WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm ..Phone 901 BUTANE- SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs ., HARRY W. SHIVJER Plumbing » Heating ! Ph&ne 259 Hope, Ark. For PHOTOGRAPHS in your home ' Phone 493- COLL3N BAILEY o TRANSFER :• HAUL ANYTHING ANYWHERE Quick Dependable Service Phono 933 B. P. Me LAIN . If you are in the market to buy or sell Far'trHand or City Property, call or see CcSvsra E. Gassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building TAXI: Phone 679 or Np. 2 Yellow Cab 24 Hour Service Careful—Bonded Drivers Irvin Urrey, Jesse Brown Owners Hope Builders Supply Co. For Paint Lumber •Glass Lime Cement Plywood Roofing Noils Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware

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