Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 26, 1905 · Page 38
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 38

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 26, 1905
Page 38
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SUNDAY MORNING?, THE PITTSBURG POST NOVE3IBER 2C5, 190o. The Totter In otmse of the Romanoff The tiny princess as a child showed such unusual spirit and such an imperious will that the Russian people had come to expect that she would be declared the heir apparent to the throne. up very simply by Knglisli nurses, and ing to isay something pleasant, remarked: they have been allowed to have only the "I saw four very nice little girls out healthy pleasures of ordinary children, riding this morning." Only a short time ago they could be seen "No, you didn't:'" replied tlie Grand "You saw four little grand duchesses." At any rate the four little grand duchesses have unlimited popularity, and to the never ceasing Joy of the people, rich and poor alike, may bo seen, of late. out ialmopt any morning, their nurses seeing that they i . vcr miss a bit of sun-thine if there In a iy to be found. "Hut tlty are alwitys the busiest little Grand J Hi-hcsae. imaginable. It i-t a driving through the streets of Fetors- j Duchess Olga abruptly, and with dignity. AN 5 1 " i fi Hvv v-' f-u,- iJvBa IT used to be a favorite pastime of the poet Pushkin to pour water Into a. glass of wine until so little wine re-' mained that it hardly imparted the slight-i est taste or color to the goblet's contents, i This was by way of showing how little t Russian blood remained in the Romanoffs i who have since Peter the Great been the i reigning family of Russia, j The Ruriks, when they were driven ' from power, were a pure bloodod Rus-' sian line. But intermarriages with German wives have made th? Imperial family of to-day almost wholly German, by blood If not by sympathy. It was with Peter III., who was suc-' ceeded by Catherine II.. that the Romanoffs began to rule Russia, Older Russian descendants of the Rurik families naturally looked upon them as usurpers. Prince Peter Dolgoruki did not hesitate so late as the time of the Czar Nicholas to make his opinion on that matter known. The emperor had summoned him from Paris, where he was acting as secretary of the Russian embassy, because of a letter he had written which did not please the czar. The prince sent word that he would send his photograph to St. Petersburg Instead. With this offer he reminded his majesty that hia ancestors "were grand duke3 of Moscow when the ancestors of the Czar Nicholas were not ' evert dukes of IIolstein-Gottorp." The Romanoffs are likely to have the ' distinction of being the last dynasty of absolute rulers that Russia will know. The ruling house that preceded them was : saved from the necessity of having its wings clipped by the people, even if it did disappear from view a century and a half earlier with its powers and right3 , unabridged. There had been no change in the estate of the present ruling family when the pictures shown here were taken. The . last of the Romanoffs to rule absolutely were then in the fuil enjoyment of their despotism, which has so recently been ' wrested from them. The children of the czar now number five. The youngest of these young Romanoffs is Alexis Nicolaievitch. whicti means, of course, the son of Nicholas. This young man. who is heir to the throne of all the Russias, is no"r little more than a year old. But he is already Hetraan of all the Cossack troops in Rus- : aia, commander of a regiment of the guard in Finland if that honor still remains to him it is rather an empty one now and he occupies the same post in three or four other regiments scattered over the vast domains of his father from St. Petersburg to Eastern Siberia. --- It waa at his birth that the nihilists declared the czarina had given birth to another daughter and imposed on the people the child of a peasar.t. A revolt of some kind might have followed the birth of another daughter to the czarina, and the nihilists urged that it was to prevent such a disaster that the child was taken from a peasant who had been smuggled into the palace. The story never gained credence and the devotion of the Russian people to the little, heir has never faltered on account of it. It was thought before his birth that the little Grand Duchess Olga. who is now 10 years old, might be declared the czar's heir in case no son was born. The Sleuth Who THE laughs don't bubble up so quick in me as they used to, but I had to lay down on my f-ittin' room rug and take a roll for it this mornin' when I fell to thinkin' about a hotel detective I slid into back in the years when I was work-in' " observed Spike McGunn, the retired hotel sneak of Detroit. "Gag of it was, I was the Patsy for the laugh. It was on me, and on me good. "Most o these hotel bulls, y'see, are just walkin warts, goin' around sportin' big mustaches and tryin' to look hep. I never see one of e'm yet Vep.tin' the one I'm gurglin' about that s feeble-minded old woman with a poke bonnet couldn't hand a lemon to. "But just this moon map, that just to think about him made me take a hollerm Toll on my sittin' rug this mornin' well. I'm a-tellin' you, he got my stack o' past performances on inn sleuths so twisted that for a long time after it happened I couldn't figure out whether I was mc-self, a rough-neck pink wth a zinc badge or a leather worker doin' the Indiana county fairs. "1 was playin" alor.g on a follow shot when 1 met that houe cop. I'd followed a mining man from Butte to Denver. "This mining man had a little way of BRAND WHITLOCK, the independent candidate for mayor of Toledo, who defeated the Republican organization candidate, is a novelist. But lie- was something of a politician before he tried : literature. He learned political ways when he was a - reporter. He wt.s associated with : George Ade when the latter was a daily newspaper writer. One day Ade told Whitlock to lean to political stunts, if he was going to stick to newspaper work. "Whitlock followed ' his advice. Some months after he was sent to Cleveland he was living in Chicago at , I the time to report the Democratic Htato j convention at w men governor ampnen was a candidate for renomination. The. Cincinnati delegation had front s-ats in the convention, and whenever Campbell's name was mentioned the Cincinnati gang howled in derision. Campbell had fought the gang during his iirst term, and they wanted to defeat him In the convention, or. failing that, at the pedis. The night before tae convention. Brand "Whitlock called to see the governor at the latter's hotel. Whitlock whs a boy Poiets on i. v.". 9 Si.. .,-;;:. ic Fhoto by William F. Dreer. Coulter, Ta, OiiLi PAINT used for stopping-out is only suitable for application to the glass side of the negative. It offers us the advantage that we can have a, sharp or soft outline at will, and generally it is easier to manipulate than is water-color pigment, but of course, it has tiie incoavenient property takjns rv;vuT. ifHU- mhi'.'M (((if '"OTi Iff . X & W"' - ' " n ill 1 licr :. v j - if W-J ' v JJ wv ' 1 y . kX$Cvv . ' . -. ... . y & Ss -;c XSJZ- The whole court is said to be devoted to the child, and it seemed a settled matter that Olga Niko'.aevna might succeed her father when the coming of her three sisters made the appearance of a male heir more and more doubtful. Tue on!v opposition to this plan was expected from the Grand Duke Vladimir, who would inherit, as his older brother, ilichael, is in delicate health. Serge, the second brother, who died, was childless. The Grand Duke Vladimir, who retains his strong influence over the czar, is the father of those two admirable young men. the Grand Dukes Boris and Cyril. The birth of a son settled all these problems of succession and delivered th Russian people from the hateful possibility of being ruled by one of the grand ducal group-In the group in the chair are Olga. the Grand Duchess Marie, who is now six, and the four-year-old Grand Duchess Anastasla, Riding her donkey in the grounds of the czar's summer palace Tzarsko Selo is the Grand Duchess Ta-tania, the second daughter of the czar, who has now reached the mature age of eight. She was born at Peterhof. These young ladies have been brought goin' off on a month's drunk twict a year. He'd take in ail the big towns, far east as Chi, and Vasionally right on to York when he was uoin' these celebration things, and he'd always fret rolled somewhere or another. I'd heen wise to him for a long time, and it waa my turn f roil him. "There were three of us in Butte at the time, waitin' for him to start off on hli next drunk, and when he broke loose the three of us chucked the dice to find out which of us was entitled to string along after him. I win, and so, after the mining man .had enjoyed his regular three days' souse in Butte and stared for Denver, that bein' the first town on his beat, I was on the same train !th him, and of course 1 went to the same house with him in Denver. "Y'know it was a ehame the way that mining man started in tr spend coin from the minute he hit Denver. It ju.tt hurt to watch him, it sure did. I'd win hlrn Jn th" diee chuck, hadn't I? And every hundred that he blew and he blew thousands riurin' those f.r?t two days in Denver was takin' just so much away from me. It looked like; robbin' me right before my own eyes, it sure did. "First night in Denver the mining man The New Mayor of in appearance, but he had the sort of confidence which is sometimes mistaken for nerve. He; told the governe.r some things about the Cincinnati delegation which the governor did not know. "If you accept this renomination tomorrow, said Whitlock, "you will be defeated." The governor laughed nd aKked: "Perhaps you can tell me how I can he ele-cted?" This was said rather Ironically. "I am rot as old in the game as you are," replied Whitlock. "but I can tell you if you had the backbone to get up in the convention to-morrow and decline the nomination and go before fh people as an Independent candidate, with th record you have made as the enemy of the worst pe.litkal gang In this country, you would Ve elected and would become a leader." The governor laughed heartily and replied good naturedly: "Young man. you may be in polities some day yourself, and when you ret there you will finel out that to win you will have to run with the machine." Photography Which WMl Assist Amateiur Users of the : ,' -.s... ' o. . . c I several hours to dry. At the same time if a little extra care be taken in manipulating the negative we need not wait for the pigment to dry. To get a softened edge of a line with oil pigment we may use the tip of the finger as a dabber, or tie a we bit of wash leatber to tho c;id of an ordinary wooden GJIAKV WEIR TO TiC burg in a large landau. They are difficult to keep in a dignified position in this imperial equipage, as an eye witness sr:be 1 them a little over a year ago. She said: "The three elder ones see:n to rove ail over the Imdau. They stfuiJ up, and th.cn i are replaced In their peuis. It carce! lasts a minute, when you may ae th- .u on their knees, looking out of the front, bowinif to the passer-by and taking t:'.e keenen interest in all that r.nets thi :r eyes. "Once again th nuws with kind! hands place their valuable chsrges m more decorous positions. liut half a minute later the whole arrangement g-u upset. Ami to it goes on. "One of them asked lit!y. with much earnestness. 'Who d'"s St. T'eterhur b-long to?" To which the reply was given that it belonged to their papa "Yes"" replied the little grand du, hr-bf. with surprise. "1 did not kn-w that. I did know that Peterhof belonged t us. Tea? The whole of it? "The elder oni are fully alive ti th exalted position they hitl in ti-.f worl 1. One day a certain irsnr. wh--in 1 w:U generally term a court f urr.ls;.-r. l ; 4 with the litUe grand duchess, and thir.a- an came home "one toward midnight, ail aludged up, in a carriage with three rr four H-r.ver pais e.f his. n.ir it : r- - 1 i r . tro. They all went up to th Butt.- mma soot together, and then th liuzi'r an goin' ail night, the t-:i hops h to take it up to that soot in baskt-ts l-e-for (lawn peeked along. "When my man came in that right ih his mates I knew there waa cir,' t- i nothin do:n". and I was ai'iattm' on one ei the leather settles tn tn- hott ! lobby, kind o' mournin' over the way lii.it Butt man was toaaln my roll or as eood m mine when this ho::s- -rp that I taril to tell you about slouched nn r and sat alongside o' rne. "H was r.r.c o' the her kind e." harp that look like Swede big fat muah with pinkish jow ls big round crissor.y l.'i i" lamps. U!n like a milkmaid', and b;.; strawy mustache that sera ruble l all over his map, with close kinky, L. r -d.vdored hemp on hl conk to tr.at.-l-. K.. t !. I thought he waa a Seamllh'io'.'hnn hist time I saw him. I. it whn ! found oat that his name was O'Hir.t, that kt bun out." "I ha I to dop him then j is-t as a Har.dv Andy who'd probably graduated from porter and trunk loy.'tr to a house cup Toledo, "If we live, governor. I shall show you that the gang in politic has got to go," replied Whitlock. This was sai l in lW. V'hin Illinois !-( ted a Democratic State ticket Wh!t-lo. k wfis appointed secretary to S.-ctetary of State Buck Henrii-h. w ho waa j"l!y f'llow and a mixer. His ambition waa far above his capacity. But in- v. a s an. - ensful. He would probably admit that much of hia success was d ie to the advice of his youthful secretary. Whitlock broke away from Illinois when his friend Buck rpjlt politics an went back to Ohio. Whllei he dabbled in fiction he kept in tou.-h with politics. He had adhered to his r.ri nal plan that tt.e Independent plan mu.-'t vcr, t ua ;i y win out. H- has n-.-vcr veered from this course. It landed turn In the mayoralty . hair of Toledo the day that gang and machine politics went on the rock hi Cincinnati. Kx-Gcuernor Campbell. v ho became a political wreck in Ohio, and nft.-rwar.l went to New York, may recall, if he will, that tb.e young man w ho., opinion he laughed at in Cleveland has lived to sec his prophecy fulfille l. pen holder. For a large iinbber a hall I e,f tow or cotton woo! surro.in led by wash leather or muiiu is all w e nee t. To get a sharp outline the pigmi nt Is ' frst applied rnoder t-1 y freely with n ! soft hog-hair brush. The snarp line i j tili-n obtained w ith the aid of a large si.-. wooden match cut to a ci.fsel-shaped em l. j which is used to gather up super:! n.uu rugment by pushing th siuirpent-d end hi ! a forward direct ion, siys ' The I'r.ict :c . 1 , Piiotographer." i Sucii. for ir.Pt'in -e, r.s w here h.-.re tree i branches, f.l;!pp!og riggin. ruics. '.. I I'roject againiSt the sky in the middle d;s- ; stance. In such is- ti.e best, plan hi to ' intensify the sky half of the negative by the uranium !r.t.T..ufler. applied t : the I wetted film by means e.f a. largo r'.ft brush or ball of cotton wool. Then 'vltni a smaller brush apply a very dilme alkali to tho.'c parts where it ia wanted to ic- j move th" uranium inTemihcatuvi. For the dilute alkali we may uU.-oive a! crystal of .soda-carbonate the .size .-, n j pea in an ounce of winter. The prooceduiv ! is: il) Soak the negative in plain water: I i2) locally apply the intensilier ; i;h give j a general wash for 5 to 10 minutes; i i surface dry and apply the dilute alkali, ! (5) wash again, holding the plate no the water from the sky runs toward the land part. Air Bubble.3 in the Glass. Fortunately these disfigurements ate more rarely met with than they were a few years ago. If a bubble shows m the printing the only remedy l.s te cover the face of the printing frame with a sheet Was -i t t :" i ? ' -A V ' i.'-La"i GXAN&JUKi; ALEXIS ALCXANDXOVrrCH. DCKC TiiPCNE Eceetiioe wth a s- !'pcn-i-r n.e.Jal to flash r.t t . hanky ar. ka. !! w n a ! . -id- ' y t.iiker, al you e I I t i.!--,-g i : i. f. r f ,:- ' . . - w 1... ,1 . . . i . . : t-.'.m sny .i. t i.it.g t hat w..",i .:. t ma m y.-.u jo ; W.1.-5 h- I p.-.i 1 :;' . ,r a r " '!.! Irti. c,.;.,, man fni JI'i'i'.-ciu we.. e :t in th- '.- ' sa- ! f 1 !y hke. -. )... d. n by m- hi the i ath.-r i. t!..-r 'N-fiiff lrm " " 'No.' fa' !. f taliin', '.' r I w :xi' f- 1-in" tn ikit 1 -. v, 'I'm : to k- p r. eye ' t. hhc, . .- the lio:-, , .p kc. -(.';; I .1 .! - p. K 1 1 i o' important. 'I'm the ii.iu. dt-te- tin-, ' - i know o fi.ira ' try name' " h.. " I "I r, iiiih ' " 'Y- p. 'H ra. 'I'm coin' to I wate h him. lb ' g. 1 a lot of money a-. 1 i jo.ry 'i bun- ai-.. ,.i b.-iH w b n t e 'us j here. Some; I .,-! pTi-an got. .'. 'i in (mil ! frorii hiipi I-. t. 'n ;i ijl ear" " 'Ve . ? ' a-.;. 1.1 ;r Ml.-d-.e ril'S; 1 "I wr,!-d to fft Ibc- b!iC niu?h ttt- k. I '.'n't IV" h ri i! in;?!, f to ,--r i. wit.i th thi. k i.r,'. Haven't g.'t th.-I-atienc... " i"our- l-e e .M rl-T-.t a i.a-g !.'-i friend are with him.' tb- big tallow h a i ent on. bein' .; r.f the k'rd ti.at i ircibin't snub. b'.t it'll ke.-p ti husv watchm' I.Itt'. wr..-n b- t!.icf. iii aloe,, ar.a ail tanked up. Some .V there hotel n:.Mk make a i i-cc iu. i t - r.- u la r ew-. ,n ' ; ; y .,' Iriskl; drunks in their r'M.ms ' " 'I IT1 - il.' fi.ih I. Mrctthing a ',' l.i g't " "Aral tin r.-'s n.j ha!!boy on la'. i'. w here b:!s H.-ot i. (.aid ti.e yaj? of ,. b- i-.-cop. 'I'."V ?-'k. and they o-ui t .iT t to fill hi place. Some hotel r.. . k If ther wa any of '-m round, 'ul b- t l tO tiotice I hut ' "We!!. 1 took a look nt him then out f tin1 siant of my lam-1 1 wore!-', i if th- phii- meant m- Hut he was ! ... i ' right In front of hirn. and th. re a n't any more xpr-r.ion in hi ve ti.n ti the ee. of a china dog. ""And ! cant haw II fr'M '! wth blni t.n in hia :.oot v. i v i 1 l:ou-e won't tnnd ! u it - they . . too m i h ruie ;ird k- f. p"f.c ra-ar ". in a v. i'i-. v.cnt on the bous.- to;., i.lt'n' ..ff a i h and never once gl im-ir.' at inc. ''I- he fetches any of "ecu 'hum with bi'u tomorrow tdl'.t I'm yo.i to fhiif ' ) ' 1 1 door and t Mm t bed n s. I' T : .. ( . wli it Tl-tv ee;i a -siui-in" and a -! urn' all t.ivh.t. up ti.-re hi ht j so..-t. and I -need nit...;., an vh.w .' " 'Well, in.- for ti e bay.' -civs I th. f. getting tit., and on niV v.av up to tiv rooms I could't help but I iuh at th kind of bin. i o. Cat most hot. Is h : to vuard their j;uers This yn appeared to I th" I mit at 1 if ' 'e 'jn f Cri" mm 'ZJiZ I'd , a iro ,. n 1 hel , ib 1.. .l'cgii a: . ST. LOUIS of tissue paper, print in a d iff used light j and turn the pruning frame round it at 1 c.kAyirh-iJunizss tatania.. lthr le w.i nuth ruddin' trat ', I I ' ! Ke g.ii'i' to h'-i ro-m In the h.Uti I a n I : ' 1 .1 t i . , j ;i t to show . t "i ' o: ;m; ". -. . t I T . e i 1 C t-it Tl i (. olri' i.irli the ne.t 1a. Hlat W4J 111 ta'cl . It ..f th.- 'f o c a dCZefi tc-.e 19-j fore th" ? Ill We-t ,.. r, . Kt.J.p-e h IS ll"I'-l" ;' t.-i'c:. '.. a..;, - f.-r flu kin' a litti ilrii.'ii . d-it .-f 1 .i - '.Ur. -tak'h' the bote I bnr-j '.. ; t ti-- i .it.fi out .' ftft;e that I '( ! ! iO t" to t ' .:! t- r f'T rourd. n'tditi tie p.f'rrii h"il and t-ihn -n to g' a 1 it'r h ! '. r. fv-r t heu"lvi . and that I r.eer ti ht I a man g" tn j mv n.. n. y awav pke tnst. th.t U didn't i it. and cut in i il I ain t a bn'it rd b if I ha!.- ; , ft,.,- t-it I.? u- what ! I- i-im i.i ru- tit t!;e MUiUoo birdies that-i " !j, ' (!e r .. . 1 nway Itt w -..h ri'V-r if'- kit a a 1 tt:e i! nsi" i " ! ' r.m. an-1 j . en I-.- i n ti k in the r iler. Main iah-. t-.'.i'. '!i'.h..!.!. tb.re wt-re fo-;r ' .- e , , , ,f s - u . : . -.-! e-4 witbi bin. i , -. .- : an ! itii rf rl fuil ' tb' i Ui.' :'.' wot Ul. t where th- y b 't off i f ! 1! V ill "Tf t v ail started t' -rar:ble on to th j I .iter, boi-bn' . h other tf. w hen !o ll.irn. the mush map uf a house cop. ! i 1 I k - iti'Mlii j ll iiT b- xatt the nil on it. " 'I i.i.v' ?a h -I w as Mandln' clot,e jt' tn- . i. vnt-.r amt I took It ail '.r. -'twere a k'ck I'l"' it the' Tii.il. up In the g-iv'nor a :.,,,b K- a lot toikii awake bM 'ten t. the Uol ,.p it h. pool dht. Mini-I at, r of the bouie ' n r 1 1 - i mi- C flag it t. b.gt.t Tt- guv Tor tier", nodding t.iw ar-l ti:e a '.ie.l TTiir-.iiii; man f:o:u '. lb. tee. who could ju'c! sl;in,l up and that . j nil. ': d l '-st. anhow - la's hern goin-j nome Nh-.ce !,- In. f'nrht y.ci iirM : w .. t t'il l'ui..rriw night V gt hi- another jo,-.- ..' tb.im little i.-.rtiei. i In Li i)"t " ! "Well. they uer. Hil t!it .iboUt jUlce-l j . i-.o .ti; to trunk that 111- houe rep joi- i l . ! a vi .- .11 ' d p....! v t I 11HH; 'l lie " 'Su'e.' th-.v K.lid to the hotel tiv bull i ;, t th' '! I . -l . r t-;to his 1 U' k. and tell biai w . il hlui t" ti in row,' arid tlw tv r.t -tiir. -d. w'th their arm nroipel c.-h .til. r s ti.- k. and I lin' 'Ail ta il's .ii.i.i.i of i i mule team w.iv down m I l'..!o-r.,-,,., ' j "Tb.li the b.ou.ie cop takes the It 1 1 t i nuns. bv tin. aim in a prowetlti kind of ' -a ay. h- !p hlrn on to t he ! vat.a. and ....is bun up t i bun Hoot I r e n.iuut.-s later, I;;e I'm .trndm t in liiv.t of th- bouse w rciirn it ' i hadt. I beti.r tak- a ibincc and go af.r tic r dl I."..:,, n.orii'ii'. 1 ln-ir a '1'ft: i i i ' . ,r . 'I w b. !.!, and there was O'llarn. tie leu i-... J ' T "" ,V ..r n -.-i. & t s. i' . s.. . X.--. . .t ?s-- i FAIR. intervals so the lens-like action of the bubble may be as much spread out or CXAh'DDVKZMICHALLALEXAJlDItOTJTCri t to fie thori on a morning at TsaraVo f.r lmtnn'-e, whn they g' t off their S.' 'T 1 ry do rot wf a moment, bit ire of" ii r pick.r-e flow ers, t miring about frd en i vl-ir t enuelveh with a zeal wi . 1: '.o. t' .'it t'ev are rd iwe wiln t niixiniiim ' f i.l;ty and good health. X! Y .-.!? 't Ih .n- f the most jmud.i of .. To t!j T.T'.f'!si; ni:r'-. trying i kf.p prir- w h their iinrH-r'Hl d.-ird'"', w'.o. arf .ir--tJv a .pre. !at.- t 1 . - i r .f per-tun't v t !t f'lil or!h. run of. nd t!.-n a nil ''."i- f-i'ows. for t!..y are ;n Urn--. ir ns lrnM ran ! "1 f-i f'r. tli t'-i.! i s Tiirf;p are in ffr.e (ricr.Tp ai !. wf.at Is more, are k' t Ho by t he vl "a 1 1 y r iirl:i :!.i''v .f 1 1 - h ire. !" T.i' fond ('f Co :r,t I.a'r..- d rfT. 1 o r' -T'y r'-i-ini n of dfl.ri.tf hr.l-!i. Tl.cv have also a akr;. a:d 1. ' t t Haron 'r 1- crl'k". (,o warr.lv rrt urtia their ! rc-1 i it ti of lr iti. ' ' " Th- Grin) Ii,k-- M : ha. ! whs the be-r ! .rr,t Ul.f! t'. b rth of the l !t.e .-.:trr- :t-h h..rn tn lT'. aid 1 l'o h' ur K'T than the .zar. He ha a r.i'UT t'.irr d. and ht.ilth ia f.oor. T!.- n..n I- r ..f the trsnO d-.i'-al party who t.im i!uit :r ouvtu-e ;th the rzir is the (Jririd Io.k- A!xa:v!.-r Mi'Ufh-.t'-h. T-.nird t-. rzar'n favorite c t-r. t!.i Grnid I !-'. e9 Xi'tii.'i. Th-v are ti e only .!. le arnor.g al! the wran ? d il r-'inu." who !;.v.- the t putatlon "f 1 :rt or gi) . rii; w:th i-arh r ih'-r. T! v hive i ii'.pa. and th.- grand 1u'-e hs t-'-ri :noje i :n norrie of t h- uI.-s? of the fit)an-la! a. and.! whirh hae :i;a 1-ail the rftTi-c f!n:;v I.atd. H- ha mrr.er." trdS.it-n - witli the err.pTi-r. t ouever, and lo r to (.'in than ei'her VU.!lrm-r or A.s. I.i. fitter's l-rotii- A I a T r:d . a ir ! h. -.Vltch . slerid-r !.iri of d !!. and n gra: Spake McGinn's Rescue of From the " 'I's fill -t, Spik, ?-s he to me. hiln' o--r to v b-r I m-mw!. ,f t -1. k'-. "Go gt It I'm m f'r my cut ' "!. . Ve-. n;id ha" j ."t bioWed on me n l k-,.Kke l ru- d -A n. (h.r t never turri.-'l r , i vib-ii b- ciii!-.! mr 'S;'.- ' 1 diir. ; know hut w hint he w t-ii r'. r-t X w.-ijjri't tit.r on them c.tsy k " ! m...-i v. " st! ft " the l.iiil h:.".1 at me 'Tt.e ,b f. . i .,cn'. snd be . nv wake up ti, tegln t '.1 f'r b.,z.. Co na.l It le t I'm Cere f r rnine, un'star,"" "I an tell t: ;"k whether thse thu-.g are ail rigiil r n it cc. ;bt w h-.n I nK woi k.r.'. I nrean. Ar-d tiu mush imp was tlir.' with it all right "He rr.eant it I had n -ii; i- o' lightning think a -e.. ;t the wnv he d ftame! it. and Ca n I w h on the go, w it bout another word w.tii htm "If w as pan AH I had to i'o w r.s to w alk in. friek t he Butte . .un.' hri i-i ues an i iih1! tba main wad Th re waa l" ? rt that "Thert- w otier 1 tti- h ,oe bundles 'n II of hm o'hei fket. f.gurtn' hp about J : I tot l .s dhttrond litb red .s.iuper th.1t Wlltc'l W ri.s g.Ht I etiOUftil t-. fet- h me ti.;"! from th- fence, and you can dope it I f HUY, m'K. but 't n't allowed, said j C e wa ter tn a restaurant the other i right, nt the name time politely of- ! i.-rlng k plate for the offending cigaret. But the jewe'lul fingers tell it fast wh ie the t rig! rye looked d-mtr.ce. ii. urn mid stitpt'He in a al.ih.ee. Her -...rt protested against Interference, but i'l V'tit! "Sort v. sir. hut it s one of the rule of , the iioune." the waiter t vplainc.i to the ! n an a if km moral su; port from one of !: I o-v n n' The giil si.ii.gg.-d 1-rr sliouhli r and 1 ...... ..... .1 1. , . . . ff .,1 t - M, . - I --... S.-' ...... i . ,. , ... ... ,...,.. "I nt ver 1 curd of MVi. h nonens i" sh" t X. 1 i iue 1 nr.;r iy "Why. everybody knows tiuit the very J.et women sim.ii" "Not leir they don't. mi '' iut. r;oed th" a Iter. "If you were with a party in .. -rlv lie room vaiu . .. i!d i'.ok- ail you w .it.te I ml the m in t-.uceu t wei.M not 1... t: - r.,,,.. to kfu.W It. bit Hi the plin- dhoug : n vv.il. n' --imjily against the i ules and can't doll- "Its !!'.,;; i id ! a i. e s. " a i:. i m re - s. a ed i. - 1 ossi I ! , It may .n.er.et iine hnpfen that we inn -.i ' 'ecu.- a d-'sued view the-" . ere ...! I tree lll.li,. hi. illt.'id" them- . selv-e bevo:,, tb" edge of our pinte and . I ; . i i as hrt'es rr link pitches. If. th- w !..'," . t t :: sl. !.- be-in si"; p-.I out th " h. t ru. I"! - w i!,, of eoui-.-te. .! ' tu pf en r ' at th- sail.- lime. Hut if they are to be sb.ppid out separately it !. advt.iib!" ' ul' to .!. ,s iruch .-s we m w I: h t 1m I ri'!"'.! liitig per . d on the hhn siu- of th. ; nej.-.i'tv(- fl i so ; ihi th.-n apply to the jrlasr !!" il lew sn-iil d.lh of SOTl.e op'i-iUe oii pan.t, and even e it tin- c.U;-s of t uese i del of pigment, c h.i-r v lth til- finger , U- ,i bit of w ash Icitlier r -d -I i.p into ' pencil form, or ne an old water color (iiiihI b-iii- b-ui-li w ith t'ue b.ahs cut d..w:, ' to a Hal stu ii.. alter th" ii'.a.iuci of at. I I urilii'iirv s'encr! 1- usii. .Covering the Negative With Tracing: ! Pap;r. ; I so Importitit, th. iitih simple, that a . fev. word. must be devoted to it. The first step Is to get the best kind of paper. The present writer Inspected about ) simple of tracing paper at nil artist' 1 supply stoie not long hko; of them, only two were of sufficient even grain In be worth consideration mid neither of them i was entirely satl-sfactory. The reader l advised to visit more than one artists' supply establishment. 1 1 Is object is to find -not the iiiukI transparent, but the most even anil ut the same time the finest grain. What we want Is something like the finest ground glass. Specimens oi two if ! , ' . P'X'' 1 A. )J ' -' - "t I -r -: : '.A I I ' it'- -7. ti I" 3. Z i I a II : .:?y : V ill r - . .. r - t', . .- . - ... , a CXAtiL'IJ'JCHZSZ MAkiCi'AVL OMA Nicholas I. His mother was a German priii-eii He had a moderate fortune. hi.-h !.a. rnad" it neceaaary for him. v:tii a family of !x young children, to ira rf'i."" h.f? income by any means pos-:!. Vlad'ir.ir has set a fine example to his two snr.s. Il--.rU arid Cyril, and has been more dissolute than any of the other yo irseif what a l alrfsky it was and his th. tee mliky whit- studs, and his emeral i and Kimt eil- y p n. but I didn't take a i. tret- on wan n' him up by goin' afte-hi fir if r thre- -Ktoner. "Tile souse never made a move, and 1 walked out of his soot whistlin' easy-like, 1 felt so r.g'nt. anil there was no hall duilc cm watch then-. ither. "'I bad n t any sooner got downstairs before the house cop that I'd been look tn on a--- su' h a numb conk nailed me. " 'This way a .-e be. and we beat it to nn all-night g roguery on Arapahoe street and tut d-wn in the lack room, there t.ein" nobody around there. " 'Did V.e assay goo.li" says O'Hara, and he's a ,! fT. r. t looking lob altogether i.ow-ail th" inu.-lones's gone out of his . 1 art. and Inn blue lamps a-blazm" like a mn' o.i.ght C I- w hen he's workln and gettm' en. loym.e-nt out of hi w ork. "I sprung tti- wad and the ray rocks on him counted the bunch up. sorted it over and made an even cut with him. giving him his t hoice ' the boulders for bein' nice. " 'On your way. now." wiys he. 'Me C plant nine quick. You've got t' jump now so's 1 carl blame it on you. I've got 1 'S Woman and the Cigraret, rnonst rated the fair smoker. "Why, on the cont inert " "Tb" cigaret. miss. If you please." satd the obdurate waiter lirn.iy but respectful!?-, and after Another defiant puff and b. sets nit look from "ner vscort. the ir.iiicei;-ent a tul the wauer compiere.i. Iteiuifv :'ft rw.tr.l revealed the fact that such a scene is a not uncommon occurence at popular table d'hote restaurants liinuhyf. but s far public sentiment, f t . nrs the ii.niiagcment. Even in Bohemia a fejtimitit smoker is never seen m the public dining room. The fair smoker must surround her-e'.f with it suiTirient number to warrant tie s.'iii-i.in of a mule dining room bt fore sue can indulge herself to this degree. Wnile t ie fact remain that smoking a nong women is a more or less common pr.tr tu-c. It is not allow ed In public a it is m Kurepe. Not long ago report was made to the h. ad i i-tk in t h.e office of ati uptown hotel that on- of the women guest was .st i i.di-ur at the window of the public pjir'or on the .eennd floor puffing a cig-iiret os if su-h a pioceeding were quite custom .ry. ,.i- three different kind Pllil.io thus be I obtained no wu may make the following experiment : A ip.uirler plate negative Is thoroughly cleaned froni all film. A strip from each of the three or four samples Is ,-ut so w hen they are laid edge to edge they cover our quarter plate clear glsss. These strips are fixed to the ulass by a touch of paste at each end oX the strip. Down the cen i k (iV-' wH --..-4J 11 ( I . - , ;e-;-r-X't?92!r . ,-v- 4 1 j ? . , x , - i " - 4 - ff'v&XiiiZU 9-.' -' 2i ' Ph. u. 1 W. V. lb. JU-Kcf.rf.rt. NIAGARA FALLS BRIDGE. grand dukes. His brother Alexis, who is the head of the navy, is quite a different sort of person. He has the family weakness for French actresses and makes su- j perb presents of jewelry to those he meet3 1 in -Paris and St. Petersburg. But he has avoided morganatic alliances, j One of the mistresses got from the gov- j emment Sfl for arranging the sale of ; some ships to Russia by France. Then, , after the money had been paid to her. i the deal fell through. These two are. ; like the departed Serge, unscrupulous; thieves of the public money. The Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna is the mother of the Grand Duke Paul, who ( was banished on account of his morgana- ; tic marriage. His Money Bnatte Maiming Mam, to say I seen you prowlin around in the neighborhood of his soot, or something I II fix it Maybe he won't beef at all he doesn't generally when he's roiled, but jut wires back to Butte for more swag. Git busy now and beat it!' "But before goin' I took the time to ass him the question or two that had me pronged. " "It's easy," says he. 'Knew you as soon as you showed up see n you scoutin' I around a Chi hotel where I worked years' ago. Knew what you was after when the ' Butte souse sailed in. I'd ha' turned th" job myself, but I've kind o" lost my nerve, didn"t w ant t' take a chance on his wak-' in' up. Knew you could clean up better; and safer'n I could, anyhow, and I wasn't ' afraid you wouldn't be there with my cut. S'lor.g.- "I was pooty wtll along toward Omaha before the sun come up, about $12,000 on the good side, countin' rocks and all. "But it makes me lay down and roll yet, when it's handy to roll, every time t get C thinkin" of how I'd doped that house cop out to be a moon map of a zinc flasher that didn't know whether he was alive or livln' in Phillie. and how he fooled me." The clerk, properly horrified at once went to the guest with a polite rrotest, saying it was against all precedent and also contrary to the rules of the house to allow- ladies to smoke in the dining room or in the parlors. If ladies wanted to smoke it must be done in the privacy of their own apartments. Did the lady make a scene? Not at all. She simply walked down the hall to the next room, produced the key and was in her own suite of rooms. A moment more and a cabman outside said: "IxK-k at the lady enjoying her clgaret at the window." It was again reported to the clerk, but he was powerless. He could forbid her smoking at the parlor window, but at the very next window, which happened to be in her own rooms, she was entirely within her right, and smoke she might. This is a snag which modern hotel managers arc constantly encountering. All hotel maids can testify to the increase of the smoking habit among women. Sometimes a woman will smoke a half dozen cigarets after her cafe au lait and before she actually rises for the day. Camera, ter of all four strips make a broad one-eighth-!n h soft pencil mark. On eaca strip put a drop of gurn water and permit It to sink In and dry- Then print In the usual way. We shall now se which paper shows most grain and also which is made the most transparent by the gum water. The pencil band will also help us in Judging density and erandularlty.

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