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Pittsburgh Daily Post from , · Page 4

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Thursday, November 8, 1866
Page 4
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STEAMSHIPS. railroads; AHlSEMBm AMUSEMENTS. RIVER MATTERS. BI1EWEHS. J 1 1 IK.- I STKAM UKKwi.ilV. JOB. BrBHCKB JAB, M'KAT SPENCER McKAY, 11 DRUG GISTS. iSrJiskurgh Dn. House, Cor, Konrtti ami Market Sta. ONE OF XI1E MOST IlKI.IAltEK Jjriig Houses in the city. jy n o 35nt Mtrlotly IMiro Articles ltiroliivsoI or ! ; 1 1 . , we purchase only from manufacturers ami direct importers, o lr stock at present is unusually large, anil M'c Offer 6reat Inducements TO Physicians and Country Druggists. Our stock at present rmhraoes everything in lne lrut and Fatent Medicine Iine. t eeiher with Oils. Frtirit", V aniiBhes. Jjcnd, ljne Tar, lifnzole. Turpentine, Alcohol, Winia, Sega s. S.C. Ai"ti'l' 8 lor the Toilet, viz: Soaps, i'oiD-Mds, KxtiaciB, ,'oiOKnes, &c. ifiriahrs of fVtfj y vhi iety. VBineiics. M'stfeoriers Krench Knai'icl f HirtR liiooia of Youth, Magnolia Hrthn. 1'owiUtb, Theatre Koue, ite. Oohi KoiJ, Tin K'1' i'itch Metal. '1'russes, Jiricfs, Sus i,oits.Hries,h;iHStic Suckiiiire, Htin.phrey llo-i(.(,patic iMr,iEins, Ac., S.c. JieceiveU irtsh, -, old wholesale anl retail. A. l 1 1 1 UK IN J 1Z, oc'iO ( or. Fourth ami Mnrkft Ma. i aKKIVALK AND OkCPAKTl'Katsl, AKK1VEU. Fayetti, Donaldson, (leneva. Telegraph. Bugher, Hrownsville. Klector, Philips, (Jeneva. Bayard. Moore, Parkeranrg. Uulckslep, Bvrr, Cincinnati. , UEPAKTKD. Telegraph Bougher, Brownsville. Chieftain, Aliranu.. Oeucva. Gallatin, Carlilc, iJeneya. Urey Kagle, (Joidon, Parkertburg. TDK K.VBR.-La.t evening at twilight the marks exhibited we leet and falling s'eadily. The weather ws changable. By M'chamla National Telejirapli L.iue. ,.ecial Dispatch to Pittsburgh Post. Oil City, November 7. Klver about 21 feet and falling. Weather clear and cool. Market unchangabie. thh handsome packet, New State." Captain Harlan will load in turn lor l.inciunati and L.ouisville This boat is one of the bent of her class, and is in charge of eaieful and attentive officers. Tiik tine packet New State, Captain ilarlin, leaves this day positively for Cmciuuaci and ijouisville. 'Hub boat is uell louud iu every respect and is iu charge of attentive and carelul ofttcers. Thk tlrst-elasa packet Silver Cloud No. 2, Capt. B. U. iViaitin, is announced for Cairo and St. Iouls on aturiay, positively, 1'ersons going that way will be well eared for on this boat. Our old IrleudU. Klatht ua has charge of the ottlce. Thk line packet Kate Putnum, apt. llght-ner, Is auuouuced to leave lor St. l,oul. to Ioaj in turn, ibis boat has excellent accommodations aud is lu cbargooi aB clerer a set ot otticers as can be found, tlur old lrieud v t,ung will te louud in the oiilce. The tine passenger packet Armenia, ( apt. A. C. Mcv.alium, is bouud lore trip outn. She will have despatch lor Memphis and few 'i-leans. This boat is A No. 1 iu evtiy leii'o :. and is in charge ol careful and attentive olli-cers. Thk Brst-class psssenger packt Camtlia, ni'l. l.ytle. is announced lor l .arksviiie and .Natlivlue. I histHiai w I il (n throng li uitjuiul lestiippliig. Miiijn cm ri l) uu tiim. l'ersona m ho nave trave.ed wild Capt. L. t le p. ak in liaitilug terms ot tite appointments ot lilt boat. STEAM UU ATS. 1SGG. SPR1NG flRNMrNT. iug. i'.MONONOAEELA RIVER, i Pittsburgh, Brownsville and Geneva Il NTON H ) I'ACKKT COMTAY. Wltl run t&ree daily sidewbeet steamers t-tween t'lt stiuign, .Nionougaht.a l4ii , lirou na-vtile, Kto Lauding, i ih-uiIhh. i teoe v a, and the i'uuxard t iii Krgious. 1 r,u line is eomooa- I el of tlie following slcauicrs. FAY ETI E.., 1ELEHRAPH. FK AN KLIN... IALLAT1N... CAPr. P. l.iM.liSiN CAPr. 1) HI UH1.K. ...CAl'T. lltjl. W.lUbkl, I'AFT. A. S. I AKI.II,1- These packets will ieave Pittaturg daily i a. 01., aud b p. ou., eopt uiMiaya, Ku in viepariure win im at h o uxk a. m. The Uiroiigh packet for the 1 ii Regions wt.i leae k'Wiauurnu daiiy at p ti h.'nwuivnu daily at 6 am. Keturuing leaves HrowasviUa for iitlahurgh dany at ba m, and 4 m. leaves" lr3tns;stirol aud OeneTS) al la m. Kioe s Landing at 12 10. leaves .Monougahent -jty at f o'cmri, 1 his l-i u is .--.poae.i ol riiitiui sia-wbee t steamers, built ;reaiy lor ti.a li.e. he will te commandi l y osnona ui imu e , ;--riei;r. , who will pay particu.ar attention t- ti.e a..u ecmiortioi paMengc-ra. I j-e llu m 4eave promt tii at the hour ad; ertiatxi. FRE'CHTS RECEIVED AT l-LL ItoiriC.-a. N J J JtU3it-.:on oo Eastern Freiht. Ftr iurther particulars injure of il. McLUuy, Anent, At Wharf I' oat, f,xt of ((rant St., I'sttat uriS. " L. OOL IN, Aent mhl'tX lirvwusnlie, I'enn i'i.oili;. LINE OF STEAMERS, CINUOKPOKA1 ED f ' H 1 K rT A 1 ,V . . hL.U'1'iik..,. tAI'TA IN A U li A Si- I A1I Al 1 Ull.l.i.-.- rilUburgli, X. juuusalirla t ity, aud Urn . a. ItlMI'AM Ml I.I. Mi'" M ili; 1 y tu ) (.' . -, u t .'.( . , r 1'iur. I., P. rji,. I'l is0 cil tlie uew and ,iiei.i;i.l sitioi.t.rri .taa -nl H1I.H A1N.11 , !.tr... t..ii.B.(..!rr. ! Hie Kl.t.i lull, l,..lM-rt l'i,ii i. t. i:.n,j. !, "1 he fc.l.f i ' I wit m t li I-at i';U.: u. I..r H.ilct. .Mnu,ia ., W eilut H.la . lu i-iiilar. at f . m. heturoiar Ia . ll,r.e a for 1'IU.l-urrlU iu Turxia). 1 liuriiay. au.1 alur.lay, at a. ano iir.iwusi tile at . . ii,. I lie i 'lilelt al n win leave J" t : !i r h ht a.i , lunuts im II l.Mi.lis, Mil KMil au,! A I I K1A, at 6 p. m l,et.,rD,t, u- v , ; ilrurva li.r 1'ittsl'uricii. .n lU'i i.., tv Ki-Lnll. iS au.l IhlliAi -. al v a m . au.! llniwliSV llie at 4 f. ut. I lie ..n!i iau Lave a flrst-clas. ul.arf- i roat at .Mnuouirnjida l.'ity aij.l I'tttsl.iirxn ' r'teiKlit receirel it ail hour.. So cl.ar.s l..r cornmis siiiu uu l.Mlnu freil,t i 1 lie hue w ill uot r uu Uiat. mi the a!,!.a' ii r or lurll.er i.artirular. ib.jui e uu ih.hi.I t. ' Jdll.N .S. t I NMmiUA il. A!..' J At tlie W liarl M.iat, I; ml of 1 1 rant -t mylJau..! KOIl l.CI.A I I Al.ll l.lll l ll.i.K i 1 ill KMIA i , Nov. -4 P 11.. 1 111. M'l.KN I'll IM-- - I N- rfi'r meaiiii-r ,N -.V 1 A I 1.. llni wllltavea. a iilu. u Ute.l n :i . or KtiT oi l-asoe rti't'iV ou b ii. rtl or KOK MIM PHIS ol SKW n(LK.V IMl'KMiAY.Nov 4 p. m. auiiui, ommauder. will ivave an in iiin- ceil aluiv e. Ir'or Irelghf or Pa.sai-apply i.n l .ia:.!. or to I.A K i li 1 1.1. J. M . Hi i Hi. An'.. KOH I IM IXATI AMI l.lll IsVll.l.l-. iTHl'KSUAY, N..v. o I l. m . taJlT!lli TIIIC KIK PAHHKfMKIi JiaASsSBCstearrierliAMhI.lA, .1. I., l.jll. , l.iuiuaii'if-i , iwill leai'e as aiinounce.1 aln ior Irelirht or pasue, apply on Im.i.i. or to I l.Al k il COLLI Nit Will ill. Art. KIK CAIItO A.l ST. 1.(11 IS THIS DAY, Nov 8 4 p. m. THK SlLh.Mll ASli- Ker steauirr KAIL WlNjil .1. li. Ligblutr, Comoiauiler, will leave as ar.-liwouceii atiove. tor IreiKlit or pasaaKe apply on LuarJ or to ' LACK, fk :oLLl.M i Win ll), Ai;int. Keicul.r I lorlunall la krl. KVLKY UilHAY at lini. rCZZf tii k ki tutu rst:ai.i. u JaWasaSSBk. steamer, y I ICKSlk.l', Harr, jl., uouiuiau.ier.will leave aa aunoiin.eil aUne 'oi ight or passage, apply on tMiard or to JAMLS !OLLLNS, AKts. KOH I IM IWATI. KKUULAK TUESDAY'S PACK KT-Iave. iJ m. t ..sjirjk THK M-LENDII. I-ASUKS. : dssaaMasaaki(er steamer AKtiisY,L. Viru'r-Kim, i ouimaniler, W. H. Scott, l.'leru, will leave Turailav, at fi ni ., returnliin leaves t in ounati every Lrlilay at U ui. Ki r freight or tiasaair;. apply on hoanl or to JAS. OLLINS, Aicent. J!TNA LIFE INSURANCE GO. OP HARTFORD, CONN. Assets, Over - $1,000,000 00 BilANUIl OFFIOE: 50 FOURTH STREET, PITTSBURGH, PA. oc20:lyd MANAHHK. HAMMER & TO ERG E No. 541 Seveutu St.. f ITTSHUEOH, IA, Dealers lo Piano Fortes and Musiral luslrumrnls .'i ol TRADE AND FINANCE. HOliKV HAUKET Corrected dally for the Morning Put by P r mhktz, 118 Wood meet. Gold Silver.... n-20's.... 1 ti-ao's new. .141 .138 .110 .1(17 .114 .10fc! .. 9 til's 7-!..... 10-4O'S.. PITTSBVJ11UII PUOUl CK MAHKKT. Orrici or thk Daily Port, I Thubhrat, November 8, lSSS. ( Bcsikxbb We have nothing new to furnish 1 he demand for the leading article! was fair. and sales were retrular at current prices- 1 lie tirlnoipal excitement at present is coo"0'1 to .Flour and Grain. There hat been ''tfe l"C" ulation going on In the Wet-"" clttc" fur ome past. At sncculatiou is nta;lou,i, we have hail a small snrinklin iu in m kt-t. The weather com Inues very pleasant for out-dour trade. Our rivers are again falling, with less than Ave leet on the marks. On the landing a lair amount of activity was perceptible. Boats-by loading in turn, manage to procure a pay lng trip. The deoltne iu the stage of water will force some ol the large boats tit 1' ave with light trips. The New State leaves to-day for Unclnnati. The Nora will follow to the same port. The Armenia is announced for New Orleans this day. Helow will be found the sales that came uuder our notice: CHEESE Our market continue to be well supplied. The recrlf.1 yesterday fell ott to 2o4 ooavs: we note the following sales: Goshen, l.ooo lb, "ioc: liauibcrg, 400 lbs and 600 Iqs, do; both at I'.i-. PIDRLES Sales 100 bblt in vinegar (low-cumber, at --JU per bid. i'Uil 'It r irmly continues to rulethe market, holders have matters pretty much m their owu bauds. The receipts since our U.t ale l.oso hul.i we notice a lair export demand and among the soles we note the lollowiug : 70 bids Barliett S, li 76, fu. do; same brand 13 60; Jou bbls spring faucy 23 0i; 7 J bbls tliui, I3 io. AO bbls winter, 14 lo, o, ilo, 14 2. LARll OH- The mat ket was dull but price were uuchanged. sa.es i" bbls. No. 1, 1 1 4&a 1 4t; sales lo Mil., No 2, 4 :i.i. hK l I'rices hvve further declined; sales Id l.'i, lftsatuc. HUT 1 ER lull, the supply exceeds 'he demand: sales lo bxa choice aull, 3uc; pickled dull pricts unchanged. GRAIN lhe market continues very firm. With a good enquiry, lists alcs 6"i bushel, at Abe; car do it, receipts 2 car ioa.l. and 1,1.1 aacka; sales weie ni.tle from stole at Itoaboc. Barley is tlrmi leceipts l,;n . sacks. Wheat prices ha.e advanced; sales a ear elub ipnug 2 7U; receipts. eaia and 340 sacks. K ye nominal at l.l.al.JO. Com it tcarce; receipts 1 car ioad and "t sacks. MAY aies tons baled on the wharf, ' 4 do, store, -6. and lu loads at scales, delu erd -4a-. Keceipta increasing. BACON Was lu moder is demand for jobbing purposes; noiil.ei., .l.uoo lls, liialTc; iltbd sides, ,UHl II. t, W-. Hams, li.ai pi.uud. plain sugar cured, i-o; luoo lbs Canvassed at 2aa-4 s . fciRi-S The market was steady; sales 7 bbls at joc. NiKGHl'JI-Wi Bote small sales prime new BICKWUEAI' KUii;,.!!,,. market u VKlV't""1 ;" 3 ' 'os at .oo per cwt. ..VfL L-t- lne re Wrip laige eterday, W7 bc.,.aie, r stj 76. P'JfTBl Hlill Oil- TKADK. (irriin o th a Daily Fiwt, J TurBaUAY, November H, lw. i The oil market remains tirm, with a lair de-mianil for the raw material, at latet that were eurrent the past two days. Holders were pretty firm in their views. Prices have touched bottom, at Hall tc for Hulk, and lealbc lor pkgs Included. The receipts and sales were not so large. I'Kl 111. ales 300 bbls Bulk, llc; "0 do, on the spot, lie, and 2 Ooo bbls. the first water, 110. Total saies, l.l.'.O bMs. KEFINEH The niaiket was again weak. Xlealers manifested no disposition to oierate-The only transaction reported was o0 Mls Bonded, November delivery In Baltimore, 3c. AUCTION SALES. KICK Mil 111 II AN U LOTAT Al ( - lO-. Ua iturJv. N(v. wth, at l r. u.t on the prem.ws on UanU street, IwIwmii nn at. and Uuqut-sns Way, will be ml the DC Brick Lhurcn and Iut Satd lot Lu a front of 40 fret on Hand street, eatendins; back u feet, on which Is erected the brick churcn, seriy new, havtutr teen In use hut a few months having very thick waits siat roof, two sky liehts front of hu i Hin coverel with iu art 10 cement, rivii a lecture room and a re-ffular service room, with huh ceiling ar-d eery thing in complete ud perlect order wiii acco-snotlate alout nve huixiied itkhii. anil is!ring aold only on account ol us teiug to suimJ tor tne 4 Kev. Moore's) (.)u(creatiou. can te ex uiit.e l i auy time by aj,j,.iyiii at the Auction House, H.Uinlreft. TeriusUue thud C ash, balance In one and twoyears. T. A. MiM'hKI.LAM, AuctinDeer 41I PkHIDKM HMl'l UK. .Bi.h.axT Hki I t A H- FtTS.ac, A I At i l HN', at No. - Washington street. Ail gheny t it y . On I 11 1 ' h. ? 1 x MUKMNil.it lOu'cli'!., at the resnlet.c ot the late .lotiu liiisel, Jr , will t-e sold the entire furnlshment. ciaijirisiag one elengant rostwoKl 4'hickerlug Plana and tot.l, carvelhack i'ete-a-tetes. n irbl: tof c tr vtd -centre talle. walnut reception chairs and ot;oiuans,carved tedsievts, nart'le top drettfing 1 uu aus, with lare oi uirrors. maimicauy tiretsi g bureaus, ii!i at amis and warlrohe, ex Tension ti''iv si le-board, Jenny linJ t-edstea is, t enty-I;t,y cloca , Hrussels. parlor, chambtr, hall and sratrcsr-Iets, vaivtt rugs and mats, nair covered Jon cite. Ore Irons and stnu-ls, fi-athei h.l, hftir mar-trasses. Veuetlnn hiiu-ls, lenders, iti ieial'r loe chest, oil cleths, (jiieeoiwa, kitchin uieu-lis, trays, A.c. Property lor sale, lun'iiro of J I. jfailey. T. A. Mui XkL,l,AMt, nov5 Auctioneer. Ill'KMTl'hK, KhANKKl'S, 5 aKI'KT.n' 1 Ac, AI' AlTiU.N -uu r nilJAV, No fc, at lu a. m . , an J 2 p. in , at M nauoiu Hall A uctiou House, fA and 67 Y it U street, will te soi l a large assortment of Furniture, rilankets, Uueeuiware, and Sumirtes, c tiupiislnt; innh(iiv-auy , walnut and unit at ton rosewood tete-a-tni t s, sola seat pnrlor chairs an 1 roc kers, tlrenf -iu; and plain bureaus. cir'J, center, dining aud kitchen tables, high and low post and cottane titsteads, sewlnx stan, hat rmk, lounges, eu- closffd and plain v anhstsnds, wood and inue seat chalis, and a variety ot t.'ttt je, patlor and coog atoves, neve and siiid naiid 1-lrussels and ingrain carpets, fancy window shadt s, Venetlsti tdimls, ipieensvvare dining room aud kitchen furniture and utensils. Also large lot blue, grey, army and white and red blankets, comforts, sheers, run trass s, I father beds, caudle Kick, coitoa tattiug, c.-fle, fine cut chewing tobacco, aegars aid Sewing Machines, luciudiLg 1 Muk-t and 1 -.rover & Baker. Also, one complete set of funcy cottage furniture. noT T. A M ('LI- I.I.ANJ, Aucfr. MW)FJJ UdolKSnow arriving from Eastern Auction and Sheriff's Snles, ciuuprlamg in; fuuti, ioii, .iioes. tuoiiiiag, run, Ac ani win ne soii within Ju 1i a. at a iictmr. -r..i Private Sale, at M Olehaud's l-.mporium, 5A und 7 'Hth street. n or PIANOS AND MUSIC. BRADBURY, N. Y., SCHOMACKER&Co..Phil. .PIANOS. Ese) & IVs Coagc Organ AND AMERICAN ORGAN, CKMIVV t.KIXll. I! iv Till.; Iiavs-T musical talent in tlie I rilte,! States tu l uperlor to all others lu I'l iw KK VX'U I ri sv TUNE, AM) THDnOi Ull W ( t u K M A N -SHIK These Instruments liarc fur years taken the first premiums over all competitor, at the varioua State ami county lairs. In tirlcea they are lower than any others. All warranted Xor Uve years. WAMELIiVK & BARR. So. 1'iSt C lair M., l'ilMiir;Ii. Jan 26 mtu SIC! 160 SmithfieldStroet. 160 formerly of 0 Fifth street, a. removed to ' J Slllilllli..l ait -PITTSBltKGll THEATRE. L.BSSEB AND MAKAOEB...WM. HENDEKSON. Iast six ntghtt of the great aclor. MR. JOHN BilOTOHAM. Who will appear in his own great Kr'"r" of Oolumbus Keconsructed, produce, w " new acenery, munificent costt.me . b rough t from the East for the production of this plaj) striking tableaux, marches, &c. WEDNESDAY EVENING. OOL.UM HPS KECONSTKU0TED. To conclude with the new three act drama of T.ADY AI DEEY'S SEOKET. .saurlay Afternoon at 2 o'clock. Grand Family Matinee. A young gentleman of Pittsburgh will appear in Shakcspeaie't Tragedy, KltJH- MASONIC HTlT! TIIK I,iVfST WEEl'i fF THE GREAT ARABi AN NlGHTS ENTtHTAINMEKT This unjtaiftllrloi! exhibMion which has l-rrtiiy i-rniueel inch ft t u r or iu this city, will posit. vt-iy clone thta werk. as ottier ei.KiiRe-mi-nt preclude the poaaittility of a ionKfr ntny, hfinif ritjrTHifpd to iP-open iu Kondon, t St. Juntos llH. for ft Sanson of ihteeu wetki, it will ehottiy leave thi country for Ki g aud, never to return. UH'ii Kvery is.t1IH Week Wednesday & Saturday Afternoons At So'clock, when children will he admitted for 15 cents. ( i'l oil Sal 11 r- la !'. 'iiiii"; t. ADMISSION -4 CENTS floors open at half. pant t o'olm-k. Exhibit 1011 comuieiices at T i, o'clock, precisely . no6iwd INSUUANCE. AK'llSAiNS' INS URUK E COMPANY. r.UIIK OMIMIV I1MHV IIIII.AM. M. Eli, au.l pit pare.l lo taae I"ir iiikI Iiti-liM" UUI.k, 1 in the most favorable ternis, at 1'ielr oftlce, '( h. Lh WIN 1 1) AND 1 11 1 hi' s 1 K LETS. bull TOR" : i W M II SMI I li. JiilIN MniHHEAIi W!l HAsl.AtlE, Jii-III A liHi.ih.S J li H l.l.l.l li, t H 1. . I IA. A I J hi E. I A l K t. H A K li, I A II I A l kl .li. 1 in ill AS til a Hi 1, i It'liN IM'M.Ai'. W M.ll.)! iltl, 1 W M II r- ITU. ft rut. JnliN V00I1HHI1, ic President J. I. A It ll i k K K I frrirr. WLSTtKN INSUHANUt CU. Ill-' I'lTTllll Hull A1.I K AM K N l.V !t K, President W 1 1. 1. 1 Ail 1 '. I i Eli Br K I . ert.ry. Ol Hi E I neof ; rlr,l icaist s, f t , Ul. AND 4i Ah IN 1. i Klfc.i. ; ALEX. NIMH K, , il Mil. 1. 1- Iv J.. i .1 An ! A I l.t i , ! A I H In l. M E, I :. W. hirKKl tN, I A. .-1 Kl.t.l , i IA Hi M. l-i'Ml, A 1.1 l A M I' 11 KAN M'H K. . 1 IU 1 ,N, M 11 Eh in N, J. I l.Al, K E, JnliN li ! I A li En I M.t t M, llANSA. W.M. r. HEKHEKT. N, cretary juirni y ! ALLEGHENY INSURANCE CO. OF PITTSBURGH B..K IIMH K. 1 nni Ammr am. til Minor t : K t AMI V, A e. i S t K In k N Jiit.S IhWi. .1 , f rmuitriit. JtiHN ! .Hi'iKl', t im t rm.Xt, i lmNM.1,1, ir!i(. t'AFI.WM 1'l.AN, Afi.i. Luna. Tin, Ji.Juj Irwin. ,Ir , J,!.n i Me V-rsl. I se-, llartr t hu.:s 1 J liftiau.Sf.n. iU'Pn. i en. N. lira !. I ..-,rs ltat s 1. i li;- ! a;-f J. r.;i. la, . rt 11. I est,., t. 1. M Orrw, iiclie: a v ic , 1 1 aae IK 14 .Itmi-s thLLADLUUlA fl KE ANli LLl'L insijhaxci; CO. t p powl tt ('tmtont Iiis'. itai 41 lull A . ' t HIS V I I. 'II I. MKK Al l. HIIXiUK 3 t i i A N ' i , rl? i.ci I'fiKtii: i I.iu., ; e er,' 'r;p! -'ii ot P fopr ty -r 5 1 1 ci: at. ttii-ir. n!'. tm'f ct ten.iunt, fi)l 1" K i lt , l'iri.i nt. 31. . iiAi.l'WI.N i'rraideiil. riiai n 'Kn. ii f.ifiis:.t tirofjtr hrwn, ii Mirri, .'-' i.'s N Taui. ,'irnia, .f j rt 4 'lay ton, I i te, i.er, t iil.AI KBI hN, secretary J. G. COFFIN. Agent jy.ly DiiruM IhirJ au.l Wi .irn-ia IlNDKMNITY FRANKLIN INSURANCE CO. OF PHILADELPHIA. i . net I3l J1 ClitsTMI T S.T., NLA It KIJ- TH. STATEMENT OK h 1SSETS, l'ui'li.li.-.l Atifveat'ly loan act in? JAN 1st, lS'J if Aa.emt'iy, tie l-ir.t Murttfaire. amply seeureil. . . .ilii3;3J ri hral Estate ipre.ei,L tajue lu4 Sid Kl.lco.t. U'liip.'raiy Loan, ou ample Collateral securitie.. I it.ick., (pri .ent value tin, r7 72,1 co.t Note, anil Hills K.t:elvaMe Ou.ths an l.vit l if?, MIS, Jl 2,2k,u6J h TU only profits from prrm urns w hich this enmpany cau uivto by Jaw, are lruru risks ittirli have been ileternituel. liistiraii'a mail oo ev ry Oeseriptloa u! iroi?i ty , to Tow n ami t '(tutry, at rat?s aa low as air Consistent with acur.tv. S.inr their lucor pfiratum, a pri(xl of thirty yi-ai s, thry bav n pau! 1osih-s ty r'irf, t au aiuim it -xceH.iDK r our MtJUnus of Dollars, 'Jifr ty attontlug ev idruce f ti? atv autagrs ol liisuraaff, as well as tliw atilliry ami disposit.ou lo meet with priniiptocss ait liati'lit j-s. Josst jiai.l .lurtisjr tff yrar pvy, n. VlHk.VHHS. l'harl-a W Hajioker. Monleca. Ii Iiuis, J oniKi V. atfuer, Jtaviil s Hrou'n, amu t ii rait. laaao l?a, aoot H mtlht FaI waril i ) Italo, Oerf:e W Kiehards, tleune l-aii-s, I :HAS. HAM KKK, frrmUleut. 1 IUWA Hit O I A L.I-., Vh: I'resiclen. Wm. l!. tkkl, Secretary protein. J. GARDNER COFFIN. AGENT. my.X Northeast oor. Third and Wood sts. CARPETS .M'CAIiLUM & BROS., No. 87 FOURTH STREET, OFF'KIl AM K!VTIIIK KKW XfUlK of all Kinds ol CAKKT1NU, tlie late.t l'all styles. A number of designs exclusively our own. The assortment is uuBurpas.ed la tt.'scity or elsewhere. The newest styles ol Druggets, Crumb Cloths, Hassock., Kugs, &.c. TVI'C?-A.T:.XJsXT3VI V. BIIOH No. 87 Fourth street, pjew Sboe Store in Allegheny WI AVISO OPKiUKD A SPI.KKI1II) X 1 Ntoell of 1. adles aud Ueuts' Bill its A Ml tHi )ES. we invite our friends to call and exaui-ii e, feeling satisfied that the quality and prices our goods will suit the closest customers. Special attention paid to all kinds of custom work. WM. JHAHTIN A ViK No. 114 FEDKKAI. STREET, Corner Water Alley, an lior. l.ANE and OKEEN STS., Allegheny. S 11 yd IVliONUIYIEIMTS. iluary, lhists, Fountains, hltectural Decorations, Designs and Models very description, at the moat reasonable i. :f3 ri o o ivx e:, IViiii Mreel, PiltNlMirgli. u im. SUHHKK AUUASfUsCMaCMT. Pennsylvania Omtral Railroad BaSSTIIlRTICKIv; DAILT T It A l.V. On Aoim Sukdat, July 2&th, lfl, Trains will leavel'nion Passetcer Hepot.eorner of Washington and Liiity street, as IoiIots DAY EX PR ESS Ieaves rittsbtirrh tl no a. m - stopping at the principal stations. Arrive tAItooua at 8:10 a. m., I yrone IC02 a. s Beirefonte 10.2 a. m., Lock Haven liAU p. ni. harrisburgf la p.m., Baltlmor 6:30 p. j,.' New York, via Aiientown ln:46p. 1 1., Philajlel-phiaJo:60p. m. and New York, v.L Phiiade phia at 10iT7p. m, CINCINNATI EJCPRRSSir-rave. Pltt.-burgh at llaid a. m., stopping at nearly all K rations. AltooDSf at 3:36 p. m.. llarrisbuig Sa6 n. m., arriving at Philadelphia at U .iia. m. lly this train, passengers are transierred at Union Dt ot west I'niiaiieipoia, niieciiy iu r a press lra for New York, reaching there at 6:o6 a. m. PH 1 LAU ELPUIA EXPli EiS Iar , PitU burgh at .III p.m., stopping only ati.i ti al Stations.. Arrives at Latrobe) f:16 p. m.. Altoo-na:3U p.m., llainabtlrg t.'.-A K. in., liaitnuore 7 00 a.m., New York, via Allentown 10 Hi a. m., Pi iiauelphia 7J0 a. iu , and New York, via Philadelphia at 12 ub ji. m. Slet-jdng i.ar.run through on this train from Pittsburgh to Haiti, more and Philadelphia, and to New York, via Allentown FAST LINE. Leaves Pittsburgh at 10.16 p. m;.,.iVpi'.'.nK ODl' " I'riucipal stations. Ar-rlvesat Aitoona at a:ao . In Harri.burg t):M a. m., Baltunoret 1.30 i,. m.. New Yoikt, via AJlf5,Wv4 l"1'" I'hlladeli.hiai 1-10 p. m. and New ork, via Pl.ilailelph,. at Y.i p m. HLlaity, all other trauu Sunday, rxcriAttt ' ACCUMMUTONTKA1NS.liAlLY-,SU JIIHNSTOWN ACCOMOUATION, dallv cept Sunday, at 20 p.m., atopp.ng t regular stations tietweeu l'lttBhurgh and Conemksl and conneuting at lilairsvilie lutei '"ction wiih trains ol the Indiana Jiraoch and West Pennsylvania K. K. ALTiKiNA ACIHiM.MOIiATION, daily, except Sunday, at 7:60 a. m , stopping at ail tem-Ur station between Pifteburgh and Aitoona aud making close connection with trains on inuiaua nraugn. Test; ft lasvivania K r, ll..n.t.,ir.il,.- U . ,r-,.. , EbeUBbure aud Cl5ws. R., and Holiiday. burg Branch. W air Accommodatu n No. I ... 2 3 r. - 1 , 4 6 , . 30 . m. ..10 20 s. m. 11 60 a. m . .S 4i p. m .4 60 p. m .6 06 p. m ! .10 60 p. m' do do do do do do do do Bia',dock' W nil's do do SL'NDAY TRAINS, The Church Train leave Wall' Station eve. ry Sunday at :1A a. m., and arrive In Pittsburgh al 10:06 a. m. Return: ig leaves Pitta-burgh at 1:4:60 p. m., and arrive at Wall' Sta. tion at 2:00 p. m. UKTIllMXG TItAI4 ARRIVE IN PITTSBURGH AS FOLLOWS: Fant Line o no. . W.il'a a .o.iijii niiui.ttiifi a:n 0 211 a. m. . 7 60 a. ru. . 8 60 a. m. Briutou'B AccomuiiKiation No. L... Wall s Accommodiiiiou No. 2 Johnstown..... .................... Baltimore Expiess I'hiia '.clplila Express ... 9 60 a. m. . . I Go p. m. ... 1 an p. m. ... 1 60 p. m. . . a OS p. in. ..4 00 o. m. .. 6 6o p. ui. rew i oim txine.s w all's Accommodation No a Walli Accommodntiou No. '..." Braddock's Accommodation No. l" Waii'a A. nirinoxltiiin v., r. Aitoona Accom. la Emigrant Train.'.'.lO 16 p! n . 1 CO u. m. j io 60 p. iu. 1 he Philadelphia and the Baltimore Express will arrive with the New Yora Express, al 1:6a p. m., on Sundays. The new Cnion Depot and Hotef, occupying the three upper stories of the Depot Building, Is nowoiien for the eaneci.il accommotiatioa ol the travelling commucity. A capacion Restaurant, in the East Basement, is open at all hours of the day and night, Sunday's exeepted. NOTICE. In ease of loss, the Company will hold themaelvca responsible loi -ersonal haggag) only, and lor an amount not exceeding iioo. For tickets apply ta W. H. BECRWI1 r-, Agent, At the P. R. R Passenger Station, on Liberty and Washington streets. my21 1866. T,IK " jagg" FT. WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILWAY, AND Cleveland and Pitteborgh Railroad . OM AMU AKT1LU MAY. gOtll, IMS, trains run a follow, viz v Leave. i Arrive. Chicago Ex... 2 05 a. m. I Chicago Ex,. 2 20 a. m. Clevei'd Ex... 2 06 a. ui. Clevei'd Ex.. 2 20 a.m. EriesiVgn Ex 6 60 a. m. Wheeling Ex.11 00 a. m. Cl.tr.Whg.M'i 6 10 a. -n.U;hicago nx... 310 p. m. Chic. Ex. M'l 6 4a a, n .Cl.fc.W hg.tx. 2 40 p. m. Cl.i.Whg.Ex. I6i ii.Il. Chicago il l. 6 60 p.m. Chicago Ex... 2 10 p. m.;ErieiVgnEx 36 p. m. W heeling Li. 4 ad p. m.it. lucago Ex.. tt 30 p. m. Chicago Ex.. 11 00 p. ni. CI. At W ig,Ex. ly 46p.m. Depart from AlUghn'y. Arrive in Allegheny, Leeta'le A'cm b 60 a.m. m . ur ii Accin no a. m Leetsdale ' 10 06a. m. iir'lu 0 16 a.m. 9 i 0 a.m. 9 4i a.m. 10 & a.m. 1 05 a.m. 2 o0 a,m. 11 ooa. m.: Welisv'le " N'wCa'tle" 2 1 p.m. N. Castle " 8 30 p.m Leeudaie " 4 60 p. m. " 6 20 p.m.,N. lii'tn " e 16 p ui.jLeetsdale 14 Wellsvlile" Leetsdale N. Br'tn " Leetsdale " 2 6o a.m. JU JO p.m. I ' " 7C6a.m. 4.11 00 p. ni. leavetj 1,3 10 p. tn. Chicago Sunday and not on:Expie. arrives dally, Saturday. j23 F R. MYERS, Gen. Ticket Afrent, Pittsburgh & Connellsvilie R. R. (-lirinj; Arranncmout, OM and AKHLH1 111 KSDAY.MAKCIl lam. IHttii, Tram will leave the llcpol, corner ol Ross and Water street, a. follow, t lave Arrive at Mail .T,. l11? '"""IU. Exureas ..m . w a. ui. uu 1). D s Oil c. m. 16 p. m. 1 1 oo a. m. 10 oo p. m. 4 io p. m. 10 ooa. a-. 8 sua. iu. ao a. a , a 06 p. nr. 6 16 p. n . W est Newton Acc'dn. 1st M'Keesport AM'un. d " lira-ldoek's Sunday Church Train Co and lrom Weat Newton For tickets ani.lv to 1 oo p. m. io 00 a. io. W. B. MOtIT, Sup'. inhli 18 fiii 180(i PTTSBURGH. COLUtiBUS & CIN-ClKHMl R. R, CHANGE OF TIME. The Great Short Route via, Etsa-benville, to OXl MHU, 1 X'I. VA Tl, I.OlISVIf.I.1 Iii.liaiiaiaolir, ST. J.Ol IS, And all the principal Cities West A South-west Onaud alter iMoailae I I.. I l.t ...... , and arrive at the Union llepoi, ail lollows: PlttaburgH Time. , Departs. Mail 2.-O0 a iu Express it in p m Fast Line luaO p m Mixed T'n to Steuheiiville 6:lo a. m. Arrive. 3:40 p u 0:66 p m 10:30 a m o.-oo p.m 1.15 p.m lo.-oti, m 7 :46 p m. Night iuansnelil Accommodation. y.-36 a. m. Meiibenviiie Accom'u 3:l6p m McDonald Accommodation. b:j6 a ui Morning i Evening I 1 rain. . . c iiibu i(u j uo a. m. Arr. ColutuhuB.ll M a. m. " Ciucinnall 4 20 p. ni. " lu'dn'Milis 7 66 p.m. " Teire ll'te ll 36 u. u.. 2 10 p. m 10 60 p. m. 10 50 p. ni 7 lo a. m. 4 46 a. ni 12 OA p. m. 7 66 a. ml 4 00 II. m 12 30 a. in u bo p.m. 8 34 p. ni 7 oo a. m. 3 oo p. m 8 atl p. m. I 3ll M 1,1 I II ttil a n. St. Louis, i 8 oo a. m Louiavtiie I 6 16 a. m. Cano.,.. 1 16 p. ni M D. MOTUERSP I iH ' ' Ticket A rent, Union Depot. PittsMirijh. JOHN DURAND, Gteral Superintendent, Pittsburgh, r. SCL LL. S General 1 lcket Agt., Pittsburgh. , , , JuliN IL MILLER octKlyd General Eastern Pass. Agt. OILS. &BO. SOUTH.. MB EOB8. .TOIXIV HO&H S& CO.. (Succeasor to Wm. N. Ogden t. o.J Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealer CA11E0N OILS' CARBON OIL LAMFS AND FIXTUUES, CHANDALIERS, feC. No. 64 Market Street j PITTSBURGH. PA. janli CMjIUKS. 3 loo tbU No. 1 Salt, 30 do Sorghum Syrup, 10 do Prime While Bean, 20 do Vinegar, 16 do Choice Cider, IS do Cut and Iry Tobacco, loo Bhf bols Lake Berring, jo Hhf bbls White Fish, 10 boxes Babbltl'. Soap, 40 boxes Chemical Soap, 76 dozen Hard Brooma, 2j bb. Choice Pickles, ready for use-16o bid. Choice Peach Blow Potatoes "i SOO.ooo Assorted begars, 11 CUAS. II rtai BVA Llteityst'rtat. r.llK I'KDKKSltiNKll HAVE J18T JL opened a new store and a new Mock of FBESH AND NEW GE0CERLE3 In an entire new store. Call sutl see us. ' SCOIT a SiriTii, I'atiMrtf And a'uiry Ms 18 '?i.sT.,:;AMTO ANT) VRflM fT4' SHORTEST SEA pAsiim- JrarfJlfd'fVK l'"" Iroo steam crs of the A.NI.HI lit IUi t. of XraiiAtlaiitlc Steam packet bIiiju, HIBKKMA, BRITANNIA OAl.KIlONlA XlL,UJrlBlA ' UAMIiKIA, INDIA, ' Sail rygularly to and from New York. Rates of jiasBane is low as by any other tirst-ciaBsime. ja .-- These fine ocean steamers arelitteti iE:ttF UI' in cvery respect to inruic Sr-l2oJi? the safety, com forr, and ciinven-a?ESeftSSs ience of paagecgera. llo vciy advantageous terms the ANtHKiIl IAS E-frrant through tickets lo anil ironi all the stations on the Irish and Knglieh railway anil the principal cities in the United States, and als.i lorward paisengers at very moderate rates, to and from France, fferinany", &c. As this Company does not employ runners those u ho wish passage tickets or certificates of passage to send for their friends, or any other information, will please apply at any of the Company's agencies throughout the States, or at the Head office in New (irk to FiiANCIS MAClxlN A LU & CO. 8 Howling Oreeu, New lorn Tho. H. Kattiwah, Ageut, 7 ".mitLtleld it. Fittsnurgn jy i:tim eofi Steam to and from the Old Country SHOKTfcST SEA FASSAUfc. The favorite first class 4 Jly de-huiit IrOQ Steamers ot theANCHOK LINE of the 1 ranB-atlautio Steam Fucker Nhips. HIHrKNIA, V.AVKVt M A, JM I AM4, 4 'OiA'MBlA, ;a:i;kia, inuia. Sail regularly tu and from New York. Karctf of p.nBJ4je as low as by anv' other first olaHB line. These tine ocean steamers are fitted up m every respect to insure the safety, comfort, ami coovetiif nee of paHserifrers. t tu very ailvaDtagec 'js teinia, the AN"CHOK LINK grant tnrotjh t .ckets. to ami from all the stations on tho Irish aud Ku;ilsh Railways, niiU th principal cities in trt lTuite.i States, m l j-o forward pasBniijeni at ve.y mo1erat? rates to aiidlrom Fmuee Oerman &c. As this ' om-panyd-es not employ runuere, those wm winh passage tickets, or certificates ot passage t aeud lor ttieir frien a, oraiiy iurther iuioi oiatio: , will pit ase ftpply mLy 01 Oompfiny's a- ncit s tfirouKhout the states, orat t;,e iieado.ice io New York, to KANOlS MclM NAr.I i OO fl B jwilng Urfceu, Wst. B:oham. Js., Agent, Adams r,pifi?B U-llce, Filtsburgh. ' I7aimd. NEW YORK, QUEENSTOWN AND LIVEHPQOL. Hy fiist-eiiss pow-Jiullroa Steamships, sniling irotD New rk KVKItY WEI.NKSlJAY' AM) SATUiDAY. Str'frare pansae from New York :J0, to New Yoik at low rates, pay at-ie in ( 'ui rency. l'aifage t-y t.e i Hh-if'K Si'AR LINE of I.i . 4-r, it I'ftcket. iteirnt aoces to .ireat linttn ac;d Jrelaiid. For t'acae apply to WII.1.IAMS A OriON, iiif aiwa , Nexr York, or MKS. fc TH'.'M PS( IN, srp.i 7 Hand street, iittshurieh. LIQUORS. HENRY W. BEAUMONT & CO.. Brandies, Wines and ins, Also, iiiacktxrry. Ksp!crry, AVilJ Cherry aod Gin-(Cr jhraiidics, t'id Mi,otni?aiieia Kye, aud othtr Whiskies, Jamaica Rum. &c. No. 153 LIBERTY STREET. I'lTrSBUliOH, FA. T-Holcii, Tverm aod Families supplied at a Ui.nlerate protit. myttlUyd .JOS. SJ'LNCIi. " it i: Ar II i h it v . Jill. S. K l.M Il, lucce.Bur to Thomas Sloore,) manufacturer ol iper Ittlllet Purtllyt W hl.lt j-. Si, us, ll, IS3 and 1, Jf'irst street, Pitts, urs'i. jania JOHH SEIFLRTH& CO., lu.p)rtcrs atid Iesieis in viri;!-a.vrvix.i2U:itH, I Ai '4 '. Maikil St., or. Sei'OBcl, ! I'HTBL Kili, l'A. JOHN tiiiyi&a?d IKAri.li. B. WKHli au.l 1 V .1 OROCKRS. GROCERIES. MILLER & RICKE'TSON, INow ;ii.i '-'ti. nnur of Irvilu a Oil f.IHerljr jv,tv Have iu store am! to an i ve a large stock of nrt;t t if,ctiiipi .niiijj io pari : .sl 'iiA U AW t't'is Krtiut 1, MHorted, L.oVf Til;&B aui I'ttuD a Kr-ttuery. lit l'a lttis i iter, 1 araef Sl Ltus tuait s. t!ls Luvenug't,. r sae Py sfp.i l'iii.r J.iim rty ami irwiu streets. irJM)iin 111K 27o Poxes, halo, WW A iitj, iui, yt,HftU, itasiou.' auo :r ' i io im trs. at Iojji sizes, dou ble s'leufftii, lor sale t LUTJlLL & MtlHLLXiJ, WHOLESALE GHOCERS. DEAEEKS IN Furcigu and Dume-itif Whirs ami Liquors, i.l7 EllM-rty Hilrt-ot. uj'po.ite head of Wood street, 1 lttsburgh. Pa. A I arm- sttK-k ol' line OI.I lCi: UlllMtILN toutaUliilly i ii rTtaini. )ut:1.i J. Ki'HEN . p. KoHKN T. KollKH .1. JiOIllOJN A llUOi., Wholisale and lict.il IIKOL'OS aud TEA DEALERS, 111! ttdci.i Street, A -cjjljeuy City, l'a ltest braud.of E tra Family Eiour always on tana. nil JOHN JXtiVJxLA.l, COMMISSION MEBCHAWT For the sale of PIU IKIIK AKD IIUIIinK. Mo. 1 Wavier Street, S . T P1TTSBCKOH, PA. Also Arent for the Pottsvllle Rati Mill. Or-ders solicited for T Kails, 8, J, 2h, OT, 4, 45, (H) and txi pounds to tho yard, and Street Kails, Philadelphia Pattern, A pounds to the yard. out 11 T. HITIII i.l). lStaM,.,.J.B, B1ISII Elite at Miller a iticiietson'a, EEYMER & BROTHERS, ISoeeeMora to lieymer av Andersou, W BO t. BAALS DHAX.BKS III aTarelpTBi ITrsilta, Jiwta, Cotafeetlotaary, t.s.rl, I'lrs Work!, ... SOS. 128 AND 128 WOOD STKEiiT. PITTSBUKUH. CAMPBELL, STONER 5TC0T, CARRIACE DEPOT 3l ixc I Salotsroomsj, Carriages of all kinds constantly on hand or made to order. Mo. 54 WATKK STKKKT next door to llaatetter to. Smith's "Hitters1 e tablishment, Pittsburgh, Pa. aep2&lmd HI JO J JC. jej WHOLESALE GROCER, and COMMISSION MERCHANT, 183, Liberty St., Pittsburgh. illVVS- Or' '1IIIC " PlTTSmiKlJll Court Uouae at the mammoth gailery of PUKVlAMEaCO., Nos -J and 4 St. Clair street 50 HOXKS KITKACT LlMIWIIUU just received vid lor sale by OEOttrtE A. KELLY. TOV14 No. IT Wood street. IJlllllitCK Ufc.CM.1 Vl.lli. 1 IW bush Prime Timothy Seed, 100 do do Harley, 20 do do Flax Seed, luo doz Fancy Bn oms, Mi) boxes Prime Che.se, 6 bbls Fresh Engs, 60 bxs Kosin Soap. For ale by H. KIDDLE, sep4 185 Liiierty str't. 1 ll'l'S 11. 1 !i K It 1 II A V , 'l'llK lat lust., a CANAL MARREf BOA1, at tli Monongahela river, which the owner can haye by proving property, paying charges, Ac. JOHN BULM1HE, sepiJutd Mouotujahela Borouu NEW OPERA HOUSE. O. D. HESS Director. THIS (Thursday) EVENING, benefit of W. M. WARD Stags Manager.. For which occasion will h presented an Immense double bill, cousiaing of tne beautiful, touching play of THE ARTISTS WIFE; Or, THE BLIND PAINTER, And last production of the great play of JWIHETHHEK GUARDSMEN.-,. Friday The i.'marice of a Pot Voting Man. at'.riiay Alter uooi; I hta eat In.i ily res-.l t will give Ita usual i KAN D aIaTINEE. FOR SALE. I.IOR SAI,R-KLK(iST AV EST EN E J H ES1DENCE ANli (iKOUNll The suit ktantial, and bighly-liuislied Dwelling House and uriiund of w lliam Hagaley, Ksip, situate on Western Ave::ue and liiilge street, la the City ot Allegheny, is r-ow oilered lor sale. The lot is 2::ti feet in H iilih, on VA eatern Avenue, antMhe same ou Ki'Ue ctreet and tHii leet in di'i-th, between thi-se utreta. 'I he HotiBe is a luoiiel of aichiTcctui hl beauty, and combines every appliauce lor con, tort and luxury. It is bull', of Piiiifil Btick, aud tnm-niea with Brown Moue.hiiil lloors laid iu enc. luetic ti:e, plate glass windows, aud In tvery u,in-ute detail lu const uctiou thious hoiil coniplete. The ground! are ample (nearly lour acres; ami tieauuiully omameuted w it h Shrutibtry , i,aile I rees and i lowers. All the. oui-buildiugs aie liuished iu a style correspotidiu with the inn n-siou. '1 he locality is unexceptionable, beiLg nee from the smoke of the cities, au.l the view front the house extensive. Full puruculais luruinritd on apjiiication to S. S. ISICYl.V, Broker and Stocks ai,d ileal fjtatc, i.7 rourlh iiticct, liuike's liuikling. ocl" a II II IV C l( OK X. It K. A I. K t T A X V. W Ail EN 1", tittl No. 139 Fourth street. ittshureb. has for sate ttie follow me heat Estate lot sale : lao aer. s oi land lor f i.onu, situ. ate In Sinking Vaiiev, Itlair I'ounty, fa. tlie rnlies from Altooua, lij the rMiikiuir Valley ltoa1. l'he ailvaninea of litis proi-rty ale numerous, att-t hy caUlaff; oi( us we will Rive lull par! Iculars. I-' acres ot land, -Vi acres ol uhibi Is un ler-lild till com, .itu-iW- in Norih letrc town-sh.p. on tha N'eulM nvi le roa.t I inprm einenr s, co-d 1-ranie Hons-. I rooiii. lailre hank ham, al'out ',"ai fruit tree just m thru prime, .c. acres ol 1 -no!. i i . . ate h i n. i :e 1 r out the citv, ou ttie U nsljintrton 1'ikr; in I iiloti township, tieii'4 part olti.R t 'ar ler ar lu. 37 aeies u ei,-l ai -tov et aul uul:r a high sate of culttvatl'-u. i'r.ipert situate on the ol 1 W sa.Mi.it ton l oa.i , in Ncott township, sin utiles from tlie city. IS aires lu lifii tot ;iLip. a miles from tLe cllE- I'art ol tfie h Hurt rami A liseeiilr.rr ho':ss 10 A.leNeii City l,.e in W likenst'urir. one iu Krei,rt a i.1 one at E1Ke-wo,m1 si ,t loo.'oit Wi iitrnl Kill Koal l or luitLel p.rticuis . s Ir.ii'iire ol tne atrfiv. Aa-ent. I'lojiefty in tt;e easiest tern. s. Ntet.arge un.es. a Sa.e li ertee'e. i,-i IKEROKEE PILLS. ..! paliitui fWai,5r!i-en "iin n , Nerv4tis i A fit- t.i.f.s. I'air.s In Sitif H '; rie, pS:!!-;l dL-Sia that ( rtu; .r, from I" Or 'I f can' ;ie ih I au Mxf errirt U,; rir lf"?n t 1 h y are prrteetly t t -; -n- ea, r ijrQ ftr tddr i t' Hrr l-'-i.. aiid are easy Wtie aod .Moth'"' mt-'-r a!:-i. Ijid s can a u 1(i pFflf' cnS ene, st m t tr.eir c-u.-'-U:?a i:; f-,il. aa w treal ;i i a. a - e j n -' t11' f - - ! ', r 1 ; r Bsedl at UiUt1 ! !' :: t - t.'-ej S'lT- a! I I lltV f - 4 tr t OS i , tin PJ mtvi en eU-. tre. Ii.Ft j,er..aee I'-.s a?e --.d ?-y at i: or ta. si a i-t - wnt t man f of p. m n or-i.narj .i-i-tf ft- from cfuwr ai., by a..'.rraair.g the sd prf sprirtor. ! i 1, Mr.htt'lS. JT W a,a-r it..Ni i.ra N. H -I'trmjer I'll s Ni. i st prrj arej (or ecla. eses. when o.l. ier rt.llHf lal!. tLe ,rtM--it r rs.a.i. !r. i l p.-.:aje, .n lelpt f tl.e I'lic tl e'-h In.. . - Or. IIK.HTI Pi; i i ii.- nn n fi nn F"liYtl E 'r (' e tjf l-lfj", !. r t;.r I H Ka 1 N KK I. Utf- ? ? : t , i . ; i t - H ' v i - t . -t-.i I- - P Ta" iiytt i 'i it r"ts fl. ,; : t t.. IE:- !. :.,- ; t f.ot ? iiM, i .f i , U. ii t 5"r . 1 1. -- -f ft u j i i ( ," ir iii i iUg sir n tt !. y i in it;: ' s to U-r t Ui.it. kt. jf . : rrm I : t t-n . -; . t I.. it-. ' it - :, ,?-t i-.r fa ay ;--i . t t ; . l. ve ? ?. . r ! v .ft arv', t :,e f tit fre s- -ilt-, t thff !"'i!iri, M Srnt As ai ; r I - r i is n- a i .rir,: r sii ' sjTrt f.i n i -.1 i- i fj:ri i, i f rrv Alj-.f. VS f n ; i- w :th w i f . i,'. I' .11 arkt .! rr. t luiproud Oil Well Vm i.i'i :.m Kit (JANUARY 30TH, I860 rliin Mi1 m HOI to st lKli. M t'frl'r.aii othrrs now in nsr, aul tUr a.:. j utr 'V r ali (.thr purps la. tt.at it cu tii.ii o-it ot thr uito.iut tiisturhti.s. the j tutf, iiy tv riiuic th" sucker-rois. "t ii ni-; t-iz il not ( iiiovir-.i ttt ail 1 ilf SUCH- li I point of titi" puitip van te t a'r1 or luttrrH at piti-as.r. It. pr-sure ot ttit lnu ir tiui.l j is 4Ui on lite li.si'l? mil ou'iti(i( the pn in p, i iti u In p th piiit aitavays true; tnl tti ! puuip ettr.TH.niiy prey f-:it to- uumi-ritus iiym ic t-y drop-pui ot iiu'ti. spiluters, sic. DAVIS k PIIlLLirS. SOL E M A N I' r A CT I ' iv E K S No. II0 WATER STREET hiTNHi'iny DRYGOODS, W.l.iLfc.vUK AM) KKTAIL, ;at J. W. BARKER & C0Sf 59 Market Street. Ci ANNtl) Hil l IS, VhtiKTAHIsEs, JKL J Lt KS, Kticht t houbiaiHl Jiz. e icl) a 1'ears. Or. tJits. Wht rtifberrits, St raw tier ries, Itlacktwrrit a, iMne Appps, Cherries, T.-Hittiwi, ( ) reen Vtrn, Iima a i tiing Jteaos amt Oreeo I'eas. Also, ansoitftl Jt'llirs, it. Turn-biers axl'l ami iiottU-s, which wo now utter nt the lowest market rates- KEYMKK v HKOS., ooti& t 'Jfiaiul l H Wooa strtu-t I1KNH V 11. ROSE, House Carpenter uml Juhlar, LIBERTY STIlKE-r, UpposUe Hare's Hotel. BVH-lVd HAVANA CIGARS. NI ISHKK BKOTHEKS fc '(J.. IMl'dKT- L1 t-KS, 15ii Hon til Oay f-itrec-t. BALTIMORE, MD. Offer for sale 100,000 Havana Cigara, comprls-inn Cabanas. Kin aro, Esianola, I'artanaa.l'nnce of Wales, Priucipes, flantation's, Manicara-sjauB, aud many other braudB of various style., trades, and Bizes, at prices rantiu from S6 to 30ll per thousand. Oct lj eo.Uui (VTiAVtS I C.K1I-.S! IHiAr-KS !2S ,x put up in Hay Inland. ().) Catawba U rapes, i ust received arid lor sale by ' KEVMKK . BEOS oetU lid ftiidlA Wood street. i i .1 fi " He, 31 ...... . i;u.ltors flll OF Urewcrm, Ale, Purler nl Urown Sloiil. PITTSJiUROH, PA, Robbrt Watbok, Manager. nov3-lyd MISCELLANEOUS KEYSTONE M ft R i L E WORKS- MONUMENTS, HEADSTONES, WAN I l.E-:, FENClNfl, FKEEPORT-STONES, And all kinds of Marble ami Stone Works Made to Orikr And on the best terms, by CHRISTOPHER MILLER. Lawrence ville, near Allegheny Cemcterv apJ4:lyd ll l SIMtSS MAN'S Commercial College, JVo. Ht. Cliiif Slrcet, We have engaged the services of an experienced teacher, expressly for the months of July and AukubI. Studeuts entering ou the tirBt of Julv can easily complete the course by the last of August. I- or Circulars or Specimens of Penmanship, call at the College Kcouis, or address !W. SlIAFKkCK, . J. K. Mrri.VMONDS. jn a II KHMETICAIXVr1IuAI,EU FHU1TS AND VtlitTAhXES. ooo dozen i leth Tomatoes. 2 and 3 lbs. 6oo do do pesches, 1 and a lbs. luo do do Pine Apples, 2 and lbs, loo do do Whortleberries, luo do do Klacklierries. to do do Piums. M? do do Cherries, Ml do Lima Keana. 60 do Creen Peas, oo do Ureen Corn, All warranted choice quality. We also otter a large stock of assorted Jellies, Preserves, Ketchups, Sauces Pickles, Ate. KEYMER at BROS., jan23 No. 12 and m r. ood atreet BKKJ. 6IKGKULV. ................. ..FHLLI" ULMIS LITIIOGHAPIIIO. GEO. F SCHDCHMAN & 00., Nos. 72 and 74 Third Street, Practical Idthographera, COPPER PLATE Engiavers, and Steam Printer. Every specialty of the buaieeas, such as Maps, Plaus, Drafts show Cards, Poitr&its, Alc, Ac, executed iu the best style, and ou shortest notice. si Oif iia.u a.o KoiikAi.iivimrsi Frame Kusaeli Mower, Wood Irime Kui-s,-il .Mower and Keajier, Buckeye Sr. iUower, buckeye Jr. Mower, rJuckeye Mower and Reap er, uuaker Mower, y.uaaer ioy IVlower, Quaker Mower and Reaper, Hubbard Mower, Wood's ftlower.Champion Mower audUuyahauga Chief Mower, Revolving and Wheeled Hoiae Rakes, Hay Elevators, cutting Boxes, lira in Drills, Cuitivators,Churna and Dog Power Corn Planters, ted Sowers, Washing Machines and Step Ladders. Also, 600 bush eed PutaUm of the best varieties at BECKHAM II LONiPS, y at., Pittsburgh. Pa., and a ghenv. J. IJiLTIVLKVY, Jr, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Grocer and Dealer in Stoneware, . ISO. 4. DIAMOND, PITTSBURaH. PAj 'Always on hand choice brand FAMILY FLOL'R, COFFEES, TEAS, M OAKS, At, le f iHAHLfelB C. BAl.sl.ICV, PmiUtCE ANUUi (MMISSION MERCHANT, Ware house No. 201, Liberty street Pittsburgh Pa. Wholesale dealer in Butter, Cheese, Laru, Eggs, Pork , i aeon, Beans, Tallow, F'eatners, Broouia Potatoes, Hominy, Dried F'ruits, Oreen Fruits' nlons, riour. train, Clover seeds, Timothy eeiis. Flax beeds, tiame and Poultry. Particular attention g.vea to Prouoe ouuiiniueiiu. aiirf.i lvl UKEAT western oun wokks. J. II. JOIINHON, Manufacturer and Dealer in Double and Single Barreled ?not liunr, RirKs, R-evolveis, Mus kets ana Carbines, k owder, hot. Caps, Lead, aiiu sji irting .vau-riai, wno.esaie ana retail. C orner IViuiaml Alajne M PITTSBtTRQH, PA All kind of Repiiring and JooMng done to order ultf JKOUH K OW Ulit fc.1 VIU. JL x,uov lbs Prime F reen Butter. uio bxs Cliuioe t;ui ting Cteain Cheese. 3u0 bbls Peach Blow Potatoes. 2,uuo lbs Clean Bat on. Slues, ooo ilia Country Hard &oap, in store, loo bxs Roaxusioap. Id bus Prune MuauD Molasses. 2uo bxs ?uiait Beaiis. 1 bi.l Pure Mountain Blackberry Wine. F or sale by n. RiliULE, il No. Hi Lin ertv stret, J . KIM .Hlktl. W Ijovellu oiu' u-a.hveriui;erua luiders Syrup, Pume Porto Rico Molsaws, lio Barbadoes do Old Ooverunient Java Collee, Common, Pume aud Choice Rio Coffee. Oakley's, Babbitt's, and Colgate's Soap. Oswego, Corn, anil Sliver liloss .March. With a gmerai atock of Pure Oround Since. Tobacco, lllaaa, iron, Naiis, etc., ui store and lor saleny MILLER & RICRET&CN. ios. li and cir. Liieriy aud Irwin at, wylk 1 Klk.l FllMT. iO blil. iitlniR llrii-.l P., ou do lined Appl a, ' do Pared 1 euliia, 4 ao Drieu Cnerites, Forsaleby CHA&. C. HALSLEY, I'" ail Liberty street W.H.FLITCKAFT&Co., Paper & Eag Warehouse, No. -U SOUTH FIFTH ST., PHILADELPHIA. A general aasortment ol Writing, Printing, Manilla and Hardware Papers on hand or niaae to order. W. H. FLITCH A. FT. B. B. VORSSTAL. sept6dyd E. jF. ALLUDLJETOjN, mroB-riB or WINES, BRANDIES & . Aiao, so proprietor of th OL1I W1IA 'X W1IIHIS.Y, o. Mortal Vrotat St., Mihl4-lv.' PHiLAI lfe.l.PII I A. P HOTELS. YOUNG'S EATING SALOON Corner of Virgin Alley- sad Saaitat.. Held Streata, Where OYSTERS andall the delleaelea of th season will be served up In the most t alatabls style. ELI YOUNCi, oc!4 sorner Virgin Alley and SmithHeld t. i H A IS T 11 o u w x : . C. M. SICKLY, Proprietor, Oor. Isabella and Federal Hts., Near the Suspension Bridge, my30:lyd AI.LEIIHENY UITY. PA. H. D. BRECHT cfc BRO. MANUFADTUHEKS AND DEALERS IN Looking Cjlaaaea, Ullt and lloMwood Moulding, Portrait and Picture I'nuci, A well selected stock of Pictures, Statues, llo.arles, Catnolle Kmblems, Ac., c, &.. Always on hand at 12S SmitbBeld atreet, be-ween Fifth and Sixth. ianll. ULMIltlkS aa S'l'OKK AHUTOAH 3 KIVK. 4 cars choice Oats, 2 do fcheiled Corn, 400 bbls Extra Family Flour. M tons Middlings. 20 do Shorts. 16 keg choice Lard, For Je by RE1L fc RITOUAKT, 849 Liberty street, Agent fo Wood's Celebrated Mower, lyio Women's baiters at Cost! Women's Gaiters at Cost! V o in oil 'is (2 u i teres Jit O os t J. Il.fcW. V. BORLAND, US Matket atreet, SneoDd Iioorlrom Filth. anlt fBlllkC 81BSCUIBKKS BAHUVAC B I I11K and keep constantly on hand eveir article in their line, viz: Cornices, Crnamor-. Curtain Goods, Comfort. Fcber Bed. Mai Irease of all kind ; also, the celebrated Patent spring tieus. mi aano oi bnaAiea, uunua uu Jfixturea. AaTPrompt attention given to ail oners for making and laying down Carpeia.oil Clotns.c octl7:lvd ROBERT.- ROENH'R LLKN'S BONK LINIMENT KK dived aud for sale by G ISO. A. RELLE 1 , Wholesale Druggist, jlt ii Wood aUMt, PUUbitrih, PATRICK O'BRIEN, Houe and Siiiii hunter 144 Pennsylvania Avenue, iS PKH'.UtKIt TATTK.M) TUAI.f. ordvrs lor Iiinl ii, ii raining 4-iliiiiu aV'., Th1 frlf-ns or auv otlii r tnnn, may fvor hiA with liXI:J r-AIVI.S, iil-A.s, MJT-IV, AI!MH, be ., al u aj on haulni lor Hair Aluo the ?i tUHltil UKlliiKWA I t'Al I'lrM AUK mlt Ul, tor which he is ant hdJ cannot tf priniun tl at tlru s!or.s. 1 hese ciriors will cixnuif ml themaeive to paruos wih-t t 'lo th ir own punting hr-iii ir-ai!y mia-t il aii'l ot the most deairat.ie khaie s and put up in 'ii pound ken, anU utwarls,anit Comes mucn cvape than auy ot'jer paiiit ot thaame qual-ty. jiiJfr-nnitw YOUCHIOCH NY COAL HOLLOW COAL CO., 4 9 IMlHH A. U MllPPkUN, B V It All. Hfi Kiver.oi the t.t ouciaonniiy ;oai, pt cpairtt to hit pn tupWy oidrra Itjf luoip i eai, JN ut t 'i it, ana iaai, tu an) i-i red iuan- tsi . liH(i:s ioa.i.'-I with disptch. 'oi tUlivtred i ar'a of ti e t i; . ,ii-fi soiiCiled and prOHJi'l - it-n-'n a t-. Y tffut-r Ki'ss arrest and Mnimngaheia nter. I'Pix.am- I uj!i-iiav Ule K. kt. lept. rt2S ta Woo.: strret, i'utsnurth. Fa. THOMAS MIMIKK.. nrl ly tOAL i Super. ntetiden?. KL10tl). (. Hit DiCKSON, STEWART & CO. f AVk HKM( KU 11IKIU OFKHIL .St.. r,7 l.irwrty atrert, t V ; 1 1 y iour ;diL.J aW-coiitS floor. Ail or.erslor de t f telf at the eta 35 Je w hi If Jlf n:t) at HUt at u fci'K ti.ruh thr 1 i". i DDQDESNE BRASS OKKS ica n siaii. ...... i iimtv ........... .J. ( SA.roRO U1U1 OltI, Man jaeture au-l keer coErtantPy ou hand eve ry tarie'y ol FINISHED BRASS WORK. HA AA.nTIMIS II SI j trjur smuit , n. ...is to oriler. ST KM UiAT UOHK AM) Khl'AI 11-pr-oij tty attuue! to. A:., toic M(t-:ic (or ru rn i'-j.'sy ivauia, ?ir tl.f it vi ! AK-Hn ypli'N I'l'i. with laod-rii s iij'H'VcOif ut at!achw. fiouio WtLDON & KtLLY, Plumbers, Gas and Scam i?'it ers, aud iiiA!-- i-i;rsii;iM. life aatiirtuint ,4 A ,N li li i . 'K 1 I S, l'l'ill'N i.'-.s.ii.t.i l.r.Ai, ac , HA MiA l i 1 i Ai a B m iai.M Oil U oh1 -lr-il. iitiir Mxlli l.t MUlMli.U.n s'I'J-JjXVX FITTING. HYDRANTS, IRON PUMPS Sill I T I.KAP. i -tit: hi INC, l.K .VH I I H !-..;. K. HA-1i. IK...V II IK AM' ( HKAN WUKK, Slt'iKt Hir.l.K-.. J'UKI Alll.K AMI I'l I A li I.MHTKKS. Water Clinotrt arid WanhstandH. i'. t. i:i:s. Succi'ii'! tuA l.lyai Kuert.. No. 11.3 Wwnf St., t'llt.turKb, l. s ly ! AOOY, WILLIAMS So BARTLEY en i itfc.it. GAS AND STEAM FITTERS, ,('ur. Salti antlSmiUifieldStx Au.l eoruer HI AV V.K aud CilKSTM T .tieets, Kaiiche.lrr. Aiikluil. of WATKK.UAS, ifc STEAM KIXTUKES, Constantly oo Hand. ap-.'8:iy.l DOLLAR SAVINGS BANK, OS lilU HTll TKk.k.r. ciiAHTi;iu;i lis lvifsis. fkl'IC.I IIMI.V. KKOM u TO II si W in a. Also, ou v. efine.uay and Nat unlay eveuuia. from M.y lit tu Nuvruilmr 111, from 7 to o'clock, and from November 1st to May 1st, from a to 8 o'clock. iieposits received of all .urn. not less thsu ( ine Dollar, aud a ilivtdeud oi the profits ileciared twice a year, in June aud lieceiutier. interests has been declared semi-annually, in J une and Div oemlier ainoetha Hank was organized, at the rate Calx per cent, a year. uten.t, if not drawn out, la placed to the edit of the dcMisitor as priucipal, aud teaia lid same ItitereBt Irom the rirst days o! June and Deseiutier, compouudiiii; twice a year, without IroiibliuK the deiKisttor to call, or eveu to pre-Mut hi. paaMiook. At this rate money wiii double in leu than twelve years. Ifooka, contaiutnir the Ct.iler, By-Xiws, Kules and Keiruiatioua, furnl u gratis, oa ai. lion at the office. raaxiDKUT, UKUKllfc AL.UKKB. VI' FEBHI OHM TH. John (1. 1 ackoten. A. 1Y1. foUock, M. li Hem. I. Ir ahneatock, Koliert Kool;. James Vieidmau, jonn li. hhoeclienrar, J ames kindle, Aicnander peer,1 tititisUau i eaicer. James MoAuley, James H. D. iiwiSi Isaac M. Feunock TiiUeTMHH, Wm. J. Anderson. Calvin Aaams, John C. Hindley, rJtll Burwin, Oeorge Black, A.iouz.0 A. t'arrier. Utariea A. Colton, Wm. DouKias, JCLn KvanB, John J. (lillespie, Wm. Haven, p.ui r II. Huukcx, D. Keilv. benry J. i.ynca, John B. JYI 'l-'a.!.len, Peter A. Madeira, John Manlial," Walter f. Marsha', John Orr Henry 1 Klngwa; Wni. K. Sohuiert. Alenan.ler Tindle, Wm. Vanklrk Wm. P. Wevmaa, Hl.card Hays, ia oittier, TRBA8UUKK. UlIAUL.fc.S A.CCI.TON. JAMES II. U. MEEDS. PURVIANCE&CO .Vos, U uml 1 Mt. CInii- Ht., IMOwljurjji,, .MAMMOTH PIIOTOURAPU OALLERV!! Oieo from 7 o'clock . m . to 6 o'clock p. m, Pictures from Eile Size to Miniature. 'ies taken of the iirinoinal buildinus of the two citteB. Also, suburban and private residence views taken to order. no3 .fIHIlCK IANMCD PEACH KS. 1000 doz in 2 and i w Ifi cans, for sale by CUAS.U. BALsLEY Mi Eiberty stret. Oct IS Of all descriptions. Agents Ifor the Cenrrai Piano Company, New York, andUaelile'rPiauo' Company, K.lhmore. Old Fianos taken In exchange for new ones Tuning and Repairing done mion receipt of order. Office of GEOKQETOEKOE'S BAND, formerly treat Western Band. ' r-Call and examine our Instruments, before purchasing elsewhere. jy'4 w. B.cooK...;.;;;- JA15"ilvi I Two doors shove Ninth s'reet, where he i,.. . excellent st..k of pianos Mr I ofii, fai"" with neatnesa ami dispatch. "j.tirel jyUiJmd KNAHEfc co s (IKEAT PNKI VAT I hi E1ANO EOKTES, FKINckVV'u " VVorld renowue. Automatic l.rKaus aud Aleiiv deons - Over Eorty 1 hou.au ,i u,.w !u J, bpienjid new stock )uat received by Charlotte Blume. 45 FIFTH STKtET, otl3 id door above Wood. WA .vr K I. A SI ' IEK I . T K N I) E S T for i Corjodina; White Jad Eactorv ouenowactlvi.lv .ni.m! in ....... SU COOK A EVANS, An of rati & Claim Attorneys-at-Law Agents ATo.93 Dlnoud Sc., Pittsburgh, 94 BackP.y .Si Fn,?oL.eue0(,,,c"0', ff aots ""iona, under the old lllln this country will be llherallv treated h, oa aj.plio ativo to Box. ..iku, w, y, pt y. Bounty, 1 aaduew u;lyd.w

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