Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 8, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1946
Page 5
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All Want, Ono time . , Throe llmoj . . 100 ACRES. Spi-i'K Hill rond. (i r,*m hmis ^ JiKMts (ind nimiiiiK water. $H.-,UO. 5714 ACHKS. FOUR MILES OUT 11 rond - tw " WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FiJ'lNI- ^, ture, one piece or more Any amount .What uivo you? Phur.e 87:t. Legal Notice HOPE STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS ZJ <E== Tuesday, January 8, By Chick Young visitor looked plenty us. It was a cool day, b he was sweating like a bull. , r ,, T ° VIC FLINT. 'us) »i;>ii<->i lutmeu plenty ^- xl nervous. It was a cool day, but If Y , ES > j ho ulae eu/aa-Kni^ liUr, 4 Unll 1-1 I'M *• A MAN IN MY BUSINESS^ =5? MR. FLINT, I WANT YOU IO ' KNOW WHO I HAS TO KNOW HIS WAY AM ? ./AROUND. YOU'RE JUDGE FIND A MAN NAMED ROYAL. IP IMPORTANT/ HE MIGHT CLEAR GARRISSY... BACHELOR, HOT \WAT_ CERTAINLY MAKES iVUPTHE JERGE MURDER/ SIT DOWN, WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND? SPORTS FAN, FIRST NI6HTER. NOTHING LIKE A LITTLE NAP . TO REFRESH YOU } ' WHAT THE PAPERS CALL A t L,\ • ft n^s lliklfhiv r* i /« < i A i- PROMINENT FIGURE. r~ ...-THIS IS LUT-HER WHEN HE WAS TEN.,. AND HEBE-HFD BEEN FIGHTIN&- I DON'T DESERVE IT, MAJOR- BUT SOME PEOPLE THINK He'5 S0RTA EVER SINCE I CAN REMEMBER, HARUM-SCARUM... BUT MOST .OF / THE WAR SO/N\E BULLY WHO'D LAUGHED / MRS. POPKIN p«?( NEVER LIVE THER6 WAS NOTHIN6 HF. WOULDN'T THE CRAZY LITTLE THINGS HE AT MY FRECKLES! TELLS ME HE'S IDOLIZED YOU since YOU WERE KIDS. LILY: DO TO PLEASE OG IMPRESS ME... DID WERE FOR ME--I WOULDN'T CHANGED Side Glances By Gaibraith WANT HIM ANY DIFFERENT' MODEST MAIDENS Trademark Rczlilereil U S. Patent Offlco I'LL BET A DIME IT DOESM ,SAV THAT. 1 THE ICE ON THI >/YOU WIN, ^j DMCA DONALD.... SOetA! OKAY, LETS GO SEE WHO'S EIGHT! '-'MM -WOMDER WHAT THAT SIGM POND'S A POOT ON THE OTHER SIDE OP THE r^ Ffxin <^A\/=: r -'-"• ICE!'NATURALLY.' MEANWHILE: AT NOITTH STAR AIRWAYS' ALASKAN HEADQUARTERS HS NECK/ WE HAVE HIM— THAT'S NOT SC0KCHY OK CEUIA/ SPSAKINS OF THOSE THAT'S ALL. KN W, SLIM THEY'RE GO WITHOUT A TRACE/ 'FOSSILIZEP MASTOPON HE AP.UITTEP FIXING- CAEN'S CRASH/ :TfMCK5..>OL> HAVEN'T tOPK. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. t. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF "This /s no time to be particular. Let's just grab the first tivo that, come out." "Now-don't'bring .that up—my radio has been broken ( for three days, and you have no idea what a relief it is not to have to worry about a lot of imaginary family troubles!" Freckles and Has Friends By Blesses- Funny Business By Htrshberger WELCOME Tb SHADYSIDE- HIGH , JUNE / HAVING YOU IS SUPER! f SNIFF!) ITS DIVINE/ THANKS HILDA I ll= ' l ' HELLO, LARD— 1 JuST So DID I ISN'T I'VE MEVER. 6EEN WHAT'S THE- „ / PASSED GOOD NEWS? /fAY LATIN EXAMS AND GOT HEAVENLY? BOO-HOO/ SO HAPPY IN MY LIFE! ...AMP, AS MO STOLEN PROPERTY WAS FOUMP IM THAT Q. THE ROCKET VVIZARP, J EVE AJ H c A (?D O BUT I'VE NEVEE ' HBARP O i LAID EYES ONI THE >U IT.,. AND WE CAN'T MOLPA MAN JUST BECAUSE HE SOT TAMGLEP UP WITH AM OCTOPUS.../ ,. EUGENE, '••••- } IU UUP:'AND UHAT'S { MEOfOjQ -\ f W OCTOPUS GOT TO "' ••- THIS?? <WNCISCO.' -for.him to stymie the prosecutor—it keens his finaer out of our client's face!" Thimble Theater WELL, WHO THREW BOWLH OH, IS THAT SO ff THE 5EAHAQ PREPICTED TROUBLE FOR A SAILOR ''(SO WHAT?? c* xoute vwtw By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hooplc AMD I BET YOU'RE . DUMB EKIOUGH Ti THIKIk' THAT UWICORW'S HORW HAS THE POWER TO BREAK I THE SPELL ?! , SHE CAN GIDDAP WELUE, filDDAP/ EGAD, ABEL ARD." VOL> Be f\ VOlNiOFALLTO ME/ 0^,1 CANi STIFFED MMOR.' -»*- /WV hAV P f-^OT IC NNv\t IS PROF&6SOR A SPOT OF- MlSUNiDErE- ^\ -^- LAST PLACt "L \MP\?> ACT ACT WOtv\£, AMD \y\ 1 POT Th4& LP\NiDLPs"DV MOO ^\P>^/ PROvJETO BS M.V V-f OMD&R A -SPELL KMISrtT IM SWMINJG ABMOR. VI PAID 1AER Fl\J& IP VOU REfXLLV RIGHT MOW X'rA (SOLD DUST-'16ET IT ^ 111 " ;> ALONG WITH NA&, BORM TH1RTV VEAR& TOO SCON HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED Must Be In Office Dnv TWnt-n n,,t>iu n (i«« Day Before Publication 'Cash In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone wSJd ±! mUm «n' S ' X " m " • ' ' Sc word - minimum 7*c word, minimum 50e Ono monlh . 18c word, minimum $1.70 nrc for Continuous Insertions Only YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" ReolEstafe for Sale For Sale ONR ELECTRIC POPCORN POP- per and peanut parcher. Ward J'our Food Store. Phone . r )21. 2-(H ONE HOLL"TOP"DESK 7 FLOY U Porterfield. 4-01 40 ACRES. SEVEN MILES OUT on hifilnvny ai). lights and water, () room house. $2500. Sec Riley Lewallen. 5-31 NICE SIX ROOM BRICK HOUSE on North Washington St. Immediate possession. $3750. See Kik'y Lewallen. n-IU Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR- setiere, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men mid women's surgical supports. Mrs. Ruth Do/ier. 310 North Elm St. Hope, Ark. Phone M4-J. 28-1 m Wanted to Buy 20-1m Notice 10.17 FORD, TWO DOOR. GOOD tires, must sell. Owner returning to Army base. Sec Pfc. Bur- Ion Ya1.es, Rocky Mound School house. Phone 34-.I-4. 4-61 1941 CHEVROLET, GOOD CONDI- tion and tires. G. D. Royston. lit. A. Hope, Ark. 4.71 ELECTR1C REFRIGKKATOR^ 0 ft. WeslinKliou.se, in fine condition. Bessie D. Green. 3MO North Mam. AM 1041 BUICK, SPECIAL SEDAN, 40 motor, throe new tires. See at Whatley Service Station, Corner East Division and North »ia- zel. 4-IH 1 WILL SELL AT MY HOME Mondny, January 7lh all houso- liuld articles including piano and oil stove. Mrs. W.- E. Simmons, Patmos, Ark. fi-Ct TABLE TOP FLORENClT" "cilL range, five burner. I?. L. Eastcr- IDEAL FURNITURE STORE WILL be opened for business in tho. same location on South Walnut \ Street, Wednesday, January 3rd Phone 470. 31-lm INCOME TAX~TIME. FARMERS are required to file estimate or final report by January l!illi, See me at my office, Hope. Services reasonable. J. W. Strickland. '.!8-3w lins?. Phono G9-R. near Leon Buiuly. 1(142 MODEL FORIJ Hope, Kl. 1. TON NOTICE On next Saturday, January 12 1940, at 2:00 o'clock P. M., a't my home in Washington. Hcmpstead County, Arkansas, (located near the old Courthouse building) 1 will offer for sale one horse described as follows: (One) 1 Pony, which was taken up by me on December 2(i, 1945, clay bank color, weight about 700 pounds, flax mane and tail, blaze face, split in right ear. In tlie meantime, if the owner of said animal makes claim for said animal and pays me all expense I have been out for feed, etc., the pony will be delivered to the owner; otherwise, said pony will he sold at the time and place above named, to the highest bidder at said sale. R. W. JEANES 'Jan 8, 9, 10, 11 Truck, 158" wheel base, dual Axle, reinforced frame, 82!ix20 rear, 750x20 front tires. OPA ceiling price. Can be seen at any time parked In front of Ritchie Grocer Co. or call 177, Hope, Ark. 5-Gt BED MATTRESS AND SPRINGS, dressing table, Kate leg table and 4 chairs. Phone 533-J. 7-31 OFFICE DESK AND UNDF/rT- svoocl typewriter. Phone 12i). 7-IH ONE WHEEL TRAILOR ~WTfH extra tire, excellent condition. Phone 950-W. fi-31 Fair Enough By Westbrook Pcgler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. New York, Jan 8 — I just can't understand why it is and maybe it is something about (he moon and the stars or my chernlstry, but the last few years it seems Ihal every time I go lo Chicago it is winter and. try as T may lo lead a dignified life. I fall Into bad company and drift into sin. It seorns thai when I go there, Joe E. Lewis is always playing lhat Chez Parce over on lhe North Side and I go lo listen to his rude remarks and stay for the midnight show and Ihon we go put on what you might call our milk-route, which is an itinerary of low resorts, and applaud the other comedians and the dancers and give money to the man who plays the accordion and ' TWO WHEEL TRAILOR, STEEL body, priced reasonably. Inquire at 304 East 2nd SI. Jones May. tag Sales and Service. «-'(!! For Rent BEDROOM WITH LARGE CLO- set in private home for woman. Kitchen privileges, if desired. Phone 19U, Mrs. H. H. Stuart, 108 West Ave. C. 4-3t Wanted to Rent klC\A/ ELECTRIC NtW MOTORS 1/4 - 1/2 - 3/ 4 . & 1 H. P. Also a Stock of Used Motors LIGHT FIXTURES — — APPLIANCE REPAIRS — — MOTOR REWINDING — General Wiring Contractors Doug ^"ITV Carl Bacon ^1 I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Hope Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »Fish • Sandwiches "Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loo City Limits & Highway 67 West Fo, ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone .... 413 Night Phone . . . 1015-J We specialize in ... • Motor Rewinding • Repair all makes of Appliances • General Wiring Contractors BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark NATIONAL BISCUIT CO. RF.PRE- senhuivc, Albert Fink desires 5 or (i room unfurnished house or .opt. for wife and two children. Phone 077-J. 4-31 Basketball Scores By The Associated Press East Ellis Island Coast Guard GO; St. Albans Naval Hospital 47. Lincoln University (Phila) !55; Winston Salem State Teachers (N. C.) 30. George Washington 45; Georgetown 43 South Aberdeen Bombers 57; Fort Dix (N. J.) 40. West Virginia Grande (O.) 40. Tech Rio Wake Forest 51; Camp Patrick Henry, Va, 40. Kentucky 81; Fort Benning 25. Midwest Northwestern 52; Purdue 44. Minnesota 59; Indiana 48. Michigan State 4'J; Micliigan 3G. Iowa 57; Wisconsin 50. Bowling Green 50; Western Michigan 37. Kansas 48: Missouri 30. Wyoming 54: Valparaiso 49. Great Lakes 46; Mainline 41. Ripon 45; Carroll 40. Warrensburg (Mo.) Teachers 42; Kansas City Karnes Drug 30. Earlham 64; Grinell 39. Fort Sheridan (111.) 65; Pier (Chicago) 44. Navy Pennock also has been disappointed in his attempts to get Shortstop Marty Marion away from the Cards. Cincinnati is the only National League club expressing a willingness lo do business with the Phils so far v The Reds parted with Frank McCormick, their veteran first baseman, who Pennock feels will give a lot of balance to the Phils' young inficlders. Other hot stove league deals have brought the Phillies outfielder Lou Novikoff from Los Angeles; In- ficlders "Skeeter" Newsome from Boston, Johnny O'Neill from Port- and, where he hit .311 last year ind Ken Richardson from Holly- vood. Pitchers Buck Ross and Johnny Humphries were acquired "rom the Chicago White Sox, and Charley Ripple will be up from Jtica, where he won 17 and lost "And there will be more deals," Penock promises. Wichita University 55; Di'akc 41. Southwest Oklahoma 70 ;Ncbraska 4(1. New Mexico 53; Fort Bliss (Tex) AAA 30. Far West Corvallis, Ore., Naval Hospital 32; University of Portland 31. Oregon 46; Idaho 45. Phillies Ready to Tear Up Cellar Lease By JACK PEARSON Philadelphia, Jan. 8 — (/Tt— Housing shortages notwithstanding, the Philadelphia Phillies are ready to lour up their long-term 'lease on the National League's cellar. General Manager Herb Pennock hasn't announced their new address yet, but he says they're all packed up, ready to leave the musty confines of No. 8, Last Place. When Pennock took over the Phil front office, he announced that "we now have the money, if anybody wants to sell." So far, nobody, not even Sam Broaden of the St. Louis Cardinals, seems to have taken him too seriously. Pennock, who had declared "we'll top anybody's offer," was disappointed by the Cards' sale of Catcher Walker Cooper to the New York Giants for $175,000 last week. 5ii'l feel pretty good in the morn-i "We wanted Cooper," he ad- g . I milted. "I think wo might have One night, although it was really P kl hi £. hcr .j f . we h . ad known we'd along about four in the morning, ! lav . c him this spring but Cooper we got into a spell-down with a | s . '" lhe service and we wanted well-digger in a place on Clark L\', m .- now ' not ln Ju| y or Scplem- Sticct and this well-digger spelled both of us bow-legged with one hand lied behind him, and a nice- looking, rather stout bar-maid named Agnes refr-rccd. This girl said she was a high-school graduate and I guess she was, all, right, hut the well-digger said he had barely lagged grammar-school and just spelled by ear. You meet some very unusual and interesting people in such places at such limes. Then one lime we walked across the street to n big bank and Lewis had his hand jabbed in his overcoat pocket and rammed it. against ;i policeman and said, "Get in there and grub us a hundred grand and be quick about it," and- I thought, "well, she warned me not to go. out with Ihal Lewis and I wouldn't lislcn and now, Ihis is it." Bui the policema merely said, "Mr. Lewis, you are so comical," and nothing happened. It takes nerve enough for Mr. -iCwis to go out at all in Chicago, •onsidcring what happened to him hat lime, but to go out with me ind pick disputes with well-diggers iboul the spelling of "ersipelas" ind "embarrass" is madness because 1 am supposed lo be hoi .•ai-go, although tfiat is jusl rumor jecause Jimmy Petrillo, for ex- implc, is one of my best friends and old Dan Tobin, of the teamsters always sends me a turkey or Christmas. What Happened to Joe that time was that he had just closed a season at a big noisy joint on the Vorth Side and signed a contract with a place called lhe Rendezvous and was about lo open when a gangster named Jack McGurn called on him and told him to ditch .he Rendezvous ancl go on back to the other place Joe's answer is expressed by telegraph operators as G.T.H. and McGurn said ho never would open at the Rendezvous but he did and had played a week to big business while b"»incss at the old trap wont off. .Then, about ten o'clock one morning, there was a knock on his floor at his hotel and he opened it and three of them walked in. "One of them pulled out a .45 and belted me over the hcnd and I went down trying to fight because I was desperate and knew I was gone," Mr. Lewis has told me ."I came lo in aboul ten minutes and jiggled the- phone because I couldn't talk." If you have ever seen him you will understand why he couldn't talk .They not only hacked his face with a razor, possibly desiring lo send him lo nis grave with lhe traditional laughing mouth of the underworld, but cut his throat and left him for dead. He knew one of them fairly well, a young boy who really had nothing against Lewis, personally, but was just doing a routine job in his line of. work. The other Iwo were strangers. Joe made no formal police complaint because in those days in Chicago such mailers were regarded as private affairs ancl in a couple of years, sure enough, all three were dead but not by any of Joe's doing or procurement but just as routine casualties from occupational hazards . He was a fiiend of Al Capone, though, which may moan much or nothing at all, although, feeling secure and even jrash in that friendship, he chased me punk out of his dressing room ,it Hie Slate Lake theatre who .riecl to shake him down, as was customary in those days, and Page Five Arkansas Veterans Returning to U. S, Arkansas servicemen arriving in San Francisco "on the steamship Carlos Curillo Sunday: Hairston, Judson, C. T-5, Route .1 Did You Make These Children OLISH war-orphans who have lived without shelter or care for as _ long as they can remember, smile happily as an UNRRA reprcoen- tative hands out clothing donated by the people of the United States in the nation-wide April clothing collection. Millions of other children overseas need all the protective clothing, shoes and bedding YOU can spare. Give them to the Victory Clothing Collection. Nelson Wins Another at Los Angeles By HAL WOOD Los Angeles, Jan. 0 —(UP)—Byron Nelson headed north for the San Francisco open today with $2,666 first money in his pocket from the Los Angeles open. Nelson so outdistanced the field it was almost "no conquest" in his winning yesterday The Toledo, O., salesman won wilh a 284 — the highest winning score since 1935. His nearest competitor — five strokes back — was Ben Hogan, Hershey, Pa., with a 289. Nelson played his usual steady game. He didn't gel off any crowd- whooping drives, but always was down the middle; he didn't hit the pin wilh his approaches, but he always was on the green; and he sunk very few of those 20-foot putts, but he always was close. He out together scores 71-69-72-72 — 284 — over the tricky Riviera country club course. There were a lot of (39s during the tournament, but only one score better •— lhe on he took a 78, and finished in a tie for 68 compiled by Sarnmy Snead opening day. Snoad blew up yesterday, lOlh place. Hogan's 289 paid $1,866.67 and -B? Enoh S. FoUerteo, Jr. Pants Rowland ngain is broadcasting that tho Pacific Coast League will attain a major status almost any season now, but some of the bifi leaguers who turned down his bid last month maintain it won't be four or five years . . . The Cubs' Jim Gallagher explained it this way: "We hope the coast league will be a major league because that will moan oOO major league baseball jobs instead of 400 ancl there would be that much more incentive for kids to play •xy x>ssibilily is LI. Del Wirt who is 2, Hope. Ban-on, Francis E., Pfc., Lux- Beaty, Horace O., Pfc., Benton. Gilbert, Willie E., Pfc., Lcwis- ville. Jennings, Earl L., Pfc., Calico Rock. Arriving in Seattle on the Marine Star Saturday: Hill, Preston J., T-3, 403 Orange St., Hot Springs. Duo in Newport News, Va., on the W. Barry Monday: Goosby, Melvin P., Pfc., Magnolia. Goosby, Marvin, T-5, Magnolia. Mitchell, Arnett, T-5, Gurdon. Hardamon, Robert, Pfc., Prescott. Moss, Leavy, Pfc., Rosston, Ross, Tilman, Pfc., Hope. Due at San Francisco on the Arthur Penn Monday: Booker, Mervin, Pfc., Mineral Springs. Johnson, Elbert, Pfc., Prcscolt. Walker, Benjamin, Pfc., England. Ray, Joseph, Pvt., 105 Palmcto, Hot Springs. Juniel, Willmar E., T-5., Star Route, Bcardeni baseball But now those fellows can't pay major league expenses out of their gate receipts. . . . . Take a player like Joe DiMaggio, for instance. They could pay him for his first few major league seasons while he drew $7,500 or less, but when his salary got lip to $42,000 how could they'take that out of a $90,000 payroll and have anything left for the rest of the team?" One-Minute Sports Page Looks as if the Cards should have made that deal for Walker Cooper on Columbus Day Their most promising prospect seems to be young John Garagiola from the Columbus, O., club," and another lue to get his army discharge in ';ime to report to the Cards' train- ng camp. He formerly caught for Columbus, Ga. third place was solit between Chandler Harper, Portsmouth, Va., Jimmy DeMarct, Houston, Tex., and Jim Ferrier, Chicago, each wilh 290 and $1,111.11. At 291 were Dick Metz, Arkansas City, Kans., E. J. (Dutch) Harrison, Little Rock, Ark., Vic Ghezzi, Deal, N. J., and Harold (Jug) McSpaden, Sanford, Me., $000 each; 292 — Sam Sncad, Hot Springs. Va., Sam Byrd, Detroit, and Charles Congdon, Tacoma, Wash., $444. Al Zimmerman, Portland, Ore., and Tony Penna, Dayton, O., each collected $273.33 for 293; and Barney Clark, Los Angeles, and Lawson Little, San Francisco, got 220 each for 295. Strictly Business When Paul Derringer, who toiled ten seasons for the Reds and a close personal friend of Manager Bill McKechnie, started looking [or a new job after his release by the Cubs, he addressed a wire to "Manager, Cincinnati Baseball Club." Objections to Price Ceilings on Raw Cotton Atlanta, Jan. 7 —(/P)— Strong- worded objections by etitton spokesmen loday followed OPA Chief Chester Bowies' anounce- ment that price ceilings would be put on the 1946 raw cotton crop to help hold down prices ofs clothing and cotton fabrics. "I am not in favor or it—it's ridiculous," asserted Rep. Camp fD-Ga) at his home in Newnan, Ga. Camp added that "cotton'"'ceilings would do litllc to control, clothing prices since, he dcJclfifed, "there isn't 30 cents worth of cotton in a $3 shirt.-V-A protest against Bowies'-move was telegraphed 1o President Truman by Senator Maybank, (D-S C) from Charleston':" The'. senator called - the ceiling porposal "a dreadful mistake". and.."a . slap in the face for lhe South." ho added: "Mr. Bowles, the OPA chief would threaten the South with socialized control of the cotlon crop of 1946 on the eve of the preparation of the land' for planting when those of us in the South know that the world was bare of cotton goods and action."' All the way from North Carolina lo the big cotton growing state of Texas other objections sprang up lo lhe price control plan made nub- ic by the OPA chief in Washington Saturday. " " Bowles said he would soon issue an advance notice of the ceilings under terms of the Price Control Act. He asserted that OPA was going to do everything in its power to hold down.prices of clothing and tcxtilesTrl'basic elements in the cost of .living." He addeS that OPA has been "increasingly disturbed"- by recent cotton prices rises because of their possible, effect -on fabric and yarn ceilings. Dots All, Brothers Old paul "reliable source" says the WPB recently released crude rubber and other materials for making golf balls and then rescinded the order three days later. Good drive, weak approach . . . Bill Sullivan, the Braves' tub thumper, is reported to receive one of the best salaries in that line of business, which shows you the Braves have the dough to run a and some not insured at all, the governor said. Members of the fire insurance committee are: Ralph Baker, W. M. Apple, J. K. Shepperd, Henry Latham, all of Little Rock; Eric Rogers, Jonesboro; Clyde McDonaldL Newport; Ed Silliman, Camden; Carroll Johnson, Morrilton, and L .L. Lite of Eudora. The Casualty Insurance Committee included: Tom Wilson, Jack East, Hal Norwood and W. H. Williams of Little Rock; Troy Mcr Neil, Fort Smith; W. R. Alsobrook, Benton; and Richard Brown of El Dorado. The Federal Housing'Adminis- tration was established, in 1934. , FLOOR MATS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main real ball club American Legion baseball was played in 47 slates last summer and Commissioner Happy Chandler adds: "We have to get Maine in." ... In other words, as the nation goes Maine should go, too.- Sancl Point Navy Navy 511. 07; Farragul COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Autc Supply Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J warned him thai he was going to :um him in to Caponu for using iis name In vain .He says Capone once offered $10,000 to anyone who would bring in an operator who was running this kind of shake and using his name. He was in the hospital nearly four months and didn't really regain •us speech for about two years and the first place he played when he was able was tho rendezvous, again . Il is a strange thing to me lhat, although Joe made his reputation with the low-downest, dirtiest humor you ever heard, his best audiences were really nice and respectable men and women and I clun't menu just mink trade but people who live right ancl go to church and don't even think along lhe lines of that humor, much less talk- that way- It seemed lhat he hit them with a blackjack and stunned thorn and they lost their inhibitions and went along with Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. Fights Last Night By the Associated Press Knnsas City — Tony Zalc, 102 1-2, Gary, Ind., knocked out Bobby Giles ,102 1-4, Buffalo, N. Y., (4). (non-title) New York — Al Hoosman, 103 -2, Los Angeles, outpointed Lee Savold, 196, Palerson, N. J.j (10). New Orleans — Larry Fontana, 58 1-2, Brooklyn, and Cosby Linion, 157, New Orleans, Drew. (10). By United Press Boston — Johnny Cosario, 1411-2, Boston, outpointed Irish Jimmy Peirce, • 139, Vancouver, B. C., (10). Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances BE FIRST — Place your order now for a MAYTAG WASHER JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Ernest Jones 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Authorized Peru and Service P««l»r Newark, N. M. — Pat Giordano, 152-1-2," Montreal, outpointed Jig Donohue, 154, Philadelphia, (8). Holyoke, Mass. — Johnny Fin- nazo, 1GO, Baltimore, outpointed Saint Paul, 170, Springfield, Mass., Providence, H. I. — Charles (Cabey) Lewis, 129-3-4, New York, slopped Larry Bolvin, 127-1-4, Providenc, 110). Lewiston, Me. — Eddie Le Tourneau, 149, Sanford, Me. knocked out AriTiand Michaud, 144-1-2, Lisbon, Me., (10). Burlington, Vt. — Vernon (Kid) Larro, 139, Lynn, Mass., slopped Don Goulct, 130, Burlington, Vt,. (7). New Britain, Conn. — Gabby Poulin, 145, New Britain, Conn, outpointed Arli Shephard, 147, New York, (8). Spring Racing Meet Approved For Oaklawn Little Rock, Jan. 7 — (fP)— The Arkansas racing commission approved today the application ol .he Oaklawn jockey club of St. jouis lo conduct a spring racing meel at Oaklawn Park, Hot Springs, from Feb. 25 to March JO, inclusive. The commission deferred appointment of all track officials until a later dale. II voted to compile a -new set of rules governing the Ilol Springs track. Jack Games of Camden and Arthur Adams of Tonesboro were named to compile the new rule book, which will become effective after the 1946 meet- ng. Flashes of Life LIFE BEGINS AT— Kansas City, Jan .a — (IP)— Police Officer Frank Hoover wished "Rookip" Tom Morrison a happy liOlh birthday. Morrison has been on tho Kansas City force since 1H97. Hut Hoover, 1837, is 85. policeman since WHERE MEN ARE MEN Anchorage, Alaska, Dec 3 — (If) — Note to the ladies: the men are still rough and tough in Alaska. They're! tough lhat there will be open season on beardless males between Feb. 27 and March 2, when any man caught in anchorage without a beard will be Troy, N. Y. — Paulie Jackson, 133, Reading, Pa., outpointed Jean Barbieri, 131,, Montreal (10). But in the last year or so 1 have noticed that he has done less of that and has become a real good political satirist which I believe is a new line in night club comedy. Jusl to show you, one night recently at the Copa here in New York, facing an audience' that was pretty well along and hard to hold, anyway, he went, on for more than an hour entirely in a satire about President Truman, starting with Mr. Truman's piano playing, and not even a smudge of dirt, and left them hollering for more because he wanted to come over to our table and tell her about the time he and I rented a push-cart — the big blab-mouth. Now I see that this year he is going to Miami Beach for the winter season which seems to mean that I can go to Chicago without any danger that anybody will seize me from behind, pinion my arms and pour fiery draughts down my throat to drug my wonderful brain, rob me of my dignity and make me feel awful in the morning. Arkansas News Items Little Rock, Jan. 7 — (IP)— The Franklin County Farm Bureau Association today filed incorporation articles with the secretary of state to serve as a cooperative marketing and procurement agency for its members. It listed 5,000 shares of stock with $10 par value each. Incopora- lors are: Roy O. Wilson, Jeta Taylor and R. F. Bond of Ozark; James Post of Altus; Otis Smith of Mulberry and others. Little Rock, Jan. 7 — (IP)— Arkansas rivers continued to rise today as a result of continued rains during the weekend, with the Ouachita going above flood stage at Cnmden. The Ouachita was a foot over the 26-foot flood level at Camden this morning, and a peak of 28 to 29 feet is expected by Wednesday. The Arkansas is expected to rise four or five feet during the week but is ,not due to reach flood stages. Weather claimed at Ircast three lives and brought' injury to many others as a tornado struck near Lake Village and Wolrnont in south-" en=t Arkansas last night. The U. .S. Weather bureau at Little Rock forecast partly cloudy and colder weather for tonight and tomorrow. Warm temperatures, almost of the spring vareity, still were prevalent throughout the slate this morning. Near-freezing weather is expected tonight, however. LARGEST INDUSTRIES The largest allied industry in the United States is the textile industry. Railroads rank second, public utilities third, and construction fourth. Little Rock, Jan. 7 —(/P)— The Arkansas Public Service Commission will investigate a complaint by the Hot Springs city council against the Arkansas Motor Coaches and the Tri-State Lines, Chairman Charles C. Wine said today. Wine said a commission enforcement officer would be sent to Hot Springs. The city council had asked the commission to require the companies to furnish a station for the use of their passengers. The council reported that the companies were using a vacant lot for loading and unloading their buses. Little Rock, Jan. 4 — (IP)— Two committees to study the state's method of ensuring its properties were named today by Governor Laney. The governor said the committees would be convened within a few days by Insurance Commissioner Jack McKonzie and would be asked to "report as quickly as possible." Laney said the committees would be asked to determine an equitable method of insuring state property. Some state holdings are over-insured, some under-insured charged with indecent exposure. So proclaimed the mayor when he announced the dates for the city's fur rendezvous. A "whiskerando" court will try offenders." JUVENILE DELINQUENT Helena. Mont., Jan. 8 (.1')—"Send two policcmans to my house," said an urgent juvenile feminine voice over the telephone. 'A little boy just stole my candy." Police desk Officer Larry Kane put down the 'phone and sighed.' A few moments later it rang again: "Never mind, don't send the po- licemans He just gave back the candy." CONSOLATION San Diego, Calif,. Jan. 8 — (^Pi- Albert Gideon of Pal City, Califam got his stolen car back at a profit. After a three weeks absence the car appeared today at sheriff's headquarters with two brand new tires, two newly recapped tires, and a spare added. That helped compensate for 3,000 additional miles on the speedometer. COMMANDING GENERAL IN MINALA AREA—Lt. Gen. W. D. Styer, commanding army forces in the western Pacific, told rally of soldiers in Manila, Philippines, that "international situation" demanded 400,000 troops in Far East, In effort to quiet demonstrations urging Immediate shipment back home. NEA Telephoto From Files) THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkanioi RADIO BATTERIES A. & B. PACK We Have Them WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm Phone 901 KELV1NATOR ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR. See the beauty of 1946 and place your order early WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm Phone 901 BUTANE SYSTEMS < Plumbing Fixtures • ' Plumbing Repairs • HARRY W. STIVER Plumbing • Heating" - " Phone 259 Hopev-Ark.- For PHOTOGRAPHS r in your ""home .'' 'Phofie'493 COLLIN BAG LEY • TRANSFER o HAUL ANYTHING ANYWHERE Quick Dependable Service Phone 933 B. P. Me LAIN • FOR . . . JOB PRINTING PERSONAL STATIONERY See GENTRY PRINTING CO. Hope, Ark. Front St. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Phone 76 Alterations Pressed While You Walt BENDIX AUTOMATIC HOME LAUNDRY See it now and place your order. WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm Phone 901 THE LONG WAY HOME New Ulm, Min., Jan .8 —(/P)— The cily's 61,500 pound light plant boiler was sold to a paper mill in Menasha, Wis. — 412 miles away by direct route. The boiler was so large, however, that when placed on a flat ca. it had to be routed 713 miles over four railroads to reach Menasha without wrecking bridges and underpasses eiiroutc. LOANS To Farmers and Stockmen. TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS AND CATTLE See E. M. McWilliams SEED STORE Representative for NASHVILLE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION • Real Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farm land or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building TAXI Phone 679 or No. 2 Yellow Cab- 24 Hour Service Careful—Bonded Drivers Irvin Urrey, Jesse Brown . Owners Hope Builders Supply Co, For Paint Wall Pgper Lumber Insulation Board Glass Plumbing ... . " Lime Supplies Cement Fencing Plywood Windows Roofing Builders' Nails Hardware m 111 i I

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