Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 27, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1896
Page 8
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%•"'• it' $K. fc Advance Sale of Dress Goods. While black dress goods are always stylish, this season they promise to far outstrip all others in popularity with the fashionable world; perhaps one reason for this is the beautiful designs which the manufacturers have produced. Anticipating an early demand for fall dresses we placed our orders early and now have the handsomest stock of black goods, from the rich plain cloths to the elegant fancies that you will find in the city. As a starter for the season we will make the following special prices fpr the week. 38 inch all wool Henriettas worth 50c ct 29c , 45 inch beautiful all wool serges worth 50c at 39c 40 inch elegant Jacquard fancies worth 65c at 48c 45 inch Mohair Novelties worth 75c at 58c The latest large figured Mohair at 69c An elegant line of crepe effects,Wizard cloth etc 75c Our line of Maltesses, Astrachan and Fancy Mohairs can't be equaled at-98c, $1,25. $1.50, $1.75, $1.98, and $2.25. It will pay you to look at the above va ue. SOUND MONEY Democrats Who Oppose Repudiation. Conventions Held in All of the 1 ' . Congressional Districts. E THE GOLDEN RULE. Eleventh District Met at Peru-Were Enthusiastic. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 38!>0. 11 wipi'S.—Trade rulace- >r is sick and confined to the Capes, Line- r House. New Yorl; counts, and selects :it Tra ut's. $.1.0$ for ladles' very finest tan shoe at Otto's. Mich.'iol's university will Op™ Svp teuiber .t. For Sale or Rent.— The dwelling at Muniock Place. Smoke flu; Columbia cigar ,lli(l cfiauce got ring $25. William Sclnnidr was fined yesterday morning for drunkenness. Remember the weekly meeting of the XleKinley club Friday night at the rink- Otto says times are dull but half " price ought to move good merchandise. See adv. Jlotlicrmol receives Mocha and Java coffee fresh Tuesdays and Fridays of each week. One of the effects ot recent storms •was the killing of thousands of Kng- • Ufcti sparrows. ' 1 Emit Forch and Miss Anna Sehaefer were married Tuesday morning at St.. Joseph's church. The regular meeting of Charity Dlv. Ko. 4, G. I. A. to the B. of L. E. will 'be held today at 2:30 p. m. 500 pieces of new dross goods opened yesterday. You should not fail to learn prices.— Trade Palace. Charles F. and Harry Thompson, ot the Thompson Lumber company, hare entered suit to collect a note of ?lCiO from Charles Hildcbrandt. TUe enterprising and patriotic firm, 'Wilson, Humphreys & Co., presented cfteH' member of the McKinloy Glee eiiib' -Tv-nii a beautiful badge yesterday. We hare thousands of valuable cloth- lag yet to sell within a few days. Drop In, convince yourself and buy at actual half-price.— Read Harry Frank's new ad. A Democratic Sound Money club was .organized at Rochester, Ind., last Monday night with sixty members as a starter. They claim that this number RAILROAD HEN. Sound Honey Club at the Rink Holiday, August 31. lion. Lucius B. Swift of Indianapolis will address the Railroad Men's Club 'at the rink Monday evening, August 31. Mr. Swift Is a forcible- and logical speaker and will speak from the .standpoint of a Miuail nioiicy IVr.U'- erat. Everybody should hear him. CROP ia-;roRT. "/•^Mitcli needed rains have (alien dur- iug-Tlu' week over portions of the western Gulf States, relieving the droughty conditions which have prevailed in lliilt section. While excessive heat has retarded work iu some of the southern Stales it has been too cool for best results In the Lake region aud upper Mississippi valley. The corn crop is maturing vapidly except in Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Iowa whore it has been retarded to some extent by cool weather, but in these States it continues in adviilice of the season and with favorable weather conditions will be safe from frost by Sept 12th. Cutting is now progressing as far north as Minnesot.ii, Wisconsin aud Michigan. i'lic weather conditions of the wcei; lave been favorable for cotton picL;- ng which has progressed rapidly except where retarded by excessive heat. The rains of the latter part of the week over northern Texas and Arkansas wpro beneficial to the top crop, but over the eastern portion of the cotton belt, it is too late for new growth and rains' would likely cause more injury than benefit. The crop is unusually early and the reports continue to indicate that picking will tie completed by October first.' Much tobacco of tin- favorable curing in Kentucky the gen eral condition of the crop is favorable. Spring wheat harvest is now rearing completion aud making good progress in the Red valley. In the central valleys aud middle Atlantic States the condition of the soil has been very favorable for fall plowing and fall seeding aud much plowing has been done. be Increased to two ... mis »»•""" j L i s ht frosts occurred during the week hundred with- nA1 , Hmls nf Xfiw -Rno-lnnd and the in a week. J. H. Shcplmrd of the Southside en- 'ifcrtalned a party of friends Tuesday arght in honor of his fifty-sixth birthday anniversary. A One gold-headed enne was presented to Mr. Shephard by Els friends In token of their esteem. The Pharos boasts that it would In portions of New England and the middle Atlantic State's, also In portions of Michigan, North Dakota and Idaho. |" CRUELTY IN AN INITIATION, j New York Tribune: A rather curious and unusual case wns tried the other rather publish a false statement than ! day in the District Court of Waltham, go across the street to learn tlio fact.! Mass. A man named Frank A. Preble, The public is not concerned about j who was Initiated into the Orange •where it got its rumor but what steps ' Lodge.,of Waltham on the evening of it took as a newspaper to verify its July 20, brought suit against Daniel •raformation.' ' j Tracy and William Mablc, two mcm- The most beautiful line of new Im-j '»rs,of the lodge, who had acted as ported and domestic dress goods that conductors on the evening In question we have ever been able to show to alleging that they had treated him the people of Logausport has just been ! with unnecessary cruelty during the opened nt the Trade Palace. Don't' ceremonies. Ho swore that he was miss them. Bo one of the early buy-' -compelled to discard parr of his ral- ors to secure the plums. j''™" L Ouo n ™ wns stripped, his legs ,,,.,,.., . -,. • were bare to his knees, and then, be- T he annual picnic of the Lincoln Cir- - .,.',,„ n , „ tn , ,,,,,i.n,,i -. Y , , i 'Ing blindfolded, he was taken Iu hand file. Ladies of the G. A. R., was held °-^ . , r .. . 1 by Brothers Tracy aud Mable, who, ac- [ Iu particular, tin; ladder was suddenly ! pulled from .under him, and .'is til* laws or gravita I ion wen; in full forci:. ho fell. Then lit; w.-is thrown into it I'.-utvas blanket, in which ho was vigorously tossed for several minutes, while he menially tiiunnurod, "\Vln-re am 1 aIV" For a man who was sup- pusei! to l>e faking nuly a passive par!. ill the exercises, WL' an; bound lo admit lliat. he had hivii rxcivdinirly ,-ic- I 1 1 vi.' thus l':ir, J'.ut his t i-i Hi hi is won- by nn means fiver. A m;hi'>-,-:- • :' ;>;•;'sons hit him in the neck, aflr" whli;li I hey 111:1 relied around, wl-iile he carried a. heavy bag of stones. Tln-j: came tlh' really tragic ptirt in the cere -.ionics on which Mr, I'reble chiefly based his" charge of criu'liy. Some one told him to raise his hand and (hid Hie serpent, lit- raised his hand, but, naturally, found no .serpent, for ihut; ci'ea.l.ure is loo wise lo be raught by n blindfolded num. His failure was probably expected, for a voice exclaimed "You did not find it. but II, has found you!" Strictly speaking, this was not true, for wliiit really found him was a hot. 1 branding iron, wlrh whii-ii ho 'was, branded twice on the breast. But Treble's sense of outrage and wrong wns just us great as if it had been a veritable serpent. And, therefore, he poured forth his tale'- ot woe In the- Waltbam District Court: before Judgd' Enos F. Luce the other day. The officers of the lodge offered no evidence in rebuttal of treble's charges. Obviously, ihey could not do so,, without dragging the secrets of the order into public light. But the counsel for the accused argued that no' proof hnd been submitted that there had been any departure from the regular form of Initiation, and, moreover, that the complainant, having voluntarily applied for initiation, was thereby estopped from objecting to nny feature of it. But Judge Luce very properly disregarded this plea, and imposed n- tine of 535 each on six ofllcers of the. lodge. If Treble told the truth—and no attempt was made to impugn his testimony—ho was treated with unjustifiable harshness aud cruelty. It is neither good law nor good morals to say that because a man npplics for membership iu a society Its members may subject him to any indignity or outrage whatever in Its Initiation ceremonies. The public has no concern with the internal affairs of nuy society so long asjt transgresses no law, ami does not offend' against public order and decency. But a society is no less amenable to the law than an individual and the outcome of this case in Waltham ought to impress npon all societies the danger of allowing their desire to have fun with a candidate for initiation to overstep the bounds of propriety and justice. Thc'sound money Democrats of the State met in the Congressional districts yesterday aud selocled delegates to the 'Naliiun.'i.l Democratic convention at In- dhi-naiiolis. presidential electors and a member of the Souud Money Democratic St:ite Central committee. The m"o;.ings were all well attended aud riiilinsiastic. tn this. Hie Eleventh district there was an enthusiastic meeting.- A special from, Peru says: Tern, August 20.—Special.—Xho mass convention of the National Democrats 01.' the Eleventh 'Congressional district wns held here this afternoon. The convention was held in ilu; court, house and there were about two hundred and fil'iy presenl. Every county in the district was represented and an organ !•/.:!iion was effci-ted which will prove an el'fectivt-' fighting force in the November elections. A State Centra" com mil iceman, a presidential elector for the district, delegates and alternates to thm National convention of the X.aliuiial Democratic party, lo be helf at. Indianapolis September -. weri selected and the convention was enter tallied by a number of rousing speeehoF in which .the Demopop Chicago convention was roundly scored and the leadership of Aitgcld. Tillman, .Tones, o al was repudiated. . The convention was called to orclei at 1 o'clock by the Hon. Charles A. •Cole of Pern, who staved the object for !which the-convention had been called. 'Henry Brookme.ye.r. jr.. of Logausport. and Nelson B. Hunter of Wabasli wore named as a'committi-e on order of biisi- iness and they submitted a report .which was adopted, recommending the appointment of a committee of one fron/cach county, to act as a committee on apportionment of votes to represent the counties in the district. T. 0. ,Gole of Miami. IT. H. DcWoIf of Cass. MviR- Bra ml of Howard, Ge'orge B. S\vt't>tser of Grant, L. H. Jackman of 'Huntingtou and Dr. Wilson of Wabash Svere named as a committee on appor- ;tionment of delegates. A total of nine- ityflve votes for the district was ru- jported by the commilteo, with the fur- ,t.her provision thai: the representative present should cast the full number of votes apportioned to the county they represented. ) The Hon. Charles A. Cole of Miami was chosen permanent chairman and L/.B. Fuhvller of Miami, secretary of the convention. A committee of one Troin each county was named by the convention, to nominate .a State Gen j.ral . committooman. a Presidential Elector for the district, a contingent Elector, two delegates and two alternates to the National Democratic coi yeution. C. II. Brownell of Miam .Tohn V. .Tohnston, of Cass, M. Blnmen thai'Of Grant; .Tudgo C. N. Pollard o LAST WEEK, BUT ONH Greatest Clearance and Positive Closing Out Sale. and we've made provisions for making it a lively one We request the public to know that prices are positively cut in two. School Suits price of for the 2 Soys' Suits for the price of one. 2 Men's Suits for the price of one, 2 Overcoats for the price of one. White and Percale Shirtp, Underwear {Jioves, Miiclvintosbcs, Socks, Suspenders etc all go at half, Ha's less than half. We wish to make it very interesting mid to benefit the masses. All are invited t.o call, Respectfully. 314 Fourth Street. called on and made a short speed)' of live minutes tb.it sot tho-amllenco wild. Ho was not long in 'warming -tip to bis subject and when ho did, the Chicago convention was raked Core and aft with merciless severity. He referred to Alt.geld as "that niiiii who set .it defiance the laws of his state and his country, and bred anarchy and revolution at a lime when patriotism was needed." Tillman and .Tones were also rapped and when ho said. "I-'n'sk you, my friends, will you consent that these men shall take charge of the good old Democratic: ship and shape her course as they and their ilk did iu the bloody period of secession and civil war?" A hundred voices shouted in unison, "No, no, never." Dr. Carson's speech was of the electrical .sort and ho was warmly congratulated. This ended the convention, which was adjourned sine die. Among the prominent Pemocrnts from different counties in the district wore Judge C. N. Pollard, N:~B. Smith, I M. F. Brand of Kokomo; George 1 Swectscr, E. H. Johnson, G. A. South-, Republican Meetings. .ill, F. D. Ketcham, M. Blutuenthal of Republican spcakingswill be held at the following places in Cass county: Logansport, Thursday evening, August 27th—Hon. Frank S. Posey of Evansvillo, at the rink. The Noble township McKinley club will meet at Red school house Thurs- . day night, August 27th. Hon. W. T). Owen will speak at Walton Saturday evening. August 20th. : Hou. W. D, Owen will speak at Lucerne Friday evening, August 2Sth. Mr. Lucius B. Swift of Indianapolis, a former Democrat, will speak oh souud money at the rink under tUe auspices of the Railroad Men's Sound Money club. Monday evening-, August 1st. S. T. McCouuell and George W. Walters will speak at Prospect Hill, Adams township, Saturday evening, Aug. 29. Frank Swigart will speak at Ford's school house, Tefferson township, Saturday, Sept. Dth. Frank Swigart and John B. 'Smith will speak at Adamsboro, Clay town-. Marion; W. IT. McCarty. Dr. W. F. I ship, Friday evening, August 2Stb. yesterdny at Spencer park. There was { .a large attendance, and a bountiful, c ' H ; uln " '^ o ™ L spread of eatables, the sons and hus- Vands of the members being entertained at dinner under the trees. During a recent thunderstorm the • librae of William Burgman of the Sontfiside was struck by lightning but no (In mage, was done except to the gns meter. Mr. Burgman commenting on it said that that was the second time In history that Ananias had been sttacls dead. Peru Chronicle: Mrs. Mary McCabe •srife of John F.' SIcCabe, who formerly resided in this city, died at her home afLogansport yesterday morning at 12; , o'clock, of bronchial consumption, KZ&r o-f years. Besides Tier-husband sh'o leaves four choldren, Charles, John Ella rrruT Fannip. Mr. McCabo T\*as a , machinist in the T. P. & C. shops here ationt fifteen years Qg6. ' i '' account, to'have discharged their duty as "conductors" with zeal, if not with discretion. Whether or not they strictly followed the ritual of the order is known, of course, only to the members, and equally of course they will never tell. /JfJirtt, however, was nor on essential fact In this case. The court was not asked to decide whether 'the ritual of thVwder did or did not prescribe acts that were cruel, but simply whether •the two accused men had committed an unjustifiable itssault on Preble. His evidence would certainly seem to show that they did. When he was led Into the lodge room, lie: says, he was forced to clamber over ri. lot of rough blocks, after which he was flogged severely with whips*and was finally made to mount what seemed to him, to be a step ladder. While he was in this BUSINESS CHANGES. Mr. C. W. Graves, who retired from the business management of The 'Jour n.il July 1st, to engac in another business, the changes of which will.be announced later, has been succeeded by W. S. Wright, who has resigned 1 as Deputy Secretary of State and wil give his entire attention to The Journal. The Journal will be found as usual at the front. The highest production of our silver mines never reached more than $00, 000,000 a year.—Pharo_s editorial,, This is a lie of course. The production as shown by Carlisle's circular, published in the Pharos, is as follows: 1SS9 , $04,0*3,000 1SOO • 70,405,000 .1891 ;.,.; 75,417,000 1802 : 82,101,000 1S03 77,570,000 .189-1 04,000,000 1S05 72,051,000 posltlop, and not thinking of anything The defendants in the suits of the players against the members of the Logansport; base ball 'association, which were decided by Justice Fender in favor of the men whoso salaries art back, hare been appealed to. the Circuit" court. ' . Howard, Lloyd Jones of Huntlugton and N. Laumarco of Wabasli compose the committee on nominations and ri ported the following names, the repor being unanimously adopted: , State Central Committecman—Mose Rosenthal, -of Peru. Elector—Dr. W. F. Carson, of Hunt liigto'n. •Contingent Elector—Nelson G. Hun -lor; of Wabash. iDelegatcs to the National Convention -j-Harry W. -Strouse, of Peru, and N B. Smith, of Kokomo. 'Alternates—Dr. C. L. Thomas, of Lo g'ansport, and George A. Southall, o ,Marion. ''The delegates to the National Demo cratic convention are required to nice .at Indianapolis on the day precediu ' the .convention, to choose a delcgate- •at-large and an elector-.at-la.rge. jThe- business of the convention hav • ing been completed, Judge C. N. J?ol laird .of"Kokomo was called upon for a speech. Judge Pollard began by saying : that he had boon a Democrat all of hi life, *'Aud I am still a Democrat," he added;' "but I am not a Topocrat. T am a member of a party, call us gold •biigs-,1 bolters, soreheads, what you like, which.is Composed of Democrats, who have never repudiated their honest debts;-who have been the meek and lowly followers of Jefferson and Jack- sou,' but who will never consent to march in the train of the Tlllmans'or the. Altgelds or the Joneses, who head the list of': 'patriots' in charge of the .alleged Democracy of the country." The speaker continued for twenty minutes and his remarks were received with-the greatest enthusiasm. The Hon. Nelson B. Hunter of Wabash followed in a speech that caught the. delegates present,, and he was frc- fluently interrupted by thoir applause. Dr: W. r, Carson of Huutington was ,. T , . George Funk will speak at George- Carson, G. W. McEdwards L. -Tack-j ^^ p t 2Sth _ man. Louie Trixlor of Huntington: G.j At R , Ccnt to McKinley club _ H. Thompson and L. S. Jones of War-, ^^^ „, ht A t o^ DcWitt reu; J. F. Johnson, Henry Brookmoyer,: H. II. DeWolf, Miller TJhl 'of Logans- ' ' b ' ! port: J. S. Daugherty,'N. -B. Hunter, James Wilson of Wabash, • OUR OLD DISTRICT. Tenth . District Democrats Motion. Met At The old Tenth met at Monon aud over two hundred delegates were present. Every county was represented by the leading Democrats. Judge Alf Reynolds of Mouticello was made chairman and John R. Coffroth, jr., of Lafayette, secretary. Delegates ' to the National convention at -Indianapolis wore E. H. Scott of Laporte and Judge Emory Sellers of Mouticello. The alternates were Simon Wile of Laportc, for four years Democratic member of the Prison Board, and Hon. Thomas J. Wood, formerly Congressman from this district. The electors chosen were M. A. McDonald of Warren county, a son of Senator McDonald, and the contingent was James R. Malon of Porter county. Thomas A, Hogen of Lafayette was made' committeeman for the district. The leading Democrats of the district supported the convention and the old Tenth will declare emphatically for sound money. "DAD" BOL-AN HURT. "Dad" Bolau, the ball player, fell from a street car yesterday morning on Broa.dw.ty, and sustained severe hurts. He was struck by a frightened horse which collided with. the. car, and being thrown some distance, and alighting upon his head, was rendered unconscious. He was taken to St, Joseph's hospital where he is now being eared for. Dr. Ward was first called, to care for the injured man. The extent of "Dad's' 1 injuries will be known today. NINE CENT SALE OVER THE STATE. Jouvcutious Held in AH of the Congressional Districts. Conventions of the supporters of the National Democratic ticket were held u all of the Congressional districts of the state yesterday. A full list of delegates to the National convention at Indianapolis was chosen, and State Com- mltteemen and Electors were .select••d. The convention will- li'ave'a large epresentation from Indiana. A Special Sale For Nine Cents. Two school suits for the nr.ice'of one. We wish every boy in the county to i.avo a suit; as ,1 memento—at Harry Frank's farewell sale. • v Who Ever Heard of a Nine Cent Special Sale. Well here it is; for one week vre will sell choice of the following well known shoe dressing, Whitemore Bros., Gilt Edge Oil Dressing, Button & Thuroston's Celebrated Raven Gloss, Restorff & Bettmann's Celebrated Glycerole, Alma and other celebrated shoe dressings all of whlcH retail at 25 cents per bottle by all merchants. Choice of these celebrated dressings ONLY NINE CENTS. PILLING, THE SHOE MAN, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. Infallible Corn Salve worth 25 cents for 9 cents.—Pilling. • White Clover, powder retail price 25 cents, reduced to 9 cents.—Pilling-. Now is the time to supply yourself with shoe dressing at less than wholesale price.—Pilling, the shoe man, 412 Broadway. . • -, •

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