Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 4, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1946
Page 5
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H ° Pe STAR - HOPE. ARKANSAS " — ~ Friday, Januory 4, 1946 _ PETEB PUNK Tr»Jem»rk Rcji««r«I I) S. Patent Ofll.-i; OH, BOY--A GOOD ) OLD-FASHIONED PILLOW FIGHT.' HOW I USED TO ENJOY THEM WHEN t WAS A AMNESIA! MAJOR TUCKER.' SO WHEN YOU ME ET 'IM,Ul.Y.,. 1 WOULDN'T MENTION ANYTHING HE , WOT THEY CALLS "& CAN'T REMEMBER NOTHIN 1 FOR A FEW DAYS 6OOD! I'M ANXIOUS TO SEE ABOUT THAT SCAMPERED OFF WITH UUV-. \ CRATE OF THE <3ENERAL'< MEBBE WE BETTER K PAPERS, MR. P0PKIN.' KUN ON OUT TO TH 1 HOUSE! IN TH 1 PAST IF X WUZ YOU- IT'D JUST EMBARRASS HIM! DEAR I WOIE I WAS SUQOTMS..AWD TVW ID SHAD YOU SQVE IF I GOT /W W\CE ONES,. Em- THF/ AW v ETME WHEN WRE. RNISHED WU EM SON You MEAN HE^S GOMN-\ BE A BOOK-BUG AT THE LOCAL. BRAIN MILL2 . WAS -.. „_ A JOB TEACH IMG- EMSLISH SHADYSIOE HIGH / TAKING- T GOSH /THAT MI2..WAVMAN, IN; BEHALF OF .., FUTURE GRADES /M YOUR. CLASS HOWE'S / MEANS VOUR. . , WOULD YOU LIKE OME OF YOU(2, OWN APPLES e Side Glances Donald Duck By Galbraith By Waif Disney ^ IT'D KILL A PUPPY TO EAT SUCH HEAVY FOOD! RIGHT OUT AND GET A QUART OF GRAD£ A" 'MILK! BEHEMOTH'S SICK, DAISY.' HE WONT £AT A THING! IVE TK FILET SURE I <NOW THESE'S PLENTY ON TH' OTHER &,OS. ThcEE VVA5 WHEN I f . &™ T? GET A CLAIM, ALONG WITH THE OTHER .CKA2V Cx'ITTURS INTHEA\ PAN'S/ BUT THAT'S ALL IN THE *\ PAST, GSUS-STAKE THE fiOLD RUSH IS OVER... SUKELV MUST BE CURIOUS TO WHATS ON THE _ " < : $ P70PLE, LEFT 'EM ALL VVONDEE1N' WHV AIN'T '- THIS VALLEV.. MOUNTAINS AINT to CHASE AFTER WHAf ABOUT / GOLP..5AME AS TheA\_..?y OTHERS DIP- -BUT SWKEP A RTICHEE CLAIM, RIGHT HERE/ J Ui»»!>utc(! ^v King Falurei Sindieatt, fcQPR/.18« BY NEA SERVICgT INC. T. HI. REC. U. 8. PAT. OFF he baby plays so cute with grandma's cane— he'fiets almost as much fun out of it as she does with his rattlel" Thimble Theater Funny Business By Hershberger corn iwr ki\c_Fr,\TVfrJ SYXOJCAIE. IM EHT-SOUMDEP LI ICE CRACKED THE CASE, BUT ,^ SAIP "OCTOPUS"... BUT , THE MACHINE'S A WRECK... NEVER MIMD, I'LL BLEW' UP OR SOMETHIM6.. BE THERE ON THE WE'RE HOLPIMOTWO SUSPECTS AMD FIRST PLAME/ HOW DID SHE KNOW AND O-L-I-V-E / / ? W lYNEAitRVICe. IMC. T. U. 8t6 u t. ; "Better explain it to him—I don't think h c quite gets the idea!" Out Our Way By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople HE DID \ LEARM ( TH' HULL \ TRADE, I BUT PUT / ALL HIS \ LIFE O.NJ OWE MACHIME / 1 KWEW ITVEAH.?/WHEW PO VOU '- I'M CRAZV ENOUGH .TO LEARM TO BUILD TH' WALDOEF JUST TO BE A WAITEE. IN IT, VOU FOSSIL? OL KAAK1, MO LIKE A DISH WASHER CL IMG HE'S A COOK, HAH? AIN'T MACHINISTS, a VOU'REF JUST A • MACHIME OPERATOR.' 4 A MACHlMlST KIM MAKE -EVEK&.-PAR.T OFA AMD BUILD"IT--'-- DOWT MACHIKJISTS MO MORE/ 6GAD, MPiR.TlAf\/ VOLlNE FELT THAT GUBLlMe E^A.OTlO^i STIKR.EO BV THE: PEAL, OTr CHURCH BBLLS 2-~ WELL, 3DST MEAIJT BAD WE ROUKID DOBS 6TIR ME, 616 GOST OF 6TALB IF-THIS PlEDOueK \MASNST FOR SUPPER, X'D ROLL VOU UP isi IT LIKE A TAK.T/ , SIRR ?^ W«l/JrSUPERSlSxS LUCK/ SOME THE NEXT GUV IS W BEWD, WE'LL MURGATROYD/ EIGVAT HOURS */, TAKlhiS ORDERS FOR. MEVO AMD BETTER BELLS , WE'VE (Sot V JK. \ TO PAKE RYDER TrilN^K THAT1\E REFORMED- HOWDT,ANIW WE'D DROP £^g^ dajw»?/ :ARE YOU,FOP. Friday, January 4, 1946 CLASS/FIED HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS . A., vu A D ° ln ° fflcC Day n ° forc • All Wnnt Ads C ash In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Thro, , lm ., . . 3I/ -- C -2 = » - »« .i-.... - . 5e word, m.nlmum 75c month 18c word, minimum $2.70 Hates are for Continuous Insertions Only ti: M ° RE Y ° U TELL THE QUICKER YOU' SELL" ReaInstate for Sale ™ addition* 1 Hop0, Ark.' Sec Brooks llros. Garage, Hi. 4 Hope. 4-lm 113 AC1IF.S, GOOD S!By.EN~noOM louse, water and lights, garagr barn, and other out buildings, on wood toad, daily mail, school bun service. 48 acres in culliva- I on, oVjven acres in meadow. Ualancy in limber and pasture evcrlasling water. A place to id make a living. Price Terms cnn he arranged, write owner F. K. Unison, Route » 1, Blcvins, Arkansas. 31-31 FOUR ROOM HOUSE "oN~LARGE lot, oloctricily, clly water, close I". $1100 cash. Mrs. Ray Kitchens, Bennett addition, Phone 208-.T 2-1! t 0 HOOMS AND PORTKCOcTfKRF, modern. Two lots, well located. Priced reasonable. On terms C B. Tyler. 4.31 5 ROOM HOUSE AND 40 ACRES land to trade for a house in town C. B. Tyler. ,,. 3 i ICO ACRES WELL LOCATED. $7 For Sale per acre. C. B. Tyler. 4-,'U ACRES. GOOD SIX ROOM house on highway, $17 per aero. C. B. Tyler. 4-31 MODERN HOUSE ON HIGHWAY electric line. 1!>0 acres land. C. B. Tyler, 4-31 120 ACRES, SMALf, HOUSE AND barn. $15 per acre. C. B. Tyler. ' 4-31 Lost 17 JEWEL LYCEUM LADIES' wrist watch. Pink cold case. Liberal reward. Ruth Cornelius. Phone 328. 31-Gi SET OF FORD RINGS. INSERT'S and clutch disc, between Sale Barn and Mo. 4 highway. Return to Lester Crawford or call Hope Auto Co. 1-31 LOST DOWNTO\VN,TIUOOK "The Gauntlet" by James Street. Call 320 or the City Library. 1-31 WHITE FEMALE SETTER" DOCL black spot on right eye and one hip. Foil!' years; old, weighs about 2f> pounds. Answers to name "Sis." No collar. Reward for return to J. S. Conway. Phone 713 or !)3!)-W. ' 1-31 BROWN LEATHER BILLFOLD lost New Year's Eve night. Contains currency and furlough pa- peis. Reward. Call Cpl. Howard M. Perdue, 971-W or leave at Hope Police Staoion, 3-3t BLACK SATIN RAINCOAT~BELT'i lost Wednesday on corner by Chas. A. Haynos store. Return to Lucille Porter, Phone 7fi(). 3-31 SMALL, AIRDALE PUPPY, WHITE with black spols, wearing red harness. Answers to name "Mickey". It seen, call Mrs. A. A. Halbert, Phone 72D-W. 4-31 ... WHITE GOLD BAR PIN, SMALL diamond, down-town dislrict. Reward. C. B. Tyler, Real Eslale, Cotton Row. 4-3( Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR! l setiere, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and women's surgical supports. Mrs. Ifelh Do/.ior. 318 North Elm St. Hope, Ark. Phone 144-J. 28-1 m COMPLETE FULLER BRUSH line of hair, hand, back, clothes and shaving brushes. Also combs, mops, brooms, best made. Mrs. Leor^ Bundy, phono 138. 1-1 m ONE KITCHRNG'AS gas stove, one electric refrigerator, 7 fool box. Sec Rev. Smith. 403 West Division. 28-31 COMPLETE FURNISHINGS OF~A two room apartment. Evcrytning must sell. Tom Carrol. Ill West 3rd St. 27-Gt ONE PAIR MATCHED MISSOURI mules, five years old, 24!)0. One combination weight rubber tired wagon or trailer. Two front axles and four wheels, off of ear. H. Karl Weeks, Emmet, Ark. 27-Gt ONE ALL-IS CHALMElls"~MC)DEL K Caterpillar. Floyd Porterfield. 20-01 1040 en RYSLER" GOOD"CONDI- lion, good tires. See Doyle Reaves at Goo. W. Robison «• __Cu. 3-3t 500 BALES HAY. ~ALSO~SMALL farm. Good house. B. C. Lewis. Hope, Rt. 2. * Fair Enough By WeSrbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. New York, Jan. 4 — As reported here yesterday, Norman Baker, of Laredo, Tex., has petitioned the Federal Communications Commission for an investigation of dealings whereby the Alamo Broadcasting Company, of San Antonio, the principal property of the Texas Slate Network, is aliened to have acquired valuable radio equipment from a Mexican station called XF.NT, at Nucvo Laredo. Mex., just across the international bridge. The Alamo station has been granted a great increase in power by the F.C.C.. and Baker's petition asserts thai this grant, a writ of great financial value, was based on the acquisition of this equipment. The Texas network was Elliott Rosevelt's. Baker says the F. C. C. had tried for years to put him out of the radio business because over the air he held forth piomiscs or hopes of a cure for external cancer. As to whether Baker is a quack and the F. C. C. might have been acting incidentally in the public interest, but in a high-handed manner and for an ulterior purpose, as Baker implies, a valid conviction cannot be reached without a full and public review of the charges and the tacts. '1 lie ulterior pm- pose would have been to enhance the value of slock shares in El- liolt's network which the laic prcs- l-3tlidenl acquired by trickery to defray Georgie Woolf CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Page Five Dies in Calif, Pasadena, Calif., .Inn. 4 — The racing career of Goorgie (Ice Man) Woolf one of the most an on ONE ELECTRIC POPCORN POP- pcr and peanut parcher. Ward Four Food Store. Phone 521. 2-61 TWO DRESSERS, ONIiT WARD- robe, piano, 2 kitchen safes, 2 wood cook stoves. Breakfast la- ble. Ice box, 50 pound, also 300 pound prewar metal ice box. Kitchen cabinet, bedstead and springs. Mrs. E. G. Slaybough, 315 East 3rd Street. 2-31 COMPLETE FURNISHINGS FOR four rooms, all practically new including gas range and c'ircula- tor healer. C. H. Hunter, Gen. Del. three miles out on Lcwis- ville, at Morrow place. 2-31 RHODE-ISLAND RED PULLETS just laying, $1.25 each. Sec Mrs'. Ray Kilchens, Bennett addition. his son's obligations in alimony and for the future maintenance of his dependent minor children. Obviously, however. Baker has appealed to the wrong tribunal fo: he is asking the F. C. C. to investigate charges seriously impugning ils own ethics, motives and conduct. Thus, the F. C. C. would be judge and defendant as well. To what other tribunal Baker might address his petition, so thai the F. C. C. might be Iriccl impartially, I do nol know. The federal courts might not be hospitable because Roosevelt provided that the acts ol many of his government bureaus, having strong arbitrary power? over the rights and property of the citizens, should nol be reviewablo by the courts. One of his charges is tnat the F. C. C. tried to railruau him to prison for transporting brilliant of the American turf — came lo an end loday. The leading money-winning jockiy of 1944 died of a brain injury 12 hours after he was thrown from a horse at Santa Anita Park. While specialists considered operation to relieve pressure his brain, the 30-year-old favorite of many a fan succumbed at 3:20 a.m. (PST) jit SI. Luke's hospital. His wife, Genevieve, and several of his jockey pals were at, his bedside. Woolf did not regain consciousness after Please Me, Die 1 1-2 to I favorite in an allowance race i yesterday afternoon, stumbled and lossed him onto the dirt strip at he first turn. The horse, owned by W. W. Naylor, regained his fool- ng and went on to finish first in the fourth race, breaking Ihe lim- ng beam in 1:38 3-5 for the mile. Louis B. Mayer's Moneybags, the winner, was credited with a mark of 1:39. The Ice Man, so labeled for his •-•ool bravado in quickly seizing op- porluniUcs, capitalized on them to •Capture iioarly every major slake evenl in the country except the Xcnlucky Derby. He rode Azucar, which won the inaugural of the nation's richest race, the $100,000 Santa Anita Handicap, in 1935. Ho piloted win- Tcrs in both the Bolmont futurity and Hollywood gold cup three times. He was aboard Whirlaway n the race which crowned him .•hampion money winner of all time. A Canadian native, married but ..•hildless, Wolf began racing at he old Tijuana, Mex., oval. He had reined two winners in five ilarts during Ihe current Santa Anita season. Phone 20R-J. 2-31 1937 CHRYSLER ROYAL COUPE, 1936 factory buill house-lrailor. Both for $500. J. F. Reed. 404 South Greening. 2-31 ONE ROLL, TOP DESK. FLOYD Poi lerfield. 4-Ct NEW RADIANT GAS HEATER Help Wonted (COLORED GIRL TO CARE FOR small five room house and do baby's washing. No cooking. Salary $1 a day. Call 289-J or see Mrs. Harris at 101!) Park Drive. ! 31-31 ^COLORED GIRL TO DO HOUSE- V s ; work. Mrs. T. E. Urrey, 315 •• Wesl Division. 1-31 Hope Builders Supply Co. Paint Lumber Glass Lime Cement Plywood Roofing Nails For - Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware and pre-war sink stoppers, IV'i and kins Grocery. and bathtub I'/i inch. At- 4-31 1937 FORD. TWO POOR. (-,OO'> (ires, must sell. Owner returning to Army base. See Pfc. Bur- Ion Yalcs, Hocky Mound School house. Phone ,'M-J-I. 4-fit 19-11 CHEVROLET, GOOD CONDI- lion and tires. G. D. Royslon Rt. 3. Hope, Ark. 4-71 ELECTRIC 11 ... .... ft. Westinghouse, in fine condi- North 4-(it lion. Bessie D. Green. Main. 1041 BUICK, SPECIAL SEDAN, 40 motor, throe new tires. See at Whalley Service Station, Corner East Division and North ua- zcl. 4-Gt across the border phonograph C'OPR. 19«! BY NiU SERVICE, INC. T. M. BEO. U. STAY FOR LUNCH! Evanston, 111., Jan. 4 —(/P)— A hen phesant, apparently lost in the fog, was flying at a fast pace when it crashed through two windows in Mrs. John \V. Moore's home. The pheasant landed in Moore's breakfast room Mrs. after Notice IDEAL FURNITURE STORE WILL he opened for business in the same location on South Walnul Street. Wednesday, January Hrd. Phone 470. 31-1 m BE SUKE PLACE YOUR OR- der now for a now machine or vacuum cleaner. We carry parts and button-hole attachments. Call us for repairs. Glii West Division Street. C. W. Yancoy, Singer Distributor. Phone 3G1-R. G-lm INCOME TAX TIME. FARMERS are required to file estimate or final report by January IBlh. See me at my office, Hope. Services reasonable. J. W. Strickland. 38-3w Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FUHMI- lure, one piece or more. Any amount .What -inve you? Phone 873. 20- 1m WILL BUY AND PAY CASH FOR your interest Phone 828-W. in F.H.A. home. 31-31 For Rent BEDROOM WITH LARGE CLO- set in private home for woman. Kitchen privileges, is desire'd. Phone 198, Mrs. H. H. Stuart 108 West Ave. C. 4-3t Wonted to Rent NATIONAL BISCUIT CO. REPRE- scnlutive, Albert Tink desires !"> or 0 room unfurnished house or apt. for wife and two children Phone 977-J. 4-3t The Christian community at Rome is believed to have 'been founded sometime between the years 41 and 54. record which then was played on the Mexican station and did obtain a conviction which was reversed by the court of appeals. This petition by baker revives memories of a sensational political incident in 1944. Early in that year, C. Nelson Sparks, of Akron, formerly mayor of the city, and Ions active in ci'vic and political altiiiis, wrote a book opposing Wendell Willkie's renomi- r.ation by the Republicans against Roosevelt. He called himself a "nationalist" but, according to the New Deal method of the moment, was smeared with the label "isolationist." His theme was that the New Deal or Roosevelt element were working to cause Willkie's re- nomination by Ihe Republicans on the theories (1) that Roosevelt could beat him and (2) that, if, elected, Willkie would be an interventionist. ! It developed that George Briggs, in underling in the Department ot Interior, nad been providing Sparks with information and data. The burden of this material was thai Harry Hopkins wns engineering the surreptitious New Deal or Roosevelt boom for Willkie. The possibility was not overloked that if Wilkie were elected Hop\ins might remain four years more as the nation's guest and a figure of great secret power in the White House. Among the documents which Sparks received was a letter, on \Vhile House stationery, later described as a forgery, purporting to lave been written by Hopkins to Dr. Humphrey Lee, president oi Southern Methodist University, at Dallas. The letter, dated Aug. 17, 1943, read: "Dear Humphrey: What has been done in the Alamo matter' 1 Will you write me, please? What developments in the other .situation? Willkie is going to be the man in my opinion, and I can promise you guod cooperation from :hat quarter if you think it would be helpful." A second letter from Briggs to Sparks said that Harold Ickes requested that the name "Alamo" be deleted in the reproduction of the letter in his book entitled "one man —Wendell Willkie." It was so deleted. A grand jury in Washington investigated. Sparks insists that the inquiry was not conducted in good faith. Briggs was indicted on a charge of using a White House letter-head for this purpose. Hopkins denied writing the letter. Ickcs denied all knowledge of it. Dr. Lee denied receiving it. Bi iggs died before he could be brought to trial. In view of the charges now made by Baker, however, and in view of the rise in value of the stocks liquidating Elliott's obligations to his ox-wife and children, the word "alamo" in this letter becomes far more- interesting than it was in those days when it was dismissed as u code reference lo some Texas political matter. There were fux/y and far-fetched attempts lo guess breaking through a slrom window and a iixed window. Mrs. Moore helped it depart — through the broken window. the meaning o't the word "Alamo" in the letter, indeed, Baker's charges and known facts concerning Elliott's debts, his father's intervention, and the importance of Ihe Alamo radio properly in Ihe successful plot to discharge Elliott's debts al the expense of others, all invite a reasonable suspicion that the leltor' was Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES RADIO BATTERIES A. & B. PACK We Have Them WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm Phone 901 All Dimensions < 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMQS, ARK. Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances not necessarily a forgery, after all, and that "the Alamo mailer" con- c-erned this radio station in San Antonio. For background it must be remembered that a number of rich crooks in the East Texas hoi oil industry, many of them in Ellioll's circle, had been treated very leniently in the disposal of federal indictments. This strange business followed soon after n visit of President Roosevelt lo Texas in which 19 met socially a great many of his son's friends. New Deal polili- cians, judges and other Roosevelt appointees were strangly mixed in with individuals in a thoroughly corrupt and cynical racket. Finally, it may be asked why [-Tarry Hopkins never was called by :he treasury in the recent investigation of the confidence game by which President Roosevelt recaptured Elliott's alimony stock for lothing and, personally, sent it lo Elliott's wife, Ruth, p'relimiary their divorce. Hopkins should have been asked whether he ever look part in any of the attempts to regain any por- .ion of this stock. Should he deny .hat he did, then the lenders should be called upon to try lo refresh his ncmroy. I assert thai he did. The word "Alamo" in the Briggs "forgery" ' may not have been'a code word at all. The letler may not. have been a forgery. And Briggs may have been innocent of any crime when hc died under a .'edcral indictment. Legal Notice NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to Section 1 of Act 297 of ]i)4!5, notice is hereby given that Letters oi' Administration to the following parties on the following Effie B. Vcsey, Administratrix of the Estate ol! Robert H. Vesey, deceased, Letters issued September - "Myrlle nuule il for my birthday—notice the pocket for my pipe_and^tobacco?"' This Curious World By William Ferquson AN AVERA6E OF 47 MILL-ION ©ALLOWS OF LOOKS BACKWARD OVER HIS SHOULDER, TWO LAR6E EVE.- y SPOTS ON THE BACK OF THE' >§ ; HEAD 6IVE HIM THE APPEARANCE \ OF STARIN& SIRAI6HT AHEAD./>,. Porkers are Crippled for Texas Game Fayclleville, Jan. 4 —f/P)— The University o£ Texas, only Soulh- wesl Conference, member able lo jrcak even wilh the Razorbacks in Basketball over the years, will help the University of Arkansas inaugurate the 1840 title race in a two- ?amc series opening here tonight. And conch Gone Lambert of Arkansas (ears that the history of the wo teams' rivalry may be indicative of what's in promise for this weekend's soltos — namely, plenty >l' trouble for the the lille-favored Porkers. Lambert will put a patched-up Parting cjuinlel on the floor tonight ind will be dangerously short of reserves. Three early-season regu- ars arc nol counted on for action. "Vlikc Schumchyk entered the Army; Charles Joliliff is benched :>y a knee injury, and Earl Wheeler, who played in the east - wesl "ootball rarnc Tuesday, has nol practiced for several weeks. Arkansas rests ils hopes on the scoring of Center George Kok, the six-foot-ten giant, and forward Melvin McCaha and the smooth guard play of "parson Bill" Flynt. Texas' principal threat is dimuni- Live Roy Cox. fiery guard. The little redhead was the star of Texas' 1944 team and put on quite a show here that season. Hc was in service lasl year. A full house of about 3,000 is ex- ••c<"i-] to be on hand for tonight's tipoff. i-iuuablc lineups. Texas Arkansas Wileman McGaha Pearson Kearns F Buccola ;.. Kok C Cox Flynt G Madsen F. Schumchyk. G hinpry. would be used to apply le fertilizer, "Changes in fertilizer manufac- ure, distribution and application Iready are on their way in," hatcher said. "Liquid fertilizer will be easier o apply because it already will be n solution. The strength of the ertilizer can be controlled by dilli- on. The, ground will absorb it more readily and more uniformly ecause it is liquid. "The farmer will find it cheaper 0 buy the fertilizer from a firm ilh especially designed equipment apply it than lo buy it in bulk nd broadcast it himself as is now one with pulverized commeriflal ertilizer. He will buy it from the ompany that an 'and will treat is land on contract." , •Ph-vi-er. whn represents the ommission in Washington;,, said lere Were well-advanced platiS for stablishment of a fertilizer-plant 1 Arkansas and "in all-probabil- y" it would produce a/licfuid tVpe f fertilizer. He declined 'to' erab- rate on the plans. HOWPVRI-. he said, the plans a'fe ot sufficiently advanced to permit use of the' new fertilizer .or methods this year, or perhaps even ext year. He predicted a sharp se in commercial fertilizer use-in he state in 1946. "There was a $25,000,000 redUc- on in income the past year from he 34 principal Arkansas crops," e said. "Naturally, all farmers re goine all out to recoup and omrhercial ^fertilizer will supply much of the answer, . especially mong cotton growers and or- hardists." T. M. RED. I*. S. PAT. %> VVHEN VOU MIND CHILDREN, " , SHOULD MIND YOUj'Ssys • ., EDITH SCHRANK, ^"*f Fertilizing Methods Due for Change Little Rock, Jan. 2 —(/P)—Fertilizing methods on Arkansas and other southern farms are due foi radical changes within a fe\\ .years, a state Resource and De velopmonl Commission spokesman predicted today. The spokesman, H. K. Thatcher director ol the commission's a?ri cultural and industrial division also forecast that Arkansas plant would aid in the revision ol xertihz in,g methods. He predicted that: Commercial fertilizer in the nea fi'i'iro would be in liquid form; The fertilizer would be applied by tne commercial distributor ra ther than the farmer,' and Mechanical equipment, probabl similar to modern highway ma Johnny Bcn.sley, the Cards' elbow er, tabs Joe \Voods, a young To right-hander with no connection i organized ball, as the best Hinge he saw in the service .. . ' By SID FEDER (For Hugh Fuller-ton) New York, Jan. 4 — (/P)— The National Football League apar- ently knows its hottest rassle with the new All-America pro conference will come here in New York. . . . . Where Tim Mara's Giants will have Dan Topping's Yanks against 'cm . . . The Giants already have landed Frank Filchock, a pretty fair country chucker, from the Redskins . . And word is now other clubs in the lop'll probably let them have at least three more "name" players to boost their gate and gridiron power before next pigskining time .- . . Incidentally, Filchock, who was drawing ¥8,000 from Washington, not only gets double that from the Giants . . . But 'tis said he held out for a $3,500 bonus before signing up . . . Drop that in the nice-work-if-you-can-gei-il filing cabinet, chum . . . -Br Bnoh S. FoUerton, Jr.* Employment Service How about a pitching coach's Mrs. Carrie H. Chick, Adminis- tratrix of the Estate of Addie Lee Green, deceased, Letters issued October 2nd, 1945. Hamilton L. Hanegan, Administrator of the Estate of Ambrose F. Haneyan, deceased, Letlcrs issued November 22, 1945. P. C. Stephens, Administrator of the Estate of W. T. Wood, deceased, Letters issued November 22nd, 194!i. Hattie Price Mann, Administrat- rix of the Estate of W. H. Mann, deceased, Letlcrs issued November 20lh, 1945. All persons having claims against said estates arc therefore notified to exhibit the same to the undersigned, properly authenticated, within six months from the dale were issued or spot for Oom Paul Derringer in the big leagues? He was a great guy when he had it ... Pals in ihesc parts would like to see the California coaching job land in Frank Wickhorst's lap . . . Frank used to line-coach the Bears be- lore the war . . . And got out of the navy Xmas week . . . And isn't it about time baseball got Mickey Cochranc b:ic kin the big Where the Iron Mike shall be precluded from any benefit in said eslales. Leo Ray, Probale Clerk of Hempslcad County, Arkansas. By Arthur C. Anderson, D. C. Dec. 28, Jan 4-11 time? belongs Touching All Bases Al Schachl's in the hospital hav ing an oar operation. . .And wilh turn to the drah-rna for his baseball flowing laler ... In a production wilh the tag "second guesser" . . .Ensign Alan Ford, the ex- Yale world record swimmer, got out of the navy yesterday and figures on an air-conditioning job in Syracuse, N. Y. . . . MarccThlil, the bald ex-middleweight champ from France, is managing fighters around Paris now . . . Around will be awful tough in Ihe Big Ten and about you hear thai Michigan warm up the boards no little in the winter track campaign With Arnold Thompson, a stumpy Melrose, Mass., milor, one of the hottest prospects And Bob Thomas, a six-foot-one Pcblo, Col. midshipman, heading the hurdlers . . . Phone 679 or No. 2 Yellow Cab 24 Hour Service Careful—Bonded Drivers Irvin Urrcy, Jesse Brown Owners Cabinet Work, Repairs, House Leveling or New Construction. See . . . L A. WALKER Phone 634-J 1221 So. Main All work Guaranteed WARNING ORDER No. 2132 In Ihe Circuit Court of Hcmpslead County, Ark. Othu A. Cook, as Commissioner of Revenues The State of Arkansas Plaintiff vs. .Jewell Dye Defendant The Defendant, Jewell Dye is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Olho A. Cook, us Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 19 day of December 1945. C. E. WEAVER, Clerk By Omera Evans, D. C. O. T. Ward, Att'y. for Plaintiff John P. Vcsey, Atl'y. Ad Litem (SEAL) Dec. 21, 28, Jan. 4, 11 next grid season The New York Boxing Managers' Guild is keeping an'eye on the bid of those California wrosllers to organize a union. . .If it works, they may try it themselves . . . For collective bargaining. Mr. Jacobs? . . . Today's Guest Star Frank 13. Ward. Youngstown (O.) Vindicator: Let's quit kidding —why not call those bowl football games "dough bowls". Thai's what they amount to anyway. (Amen, brother). Ioe 7 s Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue • Sandwiches • Fish • Soft Drinks Open G a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe City Limits & Highway 67 West BE FIRST — Place your order now for a MAYTAG WASHER JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Ernest Jones 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Authorized Ports and Service Dealer BUTANE SYSTEMS ° \ Plumbing Fixtures ; Plumbing Repairs - i HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heatin'-. 1 Phone 259 Hope, For PHOTOGRAPHS in your, home . ,i Phone .493: COLLIN BAILEY Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. * HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St ' Phone 7« Alterations •' ' ' Pressed While You Walt BENDIX AUTOMATIC;.HOME LAUNDRY See it-now and place your order. WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm Phone 901 • Real Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farm land or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building • FOR . . . JOB PRINTING PERSONAL STATIONERY See GENTRY PRINTING CO. Hope, Ark. Front St. Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J Bouncing Around Don'l be surprised if the national pro grid league, at its meeting next week, bars all games with outside clubs . . . Just in case somebody might get serious about Dan Topping's offer of 25 g's for a match between hie Yanks and the Chicago Bears . . . Sampson (N. Y.) Naval Training Base expects to COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Efmorc Auto Supply LOANS To Farmers and Stockmen. TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS AND CATTLE See E. W. McWilliams Representative for NASHVILLE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION • TRANSFER • HAUL ANYTHING ANYyVHERE Quick Dependable Service Phone 933 B. P.McLAIN k§C\A/ ELECTRIC NfcW MOTORS 1/4 - l/ 2 - 3/ 4 . & T H. R> Also a Stock of Used Motors — LIGHT FIXTURES — — APPLIANCE REPAIRS — — MOTOR REWINDING — General Wiring Contractors Doug f ITPV Carl Bacon Vrfi I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Hope FLOOR MATS f FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkansas KELVIN ATOR ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR See the beauty of 194C and place your order early WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm Phone 901 For ELECTRIC SERVICE" Day Phone ... . 413 Night Phone. ... 1015-J We specialize In ... • Motor Rewinding • Repair all makes of Appliances- ~ • General Wiring Contractors BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark INSPECTOR GBOWL pl»ys one of the important parts in the thrilling detective- adventure story Vic Flint is going to.tell you In o«r new comic/' V4FUMT The January/ in HOPE STAR 1 I i'Sl if )>.-:, I >i

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