Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 3, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1946
Page 4
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l&^i8iiiSi^1i^(MS^»&i$^^ t Page Pour HOPE STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS $ Ono llmo Throe Hmoi J*eal Estate for Sale LOT i ANiraTlaToclTiTrFRK"- co addition. Hope, Ark. See lli-ooKs,Uros. Garago, Rt. 4 Hope _ 4-lm 105 ACRES, GOOD SEVICN~ROOM house, water and lights, gnragf, barn, and other out buildings, on good road, daily mail, school bus service.'48 acres in cultivation, eleven acres In meadow. Balance in limber and pasture, everlasting water. A place lo live and make a living. Price SliOOO. Terms can be arranged write owner F. F. Hutson, Route 1, Blevins, Arkansas. lil-Iil FOUR ROOM HOUSE ON LARGE lot, electricity, city water, close in. $1100 cash. Mrs. Ray Kitchens, Bennett addition, Phone 203-.I. , 2-31 Lost 17 JEWEL LYCEUM' LADIES' wrist, watch. Pink cold case Liberal reward. Ruth Cornelius. Phone 32B. 31-(it SET Of FORD KINGS, INSERTS and clutch disc, between Sale Barn and No. 4 highway. Return to Lester Crawford or call Hope Auto Co. j-3( LOST DOWNTOWN,~THF~BoblK "The Gauntlet" by James Street. Call 32(i or the City Library. 1-31 FEMALE SETTER rJOO. spot on right eye and one Four years old, weighs about pounds. Answers lo name "Sis." No collar. Reward for return to J, S. Conwav. Phone 713 or .Q3U-W. " 1-31 BROWN LEATHER BILLFOLD lost New Year's Eve night. Contains currency and furlough pa- Reward. Call Cpl. Howard M. Porcine. 971-W or leave at Hope Police Slaoion. 3-3t BLACK SATIN RAlNCOAT~B;El7T^ lost Wednesday on corner by Chas. A. Haynes store. Return to Lucille Porter, Phone 780. 3-3t Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR- setiore, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and women's surgical supports. Mrs. Ruth Do/ier. 318 North Elm St. Hope, Ark. Phono 144-J. 28-lin COLORED GIRL TO CARE FOR small five room house and do baby's washing. No cooking. Salary $1 a day. Call 280-J or see Mrs. Harris at 101!) Park Drive. 31-3t Thursday, January 3, 1946 M to H» K S T M \ i B& K N S ™^ I FORGOT A HANDKERCHIEF WOW! WAS THAT A CLOSE SHAVE .' HE JUST MISSED ME BY THAT MUCH.' PETEft PUNK MOVE, QUICK- HE'LL BE RIGHT "-N. ! ) HURRY DEAft, MX) HAVE JUST ONE MINUTE TO CATCH M3UR BUS S THRU HERE AGAIN Tttdnnark Rcclttered U S Falent OfStr AND NOrt THAT TH' MAJOR HAS COME TO VISIT VOU, I CAN THANK, HlfA FOR BEIN' 20 WCS TO WRITE BUT WILL VOU EVERY WHY, FOSiSIVe ME f-CC. I A-COlil YOU'RE rtl' PlIRTIEST THIN&/ THAT'S THESE OLE EV£5 Of MINE EVER SEEN, LILY J U&TENIN'TO BASIL AU ASAKES MISTAKES! 1 GOT FROM MAJOR FERGET ABOUT IT! DEAR Mem ... AF£4\0 TO VNEAR. A EON . \VJHEW IWS A?OUND AMY *\\v- / SOBERS.. ITHajGHr/TOaeE-THEyD ALL I SHOul'oEtfT A \NOBRlEb . ---BUT, LARD, AREN'r YOU EVEM EXCITED? ;JUNE MOVED NEXT" DOOR TO ME/// WELL,YOU SHOW A L'TFLE EM- TMUS!ASIV\( A FINE" PAL YOU ARE'CAMt VOU EVEN CHEER? iv I just ain't get used to being able to buy things again." Side Glances !T Donald Duck T5 By Walt Disney By Galbraith BUT HE'S\ sOOK'T EE LIASLET'J /SILLY! HE'S NOT HURT IT, A I VICIOUS - HE UWCA, DONALD! ~. . A FLEA! HEY, V 1 SETTEE CALL BEHEMOTH HOME — HE'S FLAVIN)' WITH THE J^ 1 LET 'EM. DOG MEXT \ / ALOME. PUPS DOOR! ALIKE T PLAY; *F , ] * IT ALL GOES BACK, TO WHEN I IVAS MNO YO^PARDNEKS., I V\A5 A YES 6\R, IT SET ME TO THINKIN/ TH' FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE, 01' GRUB-STAKE STEUCK IT KlCH — LIKE EUNNIN' INTO A STReAK OP PAypiRT—wrrHOiT HAW TO DIG-// TEULIN' VOU AgOUT HOW I &OT PUMPEP IN HERE BV THE SNCHV- MIGHTY THANKFUL CNE_..'S-£AD Or SEANS'N SOUPPOIOH ;. HAP ' BEEN LIVING IN VALLEX MOST OF YOUR .HAVEN'T SEEN OUT— \VHV_ AK6 WE TRAPPEP IN HERE THAT..IT, SUPE...I WAS A MISHTV 1VHAEV . FOOD A'PLENTY— FOU TH' TAKIN -.-WHICH I PIP. /OK, WE / AFHA1D HE'LL I BITE IT— V WE'EE AFRAID- ) COLORED GIRL work. Mrs. T. West Division. Thus coat really didn't cost a cent—it comes to exactly the, same amount we'll save pn this year's income tax Thimble Theater MOW WE TAKE IT TO THE SEA MAG OH!!" f WILL YOU \ OUR) FUTURE,r PLEASE ) Funny Business By Hershberger HAT KEY UMIT \S n»F.STROVEP, THERE'LL NO WAY . OF GETTING. OOP tAiT OF THE MESS I LOOK , BOOM, WE'VE 6OT TO \ VE&, T 6UESS ESCAPE BEFORE THERE'S AN I FREEPOM INVESTIGATION; IF WE'RE / AMP LIFE CAUGHT VVITH THIS /PEPENPOM STUFF, IT MEANS JAIL! /\ OUR FEET.' ~*'' E?? MY HEAVENS, WHAT ABOUT OOP'S r -.JJS WHAT \5MOKE? * ! ; AO \VtfDUV6t VC J withou < By J. R. Williams breaking Out Our Way Paint Lumber Glass Lime Cement Plywood Roofing Nails Our Boarding House With Major Hoople \MsNe 8LACKIE, J WAKIT YOU TO LEAP OKI THEM WHEW THEY PASS- AMD TEAR THEM S TOBIT5/ A FEW MILES AUV A FEW MILES BEMUD OUR FRIEJJDS . ; THERE'S BOOK OF THAT--I'LL GO QUICK.' FORCE ME TO TH' LIBURY--'FORE 1 BECOME. A HORRIBLE. EXAMPLE OF A SPEMDTHRIFT/ MO, WE'LL MAKE HIM THE AWFUL EXAMPLE- BORROW TH' BOCK OFF HIM.' LUMME/ I HOPE KIWG ARTHUR PIDM'T GIT g* MURGATROYD/ POI50KIED V BUT IKI AW HOUR WHILE WE I H^f'LL HAVE THIS WERE ^JLlJWICORKI'S HORM-AWAY/ m&^e&SGSL THEM gfe KI\A? MOT BN3/-~-):;^ Vou i o LANAP TO F1MD OPPORTONi-) gliT FOR. VOOR. -d BETTER. Tf\ViE T\ES FOR MOO, MfX^OR,— $ INFORMATION, I. \\ YOUR ' 30ST BEENi }( CP>.I<ES OFFERED ANi JA THE VOrtEl^ I'VE GET THAT UWICORkl'5 HORU, BEFORE )\ MORGAUA GETS IT BY rf nn TO THE LI8EARV FALLEKT AWD MORGAWA LE FEY IS PUITTHGHEE AMD GET THE BOOK— THREE CEMTS ABOUT THE COMMUNMTV FREE MOSlC BM FLUTE SCALES INi THE LAZY LEG MYSTfRY; SCHEME TO WCKK... LARGE COMCeRNi ONi NMSSOS/ BELLS 8IXRBER POLES? HOL-O UP, SOW-' LOOKS LIKE TriE-V ONE THING WE GOT1A~\ KEEP Rf DER " 'WHY DO 1 HAVE TO APOLOGUE. TO GET ACQUAINTED WITH ' nntni^ iu WIN it \J \ I OF US.' I V.VALLEt, TOO-' J HEROES ARE MAPS -NOT BORK) Thursday, January 3, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPH, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED Ads Must Bo In Office Day Before Publication All Want Ads Cash In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone 2e word, minimum 30e '/ije word, minimum 50c Six limes . One month , 5c word, minimum 75c 18e word, minimum $2.70 Rates ni-c for Continuous Insertions Only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL 11 For Sale COMPLETE FULLER BRUSH line of hair, hand, back, clothes and shaving brushes. Also combs, mops, brooms, best made. Mrs. Leon Bundy, phono 138. 1-lm ONE tor, 403 stove, one electric refrigera- 7 foot box. Sec Hev. Smith. West Division. 28-31 COMPLETEunNISnNGSoF A two room apartment. Everytning must sell. Tom Carrol. Ill West 3rd Si. 2,7-Gt ONE PAIR MATCHED MISSOURI mules, five years old, weight 24!)0. One combination rubber tired wagon or trailor. Two front axles and four wheels, off of car. H. Karl Weeks, Emmet, Ark. 27-61 ONE ALLIS CHALMERS'IWODEL K Caterpillar. Floyd Porterfield. 29-Bl Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1945 By King Features Syndicate. 1940 CHRYSLER, GOOD CONDI- tion, good tires. See Doyle Reiivcs at Geo. W. Hobison' & Co. 3-31 500 BALES HAY. ALSO~SMALL farm. Good house. B. C. Lewis. Hope, lit. 2. i-3i ONE ELECTRIC POPCO~RN~ POP- per and .peanut parch-on Ward Four Food Store. Phone 521. 2-Bl TWO DRESSERS', " ONE" VVARD- robe, piano. 2 kitchen safes, 2 wood cook stoves. Breakfast table. Ice box, 50 pound, also 300 pound prewar metal ice box. Kitchen cabinet, bedstead and springs. Mrs. E. G. Slaybough, 315 East 3rd Street. ' 2-31 COMPLETE FURNISHINGS" FOR four rooms, all practically new including gas range and circulator heater. C. II. Hunter. Gen. Del. three miles out on Lewis- ' ville, at Morrow place. 2-31 RHODE-ISLAND RED PULLETS just laying, $1.25 each. See Mrs. Hay Kitchens, Bennett addition. Phone 20(5-J. 2-31; 1937 CHRYSLER ROYAL COUPE, I93G factory built housc-trailor. Both for $500. J. F. Reed. 404 South Greening. 2-3t Notice Wanted IDEAL FURNITURE STORE WILL be opened for business in the same location on Soulli Walnut Kh-eet, Wednesday, January 3rd. Phono 47G. 31-lm TO E. DO HOUSE- Urrey, 315 1-31 TAXI Phone 679 or No. 2 Yellow Cab 24 Hour Service Careful—Bonded Drivers Irvin Urrey, Jesse Brown Owners Belts, Buckles, Buttons Button holes and Nail Heads. Mail Orders Filled Mrs. H. W. Marcher 300 East Second St. .Phone 407-J Hope, Arkansas e Builders Supply Co, For Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware BE SURE PLACE YOUR OR- dcr now for a new machine or vacuum cleaner. We carry parts and button-hole attachments. Call us for repairs. GI5 West Division Street. C. W. Yancev, Singer Distributor. Phone 3GI-R G-lm New York, .Ian. 2— Normnn Baker, of Laredo, Tex., has filed a petition with Ihc Federal Communications Commission, in Washington, charging that the Alamo Broadcasting Company, of San Antonio, by underhanded methods obtained physical possession of im- poi tant broadcasting equipment, the properly of CIA. Industrial Universal de Mexico, at Nucvo Laredo. Mexico. The Alamo station is the most important single properly of the Texas Stale Network, organized by Ellioit Roosevelt. The network's stock, represented to be worthless in Jan. 1942, recently was valued at $100 a share. Baker's petition alleges (.hat on Ihe basis of the acquisition of this equipment, the F.C.C. "in an unprcccdenlcdly short time, and without notice of opportunity for any in'.ptested parties lo be heard, granted Alamo Bioadcasting Comnany a construction permit." S"uch equipment was frozen by war regulations at the time. Baker's petition charges that the F.C.C. gave Alamo ihc permit on the understanding that Alamo would use in its improved station a transmiller and other apparatus acquired from the Mexican company, whose station was known as XENT. Baker has a record of two con- viclions in Ihe federal courls, both set forth in the petition. In the first case, in 1930. no says the F.C.C. instigated an indictment charging him with making and transporting uf'oss the border into IVeyico willvout permission from the F.C.C. a phonograph record which was played o'n XFNT. He was sentenced lo four months in jail and fined $2,000. The petition says the conviction was reversed by the circuit court of appeals on tlic ground thai F.C.C.'s regulation was invalid. Although he does not say so, there is reason to assume that the phonograph record dealth with a method by which Baker claims to have cured external cancer. He was next convicted of using the mails to defraud in the operation of a hospital at Eureka Springs, Ark. He was sentenced in Jan. 1940 to four years in prison and fined $4,000. lie lay in jail 14 months, for which he received no credit, while his appeal was pending. He then went to Leavenworlh on. March 22, 1941, and he was released on July 9, 1044. At thai time he was on jrobation and could be sent back o Leavomvorth at the whim of the Department of Justice to sc"ve out lis remaining eleven months of 'good time," so he lay low until 10 was out of jeopardy. Baker in- iists that he had available as \vit- icssos many persons whom he had cured. He Boomed to be convinced that ic can cure cancer and to have suffered severely, but whether lie s a mercenary quack, a mistaken /.ealol or a martyr lo prejudice re- nains a matter of opinion. He re- ales that even before be set up lis station in Laredo the F.C.C. re- INCOME TAX TIME. FARMERS are required lo file estimate or final report by January 15lh, See me at my office, Hope. Services reasonable. J. W. Strickland. 28-3w Wanted to Buy WE, BUY HOUSEHOLD lure, one piece or more. Any amount .What -vavo you? Phoi-.c 873. 20-1m WILL BUY AND PAY CASH FOR your interest in F.H.A. home. Phone 828-W. 31-31 A meat processor in Virginia has a 3!).,yea<)-old cured ham, which he values at $5000. LOG'S Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »Fish • Sandwiches "Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe City Limits & Highway 67 West BE FIRST — Place your order now for a MAYTAG WASHER JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Ernest Jones 220 E. Authorized voked his license Vluscatine, la. Baker's petition ime in 1941, he .rusted employee for a station says that some being in jail, i . . of XENT deliv- rcd to roprcscntativos ot Alamo n option to buy the Mexican sta- .ion. And. he says, under that op tion the Mexican firm did delivci part of the equipment to Alamo rhus, ho says, he was put out of: business at last, a result long desired by the F.C.C., and Alamo was enabled lo apply for a bettei frequency and increased powei while oilier stations were unable to obtain such advantages because o the "freeze." Returning to Laredo in July 1044, lie chni-fius, hi- was warned by per sons unnamed that .if he tried to M-event the physical transfer o: Ihc apparatus across the border ho might be arrested for violation o lis probation or prosecuted in ; lax case. Nevertheless, Baker stales, he lotilied tlie Mexican governmen which forbade Ihe exportation ot he equipment during the war This, he says, delayed delivery and compelled Alamo to ask the F.C.C. for extensions of time foi the completion of its improve ments. However, Baker alleges, "in April. 1U4!5, the Alamo Broadcasting Company, its agents, officials, servants and employees, went to Nucvo Laredo and loaded four large trucks with said transmitting and other radio equipment, preparatory to crossing the bridge under cover of night." He, therefore, started action in a Mexican court for an injunction, but "as the result of well-known tricks, artifices and devices common to the Mexican border, said trucks did move across the bridge approximately 30 minutes before" the papers were delivered. However, he says, the injunction did prevent the removal of one large deisel and generator, two 300-foot lowers, wires and parts oi' Ihe antenna system. This properly, he says, is now under attachment to prevent its removal. Baker seems inconsistent, although he may bo only undpni-, when he states later that Phillip H. Overtoil, of Austin, iu-x., nnu.- TELEPHONE MARTIN RADIO BATTERIES A. & B. PACK We Have Them WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 103 S. Elm Phone 901 Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co, 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances Page Five CARNIVAL By Dick Turner C'6PR. IMG BY NEA SERVICE. l(l<!. T. M. t!EG. U. S. PAT. Durocher to Pilot'Bumbs' for 8th Year Miami Bench, Fla., Jan. 3 — (IP)— f.,co (The Lip i Durocher. back as the Brooklyn Dodgers' 1940 manager, quipped today that the daffiness boys would finish among the first eight in their eight-team national league. He was more optimistic in a telephone conversaion last night with Dodger officials in New York — a talk thai ended in agreement with President Branch Rickey to pilot the "Bums" for the eighth year, "high" on the Dodgers' pennant Durocher told KicKey he was chances, and informed another official H was his no. 1 ambition to win a pennant under Rickey. His 7- year record is one pennant won, second place twice, third three With more sakivy promised -and perhaps an understanding on a times and seventh once, bonus -— Durocher went right ot work to select his regulars for the coming season. Paul Howie Schullz and Eddie Stevens are his men for first base, with several additional good prospects, he said. Kddie Stanky -\vill i jii - vtiiL "- ^^'"UUWHJU^L wuiu n.. be second baseman because of his Cook today predicted that sales of "You understand that in portraiture the artist strives to express llic individuality of the subject, rather than to produce an exact likeness!" This Curious World By William Ferquson PROTEaiOM A6AWST POACHERS, A COAST GUARD CUTTER IS ASSI6NEDTD MEET THE GREAT FUR SEAL. MIGRATION CONVOY EACH 5PRIN6 FAR ATSEA, ESCORT IT TO THE PRIBR.OF BREEDING GROUNDS, AND5TAND BY TO 6UARD IT ASHORE.. COPR. 19*6 BY N6A SEHVICE. INC T. M. RED. U. S. PAT. OFF. REPLACED GENERAL DWISHT EISENHOWER AS COMMANDER Or U. S. FORCES IN EUROPE 9> ITS 50METHIN' LIKE Basketball Scores By The Associated Press East Muhlenbcrg 40; Princeton 36. Midwest Notre Dame 50; Purdue 48. Fort Hays (Kas) Slate College 00; Central (McPhcrson) College • Maryville (Mo) Teachers 44; Fort Lcayenworth Flyers 30. St. Louis U. 5 3; Loras 49. Lawrence (Applelon, Wis.) Collego 42; Chicago Univ 35. Evansville (Jndi 40; Marshall 43. Nebraska 44; Kansas State 37. Michigan State 70;' Syraucse 48. Akron GO; Obcrlin 50. Far West University of 72; Oregon 61. British Columbia Hamilton Field, Calif., Fliers 39; Camp toneman 32. Weber Junior College 47; Utah Aggies 41. good showing, with rookie Stan Kojik coming along in good shape. Peewee Reese will be at shortstop. Cooky Levagetto is Durocher's choice. His mound squad he called the best in the league. Pitchers ready to swing 'em are Ralph Branca, Ed Head, Hal Gregg, Lefty Vic Lombard! and a rooKie, Joe Hatten. Three others, ex Barney, Kirby Higbe and Rube Melton are still in military service, but a couple of them may rejoin the team before the cry of batters up. For the outfield there will bo Pete Reiser unless his arm gives further trouble. Gene Hcrmahski, Dixie Walker, Augic Galan, Goody Rosen and Louis ,Olmo. Catchers arc Mike Sandlock Dixie Howell.- Charlie Farrell and, Durocher hoped fervently, Mickey Owen. The team begins spring training at Daytona Beach Feb. 1, and Du- rochcr will join them there Feb. 10. passing the early schooling period! o Atomic Energy Ark Car Tag Sales in 1946 to Exceed 1945 Little Rock, Jan. 2 —(fP)^ State Revenue Commissioner Otho A. Cook today predicted that sales of \rkansas motor vehicle licenses Cook bas.ed his prediction on the act that with more gasoline and ires available more cars are like- y to be taken out of storage and nany new cars will be purchased. License sales continued to be nodcrate today, he reported. Licenses must be purchased by Jan. 31 to avoid penalty. Student Switchman Killed After Working Few Hours Fort Smith, Jan. 1 —(/TV- William F. Fisher, 28, who went to work yesterday as a student switchman, was killed a few hours later when he fell beneath the tender of a backing Missouri, Pacific locomotive. A former first sergeant with the Fifth Armored Division, Fisher was discharged from the Army December 17. During the .Middle Ages and the Renaissance, wedding rings were set with gems. NEW YORK COY USES AN AVERAGE OF ABOUT IO,OOO (&ALLONS OF= U/ATER. ANSWER: Gen. Joseph T. McNarney. NEXSfc A little owl with big eyes. Chicago, Jan 2 —(UP)— Dr. Morris Fishbcin, editor of the journal of the American Medical Association, said today that atomic energy may soon bo used to fight cancer. In a review of medical developments of 1945, Fishtaein said scientists have leared that cane cells can be killed by radio-activity. "Means already are being developed <o make certain drugs radioactive" he said. "If these were in- ctecl into the body they would carry 1he activity to the diseased tissues." He termiod streptomycin the "outstanding development in the field of medicine during 1945." He said the new drug is cffi- ient in controlling a number of infections which do not respond to penicillin, including tularemia and certain kidney infections. In experimental infections of animals it has shown more ability to cho'.-k the ravages of tuberculosis than any other medical treatment, Fishbein said. 87 Hugh S. FpUerjoB, Jr.' By SID FEDER (For Hugh Fullerton) New York, Jan. 3 —(/I 3 ) —Jack Dempsey is on 1ho coast talking with movie-man William Fox about building an arena on Fox' property in back of the Hoxy theater here. . . . .If it goes through Jack'll be bucking Mike Jacobs in fight promoting . . . And the boys and girls may sec a red-hot rhubarb over television broadcasts . . . . 'Cause Jack probably would hook up with the guys who control the radio picture stuff in places like Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and St. Louis .... Rose Bowl Final: 'Bama 34, Southern Cal. 14. Without fear of correction Top voles should go in any poll ncy for Alamo, arranged permission for him to spend Jo days in Mexico. He says this was insufl'i- To Southern Cal's selection In picking 'Bama for the bowl. They lost, it's true, by 20 points, - - •• • got no cause to But that's alarm-y. They did escape with all their joints. Y'know—they might have picked the Army. Diamond Chips After Walker Cooper's sold, the Cards'll probably deal Jimmy Brown to the Pirates for $35,000 or thereabouts . . . Have you noticed that four of the great left-handers of modern baseball — Hubbell, Grove, Pc-nnnck and Waddell —are in the voting finals for a hall of fame spot? . .. And speaking of oddities — or southpaws . . . The Yanks, who had only one portsidcr last year, will take six to training . . Including won 10 and lost 5 for the Norfolk Naval Train- cienl time for'him lo investigate—''U! team last season; Herb Karpel, thoroughly and that the visit was a control flingcr who won 11, restricted to such duration "as drnir-"' i n< Kansas Citv in '42, was intended lo serve the inter- nnd Willis Baker, a six-foot-three ests" of Overtoil, Alamo and Gene lurower ironi 1'Jlmira, N. Y. camp next spring Tommy Byrne, who Social Situations THE SITUATION: You arc having dinner on a train nnd there are passengers waiting for a table. WRONG WAY: Take all the time you want to cat and smoke afterwards. RIGHT WAY: Eat your men! without dawdling so others won't have to wait. o The British took possession of Newfoundland in 1583. or 1940 would exceed 1945 vhich totaled S3,832,833.70. sales, High Score Lead in Race is Threatened By TED MEIER ; New York ,Jan. 3 — (/P)—•'•' Bill Hall, of Marshall (W. Va) college, is threatening the lead of DePaul's George Mikan for individual high scoring honors in the national collegiate basketball race. } The weekly tabulation by the As* sociated Press showed today: that Mikan is out in front.jvith, 218 points with Hall only 14 behind at; 204. They are. the only two 'across the 200-point mark so far. •—• " Big George tallied only 11 points in his last game as Minnesota upset DePaul, but the lanky center has rimmed 80 field'goals'and 58 free throws in 10 games fcir an average of better .- than; 21 per game. . i Hap, in 13 games, has-dunked 94 doubledeckers, but has made'.good on only 16 charity tosses, tfiq av 0 "age is just under 1C points? per game. ." Harold Brown, of Evanjsville (Ind) College, took over third place at 195 points on 76 field goals and 43 fouls. Leroy Pasco, of .Texas Christian, ranks fourth at-. 181 and Jackie Goldsmith, of Long-island, fifth at 178. Fights Last Night By The Associated 'Press j Newark, N. ,1. — Pat tjcanlon, 139 1-2, New York,- outpointed Baby Al Brown, 138, Panama (8). >, Brockton, Mass. — John Henry Eskew, 167, Brockton, knocked out Alex Rebark, 170, Pawtucket,"- (1). Buffalo — Phil Muscato, • 181, Buffalo, T. K. O. Henry Cooper, 190, Brooklyn (4). .... - - , > o _: .—: • -• The Bermudas islands became British by settlement in 1612. Legal Notice WARNING ORDER No. G3G7 In the Chancery Court of Hempstoad County, Ark. Acidic Goodman Plaintiff vs. Isiah Goodman Defendant The Defendant, Isiah Goodman is warned to appear 'in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Addie Goodman. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 12 day of December For PHOTOGRAPHS in your home Phone 493 COLLIN BAILEY Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt 1 the factory way. • HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Phone 7« Alterations Pressed While You Walt 1945. C. E. WEAVER,Clerk By Omera Evans, D. C. Lylo Brown, Att'y. for Plaintiff W. S. Atkins, Att'y. Ad Litem (SEAL) Dec. 13, 20, 27, Jan 3, 1940 WARNING ORDER No. G409 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. Vivian Jane Jackson Plaintiff vs. Charles Felton Jackson Defendant The Defendant, Charles Felton Jackson is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Vivian Jane Jackson. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 12 day of December 1045. C. E. WEAVER,Clerk . By Omera Evans, D. C. W. S. Atkins, Att'y. for Plaintiff Lylo Brown, Att'y. Ad Litem (SEAL) Dec. 13, 20, 27, Jan 3, 1946 the Sooners'. spot . . . Jim's on terminal leave now after piloting the o'-'-ick Jacksonville Naval Air team '..:-.. fall . .. And spent last week with Jap Haskcll, the Oklahoma athletic director, in Norman . . . . Jim assistant-coacherl for Carl Suavely at Cornell and North Caro'una B. W. (before war! . . . AIK) helped Don Faurot with the Iowa Prc-Fli{>hters in '43 ... Cabinet Work, Repairs, House Leveling or New Construction. See . . . L A. WALKER Phone 534-J 1221 So. Main All work Guaranteed Caglc, the general manager of the Texas State Network, now largely the properly ot' Elliott Roosevelt's furmiM 1 wife, since remarried and known as Ruth Edison. He doc:; not explain why Overtoil would have helped him lo enter Mcxii-o at. all. Ca;.;U' owns 500 shares of Texas Stale Network which he bought lor $5,0110. They are now worth about $50,000. Baker says the increase is attributable ' lo the F.C.CVs permit to increase the power of Alamo's station KABC Irom 250 to 50,000 walls. Elliott Roosevelt, in the invesiigaliun of his loans, said Cagle had clone fine work rehabilitating Texas Stale Network. Ellioit said nothing about any acquisition of XENT's equipment by Cagle. H may be remembered that slock which Elliott had pledged for loans was wheedled back into the custody of President Roosevelt by Jesse Jones on representations ilia'I it was worthless and that this stock, now worth about $2r>0,(JOU, doiiayed Elliott's obligation for alimony and child-maintenance. Baker undertook to prove that about (he time that Alamo asked t .C.C. for the construction per. Ir "lj Rulli Edison and Caglc "went to the White House" to further the application. He adds, with waggish legal solemnity, that the Alamo Broadcasting Company is now referred to in the radio industry as "the Alimony Broadcasting Company." Baker prays the F.C.C. to investigate Jts own conduct and the lacls as to his charges. He further asks that Alamo's construction permit be revoked and that it be lot-bidden to use any equipment obtained from XENT. Moider, He Says - Chapter 91 1-2 in the who's got Ihc Oklahoma football coaching job "who clunk": In addition to .Dutch Meyer and Henry Frnka. don't overlook Lieutenant Jim Tatum when you're naming candidates foi- l-lit — And Run Docluers report their advance sales tor '46 breaking all records. . . . Since thn war ended, the army remount service has received 100 horses from Europe . . . Among them some thoroughbreds, Arabians nnd East Prussians. COMPLETE RADJO SERVICE Bub Elmore Auto Supply If you are in the market to buy or sell Farm land or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cqssidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building BEND IX AUTOMATIC HOME LAUNDRY See "it now and place your order. WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm Phone 901 FLOOR MATS FOR ALL CARS- _ Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S/Maln THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkonioi KELVINATOR ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR See the beauty of 1946 and place your order eai'ly WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm . Phone 901 • FOR ... ' JOB PRINTING PERSONAL STATIONERY See GENTRY PRINTING CO. Hope, Ark. Front St. MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD GROCERS qndCITY BAKERY Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J • TRANSFER • HAUL ANYTHING ANYWHERE Quick Dependable Service Phone 933 B. P.McLAIN 1/4 . T/ 2 - MOTORS . & 1 H. P. Also a Stock of Used Motors — LIGHT FIXTURES — — APPLIANCE REPAIRS — — MOTOR REWINDING — General Wiring Contractors Doug /"MTV Carl Bacon S*| I I Jones ELECTRIC CO, Phone 784 Hope For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone . . Night Phone. . 413 1015-J We specialize in ... • Motor Rewinding • Repair all makes of Appliances • General Wiring Contractors BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark INSPECTOR GROWL i»l»ys one of the important parts in the thrilling: detective- adventure story Vic Flint Is going to. tell you In pur new comic' FLINT The Comic Starts January 7 i in HOPE-StAR" I

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