Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 2, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1946
Page 5
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"ip£<v«frMMi -^ *••"" tf* ' ' Wednesday, January 2, ''iifcHBoy-- > MEAT ... (BALLS/ MODEST M AI Ift E X S 7. S. \\\ienl Office £*ETER PUNK ill Kmil,.lur.lS|na,im In \xoilil c, r .hli miniil t$S£fr I'LL DO NOTHING 0? THE WND.'T SWELL! I'D THE SP6ECH Y HB WAS PROB'LY TOO CHOK6O UP WITH THAT OFFICER \EMOTION, IAI2 POPKIN...BUT, OH' ISN'T MADE ABOUT \-\_ LUTHER THRIUINGJ/j LUTHER WAS K.INOA SHORT, WASN'T LILY! GUESS WHO TH' OFFICER BUT I CERTAINLY DEAR - ALL 0»W&TRE\UAfc I NENER MS AROUMb «HE» MEEAIS WS EB& GNEN 015T..TDO4V i OOM'T CARE IF JUNE -DOES LIVE • NEXT DOOR. I HE'LL CATCH HIS "DEATH OF COLD OUT THERE/ HAS HJS ROBE" AND j I KNOW—-^ BUT YOUR, sow SNOW ON THE' GROUND/ : "Five-years'ago he didn't have a nickel—now : fook'atjiim!.". Side Glances By Galbraith Donald Duck By Walt Disney WE SETTER GET THIS SETTLED EIGHT-NOW, PUP — DON'T BUSY BONES IN THE YAED — UNDERSTAND/ WHY THAT DOGGONE PUP! 'I COUECTeP M>' BeLONG-IN^ f.H' EASEP A\y \\AX TOWN TH' SlPE Of TH' A10UNTAIN—IT WA5 COIN' AN' A\OS£'N CNCE, Z COMS NOT GfcTTlN' HERE — YOU CAN PET I PEELED A\V OLP WINTER I-IE, WHEN 1 STRUCK THIS ST1, fjttlN' OUNSUE, THEM HOT WAV^S FOUNTAINS WAS " 5PURTIN' -MEN—SAME f€> YSEB S-BUT 6RUK-STAKE Y EH?...OH, I WAN THAT 1 WAS GF.TTIN' LIVED HERE I TO THAT M'AM EVER SINCE... ALL, / ->"«EE THERE'S THESE YEARS— ^f A /AISHTV WHY? !X5U POLKS'WASN'T EVEN BOBN, _ ' I WAS/A 'MITE XJUNSER WHEN THAT ADVANCE SET ' THIS THAT FA5T- NOT A S1GM OF A HOLE! VJf wejnake a loLof noise, don't look al ]\lom aiid Pop and you won't see any dirty looks!" Thimble Theater I SHALL TAK5 IT TO THEM Funny Business By Hsrshberger WHAT HAVE THERE, MY FRIEND ."A PIME MESS .THAT IMACHIME.' WHERE'S IM TEN MINUTES EVERv DOPE SQUAWKIWe "N INS THIS HICK WITH ALL THAT TREASURE \VE VVUZ GONNA 'T PULL THE TOWN OUTA THE/ BE MOSIM' NOW/ L (j? HERE! CRYSTAL BALL BBS PARDON, SIRff I TRUST YOUR BUSINESS WAIT TILL AFTER LUNCH?? CamounageU bill collectors—it's the first of the montl' t again 1" Paint Lumber Glass Lime Cement Plywood Roofing Nails COME OU, BLACKIE/ BUT I'M WOT THROUGH YtT/ I MUST HAVE THAT UKIICORW'S HORU/ -AMD BACK AT TOE DESERTED CASTLE.., Our Boarding House With Major Hoople /Y~6UCH Out Our Way By J. R. Williams SIR OAKY HAS FOILED ME NOW HE'5 RIDIKJ& HARD KIWG ARTHUR'S CASTLE/ LYIMG,WEUCH/ WOW I KWOW HE . WENT THAT WAY/V MEKHAL. GYMt^ASTlCS MUST TAY. VOUR SMALL GO \MHlTTLINi©/ HW2P ABOUT DRUM FOR. YOU ID GET A 3OB £ A MfoS£ OF -JOUR. T^PE OUGHT TO CREATE A, NEW P1ELD, SUCH M Like ANi GUEST TO ABOUT VOOG.LTD UM 1 MUST RUT FIRST \cu'v= GOT i APOLOGIZE. 1HAT5 RIGHT, POP-' SHE is.H£Rn=n) f SO' TrtlS AlWA GArt 5W5 M PARTED THE \ VALlEf HOfAE VWlTri 1H' DUCHESS OF '-vTOA.' A101 OF rWEt, BUT SHE 5 30STA UTTLE- A INi ITSELF- - .^ V/p<Jnp«iflny, January 2, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPK, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Dny Before Publication * All Want Ada Cash In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Ona tlmo , . . It *ord. minimum 30c Six tlmoi . Three tlmoi , . 3l/ a e word, minimum 50e Quo month . 5c word, minimum 75e 18e word, minimum $!i.70 Rates ore for Continuous Insertions Only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" Real Estate for Sale For Sale 1 AND 2, BLOCK 17, FRISCO addition, Hope, Ark. SOL- Brooks Bros. Oarage, Rt. 4 Hope. 4-lm IS ACHES, GOOD SEVEN ROOM house, water and lights, garage, barn, and other out buildings, on good road, daily mail, school bus service. 411 acres in cultivation, I'levcn acres in meadow. Balance in limber and pasture, everlasting water. A place to 'jye and make a living. Price '1000. Terms can be arranged, rite owner F. F. MuLson, Route 1, Blevins, Arkansas. 31-31. FOUH ROOM HOUSE ON t,A~RCi"E lot, electricity, city water, close in SHOO cash. Mrs. Ray Kitchens, Bennett addition, Phone 20H-.J. 2-IU Lost JEWEL LYCEUM LADIES' wrist watch. Pink cold case. Li,.* benil reward. Ruth Cornelius. »' Phone 321). 31-ot SET~OF FORD RINGS. INSERTS ' and clutch disc, between Sale Barn'and No. 4 highway. Return to Lester Crawford or call Hope *-— " 1J31 LOST DOWNTOWN, THE BOOK » ,"Tho Gaunllet" by James Street. •» -Call 320 or the City Library. 1-3! •WHITE FEMAL^"s¥'rTr^~DocT black spot on.right eye and one , Jilp; Four years old, weighs about \'>!2. r i pound R. Answers to name • "Sis." No collar. Reward for ro- •turn to J. S. Comvay. Phone 713 or 93B-W. l-3t Services Offered COMPLETE FULLER BRUSH line of hair, hand, hack, clothes and shaving brushes. Also combs, mops, brooms, best made. Mrs. Leon Buncly,'phone 138. 1-lm ONE KITCHEN GAS "RANGE, ONE gas stove, one electric refrigerator, 7 foot box. See Rev. Smith, Fair Enough By Wesrbrook Peglcr Copyright, 1945 By King Features Syndicate. •IOH West Division. 28-31 COMPLETE FURNISHINGS OF A two room apartment. Everylnlnj? must soil. Tom Carrel. Ill West 3rd 27-01 ONE PAIR MATCHED MISSOURI mules, five years old, 2490. One combination weight rubber tired wagon or trailor. Two front axles and four wheels, off of cur. II. Karl Weeks, Emmet, Ark. 27-Ot ONE ALLIS CHALMERS MODEL K Caterpillar. Floyd Porterfield. 29-Gt SHOT GUN, BROWNING 20 gauge automatic with bird barrel. Guaranteed new condition. $75. Phone 754-J or call 418 South Greening Street. )-3t 500 BALES HAY. ALSO SMALL farm. Good house. B. C. Lewis. Hope, Rt. 2. l-3t Their 'Victory March' Honors Ground Troops lyi'iiilin'ni' naiiimiiiinrT"'~~-nMMi*iiiwi i m i --™_... ^ _ * ONE ELECTRIC POPCORN POP- per and peanut parcher. Ward Four Food Store. Phono 521. 2-01 REGISTERED SPENCER COR- seliero, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and wo- s^rncn's surgical supports. Mrs. * «Ruth Dox.ier. 310 North Elm St. y-JIopo, Ark. Plione 144-J. 28-lm HeT[TWanted TWO DRESSERS, ONE WARD- robe, piano, 2 kitchen safes, 2 wood cook stoves. Breakfast table. Ice box, 50 pound, also 300 pound prewar metal ice box. Kitchen cabinet, bedstead and springs. Mrs. E. G. Slaybough, 315 East 3rd Street. 2-31 COMPLETE FURNISHINGS FOR four rooms, all practically new —including «as range and circulator heater. C. H. Hunter, Gen. Del. three miles out on Lewis- villo. at Morrow place. 2-3t RHODE-ISLAND RED PULLETS, just laying, $1.25 each. See Mrs. Ray Kitchens, Bennett addition. Phone 208-J. 2-31 1937 CHRYSLER ROYAL COUPE, 193G factory built house-trailor. | COLORED GIRL TO CARE FOR ';t. small five room house and do bnby's washing. No cooking. Sa' 1,1 ry .$1 a day. Call 2«n-J or see I ' Mrs. Harris at 101!) Park Drive, 31-31 COLORED GIRL TO DO HOUSE- work. Mrs. T. E. Urrey, 315 West Division. ]-3t Both for $500. J. South Greening. F. Reccl. 404 2-3t Notice TAXI Phone 679 or No. 2 Yellow Cab 24 Hour Service Bonded Drivers Iryin Urrey, Jesse Brown Owners COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Aytc Supply Belts, Buckles, Buttons Button holes and Nail Heads. Mail Orders Filled | Mrs. H. W. Hatcher ;309 East Second St. .Phone 407-J Hope, Arkansas Hope Builders Supply Co. For Wall Paper Insulation Board Plumbing Supplies Fencing Windows Builders' Hardware IDEAL FURNITURE STORE WH.T, bo opened for business in the same location on South Walnut Street, Wednesday, January 3rd. Phone 470. 31-lm BE SURE PLACE YOUR OR- der now for a new machine or vacuum cleaner. We carry parts and button-hole attachments. "•Can--u»- lor "repairs.'" CIS West Division Street C. W. Ynnrcv Singer Distributor. Phone 361-R. C-lm INCOME TAX TIME. FARMERS are required to file estimate or final report by January 15th. See mo at my office, Hope. Services reasonable. J. W. Strickland. 28-3w Wanted fro Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FUHNI- ture, one piece or more ' Any amount .What -inve you? Phono 8 " 3 - 20-lrn WILL BUY AND PAY CASH FOR your interest in F.H.A. home Phone 828-W. m-3t A has a 35-ycaq-old cured which he values at $5000. processor in Virginia ham, Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »Fish • Sandwiches »Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. J, Loe City Limits & Highway 67 West BE FIRST — Place your order now for a MAYTAG WASHER JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Ernest Jones 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Authorized Ports and Service Dealer New York, Jan. 1 — There seems to be no legal objection to President Truman's decision tlint immigration shall be resumed under the quoin system, but ho would have made n bettor impression and honesty would have been served if lie had resorted to the same hypocritical imposition on our sympathies that was employed by his late predecessor when he decided to admit the Oswego pnrty in Juno, 1044. Mr. Roosevelt said that a group of 1,000, whom he hud arbitrarily decided to admit, would be "predominantly women and children." They were, in fact, predominantly adult males and not predominantly toilers but lawyers, doctors, musicians, writers, artists, shop-keepers and business men. The party numbered 081, only 200 of whom were women nnd children and. on the basis of past performance, it may be assumed that tlie new quotas will be made up of about the same elements. The basis for individual selection never was made known to the public and the reasonable assumption was that pull was the most important qualification. Within three months after these refugees had arrived for segregation at Fort Ontario, in safe and comfortable quarters and living conditions incomparably belter than those which they had escaped, agitation began to advertise their misery because the American na;ion, who had saved them from norrors and possible death in postwar Europe, merely insisted on observance of a minor portion of the bargain which they had joyously accepted. H was agreed that they should stay at their camp and they accepted'-our asylum on those terms but Ihe harsh Americans soon heard that they were held in something like a Na/.i concentration camp, lacking, of course, tine gas-chambers, the medical ox peri- mental laboratories, the Brown Shirts with dog-whips and the dc- liberale program of starvation, and wore pining for freedom. Now, Mr. Truman announces that "it would bo inhumane and wasteful in require these people to go back to Europe to apply for immigration visas" and that the immigration status of those who wish to stay here will be "adjusted" so that they may. Bo that as it may, the fact is that Mr. Roosevelt not only said these 981 would ijo predominantly women and children, as it never was intended that they should be, but added "upon termination of the war they will be sent back to their homelands' again as it never was so intended. So the American people's part ol the bargain was kept faithfully but the parties of the other part were not required to live up to a single article of the deal. Prior to this Mr. Roosevelt had tried to per suadc Congress to abandon immi gralion restrictions absolutely b> giving him executive power to ad mil all applicants. This too was masked with false pretenses, foi Mr. Bidclle, his attorney general o the lime, was sent up to the capi tol to plead for this power 'on the ground that unless it were grant ed, foreign dinitaries, Mr. Molotov and Mr. Churchill, for example would be vexed and discomfitec going through the regular routine at our immigrations stations and we would have to pay ourselves a head tax of $!! on each prisoner o war brought here for keeping. Al this was sheer fakery intended to legitimize the action which, as to the 981, Mr. Roosevelt later took arbitrarily and without a shred o legal justification. This is no discussion of the dc sirabilily of these persons as im migrants. Their desirability, ac cording to the usual standards, has not oven boon considered and the adults, men and women both, foi all we- know, may be Communists so many ef whom in Europe, were traitors to every land but Russia and so many of whom arc lav yers. doctors, musicians, writers anj artists. For that matter, we have no way of protecting oui solves if a Communist does mar age to put his name on a list anc has friends here or in our consular service who will use their ii lluuncc to advance him, as oftei happened in the years just after the other war. A little graft is helpful too. We can't legally examine their politics any more than w« can cmeslion them on religious sub jocts, although we might arbitrari ly reject a Nazi 01' Fascist as being undesirable for having flat feet While accepting a Communist with tuberculosis or worse. The import ant point here is that they were admitted on fraudulent represen tations backed by fraudulent promises which are no wacimitted to havo been no more sincere than Wendell Willkie's memorable "campaign talk," in all a very good example to thorn in their first deal ings with the government of their adopted land and not a very good example for us natives, either. The government should not lie to us and did Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Truman shouldn't have said that "it is hoped that the majority of (lie new immigrants will be orphaned children," when he knows it simply isn't so and Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cosh Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. HHl™:™™^ Army's ground troop,, who carried the fight to three enemio ^on he ^globa i shows airborne troops in dramatic action in Holland. 1 fonte Pho Gov. to Prof. This Curious World By William Ferguson ^rrjr=r— --.— ^-^^-—--. ,-... .*. .. — , g£_ Rexford Guy Tugwell, above, governor of Puerto Rico, has been appointed political science professor by the University oC Chicago, starling July 1. In addition, he will direct a new program of education and research, in co-operation with the American Institute cf Architects and agencies of the Public Administration Clearing House. Social Situations THE SITUATION: Your host asks you when he is carving a turkey whether you prefer light or dark meat. WRONG WAY: Say, i'Either one. il doesn't matter al all," thinking you are being easy lo please. RIGHT WAY: Slale a preference, since your host wants to give you whiit you like. o Questions and Answers Q—Is much damage done by house rats? A—$200,000,000 a year in the U. S. alone. WAS A REAL PERSON)/ SHE LIVED IN BOSTON, AND WAS THE WIFE OF' ISAAC GOOSE/ HER FAMOUS •SON6S WERE SUM6 TO HER 6RANDCHILDREN, AND A SOM-IM LAW HAD THEM PUBLISHED IN 1716. COPR. 1940 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. THAT TURNS TOWARD THE Stlf( IS A HeUOTROPE, T. M. KEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. IANSNVER: LaPaz, Bolivia. NEXT: When Japan trot equal rights to Hara-kiri. Q—Who was Elizabeth Blackwell? A—The nation's first woman doctor. She received her M.D. degree in 184!) in New York state. RADIO BATTERIES A. & B. PACK We Havo Them WALKER APPLIANCE CO. 108 S. Elm Phone 901 Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 814 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances Cabinet Work, Repairs, House Leveling or New Construction. See . . . L A. WALKER Phone 534-J 1821 So. Main All work Guaranteed Q—How many troops do the Nationalist Chinese estimate they will need to complete occupation of Manchuria and control of the Communists? A—More than half a million. Withdrawal of American transport facilities will force these troops — 21 armies—to march 450 to 700 miles. Q—Is there any major spoil entirely of American origin? A—Only basketball. It was devised in 1891. Q—What did the Germans call incendiary bomb attacks during the war? A—Fire blizzards. knows we knew it, when ho said it. Mr. Truman suggests that the United Stales will not be in a very good position to urge other coun tries to admit refugees if wo ;ul mil none ourselves. In thai, how ever, ho ignores Iho hordes of re fugces who wore admitted illegal ly as visitors who never will be soul back and whose number has deliberately been concealed from tlio native resident citizens who certainly have an interest in the matter and should have some voice, loo. Moreover, this country's need is not for more writers, art ists, musicians and the like, these being favorite occupations of Communists everywhere, but the . ... for more workers and, meanwhile, we import and export, by season, thou sands of. Mexicans and Bahamians with no thought of Icling them settle. Still moreover, Australia and Africa could absorb literally mil lions of new settlers, nol necessari ly pamphleteers, daubers and fid dlers, and Russian, that land with no prejudices and plenty of work and living room for all, under a certain concept of freedom, ac cepls no immigrants whatever but only lakes captives. The United States has less need of immigration, particularly of Ihese callings, than any other land on earth and our own cxper ience, although somewhat less painful than thai of France, which was similarly careless, shows lhat too many of the applicants rather disapprove of our way and would lo make us over inlo a dictatorship move quickly and energetically to make us oe rvinto a dictatorship of one kind or another. This kind would be happier in Russia, any way. A 6REAT WAVE OF HARA- KIRI SWEPT THE ISLAND WHEN THE CCWA\ON PEOPLE WERE GRANTED, FOR THE FIRST TIME, THE PRIVILE6E OF MEETIN6THEIR ANCESTORS IN THIS FASHION. IN ANCIENT TIMES ONLY THE UPPER CLASSES WERE. PERMITTED SUCH AN HONORABLE DEATH, AND THE LOWER CLASSES FELT SLI6HTED. A IOO-WATT BULB GIVES FIFTY PERCENr MORE LI6HT THAN FOUR 25 -WATT BUUBS. COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. NEXT: The U. S. Coast Guard as a same warden. WHEN ONE GOES AWAY FOR A REST, HE SHOULD LEAVE THE REST AT HOME," J5^j- M, E. REYNOLDS, Page Five SPORTS ROUNDUP By SID FEDER (For Hugh Fullertbn) New York, Jan. 2 — iff-)— Next baseball deal to be announced will send Catcher Walker Cooper from •By Hnob S. FoUertoB. Jr.- Last Second Touchdown Thrills Fans By TED MEIER New York, Jan. 2 —<#)— A rash of 00 touchdowns delighted the 307,000 speclalors who lurned out for yesterday's 13 bowl football games from coasl lo coast and who saw most of the favorites win. The victorious Alabama, 'Oklahoma A and M, Texas; Miami, Georgia, New Mexico and Wake Foresl leams all conlribuled to this New Year's display of gridiorn fireworks, bul perhaps 'the mosl thrilling "TD" of Ihe lol came in Ihe very lasl second of the Orange Bowl at Miami. A capacity crowd of 38,000 was slarlled as subslitute Al Hudson intercepted a Holy Cross aerial and sprinted 89 yards for a touchdown in the Azalea Bowl at Orlando; Louisiana Normal trimmed Lane College IQiQ in the Flower Bowl' a't Jacksonville; : the " Galveslon all- stars won in the Oleander Bowl at Galveston by defeating Philadelphia's sandlot champs, the Tasker Bears, 27-0; and St. Paul's snow bowl — A "gag" game between two teams made up of high school players — ended in a scoreless tie. ' to give Coach Spike ing's Miami Hurricanes a 13 to 6 Hard- HOUSEHUNTER San Diego, Calif., Jan. 2 — (;P)— Speaking of the housing shortage; Jackson's house is missing. When he went by to move the 10 x 10 shack, for which he paid the government $40, it ..wasn't there, he told police. "• \ Beware from common That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly be* use It goes right to the seat of the- triumph. The final whistle blew as Hudson crossed the goal line in a storybook finish.' Alabama, sparked by Harry Gilmer, ended USC's unbeaten streak m the famed Pasadena game, by smearing the Trojans, 34 to 14, before 93,000, the largest crowd of the day. The soulheaslern champions turned Ihe game inlo a one-sided affair by running up a 34-0 score before USC counled twice in Ihe lasl period. A crowd of 75,000 at New Orleans, Ihe largesl ever to see a football game in the south, saw the Ag- gies spot St. Mary's a touchdown in the firsl six minutes, then come from behind to lake a 14-13 lead al Ihe half and pull away lo a 3313 triumph in the second half. The duel between Ihe Iwo All- America halfbacks, Bob Fenimore of Ihe Cowboys, and Herman Wedemeyer, of St. Mary's, came out prelly much even-Stephen. Fenimore gained 130 yards in 25 tries by rushing to Wcdemeyer's 29 yards on seven atlcmpls. In the air, Herman compleled 1 nine of 18 passes for 155 yards while Fenimore completed 4 of 11 for 76 yards. . ' A 42-yard touchdown run by Alan Dekebrun, Cornell's star quarterback, and a placekick by Purdue's Tom Hughes gave the east all- stars a 7-7 tie with the' west all- stars in the Shrine Bowl at San Francisco before 60,000. Later in the game Ihe east reached Ihe /est three-yard stripe, bul three lays failed and on fourth own Hughes missed a field goal ry from Ihe 18. Texas and Missouri reached the eights of the day's touchdown rgy in the Cotlon Bowl at Dal- -lOnghorns lo six scores and a 407 viclory. Touchdowns came so asl lhal Ihe 46,000 on hand were ard pul to keep up with develop- nenls. •-•• Charley Trippi led Georgia to a 0-6 viclory over Tulsa in Ihe Oil- Bowl at Houston. A crowd of 27 000 aw Tulsa trail by 7-6 for three quarters, then walched Trippi hrow a 54-yard touchdown pass and sew up victory a few minutes aler by running back a Tulsa junl 69 yards for a score. Training by 17-13 starling the last quarter New Mexico came up with- hree touchdowns in the final 15 minutes to beat Denver, 34-24, in he Sun Bowl at 'El' Paso. Don Rumley of the winners'passed or three touchdowns and scored a ourth himself. An inlercepled pass in the closing ninutes led to Drake's -13-12 riumph over Fresno stale in the Raisin Bowl fray at Fresno, Calif. Ralph Gruben returned the intercepted aerial to the Fresno 24, then ack Coupe passed to Charles McDowell for the lying touchdown. Substitute Jim Baer booted Ihe vinning poinl from placement Wake Foresl, behind at the half >y 7-6, pounded oul three second lalf scores to whip South Carolina, 6 to 14, in the first 'Gator Bowl al Jacksonville, Fla. The leamshad layed a 13-13 lie during the regu- ar season. Tenessee Slale beal Texas Col- ege 33-6 in the Vulcan Bowl at Birmingham; Belhune - Cookman vhipped Albany (Ga) Teachers 32- in Ihe Coconut Bowl al Miami; •Cnoxvlle licked Florida N-I, 18-0 cause trouble to help loosen and. expel germ, laden phlegm, and: aid natu»< to soothe and heal raw, tender, lri-< flamed- bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to se.ll>yj3» a bottle of Creomulsion with the lin- aerstanding you.must like, the way.it' quickly allays the cough or you- ate- to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis I all Ihe dealing we didn't do a I the winter meetings — and more,' one club owner lold us the olhei day. the Cards to league (cam. an eastern national and it won't be . . . Boston. . . Dutch Meyer will want u five-year contract at a live figure salary — and a guarantee he can pick his own assistants • — be fore he'll even think of leaving Texas Christian for the Oklahoma coaching job. . . if he doesn't get it. -Tulsa's Henry Frnka might. . . Joe Louis will spend six months a year in his Harlem Soda Shoppo when it opens up. . . Business Boom If all you hear is true, it's a wonder how the big league clubs will find time for any spring training, with all the trading they ex peel lo do in March and" April. . . Practically every oulfit figures lo have ils ivory shop open and doing big business. They expect to have mosl of their ivory separated from Uncle Sam in the next couple of months. . . And will want just enough lime to give each man the doubleo to see how many of 'em still know which end of a bat hits. . Then, lo market . "We'll be doing As if handy Andy isn't enougl headache for national league flint, ers, the Cubs have signed up ar other Pafko. . . Andy's kid brother, Buddie. . . and Andy says the kid's even better than he is. Eddie will start out with the Davenport Iowa, Farm. Charlie Rollisn the Florida jockey, has had 33 spill in 12 years of riding, doing il Ihe hard way. Which is, iold, this child is set for the fall ind rising again of many in Israel: and for a sign which shall be spo- cen against; (Yea, a sword shall tierce through thy own soul also) hat the thought of many hearts nay be revealed.— Luke 2:34, 35. Thy voice sounds like a pro- Miet's word; And in its hollow ones are heard the thanks of mil- ions yet to be.— Filz-Greene Halle eck. • FOR . . . JOB PRINTING PERSONAL STATIONERY See GENTRY PRINTING CO. Hope, Ark. Front St. Harry Segnar, Sr, PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J • TRANSFER • HAUL ANYTHING ANYWHERE Quick Dependable Service Phone 933 B. P. McLAIN You Add It UP. Bing Crosby told this corner th other day thai he'd like nolhin] more than to buy a big league bal club, but can't get lo firsl bas going after one sp far. . . Now from a guy well up in national league circles, you hear a price tag has been put on the Pittsburgh Pirates (over a million) and the word has been passed along to the crooning man. . . But there's been no «ns wer yet. . What cooks, Bingo? -o Thoughts And Simeon blessed them, and said unto Mary his mother, Be- NEW '/4 - V2 - 3 / MOTORS - & 1 H. P. Also a Stock of Used Motors — LIGHT FIXTURES — — APPLIANCE REPAIRS — — MOTOR REWINDING — General Wiring Contractors Doug /"»|' l f P V r Cor I Bacon VI I T Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 794 Hope CITY CAB CO. 103 Front St. • Phone 837 - Joe Smyth, Owner For PHOTOGRAPHS •* JJT ' in your home - Phone 493 COLLIN BAILEYT Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Phone 7f Alteration!, Pressed While You Walt BEND IX .AUTOMATIC HOME ' See it now and • place your order.' WALKER APPLIANCE GO. 108 S. Elm Phone 901' V <~ ' J FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main THEO LONG For Plumbing/ Telephone 674J Hope, Arkonioi KELYINATOR ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR' . See the beauty o£ 194G and-, place your order early WALKER APPLIANCE CO: 108 S. Elm Phone 901 For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone .... 413 Night Phone . . . T01.5-J We specialize In *T' • Motor Rewinding • Repair al! makes of Appliance's*. ', • General Wiring Contractors BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark JUDGE GABEISSY is the central figure in some of the most exciting suspense In our new Vic FLINT It's a detective..*4v«iNjr« thriller, told in the first P*r- son. The Comic Starts Janwary * in HOPE STAR I •51 19 Ifl

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