Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1946
Page 4
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HOPE "s'TARi HOP% ARKANSAS 4SS/F/FD . ay .45 .60' . .75 1.50 V80* .s Muat Be In Office Day Before Publication •' .ie Three Six One(»H - *— - — • _ Days Days Month .90 1.50 4.5 1.20 2.00 2.50 3.00 6.0 7 * ~M> \;§6' s'M- a'.t 1.05 2.10- 3,50 10.5 1.20 2.40 4.00 12.0C ^.... 1.35 2.70 4.50 13.5 50 1.50 3.00 5.00 15.0 .ates are for Continuous Insertions Only .ill Want Ads Casn In Advance Not Taken Over the Phone For-Sole- 4 PIECE BEDROOM,!S.U|5E-WJTI 4 poster bed. Also 4'.tl6(r-lG use< tires. See at 1001 ..West 4th St. —•-* ,- 24-3 5 DECK ELECTRIC .BRQQDER, deck brooder. ; 5--burner oil stove M. R. Neel, 7 miles, south Lewis ^- ville-Spring Hill Highway. 24-3 GET YOUR SKIPPER COM , pound, Liquid meat smoke, Monts ^ Sugar Cure, and Sausage, sea somng at „ Monts Seed Store 16-2\v , HOUSE, 3/4 ACRE LAND, GAS water, lights. Located on Patmos *~ road; R. R. 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Phone INDIVIDUAL WANTS TO BUY —used book cases. .Phone 255-J. ' 23-3t Lost BJ.ACK'- MULE, WEIGHT 850 pounds. If. found, noliry Martin Tirnrhons, Hope, Rt. 4. 2<l-3t SMALL BLACK SUEDE AND AL• llgator underarm: purse. Contains small amount of money, Keep money and return to Hope Star 23-3t BILLFOLD CONTAINING $43.70 IN or near A & P Food^ Store. $10 reward. Jonah Benton, 516 North . Laurel St. 23-3t OUT OF J, V. MOORE PASTURE red muley bull yearling, weight 600, pounds. $5 reward, Jess Mor- Enough By Wittbrook Pegl«r . ,,, 1 . C6 i>*'itrt it ' 1 *« By Klhg FerturaB Syndicate. New. York, Dec. 27 — I think we may profitably inquire whether some organizations wi.th high- sounding names and professing fine purposes, such as death to Fascism and the abolition of racial M,,«ini <i i ..t , - Sn'ts.^ 6 b6C ° me danger ° US £}^- <>^f the'.fflinS ^A™«"3 V «SJ? I SS._SS S^lsf'H^^ 2 Card Players Can Ask for More Cash By JACK HAND New York, Dec. 27 -(/P) -Stan Musial and Enos Slaughter of the world champion St. Louis Card!- lals have new reasons to ask Owner Sam Breadon for more •ash. in 1947 today after publica- '.ion of the official National League slugging and runs batted in stalls- She's the Prize Pi energy to These .ris, Phone 827. 27-3t Basketball Results By-The Associated Press Last Night's Scores Easf Utah 37; Canisius 31. New York Univ. 70; Colorado 59 UCLA 54; Wyoming 41; Long Island Univ. 56: Oreeon State 50. ' New -Britain (Conn) T,.hrs 82; Billings (Mont). Poly 39. Midwest' . : , Stanford 54; Carle ton 41. Kansas State 48; Wichita 41 Bradley 59; Texas Christian 49, Southern Methodist 02; Chicago T.nvnl.- 581 st - Mary>s Loyola-' 53. OUil! Tourney At Oklahoma. City (First* Round) Oklahoma Aggies 01; .Rice 39. Kansas 65; Tulane 53. Oklahoma 64; Baylor -17 Texas 65; Missouri 46 Midwest Tourney at Terre Haute; Ind: (First .Round): Indiana. State 68; Drury 45 1\/T^i «nV.~11 j-T»r T» . __ r "* inquiries usually are fed by professional investigators who are hired by the committees on an assumption that they know their subjects. Not always, however, do the sommittees take intelligent precautions to see that the invesigators are honest or decent. An example of that—rather, two examples—were found, in the recent Garsson case that was uncovered by the so-called Mead committee of the Senate in its investigation of excessive war prof- Its. The committee discovered that one of the Garssons previously had enjoyed great powers as an investigator for two congressional committees. One dealt with immigration and the other with the disgraceful robbery of small investors by swindles actually worked through the federal courts ( unknown to the judges, known as the reorganization racket; This Garsson's record: should'have precluded his employment by Congress in any role. Still less was he trustworthy in a position which gave him the power to . shake down aliens who were, or might be given to fear that they were; subject to deportation. It was equally deplorable that such a- man was given the same power to shake down swindlers under investigation in the reorganization racket and to compromise complaints and withhold evidence in return for. bribes. The two committees which Garsson served apparently didn't investigate him at all. At this date, in the Meade inquiry, evidence turned up accidentally that Garsson had received a large gift of j „ -*.. v» . lyvi i 1 1 1(1 1 n UH tlAE oasis of 3GO total bases for 024 nt oats. As the talented first sacker already had monopolized the averages by leading in runs, hits, singles, doubles and triples among others, it- was not difficult to Understand why he was named the most valuable player in the league It was the third time Musial hud taken the slugging crown, having won previously in 1943 and 1944 before entering the navy. Slaughter's 130 runs batted in told a large share of the Cards' success story, reflecting the real importance of his .300 batting mark. The hustling slugger, who electrified the crowd with his clash Irom first to home on Harry Walk-1 er's double in the last World Scries game, kept the Birds in the race with his timely basehils. His slugging average was .4(55, fourth among the regulars behind Musial, Johnny Mize of New York .578,.and Del Ennis of the Phillies, fo. Dixie Walker of Brooklyn, who won the RBI championship a year ago, was second with 116 and Musial had 103, good for third place. Ed Stanky of Brooklyn continued to work the opposing pitchers for the most bases on balls, leading with 137, falling 11 short of the league record of 148 he established in 1945! For the first time in five years the circuit had: a new strikeout king with Ralph Kiner of Pittsburgh displacing the abdicating Vince Di Maggio who drfited to the Pacific Coast League before the season ended. Far West Southern California Javees Hardm-Simmons 39. •o 60; Kiner struck out 109 times an excusable fault because he set the j.'icn.c wnu uncii employed :-:oreign pace with 23 home runs the first I actors and might have lost heavily time a National League "fresh if some important individual had man" hurl nr.r.mv.r,i,-oi,,, r ! <u~~ *•__ fin E Tfl r ,L P . reside "t, since Lincoln un 1864) has proclaimed an an- jual> observance of Thanksgiving jdF .PRIMARY ECTIONS . i : -TV«^-; ? , .itereby given ithat a' Democratic City Primary Election u ? , G -' tro * ;Hop ^- Arkansas, will be- held, under the-;-rules of the Democratic -.P^rtylof. Arkansas', arid WjBiJLaWS-'Of tlie- State of Arkanbno on Thursday, February 27, J947 and- a preferential'primary, will'be held on-Thursday, February 13, 1947 for .he purpose of electing candidates or the offices of Mayor, ' Citv Treasurer, City Recorder for unex- pir6d term of 1 year, and one alderman for each, ward." Any person: desiring: to enter for an office must 1 Tile' witli the secretary,. J: p iJuffie, and pay the prescribed: fee before January 13th ; 1947: j Democratic City Central; Gom- NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the County Supervisor of Hempstead Bounty, has called an election to 36 held in Guernsey School District been suddenly deported. The magnate also had been deeply involved m a scandalous company reorganization. Also,,it has been found that individuals claiming to have made investigations for Congress, some of them liars on that point, have ] ~— -~..«w«..j.m! H . tigm nt*\v made a hand-to-mouth and shady Iea 8 ue marks among the 29 majoi trade of; .working as "operatives" ^league standards equalled 01 for private organizations. Such or. - ganizations.invariably -profess the highest, principles, but in' such general, terms that they may 'actually hound-respectable, law-abiding, native Americans with fals'e :charges that-.tiiey are Fascists, j j " • ' Other organizations-.-T-"-Infid 1 'this ;King sjre-called ; Fascist groups by the first set—follow the bq'ttern of the late Ku Klux< Klan; r-h4ve seen no evidence that they practice boring from within: that :is- (planting their members in the ranks of the opposition. On the other harid- tney have been stupid in their own screening" of applicants and there is much literature from professional sneaks who picture themselves as 'very brave pqrsons for ]ommg such "fascist" groups. How brave they are we have no idea, because there is no record, of the killing or serious- injury: of', any secret agents. The risks; seem-to exist only in: their own fears and not to exceed such, unpleasant' but hardly terrifying, experiences as the conventional American punch jn_the snoot or kick in the pants, The two- groups of organizations No. 20^8 of Hempstead County on if V^, 0 ' S r S" ps ol organizations he 18th day'of January 1947 at I are .hostii e bodies, but which repre- which the qualified: electors in said'l5n?iJ£f v! mtlal ' pe f. U to the » ublic School District shall vote on the ?"fL whl . oh a reaction to that in- tied'rby National Leaguers. 'K^—°— I Fights Lost Night ^ •'By. The Associated ' Press |'I, '••'•-* " * ";li-i-* - * '» e's' New,.York CFortini ;A'rcna)—Lefc Q. Murray, .210, iSoutK Norwalfr, C-onn., knocked out Earl Bowmoii, 216 1-2, New-Y6rk, 3. f 7 Miami,. Fla—Vinco Gimbill, 14,7 El Reno, Okia.,- outpointed Billy Moore,. 141 .1-2, New York, 10 • : Philadelphia-rWylie Burns, 1(16 1-2; West Palm'Beach, Fla., and Bill -"Chicken" -Thompson, 170 Philadelphia, drew, 8. t i/ Atlantic City—Charlie' Williams! 151, Newark, N. J., : outpointed Lennox Dingle, 147 1-4) ,Philadelphia, 10. ; New York .(Jamaica; Arena)-t- Andy "Buster" Peppe,' 174, Nelvi York, outpointed Bob Isler 17G Brooklyn, 6. P Falls River, Mass.—Leo Macucc'i 133, Portland, Me., and Jimmy Mo Larnin, 145, New Bedford, drew question of a loan from the Revolv- ng Loan Fund, and to continue the evying of a special tax of 9 mills nnually on the assessed valuation f the taxable property in the dis- rict so long as is necessary to epay said loan and the interest hereon. Such election shall be leld at Guernsey School, on the 18th ay of January, 1947, between the lours of 2;00 o'clock p.m., and :30 o'clock p.m. and otherwise in he .saipq- manner as 'is provided by; "w^ftjfcihttWing-annual; school elec- ons. -:• , WITNESS my hand this 23 day of )ecember, 1946, E. R. BROWN, County Supervisor, , /.Hempstead' County-. Dee, 27, Jan. 3, Jan. 10. REMOVED F.REE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES; COWS and CRIPPLES T«x»rkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) It No Answer Phone 3158-R At Christmas Time There is one gift you> can be sure will give^ grateful pleasure and- lasting happiness. Your Photograph Open Sundays Till Crirlstmaa The Shipley Studio „„ J'Artlst Photographers" 220 8. Walnut faope, Ark. HOPE BASKET CO. HAS LUMBER FOR SALE Rough Pine and Hardwood Dimensions, Boxing, Posts, and Timbers. Orders Cut to VOMP Specifications Mmited Amount of 16" Wood ... $7,50 a Cord WI DO NOT DEUVER HOPE BASKET CO. Saw Mill Pept. itiative is a question. As long as Hitler ruled Germany and particularly in the late prewar and early war years, there was a reasonable excuse for the existence of groups here which opposed Hitler s penetration of our country through such, outfits as the Bund These German gangs checked on the remarks of Americans and '. mmlgrant ref usees and reported them to Berlin whence reprisals were taken against their relatives - l ". Ge ?{?l a - n y,.This was coercion of Americans of German birth or descent and an infringement by an agency of a foreign power of American constitutional freedom of speech' and conscience. They also penetrated' pur national guard to a minor but impudent extent and in other ways abused our hospitality ineir weakness was shown, however, by the fact that no great explosion by sabotage is known to have occurred here and no. case was made public of the loss, of an American troopship' by reason of their espionage. The "anti-Fascist" groups began as forces of opinion, but some soon Decame counter-espionage systems. One outfit actually claimed to nave helped the American government to save the situation after fearl Harbor because it had beeji m the business of counter-espionage for several years while the government napped. Judging by the tine record of actual government agencies after we went to war, it must be doubted that the government was napping when it seemed to be. . At any rate, no intelligent American can. concede any private secret organization with secret "operatives" using many false names and even numbers instead of names, and some of tfiem aliens a right to operate as a secret police and espionage force. That is a government function and the exclusive right of government. We do have private detective agencies but they are licensed as such for stated purposes and are supposed to be closely supervised. These political societies do not call themselves espionage agencies and, to the extent tnat they act as unlicensed detectives, they would seem to be ; violating our laws. They live on contributions which are deductible from the tax returns of the donors in the guise of gifts to "educational" groups. So, obviously it is up to the paid officials and employees to keep the pot boiling with startling escapades and revelations which put fear into some of our citizens. These citizens and some of our aliens are made to fear that Hltlefjan groups are se n.-ti * *«"»(»«>« **-vuy» aie «e- us own angry, supia lounders or cretly forming among, us and that by clever New York manipulaors ThL / ove f nmen t is apathetic, including refugees, who deliberate- Therefore they are persuaded that ly fomented the situation? feat had accomplished the since 1904. Bobby Blattner of New York was, the most popular target for a pitched ball, being hit by pitchers six times. As usuali Manager Mel Oil of the New York club led the record- breakers establishing eight By United Press Philadelphia—Johnny Forte, 131, Philadelphia, outpointed Jackie Floyd, 130, Philadelphia (8). Much Equipment Is Salvaged by U. S. Army Corps Washington, Dec .26 — (/P)— The Army quartermaster corps, patching up everything from typewriters to tubas, has salvaged and returned to stockpiles nearly $150,000 OOQ- worth of equipment since the war ended. T Repairable staff flows into repair depots from both former battle areas and domestic army camps The quartermaster corps said today that clothing and textiles make up 87 percent of the salvaged material. Button-sewing jobs and patching makes the clothes readv for use by another GI. The labor cost of the salvage program was estimated at lion of the bathing suit. Beauties on Aqua-Parade Getting itiacly foi the Flonda Mid Wintti Watei Kodboto'bencld ,*{#, Cypress;,Gardens- Dec. 29, aqua-maids have fun practicing ?n ' Mi^/'?Uj formations m Florida waters. ' - ; b '.it. •i*iii'lii?<'<* ——— ..—-——--.-.; . -... .^;• -••• . • Greenville Ready fro Back Cotton League Team Greenville, Miss., Dec. 27 —(/I 1 ) Gruc-nvillc will have a team in tht> Cotton States baseball league, fans decided at a mass meeting here last night. Dr. O. II. Beck was elected ch.-urman, and plans were made for hurried construction of a park in time for scheduled opening of play in April, .Other cities besides Greenville in the proposed six-club circuit will be Greenwood and Clarksdale Miss.; Helena, Hot Springs and El Dorado, Ark. Moni-cc, La., and Pine Bluff, Ark., are considered possibilities tor increasing the league to eii'ht clubs. Miss Truman fro Resume Music Studies Washington, Dec. 2G —Ml— Mar- Jaret Truman, '22 year old damjh- •"• of I'-" oi.vjidpi.i. ;i,ul Mi'.s T'-u- man, will resume her voice studies . . , . , - . • . | , Razor bocks; Get | Down to Hard Work for Game Waco, Tex., Doc. 27 —(/I 1 )— Two practice sessions wore scheduled tod.-iy for tbc 47-mornbor Arkansas Razorback football .squad, which arrived hero yesterday /or final training before meeting Louisiana Slate in the Cotton Bowl at Dallas on New Year's Day. Overcast skies scorned in prospect for the workouts. Rnin fell most of yesterday afternoon. Coach John Barnhill drilled the visitors on offense, bolh passin" and running, thc-ir first day here. Guard Dale Councc and Tackle Charles Lively were expected io play next Wednesday despite minor injuries. End Herman styles, sufinring from a shoulder injury, was left at Fayctteville and will not play. their only protection is offered by these secret societies. The other side of the coin reveals, first, that Hitler and all me other highest Nazis are dead. The Nazi government and the Nazi party of Germany have been do- and the paid and "opera... lives" were in danger of Josint' iheir jobs. The natural thing for them to do, assuming that they Had an alert self-interest, was to find "naive Fascists," and, if they couldn't find Fascists, to make some. One way to make klansmon in he Southern states is to insist on he abolition of racial segregation Propaganda to this end began to flow from New York and the response came quickly in the formation- of groups :"or resistance The organizers of these latter certainly were helped by the fact that ihey could point to alien refugees in New York, as the dominating spirits behind this dangerous demand — and, all other questions aside, it is dangerous. The next move would be to penetrate these inept Mannish groups, jet their secrets, expose them and dramatize the coup. And then would come the passing of the hat :or more contributions deductible :rom the donors' lax returns. Now just who did start this new uan movement? Was it started by ts own angry, supid founders or back from Independence, Mo., where she and her parents .spent Christ-mas, around the .second week in January. The president's daughter has been .studying under Mrs. T. J Stricklor, Kansas Cit" vnnlici' *ork. CHRISTMAS CARDS Gentry Printing Co. Christmas Special on CARDS and PORTRAITS Moke your appointment now for group pictures of the children and family around the tree. (These will make ideal Xmas cards next year. W. R. Herndon 1st Nat'l Bank Pho. 493 • 114J HARRY SEGNAR PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs PHONE 382-J , 1023 South Main Street. 1 '. ' .• . ' ' ' ;i • • -J HAVE YOUR CAR WINTERIZED at MAYO'S Texaco Service Station PHONE 6 Give Her a SPENCER SUPPORT FOR CHRISTMAS It means giving her a beautiful figure and better health. MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hervey Hope, Ark. Doug PITY Carl Bacon Vul I I Jones ELECTRIC CO, — for — Home Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repair* Phone 784 . .f rMoyi.fie.4eflibdr 17, SPORTS ROUNDUP New York, Dec, 27 —(/?)—Sclma, Alabama, is justly proud of the athletic record of Parrish High school and has some articulate guys to spre.nd the fame of Coach Comer Simms . . . This time it's Sports Writer Bill Wise who wants <o know if the Parrish basketball team has set :i record by winning 71 successive games and not losing in !16 regular-season contests, exclusive of tournaments . . . "If that record can bo topped," says Longhorns Are Favored in Tournament By SAUL FELDMAN Oklahoma City, Dec. :27 —(/P)— The All-College basketball tournament holds the promise of an action-packed semi final round tonight, with Kansas and Oklahoma renewing an eight-year rivalry ;md Texas protecting its undefeated sua- .son record against the defending champion Oklahoma A. & M. The came between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Kansas Jayhawkx will be the 20ih renewal of the rivalry between Couch 'Bruce Drake and Dr. Forrest C. fPhogi Allen. Kansas' All holds the edge in names won, 11 to eight. That edce is just one of Drake's worries, however. Oklahoma -has failed to stop Kansas in the' last five games in which the .Jayhawks' scoring triumvirate—Otto 's'chjiell- bacher, Kay Evans and Charlie- Black—have played. The trio was on the team that blasted Oklahoma twice in '1943. Then They went'off to war. Returning last year, the'. Ihrec have helped Kansas stop'the, Sooncrs three times since.. - - .. •' The trio was impressive'yiqslfer- rlay as II sparked;.Kansas 'M> a Off- i3 victory over Ttilano in the 1 tour- lamenfs opening round. The combined score—1 IK points—set a new tournament mark. The previous •fcoril of 117 was set in 19-11 when Baylor beat Texas Tech, 59-58 Oklahoma toyed with Baylor in ts opening contest yesterday, outclassing the Texans 04-67. The Sooners' center, Gerald Tucker tallied 21 points. T^as, w | Hch W hippcd Missouri, u,)-46_,m the opening round, risks its eight-game winning streak igamst the Aggies. The Texans will /led height to (he Aggies who are seeking their third straight tournament title and their sixh in 11 years of -.conipeitum. They beat Rice (iMW, in (heir opening till playing their usually brilliant de. . -Texas' and 11i9;.,(5>] have met two .tlsif ihpma Aggi.es - -..^, «•«!«• v.wiiiiiion' < * | ocs ill is season on swing's through 'the East Jne Oklahomans lost their only Bailie: cf: the season-.to Lung Island Univc.-i'sil«l -I6J.17. .Texas beat LIU •ll-lG.Tiiolih-p'e-ain-iflLro'uricud'Gani.sir uL.tho AggiL-s 40.32iaiid-Texas-, r )2-4'fl Cflnsglalion games ,Uiis afler- iioRi); pit Jtice -against Missouri'and l.ulHne- against Baylor. The tournament closes tomorrow ; 'light with' the ^consolation -and championship Giving Till It^rjUrts- . /' :\Sal(,Lake City— A>.— Wnon'Mrs. Jttar-y Brewerlon decided to give a friend $5 for hoi-, birthday, her .'idea Bill, "we will gladly acknowledge, same and then beat it." . . . An*'/ other possible record: The Tifton, Ga., High football squad won eight games, tied one and lost ono this year while using only 13 payers. .... Two officials who sometimes are paired in working basketball games In Montana are named Good and Gallant. Probably doesn't make (he pluycrs fool better when they loot those whistles. Observation Post Two wooden Indians, loaned by the Society Cor (he Preservation oV.- Cigar Store Indians, will be the mascots at Tampa's Cigar Bowl game between Delaware and Rollins New Year's Day . . . The oilier bowl games probably will have Some wooden Indians, too, but they'll call them tackles. One-Minute Sports Page The College Baseball Coaches' Association is going ahead with its plans for improving and developing college ball although the major leagues didn't oven consider^ an agreement to "protect 1 ! college*^ Players during the winter meeting." Dutch Meyer, Texas Christian U., coach, iil.-cndy is making plans for "spring" football ornrlico. which will start "as early in February as possible." . . . Kay Peebles is i-L'tirini! Jan. I ,-i.s snorls edMnr of the Irlrie. Pa., iJispalch-ilerakI after 21 years on tho .same paper What, no lime off /or, good behavior? . . . Al Sulhphin. the big ink and ice man from Cleveland has contributed $1,000 toward building hockey's Hull of Fame alfi Kingston, Out... . . No doubt one or Ars red ties 'will be- enshrined there. • P,qak Performance • ., Lurry .Powell, who' ; used to belong-to the 'Red Sox, has the distinction of playing on three pennant-winning clubs in the same season,. . .; lie started with Boston (American League champs), was shipped out to San Francisco (Coasl LOH'KUP'champs) nntl finished with Salt Lake '' (Pioneer. League champ;:) .... Apparenll\V Larry had his ups and clowns at the same time. Dots All, Brothers Georgia, which loses All-America Charley Trippi (his year will come up wHh a football sleeper 'n 20-vear-old Tom Kaminski of Wilkes-Barro, Pa. ... Yale Pub- licitor Charley Loftus attributes Tony Lavelli's basketball shooting skill to Tony's constant practice n the accordion . . . The Atlantic states table tennis tourney will boy "televised, movie - reeled and'-' broadq.^Ktod," which removes all excuses for going to sic the Him;;. A" PISH--STORY ; CambridHe, vu'. .„,,---. ing- his six : legal trout.;aiigj Tobin -hooked a.-mink-^bu away. Tobin clph«0k(id-:it; .,. , She changed a? $5 bill into coins ra ol^ ln ? , Ii:om P' c "nios to quarters —•'50 of them altogether— then wrap pod them each separaetly in tissue paper and gave them to he friend in a ieehingly beribboned box. CHRJSTMAS TOYS Bob Efmare Auto Supply Phone 174 216 8. Main Enjoy the Holidays DINE & DANCE GARDENS 1/2 Mile East, Hy 67 Closed Sunday & Monday OPEN Rest of the Week 5 P.M. til 12 P.M. Plenty of 'Choice Steaks Chicken Dinners .'ReWgerotor ;<<rf3J rewsler able lit•lf you holding Phone SpO^J "•'•%* Hour' Commercial 'Service Savage Refrigeration jsqrvice MONUMENTS <• Call or See f R. V. HERNDON, 'JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN P/IONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana White Oak Logs and Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more Details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Ark. CASH IN 5 MINUTES A New Month Means New Expenses Have your car appraised at Hope Auto Co. and borrow up to its full volije. You'll need no cosigners and no endorsers. Ask for Mr. Tom Mclqrty, HOPE AUTO CO. '•') fJiiy, December 317, 1*46 H 6 n $ t A ft, H 0 By Chick Yourtg SHOW HER SHE'S WRONG SOON AS AH KETCH HERf NW ARE NOLJ HANGING UP vHSTLETOE, MAMA? 1 JUST WANT TO SEE IF PAPA IS STILL AS ROMANTIC AS HE USED TO BE ^By Michael 6'Malley &'.Ra1ph : vLa'nc|-^|| TO TOWN VIC FLINT CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES By Golbrairh IS THIS YOUR CUSTOMARY PROCEDURE IN GREETING CALLERS, ' MR. FORTUNE? PUT YOUR CREDENTIALS THAT DESK .'WHEN''SHE RAN OUT ^ OfJ"ME SHE CALLED HERSELF CHILI SEQUIN/ THAT LOCK OF HAIR HIDES A TRIANGULAR SCAR WHERE I BOPPED HER WITH A BOOKEND IN AN ARGUMENT. AS SOMETHING BtfLONGINS TO fl WANT IT. BAC SORRY, I'VE GOTTA BE CAREFUL.'THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THIS TOWN WHO DON'T LIKE ME. By Leslie: Turne' WASH TUBBS I KNOW HE WEELV OH, Y TRy/TO , VOU SENTtEWWS WOURSELF, COUNTESS! NSUS' HELP ME SAVE MY / WE'LL DO ALL'-WE HOUSE ON^ GOSSAWER. if : CAN. LETS SEES ' SHE'D SfW&P Y SUT THEES HOUSE I CM»UOT OH, N\R. QUEEBLE ! HE COUNTESS NEEDS \ TO GEEVA. ME DWORCB WEN HE SOME -MONEY ' HID.Ei .WHEN HE LESAL ADVICE. I T'lNK I HPsVE NO FORTUNE LEFT. IT FROM THIS DEED I BUV EET TEEt SHE'S HAD BM> NOW HE HEN*. I BLW HOME IP-IT WftS'OUT*S OFSOURNNAE; FORTUNE HUNT- A-7 ftFTER DIVORCE '.-/ '^"» iSST^ n ,urL IUDCT/-U. / L. ^^..HE LL DtPfWD NEWS CONCERNING L EEN PALMETTO BEftCH 1 THE RftSCA>L SHE \S> DWORCIN& DONALD DUCK By Walt piisrey 1Mf DY NEA SERVICE', INC.'-Y. M. REC. U. S. PAT. Off. ; "Well, hurry up and get well and co?ne back to the office, ' Walter—we haven't had any decent weather since you've .„ ..::: been out!" ; "They're perfect angels since their father lost his temper \ yesterday,_threw the child psychology book m_ th e_trash -' — " r*- 1 -" — ~ '^.can.^and^ paddled .thum!" ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer You're A iSlGHT/ WHAT w T WORKIN&- M ; HEAVEN'S . ;NAME HAVE YOU •••) ON ' My>.. • RPPlO DfllWfi ? . . • V.lALOP. POP I WELL,-SET-OUT" OF, THOSE DIRTY CLOTHES 1' --••DINNER IS NEARLY READY .':. BEEN) D<lNI6 ? SET::^,"i ^'ifflfi ;'•"!'."•'.;' ';.;•'•'•••<' '»" ij " ! . t":v'J : >'"<•} ..i: ' v,:i!ir| ..-,:,,..•..,-. t., ^; .>• ,-,-.-.; i -..i) .i i.; iirfibi:; : i i,.... j ^ i' ; '..-,,• • <.. -By CarfiAnderson'H >t FRECKLES, YOU HARDLY LOOK 1 A LITTLE WATER, .ME!SAME. BOY.--,-THAM< V AND A LI" GOOPNESS; ^.^ -../^ SOAP AMD \\ '/r,*^ ^J 0 H'r"-^ OM MOM , KNOWS/ THIS USED TO BE A BATH . ToWEL/ CEILIWG- IF SHE HOW DIRTY I WAS/ "This is our new sleet and slush model!" By V. T. Hamlins • ALLEY OOP AHH! THEES IS UNEXPECTED! fHERE,FATSOj PLEASURE! i THEENK. i LL_CATCH TAKE YONG L^,DV.TOO! FUNNY STOFF, EH? SON PE'EG, 1 7 KEEL YOU; Thimble Theater POPEVE 15 WIMPV -HE BROUGHT FOOD,',' 5EALBURGERS By Edgar Martin VEP>. THtN'Rt GON>N)?i epo\\_ u-5 eooo, 'f Cftf&VUX. i «.i[-l l-l.r,. Kmv l,.il,,i» s.n.li.m In . Woil.l nu TO tAt I PtttV) '. TAW BOV O\ON'T NOTHNN'TO OO VftS SOOVi P\*V \ft&iM r (StTUt- OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople ESAD,Pll<E/ I'VE SN6 ME CREDIT, MEtO ^DONSTtV IT LOOKS CA<=.T YOUR PEEPERS ) QUOTE)( SOMEBODY LATEST VOORD BELATED Y TILL CHRlSTMfXS PRESENT— -A X GET VJORDS OF ONiE •?%} M^ SVLLABLE,TlA/\T "Sv 6^AO1<&D FHAT'S HIS BROTHER- HE GOT SO LITTLE EDUCATION THAV HE THIMKS A COLLEGE SHOULP TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING.' LISTEN-TH 1 Of MAM AN 1 ME VvEWT WITHOUT LOTS TO PUT YOU THRU COLLEGE AN' VOU FALL PER A SIMPLETOSJ SHOP GAS-DROP THAT CAW AN' BEAT IT BEFORE I GIT NASTY/ WE PUT TH' MEW GUV UP TO POWDERIM' TH' BRASS BUSS-AM' THAT MUG'6 SPOILINV TH' FUM ^m^^^mmm^ I -.•.:•:•••..••..>>- . .•..'tijHu. 7-Bji..^ A-' TRIED TO GET AAAVB6 TRIED OME OP YOUR OFF A HORSE GLASSES !h A SUV \Mt40 GET6 INSULT." By Fred Harmon *. / N0,50h!, I WN1 SEEN V«i ( A CALF NAMED MCWN' I.'!. . HEREABOUT. MAYBE PANCHO'S DO NOT TAKE ,rv E&tA PAMCHO/ ) K-' SEEM IT-HP DELIVERS SUPPLIES TB AIL THE RANCHES AND HOMESTEADS.' ' WHO RUSTLER GEVOKA ALF LAST NIGHT/ ME IRWL-UWi TO ESTER VALLE

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