Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 26, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 26, 1946
Page 5
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^ *••• ^ivdfW 1.1 I t> Pegs POUJ HOP E $ T A R, H OPE/ A R K A N S A S Thursday, December 2<$, a A f f I f t f JP4 A 5Si Ft ED Ads Must,Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of" One Three Six One©Worde Up to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 36 to 30 81 to 33 36 to «0 41 to 4u tS to 50 Day Days Days Month .. .45 .90 1.50 4.50 .. .60 1.20 2.00 6.00 .. .75 1.50 2.50 7,50 .. .90 1.80 3.00 9.00 .. 1.05 2.10 3.50 10.50 .. 1.20 2.40 4.00 12.00 . 1.35 2.70 4;50 13.50 .... 1.50 3.00 5.00 15-dO Rates are for Continuous' Insertions Duly • All Want Ads Casn In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone For Sale 4 PIECE BEDROOM SUITE WITH 4 posier bed. Also 4 600rl6 usjed •- tires. See at 1007 West 4th St. "24-3t 5 DECK ELECTRIC BROODER, 2 deck brooder, 5 burner oil stove, M. R. Neel, 7 miles south Lewisville-Spring Hill highway. 24-3t •GET YOUR SKIPPER COM• pound, Liquid meat smoke, Mpnts Sugar Cure, and Sausage sea- Soning at Monts Seed Store. 16-2w HOUSE, 3/4 ACRE LAND, GAS, water, lights. 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Americans Take Lead in Davis Cup Play By QAYL.E TALBOT Melbourne, Dec. 26 — (fP) — Ted Schroeder's smashiiig upset victory over John Bromwich and Jack Kramer's easy triumph oyer Dinny Pails in the opening, matches oi Davis Cup play today virtually extinguished Australia's hopes of retaining the international tennis trophy. Ihe two Americans, trying to , bring back the symbol of world tennis supremacy which has been held down under .since 1939, team up tomorrow to tangle \vith Bromwich and Adrian Quist in a doubles match which could — and should — clinch the States. It was for the United Schroeder's genuinely Fair By Weitbrooh; PegUr Copyright, 1946 By King Feature* Syndicate. New York, Dec. 24. — The new scl t 1ta ^' i growth of secret police societies, Ges,tapos, if you will, seems to me to be appropriate to the dark politics and the old fears of continental Europe. We have had our Molly McGuires and our Klans, \yhich rise and fall, but no phenomenon like the current crop of secret agencies which keep libraries of "reference" material on unsuspecting native citizens and use it or hold U in reserve for political blackmail. Some cf our prohibition groups enjoyed close relations with some government departments and bullied Congress, but they, too, at least were native, arid the issue was strictly domestic. In the present situation, Americans are catalogued as "Fascists", a general term, if they dare to argue sincerely against immigration or express certain opinions on our foreign policy. Roughly speaking, all who opposed President Roosevelt became "Fascists" because Roosevelt, said he was anti—Fascist even while he introduced Fascist measures into this country .Now we hear "Nationalists" condemned as "Fascists",, although George Washington was an uncompromising Nationalist and Lincoln reveals no dilution of his American loyalty with a obligation to any foreign power or element. Porkers Have Token Plenty of Long Lops Waco, Tex., Doc. 26 —(/Fi—Piny- ing in the Cotton Bowl gome in Dallas against Louisiana State Ncu Year's Day will be a relief to members of the University of Arkansas. Phone 704. 23-lm Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- netian Blinds, wood or metal, outside metal blinds and awnings, Write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 15-lmo •WE CAN NOW GIVE FROM 5 TO 10 days delivery op 'new blinds . made^ in Texarkana. Guaranteed; f free estimation, also free in-, stallation. \Ye can now -re-tape, re-cpVd,' paint and make your blinds like, new. Quick service. Tilt-Ray Venetian' Blind "Co.' 1123 County Avenue, Phone 4520-W. '' ' ' ' Lost i BLACK MULE, WEIGHT 850. ; pounds. If found, noury Mai tin ] Timmons, Hope, Rt. 4. 24-3t SMALL BLACK SUEDE AND AL' ligatdr underarm purse. Contains small amount of money, Keep \ money and return to Hope Star. i^' K- 23-3t >BILLFOLD'CONTAINING $43.70 IN fp or' near 1 A & P Food Store; $10 n reward. Jonah Benton, 516 North . Laurel St. 23-3t For Rent . THREE ROOMS FURNISHED . for light housekeeping near . Schooley's store. Phone 38-F-ll. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 23rU great triumph over the two-hand- swinging Bromwich in the first match of the series which set the tone for Australian gloom. About the only comfort the Aussies could find was in the memory of the last Dayis Cup matches in 1939, 'when they won .the cup after losing the first two singles encounters. Seldom has u player given a greater. demonstration oi gameness and sheer determination than did Schroeder in turning back Bromich, 3-6, 6-1,. 6-2, 0-6, 6-3. Kramer beat Pails 8.-B, 6-2, 9-7, hardly bothering to leave the baseline. Never for an instant in the long gruelling struggle did Schroeder relax the pressure. When the Aussies raced through six straight games in the fourth set, it appeared he might have taken Schroeder's measure, but the former U. S. Navy flier, visibly weary, had the little extra. Something which enabled him to come through. The big crowd gave Schroeder a five-minute ovation after he sliced the last placement past Bromwich. Schroeder scored 52 placements to only 27 for Bromwicn. Kramer ,had a far easier time with Pails. Hitting terrific drives to the corners, he discovered he could beat Pails without going to the net. Pails produced a fine cannonball service and scored repeated aces m th.e first set, but he never looked like a winner and before the r>ndi- -.-.--- . Kramer was scoring clean winners in S fire insurance for men who irom .the baseline. ' have burned themselves out'before, or played bankruptcy as a racket. A' - ri th^ "red ; t .icrpnoies •'nvestiga'te and make reports on applicants for credit always mark,ed "strictly confidential" to the client so.'that the client mav know the business condition of .the applicant. If the a"- plicant is a : dead-beat the credit agency states the facts and the client guides himself accordingly. In most cases, the agency gp.es directly to the person or firm concerned and the information is given willingly. . But personnel espionage for political purposes is something new to us. ' Newspapers, as far back as my memory goes, have made investigations' through reporters,' generally to correct public evils, such as corruption in office. There is a long and creditable record of newspaper crusades in legitimate fields. Newspaper methods do not, however, include the accumulation of personal information, possibly embarrassing but not incriminating, for- mere political coercion. Most of the. investigators have been reputable reporters who have shown themselves' to be trustworthy and" above suspicion of blackmail. I wouldn't go as far as to say that i no reporter had ever gone beyond It will mean the end of those cncl- l,ess laps—the running that hard working John Barnhill requires. A statistician i'roni the universit> has figured it our: The Razorbacks have run 31,000 100-yard laps, whlcr is 1,761 miles and then some sinci last March 18 when spring training started. All the cross-country men in 'the Southwest Conference com bined haven't, run that much. Barnhill told the Porkers befon grid practice began: "Boys, you will cuss me all nen son long for the laps 1 will exact from you, but when it is all over you will thank me." The Razorbacks haven't gotten around to thanking Barnhill yet They arrived here today and :.acea a lot of laps in practice sessions leading up to their departure Dec 31 "for Dallas and the Bowl game Even next Sunday ihe griclclcrs from Fayetteville will be" doing •"\mp '-iiniiinH Barnhill ••equirci throe laps on Sunday afternoon an uoiiu; system and the boys grudgingly do it. But the running already has paid off. Arkansas, rated as one of the toughesl teams in the country, always is best in the stretch. If you don't beat the Porkers in iho :irsl half, you might as well go home. It-is one of the most superbly-con- I saw. Barnhill is a strict disciplinarian. He penalizes a player ;or mistakes, ordering them to run down ihe field, pick up a piece of grass and the return it to him. Playing Louisiana Slate Cotton Bowl is going to be a picnic compared to what the boys have gone through with in training. Why that will only be a xoolbali game. They can't run much more ihan a half-mile in a football game. European countries had their 1^'°""' J^Y. 11 !*! 10 Soulhwcst Con - secrct police, but we never have \ had such an institution. It is misleading to say that the FBI is a secret police force in a comparable sense. The FBI does maintain a directory of criminals, a grea,t convenience and legitimate, which, in' the hands of efficient men, makes it possible to catch criminals in new offenses. The treasury has several confidential agencies which have access to bank accounts. The FBI insists, however, that it keeps no dossiers oh iiino- cent persons and both the FBI and the treasury appear to guard their material confidentially for legitimate uses of "the government. And, finally, these are official government activities. In unofficial life we have confidential agencies which investigate applicants for insurance to determine whether they are reasonable moral risks, but keep their data to themselves. Otherwise the corn- would find themselves writ- Schroeder was extremely unsteady in. the first set, but in the second set hit brilliant streak and blasted Bromwich off the court in only' 22 .minutes. l 1LIGHT IN 'EGYPT' Cairo, 111. — f/p)—. Crime-has taken a holiday in Alexander County, embracing this river .city, and; for one of the few | times in recent years- there r.v/as : no need to convoke a' grand -jury. Legal Notice Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone ; LEGAUNOTICE Pursuant to Section, 18 of Act 297 of 1945, notice is hereby given that the last will and testament of Mrs. T. R. King of Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas, was probated in common form by the Probate Court of Hempstead County on the 10th day of December, 1946. An appeal from 'such' probate can be affected only by tiling a petition, stating the grounds of such appeal, with this court within six (6) months from the date of this notice. Witness my hand and seal this 16th day of December, 1946. (SEAL) Leo Ray Clerk of Probate By Arthur Dec. 26, Jan 2,-J By BOB GRUBB New York, Dec. :2G —(f?)- Hand- scme Howie Pollet, trim lefthand- er of the world champion ot. 'Louis: Cardinals, has for the second vim. won the distinction of most offec live.hurler in the National League.' The 25-year-old southpaw \rorr Houston by 'way. of New..Orleans: leads in the; earned run' average^ with a mark.! of 2^10, followed by the Braves' Johnny Sain w'jth 2.21, figures ^ust released for- 1646 reveal. . - . •-, :-!.; Pollet also leads!-in' tbt'at •'. inning? pitched,* 23G, and'' \vo.n /the most .games, ..21.- First southpaw" to win 20 National -League games- since Cliff Melton,and- Carl Hubbell o£ the GiantsT'in 1937, Pollet \Vas one of only two 20-game winners in the loon. The other was Sain, who had an even 20. -,!> Pollet paced the circuil"with a 1.75 mark in 1943 although he played only half the.season before- entering the army air force. Returning last spring, he started most 01 the Red Birds' crucial games in their uphill drive to ihe pennant. Another Cardinal, little '-righl- riander Murry :.Dickson, compiled the best winning percentage with 15 victories against six .-Ipfeats for .714. Ewell Blackwell, Cincinnati's sensational yearling, tossed the most shutouts, six. The Brooklyn Dodgers' Ed Head, 61. 23-2mo INDIVIDUAL WANTS TO BUY used book cases. Phone 255-J. 23-3t CALL 119 Let us help you with" your beef- ding troubles. We make new or renovate any kind, or size of mattresses. 1 Day Service in Hope MARTIN MATTRESS CO. "We S#ll Sleep" 921 W. 3rd St. Phone 119 LEGAL NOTICE Pursuant to Section 18 of Act 297 of 1945, notice is hereby given that the last will and testament of Rose L. Porter of Hempstead County, »-as nrobated in common form by the Probate Court of Hempstead County on the 10th day of December, 1946. An appeal from such probate can be affected only by filing a petition, stating the grounds of such Appeal, with this court within sipc (6) months from .the date of this notice. - Witness my hand and seal this 16th day of December, 1946. (SEAL) Leo Ray Clerk of Probate Court By Arthur C. Anderson D. C. Dec. 26, Jan, 2, 9 1 AnriPi-<:nn n r J ?SalIy defensible means in hii eri- ,. AncieisonD. C. hus j asrn to get information, but eal reporters wprk largely hrough public records which are ipen to everyone. Vital statistics, ourt records, testimony, and offi- •ial sworn statements are produc- ive, but not all reporters have the ime, the energy and the resource- ulness to dig them out. Public li- BOB'S AMERICAN CAFE PRESCOTT, ARK. • • Open 24 Hours Poily • • Meet your friends here, Day or Night. We're always glad to serve you. Robert A. Gammill Mgr. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COW* and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883rW (Plione Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R At Christmas Time There is one gift yog can be sure will give grateful pleasure and lasting happiness. Your Photograph Open Sundays Till Christmas The Shipley Studio "Artist Photographers". 220 S. Walnut Hqpe, Ark. Fights Last Night By United Press Pittsburgh—Jimmy Sanders, 13-] Warren, O., outpointed Bolton Ford, 13G, Pittsburgh (81. HOPE BASKET CO. HAS LUMBER FOR SALE Rough Pine and Hardwood Dimensions, Boxing, Posts, and Timbers. Qrders Cut to Your Specifications Limited Amount of U' 4 Woqd . . . $7.§Q a C.<?rd WE PQ NOT DELIVER HOPE BASKET CO. Sow Mill Pept. . iraries are another source. It cannot be denied, however, hat in recent years there has irept out of politics and European deology a type called, by careless courtesy, reporters whose methods are a startling departure. | Some employees of Marshall Field once wrote boastfully about a coup in which they accompanied some agents of a CIO union in a violent raid on the New York leadquarters of John Lewis' District 50. Charges were later made that the CIO unipn, which oi'ten seems to cooperate with th--> Communists, had planted a confidential secretary in District 50. When I discussed this with Field some time later, he was so imbued with the cops-and-robbers spirit of the that he thought this was a tradi- "secrct agent" type of reporter that he thought this was a traditional way of getting a scoop. He seemed proud of the ;iob. Not to deny that a reporter occasionally does run a person :il r;sk, I recalfct only one who ever was killed, but weren't. To identify was Don Mellett, of Ca/iton, O,, and he was' an editor, not a reporter, and a crusader, not a mere scandalmonger, jj. E. Foster, of Houston, and Julian Harris, of Co- umbus, Ga., bravely took risks in fighting the Ku Klux Klan in the twenties and might have been killed, bu tweren't. To identify such fine journalists with the sort of "agents" of secret societies who accumulate personal information for use in intimidating citizens so that they will be afraid to run for office or to express their views on public issues would be unjust and misleading. The familiar, legitimate news- naper reporter is not mysterious. He goes by his own name, except in rare situations where his identity would thwart him, whereas at least five of the other kind have permanently adopted "also names. I know of three others operating regularly on the air as interpreters »t news arid informants of the public. | I don't believe I have ever i known a genuine newspaper reporter who carried a p.Uiol. On the other hand, I examied recently an application for a New York pistol permit filed by. a man calling himself a colonel who had adopted a false name and he said he needed it because he sometimes carried secret documents in his work as an "operative" for a secret pplitical-ppjice sg.ciety, and thought his* life was in clanger. I didn't have to jimmy a desk or blow a safe to see this application. It is a public record. Kay Stammers, wearing long pants and using two-handed grip, makes a return during practice session at Wimbledon, All Steamed Up-;-And Like It- York, Doc. 20 -r(/P)—There's n hot basketball debate raging hereabouts as to whether Oregon, which handed NYU Its worst Garden trouncing, could beat Kentucky. But Wyoming and Utnh may bust into it before the week is over. . . The Utes have (our of their 1944 National champion team back in action but they haven't found the range yet. Wyoming, with its tcmp- crnmonlal stars gone, offers five- tot, eight-inch Jimmy Reese as Us scoring star. Some nlaim he's even | better than Kenny Slors to' nnv Dnn;i)flson. \viio carried ihc ball only 01 times for Georgia this season and scored 'JO points, may miss the Sugar Bowl game because of a tecurrencc of ihe pulled muscle that kept him out of the Georgia Tech tussle. A specially built inhalator which emits medicated steam is saving the lives of the two surviving penguins in the Forest Park Zoo, St. Louis, Mo. They are alllictcd with a respiratory disease. Birds sense the relief it jdvcs them, and continually huddle nenr it, 03 pictured above. Today's Guest Star iTohn Mooney, Salt Lake telegram: "With so many athletic Loaches in the armed i'orces physical program during the war .it's amazing that, most of them had to leturn to return to civilian life vo reach the 'firing' line." Post-Holiday Hash The Dodgers' publicity m from the Brooklyn Farms, JTphn iv Van Cuyk. Boris Woyt and Marv Racklcy. would be worth :?200,000 in the open market. It also reports catcher Bruce Edwards was Ihe first to get delivery on his "bonus' car That's his job, ain't it, getting deliveries?. .Henry Baker, nephew of Princetons immortal hobey, is a candidate lor the Tiger hockey team. But he won't gel to play in Baker rink this season. . . Otis Wile, Oklahoma A. and M, Tub Thumper,'claims that the cowpokea aren't so hot in athletics this yeai\ because • they bear down on scholastic matters in alternate yc.irs and this is the one :or building character into steers. Oh, Brother Athletics "family stylo" at Lc- high U., include Edwin and Eric Eriksen oil the wrestling team and Frank and Karl Relnhart on, the basketball team. During the .Coot- ball season Coach Bill Lcckonby had to deal with Richard and Rus sell Jones in Wcissporl, Pa., (hums that three rookies coming]by Heck. Chailes and Gnrvin Jones of .T-Iav- ertown, Pa., ai> well as three Kock Brothers, Guy, Theodore and Wil- tlcpt. i Ham's. And they still couldn't -win, • Vj(« s By VIRGINIA Mac PHERSON Hollywood. Dec. 2(i —(UP)— A new generation of comedians paid nlong the way. He once took a truck to a bookstore and ordered the manager to fill it. Amonfi the works was a set of Dickens which Fields learned almost by heart. During a serious illness 10 years ago Fields deliriously quoted ;iincs ( of Micawber for hours at a.!tiine. During his last years in Hollywood he was separated from his wife, Harriet, whom he married in 1901. She raised their only '•'son, Jr., and Fields jyiainlalned .he hard to bcco'me drank hard Castona of. All-South le'aps to use head. Elwood Sommers- .23, comes in for assist. William P. Sloan attempts to break up plajrsis All-North team is shaded, 1-0,'at Scrling Oval, -the -Bronx ' N. Y. in Interllei ' , , , N. Y., in Intercollegiate Soccer Football Association'^ first all star game. •' '' ' turned in the only no-hitler, an early-season whitewash .job on the Braves. Snin hurled thu most complete games, 24. Johnny Schmitx DisUric/tlpiy |n Owning New Car to forget it. and died trying vo get a laugh irom his last audience. Ki' % hls nassetl away yesterday at the Las Enemas sanitarium, with his finger 1o his lips and winking at the nurses who had tiptoed to his bedside. Doctors said the 67-year-old comedian's death, at 12:03 p. m., was caused by dropsy and that he had been in a critical condition :or several months. Fields said recently his condition was partly due 10 .he tact doctors kept him on a diet of ' milk, "a whitish fluid 'ihey fp-v-i'd down helpless babies." Fields liked to boast, that he spent his last 43 years on a diet of olives floating in alcohol and it was | his own idea that he be known as a chronic .•Acoholic. He was vho ••utt of every "drunkard" joke, in- •Vrl'n" sevens! tossed his way yrsLovday.. aj.lovroon by, radio aw' an all-star broadcast. NeilWr.Hope nor olho'r members of the cast had been informed; of Fields' death. . "i sa\y w. O. Fields on the street 'and waved." Hope said, "and he wr-'VRd back.'.' • •• ','The ;world is sure going to lose a lot o£ laugh's," Hope said later. "Ifc. vvafe 'one of the world's greatest- comedians." . ; Fields, who: struck it rich when' he played .Dickons''waif. He slept '.< .c.aycs. barns and .parks and filched ..apples from.icbrnpr gro- iw ios'.-.-BoescfJ and'borrowed nickels he spent fin- ginger.ale in sa- ('ous so he ^fcmly Ret the' free lunch. ' '•''.• , Thrilled by a juggling act he saw. when.he sneaked into a vaudeville house, he practiced 1C. hours" a day with stolen apnles, rocks and tennis balls that, bounced 'over "walls. After a year's practice he got ; iob which paid so little he owed his boss 10 cents a week. Nvw jobs juggling for 20 shows rugs any time he pleased. , It was Fields' wish that his..body be cremated, and it wis removed to Forest Lawn crematory vo await the arrival of his brother, Walter, and sister. Adcle Smith, both of New Jersey. -o That C°p Ego Bombay, India—A.P.— The information directorate of Bombay province announced that the police and officials have received instructions to discourngo the public from addressing them with titles exalted than thev really possess. "The misuse of such honorific titles conveys false notions in the minds alike of officers and the public," the directorate said, obiofts ^nrtifularlv to addressing minor officials and police officers i'- : t l i t ; ttp« rb\ifr'-'lv t.van. e latfiJ.il2 as "Big Boss" or "Great Man." According to. judvqi'al opinipns the term' "sea" j-sfewUn" a bpdy of salt or brackish water, less, than an ocean.. . ' . '.'.' Baltimore (/P) Nathan Goldbergh a day made him one of the world's and Charles Levine each driving foremost jugglers. He toured the of the Chicago Cubs struck out ihe ! a n °w 19<l(i brown sedan of the same world, picking up an education most batsmen, 135, while Rookie . makc W 9 nt lo lht! snmG theater at'- Positively • no; Hunting or FisHjio.g. on our ;lqnd.-*- > iy P^nlk?,^ fray .F tly Monti*h Kennedy of the Giants al-1 tel ' parking on the s;unc street, loweclfhe mcst bases on balls 1'fi. ! Police awakened Goldbergh by The''Cardinals also captured the telephony at midnight and asked team furling laurels, ciimpilinij 3.01 eiy'ned i'un avciai;e. War Bride Gets Homesick AP Newsfeaturcs Va.—A E Morgantnwn, can war bride who's homesick is taking her husband back with her, in a reversal of the usual order. She is 17 - year - old Madeline Jacobs,-'FalUenstine-who met -'hor husb'h'nd : vyhen he strolled into 'her parents' ibake shop in Maastricht. I Holland/• . ' j Husband'Lawrence Falkensthie is ' u veteran of the Battle of the BulRe. I Madeline wants to return to Ma- j astii'.'.ht to visit hor p'arenls Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jacobs, and her 20- I year old biother at the University of Delft. Falkenstine snid he would accompany his wife and try to land a job as a civilian omployu of the war department in Europe. He was [ honorably discharged from the ar- j my last February, and Mrs. Falk- j enstinc came to this country soon ; afterward.. j him to check up on his car—Levine was worrying. Not only were the cars the same ma no, color, parked nearby, etc., but both had "dent;; on the rifihl front fender. Goldbergh's key fitted Lcvinc's car and the mileage was almost the same, Levino's li.iifi^. Gc'iclbcif'h's 3,570. CHRISTMAS TOYS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone. 174 216 8. Main Refrigerator REPAIRS Phone 800-J 24 Hour Commercial Service Savage Refrigeration Service HARRY SEGNAR PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs PHONE 382-J 1023 South Main Street CHRISTMAS CARDS Gentry Printing Co. 'S Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana HAVE YOUR CAR WINTERIZED at MAYO'S Texaco Service Station PHONE 6 Enjoy the Holidays DINE& DANCE A- Christmas Special on CARDS and PORTRAITS Make your appointment now for group pictures of the children and family around the tree. (These will make ideal Xmas cards next year. W. R. Herndon 1st Nat'l Bank Pho. 493 - 114J Give Her a SPENCER SUPPORT FOR CHRISTMAS It means giving her a beautiful figure and better health. MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hervey Hope, Ark. Doug <*»J"FV Carl Bacon V*i| I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial WirJng Wiring Electrical Repair* Phone 784 1/2 Mile East, Hy 67 Closed Sunday & Monday OPEN Rest of the Week 5 P.M. til 12P.M. Plenty of Choice Steaks Chicken Dinners OpElsl "The National 2;Succ'essplajn assures indepen'dentpporaiors:o£ home and auto. 1 'stores',.unusual earningSr. on v rftirijtaurrr !;• investments. FrancHIse r "-uv&llabre. 1 for several cities iiv this'area. "For complete Information; svrite or wire: ' National 'Home and Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS end Clear and Clean Qvej'cup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and HeacSmg Bolts For Prices and more Details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 CASH IN 5 MINUTES A New Month Means New Expenses Have your car appraised at Hope Auto Co. and borrow up to its full value. You'll need no cosigners and no endorsers. Ask for Mr, Tom Mclorry, HQPE AUTQ CO. E, ARKANSAS , Zkcemher 26, By Ray Gotto By Chick Young OZARK IKE WELL I'LL BE WELL, NOW THAT IM A MAN, I GUESS VOU'LU GIVE ME AN INCREASE IN MY ALLOWANCE POP YOU WOULDNT! CARE, NO- HOW/ WITH MAH >WN E' ,H SAV IN YO ARMS THIS WILL PUT VOU RIGHT BACK IN THE LOWER BRACKETS.' KNOW YER TH'ONLY fl H OWN AH EVI LOVED POP QUICK, LOOK- YUH MEAN 7UH WUZ GONNA LEAVE TK OZARKS WITHOUT TELLIN'ME, . DINAH? SURE HAVE-- VOUR FIR'ST WHISKER/ I VE GOT A WHISKER! UT, DINAH WAIT...AH H EXPLAIN . EVUR'THING/ KAY RATION! By Michael O'Malley & Raipii Lane By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES CARNIVAL By Galbrdth (ft left Tacky's hospital room, and went to the Hotel Neptune to see what Abel Fortune wanted. TURN AROUND, MR. FLINT, AND FACE THAT DESK.' . FORTUNE IS IN 505, MR. FLINT HE WISHES YOU TO COME RIGHT UP. ELEVATOR IS THAT WAY, SIR. WASH TUBES By Leslie Turner DID hMOU X WHVi CERTNNW. fAV 1 POOR MR.MCKEE'. WHEN HE SETS HIS- HEM) ON SETTIN' -Dft.DDV'S SO BUSV VERRfr .'-/ TELEGRWAX OAVMORSTHMJE \ OWN fsTTORNEY WW5NG I\\PRP\SS(ON OF VOUr MR-ftWEE ^ MWJr HE CftN'T GIVE UP!y WITH THE COUNTESS HE'S GOTTEM HIS WIND GETTPVDft ftDVISE " IS HERE.SOU C(XN ^r;;,;A-:;;;-;:::l OFF THKT TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH. BUCKINSH(\(A ISrt - EFFORT TO WIN COUNTESS Dl HELP IN SECUEINC? HINKL0, MCKEE EKTERTWNS HER. IN HIS HOME... DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. DEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. •1PR. 194"6 BY NE» SERVICE. INC. T. M. UEO. U. 8. P*T. OFF. ' CMON, VOU ROAP HOG GET OVEE XNC? ,LET ME 1 ! "WeVe gone away over our.budget—we'll have to cash j ^, \in a couple of new car deposits!" ._! rTtCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser LET ME y POG< SLOWPOKE "I wanna report a missing house!" , FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer if ISN'T EVERY \ MR. FROST REALLY GIRl- WHO CAM k KMOWS A vv TMlNG OF UST THIWK..LARD-- COUfrrV PEPT. ', IFTY YEARS FROM HAVE HER.-PICTURE . BEAUTV AMD A JOY MOW SHADYSIDE- HANDED DOWN TO I FOREVep." WHEN HE WHISTLE AT ME; •..'.. %..v//' ^••••^k ^; r : ; :;:V ;; 1 ^ : *ti^- =':'•«',By-Corl^nderson u FOR.THE FIRST TIME IM LIFE i- SAID RIGHT THIMG/ ALL-WOOL MUFFLERS i "AdiuBtmiiit department, please—I want to exchange a ' CARL- ANDERON By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP Thimble Theater OH,OH! HOW'D \NOTHIM STRANGE THAT LOG GET ABOUT THAT... ISN'T THAT^CK THEM NOW??) VES, OSCAfc. iVTHEV JUST 7 WENT TO TAKE ACROSS THE J IT'S A. HOLD-UP OSCAR, I PPAR YVE STRANPEP — YES, .' I'LL SEE!' THE REINPEER. r^ gV POPEVE AMP_J7 J - : --< BACK?? K- SWEE'PEA f! 0 ^-* TWE SCOUNPPEL HOME WIMPY Is SCAREP By cdaar Martin SftV, BOOTS! CWTOS'VMft':., «wo * J HftVt UKtO Pft\R OP CttfVPe COW- HftMD OUT OF WtA.ttt? By J. R. Williams f\ CKftNlCt. TO f\eic YOU OUT OUR WAY With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE • r-V'Twr ••! -Jvi- \-\ Yit &•; n /\\\! NO HOWLS CLUB FOR ME/ -M- SIX DOLLARS X LOSB TO DEM, ROPPERS BLAViNS EGAU ERNEST/ X. TRUST VOL) SPEW A fAERRV CHRISTMAS, AND ANTICIPATE A. SPLEN*O»O WILL YOU BEr Ohi HW^D TO HELP MTH nosic FOR. THE OWLS CLUB PARTY AN' THOSE GUYS DON'T DARE CHANGE THEIR MINDS NOW ABOUT SKATIN; WITH TH' <3IRLS ALONG -THEY'LL HAFTA SHOVEL.' NO, NO--NOT ANOTHER INCH OF SHOVELIN' PER US--THI5 \e> ENOUGH TO SHOW 'EM HOW WONDERFUL IT IS.' RESOLUTIONS TO BL/W ONE DIM& ME/ MEAR DER BULL r. M. COPR. 19-16JJY NEA SiRV.lCe, INC. RED RYDER By Fred Harmon MY STOLEN COWS WERE FOUND ON DAVE PL ACE, MARSHAL; HIM HELD IN JA! HAS TAKEN TRILBY'S UROTHER 10 THE BOOMERS

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