Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 26, 1946 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 26, 1946
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r Pag« Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, December 24, 1946 CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of One Three Six One O Words Up to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 "26 to 30 Ml to 35 36 to 40 41 to 43 «6 tb 50 . Hates Day Days Days Month .45 .90 1.50 4.50 .60 1.20 2.00 6.00 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 75 ... .00 ... 1.05 ... 1.20 ... 1.35 ... 1.50 are for Continuous Insertions Only. • All Want Ads Casn In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 .50 9.00 10.5U 12.00 13.50 15.00 For Sole Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. Wnat hiwo you? Phone 61. 23-2mo INDIVIDUAL WANTS TO BUY used book cases. Phone 255-J. 23-31 4 PIECE BEDROOM SUITE WITH i If i poster bed. Also 4 600-16 used I I* tires. See at 1007 West 4th St.. ! 24-3t 5 DECK ELECTRIC BROODER. 2 rirck brooder, 5 burner oil stove, M. R. Neel, 7 miles south Lewisville-Spring Hill highway. 24-3t GET YOUR SKIPPER COM- pound, Liquid meat smoke, Monts Sugar Cure, and Sausage seasoning at Monts Seed Store. 16-2w 37 PT. DIAMOND RING IN GOLD 47 pt. diamond ring with clusters in platinum. Pr. diamond car' rings. Black fur coat. Real bargains. Tax free. Phone 598-R. 21-3t 1940 DODGE, GOOD CONDITION. Jack Hervey, Phone 1090-W. 21-3t CHILD'S SPOTTED PONY, BRI- dle and saddle at Suttons Barn. • Tuesday, December 24th. 21-3t Basketball Results By The Associated Press East Manhattan GO: Dartmouth 46. Oregon 31; New York University 65. South Kentucky 75: Baylor 34. Duciuesne-Tcnne.ssce game cancelled. Southwest Oklahoma Aggies 34; St. Mary's 33 Mid-West Iowa 76; Montana State 49. \Visconsin61; Southern California 56. Indiana 74; Marquetto 50. Minnesota 63; Nebraska 58. Bradley Univ. 56; Stanford Univ. 51. Univ. of Washington (Seattle) 52; Ohio State 46. urcgon State College 58; University ot Portland 38. Fair Enough By Wettbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By Klnfl Features Syndicate. HOUSE, 3/4 ACRE L.'ND. GAS, '•water, lights. Located on Patrnos /road. R. R. Redman, Rt. 4. 21-6t Broadway By JANE EADS i Washington —• The capital's own social register, cosily couched between covers of bright green simulated suede paper, has been subjected to 3,1)00 changes within the past year. . Because of people leaving town, deaths, marriages, divorces and "unpleasant publicity'," 700 names were taken out, The biggest changes., however, were wrought by the doffing of service ranks when the "brass" of the army and navy became again the "Call Me Mister" boys. Numerous other changes came about when young couples who had lived with their parents somehow found a nest of their own and thus a new address. More than 800 new names were put into the register, which is gol- len out by Mrs. Carolyn Hagner 1U1U1 lllclLJUIl l>l lt.-l.Ulll. 1U13. AX. *~. I c* u U f* 11 1 ITr U Daniels. 810 Foster Ave. 23-3t I ?haw, who literally knows Wash- 1941 TWO-DOOR PONTIAC. GOOD condition. $1300. See Russell Lew,alien, or call US or 1136. 21-3t ONE USED- 6 FT. NORGE RE- foigerator., Good condition. E. N; May, 703 S. Washington, Phone 943-J. 21-3t LOVELY GERMAN SHEPHERD puppies, ideal Christmas gift. Males. $25. Females $15. Phone 24-J-21. 23-31 Notice LARGE BROWN GLASS BOTTLE with 10 inch neck. Taken from porch Friday. Reward offered for or return. Mrs. R. C. OWN YOUR HOME, FHA & GI loans to build: buy a home; or refinance & improve your present home. You "mav borrow 90% , to build, 80% to Buy a home already built. We have assisted hundreds to own a home. Let us help you. Langhorne & Company Realtors. 317 Texarkana National --Bank Bldg., Texarkana, Texas. Phone 704. 23-lm i ington from A to Z. In the list of new names are John R. Steelman, director of the Office of War Mobilization and Reconstruction; Edwin W. Pauley, reparations commissioner, the new assistant secretary of the navy, John W .Kenny, and the new chief of naval operations, Fleet Admira -.^Services Offered *' '" ' " ' '_ ,,__• _ , u ' : " FOR',ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- netiari Blinds, wood or. 'metal, outside metal'blinds and awnings, Write, Riley Cooper, 1909 West ^ 17th",St.' Texarkana, Texas.,15-lrrio WE,CAN NOW GIVE FROM:5 TO 10i,days' delivery, on nesv. blin'ds fnjjde in,.Texarkana. GuayanteSd Tree estimation," also free in- tag ' .can now re;tape, .. rftcord;' ".p.aint and make' your blinds. like. new. CJuick service. Tilt-;Ray'-V'ehetian 'Blind?.C6^ 1123 County Avenue, Phone 4520-W. New York, Dec. 23 — Lewis J. Valentine, the retired police commissioner, who died last week, was put away with a modest decorum in contrast to the mawkish farewell to Jimmy Walker only a little while before. They were opposites in character and when the good cop died, few were the tributes, and restrained, to a man who had done his duty and served the people better than they knew. None of the self-important and mock-modest trash of the middle- world of Broadway and Hollywood, a twilight world which lies between habitual decency and the great badlands of corruption, always disparaging the one and patronizing the other, elbowed for white paper and radio time to eulogize a man who had properly despised thier whole kind and would have been dishonored by their tributes. But good men and women, who might properly have raised a sigh over the sad end of a faithful servant just didn't know Valentine or what they owed him. And so, he went to his grave without public mourning, honored only by his i family and friends and with only ' the formal respects of the police department and the city. Of course Mr. Vaien.ine would not have had it other wise. He always regarded himself as a person when he could h:ive been a "celebrity" and he .stuck to his duty worked.much harder than he need and wore himself out, whereas Walker quit cold to temptation, shirked his responsibilities, betraj- ed the people's trust and, by the underworld's own code, dogged it under pressure. Jimmy cams to the mayoralty with the confidence and, actually, the love, of a majoi- ity of the people of the city of New York. He had his chance. So .did Valentine. Walker threw 'tham down. He was a crook in office he ran with rascals by preference who were delighted to run with him because their only hope of equality lies in degrading hiPh position to their own level, and" there is no way to measure the actu.il harm that he wrought in return for the affection of the people. To what degree he imoaired the people's confidence in their own ability to govern themselves by electing then pfficials; to what degree he planted cynicism in the hearts of a generation of children and young adults in New York and elsewhere, substituting slickness, flippancy, and dishonor for the teachings of -his own, church, God will judge. Not Rarely photographed General Ho tiling, leader of Communist forces in Sliansi province, poses outside his headquarters. He is regarded as strongly anli- American, " " ' " Prosecutes Nazis r -7-lm Lost ..BLACK MULE, WEIGHT 850 pounds. If found, noi.iy pounds. If iound, noi.iy M.-iiUn excluded, Timmons, Hope, Rt. 4. 2--I-31 hankering SMALL BLACK SUEDE AND AL- ligator underarm purse. Contains small amount of money, Keep money and return to Hope Star. 23-31 BILLFOLD CONTAINING S43.70 IN or near A & P Food Store. S10 reward. Jonah Benton, 516 North Laurel St. 23-3t For Rent THREE ROOMS FURNISHED ,for light housekeeping near Schooley's store. Phone 38-F-ll. ".Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 23-tf Chester ' -W. Nimilz,'- and : their wives, of 'course. ! • '-i . ,. / .. Other additions to the list, re- rulting from presidentral appoint- m.enls arid- new diplomatic assignments, include Norris F. Dodd, un- dei--s ; ecretary of agriculfiire; William';C.'" Foster,; neWuii'der-secre- tary'b'f .Cdnirnerce; John Nicholas Brown,'''assistant secretarV of"-navy for! air,' : and Willard 'L/'Thorpi' as- sislant. secretary" of state for eco- npmia affaii-s. ! Mrs! Sh'aw's book came iout 'Ihe latter'part'of ^September,- so'she-is planning" tb : get but:'-a supplement of ; recenl 'chan'ges—mostly .t'hose-'in Congress ': arid he -yfexe'eutiye'' 1 ' ; de- par'tm'en1f r 'caused 'by 1 "" the''-'recer.t elections. 1 ' ''•'•'• --''"' " c. " :! » Th!. book' contains -"morp trtan 4,500, names 'and vvdieh's''one- fourth' of 'a-'pound more- than last year's register:' Though they havej b'o'err turned down bv 'the board, of governors, who rull"on' whose; name is ta'o be included and whose, some' folks arc still to get into the register. There are more of the "just folks" typp of person in the new directory than during the war years, when a lot of Ihe "rook" rlass swarmed fnlo the capital from the bis towns like New York, Chicago. Philadelphia and so on. The Rockefellers, Astors, Van- dcrbills and olher Ion-drawer names were found in Ihe list, though most of the members of hose families only spent brief in- ervals in the homes Ihey leased here. The Alfred V. DuPonls, however, still keep their name in the ist. They mainlain a swank apdrl- ment nn Conneeticul Ave. where even his,, old enemies hated .him when he died and few of them h'a.led him and, .many, still .loved him .in his, guilliest years..' . But ' it ' is a'n irpnic fact .that these same- people and.. the emotional opinibnarians of ^•ew' York, who probably ,db interpret the morals and feelings of the public; flooded Ihe s^yx with a torrent .of .tears .'to i'lo.at' him. across, b^t- -hardly knew .that Valenline had been loyal, courageous, 'honest and industrious, in their be- "Wholesale murder and unspeakably cruel tortures" was the way Brig.-Gen. Telford Taylor, above, described experi- iiients ! performed by Nazis''. on ' "Wb is" in concen- hu.fh,ajv ."g.ijWa pigs" in concen iratibn .cari)'ps v . , ,General;'»Ta"ylor itchier s prosecutor 'at j jne '. war crirne's' itfial'si 'in'NueVnbergvOf 23 iv.'t'cH)' Nazi/medical experts.. 'j CALL 119 Uet us help you with your bedding troubles. We make new or renovate any kind, or size of mattresses. 1 Day Service in Hope MARTIN MATTRESS CO. "We Sell Sleep" 921 W. 3rd St. Phone 119 AMERICAN CAFE PRESCOTT, ARK. • • Open 24 Hours Daily • * Meet your friends here, Day or Night. We're always glad to serve you. Robert A. Gammil! Mgr. .. ,. .. .... ,,.!, often, saw. him in, his molcly.old office^, .jthe commissioner's, rp'om al police , headquarter^,', , during ". f Ihc vyar. His. responsibilities 'now; were teri'ible. and frightening. ^Nof only were ihis young ..policemen being drafted when .'the social,, corruption of ; \var 'was rising,.,'as.t^ bi\t , h'e knew , thai his -boss, LaGuarcli'a, tia$ imposed 'unnecessary -dangers op'.-him by humiliating .the- tradi- ti'onal aulljprity and digrjity of ' Ihc New York cop in Harlem and otb.r colored 'and polyglot neighborhoods and in conflicls with the disorderly pickot lines of Inn unions. He was a hard man in discipline bul now he had to send out unUcemen wearing Iheir own handcuffs, so to speak. Harlem was LaGuardia's political preserve. He was Ihe boss and Vito Marcanlonio, the congressman, was LaGuardia's deputy and the "protector." The policemen were given tacilly but jirmly to j understand that Ihey musl not enforce Ihc laws with Ihe same im- parlial aulhority in neighborhoods inhabiled by L.-iGnardin's sneniol political following that they asserted in more mannerly districts. Consequently, the public deport- Soldier Boy) me n l fell> a "d the decent colored <nd Italians and Porto Ri- at Qrenville, near Wilmington. In addition to the list a sort ; of "Emily Post" business in the back of the book {jives the dosa and do nots of social behavior as it is practiced circles. in the capilal's besl hey slay on inlermitlen ' visis to ie caoital. Their rue residence]- - ,, . .,. i<3 ctill in Dnlnware leans suffered from the imnudonce is sun in uciaware, Q£ C j. imina j s> wilh lhe implicd sug . pestion thai they were all disorderly by .nature and not accountable by decent stands. Inevitably the gangsters reorganized, after Tom Dewey's crusades and became so confident in their polilical immunity thai, re- cenlly, in the aftermalh of the election day murder in Harlem, a condilion has been discovered so rollen lhal no even Cicero, Ills., in lhe days of Al Capone was worse. The official invesligalors f>f olher departments of the cily had lo go by Iwos and uniformed policemen, answering calls, were REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COW* end CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R At Christmas Time There is one gift you can be sure will give grateful pleasure and lasting happiness. Your Photograph Open Sundays Till Christmas The Shipley Studio "Artist Photographers" 220 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. The Chinese youngster above, apparently not yet into his 'teens, isn't playing soldier. He's a members of the Chinese government forces in. Communist- threatened Shansi province and, with bayoneted rifle, is guarding, .the gate at _Taiyuen» r *ii i" 1 " I "A >"*VT fjT'f ~~f«ra| 'Wjf Blind Vet Makes GoooT [SPORTS ROUNDUP I if M I, riBuM, Jt— New York, Dec. 24 —(/I 1 )—Looks as if the Southeastern Conference was set to make peace with the "Simon Pure" colleges at vhe National Collegiate A. A. meetings next month. . . .Instead of staging a storm" two-day session at thc^ recent conference meeting, the bLC folks wound up their business in a few hours with the only storm an off-record aftnir that only broke into an enrly edition of one paper The Southeastern recently gave Commissioner Mike Conner full power to fine or suspend colleges that get out of line and indications are it will review its scholarship setup after the.NCAA session. Toda'y' Guest Star Norris Anderson, Lincoln, Neb., Star: "Old King Cole called for his bowl and his fiddlers three. . . . 'Now we have three bowls for each fiddler." M for the world sprint really record next spring with a team composed of Charley Parker, Perry Samuels, Allen Lawler and cither Ralph Ellsworth or John Robertson. .The Tcxnns aren't sure where they'll run because they'd like some competition from Illinois— speaking ot Illinois, alter two basketball lickings, folks are prefacing Ihe "Whiz- Kids" with "Gee. .Local papers arc steaming up a story that some of Ihc pro football Yimk.ce players are lending with Coach Hay Flaherlx. . . . One Minute Sports Page The U. of Texas plans to shoot shoots first. Names Are News Dept. .. Sparkplug of the Utah State basketball team is Freshman Jimmy Cleverly, who plays that w.iy, while Missouri has pleasant Smith, who sometimes is called unpleasant names when he steals the ball from opponents. . .The talaekfoot Indian cage team that recently played Conrad, Mont., high school included jGcne heavy runner and Aaron One handicapped person who refused to let his disability deter him ; from leading a useful life is Jerry Nolan, infantry veteran blinded j at Cassino. Six feet, three inches tall, weighing 200 pounds, his ' powerful physique and the sensitive touch resulting from his "blindness make him well fitted for his chosen career of physical- therapy^. Training at Yale University, he's pictured massaging Ferd Nadherny, Yale halfback. • ' "''..'•" Wilde Life in the West Indies Porkers Like the Role of Underdog By CARU BELL Associated Press Sports Writer Line May Decide Issue in Sugar Bowl Classic By KRIS KREEGER New Orleans, Dec. 24 —(/P)—While some 73,000 persons are breathlessly watching Charlie Trippi and Charlie Justice make wilh Iha spec-' '.acular in lhe Sugar Bowl on New A couple of factors involved in j Yea. s Day, a few; linemen are like- e rorlllcomihg Cotton Bow, ^me ! ;y ^ b^unobtrus^ ^ciding Jhe Bailie. ' ' the lorlhcomijig Cottor seem made to order for kansas Ra/b'rbacks and coach, Jol.n Barnhill. Firsl, .Mid mosl pleasing to Barnhill, Louisiana Slate University is favored. Sccorfdly, a championship —thai ol 1 lhe bowl .— is at stake. , Arkansas plSyed 'some of its finest, football Ihis year when the big cliips were down and apparently sliiqked .'.igifinst;, it.'> "B:\rnie" always wants to be ihe underdog. Another'-lhiiig may help'the Razorbacks. They aren't accustomed to bcwl games. They've wailed a long lime for Ihis one, and ihey want to win it. A fiery will to win was responsible for much of Arkansas 1946 success. There's good reason for both believing and doubting reported Arkansas plans lo "open un" against LSU. Observers have been puzzled by the fact that the Razorbacks relied principally upon defense instead of taking full advantage of their offensive. potentialities. It's difficult to amderstand why ; siich..., speedy.. elusive, ball messengers, as ( Clyde Scott,. 'Aubrey ..Fowler, , Kqiv., Hoi-. land, ,,et , a'l, ' and fhc: '.aerial-, team of, Fowler and Alton Baldwin are tied to 4hc hjtching, post for,. three quar- tets,' .;.,,„ •- . ' . ,, .., . .,. ,!, ., ... . ; The .Razorba.cks. proved ic'oncJii- sively th,ey can. score in rapid order when , they.jXoally .ttirn .loose. The besj,,.qxamples,, Avci - e., : thei, 05-yard Fqwler-tp-Sc,cU ..pa.sij^play -which brought. , a tije, with , Oklahoma A. & M., ; and the two touchdowns in the of the Tulso ' ' Neither Georgia's line nor North Carolina's can claim any resemblance to a stone wall on the season's recrod, since opponents scored 100 and 109 points against respective teams. Moreover, such backs as Charlie vTrippi and Carolina's Charlie Justice 1 'someliifies make it appear that lines are hardly essential. But Justice himself has declared thai "we have a fine line, and don't, let anybody tell you different." "I know," he explains, "because depend on that line and those clocking backs.". — And although neither line won major prix.es during the season, both improved greatly and wound up outshining some more publicized aggregations of forwards. . --and Pogular screen star Cornel Wilde and; hi|pwife, Patricia'Knight, do their bit to add to the scenic attraction^ oi .Nassau, Bahamas Islands, .')• '\where they are "y apa'lSioning. / •.. «.-»..f ' " Fights Last Night By The Associated Press New York—(St .Nicholas Arena) Chester Rico, I'll, New York out- pointed Juste Fontaine, 139 1-2 Milwaukee ,Wis. (10). Boston — Mad Anthony Jones, 170 1-2, Boston, Knocked out Dnvy Fold, 166 1-2 Brooklyn, N.Y. (4). Chicago — Charles Lester, 206, Cleveland, outpointed John Hubbard, 185 1-2, Milwaukee, (8). 'PREMATURE SANTA Peru, Ncbr:, Dec. 24 —(/Pi- -Mcm- bcrs of the L. G. Tear family at first, thought Santa Claus got his dates mixed. They were startled from their sleep last night when they, heard a clatter caused by a falling fireplace screen. But it wasn't Santa. A neighbor's pet raccoon had come down the chimney. last five, minutes, gamp',- ... , ,„,.. ;-..p.iV]jtho. oUicr,.hund. 4: .-iis sound.. .dcfensive : ,,football : ba.^ic jngr.cdijpnt .of.-Barnhiir nc^pe f ,.'iy..st6ni.'{/ \yhy. should .th,e R/izprbac,Hs; discard . : a ; style ,;U)t;y used,. aJJ., sc,asp^ .and,-iW)iicD, ; w,as good enough to win ;hc Southwest Conferopcc co-championship? ^(Arkansas ..'.Athletic •AssQcia.tipn; Seqretary; Jqhnie 'Burnett ..disagrees' with, .those- who,. contend the slate 1 high: s.chool, football playoff , 'was disappointing 'in its-firsl season. He is downright indignant at suggestions that it was a flop. "All you have to do to learn what a success it actually was is to talk with the people out in the .state," says Burnett. "They were tickled to death with it. The district sys- Iprri'gave. many sections the::- first teal" championship races. It defi-; .iit,cly,',.boosiec| their 'gate, receipts." ' "lh'C|Only agitation :":or.a 'change* somes from' the First 1 District,' which drew .up the present plan! and.whp^se.iop team won the,chain-, pions'hip. All . oilier districts are. satisfied'. a!- !:, '...'.'Little ^Rock's, .team. r this.. .year! was an exception. You seldom find teams that powerful. Besides, the only lopsided playoff games were those in-which Little Rock'played. That doesn't spoil an-'entire • season; uphold always in the- right, was that Valentine, like a good general, just decided it was his duly to carry on and make the besl of con„.._.... „„...., .ditions. He could have -yui' and m"eok"and"reqi7c*sling to""groups'of | caused an t overnight ^scandal but men and women blockading door-" 1 '" '"' '" '"" By United Press New York — Clem .Fitzpatrick, 157 1-2, New York, outpointed Augie Fleiscauer, 155, New York (Bi. Baltimore, Mel —- Billy Fox, 174, Philadelphia, knocked out Heecly Evans, 170, Chicago, <2i. Lewislon, Me. — Arrnand Michand, 148, Lisbon, Me., outpointed Verne Pellelier, 146, Lewiston, Me.,., (10). Holycke, Mass — Henry Hall, )G7, New Orleans. La., outpointed Saint Paul, 172, Springfield, Mass. (10). New York — Cyril Gallic, 143, Cardiff, Wales, outpointed Artie Pietro, 142, New York, (8). Newark, N. J.—Jack Kenny, 162, Livingston, N .J., outpointed Larry Fontana, 164, Broklyn, N.Y. (S). Nearly a score of American towns arc named El Dorado. pale, sickly and ways. In his office, apprehensive, Commissioner Valentino mighl call ior a cardboard conlainer of lukewarm, bellywash Coffee and a plomaine sandwich from around the corner and pull out a leaf of his desk as a table, while he lunched and ran his job. A regiment of untrained, undisciplined, utterly unreliable troops were moved into New York and sent to guarding docks and bridges and Valentino was shocked. One soldier fired his rifle at a harmless civilian in a little truck cross- HOPE BASKET CO. HAS LUMBER FOR SALE Rough Pine and Hardwood Dimensions, Boxing, Posts, and Timbers. Orders Cut to Your Specifications limited Amount of 16" Wood . . . $7.50 a Cord WE DO NOT DELIVER s HOPE BASKET CO. Saw Mill Dept. ing a. bridge missed. and, fortunately. 'He says he called on the fellow to halt," Valentine said, "and then ired. God Almighty, can you imagine what will happen ii we have Ihese soldiers shooting at everybody who doesn't hear them ' yell 'halt?' He was offered a force of oi geicy policemen, nondescripts, without the seniority, the training and the responsibility of New Yorn policemen. He ''.new ihat that meant a danger of German and Italian agents carrying police au- Ihorily and pistols arid racketeers and neurotics, cops-and-robbers adventurers, prowling the streets, spying on citizens, shaking them down, framing them, and i'iring al that would have done Ihe public no good. He was silting .on a silua- tion that might call lor the execution ot his disaster program. We might have air raids or the enemy, or the Communists might foment race riots. After it was over and he hoped to rest, he accepted a call from General MacArthur lo reorganize the Japanese police system. He was desperately tired but he went and put in three months at small pay. He was never well again. A few weeks ago, on a Sunday night, just before his broadcast "The Gang-Busters" we had supper in a corner of a modest restaurant near Broadway. This seedy man. who might be a grocer, knew more about gambling and knavery in professional sport than other patrons ol the place could have imagined. "I am making more money today than 1 ever thought there was his New will. He wanUid York cops. At a guess, Ihe reason wh.y .Lew bowed lo LaGuardia's conditions, dcgiading the- prestige of the cops whom Valentine nad promised to the people. in Ihe world," he said*. "But MOW can a fullow be happy? Mrs. Valentine got u pork Join roast and jt cost $7. God Al.mighly. $7 fur a piece ot meal! 1 am not squawk jng. I am rolling in money. But ] know a couple of young kids and the husband is gelling $45 u week. Whal are they going lo eal on $4S a week with pork at $7 a roast? Well, God reward him, because Ihe people ho served hardly tippec their hats to his funeral .so .sooi after the yowling and Ihe blubber ing, in print and on the air, ;'oi Jimmy. They arc a funny race HARRY SEGNAR PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs PHONE 382-J 1023 South Main Street CHRISTMAS CARDS Gentry Printing Co. Refrigerator REPAIRS Phone 800-J 24 Hour Commercial Service Savage Refrigeration Service CHRISTMAS TOYS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 2163. Main MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO, Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana HAVE YOUR CAR WINTERIZED at MAYO'S Texaco.Service Station PHONE 6 Enjoy the Holidays DINE & DANCE OPEN YOUR pWN STORE! 'I ''The National Sudcessplan assures independent bpe'ralors of home . and auto 'stores unusual earnings- qri minimum 'investments. Franchise available for several,cities in this area. For complete Information write or wire: ' ''• National Home and Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS Christmas Special on CARDS and PORTRAITS Make your appointment now for group pictures of the children and family around the tree. (These will make ideal Xmas cards next year. W. R. Herndon 1st Nat'l Bank Pho. 493 - 114J Give Her a SPENCER SUPPORT FOR CHRISTMAS It means giving her a beautiful figure and better health. MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hervey Hope, Ark. GARDENS 1/2 Mile East, Hy 67 Closed Sunday & Monday OPEN Rest of the Week 5 P. M. til 12 P. M. Plenty of Choice Steaks Chicken Dinners WANTED White Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more Details Apply to; HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Ark. 0 Doug fp*|«»|«w Carl Bacon V»| I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. «»• for **•» Howl* Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repaiii Phone 784 CASH IN 5 MINUTES •s A New Month Means New Expenses Have your car appraised at Hope Auto Co. and borrow up to its full value. You'll need, no cosigners and no endorsers. ' Ask for Mr. Tom McUrty, HOPE AUTO CO. Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. W«ihburn New Application Made for Permit to Rebuild Sacngcr Thanking the people of Hope for the petition they signed last week M. S. McCord, secretary-treasurer of Malco Theatres, Inc., has written me that a ncvv'application has been submitted to the Civilian Production Administration for a permit to rebuild the burned Sacngcr. Mr, McCord's letter reveals that the last previous application lo be denied by the CPA—and which led to the circulating of the local petition—was dated November 8. In his letter to the CPA making the new application, dated December 23, Mr. McCord made the following summary: Hope Star WEATHER FORECAST Arkansas — Partly cloudy this afternoon tonight and Friday; slightly warmer this afternoon and tonight; cooler in extreme north portion Friday. 4 48TH YEAR: VOL. 48—NO. 62 Star ol Hope, 1899; Pros-. 1927 Consolidated January 18. 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1946 (NBA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. API— Moans Associated Press PRICE 5c COPY Nevada Farmer Raps Sugar Plan, Killed When Hit Wants More for by Automobile Milton Otwcll, about 38, a farmer of Nevada county, was killed almost instantly late yesterday when he stepped into the path of an automobile on Highway G7, about 3 miles east of Emmet. So far as known this was the only highway fatality of this section during the holidays. According to State Policeman Mil ton Mosier, Otwcll was walking ., , "The City of Hope, Arkansas, 'long the highway near the Prcscolt ' •*. .. ..* „ ..... _f ; _ . _______ i „. .,l~l,,r.l,T eH r»»-»r\nH In fl'nrn needs very badly the facilities af forded by the Sacngcr theater. This theater, as you know, burned in 1942, and we were granted a War Production Board permit to rebuild it but we were unable to secure the steel. The order was placed under this authority and has recently been delivered to the building site. The brick for this job was purchased and on the yard at Hope and can be delivered within 24 hours. "The present recreational facilities arc wholly inadequate for a city the size ol Hope, as they consist of two converted store buildings, both with very small seating capacity. It is our intention, if this application is approved, to use our own building superintendent to construct the building us rapidly as possible, using unskilled and semiskilled labor which is availabc m the City of Hope. We sincerely trust that due consideration will be Retail Prices;Show Rising Peak Percent given to this application, as the need is urgent." -X * * By JAMES THRASHER Embarrassing Possibility The UN General Assembly has adopted an Egyptian proposal ot' a resolution calling airport, suddenly stepped in front of an aulomobilc driven by Wil Ham Giles, a negro of Emmet, and was killed almost instanlly. Following an investigation Giles was released by officers. Olwell is survived by his wife and several children. No funeral ar- rangemcnls have been made. A near falal accident resullcd lasl nighl when a Louisiana and Arkansas train struck 0. N. Ncal, a resident of this section, as he lay asleep on crossties outside the rack. Police said the man apparently walked down Ihc tracks south to IGlh Slrcel and was asleep on Ihe lies. The calllcguard of. the engine slruck Ncal, throwing him several feet lo Ihe side of Ihc He was rushed to a local hospital where it was found he sustained a shattered collarbone severe cuts and bruises. . Olhewise local authorities report ed an exceptionally 'quiet holiday. There were a few "drunks," the majority of whom were released after they sobered. all UN U.S. Housewives Washington, Dec. 26 — (UP) — The House Republican Food Study Committee, renewing its criticism of Ihc administration's sugar program, demanded today that nny hike in the sugar ration in 1947 be given exclusively to housewives. The coinmillce said in a report lo GOP House Leader Joseph W. Marlin, Jr., that industrial users all during the war got more Ihnn Iheir lair share of sugar while housewives, because mcy were easier to rcgulalc, "receiver! the short end of Ihe sugar deal." "When she had coupons," il said, "her grocer had no sugar; when there was plenty of sugar, she had no coupons. When the beet sugar warehouses of the Wesl were bulging, Ihc slore shelves of Ihc Easl were bare." As a result the committee said it will insist "wilh whatever weight il can" lhal any increase in the sugar ration in 1947 go only to housewives. Sen. Hugh Butler, R., Neb., after reading the committee's report, said he would make sugar « "big issue" in the new Congress. "I have serious doubts that we should continue the federal control program we have followed for scv- Food Non-food Itenu Consumers' Price Index Woman, Shot by Husband, Dies in Hospital Joncsboro, Dec. 20 —(/P)— Mrs. I Nellie Clements died in a Jonesboro hospital today from bullet wounds which the sheriff's office reporled were inflicted by her estranged husband, former Constable 1B111 Clements. Deputy Sheriff Wes Mooneyham said Clements shot his wife, who recently had filed divorce proceedings, and then shot himself and Senate of the 80th I slashed his wrists. Clements is in at noon Janu-llhe hospital in a critical condition members to take immcdialc sleps to end religious and racial discrimination and persecution. Earlier in the General Assembly meeting Russia and the Ukraine had objected lo the resolution. Bul, as an Indian delegate said in supporting Ihe Egy- plian proposal, "Is there any member slate here who is in lavor of pcrseciilion ,and discrimination?". The answer lo such a rhetorical question would naturally be a hasty no. But it's a safe bet that, once the resolution was adopled, there would be plenty of accusations. Various delegates would be bound to say ihat: 1. Brilain is persecuting Jewish refugees and Jews in Palestine. 2. Prop'osals of Jewish immigration into Palestine constitute discrimination against-Palestinian Arabs. • , ' '. 3. The Fascist regime in Spain persecutes'- dolnocralic citizens. 4. The fascist regime in •Argentina, -ditto. ! , !"' 5. The dictatorial governments of Russia, Yugoslavia and P9land arc persecuting and discriminating against political opponents. C Fascist elements in Yugoslavia and Poland have persecuted the democralic clcmenls in Ihose coun- Irics. And if Ihe Unjled Slalcs should happen to make'some such accusation against a government which is looking for chinks in our armor of righteousness, there might even be: i 7. The United States government permits persecution of and discrimination against racial minorities. U is not beyond the realm of. embarrassing possibility thai some member of Ihc United Nations .might call allcnlion al some fulurc dale lo Ihe fact Ihul Ihe Klan was still going full blast in Georgia and elsewhere, thai Ihe majority of Negro citizens In some Spulhcrn slales were denied the right of franchise, thai Ihc United Slalcs had no anil-lynch law, bul Ihat By The Associated Press Arkansas' Holiday death mounted to seven today but toll only eral years," he said in a formal , Jan. July Jan. July Jan. July Jan. July Jan. July Jan. July Jan, July Jan. July Jon 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 j 19.46/', According to the Department of Agriculture, lapse of price con-" • trols this year resulted in the most rapid rise,in food prices in the ' 33 years records have been ; kept. Using 1935-39 period as the norm, chart above shows how index of food prices in large cities reached 180 in October, 1946. Non-food prices and consumer's price ; index rose more gradually. Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics. 1 New Congress to Follow Ritual 150 Yeats Old By HOWARD DOBSON Washington, Dec. 26 — (IP) —When the House and Scnalc of t Congress convene al noon ary 3, each will follow ritual more than 150 years old. II has changed only jn minor de- ails since Ihe firsl Congress rnel n March 4, 1780, in New York. Each house will be called lo rder by a Democratic employe vho will be out of his job less han an hour later when Rcpubli an control is formally asserted. - This is Ihe opening day schedule for Ihe Senale: The call to order wfll be by one fatality was attributed 'lo traffic. The victims were: The Rev. Charles A. McCaulcy, 42 and the Rev. Francis X. Dollarton 40,. Calholic priests, who burned lo death in Ihc SI. Joseph's rectory at Fayctleville. Mrs. Nellie Clements, who died in a Jon'qstaoro hospital from bullet wounds .which Ihc Craighead county, sheriff's office said were inflicled by .her estranged husband —Former Constable Bill Clcmenls, Lake City. . . 'Milton Olwell, 38, Nevada county farmer, struck by an automobile near Prescott. Norman Hughes, .14, Des Arc, fatally wounded in .a hunting accident..- - -•• • • . -- ••- -••'-•' "'. I. W. Waters,-63, Texarkana candy firm nightwalchman, beaten'to death apparently by burglars wno broke into the building he guarded. A white man,-it-ehtativoly, >denli : fied as a Gcorgiam who Ihe Pulaski counly coroner's office said, succumbed to, acute 'alcoholism in a Little Hock taxicab. Two Catholic priests, Ihe Rev. Charles A. McCaulcy, 42, and Ihc Rev Francis T. burned to death' Dollarton, when fire were swept statement. Removal of all controls would ullimalely increase both Ihe acreage of sugar beels and sugar cane. Possibly what we need is just a plain old fashioned tariff to protect this important industry." The coinmillce challenged Sec- relary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson's estimate thai the individual sugar ration could be increased only five pounds per person in April. This would bring the total basic ration lo 20 pounds a It 'said Ihe sugar supply oullook warrants, an increase of al least 10 pounds per person with the possibility thai rationing can be dropped entirely later in Ihe year. The committee conceded lhal individual industrial : users apparenl- ly.had been held lo GO per, cenl of their 1941 base use, Bul il said so many new firms are gelling sugar and so many old firms are receiving sugar for new purposes lhal induslrial consumplion this year will total 2,819,000 :tons com- ared wilh ,2,33.7,000, tons in .1939. Induslrial . users-" Jn '1939 took boul 34 per cent oMlte 1 lolal sugar upply while 06 per cent wont to ousewives and institutions;, -This car industrial usei's will lake .52 er cent, 1 leaving only 48 per cent or housewives.-- •'-. Agriculture Department -reports how lhal sofl drink manufacturers nd bakers have received the big- csl sugar increases on an indus- ry-wide basis, apparently because f the large number of new firms, fl- the upper story ot the St. Josephs church" rectory early Thursday. at The Fayettcville latter was 1_ U I IJ j.t»Hiuv»».^. -...— , i V-l 1 \ visiting Fayetteyille lo assist Fath- cr McCaulcy, ailing pastor Continued on Pane Two of St. the nation did have one or more unsolved lynchings. Such accusations would the faces of our UN representatives. They would make some ot our speeches about freedom and democracy sound a little hollow. - o -Tragic Death Takes Usual Holiday Toll By The Associated Press The gaiety of the Christmas hob. day turned to sadness today ] scores of the nation's homes whcr black- crepe replaced the green ho ly as a mounting toll of violcn redden deaths, mosl of them in traffic ac cidents, were recorded since carl Christmas Eve. Generally fair weather througl , _, .. oul the country lured thousands of juries of undetermined extent No 3 Air Crashes NearShanghi Fatal to 62 By WALTER BUNDLE Shanghai, Dec. 2C — (UP) Chinese airlines officials an nounccd today thai 02 persons were killed and 1C injured when three Chinese were trapped by fog and crashed outside Shanghai within three hours last nighl. A fourth Chinese airliner carrying seven passengers was missing and was feared lo have crashed. Capl. J. M. Greenwood, Austin, Tex., pilot of one of the crashed planes, was lhe only American killed. Capl. Role Brandt- Prous, Minneapolis, pilot, of a second plane, was hospitalized with in- 111'ioo ProbersSeek Clue in Hotel Blaze Macon, Ga., Dec. 20—(UP)—Investigators searched deserted corridors and rooms loday for clues lo the origin, of Ihe general alarm fire which gulled a large seclion of Ihe six-slory Lanicr Hotol on Christmas Eve. Between 50 and 75 guests escaped without injury. The fire could have been disastrous but for the coolness of the hotel staff and Lt. Robert L. Smithy, 34, of Reidsvillc, N. C., in guiding guests down elevators and stairways to safety. Marjorie Bishop, 30 year old telephone operator remained calmly at her switchboard warning guests shorlly before Christmas. Eve mid- nighl to:leave Iheir rooms; Elevator, operators and bellhops pilched in <evacualing guesls wilh a minimum of. hysteria- although many were frightened remembering .the Winecoff hotel fire in At- lanla earlier Ihis .monlh. Miss Bishop said lhal most of the guests were away from the hole" celebrating Christina's. '""",:• '• A party of six .were rescued bj ladder .from; the 'fourth floor whei dense'.smoke ...barred their way down the 's'tpirs.' Major John Roon cy,'on holiday leave'.frp.m the Oli ver General Hospital at Augusla Ga., 'and' his'"wife/-were entertain ing .two' 'otheri 'c'oiTplcs.'',when thei: Christina'^ 'caro}'singing, was inter ruptpd by' fire 'sirens,!below. Only then''were ' they/'awa're' that .flame were raging through the'hotel. i Minutes later firemen hoisted ladders and the three couples were rescued. : Two unidentified sailors were the first lo report Ihc fire to Miss Bishop who called for the holel's regi- I sier and proceeded lo telephone guesls, many of whom lefl their | rooms in nighl clolhes. Smithy, who_is stationed at War- hc his I wife, Mrs. Irene Smithy of Leaks- [villc, N. C. on the way down both knocked on doors warning olher of Ihe fire damage was o Ihc rear seclion of the Bilbo Ready to Implicate Colleagues By FRANCIS J. KELLY Washington, Dec. 26 — (/P)— Sena- an Secrelary Leslie Biffle. He will tor Bilbo (D-Miss), an associate] preside because the senatorial term said today, is prepared to raise )f the current presidmg officer, some "embarrassing" questions if ex- hi s colleagues' seek Id! make an ._ _ at issue of his dealings with war con,he moment the 80lh convenes, traders. Thus for a few minutes, McKellar Senator Elmer Thomas (D-Okla) will be just another senator-elect told reporters Ihat Bilbo has had Following the prayer, the Senale "a bunch of people" investigating will receive the credentials of 32 olher senators' connections with men elected to full six-year terms contraclors, and is prepared, to and four more to-complele lerms parry questions directed against Committee Says CommunistsPIan General Strike Washington, Dec. 26 — (UP) — The House Committee on un- American Activities today received from its general counsel a report charging that American Communists seek to gain political control of the United States and are ibent on fomenting a "revolution through a general strike. The report, prepared by Ernie Adamson, also charged that; 1 —In event of a war between the United States and Russia, American Communists are prepared lo carry out a far-flung ffi- d u s t r i a 1 . sabotage campaign through -strikes by "Communist- controlled unions." 2. — Communists "are setting up numeroui'ipoliticar organizations .>. which have as their overall pur- Fog Hides Fate of 12 Aboard Missing Plane San Diego, Calif., Dec. 2G—(UP — A heavy fog bank over the iov. _.._ ring Laguna mountains loday hi new members, who are given the _ . niiVi inrliwirliiallv nnH in nlnnanptl- expiring in 1949. This is the first point at which a new or re-elected member'.s right to his seat may be challenged. Any senator can move that the credentials of a senator-elect not be accepted, or tha't they be accepted subject only to seating him. A a vote later on simple majority (one vote more than half the members present) decides this motion. Next comes the' swearing in of fate of 12 persons Western Airliner which disappeared n a Christmas Eve flight. Chances for survivors among the line holiday-bound passengers and hree crew members appeared poor. Ranchers and three high school boys reported they saw a alsh and a fire in the mountains 11 : minutes after the two-engine DC-3 made its last radio report, and a housewife who also saw the flash said it. was followed by an explosion. Coast Guard Pilot Lt. Ira McMullen reported he.saw a '"silver tail .through the overcast" 10 miles cast of. Mount Laguna and other wreckage -scattered : over a wide area. Visibility was so poor that searchers were unable to identify the wreckage-definitely. The .'rugged' , Laguna .anountaifi area Has been the scene'' of ' fre.- queht plane'crashes, including thai of'an American'airliner, last Mar.csh Q',m'tti '«j''lnoc r,f'*9R liwn'c " J ' live's. I ner Robins Field here, said smcllcd smoke and awakened ..'A 'marine u corps, delachnxent. ol 25! ..men,,. equipped -,wi,lh- stretchers Heard.froni at 7:09 p. m. Christmas Eye . wh'e.n Pilot;-. George ,. Sprado radioed,'he-!,was ;o_ver, Mount .La, ijuna at 'an,!elevation,-of 7,000 £ee>,t At that time,he, said : cverylhint ,vas"'okay" and visibility, excel leiil. The low fog closed in sooi after the plane disappeared shrouding ils fale. Sprado's bride of a year wa wailing for him beside their gailj deuoralcd Christmas Iree in Ihei Sanla Monica homo when sh heard radio calls from the conlro tower vainly trying to contact his flight. oath individually and in alphabet! cal order. This will be done by Biffle unless the Senale voles lo have someone else do it. A challenge may be made here, too. A member-elect can be asked to stand aside. If he refuses, a member can moye thai he nol be worn, and again a simple major- y vole is deciding. Al these two stages, there will ie only 59 members in the Sen,te. The full membership is 96 ,but here will be 37.vacancies — the 2 full-term members* four; part- erm, and one resulting from the dealh of Senator Bailey (D-NC) '.i After the oath-taking, new: ; offi cers : will be elected'. • These -; wil nclude a new -presiding*'officer; a clerk, doorkeeper, sergeant-at arms, and postmaster. In quick succession, then, , th _enate will adopt-.routine resolu joris notifying Ihe House and Pros idenl .Truman, lhal il is -in, session, Vas elected officers, and is ready 'or-.business. ... ,.,-;,-'•• .: The new presiding officer will read a notificalion .-of B.ajley'Si dealh, and the Senate,:will- adjourn its .first session out!,of i'espe,ct lo In's'.memory. '!•-.>-. The credentials of, his successor, William B. Umstead of. Durham,' N. ..C.,, cannot be presented i until this ..notice has been give. Umstead probably will lake the .oath at the, next ^session. ' .«' The House patlern is similar, bul him with "a record of what other people have done." , The Senate War Investigating Committee is weighing a subcommittee's report on Bilbo's relations with a group of Mississippi contractors in the early days of the nation's defense program. While the report has not been made pubic, the public hearing went into lories of favors done for the Mis- issippi senator by men he aided n obtaining multi-million dollar air ield contracts. Bilbo himself has denied any wrong-doing. There will be a long debate if pose the ultimate overthrow of the* goyernrnent.'^ ' f The committee lias not acted on the report yet. "^, Meanwhile, Adamson told a >re-' porter that the activities of Elliott^ tloosevelt, who returned this week, ! rom a tour of Russia which included a -visit with Marshal Joset , Stalin, "might well be investigat- .*; ed" to determine if they come>V within the scope of the Logan act. The act, approved in 1V99, forbids any American citizen, out proper authorization, to with- c __ . write or'taiiTIo" any officer or agent of \ a foreign country with an intent < to influence this government's i.or- eign policy. i Adamson suggested that young J Roosevelt's talk with Slahn might i come within the ries penalties of • *• *-ni-n-itV>c? +n 4hr*ora, act, which car- 5,000 fine and six they try to make him stand aside he day Congress convenes," Thomas declared. "It may be an embarrassing issue for some, but il won't be for me; because I made it a campaign issue- in my own, stale. I : .left nolh- ing. undone for Oklahoma contrac- lors that I _could do.", For example; Thomas- said, he exerted the utmost pressure he not identical. Scrgeant-at-arms Kenneth Rom- possessed as a:;senator in •• order lo. get -a government powder plant located ati Choteau, ' Okla.; irather than : at Terre- ; Haute, Ind.; He said the is^ue' was ; between : organized labor in Indiana* and-.unorganized labor in Oklahoma. '" ' : Similarly, he continued, he. got the government,,.to con^ruQt• an a duplicate 'of one at Fort Worth Texas^ : -' ••'' •--. •>'•> :•'-.! ': : -A • ', "I ihave no/ embarrassment or •apologies: ; fon- my 1 .' actions'.'in! 'thpge icases, 1 ".- Thoinasusaid:;i.'. !-.. •-.•••, • The Oklahoman-;is a -member.of another - Senate commillee ,-. which recently--, delved- into Bilbo'si - i( ac-, lions. -,.;:.;•<;- -i,. " •-.;;.- i ',',, '-,: Thai group was the special cam-, paign -invesligaling : committee which held a 'series of open 'hearings' at Jackson, Miss.',' into charges lhal Bilbo had inlimidaled' Negro volers. Although"-it has not yet reported, Thomas said he icard nothing in the hearings months to three- years in prison. Adamson included an interpret^-' j lion of the Logan act in his re- • port charging that Communists } are seeking to create a revolution. : through a general slrike. ^ ,i Hjs report said Communists-' hoped Russia would pace the way oy moving in on this country's ior- <-. eign trade and thus creating,vast • unemployment m the United *, States. , •', ;•': : "This means that approximately-', 6,000,000 employed persons in the > United States will be faced with' a 'j period of unemployment, ior it"js • this number of persons that are*/ normally employed in the .United- Styles as a result of world trade, <k the report said. ,, > ' '< Once this has been d.one^-Adam- son said,-HW stage ncy will call the House to order, which would cause him to believe | control of the United States through the prayer a reading call the roll by stales. 'I knew something was wrong when calls for flight 44 went un- Sprado before, however, so I was "not particularly upset. I still believe everything will come oul all right." answered," Mrs. Louise said. "It has happened Just About Everybody Can Stand Everything About Xmas Except the Day After Of course, our representatives, could make counter-accusations. They could cite the Charier clause which forbids lhe UN "lo intervene Jn mailers wnich are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction ol any stale" or lo require members "lo submil such (nailers lo seltle- menl under the present Charter unless they constituted a threal lo P °But'-Ihat wouldn't be of much help to American prestige. So perhaps il would be well if people like Senator Bilbo would remember lhal millions of friend?—and .critics— from olher lands are watching Ihem closely, and judging A —""' •= words by Iheir aclions. America s Drury Would Keep Notional Parks Out of Spe^d Age notorisls lo the highways, innny in heir new Chrislmas aulomobiles, md Ihc number ol traffic fatahl- cs lotalcd 213. Violcnl dealhs by miscellaneous causes—fires, plane and train crashes, asphyxiation, drowning— accounted for 48 victims. The 261 tolal Ihis Chrislmas compared lo 414 in 1945, which included 210 traffic fatalities. The 213 traffic deaths were far in excess of lhe 150 cstimaled by lhe Nalional Safety Council from G p. m. Tuesday through Wednesday, council spokesman said the eventual death toll in highway accidents for the period would be "considerably more than 300." More than one-fourth of the tral- fic deaths—55—occurred in California. The heavy toll in highway ac- Washington, Dec. 26 — (/P)— If the Dthcr Americans were involved jn .he crashes, according lo lhe besl information available. Twelve persons were killed in the firsl crash, including all eighl passengers, three crew members and a Chinese peasant woman whose house was hit by the plane. Nineteen died in the second crash and 31 in the third. All three pilots 'ought desperately lo land Iheir planes safely after being cagulh unexpectedly by fog and rain. They could not turn back By HAL BOYLE New York, Dec. 26 — (fPi— I can stand everything about Chrislmas cxcepl Ihc day after. That is today. Today I want a nice padded cell away from anything and anybody I ever knew. Don't you, loo? Don'l you wish you were a lep elevator because if he hung il in his room nobody would see il bul him." And anolhcr guy said, "Why don'l you write about the express men who deliver Chrislmas packages? I ran inlo one who was frantic because all day long he had been trying lo deliver a twenty-five rcchaun? Would'l it be nice to pound turkey with Ihe fcalhers still say "the devil take the whole hu- on u to a wojman who wasn't home. mn '• ac ' A " dr11n ° c m the ear before he because lacked the field they night landing had left facilities. by a man who runs them has his way this country's national parks will] remain islands of quiet in an age of speed and noise. Newton B. Drury, director of aie Nalional Park Service, urged loday in his annual report to the secretary of the interior thai lhe long-standing ban against airfields within or low-Hying airplanes oxer federal parks be perpetuated because: 1 Tukeofl's and landings would disturb park wildlife and, "for some rare species, such as the trumpeer swan and the sandhill crane, the effects probably would be serious. 2 The danger of fire or damage to natural features from plane- crashes would be increased. 3 Natural landscapes would have to be disturbed to provide runways and servicing facilities. 4. Airplanes would create too much noise. . . Drury said, however, aerial sightseeing over lhe parks "may well be considered desirable al '"any places" if "reasonably regulated and held to a proper allitude. cidents was blamed -., traffic official on a "combination of wet slreels and drinking." Forty- three of lhe 55 dealhs were reporled in a 10-counly area near Los Angeles. Rain and fog were reported in the area. Illinois' violent death toll ranked second with 27, including 22 in traffic mishaps. Nineteen of the iatal- ities occurred in lhe Chicago area. The heaviesl single toll on the holiday was the death of five persons in a head-on auto collision near Norristown, Tenn. The toll by stales, from 0 p. m. (Local Time) Tuesday, listing tral- lic and miscellaneous: Alabama 2, U; Arizona, 2, 0; Arkansas 0, 2; California 5, 2; Colorado 2, 0 Connecticut 1, 0; Florida 3, 1: Georgia 5, 1; Idaho 2, 0; Illinois 10, 5; Indiana 11, 1; Iowa 2. 1: Kansas 2, 0; Louisiana 3, 0: Maine 3, 1; Maryland 8, 0; Massachusetts 5 4; Michigan a, 2; Minnesota 3. 0; Missouri 2, 0; Nebraska 1 ,0; Ne\\ Jersey 2. 4; New Mexico 3, 0; Nc\\ Their fuel supplies were exhausted while they tried to make blind landings at Shanghai. The three crashed planes were en route to Shanghai from Chung- ii.y dt- king. Two belonged to the China police I Nalional Aviation Corp. and one really 1 would like to take off my shoes right now and wade around in the dew of a land I never morning saw. I would . York 10, 2; North Dakota 1, 0 Ohio 7, 1; Oklahoma 4, 0: Orcgoi 3, 2; Pennsylvania 7, 3; Tennessei 8 0' Texas 2, Washinglon 4, 1; \ 1; Wisconsin, 4 2; lumbia 0, 1. 0; Vermont 1. 0 West Virginia 0 District of Co the China Air Transport Corp. Thirteen passenger planes were onverging on Shanghai at night- all when Ihc weather closed in. One landed safely al the Kiang- van military airdrome. Eight were jclievcd lo have turned back safe- y to other fields. like to shuck off ihis iusk "me" and be somebody else. Don'l you ever gel lired of your wn idenlily? I've worn lhe "doglag" of myself so long lhal I would Irade places vilh a Siberian shepherd if I didn'l laic lo eal lamb so much. Did you ever look inlo lhe eyes of a cal? There is mystery. A eat caged and purring adventure. The eyes ot a cat are windows to terrible wonderland in which we lame people are afraid lo wander. I am an untidy man silling al a desk heaped one foot high with letters .In each letter is a problem. hate to answer lellers because don'l think any problem in life W. C, Garrett of Emmet Succumbs W. C. Garretl, aged 80, a rcsidciv of Emmet for many years, died a' the home of a son. Ware Garretl of Malvern late Tuesday. He was well-known in this sec ._ _.. . _ lion and has several nieces and ne-1 ( 0 "dig my daily grave," as Don is ever really solved. I think we just keep postponing the solutions until death wears oul our compromises. Do you think it would be fun lo have my ,iob and write a daily piece for lhe newspapers? Nol lo- day. 1 had a swell Christmas yesterday, bul it was just the kind of a day you had. Something lo enjoy — bul nothing lo write about. Bul then 1 came into my office phews living in Hope. Funeral services were set for 2:30 today al Ike Emmet Baptist Church, with burial at Snell Cemetery of Emmet, He is also survived by two other sons, Herbert Qavrclt of Waldo and Earl Can-ell- of Sterlington, La. , ! Marquis once described the task of wriling a column. And a fellow said, "Why don'l you write about the people that don't have anybody to be with on Christmas but still try to belong? Like the old elevator operator that hung a Christmas wreath in his And he lold me lhe year before he delivered Iwo full grown Grea' Danes lo a woman and she fainted — right under the mistletoe," Well, now, who wants to write aboul people with problems on the day after Christmas? My heart is a wrung out rag. I feel sorry :io: all two-legged folk in general, bu not for anybody in particular D< you? Today I just want to take off my clothes in the Garden of Eden, and let my four remaining gray hairs float in a breeze born in the springtime of lhe world. I don'l want to meel annybody 1 ever knew or say anything 1 ever said before. I would like lo have lunch wilh a whale wilh six legs or play tiddlywinks with Cleopatra. Wouldn't it be wonderful on Ihis day after Chrislmas — the one pe- rio'd of phantasy ilur always troubled year — lo do something never done'before? To walk right through the doorway of our commonplace existence and wrestle with the fourth dimension. Wouldn't you like to know, for example, what your dog reall> thinks of you? Or what mann taslcs like? Or who was the mosl beautiful woman who ever lived? Or what was the first word Eve spoki to Adam? Well, we never will. But cvery- and after clerk will All are members-elect, since there are no House holdovers. The chairmen of the Republican and Democrat caucauses will then nominate their respective party's candidates for speaker, and the roll will be called in alphabetical order to elect a speaker. In effect, 433 men not yet sworn in as congressmen will elect a speaker for a House thai lechnical- ly does nol yel exist (There are 435 members in the louse. However, Rep. Henry (R Vis) has died since Ihc cleelion nd Senator-elect Sparkman (D Ma) resigned his House seat oftci cleelion lo both lhe House and Sen lie in November. Neither vacancy las been filled.) Romney will announce the clcc- ion of a new speaker — probably ^ep. Marlin (R-Mass) •— who will selecl a senior member of his jarly lo administer the oalh lo lim. The speaker then will give .he oalh lo lhe entire House. The parly caucus chairmen then present resolutions for clccling new officers — clerk, sergeant-alarms, doorkeeper, and poslinasler. These are elecled on slraighl parly voles, and lhe speaker swears Ihem inlo office al once. The House will follow this with its routine resolutions to the Senale Communist-controlled call a general strike' which;would Tj paralyze the nation. -.tu> .-i He . also .charged, thaj. |^n addi- j government: of [tUerUmted Slates in our own country, iniEuropeuand in . Latin America,, the,, Communists are! ehdeavoring'.'.tb;;secure' a com- ; rhunisU'c"system of..'.gOverrjrhent in! China ,'and 'Japan,!'-,';, , ", , > .Adamson said'some labor unions 'already have a,'wakeh'ed ! to the dan- | -ger of."' cornmuriisfp ' within their i ranks. - ' ' : ' | He said the American Communist J party realizes it never can obtain and President Truman, adopts its rules, and finally pass a resolution in memory of former members who have died. Silbo should not be seated. "I've been in too many campaigns," Thomas said. "The Bilbo problem is a common problem to il or 12 southern stales, and on Ihis problem they'll stand together, "If Bilbo were unseated by the Senate, it is my considered opinion that he would be rcelected by Mississippians withoul opposition." Thomas said that if the committee directed criticism against Bilbo for trying to persuade Negroes from voting, il would really be criticizing Mississippi • and the South generally rather than the senator himself. o ' Russia Sends Expedition to Antarctic Moscow, Dec. 26 — (/P)— A Russian whaling, flotilla consisting of 10 ships was reported enroute lo lhe Antarctic today under the leadership of the Soviet explorer Voronin. Departure of the expedilion was announced yesterday by the Russian press, which said the vessels would be met off Gibraltar by the Soviet Tanker Pamin, which will supply them with fuel. The flotilla was said to include nine whalers and a large supply ship. May Ban Private Cigarette Shipment to U, S, Soldiers By RICHARD KASISCHKE Berlin, Dec. 26 — (/P)—Tlv: U.S. Army and military government were considering today a recor.i mendatipn lo prohibit the private importation of American cigarettes into Germany by occupation personnel, as 'a drastic measure to lake lhe country off its black market "cigarette standard." The recommendation was contained in a report made to Lt. Gen. Lucius D. Clay, deputy American military governor, by a special m- vesligaling committee. It said the sale and barter of cigarettes at inflated values by Americans was damaging the German economy. Russia some time ago announced her intention of sending Jan expedition to the Antarctic, which currently is the objective of / an unprecedented number of scicn- ', lific and whaling undertakings. It !was nol immediately clear, however, whether this announcement was related to the flotilla which departed yesterday. A worldwide .shortage of fats and oils has spurred an international race for whale oil, while scientific interest in the Antarctic has been whetted by belief thai uranium- raw material of lhe alomic bomb —may be found in lhe polai wastes. The largest polar expedition ir historv already has been sent into the Antarctic by the United Stales Brilain is reporled to have had ai expedition there for the pasl twc years. Auslralia announced plans their own and several other na lions have expressed interest ii J(avl; ,.„,,.„ , Presumably a ban on imponu j u polar explorations. 1 * .- body gets a tin whistle of some kind on Christmas. And today —if you'll excuse me — I'm blowing mine and romping in everlasting pastures, where lhe grass is always green and the wind is :iever chill. Cometh now lhe good wife with lhe aspirin tablet. would .include packages sent by private individuals in America lo addressee's here, as well as ship- menls from commercial firms. Cigarettes sell in lhe German black market at 1,200 marks l$120 al lhe military rate of exchange) and up per carton of 200. By bartering cigarettes some American families have obtained enough articles to furnish their houses. AMMUNITION CONSERVATIOh Joplin, Mo., Dec. 26 — (/P)— Qua hunting with a friend. Gene Ha field leveled his gun on a bird as i rose in a flush, but he didn't hav to shoot. The bird flew against the barrc of the gun and dropped at Ha field's feel with a broken neck. elecloral procedures. He eslimaled the membership of the Communist party at about 500,000, "although it claims membership of only 100,000 persons." He said he arrived at this figure by taking the number of registered Communist voters and projecting it according to the per centage ot polilical parly members who normally vole. He said if the United Stales does suffer large-scale unemployment, lhe full force of this brganualioi'i. will be broughl to bear o,n"'the po- lilical life of lhe country:' ''.' "In the' meanlim'e,' ' however," Adamson said, "lhe United, States will be deluged with propaganda designed to prepare the populus for a transition from an economic sys-* tern ' of free enterprise ot-one of socialism, then one 'of Commun- "The Communisls realize thai ihe Communist plan of -creating unemployment in the United lilales is the only medium through'which they can possibly 'gain control of the Uniled Slales through a victory] al lhe ballol box." — o Not Following FDR Plan Says Young Elliot New York, Dec. 26 —(#)—ElUot oosevelt, returning from u six eek trip to Russia and Poland did yesterday he still was of Ih pinion lhe Truman administration ad departed from certain of his athe,ii's domestic and foreign poll ics- and that he would oppose this] ivergence. Asked whether he had change" is mind aboul previously ex iressed differences with the pres nt administration, the Jate presi; dent's son said: I do feel the same about it and vill continue lo oppose them, ntend to lake an active part he coining eleclions. 1 slill adher< :o my father's ideas and ideals.', He said his future political ac .ions would "depend upon the poll cies of lhe several parties, wh( the candidates are and what the: do between now and 1948. 1 do bo! lievc, however, in working withi{ the framework of the two majo; parlies." | He said he favors no canclidali — al least "nol yet." ! Roosevelt, accompanied by hi,' wife, Actress Faye Emerson. :nad; the trip for a national magaziu; (Look). j He said he and his wife visitei Premier Slalin "in Moscow on h^ birthday, Dec. 21. We had a verj nice lime. I can say very deft nitely regarding his health that hj looked extremely well." ;

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