Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1946 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1946
Page 11
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••-.-..•.,. -.. , . ^^ HOPE. STAR, HO PF, ARK AN S AS Monday, December 23, 1946 \ J i! i I <* u I ' f » it V "MAY THE SPIRIT .'OFCHRISTMAS- €artf) to jWen' Reign unchallenged in this world for,ever more... Amen C HALL AUTO SUPPLY Measuring Progress in China AP Newsfeatures Nanking—Chinese government ex perts assisted by American technicians are trying to unravel the age- old snarl of China's weights and measures. Centimes ago some emperor, to hike tax revenue, changed the size of the unit for measuring payment of taxes in the form of grain. Succeeding dynasties increased the .size of baskets for measuring in kind. Gradually this system was extended to units of weight and length as well as volume. After the birth of the Chinese republic officials sought to standardize weights and measures. They found thousands of different unit's of measurement in use. alike in name but different in application. Tho last Kuomintang congress de- lion of the metric system. But the changeover will take time. So an interim solution was worked out. known as the one- two-three system because the unit of volume equals one liter, two units of weight equal one kilogram and three units 'of length equal one meter. It isn't quite so easy as that, though. While the system is generally used throughout industrialized China, agricultural areas still cling to the old units which vary from village to village, from trade to trade. Government experts have found the Chinese foot has varied through ;hp ages from 19.3 centimeters to 677. the bushel from 476 cubic centimeters to 5.130 and the pound from 28o grammes to 1.940. •o What GIs Sing Around the World | New York—AP—The musical pre-1 ferenees of American servicemen j stationed oversells are not necessarily the same as those of the folks back home. Through the Armed Forces radio stations around j the world, bandleader Kay Kyser ' polled lop tunes in various areas, and found the following favorites. . In Hawaii, "Making' Whoopee," Panama Canal Zone, "Poker Game. Manila. "Don't Cry Baby;" Puerto Rico. "Doctor Lawyer, Indian Chief -Aleutians, "I Wanna Get married." Austria, "Let It Snow," Italy "Symphony": and Japan, "I can't begin to tell you." " . Try to Guess Em Shustqke. 111.—AP—A work stoppage was caused at the Joseph Yu- engal home by a couple of wrens— the feathered variety. One wren built a nest in the Yuengal water pump, another atop a work shop bench. Neither the pump no bench, until the wrens' families materialized. Hi -Ho Elevator! Baltimore—AP—Emanuel A. Perrin didn't use a horse, automobile, radio, airplane, or boat, or other accepted method to catch a criminal—he used an elevator. Pcrrin was interviewing two applicants for work on his 15th floor office' when one of the men grabbed S5.25 from the counter, and ran down the stairway. Wasting no time, Perrin rang for an elevator and made a non- stop trip to the main floor. He found a policeman in the street, and the of ficer started up the slairs, meeting his man head-on at the second floor landing. Rebuilders of Germany Given Rules AP Newsfeatures Munich—Many thousands of former Nazi party members todny are shouldering pickax and shovel to help clear away rubble in Germany's bomb-torn cities. Disgruntled over the iiioodlness of his fellow-shovelers and disappointed with the sloppiness, one former Nazi decided to cheer up work - squads by composing "10 commandments for rubble remob- ers." He posted them on telegraph trees in the MunicJi suburb of Milbertshofen. They included: "Do not forget thai Ihe Hitler salute lias been buried thus you can \\ork with both hands." "Do not forget thai during the 12 years you have been taught to denounce people. Thou shait I'mcw this black mark overboard." '''•' there is an inspect! >n of Ihe site it is no longer desired thn'. vou turn around and stand at attention. "Should a non- party member watch you at work who was known to have been a good Nazi, take a big rock and throw him (the rock') —onto the wheelbarrow. The spsc- lalor undoubtedly has a clean slate. "After work take a bath if you have the fuel to heat the water. Gas chambers and other showers are not available.'' The newspaper Sueddeutsche Zei- tung reporled thai Ihe idea already showed results in that workers no longer idled and had discarded that sad look. Custom Evaders Swell .Burma Treasury Rangoon. Burma— (/P) A concrete nungoon. nurma— (tn A conc One - Way Phone Gets run Around ! |, tron , g 1 ,°°, m l j as be ?" built ont ° •Raifimr>,-o r A o, A u«u..„."_„ Rangood Customs House to Baltimore—(APi—A holdup man •,vho cut the receiver cord on the only telephone after taking $32 didn't stump Joseph Holtrop. night clerk at a hotel. Holtrop dialed police headquar- '.ers and shouted an alarm into the transmitter over and over again. A police squad came running, but not .n time to run down the hold-up .nan. Rangood Customs House to hold thousands of ruppes' worth of goods seized each month from persons accused of attempting to avoid paying import duties when returning to former occupied areas from wartime havens in India. The penalty for attempted evasion is three times the amount of the duty. Most persons choose to abandon the goods, sold periodically o . to swell the Burma government ogota Street Cars Burn up track 1 tr ^ sur . y Bogota—(AP)—Sign posted inside I I 7u ec '°l! s meta ] s s P" n lnto Wl re local street-cars: "Don't be alarm- i or tnread to assist concealment, ed if this car leaves tracks or the ' wa j cnes ' fountain pens, lighter flint control gets on fire. There is no . and . cl °t» and other scarce items danger to you " I are f° l| nd hidden in false bottoms of !— 0 trunks, secret pockets and else- Children Love Scraps I where. Washington, Ga.—(AP)— Machin- j D . ~ —T~: 0 7—— ist Zeno Young is a scrapmaster i Phosphate Shipments Aid Fams with a sense of fun. Out of odd* ' Auckland, N. Z. —AP—New Zealand ends—an oil drum, a length o f , ar ;« s production of dairy produce stove pipe, a few nuts and bolts— I Wl11 be ." rcatl y assisted by the re- he has installed in his back yard sumption of phosphate shipments such children's delights as a mini- ; from . Nauru and Ocean Islands, ature train that hauls passengers '• U, vo nch phosphate islands near the around a wooden track, a small E Q"ator, which were captured by ferris wheel and airplane swings. i he Japanese during their advance o * < m the Pacific.' Grandma bjects From the enormous deposits of ' Great Falls, Montt—CAP)— The P h °sphate on the two islands about Great Falls Tribune recently quo- 12 50.000 tons were shipped every ted this postcard .communication >' ear ostore the war. Farming ec- receivsd over the signature "Grand- on °rny m both Australia and New mother": "Found in the city—the • icalan d rests very largely on ex- meanest man who stole his grand- tenslv e use of phosphate as fertili- mother's white blanket, with blue zcr \° keep the pastures in good stripes, and just before cold weat- condition. her sets in. Isn't that terrible? : n Shows just what kind of a heart'he has. Doesn't know right fr No brains to think with. c HATEFULLY acknowledg- ing your thoughtfulness and patron- age during the past twelve months, we . extend Best Wishes of the Season to each of you. May it be our privilege to continue to be of service to you in the months to come. It is our purpose to serve you to the best of our ability. N i •Our heartiest good wish.es are with ^ you. -..- „ „ „. „ ...„,,. 11C SCORING ON THE CUFF has. Doesn't know right from wrong Richmond. Va. —(/P)— A No brains to think with. " Arthur Wells Dew, of Richmond • "game register.: 1 worn on the wrist like a watch has been patented by and Alexandria, for those who like golf and tennis and don't like to keep score. Mr. Dew's wife was his patent attorney for the War Department's bureau of ordnance in the Pentagon Building. o UPPER BRACKET POACHERS .Elgin. Scotland—AP— Poachers make $400 a week selling salmon and trout from the Earl of Moray's stretch of the River Lossie, says the Elgin Angling Association. o TRICKING TULIPS Johannesburg—AP—Tulips that flowered in Holland this spring will bloom again in South African gardens next November. During the war, Dutch scientists succeeded in overcoming the difficulty of the reversed seasons in the north and •<oulh hemispheres. Bulbs selected 'or the southern hemisphere have :heir development slowed down in til their whole flowering cycle is alternate hot and cold chambers un- inverted. CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK o l_?w Locked Out Hopkinsville, Ky.—Wl—A prisoner n the jail here, apparently unimpressed with the security of the jail, took a plank and pounded the cell .door ivjitil he tore up the ock. Wheri' J.pweJr AbY«r•\Wtithers,: won went to rerriove"hfm fSr'frlaT,'' 10 found it necessary to chisel the man out of his cell. The Worms Turned Du Quoin. 111.—(API— Willie Foster paid a S25 fine for assault and battery upon his former girl friend and her new husband, after telling Armstrong that his rival "stole my girl, my fishing pole and my worms." o Death and Taxes Washington—(AP)—As a local bus rounded a downtown corner and passed a big white stone federal building, a woman passenger was overheard saying to her comoanion: "And that's the Bureau of Eternal Revenue." o This Wedding Went to Horses Missoula, Mont.—(AP)—Faye C. Hubbard and Leona A. Lumley. members of a rodeo troupe, were married here recently—but not until after their cowhand friends watered and fed their horses. The wranglers didn't want to miss anything so when they went to care for their mounts they took the couple's wedding license with them. o Flower of the Ga r den No tomato Brooklyn—(AP) —Edward Hughe "tomato" crop has won the admiration of backyard gardeners from far beyond the limits of his neighborhood. After nlantine some seeds last spring, Ed worried for weeks because sprouts failed to show. A neighbor decided such zeal deserved -reward and surrept- iously planted a new set of seeds in Ed's tomato rows. Soon plants sprang up and Ed was jubliant, boasting about his big tomato plants until they stoo'u more than three foet high and aroused his suspicion. They kept right on growing and whenthey bloomed at a height of -seven feet, Ed had the brightest array of sunflowers in Brooklyn. MCRAE IMPLEMENT Your Case Dealer Westerns Too Tame Newark, N. J. —AP—Director of Public Safety John B. Keenan found out how sophisticated youngsters are, when he suggested at a meeting of theatre managers that more suitable pictures—such as Westerns be shown at Saturday matinees. Children don't go for that stuff anymore, the managers informed Keenan. PRESS IN HAND Gipping, Suffolk, Eng.—A. P. — Newspapers are the greatest educational forces in the country "and we must walk with them hand in hand," Rev. W. G. Hargrave Thomas told a rural council meeting, o Wanted: Sponsor for a Baboon Baltimore — (ff)— The sandwich Tien are in for some tough compe- .ition from the animal kingdom, says Felix A. Loser, new director of the Druid Hill Park Zoo, who is busy telling advertisers that there's nothing like an endowed ?age of lemurs for sales promotion. Overstocked on lions Leser is deter- Tiined to get a greater variety of animals. All the businessman has to do is present the zoo with a pair of kinka.ious and their cage will bear a plaque inscribed with whatever superior brand he sells. A dozen swans are being ordered by one company already, Leser report —O Chambermaid for 47 Years Eugene Ore. —AP—Little Mrs. Emma Talbot, retiring after 47 vears as a chambermaid, says hotel quests have degenerated amazingly during the last half-century. They shine shoes on towels and ;arry off half tlif hotel etiuipmcnt, comolained the 77-vear-old woman, "and every year they are getting dirtier." So the 4 foot 4 ]-2 inch tall woman, who figures she's made 300.000 beds. r?ec-ided never to make another bed for profit. But "Little Emma." as hotel residents call her .wasn't ready to emit working at only 77. She's onening a clothing alteration shop. Cleaner work. TO THE FINE PEOPLE OF THIS LOYAL COMMUNITY DUE'S DAIRY Phone 938 .!•*. f C : *• I Monday, December 23,1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page filei Black Market Runs Rampant in Hong Kong AP Newsfeaturcs iJ' 1 ™* Ko "R~ This British colon- nl government, admittinR its wlmlc price control organization hns been undermined, hns declared war on n huge blnck market ring which has been using gnngstcr tactics in gel- I'm? i.old of imports of vital commodities. Warning that it intends taking ncllon against those who pern-it thn slocks to reach block market sources, the government said it may take over the entire distribu- ' ™. of pss cnllal commodities. • The black marketeers emolov spies to watch wHhdrnwels from bond. The gaiig leaders then visit Hie imuortcrs or wholesalers and clcmniKl sunplies—somptimos the .entire shipment for which they pay Oflen threatened, the importers or wholesalers prefer not to report th" Incidents. The gangsters distribute goods In street hnwkers who add n -small percentage of profit. The government fools it is useless to doal with the hawkovs on a biu sca ] 0i because for each hawknr arrested, another two lake his place. o Gas Masks Increase Storage Life of Apples Ithaca N. Y. —CAP)—The storage Jne of apples can be increased 20 percent by using charcoal "gas masks" in storage rooms, two Cornell University scientists found. Ripe apples give off ethylenc gas, they discovered, and this gas will make olher apples in the room ripen much faster. Using the gns mask principle. Drs. C. E. F. Gut- crman and R. M. Smock circulated the storage room air through containers of charcoal. The charcoal captured the ethylene gas and Bodies of Fliers Found in Heroes' Grave in Norway A.P NEWSFEATURES Versailles, Frnnce—The America Army graves registration command In final reports issued here, told of how the bodies of 11 United States Army air corps fliers, missing since September 9, 1944, were found in recent Scandanavian operations of i U. S. Army dislnlermonl team. The crew in a four - engined lomber bound with heavy cargo (or Norwegian underground forces crashed into lowering Mount Skor- I'ejfell, in the Telemark Mountains, shortly after midnight on Soptem- oer 10, 1944. The disinlernmenl team ' found ;hal their bodies had been buried n a common grflve by loyal Norwegians with a stone marker near- oy engraved "Ihcy gave all n man cnn give for freedom and pence.' r Fresh flowers decorated the white .•ross marking each grave, the re- .jorl said—flowers that had been renewed regularly throughout nearly two years until the American squad could reach the grave and oring the bodies back. Other Army searching teams •nishcd nearly 300 miles north of Hie Artie circle as far as Hamer- fcsl. Norway nnd brought 44 bodies of Americans., many of'them underground liaison men of the Office of Stralcgic Services. The Norwa" mission was headed by Lt. Col. W. A. Caulhen, of Or- nngeburg, S. C. cleaned Ihe air. Tesls have been made in actual commercial storage they said, and in a normal year at normal prices the method might add $f>00,000 to growers' profits. o Try Orchids, trmme-.; Lancaster, Ky.—A.P.—Emmott Sebastian's claim to horticulture fame is a sunflower with 220 blooms on It. Thank you, friends and neighbors, for your fine cooperation and helpful courtesy in the past year. We look forward lo a bright future and hope you will receive a generous share of the good will and happiness so much in evidence today. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE TED JONES Water Carries Outback Mail in Australia Sydney, Australia —Ml— In parts f the Australian bush letters are barricd by strange "mailmen"— often by tradesmen and even by massing strangers. Almost every reveller in the outback has had he experience of being asked lo de- ivcr a lelter. Sometimes letters are left on a cleft stick or under a stone with n "marker" and the next man lakes it along. In the nish a leller is a sacred trust born out of the comradeship of pioneer days. In the artesian wa'.er belt of south-west Queensland people often talk of news Iraveiiing by 'bore drain cable." The phrase las the same meaning as "bush telegraph"— a 'piece of fieWs that have arrived swiftly and mysteriously but Is oflen true.! In some districts the term has 1 , another meaning—which may point to the origin of the first. A message in a jam tin will float miles along in n well-kept ditch carrying Water from a bore until stopped by a piece of wire netling set there for that purpose. On one occasion a police trooper stayed overnight' with a man suspected of being a cattle thief. The policeman talked most of the night so that the suspect had no chance of slipping off to warn accomplices. But while he talked a letter had been floating down the bore drain lo tell of his arrival and evidence was destroyed. • o Gets His Goats Atlanta, Ga.—(AP)— Malcolm Barksdale is one guy who's never ilate to school. At 1C, Malcolm owns and operates a goat dairy and he's up by 3:30 lo milk his 40 producers. He does all the work himseu. HERE'S tO YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS!! FOSTER'S Family Shoe Store GREET Our fondest wish is that we could see each of you at this, time of the year to personally wish you a Merry Christmas. We'd also like to tell you how greatly we appreciate, all the' fine things you have done for us, the nice patronage that, has been ours, the friendly associations and the goodwill of the people of this community. ; _ During the Christmas, season no doubt we'll 'get to see ' many of you, to express .these sentiments to you personally. But to those of you with whom we do hot have this opportun-. ity, we send the best greetings for Christmas. We. hope you '."'""" 'jj will accept this as a personal message and that you will know we are thinking of you at Christmastime.. HOPE m ; FRIENDS AND CU6TOMED6 ^ The year just ending has been another year of hard work and of pleasures ... of happiness and of sorrows ... a year of achievements and a year of disappointments ... but when all is said and done, the past year has been a mighty fine one. For this we are thankful and there is reason for rejoicing, but we must and shall go into the New Year with renewed determination to make the coming twelve months happier than ever before. That you may have cause for rejoicing and that the New Year may bring added blessings to each of you, is our Christmas wish. Thanks; also, for the innumer- ble courtesies extended us in the year just closing. We are truly grateful. HOPE AUTO (0. Your Ford Dealer For Over 28 Years .'.' 4-'

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