Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1932 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1932
Page 6
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PAQti SfA rtrtttttfv AWfctttflL ALQONA. ItfWA r^!^|^ J' •'' A'.*i!xir!ra^r.^>;v'^'--^^:::.:itoj SWEA GITYANS FENTON TO MEEHTBJ, Swea City, Nov. 8 — Swea City's (high school basketball season will be definitely opened with a game with Fen ton on the home floor. Fifteen 'boys are competing for the ten positions, Coach Armond Sehuler •not having made; definite decisions as yet. Those who played last year are: Thorn.-is Hanifan, Howard Krumm, Emory Berguson; and new men are, D. W. Fultz, Roy Bravender, Marry Montgomery, Harold Hewitt, Clarence Roba, Glftord 'Smith, Franc fa Torino, Merlin Larson, Raymond Carr, Clairo Parsons, Palmer Jenson, and Charles Peterson. Swea City last year won 1C games and lost three, two games lost to Algona, and one to Buffalo Center. Admission fee for games has been reduced from 35 to 25c this year. Bed Cross Work Organized- Mrs. P. W. Larson, Mrs. Anna Larson, and Mrs. Harold Rotoa are the committee for Red Cross relief work in this community. Mrs. P. [W. Larson is chairman, Mrs. Anna Ijarson, vice chairman, and Mrs. Roba, secretary and treasurer. Mrs. J. H. Warner Is rural welfare worker. Mrs. Anna Lai-son is in charge of the flour distribution, and Mrs. Roba has charge of yard goods. Swea City has 300 sacks of flour and 150 yards of goods for use locally this winter. CInb Hears Good Program- Mrs. Ira Hewitt entertained the Thursday club last week. Mesdames Mary Leland, Claire Peterson, and Minnie Thompson gave 'the program. Mrs. Leland gave some facts concerning New . York City, Mrs. Peterson read some poetry, and Mrs. Thompson gave a fine paper on birds. The club will meet Wednesday afternoon this week to work on layettes which will be used for relief work this winter, the club having taken this part of the relief work to do. Junior Class Play Tonight— The junior class plans to give its play, Looking Lovely, • tonight (Thursday), the date having been changed from November 11. The cast is: Persimmon, Helen 'Wai- strand; Winnie Bardine, Ardella Hovey; Amarilla, June Larson; Jennie Matthew, Jane Carlson; Speed Hawkins, Charles Hutchinson; Esther Hastings, Edith Dahl; Bill Baker, Roy Bra vender; Jim Dugan, D. !W, Fultz; Cholly, Howard Krumm; Moe, Harold Hewitt. Fireman's Dinner Has Crowd— The annual fireman's dinner was served in the Legion hall Friday evening last week by Arthur Christiansen, of the Christiansen Cafe There were about 30 firemen pres ent, besides several post firemen Among the post firemen presen were: Dr. Schrecengost, of Arm strong, S. P. Eckholm, P. .Dahl, P J. Helken, Ole Seylor, Tom Hanifan and .T. M. Dye. After dinner the me amused themselves with bridge and 500. 'Telephone Service Improved— Beginning Monday, service survey is being put on by the Iowa Union Telephone company to last ten days. All subscribers in the town limits are being called on, telephones inspected, and complaints or suggestions for good of the service solicit•ed. The company is offering ten days free service to all new tele- rphones and no charge for installation. Mrs. Oeorire Cole Is Head- Friends 'here have received word of the death October 13 of Mm. George Cole, at Satsop, Wash., who half was COACHES .TAtK OVER IOWA'S GAME PLANS I ™u™ In Ateoiut, iwa, feioN thft District Court of said CoiJnty, or the Clerk oi said Court; arid at 9 o'clock a, v fn. of the day above mentioned au persbhs interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause It any they have, why eald instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. ' Dated at 'Algona, Iowa, November ' ' ' CLARK ORTONi Clerk of District Court By CLARA SCHAAP. Deputy. T. P. Harrington, Attorney, 9-11 NO*1CB Notice Is hereby that there, Kossuih county, "»»«»•> special n 8 , 8<! 9 8 !r en ,u»ii«, estate included wlthlh proposed assessment 7.B4 13.47 NEU. 91 30 40 New spap Entered as S oc 0n December 31, at Algona, of ., tiU h ' 2 ' WILLIAMS Sown VOCMSL BOELTCR T\HESE FOUR MEN ARE THE master minds of Hawkeye 1 football, and two of tlhem, Rollle Williams -1- and Otto Vogel, carry that smirtness over into sports In which they are head coaches, basketball and baseball Ossle Solem, the new head coach, was Minnesota end and tackle a score of years ago; Williams, ail-western (halfback at Wisconsin in the early 20's; Vogel played for Bob Zuppke at .Illinois; and William Boelter was Solem's star at Drake. Now the coaches are preparing Iowa to meet one of Its oldest rivals. Nebraska, first played in 1891, comes to Iowa City for its 21st game and the "rubber 1 of recent date, In 1930, Hawkeyes whipped the Huskers, 12-7, tout last fall Nebraskawas victor, 7-0. Irvington Youth Sees California Food Lines Irvington, Nov. 8 — Vaughn, oungest eon of Mr. and Mrs. V. J. cliichtl who had been in California more than two years, got home last eek Wednesday. He left San Fran- Isco, where he had been employed, .arly in October, planning to hitch- ike to Iowa. He had to walk only- small way, but lie stopped In Colo- ado for a time. Vaughn drove to California two years ago in Septemr er in a Ford, accompanied by John Vatspn, who went west to join his ather, Ray Watson, San Francisco, ie reporte a bread line In San Franisco winter and summer to feed un- mployed. The state is filling with unemployed from other states migrating to a warmer climate where hey plan to sleep In the open, If no jther lodging is provided. \eods of Xegro School Told— The Pine Torch, a small paper 15.26 & Parsons Co., & Parsons Co., 'rom the Plney Woods colored school at Piney Woods, Milss., re- porte that students will pay their nitial expenses at least this year with corn, sweet potatoes, ipeas, cottonseed, home-made syrup, and Ir- sh potatoes. (Because of a shortage of funds, many students will have to use old textbooks. Immediate needs for teachers and students are bedding, silverware, underwear for both sexes, coats, tools, school room supplies, and sewing supplies. A special plea is made for apples, which will benefit the health, also the living, of all Piney Woods pupils and teachers. CLUB AT ST, JOE HOLDS MEETING NOVEMBER 2ND 'St. Joe, Nov. 8—The Friendly olub held a monthly meeting last week Wednesday at Mrs. Wm. Metzen'e; Mrs. Henry Malers, assisting hostess. The afternoon was spent at 500, Mrs. Thereea Miller winning first. The next meeting will foe on Wednesday, December 7, Mre. William Reding and Mrs. William Boldridge, hostesses. Road Crew Finds Gravel Pit— The contractors who are straightening curves on No. 169 recently struck a gravel pit three and one- half miles north of here. A high grade is built -up of gravel, (but it is questionable What kind of road It will make. The contractors were working Sunday, the first tune the state would permit them to do it. They are, as a rule, allowed to work only 60 hours a week, or ten hours a day except Sunday. mdse. Kennedy mdse. Kennedy •mdee. .— Crane Company, mdse. Nelson Hdw. Co., mdse.. W. H. Horan Electrical Co., mdse. . .— Laing & Muckey, mdse. and labor _ 111.98 Clapp's Master Service, • mdee. and labor 3.11 Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. and 6.32 19.11 95.89 19.20 16.36 NQTICE OF PHOBATE OF Will NO. 3870. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss In District Court, November term, 1932. To Air Whom It May Concern! You are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Charles Magnusaon, deceased, dated October 9, 1922, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 21st day of November, 1932, Is fixed for hearing proof of sa.me at the Court House In Algona, I'owa,-before the District Court ot said County or the Clerk of said Court; and at 9 o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned, all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, If any they have, why said inetrument should not be probated and allowed as a»d for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, October 19, .......27 .......27 27 27 28 28 SE 28 28 SWW ....... » U ....... -29 NE 29 29 30 30 ..so 1932. 7-9 CIWVRK ORTON, Clerk'ot District Court By CLARA SCHAAP, Deputy. labor Foster's mdse. Furniture Store, 10.79 2.70 E. W. Hanson, labor and material • 157.90 George Holtzbauer, labor 89.82 and material S. J. 'Backus, P. M., envel- etc. '_ 199.91 opes, Jos. Gunder et al, refund deposit — George Hansen, laibor and material N. W. Bell Telephone Co., service *: Western Union, service R'y Express Agency, ex- formerly lived on the farm a mile west of town. Apoplexy given as the cause of her death. Besides her husband, Mrs. Cole is survived 'by a daughter, who married George Wagner, while living here but who is -now divorced. Senator Brookliart Spoulcs Mere— Senator Smith W: Brookhart was 3n Swea City last Thursday evening und spoke to about 60 people. He stayed here till Friday, visiting School Pupils Prepare Program— Pupils of the Irvington school under the direction of their teachers, Pauline Black and Marguerite Skilling, plan a program at the Irvington church next week Friday evening at S o'clock. After the program pie and coffee will be served -in the annex at lOc. Missionary Ten Tomorrow Planned— A missionary tea will be given at he church this week Friday after- The regular lesson will be ^tudied; Mrs. A. McLean leader. Topics will be Slam and The Southern Mountains. Halloween Party Is Given- More *han 75 guests attended a Halloween party last week Monday at Peter Halsrud's. The evening was spent at games, Halloween pranks, etc. A Halloween supper was served, Xall Pierces Woman's Foot- Mrs. Earl Miller ie recovering from a painful wound in one foot Fire in Sedan Put Out— ' John Zeller had a little misfortune Saturday evening while he was coming home from Livermore. His Buick sedan caught fire, . but the blaze was extinguished before much damage had been done. ' A pair of gloves, a blanket, and a cushion were burned. 20.00 9.35 34.15 6.90 13.72 SEW. SWW. ........ 80 NEW. SEW. ... ..... 30 30 30 30 SEW. BWW. SEW. SEW. SEW. press Mlwaukee R'y Co., (rt. on' ^as, oil — 688.94 H. W. Post, frt. and dray. on lub, oil 5.25 H. W. Post, frt. and dray— 31.08 Cresco Union Electric Co., sign light 2.12 Collector Internal Revenue, tax lor September 1 120.01 Ernst Thiel, meter reading 20.06 Andy Bowman et al, labor. 102.75 Norton Madh. Works, mdse. 126.43 General Electric Co., mdse._ Fulton Iron Works, mdse._ Botsford Lumber Co., mdee. which she suffered recently, when a nail pierced t'he sole of the shoe: Other Irvinffton News. The Rev. A. English preacheoTto a large congregation Sunday on The Glory of CsLd-jf cvi ut-ivj w*««. * «• •-- ".< i • - - „ about Main street Friday morning. S^en Cross. The text Philippians was Gov. Dan W. Turner stopped here last Thursday evening on his way to Estherville, and greeted friends. Public Parly Draws Crowd — A week ago Monday evening about 50 enjoyed the public card party given by the Eastern Stars. The price was reductd from 25 to 15 cents for the evening, which also included a splendid lunch. Rook, pinocle, 500, and bridge were played. The to Kpworth In Homes — League held its monthly social and business meeting last week Tuesday evening- in the church basement. The meetings will toe held in the homes of the members fhe remaining winter months. Two Barbers Cut Prices — Swea City barbers, V. L. Nelson and Herman Bowman, have announced that they have reduced hair cuts to 25c, shave.s l'5c, and shampoos and tonics 50c. Fifty Years The C. A. Halbergs, who formerly lived here, celebrated their golden wedding at their home in Los Angeles last week. Other Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. S. Wat-burton, Mr. and Mrs. August Peterson, and Mrs. J. L. Vaux attended the guest day and men's niglit given by the Algona A\ r . C'. T. U. at the Andrew Peterson home in Algona. Mre. Vaux gave a report of llie suite W. C. T. U. convention. Jives. Henry Myre, who recently was operated on for gall bladder and appendicitis at Iowa City, returned home Sunday. Mr. Myre met her at Clear Lake, where she was with her mother a few days after leaving the hospital. The first district meeting of the •Methodist church presided over by ihe Itev. -Mr. Muhleman was held In WtwK-T last week Wednesday evening. The Itev. Mr. McDowell, pastor •here, attended. Mrs. J. AV. Martin and William Martin, of Auburn, were week-end guests at the James Elder home. Airs. Martin is Mrs. Elder's mother, and William is her brother. The Legion poet met Monday evening and made plans for Armistice day. mind toe in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God." Mr. and Mrs. AVdllard Gregson, Algona, visited at Orinnell and Des Moines Friday and Saturday. Elander Gregson, brother of Willard, who had been working at Grinnell, came here with them and is picking corn at O. L. Miller's. An Aid meeting scheduled at Mrs. Frank Dltsworth's this week Thursday has been postponed till next week Thursday; Mrs. Albert Butter-| field, assisting 'hostess. ' The August Robisons and Mrs. Rome Robison were Sunday guests at Roficoe Mawdsley's; the Harry Sabina at Rome Robieon's. Mrs. May Stewart, Algona, has closed her house in town, and is at G. C. Stewart's, where she plans to spend the winter. The Austin Summers family and Mr. and Mrs. William Rutledge were Sunday dinner guests at T. E. Wickwire's. Roy Wickwire, who has been with a brother at Lehigh, ds spending a few days at the Austin Summers home. Mr. and Mrs. L, C. Blake, Esther ville, were Sunday guests at William Boldridge's. Idabelle Felter, Burt, spent last week with Leona Stewart, going home Sunday. Cecelia Galen to lie BrUle— Banns of marriage were read for the first time Sunday by the Rev. Father Theobold at St. Joseph's church for 'Henry Leorwold and Cecelia Gales. Other St. Joe. The John Orlgers and Susan Frl- deres were visitors last week Tues- lay ait Mrs. William Buttermore's, West Bend. Rosalia Frideres was a Sunday guest of the Origers, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schumacher, son Ralph, with Mr. and 'Mrs. Joseph Thilges, and Rose Besch, Whittemore, were Sunday visitors at Mrs. John Wagner's. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Skaugstad, of Bode, and the William Hammers were Sunday^ evening visitors at Jo'hn Hammer's. Viola Klein spent the week-end with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Heiderscheldt. William Link and Laurlna Thll : ges were Sunday visitors at the Joe Thilges home. Rosalia Frideres is helping with the household duties at Mrs. Peter Bormann's. John Brass returned last week Sunday from Breckenridge, Minn. Henry Zeimet drove to Brltt last week Tuesday to get potatoes. John and Anna Kayser were Sunday visitors at John Thul's. 8.11 S10.ll .25 WATER FUND Salaries 418.00 H. W. Post, 'frt. and dray— 1.27 Lloyd Hauback et al, labor. 117.13 GENERAL FUND Salaries 234.00 OBIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa, In and for Kossuth county, November term, 1932. Harriet Matzener, Plaintiff, . vs. Harvey Matzener, •Defendant., To Harvey Matzener, defendant: You are "hereby notified that there Is now on file In the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the above named-county and state, a •petition of Harriet Matzener, plaintiff, claiming of you an absolute divorce on the grounds ,of wilful desertion from the plaintiff and absenting yourself from her for a period of more than two years. Plaintiff asks for 'the permanent custody of the minor children and for such further relief as the Court may deem equitable in the premises. For further particulars see the Petition on file. Now.unless you appear thereto and defend' on or before noon of the second day of the neit term of said court being the November 1932 term to be held at the Court House, Algona, Iowa, in said county, commencing on November 21st, 1932, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon in accordance with the prayer of said pe- NIWW. 31 .....rii INIW% 31 SEU NW% 31 NEV* ffBW 31 ex sh. 31 ....... 31 NIEU 913% NEVi -9t 94 94 01 94 M 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94, 94 94 94 M 94 94 94 94 94 94 96 96 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 29 29 29 29 29 29 .32 32 ..32 .32 32 BEU ' NTWU ,..33 !!!s3 ...34 NWti ex.sh.34 ...34 ...34 94 94 9+ 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 •94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 94 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 ' 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 .29 29 29 29 29 29 29 '29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 40 40 40 40 40 40 90 40 40 40 40 10 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 36.53 36.76 40 40 40 40 40 40 R6.90 36.93 40 40 40 39 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 4* 40 40 39 40 40 wmn ueu v "«•« garet Kl.sCh, KIs6h , KollttSdh, , »;-.•»- Klsch Derinlnger and J. IB'. Simon,' PoteV,'' JpHn,'"li|jVk'ei Wm., deo., Wander & Maf- garelt Kisoh, Rather ne iKlsch Kollasch, . Justine Klsch Dennlnger and J. B. Anna Ma'r'y"WlVteens".','. ... .. Anna Mary Wlltgen» John iFuhrmann • > John iFiihrmann i .••••••• •• '• Uhloh Sav, tiand & Trust Co,. Union SaV. Bank & Trust Co.. Union Sav. Bank & Trust Co.. John Frideres John Frideres , ... ••> • ••• John Frlderea ...... ........... John iFrlderes .. i ... ..." John iFrlderes .'.,.... ;.. Lucy Wagner .. ,.. Charles B. Plathe •• ..... Charles fi. Plathe ... ... ... ... ---Charles B. Plathe 18.13 Y B W.74 6.17 7.54 13.13 6.77 13.47 6.16 6.86 8.79 13.47 11.93 6.77 11.02 2.B4 6.86 6.77 Charles B. Plathe Peter Klrsch .i > ........... Peter Klrsch -.* ,.. ••» Nick 'Fuhrmann .. • • •• Nick Fuhrmann .. ...... ... ••• Nick, Matt, and Justine Mert* and Mary Flemmlnjf'.. ... ... Nick, Matt, and Justine Mertz and Mary Flemmlnir ........ Nick. Matt, and Justine Mertz 33.47 6.60 12.66 . B. Quarton Phones; Office A 'eona, 6.77 6.87 13.47 6.16 9.B6 Phones: f. o Attorneyg-ai T.' Office, 28; * ^ It^rtt -»«e»**f »»•• — .__.-,_-_.._ „ --- <ftJV* and Mary iFlemmlng .. 12.01 Nick. Matt, and Justine Merit and Mary <Hleiririitng ... ;••_..... Des Moines Jt. Stock Land IBank '••••< ........ Des Moines Jt. Stock Land Des Moines'' Jt.'' Stock Lan,d Des Moin'e's "it!"'stock 'Land 'Bank .. .;..... •• » Nick iFrlderes • •Nick iFrlderes ... Nick Frideres • '•••• »•» Nick Frideres ... ...... «.TJ First Nat. Bank of Bode ... .... 12.25 First Nat. Bank of (Bode 5.84 First Nat. Bank of Bode ... ... 10.46 First Nat. Bank of Bode 13.47 First Nat, Bank of Bode 6.77 First Nat, 'Bank of (Bod» ...... 11.02 Oeo. H. Irmlter , ... J" (Geo. H. Irmlter 9.80 Matt Klrsch .. ...... J|. 4 J Matt Klrsch • ".13 Matt Klrsch ... ••• -f-JJ Matt Klrsch .. *•% Peter Klrsch' Peter 'Klrsch Peter JCIrsch ........ -.--Peter Klrsch . £.77 Oeo. H. Irmlter >. ... .. f.5T Geo. «. Irmlter ... ... •• '.*•*» Nick Fuhrmann 1*" Peter Hedlnpr ... 7.54 Henry Fuhrmann .1. .... .... 12.25 Henry Fuhrmann in ™ Henry. Fuhrmann Henry Fuhrmann Tnli*. MS>Mav>n« .IUI1I1 r T1U13I CO ... .....---- --- -Matt Fftber ....... 6.18 Anna Marv WHtgens ... 11.9J Nick ThJlKes .«•« ' i Fuhrmftnn Office over Phone 213-W. - - - 0. D. Shumway . 10.74 •Alsonj,] DANSOH Office over Iowa State ' Phones: Office, 460-j.; Louis Fuhrmann Ixiula Fuhrmann Louis Fuhrmann T.» P. W. Green, doge Thos. Akre, mdse. Thos. Akre, rent N. W. Bell Telephone Co., mdse. — Elbert Garage, gas for poor Nelson Hdw., mdse. Standard Oil Co., gas 1.00 .39 10.42 3.25 .89 2.S3 1.63 Salaries ------------ ..... - 515.35 Jesse Umbenhower, care of dump __________________ 12-50 Chas. McGlnnie, mdse. ---- .50 1.15 tition. 7-10 SHUMWAY & KELLY, Attorneys for Plaintiff. S ' before noon ot yo said day the same will be presumed to have been conclusively waived. All assessments may be paid in full without Interest If paid within 20 days from date assessment is confirmed, 8-9 VH II Oil* tittle «*jo*;«CT»iit-»i* *« *.««.».....——. —*».«. 4ivMk ' Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 26th day of October, 1932, . ' BHRTTHA E. JOHNSON, ••• County Auditor. N. K Physician and Office over Rexall Drug Office phone 300 Res. phone 326, .C. H. Phyalcian and Surg»j| 0«Ice In John Galbralth Phones: Office, 310; reiJ algona '' P. V. JAN8E, M, 1), ^^Pny«Iclan and 8arp Office on South Dodge I Phones: Office, 666; redd Algona, Iowa WALTER FRASEB,»i Physician and Surgeoj| Office In Quinby Bldg., 1 Phone No. 12 Clapp's Master Service, mdse. Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. -— Nelson Hdw., mdse. Geo. Hansen, mdse. and labor C, & N. W. R'y, frt, on rock James Jones 'et al, labor _.Geo. L. and O. E. Miller, mdse. '• — Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. A. E. Michel, engineering— P. H. Lat'hrop, labor SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary 7.80 21.47 4.21 17.30 112.63 20.00 2.40 229.25 88.00 16.50 30.00 Labor _— __________ - ----- 1277.95 SALMON MAKES EVERYONE SICK AT LEDYARD PARTY Ledyard, Nov. 8—A young people's party was held at Friest's last week Wednesday. There was nothing out of the way early In the evening, but following lunch practically every guest was HI, suffering with _ptomaine poisoning caused from eating almon sandwiches. They all re- overed. Neteon Hdw. Co., i mdse . 5.80 F. H. Lathrop, labor 18.25 Humboldt Motor Express, frt. — 4.50 Geo. L. and O. E. Miller, mdse.' . '8.94 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 99.95 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 34.10 A. E. Michel, mdse. 96.25 FIRE FUND C. C. Wright, salary , 45.00 Laing & Muckey, mdse. — 9.41 Standard Oil Co., mdse. —. .59 General Mfg. Co., mdse. ___ 11.07 General Mfg. Co., mdse. ORIGINAL NOTICE November, A. D. 1932 term. In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth County. . The Equitable Life Assurance Society of: the United States, Plaintiff, » vs. John P. Heiderscheldt, Administrator of the estate of Michael Helder- scheldt, deceased, Ad am Helder- scheidt, Mathew Heiderscheldt, Maggie Simon, Kathryn Jucum, otherwise Kathryn Juchem, Susie Andre, Anna Marnach, Mary Forman, Valentine Dieter, Mike Dieter, Tonle Dieter, Kathren Dieter, Valentine Heiderscheldt, Joe Hel- derscheidt, John Heiderscheldt, Charlie C. Heiderscheldt, Mike Hei- derscheidt, Adam ' Heiderscheldt, Katie Helderscheidt Wagner, Dora Heiderscheldt Wagner, Mike Von Bank, Peter Von Bank, Dick Von Bank, Joe Von Bank, Lizzie Schaller, Katie Von Bank, Rose Stalle- man, otherwise known as Rose Stattleman, Mary Origner, otherwise known as Mary Origer, Maggie Yackley, Johnnie Helderscheidt, John 'Berkhimer- and Kossuth County, Iowa, Defendants. To said defendants, Mathew Helder- Sub-Division— S 11 a, " SB% ' . . S 11 a. NWVi SEy.23 23 23 ..... ..24 . ....... 24 S 11 a. SW% SW%24 S 11 a. Sec. Twp. Rng. Acres 23 96 29 11 98 29 11 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT FOlRi SURFACING" SECONDARY t ROAD DISTRICT NO. 193 Notice Is hereby given to all persons whose" names appear In the within schedule that there has been filed In the office of. the County Auditor of v Kossuth county, Iowa, a report of the board of apportionment, showing the special assessment proposed to be levied on ( all P ttrts .. anli .,.P^ rce ^ 0olr1 ,J e *i estate included within Secondary Road District No. 193 which schedule of proposed assessment Is as follows: " • • • 1 . Amt. ot Name of Owner— Assmt. Myron Schenck • I 3.32 Myron Schenck ,.. 1-63 Myron Schenck 6.60 Myron Schenck 11.48 Frank Thompson ..- .. 4.80 Frank Thompson • 11.48 JTrank Thompson ... ..... 3;02 •Frank Thompson , .1.18 T. H. Wadsworth 6.40 T. H. Wadsworth ' 11.48 !H!. W. Will 11.78 R. W. Will 4.31 Nicolas J. Krieps ..'. 4.31 Nicolas J. Krleps 11.48 Nicolas J. Krleps .... 11.48 Nicolas J. Krieps .... 4.31 .25 25 25 25 25 25 N iwii SW E\ •::::::! SW% NEi£ 26 NlW% SEVi .26 NE^ OSTEy. 26 SW*. NBy. .26 NE% iSBVi 26 SBV1 SB% 26 SW& SEy A 26 KiB« WEtVt. 35 NIW% 'NE& 36 SWM. NE14 35 SEW NE^4 35 •NtWU SE% 35 ST3M. 35 aww. SEW. w. of 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 % 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 40 40 40 40 11 11 40 46 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 KELVIN 0. BOUBNi] Physician and San Office in PostoMice L Phones: Office, 197; resldi W. D. ANDREWS,D.o Osteopath Ic Physician and Located in General H« Phones: Office 187,Rail E. A. EVANS, M. B. | Over Borchardt Drug I Phones: Residence 312, < Algona; Iowa. DENTISTS Norma Bailey :... ... ..". 6.77 Norma Bailey .. ...... 4.95 Norma Bailey .. .... 4.95 Cyrus 'D. Ward ., -. 11.78 Cyrus D. Ward . ............. 11.78 Cyrus D. Ward 11.78 Cyrus'D. Ward 11.78 DR. H. M. OLSON Dentist. Gas and novocaine used traction. Located over Chrlstensen I Phones: Business 166,: Algona, Iowa Hiv. 21.06 The Embroidery club meets week AVednesday with Mrs. this Ben Terhune. The O. L. Millers were Sunday dinner guests at Ben Potter's, Al- Marjorde Riley has been having a severe sore throat. Snow fences in this vicinity are being erected. -t- FAILURE TO REPORT AUTO ACCIDENT COSTS BURT MAN Estel Rentz, Burt, was charge' before Justice Winkel Friday witr failure to report an automobile acci clent on State street the day befor when hi.s car and that of Alan Bish op, son of A. A. Bishop, Northwest ern agent here, collided. He pleadet guilty and was fined ?10 and $9.3 costs. He also promised to pay fo repairs on the Bisbop automobile. Patterson Speaks. Sen. Geo. W. Patterson spoke on The Net Income Tax and Why I ""avor It" before the annual state eaehers' convention at the hotel ort Des Moines, Des Moines, Fri- ay. The talk drew a three-fourths C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. LEGAL NOTICES f a column report loines Register. in the Des Council Minutes Algona, Iowa, October 27, 1932— !ity council met in regular session on this day at the city hall, and among other things allowed the following bills: ELECTRIC FUND Salary — I 1020.00 Security Petroleum Co., gas, oil 613.16 White Eagle Oil Corp., lub. oil 215.32 Standard Oil Co., gasoline.. 5.S3 Cooktite Ring Sales Co., mdse. 49.50 Westinghouse Electric Supply Co., mdse. 18.43 Electric Supply Co., mdse.— 27.20 Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., mdse. 184.34 Terry Durin Co., mdse. 96.83 Terry Durin Co., mdse. 16.71 Viking Pump Co., mdse. — 49.85 J. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co., mdse. — 23.98 Leigh ton Supply Co., mdee. 247.23 James B. Clow & Sons, mdse. —— 27.50 Wigman Company, mdse. — 40.18 General Electric Supply Corp., mdse. ; 95.68 Joseph T. Ryerson. $ Co, t OFFICIAL NOTICE OPEN SEASON ON PHEASANTS KOSSUTH COUNTY NOVEMBER 1C, 18 AND 10, 1082 The Iowa Fish and Game Commission, having received a petition from Kossuth county in accordance with Section 1767-al of the Code of 1931, hereby gives notice that said Commission has directed the State Fish'and Game Warden to authorize the killing of Mongolian, ring- neck, English or Chinese pheasants in Kossuth county on dates and during hours as follows: •November 16, 18 and 19, 1932, from twelve, o'clock noon until eun-" set on each respective date; and has further directed the State Fish and tame Warden to authorize the kill- scheldt, Mary Forman, Valentine Dieter, Mike Dieter, Tonle Dieter, Kathren Dieter, Valentine Helder' Scheldt, Nick Von .Bank and Maggie -Yackley: You and each of you are hereby notified that on or before ithe 10th day' of November, 1932, there will be on file in the office of the Clerk of the District. Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, the Petition of the Plaintiff claiming of you the said John P. Hei- derscheldt, administrator of the estate of Michael HeidersOT^Iidt, Deceased, et al, the sum of Six Thousand Bight Hundred Twenty-nine^ and 33/100 Dollars ($6829.33) with Interest thereon at eight per cent (8 per cent) per annum from October 20th, 1932, on your promissory note for Six Thousand Dollars ($6000.00) originally given to the Collins Mortgage Company and endorsed to the plaintiff herein; also asking the further sum of Seventeen and 80/100 dollars ($17.80) p£.id for an extension of an Abstract of Title and costs including statutory attorney fees and taxes. Plaintiff will also ask as against all the defendants the foreclosure of the real estate mortgage given to secure the above described note, Interest, abstract fee, attorney fees, costs and taxes which mortgage was originally given to the Collins Mortgage Company and assigned to the plaintiff herein, said mortgage covering: The South One Half <S%) of the Southwest Fractional Quarter (SW fr. H) of Section Nineteen (19), Township Ninety-four (94),'Range Twenty-nine (29), West of the Fifth SEM. SEy. W. of Rlv 35 96 NW% NWU 36 96 BWU N!W% 36 06 NWy A 8W% W. of RIV 36 SW« SWi£ W. of Rlv 36 96 Lot 1 NEVS. "NWM. 36 96 Lot 1 SE1£ IN\W%.36 96 Lot 2 NEVi NW\i,36 98 —- -J. of Rlv..,.36 96 35 96 29 40 29 29 29 10 40 40 Cyrus D. Ward J. E. and Maine A. Hoflus , J. .E. and Mame A. Hofius . J. E. and Mame A. Hofius . J. E. and Mame A. Hofius . J. E. and Mame A: Hofius J. E. and Mame A. Hoflua rifi- 'i in '•• •• • m-y ' vl i » -.-fl Anton and Oscar Anderson . Anton and Oscar Anderson Gertrude Harrison IGertrude 'Harrison ,...' 96 29 20 .IGertrude Harrison 29 29 29 29 29 2 16.5 28 3 2 "Gertrude Harrison Nicolas J. Krleps . iGertrude Harrison Gertrude "Harrison 5.77 9.86 6.34 4.63 7.68 6.72 :e.55 3.06 ',78 .10.83 5.33 .13 1.10 1,74 .19 VETEBINABI Gertrude Harrison • ... .27 You and each of you whose names appear in the within schedule are hereby notified that said report will come on for hearing before the Board qf Supervisors at their office iji Algona, Iowa, on the 17th day of •November, 1932, at 1:30 o'clock p. m. At said hearing any of the above apportionments may be increased or may be adopted without further notice. Unless you file written objections to said report on or before noon of said day the same .will be presumed to have been conclusively waived. All assessments may be paid In full without Interest If paid within 20 days from date assessment is confirmed. • Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 26th day of October, 1932. BaaivrHA E. JOHNSON. 8-9 County Auditor. 1. AV. FOX* J. B. WINKEl | Veterinarians West State Street, t Phones: Office, 475-W.; ~ BUILDING COSTBA COWAN t SOSH General Contractors Estimates I Phones: Business, 638-Jl_l BIACHIJflSTS NORTON MACHINE \ Machinists and Wei Service Stock 0«j Piston Rings, Pins, and f West of Courthouse^ INSUBAJfCBj NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT FCKRI SURFACING SECONDARY ROAD DISTRICT NO. 203 . : •Notice is hereby given to all persons whose names appear In the within schedule that there has been filed In the office of the County Audltpr of Kossuth county, Iowa, a report of the board of apportionment, shoeing the special assessment proposed to be levied on all parts and parcels of real estate Included within Secondary Road District No. 203 which schedule of proposed assessment Is as follows: Sub-Division— Sec. Twp. Kng. Acres Over ^15.000,000 worth ol In force. A home comptt •ecure. J. 0. Pa«on,> NWM. N1WM. SW«, SEU sw« sww- swy. BE' SW: 3By. Ing or capture of not to exceed three birds per day per hunter, of which only one may be a female; and the State Fish and Game Warden hereby gives notice that the above is so authorized. I. T. BODE, State Fish and Game .Warden. NOTICE OF PKOBATE OF No. 3673. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, es. in District Court, November Term, 1932. To AH Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Margaret B. Winslow, deceased, dated January 4, 1932, having been #M» day filed, opened and, read, f the 6th day of December, 1932, Is fixed for hearing proof ot fit th,o £ovirt P. M., Kossuth County, .Iowa, containing 76 acres, more or leas, according to ithe United States Government Survey thereof, and is recorded in Book 98, 'Page 320 of the Records of Kossuth County, Iowa. Plaintiff will also ask for the.ap- pointment of a Receiver. 'For further particulars see Petition when on file. Personal judgment is demanded agalngt no defendants. And \jnless you appear thereto and defend on or Before noon of the second day of the November, 1932, term of said court to be. held, at the courthouse in, Algona, Iowa, comr meneing on ithe 21st day of Npvem ber, 1932, default will be entered against you and judgment and decree rendered thereon- Don Barnes, E). H. Wadjawo.rth, 6-9 Attorneys for Plaintiff .26. 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 35 35 35 35 35 36 NEM. , 35 35 35 85 35 35 96 96. 96 96 96 •96 96 96 DO 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 Amt, Of Name of Owner— Assmt. 40 Chris J, Miller , t 10.87 28 40 Chris J. Miller ... .', " 9.51 28 40 Owen and M, L. McEnroe „ „. 18.4* 28 40 Owen and M. L. McEnroe •••• 18-W 28 40 Owen and M. L, McEnroe 10.87 28 40 sOwen and M. L. McEnroe .... 18,93 28 40 Owen and M. L, McEnroe 18.93 28 40 Owen and M. L. McEnroe .... 8.56 28 40 Owen and M. L. McEnroe .... 9,61 28 40 Owen and M. L. McEnroe .. .,' 9.51 28 40 Owen and M. L. McEnroe .... 18,93 28 40 Owen and M. au McEnroe .,,. 10.87 28 40 Leo J. Miller ,.. ,..., a.36 28 40 Leo J. Miller ... ..... 20.82 28 40 James E. McEnroe ., .. .. .... 18.44 28 40 James E. McEnroe .. .,..,. ... 10.60 28 40 James B. McEnroe 9.54 28 -40 James E. MpEnroe .. 16.60 28 40 James B. McEnroe , ... ., 17.<tt 28 40 • James E. MdEnrpe .., ,. 8.66 28 40 James E. McEnroe ,. '8.56 28 40 Mark & Josephine Stanton ... 9,79 28 40 DeMaude Latbrop and M. P. ' Weaver ., ; 17.01 City Property Loan" Insurance. Real i CUNNINGHAM * 1 ld'7 W. State St. >»»»•••••»-••••••" 5 H.W.PO! Dray and '. STORA8EOFJUI Loijig Distance . Every load against loss 28 40 . DeMaude Lathrop and" M. 28, 4o'" k - WeaVer "" £8 40 16.W 96 96 35 ' 96 33 96 You and each of you hereby notified that said ,„ °932? u - p — v ""° r? - at - thel r °« lce 28 28 28 28 28 as ... .................. DeMaude iLathrop and" M. IP. Weaver ., ,. ,. .............. 17.05 DeMaude iLathrop and. M. P. - V. Weaver ...... ... ........... ., 16.60 Grace Long ......... ; ......... . 8.66 Grace Long ......... ." ...... ;, ., 9.65 Owen and M. L. McEnroe „ ,. - 1S-88 Owen and M. L, McEnroe ., '. 7.78 Owen and M. L. McEnroe .... 9-65 Fred Seefeld .... .. , .......... 16.60 40 40 40 40 40 40 names appear in the within schedule are will come on for hearing before the 'Board Algpna, Iowa, on the 17tn day of November, ped to do all hauling and or Algona, Io Dated at Iowa, this 26th day of October, 1932.' 8-9 . JOHNSON. .County Auditor. MIMEOJI ADVJ cotton

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