Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1932
Page 5
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Fruits Vegetables 1 size —-^6 'or 25c potatoes, 8 Ibs. ______ 25c athan Apples, 6 ig . for 25c issel Sprouts 26c box Itlchokes —-10c each I Lettuce _2 for 19c [cumbers 9c each itoes, 3 Ibs. for 25c ; Coffee, 3 Ibs. 62c SEMINOLE IS SO 'R6LLS T [Coiton-Soft— a 1000 sheet rolls (Monte Coffee. u>. 32c • Coffee -. - u> 26c IHoney'J^f 19c . .Porgle. PKO 19c -PA'S ••-- '" ' •' •:>> Soap , .- *CAKEB 25c G Soap 10 ,?^ 25c (13H-OZ. DAH9»t at Butter 19c | (MAT ATLANTIC '* MCtrtC ' TBACO,ii > '•- {land China !oar Sale 40—HEAD—40 mrsday, ivember 17 I by A Wonder and Sil- ih. ' ;' " : ;-;.'- ; ' ; : •' • ale starts at 1 p. m, form south of Rolf e. Come."';l •;'..'..': ? he last time this season ;c HURST and his CHESTRA Attain you at the Lem, Bancroft, on *dne*day 1APPERS 'ION! and Gwe Departr the dosing season ta was .reepnsid- the open season on will be Nov. It) to in your Furs, GREENBERG , ji||^_ TAAii i._ J* ^^ffHw •I.* K089CTH COUNTY ADVANCB. ALOONA. IOWA with day morning. V-. f,* , , *•* I-'J *V 1LI1 -molted snow since Mon- who father, I. M. The Herman Hocttchers visited Creole ft ""-'•-ft,-!, t«Jf I(Jl S •Herman'* mother at holts Sunday afternoon. Donald Cook, who clerks at thr> Council oak .store, , lils been of duty ten days with pneumonia. Mrs. Andrew Hansen came Friday for a wcclc mother, Mrs. , Tohn Caughl-ln. Margaret ironmaster, who teaches at Corwltb, spent tho week-end a t her home with the Jos W AVmi« worths. Wads- ^•^^•^"•^^.Weet. 1 cnL d h, a i la I np Winbe8lven awft y >e night before Christmas. Mr. and M« C ha«. Kennedy, St. Mr J ° hn latter>s o hn, s> -™ other local relatives. Mr. Kennedy '" manager of an oil company on o , ontcruunert six ffate are the parents of a glr was Clara Gertrude Keneflck substituted at the city library Tuesday afternoon during the absence of Mrs. Lura Sanders. * Ella Lewis went to Strawberry -~ , - — v *•*•' tjn<L\v uerry Point Tuesday for several day 6 with Helene Harwood. She will also visit at Waterloo.- Mrs. William Ufford, of Aredale Butler county, wa e a guest of 'the P. B. Seeleys Monday noon. from Saturday til Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ehlers and Mr and Mrs..Peter Looft, both couples of «wea City, were guests at WII- llam Dau's Sunday. 'Erma StehleJs helping with the Pook-i*prk at District Court Clerk 0rton ;S'*fflfe in preparation 'for the November term of -court. -.#' i >Th)j:;,Roger Sanders family, Charles City, were guests last week Tuesday of Mrs. Lura Sanders, city librarian Roger is aeon of Mrs. Sanders. The Ri'-P.VNortons returned Sunday^ from Marshalltown, where Jliex h ^..yM ted alnce Friday with'^'Mr Norton's mother, Mrs. W.'A""N6r- ton '- •••-„/ -,-,-,'.n Mrs. Fred Kissinger, Mrs;'ip!'- ;i 'J Barker, and Mrs. E. D. McDaa.e»a of Dee Moines, were expected';yiet. terday for a few days with Algona friends. The Rev. and Mrs. P. j. Brarter motored to Buffalo Center Saturday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lenz The Braners were at Britt part of Sunday. Mns. H. H. Stewart and her moth T er, Mrs. Robert Lucas, Kanawha, spent Monday with the Dr. L. G. Bakers. Mrs. Stewart is Mrs. Baker's sister. Mrs. B. P. Ellsworth, Humboldt, and her daughter Shirley were guests Saturday of the L. C. Red- Inge. Mrs. Ellsworth and Mrs. ing are sisters. Mrs. S. D. Drake, Clear Lake, has asked to have the address of her paper changed to 1106 San Jose, Calif. Presumably she has gone there for the winter. Mrs. George Good, Spirit Lake, and her baby son spent laet week with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Be.nson. Mr. Benson took them, home Sunday. County Recorder Laura Paine spent -Sunday at Burt, where she attended a family, dinner honoring .her mother Mrs. Anna Stow'e birthday anniversary. Mrs. F. J. Clark and her eon Freff- erlck returned Tuesday from' >'tv"at- erloo, where they had gone Mtfhday. Miis. Clark sang at a P. E. O. meet- Ing, there Monday night. The A. J. Hertlgs, who have lived ri the 'Frank Geigel tenant: -house oh north Hall 11 years, will move ;hls week-end to the Rickep Bivos. tenant house on west State. , ( vi Mrs, F. S. Norton and her daughter Eleanor went to Keokuk one 'day last week for a tew days with ' the A. C./Fergusons. Mrs. Fergiistfn is another daughter of Mrs. Nort DrV and Mrs. F, L. Tribon' arid the latter's father, .F. A. M. Frost, we're at <Jalva.Sunday. Eleie Jones s.tayfid with: Mrs. Frost, who is gradually recovering from a recent severe feli. R. J. Laird, state Legion adjutant, will attend a conference of Legjo.h and Auxiliary officials at th'd'*'«*••: tional Legion-Auxiliary headquarters at Indianapolis next week Fri; day. : Mr. and Mre. H. M. Hauberg:-re- Burned last week Tuesday from Day,-, enprt and Moline. Mrs. Hauberg; had vfeited relatives there two Sve^ks, but- Mr. Hauberg was there only,a i few days. • v. 1 •:.;;;• ':• Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lamuth., .. fl| Faribault, Minn., came Saturday, 'fort an over-Sunday visit with th'«f.'. ; for f s. Eugene Murtagh „„,, ,, couples at dinner rK![bridge last Thursday night. The hifch bridge scores were won by Mrs A- K Kresensky and W. A. Lorenz. Kugcne Kencflck went to Mlnne- a.poll H last week Tuesday, after a few-days with his mother, Mrs. M. .T. Kenefick. He Is In the employ of a New York City company and has Minnesota and AVIsconsin as territory. Mr. and Mrs. .M. J. McCall, daughter Kathryn. M. J.'.s mother, Mrs. i'rnnk McCall, and Mrs. R. W. Horl- Kjin spent last Thursday at Des MdineH. Mns. Hoi-igan visited her mother, a Mr«. Anderson, who lives there. Claribel Clark, attending I. S. T. C., Cedar Falls, spent Saturday with her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. P. •'• Clark, and Betty Dahl, another student, was her guest. Claribel's brother Frederck took them back Sunday. Mra. Stewart Haseltlne, Madera, Calif., arrived last week Wednesday for a visit till the first of the year with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Cosgrove. Mr. Cosgrove, who has been in failing health for some time, is no better. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Oliver have moved to Maeon City. What Mr. Oliver is doing there, or plans to do, has not .been learned here. For three J'pars he -had been floor man at the Elbert Garage. The Olivers came to Algona from Whlttemore. |The Rev. M. A. SJostrand, pastor of .the First Lutheran church, spent Friday and Saturday with his parents at St. Peter, Minn., and attended homecoming at Gustavus Adolph- ue college. Mr. Sjostrand's father Is treasurer of the college. ' inhere will be a program, and ch will be served, at the school, Jse In Dist. No. 5, Whlttemore tqwinship, next week Thursday. The Tschoolhouee is four miles west, four miles south, and a mile west of Algona. Arlene Sundlng is teacher. <C. .There will be a school program at tEj'e Union schoolhouse. No. 6 next Week Friday night. The place is three miles north and three miles Svest of Algona. A quilt now on display at Neville's Toggery will be given away. Mrs. Irene Bjustrom teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hansen, Ti- •tonka, are parents O f< a daughter, •born at the Kossuth hospital Tuesday morning. She weighed 7% pounds, and has been named Sheila Ann. Mrs. Hansen was Agatha Caughlin. The Hansens are farming near Titonka. Attorney and Mrs. C, W. Conner, Des Moines, and the latter's sister, Matilda Germann, spent the weekend with the wqmen's mother, Mrs. Eva Germann. Matilda, who had spent a month with the Conners, is with her sister, Mre. M. J. -Eischeid, Whittemore, this week. Carl P. Miller, Chicago, visited overnight last Thursday with his sister, Mrs. Karel Horan. He is 'head of the Carl P. Miller, Inc., wholesale fruit and vegetable company, and was attending-to business' matters at some of the larger places in this state and Minnesota. Mrs. F. F. Barker, Des, Moines, her children, Frances. Walter,, and Barbara, -with Gertrude and Charles Morrow, went home Sunday after visits since laet Thursday here. The Barkers were guests of the A. J. Hert.igs, Gertrude the guest of Mary Elizabeth Foster, and Charles visited Vincent Isaacson. How the High School Voted S. class meets next Tuesday Mrs. N. A. Smith. The Methodist MV. F. M. S. meets today with Mrs, W. O. McCullotlgh, mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs.. L,ain'uth. Ralph Is manager.;.v Swift plant there. ' The Book & Gift Shop was' closed' Saturday by Sheriff Hovey,. who served an attachment writ In' - a collection suit brought by a ..whole*, sale,,..supply house. The .amount claimed is nearly $500. The Foster Furniture Store flls- rlbuted dodgers last week-end announcing- that an upholstered;.; dav- -nport, an upholstered chair,>fl^te- 7th and 8th Hoover 72 Roosevelt 54 Thomas o Field IIIIII72 Murphy 47 Turner 92 Hen-ing- "_ 3i Clark 71 O. Kraechel 42 Greenwalt G4 Mrs. Miller 55 Fischer 70 Storms 43 Johnson '. gS Wegman .4 Fletcher 7^ O'Connor 46 Thorrtburg 62 Murray -54 ' Mrs. Eugene Kenefick and Cldney Laird drove to Mason Mrs. City Saturday to meet Mrs. Hazel Olson, Chicago, who visited here and at Forest City till Sunday night. Mrs, Olson, who manages an apartment hotel, is the former Hazel Staley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Jesse Staley, -former Algonians. Lost week's. Emmetsburg Demo^ crat reported that one "Leland," Algona Rotarlan, had accompanied other Rotarlans here to a recent inter-city Rotary banquet at Emmetsburg-and tod flashed a "roll" without takers in an attempt to beit on Roosevelt against Hoover. There Is ho Algona " Rotarlan named "Leland." • - ' . The Rev. W. G, Muhleman, neiiy Methodist district superintendent, is new member of the Rotary club. For'some years 'he was a Rotarian at Eagle Grove. His work will take him out of town some Mondays, but M. E. LADIES' AID will-have a public supper at the church Saturday evening Nov. 12, starting at5 o'clock. MEN Chicken Pie Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Baked Beans Harvard Beets . Cabbage Salad Jelly Rolls Cherry Pie and Coffee Prices 35 and 25 cents Freshmen Sophomores 48 48 1 43 49 64 32 54 32 50 41 56 33 53 37 49 41 46 45 42 30 1 42 29 60 13 48 24 51 21 4S 23 47 24 48 23 45 25 Juniors 38 17 . 1 30 22 46 10 44 10 46 13 48 9 42 13 ' 30 11 42 12 Seniors 32 24 5 26 29 43 13 33 17 35 17 37 15 33 n 36 16 35 IS Totals 232 173 8 219 170 305 99 250 125 246 147 253 • 123 223 135 234 137 230 154 there are four/others towns in the district where he can make up attendance: Clarioni Clear Lake, Forest City, and Emmetsburg. J. P. Mullen, of 'Fonda, who was here with Congressman GHchrlst a week ago, took advantage of the opportunity to call on his old friend, Jos. W. Wadsworth. Many years ago they were associates on the state fair board. Mr. Mullen is now secretary of the 'Pqcahontas county fair, and inspected with interest the recent annual report of the Kossuth fair. , Peter Chubb, who had been in the employ of the -state highway . commission at Marehalltown during the last several months, came home last week Wednesday for a visit till after the holidays. He attended the state college, Ames, last ,-year, and expects to return after the first of the year. H e Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Chubb, and is taking electrical, engineering. . Mrs. James Altwegg, of Hampton, and her baby daughter, Frances Ann, went home Sunday with Mr. Altwegg, who came for them Saturday. Mrs. Altwegg had been with her parents, Mr/and Mrs. W. S. Windell, several weeks. The Alt- weggs formerly lived, at Lakota, but for the last year or more have been at 'Hampton, where, Mr. Altwegg is receiver of a closed 'bank. Mrs. Alice Cairy, Whlttemore postmistress and publisher of the Champion, and Mrs. Maurice Cullen, also Whittemore, were Algona callers Monday afternoon. Some months ago Mrs. Cairy employed R/ L. Burdine as Champion editor. She reported the Champion shop busy and said that Mr. Burdine was getting ready to print the November bar docket within the coming week.. Thirteen members of the local telephone exchange went' to • Clear Lake 'last week Wednesday evening to attend a Bell Telephone meeting at the Country club clubhouse: Mayime Betts," Evelyn Toothman, Larry Harris, Lillian Kressln, Mrs. Amy Geering, Esther Lamuth, Mr. and Mrs. Carol Johnson, Manager and Mrs. E. C. Hancher, Edward Gorman, .Cecil Beriner, and Virginia' Good.. ; •' '•'••' •'•.-•' ' ' Methodist ministers of the Algona district met at Wesley last week Wednesday for an all-day .business meeting. The'Rev.' W. G. Muhleman, new.district superintendent, presided, and Bishop F. D. 'Leete, Omaha, was in attendance. Bishop Leete spoke at afternoon and evening ses- , F. J. Clark, raster—The annual meeting takes •Place today, with supper at 6-30 followed by a business meeting Re- Ports of the year's work, election of officers and.committees,, and adoption of the budget will take place. The financial canvass has been successful, and the money to carry the church through another year has been pledged . . . Next Sunday: •Sunday school at 10 a. m. At 11 the morning worship will be a "Victory Service." Last Sunday we had a bumper" attendance with a choir loft filled with singers, and 25 In the two children's choirs. Next Sunday we shall have a "Victory Sing" aa a special feature. Sermon: "Victory year: Let's Defeat' the Depression,"' Junior choir and Endeavor at 3:30 P. m.; seniors at 4:20 and 5. .FIRST LUTHERAN, M, A. Sjostrand, Pastor—The choir meets for rehearsal tomorrow evening at 7:30. The Confirmation class meets Saturday morning at 9:30. Sunday school and Luther League Bible class next Sunday at 10 a. m Tht> Bible study will be Psalm II. Morning worship at 11. sions. The Rust college colored singers were also on the program. The Wesley Aid served both noon and the evening meals. Mrs. Edythe Dailey and Mrs. F. L. Miller, Frances Zender, and Dorothy Mangan returned from Minneapolis Tuesday night. Mrs. Dailey visited her mother, Mrs. Jennie Dye, and attended a Northwest Beauty and Trade & Style show at the Hotel Radisson early in the week, Mrs. •Miller visited her daughter, Mrs. Lawrence Crawford, and Frances epent several days with .the Mangans. Dorothy will visit here till late this week. Mrs. J. H. Taylor, Estherville, and her son Evan went home Monday; after a visit with the former's daughter, -Mrs. 'Leslie ,'. Samp: The Sampa have moved Into the Sorensen tenant house on north Minnesota street, and Mrs. Taylor, helped them get settled there. .Leslie,, wfoo is a graduate pharmacist, began work Monday at Paine & Sorensen'e drug store, were l)e clerked before he took his -pharmacy course and during vacations. Legion-Auxiliary Sfcet Hold— The eighth district Legion Auxiliary held it's 13th annual conference at Fort Dodge last week Tuesday. This district consists of 14 counties, with 77 auxiliary units. Fifty-six units have paid district dues, and all of Koesuth's active units have paid. Kossuth was well represented, with 25 persons In attendance. Mrs. Marie fitandley, Bopne, eighth district committeewoman, presided, and Mrs. Luella 'Schenck, Burt, Kossuth chairman, served on the registration committee. A double trio from the Algona unit sang two numbers in the afternoon. A report from the national convention at' Portland, Ore., was given by Mrs. Clara Conney, department finance chairman. Mrs. Esther j Thompson, state auxiliary .president, gave an address, and Mrs. Myrton Skelley, state department secretary, a talk giving information needed by units. Memberships and welfare work were much emphasized as each unit's goal this year. A Legion-Auxiliary membership contest has been under way In each district, county, and unit. Today, the closing date, te certain to find the Auxiliary in the lead. Kossuth has given the district strong support. The day at Fort Dodge was closed with a joint banquet, followed by dancing and cards. Mrs. Standley presided as toastmlstress; Glenn Gray, district commltteeman, acted as toastmaster. Addresses were given by Frank Miles, Legionaire editor,'R. j. Laird,-state adjutant, Mrs. Skelley, "Mrs. Thompson, and W. Earl Hall, state . Legion commander. Reception for Pastors, Teachers— The Methodist Aid gave a reception at the church Tuesday night for Dist. Supt. and Mrs. W. G. Muhleman, the Rev;.and-M;rs. ,C. V. Hulse, and the city teachers. The program follows: • Tpastmistress—Mns. J. F. Overmyer. ..'.•-.., ':..: '-. .'• ' '../ . '• Greeting from men—M. G. • Norton. Greeting from women—Mrs. L. J. Malueg. Response—The Rev. Mr. Hulse. Response—Dist. Supt. Muhleman. Music—Girts' Glee club, led by Miss Miller. - Duet—Misses Miller and Grosenbach. • Solos—Mrs. A. E. Michel, E.- A. Genrich, Paul Leaverton. The idea of a tent show with the program people as actors was carried out. Miss Wilson's normal training girls -finished the program with a little play, The Blue Gown. Entertained at Whlttemore— Mrs. H. E. Woodward, Whittemore, entertained 11 Algona women at a bridge-luncheon last Thursday. The gueste were seated at small tables centered with yellow candles. The high scores were, won by Mrs. C. 'H. Williams, Mrs. Walter Eraser, and Mrs. Brechtbill. Other guests were Mesdames A. E. Michel, Louise Hyde, Clarie Anderson, J. O. F. Price, F. E. Sawyer, E. R. Morrison, D.- H. Goeders, and W. C. Dewel. Mrs. Alice Cairy, Whittemore, was also a,guest. , ; 4-II Committee to Meet— . Mrs. Edw. Dittmer, Portland township, will be 'hostess, to the county 4-H club committee and leaders tomorrow, when an all-day meeting for the writing of the club project for 1.932 .will .take place.' Thf? meeting is. called for, 10 a. m. for county club, committee members. At one o'clock the local leaders will come. Florence .Forbes assistant state club leader, will help write the project and will discuss the project, new music, and games for the coming club year. first Guild Party Dnicd— The -first of a series of parties to be given by St. Cecelia's Guild was held at the Academy Monday night, with Kathleen Holtzbauer, chairman, in charge. Bridge and 500 were Played at 22 tables, and the high bridge scores were won by Reglna Berens, Bancroft, and F. C. Zender; the high 500 scores by Mr. and Mrs E. Stoeffel. After bridge refreshments were served, following which there was dancing to a local orchestra. Miscellaneous Shower"is Given—' Mrs. Henry Johannsen Jr., Mrs. Harold Kucker, and Mrs. R. O. Bjustrom entertained at a miscellaneous shower Friday in honor of Mrs. Harold Walker, the former Marie Cook 'Soulen. There were 32 guests. The afternoon was spent at games, after which refreshments were served. The Walkers are at present living with Mrs. Walker's mother, Mrs. Daisy Cook. Foiir-Ycnr-OM Gives Party— Rosanne, da'ughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Reding, was 4 Saturday, and to observe the event a group of children were entertained at games and lunch .in the afternoon: Betty, June Ann, and Virginia Lou Scan- Ian, Inez Harris, Corinne Dutton, Marcella. Coleman, Sonny Walker, and her cousin, Shirley Ellsworth, -Humbo.ldt. Second Parish Party Announced— The^ second, of a series of St.' Ce- .celia's" parish parties will be' given ;.Monday night at the Academy,: and bridge and 500 .will be played. At ten lunch '.^will be served, after which there' will be dancing. Cards will begin at 8. Birthday Is Celebrated- Mrs.. B. A. Thorpe entertained at four tables of bridge Saturday evening in 'honor of Mr. Thorpe's birthday. Mrs. S. A. Worster won the high score for women; D. P. Smith, for men. Following bridge, luncheon was served, Other Society News. The Congregational woman's Bible claes will hold a November party at Mrs., Henry Baler's next Tuesday; Mrs.' Ellis McWhorter and Mrs/ H. E. Morgan, assisting hostesses. Saturday evening the normal training students in the high school entertained graduates in normal training. More than 40 persons attended. , . There will .be a public supper and a bazaar next Tuesday night at the Doan Methodist church, five miles north and'one mile east of Sexton. The .H. S. had _a social evening in the old auditorium of the Bryant building Friday evening., .' , ; ; The...Methodist Bible Searchers S. BARTON DID NOT WITHDRAW NAME By G. C. Barton. Puyalliip, Wash., Oct. 30—According to tlhe Advance I aid not withdraw from the constable race. Welt I tried to. I went to the auditor'* office and asked Harley Bartlett the necessary procedure, and he Informed me that he knew of no way I could withdraw. Misa Johnson was not In the ofice at 'the time, as she was attending the republican county, convention. She possibly would have known what to do. I had no other opportunity to go to see Miss Johnson, so I let it yo. ' Since my name is on the ballot, I hope my friends vote for me, and if I am elected I will come back to 1 take the job. Politics here is warm. Thero W only one thing that may beat Roosevelt out of Washington, and. that la the Liberty party. This state is the stronghold of the Liberty .party. Out here most people, even the republican bosses, expect California, Oregon, and Washington to go democratic. Yet everything is being! done to elect republicans, even to coercion by mills, stores, and other, big employers of labor. If there was any doubt of the 1 West for Roosevelt, <i think it wa« ended by Sen. Hiram Johnson'* speech at San Francteco Friday; night. ^^' I am enclosing a clipping f ronl al Tacoma paper telling of John Red- Ing's death. i [Mr. Barton's letter was not n* ceiyed till after last week's papcci was out.—Editor.] , • MRS. G.' N.-SWANSOIT »AJX3, "I Tieve^believed'suelx' ^adio- 1 value*' cotiM.'be offered as,are being showri by' kJamfcle Stores.; Two' speakers— beautiful cabinets and everything^and Jtf only takes $5,QO'to'nave on* Installed Jn-' your home." 39-0 HAVE US ADDRJ38SOORAPH you* mailing list and save you'the expense and drudgery of typing. Oni; addresses cannot be told from typewriting.—Advance. , End Eczema If you have chronic eczema of many years' standing try Dr. Brickson's new remedy on "• a guarantee. Thousands recovered. James Rexall Drug Store, Al- sona. i H i N o f YOU OOKT < * D Mimeographing WE PLEDGE YOU HP 2m« : * : ~ Es® *:•:*:• W& 8S5S8! liSiSSil mm •K*X«K»V« *t| II Milli full weight and genuine IOUKI LOOK FOR... this Gutrtat** Oayourwtigbt t&Mt Tags i*i| *4f con/. [GRENADIER] 1 «CIIM«CCOIISOUOanQi [MILLERS C*CEK COAL With every load of Grenadier Coal you get our weight certificate, show- ! ing exactly how many pounds of coal ' you receive. And on that certificate ' is the written guarantee of the producers (one of the world's largest coal ' companies) that Grenadier Coal will satisfy you in every way. Look for the Trade Mark Tags scattered through i the coal, They positively identify the ! genuine Grenadier. You can't go : wrong when you order this better coal. | Our certificate and guarantee protect ' you t uUy —you must be satisfied* NADIER/ GENUINE CONSOLIDATION MIUEftf Cftli Sold and Guaranteed by ANDERSON GRAIN & CO! $« a'iff i-e&t. Jfc , ^ 4 .*/..;-:> ...j

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