Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 23, 1909 · Page 11
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1909
Page 11
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i SATURDXV MORNING, THE PITTSBURGH POST, JANUARY 23, 1000. Eleven A OOIET SESS IIU0C8L SHARES Few1 Stocks Showed Strength, While the General List ' ; Was Laggard. BIG CRUCIBLE DULL HIGHER Light Operations in Little Crucible, Electric, Seconds and Brewings, The local speculative market was as quiet as usual at the opening yesterday and the volume of trading did not indicate that wide Interest was taken in securities. The bulk of the trading was on the small lot plan. In several instances modest strength was shown but the demand for' stocks was not of a character to induce the belief that the public was anxious to get , into the market on a broad basis. In the afternoon trading was much smaller than in the morning and conditions did not change, the proceedings being of the laggard sort. The fluctuations in prices were few and small and the market was slightly broader than the previous session. There was an Increase in trading in both stocks and bonds. Sales 2.237 shares, against 1,479 handled Thursday. Some Interest was manifested in Crucibles the earlv part of the day, but trading in these shares was light and largely In smali lots. They showed firmness and the preferred established a slight further gain. The common stock was dealt in lightly at 7, but in the morning made no advance over the best price of the previous session. The preferred began with a trade at SS, an advance of Vz over the final price Thursday, and later in the forenoon- advanced to 59. The demand was not urgent but . as offerings were meager the stock advanced. In the afternoon Crucible common was lightly dealt in at the low price of the session and finished at a loss of H. Not much was done in Crucible preferred in the afternoon, but it maintained the advance and the final price was 53, a net gain of a point for the session. One small trade was made In United States Steel common at 5i?8, a net gain of 34. , Several brokers evidently had a few orders in the Westinghouse issues, but trading in them early in the day was not Important. Two members of the group were traded in, both lightly, and they did net make any gain over the final prices of Thursday. Electric Seconds was dealt in to the extent of 242 shares in the morning at 42, the price made at the finish Thursday, and the bid at noon was a fraction higher than the one made at the close of the previous session. Air Brake was lightly traded in at llliSni, which was a slight decline from the price made Thursday. In the afternoon Electric Seconds sold off a shade but the bid remained unchanged at 42. One small trade was made in Air Brake late In the day at 114. the decline for the session being . The market in brewing stocks was just twice as broad as It was at the previous session, two members being dealt in during tie forenoon as against one handled Thursday. Pittsburgh Brewing common was handled at IS and was quiet, and a little business was done in Independent Brewing common at 2i. Near the close of the day a block of Independent Brewing common was sold at 2. the loss for the day being . The market finished dull. FINANCIAL NOTES. "" TTJlliam H. Donner, of this city, has ; been olected a director of the Cambria Steel Company. - . Central District & Printing Teleeraph Company was dealt in to the extent of 20 shares at 114, ex-dividend, a loss of 2. A straw vote was taken on t,he floor of the exchange yesterday on the mayoralty candidates and the vote stood, Magee 42, Steel 3. , United States Steel preferred sold at 115 on the New York exchange. This is a new high record for the stock. The high previous record was 114, on November 4, 1908. . The Norfolk & 'Western has sold $10,-000,000 first lien and general mortgage 4 per cent bonds to Kuhn, Loeb & Co. . and the Guaranty Trust Company, of New York, Dealings in bonds included two issues. Philadelphia Company old 5s sold at 105, an advance of a point, and f 4,000 Pitts- - burgh Brewing 6s were sold at 97, a decline of y2. Dealings in the coal group , were very light, and but little attention was given these issues. River Coal preferred was ; dealt in to the extent of 6 shares at 26 ; and 25, a small advance. City authorities of Philadelphia have had presented to them, through the board of education, a proposal to issue a general loan of $4,000,000 for the purpose of purchasing school building sites. American Sugar Refining Company has made application to the New York stock exchange to !have $45,000,000 preferred and $45,000,000 common stock transferred from the unlirted to the listed department. Sugar was quite active and advanced sharply early in the day, but the gain was not maintained. It began with a trade at 130 and advanced to 134, reacting to 142? near the close on profit taking. ' Electric issues were moderately active on the New York board yesterday. General Electric opened with a trade at 1571.4. advanced a fraction, and near the close sold at 156. Westinghouse Electric brought 84 at the opening and yielded ELMEK A. ETJRIiINGAME Inventor of the Burlingame. Telegraphing Typewriter. THE EURLINGAME UNDERWRITERS : 11 Fifth Ave. Arcade Bldg.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Enclosed please find $ Dollars In payment of shares of the eaoital stock of the Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter Company at Six Dollars per share, par value Ten Dollars. Shares fully paid and non-assessable. Name Address under pressure,' selling' near the close at 83H- ' A private wire" to Henry Sproul & Co. 'ys that a row between Morgan and Harrimar. is brewing on account of the latter's demands to be admitted to the New York Central board and become chairman. The membership of John D. Armstrong was sold yesterday on the exchange at auction for S3.500. It was bought by the finance committee of the exchange. The price . was $150 off as against the previous sale. . Plans for the reorganization of the Chicago Great Western Railway Company are said to call for the raising of $30.-000,000, of which $12,000,000 is to pay the debts of the company and $18,000,000 is to go for improvements. The Philadelphia stock exchange seat of Darr, Luke & Moore, held in the name of A. F. Luke while he was a member of the firm, has been posted for transfer to Joseph H. Jloore, the name of the house having been changed to Darr & Moore. Gross and net earnings of 90 roads for month of November were: Gross, 519S.491.SS6, a decrease of $7,513,503, or 3.64 per cent; net, $'j,792.903, an increase of S5.736.1S5, or 9.55 per cent. For Ave months:. Gross, $9SS,515,61S, a decrease of $36,lt56,7ftS, or 8.S7 per cent; net, $349.135.Si52, an increase of $32,301,515, or 10.19 per cent. The thirteenth Quarterly dividend on the preferred stork nt the Wept Penn Rail- ways "Company, amounting to 1 per cent. win ne paia out or tne net earnings 01 the second quarter of the fiscal year ended December 31, 1908. on February 1. 1909, by check, to the stockholders of record January 23, 190D. Transfer books will be closed from Saturdav, 12 o'clock noon, January 23, to 10 a. m.. February 19, 1909, the latter date being necessary on account of the annual stockholders' meeting to be held February IS,, 1909. Statistics now available show that the export trade of the United States for 11 months of 1908 fell $170,000,000 below the figures of the identical period of the year before. The imports were $307,000,000 less than in 1907. The largest proportionate falling off occurred in diamonds and other precious stones to the value of $12,000,000, as against 532,000,000 the year before. Cotton manufactures stood at $50,000,000, against $72,000,000 in 1907, the falling off in importation being specially noticeable in laces and embroideries. Directors of the Crucible Steel Company have been called to meet next Monday morning at 11 o'clock for the purpose of electing a successor to the late W. G. Park, chairman of the board. It was stated on excellent authority that Herbert DuPuy will be elected, and he wiil accept on condition that he will be relieved of the duties of the position when another man qualified for the place can be found. Mr. DuPuy is the largest individual stockholder in the Crucible Steel Company and is at present one of the vice presidents of the company. . - ONLY LIGHT OIL WELLS IN LOWER SOUTHWEST. Development Work Not of Much Importance Ritchie County Producer, In the lower Southwest and Southeastern Ohio oil fields light wells are much in evidence. There is a large amount of work being completed, but not much of the kind that arouses interest In development work. On the Ritchie Mines tract, in Murphy district. Ritchie county, the South Penn Oil Company drilled its No. 45 into the salt sand and has a show for a 10 or 15-barrel pumper. On the same tract the same company drilled its No. 16 from the salt sand to the Big Injun and has a gasser. On 'Addis run. Grant district Ritchie county, the South Penn Oil Company's No. 4 on the E. J. Smith farm ia producing 50 barrels a day natural. In Union district. Wood county, the New York Petroleum Company has a 10-barrel producer at its No. t on the Elizabeth Musser farm. In the New Matamoras district, Monroe county, the Pure Oil Company completed its test on the Perkins heirs' farm and has a show for a six-barrel pumper in the Keener sand. In the same district. Warren Berry & Co. arllled their second test on the John Moore farm through the same formation and "have a six or eight-barrel pumper. In the Woodsrield district the Central Gas Company drilled its test on the Fred Rose farm through the Maxon sand and has a gasser. The Oil Market. Pennsylvania. $178; Tiona, $178; Coming, $114: New Castle, $132; Cabell. $132: .North Lima. $X 04 ; South Lima. S9c; Illinois, 68c; Kansas and Indian Territory. 41c; Somerset. $100; Ragland. 65c; Canada, $141: Producers and Rentiers, jl 7S. OIL. CITY. Pa., Jan. 22. Credit balances. $1 &. Runs, 305,174 barrels; average, 137,147 barrels, ) Shipments, ,172.395 barrels; average, 177,946 barrels. Wool Market. BOSTON. Jan. 22. The "Commercial Bulletin" of Boston, basing its report upon statistics gathered for the Government, will say to-morrow of the wool market: "The market is stronger owing to the advance in'Jvondon. Owing to scarcity of desirable offerings domestic wools have been quiet, but prices are very Arm and a few sales have been made at an an-vance. j "The shipments of wool from Boston ' to January 21. inclusive, according to the 1 same anthontv were CT .v 4 7 2.04 Bounds. against 9,711,471 pounds for the same time last year. The receipts to January 21, inclusive, were 12.7?4,T04 pounds, against 6.034.28? pounds during the sam period last year," Dry Goods Market. NEW YORK. Jan. 22. The dry goods market is more active m cotton goods and buyers are placing orders for fall cottons, such as blankets, flannelettes, etc. The! jobbing house trade is very satisfactory to date, the road business being especially good. The local wool market is firm, and there is an active call for carpet wools, which are in short stock. Cotton yarns are generally quiet but fairly steady. The Invention That The following Government cfficials, electrical Burliname Teleeraohincr Tvrewriter. and nffire nf W. M. Chutt Electrical Engineer Signal Corps. V. S. A. A. C. Lown Pac. Tel. & Tel. Co. R. H. Manahan City Electrlclan.Los Angele. A. E. Sunt. Tel. Have You Confidence No court In the land would disccunt the testimony of witnesses like these. Can you afford to shut your eyes and close your mind against what they say? s The field for the Burllnrame Telegraphing Typewriter Is beyond the conception of man. The number of machines that will be reaulred, the future size of the company, the amount Its shares will be worth, the money Its original Investors will make, the dividends that will be paid, can-Hjt be calculated. PITTSBURGH BOARD, The local stock market was not an aggressive affair and the volume of business was small transactions 2,237 shares and $5,000 bonds, compared with 1,479 shares handled Thursday. Yesterday's exchanges $7,333,198.90. against $7,203,753.64 the corresponding day a year ago; call loans quoted at 5i,ifTifi per cent. Crucible off V& ; do preferred advanced 1; Independent Brewing declined River Coal recovered ; Cable yielded 4 ; U. S. Steel recovered 34. Air Brake and Electric seconds ea-h yielded Philadelphia Company old 5s advanced 1; Pittsburgh Brewing 6s off 'ya; Membership sold off $150. PITTSBURGH QUOTATIONS AND TRANSACTIONS. Closing bids and offers: Thursday. Bid Ask. Stocks Stock Ex. Scat Cable Consolidated . Torcpah Kxt., Ariz.. Pittsburgh Consol ... Mont. sho. Con Interior Mining Mfro. U. & H Ohio Fuel Westinghouse Ists .. do. 2Js Con. Tee Crucible Steel do. pref Harbison-Walker .. do. pref Mon. River Coal prof Nat. Fire ProoSng... Pitts. Brewing Co do. pref Pitts. Coal Co. pref. U. S. & Signal Co... Bid. a k. 6 4a 4 t 47 , ' 7 1.01 , 5 12 o2 1 7" 13 (6" 42 '7 ..1.0.1 1.08 7 12 "1, 13 6-1 424 1 2fl 15 lS'i S9. 47i 92 I'M lll'i 2- IS 15Vi 42 74 17U S2 25:'i 41 U 7 08 si" 23H I 15H 39' 47V- IS 39 47 91 IS 47 90 : 17i2 14a 102'i 97' 3 734 do. nref Air Brake Ind. Brewing 2 do. pref 17t5 Am. Serwer Pipe 14au, BONDS. P., McK. & C. Es 10"4 Pitts. Brew. Co. 6s 97'i 112 3 IS 15 98 9S'4 Ind. Brewing 6? 9Vi TRANSACTIONS. 10 to 11 a. 10 Ind. Br. com. EG Cruc. com ... 10 do 50 Sewer Pipe . 35 do 9 Cruc. pref .. 2 do 24 5l-2 do. 18 647i 74 7H 15 15 68 10 17. S. S, com. 1 W. A. Brake. Ill 14 S. V. Cable... 11 do 100 El cc. 2ds 50-50-14 do. 214 214 42 42 S2 10 P. Brew, com IS 5 H.-W. R. prer 11 a. m. toJ2:30 p. n 10 Cruc 10 rln pref ... 69 I 15 Cruc. com ... Ei)u h p. Brew, com IS 2; do" 59 20 CD. & P.T...XH4 40 w" A. Brake. Ill si 20 Shoshone .. ..1.10 LIGHT DEMAND FOR LIVE STOCK AT HERRS ISLAND. Hogs Higher Cattle, Sheep! and Lambs Slow Calves Steady, Union Stock Yards. FRIDAY. Jan. 22 Brinkrnan, Wood & Beck, live stock conim:-sion merchants, furnish the following quotations: CATTLE. Xo fresh arrivals; market closed slow. Extra, 1,450 to l.bOO lbs $ 8 a 65 Prime, 1.SO0 to 1,4'ii ibs S 25ft 6 :0 Tidy, l.i'SO to 1.150 ibs..,..l... 5 "ioii 6 CO Fair, !M) to 1,1-X) lbs 4 7a a fcj Common. 700 to 9tU lbs 4 00 4 75 Common to pood fat oxen 3 U i 0U Common to good i'lt bulla , 3 Of 4 85 Common to guod fat cows 1 5i."!i 4 51 Hellers, 7O0 to l.luO lbs 3 5t 5 50 Freeh cows and srri.pers It OG$j55 Oj HOGS. Receipts 13 doub'e-deck loads. The market ruled active and tJilOe ier cwt. higher on the best weight grades; about steady on piga and light. Heavy mixed $ 6 45? G $0 Prime heavy hog-tf fi 5 i i Prime medium weight 6 4 -645 Hest heavy Yorker ti r 8 .15 Good light Ycrkers 6 0' i 6 U Pigs, ss to juu!ity 5 5 ji 3 79 Common to good roughs & Virij 5 9) Stags 4 ZJ0 4 75 SHEEP. Receipts light; demand light; market flow ami -lower. Prime wethers $ 5 liVjj 5 " Good mix?d 4 Tsii 5 Oi) Fair mixed ewes and wethers 4 0f 4 5 Culls and common 'J 0 y 3 5 Culls to choice lambs 5 0 4? 7 :S0 G004 to choice jejrtinga. ........... .. 6 i5r'f 6 23 1 CALVES. Receipts fair; demand light; market alow; 1 steady prices. Vf-al calves J 7 CO 9 50 Heavy and thin calves 4 Ov 0j BUFFALO, Jan. 22. -Cattle Receipts 350 head; slow and steady; prime steers. $o 25'(6 5C. Veals Rev eipts. 700 head; active and steady, lios Receipts, 10,2u0 head; fairly active and stronger to 3c higher; mixed, ?6 5nfi3 ."; Yorkers, $5 80 gu 50; pigs, $5 aii5 00. Sheep and lambs Receipts. 50,000 head; slow; ecs stead y others, 10j55c lower; lambs, $5 Wti725; yearlings, J5 006 25; wethers, $5 (")H5 25;. sheep, mixed, $2' 50i4 75. CINCINNATI, O., Jan. 2l'.-Hocs-Re-ceipts, 5,711 head; easy; butchers and shippers. $'j 40; common, $4 5tv;5 50. Cat-tle Receipts, head; slow and weak; fair to Rood shippers, $5 OOftfi 00; common, 4' SO'itS IM. Bheep Receipts, head; slow and lower, fi (OvjS 10, Lambs slow and lower, $4 75:97 50. NKW YORK. Jan. 22. Reeves Receipts, 1.557 head; '.stters badly demoralized and lac lower; bulls and cows 10c to 15c off, except thin cows, which were steady. Steers, $4 WWrS 50; hulls, $3 75?rt 00; cows, $2 1514 25. Liverpool and London cables quoted live cattle steady at 13c to 13c per pound dressed weight; refrigerator beef Felling at loUc to lOVfce per pound. Exports to-morrow, 4.975 quarters of beef. Calves Receipts, 593 head; feeling: weak: veals, $6 00JO (w; culls. $4 OfK 5 00; Indiana calves. $ fXi'&o 00. Sheep and lambs Receipts, 1,t;27 head; sheep easier; Limbs, P to 13c lower; sheep. S3 0 Ki 4 75; wethers, $5 23; culls. $2 tO-lj.2 75; lambs, $t? 45; culls. $5 (K. Hogs Receipts. 3.CC0 head; feeling easier; no sale reported. KANSAS CITY. Mo., Jan. 22. Cattle Receipts. 1.600 head, including: 3U0 bead Southerns; market steady; choice export and dressed beef steers, $5 75ft fiO; fair to good, $1 5U'a5 75; Western steers, $4 2V'(- 6 00: stockers and feeders. S3 30,f?3 .in": ! Southern steers, S4 25:ii5 75; Southern cows, 52 G0U4 Z; native cows, $2 004f 4 75; native heifers, $3 20f;5 75; bulls. 13 VvZi 4 60: calves, S3 bMil 25. Hog Receipts. 10.000 head; market 10c higher; closed weak; top, $3 35: bulk of rales. $5 7.V( 25; fieavy, $i 20&6 :i5; packers and butchers. $5 SGti 30; lights, $3 50'aH 15: pis, $4 25fS 5 40. Sheep Receipts, 1,000 head; market piWssWlBPsH1WG'flWsBBSBnBBBsBsF5H iAdLssTflgl- irVl I ssffcsTTl TJ The RnrlinMme Tlnderwrifrc Nn 11 PtTfTi A ,T.o Arorlo Piilnr dk.- Dn 0 -. Lieut. W. J. Gilbert tj. s. Revenue Cutter Service. Harry W. Conklin Signal Corps, TJ. S. A. Charles S. Paneco Home Tel. & Tel. Co. Roome P. E. Ry. Co. Make all checks, drafts and remittances payable to The Burl!rsame Underwriters, No. 11 Fifth Avenue Arcade Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. i STOCK MAY ADVANCE TO PAR WITHOUT NOTICE AT ANY MOMENT. 12:30 to 2 p. m. 20 Cruc. pref ... 59 , 50 Fire F. pref 15-15 do 69 1 R. Coal pref.. 5-10 do 59 I 1,000 Pitts. Con .. 9 W. A. Brake, lilt I 2 to 2 :30 p. m. 5 R. Coal pref.. 25 12,000 P. Brew. 6s $1,000 Phil. Co.o.as 105! $2,000 do. ........ 13 26 .OS 97 97 t 2:30 to 3 p. m. 1 Membershio S3.50O 20 Cruc. com ., 1 W. Elec. 2ds. 8 414 200 Tonopah Ext.. .49 50 Ind. Br. com. 2H The following summary of the day's business shows the high, low and final prices; also change as against last previous sale: t Last Sales. High. Iow. sale. Ch'ge. 20 CD. &- P.T. CO. xll4 XU4 XU -2 95 Cruc. Steel com. 7S4 131 Cruc. Stec! pref. 694 10 Fire Proof, pref. 15 5 H.-W. Ref. pref. S2 ' CO Ind. Brew. com. 24 U Pitts. Brew. com. IS 1,000 Pitts. Consol .08 6 River Coal pref.. 28 So Sewer Pipe ...... 15 ' 7 584 15 82 24 18 .08 25 15 1.10 214 .49 - 4 1 0 0 - 4 0 .01 0 0 - 0 434 F9 15 82 24 18 .08 25 15 1.10 214 .49 64 200 Shoshone 1.10 25 S. U. Cable 214 :m Tonopah Ext ... .49 10 IT. S. Steel com. 5476 50 West. Air Brake. 111 1U 1114 215 West. Elec. 2ds.. 42 414 : 414 2,237 BONDS. $1,000 Phila. 5s. old 105i 1051 1064 1 4.000 Pitts. Brew fis... 97,-i 974 97' A $5,000 MEMBERSHIP. IP. S. Exchangre..'3500 5330 $3500 150 Less than 10 shares. xEx-div. or ex-int. JAt auction. t r ern yearlings, $5 50t8 60; Western sheep, j ti (W5 DO; stockers and feeders, $3 00 j 4 75. CHICAGO, Jan. 22. Cattle Receipts estimated at 3.C00 head; market steady; steers. $1 0:37 15; cows, $3 00(a-3 50; heifers, $3 005 75; bulls, S3 40g3 00; calves, $3 &0'a"7 75; stockers and feeders. r-oS 15. Hogs Receipts, estimated at 23,000 head; market 5c to 10c higher; choice heavy shipping, P 5tKii6 5o; butchers. $0 406 50; light mixed, $5 i05f 6 choice light, $0 0CQ:6 10: packing. So wifi 40; pigs, $4 Toffio 55; bulk of fales, $6 0036 35. Sheep Receipts estimated at r.,000 head; market weak; sheep, $4 '.'$ 5 50; lambs, $5 257 65; yearlings, $5 CO $M CO. MARKET OPINIONS. By' private wire to Henry Sproul & Co.: In "face of reactionary feeling at the close stocks seemed to be well bought on the decline and the greatest losses were not enough to create uneasiness. From a bullish point of lew our position remains unchanged and we do not hesitate to advise the purchase of good stocKs on further weak spots. To Robinson Bros.: The afternoon market was reactionary throughout, led by a decline of In Steel common, the selling being generally credited to profit-taking. The notablv strong features were Cotton Oil National Lead and North American, the latter rising 4 points, one-half of wich was lost in the late trading. Rv private wire to Cht'.ds & Chllds: The strensth In Steel was due to rumors that the tariff revision would not be drastic. Th'.c also had a good effect on othr stocks notablv Sugar, which advanced over 4 points." We still, however, look for a trading market for the time bemg, and although prices may go a little higher we would not climb for stocks, but would await reactions on which to buy, taking profits on bulges. By private wire to Scully. Painter Beech: The market asrain demonstrated toAdav its highly professional character. Toward noon it looked as if we might really be in for quite a rise, as under the leadership of the United States Steel storks evervthins: was strong and fairly active. The" buying power, however. wis apparently noon exhausted and in the afternoon prices settled back in the same old uninteresting way. MilVr & Co.: The bank statement forecast is a very satisfactory one, again calling attention to the satisfactory position of the money market to which, after all. much attention should be given. By private wire to Henry Sproul & Co.: Th wheat market has again been a narrow, choppv affair, the break that was considered due as a result of the bearish foreign news Is not materializing. Casn demand slow, but inquiry good and sample tr:ees are high in all directions, while receipts continue light. Outlook for scalp-in e mark"t unless shorts gt too anxious and boost values in their effarts to cover. Metal Market. NEW YORK, Jan. 22. The London tin market was a shade higher at 123 12s M for spot, but unchanged at 12S 7s 6d for futures. The local market was quiet, with pot quoted at $27 ".Vf?28 00. Copper ndvaneed to ITs 8d for spot and i-iio ITs 6rl for futures in the ln-di n market. The local market was dull and nominally a little lower, with lake quoted at $14 "1il4 25; electrolytic t $13 2Hf 13 75 and casting at 3 &W(13 624. Lead was unchanged at 13 2s 6d in Ixndon. The local markft was dull and unchanged at $4 lCr'&4 20. Spelter was unchanged In both markets, being quoted at 21 2s fid in Lonion and at $5 UXa5 15 locally. The Knglish iron market was higher, with Cleveland warrants quoted at 4s 10U.rt. The locl market was tm-chnnjred. N". 1 ifoundrv northern, $17 CO f)17 7.r: Xo. 2, $16 7317 2.3: No. 1 southern and No. 1 southern soft, $17 2517 75. If there ever was a specific for any one eomplilnt, then Carter's Little Liver Pills are a specific for sick headache, and every woman should know this. Only one pill a dose. Try them. H experts and others have been eye-witnesses to a all have sipmed a sbtpmpnt th nrimnnl nf niVV. , i i.ku iivwuuu .txi- ijunuiiit;, aiusuuiu,! ia. C. J. Wendell Wire Chief Home Tel. & Tel. Co. J. Griffin Chief Electrician. TJ. S. Kavy. Saml. W. Beck 3 st. Lieut. Signal Corps, TJ. S. A. In the Judgment of Announcement Extraordinary This wonderful invention has been developed by prominent San Francisco people, but owing to the high cost of materials and transportation charges in the west, the manufacturing plant w-ill probably be located In Pittsburgh. As the machines are rented, not sold, the plant may attain the ' proportions of the PITTSBURGH WHOLESALE BAD BOYS PERSIST IN TEASING SISTERS. A Few Choice Brotherly Love Stories Which May Be True and Which May Not, "Boys sometimes annoy their little sisters and sometimes they vex and and annoy their big sisters." said the Green Goods Man. as he made a noise like a horse-fiddle. , j "I know a boy that poked the eyes lout of hia little sister and filled the Moles wdth hot parched corn, which vexed her very much. The little boy thought it was funny, but the sister failed to see he joke. Some girls are very stupid. "In sister's eye Bill poked a nail. Which, when pulled out, it broke; While , sister laughed till she was pale, But couldn't see the joke. "It is simply remarkable what sisters will stand from brothers, that is, some sisters. There are some sisters that won't take a thing, not even money. There are sisters that imagine their brothers are real good, while other girls think they are a bad lot. "Willie Jones, he had a. sister. But one day her mother missed In the sea he said he'd flung her, , But, cute boy, he'd only hung her. her. It's cure iealousv and grreed on the part of the f ' . . , . . v ! , 1 . : . . ... .J 4-twA n babv boy. tie uuhkb i"s s iuucs w.-. pood things will be curtailed and always uppercuts the little one when mother is not looking. "There was a 4-year-old from Ohier, With a baby sister namer Marier; He shoved off her noes. And sawed off her toes. And threw what was left in the fier. Pittsburgh Jobbing Markets. Trade continues to move along slowly. There may be some improvement in a few departments but the Increased volume of trade is not yet large enough to attract attention. Many jobbing concerns feel they are doing well if they make expenses. The call for dry goods is fair but not of an exciting character. Retailers take moderately ot faorics that come into use at this period of the year, but are not taking freely for spring distribution. The ireneral conditions of the grocery, hardware and lumber trades have not changed in any material sense lately. The demand for apples continues good. Fancy stocks are in request and prices on best grades are maintained. The early part of the week considerable Inferior stock was dumped on the market which served to caune an easy tone on lower grades. Box apples from coast States are in .steady call. Strawberries are gradually working to a lower level and cranberries are a drag at a sharp reduction from the prices asked a short time since. Cabbage isiin modest demand, buyers being a little shy because of the high prices in force. Onions are much higher than they were a few weeks ago, owing to moderate supplies. New Southern stuff Is In light demand and dealers are willing to make concefsions rather than have a buyer pass them up. ter ' ) Swiss Impd 2529e earn. tubs.34:ff34Vic( Roquefort 35c 1. prints ..-35-'f 33!Cj Domestic Swiss. ...lc BUTTE K, EU(i A.1 v.ricr.o& Butter, ..25S29o cream 3.-M3 An fic do! country ...IMfiZlc N. Y. flats 1301SC Pa. & O. crm.24a?ac do., bakinp. 19c Cheese, Hrlckstein l!flc Limbereer l"c Ohio lac Picnic lo Esrs. fresh 30331c stor.. candled... 29-ffS0c do. bis; lots....27a2So Swiss biock lfi POULTRY-LIVE. Spring rhis 13ai4c; do. yoting Cocks lb. Hi. tici Geese, lb, .. Hens, lb. Wu 14:TurKeys, lb.. DUcks, old 12ift3e.j POtTLTRY DRESSED. ....13314c 9&l0e ....IS'9200 Sprlnsr chlx ..'..lS'siJOc! Turkeys Frying chickens l:nj2rc Hens lS:c fuil dressed ...Oc dry pick 25c West. drefBed..I4?r2.: Ducks. . . i . . .r,rln nTrisr 1 liiiineit Tren. nr i3C do.. Long ls'd.20'tfiic; Squab guineas, pr..$1.25 do., old i5'i FI)UR. patents, spring; winter I Kansas $3.505.55 .J3.9fKr5.95i Rye $4.404.50 .$5.fcSi.&iUtabam, case $2.75 nit. Cation. 110 deg....l2c VRt? T"hlto 12'c Linseed, bbl 51f :.2c Miners 33336c Carnardine Packages, Arlosa. .... Rlo Bulk. J v va .... .Mti ha .. .laWciOllve. case S4.3t)&13 ROASTED COFFEE. I Mexicar 13c lG.55cMHracaibo 16c 15.&jc Golden Rio 14c J Rio, A-grade ..12c 2r.c Ohl Rto 14o 38c: Old Santos 14'7ic FISH. IHnlianrt. It rp keo X'ackcrel. ext. shore, paiis. .$l.lf' Iako herririft.. 4Sc do., med. tub $4J.akeflsh. pall 50c Codfish WiciMarlnee, hrgs, pail..7Sc CANNED GOODS. Beans, doz 45ci 11.73! Tomatoes, do. baked. ..9rcp Jl .j seconds 704r93c Corn, doz 7:o$l.i thirds S5ci$l.30 Peaches, str. .$l.lX"2.25Cortied beef ...$ 1.502,40 do. pie. teal $1 Veal loaf 90cv(Jl.4o Peas 70c1$1.65 Salmon- 90c4i$2.25 Pumpkins ihy 93c. Sardines. Imp. 95cfi $2.70 Pineapples 75cffj$2.wi do., d o mestic. tic S) $1.20 rnnpicii. itrt'its Bananas, fancy seconds ....$1.2STf 2 Oranges. Fla'..L75tfiT60 ,Wfr "e Pineapples $ 2 Q-2 . 50 jOrangtis, cal. n $2(ff3 eight-hands 50 I.inloa npr 1(0. .STicTl $1 iTansrerinea 'rv?f . 5Q4 as Startled the Whole R. C, Shepherd Chief Electrician. U. S. Navy O. P. M. Hazzard Chif Quartermaster, TJ. S. A.. Cal. G. B. Dittman City Electrician, Los Angeles. J. B. Lauck i Adjutant General of California, Stock in the BurHngame Telegraphing Typewriter Company is now being offered for sale at 55 per share, par value $10, fully paid and nonassessable. Like all other great inventions, the BurHngame Telegraphing Typewriter Company must be financed. The opportunity is now offered to secure shares at $6 per share, payable in cash or In six monthly payments. Books and descriptive matter forwarded upon request. Address The Burlingams Underwriters, largest In the world. PRODUCE QUOTATIONS. DOMESTIC FRCITS. Apples, Strawbriea, Fla.25'S33c Vol., No. J.,..S4.50S. Cranb'ries, bbl..."S; ao. No. 2... $2.753.75 do., bx. fcy.J1.75'S3.50 do., crate . iogj4.au VEGETABLES. I Parsley .... 78li soci Watercress lot s. S0r 83c ( Horserad ish , Potatoes, car lots .. do. snil. do. ntore 25c 2025c bbl.4.605 1.25 Du...So&90c do., ubl. .. kiln ITtarlieh Inn. do. N. J.. dz.20&2ic dried S3.50(K-a.75l A At. .IKiSSOC do. hamD...S1.10fl.25iRiita'.,., UM ' J1.25 do. Br' da do. bu 3840c Beets, bbl. J 11.50 do. new di 50fa55c Celerj". Ohio 4OJf0c l- Cal SB'S 5.25 Pumpkin, bbl...$l1.25 Squash, bbl $1!T1.25 Lftce, NA.bbl...S4.503 do., hamp tl.50'?ll.73 do. Ash 404i'50c Carrots. bhl..S1.25'ai.40 Turnips, bbl SI'S!. 25 Parsnips ....$L50ftrl.7a C'abge, G.S.ton..$4j42 do., car lots $3S--40 do. bbl. ...2.i5'a2.50 do. box 4a,50c Caul'er, crt..$1.2T.'51.50!Mushrooms. ih....3mXc. f:pgrplant. bx.$4. 25(54. 5 -1 ioes, t"ba,ct.?2.Sd(l2.50 do. Fla. bx $23 Cuks.. h h Iiot- SlOifi 12 Garlic 55?6c Beans, green.$2.75'S:3.2j do., wax $3.50!g4 do., Fla.. hamp. $3!f 3.50 Onions. Kale, bbl 90cei$l Ohio. bbl. 22.25 Endive $4g4.25 do. bu 80e Shallots, dz. 30a-35e do., sack ........$1.60 Escftrole. bbl....$44.50 do. Spanish. $1.651. 73 Asvaragus, dz...$5.50.6 Spinach. bbl..St.40(aT.50Rhub3rb, dz 75f8(io do., hamp...,.435i30ciGrepn ppp., Fla...js9 buuA rt x , kj. fc. 1 in s BURGH. Standard Standard, Rranulated, lb...4.S."c do., 2-lb. pkgs..5.0f.c do., bags ,.5.05'S'5.15c Cubes 5.15c Con. A 4.8O0 Yellow 4.604.55c N. O. dark 4 .40a do., pwd. ,.5.WS5.05c GAME. Snap, turtle 7c White squabs, 1 7 lb. to doz I $4 Rabbits. pr......3035c do. Jack 75'380c Squirrels 3035c Quail, doz $43 Pls, pr S5.50 PEAS AND BEANS, Beans. navy..$2.50ffr2.53 .feas, green, hag $2.1052.20 do., split. bar.. 12. 204 do., red kld.$2.40??2.50 do., M,rfd..$2.63'S2.75 do., Lima ..B'35!ic do., Mar..bs.$2.lxg2.20 NUTS. Filberts Ufl4c Pecan, lb ...Ilf?l4c Brazil nuts, lb..WfrHc Almonds, lb 15018c Peanuts. lb....5H'?6Hc Engr. walnuts.... ll-Slfic Walnuts, lb ltVic Shellbark 78o CEREALS. Cornm'l, bale.$2.102.20) barrels $ Hominy, bug $1.90 case $1.603.50 Oatmeal, bbl $8.75 keg- $S.16 Rolled oats, j Puffed rice, case, ..$3.60 frtu VISIONS Bacon, Shouders, skinned.. 8H0 Dry salt meats. Hides 9V4c bellies, 2023 lb... 10c do., 16320 lb 10"io do., under 16 lb..l0V4c Dry salt smoked meats. sides 10Ho bellies, 23-25 lb.. .11c do., 1620 lb llc do., under IS lb..HV4o Lard, pure, tierces ...,10c rib tmmZMc clear 11i3I3c Hams, j large, 18 lb. irp..llc med'm, 14H?18 Ib.lOc small. 12314 lb. 1014c do., 1012 lb..-.10ic ' do., 8310 lb.....lOie skinned ....12g;i2c boneless bolled.-lS'.-ie California 7c fcnoulders, , N. ; Y. . cut 8c DRIED FRUITS. Apples, evap 89ejrange peel, lb.llWo Currants 7fi-844c Peaches 8g9c jprieots ... Dates, lb... Fls. lb.... Citron 1012c Lemon peel 12fl20 bWa iVic Raspberries, lb.. .2324o 8& 12c Prunes ... ..1616ci MISCELLANEOUS. Honey. case..1.502.15j do., choice do., strained, lb 9c do., Japan do.. Col., case.$3i33.25iVinesrar. ral ....61 ..928c Cider, gal 18g2QcSauerkraut. kegs. ..$3. 75 Rice, fancy.... ....78c HAY, GRAIN AND FEED. These prices are for car lots based on actual transactions. Retailers charge a slight advance. No. 1 tim'y....ri41tl4.50 No. 1 mixed. ..$11.50312 do. No. 2....$12f12.75 do.. No. 2... .$10?10.50 No. 1 cl.. $10U1 Straw, oat $Si8.50 do. No. 2 J10.50&111 rln whoit "Jl 1 I do. rye I10S10.50 OATS, RYE, vVHEAT. Corn, 2 y. s y. 3 y. No. Oats, e. c. n 7l!g72c do.. No. 2 65?55Hc No. 3 54fi54,Ac e. c. n 69'270c s 6641 1 Oe 4 y. ....64S64V4c do.. do.. No. 4 53:53&c MILL EEED vThite middlings, 1 Brown mid..... S26.5027 1 2350.tr30C.W.W. bran..$2525.50 do. No. 2 S27.50fir;Sf , RECEIPTS BULLETINED. i enrsyivania lines, Manchester varda 15 cars feed, hay, cars nay. la cars corn. 13 cars oats, 4 cars 1 car straw, 1 car rye; B. & O. 4 cars 1 car corn; P. & L, E. 7 cars hay, 4 corn. 1 car oats. v BLAME SAND DIGGERS FOR CLOSING CHANNEL Steamer Diamond Put to Work Scraping Away the Obstructions. Hivermen are annoyed by the sand lumps in the Ohio," particularly at Duff Har, near Davis Island dam, caused by sand-diggers. Navigation has been affected by these obstructions and yesterday the steamer Diamond was put to work scraping- them. Compleinta have been registered against this practice to the United States engineer. Rivermen claim it is a violation of the Itw, and steps may be taken to compel the crews of sand-diggers to prevent such obstructions in the channels. These obstructions are caused, it Is claimed, by the depositing of gravel and other refuse substances from the sand-diggers. The Kxporter is held up at Shotrsetown and the Valiant and Charlie Brown at Ketvickley. They will be three of the ninny torvboats 1 which will leave with coal on the next rise. Stages -were Davis island, 5.9, rising; Freeport, 6.9. Rfver Telegrams. WHEELING, W. Va. River 10.1 feet and falling. Clear and warm. BEAVER. Pa. River 7 feet 6 Inches. Cloudy and warmer. STEUBEN VI LLE. O. River 6 feet 6 Inches and stationary. Clear and cool. PARKERS BURG, TV. Va. River 8.5 "feet and falling. Cloudy and warm. POINT PLEASANT, W. Va. River 10.8 feet and fallinjf. Cloudy and warm. GALL1POLIS, O. River 14 feet and falling. Cloudv and pleasant. MOROANTOWN. TV. Va. River 8 feet and stationary. Cloudy. OIL CITY. Pa. River 1 foot 10 Inches and rising-. Clear and mild. WARREN. Ia,. River .8 of a foot. Fair and warmer. " GREENSBORO, Pa. River 8 feet 4 inches and stationary. Cloudy and warmer. Wet Goods. CINCINNATI, Jan. 22. Whi-sky, $135. demonstration of the ;e nn fil in th Chr. Hollander Govt. Wireless Telegraph Service. S. T. Thos. MeCafFery Supt. Transportation PaciHc Electric R. R. Arthur L. Furner fnnt. Coast Artlll.i-c fnmm Chief Signal Offlcer. TJ. S. A. These Men? INSURANCE STATEMENT. THIRTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL STATEMENT HUMBOLDT HRE INSURANCE COMPANY of N. S., Pittsburgh, pa., for the year ending December 31, l'Mi: ASSETS. Bonds and mortgages $7c-0,30 S3 Real estate M.T.tft fO Rills receivable 4,342 42 Cash in office and banks SS,8i5 73 Collateral loans 22.B15 rO Interest due and accrm-d 13,63:) 13 Rent due 1S9 50 Agtnts' balances 53,547 :4 Premiums unpaid 6,145 31 Interest accrued on collateral loane.. 242 IS Total i $503,734 33 LIABILITIES. Capital stock ?20V0l) Unpai.l lc8fs 4 85.816 SJ Re-insurance reserve, S&3.2U 29 Other liabilities 4.92S J Jiet surplus 262.713 15 Total $?33.7S4S3 RECEIPTS. GroFS premiums $554,693 II Return premiums and reinsurance 121.297 10 Net premiums $433,338 11 Interest and rents 40.7D1 8 $174.159 63 DISBURSEMENTS. Fire losses ....$156,453 94 Expense 178,522 93 $334,976 87 Receipts over expense $139,212 J2 Dividends paid in 1908 32,000 00 A. H. TRIMBLE, Secretary. 121izu WHEN YOU SEE THINK OF PITTSBURG TRUST CO. 823 FOURTH AVE. H.A.MARLIN ' BROKER, . Member Pittsburgh Stock Exchanges Direct Wlr to New York. Phones, Bell 1373 Court. P. & A. 710 Main. ' 237 Fourth Ave. A. E. MASTEN & CO., BROKERS 323 Fourth Ave, Vander grift BIdg. JIVew York Stook Exchange. BoNton gtock Exchange. Pittsburgh Stock Exchange. Chicago Stock Exchange. Chicago Board of Trade, Ner York Metal Exchange. My Own Exolnalve 5ew York Wires. Established 1S63. ROBINSON BROS., Members Kew York & Pittsburgh Stock Exchansrea. WOOD A.I DIAMOND STS. HENRY SPROUL & CO., Members JTetr Y'ork Stoefc Exchange Fast Quotation wire service. Cemmenwealth Buildinz. JANUARY UlVESTMEfJT In Kansas Natural Gas 2nd Mortgage Gold Bond RETURNS OYER 8 PER CENT We Recommend Same ROBERT C. HALL FIRE INSURANCE OFFICE. CHAS. P. SMITH & CO. Representing the following companies: National Fire Insurance Company ot Hartford, Conn. Northern Insurance Company of New York. India Mutual Insurance Company ot Boston. , 804 and 806 Arrott Building-. PITTSBURGH. PA. H. P. TAYLOR & GO. 248 Fourth Ave. WILL BUY El Paso Electric Co. 5 Bonds, due 1932. MY&ioatisrocxs Bm353CayAr. ficAS'A'H JOHN B. BARBOUR $ CO. STOCKS O BONDS SOI Magfr (formerly Times) Building. Members the Pittsburgh Stock Eaehange Orders for storks and bonds executed on all Exchanges and Curb Markets. 561 CourtW. J. BLACK & CO. 253S Mala Members Pittsburgh Stock Exchange. 205-6 Colombia Bank Building. Bell 327 Court. P. & a. 2021-M Mala. LOUIS DUNKBR CO, Bankers &. Brokers. Machesney Building. Pittsburgh, Pa. Mining Securities. Sn York and Local Stocks. Bought on Cash Margin or Installments World Eurling-ame Telegraphing1 Apparatui Attached to a "Stearns" Typewriter. j THE BURLIXGAME UNDERWRITERS: 11 Fifth Ave. Arcade Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. Please send me full information and literature about the BurHngame Telegraphing Typewriter and the Company, without any obligation on my part. Name ... stress 1

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