Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1932 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 10, 1932
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GONA TEAMS EVEN IN THREE GAMES |The Algona Independent football defeated Fairmont on the local Sunday, 6-0, In a last minute i score came, on a "break" for , locals . The ball was on the 25- line In Algona's i possession, rth down and IS yards to go. A 9 was called, and the Algona re. w and ; three -Fairmont players jilt after the ball at the same time, [falling in a heap.. Interference i the receiver was called, and as [result Algeria received -the ball on 3-yd. line, where the interter- j took place. Nordstrom took the til lor the only score of '. the game. [The first I>»1* w? 3 slow, neither _. able to do much. The Fair- tnt line'was (he best Algona had me up against 'this .season, and L Algonlans used passea to make '_ of -.their J gains. Both teams ight successfully when their goals > threatened'and :tield for downs. |The Algona ecdre.was made with two minutes left to, play and ien-'it appeared as-if , the game mid end in a. tie..-. Game Here Sunday. |Next Sunday .the locals play their home game, when. Sutherland mes to claim revenge for a 13-0 efeat administered by the Algon- i two weeks ago. As this is the ial game here the' 'Algona stars 1 all be ready' to go. ' I The baekfield will be made up of Kercer, Lindbloom, Reed, Lichter, Iprdstrom, and Samp. The ends Ibe"St. John, Sheppard, and Os- tackles, BradfieW, Coegrove, Martinek; guards, J. Moore, ns, and Mc-ponald;. and Louis >re will play at center. I'.Undbloom suffered a long gash in s forehead when he 1 fell at practice (efore the game 'Sunday. He was iken to the hospital, where the round was closed, and he then re- ned to the field, getting into play i the firial period, H. 8. loses to Clarion. | The high school .was defeated, 7-0, r Clarion, there, -yiFrWay. Clarion i a touchdown in the last quarter i a pass. The Algona !team made nerous gains, but failed to score. he ball was in Algpna's possession Clarion's 10-yd, 'line whenj the ne ended. ' 1 | Tomorrow afternoon at 2:30, the school will play 'Fort. Dodge lere as an Armistice day- attraction. k ort Dodge hag a - good < team : : this ir, but It is .thought that itsi tac- |cs will be of little use on a! wet The snow Tuesday'forced the fcona players to practice 'Port ge signals in the high school nnaslum, where-they wore tennis i with lighter clothing. - ' Academy Ties IJvermore. [St. Cecelia's football team tied, 7-7, Unst Livpnnore in a game Jthere .'lay afternoon. ~ [Algona kfcked of? at the start, and "Bed to keep the ball in Liver, e's terrttory'4'ilurlngr the first hatter. Then, after a series of .line ays, Algona took'-the ball to Liver- wre'e 10-yard line; There in the ! c°nd quarter Junior Kelly received ^Pass for a touchdown, ana Cape"» carried the ball through -the i for the extra point. [Uvermore scored in the .second - When Algona was forced to :, Hanson fumbled, and it was wmore's bail! on Algona's 26-yd. Line plunges and a pass car^the ball over, and the extra was won on a center line I J ' e ' [%>na completed two long passes fourth, but Liverniore had Hi the ball on her own 15-yd. > <p the game ended. Whole Democratic County Ticket Wins •^ ^H «K m M ^^ _ ' ~^^^T tf*^^^^mn^***m M^—^^^—__^^•"•"•••^^^•^^••••••••__ J ^^^^^_^____ . ._ ^^fc^^^ REPUBLICANS EVEN LOSE THE CORONERSHIP Not One Courthouse Job Saved to Grand Old Party. The miracle of miracles happened Tuesday. Every democratic candidate for county office was elected. It never happened before, and the democrats are fairly intoxicated with joy. No one blames them. The result was almost wholly unexpected. Maybe some candidates on both skies had a suspicion that there might be a landslide, tyut none felt safe in predictions to that effect. The voters didn't stop even on coroner, a non-salaried office involving only a few unimportant fees They elected Dr. R. A. Evans, Algona, over Coroner L. M. Merritt by a vote of 4G72 to 42G9. Bahlliaiiscr Leads Ticket. High man on the democratic ticket was Carl Dahlhauser, Bancroft marshal, who got 5197 votes for sheriff aganist 4301 for E. L. Harris, present deputy. At that Harris was not low man on his ticket. Orton, district court clerk, hit hard by the alleged disclosures of the county checkers, got low place on the county republican ticket. Nevertheless he topped 4,000 votes. Butler and Duffy, candidates for auditor and 'treasurer respectively, both hailing from Whittemore, won against the fact that they were least known of the democratic nominees for courthouse offices. Both, besides, had to defeat widely known and popular candidates on the re- publican'ticket. •-...-.. .-.-.< Ida 'Peterson's defeat for county recorder was among the least expected results of the election, this because she won by a big margin in the republican primary after only a month's campaign. First Male Recorder In Tears. The change in the recordershlp brings a man into the office for the first time in many years. Maurice McMahon had to defeat an Immensely popular candidate for county attorney in the person of H. W. Miller. At that, McMahon's margin was more than 900 votes, largest majority of all. Generally speaking, Algona went republican, 'but outlying precincts plunked votes by the score in the democratic basket. It was, however, mainly Garfield, Greenwood, Prairie, Ramsey, Sherman, Riverdale, Wesley, and Whittemore which spilled the beans for the republicans. The votes of four to one against the republican candidates In Greenwood and Whittemore particularly were sockdologers which delivered fatal blows below the vest. ' Chubb carried 20 precincts, a ma- jority'of the county's 3C, but still failed to win.. Kruse carried 21.; Orton carried 12 and halved one with McBvoy; Harris carried 18; Miss Peterson, IS; Miller, 17. Here's Pheasant "Dope" Counties open Cerro Gordo Cherokee Clay Dickinson Emmet Hamilton Hancock Humboldt Kossulli Lyon Monona O'Brien Osceola Palo Alto Pocahontas Sioux Webster Winnebago Woodbury Worth Wright Season open In the riftcrnoon only 1932 NOVEMBER 1932 HMOS] 23 ling- limit, throe; only one lien. ONLY ONE CHANGE MADE ON BOARD OF SUPERVISORS There is only one change on the board of supervisors—Olaf Funnemark, veteran from east Kossuth, will be replaced by WH1 Cosgrove, democrat. F. J. Balgeman, south Kossuth, won a three-cornered fight from J. P. Mersch, democrat, and J. H. Fraser, independent. Chas. Morris, who has represented central and western'Kossuth for several years, won from Kollasch, democrat, and W. E. McDonald, present democratic Incumbent, 'had an easy time in the democratic landslide in defeating Henry Wegener. The totals are: Balgeman 832, Mersch 670, Fraser 477; McDonald 1401, Wegener 93S; Funnemark 592, Cosgrove 10S9; Morris S72, Kollasch 565. The precinct vote follows: FIRST DISTRICT Balgeman Mersch Fraser Cresco 70 44 .79 Garfield >S2 .' 121. 24 Irving-ton -59 .-.!..-. .v44^-,..<.v....-47. Lu Verne 226 89 29. Riverdale „ 17 S7 114 Sexton .- 19 57 52 Sherman '-77 . 76 22 Whittemore 302 152 110 SECOND DISTRICT McDonald Wegener Algona—1st Ward .223 172 2nd Ward 3S3 . 256 3rd Ward 287 .215 4th Ward 219 183 Plum -Creek 150 40 Union 139 72 THIRD DISTRICT Funnemark Cosgrove Buffalo ._ 150 251 TURNER GOES DOWN IN THE LANDSLIDE FROM DES MOINES LAST NIGHT, OVERNOR TURNER HAS BEEN DEFEATED AND THE ENTIRE STATE • DEMOCRATIC TICKET ELECTED. THIS INCLUDES LEO WEGMAN, 'FORMER ST. BENEDICT RAILROAD AGENT AND BANKER. CONGRESSMAN HAU•EN, OLDEST MEMBER OF THE HOUSE, HAS BEEN DEFEATED AND ONLY THREE REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN — THURSTON, DOWELL, AND GILCHRIST — HAVE BEEN ELECTED. German . 50 Portland .'82 Prairie 94 96 -89 1SG 148 319 Ramsey 43 Wesley ;--.-173 FOURTH DISTRICT Morris Kollasch Burt 242 149 East Lone Rook . 72 Fenton -'. —189 Lone Rock ____i.l_. 'S? Lptts, Creek --__.._—_ 8^, Seneca —--L—. 11.11B Swea '__——4 ,77 23' 94 52 112 69 66 Seven inches of-snow fell Tuesday morning to make one of the heaviest snowfalls ever'recorded here so early in the season. Strong .winds blew wet, etlcky snow In blizzard fashion, and drifted it on many roads. Though it was election day recbrd votes in many rural precincts proved that' desire to vote was greater than the efforts of the weather .man to keep' votes'at home. Nevertheless, the- weather pro~bably kept many from the; polls. Algona has now had a total of eight inches of snow already this season. The fall Tuesday amounted to a .77 inch rainfall, which, with a 46 fall Friday, made 1:23 inches so far this, month? 'Contrasted with the Friday fall was a warm Saturday- and Sunday, when many .took advantage of fine weather to be outdoors. A 'large number of players were on the local golf links, The official temperature record follows: High Low Stores to Close. •A-lgona stores will, for the -most part, be closed all day tomorrow in observance of Armistice day. The grocery stores will be open in the' morning. Booklets for Distribution. Mrs. Lura Sanders, city librarian, 'reports that she has received a limited number of booklets by Harvey Ingham. The pamphlets all deal with Iowa early history and natural science. A number are available as gifts for private libraries. The library has also received.a number of books from the- D.iv-M, J. Kenefick liHrary, and many Of them will be used as replacements. Tuesday's Election Returns 2nd Ward 3rd Ward 4th. Ward ; Buffalo -tat Ward" Burt irri~I3I Cresco __'„ >""'r~f,~ Baixin ~ r "7?--?w- 329 181 210 140 206 . 64 ','40 , *' 94 Grant Harrison Hebron Dakota '"fTF ~"""- Lone "Hts Greek £» ve «e I:::::" Plu & Creek _„.£ Sexton Ilri"'"" ey 63 108 J26.6 100 97 .W 48 IP 137 49 10 «» 19 47 193 345 343 211 371 235 139 74 69 207 215 129 95 624 271 .85 98 ?09 ^\Z M 94 207 155 129 'iji 189 205 i: 'H 154 , 9J 77 S I 9 . 3 11 3 4 9 3 ' 0 '0 4 1 3 5 ,8 13 • 1 0 3 1 2 1 0 7 1 6 0 4 0 3 6 0 7 193 273 166 1S3 136 175 79 49 45 90 20 44 45 -1JO 248 53 92 :105 18 56 19 140 60 61 21 13 15 •68 21 39 68 76 W9 78 31U1 190 349 322 206 212 165 103 55 45 184 17S 77 73 237 52 ' S 9 199 91 75 74 174 195 126 igg 26J, 174 192 109 106 142 70 64 »7 806 467 15 24 10 18 43 81 13 : 5 5 13 19 17 2-8 ".i 'o 17 7 15 -5 19 2 1 0 7 30 "0 1 4 10 0 6 11 13 21 3 610 Herring 269 396 233 250 216 260 99 48 52 126 27 49 75 ,135 293 65 CS 119 111 29 68 27 206 SO 102 35 16 19 34 33 31 76 211 187 119 246 245 153 166 84 67 ' 48 158 ISO 73 65 465 219 45 78 17* 88 84 68 162 146 111 70 245 170 185 9,8 90 136 74 67 99 264 406 Gllc 271 399 240 246 207 260 102 62 53 162 51 38 74 143 293 62 73 142 112 31 79 64 ,216 76 96 34 • 25 90 46 40 34 79 120 196 148 Patterson 110 243 222 138 154 131 72 60 29 116 147 •37 •50 144 198 41 63 146 78 129 118 -85 61 242 157 172 74 121 65 60 77 •2-58 387 £377 391 225 224 192 329 • 91 49 -58 1'86 62 39 ,185 173 284 62 75 106 J05 37 85 86 179 111 112 35 28 24 99 '4-8 48 38 83 124 186 4447 a ••a. 243 236 162 172 97 67 61 31 96 1-54 , 65 .47 426 203 61 184 87 "68 ,,49 101 139 •68 54 230 147 ISO 62 76 118 ,65 66 79 264 385 '4722 322 196 •155 223 74 38 38 100 ','. 8 .',30 ,65 116 2,54 vl 79 82 69 14 59 28 161 87 65 33 14 19 64 27 5? 21 66 57 165 89 3.335 327 277 19,1 200 155 • 99 62 4S 169 2-J3, • 6077 200 116 '87 77 157 165 110. 96 245 163 186 '110 93 110 79 70 , 142 464' ACCORDING TO ADVICES WET BLIZZARD SEASON OPEN ON PHEASANTS 3 AFTERNOONS Only One Hen Can Be Taken on Each of the Days. Next week "Wednesday the annual barrage against the pheasants opens In 21 north Iowa counties. Next day the birds will have a breathing spell, but the following Friday and Saturday will again be open. One important limitation to be observed by hunters is that each of the three days is open in the afternoon only. This Is an innovation from preceding years, when the whole day was open. This year the open hours begin at 12 noon on each day, and close at sunset. The bag limit has also been changed. Three birds ore allowed, of wtiich only one can be a hen. The season is open on Mongolian, English, Chinese, and the common ringneck pheasants. llules Aid riioasants. In opening the season in the afternoon only the state fish and game commission toad only the pheasants in mind. With afternoon shooting only, it is anticipated that there will be fewer crippled pheasants to crawl away and die. Experience has shown that dim morning light has been responsible for poor shooting and consequent crippling of birds which escape. Another thought was possibly in mind: in preceding years most of the birds have been killed in the early morning, and it was comparatively difficult to get at them in the afternoon. • In the morning the birds leave their nesting places . for the cornfields, and hunters could therefore lay in wait beside nesting places and bag them as they left. November 1 50 November 2 _..—. 45- November 3 (.01 In. r. f.) 56 November 4 (,46 In. r. f.) 50 November 5 58 November 6 :„_—..64 November 7 (.03 In. r. f.) 51 November S (.77 in. r. f,) 45 22 31 32 41 32 36 44 29 ANTI-SALOON QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY THREE HERE Recently , the. state anti-saloon league submitted a questionnaire on the liquor question to candidates for the legislature, county attorney, and sheriff, The results were published in the Des Moines Register last week, In the 47th senatorial 'dls- 1 trict Senator (Patterson was listed as having answered satisfaetortjy. B. F, MoFarland, West Bend, either did, nof report or his answer was not considered satisfactory. On representative J, C. Mawclsley'e answer was given as satisfactory, and Representative Bonnstetter was listed the same way as McFarland. NelthA er H. W. Miller nor M, C, McMahon was listed as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory.' Apparently they did not answer. On Sheriff the answer of E. L. Harris was reported, satisfactory",, tout Carl .Dahlhauser, Bancroft', either did not answer or hie was not considered satisfao- TESTIN6 ASSOCIATION NO, 1 IN WATERLOO RADIO PROGRAM •The pioneer Kossuth dairy department association (cow-testing asso- clatjon ( No.' ^) broadcast a .16-minute p'rbgr&pa from Waterloo Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock. County Agent Morrison, Tester Paul Leaverton, J. M. Patterson, preside^ of the C. T. A., and Mrs. Ray McCorkle took part in the following program: solo, Sunrise and You, Mr, Leavertou; talk on the dairy improvement program In Kossuth, Mr. Patterson; piano, Mrs, WoCoj-kle, ^ Election Suicide, ' Ray paton, <V4efi9ty sheriff to Palo Alto county, coj».»Ute4 eul<sia,e toy "shooting himself yesterday ,t 9 Votoojt. fte w<' eleottoa. returns Ja ,l& I • Ti-W^K»S*, . , ^^^/^^j^y^^A •na,'-^',* 1 ^ < .. • j.'^^^gJ^^gt^™! •Sh^W the cornfields and the hunters must work the fields thoroughly to find them out. This calls for more work on; the part -of the hunter and also gives' the pheasants a better chance :o make a getaway. Game Xot Numerous. Pheasants are not especilly numerous in many of the open counties this year, and the fish and game commission probably believes the number' killed will be lessened by eliminating morning shooting. Though/only one hen pheasant is allowed in : a, bag of three, all three may -be cocks. The allowance of on© hen was .probably made because many hunters sh,oot before determining whether the prey is, cock or hen. In former years, 'when cocks only were allowed In the bag, killed nens were, let rot where they fell. The new-rule requires every hunter to call l)ls shot when, he has killed a hen. It also limits an easy thing in bag limit. tew Veal sportsmen will object to the provision protecting hens, for every hen killed means fewer pheasants in the following year. HABITUAL DRUNKENNESS IS . CLAIMED IN DIVORCE SUIT Etta Meier has brought suit In district court for a • divorce from Henry Meier. They were married at Fort Dodge in December, 1924, and separated last August. Mrs. Meier, who is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Chilton, near Irvlngtoh, ; alleges habitual drunkenness. She asks custody of a son, temporary alimony, permanent support, and an injunction against molestation, '-.-•"•• •; •:. ""' *•'. • '' New Radio Station. The Des Moines Register and the Evening Tribune have established a, new radio broadcasting station at Des Moines. Its letters are KSO, and its first program was given Saturday night. The Register & Tribune company also operates stations at other Iowa points, including Cedar Rapids, where S, 03, Qijarton Is in charge. Puddle' Is Sewer Ditch; Girl 'Bathes Doris Taft, junior high school student, stepped into what looked Jike an ordinary shallow puddle of water near the high school building yesterday mc-rning and found herself in five feet of icy cold water, -The water h^d filled a ditch which was being "dug for a new 12-inch, sewer In the neighborhood of the school building. The ditch was leve} full, but it appeared no different from any other puddle. Doris caught herself by her arms on both sides of the ditch and managed to scamper out P? nel ' unexpected ana unwelcomed private bathing. Pjool. Supt. Ovewnyer saw }i«r fall, ran to her assistance, and took her »<phe to fete «ar. City au.0iori.ties to GILCHRISTTO WIN DISTRICT BY 1000 VOTE No definite reports had been received on congress in the eighth district up to yesterday afternoon, but indications were that Congressman F. C. Gilchrist had been reelected by a majority of 1,000 over W. T. Branagan, Emmetsburg. Emmetsburg reports by telegram yesterday afternoon gave Gilchrist 3211, Branagan 2S25, in Palo Alto, Branagan's home county. It is reported that all Iowa republican congressmen except Gilchrist have been defeated. SHERIFF AIDS MAN WITH LOST MEMORY Sexton, Nov. 8—Sheiff L. E. Hovey was called to Sexton Friday by a traveling man who reported an empty car standing in the middle of the paving two miles east of the village. Upon investigation the sheriff found a man In the car who acted queerly. Mr. Hovey thought he was suffering from a lapse of memory. The man was brought to Algona, and the sheriff gave htm a room at the Dehnert hotel, and also provided lunch. Hovey then traced the automobile license, and found that the stranger was from Ellendale, Steele county, Minn. The sheriff let the fellow go Saturday morning, first telling him the way back to his home. On Sunday, however he was reported stopped again at a point a half mile west of Sexton. Mr. Hovey went after him again and brought him back to Alona. On calling the sheriff at Owatonna, Minn., Mr. Hovey found that officers there had been hunting for the man by radio and otherwise, and that relatives would come for him. and he is married and has four children. He was taken home Monday. At Sexton Sunday he stopped near the Nehring filling station in the middle of the paving,'apparently out of gas. He went into the station, filched some peanuts there, and .vent back to his car to eat them. Then he went to the Taylor,home near r by, located a barrel of gasoline and -started to help himself. Mr. Taylor was warned-and drove him away, after which Sexton -men pushed his car down the road and told'him to "beat it," which, however, he did not do. DICKINSON HOME TO VOTE; TO RETURN TO WASHINGTON Senator Dickinson, who ha'd been filling speaking dates in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, drove Saturday from Des Moines. home After voting Oiere Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson left for Des Moines for a few days at their son Call's and with Mrs. Dickinson's relatives. Thence this week-end they are to return to Washington, where Mr. Dickinson will'prepare for the opening of the "short session" of congress Monday, December 5. This session will expire by limitation March 4, 1933.. ' : ' • • , • , , Death Claim Allowed. The Modern Woodman for November reports allowance of a $2,000 certificate held by the latp I. W. Lease, Wesley. Tomorrow is ; Armistice Day 'The 13th annual Armistice day will be observed tomorrow. At Algona a public program will be given at 11 a. m. in the auditorium of the new high school building, with the Rev. William Dibble, Mason City Congregational pastor, as speaker. There will be no school In the afternoon. The high school football team and Fort Dodge will play at 2:30 p. m. PATTERSON 107 VOTES AHEAD IN DISTRICT Among the few republicans who escaped Tuesday's democratic deluge was, apparently, Sen Geo. W. Patterson, by At first reported defeated a narrow margin, he emerged victor by 107 votes in the district, according to the latest returns'last night, as follows: CLAY Patterson 2633 McFarland 2 326 DICKINSON Patterson 1770 McFarland ;.__; _"_"_"_ 1737 EMMET 'Patterson 2 300 McFarland j.J i(j69 KOSSUTH Patterson '. 4447 McFarland ~ 4722 PALO ALTO "' Patterson McFarland '_____.._ _"_"_"_ 3305 i TOTALS Patterson '. ' 13866 MoFarland - ; 13759 Majority _____"!__ 107 WIN NATION, STATE, COUNTY BY LANDSLIDE Greatest Victory in History of the Democratic Party. The greatest avalanche" of votes in history buried th» republican party in state and' nation Tuesday. In Kossuth county the vote went democratic by more than two to one on president. The First ward; Algona, Senator Dickinson's home, ward, was the only Kossutk precinct which gave Hoover a majority. Hell Bent for Election! Precincts which 30 years ago habitually went democratic but for many years had been wabbly returned hell bent to the democratic •Lotts Greek went Roosevelt; Sherman 1; Riverdale, 20 to 10; Ramsey, to 1; Prairie, 17 to 1; Garfleld, 2~0 ttt camp. 19 to 1 for township, 8 t» 2S 1; Greenwood, 5 to 1; Whitteraore. S to 1. The four north tier townships, republican strongholds ten to one 3» years ago, all went tp Roosevelt- Springfield township by nearly elx to one. Greenwood, In which Bancroft is situated, gave Roosevelt 521 votes to 108 for Hoover. It was much the same story down the line. The election tables tell the gory story. In Kosauth county not a single candidate on the republican 2716 | Mcl-et above town and township ot- **"' • Cices won a majority^ aicrpliy Two to Ono. , Murphy got a more than) two to one pluraljty. Turner led Hoover tor a thousand votes, but was' In turn led by Herring by a thousand- votes. . Lone'Rock, 1 'Nov.: S-^-Milton Madison, accompanied -b'y Je'ntz Madison, drove to Mason City last week Friday and Des Moines 'Saturday. They attended to business before Jentz Madison left'Tuesday for New York to sail for Aalborg, Denmark, where he will visit his parents. He 'has been here for eight years. Township Officers In a three-cornered local fight for constable the republican candidates, L. T. Gr-iffin and \F. A.' Newvllle, won from 'the democratic and independent candidates. These two, with two republican candidates for justice of the peace, P. A. Dansori and H..B, White, were the only republicans to be elected In Algona. The justice candidates were unopposed, Danson receiving 1158 votes and White 1160, The vote on constable follows r votes. 14,. I •d I s L. T, Grlffin_..251 343 226 238 1058 F. A. Newville.256 347 224 213 1040 Herbert Adams. 90 172 188 127 ; 577 G. C. Barton — «4 147 164 107 482 E, T. -Em-bank . 7 3 29 16 65 Jesse Riddle — 40 24 50 32 140 High candidate on the -republican ticket above county office was Senator Patterson, but McFarland led lit the county by nearly 300. Mawdeley trailed more than' 2,000 behind. Bonnstetter. The notorious Long did not get "r-r-revenge" In' Koasuth. He waa accorded a total of 11 votes. In AJ- gona and many other precincts h* did not get a single vote. ' Brookhart, who more than 'one* swept the county, got a total of 610 votes. , ' f\~ ( Protest .Vote Se«^. •' " The protest nature of 'the 1 vote !• seen more clearly on congressman, than elsewhere. . Branagan, democratic candidate, had hardly been mentioned in the county during-"th» campaign, yet he received 4877 votes, a narrow squeak over .Gilchrist. Thomas, socialist candidate for president, received a total of -129 scattered votes, the largest number. 13, in Harrison township, where Editor R. S. Sperbeck, of the ' Swea, City Herald, recently came out for Thomas. Brookhart drew his biggest vote* 81, at Burt, and his next largest; 4>, in Buffalo, Portland gave, him SO: votes, and the second ward, Algona, 24. The fourth ward gave him 18, and the first, 15. The election tables are eye-open- ' ers. No euch democratic landslide was ever knowri here before, From.; top to bottom Kosspth, for fhe first time in 'history, went democratic. E* - I* • H' Kossuth County Returns Algona — 1st Ward 2nd Ward 3rd Ward 4th Ward Buffalo Burt Cresco \ ---- , -----------Eagle ----------------E. Lone Rock Fenton Garfield. German Grant " , Greenwood Harrison Hebron Jrvlngton, Lakota Ledyard Lincoln Lone Rock Lotts Creek L,u Verne Plum Creek Portland Prairie Ramsey Seneca Sexton — Springfield — gwea »,..,.- Wbltteaiore ^---- „..->

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