Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 15, 1908 · Page 26
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 26

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1908
Page 26
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Four SUNDAY MORNING, THE PITTSBURGH POST NOVEMBER 15, 1908 FOR SALE. . MISCELLANEOUS. $15,000 WORTH WALL PAPER and MOLDING Must Be Closed Out in 30 Days. LOOK AT PRICES. BANKRUPT SALE. te grade reduced to , 2o per roll. 10c grad reduced to 8c per roll. 15c grade reduced to 4c per roll. 2tc grade reduced to 6c .per roll. 55c grade reduced to $c per roll. , , 36e grade reduced to 10c per roll. 46o grade reduced to 12c per roll. 66c grada reduced to 16c per roll. 60c grade reduced to 20c per roll. It Will paV-VOU tO buV nOW and . ft r- . keep until spring. Come quick. V- 220 OLIVER AVE. es37-2n VANNUAL SALE '. UNREDEEMED OVERCOATS. Coat that .cos $?o $25 and 130 we will sell tor 5 tg and '4?. All coats m good aa new. GALLINGER'S, 1100 PENN AVE. cp37-2n Season books Duquesne Garden tickets $5.00. That boy wants one.. WHAT HAVE YOU TO TRADE FOR: ukM xvmm . w,. : Motorboat, dynamo .and engine, barouche, bug. ST. narnes. vioim, doom, paper trimmer. 1 everything from a needle to an orttoo building. BARTER & EXCHANGE CO.. I om ritw i ... . rv TTtcrS I WIS Centar Ave- Pamo 15. - j .TV" - Vi5.CO GAS FURNACE, eompleta, with FLUE. NO SWEATING of WINDOWS. NO ODOR OR DIRT. Gives the greatest amount of heat for the least gas. Sold by the maker at THE ARCADE. Sill PENN. or at factory. 346 13th st-. Southslde. Sun Heater Mfg. - - cpS7-Tn LIBERTY AUCTION CO. pays more money for furniture, carpets and stoves than any other dealer in Pittsburgh: largest store, largest pries. 13-131 Frankftown ave. 4301-J Highland. P. & A. 12S1-X. cs37-mil-5r FOR SALE Summit Pure Rye Whiskey, di rect from the dlstmer to you 51 per mart. of ! 4 qts. for JJ. We ship to, plain . packages. , -grepar U nprcM charge, Minima Dist. Co. B. J. Johnston, Mt. OlHw. Pa, 37-9 POOL TABLES All a1 sea and atyles, new end second-hand: billia., J and bowling supplies; poo! ta'oles repaur d: wood: turnl. g, ail kinds, Wm. WuertaJv ailS Diamond at. : . t - cpST-In ; MILLIONAIRE'S dining room set, massive oak sideboard. 12 ft. extension table, leather hairs; cost $SSi: will sell for $150 it sold a once. SACKLOWSKY'S, 1410 Perm ave. ' csST-to store route; also best location in city. Must be f oid to sertle an estate. If iitprested inoulre John H. Mahoney,. executor, S200 Butler st. - - C&S7 -S BLESSING TO WOMEN Home treatment for all female troubles. $1.04 per box; strictly raliable. j22 South Diamond St., near Arch. Allegheny. Mrs. Homisfc. ' - n-UlOvwt-5 HOUSTON'S pure creamery butter. ISc, i delicious: fresh country roll butter, 20c; mail youp orders. John Houston, AlJeghenv market- - cp37-5n FOR SALE Cheap. Monarch Instantaneous "Water Heater, in good condition. 1904 Beaver ave., Northstde. ' csS7-7n FOR S-LE Second-hand bar National cash register, good as new. yyi Palo Alto St., Northside. cpS7-U15dtl-7 STORE and restaurant fixtures, pool tables. Ice boxes, bank fixtures, wall esse, safe. Delp's. 2219 Fifth ave. cp87-1036dtsk Jn POOL TABLES, desks, safes, cash registers, stools.. show cases. Detps, Fourth and Liberty ata. . , ....... . . ... ..cp37-l30dtit-S3 SLOT MACHETES Brass work, electro-plat-. big, repairing. Fiaher, 434 Second ave. Cp8?-lUMU-?n POSTAL CARDS at bargain: 100 assorted 6o postpaid. 3d. HESS. 211 Bandolph. Chicago. ' - 1 . C837-9B UNREDEEMED SHOTGUNS. $X50 upward. GALLINGER'S, 1200 Penn ave. i cp?7-iiitwjb-;r PERSONALS. i $i2,coo STOCK 0? HIGH-GRADE PAINTS,. VAR- NISHES AND OILS Must Be Closed Out in 30 Days. Painters and Contractors Get Busy Quick. BANKRUPT SALE. Floor paint.' $1.10 gallon: regular price LS5. House paint, $1.19 gallon; rt-gular price Enamel, ail colors. 1 25. Colors in oil. 33 1-3 oft wholesale price. Dry colors. 10c pound. Varnish stain, all colors, fl.26 gallon. Chi enamel, all colors, half price. Best grade varnishes, Sc gallon. ' Serry Broe.' shellac. $1.60 gallon. '. Japan dryer. 45c gallon. Turpentine. 4Sc gallon. Linseed oil, 46o gallon. Radiator bronza, half price. . Staples' floor wax, 25c pound. Best furlture polish, half price. Ail kinds of fillers at half price. White Lead, 4c pound. Buy Now While Our Stock Is 1 Complete. " 20 OLIVER AVE. es47-Xn OF INTEREST TO WOMEN. If your hair la thin, breaking eft or falling out. or if your scalp is in a bad condition it is to your personal Interest and advantage to consult Madam C. J. Walker at your earliest convenience, at 2518 Wylie ave.. the noted scalp and hair specialist. Treatment by mail, or personal at your home, or at the abova place. 'Phone 1455-W Sche.nley. Madam Wa.ker guarantees to do Just what she claims or no charges. The rnoet successful article in the market; for terms and prices write to Madaru a J. Walker, 2518 Wylle ava., Pittsburgh. Pa. c47-n The ice is fine at Duquesne Garden. Dry all the time now. Free instruction afternoons. . 47-4 MRS. TRETTL, Midwife, graduate Vienna university, is ready to call on all women In need of service of midwife. I handle cases ith utmost secrecy. If desired, private rooms reserved at homej 29 Steuben t. Weat End. Take Elliott and Sheradea car. ej47-lll4dtl-Sn -MIDDLE-AGED WIDOW, good appearance, true and affectionate would like to correspond with wealthy widower; sincere; no triflers. E. U 192T Lehigh ave.. Philadelphia, Pa- cp47-1114dtO-5n Licensed Hospital for Women, PRIVATF 3rnty oases a specialty. I 111 V rl I I Best Phy siclana. Infants -jn-rt Jcr.' Call lios Western ava.. Allegheny. cp47-1020dtoa-2n Phone S43a Cedar. , PIANOS tuned. reguiaed. cleaned and il-iFhed. $2.50; 50 years" exrrlnce. Charles Mangold, 811 Concord at., Allegheny. Both phones. cpt7-7n WATCH INSURANCE HOSPITAL. SEVENTH AV. JEWELRT HOUSE. 302 Seventh ave. rp4T-lllMtl-2n .PERSONAL Superfluous hair, mole, warts, permansntly removed by my Improved electric needle method without pal a or scar. J. R. Brown.404 Bijou Bldg. ; cp4?-midtl-3r PEN DOCTOR. . FOUNTAIN PENS repaired nlle you wait. HL'HX Sc. CO., 226 Fifth ave. con 1 floor. -Vf7-1113ltoa-2r LADIES and gentlemen's wt-off garments lought. Gassel, ilo Frankstown ave. 'Phones 958T-L Highland; 17M-X; cp47-H15ctl-3n "BROKEN WATCHES Any watch repaired and Insured for 2 years for $1.00. Keystone Jewelry Co.. 910 Liberty ave. cp47-10SOdth- DAVIDSON SANITARIUM. 20s Seneca C massage, specialty, chronic ailments. cp47-1114dtl-2n MASSAGE and baths, 43 Marlon St.; open day and night. cp4-lllldtl-2n FINANCIAL. RESIDENT REPRESENTATIVES WANTED aa corresp r.dent and to sell ftiet mortgage ootids. Oklahoma Depositors Guarantee law protect pf'-rons of this bank. Write for par-ilctiUr. JLKFERSON TRUST CO., 114 Grand ., MA tester. Okla. ld-HSti-9. WANT TO BORROW 0 ,000 on gtlt-edged ur.iy. Address Lj Magnolia ave.. Eureka "jrft , Arh. cslii-Sn BUSINESS CHANCES. STAR REALTY CO., 326 Fourth Ave., Business Brokerage Dept ; We sell stores, hotels, factories and business of every description. We secure capital for manufac turing and mercantile enterprises. Uur facilities are unsurpassed. Prompt and efficient service. Send postal for printed list. 10-104th-4 RUSTNESS PROPOSITION. Brlerht. Intellip-An men a rt.i wnmn in V !!?ers fov ln,P!"ted and domestic chin: orders I snipped direct from factory to user only on j Han shipped from waxehou e: order for H ta- . (grade enameled ware, cools ng utersi's. shipped irom tactory; the ware Is the highest grade 01 . war tD" n be produced and Is so d at j a 'ow Price. con stent with the high quality; j ware for all Income with Address people; anyone can add to tneir but a few hours of their time. J. C. LEONARD. wholesale TVr in Impo ted and Domestic China. Everything In the Crockery Hn. 52 Eaat Lacock nt., Northsldo, Pittsburgh. Pa. ' io-:stoi-4 REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE BUSINESS Located In a hustling manufacturing town of 10,000 population, having a net tr.corr.a of $125 per month on Insurance premiums and rent com missions cUone; an elegant field for real estat busi-neas. in which substantial income can had; office fitted up with modern and up-to-date furniture, including filing cases, afe, and, in fact, everything that goea to make up a first-class office; price for Immediate aale. $3,500; good reasons for selling. B. A. ZOLLNER, Real Estate and Busroesa Broker. . ; cplQ-4 EXPRESS DELIVERY BUSIKBSSl THIS LOCAL EXPRESS has been established for yeara and has a monopoly on Its roum 11 earns now, wnen Dusinecs is auu. 5,0 sss . . . rannln. Mr-. i . , vk 1 tlltJt TIP f iSJ5S2 .fi are 6 gooi mines ana 3 wagona ana ail equip- ; ment; the trade is established: you don't have to seen it: on account or etdcnesa we can offer this business for $2.J0O, and win talt JlOO cash and stay on the route till you learn It. THE JAS. Ml'ETHA CO.. 60 Commonwealth Bldg., 218 Fourth aire. J0-4 POOL AND BO-.'LlNO BUSINESS. An A No. 1 business located in business-center in a town of about 6.X population 30 miles . from W S-DGl Pittsburgh, doing a business at present time between S-cCO and $500 ana clearing cet about $300; outfit consist nt four ftrnnawv ?S40 J bcwllng alleys, six pool and one blniard table; I room neatly furnished wit' staK 9h reri!,te.r etc . vo1ce U.S". Price for im ,ms ith chairs, llnoiaurn entire outfit in immediate sale ss.GCO B. A. ZOLLNER, Real Estate and Business Broker. : crw- CONFECTIONERY, CIGAR AND NEWS STAND J2.0OO or Invoice will buy an old-establlshM buine on one of the beat streets In the otty; doing a large and Increasing business; also large laundry agency. This is a ttrst- cUes opening. HARRY H. HUNTER & CO., jS Union Bank Bldg. Fourth are. & Wood St. . cpio-4 NEWSPAPER ROUTE AND STORE. $5,000 bujs a nwspajir route located In good town near Pittsburgh : handling total f 1,3T daily papers and LSS3 Sunday papers; good store In connection, 6 living rooms, large storeroom: rent only S3 per month: thta business Is clearing $415 psr month abova all expenses; one of the best news routes we ever had? for sale. . S. V. THOMPSON CO., 111-1814 Union Bank Bldg.. Fourth ave. and Wood st.. City. cplO-4 M EATMAR KET. The best reposition In thm two cities on .retail meat market business. Good location and finely equipped; do'ng a business from. $2,200 to $2,500 per month; ftnv store room and an A No. 1 preposition. Good reasons for seliini: price $j.,atx: payments moderate. ; B. A. ZOLLNER, P.eal Estate and Burines Broker. - CplO-4 CIGAR STORE AND NEWS STAND. Most prominent corner in town of lO.flfn people near Pittsburgh: sell clears, poet cards and about 2W daily and Sunday Pittsburgh papers; rent only 130 per mo. ; business clears $?5 per wek; price S1.3Q0. CHARLES W, TURNER, 04 Arrott Bldg., Wood st. and Fourth y. 10-4 W HARNESS SHOP Located in best borough adjacent to e'.tv; Storeroom, workroom an! basement eah 1x5?; rent 45; will be ao'd at Invoice to mit purchaser: fine equipment and everything first-class; will exchange for saia.ll farm or temperance hotel, HARRY H. HUNTER & CO., 4CS Union Bank Bldg. Fourth ave. Wood at. cplO-4 BAKERY. CONFECTION ERY A CATERING BUSINESS. We have several first-class bakeries and confectioneries on sale at prices ranging from $K0 to $4,000. -For particulars apply B. A. ZOLLNER. Real Estate and Business Broker. . ; CPVM BOWLINO ALLEY BUSINESS. Best location in aood suburban town: 4 new j Brunewick-Baike alleys; alleys cost $2,300; ca- , .Tins to tne pest class "r people; ruisine.s ' coverages about ia per day and will clear ! ."ro:n $200 to J'JOO pr month above alt expenses. i S. V. THOMPSON CO., ; l-jJI-1614 Union Bank Bldg., Fourth 'ave. and Wood st.. City. cplO-4 GROCERY. EXCELLENT CORNER STORE, East End; sales average SI, 400 per mo.; stock and fixtures will Invoice about $2 500; wl I sell at cost: will consider improved real estate f-r greater part of puiehsfe price. CHARLES W. TURNER, 604 Arrott Bldg., Wood st. and Fourth ave. 10-4 : PLUMBING BUSINESS $.150 will buy a first-class business In good location In city, dot g a. business of $-00 ptr montti at presnt anil -will increase: a oic and fixtures will invoice as much aa asked for entire business. ' HARRY H. HUNTER & CO., 403 Union Bank Bldg. Fourth ave. & Wood st. i ctl0-4 PWLROOMS AND. BOWLINO ALLEYS. I have several first-c'ass propositions; In poolrooms and bowling alleys. ; Full infornratlon and particulars given upon Inquiry. itAW BLOu PM0N B. "A. ZOLLNER, Real Estate and Business Broker. cptt-4 POOL OR BILLIARD BUSINESS. " One of the hest locations in Oakland;' have five pool and one bli:iard table; eaters to th best class of people, is clearing above all ei-penaes about $300 per month .price $3,000. S. V. THOMPSON CO., 1611-1S14 Union Rank Bldg.. Fourth ave. and Wood st.. City. cplO-4 ADVERTISING Placed anywhere: everywhere. Lcwest rates. RelHble service. Moss & Co.. Advertising Agents, PHILADELPHIA, PA. ctdO-9 DEPARTMENT STORE. For Exchange for Good Income Real Estate. Will Invoice about $10,000; doing good business; Tocated In a suburb of Pittsburgh. S. V. THOMPSON CO., 1611-1614 Union Rank Bldg., Fourth ave. ana Wood at.. City. cpl0-4 AN EAST WAY" to start abuslness that will pay several thousand dollars annually, selling merchandise by mall; Improve J i lan. we furnish everything and show you how; $35 to $100 neo.es.sary. Mllburn-Hicks, Chicago. c10-n FOR SALE Drug store doing a good business In good location; proprietor is no druggist and has other business. A bargain. Address T 120. Office of The Post. cpl0-1112dtl-7n WANTED Man with small capital to take charge of territory for merchandisir business; write for parUeuWs. Pope Automatic Merchandising Cottiaany. Corn Eic-hanir Hank J Bui. ding, Chicago. c 10-llStl-Sn WANTED-Competent man to take one-hair interest In automobile business; have factory agency; best car made; $3,000 required- vrU) exchange reference. Address H 123 OffW of The Post. cp!0-7n FOR SALE A half Interest orthe entire business of electric construction and engineering business in P ttsburgh. Th wl I merit Investigation. Address T 142, Office of The Post. cp!0-7n THIS IS A SNAP On-; of the best groefcrr stores Jn Seccr.d ward, sell cheap to n.iik buyer. Call 4041 Ferry svHle ave., f. S. : ... 10-Tn A CASH PURCHASER FOR YOUR FUEINES5S Quickly procured through oar enc'v B. R. FAULKNER & CO.. INtVD 42S Fourth ave.. Ground Floor, Pittsburgh Pa. i-tWdth-4 BARBER SHOP Owner gotns: awa--,,,.! at once. Fifth ava. tadu-liuits-Tn i PHOfcE ff PHONE f mo i ?3A1 If BUSINESS CHANCES. PtoS'dc V A nne W wH-established JJvia spring water business In Ohio NH fx Xi i town r f "ft tini rwi r .11 atlf.n tparin PHONE from J2.S0O to $3,w)0 per year; 2940 B Pnty of fertile land; three line .GRANT dwellings, large barn, chicken ' llAllaA . I. .. . . . . . ....... .. . . . bUila.nuii: HTsa fm. .r. -l V. . lr- . tr . ,T- t; farming Implements; abundance of fruit trees and grape vines; an ideal home; price for ail (except real eBtate, $2,500: positively guaran-: teed to clear $2,500 per annum or "no aa.e;' don't make Inquiry unless vou mean business I B. A. ZOLLNER. t Real Estate and Business Broker, s . cpio-4 IIOTKL. $4,000 buya a first-class Pcnna. hotel of 33 rooms; rent only $60 per month; doing business of $50 per day ; rooms are completely furnished; located in thriving manufacturing town lr Pennsylvania; in du.l times this busi ness last year cleared $3,5 above all expenses; hotel will pay for itself in one year: one of the best hotels we over had to offer tor the money; anyone wanting a hotel who will Investigate th.s place will buy it. S. V. THOMPSON CO., 1611-1614 Union Bank Bldg., Fourth ave and Wood 6L, City. cpl0-4 RESTAURANT AND" ROOMING HOUSE. 1CATED DOWNTOWN; business established 8 years; always cleared above all expenses $300 to !0 per mo. until recent dull times: entire famishment and equipment of restaurant and 10 living rooms offered for $1,500; owner In other business only reason for selling. CHARLES W. TURNER, 4 Arrott Bldg., Wood at. and Fourth ave. . 10-4 GENERAL ' STORE In country town of 2,000 a?sd In good farni-ltur section; large rooms, cheap rent; hani-ling, dry goods, notions, groceries, aho a. hardware, farmrng Implements, ttc. : sales $40,000 annually: net proflis $5.C01; will sa9 part cash and real estate for balance; price, invoice, $20, '300. HARRY H. HUNTER & CO., 403 Union Bank Bldg. Fourth ava. Jk Wood st. - cply-4 FEED AND BUILDING SUPPLY BUSINESS. Eotabiished for 20 years; previous proprietor mada a fortuna; sales averaga $65,000 per year; hfcve elevator and railroa.l siding: this business will clear from I5.000 to 10.000 per year abova all expenses: ask nothing tor good will; sail dollar for dollar; invoice piled a&oct $7.W0; located In thriving penna. town near 4tU-burgh. S. V. THOMPSON CO., , 1511-IS! 4 Union Bank Bldg.. Fourth ave and Wood st., city. cplO-4 COUNTR YSTO RE Established IS years in gixd cen er. handling flour, feed, hardware, iraplemen'a. etc: only business of the kind in the di-trict; 3 minutes to city by e iric ears: Sxtur-s wi 1 Invoice about $''X, rtuck $1,5 jo; Kales last ear about $14,000 and fan be trreatiy lncr-se1 : profits average So" : for quick saie will a.-cept fiARRY H. HUNTER & CO., 4C3 Union Bank Bldg. Fourth ave. & Wool st. cr i ' ' R F.3T A U R A NT . One of the best in the city; doing buslnew of over $60 per day; will sell for the actual worth of the fixtures; present owner hs been In the same location for S years; retiring rtom business: this business prjii;!veiy clears from $3X' to $X per month above all eipenses; long lease and cheap rent; pr'u-e $15i. S. V. THOMPSON CO., 1U-114 Union Bunk Bldg., 4th ave. t W.1 it, cpV)-4 WE CAN SELL YOUR BUSINESS Blgjtf For you no matter wtre lo cated, what kind, or what sine; a. triaj will rOnvinfA irou. B. A. ZOLLNER. Real Estate ana Bulr.es Broker. cpl0- CONFECTION EK Y. 'THAT. AND NOTION STORE. Busiest stand and best !c-a!!on in East End. Close to school with 1.300 "Upll; clean stock and neat fixtures; doing a l!v busines; eao-rtfice for $236. THE .IAS. MURTHA CO.. H Commonwealth Lldr. 314 F-orth Ave. 19-4 . GROCERY STORE On one of tbe main streets of the city: dfirg business of $J pr we.k; st'--' and fixtures will Invoice about $4.00, whf.-h can t reduced If rwcesBary; rent only $ for storft and sta,b'.e: will eah&gs f-ir pood r-al estate. HARRY H. HUNTER & CO., 403 Union Bask Bldg. Fourth ave, A Wood t- cclO-4 HOTEL, INCLUDING THE PROPERTY. located rn the best town In Somerset county, near large coke work; x go.! barg&la at $11,00 $7.0 cash reo'iired THE JAS MURTHA CO.. 604 Commonwealth Bldg. S'5 Fourth Ave. IV 4 MONEY TO LOAN. DO YOU NEED MONEY? 1 20 30 40 oft 00 70 80 W Can you rt it from the bank? $ W If you can't, come In and ak $ iO us aooat how we loan money. It $ SO is not necessary that you own $ 40 property or have an lndorscr. $ We will lon any amount you $ A want up to $1.oki on your piano. $ TO household goods, furniture and $ S fixtures, horses, wagons, etc., and $ So $ I'iO leave them undisturbed In your $ 1 200 83 poesesfion. If you have a perma- $ tv nent position and need money wa 3'" $ 400 will loan It to you. $ 4.'0 American Loan Compariy, 216 SIXTH ST. Over Soiosls Shoe f-tw. Bell Telephone. Court 7r; Call and get our rates. Furniture Loans. Lowest rates, longest time, best treatment. Can you ask more? See us about it. NEW YORK LEASE & LOAN COMPANY, 511 Pittsburgh Life Bldg., Cor. Liberty Ave. and Sixth St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Same Building as Meyer Jonas-son Store. 'Phone 976 Grant. caass MONEY TO LOAN TO HOUSEKEEPERS On their Individual n6ies at cheapest rates. Easy payments. transactions private. No charge unless loan la made. Dut'insr a period of 14 years we have earned a rcoutation for fair and honest dealing. THE UNION LOAN INSTITUTION. 421 Wood St., Rooms 205 ami SWS. 2S-67tuwyh-2 MONET loaned on household furni: ure. pianos, etc., without removal; also on trood col fe ai security; easy payments: strictly co 'tide ta. 413 Fourth ave. o id Fioo 3S-llU'th-2 4 I HAVE $75,000 that I desiro to loan out In sums ot from $10 to SS00 on household goods, pianos, etc.. at a smaller rats of Interest than you can get from any money-loaning cnc.rii. Write P. O. Box 154i, Pittfburgh, Ja.. and I will call and talk the matter over with you. Ss-927tvh-S " MONEY TO WAN. Money advanced on buildings during con-Btruction.- i CONTINENTAL TRUST COMPANY. 10S SUth ST. (Bessemer BHc.l Sa-lllMx-S a Ai m , v5ST MONEY TO LOAN. $ 10 $ 15 $ 20 $ 25 t 30 $ 10 I 13 $ 2J $ 25 $ SO 9 n ? a $ so $ ) $ so $ 60 70 i CHEAP FURNITURE LOANS. OUR SPECIALTY IS TO PAY OFF LOANS OF HIGH RATE MONEY LENDERS. We have interested men of large means who are satisfied w;th a small per cent on their money. They will advance any amount from - ' 910 TO $1,000 on household furniture Pianos horses and wagons, etc.. Anywhere in Allegheny county, at the LOWEST RATE EVER OFFERED- LOANS MADE OUT IN EASY PAYMENTS ANY TIME FROM ONE MONTH. TO ONE YEAR. WE LOAN FOR THE INTEREST ONLY AND DO NOT WANT YOUH SECURITY, SO. "YOU NEED HAVE NO FEAR OF LOS1NC4 YOUR FURNITURE. -U at our office and get our term. NO RED TAPE. YOU GET THE MONEY AT ONCE. If you cannot cad. fill in this blank and mail to us, and our agent will call on yoo. W desire to make a loan of I provided your terms ara satisfactory. ! $ SO I ' 90 ! $110 i tliO 5130 140 $m m $ so 90 $1'J0 125 $0' Q 80 $ 79 SO $ SO $100 $140 (?!; 173 MS0 i mo ; S".25 j 6 M'f S-So I $175 )7V !'V 4425 $460 $475 $"1 $100 tilM $4'W $500 $ 10 $ 15 JO $ 2S $ 30 Nam Address . - ..... . Married or Single..... , tww .... What security . ALLEGHENY LOAN TRUST CO ALLEGHENY LOAN A TRUST CO.. ALLEGHENY LOAN & TRUST CO.. ALLEGHENY LOAN & TRUST CO.. FOTTRTH AVE. i 409 FOX'RTH AVE. FOURTH AVE. m FOURTH AVE. Ground Floor, , Near Smttbfield Stre.. OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE, . PITTSBURGH, PA. FIRST FLOOR-NO STAIRS TO CLIMV Bll 'Phone 2755 Court. 88-Mth- i$ 35 I $ t 6 .) M $ $ 7 $ 7 -, $ SO $ S". . AS $;w $i$$$it$$$$$$$$it$4$$$r$t$$$$$$$$t$$i$i$$H$$s9 $ LARGER LOANS 1$ Cur sueclalty. MONEY always ready $ t on the trsutnt. From the largest to 1$ t the smallest amounts we give Just the $$ $4 sum you ask- No delay and no limit on ?$ Si th tim in which to repav. We grant W $ unlimited renewa's and part payments. $$ fSM-44 Our SAFE DEi'OSIT $lt$$$l$i $JS.!$fs$ SYSTEM favorably com- $4$W mmn$ mented un by thousands of $$$$$$$ $$t$j$ our customers. You can seal $8IU JiM your own valuables we rtum $9M$ UUU them al unbroken, all at the fM tsj$ lowndV rate, for loans on $$ $ DIAMONDS. ...JEWELRY, itti WATCHES.. ..SILVERWARE.. ..FURS. $ V SIX PER CENT, extras, m ly We don't want your gocda. and ij:,sS ari liberal and lenient We want XXtt $tS you to get thtm back, so you $!$ mm will continue to trade with u. $ TOS. DeROY & SONS '$Jlt"$ .V.r SMITH FIELD ST., $it4w$ r . .r: mum m?si5M upi. i yswiutc. $$$4tft? Tl'.e firm who treats you square. The firm rated at over tVA.OC.'.OO. $$ $i si ! 1$ $ t f The firm who dlsplajs no loan signs. $4 Th"! arm giving courteous attentton. ?$ Lady clerks for lady customers. ti No iY;ireprr sentatton at the S OLD RELIABLE NEAHLT So YEARS SAME STORE. jtii4iifwt$t$t$$$$t$i$$$$$$$$m$$ aa-nnh-4 Most Customers Make Our Rate Low We havs over customers. Not anothsr loan 0JT:c in i .vrn can riaim near that many. Now isn't It natural that we can make our rate the Iowm ? u-' charts - for money t Ir cent STRAIGHT NEVER ANY "EX TRAR." tGoo;! Kept a Who! Year If you u-ish. No red tape. Prtvat rooms. For SECURITY we accept" 1'UMOXD?. WATCHES, JEWELRY, Silverware, Furx, Firearm,' Etc. ( CAPITAL $3ji).fr.i0.eo. ! Six Per Cent. I MARKET STREET ! LOAN COMPANY ! STRONGEST OF ALL. j Cor. Market St. and Third Ave. ; IN BUSINESS OVER 5 TEAR?. 1 cp3S-li:5dtO-4 EASTERN SECURITY CO. Room 307, Peoples Rank BHg., Fourth ave. and Wood at-Plttsburgh, Pa. Bll Phon 1SI Court- Why We Get the Business. We grant th longest time, make the best terms, trat oat customer letter and have the rhest si rates of any loan company In Pittsburgh. W, make Inatia on ftirr.Hure, planoa and othvr etcurity in any amount you may retiuir. EASTERN SECURITY CO. Rof.m ar,, I'eoples Itank Bldg.. Fourth ave. and Wood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Bell Phone 181 Court. 3S-llSth-4 m;n;$f;mmms!m;m$ir$$sii4tm$$$i$sttt$ MORE MONEY. $$$ $ its at $ tho LEADING LOAN OFFICK $$ that offers you more money $IK$$$$U than any oUier firm on $$$$$!$$ DIAMONDS. WATCHES, $$$$ JEWELRY, FURS, ETC. $$ tha lowest raie for longest titnx $aM Six Per Cent Straight ?$ And we do what we advertise. $4$ i LOUIS DeROY & BROS., 9$ t 643 Smithficld St. $i tt ?VfM NEAR TH Al'E. $$?$ 5t TEARS fiCR PROUD RECORD. $ cpa-intuwyn- 5 Wo MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. On diamondi watches, jewelry, musical goods, firearms, clothing. OALLINGKR, 1J0 PENN AVE. We l"an full value and hold goo3 as long as requested, with unlimited renewals. ?xn! Salaried PeopBe and others furnished money upon their own names without security; easy payments; "offices Jn SS principal cltieb. Save vr. jrself money by setting my. terms' nitt. D. H TOLMAN. Room 715. Uljou UidiT., 611 Ptiui ave. ; ;g-613dth-3 SALARY LOA NS, We will anvfiri'! you such money as you wish on your salary without other security than your own nnte. Strictly confidential, HARRIS LOAN CO.. 411 Fourth Ave.. Ground Floor. j S8-106dth-4 I WILL loan money In any sum from $30 to $1.M0 on bonds, storks, collaterals of any kind or nm and second mortgages. P. O. Hor. 3SS. Pittsburgh. y8-91dth-6 TRANSFER AND STORAGE. J. O'NeiE Express NEW 7-STORY FIREPROOF STORAGE to let. separate rooms or ivhole floor. We crate, ship, move and store household goods; special attention to lowering and hoisting plan..; also light top delivery wagon for hire; horses for hire; r teams for hire. 813-321 West Diamond st. Phone 453. Northslda. ' cp80-925ytvh-B ALLEGHENY TRANSFER"!-i STORAGE CO. Moving. Packing. Storage. Covered padded vans. Wagons. Separate apartments for storage. Experienced men. Reasonable prices. 840 North Ave., West, Northside 80-126tvx.i-3.55 Union Transfer and Storage Co. Muvo, Pack and Store Hcuseho d Goo?s. Piano Miioi"tingna A Specialty. 10S ftnd 111 West Montgomery ave., Allegheny. Tenuis for Hire for all kinds of Hauling so-niTtvsh-ivra PATENTS. H. C. EVERT & CO., PATENTS: HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALFs HALF ILVLF HALF HALF HALF HALF WON WON WON WON WON WON VfrON WON WON WON M-ON WON WON WON WON WON WON Wi N WON WON WON WON WON WON WON WON WON WON WON WON WON' WON WON WON wo.c WON SUCCESS IS HALF WON When yoti have studied out a new idea or an invention. To win the other half the first thing you must do la this. Get a reliable professional opinion on the mechanical patent and market value. If this opinion Is favorable you oan get better backing on the strength of It, if not favorable you are saved useless effort and expense. HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF half HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF HALF Let ua see a rough sketch of your invention and we will giva you our opinion, based on 21 yeara practice, free of charge. No better time for quick action than now when things are opening up after election. Iet week we secured for our clients tho following allowances of patents: Wm. Piatt, -Klnetosoope Attachment, $20,000. Preua Publishing Co., Two Trade Marks, $75,000 Each. 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Tills !uable book on patents and Inventions has started many an inventor on the road to wealth. Ion't giva yourself a chance e put it off. Writs for the GUIDE NOW. Offlca Houra From A. M. to P. M. H. C. EVERT A CO.. Thaw Bldg., 1a$ Smlthold St.. Pittsburgh, pa. If J.-b M, Doollf-le. late of tit Charles St.. N. Pitta-burgh, Pa., will write or call, he will learn of something to hi advantage. EPHRAIM TRUXALL SH-S06 Frrruson bldg.. Pittsburgh. Pa I Pellw ar-d promoting patent, consulting. In corporating sjki organizing companies. 46-afith-440 PATENTS. PooKs free. Ras reasonable, n'ghfst references. Best services. I PROCURE PATENTS THAT PROTECT. Wafson E. Coleman. Washington, D. C. 6-81Sth-7 DANCING ACADEMIES. BLACKBURN'S Academy of Dancing, EEOINNERS CLASSES. vry Monday and Frllav vnlrgs at 8 o'clock. ADVANCED CLASSL8. .-erjr Tuawiay arvl Thurs4v svtnlng. CHILDREN'S CLAafES. Saturday af'ornoon at 1:30 c'clok. .TA tK PANCINf. TRIVATK LESSONS in ail Jtlnls of dancing. V.l. writ or phuM. Court K-tS am i'L Booklet mallei en reiuet. 401. 493, 0C LIBERTY AVE. U-lUth-2 THUHA'S 3 1 0 5th Ave. Now Open Beginners claan every Monday ar.d Friday evening. Advanced and Society class every Thursday evening. Children's class Saturday afternoon, Prlvata lessons by appointment. Hall to rent Wednesday nights. Phone Bell &1 Court. P. & A. 2SJS Main. 12-101Rh-: McDOUO ALL'S new $50,000 school. Forties at., four doors east Craig; Allegheny, D federal. Classes avery morning, aftr5on. evening. cpl2-1027dtob-2n JAKES DANCING ACA DEMY Calg and Forbes. Classes Wednesday and Saturday. Prlvat lessona afternoons, evening. cpl3-ltldtf NOTICES. ADJOURNED STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING THE stockholders of the Pittsburgh Lead a td : Zinc Co. will hold an adjourned mtettng on I Morniay evening. November tS. in corpora-j tiom room. Commonwealth Trust Co., city. All s toe Is hold era attend. ET STOCKHOLDERS' COMMITTEE. , C 4l-7n FERKIN3 UNION DETECTIVE AGENCY. 21 Fourth ave. Telephone. Connections. c.p41-Uloi-2ii "AD" AGENCIES for THE PITTSBURGH POST where the same rale Is charged and the same care taken as at the irinln office. EAST END BKANCH-Plttsburgh Rarter and Exchange, 13 Center ave. Telephone 1522 Hiland. ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.-H. g. Wallace, Bar-ett B lg. CHICAGO Smith A Budd. Tribune Bldg NEW YORK CITY-Smith Si BuJJ, 23 Fifth ave. ST. LOUtP-fimlth & Budd, Third National Bank But'dinfT. ALLEGHENY E. E. Bendor, 1430 Woods Run ave. Tulephone 1692 Brady. Willie Hamilton, News Dealer, 1435 Beaver ave., Allegheny. P. A A. News Co., 220 Federal st. W. G. Mlnnick. Druggist, I4i0 Monterey st. Ilarmar D. Wenr.el, Druggist, S28 Washington ave. BLOOMFIELD-C. He!lstein, News and Notions. 4T13 Liberty st. URtTSHTON Brush ton Pharmacy R. C. Culhane. cor. Brushton ave, and Tioga at , Pittsburgh. BUTLER STREET Joseph Hanlon Cigar and News Deaer. Butler and MvC'andfess ste. ELLSWORTH AVENUE O. S. Mead. Druggist. EUworth and College ave. CRAFTON Cl-afton News Co. Telephone HAZELWOOD Samuel Roien, Book and News ytore, 4822 Second ave. HILLTOP C L. Sutter, Druggist, Washington and Allen aves. Charles Nosoff. 64 Washington ave.. Thirty-first wa.d. HOMESTEAD W. J. Hlrtn. Druggist cor. Eighth ave. and Ann et. HOMEWOOD S. J. McCleary, Druggist. Homewood and Hamilton aves. McKEESPORT Gordon & Foster, 515 Walnut St.. McKeesport, Pa. PENN AVENUE George A. Tea, Venn ave. and Thirty-fourth st. FIFTH AVENUE L. A. Miller. 1741 Fifth ave. OAKLAND Phillips & Manning. News Dea era, 3702 Forbes St. RANKIN C. R. Guttrldge, 6 Braddock ave. HOUTHSTDE Fred Weber. 1903 Carson et. ETNA Chrles Eiszler. 2 Freeport st MT. OLIVER W. C. Wentz, Southern ave. PEWICKLEY L. G. lAmbright & Son, News Dealers. Sewlckley, Pa. WYLIE AVENUE E. K. Thumtn, Wylle ave. and Townsend st. t WILKINSBURO Smith's Drug Store, cor. Tioga and Wood sts. R. R. Toner. Mgr. S. J. Leezer, News Dealer, 724 Wood st. ENTIRE COUNTRY FACES BIS TYPHOID SCOURGE Pittstwgrf-; Likely to Feel it, Says Prominent Member of Sage Commission, FILTRATION A SAFEGUARD. Dr, W, T. Sedgwick Believes Drouth and Subsequent Rains Will Bring.Epidemic, That an epidemic of typhoid fever will be brought on in many sections of tlie J country by the season of rain and enow Just starting, but that Pittsburgh will be better protected than most communi ties, because of her filtration plant, W ! the belief of Dr. W. T. Sedgwick, of the Massachusetts Institut of Technology. Dr. Sedgwick spoke yesterday on the subject at a meeting of the typhoid fever commission, which received $10,000 from the Russell Sage fund. The commission, -which Was organized Hay 1. to Investigate the causes of typhoid fever In Pittsburgh and vicinity, met In the public safety building, it being the first meeting in this city Etnce the work was outlined. The members present ,were Dr. tJedg-wkrk. Superintendent J. F. Edwards, of the bureau of health; Dr. Milton J. Rosenau, director of the hygienic laboratory of the United States public health and ' marine hospital service; Dr. John W. Boyce, of Pittsburgh; Dr. E'. G. Mat-son, city bacteriologist, who has direct charge of the collection of data. Superintendent Morris Knowles, consulting engineer of the commission, also attended. Points Out Danger. Dr. Sedgwick believes that the unusually dry summer has prevented typhoid fever by keeping waste matter from washing Into the rivers and sources of water supply. Statistics gathered from various cities show a much lower typhoid rate than usual, and while there has been a remarkable falling ff in the number of cases in Pittsburgh, this is believed to be due In a measure to nitration. Dr. Sedgwick stated that in many cases on record, periods of high water in the streams following droughts have been followed by typhoid epidemics, one of the most notable being at Plymouth, Pa., in 1SS6. In New Haven, Conn., 430 cases were reported within a short time after a period of wet weather. , ' The work of the commission thus far has been confined chiefly to gathering verified facts on the prevalence or lack of prevalence of typhoid, not only in the Pittsburgh district, but in other sections. Prepare Final Report. Information is being gathered as to sanitary conditions about the headwaters and along the basins of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. Upon the reports and figures collected on these matters will be based tha final 'sport of tha commission. Suggestions wer- offered by various members for the study of the milk and fly problems In their relation to the disease. " Dr. Sedgwick said that progress is being made Jn the work and that he is confident that, when the returns are all in, it will l.o possible to make a report highly satisfactory to the city, and to those in charge of the large fund which mada the work possible. DIED. AMM Suddenly, on Friday, November VI, 1W, Walter B. Ammon. rur.eral services will be held in Jorsey City en Sunday afternoon, November is. Interment private in Homewood ceme tery, Pittsburgh, upon arrival of New York train at East Liberty station on Tuesday morning, November 17. lll.VJto BOYl On Friday. November IS, 190S, at 1:35 p. m., Mrs, Mary MeCune. widow of Captain R, M. Boyd, in her seventieth year. Funeral services at the family residence. Elizabeth. Pa., on Monday, November 16. at 2 p. m. Friends of the family-are respectfully invited to attend. Interment private later. 1114dts BlvNfiEL On Friday. November 13. lUOS. at 7:13 p. .m., Jacob Bengal, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. William Yerscharen, No. 213 Otil'U street. Mt. Oiiver borough, Pittsburgh, formerly of Jeanneno. aged 75 years 3 months and 20 days. Funeral Monday. November 16. 1908, at 9 o'clock. Requiem mass at St. Joseph's Church, at f:50 o'clock. Friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend. Interment at Ptnn. TVest More-land county, Monday afternoon. CITGIIAM-On Friday, November !:;. 198, at S p. m.. Thomas Cunningham, husband of the late Ann E. Cunningham, at his home. No. 110 First street, Jeannette, Pa., In his 76th year. Funeral services at his residence, Jean-nttte. Pa., on Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock, and services at Pittsburgh, on Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at Allegheny cemetery chapel, Butkr. llloo EMMEHT-On Friday. November 13. Iw8. at T'-.SO p. m., EUza Emmert, in her 75th year. Funeral services will be held at the residence of her son, William II. Emmert, 806 Hill street. Sewlckley. Fa., to-day, at 2:30 p. m. Friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. H.illT On Thursday. November IS. 190S at 10 p. m., at his home. Fos-bitrg. Clarion county. Pa.. Dewitt Clinton Hart. Funeral services at the Memorial Church of Our Father. Foxburg. pa., on Sunday. November 15, at 2 p. m. KEK 4rn Friday. November 13. 118 at 9-3rt a. m.. Joseph W., son of thft'late Catherine Foley Keenan. In n1-s seventh year. Funeral from the residence of Mrs. Dennis Foley, his grandmother. 1108 Crucible street. Thirty-ninth ward, on Sun-dav. November 15, at 2 p. m. lllldto RKMKI.EV On Saturday. November M loos, ot 7"0 n. in., Philomona, widow of Emil A. Ronckley nee Maurer), in bar nst vear. Funeral from her late residence. 131 High street. Northside. on Tuesday morning nt 9 20 o'clock. Requiem mans at St. Philomena's Catholic Church, corner Fourteenth street and Liberty avenue, Pittsburgh, at 10 o'clock. Friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. UTudto itotilt On Friday, November 13. 1908: p.t 6:1". p rn., Agnes Roddy, wlfo of the late James Finulay Robb. Funeral services at residence of her brother, William P. Roddy. 48 Hawley nvemio, Pellevue. Pa., on- Monday, November 10, at 1:30 p. rn. Interment private. Please omit flowers. HlSdto STKVKSox-()n Saturday. November 14. 190$, at 9:20 a. m., Robert Stevenson, aged 7S years. Funeral services at his laie residence, 532 Aspen street, East End, Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. HlSdto WILLI VMS ON Saturday, November 14, lWS.at S a. m., William Day Williams, aged S3 years. Remains to be taken to Steubenville. O., Monday at 1 o'clock. Funeral services at his residence, 330 Fifteenth street. Sheridan, Sunday at 3 o'clock. Friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. WKLSH-On Saturday. November 14. 13s, at 7:30 p. m.. Margaret Virginia Moore, wife of Thomas W. Welsh. Funeral services at her late residence, 401 Aiken avenue, East End. Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment private lllodto ZEHFUSS On Saturday. November 14, l!.. at 4:30 a. m.. Howard, son of William and Helena Zehfuss, (nee Dono-hoe,) at their residence, 1922 West Liberty avenue, Forty-fourth ward, aged eiiht months and 2j days. Funeral Mondav at 3 p. m. 1115o- BANK BONDSm MUST PIT STATE DEPOSITS Defendants' Motion to Open Judgments Is Dismissed by 6 Judge Shafer. SHEATZ'S ACTION UPHELD, Court Shows Revenue Commissioners Exceeded Powers in Ordering Bonds' Surrender, Liability of John Caldwell, Jr., Joshua Rhodes and other individual sureties on bonds protecting the State from loss of any part of the 1523,477.18 -on deposit In the Allegheny National bank when It was closed, and the. propriety of State Treasurer John O. Shcatz's action In re-, fusing to surrender the bonds were affirmed In an exhaustive opinion handed down by Judge John D. Shfcfer yesterday. ' Emphasis Is placed by th court on the .fact that the board, of revenue commissioners exceeded the'r powers In ordering; the substitution. of trust company bonds of $250,000 each for the Individual bonds, as the aggregate of the former Is not half 'that required by law. In ordering the discharge of the rule Judge Shafer said: "As there are no tacts whatever la dispute, nothing that cn be tried by a Jury if the judgment were opened, and the defens proposed to be set up by the de- fendants is purely a matter of law, and fully set out by the pleadings, we are of the opinion the Judgment ought not to be opened." Following a review of the case' nls-tory, the securing of the Judgments and the petitions to have them opened, the' court tsays: Ruling of the Court. "The defendants have cited a number of cases relating to the bonds of treasurers and other officers, who are, appointed from time to tim and give bond at the expiration of each commission. We are quite unable to ee how any of these cases are applicable to the matter in hand. "The bond in question is not the bond of any State treasurer, but the bond of a depository of money, and conditioned on the depository accounting for and paying over the money when demanded by the State treasurer or his successor in office, and this applied to moneys which are then on deposit, or which shall thereafter remain on deposit, or In the custody or keeping of the depository. "This has plainly po connection with the term of office of any particular State treasurer. The main contention of the defendant, Oiowever, is that the abovw stated actioH of the board of revenue commissioners released them from the bond In question, and further, that even If this were not within the power of tr.e board of revenue commissioners, the State had ratified their act by returning the new bonds and threatening to proceed upon them." Power of Revenue Commissioner. The court refers to the act of June, 1S07, from ,whlch the board of revenue commissioners derive their power and says: "We are at a loss to see how anything contained in these acts, as above stated, can be supposed to authorize the board of revenue commissioners and banking ommIss1oners to surrender any bond held by the Commonwealth, or to substitute one bond for another, or to discharge the sureties from liability. "Especially could they not do this by accepting a bond or bonds for less than one-half the amount required by law. "The State treasurer was clearly within his rights In declining or omitting to surrender the bond in question, as his only, protection from the failure of the bank depended on his having bonds more than twice as largo as the deposits." ACCUSED OF STEALING TONGUE FROM A WAGON. Huckster Charges That He Had to Leave His Produce Behind and Take Horse, Stealing a wagon tongue from r loaded wagon is the charge made against Joseph j Gibson, a blacksmith, and his son Frank, j of Gill Hall, by Louis Senear, a huckster. of IS14 Ann street. Senear says that he was passing Gibson's blacksmith shop a , few weeks -ago when the tongue of his wagon broke and he had Gibson replace It with a new one. Senear promised to pay the blacksmith on hi next trip. Yesterday as the huckster was passing the shop with a load of produce Gibson, he alleges, ran out with a sledge hammer and held up the wagon. He demanded his pay, but Senear said he could not pay until he had sold his produce Then Gibson and his son. It is charged, took the wagon In the shop and separated the tongue from the wagon. The huckster left his wagon full of vegetables and came back to the city with hig horse. GETS LOTS OF GROCERIES. Success of Venture for Benefit , ' of the Montefiore : Hospital, The Hebrew Ladies' Hospital Aid society recently started a "grocery contribution" for the benefit of the Montefiore hospital. The hospital is undenominational, and responses were received from persona of all creeds nd walks of life. Mrs. M. A. Goodstone suggested that a grocery contribution day be set at which any persom could contribute at least 50 cents' worth of groceries. The society, with Mrs. Goodstone. chairman; Mesdames , B. Davis, If. Jackson, L. Gordan and H. . B. Ferguson, eet November 4 as the day on which contributions would be received-Over $1,000 worth of articles wa( received. Numerous persons from out of the city who had been patients, including several farmers, sent a collection of valuable staple articles. t Shot Wife and Self. DAYTON, O.. Nov. H.-In the presence of his father, 73 years old, and very daf Austin Turney, a blacksmith, aged years, crazed with jealousy, shot and fatally wounded his wife. Minnie J years old. at their home to-night Then he turned the revolver upon himself and sent a bullet crashing through hlfi right eye, which will undoubtedly cause his death. Aspinwall Water Rents Reduced. At a meeting of Aspinwall council iaft night the minimum rate for water supplied by the municipal water works was reduced from 13 to Ji.sn r. i. i. months. The decrease was made after patrons had held - ind T1- V. . v. . .. .. wiougn solicitor was instructed to uruw up a currew ordinance. Paper Mills Active Again. BERLIN, N. H. Nov. 11 Th mills o'r1 the International Paper Company, in thil w.lj, nuari nave Deen idlo since Augur? 1. when the papel- makers went on strips against a reduction in wages, will f aianea up on Monday next. . Tha ref plan. f 1 wm o run on the "open" pi A

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