Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1932 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1932
Page 8
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PAOB3 EiaHT VALUE OF BANK STATEMENTS IS QUIHARGET Advance Editorial Is Used as Basis of Inquiry. Some time ago an editorial In the Advance suggctcd that the law requiring banks to publish statements of condition was of doubtful value It was pointed out that experience toad shown that few people could read them intelligently and that gossip started by persona who did not understand them had ruined man> sound banks and caused great and unnecessary losses to customers. Reference was made particularly to another unfortunate circumstance, itowlt, that public misunderstanding of the Federal Reserve bank redls- countlng privilege, aa well as of the new 'Reconstruction {Finance corporation borrowing privilege, had compelled many banks to make use of these agencies. Hanks .Scared Out. The object of these privileges is merely to let hanks who have more calls for lo.ins than they can handle out of their own resources get outside money to care, for the extra business'and thus meet the needs of their communities. It turned out, however, that ignorant people who found these items in published statements thought they meant that the banks were in bad condition and so had to rediscount or -borrow to keep going. Unfounded gossip thus started naturally scared bankers, and the result has been that they have kept to their o«-ri resources and turned down loans that they would otherwise have been, glad to make, with the coincident result that community business has been held down and everyone has been damaged. There is at the present time hardly a community in Iowa where this condition does not prevail. Bankers Asked to Comment. The Advance's editorial was featured in the September number of "the Northwestern Banker,. Des Molnes, and the editor of that journal : then wrote for expressions of] opinion from a number of selected I Jsankers. The replies, as follows, appeared in _the October number of Northwestern Banker: ' : Cedar Rapids.—I have known of a few cases during this financial depression where banks which occupied a. very strong financial position (which, a.s you know, is the exception these times) were benefitted by publishing a financial statement, but on the whole it has been my experience that a large number of ments do the bank a lot of damage. iDes Moines.'-'I think banks by all means should publish statements regularly. When this depression Is past I believe these statements should In much more detail and tell the public more frankly of the condition of the bank, so it can be understood. Ames.—'It is my opinion that there is very little th'at can be said In favor of the present method of publishing bank statements and there Is a great deal to be said In opposition to it. Misrepresentation may do much harm. I would have much more confidence in the interpretation of the banking dpartment on a statement than that of any Individual who is familiar with financial statements. It has always seemed to me that 'the quarterly report sent to the comptroller of the currency, or the state banking department, as the case may be, should be sufficient evidence of the bank's liquid position." More Harm Than Good. Omaha.—There is quite a bit to be Dakotas do not complain of hard times as we do 1 here. He »worked most of the two "months • he spent there, and on one Job he redelved $2.60 a day. Drnlnnge Campers (Jo Home— Kell & Halvorson, Eagle Grove, who had camped at the John FrU deres farm several weeks, went home last Friday. They were repairing drainage tile. New Girt at. Alphonse Betto's— Mr. and Mrs. Al-phonse Berte are parents of a boy, born last week Wednesday. They now have two boys and a girl. Other St. Joe. The John Beddings were Sunday dinner guests at Mat Zelmet's, Sylvester and Clarence Thilges, West Bend, spent the day at the Joseph Thilges home. The William Redlngs were at Peter Redlng's. Lorena Stattelman and 'Ruth Devlne were guests of Marianne Devlne. William , M. Oustafson, draggfog .... Bert Gould, dragging .<;.>. Ted HooVer, dragging .....<«..» (Prank (Relbhoff, dragging .... Louis Scott, dragging ........... iFred Hlppen. dragging .".»..< W. iF. MoFarland, dragging .... Fred Butterfleld, dragging .... Donald Jacobs, dragging ... i..5» Walter Blerstedt, dragging .... John IH. Farell, dragging 5.40 15.90 I4!l0 9.90 83.06 9.00 9.00 18.30 72!eo tJUllIl '" t A'tuci*!:"* "QO"'C» .T.... ,_.--.. Lyell W. Miller, dragging 78,40 Peter Movic.k, patrol 108.90 Elmer Blllngson, patrol 72.00 F. D. .Pruismahn, patrol ...... Sl.OO John S. Nelson, patrol *.....,.... 91.20 Alton Pettlt, patrol ;.,.. 86.00 Oscar Baring, patrol 115.00 Hana W, Nielson, patrol .1...... 69.60 Will Leeper, patrol 93.10 said in favor of the suggestion that Link and Lorena Thilges .were at the publication of bank statements is "unnecessary in normal times and a source of misinterpretation in abnormal times." On the other hand, banking is and should be a quasi- public business, and it seems to me the remedy for the situation is to educate the public to understand bank statements rather than to suppress them. We have been through rather abnormal times, and the public psychology cannot be changed In a few days. The banks have much to do in this and other respects over a period of time in building for themselves a stronger foundation in public opinion. Washington (Iowa). —I believe published bank statements do more harm than good, and hope the law requiring It will be repealed. NEW NO. MAD NEAR ST, JOE IS BEING ^RAVELED St. Joe, Oct. 25—The Quealy excavating and wrecking company, Fort Dodge, moved its outfit to the gravel pit north of here Friday morning and began graveling the new grade on No. 169, two miles south. The new road will be a big improvement and will cut down accidents. Curves have been eliminated. It is thought that the road will be open to traffic Xo Complaint in S. I), and Montana •Simon Zeimet got home from Melstone, Mont., last week Monday. He says people in Montana and the J. F. Qulnn, patrol S9.26 Chester Alme, patrol ,. 76.90 C. A. Lamoreaux, patrol 103.20 Pearly C. Haynes, patrol -*"* Wilbur A, Fisher, patrol 91.00 John"Manselman,' patrol ..". 139.6(1 Wm. O. Ludwlg, patrol .......... 76.25 Francis N. rElbert, labdr 73.6C Clem Goodman, patrol, i 90.6E Joe M. (Eser, patrol ............ 91.0C Joe Helclerscheldt, patrol 78.60 Tom Weir, patrol 92.75 Ed Fuohsen, patrol 91.W S. 'D. McDonald, patrol ' 95.R Ernest O. Burch, labor 59.4( Wm. F, Gronbach, labor 75.01 Gus RIchter, labor 70.4i the Wdlllam Thilges home. Charles Devlne, his mother, and a sister, all of Humboldt, were at Wm. B. Devlne's Sunday afternoon. Vincent Kellner, St. Benedict, was at the Becker Bros. home. Mrs. Margaret Marso, Whlttemore, visited her sister, Mrs. Mary Thilges, at the Leo Thilges home. Mr. and Mrs. Fraser, Des Molnes, are visiting.the Mike Wiltgens. Mrs. Fraser was Anna Wiltgen. Mr. Fraser and his father own a shoe repair shop. 'The Mike Marsos were Sunday afternoon callers at the Phillip Fourage home. Mr. Fourage, who recently suffered a broken arm, is recovering, John Hammer, accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Edw. Hammer, and Mary Manthel, spent Sunday at Vern Mangle's, south of Livermore. Mrs. Mike Reding, Mrs. John Weydert, and Mrs. Bernard J. Devine spent Monday at Fort Dodge. Maurine Thilges, West Bend, is taking care of the household duties at the Alphons Berte home. Clarence Hourscht, and Maurinus Vandam, Dell Rapids, S. D., spent the week-end at John Berte's. Sisters Mary Hortense and Mary Concepta spent a few days last week at Waterloo. ... • . , Clarence C. Prlebe, drag 7.40 Chas. IFroellch, drag 13.80 K. B. Kestler, drag 19.06 Raymon iBarslou, labor 18.75 W. 'H. Rlcklefs, labor 13.6( George Krueger, labor 45.61 Lloyd H. IZenther, labor • 24.15 Kennedy IBtos. Co., assign..... 75.0 •Leo iDelperdang, grading 26.7 1 Kennedy Bros. Co., assign 60.00 Arnold (Delperdang, grading.... 19.1< Chas. 'Emanuel, labor 46.1! Lawrence J. Cink, labor 36.8 Otto Kenne, labor 4.00 •Hildreth Petit, labor 31.6(1 Allen Lamoreaux, labor • 18.0 Elmer Glawe, labor 8.4C B, Cunningham, 7—* Simm6ns, estimate No. 1, \.M Michel, engr, r H; LftthrpP, rodman ••"•••' i. V. Btephensbn, fodman »." Wilson Concrete Co., tile <..;.••» Al Rosenmeyer. labor .......•••, Concrete Materials Corp,, tile .. Dr. 2 Of 26— Matt Laux, labor • •_>•'•.ViiL"'" Haneo'olnKossuth No. 2-S6- a. Culvert i& Pipe Co., sup J. IB. Cunningham, labor • S. iB. (French Lbr. Co., sup. .... KossuthMHancock No, 46-3— la. Culvert* Pipe Co., sup Matt iLaux, repairs •••• Dr. (H-K'iNo. 4-6S- ' Hilbert Severlens, labor ........ S B. French tLbr. Co., aup. .. Dr. H-<K No. 6-87— Matt Laux, labor S. B. French OJbr Co., sup. .... Hum-tKos. NO. 1- J. J. Nelmer, labor HumflCos. No. 2— H-K. No. 8— - , George Gabrlelson, labor John Frlderes, labor A. E. Michel, engr W-K No. 35-89— S. -B. French Lbr. Co., sup IP-A-<K Jt. No. 1— H. W. Schmidt, labor •POOR FUND Supervisor Dist. No. 1— d. S. Johnson, prov. Henry Cook 1.00 16,52 45.21 Botsford Iitintb*r CO. ..m.iuu, Kossuth Co, Implement' Co., 65.70 1.75 1.41 8.08 5.53 17.12 .70 13.66 .65 , B3 *» 1.60 4 £-y-« *n<t Seconded t>V „ illJt Cotttftlttee to Hate repairs .,»«.=, Bft bfr-4, **;**f NXlUe*.,'Aye*: ^lon'b| i Motilolaid' and fceeonded by ....t,H *««» " ,LTv-$a>: .Th&t tM i ected'to thls°me3tl"ng"«s shown tfy the , -r--- ule of Claim*" hefelttbefore wmtert as per vote on each individual Wit. Ayes! A on motion Board Adjourned tb nine o'clock a. 10.60 8.00 30,07 Henry Schauberger, labor 25.8 Ben iGisch, labor 74.1 Wm. A. Elbert, labor 50.40 Ed Dltsworth, labor '.. 9.60 L. E. Doyle, labor 43.20 George (Dunn, labor 43.20 iRalph Craig, labor 65.00 Myron L. Johnson, la'bor 15.30 Harold Carr, labor ~ "~ August iHennlng, labor Andy Hoh, labor -Henry Janssen, labor . Ted Hoover, labor H. .R. Hays, labor ...... H. J. Presthus, labor .. A. J. 'Lawler, labor R A. Clark, prov. Otto Collies Benedicts Store, prov. F. Schmidt F. Stewart *••" Mrs. Hedrlck 12.62 Moe Sjogren, prov., John Fox Tlede & Schneider, prov. ...... Mra Oeo. Scrlbner .... 1B.86 Mrs. Glen Stoddard .... 12.50 Llchty & .Ross, prov ..... Mrs. Keutlaw *>.00 Mrs. Mllo Pattetson .... 29.74 IGlen Stoddard 7.00 MdFarland l& Walker, prov., IFred Schneider .•••••• •»•£< Thos. Akre, prov., (Henry Kock 9.21 31.36 76.74 County Auditor, OctobcrS, 1932. Auditor's Office, October 6, 1932. / (Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Balgeman and seconded, by McDonald that Morris and Mlbhel be appointed as a committee to _ have its- pairs made on E-K Jt Drain No. 2. Ayes; All. : ... •On motion (Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. Motion by Funnemark and seconder by IBalgeman that following: final estimates be allowed of Paul & Donnelly, W. iB. 'Williams and John 'Schu mftcher: . Maintenance Project No. 19 for $380.09. : Secondary IRd. INo. 212 for 162.23. and County Auditor instructed-to Issue warrants aa provided by law. .Ayes All. ' 3.00 2.50 33.00 2.60 7.80 36.25 7.25 10.00 R. F. Zumach, labor 36.00 Virgil Wolf, labor ... 10.80 G. Wibben. labor 22.00 IL. E. Work, labor 72.50 Reduced Fares Between Stations on the Milwaukee Boad—Tickets are on sale daily until December 31 at one and on-third of the one-way fare for the round trip, and limited for return for fifteen days from date of sale between many satlons on The Milwaukee Road in Iowa, It will pay you to 'travel by train. For particulars ask any Ticket Agent of the Ole Gerdis, labor Dwlght 'Graham, la'bor Emll Kraft, labor C. G. Liuckman, labor 48.00 66.00 10.50 6.00 Karl Krebs, labor 18.85 § . H. Llnde, labor 31.75 ud Olson, labor '. 18.TO Clyde Hewitt, labor 18.75 Edward Jergeenson, labor 16.00 Clifford Johnson, la'bor 12.00 Kenneth W. Rutledge, labor .. 4.80 Hilbert Severlens, labor 9.50 E. G. Stenstrom, labor 4.00 •Peter Schmlt, labor 2.00 Harry Sabln, labor 3.50 •Robert W. Volght, la'bor 43.20 . L. W. Rutledge, Sankey prov., Ray F. H. Hintz, prov., Mrs. Wm. Hedrlck, Jr •••^• - 'J A. W. Jurgens, prov. Fred •Schneider •~\"\l J. B. Erpeldlng, prov. BeriGlsch Mrs. W. IH. Ellis, prov. Scrlbner family i"'." Karl Krebs, rent, Fred Schneider •••• Wm. Schultz, rent, Mrs. Wm. Hedrlck, Jr., claimed $12.00; allowed 10 -°° 12.00 7.60 2.10 2.17 21.84 4.20 18.00 ' i i ' ' I -S j^^.k^^^^^ifr^^0^^^^yi.^^^^^^^^i^^^y^^** ^-JL \JxvoJLIA |f f^f"irii/\ • ** IM«mfed L^* *, ...,... --JsasU Fuhnem&rVthat third quarterly report of Bfertha'EJrJdhhUoh. County Auditor Bhd -Laura, iPalne, county iRecorder, are fat&by approved. Aye»: All, 'On motion'tedafd adj6urned to one o'clock t>. irt.' , v, - •• One 6 r *Iocfe p m. S64rd of Supervisors met purmmtit to adjournment with all members.present, ' Motion byPuhnemark and seconded »y Balgeman ttlttt .petition for establishment of Secondary iRoad No. 210 be placed on file. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by 'Funnemark that/following open ditch flght»of-way exemption be allowed and county auditor instructed to Issue refund warrant:, B^K Jt. Dr. No. 2— Hafvey 1* Simpson— O. D. ac M NIB 1-4 Sec. 13-98-O) , ,4.6 1^4 N® 1-4 Sec, 13-98-30 ........ 2,8 «E? 1-4 NT3 1-4 «ec. 13-98-30 4.5 P-A.-4K. Jt. No. !•*• Henryi IBoeverS— .,,... .. .,.,... ..... N 1-2 NIB 1-4 9W11-4 Sec. 81-97-30 .. 3.18 N-l-2 NW 1-4 SW 1-4 Sec. 31-97-30 .. 2.77 B. H.!KH»art, Admr. Wm, MertzBst.— Ext. Dr. 8^- i-, :• '••^ ;/.• ;••:; ,NW 1-4 Sec. 80-94-29 L. 10.49 Rosa Stalteiman—. : ' • jNjW-l-4 NB3 1-4 flee, 30-94-29 .„...,. 1.90 8W 1-4 NJ3 1-4 See. 30-94-29 1.20 John CP. Klrsch--- .-'' ' ' • INIWi 1-4 SB 1M Sec, 19-94-29 .-.':,.... 3.62 SWil-4 SB 1-4 «ec. 19-94-29 .......... 3.28 Ayes: All. 0 Motion by Funnemark and seconded c. in 1 on Inc., Ayea; All County , Motion l>v by BalBcman on Mary General M. Algona, First Ward Algona, Second 'Ward Algona, Third Ward L. A. Andrew, recvr Lu Verne bank, rent, iGlen Stoddard.... B. F. Brutis, rent, (Mrs. Zeutlau Fred Ttede, rent, Mrs. Scrlbnej'.. Sanford & Lindebak, fuel ...... Mrs. Pat Patterson ...... 5.77 Mrs. Wm. Hedrick ...... 7,05 Glen Stoddard ............ 2.48 R. I* Corbln, med. aid .......... Fred Smith .............. 11.60 Glen Stoddard ........... 4.00 Mllo (Patterson ........... 4.00 W. D. Andrews, med. aid Mrs. S. M. Jordan, labor 25.20 John H. Wilson, labor " ~" Alfred Ditsworth, grading, 43.20 claimed 133.60; allowed 115.60 - - - - .(jo 7.03 C. S. Johnson, sup. Arthur Pehrson Hdwe., sup. Milwaukee Road. Adv.-7 Board Proceedings H Stott, sup 18.90 October 4, 1932 Auditor's Office, October 4, 1932. - . , „ .. .» Board of 'Supervisors of Kossuth banks have suffered on this account [Bounty met pursuant to adjournment - " - - . - - Lone IRock Telephone Co., tel serv ". Henry Swalve, labor Central States iElec Co., light serv Anderson iGran & Coal Co., fuel Botsford Lumber Co., sup Northern 'Lumber Co., sup. .... Farmers' Co-op. Assn., sup. .. S. 'B. French Lumber Co., sup. Dahl's Electric Shop, sup Kossuth Co Implement Co., sup. and that the -publishing of statements has worked against the welfare of bankci and their communities. WJiy Good Loans Go IJog'g-Ing. I have known which have had of several banks to close because their depositors became frightened when the bank's statement showed "Money Borrowed." At the present mem b ers present. Motion by McDonald and seconded Barton-Warner Co., assign Wheeler 'Lumber, Bridge & Sup. Co., sup Paul & Donnelly, et al, sec. rcl. dist. No. 190 2555.G5 Paul & Donnelly et al, sec. -rd. dist. No. 185 636.01 Oliver & Ole Moe, gravel land 90.00 138 25 ' Thos Akre, sup. ! Elbert Oarage, sup 11.65 1.75 2,18 8.30 30.80 '10.00 98.54 50.85 2.16 17.3' 1.00 27.10 8.00 20.00 .. 20.00 1».30 19.50 7.00 . . C. Gunder Supervisor District No. 2— C. S. Johnson, prov ................ 41.00 Amy Johnson ......... ... 21.00 Verne Rutledge .......... 4.00 Jens Knudsen ............ 16.00 A. H. IBorchardt, sup. McGee.. 1.50 H. R. Sorensen & Co., prov. .. 44.00 Matt Fran sen' ............ 12.00 Dave Haas ................ 4.00 E. Jones .................. 19.75 Mrs. G. E. Van Dorston 8.25 Long's Grocery, prov ........... 27.50 F. Hansen ................ 15.00 Mrs. Mathison ........... 12.50 Algona, Fourth Ward- Buffalo Township Burt Township by Funnemark that resolution be A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. adopted making application to budget 16 director for a permanent trasfer of $1500.00 from temporary transfer of $2500.00 heretofore made from Conty Fund to Fairground 'Fund. Ayes: All. (See record for resolution.) On motion (Board proceeded to audit and -allow bills. On motion Board adjourned to 1 o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. Board of Supervis- A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. 9 175.50 A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. S 175.50 A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. time we are turning down good cattle I ora me t pursuant to adjournment with loans, which could be rediscounted all members present. .with the Federal Reserve bank, for the reason that we do not want to show any money 'borrowed or redis- -counts in our next statement, for we I approved. Ayes Irnnw tint 'our pii know that our cu Motion !»• IMorris and seconded 'by iBalgeman that supplemental report of H. M. Smith, County Engineer, for additional road improvements is hereby ar\7^»*m7pr1 'Avoa* All wmilfl fool Motion by Morris and seconded by V.OUIQ iei,i Funnemark tnat following final estl- that the bank was m a weakened ma t e s be allowed of Paul & .Donnelly, condition on this account. In 1920 W. B. Williams and John Schumacher: tactically, all..*ai,lw borrowed and f^ftS ™[ *£; ™ <° Tr .;;;-»^g rediscourited customers' notes, and Secondary road No. 188 for .... 107.56 42.24 Sal.00 5 ................................... 899.60 J. A. Roberts, bridge ... ....... ;. 336.20 Paul & Donnelly et al ,sec. rd. dist. No. 188 ....... . ........... 968.11 Paul & 'Donnelly et al, sec. rd. dist. No. 205 ..................... Paul & 'Donnelly et al, aec. rd. dist. No.. 187 Kum George Holtzbauer, sup '4.15 NH - !f ' f I Joe Greenberg, sup - 73.80 H. R. Sorenson Co., sup 2.00 Matt Murtha, sup 167.14 Walter M. Boris, sup 6.90 M. C. Weir, aup 7.85 Deltering Garage, sup - 11.50 W. T. Fish, sup 11.95 B. C. Dahl, sup 40.00 A. Peters, sup. 15.40 Ed Underdahl, repair 3.50 J. D. Adams Co., sup 56.26 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., sup 76.85 la. Machinery & Supply Co., sup Grbbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. Co., sup Barton-Warner Co., sup Carl L. Miller Tractor Co., sup. Sieg-Masoh City Co., sup la. State Highway Commission, 261.90 380.21 664.18 A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. 13 : 175.50 A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. 10 Road Mach. A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. 27 A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. Secondary road No. 188 for the public thought nothing of it, as Secondary road No. 205 for Secondary road 'No. 187 for .... 662.88 19 •'••••• 4<s - <x> •we had few bank time. Now conditions have changed. at that' Maintenance project No. 7 for .. 421.81 <it Ln<ii —, ir . .. .„ A,.^U«« i nn t..,,r,,. n /i *-« i a a,, n and County Auditor instructed to issue I feel 'that it would be a move in All. warrants as provided by law. Ayes: any good time — eithe'r when or when they are the right direction if banks were not required to publish financial statements at times are lad. One Reason for Publication. Omaha.-,It seems to me «».„ , - , b , proper that banks should be required Bertha :E. Johnson, adv ibty. n motion 'Board proceeded to audit and allow toills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS COUNTY FiU'N'D Citv of Algona, light and water service $ Northwestern 'Bell Tel Co., tele- 90.72 53.85 A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. 20 , 459.20 Don T. 'Nugent, asst. engr. Austin-Western Co., sup Dukehart Machinery Co., sup. DtRAlDNiAGE FUND 278.10 Dr. 4— E. G. Stenstrom, repair tile .;.. Tom Peterson, labor and sup. J, B. Cunningham, labor A. J. Yawler, labor S. IB 1 . French Lbr. Co., sup. .. 351.00 Alg-ona Cooperative Cry. Co., prov -.. 29.28 Henry Cook 3.60 E. Beard , 2.90 M. C. iFrandsen 1.80 'F. Elbert 3.60 C. IRL Mason 36 John (Helmers 1.68 Eugene Meyers 1.62 (Ethel Jones 2.88 Frank Hansen 1.74 A. Johnson 1.62 ChasGunder 2.16 Albert Davis 1.68 Mrs. A. Neltzel 3.60 Bloom's Store, prov -Mrs. Stedman 3.25 Mrs. IHauenstein 5.50 Albert 'Davis 12.00 " Moe & Sjogren, prov "' Mrs. Seifert 12.13 ChasGunder 8.00 •Clara Neitzell 18.72 Botsford Lumber Co., fuel .... Henry Cook 10.61 Mrs. H. Koch 10.BI Mrs. Neitzel 10.61 J. Magnusson ; 10.38 'Perry Thompson 10.51 F. Powlaski S.51 E. I. Burbank 7.37 Mrs. Stedman 1.89 Mrs. Keepher 10.76 Mrs. Seifert. ; 977 M. C. IFrandsen 2,oO 4 no J- F. MoGuire, wood Dave Hasz • i Andrew Petersen, ren, Mrs. qio ! Jones , i); Mrs. Mary Webster, care, Noel * -aa i Entwistle j J. L. Bohannon, rent, Sellenau j Mrs. Lenore A. M. Peck, rent, 560 Frank IHanson OO'IK Mrs. Anna Carney, rent, Jim. l'j5 McGee i'jX A. Vanderlinden, rent, Chas. 4« IG'under Elsie Cady, rent, Ed. 'Erickson 22.75 3S.85 93.62 . . Cresco Township _ Eagle Township East Lone iRock (Burt Twp.) _ , , UTenton Township 95.35 121.21 85.38 | 18.92 i 11.2S j Milton MoFadden, rodman .... Paul & Donnelly et al sec rd. dist. No. 212 396.04 Barton-Warner Co., assign ... A. A, Mettler; grad. proj No. 18 160.00, Paul Tlenan, labor 3.60. G | neral . , I ? o8T !? ita1l1 hosp - care ,k-M 75.00 G e o. C-nken, labor 3200 ; . Mm A l b ;, D S vl !, ?H2 IS. B. French Lbr. Co., sup 2.60 | _?°J val : d MeCrady ......... JtO.OO Dr. 7— 74.10 Hilbert Severiens, repair work 162.00 is. B. French Lbr. Co., sup 351.00 D r . 9_ 6.00 10.00 45.00 10.00 10.00 12.00 5.00 25.00 43.00 iGarfleld Township German 'Township Grant Township Greenwood Township Harrison Township IW. iD. Andrews, med. aid, Mrs. I A. J. Davis ...................... 9 Si Dr. John N. -Keneflck, med. aid A. A! Mettler; grad. proj'. No. 15 351.00 5r~9^ ....... ""' ' ~"'" """ ...... , Helen Stuart ........ . ..... 6.00 A. A. Mettler, grad. proj. No. 23 526,50 otto Kenne labor 6800 Myrtle St. John .......... 33.00 Henry Phillips, labor .......... 96.30 John Leinineer labor ......... fis'flO Drs - Keneflck i& Keneflck, med. ' ............ "" *—-'«••-"•'••»- '— 36.HO 39.00 Chris F. gravel , Nielsen, checking J. V. Elbert, grading 297.50 J. V. .Elbert, grading 437.50 Clifford Holmes, labor "" ° er by law to publish their statements, not that good banks would not continue to operate good banks even if the publication of their statements was not required, but it is my opin- , ion that many- banks would not have a.s good statements as they do were Dr. 33- . J. B. Cunningham, labor 9.60 Geo. Onken, labor 6.00 A. J. Lawler, labor 12.80 -Paul Tienan, labor 8.10 S. B. French Lbr. Co., sup. .. .85- Dr. 400— F. J. Balgeman; comm. and D. N. Oerber. labor 5.00' Mr V^Stephenaon. rodman 1.50 session 260.52 James Murray, labor 72.88 s 'B 'French 'Lbr Co sup 90 Chas. Morris, comm and session 260.52 HHans 'Koestler, labor 15.901 n'orn-o-o Onkon lallnr " " «'m P. J. IHeiken, comm. and ses- L. A. Potter, labor 20.00 £? 66- sion 241.66 Jule Seifert, labor 8.00 a. 'n. .Frnnch I,hr. .no., aim » IK H. H. Smith, engineer 271.00 J. Balgeman, comm. and ' ]lb ! !r i' labor labor iGuy Ash, la'bor D. N. "Gerber, labor W. E. MaDonald, comm. and Jule Seifert, labor Kohlhaas Hardware, supplies.. sslon ' 195.70'F. I. Chapman, supp'lles Olaf Funnemark, comm. and I Norton Machine Works, sup- 24.11 Dr. 55— 8. B. French Lbr. Co., sup. Dr. 60— Elmore Cement & Tile Co.,' sup. 2.40 it not for the law requiring that! , sesslon -• • v Y ,""L""-J 222 ' 83 Ur plle ^ V ;,••", ;."• i3H 4 i E. G. Stenstrom, labor 1 ' . ',.' j Bancroft Register, pub. board 'North Iowa Grain Co., supplies 103.05 Dr 76— Statements l>e published. | , )roc ;,/, 175.50J T * •"-*---••- *--•*--' vv ~-~ :V.r- ">— As you undoubtedly notod from ' Haggard & (Backus, pub. board •our own statement, we began, at the i. .95 9.20 57.14 •December 3, 1931, call, to furnish to | Mar 7 -K^Sand'sTTabor!!!!!!!'.!'.!! 7s!oo ... . . _ _. . ?50 .50 1.10 , ....... -' the public oft our regular printed j Lllia L. 'Bishop, labor i— • statement a list of bonds and securi- °Ivert O. IRippentrop, bty ties held by us, all bonds being car- tied at market or lower. We felt fhat our customers were entitled to this Information, and we believe that It was very helpful to us. A Word for Smart Aleca •Grlnnell.—AH Iowa banks are regularly examined by competent examiners 'from the state or national franking departments. The result of these examinations should be available to all who are interested. To compel, by law, a Innk to make at stated times a repirt of its financial condition is to invite fraud and deception. Any banker with half wit ' can manipulate the finances of his bank to ma''e :> good showing. What is there to prevent a group of men owning; •> chain of banks from Nantje Tiedens, -btv. Auditor of State, 1931 audit of Kossuth County 1057.43 J. A. Roberts, .bridge , 367.05 i ch'as. Emanuel, labor 3.25 To y^illimwt- -P_ T^Inn O.-. nil ni-il 1 ^n - K*J t\t . »*. _n ' •••!•««*.., w._U la. Culvert & Pipe Co., supplies Sargent -Machine Co., Inc., supplies Economy Welding Works, supplies 64.67'Dr 80— 53.04 , Dr. 78- t . I S. B. French Lbr, Co., sup 11.85 Dr. 79- Jake Lamport Yards, Inc., sup, 4.45 Hebron Township irvington Township aid Jens IKnudsen boy....— 66.25 R. A. Evans, med. aid 63.25 Mrs. Chas. Gunder 27.00 •Geo. W. Hunt 2.75 Jess Umebhauer 2.00 Forest Minard 5.00 Henry Cook 1.50 Mrs. Seifert 25.00 K. 'D. James, sup. 'Mrs, Van Dorston 16.00 Supervisor IDist No. 3— Warner Schmidt, potatoes 15.63 Dr. F. ,L, Adams, med. aid, Jas. (Flack 24.00 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care, Mrs. Hedriok, claimed »1SO; allowed 125.00 Supervisor District Lakota (Ledyard Twp.) A. H, Borchardt, sup., Moore.. Wm. Shirley, exp. 48.66 Barton-Warner (Co., supplies Barton-Warner Co., supplies ..• .Wilson Concrete Co., supplies,. Wilson Concrete Co., supplies.. 271.08 R ay A. Marquis, labor 16,00 I 1 ?'?? Mike Baker, labor 3.00 119.30 473.70 prov., Edna 4.SO 2.55 9.53 Repper 9 or John Martin, transp. •—° ' Dan Lichllter, Johnson , 7.20 Art Bettin, prov 14.61 'Bert Godden .'. 7.11 .Tul. Brings 7.50 L. E. Hovey, sheriff ............ 290.93 Kossuth County Farm Bureau, appropriation ................... 1250.00 H. C. Lunning, weed comm.... 13.TO Joseph Shatter, trustee mtg. ... 4.00 •H. W. Harms, trustee mtg ..... 4.00 R. B. Bernlnghaus trustee mtg. 4.00 Mike Wagner, trustee mtg ..... 4.00 G. B. Johnson, trustee mtg ..... 4.00 Matt Parrott i& Sons Co., sup. 85.32 Frye Mfg. Co., sup ............. 21.00 ROAD MAINTENANCE (FUND Carl iF. Anllker, exp. in accl- . dent , 21.65 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., sup. ity of Algona, light and water '• Dr. 82— serv '. 8.17|Theo. Dorenbush. labor Paul i& Donnelly et al, maint. | Frank Welch, labor . proj. No. 25 2198.39 IRay A. Marquis, labor , Railway Express Agency, ex- iOlenn IE. Yahnke, labor press Railway Express Agency, express Klipto Loose Leaf Co., sup Langan 'Paper Co., sup 135.00 1.16 ., Koch Brothers, aup ............. 297.90 Haggard & Backus, sup. Typewriter Exchange, sup Whitemore Champion, sup Johnson-RandalphC o., sup.... shifting cash fr banks to a l-'nii i any of its other .about to make a : statement, and in i'.-'-, way make a bank that is really vvjak appear as a strong bank? If a bank borrows money from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation or buy governments to u^'ioait for a postal savings acoun?. is it any •weaker because of th:.-'.' yet if the statement shows borrowed money some smart Alec will feel inspired, either ignorantly or maliciously, to spend considerable of his valuable time in telling others of the borrowed money. Publicity of the right kind and in the right way te absolutely necessary for good business, but misleading information is w'orse than none. Two Agttlnut Due. & Company, sup Garage, sup Norton Machine Works aup. .. George Holtzbauer, sup. and repairs Kennedy '& Parsons Co., sup... R. G. iRIchardson, sup. Oscar 'Norman, repairs Botsford Lumber Co.. sun COURT FUND O. Marquis, J. (P. fee C. C. Wright, constable Jake Keller, constable Bud Cassel. witness fee W. M. Linkhorn, witness fee.. P. A. Danson, J. P. fee L. E. Hovey. sheriff L. A. Winkei, J. P. fee .. Wm. Rioklefs, constable C. C. Wright, constable .. W. H. Higgans, constable C. F. Specht, mayor W. Green, marshal .... E. (Hovey. sheriff INSANE FUND 34.75 9.59 52.90 10.20 20.00 1.06 2.35 5.70 7.95 2.16 8.35 353.25 4.80 18.82 9.21! M .80 15.60 50.15 19.50 13.50 2.80 28.81 2.60 1.49 1.50 Frank Welch, labor !!!!!:::::";: 9'00 i M ,e rr111 tBIrc-B., prov „ 42. Glenn E. .Yahnke, labor Northern 'Lumber Co., sup. E. G. Stenstrom, labor 3,00 .60 8.80 8.00 34.00 Mrs. 'Peter Giles 10.00 Mrs. H. Johnson ...'..... 20.66 Ames Bergman 12.00 Hood's Cash Store, prov., 'Lou Conway 10.00 Mrs. Doss 10.41 Frank Welch, la'bor ....!!!!!!!! 2150 Smlth Dept. Store, prov. Squire Paul & Donnelly et al, maint. prod. No. 7 Northwestern .iBell ..Telephone 8.75 32.40 Co., telephone service Thomas Berg, drag Paul & Donneddy et al, maint. proj. No. 19 2874.03 Barton-Warner Co., assign 546.85 i:00'Dr. 85— i E. G. Stenstrom sup. and re- 1.29 1 Pairs Dr. 86- STO6 ' 32 S. B. French Lbr. Co., sup (Paul Tlenan, labor Clyde Sanders, patrol Elmer 'Ewing, patrol Goodman iHundsness, patro' J. H. Montgomery, patrol Sam Harr, dragging Mike Baker, dragging John (Kohlwes, gravel checking IH. 'N. Kruse, assign Peter N. Thilges, dragging .... M. J. Koestler, dragging Lawrence Doege, dragging .... Frank Dlers, dragging , Leo Hellman, dragging C. E. Kollasch, dragging C. H. Sonenberg, dragging .... F. X. Wllhelmi, dragging B. I, Bufflngton, dragging Carl Zumach, dragging Albert Kressin, dragging Joseph Loebach, dragging -"' E. Petersen, dragging 76.90 104.80 79.20 95.90 28.20 51.00 18.50 66.10 11.10 6.55 6.10 10.80 15.76 8.70 30.00 42.00 9.00 5.20 J. IB'. Cuningham, labor 3.00 3.60 9.60 13.30 6.00 A. J. Lawler, labor Geo. Onken, labor Dr. 90- S, B. French 'Lbr. CO., sup 8.70 A. J. Lawler, labor 10.40 Joe Tapper, labor 7.00 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., tile .80 Dr. 91— Paul Tienan, labor ap.50 _ - 4.90 'George Onken, labor...: 43.06 Laux labor Hudson 12.32 A. A. Droessler, prov., Mra Edna Johnson :. 14.22 •Mrs. Mary Froehle, rent, Mrs. Grover Tyler '.,, 16.00 W. A. Murray, fuel , 38.15 Edna Johnson 8.75 Amos'Bergman 5.00 Mrs. Cayler 10.65 Mrs. Peter Giles 9.K5 Lewis Conway 4.10 . A. iDevine, M. D., med. aid.. 125.50 J. P. Jacobs 3.00 John To'bin 3.00 Mra Eugen Cayler ..... 11.00 Mrs. Peter Giles 104.60 Mrs. iLouls Conway 4.00 Augusta 'Kinney, care, Darrel Gelst 18.60 Supervisor 'District No. " S. B. 'French Lbr. Co., sup. .. 10.40 Dr. 99- A. J. Lawler, labor , J. B. Cunningham, labor' 2.10 S. B. French Lbr. Co., sup 1.60 Dr. 102— Elmore Cement & Tile Co. tile.. .80 Dr. 105— I Nordstrum '& Palmer, labor .. 65.00 INordstrum & Palmer, labor .... 55.0C ™... 'Lawrence J. Cink, labor 8.62 •*;•;" I Chas. Emanuel. labor 9.74 °-°X ;M. V. Stephenson, rodman 1.00 7.SQ ,p, Lathrop, rodman 2.26 10.20 27.30 9.00 L. E. Hovey, transp. 30.00 Clark Orton. clerk fee .......... 30.75 iL .E. Hovey, sheriff . ........... 76.76 C. H. Cretzmeyer, commission er R1 r( - i A. uj. x^ciurBuii, ui'big{$mg , a.w Bl> * Wyot Stott, dragging 8.40 I Peter N. Hansen, dragging 1.80 (Crawford (Bros., dragging 13.30 Loren 'Byera, dragging 17.4X1 -•-•-—- - - 8t0(> 17.40 A.. Hutchison, commissioner .... -M. G: Bourne, commissioner .... Dr, F. L. Trltoon, witness -t ee... Clinton.—-Frankly speaking, I dq not believe these statemente eye'r did any bank any particular good.'Tne'-'a •rage person reading the statements fe unable to understan& t&e.m.,.jy}d, in. times such, «# we,ai in many <tS«M'" the •H. A.' Van Alstine, witness fee (Frank iGreeh; witness fee L, A. WjjjfeeJ, witness leq ..,.,. •C. F.' Specht; witness fee ". Frank Sletzel, witness fee 12.00 18.00 6.00 4.10 4.20 4.20 2.10 (FUND Arthur E. 'Holcomb, dragging, 8. A. 'Butcher, dragging John Blum, dragging 19.20 Rich 'Potratz, dragging Albert Wittkopf. dragging .... John Simmons, dragging Herman Runksmeier, dragging Willie Sohn, dragging Arthur IR. Zielske, dragging ... Joe Mayne, dragging Albert X/ooft, dragging E. H. Kesler. draggJng 6.00 19.80 7.80 16.50 8.40 13.80 15.00 10.80 31.80 11.20 45.60 9.00 A. 'E. Michel, engr 64.00 Dr. 12o— ' Lawrence J. Cink, labor 11.-K Chas Emanuel, labor 12,33 Dr. 130- Harold Nielson, labor 12.00 Dr. 132- iLawrence J. Cink, labor 13.8( Chas. Emanuel, labor '. 14.9 Dr. 147- S. B. 'French Lbr. Co., sup Dr. 166- Farmers Co-op, Ass'n, aup. Dr. 167— • . A. J. 'Lawler, labor Stroebel 'Bros., labor ........ . J. B. Cuningham, labor ..... Hilbert Severiens, labor 8,75 2.9 98.0 12.6 10.6 10.80 4*11UO> 1. OI3V?1117#lp, A^VWUA .*.«»..• AV.OV C. H. Copper, labor. 36.4C S. B. 'French Lbr. Co., sup .... 1.90 Dr. 168- Y * A. J. Lawler, repair 4.09 A. -'H. Borchardt, sup. Ernest Nichols 2.50 Vinlng 50 Nelson Mercantile Co., prov... ICarrie Thopaon 4.37 'Nettle 'Peterson g.&t E. L. Hansen, proy., Ed Anderson Sanborn's Cash Store, prov., Mr. Norris iFred C. iHuettner, Jr., prov., F. W. Thraves Art Lester, rent ; lf£"lkner 10.00 Miller- , goo C. H. Stelnberger, rent, Hagedorn C. <5. iDourte, rent, Edward Anderson Ledyard Township (Lincoln Township Lone iRtock (.Fenton Twp.) Lotts Creek Township Lu Verne Township Plum Creek Township Portland Township Prairie Township Ramsey Township Rlverdale Township Seneca Township 3.0C 14.0 12.1 7.90 3.SO 15.00 6.00 10.00 Sexton Irvington Twp.) Sherman Township Springfield Township IR. L. Williams, M. D., med aid 'F. W. Thraves 2500 Dr. J. C. Clapsaddle, med. aid H. C. Ward fam 3000 Effle A. Adams, board, Marv Mitchell baby * County -farm— Bots/ord Lumber Co.. fuel .... 5368 Thos. Akre, prov 7259 K, D. James, sup 1.25 Julius (Hansen, labor ...'.'.','.'.'.'' SBR C. E. Johnson, labor ] J'00 f*an.H L. Miller, light serv. .. '™ John Hennlng, labor ........... Fred Anderson, fuel-;.. Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.; Swea Township Union Township Wesley Township •'• •••"JODOBBY - ' •'' ,.B. H, Beardsley Mrs. W. US. McDonald W. A. White ' Mrs. George St. John : Mrs. E. W. Lusby . Counting Board- Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson •V. J. Sands C. H. Rellly ..Mrs. W. J. Payne Mrs. L. W. Keith .Harry Godden. J. A. McDonald D. L. Leffert Counting IBoard— E. J. Gllmore Frank Gelgel . Will Gllbrlde ' " ••Tom Kaln H. J. Bacon Robert iR, Smith , IHelmuth Huenhold Mrs. J. J. Dooley Counting Board- Matt Lamuth . Mrs. Alma Nelson R. F. Donovan ' •-S..J. DaBraw B, E. Norton . Mrs. Vallle Tribon •Mrs. D, D. Monlux C. Herman • . . '. Counting Board— J. L. Bonar Rtoy lErowneli R. A. Palmer ,..Fred Boyken Chris Brandt Andrew M. (Hansen • E. P. Hanson AVm Boyhen . Counting Board- Will Schram Wm. Stott L. Osterrelcher •"W. D. Kerns E. R. Woltz Mrs. W. A. McArthur Geo. P. Hawcott Lloyd Elston Counting Board— C. C. Smith ' John T. Cherland Maud Hanna . / ' "•G. W.'Brown Harry Sabln ^ Chester (Robinson •••John F. (Peterson La wren CP Thorson • (Paul Cody •••Geo. Hanna Lem Marlow 1 Wm. Stoutenberg "••'Fred Welsbrod Gaylord Johnson Gus Krause • : W. E. Laage W. E. Stbeher ! Counting Board- John Dempsey Fred Bonn John Newel ••-v'R. B. Bernlnghaus Herman Harms Peter Mertz. • •••Ubbe Winter f.. >K. IRippentrop . John Sleper • •••W. A. <Hall Ell Anderson F. M. Jacobs ....H. W. Nagle A. Fangman Jake Keller L. J. Kockler Geo. W. 'Nyman Counting Board— Chas. (Baker Mrs. -Roy Hutton Chas. Kollasch ....Peter Looft ' D. W, Fults J. E. Kelly J. J. Anderson Mrs. Clare Erickson Counting Board— C. A. Rohlln Rena Haglund Geo. E. (Butterfleld ,H. O, Larson Lewis ^Ehrlck Thomas Berg .....J. C. Mawdsley . Geo. Godfrey Alvln L. Webber Wm. Baum . Aug. Gutknecht Peter Hans Mrs. W. M. Turley Mrs. Chas. Lewis Counting (Board- IB. D. Mussman '• Mrs. Walter Rosenau John K Smith Geo. Moulton Ed Looft . • - •' Oliver Marquis John Wesselman Geo.. Hagge Counting Board— D. A. Carpenter Albert Brandt Alfred Schultz Paul Hertzke B. IF. Edwards J. H. Warburton P. M Chrlstensen Alex Radig Aug Lampe Noah Relaner Geo WInkel Albert Potratz G. P. Chambers Frank DeVHt H. 0. Allen"*" Harry Llchty 'fountinir Board— F. K. Clapsaddle A. i. Eason Mrs. Irvln Hot Roscoe Mawdsley J. E. MdEnroe Alfred Jergeiison D. .M. Stewart E. B. DJttmer W. E, Grover .John Arndorfer Geo. Cink Isadore Meyer Anton Stork Ed. Droessler J. S. Freeark * ,...,.,John Frlederes Henry Borman Lawrence Thtlges I. F. Engesser Otto R. Jensen Tom O-DonneJl A. j. Klrschbaum L. C. Hutchlns Henry Elscheid ., Henry Kohlhaaa Simeon Leigh A. W. Steussy G. 'B. -Risk LouUi Anderson John Hdas 0. A. Jensen Axel Erickson . J. H. McGregor • • T. A. (Reid A. M. Guutafson 8. M. Jordan .......O. K. Flom i L, A, Boleneus A. L, Klelnpeter Fred A. Dlekman A. E. GIddlngs (C"oi»ntlnR Board— .. Henry Sherman r J- C. Skow o- J. Elbort 8 ' -E- ^ Van Ne 8a ^1 Mrs. .Lottie Kaln P. P. Kcrfnss ! " I Alice Hutching Frank Ko M. P. Weaver C. B. Murtagh - ;•••• •" '11 Herman Rachut • ' . ' Leonard C'allles D..TT. Slaughter F. L. Ryerson M. .N. Phillips R. J. Stewart M. L. Johnson Jennie iBerggren Merle Richards Karl Kwoldt J. A. Schwartz Frank Elgler Henry (Hendrlckson ••'I'":. Mike Wagner "' f '•"• " ' B. H. Meyer !"'":•! John Boekelman Ray B. Hall '•"•';•'' RIch;ird Newton i i Paul Lonergan Mrs. Geo. Carmean 'I C. F. Berggren Ida Larson R. C. Baum H. C. Lunnlng Fred Gelgen M. L. Roney fl Olga 'AVortir.an 'V fi-ri Mrs. Jennie Outknecht M T:^.-.P- ^ : ' f . Leon Worden . . p^..-r;., " Wm. Flynn- Bert Coder • - a Henry 'Ricke: L B Holllster H. F. MIttag John Kohlwes ™ Peter Elbert '*« j A. Lindebak j! L. Lichty Walter Klamp Clark Scutiman E 0. Mann . W. W. «Ing8do rf O B. Alf. Studer John Hellman p. H. MescJ 1 " John Borman Chris Nielsen j. \V. BolUS j F Gilmore Chas. Aroan Chas. Watts Fred Dutton O L. Thorson M', J. Kennedy •or c. Nelson po'n Moore Hazel Mrs. L*st« r ^1 Whittemore Township .Wm. Ayes: All. Mrs. Will Prantt Eabert •^••'^ ,. t« i Thoiws Charley ,^. ( saw**^

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