Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1932 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1932
Page 7
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KOSSttttt CMfttry VERNE ELLS WRITES VEWS if ~ <i* ^ ^ W W ION.SKID TIRES Approves Burning of Corn When Price i* Too Low. Verne S. Ellis " P -'°" fSy* u 3 * 0 " 8 *' Sut ' * ut)pose •were put to work for city, "f Cation (and one Is entitled h» t! r 011 °* anoth <w): who oe employe and who employer where would the employer get the money to pay the employe? The Prohibition Issne. W y L*"'"" least ' »««* should not be plea that I Schultz recently get • rld'8 record for the k climb» trhere hair- fia were made at high hod where • aldd or tire I meant death. rld's record* on road ck, for safety, speed, i and endurance are • Firestone Gum-Dip. ji-Skid tire*. Lin today and exchange Booth, thin, worn tires t safest and beet tires Jbny.. cost you no more — L in thin October Clear- Jile we will give you a •allowance on your old •exchange for these safe ""I Firestone tires. IRE YOUR MB FOR WINTER DRIVING i Quality, Price • T)re*ton< SENTINEL TYPE i — •"»*"« it isn't my urn to speak, but here are some mat- •ters that I think need attention: I see where Senator Brookhart Is r-nn'f ^ , 1Jlaa - lnat tn ey can t be enforced. The very fact that the law is difficult to enforce 'ta m' P ? SlHV6 that lt ls "^ed. Laws n ro ,*,„, s to curb th6 unruly, prevent to people and property and safeguard humanity. ' The university president, army of- leer, politician, theologian or dot n°o r t E'JSS?-*^ ?-hibitlon can- ' son also of low atid daugh --, ..„„,.*,«. the niainan Htudc Saturday to Sunday evening. Dinner guests of Mr; and Mrs Hopkins/Sunday were Mr: and Mr 5Tj^W^^ Mr -« Mrs. j s. Kelley, Hobarton, and mt 1 yle and Jame »The Congregational Aid will meel •^tn Mrs. Silas Skow .fchls Wednesday fternoon. Mr s . j. the vicinity of ° , > ave the nomination and lost on any party ticket in the prlnW you on° theT 6 ,? f r ° m eettlne y °*™ on the ballot In any way for the the re « ula r Action T < to be so everywhere. I admit that I am not vested by any rS ° et "o Pass onth au <*<ty o pass on the honesty of anyone; but Most Advance readers will not need to be told that Mr. Ellis Js a former Bancroft, Lu Verne, and Swea City editor displays an v , a i UCIU , and underestimates the "w United States. 'Electors n, * «-""~. for re P €al 01 the theory that the law cannot be enforced are surrendering to the lawless and to underworld characters. Every man or woman who violates the. Prohibitory (or any other) law is a lawbreaker, whether he or she belongs to high or low society To argue that one Is only exercising Personal rights is no excuse. ™,?! !"?!! a """Una! is one who a crime is „__„ „,. ^leaencKsoi Thursclay, Fred Diekmann •-« «« •!•* *J7 t<J Fredericksburg the lasi ORD PLIES JNDER THE TREAD SIZE 4.40-21.... 4.50-20 4.50-2L.. 4.73-19.... 4.75-20.... 5.00-19.. 5.00-20.... 5.00-2L. 5.25-18.... 5.25-2L... Cuh Pric Each •4.15 4.49 4.S7 *-«7 5.38 5.55 5.6J 5.80 6.30 ft.85 Ca.h Price PerPalr •7-96 8.713 8.94 xe.a4 10.46 le.so 10.98 11.30 XX.Z4 I3.J4 ii . i .- i ^a pc|i> UU able fUrting with ane Courier Type Bat•3 full size pl«tea—Fully 1 by Fireatone and 'i"ii 'And 7.65 Your 9.20 'Old 13.30 J /*•«*"? nand efficiency in man; Firestone Batterie* Extra Values. You'll er Power —Longer estone Batteries. [BATTERY TEST BRAKE TEST ANTI-FREEZE No more frozen radiators- Firestone Anti-Frceze-givcs your car complete protection. One fill tastsallieinter. , quiet brake action Teitone High Speed autg—Thie Fireitone Vfrocesi coota etwy Simulate* the lining M effected by rotor are. Free Spark Plug Test Firestone Extra Value Spark Plugs are Power Sealed Do ubie Tested to insure satisfactory service. Made in Firestone's most efficient Spark Plug Factory. As low at 5p%pISCQUNT t. 31 on Firestone Batteries, lugs, Brake Lining, Anti- and other Winter Auto Ne- CALL 856 RE SERVICE CO. A I'M A • _ • ..,.*.•_',•... I do not believe that an honest man has a right to run independently after, he has announced hie candidacy subject to the will of the republican (or Democratic) voters at the prl- Treasurer Kruse Defended. Too, I see where somebody, in the 'Des Molnes Register, has used the report of the "state checkers" to try to discredit some of your county officers. There Is another -instance where honesty of purpose seems to have been lacking. Treasurer Kruse is a close personal friend of mine; so I may be pardoned If I pass him as 100 per cent honest and efficient. Treasurers out here get short checks and have to carry them as cash items pending a settlement, and Kruse's own check In the cash drawer was no evidence of crookedness. ': Other treasurers of Kossuth have been accommodating; perhaps a little Irregular.. Before banks carried a tax list, took your money, .and secured receipts, I. once wrote the' 1 treasurer from north Kossuah to ask the amount of my taxes, promising to send a check as soon as I heard. What was my surprise when I opened the reply and found'a notation something like this: Dear Verne- I am enclosing your receipt; you can mail me a check for the amount. R. H. Spencer." A Story About Harry. Another time •! was in the treasurer's office when a prominent farmer from Seneca inquired .for the amount of his taxes. He said he knew he did not have money enough to pay all and, after learning the amount, revealed the amou.nt he lacked. He said he had had bad luck and it had cost him a lot of money. The treasurer asked whether he had lost a horse or had had a fire, but found that it was the wife, who had died. Thereupon the treasurer wrote'a receipt and pinned a slip thereto stating how much had been .paid and told the farmer he could send the rest later. I was. on the county checking committee there . one year, and if my memory Is correct, we found a few little irregularities like' these in the till—and left them there. About Corn for Fuel. Again, the matter of burning corn, ~ ->f an act prohibited by Accordingly, a man does not have to be convicted of a crime to be a criminal-he is one at the Instant he .commits a crime. 21 PERFECT IN ATTENDANCE IN WESLEYJ5RADES Wesley, Oct. 25 - The following pupils from the first four public school grades are reported perfect In attendance: Robert Dlekmann, Donald Burch, Junior Nelson, Edward Johnson, Verla Johnson, Donnadelle Haynes, Donald Syverson, Amy Nelson, 'Julius Monson, Agnes Johnson, Donnelle Erdman. Grades « to 8- Louise (Fox, Lavon Gerdes, Pearly Haynes, lone Syverson, Charles Kraus, Martin Monson, Pearl Abbey Jerrold Aldrioh, Seymour Lander Gaylord Lander. MJss MoGee Is coaching (the cast for "Polishing Papa," and the group.ls working hard on the play, to be given about November 10. .; • Pound Party for the McNnltyg— A "pound" party was held for the Rev. and Mm MeNulty at the church, following Bible study last week Tuesday evening. The affair was a surprise to the .McNultys, and it Is estimated that 85 persons attended. A musical program was given in the church auditorium- Evelyn Erickson rendered violin solos; Margaret 'Looft and Mrs. Gerdes, piano solos, and Enar Franzen, cornet solos. The party then adjourned to the basement where lunch was served. One of the finest collections.the pastor/ever saw, in a large variety of non-perishable eatables, was left for the McNultys and every item is highly appreciated. Some who were unable to attend, brought their contributions later. Mrs. I..C. McNulty. wife of Methodist pastor, has been the day. she was reported "be"tter Mon^ Mrs. Roy Madson, Conn„,.,.,, Raymond Hansena -Prntv* Saturday evening'to Su.nly 6 ve7 Tuwui a ^~V '"" l ' a returned last week S^r^ M *~ an?.L^Te C Ln RICkeS ' here Sunday. Corners The Mothers & Daughters club met last Thursday with Mrs. Nettle Rich, and roll call was answered with favorite fall flowers. A son- was sung, Columbia the Gem of the Ocean, and a musical selection was Played by Eula Rich.. Harriet Light gave a recitation. A blanket was purchased and sent to the Council vititfs orphans' home. The next meeting will be with Verla Low- nciTi, J. P. Nickerson and daughter Eveyn got home last week Wednesday Mr, and Mrs. N. R. Robinson, who iad spent several days with th« C. N. Robinsons, returned to Spencer ast week Wennesday. They planned o start for their Florida home wlth- n a week. Mrs. Edith Rich has come home, -fter a week with the William Riches. Evelyn Nlckerson left Sunday for a couple of weeks with the Aeijelt Meyers family, Rlngsted. Mrs. Myers vas to drive a team on the com vagon. A basket social In school district vo. 7, Union, was well attended Fri- ay night, and a little over $20 was eallzed. (Held from last week.) The M. & D. club meets today with fettle Rich; progam: song, Colum- la, the Gem of the Ocean; .roll call, avorite fall flowers,; paper., Life of olumbus, Susie Witham. This leeting was scheduled at Mrs. Edith .ich's but the place was changed. J. P. Nlckerson and his daughter velyn left, last Thursday for Llg- nler, Ind., to attend the funeral of narlea Reeve, brother-in-law of Mr. Ickerson. They were also to 'Visit relatives in Indiana briefly. Crutohink^choorX 7 'pSaSW^ haloween program for a basket social thle week Friday night Glrla and women are to take baskets, but unch will be served to anyone hav- mtr tirtna mu— •»«• •*». .. . •Mr. and Mm. »„,„,, nwr, w tec, Mm. Walter Cairn, aad aw d l e ?i of **• Clowl ' **•*•• «**< Ort M*4t IBIVfl&i. •»*•_*_ t, _ -_~~ ed Mra. Edith <™ wnt. cjaiin KIOH ana 4KMO MtMl relatives, went home fawt triliit HH nesday. They were to «tap at Ba*» croft to see the Jlmtnl* btma*. ^^ Dunn and Mrs. Baket are , ^^^ Mrs. Rich. ... A-A^a^f 9 a , tumuli. Dies of Heart Failure tober X6. He halb^NfSLS ^ r ^^f? r !--^-th p wa; heatt , by heart failure. 1869 ' He was America .and located -in township, lat«. moving to He leaves, besides the teideo widow H6lena CMsm, Mon and one grandchild , rng corn, which came up In the closing year of the Cleveland administration, has bobbed.up again. I took the stand. Algona VIC" •-»' ~o«"i». i LUUK me stand ^"..H 1 *. 1 . farmers were justified in burning corn, and I am of the same opinion now. 'Sentiment need not to figure the matter. The non-producer allows little if any sentiment to enter into his buying of farm products. Maybe I'm all wrong, but I wouldn't pay 2c a bushel to have my corn shelled (and I have corn now in Kossuth), haul two loads to town to buy one load of coal, and haul the coal lome.' HauJing three loads would kill all the sentiment against burning a food product for fuel that might be slumbering in my system, Folks say that people should not burn up food, but lots of fruit and vegetables are rotting- on the ground Jecause there is no sale for it, or if here is, the price is too low to pay he expenses of marketing. The pro- ucers would burn it, if they could, nd save coal. Growers in California dump tons, of lemons Into the ocean, and coffee growers in Brazil dump bags of it.by the steamer-load into the 'Atlantic. How much better ; tb burn corn, and get the good of it. Who Makes High Taxes! _ Ash, 81, Is Dead— Lester W. Ash, 81, died suddenly at his home at 10:30 Sunday evening.. He had been sick a year with 'heart trouble and dropsy, but had been .talkative and in good spirits during the afternoon. Funeral services, conducted by the Rev I C MeNulty, will be held at the Metho-' dist church at 2 o'clock' this week Wednesday afternoon, and burial will be made in Evergreen, near the grave of his son, Burt iLeRoy, the only child to .precede him in death. With other members of his father's family, "Let" was an early Kossuth •P,,,,, , • «"•"« "ie grando Funeral services were held at St John's Lutheran church last week mafT a /,! ern00n ' and Burial Ta^ S o^wn.^™ « r > Quilt Show Ig Given „„„ _A quilt show sponsored by .the Woman's club was given at the high school building Saturday afternoon S^r^^' 450 <^swe~ ct on a cation,and winners: Class A nn tique quilts, first, Mrs. E C W eis' CondMrs - *•• Hantelman v 77 ".',— "•"••!• weisorod. Two broidered and appliqued quilts, Alice Dreyer; second, Mrs. C • M Umsted. Class C quilts, made by women SO or over, first MrT Frel Dau; second, Mrs. Nel s Wllburg and Mrs Mike Weisbrod. Class D, chU- dren's quilts, first. Donna Jean Bailey. Class 2 , first, Mrs. j. A Schwartz Mra . ,. T< ^ ossu settler. Obituary particulars will be given next week. ECIAL NOTICE ASS OF ALL KINDS regular auto glass service a »w glass for homes. When In JOEGREENBERG PHONE U8 &McCullough DIBECTOBS 521 SERVICE NIGHT Algoua, me Pi-ice" Also, there is widespread complaint against high taxes, and not. without reason. But who makes the taxes? Why, the people who make complaint, of course! County supervise ors are besieged for improvements— roads, bridges, etc. As soon as a permanent road Is established in front of Jones' farm, Brown insists that he is entitled to just as good a road in front of hie farm. And the argument is true, of course; only' all roads In-the county can't be "per. manentized" the same year. When I left Kossuth, if the roads ,,6fe blocked by snow, farmers had to break through with horses and sleds, or stay in and wait for a thaw; but now folks insist that the supervisors open the roads Immediately, so that they can get to town in"thelr'automobiles. Roads .and maintenance cost a lot ot money, and the taxpayers have to pay it. Hliits from Colorado, In addition: I do not know what 'Anx' School Tonight— The Legion Auxiliary will meet at the Legion rooms this week Thursday evening. Following the meeting a school of instruction will be held by Mrs, Sadie Denton, eighth dis triot vice committeewoman, Tltonka Gunhlld 'Flom .will be. hosetss. Th Auxiliary is making plans for a join meeting with the Legion boys in th near future, A membership driv will be .put on soon. Basketball Practice Begins— Outside basketball practice has be gun, and will be continued on pleas ant days. The season will open about the middle of November The boys will begin the season by play ,ing Swea City there November 22 S, C. was last year's county champion, We expect to have-good teams of both.bcjys and. girts, though a few members were Uwt by graduation. Auto Tire and Bim Taken— While absent on a trip to Titonka with his brother last Thursday evening,-Wilbur Fisher had an aiitoirio- 8npper an The Methodist Aid met Widd C el : jr eS T' M6 Kramer - T'he K. O. Stephensons were Sunday guesta of Mrs. Stephenson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Peterson, Algona. 'The Lyie Clarks, Enwnetsburg, were Sunday guests at J T Waite's. ' Avery Austin, Fairmont, spent the week-end at Verona Welsbrod's. A NEW PLYMOUTH CAR FREE ist Prize New PLYMOUTH 4 door SEDAN . M 2nd Prize ; New PLYMOUTH 2 door SEDAN Cash Prizes Too! $100 in Gold . $50 in Gold . $25 in Gold and twenty-five $10 Gold Pieces Enter the Brush Naming Contest Sponsored by DEVO1 and Associated paint companies. These 30 fine prim are offered for the BEST NAMES suggested for the new long handled Paint Brush that makes many kinds of household painting so much easier, quicker and neater.* You can examine the brush and get the Contest Rules at Botsford Lumber Co. JIM FOOL, Manager PHONE 256 '" ; fc''Vx^<v :< MORE COAL Volsht Arthur ««„• 1 ' > °n>nitees ^Pointed, and plans were laid - ur c °n>nilttees were to "» •• --——- , — —->*«i^« *i«,\4t *wi «*i4tmiio^ bile'tire and rim stolen from his car, which was standing in his garage. Mr. Fisher will suffer no loss, as the articles were insured, but *his theft, just oft Main street in the early evening, indicates that pilferers are busy and on the watch. Club Studies House Plants— The Study club meets this week Thursday with Mrs. Leo BJeich, and Mrs. Louis Goetz is leader. The subject is House Plants, and members will respond to roil call by naming a favorite house-plant, ' Other Wesley News, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lease and Mrs. Susan Lease, accompanied by Doctor and Teacher Married- Dr. S. -W. Meyer and Lily Rasmus sen, the latter teacher in thT£f\ h ~ and «.v tJ , grades .here. h , _ . **• "dt» *i«%rri6c -«>„+ *~~ at Mtn neapoHs. They have rented rooms at F. H. Eigler's, an! win go to housekeeping,at once. F. C. Bailey to Iowa Falls- Relatives here received word last ;r k ^rj he . p - c - ^ u ^ £<«£ ™ cel Y er ot at Iowa Consults Doctors at Hochester— August Meyer and his daughter *°.*«*««t«r last week and th» latter there about tlon wM^.taa been troubling her wo-yearsi ' ' • • M Other Fenton* Jfe ws . Mrs. Mary Olson left Sunday with „ V w W , c '^tv ouuuay w <her Peorla,-111., grandson to yisit « Jjus-hter at Waterloo. Thence she will go to her daughter Mrs. Chris Hansen's Peoria, for a stay of in- efinite length. 4.11 U.UUlLlimi 4. UU J1UL A11UW Wna.1 per cent of the tax money goes for schools in your county, but out here I think It is 54. Roads and schools can,not be dispensed with anywhere; but they keep us ragged to pay for them. Out here influential men try to get relatives and friends into county or state Jobs, even when they know there are no vacancies'or any need for mor« employes. If these *elativ«« or friends get. on the payroll, that Increases taxee. ' Insiet that no workers be a L_A«.«nA ^l.nl. •«.«..U A Jjl ~.=. » u «^.i uwocj, o-wiHiijuiiiiea oy her daughter, Mrs. Hufus JoJmaoo, left Sunday for Mrs, Johnson's home at Bat^% preek, M4ch. They will visit briefly on the 'way.wlt^' rela^' ttves of the senjipr J|ra, l^» t ^ the three Westeyajna wUJ retur^ nejft Sunday. M^» TIT A' S 6 **• Hunits ' "•"• Mrs. W. A, Peters, Hurt, spent Sat- rday and Sunday at O H Graam'«. Mrs. De La Hunt is Mrs, Graham's sister; Mrs. Peters, the! mother. Edith Laage, teacher at Ceda Rapids, and Karl Schwartz, studen a l H. 00 «°» e se, spent the week-em at the C. F. C. Laage and J, A *chwartz home resppotively. Avery'AustJn, Fairmont, Stanlej Wunqh, Clarence Osborn, and'Max ine Weisbrod were dinner guests of Verona," Weisbrod <$ " Mike 5 Wela- brpd's Saturday e.ye.jj}n«r last Sunday Mr. and ^s. Matt vtsltjed, the otnena ans^i IA§* BO WOJ-KWS pf discharged, because that would add to unemployment; so taxes are kepi r-. -r-r--, -n^yr* ->n. W » V ^y*^,^, f44^yv«^ U417 latter 1 * sister, Mrs. Joe BaK?, *t Bancroft Sunday. At the same time the Laux's daughter, Mrs. Henry Haverly, Mr, Hayerjy and the children, visited Mrs. Baitste flauf"" 1 Mrs. Bay Welp, alpo aancroft. the MethodM W. f. M. S. „„„ "^* J 118 30* sw * y ««««w wfth Mra, Theron Hanwn, ,ij(r«5. Hansen wJU| h - son, and Mrs. votions. Mr. Tuesday to'Ma«o n City, wfeere she is employed at the Park Inn cafe, after a, week spent with he*- parents, Mr. .and Mrs. R. N. Kyle. ' ' The Afternoon Bridge club met - -»•"• nw-r T^r* *flvj««A A^A #UK V %J Saturday with Mrs. W.. V. Ta«er. \I*a IX O.V..U.X „__ 4.,. *** V ?r won the tra,vej f. H. WMdel Mrs. Schutte and Mr*. ihigbest score. The Henry Sch.ultes drove to aay. tord, Minn., Sunday /«• a visft wltt *he pare»te4 Wyuam SchuHes and to attend * — "•' $<j Mr --.. f- A- Furtney, an Ceylion, were ,-»vv. l&st week Tueaday. Wiey, L. . a* R N. * " M. r j PROVE this better coal in your X own furnace Hardly any smoke _ when it's burned. Scarcely any soot deposit inside your furnace. That's what you'll find when you burn Grenadier Cfoal. Now better than ever. Treated with Cheniacol. A marvelous secret of Science. Makes coal release more heat. Greatly reduces wasteful smoke and soot—a saving on every ton. Now...when you want to economize... cut out waste by using Grenadier Coal, Order a supply of it today, Loo*fortht99T*g9 in the Co«/ ftuf/• CRINAD I •OIHOIHI <ON«HJOAT10H MIIUM OWI •-I/. << -'41 « \y\ Rii In C^wfiif »mf.

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