Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 27, 1932 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE SIX •MM Full Pack... No Slack Filling Economical- Efficient SAME PRICEfe& AS 42 YEARS AGO 2Sounces fbr25* SWEA, HARRISON F, B, WOMEN TO DIVIDE UP WORK Swea City, Oct. 25—Harrison and Swea township women met at the Swea community hall a week ago Monday afternoon to plan work for the ye'ar In the woman's division of (Political Advertisement,) itosatjyitbbtJNtt'APl IBBBi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^*^^^^^t (political Advertisement.) (Political Advertisement.) tl The By Clark Orton In the Issue of ,the county papers under date of October 12-13 I published an article under the above headlines. At that time, I hoped It would not be necessary to make any the Farm Bureau. The two town- future reference to the matter, but ships decided to work Independently this week, after a quick trip over the county to review the political next year, as it is thought this will be moretionvenlewt. "Bwea township situation, I find this "whispering campaign" has been so thoroughly will hold its training school the fourth Tuesday of each month, the j panted, and is being so diligently first being held this -week Tuesday prosecuted, that regardless of the in the community hall. The others will be iheld In private homes. Follow-up meetings will not be held this year. Mrs. Leaverton, H. D. A., was present and conducted the meeting. Only three women from political viewpoint I cannot Ignore the vicious slander from the standpoint of the damage it will do me personally if left unanswered. In making my reply to the men who have started and are prosecut- Save money Burn Iowa Coal Make your fuel dollars £ o farther y investing them in a load or two jbf our clean, Otfr j ov}a c«al it hot* burning mined by a mem- \w • - r> i her of the low* Tpwa Coal. Coal /„„;/„/,. F. S. NORTON & SON Lumber and Coal Swea township were present, so no ing this slander against my name election was made. Covered dish and sandwiches are brought for the dinners on training school days. Mrs. Augusta IJergeson Dies— Mrs. W. O. Nelson and Ed Berguson were called to. Linn Grove last week by the death of their mother, Mrs. Augusta Bergeson. Mrs. Bergeson lived for many years in the home now occupied by Mr. Hanson, having gone to live with frier daughter in limn Grove the last few years. Mrs. Bergeson .Is survived by another daughter, Mrs. Charles Knutson, Liittle Falls, Minn., besides the two daughters and son. She was buried in Linn Grove last week Wednesday. K Sauer Kraut Spare Ribs and DECKER'S WIENERS What is better and cheaper? Get in connection with Long's Food Shop We want to please. Lutherans Hnve Yearly Meet— About 200 of, the members of the Immanuel Lutheran church gathered in the church Friday for the yearly administration meeting. The question of pledge for next year was discussed. The following program was given: Scripture reading and prayer, the Rev. Mr. Swanson; talk, Mrs. Oscar Pehrson; two numbers by men's chorus; talk by the Rev. Mr. Swanson; talk by A. E. Anderson. The men served a lunch to the women at the close of the meeting. Club Aids Blind Women- Mrs. D. "W. ITultz entertained the Thursday club last week. Dues were lowered from $1.25 to $1.00 a year. Orders were taken for towels, hemmed by the 'blind women of Iowa. These women partially or wholly I support themselves by hemming these towels, and they are bought by club women. Mrs. S. P. Eckholm, Mrs. Wm. Thomson and Mrs. P. Larson gave the program. Programs for the ensuing year were given out. Relatives lose Homo In FIi*— Mrs. T. F. Mitchell received word a week ago "Monday that her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kerans, of Klemme, had their 'home badly damaged by fire, and her mother had suffered a, slight. stroke during the fire. Mrs. Mitchell went at once. The fire was caused by chemical explosion during the mending of the and character, I shall try to be as brief as an intelligent statement will allow. I will place the cards face up on the table, and let the voters of Kossuth county be the Judge. "Whispering" Begins. •During August, the state examiners checked the books of my office, as Is customary, and failed to find certain entries that would explain a supposed deficiency of $1421.33. Both the examiners and I agreed that I had collected this money, as my books properly showed, and my bank pass book and deposit slips also showed that I had properly deposited it to the credit of my office in the Kossuth County State bank and the Iowa State bank, and my cancelled checks also showed that I had never checked It out. These facts were checked and acknowledged by the examiners, who repeatedly told me, after they failed to find the above-mentioned entries .that they were satisfied that no shortage existed. It appears that approximately ten days prior'to the time I was Informed of the above situation, the examiners had arrived at the conclusion that my cash journal foot- Ings showed the above amount, in excess of the amount given on th< Iowa State bank cashier's statemen' for the year ending 1931, bu thoughtlessly had given this Inter mation to one or more members o the board of supervisors, who, as an organization, I have repeatedly an tagonlzed since entering the offlo pened, and to my surprise and con- ernatlon I found 'that at the end of he year 1931 wns marked "Cash hort, ^1421.33". In the same hour, was called to appear before the rand jury which was In session, to xplaln rumors that were being cir- ulated that my office wns . $1400 hort, and to bring In the examln- rs* report. I asked for an hour to tudy the report, which was granted, nd then appeared before the grand ury, upon whlcli, fortunately, there •ere an ex-banker and two other men well posted on bookkeeping. I made the best explanation I could 1 nder the circumstances. ' They ex- used me and kept the report, but hat afternoon called me In again, gave back my report, and compll- lented me on the manner I had run my office. Examiner Asked to Explain. As soon as I had the time, I wrote he examiners for an explanation. I lesltate to publish what might be onsidered by some as private cor- espondence; but this correspondence is by public officials and I con- of clerk of the district court, ndividuals, not the board roof, ing. Mrs. Kerans is now recover- ilder it a public record, s It directly pertains to inasrriuch a public jffilce and Is directly relative to this correspondence statement. This vlll also give both sides of thld question to date, and will better enable the reader to arrive at a cor- -ect and impartial conclusion: John Horning, c/o State Auditor, Des Moines, .Dear Mr. Horning— I have intended writing to you for the past week, tmt my court duties lave kept me more, than busy. In 'act I have worked almost every night up to 12 o'clock. Your report was handed me the morning of September 22 by our county auditor, Miss Johnson, and without being able to examine it I was Immediately called before the grand jury, 'then in session, and asked to explain how I was , cash Aid Plans for Fall Bazaar— The four divisions of the Methodist Aid are busy planning for the annual bazaar to be held In early December. The second division was entertained at S. Warburton's Friday, the third at F. Thomson's, and the fourth at Mac R'holin's the same day. The first division postponed its meeting when the 'hostess, Mrs. Mitchell, was called out of town. Loans "$300 or less obtained quickly on Furniture, Automobiles and Live •Stock. MONEY FOR TAXES For additional information call. write, or phone 598, ALGONA CUNNINGHAM & LAGY Representing' Federal Finance Co., Dog Slolnes New Pastor Given Reception— The Methodist congregation Friday gave a reception in the church for the pastor, the Rev. Mr. McDowell and his family. A program was given and the pastor and family were welcomed. A covered dish lunch.was served by the social committee. New Superintendent Speaks— The R'ev. Mr. Muhleman, new Methodist district superintendent, preached his first sermon in the local Methodist church Sunday evening to 'a full house. Other Swea City. Harry Warburton bought the grocery stock in Lakota formerly owned by Vergil Blomster last week and opened for business Saturday. Elsie Smith came home from Mason City last week after being grad- Thes as > whole, immediately got busy, an started the "whispering campaign. Bonding Company Writes. 1 was informed of the situation b the examiners on .Saturday, Augus 27, but replied In substance tha they had made some error that the would later discover. On Tuesday August 30, 'I received a letter from my bonding company, statin "There has come to our attention, report that there has been an examination made of your books, and that there are alleged to be certain discrepencies in the accounts. No formal claim has been presented to us under the bond we wrote for you as clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, but we are writing to afford you an opportunity to give us a detailed explanation of this situation." The letter was signed by H. J. Schmidt, General Attorney of the National Surety company, of New York. Up to Angtrst 30 I had never considered the statement made by the examiners seriously and had not mentioned the matter to any person. I Immediately explained the situation to my deputy, and started inquiries- among my friends, some of whom told me they had heard as long as ten' days' before August 2», short $1421.33 on January 1, 1932. It is quite significant that no time was to be given me to study the report, which was mailed by you to the state auditor from my office on 'September 1, over three weeks before. W1H you kindly check the state auditor's files and let me know just what date they mailed this report to the Kossuth county auditor. I asked the county attorney for a couple of hours to study the report, which he readily granted, and when I appeared before the grand jury and explained my position they gave me a clear bill, even complimented me on •the manner In which I have handled my office and my efforts at economy. News Story Goes Wild. In the meantime, as a result of own innocence, which, if 1 do, will force the bounty to pay me damages and reimburse me for my ex-* pense. The first is unthinkable, for the reason the county is overburdened with debt and It has been my him to keep the county out of debt, even to the extent of voluntarily giving 'up 10 per cent of my salary. But If I can hang anything onto the auditor and the board who have used your report to blacken my named and as a means of defeating me in the November elections, I certainly will do so for I know .practically everything that was said at the meeting the. board had with you examiners when they tried to force you to say I was short approximately $1400; for I was In the next room, and I heard Balgeman ask where I got the money to build my home with, and I heard Olaf try to defend me, etc. Illghtcoug Anger Admitted. Yes, 'I am angry, good and mad, as you would be were you in my shoes. That gang.tried to get my bond cancelled by writing the bonding company that I was short, knowing I cbuld not get another under the conditions. They sent men all. over the county to start the whispering campaign that Orton was short $1400. They dragged me before the grand jury on charges that I ami absolutely innocent of; but the grand jury, after checking your report and listening to my side, complimented me on the way I had conducted my office. I hope that you will excuse my present frame of mind. I realize that public examiners are the only protection the people .have and that in examining public offices you are bound by a strict set of rules.' I know you worked extra hard on the records of the various offices in Kossuth county. Ot do not believe for a minute that you have Intentionally wanted to embarrass me found a very material error In yotlr sxamlhatlon, which practically wipes out the shortage given' in your report at the «nd of the yeaf 1931 and which also explains why the same deficit did not appear In the fmal footings on AugUst 23, 1932. ., i. On (December 31, 1931, deposited *1'113.29, • which my Itemized bank cash slip and my bank .deposit book, also my dally cash register, will show was collected during the latter part of December, and the bank records will verify my books as to the date of this deposit., This deposit does not show up In the .December cashier's statement, but shows up In the January cash statement as of January 2, 1932. '.-/>•,„ In your examination you took the balance in the cashier's statement of January 1, 1932, as a basis upon which to figure the cash balance of December 31, 1931, and did not take- Into consideration the fact that in the January cashier's statement, on, January 2, 1932, there was an- Item, of $1113.29 which was deposited on .December 31, 1931, and should have been added to the amount your report gives as "cash on hand Dec. 31, BUSINESS DIRi Entered 1931. As'I have stated before, I have no objection to your report other 'than the bare statement without any verification \or explanation), at the end of the 1931 bulness "cash short '$1421.33". I 'have maintained from the beginning that there never has been a shortage at any time or anywhere In my books, and the fact where you ha<J N$8di08 to ^he 1 credit of iKosBitth county 'on December 3i, 1941." " ' ,' ChccV«r§' Report Now ibhese figure*' Mr, 1 Morning* are your figures, not mine. 'Do you expect'me'to prove where your figures are correct? In your letter which reached me on October 12 you state, "I waa not auditing the bank." Well, do yoU expect me to audit .the state examiners? Before entering this office my bookkeeping: experience .was very limited. Practically all my life I had farmed and ranched, • and still you expect nve, a farmer, to'tell you, an expert accountant and, ijtate examiner, where he has, made his errors. And yet I have pointed out to you where you have made an. error , of $1113.29, and you try to "pass thq buck" to the Iowa State bank .by saying "The bank failed, to give you credit, and I was not. auditing • the bank." . ...'.'" ' ', v V.v,":''."' • • 'Did you not see an entry under date of December 31st, 1931, where I had deposited $lil3;29. And on deposit slip No. -30 In deposit booV No. 6 an .itemized statement made In t(e- cember, 1931, of ;the collections which made up that deposit? Those entries were made In th© books .In my office, as well as In the books of the Iowa State bank. You were auditing my office were you not?Every Dollar Accounted For.' 'In your letter dated Ootobeir 8th you state that you showed ;'me the shortage, you did, but not aa ,.a shortage. , You oou'd hardly- show B. Quarton Phones: Phonoii: „„..„,, «. E. MclW'., 403. Phones: B. J. TAN NESS, (J. IV , Office Phone 213-w. - - 0. D. Shumway "•"-•" ...... - . , ' , . , A,,o...«,t S nonage. , 1UU uuu>u imiuiy auvn that the flnal.oheck fin shed August * ho 'rtage that I have always 23 shows no such shortage, verifies ' this statement; and in our view the error we have discovered in your re- politically by reporting me "cash short" '$1400.00; but I think, in all justice to me, that I am entitled to the explanation called for tb-wlt: that you show how, when, and where I deposited this money to cover that shortage. Injustice Claimed. am also frank to say that I port absolutely proves that you were wholly unjustified in reporting me $1421.33 short on December 31, 1931, and I am insisting that this matter be cleaned up. If you wish me to do so I will register my deposit slip, my bank deposit book, and the bank cashier's statement, so you may examine them and verify the above statements. Very truly yours, Clark Orton, Clerk of Court, Kossuth Coun- known never existed. You may be an expert accountant and able to juggle figures and/accounts but I •have one big'advantage, and that is this: I know that every dollar I have collected for Kossuth county is honestly deposited In the bank, regardless of what a dirty bunch of would be politicians are- whispering Offlce Attorncy.at.l,, ortlce over Iowa Slat* Phone 208. P. A. Atloriicy.At.'£a' w Office over Iowa State 1 Phones: Office, 460-J.; j DOCTORS" ty, Iowa, Reply from Horning. certain information maliciously-tip-j ped off to the Des Moines Register, they apparently secured from the state auditor's office a badly garbled staement of conditions as the Des' Moines Register saw they existed in other offices In Kossuth county's courthouse, and the county press all have page headlines explaining the "hooey" away. It was quite fortunate for me (perhaps) that the Des Moines Register grabbed the wrong stuff,.»at least It just did not work out right for my political enemies] and raised such a stink that they ' "laid off" for a week. T am at a loss to understand just how you figure that on January 1J 1932, I was short $1421.33. My day book shows exactly what I took In, my bank book exactly what I deposited and when it was deposited, and my deposit slips the items covered by the deposit, and -from these three books, not even by the wildest flight of imagination, could the conclusion be reached that every dollar I collected was not deposited In the banks to the credit of Kossuth county. If any of .this money was . T „.„ i Improperly checked out the • can- The Code of tfte state of I«»«U ned voucher was there to gh ow. that my office was short approximately $'I4'00;- that ft was a matter of conversation orr the streets of Algona, and' that it had been told by a certain county official several days before in a restaurant at Lakota. Yfolstetl lair. think you did me a great injustice to report me short -$1421.33 unless you could furnish the above -information, for you were 'familiar with the political conditions in this county, and with the fact that a bitter political feud exists between the auditor, the board, and myself, and that by making such a statement you placed in their hands, on the eve of election, what I call a statement without foundation or fact that would 1 politically ruin me. Kindly reply by ' return mail.— Clark Orton, Clerk of the District Court, Kossuth County, Iowa. Mr. Homing's Heply. October 8, 1932. « Clark Orton, Clerk of the. District Count, • Algona, Dear Mr. Orton— Your favor of recent date at hand, and I want to thank you for the papers.. Was surprised at way they wrote up our findings. Politics, Oh what, sins are committed in thy name! Our report was made regardless of politics, or any personal differences whl'cfti mifelrt exist I am sorry you felt the way you did when you wrote me, as I took pains to go over the report with you carefully, evero. fro showing' you the .mount of shortage at close of 19SI ixamination; and you seemed very much satisfied'.. There waa some delay In forward- ng the report to- .Kossuth county, and It must have been at least two veeks or more before It was re- urn'e,d. to the' auditor. I do not enow the exact date it was sent. The auditor of state's office can ad- Clark Orton, Clerk of the District' Court, Algona, Iowa, Dear Mr. Orton— Your letter at hand stating that you had found that the bank had received a deposit from you on December 31, 1931, entered it on your pass book, tout failed to put it In your account till January 2nd, 1932. I checked your January, 1932, receipts to the January, 1932, deposits In your pass book, but found same all right. The facts, If they are as you state them, show the error to be in the bank In not giving you the credit, and not giving me the correct amount of your deposit at the close of business December 31, 1931. Since this deposit was entered In your passbook in 1931, I would naturally infer that this amount was 'taken into consideration in . the balanbe they gave me as .of Dec. 31, 1931, The cashier's statement I received Is filed with the state report. county, because-! one of ithem. ' •'•':. Now Mr. .Horning on September 22 yoU filed as a matter of record' a» a state examiner a report showing my office to be on December 31st, 1931, "Cash short 41421.33". I am asking you In all fairness to either amend that report or to furnish me with a statement Itemizing that 'shortage and showing WHERE, WHEN and HOW that shortage was "made up between December, 1931, and August 23rd, 1932. Very truly yours, CLARK ORTON. To date, this Is a'true story of the "whispering campaign," as It appears to me from what information I have at this time. I reget the necessity of publishing- these statements, but K Is the only method that I can .conceive of to prevent the "whispering campaign" from. becoming a "cyclone" in the last ten days of 'the campaign, when It will be too late for me to bring my side of the controversy before the voters. Demo Candidate Not • Blamed. I have waited patiently till the last two issues of the county press and Swttnti Office over RexallDrujj Office phone 300 Res. phone 32j, • — ^_ C. H. CRETZMEri|;j Physician and SurgMi' Office in John Galbralth! Phones: Office, 310' Ugona Office on South Dodge Phones: Office, 666; rai Algona, Iowa — _ . — WALTER FIUSEB.!.. Physician and Sur»«l Office in Qulnby Bldg.,Ro«l Phone No. 12 MELVIN 0. BODBlfll Physician and San Office in Postofflce Phones: Office, 197; rei W. D. ANDREWS, M Osteopntlile Physician Located In General ] Phones: Office 187, Re* I K, A. EVANS, M.D4 Over Borchardt Drug i Phones: Residence 312, o(Uct| Algona, Iowa. voooont sau IT IS NOW TIME TO uated from the Hamilton business college. The Prank Loofts, south of town, entertained friends and relatives from Ren wick over the week-end. The S. P. Eckholms entertained the Rudolph Eckholms, of St. Paul, last week. The men are brothers. • BANCROFT GIRL ENTERTAINS FOR VISITOR FRCM ILLINOIS Bancroft, Oct. 18.—Georgia Carmean entertained at five tables of bridge at her home last week Tuesday evening in honor of her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Elliott, Rockford, 111., who spent four days here. Attending: Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Shumway, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh, and Doctor Bourne, Chapter 1-0,. S'ee-.. 123'y says: "No- surh examiner shall make any disclosure of the result of any Investigation, except -as he is required by law to report the same-, or to testify 'in court. Any violation of this provision -shall be ground' far removal." The object of tftfe Iawv as I understand it, is- to protect any public officer from just such an occurrence as has happened 1 in. t'.ils instance. I immediately went to the examiners and demanded an explanation. This was on Tuesday, August 20, 23 days before this report was made a matter of record. Mr. Horning, head examiner, dtenfed! having made the matter public, but later said be had "in confidence" told certain members of the board, Chairman Helken Interferes. The examiners continued their check, bringing it down to the date of counting cash in my office, or to August 23, 1932, and the supposed deficiency disappeared. They finished their check August 31, and left the morning of September 1. Just before leaving, Peter Helken, honorable chairman of the board, came hurriedly upstairs and across -the courtroom to the room occupied by the examiners. I soon followed to and the shortage easily itemized and explained In your report, in place of th'e Bare statement that I was cash short $1421.33. vise'you of this. Owed County You asked' me> in regard to the Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schls- sel, Lakota; Mrs. Robert Relnhard, Clear Lake; Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Peters, Burt; Dr. R. E. Weber, Harold Polhman, Frances and Regina Berens, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Austin, and Dr. and Mrs. Karl Hoffman, Ban- 1 croft. Mrs. Schlssel and Doctor Peters won the high scores, and Mr. and Mrs. Elliott received guest .prizes. REPLACE BROKEN WINDOW GLASS For prompt service BERT PEAL Lotto Creek The Rev. and Mrs. Edward Peters, Cherokee, Okla., are visiting the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meyers. Mr. and Mrs..Peters have a 'little son. Mr. Peters preached at the Lutheran church here Sunday morning. Elsie Meyer, sister of Mrs. Peters and teacher at Charter Oak, spent the week-end at home. Edna Potratz has been helping with the housework at Mrs. Edward Hackbarth's. Hugo Faulstlch recently sprained a wrist while he was picking corn and was unable to work for a few days. Mildred Dreyer is working at Mrs. Mike Bonnstetter's during corn picking. The John Kohlwes family and the Everett Dreyers, Fenton, spent Sun- Elk CIe*aert Tftil9li get one of the books in which to make an entry, and as I entered, Mr. Helken was saying, "How do you explain it?" to which Mr. Horning replied, "There is nothing to explain; everything checks out all right." This, however, did not prevent Mr. Heiken, just last week, from telling a group of my friends at Lakota, who Jie thought, were his friends, that "Orton was, short over $1400," etc. Examiner Says Everything 0. K. Just before leaving, Mr. Horning brought his reports into my office to be mailed to the state auditor, and I asked him how he found things, and he replied, "Everything Is all right." During the time that Intervened, Enemies' Claims Unsupported. Then again, if I was '.'cash short •?1421.33," when, where, and through what process was it paid back? Your report shows that on 'August 23 I9S2, my cash was long. Then, absolutely, some time between January 1, 1932, and August 23, -1932, I must have deposited this shortage to make my books balance. My political enemies mak'e the statement that after I had taken the money I got "cold feet" and rede posited it in smlV amounts. Again we can go to the bank book for what I deposited and the deposit slips for an itemized account of each deposit, and you will not find a dollar that I deposited other than the money collected between January 1, 1932, and August 23, 1932. Any Shortage Denied. I make this flat statement that at no time has my cash been short $1421.33, or any part thereof. I may have made errors in bookkeeping, which you are paid as an examiner to find and correct. I may have $'1421.33 shortage, as shown by the report at the close of December 31, 1931. At the close of business December 31, 1931, you owed the county for the 3rd and 4th quarter fees and On December 31 owed the county fines: I $21'I9'.33'. 1931, yovr atw> made perhaps an unreasonable number of bookkeeping errors, as • my ffce for the past three yeara has one double the work with the same mount of help prior to that time. Ay deputy and.myself have done he work of four people. Often I we were so busy with docket in the history the largesl of Kossuth day at the Oscar Corwlth. home, county that I paid little attention to the "whispering campaign," for in my office "everything was al right"; but somebody 'had blundered and other offices were "on the spot.' The papers carried headlines, and i was rumored that an independen candidate, our present county audl tor, was to enter the race for clerk Checkers Beport "Cash Short." Things moved on ttfl the morning of September 22, when, the county auditor gave me the official repor of the examiners, which I at one vork past 12 o'clock at night; trying 0 run the office with' economy, and have succeeded to the extent for he first time in the history of the .ounty the office is an asset; paying ts upkeep and a small amount to he county besides; and In return, 'or my efforts your report accuses me very unjustly and untruthfully of having made away with $1421.3 which at some subsequent time I must have made up in order to have my books balance. Itemized Statement Asked. The only part of your report that 1 object to is the statement "Cash short $1421.33." I am requesting that you furnish an itemized statement showing just what items constitute the shortage. If you canno do this I am asking you to show Just where, how, and when I depo» ited this money to cover the short age. In case these things are no done I will hire my own accountant to Immediately start a check of the books. This, however, would be absolute^ ly unfair and uojust, as it-forces jn,« $64.15 for- omitted fees; making a total you cwed the county on thai date: $2,1'83V4'S. On December SI, 1931, you had truat funds- on hand in the amount of $1,231.58, as shown by page 27 01 the report. You went over this Us and reported It o. k. You should have on December 31, 1931, $1,231.5 to cover- these Items. Then you had '$918.02 In outstand Ing checks on December 31, 1931 and 1 the money to cover these mus be in your possession. Recapitulation: Due county Dec. 31, 1931--$2,1S3.48 Trust funds on hand December 31, 1931 _..._ 1,231.58 Outstanding checks Dec. 81, 1931 . 918.02 Total chargeable to clerk Dec. 31, 1931 —. $4,363.08 Cash Shortage Alleged, Now, Mr. Orton, I will answer your question asking me to show you where you were short on December 31, 1931, by asking you the question: "Please show where you had 4,363.08 to the credit of Kossuth If the facts are as you state 'them, it might be that you could get^ a statement from the cashier, and thla could be incorporated in the report of 1931, showing that the difference as shown was not your fault. I wrote the auditor of state today in regard to the matter. I am sorry hat you still seem to take the atti- ude that it was my fault, the bank ailed to give you credit. I was not udltlng the bank. Hoping this matter can be cleared o your satisfaction, I am, Sincerely ours, John Horning, Hank Cashier's Statement. We have-been asked by Clark Or- cin, clerk of district court, to make statement as to the date our books show he made a certain deposit of $1113.29 whloh statement Is also made-in'compliance with .a request made by John Horning, state exam- ner of county offices, In a letter to Mr, Orton. After carefully checking : our rec- ods we find that this deposit was entered on our books on January 2, 1932, and entered in Mr. Orton's passbook as of December 31, 1931. In explanation for its appearance on our cashier's statement of January under date of January 2, 1932, we will say that it is customary.un- der banking procedure to "cut off" at • 12 -noon. By this we mean that all deposits made after 12 .noon each day, are credited as of the following day. The following day, January 1, being a legal holiday, and the bank open for business, it was enterr before.-elecUon, hoping, that this action would be unnecessary; but from reports made to me. by jmy friends, this action on my part is Imperative. There is still another issue of the county papers before the election, which will enable any person or persons to answer any statement I have made; but Inasmuch as that Is the last issue, I demand,-in the name of fair play, the privilege of answering statements In the same issue, and that I be furnished with a copy of any statement in time for me to answer and In time for my answer to be set up. As stated .In my former article, I wish to make It perfectly clear that these statements are not to be con-> strued in any way, shape,: or form, either directly or indirectly, or as having anything to do with the campaign of my democratic opponent. OLARK DENTIST^ DR. II. M. 01805 Dentlit, Gas and novocalne uied traction. Located over Chrlstenwsl Phones: Business 166, i • Algona, Iowa VETERINABIUU " I. W. FOI J. M. WWK11 VcterlmrliM West State Street, J Phones: Office, 475-W.jJ BUILDING COJJTBAC COWAff General Contractor! Estimates I Phones: Business, 619-ir MACHINIST!! to pay the of county on December 31, 1931." The cashier's statement showed hat you had $2,895.60 in the bank. The board counted cash in your office Dec. 81, J.931, $46.15. You mention hying' an accountant go over your records. This is your privilege. Mr. .Orton, I did not want to show the record different than I found it, and' you can do the work of any accountant you might hire by answering the above question. Far be it trom me to harm you, and I can not be held accountable for your differences with any county officials. I trust this letter answers yours, and you will appreciate the unbiased spirit in which It Is written. Again -thanking you, and with kindest persona), regards, I am very truly yours, John Horning. Another Letter to Examiner. October 7th, 1932. Joan Horning, c/o State Auditor Des Molnea,, Djar Mri Horning— I hav« not 09 y«t received an ana wer to my letter <?f September $0 and I am wondering at the delay. Since written you last we ijave ed according to banking rules', on January 2, 1932. In the abqve procedure the bank is not in error, but followed the regular banking rules and customs, and as to the/ cashier's statement furnished to the state examiners, we gave them exactly what they called for, the cash balance of December 31, 1931, amounting to $2895.60. H. L.' GILMORE, Cashier Iowa State Bank, Algona, la Ortou Letter to Examiner, October 22, 1932. John Horning, c/o State Auditor, Des Moines, Dear Mr. Horning; Your letter of October 11 received nd contents noted. We are work- ng short-handed aa usual, as the xtra help I had during the time the udge waa here was transferred to nother office as soon as he left, and his keeps me working nights, so I have left my personal correspond- nce to the last. I was over to the bank and called heir attention to the entry in -my pas book, made December 31, 193J, NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 3670, ' State of Iowa, Koaeuth county, •»' In District Court, November term, 1932, . ' •.-..". To All Whom It May Concern: ' You are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting to be, the last Will and Testament of Charles Magnussoh, deceased, dated October 9, 1923, haying been .this day filed, opened and read, the\2iS|t day of November, 1932, Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before .the District Court of said County or the Clerk of said Court; arid at 9 o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear an<l show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed aa aad for the last Will and Testament of aald deceased. ' ' " . : '-.-• i" • ••; ,"' : • at Algona, Iowa, October 19, • JTOHTON MACH«W Machinists an* Wfl . Service Sto^k Piston Rings- PlnMM West of Courthouse KOSSUTH --- „ INSURANCE AM< over |i5,ooo,opo t i'n force. •ecure. A home j. 0. City' Property Loan« Insurance. «•".? 1932. 7-9 CLARK ORTQN; ClerH of District Court By OLARA SCHAAP, An unheard of tire allowance sale, Your worn tires are worth, from $3.27 to $7.60 each from Standard Ust Price of June 21st on tliie purchase of new G&J's. Gamble Stprea. • ?M of $1113.29 which you credited to my 1932 deposits. They say there is no question that the deposit was made on December 31, 1931, and they are willing to make a statement to that Don't Get Up Ni«ht» You need this easy bladder physio to drive out Jmpurltiea and excess acids which cause 4rrit»Mon tha^ results In leg pains, bacfcache,". and getting ijp nlfcbta, P the bladder physic, containing buchu Juniper oil, etc., works on tjh* bladder effect. I have in previous letters twice asked you for a statement showing where I was "cash short 114,21.33," as stated in your report filed September 22 or if you could not do thto ' and that money to make up this alleged flbortage. Your only reply to these questions was in your letter wh eh reached me October 1^ to which you state: "Now, M r. Orton, 107 W. State St. >«»»»««»»» H. W. Dray STORAGE'^ Long Distance Every lQ a(I against los* ped to do all hauling and Algona, pleasantly and , similar to castor oil on, (he bowels, <?efc*a ?5c box (6 .grain size) from your drug" gist. After four day«, if not relieved of getting up, nlyhii.go back and End T& >» <° xa »""„. yss. James RexaU. , get your money. - You are bound to feel better after-tt4f you get your at B. W. OWtfiS FORW2J I w«l your queatton me to show you where you mw> 666

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