Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1932 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1932
Page 4
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Look Here! The biggest musical attraction of the season |Th e Oryi8 Orioles •will play at the Legion Pavilion in Bancroft on Wednesday October 12 This is a ten-piece orchestra and will be presented by Harold Orvis Ross, of St. Paul. For the past three years they have been playing over- radio station WCCO and their music is guaranteed to please. BARGAIN EXCURSION TO Des Moines October 10-11 Only $3.60 Round Trip FROM ALGONA Tickets honored in coaches on all trains of October 10 and 11. Final return limit midnight, October 12. Children Half Fare Baggage Checked Ask agent for full particulars Chicago & Northwestern Railway ST, JOHN'S AT BANCROFT HAS WINNING NINE Bancroft, Oct. 4— St. John's ball team played a tie game. with Lone Rock on the local grounds last week Wednesday, score 8-8. The line-up for Lone Rock' was: Marlow, , M., Leeper, Gross, H., Gross, R., Householder, Long, Marlow, H., Priebe, and Blanchard; Bancroft's line-up: Menke, Delterlng, Simmons, Becker, Welp, Schneider, Bolster, Dalhauser, and Devlne. Batteries for Lone Rock: Gross, H., and Gross, R.; Bancroft, Bettering and Schneider* Friday afternoon St. John's played Grant at Grant and won, 11-0. Half ten pitched good ball for Bancroft and got a home run. Sunday aftert noon St. John's won from the Whlt- temore academy on the local grounds, S-5. This was St. John's fifth victory, with one tie. The boys haven't lost a ' game. Harold Pohlman is coach. Jinny Attend Auxiliary Convention — The following women attended a county auxiliary meeting at Swea City last week Tuesday: Mesdames Bridget Quinn, Lena Meyers, Grover Tyler, Theresa Krapp, James Nyman, E. J. Seeney, J. A. Devine,' C. II. Baker, Edna McDonald, W. A. Murray, Hugh Lattimer, A. W. Kennedy, Jos. Fox, L ; . J. Mousel, and Charles Stauder, and Lena Bergman. The units gave reports, and musical numbers were given by the Swea City unit. First C. 0. F. Party Given— The first C. O. F. card party and dance was held at the 'Forester hall last week Monday night. Mrs. J. H. Menke and A. A. Droessler won high at bridge; Mrs. John Haupert and Ottp Vaske, at 500. Kelley's Kello- dinas, Britt, played for the dance. Work was started Tuesday morning at remodeling and painting the interior of the hall. • lumber Dealer Brought Home — Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Miller, St. Cloud, Minn., and Mrs. Rose Kohnke, Delano, Minn., came Saturday to bring home E. B. Kohnke, who had been a patient at a St. Paul hospital for several months. He is manager of the local Thompson Yards. Mrs. Miller is a sister, of Mr. Kohnke; Mrs. Rose Kohnke, his mother. At the Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies by T.H, C, S TRANGER IN- TOWN Is one of those Inocuoua cinema flap- doodles which defy all laws of criticism. You go expecting to be disappointed and come away disappointed that you found so trivial an offering to your liking. If you are a retail merchant, you will be interested In the way old "Pop" Crlekle beats the chain store. The producers had their nerve when they' opened ruthless warfare against this powerful enemy of the independent retailer. Yet they showed excellent judgment when they loaded their Qimsjwith sly satire In^place of the \isual tactless 'VenbmV 'For the first 'time, in his screen experience, "chic" rjcharlesr Sale has a,' part just suited to his peculiar talents— a semi-bur- lesqlie-type old man whose exaggerated characterization fits each and every situation. When he hitches up his pants for the oncoming battle in Stranger In Town you are ready for the fray with him. The plot Is simple enough. We see Sir. Sale in the opening reel as a young man, sans make-up, who comes West In a covei'ed wagon and transport the spectator to .some mysterious, unknown Fate. A Van i>ine detectiVe "short" was a little above par, which was * break. • S PEAK EASILY, With BUster Keaton> Jimmy Durahte, and Ihe voluptuous Thelma Todd, is aboul the rawest, most suggestive piece ol torn-foolery that has ever graced the silver screen. Many lines in the dialog are downright smutty, while several scenes in which the sober- faced Keaton wrestles with' a half- clad, drunken blonde on her boudoll floor are crude and uncalled _for. T~here Is a place, perhaps, for sucr exhibitions in a burlesque theater but certainly they have no place ir a respectable family showhouse llk( the Call, though we do not wish t( shift particular responsibility 1 tc Manager 'Rice. These are new pic tures and as such are demanded bj patrons who hear of them fron afar. The fault is with the produc ers, not the consumers; pictures ar bought and paid for before exhlbi tors have an opportunity to se them, and once they are paid for Monday and Tuesday October 10 and 11 at 5:30 ACADEMY HALL MENU Fried Chicken Mashed Potatoes Gravy Creamed Peas and Carrots Cahbage Salad Dark and Light Rolls Pickles Jam Jell Coffee Pie Prices, 25c and 35c Ton Highest, Cream Cheeks— The ten "highest cream checks for the first half of September were: William Goche, $29.92;. Anton Stork, $29.53; Ole Johaneson, $28.14; Henry Lampe, $28.14; J. J. Nurre, $27.95; H. G. Hamilton, $27.50; Leo Bernhard, $20.39; Peter Govern, ?25.34; George Miller, $25.30; and Peters & Yibben, $23.79. t. John's Seniors jN'aine Officers— Officers were elected by the sen- ! ors at 'St. John's Monday: Frank j Jrink, president; Mildred Deiterius, •ice president; Charles Quinn, sec- •etary, Edmund Ford, treasurer. Tunior officers are: Frank Baker, ^resident: Jos. Sherman, vice presi- lent; Velma Dyer, secretary. porary physical handicap leads him to name the place Boilsvllle. We see him next, 50 years later, running his little, old-fashioned grocery store. His granddaughter (Ann Dvorak) meets a stranger on the train, who proves to be the new manager for the X-Y-Z chain grocery. How the old man beats the "chain" with the aid of a young man who resigns from his managership provides a thrilling climax to this homely, simple tale of rural business life. David Manners plays his usual unemotional role; he is our. idea of the zero of actors. Noah Beery is excellent in his character part as sheriff. Stranger in Town belongs to the same category as 'Lightnln 1 on the stage. Its success depends entirely on the "human Interest" element and on individual characterizations of actors. In such plays minor pieces of stage "business" contribute much to the performance, as for example, when Chic opens and closes his old-fashioned watch the lid of which squeaks audibly. Two unusually excellent two-reel comedies completed a good Sunday show at the Call and sent a happy and contented audience home. S EVENTY-THOUSAND witnesses ushers in the fall football season at the Call; but it does more than this—it uncorks a thrilling mystery murder, thereby combining the tenseness and the uproar of a crucial football game with interest and anxiety in solving a cold-blooded murder. what is a manager to do? The plot has.to do with a professor (Buster Keaton) who, believing he has inherited a fortune, promptly goes out to "see life," gets mixed up with a stranded musical comedy troupe, and eventually, by a series of comic Interruptions and intrusions Into the cast, puts the show over. Jimmy Durante (Schnoozle' contributes mos^of the cleaner comedy and really saves the picture Thelma Todd, gorgeous in face and figure, exhibits her anatomy with i reckless abandon almost breath taking. She is lovely In a brief black lace teddy; but is the movie the. place to display such expanses of ex—epidermis? We might etand for an occasional picture like Speak Easily, but if It represents a "trent of the times," then we say, along with the rest of the moral crusad ers, clean-up the talkies! DELIRIOUS DELUGE of^ darn foolery is what the preview o Horsefeathers calls it, and. no feeble words of ours could better describ this latest Marx Brothers picture The four brothers may be comparec to lobsters—you either like them o you don't. >If you do not care fo their wild and woolly slapstick com edy, you wouldn't like Horsefeather; or any other talkie in which thej have appeared. But, whatever you sentiments, it cannot be denied tha a capacity house rocked and roared in the seats. In fact it is the firs and only talkie we have seen whicl was marred by constant laughte and noise in the audience. We see Groucho Marx first as in A In order to win a large bet, it is | coming president of Huxley College IWS Canning ears Hello everybody — a car of Michigan canning pears will be on Milwaukee track Thursday Noon to be sold for a few days only at $1.15 per basket. If you bring your own container they will be cheaper. Market Day Tlireo Are Off for Florida- Richard Undei-kofler, Frank Recker, and Roy McGuire left Monlay for three weeks in Florida. They ravel in the Recker car. Frank operates a local billiard hall. necessary to weaken the state football team by Incapacitating its leading ball-carrier, Clark. When Clark fa.lls dead on the field, after a long run, the usual procedure in mystery tories follows—fixing the blame. Viid, as customary, everyone in the ast is suspected and grilled by the letective (David Landau) till the guilty victim is found—a doctor who gives Clark a nitro-glycerine rub- own between halves, intended only Becomes Supervisor of Hospital— Mrs. G. S. Underkofler, R. N.J is at Buffalo Center, in charge of x-ray aboratory work and supervisor of a lospital which opened October 1. Other Bancroft News. Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard Pothoff got home last week Wednesday from California, where they spent a month with relatives. Mrs. Pothoff's mother, Mrs. Gerhards, Burt, who went with them, stayed there to live with her son John. Olga Elsbeckei-, R. N., of Carroll, came home AVednesday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ele- becker. The Rev. J. Warzwa, accompanied by Mary Merrill, R. N., Carroll, brought her. Miss Merrill's people also live here. SALE North of old Sales Barns SATURDAY, OCT. 8 Plenty of good second hand furniture to sell. C. 0. KIDDLE, Auctioneer and the scene changes rapidly from the sublime to the utter ridiculous Presently the entire faculty is en gaged in a song-and-dance numbe: to the tune of the theme-song, '. Love You. .From this point on, thi sky's the limit. Two other brother are recruited from a speak-easy t play on the Huxley football team the plot moves (or races) now to th boudoir of the college (Thelma Todd), who again display OCRHOHTAS BUYS C8RH FOR FUEL The Pooahontes county board of lupervlsors Is quoted «• having idopted the following resolution! "Whereas corn, the principal crop produced in thl« county, Is how sell- tig at. a price far below cost of jroductlon, and at a top price of about one-half the price of coal; and whereas the fuel value of corn s approximately equal per ton to that of coal; and whereafe, overproduction Is urged as a cause of such depressed price; "Now for the purpose of economy, and In aiding In the disposition of such surplus, and furnishing a mar- for such local product. "Be it resolved, by the board of supervisors of Pocahontas county, Iowa, that said county use corn for fuelfpurposes until such time as the per tori price of corn at least equals the per ton price of coal; and the county auditor is hereby authorized to purchase corn for fuel purposes." The Pocahontas 'Record-Democrat estimates that the county can use 200 to 250 tons of corn on. the cob during the winter at the courthouse and the county home, the corn to be purchased at market prices. The same newspaper quotes furnace men to the effect that corn causes considerable damage to fire grates because of the intense heat it produces. WHITTEMORE SOW TAKES GRAND PRIZE AT SPENCER . . ififl nifht.someoKe stole $42 In Wl- ver and small changd from the Newel hardware stor e. The «are had been damaged So badly In former robberies that Mr. Newel decided to leav the safe door unlocked. Not wishing to carry the silver with hint he hid it in the basement. The next morning he discovered It was gone, and with it a revolver Which had been left In a desk drawer. None of the locks on doors or the wlndows'of the building showed any being' molested, so the was formed that someone had -been In the building, and had watched where the money was left, later using one of the doors with an Inside latch to get out. On the preceding Saturday night a slot machine was stolen from the John Gramenz pool mil. Entrance was gained through a window In the rear of the building. signs of conclusion Whittemore, Oct. 4 — Charles Baas, south of town, took his Hampshire show hogs to the county fair, where they placed In all classes winning first In aged claes with grand champion sow. Then at the Clay county fair his sow won grand championship over 25 other entries, even winning over a sow which placed second at the state fair and the Minnesota fair. The judges at Spencer said that had the winner of firsts at the state fairs been in competition In Clay county the Baas sow would havQ won over her too. LONE ROCK MAN'S LEG IS MANGLED IN DRAG LINE 'Lone Rock, Oct. 4 — Oscar Earing was working with the county machinery south of Delbert Hanna's last week Thursday, when. his. trouser leg caught In the gears of the drag line, pulling him into the machinery. His left leg was badly mangled and bruised.. He was unable to continue work for a few days. Here's Retort Tlnit Hurts. Marshalltown T.-R. — The New York stock market dot"* not engage in interstate. commerce. It is not so much a subject for federal regulation as for state control, but up to date Governor Rooseve.it has made no effort to curb speculation or control of the stock market in his own state. o slow up the runner, but which so large expanses of herself. The fun grows fast and furious. Finally the big moment arrives — the ; crucial football game between Huxley and Darwin. Chico and Harpo Marx, aided by Prexy Groucho and Zeppo (the gentleman of the quartet), win the game by tying strings to the v football and finally driving down the gridiron in an ash can drawn by a pair of white horses which eventu- Why Get Up Nights? MAKE THIS 25c TEST Physic the bladder as you would the bowels. Drive out impurities and excessive acids that cause irritation, burning and frequent deelre. Ctet a 25c test box of BU-tKETS, the bladder physic, from any drug store. After four days if you are not relieved of getting up nights go back and get your money. BU-KETS containing buchu leaves, juniper oil, «tc., acts pleasantly and effectively ion the bladder similar to castor oil on bowels. If you are bothered with backache or leg pains caused from bladder disorders you are bound to feel better after this cleansing and you get your regular sleep.— E. W. Lusby. Jeaned-Presse* Unpaired da Elk Cleaners and Tailor* Mr. and Mrs. John Coldwater, Elwood, 111., spent last week with the John Bernhards. The men are cousins. Mrs, George Dolan, Delevan Minn., is visiting the John and Leo Bernhards. Mrs. Dolan is Mrs. Leo Bernhard's mother. John Ernst and his daughter, Mrs. Harold Fleming, spent 4 days last week at Mrs. B. Quinn's. Mrs. Fleming was Amorita Ernst, and the Ernsts lived here before they movec to Cedar Rapids. 'Francis Lonergan and Evans Carmean, Des Moines, spent the weekend with their parents. The boyj attend the Des Moines school o: pharmacy, this being their second year, Mrs. Mary S'egar returned Sunday from Livermore, where she had i spent a week at her son John's. Mr. and Mrs. J. 'Fortney, of Mallard, her parents, brought her home. Mr. and Mrs. John .Williams returned Tuesday from a week at Dubuque with relatives of Mr. Williams. Mr. Williams is a partner in the Williams & Baker barber shop. J. H. Sheridan,' son James, N. E. Sheridan, and Mrs. G. Doyle attended the funeral of Doctor Chesire, their cousin, Marshalltown, one day last week. Leone Sandschulte, sister, Mrs. Tom Garry, the latter's three sons, and Mrs. Jos. Fox spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Mason City with the Leo Whalens. Mrs. John Kockler and her daughter Coletta returned Saturday from Marble Rock and Adams, Minn., where they visited sisters of Mrs. Kockler. Mr. and Mrs. John Lethert, St. Paul, came Saturday to visit at the A. H. Fuchs home. Mr. Fuchs owns the Fuchs hardware here. The Ward Palmers, Hampton, spent Saturday and Sunday at G. D. Hart's, and also visited the M. J. Dyers and Mrs. A. B. Leslie. The Henry Lenz family, Wilmot, Minn., visited from Friday till Monday at J. J. Nurre's. Helen Lenz is spending the week here. Mrs. Albert Hutchinson and Mrs. Leo Bernhard entertained the missionary association at Mrs. E. B. Kohnke's last Thursday. The Lutheran Aid society met at Mrs. Oliver Mathson's last Thursday and the Luther .League that evening at the same place. A. J. Wilhelmi, Jollet, III., and bis daughter Florence visited last week iver-stimulates him that after the un his heart gives out. The solution of the mystery is accomplished by playing the fatal game through again and checking up reactions on players and doctors. Novelty is the interest in 70,000 Witnesses. Booked into the Call on blind "date," and following two of the most atrocious short reels in the history of talking pictures (a Fanny Watson and a Chevy Chase), this feature has its big moments. And is more auspicious than Charles Ruggles as drunken newspaperman and radio announcer. Here is Charley at hia best. Complaining of a draught in the newspaper broadcasting booth, he begs listeners to pardon him while he puts down the window. Then, taking a large swig from his bottle, he resumes, "There, it's down!" And when he is invited to dinner with the detective, who tells him that his wife is "having some relatives for dinner," he says, "Well, I've never tried them, but I can stand it if you can." All of which is much funnier on the screen than on the printed page. Workman Injured. Clarence Paulsen, Dows, suffered a bruised leg when a crane hit him while he was at work with a road gang near St. Joe Tuesday. He was brought to the Kossuth hospital. St. Benedict- Mr, and Mrs. Nick Arndorfer left Saturday for a short honeymoon trip to Iowa City to visit a sister of the bride, Ella Simons, who has been at a hospital there a few weeks. They Lakota ifH were ^Uyea'and recipes and helpful hints tW ,the • bride -Were wHUeV"tn6' houoree unwrapped her presents,'a«d liitieh was nerved by tti0 hostesses: Mesdatnes 4"hn and" Edith £tch, John Sablnj Franz Teeter, fitn<LMitchell, and William Dray ton," ana Evelyn Crulksh&nki Sekton Invited. In the The A. Q. Smiths took their guests, the William Lewises, ol Willow Lake, S. D., to West Bend last Thursday on a sight-seeing trip The Rev. O. H. Frerklng and Jerry Heetland went to Roife to attenc the 'Fort Dodge Presbytery last week Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pierce wenl to Clear Lake Friday evening to attend a party given for a retiring telephone employe. Mesdames Frank Krall and R. E Hamquist spent Friday afternoon' visiting Mrs. N. E. Noble at the F. G. Torlne's. Mrs. F. W. Keinitz was 'in the hospital at Fort Dodge last week, where she had a minor operation performed. The E. R. Worleys went to Mason City Friday to visit Mrs. Worley's parents, the H. Baileys, returning Sunday. . ' The A. Q. Smiths spent Sunday with the Ed Smiths at Armstrong. The 1 -Sunday school plans a pro-* gram 'for next Sunday afternoon, following a picnic lunch at noon in the, hall, The public is There will be preachlhg morning. , The ! Aid will serve..a chicken supper and hold a bazaar vat the hall Thursday evening, October 20. There will be a sale after supper. Herman Wise returned Saturday from SioUx City, where he attended the Methodist conference. The Rev. Mr. McNulty was returned to this charge. • ' A Bailey-Roadinger wedding dance was largely attended at the ; hall last week Wednesday night. The Wise family had a .family reunion at Mack Wise's Sunday. Attending: the Edw.' Hammonds, of in the Sunday by intestinal Jftnse, Algona, Wns day morning, now, He , D -*M3 anfl Mr. and Mrs. Forri more City, were W. C. Taylor's. Mrs. A. L. Greenfield from William ~ ' nJ- , i •"«"" "icenrioM's She had been caring for \, llam Greenfield, who £. "' W "~ lously sick. Mrs. winw »*"»• South Cresco, and '.\r r . Fenton, came Sunday their mother, but it ', sary Monday to tako ho , ,° -.-• gona hospital. Mr «. Hunch'"*'' home Tuesday, Mrs. U!f er , ing with her father. The Philip Bycrs L, Thorpes, Alfjona Grosenbachs had a DlcnlT 7 •Sunday at a Rcmvick ,,„* "' Mrs. Ted 'Hoover entertained, Doan Aid last Thursday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Melvln oisen , Ardine spent Saturday at the M. E. Hoovers. The duck-hunting. IJATS $1.95 AND ?2.95 The Elite Shop. EACH at 9u4 from our second Fall season trip to the Eastern style markets, where, we selected an additional supply of the newest and smartest garments, and accessories to dress. You may' buy your new Fall and Winter needs here with the assurance of correct style and too—we guarantee everything we sellto give satisfactory, service. Christensen Bros. Co. , "Algona's Garment Center" 'Phillips Holmes, Johnny Mack Brown, Dorothy Jordan, and Ruggles are featured in the cast, but honors also go to David Landau and Lew Cody for excellent supporting work. .The production Is well staged' and ably directed, and it should prove a box office success. W INNER TAKE ALL gives James Cagney an opportunity to do the thing he does best—supplies him with dialog natural to his peculiar talents and offers a hodge-podge of love and prize-fighting neither good nor distressingly poor. When he boots his faithless sweetheart in the posterior, in the final reel, he does t with a neatness and precision vhich has a distinct artistic value. She has it coming, and this little entleman knows just how to do it. So the accounts are balanced. We see the youthful James first as a cauliflower-eared prize-fighter whose heart has gone bad on him (it continues uncertain throughout the show). His manager (Guy Kibbee) sends him to New Mexico to recover. There he meets an erstwhile cabaret singer (Marian Nixon) who is nursing her little boy (Jackie Moore). He helps her when insurance money fails to arrive by staging a prizefight, and they fall in love. When James returns to "big time" he forgets his desert sweetheart and takes up with a baby-faced blonde (Virginia Bruce) who has acquired only a thin veneer of culture. When she double-crosses hml, he kicks her artistically in her cabin (pardon; she is sailing for Havana), following which he goes back to his first love with easy nonchalance. Marlon Nixon seems badly miscast as cabaret singer, but Virginia Bruce has a part exactly suited to her talents. You feel instinctively that she is bored, yet there is, in the youthful prize-fighter, a lure she is unable to resist. She eventually falls victim to the thing that seems to Intrigue her most—Cagney's caveman tactics. It is amazing that the theme song of Monte Carlo, Beyond the Blue Horizon, is here introduced with such poignant effectiveness, as a speeding train carries Cagney to his desert sanitarium. This is the one musical selection which seems never tp grow old a»a always seew to ally crosses the goal line, where a also ma a e v j s it s at Oakdale and Des volley of footballs is emptied .and Moines. At the latter point Mrs. they win by at least six touchdowns, i Arndorfer has a brother, Jacob, in 'Nothing goofier could be conceiv- the army . They returned Monday to ed in the fertile brain of man. The, begln housekeeping on a farm wise-cracks follow one another in northwest of St. Benedict, dizzy succession. They are all typical Marxian, as when Groucho says, in the class-room, "The Lord Alps those that Alps themselves." And the situations are ridiculous to the extreme, as when this same Groucho throws the drowning girl a candy life-saver. Chico plays a comedy selection on the piano while Zeppo contributes a harp rendition of the theme song. •Horsefeathers is the Alpha and Omega of slapstick comedy, a riot of asininities, a cyclone of senseless burlesque and mimicry, the swiftest, craziest entertainment ever offered the dear public. In contrast to Speak Easily, some of the lines and situations may be a trifle Off-color, but "the tempo to which .the action and dialog in Horsefeathers is. speeded up takes away the curse of- suggeetiveness. Spunk Where It is Needed. . Carroll Herald—We have nothing but admiration for Governor Turner's spunk and we hope he will be able to make enough noise about farming conditions to make it impossible to ignore this problem. Frank Grandgenett and his friends fished at Cass Lake, Minn., last week. Amelia Arndorfer and a friend drove to Ackley Sunday to visit the Jos. Hanlgs, who have a new boy, Adelhaid Eisenbarth, Algona, visited her sister, Mrs. E. F. Arndorfer, Sunday. The Rev. A. J. Arndorfer and his sister Lenore, Charter Oak, were here last week Tuesday and Wednesday to attend the wedding of their brother Nick. Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Haggard, daughter Barbara, son John, and a woman friend, all of Algona, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. J, Fehr. The George Sonnenberge, Titonka, were Sunday afternoon < callers at Jacob and A; J. Fehr's. The Young Ladies' Sodality gave a card party last week Tuesday evening. Mrs. Ben Kunkel won high at bridge; Mrs. August Harig, at 500; and John Arend won a door prize. Thirteen-hour adoration will be held at the local church next Sunday. Draperie g Make the home a cosier and more at tractive I g placefto live these several Fall and Winter [ months to come s And you can have them now so very cheap that it will be easy; H for you to redrape you're windows and recover your floonj = with our guaranteed rugs and draperies at a very small cost, H and too, if you wish, you may use our easy payment plan. 1 Note—The Drapery Offerings! Genuine "Quaker" lace panels in the newest weaves and designs at ; -_ __7»c AND BETTER I The Whispering Campaign Perhaps one of the most disgusting and disheartening events that can occur in a public servant's career is what is known as "the whlsr perlng campaign," and many an officer has been wrecked by such an occurrence. In colonial days, when people took 'their politics seriously, the whispering campaign frequently led up to bloodshed,- It was the cause of the duel : between Burr and Hamilton. President Andrew Jackson shot and killed , a man guilty of this crime. But those guilty of the, offense are seldom reached by punishment or the law, because of the underhanded and dirty methods used* to carry on the campaign. The conspirator usually selects some worthless character In the community, without social or financial standing, to spread the poison; one who, while not a social outcast, Is known to have a diseased mind, in his desire for publicity. If a victim gives him a horse-whipping, or beats him up, the victim disgraces himself. To »ue such a character would be a joke. While this political moron spreads the poison, the instigators sit back and watch ready to drop out of the scene In case their poison does -not take, or to fan the flame in case it does. It Is only the lowest and type of 'politician that will stoop to such, methods or indulge in such tac- Attractive new pattern In Priscllla style ruffled curtains. All guaranteed color fast materials, at a pair __________ AND BETTEH Six piece cottage sets, appropriate for kitchens and bath £*f\ ' rooms. The patterns make them very attractive _. _____ O "C AND'BEITEB .Marquisette panels of the tailored type; also with fring- Ofl ed bottoms. Made up in plain and fancy Weaves, at _____ OtfC , AND BETTEB Colorful cretonnes and chintz In ittractive new = Patterns that are guaranteed cobrfast SS bumttiueeu tourrast, 33 AND BETTER Beautiful sunfast 50-inch'drapery damasks in all of the g\O newest effects in color and design, at'...;.„.„..„... 98C AND'EETTEB ics; but, unfortunately, we have hese men in politics, as well as In occupations and professions. For some unknown reason, this fall's campaign seems to have raised a special crop of these scandal mongrels, who have centralized their efforts on my office. I find their work in practically every town in :he county, and they have spread their poison systematically and with vicious intent. I care nothing about gossip or rumor; also it is understood that the acts of public pfficials are always open t6 discussion and criticism by the public; but no person has right to attack another and wrongfully accuse him of acts of which he is not guilty, especially through the underground channels of "the whispering campaign." To the public which reads, this article I wish to apologize "for its wording. It is unfortunate that it is necessary to use the language contained herein in order to properly express one's self. In explanation I wish to state that this article is the match to the fire intended to smoke out a den of dirty skunks. I wish it understood, that this article does not apply in any way, shape, or form directly or indirectly to, or has anything to dp with, the campaign <tf my democratic opponent. CLARK ORTON, . , Clerk District Court. Rugs at the Lowest Prices in Many Yeafij Genuine "Develon" made Milton Velvet rugs in size 9x1? 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