Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 29, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1932
Page 5
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8ale9 ' floedew tt»nt* Sunday at. 'itndfng! a Ft»h A. Game on meeting, • Batman,' pttosem has 'been S f" brother, Thorn \Vat- Mtfoore was at 'his son Don- iturday and Sunday, while hras at Onawa. _ fa c. Barnes, Bolfe, went Wonday/ after a week with SS. Mrs. George Elbert. fc Miller, of Quarton & Mll- Ut the week-end at Chicago, J,tie looked after legal affairs. I'jr-Ji Trou.tman entertained ctlief H.' 0. Smlthj iand hlu klricoin, Neb;; Saturday - and Itor l>- J< Dickinson returned E» from Dea Moines, where he •Monday night at a Building & •etlng. urtd Mrs. W. A. Foster went -stagier- Springs, S. D., Tues- Ivislt W. A.'s brother a doctor, l"v P. GalWay, Esthervllle, Igunday with the P. J. Chrls•The doctor Is the father JJ'Christensen. ' / land Mrs. Geo. C. Call, Sioux , ame day before yesterday for t visit with the latter's moth, S, C. Spear. , ; ; yttle, S*'H.vKla88le, and E. rans, of the Klassle garage, at| ft ! state salesmen's meeting -on City Monday. : PRev. ',W. H. Schlle and the Hohenbergers, ' Llvermore, meats; of the Gottlieb Gron- l°gunday afternoon. , I Rev. and • Mrs; H. R. .Wrede, J Knopf, and William-Kloock, •Garner, were'supper guests at lev.'P. J. Braner's Sunday. land Mrs. H. M. Vlnaon re- I last Thursday 'from. Mlnne- where they- visited friends. liiison is one of .the city mail land Mrs. F.' li. Trlbon return- iturday from Mountain, Wls., J they had'spent two- weeks fthelr daughter, Mrs., Herman jik.' • . ; j P. W. Dlngley got home last [Wednesday from Chicago, af- j weeks with : the William [its. She. is Mrs. Nugent's F.' land Mrs. Russell Cook, late of }i, Minn., have moved ba<:k to ia, Mr. Cook having bought tlie [oil station, hear the Catho- metery. ';••'•''• • Daughan spent Saturday |io6n with her parents, Mr. and y. T. Daughan. She has been >rcy hospital a month', taking |s' training. . ' Quinn, Woodstock, , spent Sunday with his moth- Is. H, J. Quinn, and other local jves. "Bud" Is manager of a •yard at Woodstock.|l|am -Dooley went 'to Mllwau- ently, after the summer with fcrents, Mr. and Mrs., J... J. Dpo- |He is a senior civil engineer p -at Marquette. university. Rev. arid Mrs.'P. J. Braner lentertained at supper at Mr. Vrs. Carl Lehmahn's 'last week in honor pf the 14th wed- jannlversary of the Lehmanns. Ired Capeelus artd . Carlotta tff .returned Sunday to'Xihero- Jtfhere they began their second | In junior college.' : Mildred's 1 Edward took them to Cheri ' !.'''„'' : -: • '•'•' ''- :; '"C-? : "•>-.' •.-:• I and Mrs, J, S," Auner, Des , are expected tomorrow. Mi', f will go to the Okobbjls for the f«n^ to shoot ducke, and Mrs. twin remain for a visit with seena*40-lb. mu6kle,,c3t.' Venca Snograss, Uplan' -' •' "'"' went to Iowa City laat Tlu l 61 :.^" weeks wlth her'slBtWiMrs. " "*•""••> nu.ii ner siscer.'iMfa: John Keneflck. Her *<^GW|fi& wIllviBtnVerV —"^•.tuit., jtiwr mo at Iowa City, and she will vieit there a few weeks before returning, to nurse' Wher ° 8he Js a re e |st ' er ed Mayme Belts i e h av | nK a two weeks vacation from her duties at the telephone exchange. She went to Sioux City Saturday to visit her father, after which she was to make visits at other points In the state, jfflce operator at the local Mrs. Thomas O'Halre and her dgtighter Ann left for their home In Washington, D. C., Friday. They had been visiting Mrs. O'Haire's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B R] et all summer. Mr. O'Haire manages a number of fining stations In the capital city. the new 1,000-h. '$; '. the city much laid _.. „„ ,. llc JC . s automobile accident In , but he gets around • Crose was brought home Lathrop, who drove to about two months ago. Mr». Henry Wegener, Mr. Walter Will, Mre. Edw. Mrs. William Dau; Mrs. P. J. and Mrs. Herman Boettcher I a rally and gift day at the ^Utheran hospital, Fort Dodge last Thursday. They took with them, for support of the hospital, canned -roods and fresh Vegetables, donated of the Trinity Lutheran ».» wi,« = with shop tradition when anyone goes away, the Ad- staff Is engaged this week in an effort to show Anton Dldrlkeen, foreman, who, with his wife and son, Is visiting the Fred Skinners, Springfield, 111., that he Isn't needed anyhow. From "boss" to "devil," no one In the shop, for a gbod many years, has escaped this mild sort of hazing, M. G. Norton, lay delegate from the local church, goes to Sioux City tomorrow to attend the annual Northwest Iowa Methodist confer- once. Arthur Crulkshank is delegate from the Good Hope church. For the .first time vote in the none but n _ vote, but the laymen held a Caroline. Frances, Corwlth, was operated on for appendicitis last [ and Mrs. Julius Capesius en- 1 at dinner'Sunday Mr. and in Capesius. and the Frank pus, Bernard Capesius, S. J. Ie, Glen Walker, and L. C. Red- Imilles. 1 and Mre. Call Dickinson, • Des ks, and their little son "Dick" •Sunday guests 'of Call's par- ISenator and Mrs. L. J. Dlck- } Call is practicing law at K°ines. ', Troutman returned Sun- it to Chicago, after ten Ivacation to resume etudles at JValton school of commerce, |wnich he will be" graduated In •ninths more. 'umber of "ears pf corn are on J m the ; windows o'f ;the Hub P«on Parlors' In &• contest on ' of earA. ( * Yesteraay, the long- fought in .was 14 Inches, en"y Ira Ashing. ; «achal Lowe, Bancroft, and «* u Shekton, Hurt, epent Sun- Fh the N. Victor'Lowes. Mrs. s 'Vic's'* mother; Mrs. Shel' sister. Mr^.-t^we'ts cook at ^ley cafe, Bancroft. • *. C, McMahpn'and Mrs. M. .Repent Friday at Emmets- I «rs. McMahon' vfslted. with «n's, Mr. and Mrs. , James ..ana Mrs. Strelt her par^and Mrs. Martin Coonan. Jitor-publlsher of the & Cltlaen, Center., at the Advance He waa-en-route home - veneer fair. wher4 he at- meeting of newspaper men. ; onerman. returned fp Traer the week-end with ln - •!?« had n°t l?e*n at Irtl recov ? r ed ^frorn 8 ' injuries •™ tn - a recent automp.bile ac- cleare * Lt th e Kossuth hospital. Mrs. Matt Necker, Burt, underwent a surgical operation last''week Wednesday, and Carl Lai-eon, Mallard buttermaker, had his' tonsils removed Tuesday. ' ' ." ' Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Schaap moved into the Rice apartment yesterday. It? had.been occupied by, the. BaMd Wards two years:' The Schaaps h'aS been room Ing. at. F. W. Greenfs.'Doc- tor Schaap, a dentist, has his offices over the Christensen store, and Mrs. 'Schaap Is deputy court clerk. Mrs. Samuel Bloom, Mason City, spent last week at her son Joseph's and he and his .wife took her home Sunday. Mr. and Mre. David Singer, Wells, Minn., and their two chil r dren were also guests of the-local Blooms Sunday. The elder Singers are uncle and aunt of Mr. Bloom. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hancher,, of .Mason City, spent Sunday and Monday with the E. C. Handlers. E. H., who Is E. C.'s brother, is employed at the district Northwestern - Bell telephone offices at Mason 'City! The ' visitors were en route! i'home from two weeks at Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Smith spent Sunday at Waehta, home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Smith. The elder Smiths are retired farmers. H. M. has a grandmother OS years old who lives in the same town and is still hale .and hearty except for slight deafness. Magnus Lichter, who is attending the state college, Ames, spent Sunday with his parents. He is a'sen- ior in the veterinary school. Dr. and Mrs. H. R, Gibson took' him back to Ames Sunday night. Mag^ nus, who played In a football game Saturday, Is the son, pf Mr. and Mrs. Henry : 'Llchter'.~" r ' ""-' Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Saunders arr rived Friday from their home at Lake Worth, Fla., to visit till Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sa'tfri- ders, Floyd being their son. Sunday the two couples will go to' Res Moines to visit Floyd's brother, E. O, Saunders. The elder Mr. and Mrs. Saunders will thence go home. Mr. and Mrs. BJhillp Hargreaves and their daughter Beverly arrived early, in the 'week from Los Angeles to visit the P. -H. Hargreaves family and other relatives. Philip is im the Los Angeles police force, ariirhe has been on radio patrol duty recently. His ih.ome Is at Van geles suburb.. •, The Rev. M. A. Sjostrand" feft Monday by auto for Chicago, but was to return yesterday.. Theremay be someone in Chicago who will "in due time become an Algonian. Mr. Sjostrand is a first-class mixer and Is rapidly becomirig popular not only with his Algona and Bancroft^pdnV,' gregations but; with every)jody;:Slsev- Mrs, George' Good, Spirit Lake, and her baby went home Sunday with the former's father, B. P. Benson. ' George came Tuesday, and yesterday went to Rochester, Mlhn'ir to go through the clinic. He has, been in poor health since spring. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.' George Good here, and is express agent at Bpirit Lake. , '" . '"•',.' Mr. and Mrs. Russell .Keith' and Mr. and Mrs. Joy Little, Mount Rose,-Colo., arrived Tuesday tp-yi6.lt relatives of.the Keith's. R,u'sse3)vis a son of Mr. and Mrs. H. WTKeith. Today the visitors will pp to Nebraska to vtelt friends oftjjie SfcUtles on the way home. Both men afe'em- ployed by the Rose Artie Ice Cream company, Mount Rose. ..,,•.- iMrs. B. F. Crose came nome' recently, after two years or sp / ;in California, and will, Jt is understood, i ' the * e hard Treasurer Kru<m ° t e t«M ^ns&^pA^^tA .ff'SWBS' iAtffefc \m& Wli les Gllbride, other local relatives, and old friends. They'will also make Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan visits. Both were reared in this county, but left here some years ago. They left at home five sorts and two daughters who are carrying on the farm work. Two babies have been borh at the Kossuth hospital in the last week. 'Mr. and Mrs. William Devine, St. .Toe, have a boy, born Sunday, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Burns, Algona, have a girl, born last Thursday. Mr. Devine operates a general store at St. Joe, and Mrs. Burns Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallburg, who operate a filling station at the road intersection Just north of Algona. Dr. Artie Mae Graham, San Fran- otsco r -Calif., aTriyed one day last week to visit till the first of the year with her mother, Mrs. Aurllla Coffin, Burt, and her Alg9na sisters Airs. H. E. McMurray and Mrs. W. J3. McDonald. Doctor Graham is a chiropractor. She and her husband the.late J. G. Graham, once lived at Bancroft, and Mr. Graham was in the farm implement business there This is Doctor Graham's first''.visit here in 12 years; Mr. and Mrs. Henry C, Otterman left Friday on the return trip to Washington, D. C., after a week with the latter's brothers, Loyd and Merle Wellendorf and other Kossuth relatives. They were .married a Rockville, Md., September 12, and came here on their wedding trip Mrs. Otterson, who was Leona .Wellendorf, has had a secretarial position in;the War department for several years, and Mr. Otterson has a position with the Pullman company there. A district creamery association meeting was held at- Estherville Tuesday, and the following persons from Algona attended: Mr. and Mrs Russell Weaver, Mr. and, Mrs. Albert Granzow, Mr. and Mrs. M. P Christiansen, and Mr. and Mrs Floyd Saunders. The district In- cludee Humboldt, Kossuth, Palo Alto, and Emmet counties. The men attended a .business meeting at the creamery there in the'afternoon, and at night a picnic supper, was served at,.the Fort Defiance state park. The association meets once a month. , The Kossuth County Implernen. Co. has moved from the southeasi corner of Algona Auto & Mach. Co .building west of the courthouse to \he old Tripp,barn south of the K C, S. bank building. The front enc of the building has been remodeled for office and show-room purposes ,and the rear end Is used for the storage of John Deere farm machinery. A great improvement in the looks of the front of the building has been made by repairs and repainting. The little shop next north •als'o 'has a repainted front, anc Frank Vera wants to rent it. Magnus Lichter, attending Iowa State college as a junior, .playet during most of a football game between Iowa State arid Simpson al 'Ames Saturday. He played at center, but his light weight, 165 pounds, will probably keep him a substitute for the position is regularly fillec by a player '60 pounds heavier. The game, which ended 21-0, was attended by Algona's high school poach, Kenneth Mercer, Allen Bishop, D. Wane' Collins, 'and Arthur Nordstrom. Magnus came ;• home that evening but went back Sunday He suffered a deep cut in the lip in the game, stitches being necessary .to close .the wound. ' ' Stella Slmong to Bride— Stella, daughter of Mrs. Mary Simons; St. .Benedict, was married to Nick Arndorfer, also. St. Benedict, Tuesday morning at 8, o'clock. The *ev. A. J. Arndorfer,, brother of the bridegroom, performed a single ring ceremony, and read the wedding high mass at the Catholic church, St. Benedict. After the mass a wedding break- 'aet was served at the home of the bride's brother George. In the even- ng a wedding dance was given at :he Klelnpeter hall, Wesley. After two weeks at various points :he couple will be at home' on a !arm near St. Benedict. The bride lad been waitress at 'the Algona lotel three years. At the wedding she wore an ankle-length gown of white satin and net, with a train veil and cap effect held in place with orange blossoms and pearls. Attend Brllt Guild Meeting— Mrs. C. H. Williamb and Mrs. F. 3. Bandy, the latter of Brltt, entertained the St. Thomas Episcopal Guild at a benefit bridge party Monday afternoon at the Bandy home, Brltt. Algonians who attended were: Mesdames D. D. Paxson, H. L. Gllmore, Clair Anderson, Walter Fraser, D. H. Goedei-s, L. G. Baker, M. P. Weaver, Louise Hyde,. M. P. Christensen, T. H. Holmes Jr., Charles Barrlckman, Sam Medln, J. F. Granzow, Floyd 03. Saunders, her mother-in-law., Mrs. O. L. Saunders, Lake Worth, Fla., 03. P. Smith, L. G. Pool, H. V. Hull, Paul Wille, Glen Raney, Volentlne, and Howard Holnk. READ the Want Ad.. ^.r^-Mrrr-' Food Value* thisWeek^d _ . are Great at A&P Stores! 8ANTA ClARA SIZE 84 PRUNES . ygs&Sb40-so ..»«•»* QUAKER MAID «OUR PITTED f|.L9. POX, . $»•>• CHERRIES 2 29c " •• «>-'•<»"»* JeU-Q, 3 pkgs. —...... Crackers, fPS? rr— Bend, 13 from Wesley, and five from Emmetsburg.. Algonlans Married Last March— Announcement has been made of the marriage, of Delores, daughter of Mrs. L. M. Merritt, and Ted J., son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Zittritsch. The ceremony was performed last March 25 at Omaha. The bridegroom Is .in the employ of the Metz Construction company .. which has a paving contract near Spencer. Mrs. Zittritsch went., to Spencer two weeks ago .yesterday and they now are at home there! Mrs. Zittritsch was graduated from the Algona high school -two years ago, and since then has been at home.' Mr. Zittritech is also a graduate. I'.-T. A. Meeting Tomorrow Night— The opening fall meeting of the local Parent-Teacher association will be held next Monday evening at the high school auditorium at '< o'clock. Assembly singing will be the first event, followed by a report of the district round table and school of Instruction by H. D Hutchins. Mrs. F. J. Clark will then give a vocal solo, which wlli be followed by a talk on the purpose of the association by the Rev Arthur Hueeer. A one-act play Campaign Mammas, directed by Mrs. D. D. Paxson will follow, and a social hour will close the meeting The public Is invited. S. S. Class PIcnicks at Park— Tih<j> Methodist Centenary S. S class was entertained at the Ambrose A. Call state park last week Wednesday night, Mr. . and Mrs Lloyd Muckey : chairmen 'of committee,in charge'; At 6:30 the committee-served a ^two-course dinner in the Shelter'House, after wh'ich Elizabeth Grosjean;- Des Moines sang a group of eongs. The rest of the evening was spent at oldtlme games. The guests''went in either hard-times outfits or old-fashioned costumes. There were 80 members present. Royal Neighbors Initiate Two— ..The .Royal Neighbors held lodge last Thursday night, and Valeria Pickett. and Adris Anderson were Initiated. This was .followed by a short program, after which a millinery sale was held. Each member had taken an old hat,- wrapped, which was sold for l'5c. The Mayme Betts division served ^refreshments after the entertainment. There were 110 present, Including 13 Royal Neighbors from'Brltt, 16 from West Bearer* Wll Meet— The Presbyterian Light Bearers will meet at the church Saturday at 2 p. m. Devotlonals will be led by Irene Halnes, and a chapter in the study book on "Indian Playmates In Navajo Land" will be reviewed by Imogene Hill. Entertainment will be in charge of Elsie Braun. Roll call responses will be items of In- erest from the September "Missionary Mail." Persons attending are to ake plate, spoon, and glass. Host- jsses will be Louise ' Smith and Marie Pommerenlng. Surprise for Mrs. K. 1). James- Mrs. K. D. James was taken by surprise Saturday night, when eight vomen dropped In for a housewarm- ng. Mr. and Mrs. James recently moved Into the new tenant house m south Thorington built by H. W. ?ost. Dinner was served at seven, after which bridge was played. Mrs. A. .L. Peterson won first; Mrs. L. G. Baker, second; Mrs. H. E. RIst, the consolation. Others in the group were Mesdames G. W. .Paine, J. O. Paxson, E. C. Dickinson, and M. P. Haggard. Last Evening "c. C. Party— The last of the Country club clubhouse parties was held Tuesday night. The committee in charge follows: Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bonar, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaas Mr and Mre. W. G. McCullough, and Dr and Mrs. W. T. Peters, Burt. A two-course dinner was served at 7, after which bridge was played. The high scores were won by Mrs. F. E. Kent and R. O. BJustrom, and Mr. and Mrs. R, W. Horlgan won a family prize. There were 50 guests. D. A. B. Gives Benefit Party— The D. A. R. entertained at a ben- •s Week-End Tall, ,3 cans •p & G Soap, 10 bars _„— Soups, per can -^^H. .Peaches, No. 10 'Apricots, No, 10 „ '_. Cherries, No. JO .„ 14c 25c iSc 39c 39c 39c 47c 28c 15c 19c 17c 10c ettt bridge party laat week Wednesday at the Gilbert farni, northeast of town,, Bridge wan played at nihe' tattles, vHth Mrs. S. A. Wonster Winning the high prize, Mr«. ft Jt.- Smith, low. After bridge refreshments 'were served. Hosteesea were Mesdames Lou lee Hyde, Clair Anderson, D. D. Paxson, H. X,. Qll* more, D. p. smith, and M. J. Kene- flck. . /• Methodist Aid Opens Year— • The Methodist Aid will open the year with a covered-dlah luncheon at the church next week Thursday at 1:16 p. m. Members are to take covered dishes. Coffee and rolls will be served. New people In the corrii-' munlty are especlaly invited. A' business meeting and program will' follow lunch, after which a social and get-acquainted 'hour will ,take place. '•• " •• : _ • • KI i Eastern Stars Plan Benefit— 7 '','/,' .The Eastern Stars will havfe -a', benefit bridge and dancing party -af tne Masonic temple tomorrow night Cards will be played from 8 (sharp), till 10, after which there will be dancing and refreshments. This will be the first Star benefit this fall. Shower Honors Stella Simons— Mrs. Floyd Bitoborough, Verna Beck, and -Louise .Frltzemeier entertained at a miscellaneous shower in honor of Stella Simons at the Bilsborough home Friday evening. MISS Simons was married Tuesday to Nick Arndorfer, St. Benedict. St. Cecelia Bazaar Planned— St. Cecelia's parish will hold a bazaar at the academy October 1011, and dinner will be served by the women both nights. There iwill be the usual entertainment on the second floor, and good music will be at hand for the second night's entertainment. Dinner at the Country Club Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stillman and Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Andrews enter talned 32 friends at dinner and bridge at the Country club clubhouse last Thursday night. The high scores were won by Mrs. W. W. Sul '.-tf' r '.-*/».*.. •>. ,. - ( 1^. . _. , .. V V; ~ llvah and Eugene Murtagh. Other Society. The (ft^byterian freeing Hand •ociety will meet next week Thursday afternoon with Sire. C. F. Specht;' assisting hostesses, Mes- danies G. A. Conklln, Glen Shore, and G. B. Van Dorston. ,a*rs. M. H, Falkenhalner entertained her bridge club Monday af- :erhoon. Contract bridge waa played at three tables; Mrs. F. B. Kent winning high ecore. After bridge refreshment* were served, Mrs. W. D. Andrews was a guest of the lub, and Mrs. Kent is a new mem- £t. ; J. Keneflck entertained d Alpha Delphlane at lunch yes- :erday noon, and after lunch Mrs. JJt.!Ji-..Strelt reviewed "More Merry- ,,,The Baptlet Aid will meet next weeKftThUrSday. '• with : Mrs. Clinton S,ams6n : ( desisting ' hostesses, Mrs. C,ortt"BdWmah,l a* Mrs. -Pickard, and a. .Mrs: Williams. : The Loyal : Temp«fahce Legion will meat- with :Mre. Ellis McWhorter: .tomorrow at 4:16. In aid of families Uftabl* to i medical and ddtital «ervtt«. Aha mm* piles. i • =• "•» v The /slogan fdr thte mr to, "MM More Seals tor * Greater K«ed." PUMPKIN, SPUDS, AND COM? COHTEST AT STEELElSTORt The Wm. c. Steele clothln* «tor* Ie offering prizes, to connection ifitU a "disposal" sale. Twelve ears oi corn are on display In a window la competition for a $10 first prize cdft- sisting of a pair of Florsheim shook. George B. Studer has entered « large pumpkin In, competition for «l second prize of a $5 Stetson hat, and Ramus Bros, have on display ml bushel basket of extra large potatoes as their claim to a third prize of a $2;BO Manhattan shirt. Th« contest will end Saturday afternoon at 3.o'clock, when the corn will be judged and the potatoes and pumpkins measured. TO PUN CAMPAIGN TO SELL CHRISTMAS SEALS Mrs. J. W. Bloom. Christmas seal chairman for Kossuth, has called a county meeting here today. With luncheon to be served at 1 o'clock by the women of the First Lutheran church at Luther hall. 'Following lunch, T. J. Edmonds and Mre. B. C. Barnes, of the Iowa T. B. association, will discuss Christmas seal sale methods. After Mrs. Barnes' talk (supplies will be handed out to town and township chairmen. The principal Items of business will be a review of the work of the •last year and the adoption of tentative plans for spending funds to be derived from the coming sale. The money raised will be used for dental Inspection, school nursing, a t. b. and heart clinic, diphtheria Immunization, school health supplies, such as first-aid 'kits, thermometer! screens, arid measuring charts, an FOOTBALL Algona Academy vs. St. Mary's Emmetsburg SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 2:80 P.M. ATHLETIC PARK Admission, 15 and 30c. iiiouoQ n n.n n n n u n Democrat or Republican Here's Zender & Caldwell's PLATFORM No "baloney" about this speech! We want your clothing "vote and were put to get it by giving you more clothing value for your dollar than ever •'before. . £' -.'• - - "- •. • ."•' ' • ... . . • , Republican or Democrat, Wet or Dry, Conservative or Liberal Sure, we realize that men's tastes difer—and we've provided clothes to meet every whim at prices that are easy on the budget! Come in and try us. We'll make good on our platform promises—with a bonus of extra value. On Suits anct Overcoats New Patterns — New Models 12.50 16.50 18.50 22.50 24.50 NEW HATS FOR WINTER WEAR 1.50 1.'95 2.50 3!50 ' 4.00 and 5,00 NEW CAPS .,.' FOR.WINTER 50c 75c 1.00 1.25 1.50 '1.95 Work Shirts — Work Shirts — Work Shirts _* -39c -50c Work Pants Work Pants Work Pants Cord, Pants Cord. Pants Cord. Pants -1.00 -1,35 .1.50 -1.95 .1,50 ,2,45 Boy's Sheep Lined OVERSHOES for every man in Kossuth Co. Our platform, good overshoes at a low price. Come and see~ them: Work Shoes _: ; 1.48 Work Shoes l 65 .Work Shoes ., __,.,_,~5_I:2;46 , Work Shoes ; : 2.65 Work Shoes _„_• 3,35 Com Pickers Mitts a,nd gloves at money-saving prices. See them. v Boy's Dupont [Coats One price, 2.75 Lined Jackets AND BOYS' , 1.15 * 1.25 1.95 FOR SCHOOL WE3AB One price .,2.95 Ma4e by . SWEATERS Boy's Corduro FOR COI45 DAYS Wool „—,—,_,,—, w i. Wpol wool Wooj wool One price, 3,95 Boy's All Wool Blazers ------------------ , --------- 2.50 Blazers --------------------------- „ 3.25 CALDWELL Clothing and Shoes

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