Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 19, 1881 · Page 4
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, May 19, 1881
Page 4
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THE DAILY T05T: lTlT8BUr.GK; THURSDAY. ilAY W, 1SS1. Mital tol m Thirl Pap.. REPUBLIC Pc LI TICS. Arrangements for Satordaj's Primaries and Tuesday' Conventions. Men Irk nf the Csnaly niiiml 1 Am Oatti Ttary onldn' The Republican County Execntive Com-aiUtee mt t the Court House yetrd!j afternoon to make arranfrementa for Sat-a'day' primrii and Tuesday's convention. Some of the members showed indecent at by crowding into Judge .ing' Conrt room before Court had adjournal. Tbt-ir impodence spurred His Honor nn somewhat, and the business of the Court was hastened through with. Chairman J. K. Moorhead presided, and Jitn M?Ewen was present to officiate as Secretary. THE COMING CONVENTIONS. Chairman Moorhead annoanced the appointments of gentlemen to call the sererai conventions to order, and Judge Fetter-man, from a aub-commitfee, read a report showinar where the conventions will he held. The names of the conventions, the p!aw f meeting and the names of persons who will call them to order are as follows : sheriff's Contention, Library Hall, C. S. Feuerman. Treasurer's, Iafajott Hall, Maj. E. A. Mon-tootb. Clerk of Courts, Criminal Court Room, Ma). A. M. Brown NeiriAtsr'. CnmnOB Pleas No. 2, Room No. 2, Vnl.l I). Killott. I'onmiwionsr's, I.Tceom. H 1. Houriejr. Cootrolter's. Common Plea No. 1, Kooin No. 2. E J Alln. Recorder's. Common Council Cbamber. Aile-sli.nr. .las. A. Melau(fhlin. Jadire of Orphan.' :oart, 1'fimBjnn Pleas No. 2, B.ora No. 1. Msi. Jaeob F. Slait:e. Aslrtant IHstrlct Attorney. Common Pleas No. t, Koom No. 1, lerire T. Oliver. AS TO KEE3 AND I'LIDOIS. Mr. John K. McCune said be had been told that but few ot the candidates had paid into the committee the r quired f50 for preliminary expenses, and that but still fewer bad sent in written pledges to abide by the decision of the nominating conventions. The speaker thought these rule were inadvertently overlooked by some of thft roost prominent candidates, and be moved therefore that the rales be suspended. He did this in order that be couid subsequently move that the time for making payments and writing pledges be extend d to Friday, May 20th. Chairman Moorhead read the following list of candidates who hd pledged themselves to abide by the decision of the conventions: Sheriff, Jos. A. Gray, Thomas W. Lindsay, John Noble, Wm. MuCailin and Isaac Mills; Treasurer, Wm. Hill, Samuel F. Kilgore, Wm. Witherow, Jas. Getty and Ir. iE-Kiulapius; Clerk of Court, A. H. Kowand, Augustus Beckert; Register, Phiiip Hoerr; Commissioner, Henry Warner, Robert E. Mercer: Controller, Joah Speer of Klizabeth; Jude ot Orphans' Court, J. H. Baldwin, Samuel C. Schoyer, and W. B. Negley. David Over had not sent in any letter. There was no statement as to what candidates bail paid the f 50 tees. The two motions of Mr. McCtine were merged into one and adopted without ob-jtrtioo. - Then Judge Fettennan off rd a resolution mrdifying the rules so that all young men who will be of age at the November elections shall be allowed to vot. at the primary elections on Saturday next. The Judge said that in some of the districts such persons were allowed to vote, while Sn other distiicts they were prohibited. John McDonald That's too thin. Chairman Moorhead That would be permitting the ripht of suffrage before the voter is of age. The primary elections are sometimes of more importance than the regular election. The resolution was now pat, and was defeau d by a large majority. The Chair That decides the question No person under age shall te allowed to Tote at the primark j. TOO MUCH OF A S OATH. The genial M. F. Malone offered a form of OJth a regular iron-clad for the government of elf ction officers at the primaries. The form was very complete, and was as well calculated to prevent fraud as anything that could be well devised. It was far too tough for the average manipulator of Republican primary politics, for there are sump who respect an oath. There was a lively kick from different quarters and fiually the resolution was referred ti a sur-couimittee, which action of course squelch- d the rt solution so far as Saturday's primari- s are concerned. A motion wan put to a ljourn, and while the Chairman wes deelai in1? the meeriug adjourntd John McDonald, one of the well known Allegheny kickers, offeied a resolution that noje but tut. who had vo; :d for C iii'e'd last November should be permit d to votj at- Saturday's pii-mftries. "Ir-at was a leal test Of Kepublicarism" Mr. McDonald said. Some of the fellows didn't like the rf dilution any b?ttjr than the source from which it emanated, and left the room. The committee therefore adjourned with-DUt action upon the reeolution. THE BILL. It V Ief-iI-BlonIer In Jf ana ni e u f . Now that the Fiicu bill is dead beyond resurrection the liqvor dealers are bgin-nii-g to realize the blunders in their efforts, or ratter in ;hefTo?;s of their friends to secure tbe p .-?su&e of the bill. The dealers have just learn; d that Bill 84 contained provisions which they did not desire and some which they particularly objected to. Bill 84 is not the oiiginal Flinn bill. When the latter was submitted to the House Mr. Miles raised the objection that it repealed the local option laws in all counties and in ail townships and Allegheny county liquor -flraiers did not actually aim to do mis. That array 1 many couuiry temperance oeople agair&t the bill. To gain the sun-! purt of tuece p.ople the original Flina bill ; was withdrawn and bill ?.4 was prepared I in a night and sabmitbtd 1 its place. But it was even woise than the original. It was full of inconsistencies and unconstitutionalities. The first Sfction repealed the locul option laws of 172. The second section provide i that licenses should be granted by the Courri auer the manner which now obtains in country counties. This feature wat veiy objectionable to oar local saloon keepers, but t hey did not know that the bill contained such a feature. taction 8 prohibit d traveling salesmen from other States selling liquor in this Commonwealth, which it is claimed is contrary to the laws oc the United States. The section does not provide any tax or fees for foreign sale imn, but jtoMtively and strictly prohibit tnem from doing business in Pennsylvania. Section 11 declared that none of the provisions of the act shail rejeal tbe act of IS!?. which the tirst section did repeal. Then followed section 13 which peciticaJI v says "that all acts or parts of acts of l7i in'Hmsistent or conthcticg with this act be and the same are herebv ien-altii. " TbeHc are the mont frlarinsr defects of Bill 4. but there are others. But tew pf our Imuor dealers really understood what the bin actualK was and now many of them profefea to easily andersiiuid why the Lull was aeleateo. War Affatast laudldate. There was another meeting ot the liquor dealers yesterday morning at the Globe Hotel. The seasion was secret, but it was learned from President James Horner that a resolotion waa adopted declaring tbe liquor deaiers shall :ss their money and ititiurace to defeat C"l. Joseph H. Gray, Henry Warner and W. H. Graham. Re publican candidates for 8 hen 2 Commis sioner and Recorder re!jecti veiyt A f atal Fall. T bom as McCarthy lound lying on Water street, in front of Frank Weigand's a loon last night, shortly Ijeiore 12 o'clotk, in an Insensible condition. It was ascertained tr.at he fell out of the third story window of the building, fracturing hi' akulL He was taken to tbe Central H tat ion, whwo the police surge id examined the wound, and iuund he could not re corer. 0riinc the altove was written Mr. Mo Cartbjdie!, while being removed from the fttatiou house to the Weet Penn Hospital. Hew Pent V. A. K. JaMt nibt the bert G. Bbaw Pout, 'o. 'i'&t A. K., wm mustered iu at the tutrumr of Pride street and Fifth avenue. The iiMsn-bexH are all negroes. Utticers were cbutttn follows; Commander, P. MorT'rti; hr. V. tuu., A. J. Cooper; Jr. V. C. IV'Wtt Jap; Clipiin, J. Murri; Otii-f -f at the Ouard, Ciiaru iiaii; Adjitant, W- Lite txvA wiil Wue jour whole system. BAILROtl) EXPENSES EABSISM Operations of the P., w " c- H' K. tor us s-aat wear. i Tlie At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chisago Railroad jesterday in this city, the eighteenth annual report of the Board of Directors was submitted by Mr. L. H. Myers, President pro tern., tor the year endine December 31, 180. It made the following financial exhibit : OPSKATIMO KXPESSKS. CrirnloMlne transportation...- . 1.77i,?s 18 Motive oower 59 Matnteuarce ot way... l,l')5.rfo 31 iatotnan ot cars 717.69 30 General eXDen?es '83.flil S7 Total.. Freight Feriif erf Kxprfi 1 nmsportation of iii&il...... Katlw-ijr rental Minceilit&euus 141 418 '8 Total Lesa exienea a.:il8,&S 2k Net eaminirs Aid ntt wain in ojjemiinkt Cast e h. Beaver K ilroawl.., Do. Lawrence iiailruaj.... .. 4,778.200 74 71.2-26 6 9 4.wC,;w-6 r3 From wh4h deduct amount paM Cieve.and fit I'lttsburah Kailroad OomfaDy (di vision oi earnings.. S 45.8.19 ?o 4.C-1U.M9 55 The foregoing statement hows : (rw? eaniOK3 from 180 lh.0e 99 1 AK&Bt same, 8.4d2.aM2 Inrae lor loover 1&7 txpeu-ei? of 'frtinK anil Uiait tainmif in IS-so - do. Ju. do. 1S79. $ 1,644,437 try ! .$ 5.18.56! 25 ! . 4 otu,128 Sm Increase lor 18S0 over 1h7 H 7,4;i0 46 SUMMARY OF" FINANCIAL HKSl'LT. (Irofs earntDK! lo.096.,9 90 L.eratinic ana maintalninic 6 :l,biy Ub J5et earuir.ics-........ Ajeaiun tame tu .873 4.778 -H) 74 3,v&1.2 Increase OTerlVT'j 8-z7,uo6 ft4 MrsrH. L H. Meyer of New York, OuarlnH E. bpwrof Pittsburgh, and Jss-e U Williams ot Ft. Wayrns were re eiecwa Directors. The vote polled represented o.siti'.t.aoo. THE orLTFRSVILLE 4lf II.DKKM. Slore About toe Hopeoieut of Two f'unrleeuetfi, George Rose and FannieShaner, the two fourteen year old children who elopd from Coultersville on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, are still at liberty. The young groom is a son of Mr. Thomas Rose and the bride a daughter of Mr. JSeal Shaner. Both gentlemen are engagf.1 in mercantile business, and both families are highly ro-pected. The families have laen vhtv intimate for years. The inti-macv of Geora and Faunie begat wheu they were very tender, and erew as they grew oldnr. On Monday Fan me left home for school While on her way she stopped iu a mil-liuarv store and purchased a bat aud a number of litti thingf suitable tor ducfc- inti out a child bride. Tnese artiele1 slit had charged to her mamma. Instead of aoirg to school she went to Alpsville and boarded the nine o'clock traio. George was on the 8ame train, buthegot aboard a Ooultersvuie. w mie on tue tr.im they neither occupied the same seat or rectgni zed eaoti orunr. ibis much is Known, ibey (aid tbir fare and went on to Pittt- bueb. Fannie had ?S5, which she ab strutted from her mother's pocketbook. tlpr lather tuiuKs she nad more money, which -ha got out of the store. George was bankrupt, so far as money went, but his assets in love were simply enoi-mous, and no doubt Fannie waa willing to discount bis paper as long as her pile tasted. The parents ar in a state bordering on distraction. Fully a dozen ama teur detectives are on the trail, and a re ward of (50 has been offered as an ducement to greater exertion. KIItiUBOKHOOD IktWS. A t'OLLKfiE student at Washington, Pa.t was fined f oO by the Burgeas for whistling on the public streets last Sunday evening, wmlst hiscjmpamons kept step. A FREItiHT wreck occurred at West Newton on the Baltimore & Ohio Rail- roatl at 3: '0 A. M. yesterday. Ten iron hopper cars were smashed up, but no one was hurt. Wm. Frederick, who was charged with being accessory t j the murder of Eigan at Butler, Pa., was yesterday dis charged by Judge Ii Jiij, owing to a lack ot evidence against him. Frederick Biekkr, the brakeman on th Penubvivania R .llroad, who waa killed at Peon station day before yesterday, was the son of John Burer, fc-q , a well known politician and ex journalist. It is rumorti that the Standard Oil Company has clc i la brgaiu with tbe Atlas Rfiuiiug Company whereby it ob tains control of the iator's wotks bcth P.ufl.ilo and Titusville, Pa., aud the Buf falo pipejline, the consideration being 350,- 000. FOLIC E SEWS. ARREST OF A tYBOKE MAX. Eugene Banks, a freight brdkemea on tlie Pencivlvania Kailroad was arrested yesterday uiornimf at his boarding house on Penu avenue by Uetectivea Hsrri?on SDd Geary nion the re quest ot B. F. Craiuer, Cbief-of-Folice oi Ty rone. Lat evening Chief-ot-Poilce John H. We3tbrtK)kof Huntindnn,who works with Chief (?r)itier. arrived in the citv to take Binks back toCetural Penn-y Ivauia. It appears tht Batiks while dniiKing was at Mpruce t-,reeK4 nuntmic don eowuty. S'rne days airo, while tht-rr he erawied thronah a window into the bar-rot. m of Col. K. K. Haziettand tide white theCoionel Wtt at ?upier. He was seen cotnim? out ot the itar r'iii. Hewastraced to lypne. thence Aitoona, from which place he ?tar;ed on lits reg ular run a? a bnnieinitn on a rennyivauia n road heiKht train to PJUshurifh, anivinx here e-anv vesterdav morninic. iJanK; rosjties at 1 v roue where he has a family, lie will be taken hark this morning to Huntiudun for trial Court. ARREST OF AN ALTOONA THIFF. James Wick Una, who came to PittsburKh about two months ajco. wu yesterday ai rested by Detectives Snyder and Moesner on a bench warrant ict-ued by the Blair county Judge, fur larceny. lrn.'ine 18 accusea 01 navintc stolen monev trrm iHta's confectionery store in AI na timeer Alien, wnn naa seni mo warrant Pittsburgh, came here and yesterday took Wickline ba!kto Blair county. ALLEGED IN DEC EST ASSAULT. Patrick McQuilfcan.tf "Old Abe,' a puddler formerly employed at Byers t Co.'g mill, was prosecuted yesterday be to re Deputy mayuj: Ftoch of the South hide, by Patrick McCue. ai.otlier puddler. who tooubt that McMuilkan committed an inde-ent iaault upon htsfvc-vne little daughter, aged five year.". The ficn4 is attcKea to have been committed on Monday, and a woman Lvinjt in BrWDttowQ is ntfiad to have discovered "Old Abe ' in the act. The accused has lin am eted. W. I. Vam-eof w est Elizabeth came to town veitenlay and allcueU that Jack Vw bite. 'tranter irooi v-oioriiuo, ioi in cnu, 10 silver watches and a suit ot cloibes troui his Van -e.S boue. Sarah Ieunison aluts JLixzie Marshall. pent t tl)uin'il.jvili Pa . yesterday, ehe hnvins contested to riavtnie stolen t'JZ trm (, it. Han nan ol that piac;. e;rt trday Aitred avtrt ot Allegheny, identmra aran a me airi woo nan (olen two rlDgs rom hi little tlautfiter fouie weeks ait;o. Attout tne same time several otner little inns were st pd on 1 lie street by s larxe uiri who took unit? or bracelet from thea, aud it t now gutmoel by tha uetectives tliat the thief was tl.is ietuale No additional charges Have ieen maae axamsi ner, nowever. Tbe blloft'9 IXreettons. BUhop Tutgg announces tht the first Conference of the Catholic clergy for 1&81 will take place on Tuesday, June 7th, at 2 P. II.. at 8t. Paul's Cathedral, and on Thursday. Jane9ch, at the Pa-toral Kwi- dence, St. John's, 4-ltaph- Tne Bishop directa that all priests under m.4 jurisdic tion, whether secular or regular, shail attend the Conferences. The Bishop also winhes pat tors to forward to hiin-sif pertionally sometime during J uuh the amount contributed by their respective coriereuationd for the support ot tbe bim- narians, and ether ptocesian exiensta. Br.i-BuG3, roaches, raw, catf, nitte, ants. &c cleared outby "Hough on Hats. 1 5c boxes atdruggista. Agency 84 Market street. Catakkh ortBEBuiii2S. Stinging, smarTDsa, irritation of the urinary pas sages, di,fdischargeH, cured ty tmenu- paiba. $1, at jruggista. 84 marfcot street. -t.oldt-u Weddluv 4lroJar.' A v-rv beautiful circular ha been re ceivwl trom the well known house of Mil ler, Forse & Co., wlioltale dealers in Old Munongahela Kye Whiskies atd Importers of Fine W iue, riranui-s. Ale?, Cigarc, etc. This house was esfablabhtmed l IH;1 by Wm. Miller, and through tbe long period of fifty years of active businwsit. has maintained a front rank in the euter-TiMim business houses of Pittsburgh. The iiuuors sold by Miller. Forse Ac Co. for medicinal and cooking purpotes cannot be -n.Mir-d in the United tita.es. Their Caj-ii.et, GiDson aud Acme brands of whisky have heen pronounced by the public gn- erally Ut he the finest and best for private and general use tbat tbe market, Kastor West can afford, ie beautiful "toidn Weiiding Circular" of tho lirui modticly announce ail these facts. reneh I'attera Buuet t mneii Friday and Saturday, and all the noveiUea in oillliuery tnarariaif. Ja ryjf BjtuTBitKlS &. CO. FIONfctRS OF PULSBYT1RIAMSH- FIrtt Preachers iu W esti-m Peunsjivaola. Flrat Froteilant Seroion rrewnea West of the Alleghenlen. The Ceotennial of tbe Kedetone Preuby- tery ia to he celebrated in a few days. Ia refericg to this tvent tbe Banner of thin week ffives an interesting sketch of the early pioneers of PrertbyteriauUm in Western Pennsylvania. The first Presbyterian, and for that matter the first Protestant sermon known to have been preached wst of the Alleghenies, was delivered November 25th or 2rch, 1758, by Kev. Charles Beatty. after General Forbes and bis army had occupied Fort Duquesne. This waa a thanksgiving sermon. Mr, Beatty was chaplain to Col. Chapman's regiment of Pennsylvania troops and grandfather of Rev. C. C. Beatty, D. D of Stenbenville, Ohio. From that time onward Presbyterian ministers had their attention turned in this direction. The Svnod of New York and Philadelphia, in 17n0. ordered Kev. Mt-ssra. Melowel and Aliison to accompany the Punrylvama forces. In I76ti the Synod sent ont Khv, Messrs. Charles Beattyand George Duthe to explore the ironiier settlements ana learn the condition of the Indians. An in 1763 the Presbytery ot Donegal was ordered by the Synod to supply the weste n frontier for ten weeks. Thus tor twenty years did tbe Synod do what it could to supply this frontier with the means ot grace. Tho fint pioneer minister who cam hither with a view to remain was Rev, .lames Finlev, a native of UU'er, IrUnd educated at Fagg's Manor ami ordained by th PreHbvtHrv of New Castle in 1752. He came out in 1771 to explore tbe countr; and make arranetments for permanen Hettlement. but he returned to the Eatt and owing to various rauses did not move thither until two years aiter the organization of the Presbytery. Of the three eiders at tne nrst meeting o the Presbytery of Redstone, nothing is left nn Kecoru, so mr as we kuow. i7eina Lindley was probably frittn Ten Mile, Patrick Scott from Cbartierg or Pigeon Creek, and John Neil from Sewickley or Mount Pleasant. 1 he history of the tour ministers who composed tae original Presbytery of Redstone is pretty well knowa. Rev. James Power, JJ. I , was horn m Chester county, P , in 171b graduated at fiuceton in I.Hik was licnstd by th Presbytery ot New Castle in 1772, and ordained as an Evaugeliot in lob, since "he was about to remove to the Western parts of this province." His first visit to the scenes of his future labors was in 1774 John McMillan. D 1 , was born at Fagg's Manor, Pa., in 1752, graduaU 1 at Princeton, was licensed iu It i4. and made his tarst visit to the est iu 1775, and came back the following year, but owing to the prevalence of Indian hostilities he did not. bring mit his family until 17H. Rev. 1 baddeus Ixl was torn near Newark, N. J , March 7'h 1740, graduated at. Princeton in 177:1. wa.1 licensed in li to, ana came to tne v est in 1777. Rev. Joseph Smith was born at Nottingham, Md., in J73o graduated at Princeton in 17tH, was licensed Augusta, 1767, and came to the West in 1779. The "Olivette" Company is having crowded houses, and is making a big hit. On Friday Manager Fall woe df the popu lar and capable manager of Library Hall, rill have a benefit. Capt. Fullwoci has mauaged the hall so succe'Siully this season, that it has cleared more money than it has since is opening. Tbe benefit per formance promises to be a very interesting The Odd Fellows. The fifty-eighth annual session of the Grand Ledge of Pennsylvania, I. O O. F. commenced on Tuesday iu Harrisburg', with the Grand Master, Alfred B. Potter, presiding- Tbe annual reports were pre sented and refer. ed. The Committee on Election Returns reported the following elected for the ensuing year: Grand Master. Robert E. Wright, Jr., of Allen town; Deputy Grand Master, Francis M, Rea, of Philadelphia; Grand Warden Charles N. Hickok, of Bedford; Grand Secretary, James B. Nicholson, of Phila delphia; Grand Treasurer, M. Richard Mu kle, of Philadelphia; Grand Repr sentative t the Sovereign Grand LuJge, Isaac A. Sheppaid, of Philadelphia. Tbe MStrion, which is held in the Opera House, is wfrH attiid a. iestsrday morning th cfiicers elecU i were installtd, aiter whicl the consideration of the nuance business wxtk place, including tbe appropriations for the coming year. 1 he mem birshi numbers at present 76,478 persons. Th' total amount of relief paid was 3!3,2:6 ti8 The numter or surordmate ledges healthv worki g condition is reported ta 898. Thenumberof members initiated during the year was 0,014, aud the order i reported to be in a healthy and prosperous condition. At the u-raun tocampuien session on Monday John . Stokes Philadelphia, wa elected brand iligh Pnes to fill a vacancy. Tbe Boy Who Was Reamed ly yiouu. An interesting siory was told in these columns tlie other day of the rescue of an abducted boy by Brother Lawrence of the Monastery at Lorelto, from two tramps. The lad's name waa Eernaid Donnell. H was the son of a butter manufacturer of Newark, K.J. On Saturday last young Ber nard's father arriv 1 at Loretto and too the child home with him. The publication of tbe abduction and rescue brought to light one or two other abductions. Jam- s MtCullough of Brook lyn, thought the, reM-u-J b.y might have been his joung brother who was enticfd into the. parks at Brooklyn on Wtdnesday inst, anti bUJten tneuce ny two men. Air. McCullough wrote to Brother Lawrence of Loretto, but the toe; 1 Monk could eive no information concerning the lost child. home time ago a small boy named Green was aV.dficttd from Johnstown. Uutil quite recently his parents lived in the vicinity, and it was thought h too might bo the lad captured by Brother haw- Mure Arret it Probable. The cases of the Goverumeut against a number of jtersons charged with cotupJic ity in the Missouri land swindle cams are not languishing. It was stated some time aao that the cases wonld be prosecuttd in the State courts, the charge b ,ing forgery. One person who was want d hi been found. This is a man who was formerly a notary in this city hut who movt-d out WMt t-onieunie ao, lie is charged with having furnish' d the conspiraturs with blank forms, stamped with his ii. It, m not known whether he will be arredtd or not. The officers ot the Government and the county are at work on the c-.se and it is probable that bet ore long some arrests will pa made here which will cauoe more or leas ot a senaatjop. An Immense ftaw Mill. A party of capitalists from Erie, Penn ( who compose the Pennsylvania Coal & Lumber Company, have purchased 2,4:.W acres of land at Altoona, where they in tend to do a t&r3 cgal and lumber business. Their saw-mill machinery wili i.e shipped all the way from Krie, by tbe PeitUHjlvatna, Scioto V aey and Chai- taroi roatis. This company expects to cut Ht the,r mjU feet of lumber pvr iay. The first through train on ihe Scioto Valley Kailroad to Ashland, its Southern terminus, will arrive at that place on the 22a. 1 ue transfer-boat, cable?. &.c . will leave Pittsburgh for Aahland on Saturday. Home for Colored Orpheus. Vhe ryt anniversary of the Home for Colored orphans vas .;elej;rated yesterday afternoon at the institution, corner of fe.au-duskay and Fountain streets, Allegheny. I There was singing by the orphans, and i ddpfews were delivered by three colored preachers, tt?vs. 4-sbnry, rJOiliday and Wilson, and by three wni.e iinistflrs, Ir. Holland and Swift aijd tev. Mri Woodburn. Tbe annual reports of the Secretary and Treasurer were read which showed the Home to be iu a flourishing cemditjou. P-AXV from indigestion, dyupepia, and too hearty eating is relieved at once by taking one of Carter s L.ittie laver Piuh immediately after dinner. Iou't forget this. Fob a complete outfit in thma ware Tauubr's t'hirna House is the place, HO wood street. ixiu. French Pattern Hoimctft OfnM Friday and ' -y, and all the uoveUies in tniilin V Exam inf &GO. China H1 street. ''niy the (e-i ot a lemon. t'Uiler The xir blu: .kv. On y the ibin of a iui-in, Soaieoce drtfpped In parsing ly. Onlv a hauteoua mat'len, Hniwn eyet. and mieflt and aweet; Only a rlchlv-r-jt'ed maiden With tiny, i-iender leet. t 'nly a timorous premjre ( )n the pott lemon peel: Onlv a quiet. ba0hml pressure With a slcping, wee trench heel. Onlv a ratnhow hue'l vision )! strtpet? and thinns f hush! Only a Btrauwre. wild vistoD. C nlv one little word "Oo$h:" F.L-W. LOCAL BBICFK. Highest temperature yesterday 64 dereea lowest 4S decree?. The summer schedule on the Pan Handle rosd eoes into effect on Sunday nest. 1 here win ne tew chanifes. NiEiKK and Oatlsit her will run a toot ntre one han-Jred varda, in the Eat End on Saturday fur a purse of $6'. A valt a ble horse owned hy Jos. H, Gray tell and broke a leg: and to end its misery a po liceman shot the animal. M. M. Tiltos hafi broiiifht Jit in ejectment fttrainst Anna A. Haitlurd and twochildren lor come property in tfce Thirty-sixth ard. FEKSf?ss desiring to contribute flower? to Mc pherson Pot. (. A. R. tor Decoration Iay, can leave tbem with H. P. Krcbs, East End. A new encampment of the Uunrdian Knights was in.stitutod on the South Side last night by Supreme Commander V. S. McKellar. i9u eh Miihael IIrierton was jcterd. sum ended br tive davs by 1 "hiet Police Hei5el lor drunkenness and disobeying orders. Thk Welsh printers in the V H office struck yefterday. not lor higher wage, but on account 1 pome trouble about employing. oiiiitn com potior. William and I-aau Simcn, who were ent to jail on a writ ot a sa. at. the in.-taui.-e i Isaac Tavlor. were diseharited under the insolvent law yrsterday. An afternoon man paper thinks lie has diFcov ered a Nihllteiie a?! , elation Jtmonirthe Ibpior enltra. on the same blan as one which is .said to .ic-XL-a in lHjtron. A Socth iSii'Bt ran picker named Juseph Her ron was truk bv a train at Bessemer on Tu av and iniured ?o he died shortly aiterward at he U e.t Penn Hocniiai Tub rastern capitalists who have leased 6!.0o3 acrps ol land in Washington county for oil pur- ptsee have Punk two esperimentsl wells at co$l 01 tia.uwi, anu are rapia unuiug. Ukslimin Hap.ley. a coal miner, died at the mines ot tbe lNationai cjouipany tn t-outti ayette township, Tuesday niaht. Thet'oroner't ury rendered a vera lot 01 acjiueniai aeaiu. W, B. Korr says the haw and Older Associa tion will make no war on the flOo saloons seHinu I without a license until it is eceo whether or not the Mayors will enioree laws in that particular. Tbe steamer Arizona with a number ol Pitts- unehers on board, made the trip froiu New York n Oueens'uwn in Seven iJays. rive hours end : thirty-eight minutes, the ta.-test trip on record. Mes. K. ftP Ufrdav, an ased lady ol Mans- held, dropped dead on the street on 1 net-day n ik lit. tpnre iienn neid nn inquest aim me verdict ot the uif y was titatu lroin natural causes. Kra'K EgBEHAS.of No. ii Kilwards alley. Twenty-ninth ward, Kiehaid Charles, two year? old, ot Four-Mile run, and JWsry Addy. -I Four Mile run, I'wetity Msvond waid, are the Utfit ctims oi fiutill-pox. The March term ot Common Pleas '. 1 if ended. The case of James Bryer auainst (. M B'ckert is the last one ihat will le herd before a piry in thK- ( ourt until September. 1 lie aru nK-nt llbt will be up next week. Mr s. James McKibbkx of Huzelwiwd, while out dri in with her daughter yesterday after noon, was thrown out of a buiu:v on Second ave- nuf. near Morhead's mil', aud had one shoulder dislocated and ute eye injured. A rumor was circulated last night that five people had been killed by a railroad accident at Twentv-enahth street The rumor was talse. No accident hag happened nn the r. K. K. abutit Tweuty-eiKhih street for otue weeks. Mary Bvrokss has sued tleorge S. Lacy tor damages to the BurgeMS homestead property in the Fiirhtecnth ward, on Butler street. She claim he took toroltle injie(-pion ot it and dam aged it greatly and &he sues for o,GOo. Eai a lieutenant of the police force now drills the men under his charge daily. The night force is put through tt-e nianmil and march at oii'-lv morn in the different flutf p hfu.e. and the day force in the evt-uingjust before dUmis ai. Forn hundred immigrants arrived in the city yeterdav morning ou the seci-ad section of the 'Mnfinnatt einrtEs. Between ten anil twelv hundred more 1 a!ed timmiih thecity la.t even itiir Tne etuigntnt traflie ua the P. K. K. ia enormous. The K. 11 wood Manufacturing Company ol Chicago has brought suit against J. C. Bsdwell li-r the recoverv 01 500. the value ot a lot of iron and steel r.!?. bars and srap which tbe pi. ti!l- puv they lot iu Julv. i-so. and which tbe defendant lound and retained possession of. A FEMALfc dwarf paed along Fifth avenue and Grant street ves-tenlay aiternoon at the hour when school children were on their way home trora cenooi. One gllupe ot tne woman wasn't enouifh tor the children, an crowd that followed her kept iiicreamur tlil the police were comjieiled finally to d:ba children. Thekb is faid to be a scheme on loot, hacked by the Ec inumitea, to take up the old Chartiers 'a! Railroad enterprise, of which Thomag Mao F.lrath, the paitner of Horace (rreeiey, was President. 1 he roa i was built in isso trom ftlc- Kee'8 KifOks. at the mouth of ;haitier creek. tiit that tftrcitinto within a mile or two of Mans- he!d and then aoandonfd. Alter many wind ings the road can cros the MonoriKaheia. up Wyiie'a Knnintn the heart of the Coiiueiijvilie (Mke reai'tn. A furtner extension of thebcheme would be towards Lain be, and t,itardly to meet the Heading railway rysteui. John H. Carter, river editor of the St. Iouls Post-Dispatch, paid tblsotfue a visit yesterday. John W. Koher, tfi. of Kittanntrg, editor of the Kttannir: SfittneL, l& in the city as a juror in the U. S. Circuit 'ourt. JLIcut. Wm. M. Uiack. T. S. A. Knirineer t'orps, will discharge the duties ol tieut. Alahan at tbe ihivlF Inland &m until the latter olfccer In lully recovered. Mr. (ieorte Holmes, a well known law todent of YlarritburK. and ion ot Kev. Ir. V. A. Holme3, jiaitorol the Hutler-trcet M K rhurch. Fiitfbursh. is fpenuma the wn at lils tather'u re? denoe on e-jrty-iourtn ptrtet1 mwrencevnie. on ;itur.lay he w ll leave tnr tne nmuotat n.1, where he wul commence studying tor the mints- . Mr. Holmes wai in the oth'-e oi the rHtJs- tmrh Chrtticn Advocate ..ever.il years agy. A LLtOIl t.y V MH N. chit.t Wiv.lt Bit insane man .was sent thecity Home yesterday. Edward VVilliflms tell fft the Kxi-osttion fence ycaterday afternoon aod hroke his aim. -A h'tv named Johnston tell off a hay waaon on Uhio street yeieruay aim nruK m anu. Mrs Holme? wan ki kod by a horre on Tsy- lor avenue yesterday after noun and severely cut I n the head. A new ted ilae. welKtiintr twenty ton.-, tor the emrmpi at t tliver Bros, a I'niliip j uull is he mic placed in position. Shortly alter nine o'clock tat night a le naie hahv. about a ween old. wan found on the auorptiH) ol Mr. Kod.t IMcKntur.ti resilience. on we'ten avenue. Mie was laKeu io uie 31yor office nd will prohahiy be reiuovea to thu i.ity Home to-day. The t'ommittre on Wimien BuildfriKf1 nirt iH.-t nuht aiid order.d orioted the ordinary a(vlng privilege to Inat7. uttenwesler. A . Schmidt aod John Bothwell to ert t trauie struf't urt-s. The t'omtnittee on Pour Farm or deed printed the ordinance authorizing the J'-.jor BoaiJ io sell oertain loU ou the old poor A nre oriinatt d last evening atfl:t5unthe Tool oi a trsiite houe, eorn-r ot James and Ohio streets, fp'iii a iiettfUc fine. An alarm was sound, d from toi 46, but he fore tbe hremvn succeeded in uelchiG th-' hia.e a large ht- tionolthe root wtis burnt, invulnny; a to. ot f I0o. The house if occupied by three iamllits and owned by J. a. Barman, &r. NpurtlntC lntellttcence, The following Is the score by inning ol yesterday's League itames as received at H. U Piice.SL Uo.'s Pool Room, White Hom-e, i'iith aveaue . 1 3 0 0 6 6 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 16 0 0 0 y to Cleveland 0 u o.. l l... o i 0 , '.. .. 0 , (J Boston' fhicafio Worcester... Bufialo Providence., Detroit. Troy 0 6 0 1 0 u Buhalo otl Providence are the twoetubs that niav lo-dav. l ne i'tiila'llnnia rat,e- were uoi- pulled on" account ol r: In. Hie Providence ci i- Is the favorite in the poold lor to-diiy's game. JtiimuN Crowd. 'i esterita? was tne ftitenlna da;.' of con?oll- datti'i bankrupt stacks ot Lad res' unU (Jeni Uoous. Store waa crowded trom morning till niglit, and many people were unable U get waited on on account ot the unman, e crowd, at io. t rutn street. itKds going Ust. Ucly few i the great bargain can i'e mehtioned: Men's good 4-loth Pant ft Otf.guanituefd worth i HU or money returned: and over ;i OOO di'- lereot kinds oi I'ants, equally a cheap. Men's tatHonabie Hats HI cents, gua'anteod worth I no or money returned. MenSook 5 cent. worm Irt. I'nderwear, hue Sh rU and over 7. OttO difterent articles tor gent' ue. Ladies' eiegiint embrotdered -heinise. Skirts and ira' erp, 4Hc guaranteed worth I So each or in one returned Ladies SiocktngR 5 ceutf, worth 4tt cent!;. nanilKercInt.'s :j cents, w-.rth 40. Htb- huns It.'es. fce.. at No. io Mxthstrre', between n:!in avenue arm tlie DM life, iTtbuiiih. iii tueui'er t.i a rt uale will positively lant only live ua y s Partalau atouae m and round baut, opeut-d Friday aud Sat- uruay, otti ami zihi mar. Eaton's, 21 Fifth avenne. re r.m ana All ll.arlcn the aeaaou at flraifir's Isew York ng JBoooiB, So. H Suiitliiield Btreol, WILL TIILY VriX! ;4 4hi.siiz.iel frum First aase.) like his methods. Still there is much talk here abont some sort of a combination at Albany involving all the elements of opposition, and returning to the Senate Robertson and Fenton, or Robertson and some other anti-Conkling man. If this could be done, it would be a solemn sort of joke npon the two Senators. It is believed that Secretary Biame could see this without a pang of sorrow. But the Cabinet is somewhat divided on this question. "While Blaine would do all he could to continue the illustrious ex Senators in the shades of private life they seem to have voluntarily sought, James will do all he canto pet tbeni back. James is as zealous for Conk- ling and Piatt as Blaine is against them. It is believed that Piatt cares more about re-election than Conkling. The latter has been long iii harness, and save he bad just as soon go out a while as cot, which obwrvation, however, is taken with some grains of discount. But there is no mis taking the tact that Flatt will not rehab being cut oft at tlie very beginning of his term. He had just bought a $30,000 house here, and wns preparing to make it his home. On the other hand, Conkling has aorne property interests bore, which he is trying to sell. CON KLING'S MOOD SKKESE. Coukling is serene. He paused the day i his comfortable rooms on Fourteenth street, taking a constitutional morning and evening. He had many callers Senators, public men and personal friends iu private life. He was in glorious humor, and entertained them all right roja'ly with brilliant wit, sp irk ling anecdotes, and eh tiuence iu poetrv aud 11rf.se. 1 never saw hiiu iu better mitod." said an old friend. "He Tead all tbo iibwh papers whh'h reached him. and seamed equally unconcern' d with their praise or blame. He read both with nonchalant snttq froid. He. is in constant coiutnun tinn with his friends in Albany and .New- i York, aud he s .tns ti rg-ird with iudif- irai ee suggestions that he may tail of re election by the present legislature, owm to lis ad t'urnmeut fine rite twfore the d:i of election. He seems absolutely certain that the Republicans ef the State are in sympathy with him, and ihxt he would be re elected, if-fce faib d of election this year, by the legislature electtd next tall. THK KEYISLD lEVIASKM. Au Knglih Jtmrnafs Feview of Changes. the The Wir It 4'onftiAereil lor able aud a MiKKeatton that tbe KeiH4-rtt Wrk be New Voiu;, May 1. A dispatch from London ci ve the mam points of the standard's review of the revised New Tes tament. The writer of the article asserts that Whatever scholars may think of the laixrsj of the revisers, the ir presaion roinct-d upon the pnhlic mind is one of dipappoiutmMit and dissalisfactiou. It is deeply to be regrett i tbat the re visors, judging hy the work just published, have apparently forgotten tbe conditions undrr which the task was intrust 5 to them. It is obvious tht a gp'at many of the altera Hons adopted nave hewi appror l or rea sons of mere literary criticism, which makes us rather sceptical astotbeinfal lihility or evm good taf of the revisers. S here no material change in the sense ur sunstauce t the antbon.e! version has been shown to be required bv the revisers for the propor construction of the original, they Lave nevertheless thought themselves justirid iu mending the English and improving tbe grammar of the passages which have struck deep root in the hearis and memories of tbr Knglish people. One word has been sub stitute d tor another at the whim of the new Testament Com pan v. Mt ds and ten ses have been shifted about to satisfy some pe iantic scheme of syntactical symmetry. A sentence treasured upon thepopular mind and enrich, d beyond description bv pathetic associations of hundreds of years has been t rtnre l and crucind into pre cise grammatical accord with the latest retmemtntB ot critical latwr upon com pirison of early rbaunacript Uxt. and thus been robbed of ail its true value. The system upon which tbe revisers appear to have acted, in our juuemnnt, is al together erroneous and deplorable. Tne writer then points out the position held t)v scripture among the Log h speaking peoples. "Thev have been known by them, and loved by them for ceuturiep, ! he says, "and it is rash and reckie'a to ahake urn noble growth of centuries by attempting ri harmonize it wirh the correctness of t.eif opinionated scholartdiip to regulate, or bv a doubtful standard of taste accept d by a motley cntn lunation oi tneo'ngiana and protessors. Hven the Lrd a rrav'r, which everv Knglish speaking child learns 3 lisp at its mother's knee, has not b en spared. The revisers have handltd it as a Hold com mentar might have handled the notori ously corrupt chot us in tbe Eumenides or the V acchc. St. Paul s 1 raise of Chanty. uneoualed in its own kind ftr ringing and rhvthmical eloquence in tbe old version i mangled, and made irrecogmzhle by the senseless substitution ot the worn L'tve for '( harity." Tbe m aning is really ob scured rather than elucidated bv this change, while the musiu of the sentence is irretrievably lo.t. Alteratiousof tbe d'ction of the old ver sion, involving no gain in sense sca'cely a perceptible one, swarm in the rev is a tdition, aud in almost ever y insmee it is impossible not tr feel that the one nal translations, however iufetinr t thosa of the present revisers in precise and exhaustive scholarship, textual or general, were inrjnit'ily their sui eriors in the rare and precious art of writing musicu.1 and masculine EDgliwh prose. Had t hey purg d the sacr d t.-xt of errors which hri crept int i it ami where it was necef'.ry the varioium readings in tlie margin, they would have per form i unefui aud acrejable work. But the effort to a; t ?iu li y and merely me chanical accuracv of expression thy have so reistd the uobh st be k in tbe Knglish language as t) d-puve it of much of its beauty and they have dtroyed man? of its his ti leal assi ciatious. Iu cjnc!asiou the .fun.wrrf writer says : "It remains now for the revisers to re-revise the text they have pndueed. li this new version is ever to be generally used and to supercede the authorize! version, many of the alterations that have been made must be discarded." M'RINU am MnniK 1SSI. Ladleft' Wraps and hiiiln. We would call attention to tbe stock now open in the butt and Wrap Depart ment in our new rojm, 203 Peun avenue. Elegant Wraps and Manths in Blak S-itin lir. c-tle and Itiack SaLn Merceil- leux, i-ritntned iifi itch b ad prssemen- terie and real Spanish lac. Many of these garments are Wit ort d dirpct from Parisian makers M anti.f.s i Black Gkkna-dink, Bitoi :adki) and Velvet STKII'KO, trimmtd with re U Spanish lace. Ti.ee garments are elegant, tu shape, extremely gracjfui in tfi". :t, and on acoui;t of their light weight fepeciaily dtirablo for Bummer wer. 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Vlfkhurir Bur. y. yr: ther. clw,.r. Brownsvifte Bur vUk'Mtier t-'t; cloudy ."onctKi Bar. 2J:6: liter. V: ckMidy 1'einsi.n Bar yu ul; iber. 74: tltr--'itcniag. KaK.e Hai Bar. 'jy W: thtr 7i; clnudv. Fort St 11 Br. 2y 4: ther. t3J; lht rin. San An!or-iu B;ir. ir.'.'A-: ther T4. iiytu rain. Stwkum liar. :y.B4; titer. : ci'Uiiv. The KltcM. The Ptaae ol water in the river lat evenlnie was three leet Munorijfaheia fix Inches and siat'ona y. Busin(.sji active. The Kuima (Jrahain tort'inclnnati, and th V W. Batcheiur tor Wheelirj. arrived and dej.art ed rertcrday. The Sent fa arrived from Ciiicin-natt in the cVemim and leave? to -day. The S in Hi jwii if due with empties. 'Ht J. IV. andLTririlt witl t,ike charKe ot the Alice. I1tairtieft. Whbkliwo, May in hiver 6 tctt S liteher. and tailing. Oil i itv. May 16 Ktvcr 1 loot 8 inches and stationary, t'leudy. t ui. 1' a it k Kits Lannsh, Mv 1 Klver 3 leet 7 Inches and talllntf. -loudy and waitn, Kii K's hA!n.M). May 1 tv J tver : teet 4 liichpp and taiitng. t loudy. ritnnoijif.tcr 6 decreet;. Hi&iitc Ntnctti. Saw Fhahoiboo, Mity 1 Mpa : yiexioa n - Xlta ........ b'.idcnu -.'4 Bechtel ll-iv 'nonaT tfdicne: i;7H Northern Belt vi Begt. Belchor.. 11 -4 . - thii -4 Bodt J!-4 ra. iT Bullion.... 'a.7 -y.! tverman m, Bulwer a Potofl a tJaltlornla . I'-i Savage.. 4'j Obollar V:B Sierra Net A li... . l. Uon Vlrtrtnia.- silver Ilidk 21 drown Point ri'top A4 t'ureka Con . t niou Hon 12 tichener J3' Jfates.. t fold en Terra Yellow Jacket 4 rand Prlee Sr. Bulwer ;-lt ai & NnrroBa.. 4"-4 Nava'o.,,,, -.7- 2 Ma.!) ha tun ......... l(j!iri)u. 2 Martin White f. 4 s. B-lte i4 DREIfA Fine Stationery at 4 Iwn Honjf New and Artistic IesitinjJ in ILLUMINATED STATIONERY Oi Kx'juisite Kxeeution. AM DI .N.M K 4 A It IrS In exciue'ive styles. 1121 OH ESTN VT 1, PH1I.A, L. Mihm & Co., Manufacturers ol Strictly First Class CARRIAGES Ol every description. AIeo, dealers in HarnEss.LapCoYers.HorseBlantets 75, 77 & 79 Liberty Street. Kepository 2 PENN AVENUE, apom ad DR. (HIM l SCOTT'S DENTAL OFFICES, Have removed rrom 27 H Penn avenue to tne cotninodtuuti building next door. Xo. 276 Penn Avenue, Second door anove Ninth. SEW INVOICES, China Tea Sets BEAUTIfl'LLY 1IF.COKA.TED, 41 TIEO-S. FRENCH CHINA, $5 00. Other goods equally low, at C. B. ToddfcCo's No. 35 Sixth St., near Penn. mhM-eod-ly. WALL PAPER, New Sprma Srvie? now resdr. I-atest designs in all the leading niaaaiacturers i n tine and che-iptr grauea ul f'apers, liad-. Friezes. Ceiling Decorations, c. G. W. PUSEY & CO., )5 OHIO STREET, ALLEGHENY, Near the Market, and 20.' SMITH FIELD STKKET. UiiselFs Block, PITTTSRl'KGH. Eive lew Books for Fill! SALE AT J.R.WELDIN&CO.'S 99 IJr lOl WOOD STREET. i THE BAILIFF'S MAI I), JAPANKSE FANS. For Decorating. Bv K. Marlitt, a it.v Ki-kaskd Saint Ckbtaintt. Kv Uie author ot '-His Majesty .Mvself." tl so. JAPANFSE St'IU For Pec'iratim ! HA ITY (WU'CKT. By tte autlt-.r of Rutle.Ue. l SO. JAPANESE rAUAStll.S. For recoratini!. Any w.jrk m alt.e list uialieU 1 iiKi:v ii x I j w. w. n i.i wuult Manager. i Mie week. l"e.lii.-.lv- H Muiuinv, Miiv I Miitinces iiy an.i Sutur-Sity. I.aveilc's New Yurk j ' ieTntn'- t'jil'in I'.'iiil.iiiMlinn- rri'.? i rinn ami o extra No ' Matinee iinceii 15 an.1 25 ccdts. t a.1 mi liiiilitr. (HI 17 F.N P 1 1; K, T H K M OST enient Pifinr (ruud nnA Stitnmer Ke- tottin w.-trn PcnnY It'iitn a. if newly ntted :in.l itrrarieil l-,j n-nii-.s attil Ff. tn ;ttjj. 'I i.e park i!l he liii hted t.v the lirii-h K'.ortnr Liuht tr'-m Dwr.nitHtn Jiav ftn ijuruiii the season. The HinJ(ii:an he reiiteil on nle at ttm? tnr I I'l'.'tii.' an J I- f.ttv,ti b? "litirrt.e-: L(..li.''j iiii'.l t orlftifs only. Vin- ri.'taunint i the urouihl-: ; IpU'plunio coi.nt-'tii.ii. Fir term.- oi r nt, limit pes will ai.i.iv to t'HAS. F. IV MAt'HK K, I'roi'ncL r. mvi" tt Natural Fruit Havo 'Si SPECIAL EXTRACTS. Prepared from the choicest Fn:if. without rohiriiiff. p'iMiiinu oiU. a. idv. or artilh inl Kt-b.iicv. AI,iS IMIIUEH IN STKKM.lIf, IUIIHH1 ANY All! I.'l l-.UA i'Hs Hit IMP! u-1111 s. Iiafe sai :m;1 til- ir r Mention from litt ir perfect jmritv. Mi-wrior trcm:th and iiualtly. Admitlfd I.) all v.itu halt- u-i !ln-m as the intHt drlhatc. -fruitful and nainral tla'or Hjr i-ikes, puddiitirs, cn am-i, etc.. er ni;iiir. Jlanufatturcd hy STEELE & PHICE, Mak1!!- of I.nnulin -at -ms, ( nam Baking Portdcr, etc., I hir a:: and M. Imjui. j all TTHftR-ls'.r li GF INTEREST to HCRSE OWNERS THt COMEAUL7 S CAU3TE0 BALSAM i.-iti sud rchal le ty ever 't:s ovrt i. . arifi rfiiiihU' In its 'luced many thoi. rful ctm-i In a!l si. Hint fr rcmov-L--f-rwsi;. -s. for in-n iliMUM-- anrt had '. Bpi-CltV -Ah w iirp:iiSa-s ail hti.-tvnntr. f nm.-. or Hsjnu-ni. ant l;cvt r i':i ar;y (war. TI.uiif.aa;;a "f vt'ttT'.i.nrTM-is ami hor m'tl - fy . f Ktmran-tul of ( aus- tuore actuul nt or Hpiivtn Ha r'!iltR trjan a whui b it tit- tf aiiv hnttji cure UiUluri' .'v.-r m oi-v IVi f 1 e-ihta. ..f wiit t;v il hv 1. Wj;-SCK. f,lM? 4 ( '.,(.., H- linj'.-n-! Priricioi. CirvviiiiJ.O I if" IS one fe'vijuiDe uuut uur bignaturt: ou label mhT-eoddm lor4j-nK iuhls- W tint Hp . D.MBAI l.T'S HAI.SAM K,r sale. whl ;tk'an.l r-.trtil al.U is. t l.l-m INii'S ltKl'O STtiUK.l Market ti-oel. 1'itli.t.uriiii. la. mm. liOOIBEU 4 10.. . , , Vresh llutter. Dairy an (I Creamery j Ohio Goshen Cheese, tyqsand I'outtry. Apples, I'otnlnes, Onions, l'.eans. Dried fruit ami J'ro-duee of every description. Also, Early Fruit smd Vfirctahlts. 211 Liberty Street. A .c and Oneen "itv Karif ' Hutu r Tur aiker's Jltit'er 'A uik lory Killed iSa l. V, ire 'oops. A ' A' - X:- ( yy VllF.SH 1 ItOM THK MII.T.S. THE MtWHST 1MTTEUXS AMI THK NEWEST fftlORS. ELEGANT CHINA MATTINGS, ELEGANT WINDOW SHADES, Ol) FIFTH ATTRACTIONS AT CHAS. A. BROWN GO'S., COR. PENN AVENUE AND SIXTH STREET islCW GOODS. I.ae Curtains, V.-t t-aie Ia.'. Tutde Linen?. Nui.ktn?. Towel?. Kutiroideiei, I.aces. 1 idles ee and Mull t'aps, I.julies' and aMisses" rLrinte Wrai-s, Jackets aud t?uit?, TritumiDs, Fringes iiti Oiitip.-i. rnHuiefi,. X" , -. S PK 'I A I , I K i 1 XS Indies' llcse in Inurnin and Fney foU-rs, at and .VOi: tiie.-e Kods are n. w a-u-i extra value Cur e ndd I'.t ul ierits' H -iii liue extra nood, our To iv el? ;ft 2i. "25 and io.', ( ur Jj-viies" Silk lniunu1 and t'tiddreu's uutnta a pecia'ty. CHAS. A. WALL PAPER, NO. iiO-i PENN AVE., Opp, Libvai-v Hall. Special attention is isiven to the Tcoratintf of Ceiliny?, with Original designs. Screen, Frieze and Dado in eis. Our -lock ol V AL.JL J'APKH coniste ot ad i:rdcs. in"-!? ".d on ANNUAL EXIillUTION W AT 'fill: 201 PESX AVENUE, -.!. I. VUIIi (iTHK'TM IIBT QI I.IIT. ) cure. It HAJiKiS At fcWIMJ, 341 ie-TTHJs.s-3m. Summer Beading, KNK1HTS OF TO-DAY : Or. Ir.ve an l Science. By t'ha. B.rnard. il 00. I JAl'ANt'SE PAI'EK NAPKINS. MATRIMONY". By W. F. Vorrts. L;ipure Htuir Series. free ly po.-'t on receipt ot price. 'Vft AM VSKMKS TS. I )it Tsui i:;n urtKA hoise. I John a. Eli.ri.kk. JVIanahbR. ril NUlHT THE A( iii: iii.im i i k iiiniMM IN tll-IVETTK'-ri-MnHv. .May 2:1, Fanny Buckingham as ,il AZtlTA. LACE CURTAINS. UPHOLSTERY. I'litler the nianau'emcnt ot Mr. S. M. Smith. late ot Arnold, t'onstalde & t'o.'s lie tail Vidiol-stery Itepartuieut in New York, we have opened an extensive aud caretully-f elected stock ol ?p-holstcry Goods and every variety ot Curtain Laces, including Xottiiiglianis, Frendi Guipure Laces, Swiss Laces, Antique Laces, CJuny Laces, Brussels Laces, JIadras Laces, Breton Laces. We are showing elegant lines of heavier lab-rici for Portieres and lcm; Curtains, and for covtriraK new lurniture or recuverinj; old turni-ture. adapted to any eiyle of decoration, in-ciud tnx Erench Tapestries, English Tapestries, Turcomans, Florentines, lilk Plushes, Fashion Draperies, Curtain Feltings, &c, At the tAUl t:T STOKE ol fl MrfiUn,np!r A fin i U. IfWUlUMUUIa Utl uu FIFTH AVE. i'OLLOCK, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER, TOO. 1W TTFTT? AVV.TOTTP. AVENUE. 1 THIS WEEK ir - "Si Ties in Luce arul Muli are new and henutiftii. he !und on -.or counter at 2 V. Ikm't tail to see :iucked Jialtrisau lio.e at 2."e. ! 11. BROwry $c co., OF III.A V CHOICE roKt or GOODS. Opposite Library Hall. iPILES fT. It tlirjc Ul- ! rcrM.l. or l'r trutiine th&t Dellioe's Pile KeiuHr faiisto alii the it tunc, ltfrt tbn luutiri. c:t r hftf. SolJ I.? ail L:;eut. PrfiArl unt J. P. Miller. Sfc-J kf. hob A ArrL .-u , Puii . AI TIO. Aw gruwmmiesg ttxt wnftyer am botu amlumt hu kignatar and a file ef rVtata, Llhaxty Street, FitUhurKh, F PACT Speak Louder than Figures Do NTot Lie. WE DO AS WE ADVERTISE, Or Guarantee to Forfeit $100. It is a moral impossibility to describe the patterns and qualities of Goods. Many dealers advertise low prices, but npon inspection their -roods prove 1o be low grade goods. There is hut one way to realize the spleudid values we are now offti in, and that istocoine and see lor joucelves. GRAND A SPECIALTY. WE Men's Stroni; Well-made Working Suits lor tt B( Men s Basset Worsted Sniti for J2 60. Wen's assimere uits, 2 20. Men s l.iatonal Suits, 13 0. Men's l.'heviot Suits. In various sbades. t TO. Men's All-Wool Business bultf, stjlish cut, 15 styles, is SO to r7 SO. Men's Ifenuine Scotch 'hevlot Suits, 16 stvles lor f 2I. UltiXD AltMY SUITS A SPECIALTT. WHITE VESTS NOW READY. FIIOM 13-1 CENTS TJX. Marseitles Vests, Duck Vesta, Fancy Figured Vests, Linen Vests. Over 300 Styles to Select From', BOYS' CLOTHING. H hare lowered our jtrirex of Roys ami Children's Clothing in the same proportion as the Men's, arul tee irarrant erertf yarment u-e sell to he as represented. .Some of our ftuits for Hoys are not all wool, hut none of them haveshotldy in them, and all without exception are splendidly made. The cheap Suits arecut in the same pretty styles as those more expensive. Here are a few leading prices for the week : t:hiMs' Kilt SolU. HUc. OhiMs Extra All Wool KUt Suits, a 20 to $1 60. Kilt department separate trom our other departments, and our stock ia now complete. Boys Suit. 3 to IO yearF, 2 pieces, file. Buys Worsted Suttt. 4 to 10 years, fl 20. Boys Cashmere Suits, 4 1o IO years, Hc to fl 40. Boys' Fine Soits in Black and Brown Check, or in liuht colors, 4 to IO years, $2 20, Boys School Suits, fl 30. Buys Worsted Suit, I 60. MKN'1 ST.-MMKK COATS in Calico. Alpaca. Mohair and Irap d'Fte, !mn 27 cenU" Bp. 1CTFK and I I-TURS in Alps cm. lanen. Mnhair aud Seme, tn.m 41 eem up. KILT sVlTa, SAlLUK SUITS in endless variety. Our Kilt Jjepauuieui mui be seen to be appreciated. MEN'S We assert without fear of successful am traduction that the Vants we offer are better cut brttrr stwert. aud ttetter ra tue for the prices than are shown by any I'loth ier in the State. Our Ji'orhina f'auts are sewed with double Linen thread waxed, and our rants for liusiness and JJress H ear 01 re sewed with Silk aitl elegantly cut and trimmed. Our revised prices are as follows: Men's StroD? WorkiUR Pants lined and stayed 33c . Men's Striped Union Worsted Fants TV?. Men's Brown Striped Wiie Twitt" Worsted Pants $1 13. Men s In ion Caat-duiere Pants, many styles, 73c. Men's Diagonal Pauts. $1 is Men's Fancy . 'as si mere fante, a dozen p t- terns.il 40. Men's Ail-Wool Cascimere and Scotch Pants fl 90. HATS ! HATS ! HATS ! FOR MEX. FOR F, V For Men's Good Saxony Wool Hats 21c. For Men s Good LIkM Saxony Wool Hate 4Hc. For Men's Fur Hats 7Hc For Men's Good Stilt Hats 4ftc ot Men's tiood Fur Hatf For Men's Serve or Idayonat Caps 11c. For Men's Basket Worsted Caps lttc. For Men's Fine Silk Hats $1 74. For Men's Iiht Color Cassimere Caps, all the rhKe 51 cents For Men's Silk Caps 23c. For Men's Hue Caps 23c. For l:.jV Fice BlueliaU 53c. For Hoys' Caps He, For Btiys1 Seixe or Iiaunal Caps 9c For Boys Worsted Cap 17c For Hoys Good Hats 21c. STRAW HATS ! Bt' HIE STRAW TUOVSa.NI. MESS FURISjSHIKG GOODS. The varied a'portiuent ot GiumIp we are mw showinir in this l artment Is wondertul never bet ore In our business-- exirirnce lia ii t'een m attisrtive. hut 'ir jrit op e or 1. weniiK or prices iour PMleg Hjt'ieaMd. reiuiers it nectary to carry a tnier.dvusrtwlt ii. m- t tlie ttrowir.u; de-nmiid. We do nil nifrk a U w articl- t a low r i-e U r a - t ;t it. ' ai d 1 1 t tt i k it n Oie others, hut everv article uiarktd, not with tne :dta ol the hilut price it wisl l-ni:. hut Ht tW t HfcAP 11 ('AiN'HbStlLD. OUM'K AT THKSK I'KH'IS FOR T'NKFKW FA K! Mf Shirt, H.HDviktrvbielis' Hciery, I'ndeiwear and Jewelry.- For Men's I.inen Collsry.4 ply 6c. For Men's Fa per Collars 6c per Box. Fr Men's Fine Cambric fcaudkerchlels, lancy borders Sc. For Boys' Cawhric Waists 17o. For Boys' White Waists 46c For Silk Handkerchiefs 9c . Boys White and Fancy Shirts a specialty For Men's Fine Lifle Thread Gloves 1 4c. For Shawl Straps ITo. For Men's Fancy Hall Hose S pairs 24c For Men's English Halt Hose 9c. For Men's Vnlaundried Calico Shirts le. For White or Cambric Tie 11 cents per dozen. Men's Uattit Vndershirts lie Our own make hne Ih-css Shfris 7c to 99c, What oar customer ray of them THEY LOOK LIKt SHIKTS, THEY FIT LJKL SH1KTS, ANliTHhY AKESH1KTS. Custom Tailoring Department. We have now in stock the most complete lines of the best Foreign and Domes, tic Fabrics. Our prices are much less than the others in our line of business. Wa employ the most competent cutters, and can say with satisfaction, our Custom Department is a success. We guarantee a perfect fit. Don't forget the place. S. Cohen & Go., 52-51-56-5S-60 MARKET ST. CORNER THIRD AVENDE. 5 Immense Stores in 1. All goods guaranteed as represented or money cheerfully refunded. All orders by mail promptly attended to. We are, Very Respectfully, S. COHEN & CO., 52, 54, 56, 58 & 60 MARKET STREET, COR. THIRD AVENtTB, O IIMElsrSIi: STOKES TIN" 1 The LARGEST and certainly the CHEAPEST place lo purchase anything in our line. Noisy Assertions. ARMY ITS SELL Men's Ail Wool Navy Blue Flannel Suits, fast color. 6 7. Men s Blue Yacht I'loth Suits Beet UuaJlty, HO 70. Men's Fine IressSuits, an elcant stock totelect lroin. made from best American and Imported (roods, splendidly made and handsomely trimmed, cut ty custom cutters and sewed with Mlk, at j.tices ranging lrum 7 60 to H 60. Boys' 'herirtt Suits m Liht or I .rk Color, il H to $3 !0. Boys IniiKirtcd Cafsiuie e Suits, $4 SO. 1o 4" 40. toys ine I'rcyg Suits in Extra Fine Worsteds Tneo, Liaiional. Vittue, or Seme, handsomelj gotten up with Silk r acir.jts. $4 41 to10. Children's Fine Iress Suit? of lniiorted Triro Orcpes or Woi1eds. with Silk Pockets handsomely msde and trimmed, $2 SO to 5 HO, Boys' Single Jackets. 3e. Foys Smifie Pants. Sic. j ciitlds' Single Fanta, 2e. PAPTS. Men's Casimere or Cheviot Pants. 9c. Men's KU-ant Light Color All Wool Pantg m 20. Men's Custom made Pants, elegant styles 2 0. Men's Fine 'Oress Pantaloons, o all the new patterns ot fi-vd5. m dark, medium and licbt colors, we nave iu immense quantities. We canje'eyou a perteet tit, !-r we make all s:zes of a.lft and h p measure, and every length of it seam. BOYS. II Y FOR CHILDREN. For Boys' Ifress Hats 34c . For Boys' Good Still Hats 4Ie. For children's Fancy Casunere Caps, quite new 6c. For children's Fasbtcnable Hats, fancy tands lc. For Boy's Fancy Turbans lc. For the heft quality Saxony Wool Hats, made in sort and stifi. all styles and shape worn, worth dooMe Me. For fcxtra Fin1 Fur Hts. north rtroMe SI 24. i roiii 5c to 2 saved on every Hat that leaves tir houe. For Men's mnl Beys' SuremerCapF 3 cents. 4 IK for Men a LiichtCoiur . a?einiere Caps, all tiie iaue. For Men and Boys Chip Hats. 4 HATS! AT OK EAT STRAW HATS ! BAKOA1NS. For Men's l.i.tc Thread I'ndenh.irt? -12c. For Men's Sumner MerinoShirwor drawers St. For Men's Cheviot Working Shirts 16c. For Men's Calico Ires Shirt 31c . For Men's Ftrcale I trees Shirts, 2 collars, extra makei9o. l-urJMen's White Ire?s Shirts.?epaxateCurt,33c For ft: en's Fine White Shirt-siinen bosoms 57c, For Men's Fancy Figured Satin Ties 14c For Men's Fancy tijeiired Satin Scarls,2riO patterns to select rrom. 2ac j For Men's Good Suspenders 7c. For Men's Kulley Su.-penden: He, I For Men's Chintz Sbiris 53

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