Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 20, 1881 · Page 4
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1881
Page 4
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THE DAILY POST: PITTSBURGH WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 1SS1. Aiiltiazal M on ThW Pap rmsiaKuH sewers. The Absurdity and ExtraTa trance of the System iow Tbfy Krrfd lUa ud (he freaks. the chair. trn hartal SHOT M AN OFFICER. oha St-idt-hl is Mistaken for a Uur- glar hy II. S. Huffman, Hrkrfupnri Pnlifpinaii, Hh Stent a Ballet Tnroagn Hfa Heart. At tlip rgn':ar meeting of tue T'iifriDrft Shirty of Western Penn-y .vanis last oignt, George H. J-rt,wn read an mtOTMrting paper on "n,p Sfw-n of Pittsburgh. Mr. Browne is lir.w u p-rvisr of tbe middle division of tb Fort Wayne railroad, bat for a long time was -onnect-I with the City Eogi- nf ?r' rfiice, and thrfore knows whereof The meeting wan very largely Pretrial j n t Mtstcalfe occu pied Some routine business was aft which Mr Browne de- iitandfd attention. The papr f'3t rfrm! to the agitation in Aiiiit, 177, caui ry the prevalence nf diphtheria on the Sonth Side. At that tirnet'iTtr Enziceer loirtr doy x am:n-d our Hvstm of ewra. He diseov- en-ii that the d-ftt conid beat be reme- at Ieaf, ctt by building new sew bra. The nartfr then eon tinned : Iet 11 n first lay down tbe conditions to whi4 h a well built ttewer system must con ftirm. Int. It mnst be of sacb size that it shall carry off ail rainfall, sewage, etc, from that district or basin for which it is do- pitfn d, and not larger than is necessary to in ret the maximum requirements. nd. The grade especially where liiiht fail can only be secured, should be VTt rtly straieht. :!rd. It phouid be built of such shape a to Hectire trie greatest pfioie velocity, es- pmuy at a minimum flow, and than car ry ot. aU matter afiiGii;nt.y quick to pre vent aepfmipotiinon. 4ih. Tne brick work or masonry ahou be rerfertly watertight. 5rh. Tbeinrertor should be finished to a Hiuooth and uniform surface. Tbe benefit to be derived from a smooth ly finished interior now briefly portrayed and the shape of tbe sewer was also hinted at, the writer drawing the conclusion that a newer of the shape A an egg is perhaps toe uenv TWEN'TV-FIBST STREET SBWIlt. Mr. Browne next paid his attention to the sewer on Twenty-first street, South t de, which insanely enough curves into Sarah ttreet, thence curves again into Nineteenth street, which strangely enough follows in a straight line to the river. trays tlie paper: j "No sane engineer would make such a j lotion. Ic muHt certainly have been iu.de by soroe promiscuous Councilmanic interference, instigated by constituents, who thought tby were subserving their own interests wbun in reality they were culpably blind to them. This sewer has 8 ritcie for a cross-section when, judging from wfcat we have already said on the siiHect, it sboald have been egg-shaped The entire territory drained by th sewtr is about 219 acres. If a sewer 4 19 teet in diameter had been built on a straight line following Twenty-first srret the same benefits would have beerj derived. The iw to the city, Mr. Brown figured, 'was from the nnngline manner In winch this sewer was built. The lor s to The city from the faulty conatrno tion of the Washington street sewer was 1H,(W. The fault of the sewers is that they are longer and larger than necessary, aim are, nut, 01 rorreci snape. WHACK AT THE BOARD OF HEALTH. ub ifin b ui huts xuara oi tieaitu on the South Side sewers was next discussed and the profo?ition of the Board ridiculed. This proposition was that Councils should consult the Board when building sewers- The paper then continues: "i ne worionpaneia river carries in pension a fine silt which has been deposited dunne immersion over inis entire area ft r in i e g a strata al most i m pervious water and certainly to sewage. Over this laver there is probably from fif teen to twenty feet of embankment. hence the sewers He above the stratasinoe none of them are over twelve fret deep. These sewers being badly bnilt the poisonous fluid has ieen escaping for years, ana beiog unable to percolate Through this silt has spread laterally ami vertically leavening tbe entire so perineum hen t mass of earth, so that there is not a house in this entire territory bat what encloses within its walls sewer deposits. On the Sonth Side are many wprings also which absorb water from the pnvies " "That the diphtheria recurring in 1877 and IrtTfl mat have had its origin in this way is shown by its appearance in the weaithier families in the Kast End. and points where if investigation were prosecuted the cause might be found to exint. in the lack of a sewer system, the nature of the soil preventing any purification by percolation and the posnn1ns of the springs by a surface flow of water." I'lTTSIirtUJH'S A DVAJTTAOES REMEDY FOR THE BVII. "There are few cities in the United States, if any, lietter topographically situated than Pittsburgh for a correct sewer system, and to that fact alone can be ascribed 1 comparative freedom from contagions diese. It certainly owes no debt of gratitude to its early engineers, who simply carried each sewer to tbe river, where they left jt to ponr ont its putrid contents where the current was most sluggish. As a result we find sewage matter held in suspension about the mouth at each sewer or deposited along the shore, rendering the entire river front a most, indescribable nuisance during the aum-mt-r months." "AH attempts at sanitary reform will prove as useless as expensive until two mam lines are constructed, one parallel with the Allegheny and one parallel with tue ftlocotigaht-ia river, intersecting all laterals and di:charging their united content- into the Ohio river where the current is swiftest. Had this plan beeu adopted at an earlier date it could have been accomplished at an ex pense very little greater than required to tmiui up tne present svstem, where each se wer i carried several bund red feet further than would then have been neces sary. A similar plan should be adopted on the South Side. The plan may be ex pensive, hnt tue necessity is urgent. Mr. Samuel Diescher next read a paper on "A Kire Proof Library Building," and presented piars lor ine same. Uity Eo gineer Ltempster desired to know what hid nggeteil the paper and President Metcalie said that he had suggfcstrd it though he would disclaim any intention of erecting such a structure. He felt that shouid the society in time collect a vain ante technical nt-rary such as tbo city needed it should be btored in a fire proof UUKUiUg. John Seidehl, a resident of McKeesport, was shot throi: gh the heart by Samuel H. Hoffman, a p -d iceman of that borough, about two o'clock yesterday morning. SeideLl had hen at Dravosburg attending a miners ba'l. He returned to Mc Keesport with Miss Maggie Miller and Mr. Charles Zimmerman, both relatives, accompanhd Jen to the !on z ima House, at Fourth and Market streets aud continued his way along Market street. At the corner of Fifth he was discovered by OfHeer Samuel H. Hoffman. According to Hoffman's statement, Seidehl, tiom ne dm not recognize, excitea nis suspicions and afterwards swore he would shoot him, and advanced toward him as though he meant to carry ont his threat wben Mottrnan nrea the fatal shot. Hoffman's brother utheers beard the shot, rushed to the spot and discovered that the victim was idehl. The bod v was removed to the Montezuma house, kept by Jacob Weis-kercher, a reUtive of tbe deceased. THE Q TEST. Coroner Hope was notified of tbe homi cide yesterday morning. He repaired to McKeesport, empanneled a jury and heard tbe following testimony: Jac. Wefjtk'jrclier. sworn. At two o'clock I beard the rpor of a pitol. John A t'roa Baby. nommgisso conducive to a inan s re maining a bachelor as stnrmins for one n;gbt at the house of a married friend and being kept awake for five or six hours by the crying of a croa baby. All cros and crying babies ned only Hop Bitters to n.ake them well and smiling. Young man remeuiuer ims, irarefer. The t vrepauich Orrn-llo It Ap- pearra nt H bat watt bald or It in Atalt tutor e. Vesfarrday morning the streets were again thronged to witness the parade of F repaugh's Circus. The glittering chariots atreatuing uanr.ers, wonderful animal. giii!y caparisoned sbwds, the many knigbt in itriliiant arnjfrr and equestriennes in charming habits made np a pageant of un-n?ual enct, Tbe chitf object of attraction was .alia Uo kh, who was much ad-mited as she rode along in a howdah on the bark of a huge elephant, "tbe observed of n'A the observer." The attendance at ith performances yesterday was large. The circus bus probanly been as succesMul as any that has heretofore visited this city, i Vrtaiiiiy in the rirhot.ss of its srreet parades, id the extent of its menagerie, aud in the variety and excellence of its per-Jorui&nces (his circus has never been ex-cjl by any of its predecessors. Its management also ) a model of precision and order, and altogether it can be said at it taat notwithstanding the magnificent announcementa of fta advance agents it Jeave uoseCfe of disappointment behind after itj remarkahle sueces.(ul season here. liu'liiAurt Vu&tx, Jftrtl Merited frererenee. ProlbIy no one more closely examines in every phaae, more eeverefy uriUtiwaa thesitghtet tlaw or deficiency, or is more exiting in their rcfiuiteuients of a nearap-pnjach to perfection Jn a prospective purchase than the Board of Baiik Directors who aeek fcunty for the moneys en-truud to them in tbe selection of Burglar I't'Mt rat a(jii vault work. And yet such is ihe thorough tens of exatniuation to wh' h tbe c-iUMru (ions of tlie Barn en and Is.. Co., of iLi city, have len fvA tit y KJi'!-f ?Ki m cjuip'-tttion with ..-r ijsm. t;- urcm r-e ailing in the tru.'-.f , .t tif 'ti:rith p'zli'.I in the award V tim tt contracts for the tytu-.i'su i,f the Burglar Br-jf Safe and fA it k f.r tiirKrib.r' t:.(.(wrative ff;i'' '" 1 i.ranu.u, Pa the National "f " '-n v, B.-rrviit., Vit. ui Ujt A-ark i Co., Tiontsva, ta. Si.lchi bad returned troui an Ea-terhall across the rivr. w w?nt up street ard Hnflman told me how be bad come to ebout him. Hoffman said be ww playing drunk. Arked hiui wbohe was. John aid it was nfee of Tour baainesii John. Hoff man eatd. advanced toward htm with bi hand mlsed a ii to pttuwt him. He eoubl not see what he tud !n hts band. Jnhn eworeathtm. HutJman tbeD said it was at that time be fired the fatal ?hot Astnra? I know Hnftman and aiy nhew aere the best of friends. 1 hae 3en tiiem fitber quite frequently. Think they were the hest ot friends. THE OFFICERS TESTIMONY 'tfbeer Berly. sworn. A m an offirer of the police loiea At fifteen minutes besore two o'eUick I !-Ked Henderstfin where Hoffman, his Dartner. wa.-. Be aid he was not m hts box but w5 out on his heat. We opened the dorof the wntrh Ikx at Haber's corner; when we stood tf era about a minute, I heard the puv nd pht: we ent itc?; to the reopie s naiik corner: I heard the inamrman; no was in a sioop inn- rjPTure: Hoifrnun wa Ftandinjt nearby. aod bad not m-ved fnm tbe time he tired the shot. Henderson ratted him up and and said. My 0ni it is Johnny setdrbt. iion-man ?aid. M v (.Jml, have I shut my neighbor. I a-keti if be had anrtbinz in his hand. Holf- maii a?worei I do nt know. It was ahout (oitv vardf 'null where 1 stood. J did not hear any thing aii. When 1 had came back Hodman tnld inc. John Seidehl was walkinij up tbe west lc oat crot.-eu over to my siue ami stoxm up against the bank tiiiMiioE. H-iflman saitl be ked who are vou t Jdin answered, none of iur bnine?1-- and niacin hip hand in his icket withdrew it tou pmntiug at him as li be was i?o- nif to snoot anu ativat.eea toward n m. Ma beurd ot J un Seidehl bin in tiktbts at the rove. on id not say but that his character lias alwars been sood Alter tbe -h-fotina he did not speak, tlave heard liobman Sjikk of the deceasea tn :nenuiv term liTicer Headen sworn W an at tbe box witk Bveriy; mv s-atemeot will be comttHirative to tbat oi By-;rly except as to tbe s'atetneut made to u ;y Hoffiuan who a.-ked me nrft w !h the man was, r oftmau stated that John had hrt -itarted to com! across Market at the corner and turned ack. He then cro serf at tne upper rn.inif an i suippt-a at me nank nuiidin in thedurk. ,;onn a&i hint wnac he was i(iiow. inif him tor. Hollman answered that it wa bis hu-me.-s to follow htm. I saw ht-ffiuan in titfht place a week auo and be is not excitable He watt very mum exciiea woen ne nau muuu out who be had sh't ;hief oi I ol'ce r iisley sworn: W ent to bed at eleven: w:is awakened by a rap at my d or: ott cer yerty awaneneu me. sayinsr that iion man'bitd killed John Seidebl. Huffman told me when 1 came dowu tbat be bad coate out of tbe bakery and saw a man coming up the street; in cro?init over he turned back in tbe middle ol the street "and came ver then at tbe next cross-lrjr He said he walked up toward him: John dr-ked him what he was loitowlnte him for. and he sai i, "I have a rinht to follow you and know who you are:'' paw Hoffman this I Tuesday ) morn injf also. Me trave me the revolver: said it wa the revolver with which he did the shooting Tlie two men were nt'iifhbors and irood friendi Hoffman f-ttid hi? turniDif iack and his action at nr t wee suspicious. lie was advancing t: ward him with what be supposed was a revoiv in hf bard. He was rather leaning forward and takinir sin nt. .Manirie sillier ."worn John came over the river with u?ah'iut two o'clock: do not think he was under the influence of liquor; t-harlie imnier man told me be w;is sb"t: I tofd Mr. Weaker cher: I wai t the corner at Wei 'kercher's an heard the hot: saw one man mn toward bsTik. Did not see tbe otaoer or bear anyone talking THE POST-MORTEM. Ir. Hot: man sworn Theball entered tber?eht side of thti chest liiree and a bait inches above and to- th outride oi the nipple. It took a down ward course aDd entered tbe cavity ot the chest between t he fou rt h and fi tth rib3. glancing otl the too ot the fifth rib, and pcuetratiog the riitbt funv; at the uppr margin ot the lower hole: it p.tssed immediately behind th heart, and pferc-id ti-e lower iooe of the left lung: the ball then struck the inner jnrlace of the ninth left nb and d'opped into tbe pleural Fac. Fro-fose hen orrhane o curred into both the rUht and left pleural caviries, nrodutung compression ol the luua, which wastlie immediate cause ot ueat n Ir. White, who asfistrd In tbe postmortem wait gwom. aod Corxoborated the evidence feiven by Dr. H iff man. THE VEttDICT THE SHOOT 1ST AND HIS VICTIM. Thft Jury returned the following verdict: "That John 8eulehl( aged twenty-two yeatf, was shot and instantly killed on the morning of April 19rb, 1881, at the corner of Market and fifth streets, First ward, McKeesport, Pa , by D. H. Hoffman, police officer. The jury further found that the killing of Johu Seidehl was justifiable, as the testimony clearly established the fact that Hoffman considered his own life in danger." Oth(.er Hoffman alter the shootinc was allowed, to spend the night at home. After th inquest he was arrested, oy Chief ot Police figieyanu nrought to tins city. His counsel here made application for his release, which was granted. He furnished fo.OOO bail. John fcieidehl, the victim, was employed at the pop bottling house of Henry Eald- strohm in McKeesport, He leaves a wife and one child. He had no weapon on his person when shot. He had been drinking, but was not intoxicated. Officer Hoffman ia about 50 years of age, and h s been on the McKeesport police force ooly four or rive months. He was formerly an auctioneer, and kept a store in the town. He is a very quiet, respectable man. He has been severely criticised for permitting bu rgiars to escape last week, and it was the numerous burglaries committed there so recently that made him appreneusive. WHAT THE i'KOPLB THfVK SE1DEHX. S FAMILY: The McKeesport Times of last evening says White the greater portion of the pub lic condemn the nasty action of Officer Hoffman in shooting down his victim last night, some surprise is felt and expressed alM at what some m ople term the remark able verdict ot the Coroner's jury, that of "Justifiable Homicide." The verdict was rendered upon hearsay evidence, the officer bimseif not having beeji Bworn. Tne reasons given by the Coroner were that tbe officer should not be called upon to criminate himself and on the same grounds perhaps he should not be allowed the opportunity ot vindicating hitnseir. No one questions that the deceased. Seidehl, did something to excite the sus picions of the, officer, whom he knew to be his friend and being of a joking disposi tion wauted to perpetrate a joke upon his friend, thinking, perhaps, the officer knew him. l h family and relatives and inends ot Mr. aeidehf, as tar as we can ascertain are willing to believe Mr. Hoffman's story, and are willing to, and do exonerate him from all blame in the unfortunate occur rence, and the public should dismiss the subjt-ct regardless of the verdict of the Coroner's jury." LOCAL BRIEFS. Taehs is a big fire In the woods near Aitoona. i Jobs rncxsosr of McKeesport, had one leg broken In a wreck on tbe H. at O. road at that place. Owiko to the railroad trouMes JuJe Collier had to walk about a long way yeatrday to get to Uoart. PiTEiCK Welch's face was severely burned by the explosion of a lamp at the Lacy Furnace night before last. A vRDir-r for flo.ien 51 In favor of W. H. CfreKg Sl Co was obtained for goods lost In the riots, yesterday. The meeting ol the Pittsburgh Southern directors which was to have been held last nUht, did not take place. Thkrb is a boom In real estate, tbat Is unde- tle. Prices have advanced considerably and the outlook is hopeful. 'red. Stbcmm, a South Side barkeeper, was arrested yesterday on a charge of sodomy pre- i erred by Andrew Hauser. A Locowonva of the Pittsburgh & Western Narrow Gauge Bail road was thrown from the trark by a defective rail, near Wurtemburg on Monday ana wrecked nauiy. A bcmor was circulated yesterday that the botiers tn Bailey Sl Brown's mill, on DmpjeHne wy, had exploded, killing thirty men. It was fioax. as no sucn disaster occurred. Jobs Hockstbttbr, the Somerset county man charged with moon ?h Suing, was released on bail vesterday. Since his arrest one of hi daughter ha died aud two wore are dying with Bcarlet lever. The puddlers at Painter's mill stru?k yester day against the discharge of one of their nuoa ber. They said they would remain out till the man is reinstate!, out ia,"i mni mey deter mined to resume work tms morning. Ikwis IVIilleh wag arrested by Detective ohn Curry' at Ureeosburg ior stealing a ride on tbe P- R It. on Wednesday la?t. It is said that Wilier had robbed the house ot John Haven in this city and he will he brought here. MR. Wm. E. Schxsktz says that nothing ol importance wa done at the mectlnx yesterday of those interested In the Pittfuruh. Baltimore k t'hicaro rcwt. It wa.i agreed to await the action of tbe New Yorkers who are expected to aid the project. JunsoH A. Pvgh of Altoona. one oi theolde?t engineers on the P. K. K., has been suspended for refusing to run on Sunday. He had not been running on Sunday ior years on account ot eoopciemloiis ecru pies, nut wa.' aKed to run re-ocntiy because ot the preswol business, and re fused, wun uie aoove refuiu Dtnusw the week ending with the lSth inst. there were shipped from this city on the Ohio Hfver 12.000 tonsof manufactures by barire.1. 3.000 ton? ot inanuiactures by packet, aud 31 r 75 tons at coal, making a uiutl oi o26,T45 tons Of merchandise. This enormous nmo-nt would severely tax a ntst ciass railroad lor at least two months. . i-ntsoAi tl.M I I III II I I It IIM z?tz.z iJuo. iiultiilj uu.J k In iIhco 01 tlie late Wui. K03. 197, 199, 201 PENN AVENUE, corse P. Broan f'i,rt w dyne railroad hef?n made chief eler Harvey Childs Beeson of Detroit. Is iothectiy. haviny come thither t attend the weildineof Mis Bate he! nr. daughter of Capt. Batcbelor. Mr. Bee?on is connected with the Detroit sun- day Herald. Prof. Andrew Burtt, Principal of the Ninth ward public schools is lying seriously ill ot In flammation ot the bowels, at his residence on the South Side. He had been eomi Uinlnic for Rime time, but was able to attend to hia duties until Moadav lat. Rev. Alexander MeCarrell. D. P., of Clays- ville. Washington county. Fa died last Monday eveninir. at 10 o'clock. He was one ot the most devoted and fuccepfiul pastors in western Pennsplyania. "Ihree! his aons are Presbyterian ministers, and another Is an elder in the First Presbyterian church ot usmaburg. Pa. James A. HeCnne, for years a salesman for Fleming . Otclevee, and who ia well known In thlf eitv. was recently elected Mayor of Kokomo, Colorado, which town enjoys the distinction ot having one of tbe hitcbet il not the tniehest attitude? above the sea of any tywn in the country. Mr. McCnoeha? been a resident of Colorado for aiKut five yean and baa met with good ioitune in tbeunnliitf business. the Kokomo p per ("tate? that the contest was very excttinc. ana Mr. McCune. who was elected hy a majority oi forty, gets abalf column aend-oH under the head uur new iUayur. Tbe Humane Hoelety. A regular meetina; of the Western Pennsyl vania Humane Society was held yesterday afternoon at their cmce on Peon avenue. Prof. 1. H. Eaton presided. A gentleman was presett to make an application for a remittance of the nn ot one of the young men who was recently before Mayor Peterson of Allegheny, on a charge of ntillint? the torifneouioi a nore. me tuarnsr laid over. Agent Ihians weekly report of cruelty --tises wan read. embraced only a tew minor cases cruelty. The treatment of children at thet.uy I'oor rami wx iiwu.-wi, uu jinvme lrt(r from Suoenotendent nraun wio rtad, lOating the chilaren were treated an well a uossible. and tnat mesexei were not allowed to oommtngle. Mr. Ivid Hutchinson of the special iiommittoe to inspect the etanies ot the unufuy oar ?t(tbic8 retntrted that he found the staples in ejn-ellent condition, hut seventeen of the hoives bad sore feet aud hmba and a tew others had ftr-re ifhoutders. 1 hee animals are not worked, however. Mr.- Hutchinson thought all the horses were not fed enough. T here being no further businew tbe meeting adjourned. Baiubrjdok Council. No. 12S. Jr. n. 1. A M. 0t Lawrenceville, Installed the fdlowing officers he other evening: Jr. P C..T. Iick?on Burn? '.. tShearx; V.C, Wm. Fisher: A. K. ieorge 1 lato; w. w id. fevatt.; t on , Win. rth: I. S.. Albert Kvans: t, S. Wm. ,Mrh: Trustees, Win. fcvans, J, B. Urino audT. Dick son Burns. Co s t roller Mokhow yesterday forwarded to Harriburg tbeamendment intended to prevent the city bankrfrora escaping taxation. Some of tne (Mtnker? say tney are wnung to pay tneir lair snare ot city taxes, nut otnernare nt ana Tne Controller doesn t protose. to icae any loop noie oi encur to sucn af are unwiiHng ro T'y Tnat would be unfair to the fairer-minded ba-nk ers. A siNncLAR will was hied in tbe KegLster's office yesterday. It was that ot Meritx EDren ot Pittsburgh. It beoueaths a eonUeraiue amount Ot property to a menu, maria women, to wnom he pays a man tnnute asa nnst'an woman. In the item makintr tlie beouet to her he : l wa? hungered ana sne aave ma meat, i wa; athirt and she aave me drifik. 1 waa a stranger and she took me m. I was sick and the cared for and assisted me." An Alleafneny htabbfna A ft ray. Oeorge IMrotl is lying at his home on Brad street, Allegheny, in a serious condition with about ten or twelve cuts on his lace and head It appears that last Sunday be started out to collect a bill from his brother. He found him in Die house of Fred. Bierman in the Kleventh ward, and a dispute arose between them about the bill. Finally three or tour men who were present fell upon Oconre and neat and cut mm lp OTuatlJUlIY. rOCKtfl Mllives thich tix cashes were inflicted on hts heid am hur or five on h's cheeks. His jaw twine was fractured ih Riggs of Beaver avenue, wh ftaiied. -uu for a tiuie be (eared that the man siinll was fractured, also: hut be ha since de-Ber 'nined that the skutl was not Injured- Inie erys'peta or inhamuiatton sets in, lMroil will recover in the course of a ccupte ol week. It ic aald Bierman and a man named Bechtoid were part of the party that beat Dirolt. f)EPi!miET XO. 1. 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BODY BRUSSELS CAKPETS. DEPJRTMBT AO. 3. Choicest Style? of TaDestrv Brussels Carpets. DEPiiiTMJlT NO. 4. 15 CHAIN CAliPETS In An Endless Variety of j Styles andot AllGrades. BEIMRTMVF AO. 5. Rag Carpets, Cottage Carpets and HempCarpets, DEWRT3IEXT NO. 0. LiOTums, Linoleums, Oil Cloths and Mattmgs. 5 0 Fourth Avenue, 5 Q it WILL 0FFEK DUMMi THE EXTII5E WEEK THE F0L- i " lowini; line of Special Bargains in rarious Departments. ' Now that the Spring Season lias nt last opened, we propose to surpass even our own record, and will place before our friends j and patrons with each succeeding week a continuous succession ' of Novelties and Seasonable Goods at prices protionately lower than ever before, as well as Special Bargains directly suited to ; tbe Season. THE SMALL PROFIT SYSTEM Of which our House is the Eeal Exponent, Added to Our PURCHASING FOR CASH Oil, Trimmed and Vntrtmmed B0XXETS AND I'M) WE US i. FEATHEKS, Sew Trimming Satin, Silks and Ribbons, fcc 1JETA1L STOKES. THE NEW HKI'AKTMKNT, DEPARTMENT NO. 7. Upholstery andLace Curtains WW md I tn wen if i:iai!ii:ih wr ran .hiot m.i r X (a ) I 8iu IhjUi ta riiy ; ittvrniiit.i iiw ri i ALLEGHENY JiEWS. -Th boy Haas wbo accidentiy shot bimseU, is recoveries;. The Road Committee of Councils met last niuhtand appropriated ;oo tor repairs ou Shady lane ana 9100 ior jusert nreei. Tbe Health Committee wip elect a Health Officer to-morrow Bight. 3Ir. J. N. Harlau is opposed hy Christ Uoeh. Harlan will probably re re-eiectea. A boy named Fred Fry fell into the Wert Park lake yesterday mormmc and narrowly escaped drowning. When palled out be was unconscious hut revived. Tbeotd nnnnerr on the hfl! above Federn-i ?tre't. a land mark of the North Side, is to he shortly lorn down. Col James E. Andrews proposes to erect a fine stone mansion on it site. The nuntery was abandoned In 1C5? or thereatout3. Meat Inspector Treiler yesterday afternoon discovered where John Knixe bonirbt tlie dij- eaied pork which save him the trichinosis. It is a outcner siiop in tne vicinity 01 k nixes rent-ldence- Mr. Ireiler will investigate it more thoroughly to-day. AMls:nt:.rs. LIBKARV HALL- ''PIRATES OF FKX- ZAIICB." Rfehard.... . W. H. Macdonald Saaiifl....,. An I nrnvfred Brain. Jivhn Stnvub. who had his skull fractured by a fabicK brick on Saturday. Ui lmpruvinir. He had thirteen pieces of loneiakn out ol hihead. but he talks freely and is perfectly conscious. The brain, the coverintr membrane ui which wae destroyed, was exposed for an area ot about five fijuare inches, and during the operation the pulsation of the arteries cuuld be observed wttb dietrei.-'itiif clearness, hococerinif from the ii fluence ot tbe ati;f5tfietic. Mrnuu appeared to oe la suroiitiDirlv izuod cor.iitioii. taikintf In tlie ame singularly cool headed w-y he had previous to tne operation. I fcruua.mut uniiay ne um aioiijc nieefy. tbe pulse and temperature indicut fnsr very itttle chanue from their nomat ai!- tion ?tra'i m aout thirty years axe and has been somewhat noted at an oarsman. AMVSEJHISyTS. ' - . : . ..'.-! 1 IliBAItr IULI "iHKALS." J J W. W, nJU-WDon ManiHnr. TMKEE NitiUTS AMI WCUNESUA.V MAT1KKK. HIlSTJiN JDKAI. Ol'KKA COMPANY. BOSTON IliKAI. OCtKA COMPANY. TiiwiIbt. Al'HI Piratenol Penalr WeJ!1y .Miitmee. April o Hs.tte elneflv hvenuyt, Aitrtl a Pinafore Tbursila? Kveninjr. At'rlt 21 - iivotte rf-Saie of reserved seU now open at the B.. (). (apt tt ' ltlTEB AND WKATJ1EB.' O.McGlinlock&Co FIFTH AVE. 33 DAMZIQBR'S. ELEGANT NOVELTIES IN LADIES MULL TIES Jnst Opened, at Prices Never Surpassed in Pittsburgh. DANZIG-ERS. Our Hat Department now occupies the first floor of tlie Fourth avenue section of our immense establishment, and contains a display of Trimmed and Dntrimmed Hats and Bonnets, which for extent and elegance is unrivalled west of New York. We have Hats in every size, shape and material, from the cheapest to the most expensive and a lady must be hard to please, indeed, if we fail to suit her. We invite all our patrons to visit this branch of our establishment, and see for themselves how well selected is our assortment and how reasonable are our prices. WALLPAPER DANZIGKERS, IS BOUND TO DO THE BISINESS. T IS A QUESTION OF MONEY AND NOTHING ELSE WITH ninety-nine in a hnnlrel men what they shall wear. They are not sure judges of clothing. Nobody is. The lest judges don't pretend to he. Nolwdy can lie really, who is not in the netiveClothingtradp. So how isita question of money I lVe mean that you intend it shall te. On the whole, you make it so somehow for ninety-nine in a hundred don't go wrong on a question of money. We venture to admit lliat our clothing got the vogne it has through bt'ing less cosily and more reliable than any other, steadily, year in and year out. Put this in other language ami it is just what others would say. They do say we sot our immense trade by breaking; down prices. THEY ARE BIGHT, and we intend to keep it in the same way. But we choose to call attention to the fact that low-price is nothing unless joined to reliability in quality. It is by this achievement, the joining of low prices, with absolute reliability as to quality that our name has got this meaning and its following in trade. We are not vain enouch nor foolish ei onsh either, to believe that yon will buy ourdothing when we cease to do the best we can and to charge you the least we ean. Oar title to yon r trade :s exact ly tliis : We clothe you bptter; we charge you less. Then why should we not have your trade if.as we mentioned in ourleginniug,whatyou are after is to get the best clothes you can and have as much money left over as you can ? Then come where th prices of such clothing as you really require are tlie lowest. Then you will by all means come to onr house. S. COHEN & GO. I 52, 54, 56, 58 and GO Market St., . .. CORNER THIRD AVENUE. FIVE IIY1IYIENSE STORES IN ONE. AI.LF.bHF.V SlltEET KAILHAYS ruder C'onMltrallmi of tbe Council niaulc Com mil tee. The Street Ball way Committee ot Allegheny Council met last niirht will Mr. iorjfs rertr iTi rho cJiair. The uuuierou tr"CE runway oMl nance were tntr duct-d. a'l Hfter teiiiK read wr all referred to BUti-OOOJiailteS wl. Uoul ui rnen.n. The "hair a MrtHB u d Mtr. L-iii.ley. Alien. BeilMtsin. Lamli an4 McAiee as the suh-roinmittee to couaider the uritn.4c-ce urautiu riKlit ol w.-v to tbe I'ttt -hurt h. F-t rark aod Sj.r1ru iii'tiVn avemietAvtBimey.tfee Spring .iar den aa.i Fitt.tun5h taiKiny. the Para tween-!a-rt!!nv ai.d the We?t Knd OoOit'tny. An n!hr ij!.f4irEinttlt Ctjn.Jii'tir.r Oi ftlWsTS Clmroher Lindsay and Oever w-sre ppoiotel t.. Mi-i rxn th. nMinartv 1 winflr Ine HTUOtir'n Aiietiheny and M:n.-hesur Company to extend tlif'.r . raeks aittuff liobiiis'tn tret. Ttur iobt.y VA mil ot e:ipHMh?t and others, ther tn the inter? .-is oj ttie various pre ft; but ii the bills wtre all rt-larred there was nd ot aruumetits ta.-t nifc-ht. 3Ir. W. It. Mc- ( reerv of the rieasaiit !fV Citiiipauy made tew riuarks u tbe iiiiiiint.-e, Ptatuiit it. was the ir.teitun t" c-tiTifCt the Srum (iardon V IMtts-turi(;i rutiwav Willi tlie I'ieasunt Vailey tracke, HDil in thitt way red oh i'ltL-ttanih. The ctu inv hail a tate oharter !'r tiie unpned route and thtiV will :s?nd It t the ?ul cumiuittfe. He roif:id tliat the road should re rotuptted wft' 'ii si-ttv or ninety oa in-ia ine onai us?- ue .f tfe or'iiriu:e nd thm the tare irom SuririK ardeD to I'itti'urh mii! he no inure than what now cliiirtctd on the riuu-muL al Mr Wru. tpeer, reprtentirnr the 1'ark t'a-t-.nirr flU.9. iifcld that fOild will ttoi miertcre with other etteet railways and will ie entirely Jndojtets'ieiii. Mr. Fhilupa uit' ed tliat tfte untroller he in ff..ti n. mrnih the v .m ui 1 1 tee at its nvx rLr-eJiii with latoriuatlou retr Itiiji the muuuu ., n , (,hv i into the ('it v 1 rury t-y ea.-l stret-ii company. Carried. Ihe committee thr. ad iurneit. '1 i.e airf.ve in-jtion was no douht brought about hy tiie rc-t-tit rticlo in Tmk rtnT exposing im-t tj-ot h.tis on 1'ittt'Ut a h t? street car cumpaiiifcii, Alljhjiiy 'ounriltn-Q diwire U learu whether the muit rKa'.e ul afliri eiit in their city &j, -Uad Ui. Wiutuei't Advancement. freleric... Major (-feneral : Kjward :abel Kate . Kdfth , ?ahel..... Kuth f. Kammerlee Mr. FeiWenden tanley, H. C. H:irnahee - tifto. FrothtDicham .laru; Stone ... .I-ixzie Burton Zej'hie Oinsmore Murv 'alef Adelaide Phillipps TheNilaatloB at nttlvale. The Evergreen Harrow tiuajre Railroad Cvm pauy has made no farther attempt to cro the Weet Fenn tracks at Bennett1 statton. AU wm quiet at tbat place, although nearly a hn&dred laborers were kept there all yesterday to guard the newly laid sidiTitc of the West Petin road. and prevent anv etfort on the part of Mr. Hatry'a lorces to lay his narrow guae tracka Miiould the carrow irnaee roao oe exirnnci pro tne river and tip t rtuuer sireei. Iiiwreni evitie. there will probanly he aiwujer dittT'uitv in croewtiue the tr;-k ot the A. K. K That line beinir controlled hr the rflnyr vania Company would ao douht oppe the iitue road at this point. Kale of oil Property. The Watson h. AVUloek Oil Company of Pitts hunch have just sold to the Haziewood Oil Com pany three piece of otl prodtKdnu territory the Bradford region tor$-J".5.000 aod the teriiiii payment make it equivalent to a cash trans action. The three pie ar connected and form a trat of fortr acre?, havtnir thirteen ducintE wells in fee. Aim the one tuiinii r-yity in two ut her weiis Inriutitid 10 this purvha.-e a thirteen thousand harre! troa taiik. lc cated on tlie irax'f; also over fx thmarsd harre 1 wooden tankage. The present prKluctmo hout tenty-e.Mht hundred and fifty narreift month I v and has ia the pat been regarded a one of the beat producing farms oi the rKtt The Boston Ideal Company when It has all iU members, is unquestionably u strong a troupe bs ever travelled in comic opera In thit country. it I? 8tron in arttatic anowieiijfe of bdumc, stroiiif in its ginger and strunjf in the individual repu tation oi tnose wno uetong to it. out u cannot. act. It 13 a Boston eouiMrjation. and therefore It Is possible that may he an explanation for it. Bortontans are often 9inuera out never actors, it is not m tneir line. They are too tar from the natural expression of emotions and too near bunker Hill monument In Boston. The shadow oi the monument eeems to have prevented the sunlight from havicir any effect- But to return to the Ideals. Thev be- van their engagement under rather unfavorable circumstances. The proaraind annonneii that Tom Karl would elntc the part of Frederic, The eiatce manaifer came out he to re the perlormam-e hean and announced that Kir. Karl would nt slot: could not be found, we understood him to Bay and that Mr. Fessenden would take his place. It was also learned that Mr. 3Iyron Whtney has become ill. Be could not sine lu Harrifburicon Monday nit;bt and the physicians ordered hi Immeiiiate return to Boston. The announcement in mcard to Mr Karl wae not correct ior he waa not cajst (or Frederic at all. The rendennic ot tiie opera was catiifafttor'. The characters of Mabel, kldicarii and to.' ft were better than they have ever been jriven here, Mi.-a Marie ttone i a charming sinirer with a deliriously pure and sweet voice, tbat is mort perfect ly couiroitea ana cuiuvateii. Nhe ginif'' intelligently and like the arti?te that she is, A more thoroughly pleasing character tiiaa her Mabel would fe very hard to hod. She tan i the "Poor Wandering One" bo divinely titat the tloororthe house quivered with the stamping ol feet and the walls rang with the applam-e. Mi&S IMiillijn ui course gave an interpretation of Ruth euch aj wa.-: rew here, she ("ang the music superbly. Mr. Fmthingham made a great hit aa Fdirard. the Boliee Ser-teeant. and he sir it Hie two laioou.-u-onfUtbularv gomes in a way tliat wetiad not thought him capable ot. The "Is There Not One Maiden Here" wassuna: very sweetly by Mr. Kesseoden. but tee rest of his w-ork was not striking. Xlr. Macdooald wa? only fatr aa the pirate Chirf. Mx. Barnabee sang his music very well. The chorus is a strong one. To-niht "Picalore" will be given. The audience waa an esceed'niy large one. Olivette ' will be given at the maunee to-lay! OPEKA HOUSE "BOHEMIAS CTRL." The favorable impression created by Mies Ab bott on Monday night wan not les'ened by Iter iunsnnif last n.trnt. ai Arime wiewas pnghtiy vivacious and m her element. I he gyy giri tironahiT one ot the most laminar ot all oper atic charcters to Ptttihuivherc. hut Mifa Aitbott Uioroughfy tntereteti her audience borh bv her actinir and her sinking. the irrown stntntrer in tne part man cne wa? last !aon and iinr? it with greater dufh and bril- hancv of execution, ihenem oi trie oier waa her Blmcinte of "1 Hreamt that I dwelt In Marble Halls." which wat warmly received. Signor Brianoli also at peared to great advantaiee. He wars in greHt voice and was encouraged by the audience who appreciated his effort. Mis Maurel sang very finely ay the Gypsy Queen. Mr. Stoddard as the Tounf was very clever. ii in "Bean Jrfowetl i;own," was peauti- fully flume and he was encored three times. Mr. James was much better a Lfrvitek oof than he was in hi? tiret character. ine prison se-ne from "II Trovatore" was very fine iudeed. Mia Julie Kosewaid appeared for the hret time, and was a detided snecepfl as Isonora, whileStxnor Hrinnoli n -Son Ti Sector di Mi" was the best piece ot artiettc work that he uis Kiveu iiere. To-niaht is the onlr time ot Pant and Virginia. with the grand love duo. "Bv the air we breathe." and the areat shipwreck chorus. iuo uiaiiuee -aianiia win te sung. W. It. Storey's residence on Franktown avenue, tast V. d, w8 burlanxed la.t Sun1av nikht. A Pom ftou worth ol jewelry and slli ware was fto'en. Charles Maioy is cfiarged before Alderman Lreslie with entermic Mrs. . W tliiiins' house. corner of rorty-mnth and Butler Btreets. and stealing a uuia 11 amount of money and eome valuable oapera rie was nelrt lor a iiearine-. The office of Uu Barry it Haul's planina mill at tbe 'cot ot Forty -hrst street. J-wrencevlile, wm eniereu iy tnieves aiaiate nour on Motidav evening, whotneii to make olt with some tools. The watch man dibcovered them, however, and they tnavle a haty exit, dropping the tools in tiieir ii : Km. Samuel Mills will have a hearing on the 7th int. he lore Alderman Ca.ssi.iy on a charge d aecauiiaim naiLerv on m. m. Hrenan. The attention ul Aeot iK'&n of the Humane Sitcieiy. is directed u an outraeous piece of crueity perpetrate,! upon 'Squtre Caidy's little black and tau duif. "Ttnk." Some hooundrel maliciously sjueeiM him with a pair d ice tonus. The iron tufin deep tn the ammai s skin producing two gashes. -TmkM atlll lives but curlers intensely, and Alderman tssstdy would give nve dollars ui who uun uiin. RF.n.Bnos. roaches, rata, cats. mice. anta. &c.. clt-ared out by "Rough on Rata." I5c boxe atdruggiscs. Agency 4 Market Catarrh of th e Blardeb.-Stinging, suiartneMH. irritation of the urinary ii agw, di-iaseddirtcharges, care! by Buchu paiba. tl, al druggists. 4 market street. Do.v't forget that the Ouincy A. Scott dental rooms are at No. 276 Perm avenue. wjcond door troiu Ninth; and don't forget that tbe work here ia aiwaya well done at moderate) prices. smW The) MonanEalila City Harder. Mehech Hey wood and Wm. Berringer w taken to jail at Washington to-dy for trial a accefseries to tlie murder ot Thomas Forpythe by Jonas Heywood, It "a brought out before the coroner's jury that Me&hech had held ot For vthe wlitle Jonas was beating him, V hen Berrtiijfer wai arreted his iittie son clung tenaciously to him, er-vtr.g, "wme home tatlter. The father bid ihe chtld go home tot heftectined to be comforted and was allowed to accompany his lather to tne iock-u wnere ce tea Hieeii The little fellow was afterward removed to hts e. Jonai Uevwwd. ui murderer. 1- sull at liberty. Tbe Boiler Mai era fteniand. It is said that the boiler makers of tliis vicinity demand that their wages shall be regulated by a id tug scale, somewhat similar to those ot the puddlers. The holier makers demand that the wages now current shall prevail for one year. a shall also the computation of time forrepair jobs. night and Sunday work. Tbe rate of waifes at recent ranges treo vi ia to ao a oav, uie rate at which tiie greater nuinrer are paid ueing ri 3o. ft 8!- det-ided that tbe MMile shout! tf into effect yefcierday. and lite firms were noticed and reiueed tosigii uieacaie. Ir. Ifall a l.erHire. A large audience listened to the ad drew nl Kev. Dr. John Hall of New York, to the Stu dents ot the "Western Theolotctcal Seminary last night in the First Presbyterian 7fcurch. Hit subject was. tbe 'Sources of the Secondary Power In the Ministry. " He vaid that mintiter?! should be siraiKhttorwnrd, be K'K.d ercantxers and studenta oi maukind. kimmon nence if a itrea-t essential to minister. He told h to secure the love and Iriendship of eorm rela tion, and adviFt.f young cienrymcn to act witn great caution aod to make haste slowly. The lecture wu a very interesting oue. Smoke taooiner. 3Irs. In. E. Walton, the tnveator ol a smoke confuming apparatus which has been endorsed by eminent authorities of Europe, is stopping in Allegheny city. Mrs. w altun wa.- the successful cflmpetitorof Prof. Edison tn Inventing a device to deaden tlie noie on tbe New York Elevated railroad and sobio pnwninent men think her moke consumer a (tood invention, a oumoer 1 our leadiUK engineers have t:en invite! to make a critical examination oi the maenme. I'ay log Blot I latum. The following riot claims were paid yesterday Proctor l Oaiuble, ,57K 2i: James W.SIbiey Co..t;o: T. t. Srevenson. a-'T C6; Mercer 1'ottery C m pan v. $im 'Jt: Tlasn w PoU ory Comuanv. s;u 16: Wm. M. Bordte.bi; 12: Win. acnsmuair, tio iu; j. r.aenircyf wj, iu. Blum, $8 sl. All liberal-tDinded people are invifel U, mtwt in convention, at Turner Hail. Sixth avenue, ou Thursday, April 2l8t, at 8 o cloek t. M., tor the purpose ot enacting an orgatiization to carry out liberal princi ples in the conduct of out local and State Government?, and to advance measures looking to the adoption of liberal ideas aa tne groundwork ot onr legislation. By order 01 t see u live Committee, ap21-2t A Realization of Or eat Fx pedal Iouh. In the lanrefteam suar refinery ot IMPFsrs. McKean. Newhaii at Burie. on t:hurch Alley, I'hliadeipuia, Baf wwre iur iiiuny a uhv middle aed laborer, popular with his comrades. and iceneraiiy wen iiweu, uu v uuuut j. na' WDO JDVesteu QU uuiiar icKuirtnj iu a iia.ll ticket of the Iouisiana State JLoueiy, enciotftLg thn inonpv to M. A. HaUMlin. 10. ai IJroad wav New York tTitv. IS. Y.. or U) th same ir- son at New Orleans. Ca. He realired last month and got halt of the lid capital prize oi jiuiiuk. v no wm ue me ueat. w i w hvw . Where to tift '! Ienlal Work The old and reliable dental offices ot (htincv A. Scott have been removed U No. 27t Penn avenue, second door trom rinth street. sm&w Iniilrsttotta. I'or the thio Valley and Tennessee, fair weather, followed by Increasing cloadtnes. tow cr barom e tc, eateri j at i nd s staUuoary i er higher temperature Reports JFrom Vanean Section a. Al-Ril. IV, lSftl lo:48 I. M, tlatro Bar. 5f.9t: thcr T; clear. Chattanoo Bar. ther. elear. nclnnaU Har. 2 ther. r. fair tkdwnbu Bar 29 '.d ther. 5i;eody. lavenitort Bar : titer. cloudy. 1mer Kar. WVS: thr. clear. Ivd Moines Br. iv.Hi; tiier. &&; clear. lKMtg- t:ty Bar, 'J so: thr. es; clear. tort i iioson Bar. mi ther. 7: ciuudy, lndtaaa)ull Bar. ti wo: ther U; fair. Keokua Bar. sw; tnr. ie: tair. Leavenworth Bar. 'JM HS; ther. &; clear. I,ittle Kook Bar. ther 74: clear, ljouisviiifr Bar. "it 7; ther. U; cttmdy. Memphis Bar. 3 vi: ther. 74: clear. Naahville Bar. ju.'Jix ther. 7; hazy. iaha Bar. ther. UV: etuudy. Piwiie Bar. 'w.7k: ther. 44; eiear. Ptttstiurnh Bar. t 4: ther. fc: clear. Sail Iakef.'ity Bar. ther. S; cear. San r raociyi Bar. ther. th: clear. Shreveprt Bar. 'is: ther. 7s: fair. pnr.iDeia ar. tner. ciear. St. Ioui Bar. 2 v: ther. 46: cler. VickstHinc Bar. ther. 7& f ier. UiQemuvca Bar. ai.u; thar. iair. The Kt vera. The stage ol water ia the Moeongabela rtvar last evening waa ten feel aud failing. Business ver' brisk. I The steamer Pittsburgh departed last evening turSt. I-ouis, and tiie Hudson arrived from Cincinnati. The Montana from Bt, L-outs isdua to day. The to w boat Rover Is on her way en with : empties. Mie repaired her drums at Cincinnati. A t!ir ! ulk arain baTee was launhM vester- rtav at 'Sewtcklev, It i'fr the Missiipt i Val ley I'rsniortatloo Compauv, and will bear grain. .0o buheif at a trip, between !st. Louie aud .f t irieans CnnMderahle !-ol is waiting forthe arrtral of towttt.T9 Inm below. To-flay the Ale Swift will leave with 14 barge.". Iks oi buftelt; and the I. N. Ph'.ilip- wiih 10 barges. boat and i tu"l boats. -tt.OA'O hupbeii. camain .!'?- WtUiaais i at ijoulsvtlle. look- Ing atter the ill-fated .Kine A. Biackmore. He vipite-i the wretk and found lour feet of water in her hold, and her lartoard side o stve up that It I? rtftihtfut if bulk head would be of advantage. She is lay in bead up stream, with noiug in bitK ah'ive water. Tfiere Is a barge alongside, taking otf such things at stuck to her in her tumbles. Captain Al Burrfss of the diving eorpsi, aiao airrived and went down to see the uoaL, BI KNISO Or TBS WHKL&&5. Savawkah. Ua., April l1 The steamer W. X- Wbeless, with her entire cargo of freight, was destroyed by fire at six o'clock this morning. The tire originated In the after part of the eabia, and in forty minutes the Yesei was a total lost. No lives were lost, but Pilot Ed. Turner jumped frm the wheel houweaed broke hiilcK. Nothing was saved. Eery thing destroyed. The dock and wharf are ai(( rone. Nhe drtHed down the . er and set tire to the schooner Walton, which was partly burned. The Wireless was a stood boat, and was built at Pittsburgh, at a cot ot abttut f;i0,to. The value of the freight aua other property dertrr-yed cannot arrived at. tine w neie was namat ruwQTvn nv t;t- tain James Kees tor the Merchants' ami Planters' Steamboat Lane of -avannah. ira., and compietPl in ticuioer. lfi'vi. ne was a haml-S(.aijy brushed ide wheel steamer, 18 teet hmg, teet team. and fi Uot hold. She had three ixiler twenty-two feet ltn and forty-two Inches in diameter, with ten flues. Her cylinders were njiteeu lot'he in diameter aitd seven t stroke, t aptam W. J. UitiwQ was her (inlander. Slie reacriful her ilestinatton Tia ; MissiMSippt and Ui Ehjrida Keyn Ihe W heie;.? w;u-- valued at .v.'j and injured for i0.oju m -incinuati companies Her detruc- n win uronarny give a nttsounrh firm the ob ol huiidiug a.tKiat to tfee her place. En. Pobt.j jtiMpaicnea. WHmisa, April lw. Kiv-er 1& feet 4 Inches ad lalitng. iHLOiTv. April 15 River 8 feet and risinir. Cloudy and mild. Parkers Iakimsu, April ly. Kiver a teet tnidict and riciog. t iear and warm. HiwwMKViut. Aii'it lu. Kiver 8 feet :i Inches and ialliug. r air. Thermometer t& dcirrec). liu e h Usuisd, April fc, Hirer 8 feet 3 incites aud tailing. Clear. Thermometer decree?. Oaiko, April v. ArrWed Paclhc, St. lxuin. 1P.M.; Wui Kyle. New Orleans it; John b! 3laude, lemi.his. 5; TboS. Meaiiy. St. imin it Jjfparted Hick ulton. thio. 2 P M- kvi Oiocinnati. 6: John B. ilaade. ,St. J-oui. ti. Kiver4d loot i men ami nsicit. Weather Thermometer 7 degrees. IX KW 'KLKANS. Alrll li.-, A IT vedH unn Krauk. Memphis: J. s. M-Lfonald, coal tow", Kouisville. iiejuirted Pans C. Brown. Cincinnati: aiollie Mfore, St. JjOUhj. Weather clur and warmer. Therm-'Uieter W. Mkmphis. April lu Kiver rose 5 Inches. Tieparted Charles Morgau, Cincinnati: Jack Frost, New OrleanB; Vugie Lee, Cincinnati, Weather warm. Vu-KiiBritt, April in Weather talr and warm Thermometer Ht. Cp Thomas Sherlock. Belle of Memphis. Dowq j. JU. White, Mary HoUaton. NaU-hez. Nashville. Tens.. April 18. Kiver falling; 2f.t ieet on should. Arnved Cook, Evansvlile; Throop, Kvansville. Iocihvillb. Kv., April 19. Kiver falling; 15 teet 7 I (.cues in canal; weather cloudy and wnrrn. B. B. llrevol, Vevay to Vevay; Carrier. Pit .sburgb Ui SL lAiui: J. O. Nixon and tow, from Cair..; B. I. Wood and tow. Pittsburgh and retun: The '. Eekert lias gone down to the wrecked Jas. A. Blackmore; Silver Cloud, Ten-ueee river to Cincinnati. KviNsviuu. April is. Arrived Jaa. (ruthiro Hp. M.: Ben. Eraokliu, 6. le parted Jno. S Hopkiiig, Carlo. 4 P. M.: Clyde, Florence, 5; t futhne, Ixiuisville. 6: Fntnktm, Cincinnati. 7. t 'lear. wind north aud stationary. Kiver 34 teet S inches. Cini lNNATi, April IS. River 38 feet and falling rapidly. Weather fuir and wnrih,.r ii. .rted st. Lawrence, WheeMnir: U.K.Snrlmrer JAS. 1. WALLACE, ! 75 Wood Street. j UOMI'l.kTE t.lK (if Paper Hangings, i ill, UKAMf.S nj J-I.H'14. Plain and Fancy Window Slial's, Dt'Alt FINISH Mitl.I.ANIrs. I.At KS, STRICTLY CASK AND TUE VtUiY LOWEST PK1CES! S()UIl I.r.AlHKK BOOTS and SHOES WHOT-ESAl.E ANT) KKTAiU W. IVL LAIIU), Sl DIAMOND STREET, Below WoeA. Secf.&d She- Hu from tiie Market B lure ? u art ' '21 ! v..u t-v, ii.:,;ra can L-ay in ijuant-iiuf t-.t. lrf,-i.era aaie prsoe. le'-eod. JOHV A- FXL4-KR X ,Jf. (VWN1)A V. April I, one week en!y oi USt HA i ABBOTT ; .rud Opera at 1 healrli ul Pric. Elegant novelties in Getts' Neckwear, Gents' Dres3 Shirts and seasonable Underwear. Prices always the lowest. I DANZIG-BB'S. SIDCIA-L I3A.RaISrS IN Iallra' Mnilln I ndf rKBrmenli. Ijmt asil l.iKl l brrad (ilnven. Infanta' ( loabi. I.aaica MiNsa, an it ilitldrene; CliIldren'H Fmlinddcrfd IVrraaea : NtiAew. InlDta KoImi a I, we 4 ap, Iktjiea tirnla mat 4 b 11 are-n'a Honlfry. Ladli'M1 w raieri and Aprom. tients' e K Wear, tirnl' lren hirt. -fat' ( ullars and Cnir. M.wn'fn ftul l.ttihrotdertm. Itoya htklrt W wiwta. DANZIQBR'S. i SPECIAL IJVIKIA I NTS I N BELOW we give you a few prices of our many goods. WE HAVE THEM ALL IN S10GK. and prices which will Please the Careful, Delight the Economical and make other storekeepers quake with fear. MEN'S DEPARTMENT. Men's ''Empire" Casj-irnere Suits, the latent goods out. 7 o. Men's txtra Fine Imported Chevtot, Piatro-nil. Trtco, Knglish Caimera Suite, t& 20 to IIS. worth douhle, which for style, tit, eiegance and quality ot trimming are unequalled. Men's Siiiirlc Ctuts, lined, II 15. Men"? Serviceable Suits, well made. 2 SO. MenChevlotSmt?,M 20. ; Men's I M aeon a i Suits. S SO. Men's Light and lirab Color Plaid Suit?, : o. ilen ? tirey Cassiiaere SuiU, in various Fhadef. 13 SO. Men's Basket Worsted Suits, $6 4. BOYS' AXD CIIILDKEN'S DEPAIITMENT. f'hildren'g B'ue Blouse 2-pieoe Suit, 9Hc j Children"? "Fine I re? Suit? ot Imported Trt-Ctiildreo'a Cmon Cs8iiar Suits, 1 0 I co. Crepes or Wflrctede with silk poeket? heauti-Chiliiren's Worrtd Sutts. 1 73. 1 fully made and trimmed. 3 4tS M. Children's Imported Casimere Suits, In hlue, ( brown, checker er Iicht ordor. $3 IV i ;-atM I alaunUrff ft fthlrf. ktBti1 Horklng fthlr(. t.rnf' Suuiinr I udrrwf ar. 9alrhrla. ailkr and Kaga l,adl Uhlff Shirt a. re(. 9lliPttnl Ctiildrrik'a Hosiery. Whan aud I rtasei. W bate everyUiloie aa In trorhrt, Je. Cat time re and Illaoilaatetf ;imp, t'rlnieea aod Ornament. aod waay ra'laalv vtylev ta tw to tnmlrh. AIno a fall avaortuieiit of novelties la Button. BitlMtw. Elr. WFINFDAY MnM'E. " M AKTH A.' Komewald. .la tne. Foi-ie and Hr-arnwU. WEDNP.sDAY fr'r;Mrf-by genera! re- ' q aeet ( in y Umv o tte -rand tiouiaetic pera. VA VI AND V1KJIMA. " Rowalc. Ma ore!. Mrddard and Ca'le. THt'KSpAY-Kram At i--Tt Hnefit, ilreat i inpiesiu, n aware a KOU14UUC L'ttTa, "MAKITANA." Ahfwjtt. Maortl. Moddard, ,Tamf bij.1 Casfin T1m -Mad sseene" from -itaa.iet," J I l,t KtfeKWAhU a 'Upteiia;M aud Sugn-r Jtng- Cil '-tJUOtl-Hlfi swr-fciut-AKi.; FBIIjAY Abtxjtt'a dri't appearanoa in -uaiic t.Jpera Auher's cparkltug wrk, "FKA IHAVt I.ff." Al'tniU. Maurel, !i'ddard. Jau.ci and t asi'.e SATI'KIM Y Al'hott Matinee "Knieii and 3u(it.'' AhCott aud t alie as Koujco Juliet. Saturday Night Tbe new brilliant 3om tpera, "MKHKY WIVES (F WINnsOK ' June Kcwewald tn her great mle and ti.e .-rtire Couifiany. ap- i;in'll AYI1M E LVt'M'H- ATK1L .1 SA, 2t k SO. Prof. Kitiaho A- I'wxtor. me eiainem Konlih AmiiotiT, remrtiing Irom Australia lo L.)dt.D, wUt une lb roe leo- tures ai Hie r iHti Avenue a.- u'u April art Hirth and le'ith nt Wi.rM A prtl 1A "Th un and Hie l-e'iow ;in5. the Slara." April Vtt-ne Moon A lca.t World.' All three lecturest itu.rnr'.I t.y meiiti.- "t the oxy-hy.fn.tren lantern. Omr tick etc. with re perv4 lente. ft . rrtucie reaerved feat tu kct 7ac. Uentrai a lioiiun ,Oo, l icked uo aie atA.C. Hunker , rur Filth avenue and W-1 street, v. edutwday, Apnl '2. (api-7 HAVANA CIGARS DIRECT IMPORTATION. Jut received, of onr nwn Utirortat1"n, COVE KKAKliS UF iiu im in; ins. Domestic Havana Cigars, AU New tJr.p Tohaeco. THE CF.1.EHK ATi,l cut": NEW ORLEANS CIGAR, Maie Irotu choicestleaf. and aii elegant Smoking 4 'mar. Will he receiving regular tuil linoot Favorite rtrariiif. to winch we invite tiie atteution ii Buiokem. REYMER & BROS., Our Serial Ollei ins; of LACES AM) EM BliOf DERIES ill Ih rout inui't, and our jtatrous will have the jirivilije of jtro-furiii'4 15 VKIi.VINS iu tliis depsirttnent for tta days longer. OUR SHOE DEPARTMENT "Will repay a via t. Ladies will find that tiey can purchase from ut any and all of the Fine Grades of Shoes at about one-half the prices they have to pay for the same poods elsewhere. All "ur l.adie-t', M ;p5e"anu Children" Shoes a;a wrrabted. M!LLIER. We Desire to Call Special Attention to Our IMMENSE LISE OF CONFIRMATION SUITS kuys' tuod buita. 39. . Boys' Worsted Suit. (2 2ft. . Boys Cawtmer or heriot Smts ia light or (Sara colore. f2 59 to M 20. j Boys Ejcotch Cheviot Suita, handsomely made and trimmed, 3 4t$3 2ft. ' Boys' Imported Cassitnere Snits, J4 90 to $7 6. Boys' Fine lire? oiu in estru hna Worsteds, Trico, Diagonal. Pifjue or Serge handpomeiy gotten up with silt Jactnsa, 5 iM U $10 20. Bnys Single Jacaets. S3-?.. Boy?' Single Pant? t Child 6 Single 1'ai.U, a3. Pants Department. In wiiicor Si.rirut Buttoiur of which we hve Men'! Cheviot PM?.71?. ..r .KM .lilfwcnt nvla. ! Mca-5 Worsted Pntf. S3-. lir,- 1- xtr. Kln Itws PanU In Imtwrted I Men s Vniun Oas.-lmere l'ants. it 2. Cmlsof Wortd. Kasltet. UloUl or I'assiiuere, Men s Cawlmcre InaKouil or sitotcri Cherto lrc.m 2 SO to W Pant in light or dark &h.1. l H to 3 1 Aa immatM S:ook of Strav Hat. Chips. Eongb and 'Ready, Tajcam, Leghorns, Forespicea in all shapes and colors. Children's Trimmed Hats in all the Leading- and most becoming Shapes. FLOWERS. We have just imported a full line of Fruit Sprays, Silk Aster Wreaths. Steel and Gold Montures, Daisies, Poppies and Hoses of Finest Quality at surprisingly low prices. TORnniED hits. Among other bargains this week wa are offering : Fine Tuscan and Lace Braid Hats, in all leading shapes. Fine White and Black Hough and Ready Flats. Fine Leghorn Flats. Genuine French black chip Ha s, fine Quality. FEATHERS. Ostrich. Tips and Flumes, in Ombre and other equally Fashionable Colors, in immense and captivating assortment. RlllliOM We aolicit a special examination of , our present stock of Ribbons, comprising ; ail the latest Spring Kovilties in Domes- ' j tic and Imported Goods in medium to the ! i finest all Silk Qualities. Ombres, Baya-' dere Stripes, Colored and Bla k Damasse : : Eibbons. I j A full line of Ombre Satins.Silk Nets. ! I and other choi nov, lties, most desira- ; I ! ble for Trimmings. Prices tlways : : t rieht. ! i 124, 126 N1 1SS WOOD PITTSBUKUH, PA. ST. ew trleanp. Alpha Alta liechtal itelcher Hept sl Belcher.. Bodle Bullion Bulwer California..... Ohollar Uona VtrRinla., Ilrown Point....... i'ureka Cons Lzcheo uer. . . llolden Terra... BIBS AltKBI. Saw Framoisco, . hy, M eitcan . 4 lono -... . -K i Noonaay Northern Bell 'Jphlr )ra iverman. . . Potosl i.: Savage J-sj Sierra Nevada..... "liver itlng i ipiop t'liiou Con. Wales., Yellow Jacket 30 1. April 19. Vi -iti 18 14' 4 DKEKA Fine Stationery U limm Hokh New and Artistic Ueeinns tn ILLUMINATED STATIONERY Ut Exquisite Execution. MfM A1SU DISSEK CAR ON In exclusive styles. se29:eod. CHJ2STNTJT ST., PHIJA. Urani Prise. ,.13-ia.So Bulsrer Hale Jk Nrtrr.88. .. 7"t, Navaio ..... 1 IVIartin Wnite ;iod tjliuw... ...... lu DR. (JIIMY ... SCOTT'S DENTAL OFFICES, Have removed trom 7H Penn venue to tne commodious building next dor, INo. 276 Penn Ayenue, second door above lS'intn. lsA4 school mm for sale. The Board it Plrectrs nf the Monrintrnhela HtV SchfMl District, llffors filf .tlx llnn.lK ..f lh : Baid District, To the amount nf t (loll of ' nrinci- pal, witti semi annual interest coupons at mx ier cent, per annum attached, dated April IH, IHI. ant maturinit e;lttm from one tu twenty years. There nre sixtT ffiOj bunds in all ot fit; denomination of HM each. Tcesc t.ynds are Issued under the power conferred on the uium-i-pal autboritie ty act ot ihe H-enerai Assembly of PeiinpytvantH, approved )e euiher 2ih, lse-4. and afford the iJi,urtnriitv for the secure investment of money?. Rids for the whole amount ol these eecimttes will be received until Tl'KSDAY, tiie 3 J day ot MAY, at oeiv-cfe P. In., when Uiev win t,e dir?p,-etl oi to the lt and most favorable bidder. The succctul bidder to pny m addition, the a.-crurd intTot ruin April I. 1SHI, to date of delivery. The Hoard ' re.-ervir.K tne riht to rcjwt any or jiU hnU. Ail Ymu snouM Ite sealed and marked "liids lor Honda." Address. T. H. wlUJ AMS. Preenlr-ntot l-'inrf Hrd. 20-23ei2T. Monotifatieia Oity, 'a. M Sweet Potatoes, Pure Jersey, Onion Seta, (Seed Onions.) rTTi J OTT TTTTITi I1 llULU tillU. OlllVJ!iXlj. Tew Maple Srp and Sti'jar. Tbe Fall Eiver and Pittsbnrgb Mining Com pany oi voioraao. '.n(til t.MMM)iil OO: uon aso.-8able: 10 nar: market prioe a 8, baed on tbe actual value of tbe propert-es. lHKr.;iUlia .i. f. 'om. rnaiuent, rail Kiver, Mass.; James Allison, 1. 1J., Vice President: Hon. J. F. Uravo, W . H. Kevin, Iiuis Wlnaiis. of Fittsourgn; nev. m. r. Brown. Canongburi?; J. S. P. wlnans, tJolorado, t or inlormatlon, v;ircuiars, a.,aaare8e: W. Ii. N EVIN, or X.OU1S A. B- W1NANS, Sec. tL TTea. lieneral Agent. 67 Fourta Avenue, Plttaburgn, Pa, -feis-eodxm-trj. Xeto Dainf Jioll Jiutter. iresh Hen, Oooxe t lmek EyJ-Potatoes, Onion n, Apple") 't'-'- SOMERS, BROTHER & CO., WHOLESALE PRODUCE, 211 Liberty Street. Ashton's K.wtory Filled Salt, Butter Tabs, Efor oases, Wrre uoops. mnla. -II-.. .1 t .. ... ......, rVon.ll!M 111 Tt-1111- l v ilvr ai.MI Ml w lliu il nut iirvMii imriiL ui .. ..... .... , ( linns Silks, all Shades: Surah Silks, Satins, at prices that defy competition. D ANZIGER'S. gifOur Special Hosiery Sale will he continued ten days longer, j We have just added a full line of regular made Children's Hosiery, 1 in all desirable colors, at 39 TENTS A PAIR, a bargain never before f iffered in Pittsburgh. We ask an inspection of these goods, confident 2 hat our patroiis will agree with onr assertion that it is the best value ever offered in this city for the money. " These goods cannot be duplicated at the price, and we would advise our customers to call early, as they are rapidly selling, D ANZ IGER'S. S Nos. 78 and 80 Market Street, No. 59 Fourth Avenue. Kilt and Sailor Suits a Specialty. OYER 500 STYLES TO SELECT FROM. HAT AND CAP DEPARTMENT. Men's (rood Hats. 29c Men's Oood I.lht Saxony Wool Hats, 4"ic Men's Fur Haw, 7Sc. Men's Oood Stltt Hats 4c Mel's Oood.Foi Hats. o. Men's Serare Caps. I le. Men's Basket Worsted Cap? lc Men's Fine Silk Hats, il 7, Boys' t'adet Caps, I4c. Boys' Serge Cap?. tc. Boys' Worsted Cap?. ITc. Boys' tiood Hats, 21c. Boys' llress Hats. 34c. Boys' Good KtitJ Hats, 41 Children's Fancy vasiinere "p?, un '; new. 69c. Children's Fanionableliats,:ancy bands, 990. FURXISIUXG GOODS DEPARTMENT. Men's Colored Undershirt, 19c. Men's Jsunineer Merino StalrU or Drawers, 24c. Men's Chertnt Worklnix Shirts. I9e. Men's Calko Dre Shirts, 2 c -IUrs. 3fic. Men's Percale Press Siiiru, 2 collari, extra. make. 9& Men's White lref Shirts, 2 eolUrs. 44c. Men's I" Ine White Shirt, linen bosoma, 57s. Men ? Pancjr Fiaured Satin Ties. 14 Men's l-'anry Ktvured Satin Scarfs, 24c; 250 (nit terns to select from. Men's Good Sn?jn?cters. 3v Men's Pallev Su(.-eniers, 21c. Men's L.inen Collars. o. Men's Paper UollArF, 6c per Box. Men's Pine Cambric Kant-kerchiefs, fancy borlcrs, 4c. Boys' Cam tne Waist?. 21c. Boys' White Waiyts. 46c Stik Handkerchiern. y -. Boys White and Fancy Shirts a Fpeeialty. men s tint i.ite inreaa injve, k-c. Shawl Straps, lc. an'i-2a In "our Custom Department wc open witli a stock of Suitings and Trowscrings w hich we propose to make Worthy of the City of Pittsburgh. We employ will-' ins: but first class Cutters and Tailors and Guarantee a Perfect Fit. - - ; All Wool Pants to Order, $3 40. All Wool Suits to Order 812 SO. This department is under the supervision of the well known Cutter, Mr. Joseph 1L Orr. Rules for self measurement, samples and fashion plate mailed free on application to any address, irrespective of distance. DON'T FORGET THE PLACE: S. Cohen &d Go., 52-5-56-58-60 MARKET ST. CORNER THIRD AVENUE. 5 Immense Stores in 1. Flcase bear in mind we advertise FACTS 0XLY. All goods guaranteed as represented or money cheerfully refunded. All orders by, mail promptly attended to. $100 reward in every case wherein we fail to do as we advertise. "'e are, Very Respectfully, S. COHEN & 00., 52, 54, 56, 58 & 60 MARKET .STREET, COR. THIRD AVEBiUE, 5 IMMENSE STORES IUST 1 tSTOtir Principles of Business are to'.Gire Full.Vttluc and Entire Sat Lsj act ton. ITap

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