Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 22, 1932 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, September 22, 1932
Page 3
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FOR DIPHTHERIA Wesley, Se'tot.' ' ao—ImmUnlzation lldfert against diphtheria may. done at eltheV'st. Jbseph's school \ M Wesley 'public schools, the lo-> Study club having arranged h t)ie state department of health " enough toxin-antitoxin. Doctor I ms will administer the • toxln- at both schools on three •s, September 28 and Oo-. 6 42. ' Three treatments are wry There are no ill re- u a* there are from vaccination smallpox, and immunization lasts ttte Children from 'nine months high-school are eligible. Ions must be' made to the 15'Father Wessllng or Supt. i before next Monday noon. «,. nn^ charge W 5»c for the doc- J the day ° f flrst_lnoculatlon. it Team Win Twice— aat week, Tuesday our high M l team went'to Whlttemore, *,„ our team won the game, 9-2. ur boys went without any prac- but played a pretty good game eierthelees. Friday we went to • O aen and were again victorious, gating the Wodenteam 8-1. John roellch and Joseph Ormsby got me runs. Together they got nine t! woden got only two, both of 'bich wei-fi "flukes." This Week Fri- y we go to Corwlth. hnrch Conference > Held Here— The seml-a'nnuai conference of i» .Evangelical Free Church asso- itlon will meet in the local Con- •egatlonal church' this week. Seri will begin this week Thursday and continue over next unday. The district includes m, Minnesota, the:Dakotas, Wis- n, Illinois, and Michigan. Mln iters of various 'churches within the strict .will be speakers. Mil Mother Entertains Family- Mr, and Mrs. Frank Llndemeyer, [ammoml, : Ind., visited from last eek Monday 'evening to Thursday ith hia mother, Mrs. Mary Goetz uesday the visitors, with Mrs oetz and her household visited ie West Bend grotto. Last week Pednesday evening Mrs. Goetz en- irtalned 29 of the second genera- Ion, Including , the Llndemeyers honor of the visitors. otter}' Plant Sends Exhibit— The Study club meeting last hursday at Mre. Amesbury's prov- l interesting. The lesson was basil on an exhibit of pottery sent out y the Van Briggle Art company, of lolorado Springs. The accompany- lecture was read by Mrs. E. R. wanson. -She was able to add in- eresting items, haying visited this ottery plant a few years ago. [rs, lander Heturns Home— The Karl Lander family moved ist week into the Brewster house east Wesley. Mrs. Lander was rought home Sunday from Kossuth ospltal, where ' she underwent an peratlon for gallstones. Her daugh- er, Viva Duvall, formerly Mason llty, has been here since Mre. Laner was first taken sick in the pring. Fwley Woman Loses Father— Mr. Smith, father of Mrs. Leo fetch, died at his home in Goodell Mday, Funeral services were held Goodell Monday morning. Mr, mith had suffered from pernicious nemla. He was about 65 at death, Irs. Blelch had spent, much time 1th her father since, his final ill- ess began a week or two ago. Ichlgan AVoman Visits Father— The Lester Leases left last week r ednesday morning • for Battle Ireek, Mich., and'returned Sunday, Inglng with them Lester's sister, re. Rufus Johnson, who will re- iafn indefinitely with: her father, I. !. Lease. Mr. Lease has been conned to his bed for weeks, suffering om the Infirmities of age. octor lease to Speak— The Methodist Aid meete next 'eek Wednesday with Mrs. B. R. ivanson, Mrs^ Welter assisting, 'octor Lease, district superintend- it, will preach at the Methodist lurch next Sunday evening. The ev. Mr. McNulty baptized the in- nt children of Supt, Swaneon and "111 Eden Sunday. St. Joe, Sept. 20—An exciting ball game took place on tho local diamond Sunday between Whlttemore and the St. .Too Alloy Rats. The game was rather one-sided, with a score ot 10-2, till the sixth Inning, when the Alley Rats began working harder. Then tho .score bc K an creeping up till it reached a tie of 11-11 In the first half oC the ninth In the last half, with a man on second, Eugono Thul knocked a two- bagger, which defeated Whlttemore, 12-11. BattorloB: Alley Rats, Raymond Kramer, Orville Wagner Ku- gene Thul; Whlttemore, C. Elbert A. Elbert, and Flsch. Umpires- George Elbert, Whlttemore, John B Reding, St. Joe. Contractors' Outfit Is Moved— The contractors who are straightening curves and dcfing fllling-ln of tho new route of No. 169, have moved their outfit of caterpillar tractors, dump wagons, etc., from where they were working two miles south of St. Joe to a point two miles north of St. Joe. The work seems to be progressing rapidly. Storm Damages High linos- John Lamen, Bode electrician, was called Sunday to repair tho high line at the John Berte farm. There was an electrical stoi-m Saturday night which did much damage to the high line. A Rolfe electrician was called to another part to repair a different line. Contractor's Tools Arc- Stolen— Mr. 'Flowers, contractor, at Eagle Grove for brldgework in this vicinity on Highway 169, reports the loss of, approximately $150 worth of tools stolen Friday night from a point two miles south of St. Joe where he is putting in a new bridge. Other St. Joe. Sexton,- had been employed there several weeks. The couple were attended by Lu Verne Hoover and Lucille Mick, Brltt, who accompanied Mr. Bailey to Denver. Neighbors . Boy Doing- Well— , Edward Kunz, Madison, Wls., for- ierty Wesley, -spent the week-end Ith local relatives, fie had been wployed six weeks by the state «r board, at Des Moines, On his 'turn to Madison lie was to enter •> university for his senior 'year. Fesleyans at Anniversary Program some families,belonging to the Ml Congregational church went to uitalo Center Sunday to attend, a ifvlce commemorating the 40th an- iversary O f the Buffalo Center Con- regational church, 1 Carrier Atte»4i Picnic— ie Vee MuHinv family attended a ™ie for mail carriers of the eighth Wet Sunday at Twin Lakes state WK , Calhoun county, |se M'ffl Give Playw- 'he Royal Neighbors 'are working a play to be given at the lodge 1 Thursday, October 6, »" Sick WUh^lu—, George Hauptman"* Is very s » 'or Wesley * 8 ° w »s b 8 °? w »s born Friday night to s> Q e°*ire ..VUsthum. Mrs nurse. , Belonging %o the local U pnal <*V«* attended Home services at the Upper ^' eome ln the WOrning. in the afternoon, and stm in the evening. Wod,en, spent Sun- gh ^f' *%**• Vincent W*\* t9 $ee (Nancy recoyerfei|r froni meae- Pfe£*ith,feta ** >'?&V _ Rats Come From Behind to Win Game COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA FENTONWINS, 14-13, FROM WUITTEMORE •Fenton, Sept. 20 — Fenton and Whittemore baseball teams played the third game at Fenton Sunday, Fenton winning 14-13 in 11 innings. It was a drawn-out affair, but a good game to watch. D. Henrlek- son, former Fenton 'pitcher, pitched fpr Whlttemore, and Mlttag did the pitching for Fenton. There were numerous errors on both sides,' and a score was made in all but two innings, Whlttemore scored three in the first inning, and iFenton made four in the first. The lead changed three or four times during the game. Whittemore tied the score in the ninth inning. Neither team scored in the tenth but Whittemore scored two in the eleventh, and Fenton scored three to end the game. First r.-T. A. Meeting is Held— The first 'P.-T. A. meeting of the year was held last week Tuesday night in the high school auditorium with a good attendance. The program was: Primary songs, Margaret Relmers, violin duet, Hazel Weisbrod and Harold Newel, piano accompaniment, Virginia Frank; address, Procedure of State Legislature, Senator George Patterson, of Burt; vocal duet, Meedames W. P. Welsbrod, Elmer Weisbrod, piano accompaniment, Verona Welsbrod; community singing, led by Esther Smith. A membership fee of 15 cents per person will be charged this year, and light refreshments served after the business session. Woman's Club Opens Tfew Tear— The Woman's club held its first meeting of the club year at William Miller's last week Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. E. W\ Ruske was assistant hostess. Eighteen members were present. Response to roll call was what I would do if I were to change my vocation. An elective program was given, each member citing an Item of current interest or a musical selection. Mrs. George Boettcher became a new member of the club. Mrs. Mary Ha'rsch was a guest' of the club. Teachers and Students Home—. Among out-of-town teachers and •students who spent the week-end at home were Irene Newel, teacher from Belmond, at the parental J. F. Newel's; Frances Bailey, and friend Lucille Nelson, teachers of Britt, at the Frank Bailey's; Edith Laage, teacher, and Karl Schwartz, a stu " dent of Cedar Rapids, at the C. F. Laage and J. A. Schwartz's; and Elvira Krause, teacher at Garner. Play at Church Is Success— The play, Janey, was presented by Marjorle Bailey, Ruth Glaus, Lllas Boevers, Margaret Stephehson, and Donna Jean Bailey, five of the Standard Bearer members, Sunday evening In the church auditorium. The girls were complimented on their success. Baymond Relmers Has Birthday— The H. E. Reimers entertained Sunday in honor of their son' Raymond, who celebrated his birthday anniversary. Guests were the Raymond Relmers, of Rlngsted, the Archie Volghts, of Whlttemore, Edward Tietz and two sons. ttend Surprise Party— The B. C. Weisbrods, the H. B. Relmers, F. H. Bohns, and O. H. Grahams 'we're guests at a surprise party at William Boettqher's in Burt in honor of Mr. Boettcher's birth- <3ay * -Former Fenton Girl Mother— TV* was born. to Mr and^Mrs. RusseVchtem, of Montevideo, Minn., September: 3. Mrs. Chlsm was for- nwrly Helena Melr. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WUUam Melr- . . _ e g band payed here week Wednesday tffftfc Satur- night the local band played to id other friends gathered at Henry Bailey's Saturday night to charivari the ncwlyweds. The bridegroom promised the crowd a dance soon. Barney Lentsch, of Clare, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Kram- nr, St. Joe, took Mrs. Lentsch, mother of Barney and Mrs. Kramer, to her home at Wlnfrled, S. D.. last week Monday, re-turning last Thursday. Louis 'Fuhrman, accompanied by .Tne. Fuhrman and Laurence Thilges, St. Joe, and Andy Johnson, Bode, drove to Davenport last week Wednesday on a business mission. The George Balks, Matt Balk, and Wilbur Balk, all of L e Seuer, Minn., were recent guests o£ Mrs. George Balk's sister, Mrs. Edw. Hammer. The W. C. Taylors spent Sunday with the Henry Gerdes family, near Titonka. The two families are former neighbors near Des Molnes. A number of young people here attended a Miller 'Elbert wedding dance last week Wednesday night at the I. O. O. F. hall, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Haus, of New Hampton, and a small daughter spent Sunday with ' Mrs. Haus's cousin, Susan Naber. Jacob Dieter, Wheaton, is spending a short time with relatives here. He came last week to attend the Becker-Thul wedding. A new furnace has been purchased from the Campbell company, of Des Moines, for the church, and Is to be Installed this week. Mrs. Anton Wilmes returned' to her home at Bancroft last week Wednesday after a few days at George Thul's. Air. and Mrs. Harold Thul, newlyweds, left last Thursday morning for a short wedding trip in Minnesota. Genevieve Gisch is helping with household duties at V. V. Vought's. Mre. Vought is boarding bridge men. Viola and Alice Phillips left Saturday ' evening for their home at Claremont, Minn. There was a thresher's/meeting Sunday evening at Charles Plathe's EX-ALGONIAN HAD 2 RACE HORSES_AUpSSUTH FAIR Dr. F. W. Cairy, veterinarian and former Algonian who has for many years been connected with a serum manufacturing company at • Sioux City, maintains a small racing stable, and two running horses which he owns were entered in events at the recent county fair here. They were not under his control, however, having been leased for the season One of them won a 1 first and a third, and the other won a second. The doctor was on • the grounds to see them in action. rived home Sunday evening. He left for Minneapolis Monday morning to check in for the season, and was accompanied by his brother Raymond, who will return the fore part of the week. Wilfred will remain there to look for work. The Independence Woman's Farm Bureau meeting was held- last week Wednesday afternoon at Mrs. A. H Meyers. The lesson was on rug making and was demonstrated by Mrs. Otto Hansen. " The Elmer Weisbrods had as guests 'Sunday, the Arthur Schoen- wettere, and a Mr. Meyer, of Garner, the E. A. Weisbrods, Mrs. Ursula Welsbrod a'nd Mrs. Mary Kohl- etedt. The W. F. M. 'S. will hold'a special meeting In the church parlor this Thursday afternoon to elect a deelgate and alternate to the convention soon to be held in Sioux City. Iva Welsbrod left last week Tuesday for Tama, where she will be joined by another student and they will go to Washington, D. C., to attend a college for deaf this year. The L. J., Theodore, and Charles Weisbrods, Mrs. Viola Mitchell and children, Nettie Weisbrod and Gladys Welsbrod were entertained at John Wallace's Sunday.- Mrs. Le Roy Kerker and son Benson, of Benson, Minn., who are visiting relatives here, spent last week Tuesday with her sister, Mrs. Paul Saxton, of near Ringsted. Mrs. F. H. Eigler and Elsie Kohlwes returned home Sunday evening from Omaha, where they had.visited a few days with the former's sister, Mrs. Frank Hicks. The O. H. Grahams drove to Lakeview Sunday, and were joined • by relatives from Ames and Mondamln for a family picnic. The C. G. Humphreys attended a birthday anniversary party in honor of Mrs. G. M. Miller last week Tuesday at Ringsted. Mrs. H. E, Relmers, Mrs. Dorothy Gerhardt and Mrs. F. H. Bohn spent last week Tuesday visiting Beulah Larson at Burt. The Harry Klussee, of Peorla, came last week Wednesday for a short visit at the parental F, C. Kluss home. E. J. Newel, of Davenport, visited Fenton relatives and attended to business matters here last week Tuesday. . The John Landstelners, of Fair-; mont, visited Mrs. Landstelner's sister, Mrs. John Voettler, S,unday.. The John Ulfers spent Sunday with Mrs. Ulfer's parents, the .William Greenfields, at Irvlngton. Alice Glaus has left for Mankato, to take a business course in the Mankato commercial college. Arthur Kueoker left Tuesday for Ames to attend Iowa state college, taking up dairy industry. The W. B. Stoebers were entertained Sunday at" the Oliver Stoeber's in Armstrong. The Rev, J. T. Snyders enjoyed a visit from Mre. Snyder's brother, of Lake City, Sunday. ^ x Stanley Munch returned last week Tuesday from a visit with relatives in Fort Dodge. , Dr. John Sanftner returned Saturday from a fishing, trip in northern Minnesota. ( The Jessie Felkeys, of Haifa, were visitors at Philip Welsbrod's last week Tuesday. 'The Walter Sorensons, of Burt, were visitors at the Sam Warner's Sunday. • Some S<pasti, Sir! Bancroft, Sept 20 -m A^ .sguasft which weighs 81% pounds te on, display Jn the'window at the, 4. TWO TOWNSHIP F,B, MEETING AT BANCROFT Bancroft, Sept. 20—The regular monthly Farm Bureau meeting o£ the Greenwood-Ramsey townships was held Inst week Tuesday at the public school. Mrs. Leavorton, H. D. A., had charge. Beada Kollasch and Rae Koestler, of the Burt Lively League 4-H club, gave demonstrations on butch draw curtains. They represented Kossuth county at the state fair and won second place. The pastor of the Algona Lutheran church was the principal speaker. The Bancroft Busy Pals entertained with a pageant representing 1 six well known songs. Marjorle 'Foth, in costume, represented When You and I Were Young, Maggie; Helen 'Fox, The Old Oaken Bucket; Agnes Droessler, Annie Laurie; Careta Taylor, Juanita; Dorothy Mescher, Red Wing; and Mary Elaine Devine. School Days. Martha Mescher and Leone Droessler played the music. Wayne and Merle Miller and Edward Mescher were Introduced. The Miller boys won fourth and fifth In the judging contest, and Edward won first in showmanship with his calf at the fair. The meet- Ing closed with a number of selections by the Greenwood-Ramsey orchestra. Loses 41 rounds In Hospital— Mrs. Ed Droessler, son Joe and Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Droessler were at Rochester, Minn., Sunday, and visited Edw. Droessler, a patient at the Colonial hospital. Mr. Droessier went to Rochester September 1, and when he entered the hospital weighed 346 pounds. Sunday he weighed only 305 pounds. -He Is on a special diet. Mr. Droessler was -ill two weeks before he went to Rochester, and lost 17 pounds In those two weeks. R. E. Button. Tom Garry, Vlggo Christenson, Dr. Karl Hoffman and Dr. Weber also visited him Sunday. Foresters Tfame Sow Officers— Officers elected at the C. O. F. meeting at the Forester hall are: P. A. Lonergon, chief ranger;' Peter Kramer, vice chief ranger;' E. J. Schemmel, recording secretary; Charles Baker, financial secretary; Leo M. Saunders, treasurer; and A. H. Foth, speaker. A card party and dance will be held at the Forester hall next week Monday. This will be for the membership and their ladles. The parties held before advent will be public. Ten High Checks Listed— The. ten high cream checks at the Bancroft co-operative creamery for the last half of August are: Henry Lampe, '$37.22; F. H. Mescher, $36.64; H. G. Hamilton, $36.80; Anton Stork, $35.10; 'Peter Govern. $32.69; J. J. Nurre, $32.68; Clem Diers, $30.84; F. A. Fangman, i$30.34; William Goche, $30.69; and Leo Bernhard, $29.93. Sclilltzcg Hold Family Reunion— A family reunion was held Thursday evening at the M. (F. Schiltz home. Present were the Frank Foths, the A. W. and J. B. Schiltz families, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schiltz, of St. Louis, and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Droessler and , three children. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schiltz returned to St. Louis 'Friday after three weeks here with relatives. Begins 4th Year of Medicine— 'Ray Brink left Monday 1 for Omaha, where, he is a fourth year medical student at Crelghton college. This summer Ray was ei ployed at the 'Fred's Inn here. Seniors Initiate Freshmen- Bancroft high school seniors- entertained the other classes and faculty, at a party Thursday eyenlng, and freshman were initiated. Games were played. FINGERS GASHED AS NEW 6AS PUMP GLASS BREAKS Whlttemore, Sept, 20—Alfred Semon, who operates a Standard Oil company truck, suffered severe lacerated fingers on the right hand last weelc Tuesday evening. He was helping install a new gasoline pump at the Schmidt & Hayes garage when the glass globe on top broke in his hands. He was taken to Doctor McCreery's office, where the wounds were dressed. He suffered a considerable loss of blood, and for a few days Bert Shellmeyer drove the truck. • Sew Girl for Ben Lampes— Mr. and Mrs. 'Ben Lampe are parents of a girl born last week Wednesday morning. The Lampes have three other children, all boys. Tom Murphy to College— • Tom Murphy left Saturday for Iowa City to attend college the coming year. He Is the oldest son of Mr, and Mrs. Tom Murphy. Other Bancroft News. Frank Gal\ came from Rockford, III., Saturday and spent the weekend at the Mrs. P. Gllles home. Monday morning he and Mrs. Gall and daughter La Vonne returned to their home In Rockford. Mrs, Gall and daughter spent the week here. Mrs. Gall was formerly Myrtle Gll- les. ' Gladys Stebrltz, a student at the Hamilton Business college in Mason City, spent the week-end with her mother, - Jessie Stebrltz, and with her grandmother, Mrs. Hawks, in Lone Rock. Sunday Mrs. . Stebrltz, Katherine. and Mrs. Hawks took her back to Mason City. Joe Nurre Jr. went to Epworth, where he is a student at the St. Paul Mission school. This is a new school. Leo Nurre is in Pennsylvania visiting his brother John, who is employed as an aeroplane mechanic. < ' Mr, and Mrs, Wflbur Fox, her father Mike Rustemeler, and his mother, Mrs. Henry Fox, are visiting relatives m Springfield and Dwight, 111. Wilbur Is employed at the Murray elevator.. : Mrs. R, E, Burgess and two daughters have been here since Thursday visiting friends. The Burgess family -now lives -at .Benson, Minn. -They lived .here a couple of years ago., .Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stood, Mrs. Leo M, Saundere,,, j&nd Margaret Sohijtz were at Hunaboldt. -Friday evening attending the opening of an I. G. A. store. The J. L. Alvey family, o'f Colorado Springs, Col., is visiting at the Alvey" and Mrs. Sarah Trenary homes here. Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Schemmel and three children spent; Saturday and Sunday in Des Moines at Mrs. Joe Devlin's. • Charles Fas enjoyed a week's vacation from his duties at the Williams and Baker 'barber shop. William Sheridan, Sfeokuk attorney, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. B, Sheridan, ' Harold Ppblfljan.. high" school coach, spent the -Breekrejad with Ms jparenjts at M,ejvta. * The Henry e^teit? |a.mj(Jy, of 4f MUSIC GROUPS AT LU VERNE BEGIN STUDY Lu Verne, Sept. 20 — The high school musical organizations are beginning their year's work. Tryouts for the girls' glee club resulted In the following g(rls being chosen: First soprano—Vera Ramus, Ruth Lichty, Betty and Roberta Masterson, Gwenetha Jones, Maxlne Sidney, Doris Genrlch, and Yulahmae Murray; second soprano — Feme Barton, Dorothy Lund, Eileen and Benona Neal, Charlene Christenson. Dorothy Lundebak and Phyllis Lichty; alto—Armentha Johnson, Florence Thompson, Mary McClellan, Wilma Merkle and Eunice Frantz. The girls chose Fernie Barton for president, Dorothy Lindebak for secretary-treasurer, and Eileen Neal, librarian. A boy's sextette was organized with Byron Jones and Wesley Baddele, tenors, Verle Scribner and Wayne Lang, baritones, and Harold Lichty and Richard Nlver. basses. Mrs, Morrison is also training a grade girl's chorus, and a grade boy's chorus, composed of pupils of'the four upper grades. Club Enjoys Travelogs— The J. J. club met with Mrs. Harry Lichty Friday afternoon with 12 members and two guests, Mrs. B. Agard. Algona, and Mrs. J. V. Robinson, North Platte, Neb., present. Mrs. Will Heft! presided, and roll call was,, Places I Have Been. Mrs. Anna Schneider read a paper'on the Black Hills, and Mrs. Evelyn Sorenson conducted a social hour. Refreshments were served by the host- lleports Given Cemetery Assn.— The Cemetery association held its September meeting at the country home of Mrs. Wilson Legler, with 30 members and several guests present. The sexton reported completion of the year's work, and the treasurer gave a report showing that the financial obligations were paid.- The October meeting will be held at Mrs. Henry Peltzke's October 13. Festival Supper Draws Crowd — The Harvest Festival supper sponsored by the Presbyterian Aid at the hall Saturday night was well attended. The food was served in the old-fashioned way, all being placed on the table. The hall was decorated with baskets of flowers, pumpkins, cornstalks, etc. The Aid realized about $29 from the supper. Tuesday Club Starts Year— The .Tuesday club held the Initial meeting of the year last week Tuesday at Mrs. Albert Genrich's. There was a good attendance and roll call was answered by 'each giving her favorite adage. The president, Mrs. J. O. Marty, conducted a question box and there was group singing. Attend Ben-wick Club Meet — Mrs. Opal Morrison and Mrs. J. L. Lichty attended a, meeting of the Fortnightly club, of >Renwick, at Mrs. S. C. Mauer's last Thursday night. Mrs: Morrison taught in the Renwick .schools before coming to Lu Verne. Little Girl Under Knife— .Barbara Ann Blumer, 10-year-old daughter of the Henry T. Blumers, was taken to Fort Dodge last week Monday for an operation for appendicitis at the Mercy hospital. She is recovering. Good Will Club to Meet— The Good Will club will hold its next meeting next week Thursday at Mrs. Julius Stripling's. Mrs. Otto Ramus will be assistant hostess. Vernon Nine Is Defeated — The H, S. boys' baseball team defeated Vernon Friday 6-5. Other Lu Verne News. Mr. and Mrs. Dekae Godfrey, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Godfrey, Rubye arid Darlene, and Mrs, Chris Anderson, drove to Clear Lake Sunday, and met Mr, and Mrs. Melvln Godfrey and Mr, and Mrs. Clinton Godfrey, of Ohapln, and spent the 'day visiting.. , Mies Ruth Thompson, kindergarten teacher at West Bend, spent the week-end with her friend, Norma Portridge, local primary teacher. Miss Thompson's home is in Ellsworth. Milton Wolto, coach at West Bend, alsp spent Sunday at 'home. Mrs. Bertha (Beaver, Mr. and Mrs, H. Elman, Mr. and Mrs, B. G. Sickles, Mrs. Pearl Farus and son Donald, of Buffalo Center, were Sunday guests at I. H. Benedict's. Of. 'F. O'Conner drove to ' Dubuque last week to visit relatives. On his return home he was accompanied by sisters, Mre, Rose (Shannon and Dolan. for a visit here. Dorothy Hanselman is spending a three weeks vacation with Jjer parents, Mr. and Mr^- Charles JTans?!- man. She is taking nurses' training at a hospital in Pavenport.' Par-. in Lu Verne Friday. Paylene stayed for 'a week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Godfrey. Mr. and Mrs. J, OU Ltchty and Mr. and. Mrs. J. R. OFavrell attended a fair at Hollandale, Minn., last Thursday, f The Lloyd. Zentners left Monday for two weeks at Woyd's sister, Mrs. "!hrls Grbnbach'e, at Omaha. Margaret Ehmke, employed in yort , Podge, spent ' the -week-end with her parents, Mrs. Flora Raney and son Forrest are ylslttng at H. R,. Peel's at R.ein,-. beck, . v , Glen CJodfrey and lene, of ' Fort Dodge, were Birthday, HHmg Department Stores) Prices are going up — Don't let a single chance to save pass by—Look to Graham's for Greater Savings! MAKE Your DOLLAR WORK More~HERE For school wear Knit Berets 25c 49c New Fall styles and colorings. Girls' School Hose lOc Fine ribbed. Styles in colors black, honey beige, and camel. FAST COLOR Prints For school 4 m _ dresses | 4C New patterns in light and dark patterns. Lunch Boxes Assorted colors. Two handles 25c Golf Sox Boys' fancy Fancy plaid patterns. AH sizes featured at this price. Girls' Bloomers Fast color broadcloth Boys' fancy sox, 8 to 9 1-2 10c Just arrived, new chic, velvet hats$1.9S Warm Blankets For cool nights! Heavy weight, four pound Double Blankets <t? 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Fifteen young people were baptized Sunday morning at the local church by the Rev. I. C. McNulty, pastor at Sexton and Wesley. .Each person baptized will receive a baptismal diploma from Mr. McNulty. Next Sunday morning Dist. Supt. Lease will have charge of services. Neva Olsen sang a solo last Sunday, accompanied by.Veda Hedriok. . Leslie Huff went to Cherokee last week Wednesday to bring home his brother Ray, who had been a patient at the state hospital several months. The Sexton SunjJay school plans a program and a homecoming Sunday, October 9. Mrs. Oscar Hammond, of Wesley, spent from last Thursday till Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Amy Smith. . Mr, and Mrs. Henry Bailey got home Sunday from Denver, where they were married a week ago, Mrs. Bailey, who was Mame Roadlnger, St. Benedict Wm, Dunlap was greatly surprised Sunday where a group of old- time friends and neighbors gathered at his home at noon with well»filled dinner baskets, The self-invited guests were Mr. and Mrs, Fred Thornburg and family of the Twin- Lakes neighborhood, Fred Almy and family, James Zeakel and family, of Kanawha, I. E. Gordon, of Forest City, Wm. Marth and daughter Betty, of Corwith, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Smith and family and Grandma Swanson, of Britt. The. Duniaps live on a. farm -about four miles west of this village. •• Mary 'Fasbender and Mrs, G. G, Studer were afternoon visitors also at the Dunlap home Sunday. Mrs. John Grandgenett. and .two daughters, .Mildred and Alma, were visitors at the Wm. Arndorfer home Sunday. Christine , and Adelheid Eisenbarth, of Algona, spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs. E. p. Arndorfer. A number o|l farmers were fillingr their silos last week, •Fred Cobeen, of Manly, was Vis.lt- ing his sister, Mrs. Julian Arndorfer a few days last week. ...:-Mr. and Mrs.. Ambrose Lickteig and family left for Kansas last Tuesday visiting different points and also .visiting relatives -there. The J. O. Downg are in charge of the place while the •Lickteigs are absent. They wfll return the last of this week. ' :: GOOD SHOES We sell standard well-known lines of good shoes—Plorsheims, Freernans, W L Douglas, Friendly Five, Peters, Freedman Shelby Red Goose, Connolly Kangaroos Kling Arch, True-step, Patricia Pat, and many other lines of good shoes and slippers. You get these good shoes at Neville's for less money than you pay for the same shoes anywhere else. The regular $5.00 shoes you get at Neville's for _ _._ ii^g. The regular $4.00 shoes are sold at Neville's for $2.98 The $3.50 shoes and slippers are marked down to :____ _•_ $2.48 The regular $3.00 shoes and slippers, Neville's price ___$i.»8 Children's school shoes, 79c, $1.19 and $1.49 You get the same shoes, but you get them for less money. You save the difference. . 1; ' ' • We have a carload of overshoes all ready for winter use, We bought them, right, and we are'going to sell them'right. Your money's worth and more at Neville's Shoe Store ALGONA, IOWA SUITSTCLEANID '^-Jl»IWSSID> m m if m Carefully cleaned and pressed looks , far better than a brand new one out of shape. Regular,use of cleaning, pressing and repairing is, a y^al " economy. It adds double wear to, clothes, saves you money, keeps? s your best foot forward, at all t%ea/ . Telephone 880 Jtejlyery Service ' , CJeansrs, 9! ^ , 4 . s»-:

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