Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 22, 1932 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1932
Page 2
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I»AOB TWO Mild American Cheese Ib. 15c Quaker Milk Macaroni 4P k 25c Maxwell House Coffee Ib. 33c (BokarCpffee2ib49c) LUX Flakes LUX TOILET Soap . . 3cAKEs22c LIFEBUOY Soap • • 3cAKEs22c 20 MULE TEAM Borax . • • LB - 15e HERSHEY'S COCOA «-B.19c ft-u.10c BULK RICE . . 3 LB3. l(fc QUEEN OLIVES QT. JAR 25c RAJAH THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING ft* 15c 6cANs25c QUAKER MAID BEANS . . The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Kirsch's LAUNDRY WHITTEMOBE YOUNG COUPLE WED TUESDAY Whlttemore, Sept. 20—Tho wedding of Miss Gertrude Keene to Jacob Hartmann took place Tuesday morning at St. Michael's Catholic church at S o'clock, Father Veit saying nuptial mass. Attendants were: Mary Schmalen, cousin of the bridegroom, and John Keene, brother of the bride. Gertrude wore -a white lace taffeta dress, with accessories to match, and her attendant wore a peach lace satin dress. The bride carried pink roses, with lily of the valley, and Miss Schmalen carried white and pink asters. Mr. Hartmann and his attendant wore dark suits. Wedding breakfast was served at the Hartmann home. Lutheran Y. 1'. Society Meets— The Y. P. S. met last Thursday evening at St. Paul's Lutheran schoolhouse. Tho entertainment committee next month Is Herbert Zumach, Ruth Schultz. Martin Wagner, 'Lillian Heidenwith, Rudolph Hanover, and June Wehrspan. New members are Elmer Bell, Ray Balgeman, Elmer Vaudt, Evelyn Voight, and Esther Heller. Ushers have been appointed for the church: Herbert Zumach, Herman Behnke, and Alfred and Lawrence Meyer. These Are Hard Times for the Newspapers Too KOSSUf tt Ctfrf* ABVANCft Thrifty Service A Help to ironies Where Every Penny Counts It doesn't pay to wash at home! >To matter ho.v you figure it, home •washing is expensive. It's an ugly task, too. Our THRIFTY SERVICE returns your washing to you fresh, sweet, and clean. All weal-ins apparel is just damp enough for ironing. •Flat work—sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, napkins, towels, and the like—are all ironed ready for use. Here's a Sure Way to Save Money —Time—Health. 7c A POUND Shirts finished in this service on request, at only lOc each. Call us anil we'll do tho rest! Garage Opened Here— Anthony Schmidt Jr. and Vess Hayes have opened a new garage in the big brick garage building here formerly the home of Ford Sales and Service, on west Main. They have installed new equipment for repair work, have the agency for Goodyear tires, and have pumps for Standard Oil gas. "Tony" Schmidt formerly worked at the local Chevrolet garage, and Mr. Hayes was in the employ of Merrill Rawson, now of Eagrle Grove. Wrs( Bend Church Celelirntes— The Evangelical Lutheran Peace church, of West Bend, celebrated its 2fith organization and eighth dedication anniversaries Sunday. The Rev. I. G. Kitzmann is pastor. Morning services started at 10 a. m. Sermons were given by Max Friedrich, of Humboldt, and the Rev. Otto J. Kitzmann. The afternoon sermon was given by the Rev. Theodore Frese.. CASH U. S. MINT WAISTS OLD GOLD We Pay Spot Cash Pay your expenses to the Claj iounty Fair with your old gold For old. discarded gold teeth rings, watches, jewelry or any- :hing of gold, silver plate content. We ship direct to th< mint. Put your old gold in clr ana Help relieve Uw de Ciillfornlnn Comes for Visit— Mrs. George Brunner, Glendale, Calif., arrived last week Monday to visit the H. W. Geelans. The Brun- ners left here 12 years ago. Prior to that time, Mr. Brunner had a jewelry shop in the present Champion building. Local newspapers have not in 40 years faced such financial difficulties as they 1 are up against today. Advertising (the chief source of their revenue) is exceedingly low in volume and cash receipts have suffered a fall of one-half, but expenses continue high despite every effort to. reduce. Many papers are trying to solve the problem by printing only four pages instead of the customary eight or more. 'Last week's Swea City Herald came out in only B-column, 8-page style. Nearly every weekly paper in the country Is having a struggle to maintain itself. The following clippings speak for themselves: [Iowa Farm Bureau Messenger.] Almost every Iowa farmer reads a county newspaper. And in these times the county newspaper is having hard sledding. The newspaper depends on advertising and subscriptions for its Income. Naturally business In many cases has seen fit to cut down on advertising space, and in curtailing this expense has brought hardship home to the editor, printer, and those connected with giving you the news. In addition to this the editor has seen his subscription list grow smaller. •Boost the county newspaper and pay your subscription if it is at all possible. Remember, the county newspaper gives you the news of your community. Let's support our county newspapers. equipment, and can secure the help, to Issue a-16-page paper every week; but we do not have the patronage required, nor do ive have the cash to do It without the patronage, We realize that business men who usually have to furnish the patronage are as short of cash as we are, and we are blaming nobody. So why blame us? We have.a lot of machinery in the office, but none of It is designed for coining money. Our pride does not prevent us admitting that we are short of money, have exhausted our surplus, and are running along 'on our uppers' just like most of you. We are just as sorry fpr it as anyone, but we can't help It. In all of Its beneficent legislation the government has made no provision for financing newspapers. We are doing the toest we can under the circumstances. Be charitable with us, as we will try to be with you. We [Rolfe Arrow.] have heard complaint about the restricted size of The Arrow these days. Most everybody is restricting, and we sim- 'ply must do so ourselves. We are willing to publish an Arrow ranging from 4 to 16 pages—whatever is necessary to take care of news and advertising—preferably 16. It is not a matter of disposition. We have the material and [Humboldt Republican.] Practically all newspapers are doing as the Arrow is doing. Where the larger county seat papers used to print 12 to 16 pages weekly, they are now usually in 8-page form. Papers In smaller towns are confining themselves to four and elx pages. Dallies of this section that used to print 16 to 24 pages are now being Issued in eight, ten, and 12-page form. The Republican and the Independent are publishing on the same plan. Enough pages are printed to hold the news and paid advertising, no more. There is no change in the amount of'news. The Humboldt papers expect never to print less. In fact they expect to print more as the years go on; but only enough pages will be printed to hold the news and paid advertising. t That is the only way of keeping outgo inside income. And if outgo is not kept inside incpmej., shortly there will be no newspapers. TEACHERS IN PORTLAND ARE F, BJI1ESTS Burt, Sept. 20—The Portland township Farm Bureau gave a reception Friday evening at Henry Smith's at which : the township teachers were honorees. Musio was furnished by,the Merle Woltz orchestra. .The township 'F. B. woman's project, fifth year clothing, was presented by Mrs. B. .B. Dittmer. The main feature of the progi'am was a talk by Eva Whitney, Burt primary teacher for more than 30 years, on The Child. , A large cro-wd attended, Auxiliary Unit Jfnmes Officers— The Legion Auxiliary met at the Legion hall last week Wednesday evening; 'Mrs. Wyott Stott, Mrs. Henry Smith, Mrs. L. H. Schenck, hostesses. Officers were elected: Mrs. G. P. Hawcott, president; Mrs. Fred Ringsdorf, vice president; Mrs. Tom Trenary, 2nd vice; Mrs. L. V. McWhorter, secretary; Mrs. Chas. Scott, recording secretary; Mrs. Lillian Slgler, treasurer; Mrs. Wyott Stott, chaplain; Mrs. Jae. Christiansen, historian; Mrs. L. H. Schenck, Mrs. Chas. Schrader, Mrs. F. A. Ringsdorf, executive committee. W. H. 31. S. Observes Anniversary— The Methodist W. H. M. S. observed 'its local 32nd anniversary Saturday with a. party at the church, to which members took guests. Program: talk by Mattie Warner, charter member; piano duet, .Luclle Sewick, Vera 'Chipman; violin solo, Maybelle Gray; voca duet, Mrs. L. H. Steven, Mrs. J. G Sewick; play, Only Fifty .Cents Supper was served at small tables decorated to represent months, anil the guests were seated at tables representing their birthday months AIDATS.C, PICKS SLATE OF OFFICERS Swea City, Sept. 20—The Methodists some time ago adopted, a new rule, to-wit, that every woman already a member, or who joins the church, automatically becomes a member of the Aid. Last week the old membership here entertained KKfeiilmll Tourney n,t Spencer— The boys' kittenball team is entered in a tuornament at this week's Clay county fair. They have won j members coming in under this rule, most games this season. There are 1C teams in the tuornament. The locals were to play Rolfe Tuesday morning. , Herman Haack Brought Home— Herman Haack, northwest of town, was brought home Friday from a Fort Dodge hospital, where he had spent a week, following a fall from a silo in which both heels and a bone in his back were fractured. lucjnn Meuror to Hospital— Lucian Meurer was taken to the McCreery hospital last Thursday. He had been abed two weeks with inflammatory rheumatism. Yentura Kittenbullers Defeated— The Lutheran boys' kittenball team lost to Ventura here Sunday, 10-6. Hirleman Jewelry Store SPESCER, IOWA Phone 228 "Will call at your home if you desire. Phone us. Four Corners Here's Warm Scoring tor Nut Thteves By a Fftrimvife. It's nut-gathering time, and nature Is lavish with those edl* bles this year. As Usual a host of town people are treklng to the country to garner nuts. In many Instances property rights are not considered, .and trespassers take all they, can get. Last week's Advance mentioned two- farmers who had been fined for .taking-less than a bushelof corn aplede. 'Is It a greater crime 'for farmers to take corn from a fellow farmer than for Algona people to take nuts from farmers? Even some Algona business men have been guilty. At present prices of corn And oats, a farmer has better prospects of profits from a bushel of nuts than a* bushel of corn or grain. Some farmers want to gather the nuts on lands they own or tenant, and they want town people to respect property rights. Why not give the farmers an even break and make the feeling between farmer and townsman more friendly? LOST 20 IBS. OF FAT IN JUSM WEEKS Mrs. Mae West, of St. (Louie, Mo., Writes: "I'm only 28 yrs. old and •weighed 170 Ibs. until taking one box of your Kruschen Salts just 4 weeks ago. I now weigh 150 Ibs. I also have more energy and furthermore I've never had a hungry moment." Fat folks should take one half teaspoonful of Kruschen Salts in a glass of hot water in the morning before breakfast—it's the SAFE, harmless way to reduce as tens of thousands of men and women know. For your health's sake ask for and get Kruschen at E. W. Lusby's, A. H. Borchardt's, or any drug store— the cost for a bottle that lasts 4 weeks is but a trifle, and if after the first bottle you are not joyfully satisfied with results—money back. Fenton Wins In. 11 Innings — The local nine lost a 11-lnning game Sunday at Fenton 7-8. Other Whittemore News Oscar Scha-ttechneider left Friday morning for Easton, Min., where he plans to stay thia winter and help his sister, Mrs. Ferdinand Helse The last two weeks he has been helping his father, August Schattschneider, at the blacksmith shop. The Tony Schmidts, the Joseph Kollasches, the John Wilsons, the Elmer Ludwlgs, Mrs. Russell Nellis, Mrs. Joseph Walters and daughter eneva were Sunday guests at Joseph Kollasch's at Ledyard. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith spent Friday afternoon with Mr. Heidenwith's sister, Mrs. Henry Kueck, of Lone Rock, who recently underwent an operation at Blgley's hospital at Estherville. Father Hyland and Father Velt, of Whittemore, attended funeral services Monday at Fonda for Father Heelan, brother of Bishop Heelan, at Sioux City. Mrs. William Kehoe and stepson Adore, and Gordon Walker, of Minneapolis, are visiting with local friends. Mrs. Kehoe was formerly Grace Gebhardt. Seniors have chosen maroon and silver for class colors; white tea rose for the flower, and the motto Is, climb though the rocks be rugged. Longs Food Shop Fresh Oysters Fresh fish Thursday and Friday Try a box of Feriidell Codfish Buy your Winter Potatoes now while cheap. For fancy eats see Long's {gUji^.t' , I,. . , ,. Red Cherries, large No. 10 tins. 39c. 10 bars Bob White Soap 39c program and lunch were given, vith a social hour. Officers were elected: president, Mrs. T. F. Mitch- 3ll; vice, Mrs, T. F. Johnson; sec- :'etary, Mrs. Samuel Warburton; treasurer, Mrs. Ira Hewitt; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Fred Beyer; hostess committee, Mrs. F. Johnson, Mrs. Seylor, Mrs. Marie Jacobs; program committee, Mrs Roy Bravender, Mrs. Harry Bergren. Mrs. Warburton; flower anc relief committee, Mrs. Buell Pearson, Mrs. August Peterson, Mrs. Elmer Smith; advisory board, Mre. F. Sayers, Mrs. F. J. Thomson, Mrs. R. Bravender, Mrs. E. C. Peterson, Mrs. Heathershaw, Mrs. Hutchinson, Mrs. Marie Jacobs, Mrs. Chas. Rohlin; social committee, Mrs. Samuel Carter, Mrs. Grant Dourte, Mrs. Rohlin, Mrs. Curtis Kluger, Mrs. Cushing, Mrs. Floyd Griffith, Mrs. August Peterson, Mrs. Elmer Smith, Mrs. Ole Seylor,- Mrs. H. Picht, calling committee. Mrs. B. L. Weaver, Mrs. iJ. E. Vaux, Mrs. Wai-bur- ton, Mrs. Marie Jacobs; chairmen of divisions, Mrs. F. Thomson, Mrs. Warburton, Mrs, Paul Larson, Mre. Rohlin. Jounty 8. 8. Convention Held— The annual county Sunday school lonvention was held at the Sexton VIethodist church 'Friday, and it was ne of the largest and most successful conventions in years, for vhich credit is due J. C. Skow, of iVesley, county council president. There was a-countywide attendance' of 76. Walter Hutton and R. G. Herbrecht, state Sunday school vorkers, gave addresses and conducted discussions. Officers were elected: president, Mr. Skow; vice, Delmar Angus, Bancroft, for North nd; vice for South End, H. D. Hutchins, Algona; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Lloyd H. Steven, Burt; children's division superintendent, Mrs. Wm. J. Weisbrod, Fenton; young people's division, Mre. Mar- ;aret Warburton, Swea City; adult division, Mrs. F. C. Dacken, Lone Rock; administration division, the Rev. B. L. Weaver, Swea City; leadership training, the Rev. S. M. ladstone, Lone Rock. Attending from Swea City were Ivy Moats, Ila Cushing, Geneva Picht, and Mrs. Warburton. Evelyn Nickerson left a week ago Sunday to help with the housework at her sister, Mrs. 'Lurhl Fessler's, near Ringsted. The Fesslers and Evelyn spent Friday afternoon at J. P. Nickerson's. Vincent Wilson, Whittemore, spent several days last week with the Edward Riches. , Pearl Walker recently came home from a short visit with Chicago relatives. , The M. & O. club met one day last week with. Mrs. Alice Ditsworth, 24 persons attending. Roll call was answered by paying dues. The song for the day was Sweet Hour of Prayer. A paper was read by Rena Crulk- shank, and a piano solo was given by Margaret Ditsworth. The next meeting will be held this week Thursday at Edna Mitchell's. Program: song, Darling Nellie Gray; roll call, favorite pets; paper, Irene Bjustrom; recitation, Willard Mitchell. Mrs. John Sabin was surprised Friday evening, her birthday, when relatives called, bringing cake, and ice cream, to help celebrate the event. Attending: the Arch Walkers, the Lewis Broesders, the Edward Riches, Mrs. Edith Rich, the John Gettmans, Burt, and Vincent Wilson. Whittemore. Progress ClnT) Hears Projrrnin— The Portland Progress club me last Thursday at Mrs. G. C. Hood's; Mesdames Charles Larson. Car Watson, Roy Smith,, Waif Waltman, Russell Shipler, assisting hostesses. Program: roll call on maxims; book review, A AVhite Bir< Flying, Mrs. -L. V. McWhorter magazine .article, A Tennessee Farmer Solves the Depression, Mrs E. C. Sigsbee. Opening P.-T. A. jreeflng Held— The first P.-T. A. meeting wa: held last week Wednesday evening at the schoolhouse. The program included a 4-H draw curtain dem onstration by Beada Kollasch and Raemond Koestler, who gave it a the state .fair. Mrs. Geo. Straye; played piano numbers, Mrs. K. J Smith read a paper, and Mrs, Don aid Weir gave a reading. W. W. Boottcher Birthday Observe! A number of relatives and friends gathered at W. W. Boettcher's Sat urday evening to help Mr. Boett.che: celebrate a birthday: Mr. and Mrs Will Reimers, Whittemore; Mr. an. Mrs. Henry Reimers, Mr. and Mrs O. H. Bonn, Mr .and Mrs. O. H. Gra ham, and Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Weis brod, all of Fenton; and the L, A Boettchers, only one in the county. Last July '•$400 was included for this purpose when the town's yearly budget was prepared. This fund will be used if needed. It has been fortunate now, for the town funds are tied up In the closed Citizens Savings bank, Lakota, Church Bally Xext Sunday— Rally day will be observed at th Methodist church next Sundaj morning. There will be promotion of Sunday school pupils, reading o yearly reports, and a picnic dinner All-Stars Defeat Bluebirds— • A ball game Saturday afternoo: between the Cornfield Bluebird and the Burt All-Stars resulted in victory for the latter, 8-7. crowd attended. A larg O. Isenberger car was struck by another car and all occupants Injured last summer. Mrs. B. W. Brooke and her elster, Beulah Youngblood, spent several days last week with relatives at Alia, and Sunday evening visited old friends at Ledyard, where they formerly lived. ; The Luther Fairbanks family arrived last Thursday from San Antonio, Tex., to make their home here. Luther recently finished a term of service in the U. S. air lorces. •Mrs. Lillian Sheldon returned last week Monday, after the summer with relatives at Redfield and Condee, S. D. Lottie Hawcott and Harold Steward brought her home. Bruce Clifton and Fernley Bettln visited Fairmont, Mankato, and other Minnesota points last week in an attempt to get work at sign- painting. Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle and her mother, Mrs. W. F. Main, of CedaV Rapids, attended the funeral of a sister of Mr. Main at Albert Lea Sunday. Mr. and Mrs! George Koestler and their daughter Raemond visited another daughter, Mrs. E. A. Hanson, Bricelyn, Minn., Sunday. The U and I Circle met at Blza Woltz's last Thursdap; Mrs. H. A. Salisbury, assisting hostess. Mrs. W. B. Pratt has been sick two weeks with Intestinal trouble, but is somewhat improved. Maybelle Gray went to Sioux City Tuesday to resume attendance, at Morningside college. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Meinzer vjsited Mr. Meinzer's mother and sisters at Fort Dodge Sunday. Margaret Rash, who had spent two months with Orchard relatives, returned Saturday. Mrs. F. E. Rubey spent last week with her daughter at Ames and a sister at Omaha. W. D. Kearne', who had spent a number of weeks at Chicago, returned Sunday. C. J. Whitney has been having a serious time with carbuncles on an arm. \ The Queen Esthers meet at Vera Chlpnmn's this Wednesday evening. The 'Legion hall is being redecorated by Estel Rentz. Bigger and Better Than Ever Factory Co-operative Sale Web Construction—Pine Tailoring 2-piece suite, Mohair cover Reverse cushions Genuine Walnut Dining Room Suite Eight Pieces at $49*OO Artistic New Styles in Bedroom Suites Three Pieces $31.50 and up For Clean Cotton Rags-Sell »»«»»»*»««»»««»«•»»«•••««•»»••»»«•»»««»< The Erwin Olsons, of Wesley, the Melvin Olsons, of Sexton, Lew Hoover and a friend, of Britt, were Sunday guests at Ralph Fandel's. Paul'Manors, Roseland theater operator entertained high school and Presentation academy pupils at a free show Monday. Lucille 'Reimers, attending school at Cedar Falls, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Reimers. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Meyers, Turkey River, and a daughter came last week Monday to visit the P. J. and Bert Fuchsens. Helen Kirby returned to Dubuque last week Tuesday, after a visit at her uncle James MoGovern's, north of town. The local girls kittenball team plays Lotts Creek Sunday on the local diamond. Mr. Mikes and H. R. Zumach were at Sioux City the first of the week on business. Robert Finnell Jr. was home over Sunday. He attends school at Mason City. The Louis Elberts, and Minnie Elbert spent the week-end at Des Moines. Mrs. J. W. Simpson and Joseph Knecht were sick last week. Ave Simpson, Parkergburg teacher, was home over Sunday. WllUain Heller is now working at A. A. Zumach's shop. Hot School Luncheu Planned — The Thursday club recently held its first meeting at Mrs. S. P. Eek- holm's, Mrs. Leona Christiansen, assisting. The club decided to can tomatoes and vegetables for school lunches, Saturday, and the women canned 92 quarts of vegetable soup and tomatoes in the school kitchen, The Smith-Hughes boys and Mr, Sweany, instructor, are digging a pit In which potatoes and other vegetables will be stored. The women plan a hot dish for all children who take lunch to school this winter. A nominal sum will be charged and the women will take turns a' the work. W. C. T. U. Officers Are Named— The W. C. T. U. met with Mrs. J L. Vaux last week Tuesday, and the president appointed committees program. Mrs. McCrary, Mrs. Raymond Swanson, Mrs. William Tomp•son; S. T. S. and poster work, Mrs. McAninch, Mrs. August Peterson Mrs. 3, J. Anderson; relief work Mrs. F. J. Thomson, Mrs. J. M. Dye Mrs. J. J. Anderspn gave a program Pearl McAninch contributing a pi ano eolo It waa voted to have a W C. T. U. column, in the local paper Mrs. Dye In charge. Has Emergency Fund— Swea City has an emergency ep proprlation in its 1933 budget, th wea's 4-H Girls Meet- June Larson was hostess to the wea township's 4-H girls Satur- ay. Roll call was answered with ames of leaves. Winter bouquets vere discussed, and a check-up of he girls' work at the county fair vas made. Deceased Banker Known Here- Homer Miller, of California, whose eath was chronicled in Monday's Des Moines Register, was one of the rgantzers of the now closed State Dank here and was still a stockhold- r when It closed. School District Not Broke- Mrs. J. H. Warner, president of he school board, at a board meet- ng last week Tuesday evening told .he other members that the school district had $16,000 on hand. Gun Club Here Planned— Swea City Is to have a gun club, and the grounds will be at the south end of main street, using J. J. Anderson's traps. Horseshoe Team at Spencer— Swea City's horseshoe team is to play at the Spencer fair this week Wednesday. Other Swea City, Henry's Wedding, home talent play staged here last Thursday and Friday evenings by the Universal Producing company, a Mies Boyd in charge, drew fair-sized houses. Mrs. William Hagenson returned to Sioux City 'Friday, after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Turnbaugh. She was formerly Agnes Turnbaugh. Katherine Bravender's parents took her to 'Fort Dodge Monday, and thence she left for Nashville, Tenn., to enter the Ward Belmont school for girls. Arthur Pearson, theological student at Rock Island who had spent the summer with his grandmother, Mrs. Anna Nieman, baa returned to school. Gall Weaver, Assistant, Bank Hecelver Named— L. T. Mitchell, Emmetsburg, was recently appointed assistant receiver to Selby 'Russell, and has charge of the Burt, Titonka, and Bode closed banks. Rebekahs Celebrate Founding— The Rebekahs observed the anniversary of the founding of the order with a program following a lodge meeting last Thursday evening. Banquet by Junior Leaguers— The -Legion and the Auxiliary will give a banquet at the Legion hall this week JTriday evening for the Junior League ball team. Son for the Town Marshal— >A son was. born to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Steward last Thursday. The Stewards now have three boys and three girls. Burt Nine Defeats Elmore— A close ball game between a Burt town team and Elmore at Elmore Sunday resulted in a Burt victory, 1-0. Tttonka H. 8. W ins Game— A ball game between the Burt- Tltonka high schools Friday at Titonka resulted In a Titonka victory, 9-7. S. S, Class Has a Picnic— A Sunday school class of girls taught by Ruth Hodgson had a picnic at Stanley Keith's Saturday. S. S, Rally Day Next Sunday— The Presbyterian Sunday school will observe Rally day next Sunday, with a program. GREYHOUND Algona Country Club Sunday, September 25 Rodman teacher, was a week-end guest of her parents, the Rey. and Mrs. B. Jj. Weaver. Mr. and Mrs. F. Bauinan, ot Bluje Earth, visited Mrs. Bauman's par* ents, -Mr. and Mre. Albin Peterson, Sunday. A night ball game scheduled tor this week Thyrsday night here bfl-8 been called off. The Geo. K. Nelsons «pen.t at Forest City witb relatives. Other Hurt News, •Mr. and Mrs. James Prickett, of New London and Mr, and Mrs. Ira Prickett, Mt. Pleasant, and a son spent last Thursday night at L. E. Roetman's. The Messre. Prickett are uncles of Mrs. Roetman. Mr. and Mrs. G. Roetman, Sanborn, and Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Levering, Sheldon, were also supper guests of the Roetmans that evening. All were returning from Michigan. •Editor-Postmaster and Mrs. W. A. MaoArthur went to Rochester Sunday to visit Mrs. MacArthur's mother, Mrs. Dora Bannick, who has epent the summer there with grandchildren, while her son, Dr. Edwin Bannick, and his wife spent several months in Europe, The C. B. Sigsbees, Albert Gran- zows, Mrs. John Dlttmer, and her daughter Josephine, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests at Dr. Arthur Dittraer's, Thornton. Doctor Dltt- mer. is. Mrs. Dittmer's son, and he is a brother of Mrs. Sigsbee and Mrs. Grawjsow. The George lagnbergers. Clarion, spent Sunday night at W. H. Klamp's. The daughter Gall was in the auto accident in which the J. 2:30 P, M. AdulU 35c, Watch two fast greyhounds cHase a fast", high jumping, eared Kansas Jackrabbit, The rabbit is given a head start an enclosed area, and the dogs are judged on points they can catch the rabbit or not, ; ,^m»$t Dogs are allowed only 90 seconds to catch the rabbit, has a good chance to get out of escapes before the dogs catch him, Two hours and a half of fast, thrilling racing ^»^^____^_^_ _ ^^^^^^^ ENTRIES FROM ALL OVJSR K>WA

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