Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 15, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1932
Page 5
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1932. , the times, people 'this year's eountj*fatr inclined to. spend which lifted the Mid , jiatronago. Th< ren and one or two claimed the blgges ,.._ merry-go-round for i0 ' a tAlr patronage al Children from three to d' the time of their young 4 little automobiles which teces of the oldtlme wood and fac similes of other Drawn Patronage. !rr j wheel had about the M quota of patrone, consld Ilia time, and though It wai „! to capacity many seat Juplwt in rush periods, [games, -which were dropped tel, had a fair patronage t the general public have Eke milder thrills of gambling |l chance of much loss. Prize; ( up to the customary'stand Boxers Knocked Out. arena : drew good Thursday, and' IFrlday when Clarence •'< Phllllpi [two show scrappers and pu laway. 'Thursday flight he out a man. named : Brown ho last year's; light 'heavy [champion of Illlnole unlvers Friday night he admlnls aping powder" blows tc [Hassell In the second:round j weighed 225; Phillips, 1.75 In suffered a broken nose ant I'wau so badly cut up an< j around that he was not in j Into the.ring agalns i Friday night,V',:,^/;:.. I Batch Hand Popular. jt-a-whlrl which gave patron; "whirling around" had a Itronaee. Some patrons suf kttacks of "seasickness" fol Jrldos and had to, be escortet j view to feed the fishes '— o Most patrons : staggerei - got out. Iraclts, ball games, a'four-leg an, a rodeo, etc., apparently [tie appeal and'suffered iron |k of patronage.. 3loom'a "Little Dutch Band, 1 ; of members of the Algonn 'band, serenaded the newly land afterwards made th (of the shows in a good wll i drum, up business. It wa (We, however, that few peo i enticed Into the tents. HEALTH CONTEST IK ARE NAMED health contest winners a Jinty fair, as announced by . Kain, in charge, were: , 12 to 24 months. Donald Eu Km of Mr. and Mrs. Melvln I, • Plum Creek; first, 96.7 I son of Mr. arid Mrs. ; . Sh'er JMcDonald, Algona, second , 24 to 36 months, .Richard , eon of Mr. and Mrs. John t. St. Benedict,',fftst,'98.1 [son of Mr. and jrfre. Anton >n, Algona, second, '94.7. \ 12 to 24 months,; Helen Sue • of Mr. and"'Mrai- Theodore urn,'Algona; 97.8;' Meredith _. .ghter of, Mr. .and Mrs lufltln; Bancroft 94,7. . 24 to 36 months, Arlene r of Mr. and Mrs.,Mike Arn I St. Benedict, ; 96.6; Norma b, daughter of Mr. and, Mrs ».Stripling, idis yern«( !>43. M Ludwig. Winner 'in'''t] 'hs old boys' class, won I the state fair In the same 1. ;-,. •'' Its may call Secretary Zer records on oth«r children. RE THE RESULTS OF I JOCKEY RACES AT FAIR races at the county fur- |inuch of the attraction f«r Patrons. (Resujta were, y-Pive Jurlotyp, ^ .fceii |*t "furlong-4W, jr JenWn- |Bchatz, Ray Allen; Jialf mile .Golieu. i*m' Steward, M hi. —y'—• County • i runf Wn» «Vey & cole, Al Jergensen; > $ half furlong 1 , Ray Allen "l**^ Lem Steward; five ; «* Jenklnson, Ray Allen wsw; seven and a half 7- J. Jenklnnon, M. D J. Cox. ' -Mile run, JK. TO. Me- Jeoklnson, Ray Allen; L!K furton *. R»y Allen Jtenberger, M . p, MpClane; Schatz, O. Co*, ^ AND GUNS OPENED ' opened In statlon School . R, former r the^? Wia* %*r K08SIJTH COUNTY ADVANCE, A1X3QNA, IOWA The Methodist W P M <a ™. » this afternoon nt the chtch **** Tho Rov. c. A. Hinz, Ma< visited at the Rev p j Inst Thursday. ' " gotto Kenoflck Fort Dodge. . , g( , Prk] daughter, Mrs, H . M. , . . son Dr. and Mrs. F. T^.Tribon wont to Mountain, WIs., Saturday to , two weeks with their daughter Dorothy Robert Gillingham, his sisters AUcc ,am, Anna, and Ralph ^^^'Sr^S^T^. M^carrot'"" 3 - 1 -' 4 y ° St0r<Jay tend tho for girls. hX ni d M ?• f? lby Mart - Eim - nurst, in., arrived last Thursday for Mrs. s Shlmer school with the .To, Cossroves and to b. M. the hitter's funeral home T, f°,? s to , Cnlc <iE° next Monday to hu- tnltc n. short course nt tho Wnr«h-im Tuesday at Cnllege of Embalm.n,, 1 ^^ to taking a state board of embalming examination in Illinois. He will bo tiway three weeks. Ur.. and Mrs, K. p. Saumlera, of t-nkewood, Flo., went to De« Molncs .. «/l -\/t -r -»'««. »v,i v. \v 1LI1 iVJ.1 , ami Mrs. Floyd E. Raunders. Doctor Saunders, cousin of Mr. Saunders, is a chiropractor of seven years practice Mr. Saumlers i s employed at the old huttertub factory. Mrs. Hnnna Raney arrived Saturday from her home at Orange, Calif, to visit with relative,, and with their Clark Orton. i, and Is a guest of the R. A. Palmers. She was a sister of the late Clark Peck. It was planned that she would go to Minnesota to- Nancy Ruth Renaud, who toachee tO V ' SU a dau * hter homo economics In the local hteh ' nml Ml ' s ' Raymond Irons will school, spent the week-end with her T° Ve Octobe >- 1 Into the Mltteg- „„—.. .. „ .. "i. houao Qn weat Nobragka _ They ^ now living In the Stokes house Just across the street west of the Powell suburban store. Mr. Irons Is in the coal business here with his brother- parents at Pella. StCel ° Eot last wn, o °mo, last week Wednesday, after three weeks In northern Michigan, where he went to escape the effects of hay fever. in-law, Homer Anderon. Mr, and Mrs. Floyd E. Saunders u and Mrs> Rolll!1 Hunter, who are at Sioux City, on business Mr , n hei ' e a week - Euests of the Saunders Is in the employ of the latter ' s Parents, Senator and Mrs. Kennedy & Parsons creamery sun- Dlckinson . returned to Des Moines ply company here. yesterday, and thence will leave . George Free has begun work at Mason City in a drug store north of ...noun ^uy m a drug store north of j -""^i win resume nis dui the park on Federal avenue He had "* Semtor Dickinson's secretary, been working at Fort Dodge, clerk- Lucllle Kunz > R ' N., who had 1 ing In an uncle's drug store Mrs. C. W. Hopkins, daughter Bess, and Mr. and Mrs. -William Hawcott epent Sunday at Spencer with the A. H. Baileys, Mrs. Bailey being another Hopkins daughter. Mr. and Mrs. George Good, Spirit Lake, and their little son .Terry ..wv.u tn/n *ia i y went home Monday morning, after a visit since Saturday night with'the Walter Goods and tho B. P Bensons. : Mr. and Mrs. John M. Vinson, Spencer, spent last Thursday with the H. M. Vlnsons and attended the county fair. Mr. Vinson sells Country Club in a territory neighboring Spencer. W. W. Sullivan returned to work Monday morning at the Upper Des Molnes-Republlcan office, after a vacation In bed since last week Wednesday with an attack of appendicitis. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Fnlkenhainer and Mr. and Mrs. Joel Herbst spent Sunday at Minneapolis'. Mel took a new car to a salesman there, and the party returned in the salesman's old car. C. B. .Moore Smith, Des Moines, who played in the Algona Military band during fair week, was a guest of the Jos. Holtzbauers during his stay here. He is a brother-in-law of Mr. Holtzbauer. Mrs. S. A. "Worster entertained her bridge club Monday afternoon, and contract bridge was played at three tables, Mrs. R. J. Keen winning the high score. Mrs. E. C. McMahon was a guest of the club. Nell Mundhenk, Sioux City, went to Ames Friday, after several days here with relatives and old friends. At Ames she was to visit her brother, Dr. Lewis Nelson. She is now returning to her home at Sioux City. Zell Pattee, Newark, N. J., spent fair week with Antoinette Bonnetet- ter, Algena school nurse. Her parents live at West Bend, and she also visited the«e. Miss Pattee Is .in., the. same line of work as, Mies Bonstet- ter's. ' • Edith Reed, who has visited relatives here a few weeks, will return to her home at Goodland, Kans., this week-end. She Is a niece of the late Mrs. M. de L. Parsons. In Algona she visited the F. H. Shackel- fords. Beth Backus took her sister Eleanor to Columbia, Mo., Monday, and Eleanor has re-entered the Stephens college for girls there, this being her second year. Beth, who clerks at the postoffice, is expectec home today. The Fred Tlgges, farmers northwest of Burt, returned Monday from a visit with Mr. Tigge'S'par- ents at Dubuque. They also .made ylslte at points In Wisconsin. .They had been away from home since last Thursday; ; , • • '••• •Mrs. F. M. Stacy wen^t to her bU home at , Blngsted Sunday; and thence* was to go to Bancroft to visit her daughter. Mrs. L. J. Madfien, two weeks. She lives here with soon for Washington, D. -C., where Mr. Hunter will resume his duties ., had a two weeks vacation from Doctor Cretzmeyer's office, returned to work Tuesday. She spent her vacation with an uncle and aunt at Melvin, and during her absence Marie Rlchter, Wesley, also a registered nurse, substituted at the office. Dr. and . Mrs. R. J. Laird, of Des Mrs. Clara Sorensen. were here Sunday. The Madsems Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Hoover, Masoa City, and their daughter .. Helen spent Sunday, Monday, and. Tuesday with the G. S. Buchanans.'':-Mrs. Hoover and Mrs. Buchanan are sisters, and Mr. Hoover Is a Northwestern train master. ::;,#.•-••• •• County Supt. and Mrs. Wm; Shirley went to Waukee Saturday.and on returning Sunday brought home Mrs. Shirley's father, S. P. ^-Barkerr who had vtelted there six weeks. Mr. Barger has. made his home with ;he Shirleys five years. Mrs, Eugene Kenefick spent Saturday and Sunday with Monica Q'- Conner, Mason City, and Saturday night Miss O'Conner entertained ,at Jlnner In honor of Dorothy'.' Flem- nlng, Forest City, who will be mar- •ied Saturday at South Bend. Ind. Mr. and Mrs. O. Oharlsen, -Leland, daughter Eunice, with Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Groves, daughter Vernal, and 4 r. and Mrs. S. Havland, of Forest 2Jty, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mre, QHver Moe. Mr. Grove. .Is. Mrs. ifae's brother; Mrs. Havland a 'Mr! and Mrs. Henry Olson and he former's father, Nete Olson, of 3}oux City, spent Tuesday with the H, r> Rlnbordspns. Henry Is a fttottte* 1 o* Mrs. Richardson, Nels, their father, an<J Henry Is an ac- jountant at the Swift plant, Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bockea are parents of a daughter, Judith Kay, born test week Wednesday at th» Kowutn twpital. the «rst child.. JrsT BoclM* was Suele Arend, long ejtark *t the Chrlstensen' stpre, - J(p. Bockes is a Skelgas .dales- sary." Mr. and Mrs, R. E. Menzel, Ames, tire parents of an S^-lb. boy. born last week Wednesday, named Ralph Hugh, first child. The new baby, whpse mother was Vesta Weaver, makes' Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Weaver •grandparents 'toe the second time. Mrs. Weaver, who spent last week with the Menzels, came home with her husband and the E. A. Schem- els'Sunday. Mr, Menzel is a fltu- Friday with bte «•** S. Calf- Moines, left last week Tuesday for Portland, Ore., to attend the national American iLegion convention. Doctor Laird Is still state adjutant' of the Legion. From Portland Mrs. Laird goes to California for a visit till October 1 with friends, R. J. returning to Des Moines. Senator Dickinson returned Monday nig-ht to his duties as director of the Western G. O. P. headquarters, Chicago, but went on to Washington, D. C., expecting to go back to Chicago last night. He will come home for the week-end. A week or so ago Mr. Dickinson spoke at the state fair at Lincoln, Neb. Attorney G. W. Stillman returned Sunday night from a business trip to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. He left Friday. Mrs. Stillman and her daughter Ann spent Sunday at Dolliver with G. W.'s parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Stillman, and . Nadine Stillman came here with them that night for a visit. She goes to Ames soon to attend the state college. Wm. Thiemann, Marble Rock, his eons, Clyde and Earl, their wives, Dr. and Mrs. Asa Arent, Humboldt, their daughter Lillian, and Dr. and Mrs, R. W. Heise, Emmetsburg, with their son "Chris," were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Heise Mr. Thiemann is Mrs. Heise's brother, Mrs. Arent a daughter of Mr and Mrs. Heise, and Doctor Heise a son. Dr. Charles Remsen, New York City, arrived Saturday for two weeks with his wife, Helen, eldest daughter of Judge and Mrs. W. B Quarton. Mrs. Remsen, who has spent the summer with her parents wlU accompany him-home. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Quarton, their , daughter Betsy, and Sumner's brother William", Cedar-Rapids, are expected for a week-end visit. his garden the other day Jerry Helgens found a hah! dozen strange worms which he brought up town to show friends. They were bright green, two to three inches long,-and almost bursting with good living In the Helgens tomato patch. Mr. Helgens did not know what name they go;, by. Eva, the Advance office girl, was distinctly unimpressed when he dumped them on her desk. Last week's Garner Signal said: " 'Blllle' Clark left Garner, en route tov-AnnapolJ£ to resume his college wo'rk at the U, S. military academy there, Sunday evening, after having spent about four weeks here,, visiting his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Clark. Inasmuch as iBIllie' 'is 1 a member of the navy football team, It was necessary that he report at Annapolis a few days in advance of — m -"- i would..otherwise be ' neces- dent instructor, In chemistry at the state college. • 'Fifty years ago It was common to Pay local newspaper subscriptions with farm or garden products. The present times being what they are, the Advance will return to that scheme this fall In a limited way A few cords o f furnace wood can be used, also vegetables and .fruits which k oe p wolli Home-butchered meats can bo used later. This will have to be a first come, first served proposition, for. naturally, consumption capacity is limited. At quarterly conferences at various Methodist churches In the Algona district Dr. W. H. Lease ro- th-Ing superintendent, is being honored with farewell receptions. Methodist district superintendents are limited to six years' tenure, and Doctor Lease's last year will end with the approaching annual Northwest Iowa conference at Sioux City He will then be assigned to a pastorate or other duties. It is customary for the district superintendent to live here, but the Lease family will o leave after the conference. Local Methodists expect the Rev. C. V. Hulse to be reassigned to the Algona. pastorate. Many Algonians and near-Algon- lans remember James Pedley, once a farmer here, and will be interested in this paragraph from last week's Britt News-Tribune: "James Pedley, Cedar Falls, was here Sunday and Monday, looking old '. acquaintances up. He was especially anxious to see Lou Roberts, having heard of his Illness. He found Lou In the editorial chair, where we hope to keep him till he is fully recuperated. He is still a little shaky, but save he is coming fine. Mr. Pedley found many others to greet. He complimented Brltt on the Memorial grounds and building, saying it was the best improvement Brltt had made since he left. Mr. Pedley formerly owned a quarter section three miles north of Brltt. where the Nels J. Nelson family now lives." C. T. U. . . •. Services next Sunday as usual! S.'S., 9:45 a. m.; morning worship, ill, theme, Pleasing God; evening service, 7:30, theme Redeeming the Time. TRINITY ttTHBllAN, P. J. Brancr, Pastor—Next Sunday: 9'a. m., German service; 16, Sunday school and Bible class; 10:30, English service . . . The Aid meets this afternoon with Mrs. Louis HinU; tho S. S; T.. tomorrow evening at 8 at the parsonage. Confirmation instruction every Saturday forenoon at 10. ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL, T,oul s Wciiiilns-Iioff, M. T)i, Rpclor — Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity: church school, 10 a. m.; evensong and sermon, 7:30 p. m. Let us'try hard and have a 100 per cent attendance. 'Bishop's committee meet- Ing 'Friday evening, September 16, 7:30, at church. FIIIST LUTHERAN, M. A. SJos- trnnd. Pagtor—Sunday school and Bible class Sunday at 10 a. m. Holy Communion services, 11, DENVER WOMAN TO SPEAK AT EMMETSBURG SATURDAY Emmetsburg, Sept. 10—Mrs. E. C. Roe, Denver, field secretary of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, will be at the Emmetsburg high school building Saturday morning at 9:30 to conduct a forenoon session on leadership, county organization, etc., and give an afternoon inspirational address. Mrs. M P, Summers, Sioux City, state president, will be In attendance. Persons who complete the day's school of Instruction will receive certificates. There is no fee. The attendance of Kossuth P. T. A. members is Invited. Encyclopedia Given. Dr. W. D. Andrews has given the high school library a ten volume set of the American reference library encyclopedia. The books were recently printed. ,, Fred J. Clark. Pastor—The Bible class which met with th,e pastor at his home Wednesday nights last year will be continued, and all who wish to take the work this year are Invited' to the parsonage next. Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. The study will use the Book of Acts as a source book for the story of the beginnings and essential nature of Christianity Next Sunday at 10 a. m., Sunday school; at 11, preaching, theme, Through 'Nature to God. -We hope to have the Senior choir this Sun- Sunday, and the Junior choir shortly thereafter. The Junior Endeavor is now ready to 'take up fair activities . . . There will not be a business meeting of the'church Sunday night. Such a meeting was suggested at the church council, but the proposal which was to have been discussed has been withdrawn. PRESBYTERIAN, J. L.'Coleninn, Minister—Next Sunday morning has been appointed as an hour in which the congregation shall come together before the Lord in His House with a willing offering for beautifying the church in which we worship. Let the old, the middle-aged, and the young join hands and hearts in this most worthy effort. Services morning .and evening; evening at 7:30. Bring your Bibles. NAZARENE. A. W. and Hazel Irwln, Pastors—We are praising God for facts we received in favor of the 18th amendment at the Methodist church Sunday evening, and the good that has been done by all prohibition forces, especially the W. FOR KENT—<FURimSH!ED Apartment.—Mrs. Frank Thorpe, phone 8ul 4G1-W. A.UCTION SA'LE AT THE SAtLE pavilion Saturday, September 17, _ "RENT— -PARTLY MOI>E"RN apartment west of Botsford Lum- bor Co., call 1Q8. n p i WANTED TO BUT—USED washing machine, cook stove, and baby buggy. Call 452-W ig p l SALTS—POTATOES, carload truckload, or bag. — Wm. Rath, Alexandria, Minn. llp52-l-2-3 SUPPER By Ladies of First Lutheran Church THURSDAY, SEPT, 22 Luther Hail Chicken Pie' Mashed Potatoes Gravy Cabbage Salad Beet Pickles Bread Jelly Cherry Pie : Coffee Adults, 36c \ Children, 25c . Serve from 6 to 8 p, m, '*'• Now is the time to do your fall painting. We have a complete line of the INSIDE AND OUTSIDE : Paints, Enamels, Varuisaes, and : " ' ' Botsford Lumber Co. Want Ads FOR RIENT—MODERN AJPART- ment.—Call' 316-J. 6pl FOR RENT—MODERN HOUSED close In.—T. P. Harrington. 8ul FOR RENT-^FURINISiHED ment on ground floor. — 248. WANTED apart- Phone lOpl TO -RENT, OR BUY—6- room modern house.—Call Advance. WOOD STAVE SILO WAQMTED. — Etna Mitchell, Algona phone 10F32. , 9pl MODEIiN HOUSE FOR -RENT. Fur- nishcd or unfurnished. Garage — Phone. 627-W or'254. l tf WANTED—WORK BY DAY 'OR hour.—Mrs. W. F. Sengbush, 1313 "• °a't St., phono 110. 14pl-2 FOR SALE—PERFECTION '3-burner oil range.—Mrs. Homer Anderson, phone fe03. Algona, la. 12p52-l DON'T FORGET THE ' AUCTION sole of furniture at the sale pa- vlllon In Algona Saturday. I4pl FOR SALE—YEARLING W. LEG- horn hens In heavy production.— Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft. 12tfu FOR RENT — VERY DESIRABLE office space, ground floor, stenographer, reasonable rent. Inquire Advance^ 13u52-l FOR RENT — 3 HOUSEKEEPING rooms, furnished; heat, light, Algona's Real 16pl water.—Phone Shoe .Shop. HOUSEWORK WANTED in 'motherless home. Want home more than wages. — Write M. Brown, care Advance. FOR RENT—WELL FURNISHED warm rooms for light housekeeping-, free garage.—Mrs. E. J. Skinner, phone 67. BLACK POLAND CHOPNA BOARS for sale. Reasonable prices.—Mrs. Sam Reynolds, Tltonka. lleowl-8-5-7 A FEW CORiDS OF FURNACE wood wanted by the .Advance on subscription accounts, new or old. 1-6 COAL HAULING—CARLOAD" lots, 40c per'ton; ton lots 50c; teaming 40c per hour. — Durant & Tripp, phone 4-W. 19ul-4 FOR SALE—20 GAUGE double barrel shotgun, like new, bargain. — C. W. 'Ryder, Elbert Garage. FOR SALTS—CABBAGE AND TO- matoes.—L. G. Pool, phone 1SF4. 9pi RADIO BUYERS WERE SHOCKED at the announcement of the price of $28.85 on a Genuine Brunswick 7- tube Console in a beautiful Walnut Cabinet, complete with tubes. Freshman Mantle Set, $11,95.— Gamble Stores. , 32-1 JUST ARRIVED A KITCHEN FRESH SHIPMENT Martha Washington Chocolates TAKE HOME A BOX TODAY THE ALGONQUIN CONFECTIONERY 101 East State Street Algona, lona CONLONBAKERY Now open and ready for business. Full Line of Bakery Goods Fresh Daily Special tor Saturday FREE—Every lady calling at the Bakery Saturday will receive a loaf of our bread FREE. CALL AND SEE US t the Lou/estPrices in A complete new stock bought on the lowest market. A Factory Co-operative tie- up makes it possible for us to give you better Furniture for less money than ever before. Shop around, then come and see what we can save you. Living Room Suites $45 2-piece genuine mohair suite in an exclusive style that usually can be fpunel only in the higher price suites. _ Other Suites from $39.50 to $159.00 Dining Room . Suites $49 buys an 8-piece Dining Room Suite in genuine walnut veneer; roomy buffet; 42x54 in table; 5 side and one Ann chair. ' ' Other Suites from $19.00 to $125.00 Bed Room Suites $49 4-piece walnut or maple finisliea beOroom sijite —pastel bed, large roomy vanity, ?hes,t o« flrftw* ers and bench. A su^e that any pne would be proud of. , , •' ; " - - Other Suites ftrop ^O t Foster's F &M. ,:£:?. L^iM»

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