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Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

PITTSBtJRGH GAZETTE: WEDNESDAY. JAXUABT 13, 1869. 2. DRY GOODS. TRIMMINGS AND NOTIONS. DENTISTRY CARPETS AND Oil CLOTHS. CARPETS! REDUCTION CONTINUED FOR A FEW DAYS. nati have petitioned for the same saiary as males, on the ground that they find no reduction in board bills on account of sex. The person sent East with the electoral vote of California was quite well when he boarded the steamship at San Francisco, but died of small-pox before reaching Panama. General Spinner is so absurd, he actually says he thinks female treasury cleres i.nrrM tr the same as males for OllR MBK UEPAKTMEMT. HV i.M OF rni B'lUlTS. TV fanned lu the s'nmber. of arly mrn T- city Blffn wliile I Mr 1 trnrn crrtp on, Miehi-Tii spilling-, of ritml hint-, Ji. kiy us il-ra ly erii.rini i lit liu. Now of a-ra r. Uieu a rim, Tul out through the window tiny lighten the (doom. CiUcsl 'appi'iK. watcbvaan'H asice tietounds curb, a. lie yyirken. bis puce, lit mm. ruliii.t. l' 1 Mi kln "-hi but the urgent m-d 1 il ''X saadow of hlin.elf, As'llir l-ii(tr brlglitues. (irw la wtnlU. flick, ril'-k. dick. Ihe dial olei. (lui Hirer. ml i li- nw It told iti liii- tops. oer Hit strrrts. Fin.lintiif mini Iit th reels, Ami -'III In in- 'i' "i early morn, Te Haute, grow btlr liter nl itll trep on. A'nue In hi eyrie that beacons the gloom, 1 lu- Mart at tiie ilrst alarm; A 'lcr ifn nd pr 'I VII him mi iliuv Au I hfluili! i Thn tliiKilHi heart In l)i- nurtiif ci'p hnu timiK thrill ten into c'arknessaud space. On i ahad-iwy tower a spark of life i hi iri a sledge and with I li aim might, Hnr. iBun blows at the minntl bell, Till sleeping niiiiil.i wkc he knell, Aud know that in deiawa of lire It rear, Woiala de.tiuctlou, Kjolring at fear. Down tn stalls wbete the nortes res'. There's an anri pawias- of heavy hoofs; nit frow th Sr blaukat. a bmidrea men Mlei.lly, iftly; ilien 1 here fa tiutl ami work while tne engine glows. Tb horses ai bitcheJ, anil wide opened the doors. Into the g'oom of the silent street 1 mter I lie wlierlt. ait the lnrie leap. Their Iron tiue from tiie stouy way Da.h fiery sparks while they tnrow the spray lU'-k tbroiiKh the friy ulght. to where A specter ti.mUcs a throttle with care. battle rhrjer the giant steeds I.eap to hulr ji ami Increase their speed l. nome grim monster innu Tubal' turge. The engine follow with urge, lnlg, tmnijiliiic ilonif. breaililii(( lire Ua urn ike a the belu ring on. In the rudily Hg-t of the furnace jaw The mem, yrim ii-e. of the nretuim glnwi. A h. i lif hunifPr sLolria''l wll coal. KITTAMING EXTIA HEAVY i arred Flannel, A VERY LARGE STOCK, IN GOOD STYLES. i'ELM, DICKSON CO. WHOLESALE GOODS, WOOD STREET. fa Mi Pi S3 QIIOICE GOODS AT JOSEPH HORNE CO. RECEIVED DAILY, BIFH'S 'SEST VELVET IT AT-. hat and i kt a es, GEKMANTOWN WOOL-, ZEI'HYK AND KVITTTNG AR5, BLACK VrLVETFFN. BONNET VELVET. BLACKartOKANfiE LATINS. TRIMMTNO SAT NS ALLSHAUES, HASH AND HOW KltibON. AND BLACK SATIN KlBBoNS, all widths. ALEXANDRE'S KID GLOVES, White, Opera, and Dark. G1ots. Wool Mitts and Gloves For Topped K11 Ribbed Fancy and Fialn. HOSIJEIIW, HANDKERCHIEFS. EMBROIDERIES 1'OCKET HKS. CALF ALLETt Ac. STILL FTJST3EE EEUICTI01S IS WOOLEX CJOOIIS, MILLIXERT GOODS, HOOP SKIRTS AI CORSETS, T7 AND 79 MARKET STREET. NEW GOODS AT GREATLF PRICES. ONE MORE CASE OF FINE STRIPED FELT SKIRTS JUST RECEIVED. CASHMERE SCARFS, in all colors, AYOQLEN HOSIERY at very low prices. LADIES A GENTS FINE FUR-TOPPED GLOVES. A large variety of Woolen Hoods. Shawls and Children's Saeques, I. ad it IlemstHehed Embroidered and Iace HaadtercUItifs, nits Silk Handkerchief, in all styles. HOOP SKIRTS. BALMORAL SKIRTS, PAPER COLLARS AND CUFFS, WOOLEN MITTS AND WRISTLETS. MACRTJ1I, GIsYDE T8 ad SO Market Street. de.Tl Mil RIM CARLISLE, NO. 19 FIFTH AVENUE, THE NEW SKIRT, "I.K PANIFR PERFECTION." -THE FAVORITE." "THIS POPULAR," "THE THOMPSON 'a TWIN SPRING, "WINGED ZEPHYR." "GLOVE FITTING," CORSETS AND PATENT -TAMERS. THE NEW GORED OVER SKIRT, "BELLE HELENE," richly embruidered aa elegant street or bkstlnsr t-kirt. Klf'H RIBBONS FUR BOWS, SCARFS AND ROMAN STRIPES AND PLAIDS. PATINS, ail tiates nrt width. FLOWERS. PLl MF. HATS AND BONNETS. LADIES AND CHILDREN'S) MfcKINO UNDER- The richest and latest novelties In GIMPS, FRINGE." AND Ml'TTuS. We ef d'fct sttention to the jrreat exrel-li nre nf the HARRIS AM tKss i Roulliuu) KID GLOVES" over ail others, and for wbicu we are tne Sole Agents. A comulfte lle of GENTLEMEN'S "STAR" fciHIK'lS, t-CSPENDEkft, Hl.oV'eS, HALF HOtB, UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. SELLING AGENT FOR LOCK WOOD'S PAPER ecous, and all otuer popular males. Mil RI C1RLISLE, yO. 19 FIFTH A VENUE. no2S A 31E1U11 Clllt ISTM AS NEW GOODS FOR THE HOLIDAYS. DEXNISON IIECKERT, NO. 27 FIFTH AVENUE, Have Just received a large and Judiciously assorted stock u( EMBROIDERIES, TR1MMINGH, lace goods, Hosiery, Hid tilovea, IIaiiIli.erfhlft Slipper Fatterus, Zephyr Uoodsi Scurf and Cient lurulf.btni; oocl and Notions generallv. A splendid selection Is afforded in special novelties suitable for HOLIDAY PRESENTS, to which the attention of lady readers is specially called. UEXNISOX A HECKERT, de8 NO. FIFTH AVENUE. JpillCES MARKED DOWN. UAKUA1XS IS ALMOST EVERY TII1AG. REAL HEM HTITCH, all Linen. HANDKEIt-CHif FH, 17c, 1W-, 'Ate and upwards, TAP IHiU EKED LlN EN 11 AN DK ERCH IEFS 6'i', to Sue. All our ATS at one-half regular prices. All the new KALMoRAL I KTS and Kradley' latest ftyles of HOOP SKIRTS, at Uie Lowest prli ee In the City. GF.NTrt' MERINO VEST and DRAWERS, 40c to AT EATON'S, No. 17 Filth Avenue. SHEETINGS AND BATTING. o'H jcSTii eee sTcor ANCHOrt COTTON MILLS. WTT8H TTjtXO II. Haas turers of HEAVY MEDIUM and LI9HT ANCHOR ASB AU. OI.1.1 SHEETINGS AND BATTING. 1 rjrjEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT I I SO CHARGE MADE WHEN ARTIFICIAL TEETH ARE OKDEKEX. A FULL SET FOE 8, AT DR. SCOTT'S. Ti FENN STKEET, to DOOB ABOVE HAST). ALL WORK WARRANTED. CALL ASD IX-AMIHE BfUCIMEJid OF bENULNE VULCANITE. OAS FIXTURES ELDO.V KELLY, Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealers In Lamps, Lanterns, Chandeliers, AND LAMP GOODS. Also, CARBON AND LUBRICATING OILS, XJEIVZINE, Ac. No. 147 Wood Street. Between 8th and 8th Avenneg. PIANOS, ORGANS, UY THE BEST AND CHEAP EST i'lANO AND ORGAN. Schomacker's Gold Medal Piano, AND ESTEY'S COTTAGE ORGAN, The SCHUMACHER PIANO comMnes all the latest valuable Improvements known lu the construction of a rat class instrument, and has always been awarded the hlKhest premium wherever exhibited. Its tone Is mil, sonoroas ana sweet, auc workmanship, for durability and rteinty, surpass all others. Prices from 50 to 150. Wacoordinfi to style and finish.) cheaper than aU other so-called Srst class Piano. ESTEY'S COTTAOE ORGAN Stands at the head of all reed Instruments. In producing the most perfect pipe quality of tone of any similar Instrument in the United States. Itlsslm. pie and compact In construction, and not liable to PATENT "VOX HUMANA TREMOLO" Is oclv to be found in tbisOrtrai. Price from 100 to MO. Ail guaranteed for live BAKU, AKE BUEITLEB, No. 1-4 ST. CLAIR STREET. PI.4XOS AVD ORUAXS-Au entire new eto-k of KNABE'S UN RIVALLED PIANOS; HAINES PIANOS: PRINCE 4 GO'S ORGANS AND MELODEONS and TKEAT, LINSLEY COS ORGANS AND MELODEONS. CHARLOTTE BLUIWE, dei A3 Fifth avenue, tole Airent. CONFECTIONERIES. Ill II, Practical Cook, Respectfully announces to the public that he wll On Satnrday and Jlonday Sext, Open to the public the DELWSONICO RESTAURANT, FOR -GENTLEMEN ONLY. It will he his earnest endeavor to fumlsahts patrons at all times with the most palatable viands which the market or the season asSords. The LlyL'ORS. "WINES of various dates. ALE, BEER, etc will be their own recommendation. Orders for rneCookinir for Weddings, and other Festivals, will, as herrtofore, be promptly and cheaply attended to, rennet ting patronage. II. 11CH. QEORCiE BEATEJf, MAJfUTFACTTfBIB Or CREAM CANDIES AND TAFFIES, And dealer In aU kinds of FRUITS, NUTS, PICKLES, SAUCES. JELLIES, C. se4 IDIRAL AUeehenv. MERCHANT TAILORS. T3 TIKfcJEL, (Late Cotter with W. Hespenbelde.) MKHCHAXT TAILOR, No. 53 SmithSeld Street, Pittsburgh. JEW FALL CiOODS. A splendid new stock of CI.OTIIH, Just received by 11E.VKY MKYKK. sel4: Merehant Tailor, T3 Smlthfield street. SEWING MACHINES. TIIE (RCAT AMERICAS COMBINATION. BUTTON-HOLE 0TEESEAMIN9 AND SEWING MACHINE. IT MAS AO EQUAL, BEING ABSOLUTELY THE BEST FAMILY MACHINE IN THF AND INTRINSICALLY THE CHEAPfiitT. f-A (tents wanted to sell this Machine. CI I AM. C. UAL8LEY, Aent for Western PeansvWania. Corner FIFTH AND MARKET fcTKEBTS, over Klcbaril.on's Jeweirr Store. 6s WALL PAPERS. WALL PAPERS, For Halls, I'arlorn aruJ Chambers, NOW OPENING, AT IOT Market near Fifth JOS. R. HUGHES BRO. DYER AND SCOURER, J. L.4SCE, DYER AND SCOURER. Ifo. 3 ST. 8T11EET And Nos. 1S5 and 137 Third Street, PITTM BURGH. PA. COAL AND COKE. DICKSON, STEWART Having removed their Office to NO. 567 LIIIEKTY HTItlSJE'T (Lately City Flour Mill) SECOND ELOOR. Are now YOUGHK J'V COAJL OUliLACK, at tiie orket price. HIOGHE- lowesl AU orders lert at their office, or addressed to them through the mail, will attPn)ter to promnttv. TOBACCO AND CIGARS. TTXCELvSIOlt WOIt 148. XI. S- W. JENKIIVrSON, i- inufaeturers and Dealers Tjba'o, Snuff, Cigars, Pip3, Ao.t FEDERAL.ST.. ALLEGHENY ARCHITECTS. T3 Altll MoiEIt, AltCJI ITECT8, FRUIT HOUSE ASSOCIATION BUILDINGS, Ni. and 4 St. Clair Street, PitUborga, Pa. Special attention jrlven to tiie designing and building of COURT HOUSES and PUBLIC BUILDING 3. In doing the same amount of work of the same kind. In Magdeburg, Germany, a widow of seventy recently married her seventh husband. This unusual circumstance naturally recalls the question of the Sadducees; whose wife of them all will she be? A man in Portage county, Ohio, has scirruosis of the liver. He has been tapped forty times in eighteen mouths, and yielded between six and seven barrels of water. He would be better than a camel to travellers in the desert. Keverdy Johnson has been photographed recently with a group of his new English friends. The artist is supposed to have had some difficulty in getting a distinct picture on account of the constant shaking of Mr. Johnson's hand. Melbourne, Australia, is badly drained and during the heavy rains is dangerous, numerous instances being on record of children being drowned in the raging gutters and their bodies being carried out to sea and irrecoverably lost. Lesseps, of Suez canal fame, is a veritable iconoclast; he actually wants now to destroy the classic, heroic, poetic and historic peninsula of Greece by putting a canal across the Isthmus of Corinth, thus making an island of the peninsula. The obelisk in the Place de la Concorde in Paris, is said to be decaying. It withstood the climate during thirty centuries in Egypt, whence it was transferred, but under the action of the weather in Paris it is beginning to crumble and pulverize. Miss Louisa M. Alcoft. who wrote the most successful and the most original juvenile book of the last season, has already completed the manuscript of the se-qael, which is to carry the fortunes of her 'Little Women" to their proper dramatic conclusion. An Omaha paper says that "the scene last night at a mass meeting in the Academy of Music, in one of the passages of Mr. Train's speech, where, on bended knee, he took an oath to devote his energies, fortune and life to making Ireland free, beggars all descriptive powers." It is the fashion now to sneer at and run down everything new that Lord Lyt-ton writes. Whether it be because he is a Lord or because he don't write as weil as formerly, or because tastes have changed and he has not, we shall not undertake to decide, but certainly he was once the most popular living author and now is by no aatans so. The famous poisons of the Borgias were very simply concocted. With a few cents' worth of arseniate of soda any one may manufacture a quart of them without claiming to be considered an eminent chemist. The poison employed by and the proudre de tuectisitn were merely arsenious acid, the effects of which vary with the manner of administering it. The Philadelphia Ledger savs The following vessels cleared from this port during the past week with petroleum Bark Ann and Alice, for Bilboa, with 91,000 gallons; brig Van Horn, for Antwerp, with 114.S03 and brig W. II. Bigelow, for Cork, with making a total of 203,007 gallons. There are now loading and chartered in the same trade ten barks. The police of Paris recently arrested a young man who wa3 drunk and beating people over the head at the station house. He proved to be William Alexander Louis Stephen Hamilton Douglas, Duke of Hamilton, Marquis of Hamilton, Marquis of Douglas, Marquis of Clydesdale, Earl of Angus, Earl of Arran, Earl of Lanark, Baron Hamilton, Baron of Aven, Polmont, Machausiure and Innerdale, Baron of Aber- nethy and Jedburgh Forest, Duke of Bran- don and Baron Button, aged twenty-three. One Albert is the new hairdresser of Paris. Albert begins his rounds of heads at 10 a.m., but Worth never sends in a toilet lor ball or soiree more than ten minutes before it has to be put on. A toilet de livered on the morn of a fete wouia cease to be a new one before night, and the belle -who has had to sit erect all day for fear of d'mrranging Albert's edifice has such implicit faith in Worth that she does not mind waiting. I have seen some thus wait until two in the morning, while the beauty's husband was snoring in lull dress on tiie sola, the coachman freezing on the box, the footman wrapped in his Utly's furs in the servant's hall, and still the wife and mifctress bo serene and calmly secure that it was like a sermon on resignation to look at her. And this faith in Woith was so immense that when the things did come they were put on without inspection; and lien they were on, although the Countess could not sit down on the carriage seat because of the pannier, but had to kneel forward, nor lift up her head because of the roof, still when she entered the blazing ball room victory was on her features and hopes of an ice and biscuit within her heart. INotlung more than an ice and biscuit, for everything else would add color to her complexion and anything less would be too great a tax on human nature alter a day's fast or so little nourishment that it amounted to absolute fasting. 1'arin Cor. Nasuy has lectured one hundred nights this season, and is said to have received tifiy thousand dollars therefor. The New York San remarks: This is a good deal lor one journalist to earn in a year, even if he is as smart as Mr. Locke and as good a fellow, and it may excite the envy of the inexperienced. But when we rellcct upon the tough beefsteaks, the corn cotfee and the leathery buckwheat cakes that the devoted lecturer must swallow in awful haste; when the imagination conjures up the cold and cheerless spare rooms at deacons' houses, where he is put to sleep in unaired sheets.and where the water is frozen solid when he tries to wash his face in the morning when we think of the tea-tables where he is lioniz.ed by the old maids of the hole neighbor, hood, who interrogate him about theology, or the last number of the Atlantic Monthly, we must cease io look upon his hoard with any feeling but compassion for the dreadful sacrifice and the alarming labors by which it is amassed. Taking advantage of the extreme depression in the Eastern Market daring the Holidays, we have added largely to our stock at much below Market Rates. We will continue to sell at our present reduced prices for TEN DAYS longer. M'CALLUM BliOTIIEKS. JANUARY, 1809. CARPETS. ff FABLAHD COLLINS, Will Continue their ANNUL CLEIRIME S1LB TWO WEEKS LONGER. Greater Bargains than Ever will be offered to close out Special Lines of Goods, at 71 AND 73 FIFTH AVENUE, SECOND FLOOR. REDUCTION I CARPBTS, OIL CLOTHS, We offer our stock at rednced Now is tle time to Imy. BOYARD, ROSE 21 FIFTH AVENUE. GLASS. CHINA, CUTLERY. lOO WOOD STREET. HOLIDAY GIFTS. FINE VASES. BOHEMIAN AND CHINA, 0 NEW STYLES, 8 D1SXER SETS, TEA SETS, CIFT CUPS, SMOKING SETS, A large stock of SILVER PLATED GOODS of all descriptions. Call and examine our mods, and welfeel i sauBueu no one neea lau to be suiteu. R. E. BREED CO. lOO WOOD STREET. a bi ihe Jolting inonif mil onward rolls, Leatlng wake of elriilern bright. Ami a trait of miuke to blai keu Hie night. Ten minute have pa-l clnce the watchman ran, pi-rhip. Inee Ihe Unuie- b'gau; The l.till.ilugV front I brlglil with Ihe smile if the di mull klug, abn re gns for a while; But hl rvlgii miff, fo' the nrn begitia "1'wl i water anil nre. and water win h. "-Cincinnati f'omrmreuii. EIMIKMEHIS. Scott Slddons ia ia Cincinnati. California is cultivating many olive trees. Bishop Simpson and bis wife liave gone to Texas. Chicago is now trying to get rat-proof buildings. The Financial Editor of the Revolution is a woman. Mrs. Craik, nee Muloch, is busy writing a new novel: Chicago is called the city of winds and cheap houses. Colorado has a new city called Dirty "Woman's Ranch. Italians in San Francisco are building a hospital for themselves. $20,000 a year is the salary of one of Eugenie's dres9 makers. Ten cents a pound is a good retail price for choice beef in Alabama. The salt mines of Austria are said to be worked by a million miners. A "corner in opium" is the latest speculation dodge in New York. Victor Hugo's new torel has already been translated into English. John Bright is threatened, not with his peculiar disease but with asthma. Velocipedes have arrived in San Francisco, where they are not popular. Mrs. Scott SidJons did better financially in Washington than any place else. A negro preacher of Oberlin, has recently married a white Boston girl. kv. Hoffman is the youngest Governor New York ever had excepting Seward. Miss Kellogg is said to have a charming green dress and an overpowering bend. Philadelphia has two new and immemse skating rinks, with which she is well pleased. The light from the recent great fire at Bangor, iine was seen for sixty-two miles. Offenbach is coming to America. If he comes once will probably come Offenbach. Pai ia Las three female public lecturers now, and unknown numbers of private ones a la Caudle. Boston is going to move the Hotel I'elham fifteen feet westward from its present position. A monument to Sam. Houston is proposed In Boston, to cost not less than five thousand dollars. Some Virginian young ladies have been having a good time and a rifle shooting match at Stanton. Natchez has a hairlesssqairrel with a oft, smooth skin, which evidently never had any bair on it. One of the gentlemen of the jury which tried Aaron Burr for treason is still living at Chillicothe, Ohio. The Micado of Japan left his palace in November, the first time such a thing has happened in 2,000 years. The New York Cooper Union has established a school for the practical instruction of women in telegraphy. Mr. Thomas Carlyle has carefully revised all of his works, and will soon issue a new and complete edition of them. Providence has a one-legged skater. The ways of the skater, like those of the city he dwells in, must be inscrutable. During the present year, Newport, 11. has lost fitty-eiiEht citizens who had lived more than their allotted three score and ten years. Cincinnati proposes to change the names of some of her streets so as to have twenty-three, instead of nine, numbered streets. Great damage has been done by the tn th nranire p-roves in Florida. In liun a- a some parts of Eastern Florida the trees have been killed. The Darien canal will be about thirty nvles in length, including a seven mile tunnel, and the estimated cost is about An Indianapolis paper diecloses the secrets of the sanctum by stating that most "editorial quills" are "stubs of pencil chewed at the end." Cyrus W. Field slipped and slid down an icy hill at Irvington the other day, striking a tree at the bottom, and receiving severe but not dangerous injury. Prussia is thinking seriously of having a World's Fair at Cologne, knowing probably that it would then bo sure of prizes for cathedrals and unpleasant odors. Sixty-seven female teachers in Cincin fees a pa A t4 fc3 Ed DRY GOODS FOR THIRTY DAYS ONLY, TO CLOSE HTOCK. TEEDDOHE F. PHILLIPS, 87 MARKET STREET. de23 QEOS1XO OUT SALE or DRY OOOX4 AT J. M. BURGHTIELD 4 NO. 52 ST. CLAIR STREET, All "Wool Orey Twi'led Flannel for 37 worth 65c. Deliuaes for 80e. worth '43. Slightly Soiled ISlanatets 4,00 worth $6,00. Waterproof for $1,93 worth fl.MJ. Poplins for 37, worth SO. Kid Oloves worth Paisley Shawls worth aO.OO. V'eWeteens a.OO worth llleachefl Muslim I'i -sc. worth 16. Uuntjleaelitd Mualin worth 17. Ches pest and best stock In the city. CLAIR, near Llbertystreet. No. 53 ST. de2 -168. NEW OOODS. NEW AEPACCAS. NEW MOHAIR. BLACK SILKS. HOSIERY and GLOVES. IP. SOUCY, HT So. 168 Wjlie StrecU JEJ i IKK, McCAN DLESS (Late VVUson, Carr A WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Foteign and Domestic Dry Goods, No. 9 WOOD STREET, Third door above Diamond ally, PITTSBURGH. PA. LITHOGRAPHERS. BKNJAMIN I'HILIP CLII8. SINtJEKLV S. LE1S, Successor to EO. F. Hi'MCCHMAH PKA I Al. M1HDV1KAPIIERS. The ouly rlteam Lithoifraphic Establishment West of the Mountains. Business Cards, Letter Heads, Bonds, Labels, Circulars. Show Cards, Diplomas. Portrlt, Viiws, Certificates of Deposits, Inrita-tioa CMs, Nos, 7 4 said 7 Third istreei, Pitouri x.

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