Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1932 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1932
Page 6
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PAOE3TX ROSSUftt COUNTY A0VANC& ALdoMA, IOWA T-cdupUE RETURN FROM BLACK HILLS 'Burt, Sept. 6 — Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stoutenberg have returned from a vacation trip In Minnesota and South Dakota. They left a week ago Saturday for Lynd, Minn., to take home their niece, Irene Shaf- ratt, who had spent the summer here. They spent that week-end with nieces at Lynd and Marshall, t%n went to Isabel. S. D., to visit aftbthcr niece. They also thl'iBlack Hills. toured Party Leaves for California— ilrs. Christine Oerhards. George Gerhards, and Mr. and Mrs. Uein- hold Pothoff, Bancroft, laft last Thursday for Glendale and other California points to visit Mrs. Gerhard's son John nnd relatives of Mr. Pothoff. The Gerhards may spend the winter there. Work af Union-Girls 1 Shown at State Fair Union- Twp, Sept. 6 — Lucille j home at St. Petersburg, Fla, De-irohs, of the Alethean 4-H girls' ^ Sclloo i tf,, rsc (jl TCS Talk— .Vi-b. rerin'.s'.ied three walnut heir- j Antoinette Bonnstetter, Alg'ona- a chn'.-.-, a stool, and a picture ; Kumboldt public school nurse, will F NEXT 81 m NDAY AT LONE ROCK ,), Pfiyne, E<1ltor< We called Saturday) on Lou Wll- dln, throe miles west and three -miles south of Algona, He Is gaining some from Injuries suffered last Lone Rock, Sept. 6—The loca.1 spring, He said he had shipped , ,. worn discuss 'Diet and Dress for frame, this summer ami the> wore opfenll|g meellng 'Ing here in conjunction the churc.h Is planning an outdoor meet- three ^carloads of cattle and had re' . part, of Kossuth'a 4-H exn.bit at oj , the Mothei . 9 ,5. Daughters club's j R'.ngstod Presbyterian the state fair. They originally be- llpw j. pal . next W eek Wednesday, next Sunday. Sunday school Will shipment. " with church ^ the celved' a good price. He has another for carload In the lot, feeding for later be held at 11 a. m., after which! Wo had a short visit Saturday there will be a basket dinner. At with the Douglas Wlldlns, three ..„ „ .„ ..„„ -..„ 2:30 the Rev. Mr. Gladstone will miles west and five miles south of Wheeler, who lived many years on ; i nff !s a weok i at(?r tnan would, oth-1 apoals. Mr. Gladstone is pastor of, Algona. They told of a trip to Den- I-Icnry Rloken . env | go DB t ne case, because of the! both churches, having served Lone i ver with Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Bacon, 'onged to her maternal great-; when Mesdnmcs Julia Taylor and IT- nnri Mrq Albert' Bertha Sarchett will be hostesses, -randparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ainei^ what is now the fnrm and later lived at Algona. The nounty fair, ami is dated for xr.tlcles are 80 veare old, i Wednesday to avoid conflict with a . ---- , , ---- .,, ----- , Rock 12 years, and Rlngsted four 13^ miles south of Burt. Mrs. Bicon years. This will be the'first joint I and Mrs. Wlldin are sisters The <Good Juniors Wln.nt Hiimboltll— The Junior League ball team, with Coach R. 13. Ke:irns and Manager G. P. Hawcott, played at Humboldt last Thursday, and defeated that town's nine. S-5. A number of other Eurt people wont clown to see the game and attend the Humboldt fair. Former To;i<'!t<>rn A'lslt Hero— •L. C. Gardner, who toadies in ;>. boys' hi;;'h .school .'it Louisville, Ky.. called on Burt friends last week. He was formerly superintendent here. Helen Douglas. Douglas, Minn., former Burt teacher, was here last Thursday and Friday. Methodist S. S. Kiwis Officers— At a mooting of the Methodist P-. S. board at the parsonage 1"^ week Wednesday evening practically all officers were reelected Knrold Hobson Is superintendent; Mrs. A. G. Volentine, .Junior superintendent; Nelda Volentine, secretary. First P.-T. A. JU'Mliiff Dated— The. fii>:t P.-T. A. meeting of the year will be held at the schoolhouse •next week Thursday evening. a week later than usual on account of the fair. Farmers Htiy Jfew Machinery— A new Hart-Parr tractor and Oliver plow were delivered to Stoutenberg & Jones, west of Burt, one day last week by George Elbert, Algona. Three Enter Coc College— Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle took their son 'Dean, Grover Fairbanks, and George Graham to Cedar Rapids Sunday to enter Coe college. Pastor's Daughter to College— The Rev. S. H. Aten took his daughter Irene to Cedar Falls Friday to attend college again. Other Burt News. •E. O'. Chipman, daughter Vera. Mrs. M. M. Chipman. and her daughter Joan wore at Mason City Saturday, ond Howard Chipman. employed by the Standard Oil company there, came home with them for the week-end, going back with his cousin. Emory Brown, Garner, Sunday. Mr. and Mr.s. R. A. Iliff, Webster City, .spent from last week Tuesday till last Thursday at J. H. , Graham's, and took back with them Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford, Cedar Rapids, who had spent two weeks with the Grahams Mr.s. Crawford, Mrs. Graham, and Mrs. Iliff are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Way, Edgewood, and Alice and Verda Eveivs, Cole.sburg, were over-Sunday visitors at W. H. Schwietert's. Mrs! Bertha Schwietert and son Wlllard were also Sunday dinner guests. Mr. and Mr.s. O. R. Goodell, Primghar, and their -son Chnrles were week-end gue.sts at George Gray's, and -Rowena Brown, who had been visiting at Grays, returned with them to her home at Primghar. Harvey Colenmn, Algona, ond Cadwell Wiltse, Freeport, 111., visited J. P. Cunningham Friday. They were neighbors of Mr. Cunningham years ago. and he and Mr. Coleman were schoolmates. The C. C. Parishes, Newton, came Saturday for the week-end at J. P. Stow'si, and brought home Florence Stow, who had been in a hospital . there, following an appendicitis operation. The F and Loo Vinaas, Geneva, 111., arrived Saturday for the week-end With the P. L. Drommels and Mr. and Mrs. M. !,. Vinaas. Mr*. Vf-rald Smith and her children left .Saturday for their home at Mihv.-uik... , after a number of weeks with .Mr.s. Smith's Mr.s. \v. K. Cruvt.".-. J\li-. and Mr.s. Sherman Stiltz and Mr. Stilt;:'s mother, Taylorville, III., arrived Friday for two weekci at Dolbert Veal's. Mr. Stilt:', is Mrs. A'ogeV.s i'.,:her. Durv.vjnl Mi'-Donald and \V. T. Traim-r .<;iont the week-end at \Vilmar, .Minn., where Mr. .McDonald visited his family and Mr. Trainer his sun Estel. Dr. ami Mrs. Lewis l-iisgard left Saturday for tlu-ir home a"t Arvada. Colo., i-i'tci- two weeks with Mrs. Bisgai-d's inrents, Mr. and M.«. (• A\'. Schr.vv.-r. The Herbert Volentine.-;, Truman. Minn, vj.sit.'d Sunday at Mrs. .M. A. Dealer's and touk home UK- daughter Gloria, who had been here two weeks. 'Mrs. M. .M. Ohlpmnn and daughter J,, Ann >peni from week Tu«-s<l.-ty to Friday with former's s:.-u-r. .VIus. Gal,ri-;-l, iitroiifr. The Frink Saunders family recently ..-a:nf here from Dub'.ujue and 1'Or I lit- pr.-.--..-m us with Mrs. Saunders' ninth.--]-, Mr.s. Herman Dau. Mr. and Mrs. II. A. White-hill re- Dreinmels, Aurora, 111., and were a part of the furniture the , ^, n Wheelers started housekeeping with . .,.. fh Mrg when they came here from eastern -ill b« assisted Iowa. Lucille recaned Aid meeting, the chair, Thompson. Thursday, September 22, Schenck, who by Mrs. Clara r ''Uier Union. Airs. Anna' Jergpnson returned to r"upholstered tha stool, and put a| copy of a famous painting into the ; frame. The wood parts were all -efinished. Lucille is now starting ^ ^ h ,, j p ] ln Riebhoff home, Algona, her second yrar in the Algona high; j toluln y n ft er three weeks with her school. Mary Gisch, well known j SDn Alfred. Plum Creel;. Mre. .Ter•l-I-l club girl, now teaching her sec- ; y..-, nson j s >i rs . Riebhoff's mother. ond year in District Xo. Union, C. T. Tbwne, MaSon,Clty,*gaVe ,,a movlngr picture and d"oft> show her* Friday hlghf under "the Auspices of local business men. 'Mr. Towne was here five years ago with a shotf, The Aid will meet next week Wednesday with Mrs. Qtiorge Olsefij west of town. It met last Thursday with Mrs. \V. C, Taylor, 27 per* sons attehdlflt. Mrs; Jergen SkoW conducted Bible study, after which lunch was served, . The Sunday school met at the church last week Wednesday < night and elected, officers: superintendent. Mrs. Harvey. Steven; assistant, Herman Wise; secretary. Edith Greenfield; treasurer, Neva Olsen; party'left here August 10 nnd re-1 Roll superintendent, turned August 25. They drove out | Greenfield. meeting of churches. Joint Mite Meeting Planned— The Mite society held Its latest meeting at Mrs. C. Madison's, ond 'the program consisted of a 4-H sarchettr She atso hag'a sister in demonstration of bed-making byj Colm . ndo Mrg> C- E> HnEri0i whose Muriel Long and Dorothy Blerstedt and a question and answer Bible pusszle conducted by Mrs. Hobaon. pianist, Miss Greenfield; Mrs. Cradle A. L. via the Black Hills. At Laramle, Wyo.. Mrs. WIld!n has two slsfeni, Fred Dunn and Mrs. Vernon The next meeting will be at the Colorado country is deceiving as re- Mrs. Mary Kutechara came home early last week'from her daughter, Mrs. John Seemnn's, Algona, Where she had been since the night ahe was assaulted by a tramp. hiifibind has a Ph. D degree and I Mrs. Roy Sarchett, Algona, spent is a professor In the stnte teachers Mast Thursday with her sister, Mrs. college. They remarked 'that thejjas. Fraser. :\ade a dressing table out of orange j ^cherick's, visited her Florence Goet?.. employed at A. B. | Ringsted meeting, soon.; crates which was also part of the, i je tiy a i-d from Friday state fair 4-H exhibit. home of Mrs. Eugene Hotlus.' The, gnrtl3 th i nf , s at n distance. On the society has been invited to attend a wny baok they Cll . ove 775 mllea from Denver in 24 hours, with no stops for lunch and gas. The WII- Mr. nnd Mrs Charles Hoflns came Saturday for n week with their and attended the annual Sauerkraut day at Lakota Saturday. Julius Johnson, Humboldt, and a grandson, Dickie Johnson, spent parents at j till Sunday i I'arty Honors Dcpnrthigr Olrls— •Beulah Gladstone and'Vera Morris entertained last week Monday night In honor of local girls who were going to teach or attend col- daughter. Mrs. Claude Dearchs. From here they go to Chicago toj Sunday at Alfred Jcrgenson's. Mr. j lese. After a theater party lunch Tvaa served at Mrs. A. A. Krueger's. Attending were Margaret and Berneyce Roderick, Dorothy Macumber, dins hiive .on« bos'. Leslie. a.ge 3. and he stayed with Grandma Wfl- dln. ' Last'Thursday wo called at C. M". ' J :i Ir j .7, and thence to their Johnson is a rural mail carrier. come to spend several months I with the W. A. Stoutenbergs. j The J. G. and Edward f Thaves families attended a family gathering at Intcrlaken Sunday. j hura Sewlck has resumed teach- J ing at Harris, where she, is Junior j high school principal. | Paul Moore went to her i daughter's at Corwlth Sunday for the week. Marion Chipman and James and George Powers spent Friday at the state fair. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Heerdt are irnvsnn n LhOTAHO H, ENBOLLiENT LARGEST EVER IiCdy.ird, Sept. 6—School opened last week Monday with an enrollment of 242: first grade. 23; second, 17; third, 10; fourth, 32; fifth, 19; parents of a son, born last Thurs- j H i x th, If,; seventh, 2S; eighth, 16; Naomi Wegener, Gladys and Ruth Householder. Stebritz, lllniior Honors atrs. Otis Sanders—, AOT1CJ5 OF SHEIUFF'8 SALE STATE OF IOWA: KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a General Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a confession of Judgment they drove via Hot Springs and ! rendered in said Court on the 18th Rapid City. S. D., the "southern day of March, 10-32; In favor of W. trail." Coming back, they drove. Scott Hanna,. as plaintiff, and | mile west of Lone Rock The family I had returned the preceding Saturday from the Black Hills. Going out LEGAL NOTICES through part of North Dakota. Mr. against H. J. iRlstau, as defendant, for the sum of Sixteen Hundred The Bdw. Kruses, Hardy, Mr. and I Umsted has a sister at Colgate, N. Mrs. Glaus Helmke, Bancroft, Mr. i D - and a brother at Page, N. D.; Seventy and 10/100 ($1670.10) Dol- ancl Mrs. R. M. Goetsch. Mrs. Glaus ! and Mrs. Umsted has a brother, j'ars and eoste,, taxed: at One and; Helmke, daughter Eva, Renwlck, the i William Lindsiy, at Fargo, N. D., 25/100 (1.25) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the lowing described property as fol- the day. The Birthday Circle met last Thursday at Mrs. James Ollom's ] ninth, IS: tenth, 23; eleventh, 14; twelfth, IS. The enrollment in high school is the largest in the history Mr.s. George Strayer was confined o f t he school, and more seats are to bed with sickness last week. being installed to accommodate the The Edward Welskes have moved p up n s . Gladys Nolan; Guthrie Cen- ir.to the R. E. Bleich hoiw. ! Bruce Clifton visited his uncle at Thompson last Thursday. Iva Trunkhill besrnn teaching 'he home district Monday. in LLINOIS VISITORS AT FO!)R CGftK HONORED AT P!M!C ! ter. commercial and home economics teacher, did not arrive till Monday evening. She had been attending the state university and could not get here sooner. Tournament Planned— Local tennis club members are ' playing a round-robin tournament, j They drew for partners: A. E. Lau| ritzen, L. W. Wlemer; V. A. Bar- Irett, Clifford Jenks; "Bill" Wlemer, ! William Garry; Alvin Carpenter, j Willis Dyer; Father Sturm, Cecil ' Peterson. Each couple plays every i other pair, and the couple winning Four Corners, Sept. G—Mr. and | moat games, wins. Mrs. Lew Twiehouse, the sons Dale j and Bruce, and Mrs. Jennie Fagan | and a son. all of Cullom, 111., arrived | Untlorltofler Children Leaving— Mrs. J. C.Underkofler, Britt, Mur- brother and sister of Mrs. Nicker '.. 1 Dame as a sophomore, while Audrey held at the Nickerson home a week , Woi]lac j c Transferred to Dolllver— ago Sunday, and attending besides | Tfte R j_ Wo macks got home the Illinois folks were the Louis i. from Lou -; e iana last week Monday, Lowmans, the Fern Hillings, Britt, j an<J th g f 0 ]] OW f nff day moved their the Aeijelt Myers family, and the ( househo i a goo ds to Dolliver, where •'.ir.-hl Fesslers, Rlngsted. j M ,._ yVomack is now depot agent. A picnic dinner took place at the ; Ml . cinnahan is still substituting Ambrose A. Call state park Friday j hfire _ : n honor of Mrs Fagan. This was i ' her first visit hero in 15 years. | A-d anil W. F. M\ 8. Elect— •Vmong old friends in attendance j The Methodist Aid meets in the •vere the Nickersons. Mrs. William j church basement this week Thurs- Drayton, daughter Betty Lou, Mrs. ; day to elect officers. The W. F. M. ohn Sabln, daughter June, the j s. meets with Mrs. Roy Link Fri- Rtlnn Light and William Rich 'imilles. Mrs. Heip. hsr daughter Kathleen, Mrs. Austin Witham, Mvs. Myrtle Vlnlng, daughter Har- Frances, her children. Family Gathering at. Wiener's— Attending a family gathering at H. A. Wiener's'Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Edw. McDonough, Odebolt. Mr. and Mrs. Albert.McDonough, of Early, Mr. and Mils. Roy Chrischil- les, Fenton, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder, Lone Rock. Parly Honors Cleo Hobsou— A birthday party was given Sunday evening at Harry Hobson'e in honor of the daughter Cleo. Attending: Ronald Christenson, Margaret Gladstone. Verne and Dorothy Dacken, and Vernon and Coila Jane Hollister. Picnic for S. S. Class- Alice Angus gave a picnic for her Sunday school class at the river last Thursday afternoon. Attending: Marion Jensen, Grace Newbrough, Betty and 'Shirley Marlow, Kathryn Stebritz. Doris Sanders. Throe Ijone Rockers Teaching-— Naomi AVegener started teaching the AValter Thompson school Monday. Ruth Householder is teaching nonr Swea City. Rose Krause has resumed teaching at Dakota City. Four to Teachers' College— Helen Radig. M.r. and Mrs. E. M. son M. they got home. They showed us corn raised west of 'Fargo — just poor | •'nubbins." The crops were there. They also showed us satisfy said execution, to-wltr Abou 4,000 bushels of yellow ear corn fit crib, located on the Northwest quarter (NW%). of' Section Eleven pigs, which have not been doing well. They had lost 15, and the veterinary did not seem to know what was wrong, but had sent one to Ames for examination. their i (11) in Township Ninety-foui Walter Lockwopds, Burt, and La I where he has charge of an electric Vonne. Kathryn, and Gretchen I l'S h t plant. 'The Umsteds enjoyed _ . . . Helmke, Remvick, were Sunday i their trip, but remarked that Iowa property of the said 1 H. J, Ristavr to guests at the Otis Sanders home, Hooked mighty -good to them when " where dinner was served in honor of Mr.s. Sanders' birthday. Local Schools Faculty Meets— A teachers' meeting was held Saturday at the school building .here. The faculty this year is: superintendent, L'. E. Godfrey. V. V. Frye, Florence Householder, Ruth Cross, of Curlew, Evelyn Behrmann, of Bancroft, Floy Jones, of Chester, Jua'nita Dunn, of Alta, and Harriett Fish, of Whittemore. J -*C ™ d Mr " B«anchard , BOM SWEA CITY WILL NOT GIVE RIDES TO TUITION PUPILS Swea City, Sept. 6—The Swea City and Armstrong school boards held a joint meeting last week Monday and decided to discontinue paying for transportation of tuition pupils. Swea City had five board members in attendance; Armstrong, four. The action means that tuition pupils in both districts must provide their own transportation. There is some talk also of abandoning transportation of other pupils at public expense. Swea City's expense for hauling farm 'children to school is about 20 per cent of all expense of operating the schools. • It has been suggested that the farm families organize routes, each family its turn at hauling. The routes are all let for the ensuing year. Methodist Aid Names Officers— The Methodist Aid held Its annual election last week Wednesday: Mrs. T. F. Mitchell, president; Mrs. T. F. Johnson, vice president; Mrs. Sam- I uel Warburton. secretary; Mrs. Ira Hewitt, treasurer; Mrs. Fred Seylor, corresponding secretary. The day to elect officers. Mrs. Sullivan's Father SicH— Mrs. Jerry'Sullivan received word the state teachers' college. Scale at lilant'linrd's — church board has adopted a new ruling which makes all woman members of the church members of the Aid. At the next meeting old A new Fairbanks-Morse platform members will entertain the new d the" Tw-eh", I and the i\\ -enaus family.'' The'afternoon was spent at I husband left for his bedside. the swimming pool. NovilywPds Are Charlvnrlcil— Mr. and Mrs. Louis Broesder,' • p.ewlyweds, recently got home from Albany, N. Y., and neighbors and other, friends charivaried them last week Monday evening at Mrs. Edith R'.ch's, where they are living. There was a great crowd, estimated at between 175 and 200. Ice cream was served. ,- of the serious illness of her : truck s <=ale is^being installed at the at Whittemore and with her ' Blanchard hardware by William Kennedy, Burt. Society Has Wiener Roast— The C. E.'s had a wiener roast at In to Other Ledyard News. Mrs. La Coeur, Dorothy Black, , Minn., Mrs. Harold Hend, her baby, and Mrs. Laura Des Moines, visited M. & 1). Mi'Pt^iiff l'ost])!'iu'a— A meeting of the M. & D. club here Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Tillmoney, of Ames, their eon Cecil, and his wife Tillmoney and J. W. -Hartshorn homes. Leon Worclen, Ace Warner, and scheduled for this wee!: Thursday j has been postponed till next week j Thurnlay to avoid conflict with the] fair. The r-!;:h will then meet with Mrs. Aliee Ditsworth. the latter's son came home from Larchwood for the week-end. They nre carpentering there. Anita Gelhtius and Bertha Nitz accompanied L. A. '.NMtz to Minneap- L. C. Dltmer's Friday .evening h"nor Of members going away school. Uown ('urn Slows Silo-Filling— Kilo-filling started last week Tuesday, but because of a windstorm that evening has been considerably slowed up. The corn is down badly In plan's and so tangled that it U hard to cut. next day. Tue^dny, returnin Other Lone Rock. - Mrs. J. M. Blanchard and her son Donald, accompanied by the former's little granddaughter, Beverly Sones, who had visited here three weeks, motored to Cherokee last week Tuesday to return Beverly.to her parents,. Mr. and Mrs. John Sones. Mrs. Blanchard and Donald returned next day. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gapp, Coin Gapp. and Loretta Fendrick? all of Salem, S. D., came Monday for a week at. the Rev. S. M. Gladstone's. Glad- her last the Arm- 0(]icr Four Corners. " Mr.;. J.ot'.iH Broesder. Mrs. John .-^iibin, (laughter June, .and Mrs. 1-Mlih liich visited thp John Gett- m-:n.-i. Burt, last wei-'k Wednesday :il'ierj:i.-fin, and Jlr.s. Rich stayed for i lonsvr visit. The TCthan Lights got home last week Tuesday from Illinois, whore ''"--»• v'.sltPd Mr. Light's people. V-i!t»r Rich, who hud visited the '.".')':ir'.r's Craws, Chicago, returned >vi'.h them. Mrs. ,T. p. Nicker.-ifn and ' her William Wiemer and Janice W11- • -vr , ->, „ 1'anw lea Saturday for Van Meter ' Mr> ", nc1 Mra ' Qni>p ure 3 where the latter is F,n-lish teacher i St °" e S » arents ' cam It Kynvotld untl William Quinn spent Rny Mason, Algona. Thursday to visit his Mr.s. George Thompson's. turned .Saturday from ten days with relatives at Lodi, WLs. They also visited th..-•!]• .sun Lou at Chieago. spent the week-emi with tin- par-' ents. M.-. and Mr.s. J. H. (Iraham and Mr. and .Mrs. J. N. Molding. C. K. Hammer, who will so:jn open a n*\v grof-ei-y store in tli Lar word Saturday of the death of Her •irphew, Earl Jones, Algona. Charles Hilferty was sick wjth the flu last week, and his brother Vern- Hrd ran the dray. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. McGilligan. of Algona, visltc-d ;it Jos. Mayno's last week Wednesday. The Henry Grays, Baxter, spent thr. v.-eek-end v/ith the daughter, Mi». Glen fiey.si* Rdna Oroen returned to Chicago ^"tiii-clay, after the summer with h'-'r parents. M'.s. 'Hd\v. McGulrn and her son 'oft Friday for their home at Cedar Illinois visitors .spent last Thursday Oeo. T). Moulton and Supt. Lau- Mt I.'.irhl Fesslor's, Ringsted, and i rltxen fished LU Lake Coronas Fri- ;b;H night with the Aeijelt Myers I day. family there. riMin-nlng Fi-iday. j Morn, to Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lc-mr-r Mitchell ar- j-Krowning, a girl, last week "mm Chicago last week j day. Poss i croft, and also visited the "Bill 1 Dudding family at Swea City. Mrs. E. M. Hawks, Mrs. Jessie Stebritz, and the latter's daughter Gladys motored to Mason City Monday. Gladys will .attend the Hamilton business college there. The Fred Genriches drove to Humboldt for a visit at the Fred Hawks home 'lust week Sunday, and Bernard remained there for a longer visit. Mrs. John Rath, Mr. and Mrs. Al^ liert -Shiiser, and Mr. and Mra. AV11- I liam Rath and u daughter visited I the Bert Olsens, Swea City, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Umsted returned 'Saturday from" the plack Hills. They also visited relatives in Xorth Dakota and Minnesota. The • Robert Padgetts, Algoiia, nu.vi'd Sanird-iy to the home of Mrfi. r. and Mrs. \Vrdnesdny to visit Mr. Mitchell's pnrfntri. Mr. and Mrs. Etna Mitch- Earl S-Mi-wurt Mankato, was here | William Krause. I The Albert Thompsons moved Larson !.,;i;!,-ling moved last Thurs- | City, spent Friday with "tin da> in;.. ;!,•> Daniels IK.use. j Lowmans. helping cook for s l -••»!•,•• .-•.•-v.vietert returned to Dol-; ers. *i Vt*i' ..I t * '. I I ".' i ( 1 ( {\r\ F. 1. \\ * ,' ,. ,,, . .... ., i . A large number of folks from this' wood, was hero l-'rida vicinity aUfmlecl a Hard Tymes' & ,.,i" w«.r w ,th° Wllliiim Drayton. MI-.S. Herman Lindemun. Friday. IK- ii.,.,1 hej-e 20' ykuw ago 1 1:iHt weck from MJlford to Albert's Ex-Supt. Edwards, now' of Inn- ! ; iu;Uu ''' Mrs - Prank Thompson's Dakota the Roy ilo fill- to le.'ich. ri-turiu'd :' 8 inborn. Winsome to lier V.'. T. Peters, Otto Kraushaar, * <*. Thaves attended Sauer- To Extend No. 18; The- r.tato highway commission has calle-cl for bids next Tuesday to continue the No. 18 paving west from EmmeUburg to the Palo Alto- GRAHAM, HOLDING FAMILIES HAVE REUNION FOR VISITORS Burt, Sept. (i—A gathering of Graham and Holding relatives was held at W. AV. Boettcher's Sunday In honor of the Arc-hie Holdings, Pontlac, 111., who spent the weekend here. Attending: the J. H. Grahams. J. N., C. L., Merwyn, and Clifford Holdings, the Oliver Grahams, Fenton, the Ivan Longs, Swea City, and Mr. and Mrs. Jones, friends who came with the Pontlac Holdings. homo here, Mrs. W. J. Cotton had as guests 49-50-1-2 Attorneys for Plaintiff >.'*y ;,.i Lakota Saturday. :>'} Hharratt, Lynd. 1 from last Thursday till Sunday Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Boerner, Milwaukee. Thp Kev. S. SI. Gladstone and his family were dinner guests at A. A- Kruc-gfrr's last week Wednesday. Frank Flaig and ^Theodore .JCrup- ger spent Sunday at Frank Westergaard's, Graettinger. ' Mr. and Mrs. Stoll. Ames, came Friday- to visit their daughter, Mrs: Andrew Thompson. The Fred Flaigs have moved from Ponton to the H. A. Wiener farm, just north of town. Carl Wiener and Hugo Worthing ton returned Friday from ten days in the Black Hills. ' HI any Moves September 1— Considerable moving was done here September 1. B. F. Rhodes moved to the upstairs apartment in the Magnus Peterson house; the Edw. Hammonds moved to the Bertha Eckholm house;- Mrs. -Swanson moved to the upstairs apartment in the former Rhodes house; the Roy Lords moved from Iowa Falls to the Stenstrom house; and the Fultons now have the Nels Anderson house. FJvo Leave to Tench— , Lucille Thomson left recently for Manchester to teach public school music another year. Naomi Hewitt has the third grade at Renwick for her third year; Gail Weaver has-the third and fourth grades at Rodman; Theodora Hovey,. the seventh and eighth at Haifa for the second year; Esther Smith is nun-sio? superintendent at Fenton and also teaches high school English. Frakt-s Family In Reunion— - A Frakes family reunion \vas held at Webster City a week ago' Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. S.' P. Eckholm and J. P. Frakes, Swea City/the R. V: Frakes family, Hector, Minn.; the William Frakes family, Fairmont, the. Lloyd . McFerrens, . and Dell MOFerren, Kansas City, traveled together from here. jiaek Family Hajs Gut-Together— 'The Mack family held Its annual reunion at Twin Lakes last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mack, Hiram Mack,' and Mr. and Mrs, Ole Johnson attended from here. The attendance was about 100. People came from Illinois and Minnesota. Other Swea City. Swea City's Scouts and would-be Spouts were to meet at the school- hpuse Monday. The Rev. Mr. Sie- nVens is Scoutmaster; the Rev, Mr. Swanson, assistant. Sup't. E. H. Parsons, Elmer Smith, D. AV. Fultz, R. A. Bravender, Robert Haglund, and Forrest Hanifan. are committeemen. The Chas. Keslers took Mrs. Roy Crosaloy to Spirit Lake last week Monday. Her husband met her there and she returned with him to their home at Pipestone, Minn. She was formerly Keo Ifesler. A daughter, Lela May, wae borii to Mr. and Mrs. AVllliam Kauffman a week ago Saturday. Mrs. Kauffman was Lela Young. They now live at Chicago. Mrs. A. Peterson and her son Melvin visited Mr. and Mrs. F. Bauman. Blue Earth, several daye last week, Harry Peterson left recently for Cedar Rapids to teach English in the Washington high school. (94) North, Range Twenty-eight (28),- West ' of the Fifth- 'P.. Kossuth county, Iowa; and I wll proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs-am accruing costs at public auction .to the highest bidder, for cash, In hand, on the 19th day of September 1932, at the east door of the Court House In Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 27th day of August L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa By Everett L. Harris, Deputy 1932. W. Scott Hanna, Plaintiff's Attorney. ' 52-1 OJUGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa, In and for Kossuth county. Septembei term, A. D. 1932. G. S. Buchanan, as Receiver of the Bank of Lu Verne, Lu Verne Iowa, Plaintiff, vs. Clara McCormlck and Ernest L McCormick, her Wheeler and husband, E. L. husband, Vera —Wheeler, her Anderson and Henry Hlnz, Defendants. To the Above Named Defendants arid Each of Them: You are hereby notified that on or before the 9th day of September, A D. 1932, there will be on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the above named County and State the Petition of the plaintiff claiming judgment against the defendants, Clara McCormick and Ernest L. McCormick, her husband for the sum of Seven Hundred Fifty-four and 62/100 Dollars ($754.62) together with interest thereon from September 20th, 1032, at eight per cent (8%) per annum on. a certain note of Thirteen Hundred Eighty- two and Gl/100 Dollars ($1382.61) given by said defendants to W. Scott Hanna on January 17th, 1925, due on or before January 17th, 1926, which-was endorsed- to plaintiff and which is now the- property of the plaintiff, and also asking judgment for the further sum of Eighteen and 60/100 Dollars Cns.60) being the amount advanced by plaintiff for continuation of Abstract of Title, and also asking judgment for costs including an attorney's fee for plaintiff's attorneys. Plaintiff also asks Decree for the foreclosure of a certain mortgage given by the defendante, Clara McCormick and E. L. McCormtck on January 17th, 1925, to secure the note above described coverin- an undivided two third (2/3) Interest in the West half(AV>A) O f the Southeast Quarter (SEfc) of Section thirty-two (321i, Township Ninetyfour (94) North, Range Twenty- seven (27), West of the Fifth P M and recorded In the office of the £ eC £?f P .°« f I 5°? suth count y. ^wa, on Plaintiff also aekg that, the judgment above prayed for be decreed to be a first, prior, and superior lien against said premises and that whatever interest the defendants, or any of them, may have in said Premises that it -be decreed to be Junior and Inferior to the lien of Plaintiff's mortgage ana that Specla! Execution Issue for a bule »M nlnoi ; t8a8red P»»»»»M. and that said premises, or so much as may be necessary be sold to satisfy said a a sale lnterest - costs ' Plaintiff further asks for the an •pointment of « Receiver to take im" mediate possession of. the mor" gaged premises with authority to accrumg between the date of the commencement of this action ana the expiration of the period of re- Mmptlon and to apply the net proceeds upon the indebtedness secured by plaintiff's mortgage secuie( 3 For further particulars toin when on file see^Petl- appear Algona, Inwa, in said county SULLIVAN, McMAHON « LINNAN • Loans itt tttiy fttti&tittt from $40 up to IMm Money loanit on and other security. Loang through atrtiiii tnbhthly payments or tSiliM re ^ any time. Automobiles refinanced, «*':J n { ««i duced. No Baiting or extra signers, tlbn to complete your loan at the tiim. I, n Phbne ortvrite to v '• lne ^u a Inland Finance Corporation Office located North of Iowa State Phone 55 ' ' IN YOUR CELLAR AND DOLLARS SAVED IN YOUR POCKET If you buy your coal while summer rates are in you will save materially on every ton. You are tain of the highest grade when you get our full(m value coal. , Botsford Lumber C< Devoe Paints, Enamels, and Varnishes JIM POOL, Manager PRICELESS ARE THE VOICES OF THOSE WE'LOVE How can anyone say what *he telephone is worth io you? What price c«dd you set on the voice and laughter of a child a thousand miles away? What price would you put on a doctor's midnight direc- tioni, on the swift response of the fire department, , on the relief of anxiety? You pay a few pennies a day for your telephow —for a service that is almost limitless in what it will do for you—so indispensable that its value cannot bo measured ?n terms of money, NORTHWESTERN SELL TELEPHONE COMPANY -. You'll KnOW TOTHE TON Why Peofle Prefer GREAT HEART CQAL Start Using It F. S, Norton & Son Pfcone 229-Lumber »»d Cod READ THE

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