Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1932 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, September 8, 1932
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iMBEE 8, 1932. , ' W - SCHOOL ENROLLMENT j c pk (j—Dakota's schools ust 22 ,wlth an Increased over last year. The en- ot last spring, ye4r reported '• TWO school bus lines have dated, With -Albert Krosch students from the north- '"nnd Henry 'Patterson hauling 'the southeast 'outlying dla- , A The teachers are: E. 'L. Liu superintendent, R. B. Ham- nrinclpal, Lcpna SchUltz, of i i . ,,_ Eleanor Lockwood. ith Buxton,- Olln, : rJew Providence, Awe" Buffalo' Center, and r; cy Cat-sen, of St. Ansgar. There 17 new 1 students in the fresh- *• ' • . ._*_L± 1. •..*}.».,« OD ivllle, -111'.; Hastings, class, numbering 28. Mrs: . B. «xli»»»«» Wln- i' J. H. Warburton came home ' state fair Friday and re- L the women's project exhibit first prle with 1,000 points in t, demonstration, and the work in the county. The coun- 4-H girls won second, place in eir" class on their demonstration curtains..for-a girls' room, Mrs. -iV Fitch and Mrs. .TacR Devine, of Uverdale township, were the dem- istratlon team for the women's About $52.50 will'be award- ir first place, and will'be-used , nay expenses of the women tak- r care of the exhibit. narterly Conference Held— and Mrs. W. H. Lease were Sunday, and the former ched in the Methodist dhurch In morning, going : to Ledyard for service there and back here for urth quarterly conference at 3 KOSS.l-T.lt ••orXTV Rats at St. Joe Whip Whittemore, 14-8 St. Joe. Sept. 6-The Whittemore trlcal storm. It ball team played the St. Joe Alley Hats hers Sunday, and was defeated, 14-S. Batteries were: Whittemore, E. Dahlhauser, A. Blhert. H., ,„ inilges; St. Joe. Orville Wagner c ~ Phll lips, Owatonna, Eugenp Thul. Umpires were Dal- !U ''' lvocl Saturday for two hauler,. Whittemore, and Georre' vvith relatives. With Viola MMml O*. -r _ _ t» 1 In.. ril_ ^. _ . „ , . , -- was struck by lightning nnd killed .instantly. Other St. Joe. Thul, St. Joe. Win Itlhbon nt. State Fair- People in this community were, much pleased when they learned that a blue ribbon had been won by Rlverdale township at tho state fair for re-caning chairs. The Des Molnes Register carried a picture of Mrs. Jack Devine and Mrs. Ray Fitch, leaders, Friday. John lirpitMlrtff l,alcl Up— Minn., weeks Phillips, Clarence Kramer, Jake Becker, ' hrc! . e .j lmlors ,' 12 sophomores. ENROLLMENT INCREASES AT WHJITEMORE Vv'hlttomore, Sept. 6— Enrollment t"a. n1S everT ^'puptla-tln' 8 KOSSUTH GIRLS'STATE , and Gertrude Illg she was a Sunday. ! . "' 1« , By Muriel Leaver/ton. One of two special 4-H furnished room exhibits at'the state fair was! from Kcasuth. that of Margaret and j Mildred Laabs, Lone Rock. There j was much favorable, comment on I the girls' skillful use of their mater- | here last Week Monday :als, the coloring of the curtains, [ ] ns ch became the bride -~" a painted desk in two shades of fair the week wore Wm B De- u °B° loti ' Harold Schumacher. Rob- vine, Clarence Kr-mer and ' Viola '• ert Vol = nt - Rex Swanaon, Raymond e freshmen are Elmer "'^ " g £™™" "->-.'•• i»u a,,uu ea 01. MarloW) Lone Rock Lotus'' Slnce th ' e .Kossuth 4-H'ra have : Ms S>'- J- D. fur- j John's church, and the couple wae ar- i attended by Mildred Kollasch, cous- ] of the drygoods department at Ken- :md John Berte. moved from her house Saturday. No JtlCn1t la al . a ° U "' ™ lth 200 one had been living In the house for Brade9 and 6( > ln high school. The -some time. It is understood that S '' a - des are taught by flve ' ' John Erpeldlng suffe'rocl a frac- \ the , T °. m Oovlnen have rented it and there are three high school turod foot Inflt week Tuesday. He aml wlu move ln thls week. . . besides the prl- room W },i 0 i, featured a single piece asters. After the ceremony a wed- crankinK his Ford, which had | r , Henr ^ ^imet Jr., Nicholas and ™ 0 ,, n | __ Ons> . classe . s on the P lano> of natural r P .fini«H P d wnnrt .Frnm ding breakfast was served at the been left in gear, and when it etart- I . Kl " ma Beckel> - and Rosalia and Isa- and trombo^ne kre offered ^nrt^h^ an °>a-»shioned oak commode she home ° f tlle bride's sieter, Mrs. Al- Rd n n it ,-.,„ ,>,.„„ 1,1,. *__.. .,..,_ belle -Kuw-kni- rirnv« tn n,,,.,.t n "•"" cr omDone are ottered, and other —„. —. , _ .__. __. ._ _........ _,., hert nnitorlntr nnd into in th D f inv ed up it ran over hi* foot. Alvin boIle 'Kueckcr drove to Currie, - Kleln Is doing the John is more. work while on crutches six weeks or Minn , Sunday, and Rosalia remain- band and orchsra "~ iim oitnesua •• » .-."HW.IJ, mm i^uaaiiu, luiiuiin- -, ww _ Mrt «i * cd there to attend school, the rest arran S ed tor. returning Monday. Livermore old Scttlurs Meet— An old settlers' picnic was held at the Log Cabin grounds at Livermore Monday, and a largo crowd attended.. A ball game between Liv- ormore and Thor wa« an attraction; | also a dance in the evening. vr, , ,, „ Attend Shower lor Mary Miller— Mi. and Mrs. Peter Bormann Sr., A shower , gund honorl M place on a slip cover for a chair, Nick Bormann Mlllel . ( at st- Cece]|a academy> ,' Irene Krause, of the Fenton * Algona, called at Jr'.s. last week Tuesday to get acquainted with their new grandson, Ralph Charles. ter Ada, Mrs. Fandel and dauBh *anaei ana uaugh- Fandet Two Attend Alpfima Academy- Amelia nnd Adeline Er'pelding went to Algona Monday to St. anne Harold, Bev- nccompanled by Mrs. Joseph ; y ter Sr., and the latter's daugh- Ro a e 'ma.ry and . „.„„„ ^±;Jf° Ve . t0 ^ D ° age Oeorge Fandel, Mildred and Dorothy, Mrs. Emma Hilbert and Car- last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kleppor and m'JUa, attend i the former's sister, Gertrude Klep- ' Cecelia's academy again. Marl- per, near West Bend, left one day Senior Class Fleets i Devine attends the Livermore last week for Fargo, N. D., to visit The Sen i 01 ." pl ° AI.OONA tOWA were at Gladbrook erlekson's mother. Dwight MInert, Dumont, spent several days last week at Dr. E. A. Howe's. He is principal of the con-' solldated schools at Floyd. Mrs. Mike 'Stripling, Lu Verne, and her two children have been spending a week with the former's parents here. Postmaster-'Editor R. E. Hutton ARE MARRIED t'lwmiera •fid lallort Bancroft, Sept. 6—At has been sick with the flu, and was confined to h.'e home days. The Dr. Karl Hoffmans have returned from Le Mars, where the visited relatives of the doctor. Mrs. A. H. Foth has had charge , OLD TUBES 5PECIAL 15% Trade in on your old tubes. studied only first-year home the exhibit of was not as large as Phlli.,*. Wj-mond Kramer" Jos ph f'^ ma »- VlrgH Jennings, Merna '• «« 8 ™' n ™ at ™ f^™' in of the bride, and Raymond Kol- nnd Peter Becker. Howard Wheeler, ' ^ nn ' nffs ' Evelyn Voi sM, Tola and ! e °™ SJu £„ '",f aa str 0nR est m lasch ' the bride's brother. The bride Mnri T,*U., r>-»,_ Myrtle Barbel 4 , ntul MnHlrln wv>o-_'-' ^umpeuuon was strongest, in ^r^jr± J^^^^^ n i ner PrpqpntiHnn inndorr,,.' «,,,.,,ii ' ule " Dm B lumianings envision, since . »"»••"•- ••• "••••.« =.,0. ^, e ,*. Grandma Kramer had her goods "A\ ^ rRsentatl ° n academy s enroll-, h t ^ f h J ' wlth bme sash and she cari . )ed ,,«ori p-— i i « . , .. ment Is also un. with 9.nn In tho U! "' cne lar sesc group cms _,..,. _ ln the year. shters ' ;Ha!:el McC}re S°''. ' Spirit of Service club, won of the Wlth a center P lece for a club sr's bouquet of pink roses. Her maid Swea was gowned in tan beige georgette, tenth w "h H 'hlte hat, gloves, and slippers, her bouquet was pink and white h constructed « desk, and a sturdy old ber t Deitering, and late in the day D« chalj . wag mended anfl re£ i nlsned to Mr. and Mrs. Marlow loft for the ! tie up with the desk. June Larson, Okobojls, where they spent a week. also ° f t h e Swea club, won fourth The bride ' who ls • the youngest • daughter of graduated from Kollasch, was St ' John s w -Ts attended bv MrTvika wards ' won seveilth °" an old wal ' SCh ° 01 a " d had Rl " Ce taUBht was attenaea D> Mis. Mike ___^ _________ , _ , ....... ,.n,,,,t™ onim^i TI,« ^^,ioo- '" nut ^covered and refinlshed chair. ° nd Kossuth placed fourth in flower ar- a aon rangement contest.' lf " v The bridegroom is Mar- Semon Ha!! el Miller, of the Buffalo Busy Annabelle, Mrs! Boes ' worl thlrd ln a larse flelcl wlth a wall pocket arrangement. low, near Lone Rock, near which town the newlywods will farm. Lotion.'Avis' Vt r lns Citation— The local Legion Auxiliary recently received its first national Sunday picnickers at Clear Lake were the Pete Blberts, the Andrew Elberts, the Mike Schumackers, ll is necessary that a unit have 100 high school this year. clock. Dr. Lease has served as . Jgona district superintendent six , and will close his work October' 1. They Wore guests of the : v. and Mrs. Johnson. Blood- Poisoning In Arm-' ,/hlle repairing some " machinery ist Thursday Otto Koppen/ struck hand with a monkey .wrench, aring off a piece of flesh, but not ...king it serious went on with his ork. Saturday morning he had fevers pains in hie arm and later arae ill with bloodpolsonlng. He carrying his arm in a sling. [it last reports he was recovering. er. Ukena Called to Josiip— ' The Rev. and Mrs. Gerald Ukena Kent to Jesup Sunday, and Gerald ached. He has received a call the congregation there, and make arrangement on this trip lotake up his work. They returned punday evening. " . '.- passion Play Movie Shown— The gospel story was shown in fcictures by W.' G. Olsen at the ivenlng service of the Presbyterian Ichurch Sunday. It Is a reproduc- of the world-famous Passion iay at Oberammergau. 'alls and Injures Ann— 'llrs. Oran O'Keefe fell down- btalrs Saturday morning; hurting fcer arm, She thought it was brok- at first, but only -a blood vessel . ruptured. She Is carrying the irm in a sling. plunge at Service Station— Ray Meyer ia now sole manager the Lakota service-station, having purchased Charles Tutton's in- lereat. '..''• luerkraut Day Draws Crowd- Sauerkraut day was celebrated iaturday with the usual crowd _and «t attractions.: • . • . Other Lakota News. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stroud, of e,. 111., came Monday for i'ln; DainngKs Marso Car— Clarence Marso's car after he and Orville Kesselring had returned from Livermore Saturday night. The top and linings were burned badly. relatives. The Senior class held its first class meeting Monday-afternoon and Leater Quinn| prealdent , The Mike Wagners, Alsona, spent elected _ cIuBht fire l und ^'' at Matt Zelmet ' s and took Harold Wag"ner. vice"presid'enT,"ver- Sn« had ?.l™*™ ,. toU8hter Mary h ° me /^n Laurluen, secretary and treas- Supt. Rochford, class Whittemore, f* 81 ' cent in membership, applica- of Algona! tlon ' Legionali-e subscriptions, poppy They were joined at Garner by the Program and proceeds, accounting, Mrs. Helen Walters. and the Leo Walters, Drainage Contnictors Are Here— Kell Haivorson, Eagle Grove, are camping at the John Frlderes farm while taking care of county drainage tile, and expect to be there two more weeks. Tlireahlntr Crow Has Party—, The Mike Thilges threshing crew met at the Peter N. Thilges farm last week Wednesday night, with neighboring women, and lunch was served. Silo-FUlcrs Hold Meet- There was a silo-filling meeting at John Zellar's last week Tuesday night. The Zellar run was begun after a Marcella here. Thill, AVliittemore. helping with household duties is at r ' Le ° ElbertS ' Mrs " C " W " Han8Sn antl Beve ,, y are ftt Phillips' place. | clasa in the scnool . Mathias, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Frideres. leaves this week Thurs- Present. Comedy at AVest Bend- day for St. Paul's Mission ,- House, Epivorth, Iowa. ' Cyril, son of Mr. and Mrs. John general welfare, Americanism, national defense, contributions to _ Christmas cheer, dimes for the dls- the former is caring for"a~busineas ab!ec1 ' and contributions to an edu- by her parents, Mr. and Mre. ( ca tional fund. two | Oldtimer In AMslt Here— Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stebbins and J. S. Cullen, Bob Flnnell, Elmo Roiling, has been suffering from . Henry's Wedding, a comedy, at West Edward Heller, en route home from the C. M. T. C., Fort Snelllng, stopped at New Hampton to visit , , with Charlotte' Ottosen, . former .""beauty operator at the Rusch bar" ! ™f* bor shop •Sister Mary Luella, daughter .Mrs. Harvey her 'Sunday home Saturday afternoon, was served about 4 o'clock. The Adult Bible class met week Wednesday evening at church to organize a group to meet each Wednesday evening to get a better understanding of the Sunday school lessons and also the Bible in general. Mrs. George Aman, daughter Tecla, Mrs. Melvln Olsen, Mrs. Irwin Olsen, Mrs. Mike McEnroe, and ! Mrs. Le Huff attended a miscellaneous shower at the Academy Sunday afternoon in honor of Mary Miller, who is to be married September 14 to Alfred Elbert, of Whittemore. The latter is employed at the Jimmie Neville . store » in Algona. There were 100 in attendance, and the honoree received many gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Olsen, Wesley, were Sunday guests at the Melvln Olsen's. Aid met Monday to plan a ba,n- quet to be served at the county the latter's father, J. W. Green,' Sunday school convention to be were here last week Tuesday. hor aunt. Margaret Erpelding. and Eag-le Grove Family Comes— attending St. Joseph's school. The Vess Hayes family, of. Eagle The Fred Baileys, of Waterloo, i visited friends over Sunday. They T WO to Become Cullfonilans— Monday, Caspar Thilges Oiling first, j day night to practice the first time this fall for confirmation. A number of farmers here .attended the Farmers' Holiday meeting at Nickolas Becker left last .week ! Grove, h« mo-Id iuo ' the ftat I ?, erB ™™»™™ * Whittemore by -, r , _ ( ' ' «»»«.—v* 1441.V t,liC LIClt. \1O ntf /T.<1 Tir\rt tlfti rt 1tnn 1-innn ,rt r,tii-_^- Wednesday for Sioux City to resume above the dru£ store, where the Ger- studles at Trinity college. St. Joseph's choir girls met Fri- Cow Killed by IJgbtnln?—• Theodore Faber reports the loss of a large cow during a recent elec- j Algona Friday night. W, F, M, S, AT FENTON PICKS NEW OFFICERS Fenton, Sept. 6 — The Methodist W. F. M. S. met last Thursday afternoon at the church;. Mrs. Charles Weisbrod and Mrs. Elmer Weisbrod, hostesses; Mrs. W. R. Wolfe in charge of devotionale. A story, A Zero Removed, was read by Mrs. Franjc MdFall. Mrs. Wilbert Holldorf gave a stewardship lesson., A demonstration, Her Sunshine Member, was given by Mrs. A. H. Meyers, Mrs. McFall, Mrs. Holldorf, and Jeanette MoFall. Installation of officers took place: Mrs. Holldorf, president; Mrs. Chris Ruske, vice mer's sister, Mrs. August Ekstror Four Depart to Tench — Leaving this week to teach a Irene Newel, Belmond, Salina Hai telrnan, Clarksburg, 'Frances Baile Britt, and Elvira Krause, Garner. Ministerial Group Meets Here — The Rev. and Mrs.. J. T. Snyd entertained the ministerial group the Estherville Methodist sub-di, trlct last week Monday. Other Fenton Sews. Mr. arid Mrs. L. J. Weisbrod ar the daughter Nettie drove to Mi delia, Minn., Saturday to visit tt Edward Widdels. They were accon panied part way by the Chris Wi< dels, who visited a daughter, Mr Carrie Haase, Fairmont. The William Fords, 'Faribaul Minn., and Mrs. Mary Harmon, . Waldorf, Minn., visited from la Thursday till Saturday at F. ] ald Bragas formerly lived. Mr. Hayes and Tony Schmidt Jr. are starting a new Ford garage here. Ho:;ic from Coast Trip— Elsie Helmke, Alsona, daughter 1 here last week Tuesday. She had just returned from a tour to California with Mrs. Thomas Akre, wife of an Alsona grocer, Windstorm Flattens the Corn— A windstorm of almost cyclonic proportions swept over the community last week Tuesday evening. Some cornfields were leveled, and a few trees were blown down. Flnnell Kittenballcrs Win- Last Thursday evening Bob Finnell's kittenball team played the second team, coached by Arnold Hahn. Mary Gappa, who has been visiting there last week. Mrs. Sadie Leeney, Iowa City, and licr da'.:ght?rs Wilma 'and . Norma visited the former's sister, Mrs. May McDonnell, north of town, last week. Lucile Reimers left Monday for to attend school. She attended school at Emmetsburg last year. Jens Madsen* Alden, Minn., visited last week at his son William's, north of town, also with his daughter, Mrs. Selmer Heng. Mr, Priester ha$ charge of lumberyavd over the week-end while! last Thursday, and he. is a> patient Mr. and Mrs.' Laurenz Pertl attend- j at the Colonial hospital there.' He ed the state fair. Meta Gade, R, N.. of the Kossuth The h eld at the Sexton church 'Septem- Stebbins family, formerly of Al- ber 1G lives at Good Thunder, j Pearl Stevens left last week where- Mr. Stebbins manages , Wednesday for Rudd to resume a Botsford lumberyard, and Mr. I teaching. She has taught the same with them. I school for three years. epent Wednesday Beisch ac- Brophys. Mrs. Brophy's mother, Mrs. Neuman. stayed at the fBrophy home while they were away. Mrs. Neuman .returned to her home in Algona Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven attended a Steven family reunion Sunday at the state park at Algona. There were 46 present for a picnic dinner at noon. The Clem Cunninghams were callers Sunday at the A. L. Greenfield's. •Charles Aman has purchased the old bank building and is having.it torn down .and the place cleaned up. The building was'"flestroyed by fire two years ago when the Chas. Aman home burned. Just a part of the brick wall and the vault remained to be torn down. The Clem Cunninghams spent last Mr, and Mrs. Reinhard Potthoff, with the latter's mother, Mrs. G. •| Gerhart, and unele, George Markla, Hurt, have gone to California to visit relatives. Mrs. Gerhart and Mr. Markla will hereafter make their home there. The Potthoffs will return in five weeks. John Markla, Burt. is with Mr. Pott- hoffs father while the Potthoffe are away. . .,_;•,,:•:.. Edward Droessler to Hospital- Mr, and Mrs. A. A. Droessler and I Mrs. Edw. Droessler took the lat- the ter's husband to Rochester, Minn., has been sick three weeks or more. Mr. Drcessler is one of Koesuth's hospital, Algona, spent part of last' best known farmers, week with her parents, Mr. and Mre.' * Herman Gade. Arendt Honken 79 Ang 1 . 28— Arendt Honken celebrated his 79th :, visited friends s'unday. The j birthday .at the home of his daugh- Mrs. O. J. Stephenson, Newel's. ihort visit with her parents, the pus Steinbergs, and took back with Ilifm her daughter Lois and son "gene Harberts, who will make ir home there. Another daugh- Vera will remain with her andparents 'as '!she ,• has '< only a r to finish high scllool. he Henry Pattersons, Lakota John Dorenbushee, of Elmore, ie and Theodore Dorenbush, Bufflo Center, and Florence Alberts, of City, drov? to Lebeka, Minn, week ago Sunday and spent a reek visiting at Evert Dorenbush's i brother of Rose, John and Theol°re, and Mrs, Patterson. I'Mre, William Gibbons and little " Mer. of Rolfe, visited at C. R k's a few days last week, Mrs. oos was formerly Norma Osand lived here•• a-number of ars with her parents, the Lev! Os- oto, who now live In Mason City, P«e they own a butcher shop, «oy H. Hanna, formerly of Ruth^ who operates the Royal 400 station just north of town on '*»,,. moved his family here a week > ( and they are maHlng their home John Meyer house recently fTh nby the William. Gillens. r*ne Presbyterian Missionary soci- Smith entertained Thursday at J. 's, with Mrs, J. E. Ukena were i I 8 " 1 hostess. Devotions Mrs. Aalderks, book study by K R- Zetland, and mieaion -•** xj u Yf^4t"y «*«•* He nry Mitchells drove to Al- week ago Saturday to visit liti tfc 8 9nd brou eht an aunt home l.i them for ft Y i s tt with her par- Hie Ray Estles. Smalirjdge, of N/evada, Is s f **aymond' Patterson. He. Is of Dr. Smallridge, chlroprac- moved from B ' Rev daughter Audrey, nurse ' Neb - ™* here for ay and Vtelte4 friends. %yent to evening, at a M^ion festival. T, ulvth ' - there "turn- Saturday, to _,. helped R£ h ^: to Austl;n ' president; secretary; Mrs, Elmer Weisbrpd treasurer; Mrs. W. R. Wolfe, corresponding secretary; Mrs. 'R. C Goetsch, Mite Box secretary; Mrs Charles Weisbrod, extension secretary. Forwards Prepare Fair Booth— The Fenton Forwards 4-H club held a special meeting at Irene Krause's last week Wednesday evening, and posters were for a county fair booth. firiish'et Anothei special wae held at Maxlne and Hazel Welsbrod's Saturday, when club entries were brought and tagged and final preparations for the booth made. Mrs. Dennis Smith loses Mother— Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith, telephone operators, left Friday for Perry, called by new« of the death of Mrs. 'Smith's mother. The daughter, Mrs. George Rockwopd, Worth- Ington, Minn., had charge of the phone office during their absence. The Rockwoods went to Perry Sunday to attend the funeral. M'liittemore Beaten at K-Ball— Fenton defeated the Whittemore kittenball team here last week Tuesday evening. 12-10. The score was tied 10-10 at the start of the last inning, but a home run, with a man on base, gave the locals the victory, Batteries: Whittemore—Bartlett and Woodward; Fenton — Geronsin, Krause, and Priebe. Wins Washington, I>. f •• Scholarship Iva Weisbrod came last week Wednesday from Council Bluffs, where she was employed in • the school for deaf this summer; a scholarship there last Irene Maxlne Veneta She year which entitles her to a year, at a similar school at Washington, D. C.. and 'she will leave In two weeks to take up studies there. Bailey Sisters (live Party-. Marjorie and Frances Bailey entertained at G o'clock dinner last Thursday evening. Guests: Newel, Affnea Goetsch. Weisbrod, Lorena Dr«yer, Voight, Alice Hantelmann. Quilting parly Is (liven— Mrs J. B. Hansen gave a quilting aarty last week Wednesday. Guests: Charles Glaus, John Gra* 'Kuecker, Wilbert Hul- dorf." Carrie Volght. and E. C. Fauerby. . Writer? Daughters BBtertolned-- The Mystery Mothers of the Methodist W. H. 3f. ft wtertatoafl the Mystery Daughters at au Informal party at the church Friday evening. J-osea &. gchwartz WVJ( « tolfutterflekl, Wtan- -S^" 3S V *«w« the fuaeral oi the «w-j ! yet lost, 9^6. the | Daughters for Two Couples— )m ~ A girl has been born to Mr. and Mrs. Arlle Chlsm, west of Whittemore; also to Mr. and Mrs. George Charlson,' in the same neighborhood. o£ Two Youths Break Bonos— , Robert, son of the Louis Braatzea. ,, „ , , , '! f ell out of the wagon one day last Mrs Ford is a sister of | weak and broke Wg . •, > -•Mrs. Harmon, their Laub£mUwl . s 30n ha , a broken arm> The Robert Voettlers, the Rudolf ; F a j rv ;^ e j.oapriu Wehrspanns, and the George Siems j 'i, ag 't" week with the Mike Downers, the Becks, and the Leonard Petermans, Hawley, Minn. The T. N. MoFalls had a visit Marriage Banns Announced— Sunday from their grandchildren, I Banns for Gertrude Keene and Mrs. Newel; mother. f Jerry N «»waoh. latter is leaving for California in the near future. ' The Art Heinemans, of Elmhurst, III., visited, last week at P. L. Jes- sens. Mrs. .lessen • is a sister of Mr. Heinaman. The J. E. Walkers visited Sunday last week Sunday. In attendance were the John Karels. Mrs. Arendt Honken Jr., her children, the Henry May- week Wednesday with Mrs. Cun- Blanchard, ningham's sieter • Mrs. near Irvington. The Sexton church is planning a homecoming in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hinders and children, Woden, spent Sunday ' at the Wise home.' -. • • The Bert Sanders and Lou Boleneus spent Sunday at Mason City at lands, Titonka, and the R. Jansens, I, T,nr1\ra™1 - . • * e * Ledyard. at HnroM V,, E " Ti ,, Texas VlsltoM at Harold Kuecker's, Algona. Mrs. Th . WflVTle Kuecker was formerly Mildred Walker. Laura Braatz left last week to at- The Wayne Longneckers left Friday for their home at -Dallas, Tex. Mrs. Longnecker and the two girls drove here last spring and spent the i summer with the former's parents, tcr.cl the school ; for the deaf at Council Bluffs. year. Edward Heller h'ad charge of the , , Nieman hardware while Mr, Nieman. Now Jllgli School Coacli— This is the second Mr!"and Mrs. aV.~Theis~ a.m .» Longnecker came two weeks ago. the locals here, and won, 13-10— .with the help of five hired players. was out .days. Alice Duffy, of town for a couple of Both .schools here have reopened. There'is one change in the faculty employed at Des Hawin Mason City In honor of relatives from Milwaukee, Wis. Alberta Grosenbach started her school, the M. de L. Parsons school, south of Algona Monday morning. The Clem Cunnings spent Saturday, at Lu Verne visiting Mrs. Warm-bier. The Gilbert Benschoters, of Kanawha, the Ray Olsens, Hanna, Mr. and Mrs, Les Huff, Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Benschoter, and Neva. Arthur and George Olsen, Sexton, spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs.' of the public schools: Harold Pohl- I George Olsen Sr. In honor of Mrs. Molnes, visited her parents, Mr. and man, Melvln, Minn., is coach and ' Olsen's birthday. The children Mrs. Mnrtin Duffy, last week. high school teacher in place of Mil- brought dinner with them. Mr and The Herman and William Meyers ton Woito. Lu Verne, now teaching Mrs. Will Nelson, Algona were also were visitors Mast week Wednesday j at West Bend. Arthur and Mae Armstrong, and the Jacob 'Hartman, of Rodman, ' were j at -.Martin Meyer'a at Garner. children's friends, Viola Gurtis and called Sunday for the first time at i. Mr. 'Schuttleworth, all of Blue the 'St. Michael's Catholic church. Earth. I r- " Mrs. Frank Ranney, Mrs. Verne Boys Home From Training .Mrs. A. A.' Zumach left,Saturday Toutli;Be8iimes College Studies— for North Dakota .to visit her par-! Arthur Welp is attending St. ents, the Peter Busches. | John's college, Collegeville, Minn., The James Hogans, accompanied t)1e same college he attended in Tubbs, a Mrs. Nelson, and the lat-r 'Eddie Heller, and "Bill" 'Higglns by Veronica Priester, attended the 3926-27, and 27-28. He had since tor's daughter Patricia, .all ot Call- J r. got home last Thursday even- state fair last week. . been operating the Phillips oil sta- fnrnia, visited at Mrs. Ranney's son ln S from 'Fort Sneiling, where they Catherine Gray. Spencer, niece of tlon. , O. J. Ranney's last week. 8 Pent 30 days in a C. M. T.'C, • Mrs. Peter Schumacher, is attending ' the local academy. Jolln Merrill Golf Champ Mrs. W, J. Weisbrod, son Donald, and daughter Florence went to Des Burglars Enter Garage Here— Moines last week Wednesday, and the latter remained to teach. attended the state fair. c. J. OliverrEmmeteburg candi- ' J°«n . Merrill won .a- local golf The Poirot & Schattschnelder gar- date for county auditor was here tour nament on the North End links They age was entered > lae t Thursday last week Tuesday.' , last week Tuesday, when he defeat- night, but nothing has been missed. The H. R. Zumachs purchased a ed Bo1 ? °- uinn -in the finals. He won Edith Laage left Sunday for Cedar The safe was tam P ered wlt "Rapids to teach. She woe. accom- }few Gas Station Opened— naniecl by her nephew. Karl whitnm wi^o-iv,,. a- i— paniecl by her nephew, Karl William Schwartz, who as freshman has en- new - "400" new 'Skelgas stove last week from ROy Bjustrom, Alsona. started a Friends helped Mrs, D. Cordes a . ... celebrate her Gist birthday onNo44 tered Coe. •_ back, of the Whittemore State bank Mesdames Kate Newel, Mike buildin" Wnisbrod. Ursula Weisbrod, Mary. "'• —j — Kohlsted, and Irene Newel spent Acid Causes Eye Burn- last Thursday at Le Roy Newel's,] Kern • Ellerick recently suffered a Hartley. . /painful eyeburn from acid Mrs. W, J. Weisbrod and Donald creamery! find Florence returned last week ?,Iomlay from a week-end visit with the daughter, Mrs. Hugo Denker, of Lester. . John Dempsey, .John Arbogast, r-d Derwood Eigler were business visitors at Omaha last week Wednesday and Thursday. The E, Eisenschmldts. Dubuque, were week-end guests of Mrs. Eisenschmidt's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Wllberg. A. P. Peterson went to Des Moines , last Thursday evening. Paul Hahn, Mollne, 111., visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hahn, last week. Oscar 'Schatfsohneider, Easton, the tournament test year too. O. H. Henry Feliler to Rochester— The Henry Feldsrs went to Rochester Friday, and Mr, Folder was to have'"an operation there. Other •TTJiftteinnre News, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Behnke, the P, L, Jessens,' Whittombre, and the Otto Behnkes, Gertrude Behnke, and Wilbert Haberkamp, all of Chi T cago, were 'Friday evening dinner ast week Monday to visit his niece, j guests at Hanry Schultz's, and'spent 'Saturday at Fairmont and Interlaken. The visitors left Monday for home- Gertrude, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Behnke. works in Chicago, John Culien left Monday for St. Paul, Minn., and Edward Fandel Jeft Tuesday for the same place. Mr. Fandel was accompanied by Alfred Semon, who returned Tuesday, John and Edward are both studying to enter the priesthood. The T, H, O'Briens and daughter Evora, accompanied by' the Clarence Boggs, of Blpominston, in., visited relatives of the former here over the week-end. Mr, O'Bvien wae for,- merly of Whittemore. Elmer Ostwald ana Alfred Bell returned Tuesday moaning to Hoilan- dale, Minn., to work, Earl Luchsinger, who had b.eeu at Koamaa.^, remained! at home. The Fred HeJnrlches spejpt Sunday at Fairmont, with 6jfr$, at the Minn - visited last week with local relatives. . The William Shackelfords, of Algona, visited Sunday at Joseph Kollasch's, Earl Luchslijger and. Elmer Ost- Alrs. Minnie Stark, and attended the state fair. . Mrs. J. F. Newel, Mrs. W, E Stoc-ber, and Irene Newel were Bs- herville visitors last week Wednesday, Veneta Voight, employed at the Kermoore hotel, Emmetsburg, is laving a month's vacation at home. Tha Toy Haworths, Armstrong, vere dinner guests of the F. F. Vewels Friday evening. Mrs. George Misnke 'had a visit 'rom her mother and a eister from Sioux City last week. Mrs. Kate Newel went to Hartley Triday for several weeks with her ion Le Roy. ' The H. G. Losses, Lake City, were at the Rev. J. ' T, Snyder's Jas^ Thursday, The C. G. Humphreys were enter- ained Sunday at. Jens 'Henrick&en's, Ringsted. Raymond ' Zwlefel entertained at A. H. Meyer's last week, Tuesday i "Sfatertoo, tvenlng. ^ * he week-^pd, here. <%'•<«. «;C«-! ; .1, >.'JA. fc. wald left recently for Minn. Hollandale, The R. A. Bartletts spent Sunday with Mr, Bartlett's parents at Manly. Maynard Bavtlett. Cleveland. O., Is visiting his brother R. A. A 9-lb, girl was born last week to the Ferdinand Bierstedts, The Methodist Aid. met last Thursday at the church. ^The local baseball team defeated Mallard 8-6 Sunday here. Ten Home Economics students started canning this week. Bob Finnell left last week for school at Mason City. The L. w. 'Swansons are at Des Moines this week. ' Ruth Balgeman is again teaching at Sheffield. Mrs. Fred Wagner was ill last week. Lakota fhe Korae 'EHmana moved to Armstrong teat week, a nd Korse will operate a gravel truck. The Rev- and Mrs. Johnson splnt Friday at Algona attending a ministerial meeting. Henrietta 'Aald.erks . , LU yeme til? year. Schooj , teach at Otlier Bancroft News. Mrs. Bertha Middleton has re- j turned 'to her home at Rock-ford, ! 111., after two weeks here with her mother, who recently suffered a broken leg at the knee when she fell as she was putting fruit in the basement. Mrs, Samuel LichlHer went to R,ockford with Mrs. Middleton to visit a daughter, 1 Mrs, Ralph | Anderson, formerly Irene 'Lichliter. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Seeney entertained Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hovyie and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hargreaves, both couples of • Algona, Russell Cook, Austin, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Relnhart Pothofi; last week ' Wednesday evening. Mr. Seeney drives a tank wagon for the Standard Oil company. Margaret Haneen has returned to New Sharon to resume teaching domestic science in high school. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 'C. P. Hansen, and she had spent the summer visiting friends at Omaha, Denver, and Washington, D. C. Mrs. Mabel Doss was called to Perry recently by news of the sickness of an a'unt. Mrs. Robert West, Owatonna, Minn., and -;-i daughter Virginia were here-to ciaro for Mrs. Doss's'mother, Mrs. Elizabeth West. J. E. Kennedy returned last week Tuesday from Hutchinson, ^Minn., where he attended the funeral of a Mr. Brobec, who formerly owned and operated the store the Kennedy Bros.'at Hutchinson now have, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Pefferman and Mrs. Emmi Pefferman have returned to their home in Nebraska, after ten days at Ray filler's. Mrs. Emma Pefferman is Gilbert and Mrs. MlHer'8 mother, Mrs. Charles Nelson and Mrs, William Sandt. Fairmont, visited 5!!1?!L V ^* ?»«*LJ>»* '» { - in attendance. Loans ISOO or legs obtained quickly on Fur. nltnre, Automobiles and Lire Stock For additional information call, write, or phone COXFIDEXTFAl LOANS To SCHOOL TEACHEBS ft Xot Xear a Be'presentatlve Write Ug Direct. 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